'The Black Strat'


Frank Par wins a signed copy of ‘The Black Strat’.

Well done, Frank. Please let us know where we should send your prize.

Phil Taylor’s book, ‘The Black Strat: A History Of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster’, can now be ordered from TheBlackStrat.com. This is the only way to obtain one at present. You cannot order it anywhere else, although this could well change in the not-too-distant future. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Written to accompany Fender’s long-awaited Gilmour Signature Strat, the book is a must-have for guitarist and non-guitarist alike, owing to its magazine-style mix of photos (there are many never-before-seen shots) and facts. There’s also plenty of technical detail and history.

This Strat will not be available this year. However, when it does become available, should you wish to purchase one, you will also get a copy of Phil’s book, a copy of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD and a set of GHS strings, all housed in a special case.

Courtesy of Phil, I have a signed copy of ‘The Black Strat’ for you to win.

To be in with a shout, just visit TheBlackStrat.com and take any one word from the homepage, looking carefully at the title. Then post it here, with your daily comment.

No more than one word, no need to explain why you chose it, but please make your chosen word very clear.

Those who opt for the word that I have chosen will be entered into a raffle, with one name selected at random on Friday, when the winner will be announced.

One entry per person only, please. Entries must be submitted by 9.30AM (UK), Friday 16 November.

Good luck.

Once you’ve done that, please click here, see the bottom-left of the page, and vote responsibly. Planet Rock hope to determine the Best (Living) Guitarist, and we all remember ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘Echoes’ and ‘Take A Breath’ from last year’s tour, don’t we?

And, once you’ve done all that, you can enjoy some more of Phil’s answers to your questions.

I heard you removed the Alembic Pre from this rig this tour. I work at Guitar Center and one morning I see that we all are looking for a vintage one because you called… or something along those lines. Why was it removed and is it going back now? (Matt Surdin)

It was not me who called, I have a few already. The modified Alembics are only used in David’s big Pink Floyd rig – which has not been out since 1994 – and another one with the Yamaha RA200 cabinet, last used in David’s barn earlier this year. See Polly’s photos.

I know David uses a big rack of effects, but, when I went to the Ritzy, he only used one amp and got his distinctive sound. What amp was it and were other effects used from the desk? (Anthony Green)

Get some new glasses. He used two amps: a 1958 Fender Tweed Twin and a 1958 Magnatone 280A, with one of his effects valve pedalboards that I had made.

I’m wondering how you made the black Strat so incredibly quiet on stage! What has changed since the last Pink Floyd tour, when David was still using EMG pickups? (Ben)

Nothing has changed on the guitar. The source of this problem is normally generated from the touring lighting and effects systems. This is picked up by the guitar’s single coil pickups and amplified as noise and interference. The improved designs these days mean that there are few problems. David has great control over his equipment and the way he uses it, and is very good at getting through a show with interference and masking it if needed.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

176 thoughts on “'The Black Strat'”

  1. hi, fed

    how are you today? I installed my new hd, so – one happy bunny here….

    my word of choice is BLACK – obvious choice, isn’t it?

    [I’m good, thanks. – Features Editor]

  2. Hey Fed

    My chosen word is- GUITAR

    It feels like forever since I last made a post about anything but,hey,I’m back,lol.

    I dont know about anyone else but I have had a great couple of weeks! I have spent my time helping my mum decorate her house and I have loved it!!

    Anyway,I’ll see you all on next chat.

    Be good everyone and take care


  3. Hi FEd,

    Long time no blog.

    B-day slowly sneaking up on me and Phil’s book is on my wish list, so here is my try: ‘favourite’.

    Best regards,

  4. I’m enjoying Phil’s answers even though I know nothing about the technical aspects of guitars. It’s interesting to hear about what goes on behind the scenes.

    My chosen word is ‘history’.

  5. I choose the word…


    Even though I have the worst luck and never win anything, I will be waiting to order after the contest is over just in case. It will make a swell gift to myself, as I would never be able to teach my wife how to get the computer going to order it for me:)

  6. I’ve learned something today, know your equipment, only then is it possible to master it (in reference to the quietness of the Strat). Thanks Phil

    My word for the competition is: History

    It would be awesome to win this, as the ‘rents aren’t too keen on paypal, so I highly doubt this is going to be a stocking filler this Christmas!


