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Remember That Night DVD (2007)Just to remind fans Stateside that you may still be able to see an hour from ‘Remember That Night’ on PBS over the next week. Make a pledge and you not only bag yourself a copy of the DVD, but you also get an exclusive four-track ‘Live from Abbey Road’ CD thrown in for the hell of it.

This CD is certainly one for the collection. It comes in a cardboard case, is shrink-wrapped, and features the following tracks, recorded live at Abbey Road last year: ‘The Blue’, ‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘Smile’.

See the calendar for broadcast details.

Thank you all for the comments about Phil Taylor’s book, ‘The Black Strat’. It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying it.

Here’s the latest batch of Phil’s answers to the questions you submitted recently.

Does David use ear protection? If not, what’s his tip for playing loud, not becoming deaf and still having a perfect ear? (Cromer Franck)

No, he does not use ear protection. Don’t play too loud and keep the speakers focused lower, i.e. not pointed at your ears.

Does David only use Evidence audio cables or does he use both? And why did you change over to EA? (Matt Surdin)

All of David’s audio signal and speaker cables are Evidence Audio and I have had them all cryogenically frozen for enhanced performance. During the ‘On An Island’ tour, all the stage cables for all the musicians were swapped over to these – with great results.

How important would you consider the cables (in terms of quality) in the signal path? (Andreas)

Very important – the cable is what transfers the sound of your instrument to the amplifier. This can make a big difference to the level, frequency response, depth and detail of information, and extraneous unwanted noise. This also applies in a similar way to the speaker cables.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    “Listen Posh, for the last time, I’m not going to session on a spice girls tour”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  2. Hey Everyone!

    I have a snow day! Day off for meeeee!

    For those of you who do not know what that is, a snow day, is when the weather’s too terrible for buses to pick up students for school, therefore they get the day off!!! And i finished my art work…I have pictures as well! Enjoy! (hoping that they’ll show up)


  3. [He sounds like a boring, free-loading Baz-tard to me, Lyn. Better luck next time. – Features Editor]

    Hi Fed. Yes he was. I’m off men except for one and you Fed. X

    Rest of my weekend was made up of mixing cocktails for proposed Island Bar that Dad wants to call Gilmour’s. I wonder if David would mind. It does seem to work seeing that we’re gonna have musicians jamming most eves and my father being the biggest PF/DG fan ever. If David truly doesn’t mind, I think i’d like to go with that!

    And every nite I’ll leave a drink on the bar just in case David decides to pop in. Like Santa and the mince pie thing!


  4. Well,we are learning so much about sound..thank you again Phil!

    I’ll have the book for Xmas,finally.

    Hope you all are good,see you!

  5. Question for Phil: Did you have to reset the intonation on David’s guitars from city to city to compensate for differences in air pressure, temperature, and humidity levels?


    [Phil’s not answering more questions, sorry. – Features Editor]

  6. I have a question: have the prizes from the Sept 28 blog been sent out? I never received the promo cd…

    Just curious…

    How was the weekend FEd?

    [I’m very sorry to hear that you still don’t have it, Jessica. It certainly has been sent out. It will be investigated, don’t worry. The weekend was very good to me, thanks. I went to see a Christmas show on Friday night, which set it up rather nicely (and gave me the shot of serenity that was needed to get my Christmas tree set up without breaking anything or having a breakdown). I had a birthday party on Saturday, which was good fun, and a lazy Sunday (with another good win for my boys the icing on the cake), so it was pretty flawless. How was yours? – Features Editor]

  7. lol Matt, always fun to have snowdays……

    darn…my pictures didn’t work…hmmm…lets try it again…maybe i had to put the URL in…oops *blushes* sorry about that


    [Nothing, sorry. – Features Editor]

  8. [Why are these things always for the USA? – Posted by: Ben at December 3, 2007 06:10 PM]

    Ahem! Unfortunately I don’t know where Ben is located.

    But looking back, I seem to recall the Abbey Road Sessions were originally a UK/Europe thing, as were the live performances at Leicester Square and Brixy, the auctions for Crisis were originally UK as well (technically they did open it up to the U.S. after they launched but it was not communicated. When I asked they said they couldn’t change the auctions).

