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Remember That Night DVD (2007)Today’s winners are Paul C (20) and Davie (72), who, respectively, win Best Buy and Borders copies of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD. These were exclusive to the US and are Region 1, don’t forget, but they’re certainly nice items to add to the collection.

The Best Buy version comes with a three-track CD featuring ‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘High Hopes’ from the AOL sessions. The Borders version comes with a poster of David playing at Abbey Road.

Well done, both. Let me know where your prizes should be sent.

The next prize draw will be on Monday, when a copy of Phil Taylor’s fine book, ‘The Black Strat: A History Of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster’, and some equally-fine (apparently, I don’t play) GHS strings for the guitar of your choice will be the prizes at stake.

If you don’t want to be considered for these, please say so.

Don’t forget, you can find out more about both Phil and his book at TheBlackStrat.com.

Just the one answer from Phil today, but it’s a lengthy one.

Your thoughts, as always, are most welcome.

Do you reckon it’s true that David himself is the secret to the Gilmour sound (i.e. he could pick up an 80 quid Strat copy and still sound like Gilmour, or is that just a sweeping statement used by people who find that they cannot get ‘the sound’?) (Emma)

Yes, no question, it is true. David’s choice of notes and sense of melody and timing, both the physical attack and subtleties with both hands in playing of the instrument and his setting of the equipment and control of it to work in conjunction with what he is playing. It is the combination of all this that is his sound. This said, the quality of the sound can be enhanced by using better sounding equipment. Think – does it sound like David if he is using a Telecaster, Les Paul, Gretsch Duo Jet or a Lap Steel instead of a Strat? We once did a TV show with Mark Knopfler – he used David’s Red Strat with David’s amp on David’s settings and who did he sound like? Mark Knopfler, of course. Like any great guitarist, so much of the sound is him. I have never heard anybody sound like David, because this is the real deal from the man who created it. You can only sound like yourself, perhaps trying to imitate somebody else. Like the mimicking professional parrots, such as in Roger Waters’ band or Pink Floyd cover bands, who try their best, but it does not sound like David. It is best summed up by an analogy: it is like a facsimile of an original piece of artwork.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. A lengthy one but a good one!

    Thanks to Phil for confirming what many of us have thought for a long long time 🙂

    Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. Congrats to the winners! I have the Best Buy version of RTN with the 3-song CD, and I must say the version of Take A Breath on the CD is my favorite version (I like how the weird mid section is dropped and David keeps playing before the big guitar solo comes in). The versions of OAI and HH are also spectacular!

    I loved Phil’s answer to this question! Probably the most interesting question raised, as well as the most interesting answer. Thanks for that!

    Fed, can I opt out for the strings but still be in the running for the book? If it’s all or nothing keep me in, but if I can say no thanks to the strings and still qualify to win the book… then give strings to someone who knows what to do with them, though Rudders did have some mighty fine suggestions for alternate uses!

    Have a great weekend all!

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    french man to score first? 12:1
    penalty in either game? 12:1 – very tasty*
    ronaldo to score first? 14:1

    *just in time for xmas 😉

  4. good answer lol

    but in their defence, when I saw Andy Fairweather Lowe smash out this guitar solo at men arena this year, it was all AFL, it wasn’t and indeed didn’t really parrot anyone

    you know, just saying 🙂

    congrats to those with the numbers!

  5. Gotta say, great question and great answer!!

    Have a good weekend and congrats to the winners.

    Bring on the mancs!!

  6. Congrats to Paul and Davie.

    I have to agree with Phil. I saw Roger a few times over the last few years and although Snowy White, Andy Fairweather-Low and Dave Kilminster are all very fine musicians – they don’t quite sound like David. Kilminster does come close and he is an awesome guitar player but it is just not the same as the real deal. And I don’t think he would come closer if he played a Strat instead of a Tele.

    Successful musicians certainly have their own signature on their instrument. You can try to imitate it but it seems to always somehow come out as a forgery. Afterall, you can’t have Van Halen with Eddie and his guitar, you can’t have Guns N Roses without Axl and his voice and you can’t have Primus with Les Claypool and his bass.

    I remember seeing Clapton with Roger on the Pros and Cons of Hitchiking tour. And even though Eric was playing David’s parts in the Floyd material, you still could kinda tell it was Eric playing.



  7. “Mimicking professional parrots” …. priceless!

    The fascinating thing watching David playing (and this may probably be true of all top guitarists) is that other than one leg to stand on, both his hands and one foot are extremely busy when he is playing electric.

    His right hand is constantly strumming, picking, manipulating various controls, while his foot is constantly working some pedal or other.

