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April 4 & 5, 2006: Radio City Music Hall, New York. Photo: Polly Samson.For anyone looking to buy the David Gilmour signature strings, produced by GHS, here are some links for you.

They aren’t expected in shops in the US until next week (at the earliest), but you can make arrangements to order a set in advance.

First, it goes without saying that it’s always worth supporting your local music shop, so why not ask them to order a pack for you?

If they need a helping hand, tell them to visit Rocktron, click WHERE TO BUY from the menu bar, and, if you’re in the United States, you can search by city or zip/area code.

If you’re not in the US, click here for a list of international dealers.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 12PM (UK).

Here’s a little more from Phil Taylor to finish with.

I know David uses two Hiwatt heads and two speaker cabinets. Are they all used simultaneously or are different head and cabinet combinations used for different songs? (Ax)

Generally they are used simultaneously. For the ‘On An Island’ tour there was a third amp and cabinet for his Long Delay setting for ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’.

Tube types in the Hiwatts… EL34s or KT-77? (George Gipe)

Mullard EL34s are what we have always used.

I’ve looked at genuine 1970s Hiwatt SA212s, but fear I may not be able to maintain them adequately. I see Hiwatt do a reissue David Gilmour SA212, another option. More importantly, I’d like your view on what I should buy, maybe even Fender? (Paul C)

First, you most likely do not need a 50 watt amp at home – more like a three to 10 watts good tube amp would do. Original Hiwatts are known to be about the most reliable amplifiers ever built, but far too powerful for home. They would only just tick over. Better to use something smaller and drive it a bit more. (I have tried and compared some of the new Hiwatts and they do not sound like the old ones.)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Another dating story for Lyn:

    About a month into a dating relationship, she suddenly needed a place to stay. Like a complete fool, I invited her to stay with me. She proceeded to rearrange all my furniture repeatedly, eat all my food, and was stealing money from me. She would only leave when I had my locks changed and wouldn’t give her the new keys. Then she had the nerve to tell all my friends lies about me.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    Another woman became obsessive and started stalking me. She was demanding that I marry her because “you owe that to me.” This, after the very first date.

    [You could at least have proposed, Dan: proposed that she make an appointment with a damn good psychiatrist, pronto. – Features Editor]

  2. Tube EL-34 is good…

    If are used in a Class A amplifier is very good audio quality.

    And I agree that 3x10watt is better then 1x50watt…

    I have a little Class A amplifier with EL-34 and seem to be in front of the instrument..

    Bye bye

  3. [Another dating story for Lyn:….]

    Which proves that everyone is crazy until he/she proved the opposite. (I know the original Zappa quote was slightly different 😉 )

    [You could at least have proposed, Dan: proposed that she make an appointment with a damn good psychiatrist, pronto. – Features Editor]

    LOL 😀

    Looking forward to try the strings as soon as they arrive in Germany…



  4. Of course a 50 watt amp at home would be good to blow the roof off the house as well as drown out all the barking dogs in the neighborhood.



  5. NewYorkDan-

    [No good deed goes unpunished.]

    This isn’t your real life, is it? I mean, this sounds like the lost season from ‘Coupling.’

    That 50-watt amp and a long delay setting may come in handy, somehow, at your house, friend.

    Geesh. It’s the season…what would scooby doo?

  6. I need to buy Phil’s book ASAP.

    And great info on the strings, I’ll be sure to hit up the music shop over here for an order.


    [Let us know if you manage to get a set, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  7. Thank you Mr Taylor for answering!!

    FEd, how was your weekend? I hope well…

    P.S. is there any way I can have my name shortened to “Ax” for my Chatroom login??

    [Very well, thank you. Please check your e-mail for your new chatroom ID. You’ll need to activate it before you can sign in with it, so please follow the e-mail’s instructions. – Features Editor]

  8. as it’s the season to be jolly
    as there’s a pic of a certain guitarist
    and as it’s 30 years since animals

    any chance that DG is going to shine to the fact that it’s some of the most stunning vocals and guitar work of the Floyd back catalogue

    and considering what you read in the ether it wasn’t the best of times so to produce such stunning work shows something special in there and maybe worth working into the show a dog or sheep or oinker?

    can’t you just picture DG & PM breaking into that dual guitar solo at about 3’40” of dogs?

    no? maybe it’s just me

  9. Let’s try the strings!

    Good answer for the amp volume,it’s a real good thing to have a smaller one and go up with the volume..


  10. Another great trade mark shirt from El Magnifico in the picture, it has to be said!!

    I`m looking forward to trying a set of David`s strat strings on my jackson. But words to the wise people, if you have a double locking tremelo system on your guitar, you do need to set the guitar up again for the different tensions of the strings. Something I discovered a few weeks ago, that took me hours to do, when I changed from 9`s to 10`s!!!

