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August 26, 2006: Gdańsk, Poland. Photo: Polly Samson.Oh, how many times you’ve asked about a live CD…

Well, there is going to be one.

It will be from last August’s Gdańsk concert.

It will be out sometime next year.

There will be one or two assorted extras thrown in for good measure…

And that’s all you’re getting for now, so please don’t bother asking for more. This is obviously a work in progress (with any ‘assorted extras’ as yet undecided, by the way).

There’ll be more on this as and when details are confirmed, so stick with me.

That wasn’t such a bad start to the week, was it?

The Maestro Rover has been an important (and often overlooked) piece to Gilmour’s sound for many years. Since using them myself for quite a while now, I cannot see going without them… and I fear the day they will eventually die. Years ago, you and Pete Cornish developed 100 watt variations of this unique, aging and difficult-to-replace unit. Any hope of that design being released to the public, or an amp builder for limited production some day? (Gary Griffith)

David only used the Rovers when recording the ‘Division Bell’ album. To recreate this sound live for the ensuing tour (as the Rovers are low powered, therefore too quiet and not suitable for large stages alongside his 4 x 12 cabinets), I decided to replicate the Rover sound and function with a high powered version utilising not one, but two, stacked high powered 6″ drivers. I asked Paul Leader from Leader Sound to source the motors and work out the speed control system for me. Between us, we put together the ‘Doppolas’, as they were christened. The guitar audio signal is first eq’d with a modified Boss GE 7 graphic; this then goes into a Hiwatt amplifier and then into the Doppola through mercury contacts to the drivers. There are no plans to make them available.

You know the part of ‘Comfortably Numb’ David plays, when the mirror ball starts to open on the ’94 tour, what exactly does he add to achieve this sound? Is it simply more delay? (Kristopher Junner)


Is it true that during the late ’60s and early ’70s David used a pedal called Orange Treble and Bass Booster? If not, what effect was used live and in the studio to create his overdrive tone (e.g. from ‘Embryo’, ‘Cymbaline’ or ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’)? Or maybe it was good old Fuzz Face? (Rafal)

Mostly, he used a Colorsound Treble and Bass Booster, a Fuzz Face and an EH Big Muff.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Hey Fed

    I just wanted to say “something to look forward to”

    Have a great week Fed,don’t work too hard.


    [The same to you. – Features Editor]

  2. Good idea…

    I love the live CD, these are more real and warm than the studio CD.

    Thank you for all… (in particular to Fed for this rapid news)

    I await the CD with much attention.

    Bye Bye …

  3. [Oh, how many times you’ve asked about a live CD…]


    What a good news.

    I am so glad that Gdansk will be released as last year summer shows had improved over the spring tour.

    Is there any chance that a poll for the extra can be put out? Some inclusion seems to be more than obvious for all the “lucky 2006 summer tour DG fan” (I keep fingers crossed!).

  4. [There will be one or two assorted extras thrown in for good measure…]

    How about a DVD of the concert thrown in too, blu ray too of course, with some hidden tracks & an unreleased pink floyd track as well (i’m struggling to invent ridiculous demands here Fed).

    Oh yeah, each CD comes with a black Gilmour strat included, that should just about satisfy every one…no? thought not.

    in soccer parlence, take each track as it comes, anything else is a bonus, i am over the moon & not sick as a parrot, the boy done good.

  5. What!!! A live CD…


    Shout it from the rooftops…

    It is indeed pretty average start of the week type news though isn’t it ;0)

    BTW FEd. Any news on the total proceeds achieved from the Crisis auction yet?

    [Not yet. – Features Editor]

  6. An excellent start to the week I would say!

    Do you think David misses his band and will do a few one-offs concerts, Fed?

    …….please, David!

    I don’t know! Us bloggers always wanting more, eh!


  7. Setlist from Gdansk…

    First half: Breathe, Time, Breathe (Reprise), Castellorizon, On An Island, The Blue, Red Sky At Night, This Heaven, Then I Close My Eyes, Smile, Take A Breath, A Pocketful Of Stones, Where We Start.

    Second half: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wot’s…Uh The Deal, Astronomy Domine, Fat Old Sun, High Hopes, Echoes.

    Encores: Wish You Were Here, A Great Day For Freedom, Comfortably Numb.

    [Posted by: Features Editor at August 26, 2006 11:00 PM]

    All this AND yet to be decided assorted extras, tantastic news.

    March 6th would make for a good release date.

  8. Excellent!!! What a lovely surprise!!!

    The “feeling” for today is “Obscured By Clouds!!!” Enjoy!!!

  9. Hi FEd,

    You are already populating my next birthday wishlist. An excellent way to start the week indeed.