    And don’t forget The Black Strat book is being sent from the U.K. and can only be purchased at a few shops in the U.K.

    Have there been a few things exclusive to the U.S.? Absolutely there have.

    I think there are plenty of other parts of the world that would state, “Why are these things always for the U.S. or U.K.?” But as we know, there is an effort made to reach out to more parts of the world and this blog reaches everywhere where an internet connection can be established.

    In the end, you can never make everyone happy.



  9. Always something new and interesting on this brilliant site. Thanks David and Co!

    Hope I’m allowed to say that without offending any of the self elected (delusional) police around here. LOL.

    I’m sure I am.

    GREEN TIP: Talk and move less and we will create less CO2. Use energy saving globes. 🙂


    [Don’t bother posting again, Andy. You’re coming across as a complete prat now. Any posts from you will be treated as junk from now on, so spare me the dull, predictable, childish antics. It’s fair enough that you don’t like this place, and you’ve been allowed to say so, but please leave it for those that do. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do with your time than wind people up for kicks. If you haven’t, then you might like to think about why that is. I’m sure we could make various witty suggestions, but then we’d all be as sad as you. Best just leave, I reckon. – Features Editor]

  10. The ebay item arrived safely from Crisis on Saturday morning. Just a quick note to let you know.

    You never mentioned there was a wee surprise hidden inside FEd, was this handwritten by DG too?

    Very nice indeed and thanks again.

    [I didn’t know about any surprise, that’s why. Glad that it reached you safely. – Features Editor]

  11. Hmmm, doesn’t look like they’re showing it in Los Angeles. Too bad, i’ll just watch my dvd again.

  12. Why are these things always for the USA?

    But we have a great Soccer team here in the UK…..

  13. Ahhh….well…I think for sure this should work…THANK YOU MELISSA! lol…YESS! I think it’ll work…

    Click my name below.

    I’ll be quiet for the rest of the day…I’ve taken up a lot of room! 😛

    [Nice work. – Features Editor]

  14. Ho Ho Ho Ho – Geoff. BRILLIANT!

    Carrying on from that….

    caption from lyn-:

    David: Please can someone hurry up and call security? Posh still hasn’t left the stage and she’s crept up behind me now!

  15. *caption*

    I don’t remember a blonde Tele in my collection. Where did Phil get this one?



  16. Kim Carr …..

    Is there no end to this girl’s talents ….

    Hope you enjoyed your snowday … a marvellous opportunity for private study of course …

    In Norfolk we hold out hopes for a “bit chilly” day but no-one ever plays ball.

  17. Hello, my name is Felix Dürringer, I am 15 years old and I am a big Pink Floyd/David Gilmour-Fan. I play the guitar too since nine years now and I try to be as good as David.

    I have an important question: Which effect pedal does David Gilmour use in order to get this wonderful leading sounds on Comfortably Numb?? I’d be very pleased if I got an answer!

    Best wishes

    a big Fan!

    [Hi Felix. I can’t answer, other than to say that most of David’s tone comes from his fingers, but if other readers want to throw suggestions around, they’re welcome to. Good luck with your guitar-playing, and don’t forget that there’s more to come from Phil Taylor, which may be of interest to you. – Features Editor]

  18. Has anyone experienced sound problems with the Remember that Night DVD? I thought I had a problem with my DVD player then I tried it on other equipment, same problems occur.

    The problem is fluctuating volume during certain tracks,it seems to be when you expect the part to get louder it goes quiet..! it’s really annoying.

    Trouble is I lost the receipt so I can’t change it just in case it came from a bad batch.

    [I’m sorry to say that you’re not the only one, Nick. Click your name below. – Features Editor]

  19. Fed,

    Can you tell me where I can purchase the GHS strings? I’ve tried the local stores, the GHS web site as well as the usual online venders with no success.


    [Please see the next blog entry, Fred (it’s coming soon). – Features Editor]

  20. Hey guys ! just want to wish everyone a safe holiday season . Montreal is UNDER the weather .

  21. Today’s Picture…

    If I’m not mistaken is taken during the latter half of Fat Old Sun…

    And while we’re talking about today’s picture why not have a caption as well!

