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Remember That Night DVD (2007)The winners of the David Gilmour GHS strings are: James Geary and Ernest Peske, who each win a set for a Strat, and Paul B and TomiSue, who each win a set for a Les Paul.

Well done, all four. Let us know where we should send your prizes.

I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on Phil’s book, ‘The Black Strat’, which many of you will have by now received. Phil has been delighted with the feedback and sends the following note:

I hope people like the book, now it is finally out there. From what I can tell, it seems generally to have been well-received. I have had some complimentary responses from people, so it’s nice to know that all the work – which I seriously under-estimated at the outset, or else I probably would not have undertaken it – is appreciated.

Remember, you can only get a copy of Phil’s book by visiting either or one of the UK’s main branches of Borders. Please do check with Borders before you make a special trip in their direction, as it is not stocked at all Borders stores.

Quick reminder for fans in Latin America: You can see an hour from the ‘Remember That Night’ concert on HBO tonight, with repeats next week and Christmas week. Click here for all the necessary details (for Brazil, just to give you an example, so do check your own country’s page).

Be sure to also click the Vídeo tab for some ‘interesting’ animation.

I leave you for another week with some questions regarding the David Gilmour Signature Strat, which will be launched sometime next year. We’ve no updates for you concerning its manufacture, unfortunately. As soon as there’s news to report, it will be here.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

The little button on the black Strat, that combines the neck and bridge pickup (so I read some where, is it true?): is it going to be on the David Gilmour Strat? (Graham Knight)

Yes, it will be on the Fender David Gilmour Strat.

Will the Gilmour Strat become a staple of Fender’s, i.e. like the Clapton and S.R.V. models have? (Randall Yeager)

That is the plan. It is not meant to be a limited edition. David has insisted that it is a really good replica in terms of its sound, set-up, playability and looks – and that it should be affordable. He will not let Fender make a limited edition, to be purchased and put away by a few who can afford it as an investment.

Is the black Strat body made of two pieces of alder? (GianLuca)

I don’t know, it seems to be covered in black paint.

How are the pickups on David’s black Strat wired to the pickup selector? (Andrew McHarg)

See my book, ‘The Black Strat’, for this information.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hello FEd, fellow bloggers,

    First off, congrats to the winners of the GHS strings.

    Belgian french-speaking radio “Classic 21” will be dedicating a programme to the 40th Floyd anniversary on December 2, between 09:00 and 12:00 (GMT+1)

    Click my name for more info. You may wish to tune in over the Net.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  2. Congratulations to the winners! hope I can find the strings soon.

    Hope everyone have a wonderful weekend


  3. Congrats to James, Ernest, Paul B, and Tomisue! 🙂 Hope you all have fun, with your new strings!

    Hope everyone will enjoy their weekend (Amazing how fast the weeks go by)


  4. I am one of the lucky winners 😉

    I’ve always used GHS boomers with the same “Gilmour” philosophy, but slightly lighter (unwounded strings of the 009 set and wounded strings of a 010 set). So, I can’t wait testing this custom GHS gauge! It should increase tone and sustain a bit. If I can get used to bending a note with this gauge I promise I will always use these new strings!!

    Thanks for the competition, FEd!

    Cheers, Ernest

    My address: […]

    [Well done, Ernest. I hope you enjoy testing them. – Features Editor]

  5. Phil is a font of all knowledge. . . I’m really enjoying reading his replies to some very interesting questions!!! Something for everyone!!!

    That’s really good news about the strat being available – affordable – to everyone and not just for the investors. . .

    A guitar like that needs to be played, not just displayed. . .

    Congratulations to the string competition winners!!!

    Have a good one all!!! Be good. . .and if you can’t be good. . . ;^) Tally Ho!!!

  6. Congrats to the competition winners.

    Phil’s book is well put together. Lots of never before seen pictures. Also some good history that the average person probably didn’t know.


  7. Is the black Strat body made of two pieces of alder? (GianLuca)
    – I don’t know, it seems to be covered in black paint.