    P.S. Fed you never lose your touch, by your proposal statement- a spade is a spade with you, that is for sure!!! Had me in stiches…

    [I had to delete the first thing I typed, as it seemed a bit cruel, not to mention a good two hundred years out of date, to suggest giving her one of those iron collars (to keep her chained to her mental asylum bedstead) in lieu of a ring. Well, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  11. [Don’t bother posting again, Andy. You’re coming across as a complete prat now. – Features Editor]

    Re: Andy Green at December 3, 2007 06:48 PM

    That’s the most childish response to someone I have ever seen. Please, either communicate with someone on a mature level or simply just delete the offending message, it would be much better for all the non militant readers and fans of David’s blog.

    I think it’s very unprofessional and I’m so disgusted by your total lack of professionalism that I won’t be frequenting this site because of it. Very disappointed with you and some of the immature bloggers, FE’d. Spare the sane people from all this rubbish in future, do your job.

    IQ’s are dropping rapidly on the blog, sadly.

    Another lost customer that doesn’t like playing games with fools. I’ll go to the hundreds of other blogs that have more than 20 snobs.

    [Customer? I thought this place was free (and your last post was way back in January 2006, so you don’t really “play” much at all). For the record, the many replies received on this silly topic were not published, because I considered them cliquey and immature. And, with respect, you don’t see each and every post, nor is it immediately clear to you who posts under different names (now that’s a “game” in my book), so please don’t tell me what should, and shouldn’t, be posted. Consider, if you will, that, more often than not, when a message doesn’t make it, it results in follow-up posts demanding an explanation. My feeling is this: if people want to start bashing away on their keyboards before they engage their brains, let them suffer the consequences – myself included. I am sorry if your interpretation of ‘professionalism’ differs from my own; I happen to think that all opinions should be welcome (which is why your criticism is published when it would surely be more convenient for me to quietly brush it aside), but when an opinion descends into mocking and sneering, a line is drawn. By this point, both sides of any argument are represented and that, to my mind, is not just professional, but also tolerant. But feel free to disagree. – Features Editor]

  12. Fed,

    I can’t remember if I asked you this already, but what the heck. I’ll harrass you a second time.

    What do you think of the new Eagles CD? Aren’t the harmonies amazing? Like they took off where they left off in 1979! Felder was on of my favs, so I miss him a little (ok, because when I was younger I thought he was the hot one). Been enjoying the studio reunion.

    And, loving the Remember that Night DVD.

    New York

    [I like it a lot. – Features Editor]

  13. G’day Fed, Bloggers and Dan.

    OMG what rotten luck you’ve had. Your wife must be an angel so Love her to bits.

    I had this bloke who bcos I wouldn’t go out with him, scratched his car with his key and told the cops that I did it. What’s more they believed him! If it wasn’t for my mum and the CCtv from outside our house showing it were him and not me, I would have been charged with criminal damage!

    All bloke got was a caution for wasting police time. I would have locked the w**nker up for life!


  14. Hi FEd

    Many thanks Phil for answering my question on amps for home use. I shall take your advice and seek out a good 10 watt valve amp. Any suggestions fellow bloggers?

    Hope you are well FEd and hope to catch you in the chatroom next time. However, our company has now blocked chatroom access at work (haven’t figured out a work-around yet!)
    Hope to see you in a lock-in then!

    Thanks again for all the great stuff that’s coming through the blog.

    Do you think Phil M (daily pic) is wondering if someone will write about HIS black strat?

    Thanks again for using my question.


  15. Tartiflette Revisited:

    I thought i would cook me & step son something different as my wife was out for the evening. I thought of Tartiflette but i could not get the right cheese so chedder had to do & i added a few extra ingredients as well as the bacon & onion, a red pepper, a few peas some eggs etc etc so it was more like a Spanish omelette by the time it was cooked.

    Now, my step son isn’t a fussy eater but is highly suspicous of new foods & i knew that when it came to explaining what it was called & bearing in mind i had veered away the recipe somewhat i had to think on my feet when the inevitable question came “whats this Graham?”

    This bit you would have approved of Fed, its “Patata’s Torres” i replied (step son suffers from supporting the same soccer team as you), any way he loved it & wolfed down, i have to say the name stuck in my throat a bit!! but i couldn’t call it “Fabregas flan” it doesn’t have the same ring does it.

    [I’m wiping a tear from my eye as I type, Graham. God bless you (even though he plays for Cardiff now). I’ll rustle up some Clichy con Carne in your honour tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  16. Ciao,

    apart from technobabble and merchandising….is there anything interesting and new coming on after the on an island project is going to finish?. I am getting bored…:-)


    [A live album from Gdańsk… – Features Editor]

  17. Off topic ?…

    Two years ago, none of us knew that there would be a revolution two days later on the web: the birth of a new site! and what a site !

    Today, it’s as if it had always existed ! Can’t remember how life was without it…

    Many thanks to David, all the ‘Eds’ et vive !


  18. Hey FE’d

    don’t know if it’s relevant to DG and the site but sky arts 267 are showing “Stratpack Concert” at 4pmGMT today


    [Good stuff. Thanks, Andy. – Features Editor]

  19. [IQ’s are dropping rapidly on the blog, sadly. – Posted by: Christophe Couallier]

    Actually mines on 129. Thats 11 away from Genius level…Yay!

