February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.You will have seen our Latest News by now, but, if you haven’t, the gist of it is that you can get a free full-length ‘Remember That Night’ track – both audio and video – for your ‘phone, as well as having the option to purchase a ringtone and/or ringback, too (but only if you’re in America and on the Verizon network).

That’s right: you don’t have to buy anything (but these tracks will expire after nine weeks, at which point, you can buy them).

You can have ‘Comfortably Numb’ (that’s with Richard Wright, not David Bowie), ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Wish You Here’.

From Friday 16 November, each song will be available, in turn, for three weeks.

You can, at the same time, purchase matching tones.

‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ is up first, available to buy as a ringtone/ringback from the get-go. ‘Wish You Were Here’ will follow in the fourth week, with ‘Comfortably Numb’ available from the seventh.

Once a song becomes available, it stays available until the nine weeks are up. When the nine weeks are up, if you can’t bear to be without them, you can buy the songs. They’ll cost $1.99 each. Videos will not be available after this time, however.

If you want a ringtone to go with it, the cost of each song is $2:99. If you want the ringback, the cost of each song is $1:99. You can have both ringtone and ringback for a bargain $4:49 (per song).

Your thoughts on the above, as always, are very welcome; your queries, less so. That’s all I can tell you for now, sorry… and there are no prizes awarded for the most awkward question.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on the recent Barn photos. The above is definitely the last in the set, but I’m very glad that you enjoyed them. Many thanks to Polly for sharing them with us.

The chatroom is open today between 3PM and 5PM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

114 thoughts on “Ringtones”

  1. hey all! sadly I have an old phone and can’t have that tech-stuff..!

    Hope everyone is ok,I really missed you all.

    Can’t chat but I’ll try later…


  2. Sounds pretty straightforward to me. I wonder how many questions there will be – where the information is already stated……hmmm I’m guessing 5.

    Hope all of you is ok (terrible grammar), and hope to see you all in the chat room.

    Happy Election Day in some parts of the US, make a difference! City schools and offices are closed in these parts, so Happy Days!

    Happy Days,

  3. Please NO! don’t join the band of mobile users who insist on blasting out some part of song to tell them their phone is ringing, and bug everyone around you.

    Just say NO.

  4. Caption:

    “Rick, don’t touch the control marked ‘Saturation’, as it tends to make everything go black and white.”

  5. I am also not into all that Techy stuff but any of those lovely tracks as a ringtone I don’t think I’d bother to answer the phone….just listen!

    [And is there a finer way to subtly indoctrinate than to force people to listen to a ringback tone of your own choosing until you pick up? That’s just beautiful. – Features Editor]

  6. Hello Fed!

    Last Friday I saw Nick Mason live here in Berlin. He participated in a Jazz Festival. (This was my first jazz concert.) He played only some minutes, but for me it was very beautiful night.

    With best wishes from Berlin

    [I’m glad that you enjoyed it, Ina. – Features Editor]

  7. Damn…I have Sprint….

    Hi to all in the San Diego and L.A. area….I’m out to California for the US Conference on Aids. Look me up if you’re around.

  8. My thoughts on ringtones…

    Give me an old black Bakerlite telephone with a cloth cable and a loud ringing bell anyday!

    I used to have a company cellphone but since coming to Canada I don’t so I rarely use one probably because I was stunned to find out that if someone rings me I PAY as well! FFS!!!

    If I did have a ringtone I would have the four notes from Shine On…

  9. Hmmmm…I have to side with Gerry on this.

    I personally can’t stand when some obnoxious kid has P Diddy or some other talentless dreck blasting out of their phone at speaker crackling volume. In fact, if we didn’t have laws, I’d snap the phone in half and toss him off the train (ok maybe I wouldn’t…but I can certainly dream, can’t I??). And as immensely proud I may be of David’s genius, I’m not on board with force feeding the public any music they may not want (especially in the middle of a restaurant or early in the morning while commuting to work!).

    But far beyond “entertaining” innocent bystanders with music they might not want to hear, ring tones (in my opinion) devalue the song in much the same way as TV commercials. Think about it: after awhile, that stunning four note phrase from “Shine On…” ceases to be soulful because NOW it represents your wife calling to remind you that you forgot to pick up eggs at the grocery store!

    Sorry but I think it’s a bad idea.

    (Ok down off the soapbox now.)

  10. Aye, no bad!

    Bad result at Blackburn, a few boys needing to get themselves sorted……..

    [Tell me about it… – Features Editor]

  11. *Caption*

    Channeling Diana Ross, David starts the lyrics for a new song…

    “Reflections of, the way life use to be…and still is!”

  12. Hi Fed, Hope everything is well with you.

    I was disappointed that there wasn’t anything on the blog yesterday. And today’s blog and photo seem to have a bit of a gloomy sound and look to them.

    I happen to be on vacation this week (not going anywhere… I have a “honey-do” list a mile long).

    Anyways… wanted to say hello and thanks to Si for that “Happy Election” day comment.

    Although, here in the States, those two words are generally considered a rather odd pairing these days.

    But, as the great Winston Churchill once said, “… we shall endeavor to persevere …”

    BTW, now that I’ve figured out the time difference between the U.K. and U.S. (with the help of Fed and some fellow bloggers) I’m hoping to drop in on the chat this afternoon.

    Talk to you all soon.

    Cheers, Cevin

    [Sorry to disappoint you, Cevin. Hope to see you in the chatroom soon. – Features Editor]

  13. I haven’t been here for quite a while!

    Damn, I’m neither American nor on the Verizon network, not to worry, I suppose.

    All will be well if we overcome the Mackems on Saturday. (Yes, I know that’s random).

    – James.

  14. F*Ed and Friends,

    Guess who I met on 11/01/07 (click on name)


    It was the premier of Andrea’s new PBS special at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC. He answered some questions from the audience (mine was the second) and then he stayed for the entire film which was just fabulous. Look for it on PBS starting 11/25/07.