    “DG noticed that Guy’s poodle Trixie had left him a little present…”

    Ey Thankew… 🙂

  22. Does PBS stand for Play Black Strat?

    just curious…

    [‘Pay By Switch (or Solo, Visa, MasterCard…)’, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  23. Lyn: sorry to read that your date turned out to be so dreadful.

    Here’s one of my dating stories from years ago. This woman, named Carol, told me on our third date that she wanted to marry me. In response, I asked her if she knew about my criminal record.

    “You have a criminal record?”

    “If you’re even asking me that question,” I replied, “Then you do not know me well enough to want to marry me.”

    (In case you’re wondering, I do not have a criminal record. There’s nothing more serious in my background than a parking ticket.)

    A little bit later, I gave another woman my phone number at a party. There were ten messages on my machine when I got home that evening. Desperation is so becoming!

    Be glad, Lyn, that your frog was just merely boring. There are a lot of potential suitors who are flat-out scary.

  24. Phil’s kindness and bloggers’ enthusiasm (hi, Lorraine) gave me the desire to get ‘The Black Strat’ book for Christmas…

    Kim gave me the desire to have terrible ‘snow days’ and, therefore, school off…

    Lyn gave me the desire to visit her Island Bar…

    And Andy gave me the desire to tell everyone here: ‘It’s always a great pleasure to read you all, thank you so much !’


  25. Regarding the ear protection question, I seem to remember Pete Townshend saying that it was more the headphone listening than the live concert volume that damaged his hearing. That and Keith Moon’s explosive rigged drum kit. And those are things you can control.

  26. [How was yours? – Features Editor]

    Well, Friday I was downtown with my roommate going Christmas shopping and got caught in a nasty freezing rain storm, pretty fun. We ended up chasing our hats down Michigan Ave, laughing loudly for all to hear. Saturday is when we do our radio show, and we had a nice mellow, meditative set. Lots of Floyd and at least half of On An Island. : )

    We also got our couch into our apartment!!! It’s been huddled on the second floor landing since August and, in an epic 20 minutes, finally made it up the stairs after 3 months. Sunday, we did a gig with some of our originals, and I think it went pretty swell. (It’s tricky getting used to a different guitar; I’m still borrowing from a friend until I can afford a new one or get the old ones back.) All in all, not too bad but much too fast.

    You’ve inspired me to start busting out my own Christmas decorations, FEd, and maybe even make a batch of cookies after church tonight.

    Let’s go down to the chapel, then come back and cook up a meal. 😉

    [Come on, sit by the logs in the fire. – Features Editor]

  27. I bought with my son Martin (20 years old and David’s fan) Remember that Night DVD. It is wonderful, great, is the best.

    Please, I only ask (beg) you a little favour. COME TO ARGENTINA !!!.


  28. Cryogenically frozen cables? I thought Phil was being facetious at first, but then I did the research.

    Now that’s pretty cool…

    …i’ll get me coat…

  29. Great answers today and the throughout Phil. You learn something new everyday. Thank You.

    Happy belated Marcus!

  30. Just a quick question and that is when is the Black strat signature series due for release? Love to know as it can take a wee bit to get things down here in New Zealand.

    [Next year, David. More when it’s official. – Features Editor]

  31. ::CAPTION::

    Davids giant stage hand forgot to lower to the mic stand…

    Howdy guys!

    Long time no chat. Sorry for the low profile – been very busy at work lately. Glad to see the family is growing nicely and FEd is still at the top of the table, keeping all the naughty kids in line!

  32. Dear Fed, David and Bloggers one and all!

    Please find below a recipe for one of the cocktails we’ll be making called, called THE BLUE:


    3 Shots White Rum
    2 shots Sapphire Gin (optional)
    0.5 Shot De Kuyper Blue Curaçao
    1.5 Shots Grapefruit Juice
    Top up Soda Water


    Stir in this order the De Kuyper Blue Curaçao, Sapphire Gin, White Rum and grapefruit juice together with ice in a mixing jug. Stir just once then add ice and pour into a highball glasses. Top up with soda desired. Add 6 cherries and an umbrella (ella ella)!