    Congratulations to the winners. Have a good weekend everyone.

  8. Congrats to the winners and please tell us what you think of them once you’ve strung up your axes and performed a few of your favourite DG solos!

    So after the live CD announcement and string competition how can you follow that next week FEd? I’m sure you won’t disappoint!

    So best wishes for a great weekend FEd, and fellow bloggers, but my very special thoughts go to Susan and may your God be with you.


  9. I received Phil’s book a few days ago. It’s loaded with pictures some of which I’ve never seen before. Visually it’s very well laid out.

    I’m still reading it so I’ll have to reserve further comment until I’m finished. The brief part about David and the jigsaw was rather entertaining.

    The exchange rate makes it a little pricy though.


  10. Congrats to the winners!

    And nice to know that will be there. Don’t think this has been done before on another signature guitar?

  11. Dear Fed………IT’S THE WEEKEND!!!!!


    I would just like to say well done to all the strings winners. I hope you bend notes to your heart’s content and go all Gilmourish!!!

    Thankyou for yesterday’s chat room and for all those who gave concern to my cat, Poppy. Well she actually ate something last night and this morning she started preening her coat so she’s well on the road to recovery.

    Well, I go on my blind date tonight and am sending you this from the hairdressers with my hair in rollers! I hope the bloke concerned is as nice as my friend ses he is! Mmmm? I’ll give him ten minutes and if he is horrible then I’ll get a cab home.

    Wish me luck.

    LYN xxxxxxx
    (The Bridget Jones of the Kentish Coast)

    [Good luck, Lyn. Glad to hear that Poppy is fighting fit. – Features Editor]

  12. Dear Phil,

    I love it! I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. It really feels written from the Black Strat’s perspective with all the various modifications on the journey, along with loads of interesting insights into David’s journey.

    I particularly love the photograph of Roger, David and Richard recording “Mademoiselle Nobs” with Richard “coaxing the vocals” from that lovely dog. Also the photo of Roger playing the Black Strat made me want to shout “oi – yours is the bass” 🙂

    I won’t spoil it by blubbing on any more, but if you’re a DG fan, a Strat fan, a PF fan or just a music fan, you’ll get a kick out of this book. It’s relatively small and a very easy read with loads of great pictures, but most importantly a story of the Black Strat’s adventures in Gilmourland.

    The layout gives me that “Dorling Kindersley” feeling and is really well done. Clear and easy on the eye.

    Anyhow, well done Phil! If there are any plans to bring out a hardback version I’d be delighted.


  13. In all my haste, I forgot to wish everyone a good weekend.



  14. It’s caption time with Lyn: (Oh nooooo!)

    STEVIE: David that’s a lot of methane!
    DAVID: Ah yes, but it’s green!
    STEVIE: Phew! That’s a relief!

  15. Thanks for answering my question Phil.

    Well done the winners, i dont feel too strung out i didn’t win (you liar Graham)

    As for comments on Phils book i cant possibly say untill christmas day but i know it will be worth the wait.

    P.S. Phil, how did you get good at darts?

  16. Congratulations to the winning Bloggers old and new!

    I’ve not bought the book yet as I’m waiting to find out the price of the DG Strat so I may get the whole bundle…

  17. Is the black Strat body made of two pieces of alder? (GianLuca)
    – I don’t know, it seems to be covered in black paint.

    haha, I love this guy

  18. Fed

    I clicked the video tab… interesting!

    For those of you who haven’t looked at it yet it features…

    – A 46 year old baby
    – Pink Floyd.. but it’s a DG DVD!
    – Anthony Hopkins
    – Rory Gallagher


    [You said it. (Well, I also said it, but I’m glad that someone appears to agree.) – Features Editor]

  19. First, big bisous to Susan !

    Then, James, Ernest, Paul and Tomi, I’m very happy for you, enjoy your prizes !

    As it was such a great week for our guitarist friends, maybe we could have the next one full of gifts only for non-guitarist bloggers !