    Liked the THEBLACKSTRATback-filtered.png with the shape built by the hands…

    Best regards,


    PS. I bought a copy right away; 33,37 Euro for this kind of book is not expensive IMHO.

  8. The book looks great and probably has many previously unpublished photos in it too.

    Chosen word: ‘History’


  9. Oh dear, no new strat for me this year. But the final package when the guitar is released, does sound great!

    My chosen word is `Pompeii`

    God, I hope I`ve read the rules right?

  10. Here is my word


    Thanks Fed..hope you are having a great week…been keeping busy huh?

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  11. Hi Fed,

    Another contest- how cool. my word is ‘The’

    Phil Taylor signed on with PF at 22 years old?? Talk about an awesome career move.

    This is turning out to be quite a package- there is the Signature Strat, with the accompanying ‘The Story Of’ book, accessorized with the GHS Boomers, it makes me wonder what else will get thrown in.

    Have a good week, Fed and everyone

    [Please don’t. DVD, case… and that’s it. – Features Editor]

  12. Hey Fed and everyone!

    It’s Wednesday! half a week is gone! (I know, half a week to go…but…it feels good!)

    Love the artwork of the book! (what we can see on the site).

    My chosen word is: backline

    On my way to vote!

  13. I can’t wait to get my hands on a guitar. No problem about having two copies of Remember That Night. One for work and one for home.

    And my word is: Strat

  14. My chosen word is: BLACK

    Thanks Phil for sharing this fantastic book! It really means a lot to me. Can’t wait reading it.

    Thanks FEd for this amazing competition!

    P.S. FEd, Perhaps another crisis auction suggestion: a “David Gilmour guitar Plectrum”?

    Ernest 8~)

  15. FEd,

    My chosen word is:- HISTORY.

    It’s Phil’s book, it’s his story. It’s history in the making.

    Some nice tempters on Phils’ site, a must have for all, me thinks.

    I’ll wait until Friday to make my purchase, purely on the off chance I may make history and actually win a comp.

    Good luck everybody.

    How big is the print run on the 1st Edition FEd. Do you know?

    Tried to vote for David on the Planet Rock site but there seems to be an error ot the page… :0(

    [I don’t know, sorry. – Features Editor]

  16. My one word is: Home

    Home, home again
    I like to be here when I can
    And when I come home cold and tired
    There’s that hot new Black Strat by the fire
    Yes, dream a little dream of me

    Oh, give me a home where a Black Strat can go
    Where my friends and I can play
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day
    Home, home again
    Where my friends and I can play
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day

    How often at night where the heavens are bright
    With the light of the glittering stars
    Have I stood there amazed and asked as I gazed
    If their glory exceeds that of ours

    Home, home again
    Where my friends and I can play
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day

    Please, win me a DG Black Strat
    Where the bright diamond sands at
    Flows leisurely down to the stream
    Where the graceful white swan goes gliding along
    Like a maid in a heavenly dream

    Oh I would not exchange my old home on the range
    Where my friends and I can play
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day

    Dream a little dream of me…?

  17. “Whut in tarnashun! Whoa thar, DG. wait fer me!”

    How about Fender? The Black Strat would not exist without Fender!

    Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

    Keep movin’, movin’, movin’,
    Though they’re disapprovin’,
    Keep them products movin’ Fender!
    Don’t try to understand ’em,
    Just rope and throw and grab ’em,
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
    Boy my heart’s calculatin’
    My true love will be waitin’, be waiting at the end of my ride.

    Move ’em on, head ’em up,
    Head ’em up, move ’em out,
    Move ’em on, head ’em out Fender!
    Set ’em out, ride ’em in
    Ride ’em in, let ’em out,
    Cut ’em out, ride ’em in Fender.

