Help Crisis

Remember That Night DVD (2007)A reminder, as promised.

The items donated by David to Crisis, the leading UK charity for the homeless, will all be here, on eBay, by 9PM (UK) tonight.

If you haven’t seen all the items yet, please click here to have a look.

We’d greatly appreciate any effort you can make to help bump up the final price.

All items have been added to eBay at 15-minute intervals, so that they end at staggered times.

The items run for five days, so all auctions will close on Saturday 24 November.

Please note: it is clearly stated that these items will only be posted within the European Union. This was not my decision, so please don’t ask why this is so, or if there are any ways to get around it. It’s (disappointing) news to me, too.

Here’s a little more from Phil Taylor to finish with.

David bends his strings further than any other guitarist I have seen. Do you do anything special to them to keep them from snapping? (Mat)

Just change them for every show.

What do you do to David’s guitars so that they don’t go out of tune easily, considering David’s liberal use of the tremolo arm? (Bryan)

Stretch the new string properly and check all the relevant parts are secured and lubricated as necessary.

Do you use any type of lubricant on David’s guitars to help them stay in tune? (Paul Sexton)

Yes, KY Jelly! Just kidding. Sometimes I sparingly use oil (too much deadens the sound) or graphite powder.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

85 thoughts on “Help Crisis”

  1. [Do you use any type of lubricant on David’s guitars to help them stay in tune? – Paul Sexton]

    [Yes, KY Jelly! – Phil Taylor]

    That’s a pretty slick answer…

  2. [Sometimes I sparingly use oil (too much deadens the sound) or graphite powder.]

    I hope that there will be some more to learn about this topic in the book… I’m about to buy a new guitar and staying tuned was/is something that annoyed me with my old one.



  3. Great to see how quickly the bids are rising. I’m sure that these rather lovely items will raise a nice amount for a very worthy charity.

    Good luck to all who are actively bidding! 🙂

  4. *Caption*

    David’s playing was so out of the Stratosphere that aliens thought he was trying to phone home.


    Mr. Gilmour asking “for a light” was interpreted a bit literally by Marc Brickman…

    Did you enjoy your weekend, Fed?

    I missed the qualification match on Saturday, but after all I think my visit to the Irish pub in Maastricht was more interesting, haha.

    No playing minutes for Ryan Babel, but his substitute Koevermans scored the winning (and only…) goal, so no complaining from here!


    [I did enjoy it, thanks. All weekends should last three days, I say. – Features Editor]

  6. I tried to do my best for Crisis, but unfortunately, I can’t go on anymore. It’s too expensive for me. Not for Crisis. I am glad to see that the prices are that high, and I hope they’ll go higher.

  7. Checking up on the auction just now.

    The signed prints have shot up in value since yesterday, but still not up to what they’re worth I reckon. By the weekend, who knows?

    RE: Your ‘Please note:’ above.

    I noticed a few bids from one person in the USA while postage is restricted only to Europe. Dont know if the guy has read the smallprint, but if it helps to inflate the prices, then thats good for Crisis isnt it?

    I hope at least a few bloggers and chatters win some of these signed prints as I know for sure they will be loved, framed and displayed rather than re-sold again for profit on ebay by traders.

    I hope you had a better weekend than I did FEd.

    [I noticed that, too. And, if anyone wins one of these items and then tries to flog it on eBay to fans in non-EU countries, I’m sure that it won’t go unnoticed. – Features Editor]

  8. Oh aye before i forget, however much it hurts for me to say this….

    The Tartan Army are truly world class supporters, and its a shame for all involved that Austria and Switzerland will not experience this carnival atmosphere from the Scotland support in 2008. It would have been one heck of a party as they are great ambassadors for their country.

    Congratulations and good luck to France and Italy on qualifying for Euro 2008.

    [Well said. – Features Editor]

  9. Thanks to Phil for his answers. Hope there’s more.

    High bidding on e-bay so far.

