CD Collectors' Draw

Remember That Night DVD (2007)Sadly, we’ve not only reached the end of our Christmas raffle, but we’ve also reached the end of Phil Taylor’s Q&A.

Hope you’ve enjoyed both.

Thanks again to Phil for his time, and to everybody who sent in a question or two.

Our final raffle winners are Nate (1) and Linda (9). Nate wins a rare US radio promo disc, whilst an exclusive PBS CD of tracks from David’s stint at Abbey Road last year will be winging its way to Linda.

Please let us know where they should be sent.

Finally, and as if enough tears haven’t already been shed thanks to the opening line, this is also the very last entry for 2007, so do have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you all very much for your support over the last two years.

There was supposed to be a chat today, but, due to technical problems, now there won’t be. Sorry to disappoint you.

What is the preferred recording platform at Astoria? Is it all straight to tape or a digital/analogue dump? (Paul B)

Different people have different preferences, with choices made for flexibility, rather than purely for audio resolution. Generally, these days, Protools gets used – our system has Euphonix converters and Shunyata cryogenic power distribution with Kimber and Van den Hul cabling. Contrary to popular belief, the digital recording platform is the hardest medium in which to retain the resolution (audio quality), everything makes a difference to the sound and digital is very susceptible to degradation. If you want to know more about this, check out an interview I did with Tape Op magazine about Astoria a couple of years ago.

Do you have an amusing anecdote you could share with us, be it about David, or anyone else? (Rob)

Yes, my mum still wonders when I am going to get a proper job.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Happy Wednesday,

    Congrats to both.

    Nate, and thanks to Martin S and his organisational skills for meet ups, we know each other face to face now. Not forgetting Ash of course who it was also good to meet.

    Pete – Coventry

  2. Hi FEd!

    What trouble do you have today 🙁

    Good luck to you and your experts to fix the problem.

    Phil’s last statement makes me smile. My mum never warned me against working in the TV-business, I’ve only myself to blame… 😉

    Merry christmas to everyone here and a happy new year


  3. sorry for the chat…I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and rockin’ 2008!


  4. Hello FEd, bloggers,

    Congratulations to Nate and Linda.

    Pity the chat broke down. Computers, *shakes his head*, nothing but a pain in the back-side …

    I suppose you are going on a well-deserved break for the year-end period, FEd.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Don’t drink too much and don’t do anything I would not do 😉

    Hope to see you gang soon in 2008.


    [Bless you. My Christmas holiday begins on Thursday at about 6PM. – Features Editor]

  5. [Thank you all very much for your support over the last two years]

    So who here has been ‘blogging’ since day 1 (ish).

    Come on………own up.

  6. It’s been a great 2 years, with a lot of enjoyment from David and co.

    I want to wish everybody a merry Christmas and wonderful new year.

    Fed, enjoy your holidays and a big thank you for all your efforts. It definitely makes this place a better one. Enjoy your time off. We will miss you, and the blog.


    [Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas to you and yours. – Features Editor]

  7. Wow! I won something! 🙂

    Thank you & Season’s Greetings to everyone at

    My address is: […]

    [Well done, Nate. – Features Editor]

  8. Thanks for the Phil Taylor Q&A. I really enjoyed reading the whole thing from start to finish.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Hi everyone,

    Sorry about the technical problems regarding the chat. The only positive thing to say about is, that theres two more hours to do all the preparing for Christmas! Including work… 😉

    Instead I’ll wish everybody a very merry christmas and a happy new year, here on the blog. Looking forward to chatting with you next year, and reading all your news and comments on the blog, Fed. Good job.

    Best wishes…

  10. Dear F’Ed ….Thank you so much for all your hard work and all the surprise extras we have enjoyed this year.

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New year to one and all and to David, family and friends….enjoy.

  11. Hey Fed,

    Got my new digital cable tv box (or whatever that thing is called) today, and noticed that I have Chelsea TV, Manchester United TV and Liverpool TV – and of course, NO Arsenal TV (and I’m an Arsenal fan) – that’s just my luck, I suppose… 🙁

    Holiday season is starting here, too – since this is an orthodox country, Christmas will be celebrated on January 7th, and New Year on Dec 31st and then again on Jan 13th. Now, THAT’S what I call the holiday season 😉

    Congratulations to the winners (green with envy here), happy anniversary to you fed, and all at dg com, and, of course, Merry Christmas a Happy New Year to you, everyone at the DG com, all the bloggers and David, Polly, kids, families, friends….

  12. Just a note to thank F’Ed and whomever else at the blog for all the hard work you do all year round.

    And, of course, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to David and his family and friends, to everyone in the Remember the Night/On an Island band who gave us such suberb music, and to everyone here who reads, writes and/or lurks.

  13. Grats to all the winners, grats to FEd for 2 years of brilliance (and a few headaches) and grats to everyone over the holiday season!!

    Thanks FEd..hope you have a fantastic holiday and looking forward to all things DG in 2008…

    All my love,


  14. Congrats Nate and Linda well done!!

    Sorry about the chat, I’d fixed myself a day off work (holiday of course!) but hey, these things happen!!