    I suppose to become a successful MPP (mimicking professional parrot), you need to watch not only David’s hands, but his foot at work too, and then be able to co-ordinate the three body parts as seamlessly as David does.

    And if you ever get that down pat, you then need a “Mimicking Professional Phil” as a guitar tech!

    Meanwhile, here’s wishing a good weekend to everybody! Hopefully, the Reds will have won the points against United on Sunday and Rafa would have made his point to Hicks and Gillet!

  8. Happy Friday,

    That was some answer by Phil today. And, you can’t argue with it.

    Pete – Coventry

  9. Wow. That just might be the single greatest answer ever to be given to a question. Ever. I might memorise it and recite it to anyone that asks me about David’s sound or how he gets it.

    Congrats to Paul C and Davie!

  10. Well done Paul C & Dave.

    A good question Emma and I liked Phil’s answer, but one gets the impression he doesn’t think much to imitators.

  11. I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed the questions and Phils answers. I didn’t realise just how technical it all is.

    ash X

  12. Congratulations to todays winners 🙂 also our previous winners.

    I was away and didn’t get an entry in 🙁 (That’ll teach me to pay attention.)

    ash X

  13. Nice picture, it’s from the DVD, isn’t it? I still think about a caption…

    I absolutely agree with Phil. It’s not possible to copy David’s way of playing like it is also impossible to copy someone’s handwriting by using his pen and paper.

    Have a nice weekend


    [That’s a very nice way of putting it, Herbert. (By the way, today’s screenshot was snapped during ‘Comfortably Numb’ with David Bowie.). – Features Editor]

  14. Bonjour à M.Gilmour et à FED (je sais que vous vous occupez de ce blog, d’après ce que j’entends à la maison, c’est super)

    J’apprends l’Anglais depuis 3 mois au collège, j’aime bien, c’est cool, un jour je serai peut-être capable de lire votre blog, mais c’est pas pour tout de suite.

    Et je sais que vous parlez Français, mais j’ai envie et je suis capable de vous dire: “I wish you a Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year”.


    Moi c’est en Français: Joyeux Noël, beaucoup de cadeaux dans la cheminée et des gros câlins à votre chien, c’est Floyd, hein ? comme mon chat.


    [Merci beaucoup et Joyeux Noël. Beaucoup de cadeaux pour vous et votre Floyd, aussi (il est un nom parfait pour notre chouchous, je crois). – Features Editor]

  15. […You can only sound like yourself, perhaps trying to imitate somebody else. Like the mimicking professional parrots, such as in Roger Waters’ band or Pink Floyd cover bands, who try their best, but it does not sound like David. It is best summed up by an analogy: it is like a facsimile of an original piece of artwork.]

    Well said. There is nothing better than an original; in all cases and all matters…

    But trying to imitate a master is what good pupils do and only that way a new master may appear. Which musician did not start by covering his idols?

    Best regards and congratulations to Paul C and Davie, today’s winners!


  16. Wow. Just wow. What a response.

    Well said.

    I must agree with Phil when he talked about David sounding like David no matter what guitar he uses. For the longest time I always thought he used Strats on everything because the recordings I heard all had a common sound through them, which I mistakenly credited to the Strat. However, the thread I heard running throughout was David himself, and not the instrument, amp, effect, or setting.

    While certain instruments do have an impact and can color the sound, I agree that the artist makes the most difference in regards to what we hear.

    Happy weekend everyone!

  17. Congratulations to Paul & Davie,great answer from Phil.

    I have to say that I agree completely with him.David Gilmour is the reason for his sound.Like Clapton,BB King,Knopfler,or musicians as McCartney,Charlie Parker or The Edge.You recognize them with a note.

    This is why music is the most beautiful thing in my life.It’s amazing to try to be different and create yourself not only with the instruments,but with feeling.

    Last,and not to be bad (but I’ve said it two months ago in the chatroom) I think that Waters’ band is just a little more than a cover band.Can’t listen to things like ‘In the flesh’,to be fair…

    hope everyone will have a great weekend,


  18. CAPTION:

    With the Christmas fancy dress party in full swing, our hero is not convinced his peacock costume was the right choice.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I like that one. – Features Editor]

  19. that was a great question Emma, and a great answer.

    Its true, you could have all the gear and guitars David uses, but most of it is in his fingers and his head.

    “mimicking professional parrots” i like it.

    Im not too keen on Waters guitarists, snowy white is a great guitarist, but his style doesnt fit the music well. The duet thing him and that kilminster guy did on comfortably numb was absolutely god awful.

