Christmas raffle

August 11 & 12, 2006: Venice, Italy. Photo: Polly Samson.It’s Christmas, not to mention two years to the day since the launch of David’s website, so we’ve got some goodies for you to celebrate.

Indeed, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without some sort of raffle. Yet, in spite of my best efforts, the last one got a bit crazy, what with only having one brain (which is such a drag) and others demonstrating that they didn’t even have that (just kidding).

So, for this one, please choose six numbers between one and 100. One of these numbers will be chosen for you. You can only have one number, nobody else can share it, and there will be several draws in the run-up to Christmas (using the same numbers).

Please get your numbers in by 6PM (UK) on Sunday.

Numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to regular contributors. My decision will be final, taking into consideration the volume and frequency of posts submitted by individuals. If your chosen six numbers have already been claimed by others, unfortunately, you miss out.

If you have a problem with that possibility, please don’t bother entering.

A grid showing who has claimed each of the 100 numbers will be visible to all on Monday, along with a list of prizes.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

What’s David’s most valued piece of gear? (Jorge Rivera)

I have no idea. You would have to ask him and define what you meant by ‘valued’.

David’s ’55 Fender Esquire looks pretty beat up. What is the history behind this guitar? (Shane Y.)

David got it from Seymour Duncan in the early ’70s in this state. David just really likes it as an instrument and is not concerned with its look. It is interesting that there are wood saw marks across the body, leading us to refer to it as The Workmate (after the Black and Decker bench).

David’s technique of playing, and particularly his bends, requires frequent changes of the strings; but does it also significantly decrease the life of the frets, requiring often refrets? (Andrew)

No, I don’t think so. I don’t know what the expected life of a fret is.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

200 thoughts on “Christmas raffle”

  1. Six numbers ….

    let’s try: 6, 9, 24, 64, 65, 93

    Much obliged, I resisted picking years that Liverpool have been in European Cup finals !

  2. 19, 27, 46, 59, 72, 85

    [Sorry, but, due to the likelihood of more than 100 people entering this contest, there has had to be a cut-off point. Therefore, if you have posted fewer than 12 times, then your name will be put to one side for the time being. In the event of any of your numbers being left when all entries have been counted, you will be considered as back-up. Can’t be fairer than that. – Features Editor]

  3. o heck, there are no posts here yet so don’t belt me one verbally if i repeat a number fet ed . i don’t know how many other posters have posted that you have not had time to publish yet !

    9 14 28 39 62 96

    [As if anyone ever gets a verbal belting around here… – Features Editor]

  4. [- No, I don’t think so. I don’t know what the expected life of a fret is. ]

    So what you’re saying is, this is nothing to fret about? *ducks rotten vegetables hurled at the stage*

  5. Wow ! Don’t pretend anymore that you don’t like Maths ! (just kidding!)

    My numbers are: 7 – 12 – 22 – 25 – 37 – 61.

    Thank you for those Christmas gifts !


    [Very important, numbers. – Features Editor]

  6. Here’s mine. Thanks Fed you are doing a great job. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    Renee B.

    [Thank you very much. You have a good one, too. – Features Editor]

  7. Here goes:

    3 8 29 31 7 88

    Either I did this right or I shall be the first example of how to do this wrong.

  8. 3


    [Just to point out how this is being worked, should anyone be following this: Your posts are being read, as always, in the order in which they were received. This is the ‘first come, first served’ element of the contest. The first few people, of course, got their first-choice number. Your second, third, etc. will be assigned to you if your first-choice number has already been claimed by somebody else previously. In order of the time at which you submitted your entry, each name is going to one of two places: either the game card that you will eventually see (a simple grid with 100 names and numbers), or a back-up list made up of infrequent contributors. As set out above, and as with almost all our competitions, priority is given to regular contributors. If you are on this back-up list, should any of your numbers be left unclaimed once all entries have been counted, there may still be a place for you on the grid. If not, unfortunately, you have to miss out. – Features Editor]

  9. Here are my 6 numbers, but I know this game will never compare with Blotto!!


    [Never! – Features Editor]

  10. Oh FEd. Indeed, much more fun…

    8, 73, 15, 46, 65, and 61.