    Looks like there’s one more chance to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

    Best wishes particularly to FEd and all at 1-15 and deepest love to the man and his family about who this is all about.

    Peace and goodwill my friends and my special charm to all you Gilmourettes across the world (Double wub and hugs)

    See you all again soon


  15. My best wishes for the end of the year to David and his family, to all of you, dear friends from all nations, hope to see you here next year.

    And of course a special thanks to Fed. As you delighted me so many times with your lovely French, this is my poor attempt to delight you with my lovely Welsh:

    Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda, da ddygwyl, et surtout, Diolch !

    Please, forgive me if I destroyed your language.


    [That was very good. Diolch yn fawr. – Features Editor]

  16. Hi FEd and bloggers,

    Merry Christmas and a properous 2008.

    Two years? Gosh, were does the time go. Thanks for all your hard work, FEd.

    Best regards.


  17. Wow….last entry? Well, it’s a much deserved break for you, FEd.

    Congrats to all the winners, and a Happy Holidays to all of you out there across the globe!

    Finally, since we won’t be able to post on December 22nd, I wish you FEd and this Blog a Second Happy Anniversary!

    [This is a new section of David’s official website which is designed for fans to see how David’s new ‘On An Island’ album is progressing. It aims to be a place where fans can come and check up on the latest news, see exclusive pictures from recording sessions and such like. – Posted by Features Editor at 11:41 AM]

    I think you overshot the mark a bit….it’s so much more today… thanks to you and to David and Polly for shelling out the dough and supporting it these two years.

    See you all in 2008!!!

  18. Congrats to the Winners and many thanks for another year of great replies, Fed.


  19. Congrats to all of the winners!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Please have a safe and joyful holiday! Looking forward to 2008.

    Best Wishes,

  20. Dear FEd, et al;

    May your celebration of this season of holidays draw deep from the abundant joy, fierce hopes and enduring traditions of all of our ancestors.

    Joyful Yule & Blessed Winter Solstice.

    (A Pagan Blessing)


  21. I just wanted to wish David Gimour and his lovely Family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years.

    Plus to You Fed, I really hope that you will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years and Thanks for you patience and all the hard work that you have done in making David’s Web Site a place where anyone can come to and feel at home.

    Plus to all the Bloggers that I have met or visited with in the chat room, That you all have been a big part of my life and I love you all. I hope that everyone of you will have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year and I hope that we will always stay in touch.

    Take Care, Thomas

  22. Thanks for all the work and oh-so nice content delivered F’Ed!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you here!

  23. Good Holidays and a New Year of Peace to all, and all of you bloggers. Love and Understanding may be too much to ask in this world, but I’ll chuck that in too: one can only have (high) hopes for life, the universe and everything.

    Sincere kudos to FEd on his persistent efforts to stoke these coals and keep a lively, informative website puffing on for us all.

    Implicit in all our greetings and meanderings must be ‘Best Wishes’ for David Gilmour, Polly Samson, and their families and friends.

    For 2007, so long and thanks for all the fish.

  24. So here we are, it’s the most wonderful time of the year as Andy Williams puts it.

    So much alcohol to be consumed, in so little time, how shall I cope!! I’ll find a way, dont worry! In actual fact, I’ve got a nice festive drink called a cheeky vimto (Port and an Alcopop) which gets me really Happy Days!

    I want to say Merry Christmas to all of you blog members out there. I wish David, Polly and family the best of festivities and not forgetting, to my Welsh Features Editor here, Nadolig Llawen Boyo!

    Its been a year to cherish, so I wish you all a good one for the next one,

    Only two words remain…..

    Happy Days!!!

    Simon J

    [Nadolig Llawen i chi, Simon Bach. – Features Editor]

  25. Dear F.Ed.and bloggers

    as this is the very last entry for this 2007 that is near to its end…many congratulations to all the very lucky winners of these last but exclusive presents from

    and thanks once again for letting us share, this time, the very interesting and Q&A by Phil.

    Many thanks especially to you and to all the fans there for the warmth and the witty spirit I can breathe every time I visit this site, that is absolutely so special.

    So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and enjoy your holidays.


  26. So the Christmas Elves sabotaged the chat technology. Unfortunate but so be it.

    So as the blog winds down for the holiday break when do you suppose the blog will be back? Other than next year that is. Or do you plan a surprise entry to make sure we are all paying attention?

    All the best to everyone at Thanks for a most enjoyable year.


    [I can’t bear to think about my holiday ending before it’s begun, Andrew. Do you want to reduce me to tears? – Features Editor]

  27. Sorry to hear that the chatrooms got the same pain in the arse technical problems as my site had today (burst pipes). Maybe its the cold weather?

    I really got into that last blog and in case I forgot, I’d like to say congratulations to all the raffle prize winners. Nice one Phil, that was a right good Q&A.

    To you FEd, thanks once again for keeping this great website running, and long may it continue.

    To you Mr Gilmour, looking forward to seeing you play here on your next tour in 2008…..(damn, I should have sent that Xmas wish to Santa instead?) Thanks for the good memories in 2007, you made a wee boy and his dad incredibly happy in September.