  20. Hi FEd,

    London is not just a basket of bad memories….for me too…I was there in 1972,my first time,for an “italian baby sitting” (I was 17yo) then many times again for job and italian Press.

    Now I live in Rome but once a year I have to fly back to London:many things changed but it’s always a place full of music and of life and Rome is a not a quiet old town without music.

    A kiss for Christmas, with love diana

  21. That was a great answer by Phil, and I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I saw Roger perform this past summer, and while Dave Kilminster is a decent Guitarist, he is in no way David Gilmour. The music lacked David’s influence.

    Have a good weekend Fed and bloggers, and please count me out of Monday’s raffle, as I already have Phil’s book, and a set of strings would be useless for me. Thanks for the chance though.

  22. Hi FEd

    I assume I’m the Davie that won! I hope! Or I may seem a bit of a twat here!! haha! But I’ve searched for “Davie” and “72” in the number-entry blog post, and I think I’m the only one that matches that…

    Anyway, my address is: […]

    I’ll feel really stupid if I’ve overlooked another Davie who has posted haha!!

    If it is me, then thanks very much. If it’s not, then thanks anyway, I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get from visiting David’s website these days, especially his Blog. It just keeps getting better, and I’m so glad David’s return to the spotlight didn’t last just a few months.

    I anticipate whatever brilliant things David, (and of course, yourself) have in store for his fan community in 2008. It will most certainly be worth the wait!! 🙂

    Thanks again!

    [It’s you, mate. Your prize will be winging its way to you very soon. Well done once again and thanks a lot for the kind words. – Features Editor]

  23. Thank you for concert photo.

    Today’s Phil answer is very interesting.

    I was thinking every times David guitar sound is so special. No one can play like him.

    Have a good weekend.

  24. Congratulations to Paul C and Davie! I know you will really enjoy those prizes! Way to go!

    A special thanks to Phil for all his time in answering these questions. I’ve really enjoyed reading them very much.

    And, last but certainly not least….wishing our Becky a very Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope your birthday weekend is fun!

    Keep rockin’, all you Gilmourettes and Gilmour Dudes!

    [Have a good one, Becky. – Features Editor]

  25. That was a great response to a great question.

    Personally, I think David’s sound resonates in our hearts so deeply because it resonates from his heart so deeply.

    Love these questions and answers!

    [There’s still more to come, so stay tuned. – Features Editor]

  26. Holy Crap! That’s bound to ruffle feathers… Ha! But its true! LOL!

    Have a great weekend everyone…

  27. Paul and Davie, congrats are in order… I’m talking about winning those prizes, of course. Well done.

    Phil is right about David sounding uniquely like David. Listen to “Pros and Cons of Hitch-Hiking,” with Clapton playing lines that sound as though they had been written for David. It winds up sounding like… Clapton.

  28. “Mimicking professional parrots”

    No… don’t hold back please… say what you mean… c’mon you can do it…

  29. Kind of a low blow from Phil there about Roger’s guitarisists. I believe they show tremendous respect for David and his work. Calling them “professional parrots” isn’t quite accurate.

    I believe the rest. I could never sound like Gilmour regardless of the equipment. “It’s like saying ‘Give a man a Les Paul guitar and he becomes Eric Clapton,’ you know. It’s not true. And give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer, and he doesn’t become whoever, you know. He doesn’t become us.” (Waters)

  30. Hmmmm…

    I wonder if the “mimicking professional parrots” will be buying DG’s Signature Strat?

    It’s a pointless debate about “sounding” like DG because no matter how close you get to the “sound” it was DG who put the notes together to create many, many sublime lead guitar solos…

  31. I do agree Phil, but not 100%

    There are a few people out there, who can play a “Gilmour solo”, Gilmour himself never played…
    If you can do that, you can cover David Gilmour. I agree, a lot of cover band guitarist play like a “midi keyboard”.

    So, you’ll need the same “Gilmour” -approach / -background / -guitar / -gear and you can play a David Gilmour solo.

    In classical music, musician are playing “covers” all the time…

    I guess, it’s OK, making a facsimile of an original piece of artwork. It is as close as we can get. And I’ll promise, I’ll make my own piece of artwork, someday…

    But we must keep Gilmour / Floyd music alive!


    P.S.: FEd, I already have “David Gimour Signature” GHS strings, so I don’t want to be considered for these.

  32. A lucky day for you, Paul and Davie, bravo! And a special ‘Joyeux Noël!’ to Paul (The Charmer)…

    Yes, a very long answer from Phil today, but it was not as technical as usually, and I very much enjoyed reading it. A nice tribute to David’s talent and his very own sound.