    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
    Though the streams are swollen
    Keep them products rollin’
    Rain and wind and weather
    Hell-bent for the better
    Wishin’ my gal was by my side.
    All the things I’m missin’,
    Good vittles, love, and kissin’,
    Are waiting at the end of my ride

    Move ’em on, head ’em up
    Head ’em up, move ’em on
    Move ’em on, head ’em up
    Count ’em out, ride ’em in,
    Ride ’em in, count ’em out,
    Count ’em out, ride ’em in

    Keep movin’, movin’, movin’
    Though they’re disapprovin’
    Keep them products movin’
    Don’t try to understand ’em
    Just rope, throw, and brand ’em
    Soon we’ll be living high and wide.
    My hearts calculatin’
    My true love will be waitin’,
    Be waitin’ at the end of my ride.


  18. Hello Fed – my chosen word for the Black Strat Competition is


    Can’t wait for Monday auctions to start. Where’s my pink piggy bank?

    regards to all

  19. “HISTORY” is my word

    This book is going to be absolutely amazing, just looking at the sample photographs and be able to see it in detail is incredible, i can tell i’m going to be altering my black strat again soon.

  20. WOW!

    I just purchased the book via its site and can’t wait to read it.

    I would like to enter the contest to get a signed one. If I understood the rules correctly my word is “Lengendary” hope that was the way. It’s the best way to describe the guitar and David.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  21. Oh Wow FEd so much going on!!

    Competition for Phil’s eagerly awaited book (so glad he hasn’t delayed any longer to coincide with Fender! As one of their greatest endorsee’s they’d better make a good job of David’s sig guitar when it finally materialises!)

    And more of Phil’s great Q & A’s. Only wish the chatroom was open to share the excitement!!!

    The vote was easy, although there appears to be too many Jimmy Page fans out there knocking our man off the top spot. So I hope you’ve all voted and in case you have more than one person in your household that wants to vote, they can do so but only if you delete all cookies via your internet options page first 😉

    Anyhow, my word would be “STRAT”.

    Best wishes to Phil and sincerely hope the book goes well.

    Hope to catch some of you Friday AM in the Lobby.

    Good luck to you all for the raffle.


  22. Well F’ed the word I chose is BLACK

    I must confess that interesting as I find Phil’s answers, it does little more than point out my almost total ignorance of the technicalities of the guitar and what it takes to put on a Rock Gig.

    This may account for my own limited abilities on my cute red Strat-a-like, but I still love it of course.

    Phil would no doubt be appalled that I did not change the strings for the first 10 years, resulting (along with the dodgy pick-ups) in a splendid tone rarely appreciated either in Abbey Road, the Astoria or indeed the Barn.

  23. My one word is:


    I’m off on vacation. Hope to catch up later.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Keep in mind those who are not so well off.

    Love to you all,

    [Wave? I must have missed that one. – Features Editor]

  24. Hey FED,

    I have been on a training course the past 2 weeks with little time to post. Things should be back to normal next week.

    In the meantime, my chosen word for the contest is “Strat”

    Cheers, Howard

  25. The word that attracted me is “PinkFloyd”

    I love the photo on the front cover. Where is it taken : north Africa, Arizona or else?

    I love that website too.


    [Arizona. Click your name below for specifics. – Features Editor]

  26. Fed

    I might not have the right word, but my word sums it all up. The word is “iconic”. What else could it really be? A legend playing a legendary instrument.

    I like the book’s cover, good job Phil. I’d love to have one in my library.

    bye for now

  27. Just checked the Planet Rock site. DG the best living guitarist 24% and Jimmy Page 2nd. Great stuff – I think they’re both great. Memories of growing up in the 70’s.

    Good news Fed?

    [I’d take first place, yes. – Features Editor]

  28. Will there be another american tour,if so,then when?

    I have been a fan, since the late 70’s, early 80’s. I was about 8 or 9 years old when I first heard Pink Floyd, and have loved the music, and the sound ever since. It takes me to another place where I feel relaxed and free. Awsome feeling!

    Keep on playing and I”ll keep on hearing and listening.


    [If there was to be another tour, in any part of the world, we’d tell you all about it right here. Nothing’s planned right now, sorry. – Features Editor]

  29. Very clear word choice: HOME

    Looking forward to the DG Strat, I’m actually buying my own Black VG Strat this week, so it kinda sucks this one isn’t available yet, but when it comes out and the specs are known I will consider one of these for sure!

  30. The one word I choose is: “FAVOURITE”

    In the States, we don’t spell it with a U. It caught my eye, just seeing it spelled that way.