  10. Gdansk seemed like a very special concert, so it will be great to get to hear it. Isn’t this the show where he sang “On The Turning Away?” Should be interesting to hear this version of it.

    This should be a fantastic week, given the amazing start you’ve given it. Thanks, F’Ed, for delivering such nice news.

    My cold is persisting, and today I have to teach with ‘that run-down feeling.’ Those who can set your own schedule, or can take a day off when needed, should really consider themselves lucky. (Those who don’t teach should consider themselves luckier still.)

  11. Great News again!!!

    Oh by the way: Remember That Night´s best position in Greece was Nr. 3.


  12. This is absolutely fan-tab-u-lous news! What a fantastic performance with the full orchestra, with a great version of ‘A Great Day For Freedom’ as an encore.

    Is the Gdansk CD Number 1 on Amazon pre-orders yet?!?


  13. […Between us, we put together the ‘Doppolas’, as they were christened.]

    I think i know what these wonderous things are. Are they the revolving contraptions that rise from the stage as seen on the Pulse DVD? If so what do they contribute to Davids sound & i wonder why he did not feel the need to use them on his On an island tour.

    Questions that i guess cant be answered except by Phil or David but if anybody else knows….. i would be grateful.

  14. Wow! The surprises never end!

    Is it me or do I see a big face in this picture?

    [It’s not just you. – Features Editor]

  15. Great news,

    I will wait patiently for release, btw there is no RTN Blu-ray in popular polish online retailers as yet, I will vist some good traditional outlets tommorow.

    I’m not fully compatible with Blu-ray (I do not have a player), but I’m interested in buying the RTN. Simply I think it will perfect starter for my Blu ray collection.

    FED, I would like ask about multichannel (DVD Audio or SACD) release of On An Island. I remember that someone asked about that months ago, and you couldn’t help. Are there any plans of such a release, or you haven’t heard anything new about that.

    Thanks a lot,


    [A live CD’s not enough for you, eh? Nothing else is planned (to my knowledge). – Features Editor]

  16. Ah! Thank you Phil for finally setting the record straight about the Orange! I knew it was the Colorsound all along!

  17. What a great start of week.I managed to help crisis last Saturday,I’m so happy that I could help some people with my money and I have something great to keep with me for my whole existence.If I had had more money I would have given it very very willingly but I’m just a student.

    How are you Fed?Hope you had the time to relax yourself during the weekend!

    Bye SIR Gilmour


  18. Yippppeeeee, that’ll be great for a Christmas 2008 pressie.

    I bet you will get loads of questions now FEd about what’s going to be on it. Quadruple with free limited edition of an inflatable DVD only playable on clockwork, gas powered lawn mowers!

    Have a good week

    Ian Pearson

  19. Happy Monday,

    What great news. I will guess that this will particularly please our friend Tomasz.

    Fed, the site and the blog is 2 years old round about now (ish) isnt it ?

    Pete – Coventry

    [That’s right: 7 December and 22 December, if memory serves me well. – Features Editor]

  20. This is really great, great news! Especially since we can hear OAI live with orchestra now. I always dreamt that this concert would be released and am now looking forward to it with great anticipation.

    Fed, please forward a big thanks to David for this decision!

  21. Hiya Fed and all the bloggers!

    Just to say that I can’t be at the chat tomorrow, at least not until after 1pm, as I’m doing stuff with my dad at the B&B tomorrow, so I hope there’s a “lock-in”. If not, then I will see you at Thursdays.

    BTW, Fed, thank you for your kind words about my venture into pub management (that sounds good!!!), there will definitely be a pint or two on the side for you and other bloggers and David too, if you come to the Grand Opening which is planned for March 2008.

    It will probably be 6th March as not only is it David’s birthday, but mine and dad’s too. Mum is 4th, my brother is 7th and his wife is 5th. March is a very expensive month!!!

    So David, there is a birthday cake with your name on it too!

    Hope you have a great Monday and once again, I am very pleased to hear about the CD of Gdansk!

    Bye for now – LYN

  22. Oh nice one! That’s great news! Something else to look forward to.

    Pity I haven’t got anything to play Blu-ray discs on… I could’ve been watching David in high defintion now.

    – James.

  23. That is superb!

    Looking forward to hearing the band and Zbigniew’s orchestra do their thing 🙂

  24. Wow !

    A live CD from David Tour 2006 ! Such a great news today ! We were all so much hoping for it !

    And the Gdansk show, I think it’s a very good choice, a nice tribute to the composer Zbigniew Preisner, to our Polish friends, their history, their courage and determination to reach democracy and freedom … Tout un symbole !