    [Like the mimicking professional parrots, such as in Roger Waters’ band or …], hmm… ouch! ça fait mal! mais ‘Il n’y a que la vérité qui blesse!’, n’est-ce-pas? (=’truth hurts’?)


  33. As it’s nearly Christmas, F’ed, and I feel a bit wicked, here’s a “Faustian” proposition for you …

    I will donate £10 to Crisis for every goal Man U score at Anfield on Sunday … feel free to do the same 😉 and let’s hope for a goal fest, eh?

    It’s what we in the trade call a hedge bet…

    [I should probably stop praying for a 6-0 win, then. 2-0 will be just fine, after all. – Features Editor]

  34. Way to go Paul C and Davie.

    I hope that everyone has a good weekend and that your Christmas shopping is over with. 🙂

    Take Care, Thomas

    PS Fed, I bet you have already finished your Christmas Shopping and are ready to bring in the New Year.

    [I’m all done, except for a box of Ferrero Rocher and a bottle of port. – Features Editor]

  35. Today’s question and answer with Phil is the best I’ve read yet!

    “You can only sound like yourself, perhaps trying to imitate somebody else. Like the mimicking professional parrots, such as in Roger Waters’ band or Pink Floyd cover bands, who try their best, but it does not sound like David. It is best summed up by an analogy: it is like a facsimile of an original piece of artwork”. – Phil Taylor

    Mimicking professional parrots, an original piece of artwork and Roger Waters…

    Phil, that about sums up my last Roger Waters experience. Well, aside of no mention of any flying pig.

    “Imitation is the sincerest flattery” says Mohandas Gandhi…

    Still others say, we must be careful how we flatter fools too little, or wise men too much; for the flatterer must act the very reverse of the physician, and administer the strongest dose only to the weakest patient.

    Flattery can be an ensnaring quality, and can leave a very dangerous impression. It can swell a person’s imagination, entertain his vanity, and drive them to a doting upon their own person.

    I say, imitate, mimic, and match and model another person too long and too much, and your destined for an identity crisis, i.e. your cover bands.

    David Gilmour is definitely a raw, original piece of artwork!

  36. Somewhat off-topic, but the story is too good (to me at least) not to share with the Gilmourauders.

    RTN is getting a good thrashing in our house, and my four-year-old son just loves it. He has a million questions about David’s different guitars. Actually, David, could you please give Tom a call? Either you or Phil would do a much better job of answering everything to the little guy’s satisfaction, but I suspect Phil would just refer him to his book, and Tom can’t yet read.

    But the best bit is the four-way harmony on SOYCD between David, David, Graham and Tom. Tom provides the shrill soprano accompaniment, at the top of his lungs… “SHIIIIIIIINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND!!!!! Daddy Daddy Daddy, can you please play Shine On You Crazy Diamond again?”

  37. Thats the way to put it Phil. I feel the same way, if its not David, its not the real deal.

    Nobody can play the way David does. He is magical on that guitar. Purely magical.

  38. What a great early Christmas present for Paul C and Davie!! You picked lucky numbers for sure.

    Phil’s answer today was a good read. Thanks Phil.

    Hope you have a good weekend Fed and finish your Christmas shopping, which is the goal I have set for myself!

    [Good luck with that, Barbara. – Features Editor]

  39. Funny Phil should mention the Mark Knopfler incident.

    I think this was from the French and Saunders show?? The Ralph McTell skit. I saw that recently and thought, is Mark Knopfler playing David Gilmours 57 Reissue strat and one week later….question answered.

    The weird thing is Mark was playing the Money for Nothing opening on a strat that wasn’t his with amp settings that weren’t his and he originally played this on a Les Paul!!!!

    Goes to show that the sound and tone is in the individual.

    Thanks Phil.

  40. Excellent answer Phil, you hit the nail on the head with that comment.

    Caption: David yells out “Kryptonite!!!!”

  41. that kind of questions are the “important stuff”,the real things that all of us who play or not the guitar want to hear,even if we knew the answer since the beginning,sincerely i didn’t expect such a great and more important,sincere answer as phil taylor gave in this one.

    cheers to both emma,and phil. thank you.


    p.d..to everyone who is trying to play the guitar as david gilmour: he’s our best teacher,but think about get your own sound,he has to be the best tool for us,to play as ourselves,why would i want to play exactly as david? i will always prefer to hear him playing his songs instead of myself.
    are my songs the ones i would like to give them my own sound and maybe in the future,someone will want to make our own singnature stratocaster..

  42. Congrats to the winners!

    Nicely detailed answer from Phil. I’m just starting my two-week holiday, guess I’ll be ‘parroting’ a lot 🙂

  43. Have to say that I agree totally with you, FEd.

    I have, though, noticed a shift in Davids’ live solo playing style and improvisation and was curious if it was intentional.