    The technical nature of the questions Phil answered for us here, is not for me. Still, if anyone could make this stuff interesting to a non-musician like myself, it would be Phil.

    I might get the book just to gander at the pictures.

  31. “Strat”, because it just sounds great!

    Green tip: If you are interested in having children think about adopting a child instead of making your own.

    We need to rethink ourselves. The time has come for the world to make a major change in thinking. The impact of adopting a child is tremendous for the child who has no home, and dreams of being loved and having a family of their own. You or someone you know could benefit by creating a family for someone who needs one. If you stop to think of the carbon footprint all of us put on this planet in a lifetime….well, it’s pretty big.

    The falacy lies in the notion that we must have children “of our own”….it’s just come to a point where we need to rethink that notion. If that seems to much for you, then maybe you might consider having less children.

    Consider these thoughts, and share them with other poeple you know. The population on earth grew five times its size in the last century…we need to start helping ourselves now.

    Think about it~

  32. I just ordered my copy of the Black Strat. Needless to say, I look forward to it in a great way.

    Since it would make a great gift for a friend, I’ll throw in my luck for the competition with the word HISTORY.

    Good luck to everyone.

  33. OK I think I did not read the question thoroughly.

    If I can get another chance I will choose only one word “BLACK”

    That’s it.


    [Sorry, but it also quite clearly says that it’s one entry per person. – Features Editor]

  34. Hi Fed, my word is ABOUT.

    Is it the 20th fret or the 21st fret? I don’t know what else to say other than: Hello everyone.

  35. My one word: Black

    I am going to hold off till Friday before purchasing. You never know…I have “high hopes” that my instinct might serve me well?

    Good luck all!

  36. [The Strat will not be available this year. However, when it does become available, should you wish to purchase one, you will also get a copy of Phil’s book, a copy of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD and a set of GHS strings, all housed in a special case.]

    FEd, will you be giving us a chance to win that also? Sorry, I am getting a bit too greedy here, am I?

    [Maybe just a little bit. – Features Editor]

  37. Mmmmm……… What a nice package the guitar and Dvd and book etc..

    I think the word might be ‘legendary’ but with my luck i doubt it!

    Fed any date yet for the Canadian Blu-ray version of RTN?

    [We haven’t said that there’ll be one yet. More as soon as possible, Nigel. – Features Editor]

  38. Hello Fed. Another entertaining contest. How do you come up with all these good ideas? Ok, yes I will resort to the old “buttering up”! Anyway here is my word.


    I really do have to be honest. I was not too excited about this book, not knowing much about guitars, but from what I have read so far it is very interesting. I can’t wait to read the book.

    Thanks Phil, and of course, thank you Dear Fed.

    Good luck fellow Bloggers!

  39. Thanks again Phil.

    David is currently number one as I speak in the Planet Rock voting at 25% ahead of Page and Clapton.

    My word Fed, “Black”. Hope it’s the right one for the book.

  40. Hi Ho All,

    Well the word I would choose is “black”.

    And my daily comment, well I have two usualy; “Hi Ho” and “Top of the day”. So … Hi Ho, top of the day to you all.


  41. Happy Thursday,


    Now this book is something that I would like to have regardless of if I win one or not.

    Thanks for the opportunity regardless

    Pete – Coventry

  42. Regarding the Planet Rock Best (Living) Guitarist, I didn’t get to vote, shame on me. I was too carried away reading the blackstrat site and by the time I tried to vote, it gave me an error message that the URL cannot be found.

    Could that be the voting was only for Wednesday, Nov 14?

    [No, you can still cast your vote. – Features Editor]

  43. My chosen word for the comp is BLACK.

    Can’t find the Planet Rock voting site for best living guitarist but as soon as I do I’ll vote like crazy.

    I did find an interview with Roger W some of which I read on the train this morning but gave up cos he was going on so much about David not doing this, that or the other that it basically got on my nerves! Does anyone think he regrets splitting up PF cos I seemed to sense a modicom of regret when reading between the lines.

    Oh well nothing lasts forever.


  44. BLACK

    That’s my word: the most luscious, intense, inspiring, and stylish colour in the world.