    After the movie my son and I were on the way out and walked right past him and his interpreter. I asked her if Andrea could sign this and he happily did. I thanked the both of them then watched them as they left the theatre and walked into the night…

    [Nice, Matt. – Features Editor]

  15. My initial reaction was to think “Great, I’d love ‘Shine On’ as a ringtone”. But on further consideration, after reading some of the previous comments, I wonder if it would be such a good idea. I wouldn’t want to take the magic out of the music by turning it into an everyday noise.

  16. I don’t like the idea at all!

    Leave this stuff to all the Britneys out there. Save the music and respect the musicians!

    Pink Floyd as ringtones??! That’s the worst idea ever. Is it because someone needs money?

    In any case: bad bad taste! A shame.

  17. Caption:

    David couldn’t believe how big Rick’s new Laptop was.

    AS for the ringtones, as well as annoying most people, even those who like the music normally, if your favourite track is your ringtone you don’t answer your phone, you just sit there and listen the music! (and who would have a 9 minute ringtone, if the phone isn’t answered after about half a minute they will hang up.)

  18. Wow – such controversy over ringtones!

    I have AT&T and when my wife (or anyone from home) calls me “Julia Dream” plays…I look forward to having someone from home calling me…even if it is just for milk and eggs! Since I have an iPhone it only plays 30 seconds but that’s fine.

    Regarding those who don’t like it..I would much rather be on the train or during a meeting with Shine On blasting on my phone because it would sound so much better than P-diddy or whoever (not too mention it would add a touch of class).

    I think I would set it to ring from work and I would NOT answer it…just listen – LOL

    Anyway…I’m off my soapbox..for now I’ll just keep getting my 30 second clips until the full length versions come to AT&T…any word on if/when that could happen Fed?

    [Sorry, no. – Features Editor]

  19. Fed…

    I think if you added a question about what age range the person making the comment is in then that would tell a story…

    My guess would be that it would breakdown something between:

    – Whippersnapper – Love the idea
    – Old Fart – Hate it


  20. Hi Fed,how are you?

    Every week something new,I’m so happy Remember That Night had a great success all over the world!It’s fantastic.The more you watch it the more you realize that it’s close to perfection.

    Have a nice day you all!


    [I’m very well, thank you. How are you? – Features Editor]

  21. – I think there is nothing bad about being able to download (free) Pink Floyd/David ringtones.

    If people don’t like that, they just don’t download, as simple as that, it’s their choice.

    – Very happy to see the blog re-open, I missed it !


  22. Useless bits of technological information…

    When I log into my laptop you hear “Welcome my son, welcome to the machine…”

    And when an email arrives you hear “Message for you sir” from Monty Python’s Holy Grail…(when Concorde gets hit by an arrow… you know the bit).

    And when I have a meeting alert 15 minutes before a meeting Darth Vader says “Give yourself to the darkside”

    And finally when I log out, Red Dwarf’s Ace Rimmer says “Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast”

    And I’ve had them all on various computers over the years!

  23. I’m with the ‘no ringtone’ folks.

    I can’t bear the thought that we are taking the music wars (P-Diddy vs The Famous Four Notes) on to the banal task of answering the phone. Is this ‘everybody else is doing it, so shall we?’

    On that ringback: if the favorite song plays, is the caller paying for the connection (is it an answered call)? (this can be rhetorical…)

    Way back, when?, if there was no pick-up, there was no connection, and no charge (to the caller).
    We used to have operators: we’d call from school “person-to-person,” when track practice was over, ask only for the ‘dad,’ would be told he was not at home, and the operator would instruct us to call back later – that was the signal to the ‘mom’ to come and get us. It got to the point where the operator would just tell my mother to come & get us… cheating us of the game.

    Hello, is there anybody in there?

    So, when you can do that with ringtones, give me a call. Meanwhile, shine on.

    It is just great to see Echoes played in concert.

  24. Regarding ringtones… with the technology built-in to today’s cell phones, anyone, anywhere, can download just about anything imaginable if they’re willing to pay for it.

    I just think it’s great that David’s offering them free of charge.

    I personally have never opted for a musical ringtone, but if that’s what tickles your fancy… power to you!

    And what song could be more fitting than something like “Wish You Were Here”?


  25. Ringtones. If there is a market for it the numbers will bear that out. And if the numbers show that there is a market for it, then kudos to David on his popularity.

    I can understand the points being discussed here against such ringtones. However, market forces are market forces, and we are subjected to and slaves to them all the time in subtle and not so subtle ways. (What sneakers do you wear for instance? Or what brand of breakfast cereal do you eat?)

    The frivolity of our society is so embarrassing. At the end of all things what will matter is how you chose to live your life.

  26. CAPTION:

    Richard embarrassingly mutes his Justin Timberlake “My Love” ringer on his Motorola RAZR in the middle of rehearsal as everyone looks on miffed and befuddled…

  27. So we come to the end of another episode of the Gilmour Gadget Show. Tune in next week when you’ll hear Dr. Fed say: “We have got the Special Edition DG Slippers in three sizes and two colours, tell us what you think!”

    (Sound of audience in the background laughing.)

    Dr. Fed: “Hand over some pointy sticks Nurse Janice”

  28. Come on people, please stop nagging about the ringtones!

    Anything (and preferably David Gilmour’s music) is better than the boring N*ki* ringtone and text-message-tone: “tiedeldiedie tiedeldiedie tiedeldie-die-die” and “peep-peep – pip-pip”

    On my cellphone I have the Echoes “ping” for text-messages and the intro-“clocks” of Time as a ringtone. Works perfectly for me and annoys no-one.

    I get positive reactions on these all the time.
    It really surprises me when people recognise the short little “ping” as a Pink Floyd-song sound.
    On more than one occasion an interesting conversation on music followed!

    Hey Fed, what about the game tonight? Looks like a similar challenge like PSV is facing tomorrow!