    I noticed at the Albert Hall, too – that he seems to play a lot more notes in a solo than he used to – much less long, droning sustain, mostly in the older tunes like Comfy Numb, Time etc, and less so in the newer tunes such as On An Island.

    I wonder if this is intentional, maybe to fit the modern era more, or if it is just the way his playing has naturally evolved over the years (or even for a specific reason)?

    Be interested to read any thoughts on this.

    Merry Chrimbo all 🙂

  44. hey FE’d

    not too sure if folks will be interested but there is a nice news article on EuroNews sky 509 about Mick Rock and his current berlin exhibit

    in the Le Mag section of the show

    not sure how long it will run for

    plenty of chat with Mr Rock + a couple of pix of Syd as well


  45. Hi FEd,

    i don’t know if i’m still in the draw, if you are a lucky winner already. But if i am, please excuse me from Monday’s Guitar draw.

    Congratulations to the DVD winners!

    Hope everyone had a Great Weekend


  46. I quite agree with Phils answer.

    Nobody can sound like David. It’s his style and technique and natural ability that makes him so unique. Others have tried, for example on Comfortably Numb, but no one gets close and now we have Echoes and Fat Old Sun sounding so much better and more ‘beefed up’ than ever before. Not only can no one get close David is always at least one step ahead and no one can catch him!

    No matter how good the equipment is it’s still got to be played.

  47. Hello Fed,please don’t consider me for the book,my copy is on my way home:) I’m in the battle for the strings!

    have a nice sunday

  48. Wow FEd!!!! It’s me!!!!

    Had to keep reading over and over but yes, it is!!!!

    So very pleased to have won the DVD but so sorry we couldn’t all win my friends 🙁

    However, I promise to cherish it forever!!

    What a great start to the weekend.

    BTW, anyone catch David’s last few words on the BBC documentary the other night? When asked about PF reforming did he say “It ain’t happening”. I know that’s his sentiment (which I totally agree with) but I was just curious as to exactly what he said.

    Best wishes all and hope your weekend is going great too.

    My details FEd… […]

    Many thanks again


    [Congratulations to you. – Features Editor]

  49. “Mimicking professional parrots” ouch ….Careful with those fingernails

    Yeah, ok but some suffice when David and Pink Floyd are not around to play gigs several times a year. There’s one very good antipodean coverband (you know who they are as they were good enough to play at David’s 50th birthday party) touring the UK in 2008 and I for one can’t wait to see them again. I’ve probably seen them play live more than I’ve seen the real PF, DG and RW altogether. They fill a huge void for anyone unlucky enough not to have had the privilege of experiencing the real thing.

    Wonder if Jon Carin will take your comment with a pinch of salt as I presume you’re only taking the piss out of the stand up guitarists?

    This is bareknuckle stuff Phil, I like it a lot.

  50. Hi Fed,

    My goodies arrived safe & Sound!


    [Pleased to hear that. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  51. Ha, ha, great stuff. “Mimicking professional parrots” – Mr Taylor, didn’t David once mimic Syd’s style in his very early days of PF? I anticipate that David’s argument would be that he taught Syd one or two things on the guitar.

    Okay, I am not getting nasty or nothing here. I have just loved reading people’s comments in respect of above mentioned quotation and thought that I would join the band wagon.

    On thing is for sure is that David Gilmour’s unique style started shining through during More and Atom Heart Mother.

    Even though I am not a professional guitarist, but was heavily influenced by David’s playing at one time, I still sound like me. When I listened to my poor version (due to being exceedingly rusty) of Arnold Layne, I thought: “Yes, I can tell that is me playing that lead guitar break there. I still sounds like me”. So one’s signature remains as one’s signature I suppose.

    Great answer, Phil. I look forward to reading more of your answers to other people’s questions.

    Thanks FEd for enabling us to ask questions to the people behind the scenes.

    Best regards.


    [Thanks for asking decent questions. – Features Editor]

  52. You can certainly tell who Phil’s employer is…a tad too much vindictiveness is not always becoming..

    I thought Roger’s show was very entertaining and I enjoyed it immensely and I did David’s. Each showcased numbers that I wouldn’t have heard separately. In this case, kinda like 2 parts make a whole ;-)))

    Cheers, Howard

  53. Brilliant answer from Phil.

    [There’s one very good antipodean coverband… – Alex Paterson]

    Yep, but they’re being honest about it.

  54. Further to my post about my son singing along to SOYCD….

    Crosby, Gils, Nash and Very Young?

