Phil answers your questions

Phil Taylor at Black Island Studios, Acton. Photo: Polly Samson.You asked, Phil answered.

Thank you to everyone for sending in a question (or three) for consideration. Special thanks to the names listed below and, of course, to Phil for taking the time to give such honest, insightful answers.

There’s plenty more to follow over the next week or so.

Phil’s book, ‘The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster’ is released very soon. More on that as the week progresses, including your chance to win a copy.

The winners of our latest contest were Tom from NE Scotland, Simon J and Rick Strang.

Congratulations to you. You each win a PBS exclusive live CD from Abbey Road. Please let me know where you’d like it sent.

If you’re interested, our chatroom will be open tomorrow between 1PM and 3PM (UK time).

I’ll also have details of the Crisis charity auctions tomorrow, so do come back for those.

You have one of the best jobs in the world. What do you enjoy the most about working with David? (Mat)

Being there when he plays, particularly standing on the stage three foot behind him during a sound check and hearing/feeling the power, sound and control. Very few people can ever experience how good this can be.

How did you meet David and land this prestigious gig? (Buffalo Phil)

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they made me an offer that I could not understand.

When not touring, what are you supposed to do? Maintaining all Mr Gilmour’s rigs in working condition? Looking at new gear? (Frédéric)

I am kept busy. I wear a selection of different hats: I run the Astoria recording studio, David’s equipment warehouse, maintain and find new equipment, look after David’s home studio, be a guitar tech when David makes an appearance, sometimes production director for live shows, and a few other duties besides.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

58 thoughts on “Phil answers your questions”

  1. Wow! Quite a busy man!

    Thanks for answering the questions Phil! Hoping to read more…

    And Congrats to the winners!

  2. Great questions there and interesting answers.

    What phil said about standing 3 feet behind Gilmour and feeling the power made me want to cry, i cant think of anything that might be better than that.

  3. Wow, that’s the start for our answers!

    Congratulations to the winners, let’s all start a nice week!


  4. Cant believe I won, it’s like Christmas come early. Two words for this…..Happy Days!!

    Thank you to FEd, Mr. Gilmour, and everyone involved.

    My Address is;


    Happy Days!

    [Well done, Simon. – Features Editor]

  5. Hello FEd!

    I was going to ask about this questions…Patience is indeed a virtue :o)

    I hope you had a good weekend FEd!

  6. Seeing and feeling David’s sound, power and control. Wow. That gives a sense of the awesome love and respect that Phil must have for David personally as well as for David’s music. I get the feeling that this is not just an employee, not just a fan, and not just a friend. Phil, it seems, is all of the above.

    If Phil writes with this kind of emotion about David and his strat, the book is going to be one great read (even for a non-musician like myself).

    When these questions were solicited a while back, I was afraid to ask questions. I just didn’t think I knew enough about guitars to even ask an intelligent question. This now seems to have been an incorrect assumtion.

    I can see that Phil is much more than a guitar geek. He is also a gifted, articulate writer.

  7. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Wouldn’t it be great to see a compilation of Polly’s photography along with some very “interesting” captions?

    Something tells me it may be in the works (hope so)!

    Have a great week my fellow bloggers… and you too FEd.


  8. Congrats people and to Phil for allowing us a glimpse behind the scenes. There are many stories to reveal hopefully in your book.


  9. Fed

    It’s really nice to hear about what happens in the background of something you’re interested in. Phil’s right there in the thick of the action and certainly would have some wonderful stories to tell.

    Have a good week, sun has finally come out here.


  10. Congrats to all the winners!

    It’s quite an insight on reading Phil’s description of his role as David Gilmour’s guitar technician. It’s not easy to wear two hats, let alone Phil has to wear many hats.

    Thank you Phil for the time and I look forward to more.

  11. “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and they made me an offer that I could not understand.”

    LOVE IT! Love when someone is interesting! Well done Phil, being creative and all that.

  12. Interesting answers.

    I’d sure like to browse around in David’s equipment warehouse. Must be pretty big!

  13. Good God! Are you all still babbling like some deranged bible class?

    You are ALL so self righteous and sycophantic, page after boring page.