  20. There is an anniversary upcoming for this blog….yes? Anything in the works to mark the occassion?

    By the way, at our San Jose blogger get together, I remember we talked about the DVD and I mentioned that it was ashame that not more of the Gdansk concert was featured. I come back home and low and behold, you announce that a concert CD of that concert will be released. You must have been sitting at the table next to ours.



    [There will be a Christmas raffle very soon. – Features Editor]

  21. [God bless you (even though he plays for Cardiff now). I’ll rustle up some Clichy con Carne in your honour tomorrow. – Features Editor]

    i hope you enjoy Fed but…. im in a panic now, no one told me our Cesc had joined Cardiff or did you think i typed Fowler instead of Fabregas, a bit of a cock up mabe?

    [Now that would be a coup for Cardiff! – Features Editor]

  22. [Customer? I thought this place was free. – Features Editor]

    Fed, I would have to disagree with you to some degree. We (whether bloggers or fans) are in essence what is paying the bills-in terms of tech support, salaries, etc. If not for us this site would not exist.

    With that said (and I have posted this sentiment previously) this site is maintained in an outstanding manner with a lot of professionalism. It is consistent with all the products produced by Pink Floyd and David over the years.

    For those who are dissatisfied (and there will always be those, myself included at times) with this web site go visit other musician sites (i.e. Roger Waters) and compare.

    Dealing with the public is not always easy. Keep up the good work.

    [Fair point, Howard. Thank you for your thoughts. – Features Editor]

  23. Hello FEd and fellow bloggers.

    I’ll be making sure that my local music store (Sam Ash) in Tampa stocks the DG signature strings.

    Patiently awaiting more info on the live CD.

    Cheers to all

  24. I got 128 on an IQ test once but I was very very drunk

    those watermelon breezers have a lot to answer for!

    I don’t drink anymore 🙁


    [no problemo FE’d]

  25. [IQ’s are dropping rapidly on the blog, sadly. – Posted by: Christophe Couallier]

    [Actually mines on 129. Thats 11 away from Genius level…Yay – Simon J]

    I cant even count how high mine is, they wont let me take my shoes & socks off in the office but its higher than ten, i know that for a fact!

  26. [I’ll go to the hundreds of other blogs – Christophe]

    You will be missed!………


  27. Still enjoying the Q&A. Thanks to Phil for answering so many questions.

    [And there’s still more to come. – Features Editor]

  28. so sad we have to read of these people. IQ…better I don’t speak Fed,true? or I’d say **********! (in italian,of course)


  29. XAPM: Yes, the stories I posted above are all real. That stuff actually happened to me. Sounds to me like something from “Plan 9 from Outer Space.”

    Christophe: Our beloved FED is a great moderator of this blog. If you dislike it, start your own blog. Let’s see whose blog is better!

    Lyn: My wife is one amazing woman. Only person I have ever wanted to marry. We tell each other every day how much we love one another.

    Simon J: Your IQ is 129, which is respectable. I had my IQ tested once and they refused to tell me what it was. That’s either a good sign, or a bad one. I’ve been trying to figure that out ever since. I suspect that people who like me will say my IQ is high, and those who dislike me will not even know what an IQ is.

  30. I know many people whose IQ is low, but are very interesting, tolerant and sensitive, Christophe…

    What is the most important thing?



  31. Hi all… gosh… the blog today is pregnant with stuff to comment on… I’ll limit myself…

    Christophers’ ramp is kind of funny… if he had spent any time at all on the blog he would know the Feds’ style of responding to negative people and those of… ahem… a lower IQ. Fed, I thought your answer was quite good both to Christopher and Andy!!!

    Now about the Eagles’ new cd… I too am enjoying it quite a bit. But I think it is very ironic that a band whose members are concerned about the environment and against the corporate machine (especially Mr Henley who was very involved in the saving of Thoroughs’ Walden Pond)would sign an exclusive distribution contract with Walmart (at least in the USA… don’t know how its being distributed elsewhere).

    Score one for the Big Box!


  32. Kiss 4 Fed mwah. He can’t do wrong for doing right, can you eh.

    To all those ‘duh its serious, man’ PF and DG so called fans, get a life.

    I had so much FUN in Chat today that I’m glad and proud to be a loon! Even if it does get you thrown out of Selfridges! Harrods is next. So come on people one and all lets howl at the moon, the dark side of the, of course.

    1….2….3….HOOWWLLK! Enjoy that? Course you did!

    Let’s have a competition to see how many dots there are on Phil M’s shirt – 36?


  33. *caption*

    This one feels so good that I can’t wait to get my own Gilmour Black Strat next year.



  34. Dear Fed and all!

    This was funny. On that BBC 2 prog Eggheads tonight, Dermot asked ‘What is the real name of Harry Webb?’ and the three options were Cliff Richard, Roger Daltry and someone called David Gilmour!

    Thank Heaven Egghead Chris got it right. it was of course David Gilmour….er….I mean Cliff Richard!

    Even I knew that one.


  35. Concordo con te Emilio.How are you all?hope everything’s ok.You’re always in my thoughts.

    I hope you’re fine Mr Gilmour,in this special period of my life,studying abroad “alone”,your music has been playing a very important role,I’ve never felt alone.