    I thought, maybe, since black is the color, that none is the number? I picked some anyway, for the sake of contest, and pretended that it could be any color that I liked.

    Have a good weekend FEd.

    [Beautiful, Jessica, beautiful. – Features Editor]

  11. Really funny Fed. I love suchs games.

    Here are my numbers:


    Have a wonderful weekend !

  12. Fed – YAY!

    Here are my numbers for the raffle:-

    12 17 24

    53 71 88

    Happy numbers!

    LYN XXXXXX :-*

  13. FEd as Mr. Santa Claus,

    it looks like a “LOTTO” game!?

    OK, so here are my SIX numbers:

    9, 11, 67, 87, 94, 100

    Good luck to all (including me) 😉

    PETE from Germany

  14. Dear Fed.

    In true Loony style this is gonna be MAD!

    lyn :'(:-*:-S:-)

  15. good idea FEd with the multiples!

    Here’s mine: 27, 56, 76, 89, 98 & 99.

    Good luck everybody!

  16. Lots of interesting comments this week. The ones about crazy dates were pretty humorous, I must say.

    My numbers are:

    6, 13, 38, 48, 69, and 99.

    Guitar World recently had a little spotlight on famous guitarists unusual hobbies. David was picked because he is a pilot and once owned an aviation company. Well, at least they mentioned him 😉

  17. Hi Fed,

    I’ll try my luck with the Strat gauges:

    10, 12, 16, 28, 38 and 48

    Best regards,


  18. I’ve only commented three or four times before, so I probably don’t rank very highly here 😉

    58, 63, 74, 89, 92.


  19. OK, let’s go for 5, 15, 23, 34, 41, and 46. These were my lottery numbers for the first couple of years of its operation winning me a tenner! I saw sense then and haven’t really bothered since…

    Cheers for the opportunity!

  20. Hi Fed,

    forgot to mention that I first thought that the picture was showing the rain in Munich, but then realized it was Venice…

    Anyway, the halo around David reminds me of the wire man sculpture a lot!

    Best regards,


  21. my numbers: 2, 34, 60, 71, 88 and 99 (that is my lucky number,remember?)

    thank you and have a nice weekend all


  22. Hey Fed,hows you? Hope all is well?

    I would like the following numbers please – 13 – 27 – 46 – 53 – 61 – 63.

    Thanks Fed

    You must love christmas? Drives me mad as it is without adding extra things to do on top,lol.
    Thank you though Fed,for taking the time to do this for everyone,maybe we should all add one more present to our list with your name on it!!

    Take care Fed

    [If you’re gonna do something, do it right, I say. Beats twiddling your thumbs. – Features Editor]

  23. 22,19,71, 61, 97, 89

    Well Fed this really has been great. I remember when I first signed on in Dec, of 2005 and to see all the changes that have taken place over the last two years has really been something.

    Fed, Did you ever think that these changes would happen? I really hope there will be many more years ahead.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [I know that I spent a lot of time hoping for them. I hope there will be more, too. – Features Editor]

  24. Hey FED,

    I was reading again and you mentioned between 1 and 100…so I think I am down to 5 numbers..if that is what I think it means..LOL

    Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday to virtual David!!

    Cheers, Howard

  25. Hi FEd —

    My 6 numbers are: 5, 42, 45, 59, 62, 65. What a fun contest, but gosh….seems like this could be more work for you than Blotto! Are you sure you’re not studying for your actuarial certificate in your spare time? I think these contests would give you credit towards that, for sure!

    Although…seems like being our FEd would be more fun than being an actuary…? Many thanks!

    [You make work for yourself when you don’t have enough to do, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  26. Hi FEd,

    My numbers are, or should I say would be… 71,73,79,83,89,and 97.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!


  27. Hey FEd,

    Hope you are well. Can I go for one of:

    15, 94, 36, 25, 88, 50

    Have a great weekend!