    (Hmm… On peut rêver, non ? Y a pas d’mal à s’faire du bien! – Of course, I can easily imagine the reply: “greedy!” or “Dream on!” …)

    En attendant, bon weekend (prolongé?).


    [Mais oui, c’est un week-end avec trois matins… Mon favori. – Features Editor]

  20. Congrats to James, Ernest, Paul and TomiSue. In case any one is wondering, it appears the winning numbers were 16 and 10.5.

    The Black Strat book really is wonderful. Fast delivery, very colorful, lots of pics and an easy read. And even if you are not a guitar geek, there is still lots of good history and information throughout. Plus you can always just look at the pictures.

    Two items that amused me at first glance was the quote from David in the front, something about it being a “…daft idea about writing a guitar book” (I’m paraphrasing here.) And a page in the back that shows all the different guitar picks that David has used. Particularly interesting in that several of them were Gibson picks. Nothing wrong with that, just amusing.

    Interesting related sidenote. I was in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this week. In my hotel as I got off the elevator I noticed a few framed pictures that seemed familiar to me. Then I noticed they were prints from the same place as the cover of the book – “The Wave, a rock formation at North Coyote Butes, Paria Canyon/Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness in northern Arizona, USA.” How Deja Vu.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.



    [10.5 and 16, indeed, but also 17 and 38. – Features Editor]

  21. Congrats to all the string winners! I didn’t participate in that one… wouldn’t know what to do with strings if I had em!

    The animated video from the HBO site was pretty cool Fed… was that something they made themselves or was this site involved in it? It looks like Steve Knee’s work…

    Well everyone, have a great weekend!

    [It’s the first I’ve seen of it, but then again… Pass. – Features Editor]

  22. I’m another of the lucky winners, thanks FEd!

    Thanks also to Phil for sharing his insightful information. I can’t wait to check out the DG strings!

    Thanks again!

    My address: […]

    Regards to everyone and have a great weekend!


    [Congratulations, James. Do let us know what you think of them. – Features Editor]

  23. It just so happens that my copy of The Black Strat arrived yesterday. I only had to time to skim but I am extremely impressed with what I saw. Very well put together and way more comprehensive than I was expecting. I will post more as I read more.

    I really liked the inclusion of the DG Sig Strat in the back, as well as the info on the string set. Now all I have to do is wait for the strings to come out first, then start saving for the guitar!!

  24. Tim…

    “wouldn’t know what to do with strings if I had em!”

    You could…

    – Use them to cut cheese

    – Make snares to catch small furry animals with if you are ever lost in a huge forest

    – Use them to floss your teeth with – they would last a lot longer than your teeth would probably…

    – Plait them together to make the supporting wires for a miniature replica of a suspension bridge

    – And when you’re lost in the forest and if for some obscure reason your clothes were all stolen by a bear you could make a thong out of them… ewwww!

    Just call me MacGiver… 🙂

  25. Dear F.Ed. and Bloggers,

    First of all a very special big hug to Susan.

    Then, many congratulations to the lucky four winners: with the David Gilmour GHS strings your guitars will shine!

    This morning my son (15 years just yesterday) told me this night he dreamed DG, in the dream DG was having dinner with us (what a great honour!) : I wonder if these are the normal consequences to speak so many times with him about DG !

    Have everyone a great weekend
    Ciao Elisabetta

  26. Oh my gosh! YAAAAAAAAY! I got my David! I’m sooooooooo haaaaaapy with it all! It’s going to make such a great gift for a very special person. 🙂

    Elisabetta, that’s such a strange and lovely story. Dreams can tell us so much about ourselves and others. I think. 🙂

    Have a lovely time over the weekend everyone! And especially Fed, David. 🙂 I’m going do my best to have the hootinest hoot! Sort of.

    No hangover this weekend!

    I’m leaving for the States on Monday so this will be my last Blog for the year. 🙁 Oh well. BUT I’ll see you all next year I hope. Yesssssss! 🙂

    🙁 but 🙂 Laaaaaaaaaater!