    Additional notes:

    Guaranteed to blow your head off! Very fruity! And liable to make you so, if you have too many!

    (Very “mour” ish!)

    [Indeed. Blue Curaçao is the best. – Features Editor]

  33. This wonderful snow day, yesterday, was a delightful experience: no school for the boys, and we played in the snow all day long…Time had stopped for a while!

    sylvie de montréal

  34. I would dearly love to know, Alex Paterson, what David wrote on the handwritten note. Pray tell!!!!


    ps: Just one more cocktail before I go. You’ll like this one its called SUNSET ON AN ISLAND:-


    1.5 Shot Disaronno Amaretto
    1.5 Shot Midori
    2 Shot De Kuyper Cranberry Liqueur


    Put 6 cherries at the bottom of a shot glass then layer the ingredients into the glass in the following order pouring them carefully over the back of a spoon Midori melon liqueur, Disaronno Amaretto, De Kuyper Cranberry Liqueur.

    Result will be multi-coloured cocktail. Yellow, green and red

    You have to be very careful when layering cos it really is hard. Worth it tho! Cos it looks brilliant when served.

  35. [All of David’s audio signal and speaker cables are Evidence Audio and I have had them all cryogenically frozen for enhanced performance – Phil]

    how do you come up with the idea to cryogenically freeze cables??? i’m not a musician so i don’t know if this is something common. i find it amazing.

  36. For those who wondered about the availability of The Black Strat from other sources:

    It seems that Amazon UK got The Black Strat quite quickly. I got an email yesterday saying my copy is on its way from them. I had totally forgotten I had placed a preorder with them as I ordered from the book’s site as soon as I could. Oh well I guess two copies are better than one.

    Speaking of it,I finally got to give the whole thing a read through and I am very impressed. I enjoyed all the twists and turns that this guitar has taken through its time with (and away from) Mr. Gilmour. Plenty of excellent pics for us guitar fans and more than enough for Gilmour and Floyd fans as a whole. I can’t recommend the book enough.

    If you’re on the fence about picking up a copy, get off and buy one. You won’t be let down. Seeing the prototype for the signature Srat at the end was just icing on the cake. Now I really can’t wait for it to be released.

    Good day to all!

  37. Very impressive work – Kim Carr!

    My belated congrats to Tomisue, James, Paul B, and Ernest, hope you enjoy your new strings.

    “Does David use ear protection?” That’s always a question in my mind about David, thanks for the question Cromer Franck and of course, to Phil for the answer provided.

    I am really amazed how David is able to avoid becoming deaf with all these years of playing loud and without ear protection. These tips must work very well for him, thank goodness!

  38. Well…Hello everyone.

    I havent written in a long time, bet you’re all missing me!

    Commuting to and from Swansea every morning and night is taking it toll on me, and its all very hard, especially working for a major company. However, I still find time to sneak many a pint in me!

    Just writing to say Happy Days, and much christmas happiness to you all.

    Happy Days!
    Simon J

    P.S. Kim, My cousin is a very successful artist around the globe, I’ll pass that pic on to her. Congratulations, looks fantastic.

  39. Happy Tuesday,

    Just catching up on recent posts. Bit lively last week wasn’t it.

    Anyway: a caption

    ‘And this next song is for all the young and old farts in the audience’

    Pete – Coventry

  40. [Regarding the ear protection question, I seem to remember Pete Townshend saying that it was more the headphone listening than the live concert volume that damaged his hearing. That and Keith Moon’s explosive rigged drum kit. And those are things you can control. – Michael Kelly]

    Having spectacularly bad ears myself, I always wondered how the bloody hell DG (or nearly everybody else in the theatre/arena/stadium-filling bracket, come to that) gets away with decades of sonic abuse without suicidal levels of tinnitus and/or needing to learn sign language.