  36. Caption Time 🙂 YAY!



    Alright! Alright! Remember I’ve been shopping today and I’m cream crackered! My IQ has dropped and I’m feeling silly! Oh dear!


  37. Lyn, please dont feel bad…

    I once made a “Peter Potomus” reference in a discussion once and dated myself!

  38. PM & DG were very enjoyable on the Stratpack gig

    er but why was Brian May there? he didnt use a strat and never has as far as I’m aware?

    and FE’d you’ve got connections, who was that gorgeous woman on bass? in the purple outfit?
    stood to DG’s left at the end?

    why don’t you get in touch with the Premiership and see if you can’t get a cook book of team recipes out? funny names n’ all?

    hungrily yours

    [I’ll have to check this “gorgeous woman on bass” and get back to you. – Features Editor]

  39. hold on, there’s militants on the board???

    damn lefties they get everywhere!


  40. After Grahams post ‘Tartiflette Revisited’ and Fed’s reply, I thought I’d heard it all. Now this post by Graham. I’m laughing out loud at you crazy guys. Love it.

    [I cant even count how high mine is, they wont let me take my shoes & socks off in the office but its higher than ten, i know that for a fact! – Posted by: Graham Knight]

    Keep it up. People can call it unprofessional, but they certainly can’t call it dull or lacking in humor.

    Lyn: on the subject of dating , here is something that is posted on the wall of a co-worker.

    “Any woman out looking for a husband has never had one.”

    My Christmas list is all made out for my family. Phil Taylor’s Black Strat book, Guy Pratt’s My Bass and Other Animals, the new cd of Remember That Night when it is released, for starters. And a donation to a charity of my choice.

    The questions and answers for and from Phil have made this book number one on my list of would like to have.

    Best to you all,

  41. and speaking of animals (ok it was only me) any truth in the rumour that the Simpsons are flying a pig over battersea power station tomorrow?


    I need to get out more

  42. Hi FED,

    Got a mail in from FCN, the strings are available from (click my name below) or tel 01702 540068. Alternatively Hogan Music on 01635 37868.

    Looking forward to putting them on and plonking away !

    By the way, saw DG a couple of weeks ago in the local newsagent presumably picking up the Sunday papers ! How cool is that ! He really is normal !!! Well kind of !

    [Thanks for the strings update. Enjoy your plonking. – Features Editor]

  43. hi again all…sorry about the easter eggs…i was just hoping i wasnt the only one.

    anyway, the q’s from phil…pretty awesome.this site is so cool and i miss it.i cant wait to get my book.

    i dont at all believe the strat will be a relic…my bf works for fender and said that it would be kinda mass produced but better than the clapton or cheaper srv…about $2,000 US. (those guitars are about $1500 i think)

    im very interested to see/play one.i have had 2 strats customized to dg’s spec’s for about 10 yrs.i just wonder how close to the original they can get for such low money…the srv #1 that they measured and prodded and xrayed goes for about $25,000…so i dont thnk it will ‘feel’like dave’s! i still cant wait!!!

    all this talk about wattage…small amps = big sound. keef riffards and his lil fenders…cant beat them. dg used them in studio as well…right phil??? but remember, you cant really take them to the local bar unless their pa/monitors are good…u wont be able to hear over the drums.

  44. Congrats Fed on the 2 years anniversary of the Blog! TY for all the info and the fun, only too sad that I missed the first 9 months. Isn´t there a 1 year anniversary of the Chatroom too?

    Amazing that some people are jealous of the success of the Blog and are trying to spoil our fun by insults, but I´m wondering if that are clones from an envious Roger? Just musing, LOL. But I loved the response they got from Fed and the other Blogies!

    Looking forward to the Christmas Raffle!

    [Thank you, Ulli. We missed the chat’s first birthday: that was in September. – Features Editor]

  45. [IQ’s are dropping rapidly on the blog, sadly. – Posted by: Christophe Couallier]

    the phrase it is better to keep your mouth shut and people might think you are an eejit then open it and confrirm the fact leaps into my head here .

    (please excuse any bad spelling it is dyslexia not stupidity )


  46. Glad this Andy debacle is over. Lots o’ hostility on the Blog makes for a big fat bummer.

    Good luck to you, Andy, on other blogs, if you’re still reading.

  47. Fed

    I would like to access the sheet music for “On an Island” for my son and I’m not sure where to start looking. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

    And by the way Fed, imagine how boring this site would be if everybody had high IQs. A nutter now and then doesn’t hurt. Everybody’s different and everybody has different expectations of this site. Let’s all make the most of it.

    Enjoy the weekend everybody

    [Indeed. The sheet music has been released in the form of an ‘On An Island’ songbook. Please try the link below for an overview, but do shop around for a better price. – Features Editor]

  48. It’s just amazing how much one can learn by just reading the Q&A. The last two Q&A posts were a bit technical for me; yet, they were informative and insightful and I (especially my husband) enjoyed those little tips thoroughly.

    Thank you.

