Guitarists' Draw

Remember That Night DVD (2007)Three winners today, and their numbers are: 31, 82 and 84.

Meddle, you win a copy of Phil Taylor’s book.

Peter McConnell and James Ward, you each win a set of GHS Boomers for the guitar of your choice, so please let me know whether you want a set of strings for a Fender Strat or a Gibson Les Paul, along with your addresses.

Congratulations to you all.

The final draw takes place on Wednesday.

The chatroom will also be open that day, between 11AM and 1PM (UK).

A quick update on Phil’s book…

It will be available from the larger of the UK’s Borders stores in 2008, not only up until the end of this year, as has been reported. We’d still recommend for orders, though.

Here’s a wee bit more from Phil’s Q&A to wrap up for another day.

Thanks to Julie and Linda for providing the questions.

What is the most disastrous technical experience you have encountered during a sound check/concert? (Julie Davies)

David’s amplifier/effects rig failing at a Pink Floyd show in Helsinki – during the show. If anybody else in the band’s equipment fails, the show carries on; if David’s fails, the show stops until I get it working. Not much pressure there, then.

What is the best David Gilmour/Pink Floyd gig you ever worked on? (Linda)

Very difficult, there are many reasons for liking different nights. Sometimes just one song from one night can be fantastic. As a tour, the most enjoyable that I have ever done was ‘On an Island’ last year: great music, great band, great crew. The best one I ever saw from the audience – in fact the best gig I have ever been to – was Pink Floyd at Earls Court in London in 1973: a stunning audio-visual-surround experience.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

50 thoughts on “Guitarists' Draw”

  1. I’ve heard a lot about the Earls Court show in 1973, the one that Phil mentions above. It must have been a phoenomenal show. It is really a shame that the Dark Side shows were not filmed or recorded (though illegal recordings of those shows abound).

    Everything I’ve ever read about them indicates that they were stunning, especially for the time.

  2. WOW! Congratulations Meddle and Peter and James! Those are amazing prizes.

    How was the weekend, FEd? I spent mine with a bunch of students listening to this DSOM a capella. I had to cleanse my palate later by listening to the original. 🙂 And I was lost on the moon as I heard that needle touch down.

    I don’t have a front door.


    [I pounded on farmhouse lookin’ for a place to stay. Then I wrote my Christmas cards and filed my tax return, which I’d been putting off for weeks, so it was a productive weekend. – Features Editor]

  3. Congrats to Meddle, Peter, and James!

    How about a big hand for FEd, David, and everyone at One Fifteen for providing us fans with such a great website and the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes! Bravo!

    … And you can always rely on some interesting points of view. I find it a very unique place to be and look forward to reading the posts daily after a long days’ work.

    “Happy Second Anniversary”… and many more!

    Cheers, Cevin

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  4. From my igloo, i say to you hello dear bloggers, we had more than 40 cm of snow yesterday.No school again for my boys today.

    Pas d’école encore aujourd’hui…Michèle tu aimerais habiter ici au Québec on manque souvent l’école a cause des tempetes de neige!!!Cool,me disent mes fils!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  5. Congratulations Meddle, Peter and James! Enjoy your gifts.

    Sorry I won’t be able to join you for the chat on Wednesday as I’ll be out enjoying the Scottish hills.

    Have a great holiday everyone!

    [The same to you, George. Enjoy those hills. – Features Editor]

  6. – Congrats to our guitarist friends: Meddle, Peter and James!

    – Ahah, Linda, your question was [What is the best and worst David Gilmour/Pink Floyd gig you ever worked on ?], and, the word ‘worst’ mysteriously disappeared from your question.., of course,… too funny!

    – Julie, I am glad for you that Phil answered your question and I wanted to add that I disagree with you when you say: [When I listened to my poor version (due to being exceedingly rusty) of Arnold Layne, I thought… – at December 15, 2007 05:32 PM].

    Maybe I am not competent to judge, but I remember I very much enjoyed listening to it. (The guitar and voice of … Julie). Good !


  7. Congrats Meddle, Peter and James I know exactly how you will all be feeling !!

    Many thanks to our (Davie and myself) well wishers too.

    Mimicking parrots ehh. Well, although a lot has already been said, I have to chip in as I’m one of those parrots!!

    I personally go to great lengths to get the sound and playing as good as possible but I make no attempt to pass myself off as the original artist. The real skill in this game is composing the pieces in the first place. David has shown us over the last 30 years how basic, fundamental minor and pentatonic scales can be played to produce his unique signature tunes. He mimicks the work of the great blues players and adds his personal (very special)touch. This is what we do when we mimick him (only we’re not as good!!)