    Admittedly I’m no guitarist or audiologist either, but I doubt whether angling one’s speakers floorbound would make too much odds if the general racket tops 100dB, as it apparently did on stage during parts of the OAI tour. I reckon you’d still cop it. So I don’t know.

    Perhaps fifty years of gradual conditioning’s the key. Or maybe it’s just the luck of the draw…

  41. Simon…

    I would say you’re a successful “artist” in your own right! 🙂

    Buckleys and Felinfoel must rely on you to keep the share price up 🙂

    As the Easter Bunny said… Hoppy Days… 🙂

  42. Oh New York Dan, I could tell you some dating disasters to make your flesh creep. Another time, maybe.

    What I cant get my head around are those cryogenic cables. Does this mean they were old cables that were frozen as I only ever heard of people selecting to have their heads cryogenically frozen then bought back to life in the future. Very Dr Who! Does Phil have this set up in his Targis as it does sound like something Dan and I might consider putting our exes! LOL!

    See you all in chat tomorrow!

    LYN 🙂

  43. Hello Fed, all

    Mr. Taylor’s answers are very interesting. one wouldn’t think that there is so much science and detail involved with sound design, until you explore it a bit. Cryogenically frozen cables?? That makes me think of that Mel Gibson movie where he is a pilot frozen in a capsule and 2 kids at an Army Surplus type warehouse open it. I can’t remember the name of it!

    Anyway, I missed the PBS broadcast on the 30th, now I am going through one of those Homer Simpson D’Oh!! moments. Oh well.

    Take care, all. Hope to be able to visit more often.


  44. Was hoping to catch the chat tomorrow but I’ll be out in the hills enjoying the Highlands.

    Nice to see you around again Jessica.

    Brilliant piece of work there KC.

    Sorry to hear about the baz, Lyn. Look on the bright side, he’s out of the way and the next guy you meet might be able to play Wish You Were Here on his guitar . . .

  45. A Welsh Cocktail…


    – Pint Glass, wet and not polished
    – Draft Brains SA or Felinfoel Double Dragon (depending where in Wales you are – preferably South of Aberystwyth as we don’t mention anyone North of there)
    – Wet, sticky flooring in the bar
    – Pontardulais Male Voice Choir singing Cwm Rhondda/Calon Lan/Y Cwcw/Sospan Fach…
    – Replay of any rugby game from Wales’ 2005 Grand Slam win playing in the background…

    Repeat as many times as possible before closing time…

    [Beautiful. A pack of Big D’s and you’re all set. – Features Editor]

  46. [I would dearly love to know, Alex Paterson, what David wrote on the handwritten note. Pray tell!!!!]

    I will leave you in suspense and tell you next time I see you in the chatroom as it’s framed up and on the wall now and I will need to strip it apart again to tell you.

    I can tell you the booklet wasnt the one which was released with the DVD, this ones different. I wonder if everyones is unique?

  47. Hey Renee… “bad air day”… I had to laugh because it’s so TRUE here in S. Cal!!! Especially with the fires.

    Cryogenic freezing of cables? That lowers the resistence of the cable right? But does the insulation crack? I do a lot of work at cryo temperatures and they can be pretty brutal on materials.


  48. Alex! You meanie! Maybe it was a shopping list for tea bags and Marmite that David dropped in your prize! He might have missed he tea that night!

    And as for the Welsh cocktail, Fed and Rudders, well you forgot to add essence of Welsh Guards, male voice choirs, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, The Stereophonics, Leeks and Daffodils and the Welsh kitchen sink!

    Only then might it have been drinkable!

    See you in the Chat room on Wednesday and Alex, don’t be late! 😛


  49. [Nice to see you around again Jessica. – George Maciver]

    Nice to be around, George, thanks a bunch. 🙂

    School is keeping me so busy these days… *sigh*

    [By the way, just so you know, it turns out that your missing prize is on its way back to London. Delivery was attempted on 19 October. Apparently, a note was left asking you to collect it from your local post office. It stayed there for a few weeks, but now it’s gone. We’ll get another one sent out to you and it’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  50. Can you tell me what pick ups David is using in the black strat and how do you avoid the hum problems that lighting can cause with high gain pick ups?