  49. Thought I would mail before I forget ( as if !!!!! ).

    I wish each of you a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy, Peaceful and Joyous New Year. I extend this wishes to all your families/friends and colleagues as well.

    They ( whoever they are? ), say that it is better to give than to receive.

    I think this may be related to gifts. In truth and in my experience it is better to “share” than either to give or receive.

    Wherever you are, whoever you are with. Alone, in a noisy party or as a loving couple my thoughts of wishing you contentment wing there way to you on Santa’s sleigh!

    Mary Christmas
    AKA Ianxx

    [The same to you, Ian. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  50. Fed,

    good ironic answer. 🙂 you know I knew that. I was speaking of the blog…anyway, let’s forget it. I think you got my point. Stagnation (is it correct?) is a risk. Dull things arise.

    Since someone talked about the Eagles (while I was trying to stop myself from doing that) I must share my joy for that beautiful album. I like it very very much. I suggest it to everyone here.

    Ok, stop speaking of others….


    [Of course, you are right about stagnation and I do take your point. – Features Editor]

  51. Just want to pop in and say that “Echoes” in the RTN DVD was the favourite for my 4 year-old son.

    He kept asking me to play the song. The only problem was that there were a lot of very bright flashing light during the video that he had to turn his head away from time to time. A bit too much for him. But apart from that, he likes it so much that he starts humming along the song.

    I found it quite funny when I expect a young kid would rather sing the kid’s song.

  52. [Thank you, Ulli. We missed the chat’s first birthday: that was in September. – Features Editor]

    Hope the chat’s feeling weren’t hurt. I don’t think they were as chat is still “talking” to us. Maybe we should have a belated birthday celebration?



  53. It’s funny, BrianC (11:32AM) what kids will latch onto; what’s going on in there?:

    I have a niece (I don’t know, 10, maybe, like my IQ) who has a favorite from ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ (2002), now lovingly remonikered “Where Were You” (Coming Back To life). Her father, wandering up to the home theater (I don’t have one, but these days I want one), is always the signal, followed by “Oh, please, dad, ‘Where Were You,’ (repeat, repeat).” It’s either gonna be that or The Incredibles (Which, would be a great name for David & Co’s. stealth band, appearing in a small town near you).

    Have a good day, all.

    I’m writing Thu.8:30.AM from somewhere in the (frosty) Blue Ridge Mountains, VA/USA.

  54. Lot of comments today so here’s mine.

    Tara – The Eagles new album is fantastic. Does anyone know if they’re doing any UK dates.

    Jan – I don’t want a husband just a someone!

    Fed – how do I upload my sandwich?


    [If you can get it online (with PhotoBucket, Flickr, ImageShack, or something like that) and send the URL, that would be great. Some of us need to see this £85 sarnie. – Features Editor]

  55. “gorgeous woman on bass”

    Some would say Pino Palladino is striking… but I wouldn’t class him as gorgeous… sorry Pino 🙂

  56. Hey Fed,

    I think I set a new record for myself on Chat yesterday…How long was it 4 hours? LOL

    Cheers, Howard

    PS. Nice talking to a whole bunch of kool people..really enjoyed it

    PPS. We really DO have a wonderful community

  57. Dear F’ed,

    Just got back from 2 weeks walking in Costa Rica, a lovely country fantastic scenery and wildlife and a waiter in a Mountain lodge who told us Dark Side of the Moon was his favourite album, Pink Floyd are great and he supports Newcastle United..or was it Newcastellorizon United???

    Anyway have yet to catch up with everything but one thing I did spot great news about the live CD from Gdansk. Hubby always said David would do a cd but I was sceptical but thats great news. I promise I will not ask questions but it would be great if the Island Jam was included and maybe even attached to a 2009 calender containing some of Polly’s lovely photos and of course there could be a premier for the cd where David plays one song (preferably Echoes) has a Q and A session then gets some of his mates to perform a live jam!!!! Dream on girl!

    Anyway whatever it contains it will be fantastic….

    Many thanks for such good news to brighten up a dreary December day.

  58. she has long straight black hair FE’d 😉

    and this whole Andy thing is getting very confusing!


  59. My heart goes out to the victims of the shooting in Omaha.

    I am outraged that every time someone does one of these shootings, the media glorifies it. This troubled young man wanted to be famous, and now he is.

    Are we going to be surprised the next time this happens?

  60. Impression of a neurotic obsessive unmarried woman. ‘You weren’t there. You weren’t sick you just weren’t there because you knew I’d be there that’s why you weren’t there! How dare you say you were thinking of me cos if you were thinking of me then you would have been there!’


    Live a happy life Dan and tell me, do you have a brother?

    😛 LYN

  61. I’m excited, Fed, so I hope you don’t mind if I Blog the next bit in capitals:




  62. Michael in New Jersey,

    what a fantastic picture, I could send one from here but you would be better of looking at a grey piece of paper at the moment.

  63. Happy Thursday,

    Thanks for that Lyn, it’s a date then……………or is that the wrong thing to say?

    Pete – Coventry

  64. [Now that’s cute. – Features Editor]

    Yeah, I got him to pose for a piece of banana bread!