    We are all guilty, if that’s the word, Phil of recycling the ideas of others (Think Dave Reeves, BK Butler, Pete Cornish, Tony Farinella) but it’s how we do it that makes us stand out.

    I greatly admire your work Phil, as well as your cheek!

    I agree with Tim Taylor, Jon Carin was excellent with his rendition of Dogs. Superb vocals and guitar work. Should do far more solo work.

    Let’s just enjoy the music, whoever’s playing it. At the end of the day, this music will out-live us all and we’ll need the young parrots of today to keep it alive!!

    Looking forward to the chat on Weds guys and hope to send a little bit of English charm to the French Riviera (wub)

    Sorry to have gobbled up the megabytes FEd!!

    Kindest Regards


  8. [Not much pressure there, then.]

    LOL! Not much pressure; I can can hear the crowd yelling… Great answer Phil! That´s what I´d call British understatement…

    Congrats to Meddle, Peter and James!


    (writing on a *very* small mobile client in hotel)

  9. oh there’s a borders in glasgow! and it’ a big ‘un 😉

    congrats to the winners, very nice christmas pressie meddle

    people have a good weekend?

    shame about the result, as far as that match goes, it’s just not the same liverpool side as in the past


  10. Congrats to you all.

    I love the questions and the great answers, keep them coming.

    Hope you are having a good evening fed.

  11. CAPTION:

    Our hero’s fears had become reality, all the feathers had falling off the peacock outfit by nine so he quickly told everybody he came as Sandy Shaw (Puppet on a string, you see)

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  12. Hi FED, I’m thrilled to win a copy of Phil Taylor’s book.

    I also give thanks and a warm welcome to your festive season.

    I just finished getting a set of new strings put on my Strat, so the book is going to be intriguing for sure.

    My Address is: […]


    [You’re very welcome. Hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  13. Meddle, great prize for sure!

    Peter and James, you did well with your lucky numbers also!

    I hope everyone enjoys their prize!

    Have a good day Fed.

  14. What an excellent surprise! In all honesty, I was going to see if I they were available online this very evening. I’m glad I checked in here first. Thank you kindly, you have made my night.

    I will gratefully accept the Strat Boomers.

    Please send them to: […]

    [Well done, Peter. They’ll be with you soon. – Features Editor]

  15. Congrats to all winners.

    As the pressure of Christmas “winds up” and affects us in many different ways a message in one of my Christmas cards sent to me really hit home and I wanted to share this with you.

    At 3pm on Christmas day it was stated that “a glass would be raised to toast absent friends.” I will do that and thought how great if we all could do the same. I feel it would mean a lot, as we have in some way or another all been touched by the absence of certain people.

    Please join me then, it doesn’t matter what’s in your glass, where you are or what time zone you are. Lets just put all our differences (culturally/technically/politically/religiously/fictionally
    etc…) aside and raise our glasses as a united body.


    Sometimes sentiments do have a place and meaning if only to act as a bandage. More power to them i say and thank you, each and everyone for reading this post.

    Love to you all

    Ian Pearson

  16. Congratulations Meddle for winning a copy of Phil Taylor’s book. Peter McConnell and James Ward for winning the signature strings!


  17. Hi FEd, that’s great! Thank you!

    My address is: […]

    I’d like the strings for the Les Paul, please!

    – James Ward

    [They’ll be on their way to you shortly, James. Congratulations. – Features Editor]

  18. Well done the three winners of this draw. This time next week i will be opening my pressies & i think one of them is Phils book.

    I am looking forward to the christmas break now & i got a nice surprise, i found out i had more holiday left than i thought so i wont be going back to work untill the 7th Jan. It seem to me our freinds across the water have been on the wind down for christmas since they had thanksgiving & what with festive pictures of snow i enviously look at, its really got me in the mood for christmas.

    I went to see Madness at the O2 arena on friday a great venue, me & the missus had a great time, however the sound was awful, im not sure if it was the domed ceiling, the sheer volume, or not the best quality PA or a combination of all three. My ears were still ringing the next day.

    That brought it home just how good the sound was on Davids tour. It was loud for sure but it was clear, it was of the highest quality & mabe Davids choice of venue helped too.

  19. Congratulations to the winners of the guitarist’s draw. My ’77 Strat was begging for the strings but, you know. Oh well! 🙂

    Anyway, Michèle you say some very nice things. Every now and then I still go to the AL website (the website is still there) and listen to my effort and can’t help but hide under my computer desk. But, I think it is human nature to be hard on ourselves. I certainly am. I thought that it could have been done alot better. But your sweet words are encouraging. Encouraging enough to take Eugene the Second (my ’77 Strat) off the wall and play it again.

    Too bad I will not be able to get into the chatroom again as I will be in the office. However, I am on broadband at home so I should be able to chat with you all if my next day off coincides with a scheduled chat.