  55. Congrats to Paul and Davie. Enjoy your DVDs.

    It´s the best stuff to relax to after a hard day and after todays shopping marathon I really know what I say.

    Wish you all a wonderful Sunday !

  56. Wow, that was well said…I was hoping for some good stuff after everybody rambling techno facts. No offence to you musicians, I simply didn’t know what the hell you were talking about.

    Lay some more on us Phil…. that was good.

    Green tip: give fruit or nut trees for Christmas, my Grandfather gave me an apricot tree when I was twelve….and got to enjoy that for many years.

  57. “Wonder if Jon Carin will take your comment with a pinch of salt as I presume you’re only taking the piss out of the stand up guitarists?”

    Good point Alex, and likewise Phil, I presume Steve DiStanislao should not take offence when he plays Pink Floyd drumming parts?

  58. Hi FED, there was one comment in an earlier post/reply on David playing more notes than in the past in his solo’s or music in general.

    I seen an interview on Metallica upon James H.’s return from rehab to play with the band again. A lot of deep feelings were disscused by all members and one was to change the way guitar solo’s are played in their future music. The guitar solo has definetly evolved/changed.

    Enjoying the answers by Phil.

  59. A picture is worth a thousand words, an opinion is worth the less. An artist can recreate, who am I to digress? To each his/her own is my best guess.

    You just can’t win!

  60. Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday, dear Becky…
    Happy birthday to you.

    (I won’t sing the next verse, about “How old are you now.” Not a polite question.)

  61. just to bring balance to my first reply

    I’m not the only one who wouldn’t have changed all on stage for the 3 members of Floyd, regardless of who was up there with roger, in a heart beat

    I didn’t want to mention JC (- wait a second? ya don’t think? it’s that time of year??!) as he plays other things – lol maybe both bands employ him because he isn’t the other guy!??


  62. [I should probably stop praying for a 6-0 win, then. 2-0 will be just fine, after all. – Features Editor]

    You should probably stop praying full-stop, F’ed. Deities of all descriptions are notoriously fickle when it comes to grudge matches.

    I trust it is some minor compensation that there is a crisp tenner on it’s way to Crisis – wait, oh what the heck it’s Christmas, let’s make it twenty for the clean sheet 😉

    Btw, my much loved Liverpool-supporting wife (quote “shut-up you scumbag” when Tevez scored) promises me that revenge will indeed be sweet …

    [I’d like to believe so, but I can’t even begin to think too much about the return at Old Trafford yet (it’s at the end of March, isn’t it?); I actually thought I was going to throw up all the way through that match, and I’m still feeling dodgy. – Features Editor]

  63. Congrats to Davie and Paul, isn´t it great to win David´s goodies?

    I´d like to wish you all a Happy Weekend, and Happy Holidays too.

    And yikes, there is another chat sheduled, ty Fed!

  64. Paul C – I saw that PF programme and to me it sounds like he says “anything can happen.”

  65. Congrats to the winners!

    Regarding what Phil was saying, I once read somewhere -sorry the interview-magazine-paper name escapes me now- that it took a couple of guitar players playing with RW to actually be able to reproduce the sound that Mr G produces. And still, not even close.

    A copy will always be a copy…

    Have a nice sunday FEd and all… well, it’s almost over so, good monday to you all.

  66. Hi Fed,

    sorry about the result this afternoon (sorry for you that is, as the result was great for our side)

    You can count me out on the next prize draw as I already have the wonderful Phil Taylor book and do not need strings… As a record collector I hope to be a one of the lucky ones on Wednesday (don’t worry folks, I never win things like this…)

    Keep the Christmas spirit up and take care of those in need!



  67. “Like the mimicking professional parrots, such as in Roger Waters’ band”

    Mr Gilmour is an excellent guitar player. Every one knows that. So why throw mud in the face of Rog’s musicians?

    They are doing a great job, given that they are playing Mr Gilmour’s Guitar parts and vocals.

    Does anybody consider Phil Manzanera, Jon Carin, and Guy Pratt as “mimicking professional parrots” when playing PF-stuff during Mr Gilmour’s last tour…? Neither do I.

    Happy X-mas to everybody!

    Peace and Love, S. 🙂

    P.S Oh by the way, which one’s Pink? In my view the guy who wrote the vast majority of the PF lyrics post Syd Barrett.

  68. Happy Birthday, Becky! I hope you have a wonderful day. Congrats to the DVD winners!

    [But we must keep Gilmour/Floyd music alive! – Ernest]

    I couldn’t agree more. I think the music can be kept alive without “Mimicking professional parrots” I couldn’t stand to hear CN during Roger’s show. It felt so fake. I can appreciate when a band does a cover song with their own spin to it. Example: Rodrigo y Gabriella’s version of WYWH. The music lives on, and it lives on true.