  65. Matt, you dated yourself! Well I hope you had fun! Lol.

    As Punch, of he and Judy, ses…. “that’s the way to do it!”


  66. […you would be better of looking at a grey piece of paper at the moment. – Graham Knight]

    Nonetheless, Happy Days! (as our friend Simon J would say)

  67. [er but why was Brian May there? he didnt use a strat and never has as far as I’m aware?]

    He did on a few live occasions, cant remember what song but he played the solo on a black strat, i think the song was save me, but i could be wrong. Its on the new dvd of Montreal.

  68. [Yeah, I got him to pose for a piece of banana bread! – Posted by: Michael in New Jersey]

    Scary to think what he would have done if it was for a ham bone.



  69. Dear FEd,

    I just joined a photography challenge site to improve my photography – and one of their previous challenges was entitled ‘Pink Floyd’, where members have to submit photographs with a Pink Floyd theme, or interpretation.

    I’m sure some of these photos will give many bloggers a kick, especially some of the lyrically inspired images.

    Click my name below for the link.



  70. Thanks Andy-dognamedblue for the heads up about the Stratpack concert you left at the blog yesterday.

    I keep missing it every time it’s on TV but caught the last 90 minutes or so when I got home.

    [It is available on DVD, by the way, if that helps anyone. – Features Editor]

  71. Terrible news about Omaha. What makes people do these things. So very evil.

    We must pray for a better world and peaceful hearts and minds for the remains of this year, next year and forever more.


  72. My experience tells me that there is no interdependency between a persons IQ and their CS (Common Sense).

    Intelligence is determined by those who create the tests, not necessarily by those who take them.

    Those who think they have all of the answers, have likely not asked all of the questions.

    I might sooner enjoy the company of a smart-ass than that of a donkey with intelligence.

    Now, go forth and prosper, Grasshopper….

  73. Hi all, sorry it’s been so long, had a lot of work recently. So much has happened recently.

    It looks as though the inflatable spider pig thingy might be true, not sure whether it’s just a copy or a tribute to Pink Floyd though.

    [It’s funny, BrianC (11:32AM) what kids will latch onto; what’s going on in there?]

    When i was about 8 my favourite song was Focus Pocus by Focus, and not just because of the silly title.


    Phil had waited so long to play the excellent guitar solo of Comfortably Numb that everyone else had gone home!

    Anyway, better get back to work. Hope everyone is well, hopefully won’t stay away for as long this time (i blame it on the footie)

  74. Hiya FEd, fellow bloggers,

    Had to miss out on the chat yesterday. I was getting all sorts of funny error messages and after a good 20 minutes of trying, I gave up. The public PC at work appears to be just too unstable to be any good.

    I’ll be trying to get my hands on a set of those GHS strings from my local music shop here in Antwerp. Keep you posted on the progress.

    Best regards,

    — Hug to Barn Girl and Mich 😉

  75. Happy Birthday to (you’re 2 years old on Friday)!! Time certainly has flown by, hasn’t it?

    Rudders, you make me laugh:^)

    Graham, thanks for the new version of Tartiflette … sounds damn good even if I don’t ‘get’ the football reference. Must be my low IQ ;^D

    FEd, thanks for always being, well, you! Whether wielding the dreaded pointy stick or being goofy and having a laugh with the rest of the loonies, you’re contributions here are always appreciated!

    Well, back to the hamster wheel …

    Peace, love and happiness!
    Washington State

    Don’t know if this will work, but here goes (click my name) …

    Mike, I’ll ‘see’ your snowfall and raise you two feet :-))

  76. Hi Fed

    Its seems to have gone a little quiet here, are you winding down for chrimbo!

    I found an old church down the lane from where i am currently staying in a place called forton near Lancaster. It is being used as a recording studio thought it may be somewhere for David to record his new album, ill be a roadie free of charge ill even pay for the cost of hiring the church, just kidding around you know.

    Im getting some DG goodies for chrimbo

    sorry for the waffle, take care one and all


  77. i have been a pink floyd and david gilmour fan for going on 25 years. i hear all the talk about other guitar players, and singers, but i don’t hear a lot about david gilmour, and it is a true shame. his voice and playing ability, in my opinion, are second to none.

    i have had the pleasure of seeing him perform with pink floyd as a group, and also on his solo tour. for so many years mr. gilmour has graced us with his musical talents, and i hope it continues.

    i was looking through my record (yes records) collection, and found i have over 30 pink floyd records.

    i guess what i am saying is that i hope mr. gilmour will keep playing his wonderful music for a long time to come.

    thank you sir, for giving me the music i have loved nearly all of my life, and some quite inspiriational at times as well. thank you mr. gilmour, god bless, and please keep playing.

    a true fan.

  78. Hi all.

    Dad and I just watched a prog where they made Peter Andre up as an 80 year old priest using prosthetics and make- up and there was one part where they made up his face then put this white wig on his head and my dad turns sound and ses ‘don’t look now but that’s Roger ain’t it?’

    Sure enough Andre was the spit of him and we fell about laughing.