    Thanks for responding to my question, Phil. Yes, I bet there was NOT much pressure there then!



  20. Hello Fed! Hello Gilmourfans!

    I am happy to be here again after some weeks of illness. But now I am o.k.

    I know it is too late, but I will say thank you to Mister Phil Taylor for this nice written book “The Black Strat”, it is very interesting with so many nice pictures and illustrations.

    And thank you again for this interesting Q&A here in the blog!

    Last week we made the upgrade to Full HD TV. Our 1st blu ray DVD was naturally: “Remember That Night”. We saw so many details, which were not to be seen on the normal DVD. It was for us an amazing evening with fantastic pictures and our favourite music (in trueHD of course).

    I am very happy to be here again in this blog. Thank you for so much information in the last year. Thank you to you FED!

    With best wishes from Berlin

    [Best wishes to you, Ina. Merry Christmas. – Features Editor]

  21. Happy Tuesday,

    Ian Pearson, what a tremendous thought.

    I lost my Mum 21 years ago today. So, for her, I will be with you on xmas day.

    Pete – Coventry

  22. Congratulations to Meddle, Peter & James! Those are very special prizes.

    I’m very touched by Ian’s post above. What an excellent idea!

    Hoping to make the pre-holiday chat tomorrow. Gosh, FEd, you put us Yanks to shame by filing your taxes already. We can procrastinate another 119 days or so.

  23. DSOTM live at the Wembley Empire Pool on November 16, 1974 has been recorded and broadcast on radio by the BBC.

  24. “The best one I ever saw from the audience – in fact the best gig I have ever been to – was Pink Floyd at Earls Court in London in 1973: a stunning audio visual surround experience.”

    Great response. According to many who have seen this concert (including some friends of mine) this indeed was a blinder of a show!

    But then I’d expect Phil to know as having been at so many to compare to.

    Happy Holidays,

  25. Yes Graham,

    On his OAI tour David used the three best ingredients for successful sound :

    – venue with great acoustics
    – great PA
    – adjusted output volume level

  26. Said Graham: “That brought it home just how good the sound was on Davids tour. It was loud for sure but it was clear, it was of the highest quality & mabe Davids choice of venue helped too.”

    I know what you mean, Actually, it’s always been like this on his and Pink Floyd’s tours.

    From experience I can advise, don’t see another artist too soon after seeing David or the Floyd. The experience will suffer. I remember seeing Clapton less than a week after seeing PF, in the same building mind you, and thinking to myself, “are you having a laugh?” (to quote Andy Millman). It was like hearing his show on a transistor radio compared to what David and gang had produced.

    That experience has happened over and over again right through to the last tour. Mind you, these days there aren’t many other bands I’d like to see live, so it isn’t much of a problem anymore.

  27. Caption:

    The aliens decided to borrow the best musician earth had to offer for their party.

    Hope everyone is well, there’s a lot of colds going around at the minute and i didn’t manage to avoid it like i normally do, but this cheered me up (click my name). Merry Christmas everyone!

    [Get well soon, Thomas, and have a good Christmas. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi FEd

    Just wanted to let you know the DVD arrived safe and sound today. Wow what a service! Won it Friday, gave my address Saturday and delivered Tuesday. You guys are better than AMAZON! and your prices are so reasonable 😉

    Many thanks again and a very happy christmas to all.

    Congratulations to all involved in the RTN DVD for what has to be one the best music dvds currently on the market, not just for content, but also for technical achievement. Some well deserved year end figures for what may become the best dvd of all time (unless David has other plans??) Just watch the live cd rattle the charts next year too!

    Have you got a name KC for your mimicking parrot? Perhaps we could hold a contest to name him? Bet I know which name will win!!!

    Hope to catch some of you tomorrow in the chat.


    [Glad to hear it, Paul. – Features Editor]

  29. Congrats to all winners. Thanks for the opportunities Fed.

    Merry Christmas.

    [Have a good one, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  30. Hello,

    congratulations to the winners.

    I’m coming back to my past life tomorrow to Italy for Christmas,to spend great days with my family and friends,I want to wish you the best for your Christmas time and a happy new year,especially to Mr Gilmour,whose music has definitely marked these months here,never in my whole life have I imagined to feel so much gratitude for a man outside my family.

    You’ve been all a second home for me during this dangerous and irresistible past time.

    Merry Christmas to Gilmour’s family,to you Fed and your family,to every blogger and every blogger’s family,best wishes to you all.

    Thank you,


    [Thank you very much. Have a very Merry Christmas. – Features Editor]

  31. as everyone knows,David put some blues material in his songs,i just want to know the name of the BLUES man that David likes,is it possible?