  28. Here’s my six then FEd..

    2, 20, 36, 48, 68 and 96

    Many thanks and here’s hoping!!



  29. This is going to be a lot of fun for you, isn’ t it? Paring numbers and people, keeping track of assigned numbers, etc…good hobby for the weekend!

    Read lots of sarcasm on that phrase. I admire your patience.

    Well, I don’ t think I’ d be considered a regular contributor, even if I always read. But that doesn’t matter. I’ll take my chances just for the fun of it.

    Six numbers then: 5,7,13,29,76,85

    It’s Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands, a sort of Santa…but then again not the same. However, it also means presents! cadeaux! regalos! So, always exciting!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

    [It works the old brain, sure (you should hear the whirring and clunking). Yours is the 41st name to be marked onto my beautiful grid, by the way. You have #76. – Features Editor]

  30. OK. 6 numbers. 1,2, 64, 78, 83, 10.

    Happy Birthday! Cookies, Cake, and a jam session at my house!

  31. [Oh, silly me.- Features Editor]

    LOL! You say that so casually. SO! A contest/raffle for christmas goodies eh? Six numbers eh? ONLY ONE BRAIN! lol

    Oh By the way, wanted to wish you a happy “” birthday! 🙂 Wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you Fed, and creating this home.

    So my numbers will be…14,17,93,54,2,5.

    So hope you hope you have a dandy weekend…actually, because this will be posted on Monday, hope your weekend WAS dandy! 😛


  32. oooh goody gumdrops Christmas fun and games indeed, my numbers are… drumroll please: 67, 73, 77, 79, 87, 94,

    Fed, I don’t think one has to think too hard to guess the meaning behind all these numbers eh?

    thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    [Abba’s Australian tour of 1977 left its mark on many people, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  33. Hi Fed,

    I hope you’re doing well! Buz travel has been insane – it’s been more of an audit season than holiday season. I miss the chats and hope to be able to join in some of the upcoming chats.

    Great news about the Gdansk CD.

    I’d like to try my luck with the following #s:
    3, 9, 69, 63, 42, 44


    Take Care. CT

    [You’re very kind. – Features Editor]

  34. 4,20,46,32,81,67.

    If not all of our numbers are chosen, do the ones that aren’t chosen count for the raffle?

    Again excellent Q’s & A’s from Phil. Keep them coming! Thanks F’ed and Phil.

    [One number will be chosen for you – and has been. You’ve got #4, your first choice. Had #4 been taken, you’d have had #32 instead (numbers 20 and 46 having already been claimed). I wonder if it’s lucky, as you’re also the 44th person to be allocated a number. – Features Editor]

  35. Just wanted to say that it’s been a great two years on this Blog, and that it’s the one place on the Web that I go on a near-daily basis. It’s a wonderful community here, and F’Ed, you’re pretty much the mayor of this community. Thanks for all of that.

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  36. ok put me in, my numbers are 5 18 29 42 72 91

    [I would, but you’ve only left eight posts prior to this one. Less than 12 puts you on a back-up list. If any of your numbers are left when all entries have been counted, I’ll be happy to count you in. – Features Editor]

  37. I would like to choose 2 10 26 35 66 72

    These number games are great. Thanks for doing them Fed. Have a nice weekend.

  38. I dunno FEd, 6 numbers sounds like more work for you . . .but you know best.

    My six are: 26,29,5,47,69,11

    Can’t wait to see the list of prizes. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already, where does the time go. Have a great weekend all.


    [Well, if you want something done properly… – Features Editor]

  39. Fun!

    I’ll have numbers 6, 42, 39, 67, 98 and 12 please.


    [We’re now at the half-way stage, folks, with 50 numbers left. – Features Editor]

  40. Hello Fed,

    Thank you yet another fun and exciting contest!

    My 6 numbers are 2, 4, 6, 7, 15, and 96


    [You just made it with your final number, Randall. 96 it is. – Features Editor]

  41. ok , here goes


    I take it that you will then pick one of these to be my allocated number.