    You would make great candidates for Prozac, seriously!

    No offence Dave, but these web fans make you look REALLY pathetic.

    In fact, most of the PF and fan sites make you all look pretty lame when you read them.

    It’s like it’s their job or something.

    Anyway, keep on doing what you do best my old freind! Love the album.

  14. Happy Monday morning everyone including David!

    I’m back at work now after a week off. I was up so early this morning that it was still the middle of the night!

    Meet you for lunch in the chatroom.

    Don’t forget your cheese and pickle sandwiches and your black strats!


  15. Christian Heartford –

    “You are ALL so self righteous and sycophantic, page after boring page”

    Did you ever try Masturbation? Bound to help you!


  16. Hi F’Ed …

    I won your caption competition. Cool. Thanks for that. Can the prize be sent to:


    Thanks a lot!

    [It certainly can be. Congratulations. – Features Editor]

  17. I just loved phils answers. I cant wait for the book. He really knows how to express himself well. I know the book is going to be great.

    Hope your day is going ok fed. I dont think it is for christian. I think he may need a prozac.

  18. Love the answers from Phil. Looking forward to more.

    Congrats to the winners.

    I can’t understand why some people insist on visiting these sites if they dislike them so much. Why bother???

  19. To Christian Heartford,

    Sorry to hear about your unwanted comments. You make it sound like a chore logging on to this site.

    I will tell you something though buddy. Even though you may not like the site, Mr. Gilmour does appreciate that people enjoy and love his music. He, along with everyone involved with takes the time out to ensure we have news updation, prizes, and not to mention, even held a performance, solely for the DG community, at the Ritzy Premiere.

    Maybe at times some of us need Prozac. I’ll give you a tip, try Viagra mate. Watch it doesnt get stuck in you’re throat, we dont want you getting a stiff neck now, do we?

    As we say in Wales, Tuf Lan!

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

    (PS Is it me, or is that the best put-down I’ve given someone for a long time!)

  20. [You are ALL so self righteous and sycophantic, page after boring page.]

    So what are YOU doing here?

    Lyn Belle

  21. congrats to the winners! you lucky lucky people 🙂

    and if Mr Phil does all that then the books has to be a must have for every fan

    cheeky bugger time now

    is there going to be a signed version through the site? or something similar to the recent Mr Nick book?

    hope folks all had a good weekend

    [Perhaps. – Features Editor]

  22. NewYorkDan has perfectly summed up my thoughts on Phil’s answers to the 1st three questions.

    I like the ploy of starting with non-techie Q&A’s to gently break-in, us non-playing irregulars.

    Early indications suggest “The Black Strat” promises to be an exceptional read.

    Great questions BTW guys… (Not wishing to sound too sycophantic, of course!!!) A great hands-on response from Paul (Where’s that tosser coming from?).

    Congrats to the latest Caption Comp winners, missed out again, DOH…

  23. Hi FE’d,

    Glad you liked the caption and I am delighted to win the CD. Please send it to…


    … Many thanks


    [Will do, Tom. Congratulations once again. – Features Editor]

  24. off topic

    er you’d think with a name like Christian that there would be some pause in hitting the send button?

    judge not lest ye be judged and all that?

  25. Congrats to the winners of yet another generous giveaway!!

    Sad to see the ramblings of someone who launches an attack at the irregulars, has the audacity to address DG as “Dave” and then refers to him as “friend” (although he couldn’t spell it!)

    Well done Paul Sexton, you’ve said it all!

    Looking forward to what looks to be another exciting week FEd.


  26. Mr. Heartford, old friends wouldn’t insult the artist and his out-of-pocket website/blog the way you did with your post. If “David” didn’t like what he was seeing, he wouldn’t be personally paying for it.

    You may be named “Christian”, but you don’t act like one.

    On behalf of the nice people I have met here and who bother to contribute positively to this community, take your self-righteous post and go back to the hole where you came from.

  27. Hi FEd

    I am trying to get into the chatroom as I am on holiday today. But it is saying you are not connected. What am I doing wrong?

    I am also waiting for a prompt to ask for my password. Nothing.