    [There’s plenty more to come, Ben. Glad that you’re enjoying them. – Features Editor]

  10. Thanks for answering my question!!

    As a Strat player myself I always struggled with keeping the strings in tune after a little tremolo arm use. OK maybe a lot… But now I know where to start solving the problem.

    Thanks again Phil!

  11. One major thing to remember to do once you put new strings on a guitar is to stretch them… every single one needs a good tug!

    With the string between thumb and fore-finger pull the string away from the fret-board. I normally go for the fifth, twelfth and seventeenth fret. Do this three times per string and you should notice a big difference when you bend…

  12. Really good answers. I’ve to try the lubricants I think.

    I hope the best with the auctions,I’ve seen the prices and I’m sure they’ll go up! unfortunately ebay had my last money for a lap steel last week:(

    hope everyone have a great day,welcome back Fed!


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  13. this doesn’t affect me but couldn’t american ebayers get it sent to you and then pay you the extra postage to have it sent to america? just an idea.

    hope you enjoyed your weekend Fed.


    [It’s an idea, but it’s not going to happen, sorry. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi Fed & Blog People and & cold donkeys!

    The grey English Channel here at Margate is wild and woolly and its making me feel restless so I didn’t commute to work today. I had an ‘official’ day off yesterday, but today I’m playing truant and this Blog is coming from the sea front via my mobile!

    I’m going to joint bid with my dad & Marla so we can put a fat old bid towards the Crisis auction. None of us are eBay members but will sign up tonight.

    The items look awesome on the site, so fingers Xed!


  15. caption:

    “er… anyone got 50p for the ‘meter?”

    oh I’ve got a question for phil!! 🙂

    eddi van halen was said to use valve amps so he could lower the wattage and make them struggle to produce sound, hence his custom style, did or does DG do anything similar with equipment past the guitar?

    too late? bugger 🙁


  16. Well done on the decision to use the current DVD image. The others obviously did not appeal to me, except maybe the godlike image of a David Gilzilla playing his guitar just anywhere he wants, i.e. rooftops.

    Hope the prints raise lots of money for the charity for the homeless. It’s great for those who have found the whole game too difficult to cope with, and make a habit of living off of others leavings and charity.

    I grew up poor and my family of 6 was usually hungry and at times homeless. We always toughed it out though and made ourselves of service. It made us kids all stronger and service oriented and brought us closer.

    Our peers though, whose families did make it a habit to except a charities distribution of others leavings, made habits of it, and we still see them in the soup lines to this day, with their kids now.

    So, you all make your difference to end poverty “the best way you know how”…giving people something for nothing does nothing…“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”—Author unknown

  17. My caption for today.

    I’ll see you on the bright side of the moon!


  18. Hello FEd,

    Hope you enjoyed your long weekend.

    Missed the chat room Friday. Been preparing for the dreaded “Black Friday” shopping day (day after Thanksgiving is the busiest of the year). Retail is really hectic this time of year.

    Haven’t even had a chance to look at David’s auction items. Being from the States I suppose it would be pointless to bid.

    I was wondering if you could provide a link to the Crisis website as I would like to make a small donation directly.

    Shout out to all my fellow bloggers.

    Have a great week everyone!

    Cheers, Cevin

    [Please click your name below. All donations are gratefully received, so thank you very much for the kind thought. We are hopeful that Crisis may decide to extend the eBay auctions to fans outside the EU, but nothing has changed as yet. We’ll let you know if anything changes. – Features Editor]

  19. Daddy and I loved Davids shows and his new album. He and his fellow band musician are sooooo talented. I hope that Daddy and I can win some of those signed items on eBay. We will push those prices up! 🙂


    David is front and centre at the show and not worried about those point scoring bloggers. 🙂

  20. Alex Paterson told something absolutely right.I’m watching right now the auctions,the items are wonderful,on Saturday I’ll take part in one auction and I hope to win it to help people to spend a nicer Christmas,and I will be the happiest man on earth to have something so precious of David,such an important person in my life.