    [Good luck to PSV. I just hope that Dirk has his boots on the right feet tonight. – Features Editor]

  29. I still don’t have a cell phone and won’t buy one. But if I were to choose,it would be Shine for sure and what about Echoes which is serene and gentle on the ears?

    Caption: Richard does a version of “The Black”.

  30. David, when come play your ringtone in Brazil? We love you.

    [Yes, very good. – Features Editor]

  31. Hi Fed, long time no post

    Man, it’s been too long since I have posted on here. I have missed alot. The Barn pics were all good, but I am torn between the GHS one, because it’s a hometown favorite, or the one from yesterday because David playing a bass is always cool in my book.

    I have a caption for yesterday’s photo that I can’t post 🙁 For what it’s worth, my caption would have been “David and Guy’s version of the old childhood game of ‘If You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine'”

    Great choice of ringtones, by the way. Hopefully the offer moves into other carriers sometime. I never realized ringtones were such a sore point with people.

    Anyways, have a good day, all, hope to be a more frequent blogger again.


  32. I agree with Frank – I, too, don’t have a cell phone nor do I want one. This is considered strange among my friends but they also know that if I say I’ll be there, I’ll be there and since I can’t call anyone to let them know I’m running late, I find I try very hard to be on time. I think when you don’t have a cell phone you tend to just make a little more effort to plan things out rather than say I’ll call you later about it.

    That said, I again agree with Frank – IF I had a cell phone, Echoes would be perfect…


  33. I disagree with Patrick (in the spirit of democratic discourse). I like the idea of a Gilmour ringtone.

    I don’t see it as disrespectful of the music. And anything we can do to share good music with the rest of the world is a good thing, right? At least it is in my opinion.

    So if someone hears the ringtone and says “What IS that nice music?” it could be a new fan in the making. I don’t see the harm in that.

  34. Right now I have a hifi ringtone of Hey You.

    When people hear “Hey you, out there on the road…” it usually gets a smile or two. People who know me expect nothing less…

    I think Shine would be nice!

    Lots of folks have quite different views on the mobile phones (they don’t really use “cells” anymore) and that’s ok. Some people still won’t go out and buy one of those new fangled auto-mobiles or the ice boxes you plug into the wall.

    Most the time it is the person, and not the phone, that is the annoying one. I resisted til I really needed to be in touch with my family.

  35. I think having any Gilmour/Floyd tunes as ringtones is a bad idea. Most fans enjoy the music and the quality of the sound from each instrument. It is an experience.

    A ringtone will dilute the sound and will join millions of other tunes that sound terrible on a phone’s speaker that has very limited capability.

  36. What??? Pink Floyd’s ringtones??? No no no…too bad, too bad! This is not David Gilmour’s style..why are you doing that??

    I really think it’s a stupid thing, sadly i have to say these words, but i hate these sorts of “Business works”, good only to make money…

    Shine on like a ringtone?? I want to cry…

  37. it’s too bad i don’t have Verizon.

    i guess i could make my own ringtone of Shine On though so i’m not that sad.

  38. [What??? Pink Floyd’s ringtones??? No no no…too bad, too bad! This is not David Gilmour’s style..why are you doing that?? I really think it’s a stupid thing, sadly i have to say these words, but i hate these sorts of “Business works”, good only to make money…]

    Agree a hundred percent.

    It is marketing. Like the chords. Nothing bad with marketing. But I would like to say to everyone here that the tone of someone making a myth of musicians is childish and irritating.

    Pink Floyd have always used this side: advertisments with their music etc. Emilio, and myself, supposed that DG could avoid that. He is rich enough. But if this is not under his control, let me know…

    On the other side he could have avoided to make a DVD, he is rich enough also for that. So I am not judging. I am irritated by FANATICs!

    This place is getting most of the times a place of yes-man which contribution is only another compliment to the man DG (who really knows him?) with no content at all.

    An example of a prostrated blogger? No, better I shut up.

  39. CAPTION:

    “Hmmmm, I like that tune Rick, it has a nice ring to it”.

    dooo a dooo dooo diddle a doo.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    What was that one off More again .???? oh yes the Dial Song.

  40. Ying
    Peanut Butter

    You will always have two sides to every debate. Those who want a ringtone will do so and those who do not won’t. I happen to agree with the points brought up on both sides…perhaps I should run for President?

  41. Hello Fed ….missed you my friend

    My questions today :

    1. Where is this hip place called ‘Cellphone ‘ ?
    2. Does Rafa B buy his clothes there ?
    3. If i ‘ring tony’ will there be an echo ?

    Good luck to all…oh and them ‘Reds’ tonight.

  42. Hi all,

    – and Fed, again I will commend you for your creativity and inventiveness, regarding the homepage and new intiatives. It’s always exiting to see what has happened!

    As for the dicussion pro and against Gilmour/PF-ring tones: I dont understand why anyone feels they are the judges of good taste. It’s the man’s own music, and it’s up to himself do decide what to do with it. If you don’t like ringtones – don’t buy it, if you don’t like cell phones, dont get one, – and if other people bother you with their phones in trains etc., ask kindly to turn the sound off.

    I bet some of the younger fans, will love this intiative. Personally, I think my kids would find it rather cool if I had a Gilmour-ringtone. If I lived in the states. And didnt have a cellphone from early stone-age…I’m waiting for it to become retro and much admired, cant be long now… 🙂


  43. Piergiorgio…

    There are more contradictions in your post than a Sony Executive’s expense report 🙂

  44. [Whippersnapper – Love the idea, Old Fart – Hate it]

    i’m a fart snapper, sitting on the fence

  45. as it’s on a free music vibe FE’d

    what happens when people take Money, change it ever-so slightly and then use it to advertise their show/sketch on paramount-comedy 1 & 2?

    do they pay a fee to do this or just get away butchering the music for their own devices
    (personally they don’t make me laugh)

    I do like the last pic, reminds me of van eyck’s Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini 1434

    and bladerunner 😉

    just out of curiosity does Polly ever do photography montage work? these modern day pieces could be used rather well with older pics 🙂

    hope folks are all ok at chez DG and here at the board


    [Both writer, and publisher, royalties are paid when an artist’s song is used on TV in this way. And those that use them carelessly usually go straight to Hell when they die. – Features Editor]

  46. Hey you!!!

    Is there a David’s concert in USA at jan or feb/2008 ??