    Take care.


    [You are registered – as ‘Julie_Davies’ (don’t forget the underscore) – and nobody else is reporting problems. I’ve just sent you a password reminder. Please click your name below, then the green button, to check that you have the latest version of Java. Once you’ve done that, try the chatroom again. If no joy, restart your computer and give it another try. – Features Editor]

  28. Great to hear some views from behind the scenes from Phil. Not that you don’t provide us some wonderful insights as well FEd.

    FEd are you a guitar geek too?



    [No. – Features Editor]

  29. Well FEd

    I have spent the last hour trying to download Java. I am going to jump the internet service provider that I using. It is also the nail in the coffin for me as in connection to dial-up. I shall now go broadband.

    I was very much looking forward to visiting the chatroom today, and I am very sad.

    I will try again as soon as I have broadband.

    BTW, it is nice to read Phil Taylor’s replies. They are inspiring.



    [Sorry about that, Julie. – Features Editor]

  30. Christian,

    Your spelling and calling David “Dave” really make you look…well, I won’t say pathetic, just ignorant…and I mean ignorant in the nicest way possible.

    Stroppy tossers…

  31. For mr Christian Heartford

    Where have you been all this time?

    Please return to your hole and let this place be the BEST MUSIC BLOG EVER!

    We have no prozac,we have just some wine and a lot of smiles and we could never talk to David as you have just done.

    Pathetic? Here in Italy we say vaffanculo.

    Fed,could you please post this comment?

    emilio sorridente

    [I can, and I’m glad that you care enough to defend yourselves and each other, but we don’t need more comments like this, thank you. We all get the idea now. I’d much prefer you to comment on Phil’s answers, not some clown who is plainly looking to get a rise out of you. – Features Editor]

  32. Is Christian for real, or is he one of those humorists who mean the exact opposite of what they are literally saying? I cannot tell. Given my history with posts getting interpreted the wrong way, I’m gonna give this guy the benefit of my doubt.

    Congrats to the caption winners.

  33. I know that envy is a bad thin, so I will try to hedge the envy for Phil’s incredible career path, and say how fortunate he is to get to work with, and even guide David with all of his equipment.

    I’m really looking forward to some more of the answers, and Phil’s book.

    [There’s lots more to come. Phil has been very generous with his time. – Features Editor]

  34. Yes Fed, apologies all for my little rant earlier. These keyboard warriors do need attention though.


  35. Hey Fed,

    Any word yet where we can place our orders for the book?

    [Not yet, sorry. The book’s out on Thursday, so we’ll tell you more then. – Features Editor]

  36. Hello Fed and Bloggers.

    From these few replies I can tell Phil Taylor’s book will be amusing with lots of geeky guitar bits too.

    Sorry couldn’t stay longer in chat but boss was hovering outside and now I’ve got to work late. Just having a quick Nescafe moment.

    David, your blog is lovely. Long may it reign.

    Big kiss – myah myah.

  37. Let’s get back on track here.

    The Black Strat book by Phil Taylor. It looks like it is still on target to be released this week. And according to the official website for the book, it will be limited in release and I understood that it will only be available for order from that site. However I do see Amazon taking pre-orders for this book?

    So will we get the full skinny on this book and how to obtain it from this trusty blog?



    [Yes, you will. – Features Editor]

  38. Thanks Phil for taking time and answering the questions of the bloggers…I am not a guitar geek but it is good to know stuff I didn’t know before. Did that make sense?


    Glad you had a great time, I did also, it was good to sit down and talk with you and your friend Tomas. This blog community is truly one of a kind. I will “Remember that Afternoon”

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca

  39. Thanks Phil, I cant wait for the book to be made into a movie. I can see it on the marquee now…

    “Strats Entertainment”

  40. Phil, thanks so much for taking the time out of your (apparently RIDICULOUSLY) busy schedule to answer our questions. Your response to Mat in particular was wonderful. Love that image!

    Also, I’m very much looking forward to your book. I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic.

    Congratulations to the winners. Simon J had my vote! haha

  41. Congrats to the latest winners! Great captions.

    I too cannot wait for Phil’s book to come out. What a life he leads eh?