    I am particularly very pleased for Tomasz, Melissa and of course Fed, who attended the show ! Un merveilleux souvenir pour vous, j’en suis sûre…


  25. “Nostalgie, quand tu nous tiens …”

    Yesterday night, I was re-reading the blog entries of November 2006 and I noticed that, a year ago, Ralph was celebrating his x th birthday on November 26.

    So, Happy x+1 th Birthday, Ralph !

    This evening, I’ll raise a glass of Champagne to you ! (or a glass of Duvel, if you prefer …)


    [Good spotting. Happy birthday to you, Ralph. – Features Editor]

  26. Wow!!!! Now that IS good news! That is something I never would have even thought of, but what a great idea to make a live CD of the Gdansk show! Thanks!

    Looking forward to it!

  27. Wow! This is really cool. Finally we all get to hear the orchestrated show in all its glory…


  28. FEd, these are GREAT NEWS indeed!

    A “Limited Edition” with a BONUS DVD will be much great! 😉

    Thanks so much David!!

    Best wishes

  29. Wow, I honestly didn’t expect there to be a live album too, that is brilliant news, there’ll be no need to listen to the bootlegs.

    Great news FEd!

  30. Awesome, can’t believe how great being a David Gilmour fan has become over the last few years. On an Island was fantastic enough, and since then we’ve had so much back, and now this!

    Great news, seriously cannot wait for this release FEd!!

  31. Just super F*Ed thanks for this terrific news.

    Hope your weekend was a good one…

    [It would have been slightly better had Manchester City not got that late winner, but mustn’t grumble. You? – Features Editor]

  32. Caption Competition

    Ticket sales for the 23rd Pink Floyd reunion tour were slightly down on the previous year…

  33. To NewYorkDan,

    No, “On The Turning Away” was not part of Gdansk setlist, it was only performed twice in 2006 at both Venezian concerts (August 11th and 12th).

    Gdansk’s special was “A Great Day For Freedom” being the only 2006 performance.

    That said, “On The Turning Away” is one of these obvious extras (we are not allowed to request about the extra tracks so I did not ask, did I?)

  34. Hi Fed,

    This is WONDERFUL news!!! I can’t wait to hear what the extras will be, possibly some video of some of the tracks?

    I can guarantee that I will be the first in line to purchase this as I was for the Pulse dvd and RTN.


  35. I just been reading all the blogs and it really is brill about the Gdansk concert heading for CD. It will be so romantic.

    Thank you, David. I want to hug you Gilmourette style!


  36. Gdansk . . . live . . . on CD . . . amazing . . . never thought that one would ever materialise . . . and here it comes . . . thanks.

  37. [My cold is persisting, and today I have to teach with ‘that run-down feeling.’ Those who can set your own schedule, or can take a day off when needed, should really consider themselves lucky.]

    Dan, i know how you feel. My cold (pneumonia i call it) is better now (my wife called it man flu) but i struggled into work trying to be brave & got some real dirty looks as i sniveled & sniffed over my keyboard, in the end i was sent home….sometimes you just cant win.

  38. It has been brought to my attention that I’m lurking more these days than contributing . . .

    Now this is something to talk about. How exciting! Melissa has told us so much about this concert. I can’t wait to hear it for myself. Can’t wait to hear OTTA. Thanks David for giving us a little more. And thank you FEd, today is going to be a tough day and this bit of news is a pleasant surprise.

    Happy Birthday, Ralph! We have a couple of birthdays coming up real soon. Marcus birthday is on Thursday, Penny’s is the beginning of December. I say we start embarrassing them, now 😉

    Hope you had a nice weekend FEd.

  39. Caption from Lyn….

    Strictly GDANSKing!

    [Lyn, Lyn, Lyn… – Features Editor]

  40. Just when I thought there could be no more surprises in store for we Gilmour fans, the best cared for fans out here, I’m absolutely stunned by this announcement!

    Whats next FEd, Mr Gilmour will be personally coming to our houses for a holiday concert and Yuletide cheer? (hmmmmm……)

    Thanks for this announcement!

  41. [but mustn’t grumble. You? – Features Editor]

    Had a great Thanksgiving and yesterday my Vikings trounced the NY Giants 41-17 🙂

    [Very good. – Features Editor]

  42. Thanks Fed.

    The best news this week and still only 29 days till Christmas Day.

    Gary Hurley
    London England

  43. Photo caption.

    Rudders tried his version of Arnold Layne but the crowd were having none of it…

  44. Lol 🙂 Fed Fed Fed!

    [Really, I liked that one. I had to resist the urge to type one of Brucie’s catchphrases in response, but I managed to get a grip at the crucial, final moment. – Features Editor]

  45. Fantastic!!! It just keeps getting better and better. . . oh, I could count the ways to be thankful this year. . . hey, maybe that could be a new poll question FEd?