    Oh dear, poor Roger W! It was wicked. I hope he has a sense of humour…..and doesn’t sue Channel 5 Life. ROFL!

    Too much Southern Comfort & Red Bull. Hic!


    [80?! – Features Editor]

  79. Hi FEd & Fellow Bloggers,

    Thank you so much for the good wishes and prayers sent my way; it truly means so much, and I think it helped!

    I was only in the hospital for 1 night this time around… what a relief! I’m starting to get around pretty good now, so I’m healing fast and will soon be back to being my mean self.

    The cancer came back on my liver & bowels (He said it’s like salt & pepper flakes). So he removed all he could find with the microscope, and I will have to have chemo starting again next month for 6 treatments; 3 weeks apart depending on my blood count. This time they will inject the chemo medication directly into the abdomen, so
    I will be hospitalized for each of those treatments. (It’s okay; I’ll bring my own food…)

    Thank you again for all the well wishes. I’m going to beat this in time for David’s next tour!

    Happy Holidays!!

    [Great attitude, Susan. Look after yourself. – Features Editor]

  80. A man walked into a very high-tech restaurant.

    The robot clicked to attention and said, “Sir, there is a one hour wait. I am programmed to converse with you until a table is ready, if you please.”

    Intrigued, the man said, “OK.”

    The robot clicked a couple more times and then asked, “Sir, what is your IQ?”

    The man answered, “Oh, about 164.”

    The robot then proceeded to discuss the theory of relativity, Interstellar space travel, the latest medical breakthroughs, etc. The man was most impressed.

    The next day he returned, but thought he would try a different tack.

    The robot again asked, “What is your IQ, sir?

    This time the man answered, “Oh, about 100”.

    So the robot started discussing NASCAR racing, the latest football scores, and what cocktails to drink over the weekend.

    The guy had to try it one more time. So the next day he returned. Again the robot asked the question, “What is your IQ?”

    This time the man drawled out, ” Uh…..’bout 50.”

    The robot clicked, then leaned close and very slowly asked,

    “D-i-d… y-o-u-r… p-e-o-p-l-e… r-e-a-l-l-y… v-o-t-e… f-o-r… B-u-s-h?”

  81. I`ve not long ordered my `David Gilmour` strings from stringsdirect, and they are on their way. So with all the fretting about will they be avaliable in the U.K and all, it turned out to be worry for nothing (but the chick is never free!)…

    Ok..Ok..I`m sorry for that!

  82. Lyn:

    I do have a brother. You don’t want him, though, because he is a loon. I could go on and on about that, but maybe a public blog isn’t the best arena for that rant.

    Suffice it to say that I’m the most well-adjusted person in a very freaky family (which would scare you to your core, if you knew how dis-adjusted I am).

  83. My feelings today after reading these blogs is, the staff who take care of this site need their own space, just like the rest of us. They have priorities as well. Tis the season!

    P.S. I think there are 178 dots on P.M.’s Polka Dot shirt, as you can see, he’s counting them.

  84. Dear Fed

    Here is a pic of the £85.00 Sandwich in Selfridges in London (click my name).

    The ingredients of the sandwich are: Wagyu beef, fresh lobe foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise, brie de meaux, rocket, red pepper and mustard confit and English plum tomatoes.

    I love all those things but not all together!!!!

    If you are in London, England, then you want to visit Selfridges Food Court in Oxford Street to see the £85.00 (approximately $170.00) sandwich. Bon appetite!

    The waiter said they change the bread (organic and seeded rye bread) every day in the display, but use the same filling for about 10 days or, quote “until it goes ropey”!

    Put me off me toast and Marmite!

    [Unbelievable. If you’re foolish enough to buy one, please spare some change the next time you see someone collecting for the millions starving in Africa. – Features Editor]







  86. Best wishes for the weekend FEd and all you happy bloggers.

    It’s been another interesting week. One blogger committing journalistic suicide and sparking off a whole series of IQ discussions, finally laid to rest by the sensitivity of our very own Michele!

    Thanks Timbo for the GHS supplier link in the UK and thanks Lyn for the PF programme info. Yet again we can hear the real story of Pink Floyd!
    I’m sure it’ll be good, but I can’t help but feel that there’s still only one man able to tell us the real truth! Maybe one day?

    Highlight of the week (apart from chatting to the Gilmourettes of course) must be Kim’s picture. Well done again KC.

    Happy birthday to the blog and so sorry I missed the first 18 months!

    Best wishes all


  87. CAPTION:

    Not to be out done by the 3D brigade of Gilmour, Crosby & Bowie, Phil throws some red shirts at Rick and Guy and says ” Hey we can be the 3 amigos”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  88. I get the distinct impression there will be a new Blog entry today, but I would like to take this opportunity here to wish David Gilmour’s site a Happy Birthday today!

    Two years ago, wow…and look at all the good will and great memories it has generated hence!


  89. Hi FEd,

    I do hope your week has been lovely.

    I have had a bout of laryngitis this week along with a nasty cold. I didn’t miss work though.

    Have a safe & blessed weekend.