    Thank you a lot!!! Send me an e-mail!!

    [No, there isn’t. Sorry. – Features Editor]

  47. If my phone could get real wave ringtones (and not the cheesy Casio quasi-music cum Atari ring tones) I’d definitely purchase a heaping amount from my favorites… including Mssr Gilmour.

    Furthermore, I like the idea of being able to chose which ring tone to put on your phone, as it might be useful to “prioritize” the calls (and in such it might be useful to ignore as well!). Having a favorite as your tone is great for you, and should first and foremost be about the user not the person who “might” get aggrivated with hearing it.

    Having said that, people should police “themselves” in regards to leaving the levels down lower when in public (or, well within their hearing range). I’ve been freaked out many times when a voice screaming “get the phone gramma!!” blazes out of the crackling speaker (especially hate it when its in my office, being as I’m a doctor and find it rude that my time is being wasted, as is the time of the patients following).

    As with anything in life, there’s good and bad… so there it is.


  48. I am a bit sad…

    Another of Polly’s photo would be nice. But I stay however to read whatever interesting news…

    Bye bye to all, and thank you Polly.

  49. Agreed Lene –

    Yes, there does seem to be a bit of self-rightiousness in regards to the ringtones “issue”

  50. I would have to agree with Matt and Lene. For good or bad cell phones are a part of American culture nowadays. I do not have a cell phone but my wife does. I would download the shine on ringtone to her phone but she probably would not even notice.

  51. Lene opined:

    “As for the dicussion pro and against Gilmour/PF-ring tones: I dont understand why anyone feels they are the judges of good taste. It’s the man’s own music, and it’s up to himself do decide what to do with it. If you don’t like ringtones – don’t buy it, if you don’t like cell phones, dont get one, – and if other people bother you with their phones in trains etc., ask kindly to turn the sound off.”

    Lene, bravo. Perfectly put. I agree with your sentiments to the letter.

    I have a friend who is a fellow Who fan who despises the fact that Townshend used Who songs for TV shows, commercials, etc…. Hey, let the guy do what he wants to do with his own music.

    In closing, if watching a tv show or seeing a breakfast cereal commercial using a tune from your favorite artist causes your brain to scream “blasphemy” because you feel it takes the magic out of the song, I think there’s more wrong with the listener than the performer whose right it is to do with the song what (s)he choses.

    I mean, its just art right? ;O)


  52. My opinion on the cell phone issue – BAD IDEA.

    I don’t want to see Gilmour hop on this stupid bandwagon aimed towards the kiddies and rude people who constantly use these cell phones in public places.

    I hate cell phones, and will never own one. Cell phones are the one invention I wish was never created. Seeing a pre-teen walking down the street talking on a cell phone makes me want to puke, same does hearing Gilmour/Floyd tunes soundling distorted when amplified through these phones!

    To each their own, I guess. I am ashamed, and will definitely pass on this one.

    This is the first time I have ever been disappointed by a decesion of Gilmour and co – hopefully it will be the last.

  53. Hi FEd

    Reds up 2-0 as I write (since Crouch scored, Rafa will probably not start him in the next game!)

    I have nothing against David/PF ringtones. However, I think the songs chosen are not the appropriate ones. Ringtones should be snappy, quick attention-grabbers, and there is a wealth of such sounds in the David/PF catalogue.

    Snippets lifted from songs such as Astronomy Domine, Echoes (though personally I think that piece is the Holy Grail and should not in any way be “commercialized”), Castellorizon, One Of These Days and even Run Like Hell would be better suited.

  54. Caption:

    As David tries to copy his fingering, you can hear Richard muttering…

    “Ignore the man behind the curtain.”

  55. Hello Fed and everyone,

    I am very happy to say I received my programme today and am absolutely thrilled. I don’t have anything signed by any of my heroes, so it makes it very special.

    Thank you David and Fed, you really do take care of us.

    [You’re very welcome, Amedeo. Thanks for letting us know that it’s reached you. – Features Editor]

  56. Hey Everybody!

    I played my first guitar solo during my lesson…made it up on the spot, and it was kind of…blues like…but it started with, me having a substitute guitar teacher (the other one was busy, or not there or something) so I had this other guy…he asked me what i was learning…I just played a few chords…Em, G, C, and D…nothing special…but this guy said “so how long have you had lessons”

    “only a few weeks”…

    “well you’re amazing at it, because it seems like you’re an expert at changing so easily from chord to chord”

    “Umm ok ”

    Then we played some Crazy Train…THEN he asked if I’d ever done my own solo…”nope, well at least not my own solo” hint hint, so he started playing this blues rhythm, and said alright play any kind of solo, …So I did….he couldn’t believe how good I was…He asked me how i knew so much, “well, I learn and imitate the best!” ;-P

    I got right into bending notes, and lots of stuff…Ahhh…gives you a nice feeling , when it’s you making the music! So wanted to update anyone, whose not heard me tell that yet…

    [bet some of the younger fans, will love this intiative. Lene]

    YES! I would want one, but I’m not in the States so, tough luck.

    P.S. I hear a special football team just won 8-0! Nice.

    Have a good week everyone!

    [Congratulations, Kim. Keep it up. (8-0, eh? Fancy that.) – Features Editor]

  57. Well done Liverpool, 8-0!!! Let’s hope for a small miracle in the next two games!

    And let’s have a look tomorrow if that kind of miracle works for PSV as well…


    [Yes, good luck. – Features Editor]

  58. Hi all

    To some people the bloggers who make comments to this site might seem like a bunch of so-called ‘yes people’ who constantly say over the top gratitudes about David Gilmour’s music and life, but have any of these critics ever realised that maybe it’s a little escape for us in this crazy world where all these so-called political leaders and multi-national companies want to rape and pillage our planet? We put up with enough crap in the real world so it’s nice to have a few cyber friends to relate to anonymously.