    To all the bloggers, chatters, and everyone involved, I hope you all have a very enjoyable and relaxing Christmas/New Year holiday.

    Looking forward to doing it all again next year.

    Cheers and all the best.

    ecky and family

  28. You were right, the tears started flowing. I’m going to miss chatting and reading all the questions to Phil. This place is like my second home. I’ll miss you guys and of course you Fed. I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday.
    Don’t forget about us, we will be waiting for your safe return.

    I wanted to wish David and his family the best wishes for the holidays.

    Also happy holidays to the entire On an island touring band and all the people that made this the best 2 years of my life.


  29. Congratulations to all the winners of the Christmas raffle!

    I am joining Ian in raising a glass to toast the lot of us!

    Thank you Phil for some awesome (right Rudders?) answers to our questions.

    Happiest of Holidays and a great New Years to everyone.

    Lets make 2008 more kick ass than ’07 ever could be!

  30. I hope eveyone has a great christmas and a joyeous New Year.

    Season Greetings to all, see everyone after the new year.


  31. hi f’ed

    Thanks for all the information that you have delivered on your blog and many thanks for giving me the wonderful chance to see david gilmour at the premiere at the odeon and to see him also at brixton

    wishing you a merry xmas and happy new year and enjoy your break

    mike donovan

    [Being able to play a part in getting fans to those two events was probably the best thing about the past year for me, Mike. I’m glad that you enjoyed them. Merry Christmas. – Features Editor]

  32. Argh! too bad about the tecnical difficulties… I am actually off today and was hoping to be able to pop by and wish everyone Happy holidays in “person”. But nevermind, will do it this way.

    Hope everyone has a nice time amongst family, friends or whomever makes you feel good. All my best wishes for next year… and hopefully, we will share more times all of us DG fans in 2008!


  33. Thanks for all the work you do on this web site. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Also the Q&A was the highlight of the past few entries.

    Enjoy a well earned rest for the holidays and I’ll be looking forward to next year.

    And Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Happy Holidays to you all.

  34. Dear David, Polly, FED, & Fellow Bloggers,

    Will miss you until 2008! I wish you all the happiest of holidays and the best in the new year.

    Have a good & safe one, everyone!!


  35. Have a great Holiday Bloggers, Fed and Crew. 2 yrs. have passed by quickly.

    Enjoy your vacation in Germany too Fed.

    [I’m not going now, sadly, but I’ve got my Stollen, my Lebkuchen and my Glüwein sorted, so I’ll be there in spirit (or else I’ll be somewhere in an uncomfortably bloated, tipsy state). – Features Editor]

  36. [FE’d – due to pain-in-the-arse technical problems, now there won’t be]

    er FE’d er maybe they put the sever in the wrong place? is it a core-duo arse? would explain a lot 😉

    congrats to those lucky number winners! a nice christmas had by all of them

    someone mentioned a guitar give away which understandably ain’t gonna happen, but… those signature plectrums of DG’s that are stuck to the misc stands do look very nice 😉

    got a collection of various bands and they do enhance my PMP capacity

    it’s been fun, thank you for the DVD, it’s on my laptop and I play it often

    thanks to yourself and DG for doing this site, it’s an immensely personal touch that only the better “stars” bother with

    I hope DG PS their family and you & yours FE’d have a great christmas. don’t be eating too much turkey now. the mince pies are ok but you can’t be too careful with that bird-flu 🙂

    all the best to everyone else
    it’s christmas!

  37. Merry Christmas F*Ed and to all my fellow bloggers. It has indeed been an interesting two years with the last one just flying by.

    We have a very unique, passionate and more importantly, compassionate community here with each one of us contributing something in their own individual way to make it so.

    Leaving our dear and irreplaceable F*Ed to sort it all out for us.

    For this we thank you!

    *raises glass*

    Here’s to 2008 and all the great joy and good fortune that it will bring to each and everyone of us…

  38. Hi Fed,

    Thanks for a great year! Particularly memorable for me because of getting my ugly mug up on the big screen all round Europe to ask David a question!

    Happy Christmas and a great new year to Fed and team, all the bloggers, and especially to David and family…

    Cheers, Jon

  39. Hi all,

    [Yes, my mum still wonders when I am going to get a proper job.]

    LOL! Do we ever have a proper job for our mothers?

    Congratulations to Nate and Linda!

    Thanks for the chance to participate to the raffle, Fed!

    Best wishes to all for the oncoming holidays and I wish everyone a very good year 2008. May all of us be healthy to have our fun here and elsewhere…



  40. Congratulations to the entire group of raffle winners. You guys have some great prizes coming your way.

    I’m sad that it’s the end of the blog for the next couple of weeks, but a long holiday is just as welcome as the New Year.

    Here’s to another great year of Gilmourish goodies, with more on the horizon. The Gdansk cd, which is due to be released in 2008, is a definite bright spot in my future:))) I know it will be excellent.

    Best wishes for love, peace and prosperity for us all.

    Melissa (*_*)

  41. [Bless you. My Christmas holiday begins on Thursday at about 6PM. – Features Editor]

    Sorry to hear about your computer trouble, maybe its finished for christmas early. I don’t finish school until 1pm on Friday so at least you get to finish before i do.