    Thanks so much to Phil for answering, and nice to see them in the retrospective and nowadays pictures.

  45. Hello everyone,

    my word is ‘Black’.

    Just voted for the poll and I see David is right in the first place.Can we vote everyday yes?

    Great answers from Phil,and the book’s site is quite cool,love the images I’ve never seen.

    Hope everyone have a nice day!


  46. I just ordered the book yesterday evening, so I won’t try the contest to win a copy.

    Thank you for making this book available to all those who won’t be able to afford a custom shop Stratocaster signature (even if this guitar is fabulous).

  47. I’ve been really looking forward to this book; should be a great read.

    My chosen word is ‘legendary’.

  48. Hey – just to let you know that my prize arrived safe and sound. Thanks very much.

    [You’re welcome. Please don’t put it on eBay. – Features Editor]

  49. Hi Fed,

    Congratulations to the winners of the last competition!

    I think I’m going to like this book. I dabble in playing the guitar. Not done much since my kids have been born though. But its the history angle that I think I will find interesting.

    I have done a similar thing with the Dalek props from Doctor Who and made a website about it. My brain likes to look a pictures of things through time and chart the changes. Dunno why!

    Anyway… my word will be “history”.


  50. ” HISTORY ” is my word chosen from the “BlackStrat” homepage.

    I’ll be intested to see what word is the most popular, as I will be to read the captions for the recent photo.

    Have a good day

    Ian Pearson

  51. The book looks lovely, that’s one christmas present dilema solved.

    …and the word – Pompeii (it’s a Gilmourette thing 🙂

  52. A certain Mr Gilmour is leading the pack with 26% of the vote…

    NaNaNaNanananana…….. 🙂

    And why isn’t Francis Rossi in the list Fed??? 😉

  53. Brilliant! Have just ordered mine….thanks for the heads up. Gotta love Paypal…too easy.

    The First Edition comes with the DG edition Stratocaster doesn’t it? 😉


  54. p.s. Tried voting for my favourite living guitarist and it’s coming back with a 404 error. Anyone else should also keep trying back later on to make sure your vote is counted properly.

    And before I forget… David’s solo on “Fat Old Sun” on RTN should imho also go down as a noteable piece from the greatest (living) guitarist. And my one word for the signed copy is (predictably) “Stratocaster” because the name is synonymous with David Gilmour…and more importantly no-one, living or dead, has managed to make it sound as good as DG.


  55. Chosen word Black. Voting done. Q and A very interesting and a great insight.

    Just one small silly question F’Ed. In the DVD West Coast clip when Rick has the camera and they are talking about hairstyles, is the man with the mullet Scott Page?….

    Have a great weekend everyone and good luck with the word!

    [The band did meet Scott Page while they were on the road, so it could be. – Features Editor]

  56. I guess I’ll go with the word “history” since the Black Strat and Phil’s book are all about it.

    Being a non-guitar player I still find it very interesting reading about the setups and effects used…until it goes over my head that is 🙂

    Thanks for answering the questions Phil!!!

  57. Caption Competition…

    Hushed voice of David Attenborough:

    Here we see the extremely rare Black Strat stalking its pray, a lone guitar tech taking a dump…

  58. Great news about the book. Finally we don’t have to guess anymore about this very special guitar.

    Too bad that we have to wait until next year for the guitar itself, but at least now we have something to read these cold winter nights by the fire place 🙂


    Hmm, who said that? 😉


  59. “remember”

    Thats all I have to say today.

    [Now you’re taking the piss, right? – Features Editor]

  60. Good news. I need to get me some GHS Gilmour Strings.


    [Thanks for blowing your chance, Matt. (If you have any pets, they’re not eligible.) – Features Editor]

  61. The book looks great but, I am going to wait to buy it with the guitar:-)

    My word is “technician”

  62. Do we know how much the guitar will be priced at yet?

    [Not yet, sorry. There are still contractual negotiations to be finalised. – Features Editor]

  63. The Word: “A”

    Today’s Comment: I’m loving Phil’s answers. Great caption Rudders. I looked like an idiot cracking up in my empty office with people walking by….

  64. Hi Fed, and all 🙂

    Hope all is well, as i havent been able to get on lately so feel a bit out of the loop.