    I use the EMG SA pickups in my main Strat. I have found that with my other two Strats the high gain pick ups buzz under stage lights. How do you get round this problem for David?

    [Not knowing the first thing about guitars, I’d probably shake it until it stops. I don’t know what Phil would do, and you’ve missed your chance to ask him, unfortunately. However, everything you could ever possibly wish to know about David’s black Strat – and more – can be found in Phil’s book. If you click your name below, you’ll see that consulting this book was Phil’s own advice in response to a question about how the black Strat’s pickups are wired to the pickup selector… Whatever that means. A link to the book’s website is also there. Any advice from the guitarists reading would be very welcome, but there’s no official or definitive answer to be found here, sorry. – Features Editor]

  51. A pack of Big D’s !!

    Wow, do they still make them?? I haven’t seen them in years!..bit like Creamola Foam, now were talkin!!!


  52. [By the way, just so you know, it turns out that your missing prize is on its way back to London. Delivery was attempted on 19 October. Apparently, a note was left asking you to collect it from your local post office. It stayed there for a few weeks, but now it’s gone. We’ll get another one sent out to you and it’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

    Hm… I don’t recall getting such a note. *sigh of disgust* The mail in Chicago sucks, to be perfectly frank. Half of my bills, I don’t get and I have to call the companies to get everything straightened out. The pony express is not what it used to be; the times, they are a-changin’.

    Thanks for figuring that out for me, FEd. ‘Preciate it. 🙂

    [You’re welcome. – Features Editor]

  53. Its very hard to get rid of, David. EMG’s dont always work either but if you look at Phil’s book and see what he has down on the underside of the pickguards, that will reduce hum.


  54. This is a poem I wrote, i never thought much of them really, but 2 got published (Yay!)

    Hope you enjoy it. let me know what you think.



    Running around in circles
    balancing time in each hand
    questioning everything
    trying to count each grain of sand
    Can’t comprehend
    why in my mind I can bend
    the real world outside
    whilst it seems
    I’m the only one
    who from it
    has to hide
    see my reflection
    but can’t make the connection
    like everything’s just a riddle
    & I’m alone with only my thoughts
    with which to fiddle

    and as things appear
    that should not
    I realise is just another
    mind shot

    Need a lawyer
    to decipher this paranoia
    One day I’m my own enemy
    the next my only friend
    Hate only brings you down
    in the end
    And it’ll get you back
    each time
    each panic attack
    and as you pick yourself up
    once again giving all you’ve got

    you reload
    ready for another mind shot

    [Thanks for sharing, Chris. I note the Syd Barrett reference in the title. – Features Editor]

  55. Here is one for you FEd, (as promised to Michele!)

    “It’s been 2 years since the launch of DavidGilmour.com
    So what better time to put “On an island ” on
    Or watch “Remember that night” maybe play “About face”
    Listen to the best guiarist of the human race 😉
    Congratulations to this site for all things DG,
    and to FEd for all the hard work he’s done for you and me.
    without it we wouldn’t be able to get the latest info & stay tuned

    and end up being just be marooned!”

  56. Beautiful and so dark at the same time, Chris ! A poem that can’t leave anyone indifferent !

    Anyway, it’s very nice to talk to you in the chatroom.


  57. Michele, I love your post regarding “desire”; and I second your last sentence ‘It’s always a great pleasure to read you all, thank you so much!’

    It couldn’t be more precise and allow me to say “Thank you all again”.

  58. Hi, Veronica, this place helps to bring together such different countries, cultures and to put down some clichés, doesn’t it ?



  59. Dear Michele

    Our Government should take note of the ‘warmth and the laughter’ we share in this melting pot of all cultures & all nations called davidgilmour.com. They could learn so much from the way Fed and David operate this site. I have only been blogging here for a short while but it is a really friendly welcoming place.

    Happy 2nd Birthday!

    Lyn x

  60. Just recieved The Black Strat book.

    Thank You Fed and Phil, I’ll savour this beautiful book like a vintage wine. Thanks again!

    [You’re very welcome, Frank. We hope you enjoy reading it. – Features Editor]

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