    What about you Fed?how are you?My life here in Spain goes on in an excellent way.

    See you soon my friends


    [All is well, thank you. – Features Editor]

  21. For those wondering where in heck you acquire graphite powder, I offer a common household solution. I would routinely use a pencil lead (which is no longer made of lead, but graphite) and rub it into the string slots on the nut before installing the new strings.

    Works like a charm! I solved this issue on my home built guitar by installing a graphite nut. This just about eliminates detuning when yankin’ yer whammy.

    Happy divebombing, folks!

    PS: I don’t recommend substituting KY Jelly with a pencil lead. That could be hazardous!

  22. A little off topic, but I’ve been watching the DVD quite a bit and I really love the way they play THEN I CLOSE MY EYES. I just can’t get enough of it.

    …and I thought the studio album version of it was great.

    Good luck to everyone bidding on the auctions, I know I’ll do my part.

  23. The prices at the auction are rising tremendously. Good for David. I can’t bid but I really hope the winners keep them as previously mentioned by Alex.

    You know someone out there will sell it and it won’t surprise me.

    I’ve got all my programs from Animals on, I cherish them. “Money, it’s a gas, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash.”

    Says it all I think.

  24. I just looked at the calendar, November 20th. Hip Hip Blu-ray for our North American friends!

    We won’t be so lucky, here, on November 26th…, but it’s not the end of the world, is it ?


    [The Blu-ray puns are still out there, I see… I haven’t heard if the Blu-ray discs are actually out there, in US stores, though. Does anyone have a copy? – Features Editor]

  25. Hi ya! I’ve come home rejuvenated after my day on the sea front.

    I don’t know if I wanna go back to my job in London. All that travelling for a crust is insane.

    I have some serious thinking to do.

    See you at the Chat on Wednesday.

    Have a great evening. LYN XXX

    [You won’t, as it’s been moved to Thursday. Please see the calendar. – Features Editor]

  26. Dont get me wrong with my earlier blog. I’m not upset about it and this auction is all about raising cash for Crisis first and foremost.

    I just dont like seeing the power sellers making a killing by bidding on every item. I mean the scalpers and touts who sell tickets, programs and other collectables if you care to check their previous transactions. Its just business to these guys.

    I’ve never used and dont have an ebay account, but will make a bid through a third party before closing time on Saturday. If I can afford it by then and if I do win, I promise it/they will be going to a good home.

    Hope I’ve explained what I mean this time.

  27. Wow!! Really impressive early bids on the Crisis auction items donated by David. Good job Gilmour-nation bidders!

    I’ve really been enjoying the Q&A. Thanks to Phil for making even the technically-challenged among us understand the details that go on behind the scenes in order to produce the exquisite Gilmour guitar sound we love!

    FEd, hope you had a splendid weekend:-)

    Peace to you all!

    [It was very nice, thank you. Lots of football and beer on Saturday, lots of wine and lazing about on Sunday, followed by lots of shopping and, er, mineral water on Monday. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi Fed,

    Hope i am not repeating what everyone knows and i have missed this as i’ve been away for a few weeks and not read the blog !

    Just had word from GHS America that the DG string sets are being distributed in the UK by a company called FCN Music in Crowborough. They will then distribute to the dealer network. The price is £4.95 per set, and they will be available in a couple of weeks or so. Note the public cannot buy via FCN, however its good to know they are on their way !

    Just need the Black Strat to go with them !!!

    [You’ll have to wait a few more months for the Strat, unfortunately, but we’ll have a contest to win some of these strings before they go on sale. – Features Editor]

  29. He can’t be Welsh!?!

    Just browsing through eBay and noticed some scrotum in South Wales selling a DVD Premiere Programme!

    Mr. Sloane must have moved there from _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

    [I’ve put his name in my little black book, don’t you worry. – Features Editor]

  30. I’d think that the use of K-Y on a guitar string would improve the sound, making it more sensuous and sexy. Then again, I am not a musician so what do I know?