    Anyways – i have a bit of advice for you – well perhaps a warning.

    If anyone is going to the tutenkahmun exhibit at the o2 (london) expecting to see the very famous burial face mask and sarcophagus, please beware! these items are not on display. Not that you would know it to look at the advertising – the image used on the posters is that of a 12inch figurine – the real treasures are considered too fragile to move and are still in cairo.

    I was lucky enough to see them in cairo earlier this year, and we decided to go for a bit of a reminder as to how good it was, we got through the whole tour and ended up in the gift shop wondering if we had made a wrong turn. BTW the gift shop is obscenely overpriced – £10 for a pen, a bloody pen! – and no it didnt come out of the tombs 😛

    The exhibit is worth seeing, but if you’re going just to see the masks – then please think twice!

  65. Oh yes fellow Gilmourette Lorraine! Glad you picked a bit of Pompeii and circumstance.

    Since I was only 3 at the time I asked mother if she recalled the event and she ‘remembered that night’ and the disrobing! Lol. So did my daddy! Cos he took his off too to get mother’s attention but he said she didn’t take any notice cos she was goo-goo over David so my dad put it under his seat and forgot to pick it up at the end of the show! Now he reckons David owes him a shirt!

    Better go back to work. Bye!


  66. I’m going with Iconic.

    Hope you have some great plans for your day off, Fed.


    [It’s been postponed, actually. It will be a spot of Christmas shopping, though. – Features Editor]

  67. The pics are great and detailed, I particularly love the Hands On photo.

    Caption: Phil is lost in Arizona and sees a mirage of a Black Strat in the sand.

  68. What a treat, but it looks like I’m too late to enter 🙁

    Ah well, I make my choice anyway. Here it is.


    [It’s Friday already? If so, I missed a night’s sleep and am not happy about it. – Features Editor]

  69. and the word was: history

    oh FE’d you tease us so with your word play! it wasn’t my first choice

    [just thinking that a note from Mr Taylor to the lucky winner in the book would be truly special?
    it being the website comp?]

    & was too late for the vote

    it had changed to drummers – I saw powell needing oxygen after a solo during a whitesnake show but I went for mitchell, voting responsibly 🙂

    planet rock was rather cool midnight saturday – hanoi rocks floyd hawkwind & no talking 🙂

    hope you are ok FE’d? & people are all keeping fine?

    [Fine, thanks. (Vote Moon.) – Features Editor]

  70. My word is ‘David.’ (It must be the most used word on the homepage.)

    As for the Planet Rock thingy when i click on it the poll is still about the greatest rock drummer. Have i missed the guitarist section already?

    Hope everyone is well.

    Just one more thing – the nights are getting darker earlier now, everyone should take note – nature is trying to tell us to watch Davids DVD more often. I’ll certainly be listening to its advice.

  71. My word would be ‘Fender’.

    Although I am not a guitar geek, the book does look very nice indeed.



  72. Hi Fed.

    I choose GUITAR.

    Did we ever talk about the secret goodies that came with the DVD? Did I miss it?

    [We didn’t. And we probably won’t (not for a while, anyway.) – Features Editor]

  73. Hi all.

    I can’t access the strat page so I’m gonna pick a word from other people and hope it’s from the right part of the page… my word is Iconic, since the strat is iconic of David’s sound and David is iconic of the strat (when you think strat, who comes to mind???).


  74. My word is LEGENDARY

    Cant wait to see the book, will order it if I don’t win it (very unlikely !)

    Gutted that the black strat won’t make it this year, but I’m sure it will be worth waiting for……

    [I’m sure that it will be, Anthony. – Features Editor]

  75. Nice STRATOCASTER !! If I played guitar, I would certainly be saving my pennies to purchase one of these beauties!

    Promises to be a good book as well!!

    ~STRATOCASTER~ is my word, in case it didn’t stand out enough!

    Good day everyone, and let’s continue to pray for little Aaron Floyd Emery…

  76. Okay, let’s try this again …

    I’d just composed a what I thought to be a semi-interesting post and then my computer decided to latch up on me! Maybe I should take the hint … not such an interesting post after all??

    As much as I love the words ‘iconic’ and ‘Pompeii’ (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm), I am choosing the word ‘David’ for my entry even though I dislike referring to him as just a word!