  46. Superb news !

    Can’t wait to hear it, particularly the orchestra and A Great Day for Freedom.

    Happy Birthday Ralph !


  47. [A live CD’s not enough for you, eh? Nothing else is planned (to my knowledge). – Features Editor]

    Trust me, I’m more than happy that Gdańsk will be released on live cd, but audiophile edition of On An Island studio album would be also a treat.

    I’m sure that if such release will be on the horizon, you will let us know first.

    Thanks for your time,


    [I’d love to be able to tell you that one’s coming… – Features Editor]

  48. Caption:

    So many people think that David is God that they started to build a place of worship together.

    Hope you had a good weekend Fed, at least the football for you went the right way, i had to make do with a one all draw and two penalty claims, both of which weren’t penalties!

  49. [Great news, I can already picture myself driving around with Echoes live playing… – Bart]

    Bart, you may have to pull your car off to the side of the road while listening to Echoes, mate. It’s absolutely mind blowing and I’d hate for you to run your car off the road 🙂

    [I am particularly very pleased for Tomasz, Melissa and of course Fed, who attended the show ! Un merveilleux souvenir pour vous, j’en suis sûre… – Michèle]

    Thank you, Michele. I think you are saying, this will be a marvelous souvenir for us. Is that close?

    A live cd will be a beautiful souvenir from Gdansk. This will replace my current souvenir; a police report, written in Polish, which I can’t read, detailing my lost passport incident.

    That concert was such an amazing event, I was certain there would soon be a way to share it with others.

    Thank you, David, for providing this special cd. Thank you, for the information, Fed.

    Friends, I have seen the movie, ‘I’m not There’. There are six personalities of Bob Dylan portrayed by six different characters. Cate Blanchett (as Jude Quinn), my favorite of the six, covers the 1965-66 “Judas” era. Cate was outstanding. She captured Dylan’s body language and attitude spot on.

    Now that I’ve seen it, I have this large crease between my eyes from trying to keep it all straight in my mind. Trust me, there’s a good reason why they give you an “Official Guide to the Movie”.

    How does it feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel…?


  50. Wow! Thanks for the good news, FEd, and hope you enjoyed your weekend.

    Just last night, as I was (again) watching RTN, I was thinking of how I’d love to have it on CD for the car. Now I wake up to see this wonderful message!! YAY!!

    Thanks for the great news! I’m looking forward to it; and does this mean we get to play another
    round of “Blotto”?? It’s one of my favorite games! (You loved it too, FEd… admit it!)


    [It gave me more than one headache, I have to confess. – Features Editor]

  51. Seeing as David Gilmour is in such a giving and generous mood with this new live CD next year.

    I’ve to ask you on wee Alex’s behalf if Mr Gilmour would like to come and play at his 8th birthday party.

    I tried so hard not to laugh when he asked me.

    He has been practising Fat Old Sun and wants to play along with him.

  52. Hi FEd!

    That is some brilliant news and has really made my day! Just got in from a tough day at work and the news brought a smile to my face.

    Really looking forward to the live CD as much as the “Remember That Night” DVD when that was announced.

    Hope David will do some gigs in 2008. I missed the last tour.

    All the best

  53. Yes! I don’t think a little anticipatory bouncing up and down is out of order. No, I’m not doing that with any kind of dignity. 🙂

  54. Well, my wife is not sharing my excitement about the Gdansk show on CD. But my buddy who went to the cinema presentation of RTN with me is…

    I expected this historic show would live on only in the memories of those lucky enough to attend. I’m just ecstatic about the forthcoming cd!!!

    Here we go full speed ahead into another exciting year with DG material!


  55. hello,

    i am very happy to know that the live cd will be not the london live because the DVD is nice, David is perfect, all the musicians too, but the place is too much & shows in the summer VIENNE, FIRENZE VENISE were fantastique – better than london

    DAVID IS VERY FREE, the good idea will be a dvd of VIENNE OR VENISE a live outdoor.


  56. I knew it! Releasing live cd from Albert hall would be wrong take. I knew that Gdansk would be sometimes released. At least as live album. And I’m so happy about it. There’s nothing like listening to familiar stuff with orchestra.

    Thank you so much for these news!

  57. Wow…The good news just keeps rolling in…

    FEd, man the battle stations, im sure that there will be some pretty hefty demands as to what gets included for those “extras”

    I hope you had a good weekend FEd, and Happy Monday! :o)

    [You know it… – Features Editor]

  58. Astronomy and Great Day for Freedom will be the high point 🙂

    A dvd extra including that performance will be amazing, indeed… with all that fantastic screens thing and etc.

  59. hearing about the live album is great news. awesome news to start the work week with after having a dreadful holiday last week.

    i shall add this bit to the list of things coming soon that i intend on getting.