    [Have a safe trip, Deborah. – Features Editor]

  27. Congrats to all the winners!!!

    And special thoughts for Sue…get well soon…

    TGIF…close to a very welcome beer..or 2

    Cheers, Howard

  28. [Have a safe trip, Deborah. – Features Editor]

    Thanks, Fed! You have a safe time over the holidays as well. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Are we mad for participating in it? 🙂

    My prayers and best wishes go out to everyone over Christmas and the new year! (I’m the kissy girl at the party, er, was.;))

    Lots of love!


  29. Congrats to the winners. Have fun ringing out the opening line to comfortably numb!!

    I hope to get my book by christmas.

    Hey FEd have you read the black strat book yet?? just checking!!

    Have a great weekend everybody

    [I’ve made a start, but haven’t made it to the end yet. – Features Editor]

  30. And your impartial comment to Barbara the other day was 100% correct, Fed. Tehehe 🙂

    LAAAAATER! (For real)

    Deb XXXXXXXx 🙂

  31. message for susan :

    i know i am a day late but this is just a short note to say i am thinking of you and hope all went well

    peace and hugs

  32. Congrats to Phil on his book – can’t wait to get my copy!

    Fed, just thinking in anticipation of RTN Gdansk Live, would it be possible to have a blog vote for the final sleeve design? I wonder what David would think of that? – just a thought!

  33. Congratulations to the winners!Great start of weekend mates!Buen fin de semana a todos!

    See you soon,


  34. Phils book is the best thing ive bought this year apart from Remember That Night.

    I love finding out all the little mods that have been made to the axe over the years and all the pictures, its porn!

    Well worth the dough.

  35. Hi,

    Congrats to the winners of the strings. 😀

    FEd? Will the Black Strat book be available in January i.e. after Christmas? I hope so. I am dying to get my hands on this book.

    As you are aware Christmas is around the corner (already!) and I am visiting Santa alot to tell him what my little Imogen would like for Christmas.

    Best regards and have a lovely weekend.


    [I expect so, but only from the website (it’s only in Borders until 31 December). – Features Editor]

  36. The lighting guy’s use of Heineken bottles for filters confirmed David’s theory about their “casual” use of alcohol.

  37. I Won!!!!!!

    I have recently taken my Les Paul out of the moth balls so to speak (went the Strat route in the 80’s) and I have been wanting to try a slightly heavier guage on it. Can’t wait to put these babies to the test.

    Thanks all at!

    Here’s my address: […]

    [Well done, you. Have fun. – Features Editor]

  38. I want to give a shout out to Susan.

    You are in my thoughts, and I am wishing you a speedy recovery.

    I would also like to wish Marcus Buick a Happy Belated Birthday!

    Have a fantastic weekend all!!!!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  39. Special thoughts for Susan.

    Congratulations to the contest winners TomiSue (hello there!), James Geary, Paul B. and Ernest Peske.

    I am like Tim, wouldn’t know what to do with those strings. Still, was hoping to give them to the rabid Les Paul player that is also known as my brother. I am sure he’d be interested in experimenting with these nonstandard strings.

    To every Irregular who is reading: I hope you have a great weekend. See ya in the chatroom soon.

  40. Congratulations to the winners! Lucky day. 🙂

    Thanks, Phil, if you read the blog. We all really appreciate you taking your time to answer our questions, and thanks a big big bunch for this book that you’ve written! I’m saving every penny I can (and praying lots) so that I may one day own the DG Strat, and the book along with it, but I may not be able to wait that many years. I will probably end up buying the book this weekend – it looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks again.

    Take care over the weekend, FEd. Come back again after you drift into infinity. 🙂

    [All you gotta do is wait and I’ll tell you when… Love these Dylan references. – Features Editor]

  41. I am a late entry again. I just wanted to add that regards Deborah’s comment about ‘(self inflicted)’ LA fires that I took her meaning as being set intentionally by someone rather than an act of nature. I believe that those persons are in serious trouble, as they should be.