    Love the cover art of the book … very beautiful, like the music that David makes with his black strat.

    Like nickster, I have been have been attempting to cast my vote for David but keep getting an error message. But, if at first you don’t succeed …

    Hope everyone out there is well and happy, including you FEd. You’re doing a fine job keeping David’s website up-to-date and always interesting!

    Peace ‘n’ love to you all!

    [You’re very kind. – Features Editor]

  77. The word has to be “official” because the word came through this site. . .

    Now, since I’ve already ordered the book, and a signature doesn’t mean all that much to me, if the chosen word is “official”, and I win, could I donate the signed copy of Phil’s book to the Crisis auction with David’s signed photo’s? That would be brill!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    [I don’t think that’s possible. In any sense, you’d have to ask Crisis. – Features Editor]

  78. My guess is the Features Editor has picked “HISTORY” as the word from the Black Strat website.

    I hope Crisis is able to raise a healthy sum of money through the eBay auction.

    A friend of mine from Manchester introduced me to their volunteer program last Christmas and we were able to donate some of our time to help feed the homeless and help take care of the facilities that were used for extra housing during the holiday season. It’s another way to give to Crisis and help the homeless.

    Hope you’re all well – Happy Thanksgiving to fellow American Gilmour fans and good luck on the Black Strat contest!

    Ed Lopez

  79. Caption from Lyn on the train on the way home to Margate-:

    “I’m lost and there’s snakes. David, Phil where are you? I want my boomer dads, wahh wahh!”


  80. I am definitely going to pick “DAVID” as my word of choice. I really love that word 🙂

    Alpha Martha

  81. My word is ‘signature’.

    I never win anything so I will not hold my breath, but it is fun to try!

    You never know, maybe one of these days…..

  82. My chosen word is “backline”.

    I’ve always loved the collection of black boxes, jewel lamps, casters, and grille cloth.


  83. Loving the DVD! It’s a good excuse to finally upgrade some ancient and creaky old home audio equipment.

    Contest Word = Signature.

    Phil Taylor’s responses are fascinating to read. I am sure the book will be equally engaging.

  84. Hi,

    I looked carefully at the title and decided to choose “BLACK”.

    Not sure if it was a good choice though…

  85. My word is ‘awaited’.

    So many gifts here ! C’est extraordinaire !

    Tschüß. (On prend de ces habitudes ici…)


  86. I just wanted to note that the Norwegian TV-channel NRK1 is showing Davids concert from RTN on Friday 16th November at 00.10!

    [Thanks for that, Thomas. More TV dates should be following shortly. – Features Editor]

  87. My word is STRAT.

    By the way, I looked at the preview page and want to know what David’s t-shirt says. I know the top line is Little David, but I can only make out from the bottom line “Was Small …”. I’m sure it’s probably an ad for something, but I don’t have a clue what Little David is.

    Please enlighten me FE’d:)

    [I’ll just get into my time-travel machine here… – Features Editor]

  88. My chosen word is stratocaster.

    Loved the book cover, brilliant signature pic by ST. A must buy for Christmas!

  89. Hello Fed.

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

    The voting page on Planet Rock alas doesn’t seem to work. I get a 404 error saying the page doesn’t exist. I see that others are having problems too. Must be a kinky linky!

    I’ll have another go tomorrow!
    Lyn 😮

    [The poll has changed. See above. – Features Editor]

  90. [Fine, thanks. (Vote Moon.) – Features Editor]

    Already have but i was slightly surprised that Mason wasn’t on there.

    Also surprised why Moon is so low. How can someone that entertaining and so good as so many different styles of drumming be so low?

    I think that there were too many so’s in that sentence.

    Thursdays are so (ul) nights.

  91. Really a very special guitar…is a better choice of Fender for one of your “Signatures Guitars”…and a great moment of course!

    I have one question: probably “The Great Gig In The Sky” is recorded in the Royal Albert Hall on the last year with the other songs of the concert. Is it possible that the video of “The Great Gig In The Sky” with Mica Paris will appear on this site?

    Thank You

    [I’m afraid that’s unlikely, but you never know. – Features Editor]

  92. HI Fed

    I will keep this simple My word is STRAT every guitar players dream guitar.