    How bout them Packers! 😉

  69. Hey Everyone!

    Hope everyone’s well rested. I could use some more sleep hours. WHICH is good for me…

    SNOW DAY #2 for me! Bow chicka wow wow! Get to spend the day decorating the tree, which I’ve noticed, K.C. (my pet parrot), has grown accustomed to…I suppose (good nesting) And so I see this specific blog entry,is very…bird-esque in it! 😉 lol Geoff Duffy, and Phil. OH!

    Congratulations to Paul (thumbs up x5) and to Davie!!! Hope you guys have fun with your gifts!

    Have a good week everyone!


  70. Gertrude Stein said it rather well . . . (I think???) “a replica is a replica is a replica”. . . :^))

    Congrats, Paul and Davie!!!

  71. Please exclude me from this draw FEd, as I already have Phil’s book and I don’t have a guitar !



  72. Chatroom…

    A last chat scheduled for Wednesday = much/more fun for us, of course, you know that, but also much/more work for you, I know that. You were not obliged to do that and didn’t need that additional work.

    So, I just wanted to thank you for that personal final Christmas gift to us, lucky bloggers/chatters.


    [You’re welcome. – Features Editor]

  73. Are we going to have to wait until NEXT year to talk about Easter Eggs, FEd?? 😉 Hopeful we won’t have to wait until Easter . . . Hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did!!

    FEd,when you gave us the website to see where the guitar strings are sold, it said my local Guitar Center had them. When we (Marcus and I) went in there yesterday, they had no idea what we were talking about. I’m going to try my local music store, and if they don’t have them, I’ll probably have to find them in the bay area. Have you guys found them down there? TomiSue, Bob??? Maybe I’ll get lucky and win some . . .

    Have a great week all! Wish me luck…I have finals…ugh.


    [It could be Easter. Haven’t decided yet. – Features Editor]

  74. Hello FEd,

    Been getting this in my e-mail (click my name). The first time I tried to open the link it it didn’t work. Just opened it today. Must say it’s an amazing 3-D tour of all of PF’s albums in a CD box-set. Features all the original artwork on miniature sleeves. As you click through each album/CD there are songs from each to sample as well.

    [Looks very nice, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

  75. Hi all… I gotta chime in.

    I saw RW on his summer tour last year as well and I totally agree… while it was an enjoyable show I couldn’t help feeling it was just a decent cover band… when I saw David at the Gibson, THAT was the real deal! The difference between night and day really.

    Jon Carin was the one standout in RW’s band… but to me he is a memeber of PF just like Guy, so there is authenticity to his playing.

    Have a great day all!


  76. [Bonjour à M.Gilmour et à FED (je sais que vous vous occupez de ce blog, d’après ce que j’entends à la maison, c’est super). J’apprends l’Anglais depuis 3 mois au collège, j’aime bien, c’est cool, un jour je serai peut-être capable de lire votre blog, mais c’est pas pour tout de suite. Et je sais que vous parlez Français, mais j’ai envie et je suis capable de vous dire: “I wish you a Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy, Happy New Year”. – Steph]

    ~~That’s IT! I’m taking up French!!! I always wanted to, and now I have the perfect reason!! It sounds like she learned English for 3 months in school, and wants to pay off the blog using Lire! (aren’t they Euros now???) I’m totally lost! (perdido in Spanish; is it similar to ‘lost’?) LOL Fun trying to decipher, anyway.

    Emma~ GREAT question! And congrats to the winners!!!

    Hope everybody has a great Monday.

  77. [Looks very nice, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

    the box does look nice, not only the outside, but the inside is gorgeous too.

  78. Roger performing “Comfortably Numb” would be like David performing “In The Flesh”.

    Completely signature performances by either artist. Why Waters chooses to perform the song is beyond me. CN has been Davids encore performance over three decades! Who could hold a candle to that?

    I saw the RW performance and agree. It was dreadful…


  79. My initial reaction to Phil’s comment about “mimicking professional parrots” was to think how unfair an assessment it is.

    But considered against the backdrop of David and Roger’s respective approaches to Pink Floyd repertoire and the performance of same, it starts to make sense.

    Why not just sound like Snowy White or Andy Fairweather-Low or Fred Bloggs and leave it at that? There’s obviously only one David, so feel free to put your own technical spin on the material and don’t try to replicate DG’s sound and approach.