    I agree that the Bangladesh cyclone with all of the deaths, injuries and distruction makes the LA mess pale by comparison. And in an area where they will never have the kind of life to begin with that the people in LA have.

    Wasn’t it last year that there were some awful fires in Greece?

    There have been many natural and man-made disasters that have cost many lives. There are people who are living in areas where they may be lucky to make $1.00 a day. Barely able to survive, much less care for their children. Then there is Darfur.

    It is painful to think on these things but you must. Acting is the only way to help. No one cause is less worthy than another if someone is truely in need and has no way of recovering or of having any sort of real and meaningful life. By meaningful I am saying, able to sustain a living and able to care for self and children.

    I am thankful everyday for what I have been blessed with.

    I am hoping for good news soon for Susan. As F’Ed said, ‘try to stay positive’. Praying for you and the best outcome for your surgery. My mom had Fallopian Tube cancer which they treat much the same as Ovarian. The doctors all felt that her attitude had much to do with how well she did.

    Congrats to all the winners of DG guitar strings. Someday I hope to understand enough about the guitar to have this all make sense. I am just a beginner.

    Bless you all,
    Have a great weekend (snow coming finally for Mpls)

  42. Congrats guys and gal, future Fender Benders.

    To Susan, get well soon and get back here soon okay?

    I would like to iterate on the Black Strat but I am still awaiting Phil’s book in the mail. Maybe Monday, fingers crossed or twisted.

  43. Congrats to the winners. I kept trying to pick out one number but it kept coming out to two. LOL
    Silly wabbit!!!

    Thanks Phil, I enjoyed the book, especially the technical parts. I am sure Mr. Gilmour has always been comfortable with you being his wingman.

    By the way… how did you ship it so fast.


  44. Hi Fed and all.

    First of all, congratulations to James,Paul, Ernest and TomiSue!

    Have a nice day everyone!(“,)

  45. Dear Fed and Bloggers.

    Welcome to Saturday morning in Margate. Wish you were here and hope you are enjoying the cold sunshine!

    I have a headache!

    Why am I up so early. Groan!



  46. Good luck, Lyn.

    The dating scene is a great metaphor for life: things come your way, and you must decide (with very little knowledge) whether to pursue them or to say, “maybe next time.” Sooner or later, the best presents itself to you and, if you’re able to recognize it, you can walk home with the prize.

    I kissed a lot of princesses who turned out to be frogs, and then one turned out NOT to be a frog. I married her seven years ago and have not looked back.

    What I am trying to say is, Lyn, please don’t get discouraged if you’re not finding your prince. Don’t give up, keep kissing potential frogs. Sooner or later, you’ll find what you are looking for.

  47. Something completely different..sorry…Would mr David Gilmour consider playing in / for Hasankeyf in Turkey to save this amazing ancient place from destruction… Also because it is a fabulous place / area to play live for big audience.

    Kind regards

    [I think people should be appealing directly to the Austrian, German, Swiss and Turkish governments, and urging their MEPs to do likewise, rather than looking towards musicians to help make a difference (although I fully appreciate why one’s faith in music can be more powerful than one’s faith in those that are in power). I do personally hope that plans for the dam will be scrapped and, if anyone cares, please click Linda’s name for a good starting point, should you wish to lend your voice to the campaign. If you haven’t heard about this, the gist of it is that, for a relatively short-term gain, tens of thousands of people will be displaced and numerous historical sites (and endangered wildlife) will be flooded and lost forever. Then there are the inevitable environmental and health concerns, as well as the trivial matter of Human Rights violations… – Features Editor]

  48. Hallo FED and Bloggers,

    The Blu Ray edition of the DVD “Remember that night” could arrive at my home next week, after I make you know my impressions about it.

    I wish you the best week end.