    Hope everyone has a very nice Christmas (and a good night Fed). At least Christmas is an excuse to play music even louder.

  42. Thanks for a great year FEd, for keeping this blog running right through. It’s scary, last years final entry seems so vivid in my memory! Every year is getting shorter…

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to yourself FEd, to David and family and to all who visit this blog! We’ve had a great year from David, here’s hoping 2008 is even better! 😀

    I look forward to the first blog entry of 2008, whenever that may be!

    I hope everyone has fantastic holidays! 🙂

  43. Many thanks for another amazing year of DG related news and events, particularly the Odeon and Ritzy events. I shall never forget them.

    Here’s looking forward to what 2008 may bring !

    Happy Christmas to everyone.


  44. Merry Christmas everyone!

    – James.

    P.S – I received my prize today, nice and safely, thanks very much FEd!

    [You’re welcome. Have a Merry Christmas. – Features Editor]

  45. Congrats to all the winners!

    A big thank you to David for allowing this site to continue on these terrific 2 years. FEd, you have done a wonderful job keeping us interested, in line, safe and informed. If there is another site out there that allows this kind of access to a talent such as David, I don’t know about it!

    More Happy Days on the way! And Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakah, and Happy Kwanza to all those celebrating. The term Holidays is so generic. If I left one out, feel free to add that in too!

  46. [I can’t bear to think about my holiday ending before it’s begun, Andrew. Do you want to reduce me to tears? – Features Editor]

    Certainly wasn’t trying to do that but would be happy to provide you a box of tissues if needed.

    In any case, next year is still so far away, at least half a month still has to pass. And there is plenty of beer to consume and football to watch. And don’t forget about all those wonderful gifts you will be receiving like a sweater from Guy and a neck tie from David/Polly. Does that make it any better?



    [You’re forgiven. – Features Editor]

  47. Congratulations on the success of the terrific RTN DVD. I’m more impressed every time I watch. (The Blu-ray version is especially great).

    Thanks to David and everyone involved at for the last two years. Can’t wait for the live CD and whatever 2008 may bring.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  48. And, oh! I forgot! Happy Birthday to our lovely BabyBlog on December 22nd! Two years old, he is still very young, sure he can grow up beautifuly, safe from all sorts of adult world follies.

    Long life to our BabyBlog!

    Tchin-tchin! Is a two year old baby allowed to drink Champagne? Yes!!! New rule for 2008!!! (written in RED)


    [Very good. Merci. – Features Editor]

  49. Congrats to Nate and Linda and belated to Meddle, Peter and James. chat today, so this way

    Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr

    and thanks for the wonderful time here on this web site to David, Polly, FEd, all bloggers and chatters.

    I look forward to 2008 !!!

  50. Congrats to the Christmas raffle winners, that was fun.

    Thanks many times over for all things DG – it’s been a memorable year for sure.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and happy & healthy new year!

    Take Care. Christine

  51. Well, the end of another great year is on us… “with glasses high, we raised a cry for Fed’s freedom had arrived…”! Have a great holiday Fed! Get your rest before the new year begins with the inevitable “when will the live CD be out???” starts – I myself will be one of those asking so forgive me in advance! =)

    Merry Christmas all!!!

    Oh, and congrats to the last winners of the year!


  52. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Hope that everyone here at has a very special holiday (please read this to mean whichever holiday is most meaningful to you, the reader).

    To Phil, I’ve really enjoyed your Q and A (thanks for that). To F’Ed, thanks for making this a wonderful place. And to David: thanks for all of the many holiday gifts that you have given us throughout the years.

    My religious tradition (Unitarian Universalist) does not include a holiday of its own, but it borrows from the traditions of others. Whichever of those holidays is most important to you, please have a great one.

    I’ve got business to attend to today and I cannot visit you all in the chatroom. So, until next time, don’t worry. Be happy. Peace!

  53. holy mary mother of god, i won something ! you do know i am a person who normally can’t even win an argument, let alone a prize !

    sorry for being slow in getting back to you . i have been laid up with a heavy head cold the last few days . my head feels like it is full of stuff best left undescribed . i wasn’t working and spent most of my time keeping warm in bed !

    when you get a free minute ( i can just about wait until the new year if it makes your life any easier !) you can send my prize to : […]

    thanks a million fet ed . may your christmas be happy and may 2008 be all that you want it to be .


    [Well done, Linda. Your prize will be with you very soon. May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white. – Features Editor]

  54. in my excitment i forgot to add the same best wishes for christmas and the new year go to all my fellow gilmourettes and gilmour guys as well !


    [Yes, of course. I wish that every reader’s days be merry and bright, and that all their Christmases be white, too. That goes without saying. – Features Editor]

  55. Hey FEd

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family and close ones.

    And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Polly, David, and their family and friends. Best of the season’s greetings too to Rick and all the other musicians and crew who are in David’s “orbit.”

    Finally, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of David’s bloggers (or should it be posters?)

    Just two items I’d like to talk about.