    Tim’s comment above in particular provides good insight …

    Congrats to all the contest winners … 🙂


  80. newyorkdan!

    Don’t you know you can’t sing “happy birthday” without paying SOMEONE royalties?!? Haven’t you been paying attention to Disk 2 of your RTN DVD??? What’s the MATTER with you man?????


  81. [Yep, but they’re being honest about it. – Posted by: lorraine at December 15, 2007 06:45 PM]

    Perhaps a poor imitation Lorraine? I’m not gonna be starved and my analogy is, if I cant have steak, then I’ll eat corned beef instead.

    The band I referred to are the best cover band around in my opinion. I’d really rather not have to watch a ‘surrogate band’ these days in my home city but I have no choice. I believe the last time PF (RIP) played in Edinburgh was 1974 and I dont think David has ever played here solo. Perhaps I’m wrong about this, anyone know?

    100% effort is good enough for me no matter what they play and who they’re imitating. Thats all I expect from any band I pay to see. Maybe David’s not playing those trademark goosebumpy 5 minute solos from heaven at these gigs but his music still rocks. I was at Waters’ DSOTM show in Earls Court and I liked it.

    I just think a bit disrespect has been shown to some good musicians. I understand what Phil said, it’s only the description I thought was harsh.

    In case you’re wondering I’m still going to buy his book.

  82. Phil’s comment about “mimicking professional parrots” is rocking us a bit.

    I saw both acts last year and there are pros and cons for each.

    But the somewhat failure for Roger to replace David in his band on some parts just indicates how unique David is and how strong his footprint is.

    We all know that, even Eric Clapton could not replace David to play Comfortably Numb note for note on stage. You can make a rendition and try to be as close as possible [the way Roger did last year] or to try to make song your own and forget the original, the way “Wish You Were Here” was performed on Roger first solo tour.

    Very difficult and disappointing for die hard Pink Floyd fans. Just that the thing is over like seeing the Rolling Stones live without Mick Taylor thirty three years after he left.

  83. Wow! It seems Phil Taylor really struck a nerve with the parrot analogy! Yeah, what he said may have been a little harsh. So what!!?

    Thanks for speaking your mind and inciting some passion on a subject we all have an opinion! Bravo!

    As a guitarist/musician, I don’t take offense on the part of any of those fellows (who are completely proud and honoured to be on stage with Roger, as would I) or in their own bands. I presume they are happy enough to be there. Not to mention that Phil is absolutely correct.

    My earlier point is not with the musicians. I think RW’s judgement in choosing Comfortably Numb (and a couple others) was poor. Comfy is widely considered the greatest rock guitar solo of all time, for goodness sake!!

    If anything, I feel sorry for anyone asked to perform CN because he will assuredly be criticized for it. Leave the song to David and play something else from that rather large list of songs by Roger!

  84. Somebody hit the nail on the head… it’s the treatment of the songs…. RW performs and the music comes off as a replay of an album in a live setting.

    Every time I hear David perform, the songs change… look at SOYCD on Pulse, the Meltdown concert and RTN… each rendition is new! That goes for most of the songs that overlap… I think my favorite versions are all found on RTN!


  85. I feel that Phil’s “mimicking professional parrots” comment had the taint of sour grapes.

    To us, nobody can approach David. That’s why we’re all here, posting to this forum. To us, David is completely unique and irreplaceable.

    But Roger is perfectly entitled to go out on tour and play the Pink Floyd songs that made both him and David famous. Of course he needs a guitarist, and the guys he’s picked over the years have all been magnificent. They can never be David, of course, but they should not be rubbished for their efforts. They have huge shoes to step into.

    C’mon Phil, play fair. But we still love you, so keep the answers coming.

  86. Even though we have only one question from Emma (great question, by the way), Phil’s answer does bring in many different points of view.

    Phil’s response is quite insightful and interesting; and so are the thoughts and views from many of the bloggers. All I can say is that I love David Gilmour’s sound with his guitar, it is very distinct, unique and irreplaceable – that’s my 2 cents.

    Happy belated birthday Becky! Congrats to Paul C and Davie for winning the Friday Christmas raffle.

  87. [I suppose to become a successful MPP (mimicking professional parrot), you need to watch not only David’s hands, but his foot at work too, and then be able to co-ordinate the three body parts as seamlessly as David does. – Raipod]

    If I may add to the above elements that you also have to have those muscles like David Gilmour’s – you can literally see the movement of each of his muscles as he picks up on each string(s).

  88. I agree with Phil.

    I think Roger should be able to do whatever he likes. We don’t have to like it. Phil should also be allowed to say whatever he likes.

    Good question and a great answer. I enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts on this one.

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