    Claudio from Ravenna – Italy

  49. The Black Strat – “A personal review…”

    First, being a stratocaster & Gilmour fan, I must say that it is difficult for me to be 100% objective. Please forgive me! If I see a strat and smell a tube amp, something very strange happens to me. I can’t really put this into words.

    … and if I touch it, hmmm. Actually, the same happens when I see this man, called David on stage… Well, I don’t have any intention of touching him… don’t be afraid David, or Polly!

    OK, now about the new book of Phil Taylor: “The Black Strat”.

    Reading a book about one single guitar seems to be much(!) more interesting then reading a book of 100 guitars! If you know a bit about David Gilmour, the story of the black strat is actually a story of the man himself and how he felt. It’s almost touching reading about the reunion of the strat & David. I love it.

    All the information is crystal clear, not too technical and written with a lot of respect. The pictures and illustrations are great.

    What can I say? I recommend this book to everyone, even if you don’t play guitar. …anyway, you will play after reading this book, won’t you?
    It’s a very nice book, a fair price about a strat with “balls”, what more can we ask for putting under the Xmas tree?

    Thanks (guitar) “Doctor” Phil !!!


    P.S.: I must admit, this new (relic?) signature stratocaster looks amazing.

  50. Hello fed and bloggers. Congrats to the winners.

    Fed, i went to our town parade today and took the kids. There were a lot of people there, but what i noticed was a few people going around collecting money for the homeless. I thought, wow, this is my chance to give back! I asked the lady about her cause, she said 18 cent fed one person. I emptied my purse and gave her all my change. I think i help feed a lot of people today and it felt great. I hope i made a little bit, if not a big difference in their lives, it did mine.

    Hope you have a good weekend fed, im doing my last bit of christmas shopping today (I hope).

    [Very kind of you, Tracy. – Features Editor]

  51. Well I clicked on the video tab, watched video then read Rudders take on it and then proceeded to fall off chair. Good one Rudders!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  52. hi’s been awhile,huh. well i keep up w/you guys more than you think but havent really had time to correspond very much lately…but anyway.

    this may have been talked about somewhere on the site but on the dvd, what is the deal with […]

    BTW, the dvd is so awesome.his guitar tone is SICK!!! i mean it is THE tone. anyway, that little piece of film has been driving me crazy…and so funny when he asks the guy playing the glasses to come play with…very funny stuff.

    hi to mike in jersey and echoes bob and all of the rest of you irregulars. i miss u all!

    [We’re not discussing the Easter Eggs, sorry. They’re still a mystery to some. – Features Editor]

  53. Way to go James, Ernest, Paul & TomiSue! I really hope that you will enjoy.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and Fed I hope that you have a good weekend and your team wins.

    Take Care, Thomas

    PS Time for a new coach!

  54. Congrats strings winners…..I was soooo close!

    Green tip: get an artifical Christmas tree.

    I got through reading an artical in the “Phoenix Gazzette” newspaper; “Go green, buy a real tree for Christmas”. The artical went on to say that most trees are specifically grown for Christmas trees. It also said those trees would be replaced with new trees and that is a great way to put more oxygen in our air.

    That is a good point, and they could have mentioned that the trees also are made of carbon…which comes out of the air…and that is good as well.

    However, when the trees are discarded and begin to decay the carbon will again be released from the tree. The vehicles used to transport these trees release carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The trees may not be organic, furthur releasing co2 into the atmosphere through fertilizers and other chemicals manufactured to make the trees grow.

    Then there is the issue of fire from real Christmas trees….a home burning to the ground releases a huge amount of co2, not to mention the possible loss of life.

    Creating artifical trees is not clean either, but those trees can last a lifetime….and that will help a really big problem.

    If you are one of the many who have to have a real tree try to find one that can be replanted later.

    One more thing please don’t put any tinsel or fake snow on the tree, try to use only things that can be used over and over.

  55. [I clicked the video tab… interesting! – Rudders]


    It’s funny how I’m sitting here at 4:20 on a Sunday morning (I’m still not feeling well) And i just watched that little animation.Made me feel less “less sick”, with a good laugh. Very arty!

    btw, forgot to mention, I’m loving Phil’s answers!