    [David enjoys, and has been inspired by, a great many blues artists down the years. Howlin’ Wolf and B.B. King spring to mind, as does Leadbelly. – Features Editor]

  32. Hi all congrats to the winners.

    Merry Christmas FEd.

    [Merry Christmas to you, too. – Features Editor]

  33. FEd,

    I don’t know if I’ll get into the chat but wanted to just wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.

    Thanks for all that you do.


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  34. […au Québec on manque souvent l’école a cause des tempetes de neige!!!Cool,me disent mes fils!!! – Sylvie]

    Well, Sylvie, avec ou sans école, ton Québec doit être magnifique sous 40cm de neige! Un jour, peut-être, qui sait, on verra ça…et, cool, diront mes fils…

    Joyeux Noël et gros bisous à toi et ta famille!


  35. Congratulations to the winners! And thanks again to Phil for the answers.

    I wish you all a good day


  36. Hi Fed

    I will miss the chatrom tmoz again because of work.

    I would like to wish you and all the crew and David a very merry xmas and a great new year

    Take care Damian

    Ps did david get to the led zep gig!! i watched robert plant at the cornfestival on v channel – fin brilliant.

    [He sure did. Not that I’m jealous, or anything. – Features Editor]

  37. Congratulations to Meddle, Peter and James. Well done, indeed. Those prizes really are fantastic.

    Phil’s answers are so good, I am sure the book is great. I’ll try to get it next year.

    I have to agree with Paul_C about the mimicking parrots comment. Of course, I prefer the music to be played by the people who wrote and played it originally, but I enjoy listening to so-called tribute bands just as some other people go to the symphony to hear their favourite Mozart pieces being played.

    I wonder how long it will take before rock songs start being called “pieces”. For instance, “Thank-you, Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight we will be playing a piece by the 20th Century composers, The Pink Floyd, called Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” 😉

  38. I was taking a walk in Toronto’s underground City today and saw someone carrying a box that said “Red Guitar”. Turned out to be a box (case?) of wine from Spain, but all I could think of is David’s Red Strat. I would buy a bottle of that. Wine, anyone?

    ‘Luck to Liverpool on Wednesday. Their defense must be tired playing all these games without Finnan and Agger. They’ve been absent so long, I almost forgot about them.

    [Indeed. Xabi Alonso could be back for this one, which would be wonderful, seeing as Steven Gerrard is out with a stomach upset. – Features Editor]

  39. There is a website called Whales Revenge a campaign to gather 1 million signatures for a petition to stop whaling. It was started by a bloke from Australia. The petition will be given to the International Whaling Commission. It only takes a minute to “sign” it. They do not want an e-mail address.

    And while you’re there, you can play Whale’s Revenge, a video game where a whale “fires” bubbles from its blow-hole up at whaling vessels. You lose points if you hit the Greenpeace zodiacs.

    I sunk a few whalers. Yeah!

    [Please click Andrew’s name below to visit. – Features Editor]

  40. Congrats to the winners – Meddle, James and Peter. What a wonderful prize to keep. Good luck all for the final draw on Wednesday.

    I really enjoy reading the Q&A from Phil Taylor. I am much impressed by his detailed response to the questions and at times, with a touch of humor. Thank you Phil for your time and thank you FEd for coordinating the opportunity.

    Also, thanks for opening the chat room today, FEd; I hope to make the chat from these crazy schedules I have these days.

  41. Hi Fed

    All’s well in Sheffield – even had one early Xmas pressy today!

    New Freeview channel ‘Dave’ [Freeview 19, Sky 111] is currently re-running ‘Later… with Jools Holland’ and showed David’s excellent performance with Mica Paris last week.

    The show is due to be shown again on 13th January 2008 at 8pm (click my name).

    Very best wishes to you and thanks for everything here and behind the scenes. Merry Xmas


    [The same to you, Dave. Thanks for letting us know about Jools’ show. – Features Editor]

  42. ???

    It’s Wednesday, Dec 19th, it should be chat-time now, but when going to a site about an opera singer opens… Jarousky: Carestini – The Story of a castrato

    FEd, what’s going on?? Other googled links to the chat-site say, that the url is not known

    Take care

    [All I can do is apologise, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  43. [To Karin: There are no plans to film any concerts at the moment, but we’ll let you know if that changes. – Posted by: Features Editor at January 10, 2006 01:10 AM]…

    …Just a little nostalgia to help celebrate RTN’S
    enormous success (especially here in Canada at 2X platinum)…as per yesterday’s latest news item.

    Congratulations to all raffle winners! Although I didn’t win anything,it was a lot of fun just being a participant, rushing home everyday after work to check to see if my # came up.

    Warm Wishes to all D.G. bloggers and all involved in keeping this wonderful website operating for a safe and happy Christmas!!!

    John XO

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