    For all I know, the use of K-Y on a guitar string might make it sound like the background music for the sort of entertainment that we won’t mention in a family-friendly blog.

    On another topic: Thanks, Thomas and Ulli, for a very fun chat.

  31. [As a Strat player myself I always struggled with keeping the strings in tune after a little tremolo arm use. – Posted by: Bryan at November 20, 2007 01:28 PM]

    Well, I must say that my Strat never goes out of tune no matter how much I abuse the tremolo. I push the tremolo bar all he way down until it touches the scratchplate. I pull the bar way up and sometimes I bash the whammy bar with my fist. And then, sometimes I am just gentle to get light shimmering sounds. All depends on the what I am playing and how my soul feels on the day.

    It is something I have always done and I get some great screams out of my Strat sometimes by using my tremolo in this way.

    The only time my guitar goes out of tune is if I break a string, then all the strings go out of tune at once. Ouch.

    Best regards.


  32. KY Jelly & pencils?!?!?!? just what on earth is going on?

    see what happens when you have a long weekend FE’d ;o


  33. Hi Fed.

    Thank you for letting me know that the Chat’s been changed to Thursday, Thanksgiving for all our American friends!

    Does this mean that in honour of the day you and David will be making us Blog people a beautiful Turkey dinner? Hope so!

    Should we bring a bottle? B-)


    [You can dream, Lyn. – Features Editor]

  34. Hey Fed

    Hope Everyone’s weekend was well, and yours too Fed, all is relaxing, I definitely agree, there should be a 3 day weekend, every weekend.

    I’m glad there’ll be alot of donations going to Crisis.And if anyone’s wondering, Sunday was a great jam, with my band. So much fun. Played ABitW P.2, MOther, WyWH, Smoke on the Water, Purple Haze, Who Are You, Back In Black, and Money. Fun stuff that music is. I’m glad I have an older generation that can show me good music.

    So just stopping in, saying hey! Cheers!


  35. I just checked my bid on Ebay and I’m still ahead so far. This is so exciting! The fact that it’s for Crisis and not somebody trying to just make a buck off of David is wonderful.

    Come on bloggers it’s for a good cause.

  36. green tip: do not give gift cards as a Christmas gift….give cash! Gift cards another big co2 contributor…. and completely not needed, they are another way of making a cash gift look more thoughtful…..but not really.

  37. Oh My Cuteness! I just love the new DVD, it’s so cooooooooooooooooool! Mummy went out an got me a copy today! Now I can watch my hero all the day long. Let’s hope that David puts a new album (and DVD) out everyyear or two from now on. I can dream… 🙂

    Matt, you are SOOOOOO funny! You are the Rainman of the blogg! teh he. 🙂 MATT for President! YAY!

    That’s enough chat for now, me and mummy are going to get our nails done and I have my ipod with David going on. 🙂


  38. I’m enjoying the Q&A with Phil.

    I looked for the Black Strat in my local bookstore, but didn’t see it. I put it on my X-mas list, but wanted to peak at it if it was available.

  39. I have to agree with Amedeo: The performance of Then I Close My Eyes on the DVD is such a beautiful musical moment.

    I enjoyed the performance at Radio City in NYC, but Robert Wyatt’s playing is both frail and fantastic sounding at the same time. It just suits the tune so perfectly.

  40. Hi FED,

    At guitar stores here in Canada, Fender has some new models or are they? The Highway one and their latest; the VG Stratocaster. Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on these?

    I’m looking forward to the Black Stratocaster mentioned on here though. Not sure if FED is allowed to answer on my questions however.


    [Alas, there’s still no update on the David Gilmour Strat. I wouldn’t expect one until the New Year, to be perfectly honest. We will update you when we can. (Really, we will.) – Features Editor]

  41. Good one Jersey Mike on the pencil trick. I’ll try that one.

    I personally always wipe my strings with a cloth after playing to rid moisture and debris. That aids to longer life and less oxidation. The tremolo needs adjusting to prevent tuning problems.