    Hope everyone’s weekend was good!


    [Hope you feel better soon. – Features Editor]

  56. Probably a cold, windy and rainy weekend, mais avec trois matins et de si jolis chiffres comme quatre, zéro, third, y a pire, non ?

    Sure, one day, you will love Maths …


    [It was cold, windy and rainy at times (and consisted of just two mornings, after all), but it was a mighty fine weekend, thank you. Those numbers do sound very good… – Features Editor]

  57. [P.S.: I must admit, this new (relic?) signature stratocaster looks amazing.]


    Will this Strat be a Relic?

    [In a hundred years or so, if you take good care of it, sure. – Features Editor]

  58. GREEN TIP: Smoke outdoor marijuana, outdoor pot tastes and smokes better. Hydroponic marijuana costs our planet dearly with the electricity used to produce it. Also, the long-term effects of smoking the chemicals used in hydro pot are unknown.

    AND A BIGGER GREEN TIP: AMERICA SIGN KYOTO! America is killing the earth with it’s BS. They still deny that the earth has a HUGE problem. CRAZY!


  59. Dear NewYorkDan. Thank you for your words of hope and amphibians!

    Oh yes, I know all about the frogs and the toads (there are a lot of the latter in England), and as for my date on Friday, well I am only 5ft.4″ and this guy was shorter than me. I have nothing against short people at all. I even tried very hard to make conversation, but all this chap could talk about was his job which was selling insurance. He actually asked me if I needed home insurance. I declined. But he made a sale with our waiter and several barmen who he promised to call on Monday with more information.

    What’s more his name was Barry. I’ve nothing against Barrys either, except he kept telling us to call him Baz. Baz! Oh please. Baz, for Heaven’s sake!

    The place was nice, we went to in Cliftonville just outside Margate. It was a bistro-bar and the food was amazing what I had of it. Baz kept pinching bits off my plate with his fingers which I thought was disgusting. I said in a very loud voice “Can you stop doing that please!” and every one looked round. He was so annoying. I was so embarassed.

    To my friend Marla’s defence, she said that she didn’t know he was like that. His friend with him, Silvarno, had a word with him, and came back to me with the reply that he was a bit nervous. Gee, am I that scary.

    So I drank Sambucco to make the time go faster. Silvarno and Marla just seemed to “disappear” and left me with Baz who ordered me a taxi. He got in it too, worst luck and dropped me at my front door. He got out to snog me which I turned in to a cheek peck (thank God), and asked for me phone number too which I retorted that I didn’t want any insurance, ha ha, and he said “eh?”. My attempt at humour obviously went over his head. I ran up the stairs to the front door and fumbled in my bag for keys, but dad was up and let me in.

    I ran into the lounge and poured a large voddy. Five minutes later dad came in and said that Baz had asked me for money for the cab so dad gave him a tenner!

    Now that’s a frog! That is one mean frog! Is it just the guys in England who are so “yuck”, no offence to all British men, but they are so clueless and so numpty, well the ones I meet are.

    What a total waste of time.

    Dad went to bed and I put on “The DVD” and watched some real men play some real music, but even David and co must be a pain to their partners sometimes, but……at least they have one!

    LYN 🙁

    [He sounds like a boring, free-loading Baz-tard to me, Lyn. Better luck next time. – Features Editor]

  60. Nice to see that David is making damn sure Fender get the guitar right and available to as many people as possible. Not that you would expect anything less 🙂

  61. I just got Phil’s book today and it’s sweet. Well written, very informative, well worth the price.

    Would be pretty cool if Phil did a whole series on David’s guitars. Even a history of Gilmour’s guitars.

    Thanks for the great book, Phil.