  60. First and foremost – but rather late in the queue – marvellous news – I am sure that many people will appreciate not only hearing the Gdansk show, which was clearly a very special one for all concerned, but also the chance to listen to the live set properly on a CD, in a car etc …

    Second, that Phil Taylor seems like a nice chap, but he seems to speak in a strange language that I cannot comprehend ! having said that, does anyone know where I can get an EH big Muff ? It’s getting chilly in Norfolk ..

  61. Tomasz,

    I too am a fan of SACD and DVD-Audio and I agree hearing OAI in this format would be really cool and I would no doubt purchase one.

    I am not sure if you are a fan of vinyl, but I happen to hold that old technology very near and dear to my heart, and I will say that the 180 gram version of OAI that can be purchased through Anthill is quite amazing.

    I’ve played it a few times and if I had my druthers, I would choose to listen to only the vinyl and not the current, red-book audio, standard CD version of OAI. It really is THAT good.

    I hope this helps.

  62. Hi FEd

    A live CD is indeed great news, for all the reasons others have already talked about.

    I also hope David and El Magnifico get down to work soon on releasing another CD from material they culled On An Island from. El Mag said in his interview here that there was enough material available for at least another CD.

  63. What more could we ask for!

    At least my better half will know what to get me for my birthday next year.

  64. Hi all,

    it’s good to hear that sometime next year I’ll be able to update my in-head stored OAI live performance from 2006 😉 I hope the the addons will be tracks shortly presented in the RTN DVD (as the Syd Barrett tribute, for example)


    PS. I just got back from work 30 minutes ago and I saw that *my* book arrived. You won’t mind that I’ll turn off-line now 😀

  65. Wow, Mich, thank you very much indeed. And thank you FEd and Erin.

    You could not have timed the BluRay release any better. Dead on !

    Now all I need to ask for Christmas is a blu-ray player and a very good (and preferably wall-size) HD TV … 😉

    Last year you guys spoiled me with the DVD teaser around my B-day too.

    Best regards,

  66. what a day, just scanning through phil taylor’s book, absolutely gobsmacked!!! and then this…

    fabulous news Fed!!!


  67. Caption: David and the band bravely played on, even as the giant sling-shot was preparing to hurl them into space!

  68. Thanks for kind words Pete, Michele

    and of course very happy birthday Ralph, enjoy your day,


  69. I have a simple request. Nothing to it, really.

    My birthday’s in January, so if David is in the mood to play at the party of a lifelong fan…

    And I’m generous enough to share with, oh, five thousand of his other fans…

    Radio City Music Hall should be available by then… Or the Beacon Theater…

    David could sing “Arnold Layne” and substitute my Blog name. “NewYorkDan Had a Strange Hobby…”

    Am I asking for too much? Well, maybe David could play The Wall in its entirety. Solo.

    Whaddya say, David? A birthday treat for one particular fan. That’s not asking too much, is it?

    (I’ll stop now, so as to NOT risk banishment from this Blog!)

  70. [good luck with the birthday party, I tried for my 40th 🙁 all that cake going to waste!]

    how about an “extra” of another live concert? maybe radio city music hall nyc?

    I do like that gig

  71. – A live CD of the concert you attended,
    – Very friendly and positive comments on the blog today,
    – A brillant win for Liverpool this weekend,

    Maybe it’s the good moment to ask you : ‘Will there be chat sessions in December ?’


    Oh! yes, I forgot, ‘please’…


    [Yes, there’ll be a few chat sessions in December. – Features Editor]

  72. A rather busy day at work today, and I come home to find Phil Taylor’s Black Strat book waiting for me.

    Then I visit this site and find out about the Gdansk cd, this day is getting better and better.

    Nice to see that Crisis was able to raise that money.

  73. This is some very excellent news. My kids back to school, getting an “A” on my math test and a live CD???!!!! WOW could this week get any better??

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  74. Great news! Something else to look forward too!

    And yet more great questions and answers for and from Phil.

    Have a good week all.

  75. Hello Fed,

    Hope you had a good weekend, wow great news on the Live CD and Poland to boot, What a Great Day for Freedom, from the a Artist and Website, that just keeps giving.


  76. Excellent news!!! I can never hear too many different versions of David’s repertoire of guitar solos.

    If I may be so bold as to offer a friendly suggestion (please do not interpret this as a demand or a call to pile on), I think a nice extra for this would be an audio interview with David and one or more of his band/crew about the studio album, the tour in general, and this concert specifically (along with their feelings about the cause behind the event). I can never get enough of hearing any of these guys talk.

    I’d especially love to hear a bit more out of Polly. She always seems a bit shy when it comes to talking about her husband’s work and her outstanding contributions.