    I found a copy of the Blu-Ray RTN at a store in Vancouver (four bucks cheaper than the standard definition version!). So if you are from Canada and wanting to get a Blu-Ray RTN, check out your local Future Shop (if they have a presence in your area) or Best Buy, who actually own the Future Shop chain.

    I also got an opportunity to watch the recent BBC documentary on the history of Pink Floyd, and I found it very informative and entertaining.

    It essentially confirms the narrative of the band, particularly the history of the Waters vs. the rest feud, and the reasons why it happened.

    I think it is the first time that I have seen the normally reticent David, Rick and Nick so forthcoming about how some egos became bigger than the band – and some regret that they allowed that to happen instead of being proactive and nipping it in the bud much earlier.

    Some regrets also seem to be hinted at concerning how the band handled Syd’s problems and his departure from the band.

    David’s leadership of the band is confirmed by the closing moments of the documentary when each member of the band – including Roger – answers the question: Will Floyd get back together? by essentially saying that it will be up to David.

    And what does David say in the closing shot? Couldn’t make it out, except for the last word “…happening.”

    Well, I’m off to follow the Reds vs. Chelsea match. Not feeling too good about this one, but let’s see.

  56. Congratulations to all the winners of the Christmas raffle and

    Merry Christmas to you, FEd, and all the good fellows here on the blog!


    David had asked security to stop Peter Crouch and his family from using flash photography but they would not listen

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  58. Goes double from me folks…

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!!

    This year was a banner one. I met heaps of bloggers both live and on chat and had a ball doing it. The Odeon was a huge highlight for me…a time I will always remember.

    Looking forward to next year with the site.

    Cheers, Howard

    PS To answer Peter’s question, I think the first blogger to post and still does is I right FEd?

    [Um… I’ll have to check. – Features Editor]

  59. Thanks to all that have shared their experiences this year. I have really enjoyed the website and all it has offered.

    To Phil about his mum… that was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. Mums are great aren’t they!

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all with all that is to come.


  60. Mr Gilmour and all the great people standing around and behind you, and dear fellow Bloggers: A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    And a special “Thank You Fed” for keeping this place highly enjoyable.

    [Thanks very much. Merry Christmas, Ronny. – Features Editor]

  61. [those signature plectrums of DG’s that are stuck to the misc stands do look very nice – Posted by: dognamedblue]

    I thought that too. Now that would be nice; :))

  62. Hi all,

    first of all, wtg Nate and Linda for winning!

    Have you all a very very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    TY Fed for putting us with us fans and keeping us posted, and for all the fun!

    TY David for another great year with your goodies, like your Odeon premiere and Remember the Night DVD.

    TY Bloggies for the nice company.

    Looking forward to a Gilmour rocking 2008!


    P.S.: A nice Christmas Greeting (click my name).

  63. Hi Fed, I forgot to wish you a full and speedy recovery! Get well soon!

    Another Christmas Card as a link attached.

    [Many thanks. Merry Christmas to you. – Features Editor]

  64. Fed thank you very much for this enjoyable & generous site.

    David thank you for your music. That’s why we gather here.

    I hope have a happy holidays everyone!!

    See you on 2008.

    Best Wishes,

  65. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone.

    Must go, have to peel a barrel of sprouts.

    Until next year then, stay safe everyone.

  66. Wow you guys . . .I’m tearing up over here. 2 years went by so fast! So many things in my life have changed in these 2 years. I can’t tell y’all how nice it’s been, that through it all, I could come here. To chat and meet . .just good people. I’ve made a lot of great friends here, whom I truly treasure.

    To David, Polly, FEd and the whole team; congrats and thank you, for 2 wonderful years. I look forward to many more.

    I’ll be raising my glass with you at 3 p.m., Ian, my friend… Hell, I may even raise it at 3 p.m. your time. That’s 7 a.m. here. Never too early to drink on a holiday, eh? 😉

    Happy Holidays to you all!


  67. Fed and all the contributors to this wonderful blog: have a very nice Christmas and a very good New Year.

    Or as we say in the Southern part of the Netherlands (being the Welsh of Holland I reckon): “Unne gooje Roetsj!”

    Now I would like to see some of your faces when trying to pronounce that sentence. I guess a bit of Christmas punch will help a lot!


  68. In years to come, I suspect 2007 will be thought of as a very good vintage by connoisseurs of David Gilmour.

    Wishing one and all a relaxing Christmas and a great 2008.

  69. A very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you F’ed and all the lovely bloggers here …

  70. Congrats to the winners, and thanks so much Phil, really enjoyed reading your answers.

    Merry Christmas to all, and here’s to 2008, with maybe some more Gilmour concerts even?!

  71. Wow that year went by fast.

    I was so happy when I found the DG blog. I’ve laughed so hard at some of the stuff you people say…even Fed.

    Happy Holidays.

    What are you hoping to get for Christmas FEd?

    [A saucerful of patience, to allow me to overlook the myriad shortcomings of humankind, and a pocketful of magic mints so that, when I bite my tongue to contain my frustration and irritation – which is just about each and every day – it never gets too sore. – Features Editor]

  72. Another year is almost gone Fed and another is on its way (hopefully this one doesn’t pass quite as quickly). Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful group of people on this blog and also to be a small part of the Gilmour club.