  62. [I think people should be appealing directly to the Austrian, German, Swiss and Turkish governments, and urging their MEPs to do likewise, rather than looking towards musicians to help make a difference (although I fully appreciate why one’s faith in music can be more powerful than one’s faith in those that are in power). I do personally hope that plans for the dam will be scrapped and, if anyone cares, please click Linda’s name for a good starting point, should you wish to lend your voice to the campaign. If you haven’t heard about this, the gist of it is that, for a relatively short-term gain, tens of thousands of people will be displaced and numerous historical sites (and endangered wildlife) will be flooded and lost forever. Then there are the inevitable environmental and health concerns, as well as the trivial matter of Human Rights violations… – Features Editor]

    Good advice but, man is this planet screwed…

  63. Hi Stephen.

    Thanks for your post about Christmas trees. I think they are very pretty and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without them. I personally don’t celebrate Christmas so I have no need for one. It would be great if everyone who does celebrate would purchase trees with the roots intact. Unfortunately, I think they cost more and therefore get bypassed.

    Here’s a thought on using spent Christmas trees. My father is an outdoors man who loves nothing better than spending time fishing on the lake. He fishes for food and not sport mind you. As a matter of fact, I don’t ever remember eating a bite of store bought fish until I became an adult.

    Anyway, for as long as I can remember, he has collected all of the discarded Christmas trees in our little community. He ties a few of them together and embeds the trunks in cement. He then hops in his boat and goes all around the lake and drops them in. The trees then sink to the bottom and create nests for the fishes to have their babies.

    I always considered it to be a rather earth friendly way to dispose of these wasted trees, and I am not aware of any reason that it might harm the environment.


  64. Melissa, the trees would just rot and make more problems. What about all the lime from the cement? That’s bad for the water’s PH. So…….. (**)

  65. Awwhh, come on Fed!!!

    Spill the beans on this! Relic or not???

    Not that this will make a blind bit of difference………



    [I’m not spilling anything, mate. I’ve given you all the information I can give. – Features Editor]

  66. No Christmas HOLIDAY? I can’t find a man! Will my guitar be a relic? Can I ruin the DVD for everyone? Play for free? I’m sick! The lights are too bright! I’m blessed! Bless you! Pray for money! Don’t drink, don’t smoke 10,000 happy weekend messages. BLAH, blah, blah, blah.

    Some very boring young and old farts here. Sorry…(walks away cringing).

    Grain of salt. 🙂


  67. To Lyn

    Us British men aren’t all frogs ya know (nideep, nideep), mabe you should have guessed when he ordered a budweiser!…..or did he get you to buy?

    Better luck next time Lyn.

    I hope my other half doesn’t think i’m too much of a pain, although perhaps you’re right, maybe she does at times.

  68. [Melissa, the trees would just rot and make more problems. What about all the lime from the cement? That’s bad for the water’s PH. So…….. (**)]

    I knew someone would come up with a reason.

    [Some very boring young and old farts here. Sorry…(walks away cringing)]

    Why do you continue to read this blog if it’s not your cup of tea, Andy? There’s tons of other sites you can visit, and start trouble.

    I can think of one place you can go to, but I don’t believe in hell, so…

    I think your insults are uncalled for.


  69. [Melissa, the trees would just rot and make more problems. What about all the lime from the cement? That’s bad for the water’s PH. So…….. (**)- Andy Green]

    Andy, before going on half cocked perhaps consider the total picture here.

    The eastern United States suffers from acid rain, which is a byproduct of burning coal for energy (I am not a proponent of this before you lump me in as an American killing the earth with BS). In this microcosmic case, the lime from the concrete would actually offset the high acidity caused by energy pollutants.

    Rotting trees a problem? Perhaps you should try smoking them instead?


  70. Dear Andy

    Your previous comment, has made a lot of us bloggers furious, me being one of them. I am the second youngest here, and you have absolutley NO RIGHT, to har”ass” us. We have been here much longer, and we won’t stand for any nonsense.

    This is supposed to be a relaxing place where a bunch of friends can talk, and NOT where other strangers come barging in and start harassing. So shut up, and don’t ever comment again.

    [No one need comment further on this, thank you. – Features Editor]

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