    Perhaps Phil will give good insight into this.

  42. [Just browsing through eBay and noticed some scrotum in South Wales selling a DVD Premiere Programme! – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at November 20, 2007 06:53 PM]

    Me and FEd are only a few minutes down the M4 Rudders, so a Phil and Grant Mitchell-esque roughing up is an option!!!

    [I’m just shaving my head, Simon. – Features Editor]

  43. Regarding Alex Paterson’s blog, I have just got to say that I agree with him where ticket touts and the like are concerned. I hate the ‘bar stewards’!

    Unfortunately there is always gonna be someone making a “fast buck” out of someone else. Its a greedy world and since Margaret Thatcher in the 80’s, the greed has got worse. Does anyone agree?

    What is the solution? I feel like getting on my soapbox.


    [Agreed… But do shave your head first, Lyn. – Features Editor]

  44. My poor, very nervous postman’s just been and delivered Phil’s book.

    Can I just say to any Gilmourettes out there who aren’t really interested in guitars as such – lots of very, very nice pictures!!!!

  45. Hey – we’ve just made our bid as davidgilmourfans123 on ebay for item 9 and we are currently in the lead. YAY!


  46. Did Phil mention what happens to David’s used strings? I’d buy one of those!

    Happy Thanksgiving or non-Thanksgiving (as the case may be) to everyone.


  47. I’d just like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all David’s American bloggers.

    Best wishes and fondest love for a peaceful year, LYN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  48. My Black Strat book came today and it’s lovely. Loads of great pictures and more Gilmourean guitar knowledge than I’ll ever need to know!

    Now I just need a DG sig strat, Mr Taylor to set it up for me, and the lord almighty to bestow me with some much needed talent and an ear for music 😉


  49. Happy Thanksgiving to all…

    This is a time for reflection on all the good that surrounds your life. This board and the very special members who share their thoughts with each other are certainly one of those precious things.

    Hope your day is Tantastically, F*Edbulous…

  50. Love and peace to all who read.

    Emilio, I hope you have a beautiful birthday tomorrow, filled with things you love.

    Happy Birthday, boy.


    [Yes, have a good one, Emilio. – Features Editor]

  51. Very interesting watching the ebay auction. I hope it makes a lot for Crisis.

    In the run up to Christmas many churches and charities which are opening temporary shelters are willing to accept not just cash but also donations of clothes and blankets. Some will be able to provide medical checks and showers. Clean clothes are very much appreciated.

    The city where I live has at least one church centre which does this every year. Perhaps readers of the blog would consider ringing their local.

    ash X

  52. Hello FEd,

    Hope you had a nice day off.

    Nice to see those bids on Ebay coming in. I hope they’ll rally as each auction comes to a close.

    Best regards,

  53. It’s great to see the highly-desirable items that David has signed being auctioned for a very worthy cause. I do hope that whoever is lucky enough to win one has bid with the intent of helping people in need and also adding to their own personal (or gifting to a) treasured collection.

    Fortunately US fans aren’t prevented from bidding, and I don’t think that just because some are bidding, that’s any particular notice to an intent to re-sell to anyone outside the EU – any scum bag from anywhere could do that because anyone can bid for Crisis.

    I live in the US and if I were to bid, and be fortunate enough to win, I would have the precious item delivered to any of my husband’s family members, all of whom live in the EU.

    Bid high and bid often!

  54. Hi to everyone and great to see the auctions going well, although they’re out of reach for me but hey, they are going to make such a difference to so many people via Crisis. Well done David, so many times you have used your hard-earnt fame and popularity to help others. Big Thumbs UP!

    Received my copy of The Black Strat book today and couldn’t put it down until I’d read every single word and looked at every single pic!!