    [Hope you feel better soon. – Features Editor]

  90. Christophe,

    Forums,blogs and all that stuff are for everybody,no? IQ high, IQ low, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, black, white, chinese, jewish, christian, weak, strong… should i continue? Please open your mind and …your heart.

    Have a good week-end everyone!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  91. Happy 2nd Birthday !

    Wow, two years has gone ridiculously fast !

    Have a good weekend everyone.


  92. [Nonetheless, Happy Days! (as our friend Simon J would say) – Posted by: Michael in New Jersey]

    Heres one for you Mike….

    Three men die on xmas eve: an engishman, an irishman and a welshman. St Paul says to the three “You must have something on you that represents xmas to get in.”

    The Englishmen goes first, pulls out his lighter, lights it and says “It represents a candle.” St Paul says he can pass.

    The Irishman next pulls out his keys and rattles them. He shouts “They represent bells.” St Paul says he can pass.

    The Welshman produces a G-String. St Paul says “What the hell do they have in common with xmas?” The Welshman replies….

    “They’re Carol’s!”

  93. [Its seems to have gone a little quiet here]

    Cynics might think that it is because nothing is being given away…………but not me.

    Pete – Coventry

  94. Nickster,

    Great photo images. By the way, that along with K.C.’s recent project reminded me of one that I had to do in college for an art class. We had to do a collage interpretation of a song. I picked Two Suns in the Sunset from The Final Cut. Got an “A” on that one too.

    Thomas R,

    FYI for the record (good pun too) the song is Hocus Pocus by Focus. And if anyone is interested the band was Dutch. Back in the 70’s, it certainly was a huge hit for them.

    Finally, speaking of expensive sandwiches. Did you all hear that a waiter in Santa Monica got a $10,000 tip this week on an $85 check? The tip came from Donald Trump who praised the waiter for the top notch work he was doing.

    I still think Trump is an ass but good for the waiter.



  95. Happy birthday to david!

    all the best for years to come.

    good work as always Fed *applause*


  96. Hey Susan,

    Welcome back to the flock! The hens, chicks and roosters have been missing you here in the Barn:-) I’m happy you only had to stay in the hospital for one night, sad that you have to go through more chemo, but we’re all keeping you in our thoughts. You’re the Gilmourette with a twinkle in her eye and a sparkle on her shirt;^)

    Love and lots of ((hugs))!

  97. [It is available on DVD, by the way, if that helps anyone. – Features Editor]

    Cheers FEd

    It’s repeated again on Sunday and Monday 9th and 10th of December for anyone that missed it.

    [Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  98. Happy Holidays to FEd and all.

    [The Welshman produces a G-String. St Paul says “What the hell do they have in common with xmas?” The Welshman replies…. “They’re Carol’s!”]

    LOL! Simon…. I wonder if St Paul let him in?
    I would have! Can’t wait to pass that one ’round the office.

    Cheers Cevin

  99. I hope everybody has a great weekend. And don’t forget your birthday drinkies XXX

    Love from Lyn XXX

  100. Two years…

    Where were we all, two years ago, before joining our beloved site ? So strange we didn’t know each other …

    Where were you, Fed ? …

    Bisous to you all !


    [Where was I? At the Jobcentre, mostly. – Features Editor]

  101. [It is available on DVD, by the way, if that helps anyone. – Features Editor]

    ‘Oh By The Way’ … Sorry …Too expensive …lol !


  102. Happy Anniversary to everyone, and especially to FEd for all the hard work, laughs, and special treats that have come our way. I feel very blessed to be a part of this community.

    I’m always amused to visit other artists’ websites. So many of them would love to replicate what we have here, and nearly all of them fail when they try to do it. I think it’s because so many people, especially FEd, put their heart and soul into what happens here, and the latest high tech stuff is no substitute for having top notch, caring humans both behind the scenes and in the ranks of the daily bloggers.

    Raising my glass to everyone here, and looking forward to more great times! Rock on!

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  103. Hi all… yes the Stratpack is on DVD… and a pretty good one at that. Of course there are a few tracks that get skipped… and there are performers with little to connect them to the strat (and one piano performer!). But there are some real gems on the DVD…

    David’s performance is of course fantastic! Another highlight is Gary Moore performing Red House!!! I highly recommend it.

    I also learned on this site that David plays guitar on Paul McCartney’s Live at the Cavern Club DVD… I recently picked it up and was happy to find David’s playing is prominantly shown (after a few initial songs where you don’t actually see much of him). It’s great to see David playing such a different style of guitar playing, yet still sounding like David!

    Have a great weekend all!

  104. Happy Birthday!

    A second birthday is most certainly the result of the quality content, interesting characters/participants and the constant moderation.

    In honor of the blog’s achievement, as soon as I arrive home from work, I shall directly put on my, ‘The Blog’ t-shirt and raise a glass (click my name below).

    I’s good to be irregular:))

    Shine on…

    [I thank you. Just don’t get the glass stuck on your face. It’s not clever. – Features Editor]

  105. [Mike, I’ll ‘see’ your snowfall and raise you two feet – Gabrielle]


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