    [That’s right. You have #36, because your first two choices have already been claimed by others (Lynn and Alex, if you want to send them mean thoughts). Numbers are assigned in the order in which they were submitted (all are time-stamped, as you can see), so the grid of 100 spaces was quite full by the time you entered your numbers. Nobody has missed out yet, other than a few infrequent contributors, but it’s getting very close. – Features Editor]

  42. Lucky number 51.

    My age!

    Gary Hurley
    London England

    [That is lucky, considering that you could have chosen five other numbers, Gary. That said, 51 is free, so it’s now yours. Good luck for the coming prize draws. – Features Editor]

  43. 51 my age.
    46 her indoors age.
    9 my girls age.
    5 my boys age.
    81 my mums age.
    85 my dads age.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England

  44. Two years, congratulations and thanks for a job well done, but doesn’t time fly.

    Am I too late for the raffle, are there any numbers left? More fun this way? Yes and always worth a try.

    33, 47, 56, 63, 82 & 89

    [56 is free… – Features Editor]

  45. Hi Fed!

    Congratulations! Two years!!! Wow, time flies when you’re having fun?

    My six numbers will be:

    13 – 14 – 67 – 77 – 88 – 94

    Have a nice weekend!



  46. Hello FEd! this is exciting…Ok, here are my numbers:


    Are there 100 Hundred gifts with each one assigned a number? or are there a bunch of numbers randomly assigned to a gift?? Im still trying to figure out the process.

    Either way…There you Go! Enjoy your weekend :o)

    [It’s #25 for you, sir. (Blimey, that was close. I thought you were going to miss out.) 100 gifts, you say? What am I, Santa?! In your dreams, mate. Maybe ten… – Features Editor]

  47. Hello FED !!!

    I know,I know I haven’t been “regular” lately, what with family and so forth. Doesn’t mean that I miss you and the guys, ’cause I do.

    Six numbers. Can I pick now ? 6, 12, 67, 5, 4 & 71. Would be nice if I could have a “Christmas Miracle”. Hope you have a good weekend, FED.

    Peace and Love To All !!!

    BTW, I’ll be watching RTN on PBS again on Monday. God, I cannot get enough ! Come on , David, release something in the next two years, please….(sighs)…well, I am out.

    Cazart !

    [Hard luck, Raymond. You are regular enough for my liking, but your six numbers have already been claimed by others. Sorry about that. – Features Editor]

  48. FEd wrote:

    [So, for this one, please choose six numbers between one and 100. One of these numbers will be chosen for you.]

    I puzzled already — choose six and one will be chosen for me? Yikes! Hmmm … what to do? Well, here goes:

    5 7 18 26 80 85

    Washington State

    [There aren’t many low numbers left, but you managed to get #18. – Features Editor]

  49. I used to have a poster from David’s 1984 tour in support of “About Face.” David is wearing a nice sweater and holding a beat-up guitar that matches the description, above, of the ’55 Fender. (I don’t know nearly enough about guitars to know if the one in this picture is an Esquire at all, let alone which year it would have been made.)

    If this is the guitar that David is holding in that poster, it really does look like it has seen better days. I remember wondering why anyone would pose for a picture with such a beat-up guitar, thinking “Must be a great instrument.” So it is really interesting to read what Phil wrote above: that this is exacly why David would choose to be pictured with it.

  50. Hi FEd,

    My numbers are:


    Have a great weekend!


    [Only your last two choices remain free, Penny. You have #58 and, funnily enough, you’re the 61st name into the imaginary hat. – Features Editor]

  51. My six numbers:

    15 – 26 – 37 – 41 – 63 – 70

    [Sorry. Even counting the posts you left under a less frightening name, you still fall short of the all-important 12. You’re on the back-up list for now. – Features Editor]

  52. 3,6,8,25,31,69

    [I’m sorry, Mikael. These numbers have already been taken. – Features Editor]

  53. 13 17 19 56 61 64 Please.

    P.S.: You guys are sneaky. I like that.