    The book has been superbly produced and is truly fascinating. First class job Phil.

    Now then Phil, what about writing a book describing David’s imaginative use of effects and ever changing set ups?

    If only we could persuade Pete Cornish to publish his experiences as well, wow!!!

    Best wishes all

    Hope the weather’s better where you are, it’s been raining here all week (reminds me of my years spent in Wales FEd!)


    [Cheeky. – Features Editor]

  55. Received my copy of “The Black Strat” today. Only had time for a quick flick through so far. Loads and loads of great pics (I’m pretty sure the ladies will be droolingly drawn to page 40).

    Will have to wait until the weekend to read through it.

    No doubt you are grinning from ear to ear tonight, FEd after the abysmal England performance. Let’s face it, they were crap and don’t deserve to be in the finals.

    [I couldn’t possibly comment, Ken. It was nice to see Wales’ kids holding Germany to a draw in Frankfurt, though. Nothing to play for but pride, our best players missing… – Features Editor]

  56. Fed

    Surely in this so-called modern age and ebay being an international phenomena Crisis could tap the world market and auction everywhere.

    I’ve been away on business for a few days and have now come back to check the auction and found it restricted to EU. I was hoping to throw a bid or two in.

    Anyway Fed I hope you have had a good week.

    Have a good weekend to all.

  57. *ping*

    emi is drunk,forgive him.

    [Well, seeing as it’s your birthday… – Features Editor]

  58. They’re coming home,
    They’re coming home,
    They’re coming….
    England are coming home!!!

    So pleased England lost last night! I love being Welsh!

    [Simon, for shame. There’s really no need for that (but yes, of course, I do agree). With so many fine – yet, let’s face it, precious – players, England really should have qualified from that group and been serious contenders. Maybe this will be the wake-up call that’s clearly needed. Quite a few (thousand? million?) people need that ridiculous superiority complex knocked out of them one way or another, so that’s why I’ll shed no tears over this: it could be a good thing. – Features Editor]

  59. Greetings F.Ed and fellow bloggers –

    It’s great to see the bid prices going up on eBay for Crisis – I hope this auction nets them great proceeds for the wonderful work they do. Will certainly do my bit from outside the EU to help.

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to the US contingent – we’ve managed to score ourselves Thanksgiving dinner here in India so really looking forward to it – wish we could also watch the NFL games….but will take what we can get 🙂

    Take care all and hope to catch you in chat sometime soon –


  60. just a note for those interested in the proof prints:

    I did get from steve niles once a proof print, ie the pre-press production copy, of a comic he’d done
    they are a very nice thing to have

    usually they are a one off as is the case with the comic I have of his (btw he wrote the original 30 days of night which is just out as a film)

    if I had the cash this close to crimble I would bid for the booklet proof

    I hope someone here gets it

  61. Happy Birthday Emi (when you’re sober enough to read this!)

    Happy thanksgiving to our US friends.

    BTW FEd, although wet, I did enjoy my years in Brawdy and St Davids!!


  62. Nisha

    You’re not missing much with the 2nd NFL game. When the schedule came last May I was looking forward to seeing to see my New York Jets on this day. With the way they are playing there is little interest.

    Enjoy your turkey!


  63. Emilio scusa per il ritardo ma buon compleanno!non ho letto il blog negli ultimi tre giorni!Hope you had a great time.

    To each english person living:I’m sorry for the match of last night,really.I’ve always considered England my second nation and I do really love english people.Hope you’ll win the next world cup.You’ve always loved your football and after all the problems you had in your stadiums you managed to save it,now football must give something to you.

    I noticed that the auctions have quite stopped to rise but I’m sure on saturday they will rise really very much(I hope.).

    I hope David and his family are well and happy.Have a nice weekend to everybody,my thoughts here in Spain are very often with you all.Fed,enjoy your weekend.


  64. Hello you all!

    We have some important things today.

    First of all, good luck with the auctions. (I hope people who can be very generous will do their best for this good goal).