    I like the idea of having a PF ringtone, but once again I live in a different part of the world. I would need to get my 13yo son to install it anyway. Mobiles are not my favourite toy.

    Photo – ‘The morning after’ Richard thinking where’s the couch and David thinking where’s the Barocca.

    Missed you over the last few days Fed, hope everything is okay.

    bye for now

    Looking forward to Thursday’s chat (it’s not too late)

  59. This cell phone ringtone issue hhmmmmmm. Well I like it. I have Verizon and I already have three tracks from On An Island on my phone as a ringtone. Not to mention I have ringback tones also. This just makes it much better. It’s free.

    Thanks Mr. Gilmour

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

    *** Angelo hit me up if ya wanna hang out when you are in Cali ***

  60. Hi FEd,

    Ringtones…hmmm whatever, I have Sprint anyway.

    I don’t do them but it’s nice that there is the option.

    Nice to have you back on the blog!


  61. [Last Friday I saw Nick Mason live here in Berlin. He participated in a Jazz Festival… ina]

    Tonight, Nick was undertaking his “other” job… (Click my name.) SPOOKy likeness or what!!!

    Bet you’re feeling gr8 tonight FEd. Well done to the Reds.

  62. I`m with Rudders on this one, I had a nokia phone some years ago, which you could program your own monophonic (is that the right terminology?) ring tone. So I set about transposing from guitar to phone intros to SOYCD and Money. I was so chuffed one night in the curry house my phone rang and some chap sitting behind me asked `is that pink floyd?`. What a result!

    My ringtone at the moment is one I recorded myself reversing the wah wah pedal for the `Whale song` from echoes. And believe me it wakes everyone up!

  63. I don’t have a music moral opinion on the topic because it’s not my music to make decisions on.

    For the record, I don’t think any less of David for making his music into ringtones. As long as he still makes music live, I don’t give a hoot!

    In case anyone is curious, my ringtone is Mr. Tambourine Man (I tip my hat to you, Dylan) which I recorded off of vinyl so it’s lovely and crackly.

    Shine on, David.

    (Also, it’s not quite fair to lump young fans into one group, insinuating that we are all tech-heads. I understand the sentiment, but no fan of any music is the same as another, no matter the age.)

  64. Well, I’m not a ‘whippersnapper and don’t care to be called the other!


    If I thought that a Pink Floyd ringtone would open more peoples eyes (or ears) to the music, I’d have the loudest setting I could get.

    I really am on the fence in my opinion on where this puts my favorite music. I read somewhere that actress Naomi Watts (daughter of Andy, who was with the Floyd years ago) has ‘money’ on her cell. I guess if the phones have tones, I want mine to be the music of my choice. And that is easy….Gilmour/Floyd!

    My husband and I are pretty discrete users of the phone. Don’t feel the need to have the world listen in to our conversations while out in public and keep off the thing when driving. I have seen such really bad driving with people on phones. And I can tell by their faces that they have no idea that they nearly took out a car or two when making a poor turn without signalling. (well, that’s another problem isn’t it?)

    I was listening to High Hopes again and the section with the lap steel gives me shivers. I love the acoustic, especially the lovely quiet ending. (hope David isn’t tire of hearing about this again)

    My favorite photo (no time for me to get in before this) is David smiling, of course. Polly, thank you again for showing us your beautiful photos.

    Good eve all,

  65. My cell phone is old, so it can’t download any ringtones, but my phone is always on vibrate, so that I don’t disturb anyone else. I wouldn’t even be able to recognize my own ring tone. However, I must admit the those four notes would be the best (or perhaps the ping in Echoes).

    8-0, Crouch with 2 goals. That’s more like it. I don’t know why he is out of favour with Rafa, however, I did hear that he wrote his memoirs already (groan! – he’s just a baby). Maybe that had something to do with it.

  66. Fed,

    I’ve been gone for some time, but what a nice surprise to come back and enjoy all the barn photos. Having taken photography as a hobby these past few weeks, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for Polly’s talent! I am particularly impressed with her concert shots, as I’ve come to learn how difficult it is to get quality shots indoors, with all the lasers and lights.

    I’m sure this has been asked a thousand times before, but do you have an idea what type of camera Polly uses?

    Catskill Mountains, NY

    [I’m told that it’s a Leica. – Features Editor]

  67. I have the “ring” from an old bakelite telephone on my mobile. . . Sounds better than the real thing. . . Occasionally scares the life out of me. . . RING!!! RING!!!

    Anyone remember when phones had a dial on the front? ? ? We have come a long way. . .

    Piergiorgio, record your own “ringtone” if you like. . . And RELAX. . . ;^)

    The “feeling” for “today” is “More!!!” Enjoy!!!

  68. Hi FED, how are you doing? Few people have asked how are you, so I thought I would too.

    Good for you Kim Carr on learning guitar, as I’m doing the same thing after putting it down for 31yrs. Took a little bit for the fingers to move from chord to chord, But after two and a half months of lessons, it is coming back together again. Practice is the essence.

    As for the ringtones: I like Nick Mason’s line: “One of these days, I’m going to cut you to little pieces”.

    Have a nice day.

    [I’m very well, thank you. Hope you are, too. – Features Editor]

  69. Agreed…ringtones are similar to Gilmour or the Floyd selling rights to a film producer to use a song in a film. Although it was done once, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong folks), in “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”…”Seamus” and “Echoes” from Meddle. Bad idea!

    I’m smiling now, not only because I just finished watching the DVD again, but also because Impeachment Hearings for Vice-president Cheney have moved on the Judiciary Committee in the US House!