    A happy Christmas and new year to everybody, and hopefully we’ll meet up again next year.

    All the best

  73. dear Fed and all,

    these two years have been beyond my wildest dreams. the album, the shows, the DVDs, the website and this addictive blog. i don’t know how to thank you all.

    i haven’t been able to join the chat so far and can not post much but i visit this website everyday (and twice or more when Fed is more gracious than he is on otherwise normal days) and spend a lot of time to read as many of your posts as i can. i feel i belong to a very special community.

    i hope we hear from other backstage heroes (thanks phil).

    merry christmas and best only

  74. Hello FED and everyone.

    Congrats to the winners of the raffle and I’m delighted to receive a copy of Phil’s book which is in transit.

    Happy festive season to all and of course all the best/wishes to David/Polly and family.

  75. boradar fed if thats how you spell it! my work colleague ann from mold is teaching me bits of the lovely welsh lingo. i cannot spell in english so not too much of an insult i hope.

    Have a great chrimbo and new year

    [It’s ‘Bore Da’, but said exactly as you wrote it. Merry Christmas, mate. – Features Editor]

  76. Congratulations to all christmas raffle winners.

    And thank you for phil`s Q&A, I really enjoyed that!

    And thank you Fed for all the latest information delivered throughout the year, and giving me the oportunity to see David at the odeon and Brixton.

    You deserve a break sir!!!!

    Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year.

  77. That was so much fun reading Phil’s Q&A. Thanks for that.

    Happy Holidays to everyone here. Looking forward to chatting it up with all of you in 2008.

    Tara (NY)

  78. Merry Christmas to FEd and to all! Hope you all have a great holiday and a Happy New Year.


  79. Congratulations to all winners!!

    Certainly I confess, i am still very excited with the cd of the show in Gdansk, then he wanted to know if one has the possibility of a bonus dvd with some music of the show? I still find that I would be interested to be able to see some of this incredible show too, with orchestra and an enormous public.

    [You will have to wait and see what news the New Year brings, Marcos. – Features Editor]

  80. Congrats To Nate and Linda! Well done to all the “Christmas Raffle” winners.

    It does seem sad that this will be the last of 2007… it was one of the better years, wasn’t it?

    Well, lets all enjoy the holidays and make our New Year’s resolution for 2008 to be an even better one… always room for improvement, right?

    Hope to hear from some of you in the chat room later this week so I can wish you all a proper Merry Christmas.

    Enjoy Your Holiday FEd… God knows you’ve earned it. And a Merry Christmas to David and family and everyone at One Fifteen!


  81. Merry Christmas David and Polly!

    Thanks Phil for the wonderful answers to all our questions. I especially like the reference to your Mum. Merry Christmas!

    And a special Merry Christmas to you Fed. I enjoyed “meeting you” this year and I hope to have more “meetings” with you here on this site next year. Have a blessed holiday and stay safe!!

    Merry Christmas all!

    Barbara Phillips

  82. It’s been a tremendous and wonderful year here on the blog for me. Thank you for all that you’ve done, FEd.

    Best wishes to David Gilmour and Company, to you FEd and to everyone for a wonderful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

    I look forward to another tantastic year ahead.


  83. Congratulations to the winners!

    Just want to wish you all happy holidays and urge everyone to take care of their families and also contribute the best they can to help those that are less fortunate than we are!

    Merry Christmas!



    (And of course a huge thanks to Fed and his team for providing us with this site and obviously a huge thanks to Mr. Gilmour for his music)

  84. I hope I’m not too late to say thanks to Phil for an interesting Q&A session, even if the technical answers went way over my head!

    Also thanks to you FEd for another great year on the blog and best wishes to everyone for the festive season.

  85. Happy New Year to everybody and thank you again for a fantastic site.

    Remember That Night and On an Island continue to be in heavy rotation–thanks again.

  86. Hopefully, I’m not to late to wish everybody who maintains and reads the David Gilmour website a Merry Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

    Whilst I’m sure nobody will have noticed, I’ve not posted to the Blog for a while, as I’ve not been feeling particularly communicative since finding out that a good friend of mine, who is also in his mid-40s, has been seriously ill. He’s been in hospital for the past five weeks.

    Unfortunately, as he’s not really improving, it’s looking as though he’s going to be in hospital over the Christmas period too.

    [I am sorry to hear that. – Features Editor]

  87. Felicitations to the winners of the 2007 Christmas Raffle!!! You lucky devils. . . ;^)

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions, Phil!!!

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!!! All the best for 2008!!!

    Mari Lwyd, Wassail, Calennig, Hunting the wren??? Have a good one, Fed!!!

    Oer yw’r gwr sy’n methu caru,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    Hen fynyddoedd annwyl Cymru,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    Iddo ef a’u câr gynhesaf
    Ffa la, Ffa la, fa la la,
    Gwyia llawen flwyddyn nesaf,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    I’r helbulus oer yw’r biliau,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    Sydd yn dyfod yn y gwyliau,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    Gwrando bregeth mewn un pennill,
    Ffa la, Ffa la, fa la la,
    Byth na waria fwy na’th ennill,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    Oer yw’r eira ar Eryri,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    Er fod gwrthban gwlanen arni,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.
    Oer yw’r bobol na ofalan’,
    Ffa la, Ffa la, fa la la,
    Gwrdd â’i gilydd ar Nos Galan,
    Ffa la la la la, fa la la la.