    Then, happy thanksgiving day to our American friends.

    And last, but of course not least, my best wishes to one of my two favourite guitarists! Happy birthday Emi.


  65. If I shaved my head I would look like a weeble on speed! So I’ll stick with the hair, but thanks for the offer!


  66. David Gilmour….you are one cool dude.

    Caption for David (to the audience)

    “I thought of you and the years and all the sadness fell away from me”.

    BTW, I have my copy of the RAH DVD and it is the most enjoyable DVD in my collection. Very personal, very intimate, and very very well done.

    10/10 (and I mark hard!)

    Bob Mitchell, victoria, BC, Canada.

  67. Happy Birthday Emilio and Happy Thanksgiving to all those that are celebrating today.

    A special shout out to Andrew, Erin and Marcus I really enjoyed meeting you all this past Tuesday. The meet up was fantastic. I could have talked about great music all night.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  68. Howard,

    Unfortunately the same can be said for the Washington Redskins, who while not playing yesterday are also having a fairly poor season.

    At least the turkey was good…:-)


  69. I must say I am really enjoying the Q & A’s from Phil. I have his book on my Christmas list.

    I hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving has had a good one.

    It is an American tradition to say what you are thankful for on this day. Of course my family, my health and my friends are always my given things to be thankful for.

    I would also like to add that I am thankful for the oportunity to enjoy David’s music and be able to see into the world of this generous talented man and his family of friends through this blog site.

    If prayers will just be answered and The University of Alabama can win the football game against our in state rival Auburn Saturday, it will be a perfect long weekend. Roll Tide, Roll!!!

    Thank you Fed for all your hard work. Have a good weekend!

    [Thank you, the same to you. – Features Editor]

  70. Hope all is well, FEd!

    I’m trying to catch up after my 3 days absence from the Blog (all for Thanksgiving, believe it or not). I missed the blog very much and certainly the chats.

    It looks like the e-bay bids are going very well; I wish Crisis much success with the auction charity for the homeless.

    Happy belated birthday Emilio!

  71. Thanksgiving is only for the Americans so why should they think the rest of the world cares?. 🙂 Soooooo greedy because they get Christmas as well. 🙂

    The auction is going WELL!!!! I will definitely get 4-5 of them! 🙂 (And push the prices HIGH doing it). GOOOOO CRISIS! And I wont be selling any to those GREEDY eBayers from you know where. 🙂

    P.S. I CAN’T wait to get my hands on David’s replica Black Strat! It will probably be around the 5-6K mark depending on how many are made. 🙂

  72. In response to your question FEd, the link about “Travel to UK” is correct. I was trying to forward the 53 questions (see bottom of the clip) that to me are invasive and exhaustive; however it is a different world today and these questions may be indicative of the future, I’m afraid.

    Thank you.

    [No problem. I do agree with you. These are certainly miserable times, with everyone suspicious, paranoid and afraid. Some people have a lot to answer for, don’t they? – Features Editor]

  73. [Thanksgiving is only for the Americans so why should they think the rest of the world cares?]

    My goodness, I sure hope this statement was made as a joke. I am going to take it that way regardless. I can’t believe someone would mind if a few Americans express how we feel on such a wonderful holiday as Thanksgiving. I love my Country and all its hollidays as I am sure you love yours.

    Fed, will we have a treat of some more answers from Phil to take us through the weekend?

    [You’ll have to wait until Monday, but Monday’s entry will be worth waiting for. – Features Editor]

  74. Dear Fed, Mr. G. and all at

    Sending you a quick note to let you know I’m moving to a new home.

    My new owners have a nice new frame for me to stay, and I will be centre-stage where I belong. I will be looked after every day and I won’t have to undergo that nasty Ebay experience ever again.

    I hope my 16 siblings all make it safely to their new families in the real world.

    ….. and last but certainly not least, I hope Crisis did really well tonight.

    Yours Truly
    Item 7

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