    Terry H
    NY, NY

  70. Hello Fed, I am glad to see you are back. I have been wanting to tell you I received my program in the mail. Thank you so much. You are the best!

    You really have everyone stirred up over the ring tones. I am surprised to read what some have posted. I have had “This Heaven” as my ring tone for months now and “Wish you were here” as my ringback tone also. I can’t wait for the new ones to be available. I personally would like to thank David Gilmour for allowing these tones to be purchased.

    I wish I was smart like Rudders and had the knowledge to make my computer come on and cut off to David’s music. I am just learning about lap tops and such so maybe I will be able to do this in the future. Great idea Rudders.

    Thanks again Fed for my treasure, although I am a little disappointed that you did not sign it for me. (Just kidding. I know, I am a nutter.)

    [You’ll have one when I send you the cheque I promised in return for that gushing first paragraph, Barbara. Glad that you received it. – Features Editor]

  71. [This place is getting most of the times a place of yes-man which contribution is only another compliment to the man DG (who really knows him?) with no content at all]

    What? I’m sorry but I can’t believe someone would post this. I hope I have read the wrong meaning into it. (Such a comment because of a ring tone?)

    Look at all the great info that is exchanged here and the beautiful pictures from Polly. Not to mention the well wishes and exchanges from one blogger to another and to Fed.

    We have had chances to ask questions to people that we would never have anywhere else. We get first hand information, not hear say. There is alot of content on this site, too much to mention in one posting.

    I for one would not want it to change at all.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion but I just don’t see how you could say this.

    The contest are so much fun. My goodness, just look at the free gifts that are given away so cheerfully.

    I would like to be a “Yes Man” and say thank you for DavidGilmour.com, Fed and all the bloggers.
    This is a “Happy Place” that I like to log into at night after a days work and see what Fed has in store for us.

    I hope it never changes. Thanks again.

  72. To add about this issue regarding Cell/Mobile phones or whatever. They are useful tools in emergencies, business, I agree. It seems many people get carried away and abuse them.

    I’ll pay a quarter in the slot and it’s still cheaper in the long run. To each his/her own.

  73. …………Dang……………Dang……………Dang………………..Dang……………….

    Oh….my new ring tone is fantastic!

    Hell sweety…..yes I’ll bring home milk and bread….bye.

    Well, all blogs can’t be serious can they 🙂

  74. hey fed and everyone there>>>>

    can u please tell me when will the dvd be released in india??? am too eager too see Mr. Gilmour playing my fav songs…..

    i had ordered it through amazon but it never reached me (though they refunded my money back….good ppl!!!)……any other online store which cud deliver it to india….or any store which has it in india???

    regards and NAMASTE!!!

    P.s. Does Mr. Gilmour have any plans for india……or will or wont he???

    [Unfortunately, there are no plans for any show, anywhere, at this point in time. If that changes, we’ll let you know at once. As for the DVD, then we’re chasing Sony for a release date. Nisha, if you’re reading, can you suggest any stores in India? (Fans tend to help with more energy and enthusiasm than record companies.) – Features Editor]

  75. Well, that’s a good idea…

    I always put PF music as ringtones… Cause I want to hear them anywhere…

    Now, actually I have the solo of Pigs (three different ones), but I used to have Echoes, Wot’s and others…


  76. How about putting the Fat Old Sun video on itunes for us in the land of OZ as I doubt any phone carrier over here will pick this up.

    This would be a nice treat for those of us that can’t get the other songs on our phones.

  77. [Piergiorgio… There are more contradictions in your post than a Sony Executive’s expense report]


    probably you are right. My post was put, was expressed in a confused way. This was due to rush, and a bit of disappointment infact my english was bad too.

    I try to express myself in a better way.

    I am aware that a musician is a man and a worker. He is a man who does things with the aim of expressing himself and the aim of getting money. At least this is what a musician does if he is in the business. The music business is made of men (I mean human beings) who can stand in the middle of these two opposites: a pure artist with a total integrity thus being against the market (and sometimes his own fans), one of those pure artists who does not want to “profit” from everything and a pure business man whose aim is to get richer and richer and whose aim, from the moment he writes the song, is to profit. Writing a catchy tune and selling every form from rigtones to video games.

    I always wanted to believe that when an artist has reached a certain level of richness, he can say “F*ck” to everybody and do what he wants. And mind his own integrity. His credibility. Without giving his music for even more profit. I call this “cupidity” or “greed” (hope is correct).

    To be continued…

  78. I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed visiting the chat room.

    Have only been going there a short time, maybe a few weeks, but already it feels like I know some of these good people. The chats are by turns hilarious, serious, light-hearted, slightly off-color, and always very well-spirited. It’s like an old-fashioned community center where everyone stops in to say Hello.

    Those who don’t chat are really missing something special. If fear is keeping you out, let me reassure you: we don’t bite. It’s actually the friendliest group of people I’ve ever come across.

    [Your cheque’s also in the post, Dan. Many thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  79. So,just a thought and a few words to those desperate and disappointed by the ringtones:

    In the end of 2007 there isn’t the same marketing of the 1970s and I do believe that Mr Gilmour doesn’t deal personally with these kind of things,there is a management,which deals with all David’s business(naturally he knows everything).

    Remember what David usually does for poor people,I don’t think these ringtones will make him the richest man in the world,it’s just marketing.

    I would like to listen on the bus to Shine on you crazy diamond,Comfortably numb or Wish you were here rather than those terrible ringtones,though.


  80. Continued…

    Now DG is a man and an artist. I always wanted to believe that PF and DG had a bit of this sort of integrity. A compilation is for money, another box of the same music is for money, selling music for advertising is for money etc. PF always made that but usually most of these markets were in the music business if you know what I mean. Well, they marketed a bloody VolksWagen car and in that very moment I was a bit disgusted. As I am disgusted by the David Gilmour chords and the ringtones.

    I do not think that a rich man as DG needs even more money, I really do not think. I think that a tour in a nice venue is artistic, the DVD which I WANTED is a GIFT. I am grateful when I get something new like this. But pure marketing disgusts me. I am sorry.