    The “feeling” for the “holidays” is “Wish You Were Here!!!”. Enjoy!!!

    Good Show!!! Tally-ho!!! ;^))

  88. Merry Christmas to you FEd, marvelous job this second year for

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year David, Polly and family.

    Merry Christmas to everyone here at <:)

  89. Hello FED!

    I wish David and his family Merry Christmas and a good start in the New Year 2008.

    The same to you FED and all Bloggers.

    With best regards

  90. Merry Christmas everyone and you FEd, have a good one, thanks for an excellent year, looking forward to 2008.

    Chris & Caroline

  91. Hi, wonderful book!

    I bought the Black Strat, but I’m waiting for Christmas to read it. Because it’s my christmas gift.

    Considering that I can’t wait, I would like to ask a question.

    What kind of Pickup replacement, today on sale, is near/like the pickup of the black strat?

    thanks a lot

    best regards


    [Can any readers advise? I hope you enjoy Phil’s book, DB. – Features Editor]

  92. Congrats to all of the prize winners and I’d like to thank FEd for a very entertaining and informative blog and of course Phil for all of the very interesting information.

    Happy Holidays to all, be safe!

    Best regards,

  93. With all these excellent prizes being given away it’s a shame to see such thievery on eBay…

    Our friend, Mr Sloane, the one from South Wales I mentioned a while ago who was selling free programmes from the DVD Premiere is now selling a signed OAI CD… whoever Mr Sloane is must have extremely good access to get everyone in the band and Polly S to sign the CD…

    So value your signed prizes because I think I can start to understand DG’s attitude towards signing autographs when such blatant profiteering is happening…

  94. To everyone:

    Have a happy and HEALTHY New Year.

    Looking forward to release of the live CD in ’08.

  95. I think I will drink a lot, as I always do during the meals with relatives. Otherwise, how can you stand all the relatives who try talking with you about a lot of soooo boring stuff, so that you would prefer staying to move stones in Syberia than listen to them?!!! I will practice playing glasses with Chianti!

    Silliness a part, I wish you all wonderful holidays and all the best for the new year. Special wishes to David, Polly, the band and all their families. And to you, Fed. Enjoy!!!

    Christmas love to you all


    [Merry Christmas, Lucia. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  96. I just took a look at the signed CD offered by Mr Sloane on eBay. It is quite amazing and really dishearting to all of us who would covet such an item. I think there needs to be an investigation into this as Rudders is right..the access would only be available to certain people.

    What do you think FEd?

    Cheers, Howard

    [It’s a tough one. I respect, and fully agree with, David’s feelings on signing autographs when so many of them end up being flogged to the highest bidder. Why should people cash-in on his name, his time and his courtesy? I find that incredibly disrespectful. Yet I also have to say that, if someone wants to sell their property, it’s theirs to sell. Nobody has the right to stop that, but people can refuse to place a bid and they can also discourage others from placing bids, if they feel strongly enough about the situation. – Features Editor]

  97. [I can start to understand DG’s attitude towards signing autographs]

    Agreed. It is a pity the few always spoil things.

    May your god be with you (as Dave Allen used to say).

    Enjoy the break everyone.

    Pete – Coventry

  98. To DB

    I personally use Fender custom ’54’s as they give an excellent vintage tone. Others prefer custom ’69 which are probably fairly close to the black strat’s original pups. It really depends on which era of David’s playing you wish to reproduce. Either way there’s lot’s of other variables in achieving the correct tone (parrot speak!!)

    Lots more christmas wishes FEd and bloggers.

    And most importantly…. If you are driving this holiday season then… don’t forget your car!!!


  99. [What kind of Pickup replacement, today on sale, is near/like the pickup of the black strat? – DB]

    You could try Fender Custom Shop 69’s.


  100. Happy Christmas to all and a Very Happy 2008.

    This has definitely been a wonderful year.

    Congrats to all the winners this year and the last two. I am really glad this community has expanded and we added a lot of new faces this year.

    Off to make Tamales and hopefully Santa will be nice to me this year.

    Have a wonderful rest of 2007
    Cheers to you Fed

    Renee B

  101. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people here. See you next year.

    Have a wonderful vacation, Fed.

  102. [So value your signed prizes because I think I can start to understand DG’s attitude towards signing autographs when such blatant profiteering is happening… – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at December 20, 2007 02:18 PM]

    It’s just a squiggle on a piece of paper. . . If anyone’s silly enough to pay large sums for a signature. . . then you could argue that they probably deserve to lose their money. . . It’s just a shame that they couldn’t do something more constructive with it in the first place. . . I’m not entirely sure what owning a copy of someone’s signature even means. . . :^/

  103. Merry Christmas everyone !

    FEd, have a good holiday 🙂 I hope I caught you before you finish this evening.

    ash X

    [You did. Merry Christmas. – Features Editor]

  104. Hey FED,

    Well it sounds like you have mellowed quite a bit about eBay. It is rather surprising considering how hard line you once were.