    Again, just a friendly suggestion. I’m sure I’ll love whatever gets released.

  77. Hello.

    Well I am so happy that a cd version will be released.

    Personaly, I was so desperate to have one that I have ripped the sound of the DVD, edited the whole thing and made my own.. In fact it took 3 CDs to put the whole thing!

    The only propblem is that the AC3 audio is not as good as real CD audio.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys that it would be nice to have a live CD and also have you ever thought of making a CD version of “David Gilmour Live in Concert” and of “Live in Pompeii” ??

    I am sure many people would buy.

    I have included the tracks order that I used just in case.. I think it is just a wonderful way to listen to the show and it would be much better if it would be made proffessionally from the original masters.

    Here it is.. it is what I listen to everyday:

    CD 1: 01. Castellorizon 02. On An Island 03. The Blue 04. Red Sky At Night 05. This Heaven 06. Then I Close My Eyes 07. Smile 08. Take A Breath 09. A Pocketful Of Stones 10. Where We Start 11. Island Jam 2007

    CD 2: 01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 02. Fat Old Sun 03. Wearing The Inside Out (Richard Wright) 04. Wot’s… Uh The Deal 05. Dominoes 06. Coming Back To Life 07. Speak To Me 08. Breathe (In the Air) 09. Time 10. Breathe (In the Air) (reprise)

    CD 3: 01. Arnold Layne (Richard Wright) 02. High Hopes 03. Echoes 04. Wish You Were Here 05. Find The Cost Of Freedom 06. Comfortably Numb (with David Bowie) 07. Dark Globe 08. Astronomy Domine

    Best Regards

    Eric Lafond
    Montreal, Canada

  78. I am sitting here trying to pick jaw up from ground. What phenomenal news on the live recording Fed! Thank You for making my day.

    BTW I received my black strat book Saturday and haven’t put it down since.

    I was finally outbid at the crisis auction and I am happy and sad about that. Happy because it was a bit out of my league at the moment financially, and sad because of formentioned 😉 I was able to make a donation anyway. I am glad the bids brought in a good end result.

    Have a fantastic week Fed.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  79. Oh Great News!!! I’m very happy.

    The parts of the show in Gdansk in DVD Remember That Night are amazing, probably the audio with orchestra are amazing…good idea. I’m waiting for the extras, there are many options…On the Turning Away of course is one more, the great gig hehe…other songs for the dvd remember that night that were not playing in Gdansk too … but this live cd is amazing!!!

  80. Hi FED, great news on the live CD coming our way next year. I’m very patient/in tune that there will be more to follow in the Saucerful of Secrets. David’s fans will always be starving for more of his work/misic. I know that I am and love it.


  81. Great news FEd. And i actually kind of predicted after an interview from El Magnifico to a spanish newspapper last week. I predicted that A live album had to be Gdansk.

    As an extra, FEd, you said that “maybe” we could hear the Island Jam 2007 live (from DVD premiere) in a proper manner in the future. Does it have something to do with cd extras?

    [See above. – Features Editor]

  82. I too am looking forward to the orchestration with Mr. Preisner at the helm. Should be interesting. I recall a while ago the band reviewed this concert and David gave it high praise.

  83. I agree with everyone else, this is fantastic news. Thanks David for sharing your talent with us once again. We do get greedy when it comes to your music, wanting more and more.

    Fed, how hard was it to keep this news to yourself until you were given the ok to release it? I would hate to be in your shoes because I would have a hard time not telling any rumours I heard. Thanks for letting us know! What fun to come.

    Have a good week and I am looking forward to everything this news will bring!

    [Oh, I couldn’t possibly comment on that, Barbara. – Features Editor]

  84. This is just the best news.

    As I take time to take a breath here on an island (Australia) where the sky is blue and sometimes red at night when I close my eyes I realise this is heaven I begin to smile and remain happy to play with my pocketful of stones until the Gdansk CD arrives.

    The red sky often has a fat old sun in it so it would be great if a clip of fat old sun was on itunes for purchase and then I would be back where I started.

  85. may i just shout out in delight: thank you very very much .

    i was one of the sad few europeans who didn’t get to see david live last year so i would love to have this cd when it comes out . i promise i won’t ask when it will do so !

    i am looking forward to getting my mucky paws on it already !

    have a good week fet ed .

  86. That’s some great news Fed. I can’t wait to hear what’s going on with this new CD.

    Take Care, Thomas

  87. Good morning!

    What good news to read here on a sunny tuesday morning.

    Why is the Gdansk concert the one to be released on CD? Remembering what I saw in the tour-documentary on the RTN-DVD, it must have been a very special concert….