    So DG is a man, I love HIS MUSIC but really I do not know the man. I do not want even to think of that VolksWagwen when I hear Shine On or all the poetry goes away. Thus we arrive to fans.

    This blog is full of people (who I do not mention) who are prone to DG (who is great as an artist) making compliments like he is a semi god. Reading through these childish “adorations” everyday in the blog makes me believe that I have to say that to all the young people who make of these people “myths”. If these people are older the situation is worst. Industry wants always to creat myths: good myths or bad myths to sell more copies.

    So, when you FANATICS say that DG is not only a fine guitarist but a good man, a lovely man, a perfect man, a generous man etc. you do not know who you are talking of.

    He surely is democratic because he let me express my opinion. 🙂

    No bad feelings for anyone.


  81. Piergiorgio la penso esattamente come te. (translation: Piergiorgio i agree with all you have said)

    [This place is getting most of the times a place of yes-man which contribution is only another compliment to the man DG (who really knows him?) with no content at all.]

    Everyone talks about David like a god, like a beautiful person, but how it can be possible? I can say that his music is magic, i can talk about what i feel, hearing his music, but i can’t say what kind of person he is!

    In this blog i had read no negative comments on his last work, surely because everyone here is an old floydian fan, and it is normal, but please…the ringtones! SHINE ONE YOU CRAZY DIAMOND AS A RINGTONE??

    Stop being devoted to his image and try to be realistic please!

  82. Hello folks…good result Fed, I hope you have a big beaming smile today ?

    Brilliant stuff all this good natured debate about ring tones ; it once again proves what a varied and knowledgable band of people visit this superb site.

    Looking forward to some more opinions

    [A huge one, Martin. I’d have liked those goals to have been shared with Blackburn, Birmingham, Marseille and Arsenal, though; that would have been more gainful. – Features Editor]

  83. You’re most welcome FEd; I’m sorry to say that I don’t own a mobile phone but you do great service to us fans no matter what other people say. I would never want to see David giving up on what he loves doing and the way I loved to remember what I admired about him.

    I do hope to catch the time to chat in the chat room as the Australian time over here is a day ahead of you guys back in Britain! due to little problems I had with the signing up bit, but it’s OK.

    Got more busy times for me, but in a week’s time it’s a going to be a ‘great pleasure’ to ditch my workplace and being a free agent with more exciting times ahead for me. Eternal bliss.

    Peace and love to everyone,

  84. So do these ringtones come with any ‘Easter Eggs’ :-):-)

    By the way, now that the RTN DVD has been released in Japan, are you going to finally reveal (to the few folks who might still not be aware) how you access the hidden features on the DVD?

    [Nope. The DVD was only released in Japan today… – Features Editor]

  85. I have to say that I win all around on this one as I have a newer phone on the Verizon network and I am in the U.S.

    Personally I am thrilled that these features are being added. Currently my phone rings the intro to Voodoo Chile (Slight Return). Where I agree with some of the posts is that it is more an issue of manners than how a phone rings.

    As for the minions who complain that it is blasphemous use of PF or David’s music. And that they can’t believe he is doing this or is allowing this to be done. I simply have to say that when you finally create a piece of music you can do with it as you please. Until that time, let’s keep in mind that David has the right to do whatever he wants with his creations. And if he decides to use Welcome to the Machine to sell Cadillacs or Shine On to sell Ridalin or This Heaven to promote Carnival Cruise Lines, so be it. Of course you certainly can disagree with his actions in whatever fashion you choose.

    We should all be happy that David chooses to embrace the 21st century. Keep in mind that if he didn’t, this website wouldn’t exist, this blog wouldn’t exist and our dear FEd would be out of a job. I’m sure there are some days that he wishes he was.



  86. Piergiorgio, I have been so happy to get a ‘bloody’ PF VolksWagen car in 94, where is the problem ? That I have been happy with that ?



  87. Hi All,

    This blog topic makes for some interesting reading.

    Now for my two pence worth. I loathe mobile (cell) phones. They are the biggest invasions on privacy that I have ever known.

    When I sit on the train everyday I sit in the quiet area which has signs saying something along the lines of: “no music and no mobiles” and guess what? The ignorant still insist on sitting in these quiet zones on the train yelling down their mobiles about how a piece of meat is stuck in between their teeth and they cannot get it out, or, telling their whole life story; only for them to say that they will see them in 5 minutes.

    Why on earth can they not wait until they get off the train and tell their friends their life stories then? I guess they take pleasure in sitting in the quite zones and receiving “daggers” [British terminology for dirty looks – to all you non-Brits out there] from the people who are trying to read their papers in quietude.

    Everywhere you go there is someone with a mobile stuck to their ear. Saying oh what do you want for tea? Blah, blah, blah.

    I don’t own such an anti-social item as a mobile phone. Ironic that I call it an anti-social item when one could think it to the contrary. But people who like to read and enjoy a little bit of quite now and then probably knows what I am trying to convey.

    Anyway, enough of the rant. But it does feel better, I must say. I’m not really that moody, I just like getting my head out of the sand every now and then.

    But … it would make a pleasant change to hear a Gimouresque/Floydian ringtone for a change!

    Best regards and happy mid-week.


  88. Totally off topic but thought I would share some levity. Tell me, are there that many tropical fish stores in Liverpool?? And aren’t you glad you don’t live in Indonesia??

    Just goes to show that idiot thinking is worldwide.

    In fact, yesterday in New Jersey there was an item on the ballot asking the voters to change language in the state constitution which referred to disabled persons as idiots or insane. Luckily that item did pass although 40% of the voters voted against changing the language.



  89. Frank wrote: “I’ll pay a quarter in the slot and it’s still cheaper in the long run.”

    Frank, I used a pay phone recently, it was 50 cents! Still cheaper than a cell, though.