    [I’m sure we’d like you, Jill. Please post more in 2008 and you’ll stand a chance of winning some of these contests. As things stand, you’re only on the back-up list. – Features Editor]

  54. Just incase you haven’t seen the listing, “The Pink Floyd Story: Which One’s Pink?” is showing on Wednesday 10.45pm on BBC1

    Have fun!

  55. FEd, you are something else. I have already pulled out my Blotto card and have been giving myself paper cuts in the wrist to avoid this one. Remember, lengthwise, lengthwise. . .

    Damn, can’t do it. . .

    16, 39, 42, 62, 81, 98

    [Ah, you nearly didn’t make it onto this lovely grid of mine, but that just goes to show that some things are meant to be, right? – Features Editor]

  56. My number is 17.

    Thank you.

    [According to my data, it’s Adrian’s… – Features Editor]

  57. Aha, a Christmas Raffle…

    I just love a good rummage in a bran tub at this time of year.

    FEd. The SIX numbers I pulled out were:-
    37, 2, 54, 63, 25 & 96.

    Can I add my belated best wishes for the second anniversary of DG.COM. Here’s to sharing many more December 7th’s in the future…

    Here’s some goodies for you to celebrate…

    [Thanks very much. You get your first choice for that. – Features Editor]

  58. 73, 75, 77, 79, 87, 94 are my chosen numbers. Yes there is obvious signifigance.

    -Jon, Nebraska

  59. ok, lets see if I can do this without messing things up.

    The six numbers I chose are:

    7 4 10 29 11 15

    Did I do that right?

    Sputtering brain cell and all,

    [You did it right, but a bit too late. Hard luck. – Features Editor]

  60. 55, 16, 99, 5, 60, 1

    By the way, just caught David’s appearance on Later…with Jools Holland on FUSE network yesterday (quite a treat to finally be able to see this show here in the US).

  61. hi, good day !!!!!

    only want to say please:

    happy birthday to mari carmen telles from hermosillo sonora, mexico

    i love you and keep cool

    from saltillo coahuila mexico victor

    [Happy Birthday. – Features Editor]

  62. Here’s Bob’s numbers!

    5, 17, 23, 29, 40, 46.

    Chers and Merry Christmas to all

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada

  63. My numbers that I choose are: 30, 5, 19, 10, 77, 74 – the first two is my son’s birthday (this year), the next three is my wife’s and the last is my year…

  64. Good one Fed, and Phil’s answer on the frets. I chuckled on that.

    Six numbers are 2,8,9,18,54,55.

    Have a great weekend everyone. You too Fed!

  65. If this is on the level, Fed, I would like numbers


    Just for the heck of it.

    Very interesting. Wonder what you have up your sleeve today?


  66. O.K. here are my six numbers: 3,6,46,61,9,64

    Are you counting down the days to the Hatton/Mayweather fight Fed? Should be very exciting!


    [Joe Calzaghe’s my boy, but Hatton/Mayweather promises to be entertaining. – Features Editor]

  67. I usually let Ed do the talkin’ here, but I want a shot at this on my own!

    We’re in New Hampshire now! Any fellow Floyd and Gilmour fans in NH?!

    3, 7, 21, 33, 56, & 82


  68. Congratulations FEd and I’ll choose the numbers 21, 64, 43, 26, 61 and 84. Thanks!

    [Not good numbers, Liz… – Features Editor]

  69. 8, 28, 48, 68, 88, 100

    Thank you

    Merry Christmas


    [You have #48, Andreas. You’ll appear as ‘Andreas 2’. I hope that’s OK with you. – Features Editor]

  70. Let’s see. I think I’ll go for 9, 28, 31, 76, 79 and 83.

    We’ll see if I end up winning anything 🙂

  71. This should be interesting, I hope I am not too late to get an unused number.

    My numbers are 7,31,54,58,79,81.

    Good luck to the chosen ones!

    [Sorry, Lynne. – Features Editor]

  72. Hello FEd,

    Congratulations on the second anniversary of the web-site to everybody involved. Many happy returns.