  88. Oh yeeeeeesssss! This is going to be soooooo cool! And with the Pink Floyd box set coming out real soon as well. Loving all the new news. 🙂

    I loved the Gdansk show, nothing but great memories of me, mummy and daddy dancing around (well, trying to) and feeling the power of the band roaring through us. It was one hell of a show with a great amount of signifgance for many people. My mummy is Polish. 🙂

    David is 100% back and hes bigger and better than ever! No ifs buts or maybes. David wins! 🙂

    I think I need another cup of PG tips and lie-down after all this! It’s not even the end of this year and I can tell that next year is going to be a hooooot! A hoot, no less! 🙂 This is a 100% happy Gilourette 🙂

    Caption: Out with the OLD in with the NEW.

    🙁 but 🙂


  89. Fed – Bruce Forsythe?!!! Goodness me! You are much better looking apart from your pointy chin and your ability to say ‘good game, good game’ every now and then.

    Please give my love to everybody in the house of love (the chatroom). I’ll try and make today’s session but looking doubtful. Aw!

    I’ll blog some l8r on.

    Bye. LYN xxxxxxx

  90. AND. 🙂 Keep donating to causes that do good. NOT just so you can get a something. There was such a big song and dance on the blog when it was the (self inflicted) LA fires but when there are millions of people suffering from recent events, NOTHING.

    Something for the bloggers to think about. 🙁


  91. CAPTION:

    David: “Give me a lie for a lie, nothing is hard to…oh BOLLOCKS!” *walks off*

    The decision to tour Nick Mason’s “Profiles” 23 years after its release was…..ill-advised…..

  92. [The Six Cryptonian Crimials await their release date… – Posted by: TomiSue]

    Ha! I liked that one and Tim Taylor’s!

  93. [I am not sure if you are a fan of vinyl, but I happen to hold that old technology very near and dear to my heart, and I will say that the 180 gram version of OAI that can be purchased through Anthill is quite amazing.]

    it’s true, you can’t beat good old vinyl.

    the only problem is vinyl doesn’t hold as much as a CD, and so sometimes the vinyl version is edited down, but i think that they should just make it a double LP. Or 4 LP in the case of PULSE.

    Just need to hope that there will be a RTN Vinyl release.

  94. Hi all,

    I finished reading the book late last night… It documents David’s Strats very well and there were some very interesting pictures that I didn’t saw elsewere.

    I suppose it’s a trivia in this blog but: go ahead and buy it! 😉

    Best regards,


    PS. I didn’t read any other comment about it: am I the only one who noticed the typo in page 75? (1997 instead of 1977)

  95. Great news about the CD.

    A hope for an extra would be some video to get some kind of idea of the unique staging of that concert.

  96. What a pleasant surprise! I am grateful for what have been made available to us by David Gilmour and company these days. Thanks for passing on the good news, FEd.

    Susan, I was thinking about the same thing just over the weekend … how I wish I could listen to a live performance of David Gilmour in the car and the Gdańsk concert couldn’t be a better choice.

    For now, the DVD “Remember That Night” and the few CDs of David Gilmour will comfortably tide us over till the release of the new CD next year.

    p.s. Happy belated birthday, Ralph! It was nice meeting you at the Odeon and my husband and I love your t-shirt.

  97. FED!

    No best news for this Christmas! I can’t wait to buy the CD!

    Claudio from Ravenna – Italy

  98. Nice news ! But i remember that show in Gdansk was filmed by many cameras . How i wish also for a DVD from Gdansk . But there were mistakes in Gdansk from band’s playing . So it is possible to correct in digital video and audio recording …

  99. [I am not sure if you are a fan of vinyl, but I happen to hold that old technology very near and dear to my heart, and I will say that the 180 gram version of OAI that can be purchased through Anthill is quite amazing]


    I’m going to return to vinyl early next year, I can imagine that vinyl version is great. It’s a pity vinyl version is not available in European store, but with current USD exchange rate it won’t be a big problem to order in the US store,


  100. Great news!

    Another quality live record! Unique live symphonic On an Island!

    I hope Gdansk’s “Time” will be included 🙂

    Thank you!!!

  101. Good news Fed. David will have to do some promo stuff for its release and you never know he might even grace the stage again. I’ll need some warning though – to book flights of course.

    Bye for now

    [Well, there’s no rule book, so David doesn’t have to do any promotion… David doesn’t have to do anything, so please don’t get your hopes up for more shows and what not. – Features Editor]

  102. Por favor quisiera saber si David vendra a la Argentina? De verdad seria algo muy emocionante para los fans de aqui.

    Muchas gracias.