  42. Hi all,

    “I am kept busy. I wear a selection of different hats:…”

    Why does this multi hat thing looks so familiar to me? I hope Phil’s head and shoulders do not suffer to much with all that weight 😉

    Seriously now: I assume that exactly these many tasks make the difference, because he can transfer the experiences from one task to another…

    Thanks for taking the time to answer us, Phil, and I hope we’ll have a chance to buy the book soon…

    BTW: I like the analogue feeling of the B/W picture above. The focus on a very concentrated face, framed perfectly with a small viewable part of an acoustic guitar down and the blurred ones in the background… Am I wrong to expect more of these in the book?



    To FEd: I was thinking about your trip to Germany for the Christmas market(s) when it started to snow here last weekend… Unfortunately it turned to rain later and all the white is gone now, which is not what Austrians and Swiss can say. When the market season has really started, I’ll send you some recommendations, if you like.

    [Thank you, that would be great. – Features Editor]

  43. Phils Q&A was the one I was looking forward to, and there are some great answers to start it off!

    As a self confessed `guitar geek`, I could not think of a good enough question, but there were some really good questions asked on the blog!

  44. oh Ambassador FE’d with these snippets you really spoil us! 🙂

    hope it pans out

    they do the christmas German Markets in Edinburgh

    to FE’d – I feel a stan boardman joke coming on but I must resist, it got him banned for 30 years ;o(


  45. [… I am going to jump the internet service provider that I am using …]

    Whoops, I meant “dump” the internet service provider.

    Broadband, here I come.

    Have a good day.

    Best regards.


  46. [I am going to jump the internet service provider that I am using]

    Please pass my phone number to Julie. Thanks.

  47. Hello Dave!

    I am Santiago from Argentina, I write to greet you and to tell you that I love your music and that of Pink Floyd, I wait that some day I can compose and play the guitar since the music is a very big part of my life.

    A big hug to you and the whole musical band.


  48. Caption:

    Phil is perplexed at the number of invoices he’s received from Fender for various guitars that were ordered through Billy Siegel and now had to listen to numerous taped recordings of Guy’s telephone calls over the past few weeks just to rule him out…

    Sorry Guy… 🙂

  49. FEd,

    I’ve seen images of the cover of Phil’s book but not close enough to really figure out what the image is. Can you shed any light as to what is the image on the cover? It is very cool.



    [When the Black Strat site is launched a little later this evening, click your name below and you can find out for yourself. – Features Editor]

  50. [When the Black Strat site is launched a little later this evening, click your name below and you can find out for yourself. – Features Editor]

    Yep. I realized I had the answer to my question 5 minutes after I submitted it. That is when I noticed the new entry for the book and the launch of the site.

    Nature is a phenomenal thing. And it always amazes me the beauty of the natural creations in this world from the redwoods of California and Grand Canyon to Niagra Falls. Sorry my references are U.S. based.



  51. Olá!

    Adorei o show Remember That Night!

    Agora, responda-me se possível: Por que David Gilmour não vem ao BRASIL?

    Público, não irá faltar! Isto é certo!

    [Sorry, but we do know that Brazilian fans would love a David Gilmour concert. – Features Editor]

  52. I’m a great fan of David Gilmour, I could see him at Vienne, on July 31, 2006.

    The show was wonderful, but I have a regret, I couldn’t see David close enoughto make him dedicate my Tele pickguard.

    I want to know if it’s possible to send my pickguard somewhere to David, and if it’s possible for him to dedicate it.

    I know that David doesn’t want to dedicate something because of the price of the autograph on e-bay, or other e-bay like.

    But it makes me very happy, and I assure you that my pickguard will return on my Tele, because I haven’t got any one and because I don’t wanna sell my pickguard.

    Thanks you for asking David my question.

    [I’m sorry, Nicolas, but I’m afraid it’s just not possible. And, if it were possible, we’d be inundated with requests from fans wanting to send in all sorts of things, and David would have to spend days at a time with a pen in his hand. Then things would get lost or damaged in the post and people would complain… So, as I hope you can understand, it really is impossible. – Features Editor]

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