    I just wanted to say that Guitarist magazine has a nice review of RTN. It gets their Guitarist Choice seal of approval. Just a few quotes:

    “…the adage about making every note count in you lead playing is utterly epitomised throughout the hours of music on RTN. Perhaps more so than any other guitar player, he’s a master of using space and silence to speak…during the intro to SOYCD it shows how powerful, even spine-tingling, sophisticated phrasing(with ‘melodic intent’, as he once described it) can be.”

    “…a beautifully captured lesson in majestic guitar playing that’s not to be missed.” 4 stars.

  90. Hi Fed

    hope you dont mind if i update everyone about my son Aaron Floyd and ask for their prayers and thoughts

    he’s nine month old and my eldest daughter fell down the stairs with him. he has a fractured skull with a bleed to the brain. we are waiting on a neurosurgeon from a better hospital to check him out, then we will know more

    thanks for all the emails from the irregulars, oh and welcome back fed. hope u had a nice break. u have been missed

    [Simon, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say. – Features Editor]

  91. It really does depend on the sound quality and volume of your phone. Some sound close enough to an actual song, but a lot are too loud and irritating.

    Having said that, those songs do have the advantage of some quality to begin with. I can’t say I wouldn’t be happy to hear them, rather than a song I can’t recognise (and in a few cases, would never want to recognise).

    I’m a born fence-sitter, I guess. 🙂

  92. I haven’t done this before but my friend had Remember That Night and I fell in love with David Gilmour.

    Isn’t he fabulous and he’s just got to be the best guitarist ever. Does he come to this Blog at all? Are you him in disguise? Hello anyway.

    Lyn in Margate.

    [David does read these messages, so thank you for the kind words. – Features Editor]

  93. Wow…I can’t believe this ringtone debate still going on here…

    Some of my fellow bloggers need to get a grip…relax and maybe have a drink or three.
    Get off your high horses – who are you to criticize a decision made by another individual!?!
    You have no idea what the motives are, or where this supposed fortune of money will be going – how can you say that someone is too rich to do something? That you hold them to a higher standard?

    For all you know the money could be going to charity.

    Also, to say we are all “yes” people or young’ns or whatever or that mobile phones are bad, etc just makes me shake my head at your ignorance.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, but my parents always said if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all…

    So now I’ll go back and heed their advice and stop talking.

  94. Hello fed, I hope you are having a good day.

    I wanted to send a shout out to NewYorkDan. It was nice meeting you in chat. I have met the nicest people there.

    Thanks fed for all your hard work.

    [Thank you very much for that, Tracy. I’m so glad that you enjoy the chatroom. – Features Editor]

  95. Caption competition:

    In a ruthless sort of fun and games jam session, David watches, keen as a hawk, as Rick frets and struggles over this session of “have you got it yet?”


  96. I stood up on a train once and shouted at this grown man who was acting like the teenage boys he had chosen to sit with and play the various tunes their phones rang with as loud as a child could to stop being childish and put down his phone

    sitting back down to the approving grins of all those in the carriage, my own phone went off

    now if it had been gilmour/floyd they were playing I would never have opened my mouth to put my foot in it


  97. Hi FEd,

    “Great result (8-0) creates great optimism” – Confucius might say.

    That was one mightily pissed-off team ripping the Turkish team apart.

    But I agree with you. I’d much rather have eight 1-0 victories against Premier opponents. What we need is a non-pissed-off team that routinely wins at the Birminghams and Boltons.

    My RTN moment(s)of the day:

    Well, it is more than a moment, but I’ve been listening a lot to Fat Old Sun and Wot’s …Uh, The Deal. Both are such achingly beautiful songs, particularly Fat Old Sun. In fact, listening to Fat Old Sun is sometimes a difficult experience as this song has the unique ability to take you back vividly to places, people and heartaches long forgotten.

  98. Oh ! So futile to discuss about ringtones while little baby Aaron is suffering from that serious accident !

    All my thoughts and friendship are with you, Simon.


  99. If you expect that I will be part of the “Chorus” you are all wrong.

    If I say I hate a Volkswagen you reply with anger. If I say my opinion, anger again! Someone here seems like those who look at the finger that points to the moon instead of looking at the moon. You like your volkswagen? Fine!! All this thing of taking debate personally is frustrating.

    Thanks to all those who contradict or oppose my opinion and anyone else’s one with intelligence and wit.

    I like my opinion and am interested in everyone’s opinion. Someone is still not able to show his own perspective in an adult manner.

  100. Terrible news, Simon. I hope that everything works out for you, and your family. I’m sure things will work out for the best.

    Try to keep your chin up, mate!

  101. Simon, so sorry to hear about your son Aaron’s accident. I believe we may have spoken in the chat room yesterday. Please keep us posted.

    In the meantime, God bless. Prayers are with you and yours,

  102. [Matt for President!]

    He would get my vote if i lived there, it would be an improvement…..

    [But… No, I’m not going to say it. – Features Editor]

  103. I was having some problems with my high-speed internet access over the last few days so I had to revert to dial-up mode. Trying to load this site and any of the links associated with it is basically impossible with dial-up.

    Just thought I would share.



  104. Tracy:

    Right back at you, friend! I enjoyed our chat, too.

    (FEd, please send my check in US funds to…)

  105. Hello all,

    What a debate on the ringtone issue. I personally have no problems with this. I would purchase in a moment, but I have AT&T.

    So, I made my own ringtone. It is from Near the End, when David transistions from acoustic to electric guitar. 30 seconds of pure bliss.

    I can’t tell you how many people have asked where I got that from. It was at the screening of RTN at our local US theater and someone tracked me down in the hallway after the show to ask me where it got that from. I forgot to turn my phone down when I went in and it rang before the show. Everyone started to clap.

    Fed, welcome back.

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  106. Simon,

    Oh my gosh! My prayers are with you and your son Aaron Floyd.

    What devasting news. I hope Aaron gets well.

    As I tuck my little girl in tonight I will pray for Aaron.

    Best regards.


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