    And Dr Phang, I think having a valued icon’s signature in most people’s minds means having them close to you in a way they could never be in real life. I am sure if you asked any of the folks who have won a signed programme on this site..they would think the same way…especially if they get it through this site.

    Now I know if you ever win a signed programme here, I am sure you will turn it down so another can appreciate it.

    Cheers, Howard

    [I haven’t mellowed very much at all. I still think that profiteers are an absolute pain in the neck, and some of their methods sicken me, but so does “Oh, I just had to have it, so I sold my car/re-mortgaged the house/the kids are going to go hungry for a few weeks and forked out the cash. But, you know, I really hate scalpers and, damn it, something should be done to stop them!” I just so happen to believe in the power of the masses more than I believe in those snappy suit-wearers – the ones you might expect to clamp down on the profiteers – because usually they’re just as greedy and won’t put themselves out unless there’s something in it for them (and, in this case, there obviously isn’t enough in it to make it worth their while). Sad, but true. It’s a rather lazy excuse to say that someone else should make it stop, anyway. You lot can make a difference by highlighting their brazen cheek and by not parting with your cash when they tempt you to do so. I’ve said that all along, so please don’t be too surprised to hear it once more. – Features Editor]

  105. I would like to wish the merriest Christmas to David, Polly and Family. To you dear Fed and all of the wonderful friends I have met here on the Blog and much happiness for the New Year.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  106. Mr.GILMOUR,

    One question, hope this come across O.K.

    Your style, talent, notes your way for forming a song, the technical sides, lyrics, etc.
    Who will you pass this on to?
    That is, who will carry on the music created by you and Pink Floyd?
    Sure would be great to pluck some every day, Joe out of the world
    and fill him or her with everything possible that you know.
    Look the way you play has changed many, touch millions,
    It’s like the last knight passing his sword on, or a father passing
    on the business, just a thought or a tribal leader telling the tribal
    to follow these rules and it won’t be so damn bad getting what I am saying
    Without sounding like a nut HAHAHA

    Long time listener from the 70s

    PS it would be nice if this gets to you

  107. [What kind of Pickup replacement, today on sale, is near/like the pickup of the black strat? – DB]

    I use Fender Custom Shop ’54 pickups.

    You could also consider Kinman Reg Woodstock.

    This is what Phil Manzenera has on “his” black strat (actually one of David’s strats).


  108. Happy Holidays to all the fellow DG fans.

    Let’s hope the release of the live CD in 2008 arrives with at least a few live shows!

  109. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to everyone involved with, to David and family & friends!

    …and of course to the “irregulars” too 😉

  110. Sorry Fed, that you had to cancel your plans for the trip to Germany, as a consolation, it is so cold here that I am covered with frostbites, so maybe it had been smart you didn´t venture here!

    As a link some beautiful Christmas paintings! Enjoy!

  111. F’Ed..

    I did not have time to read all above posts,but I did see a couple of humorous ‘F’Ed’ answers. Enough to end my day with a couple of laughs. Thank you for that.

    To all the Gilmour’s, family and band, the bloggers and our favorite (the one and only) F’ed, I wish you a wondrous and exciting New Year and a peaceful and joyous season to celebrate in the tradition of your choice.

    My prayers to Susan. Hope you are doing ok.

    Bless you all.

    So looking forward to 2008! These last two plus years have flown with all the excitement of the concert, the contests, the prizes, the q & a’s, the conversations, captions and F’Ed’s quips. What an interesting place this has been. Way too addicting. Can we do it again? Please?


  112. Well, this is the time to say to everybody on this earth, to enjoy this period of the year and to be close to your family and to cherish them. Fed, a very merry christmas and a 2008 year as successful as 2007 (or better who knows?)

    To David, Polly and your children, enjoy each moment together and a merry christmas to all of you! Lovexxx

    Merci Michèle pour les bons voeux et joyeuses fetes a toi aussi et a ta famille!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  113. Happy holidays to everyone…thank you David Gilmour and crew for a very interesting year!

  114. First I’d like to say congratulation to all the lucky winners!

    Sorry to hear about the chat problems. Looking forward the first blog entry and the chat with all my fellow bloggers in next year!

    Sending to David and his lovely family the best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, and a wonderful new year, loads of love and my warmest thoughts to Rick and his close ones, and Merry Christmas to all blog members and chatters!

    Special greetings to you dear FED, thank you for your work and patience! Have a fantastic and relaxing holiday!

    Liz from Hungary

    [Merry Christmas, Liz. – Features Editor]

  115. A Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you F.Ed, my fellow bloggers, David & family and all at DG management.

    And as always, many many thanks to all those involved in keeping this site informative, entertaining and thought provoking – always a must stop on my Internet travels.

    Best Wishes,

  116. Well, that’s all for another year.

    Thank you all for your time, thoughts, views, grumbles, captions, questions, quibbles, competition entries, wise cracks, tip-offs, announcements, shared experiences and greetings of all notions.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

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