    Here’s my set of numbers : 6 11 39 43 68 96

    Enjoy the weekend,

  73. Hi Fed,

    I would like:

    1, 19, 22, 29, 65, 88

    A mixture of birthdays and the first year I saw the Floyd!


  74. Hi F.Ed !

    Here are my numbers :

    25 – 47 – 38 – 74 – 68 – 52

    Have a great week end ! 🙂

  75. Here are my numbers, submitted with ‘high hopes’ of a Gilmour-themed Christmas!

    6, 28, 31, 47, 64, 77


  76. ok i will try 11, 23, 99, 33, 52, 25

    keep the good work up FED and best wishes for xmas

    [Thank you, Neil. Merry Christmas. – Features Editor]

  77. 47, 62, 53, 36, 92, 9

    She was a big girl! Ba dum tish!

    [I’m sorry to say that those numbers have already been snapped up. – Features Editor]

  78. 12-24-15-30-21-38

    [The same for you, sorry: those numbers have already been taken. – Features Editor]

  79. Hi Fed. Hope your weekend is going well.

    My choosen numbers are 06, 96, 97, 98, 99 and 100.


  80. Dear F’ed

    Difficult one that, choose 6 numbers, I was never any good at that when I did the lottery but here goes 7,10,12,28,42 and 56.

    Having now (just about) got back to UK life and happily reunited with my DVD. We were lucky enough yesterday to obtain a copy of the Black Strat in Borders in Kingston (Surrey). I was allowed a quick look at some lovely photos until it was whisked away from me until Christmas Day…Christmas dinner could be late this year!!!

    Thank you for telling us that Borders were selling it and good luck to everyone in this raffle.

    [You’re welcome. I’m sorry, but other people have beaten you to these numbers. – Features Editor]

  81. Fed, ty for that raffle, what a nice Christmas pressie that is, and this time I am not too late 🙂

    My numbers would be:


    Have a nice weekend all!

  82. David, when are you coming back to New York?

    I have to go to see tribute bands just to get a taste of what I’m missing. Wish you were here….

  83. How do I get in my numbers in the raffle? Do I do it here?

    If so, I choose the numbers: 39, 41, 11, 83, 77 and 9.

    [Your first post… – Features Editor]

  84. Lyn’s record of the week has gotta be THE STEREOPHONICS new single called: Let Me Introduce You To My Friends.

    Excellent guitar from Kelly Jones who must have put David’s boomers on his Gibson as there’s a lotta note bending going on.

    I’m very impressed. I haven’t liked any of their singles since Have A Nice Day!

    But this one is cool so try and have a listen.

    LYN :-*

    [Good band… – Features Editor]

  85. Xmas raffle – sounds fun can i have 49 please!!

    I am very busy with work so I better say now…

    Have a merry Xmas FEd!!! And everyone over there in Gilmour Land.

    I am looking forward to the Live cd set in 2008.

  86. I just picked up a copy of Remember That Night, I wish I was there to see it live

    I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd for 40 years the Royal Albert Hall show is Fantastic, Awesome, Amazing !

  87. The six numbers I choose for the Christmas raffle are 27, 32, 49, 63, 81, 22!

    Have a great weekend

  88. No numbers til Dec. 10th eh? That’s my 40th birthday!

    I’ve seen David twice on his tour in ’84, twice with Pink Floyd and twice at Radio City. Needless to say, I think 2 needs to be one of my numbers!

    This time these numbers are personal to me…
    2,12/10/67,22 & 40

    Best of luck to all!! =o)

    [Have a great birthday. – Features Editor]

  89. Hi Fed…I love it

    Here are my numbers:

    6, 25, 38, 62, 64, 99

    Hope that at least one of those isn’t taken yet.

    Hope you and everyone else is having a GREAT weekend.


    [I’m sorry to say that they’ve all been gobbled up, Rob. – Features Editor]

  90. Dear Fed,

    Great fun – new competition, you’ve done it again.