    Saluda atentamente Sebastian Sposino

    [Sorry, but there are no such plans. – Features Editor]

  103. Hi FEd ~

    This is fantastic news indeed! Melissa told us that the show in Gdansk was magical, especially Echoes, and now we all get to share the experience.:) Woo-freakin’-hoo, I’m really looking forward to this!

    We’ve been having such fun here at these last (nearly) two years, haven’t we? Just when you think you’ve opened all the presents under the tree, David and company slip yet another surprise in!

    I’d like to send a great big ((HUG)) to everyone involved, but especially to David and Polly for making all of this possible. Who could have imagined that two years down the road we’d still be here, enjoying each other’s company and comments (for the most-part, eh?), playing the occasional silly game, and being happy enough with that (again, for the most part;})? Just when you think there are only the memories to share with one another, along comes another surprise!

    So thanks again to David, Polly (and company), FEd and Irregulars everywhere! Didn’t They/You/We Do Well? I think so …

    Peace ‘n’ Love!

  104. P.S. Really good news regarding the auction for Crisis! Congratulations to David for his donations and congratulations to the bidders for a job well-done!

    If everyone bought just one less impulse gift (that will sit in a corner doing nothing but collect dust) and put that little bit of money towards Crisis, OxFam, or any of the many worthy organizations working to ease the suffering of our fellow citizens of planet earth, think what a difference could be made in someone’s life. Just a thought …

    Hopping down off my soapbox now …


    [It’s true. – Features Editor]

  105. Splendid stuff, look forward to playing the live stuff in my car on my many travels around sunny kent!!?!!

  106. Wonderful news! I was at the Gdansk show and it was the best 3 hours of my life!

    I’ve been checking this site each day with hope that maybe the Gdansk show will be out and… now is THIS day! 🙂

  107. Whoever said a few posts ago, that the live version CD’s are warmer than the studio version is absolutely right! I always prefer the live versions, as it’s more “real” for me.

    Studio versions are as close to musical and technical perfection as they can make it, but sometimes they feel a bit clinical. But live versions bring atmosphere, bring an enveloping warmth to them, and draw us into the music and atmosphere that is being created at that moment far more than the studio versions.

    I marvel at the music that David and co create live…..that takes real talent. If you want to see how great a musician is, or how great a singer is, or a sound engineer is etc. etc. etc…….then see them live. This separates the pros from the wannabees!

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

  108. Great news about the live CD.

    Another studio CD wouldn’t be bad either, but now I’m just being greedy.

  109. [Keep donating to causes that do good. NOT just so you can get a something. There was such a big song and dance on the blog when it was the (self inflicted) LA fires but when there are millions of people suffering from recent events, NOTHING. – Deborah]


    I agree we should all donate and support causes that do good, but, I don’t think saying there was a big “song and dance” on this blog was a fair statement. So many people from LA lost everything they had. Whether the LA fires were “self inflicted” or not, these people needed and still need our support. There are many from that area that contribute to this blog. We should support them with our well wishes all we can don’t you think?

    Thanks again to David for his “song and dance” for the less fortunate. He could go on with his life and never give back or share like he does. Thank goodness he is not like so many other celebrities that have their heads stuck in the sand and only want to take from their fans. This web site is an example of his giving.

    Good luck to all who are trying to win the guitar strings. I’m sure Fed wishes he could give a set to all who have entered the contest. Right Fed?

    Have a good Thursday, the weekend is closer!!

    [Just for impartiality’s sake, I personally felt that Deborah was referring to events such the cyclone that hit Bangladesh earlier this month. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless as a result, with an estimated 3,000+ dead at the last count. We don’t talk about them. We don’t even seem to stop to think about them, let alone do something to help. We (rightly) remember 9/11 here year on year, for example, but what of the many civilians killed in retaliation for that atrocity? That’s how I interpreted Deborah’s post, anyway. I had no problem with it. – Features Editor]

  110. Hooray for the Live CD! I look forward to this more than the DVD. It will allow me to listen to the live performances without having to be stuck in front of the TV.

    Thanks for the good news F*ed.

  111. Dear F.Ed.,

    it’s so pleasant to read about all these last very remarkable and praiseworthy initiatives (Crisis auctions) the nice prizes/lottery and, very important, also about the expected CD live!

    How are you? I hope fine!

    I’m getting better day after day (3 weeks ago my second operation) but now I must work a lot on my knee and next months I’ll be very busy about it. David Gilmour’s music is fantastic as music-therapy, I can absolutely confirm it. When I was a little down I immediately have a great comfort by listening to his music: it let me range far and wide.

    I can listen to him/them by my eyes, I can see him/them with my hearth.

    I never forget to read this site anyway but just a little in a hurry. Now I’m sure to have a little more time to be here.

    Take care

    [Good to hear from you, Elisabetta. All the best with your recuperation. – Features Editor]

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