    Please please let me win this one. I do keep trying on every competition on here.


    [You didn’t win four tickets to the Ritzy, then? – Features Editor]

  93. Looking carefully at the title my word is:


    As for my commentary today I take issue with Stephen Barnhart’s green tip. The entire experience of having children cannot be equated to adoption, sorry there is a difference. And even a suggestion that someone should reconsider procreation just because someone else never considered the circumstances is just plain wrong. Maybe the green tip should be get neutered.



  94. My word…it was the first word I saw…TECHNICIAN, so let’s just go with that…anyways, good luck to everyone!


  95. My word is: David

    Phil’s answers are indepth and really interesting, Phil thanks for your time,


  96. Hello Fed,

    A big thank you for another wonderful contest – with yet another fantastic prize!

    Hoping that I understand the rules correctly, my word choice is “guitar” as the word appears on the webpage and a picture of a guitar seems to be in the title. Perhaps my thinking is all wrong – the fun is in the trying!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  97. Okay…I am gonna really stand out…My word is “The” (you did say ANY word…)

    So, I went onto the paypal part of the website to see how much it would cost me…$53 American Dollars!

    I can’t buy one now…No cash on hand… :o(

    Thanks George Bush…you are driving our economy into the bloody ground with your damned inflation and your damned war!

    On a happier note, I told my parents to donate to Crisis for Christmas and I think they are going to do it!!

    Have a good weekend FEd! Job Interview tomorrow, Wish me luck! :o)

    [Good luck, Ax – Features Editor]

  98. I reckon i’ve figured out the word from your clue in your question:


    Josie Posie

  99. Managed to vote for David on my end. It’s funny people still keep coming up with these little contests to figure out what the best guitar player (alive or dead), best solo, best website. The answer is always the same, and it’s pretty obvious!

    My word, History.

    Catch up with all of you soon!

  100. Wow, from the sample pages shown, this book looks like it is going to be a must have item!

    My word is “Strat”

    Speaking of the book one of the pages shows a case with “Pink Floyd London” written on it and one of David’s guitar picks. It would be neat if they were part of the package.

    Speaking of case, I looked for band stickers (for example, Pink Floyd) to stick on my guitar case recently and couldn’t find any at any store that sells music or instruments. With all the stickers available at any card shop, dollar store, department store, etc, you’d think it would be a no-brainer!

    Oh, well.

  101. Just to let you know, I was on the VOX website today and they are running a little popularity contest in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

    They are letting people vote for their
    1. favourite contemporary (1980 and after) VOX user – David is not one of them
    2. favourite classic (pre-1980) VOX user – David is not one of them
    3. favourite VOX wah user of all time – David is listed here, so of course I voted right away.

    I have a Crybaby myself, but someday I’ll give the VOX a try.

    If you want to vote, click my name below and click on the big yellow button labelled “The VOX Gold Awards”.

  102. My chosen word is “Phil”, assuming the contest is open to Canadians?

    Either way, good luck to everyone.

    [It’s open to everyone. – Features Editor]

  103. –> David’s <–

    Fantastic competition and prize.

    Many thanks to all who have made it possible. Especially you F’Ed.

  104. my word is “island”

    because david’s music is like a beautiful and wonderful calm, small island in a world with plenty of mediocrity.

    thanks for the good moments, david.

    (sorry for my bad english)

    [Bad English, Juanjo? It’s excellent, if you ask me. – Features Editor]

  105. My wife has ordered the book for me for Christmas. The web page for the book has really wetted my appetite, it reminds me of a Dorling Kindersley childrens book from what i have seen & thats meant as a compliment by the way.

  106. The pictures look great, I’m sure it’ll be a very interesting read!

    My word is ‘chief’.

    And since it is almost in sight: pleasant weekend everyone!


  107. Hmmmmm, looks like one had to choose from the title only? Or did the whole paragraph of the homepage count?

    Have a good weekend!! And is Wales fighting for their last chance this weekend for Euro 2008?

    [My boys are only playing for their pride now. – Features Editor]

  108. Thanks for entering.

    The competition is now closed. The winner will be announced this afternoon.

    Good luck to all.

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