    I’ll try and pick the following numbers:

    You have a very good weekend too, Fed – I felt like s… almost all day, after last nights christmas party at the firm, but managed to do some christmas gift shoppping with the family in the afternoon. Funny how your always feel so thirsty the day after you drank too much 😉


  91. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to David and all who participated in getting his music to us. I have since the early 70’s enjoyed listening to and watching Pink Floyd concerts. I have also been following David’s solo career and still enjoy the music very much.

    On an Island to me is spectacular and very moving… Awesome!

    Thank you.

    P.S. My deepest condolences on the loss of your close friend Syd Barrett.

  92. Hello all.

    I have had computer trouble, could log on but could not send out. All fixed now thank goodness.

    I hope I am not too late with my numbers. If I am, please forgive and I’ll try again next time.


    Thanks Fed for another fun contest.

    I hope you have a good weekend!

    [Hard luck, Barbara. – Features Editor]

  93. I would like to send my best whishes to Susan.

    My husband had cancer and was told 10 years ago that he had only a slim chance of making it a year. He had a bone marrow transplant, after a year of being chemo resistant, and I am happy to say he is now able to work and is living life to it’s fullest. I am praying for this same out come for you. Keep up the great attitude, because this is so important. God Bless you Susan.

    Sorry Fed, I forgot to say on my earlier post “Happy Two Year Anniversay!” You should be very proud of your hard work on this blog.

  94. Hi F.Ed,

    Here is my selection


    Hope you’re having a good weekend. We got our tree up and it’s now beginning to feel a little like Christmas (without the cold and snow of course !)


  95. CAPTION (sound effects: a drum roll and shuffling of bingo cards):

    “And the next number in the Big Christmas Raffle is…”

    Can’t help but hearing Mr. Beans voice saying “Bingo” while pondering on my numbers to choose!

    Well, here are the results from The Netherlands:
    8, 17, 45, 63, 71 and 86.

    Fed, good luck to your favourite team this week, playing the French. I hope the match against Reading inspired them in a positive way…


    [I know that I’d quite like to kick a few players in a positive way… – Features Editor]

  96. A Weird Caption from Lyn:

    It’s 3009.

    An especially well preserved David looks up to the night sky and waits in anticipation as he spies the spacecraft coming to pick him up and take him to the ‘great gig in the sky’ on Mars where he’s headlining the Darkside Festival as a hologram in honour of the 500 year anniversary of DSOTM, unfortunately the orginal moon’s out of action due to a very large Black Strat stuck in the middle of the Sea of Tranquility!

    Told ya it was weird!

    LYN Having a weird Sunday.

    [I can just imagine a gang of smart-mouthed Martians shouting out witty requests for a song or two from ‘Animals’ (and perhaps questioning the value of the inevitable anniversary re-issue, but still buying it nonetheless). – Features Editor]

  97. Oh, silly me.

    I think I didn’t understand the game! Can I choose six numbers and you choose one for me? boh! Ok, if this is the game, I want

    6, 10, 11, 22, 56, 88

    Is that right? I hope so. (p.s. Can you choose 11 for me? It seems to be my lucky number!)

    Have a nice day


    [If 11 turns out to be lucky, it will be lucky for Timbo. All your numbers have already been claimed by others, sorry. – Features Editor]

  98. Hiya FEd, I just remembered about this one!

    I’ll choose 1, 13, 29, 54, 82, 93.

    I hope I’m lucky!

    Merry Christmas!

    – James.

    [You’ve got one. Not many left now… – Features Editor]

  99. Heya FeD!

    I cant believe I won the strings, so very exciting! Sorry to take so long to actually show up, but I was on an island in the caribbean with no electric power! This really cheered up my return to the big city!

    My shipping address is: […]

    Thanks again for the great prize!

    [You’re very welcome. They’ll be with you soon. – Features Editor]

  100. Love the answers Phil.

    Christmas is coming soon. What do you hope to get FEd!!

    [A Fiat 500 and three points against Manchester United, Santa, if you’re reading. – Features Editor]

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