Crisis auctions

View the Auction ItemsAs I mentioned a few weeks back, David has very kindly donated some rather interesting tour paraphernalia to Crisis, the homelessness charity of which he is vice-president, to auction off on eBay.

Bidding starts next Monday at 5PM (UK time). Of course, I’ll remind you before then.

Items include signed proofs of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD artwork, as well as a signed photograph of David with David Bowie.

If you’d like to see these items (minus the photo, that is), and perhaps contemplate placing a bid for any of them, please click the (slightly fuzzy) scan above. We would all greatly appreciate any effort you can make to help boost the final price.

It goes without saying that these items, unlike much of what you see on eBay, are completely authentic – not to mention original and highly collectible. Whilst we hope that they go to a good home, our main hope is that their sale will help those unfortunates who have no home.

Here’s a little more from Phil Taylor to finish with.

David used many different types of guitar on his last tour – more than previously, I think, and more songs with guitar changes. Is this a headache or a pleasure? (Kieran)

There is always a challenge in both putting together everything that I am responsible for on stage, and making it all work perfectly, every time that David and/or Pink Floyd do anything. It is just normal for me; it is what I like to do. So, in short, a pleasure.

David and Phil Manzanera have been playing some interesting Gibson Jumbo acoustics on this tour. Can you tell us more about the models and vintages? (EchoesBob)

They are both Gibson Country and Western models. One is 1958, the other is 1959.

Can you tell us a bit about David’s “new” blonde Telecaster (the one he started playing during the US leg of the ‘On an Island’ tour)? (Henning)

We were in Oakland and, during sound check, David decided he wanted to play ‘Astronomy Domine’. I was not carrying a Tele on the road. A quick call to Billy Siegel at Fender, who responded magnificently and instantly (he made the FedEx man wait until he had found a suitable guitar, it was late Friday afternoon). It arrived the next day and it required a little work to be at its best. David then used it during the rest of the tour. He later gave it to Charlie, his son, for Christmas.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

67 thoughts on “Crisis auctions”

  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. I hope David and company can raise a ton of money for this exceptional foundation…

  2. Polly’s pics are, always, great. Polly, thanks for all that you have done for us fans of your husband.

  3. Great questions again and those artwork pictures are very nice.

    Charlie now owns the blonde telecaster? Damn, lucky guy. I’d give my left ball for one of David’s guitars.

    You reading this David?

    [It doesn’t sound like much of a deal, Kristopher, I have to say. – Features Editor]

  4. [I’d give my left ball for one of David’s guitars]

    I can just hear it now, Kristopher…you in concert after that trade…

    “Testy…one, two……….one”

  5. “…David decided he wanted to play ‘Astronomy Domine’…”

    What a great song..


  6. Love the story about the Telecaster. Did David sign it for him as well? LOL.

    Great looking items to be auctioned off and there certainly appear to be some interesting one-of-a-kind things in there as well. We’ll see what the bidding with bring. I’m assuming these item will be listed on the UK eBay site. Only ask because sometimes a search of another eBay site will not bring up items domiciled in another country.



  7. Fantastic to see these alternate images – I always find this sort of thing fascinating…

    Needless to say, I’ll be hoping that they raise OODLES of cash for a very worthy charity. When the weather turns colder (as it has done the last day or so here) the heart goes out even more to those who aren’t as fortunate as the majority of us, who can sit in the warm with a roof over our heads, and not be worried about where the next meal might come from.

  8. Wow Amzing picture with that Gibson with David standing on top of Royal albert hall.

    Charie is a lucky boy.

    I wonder when David’s Black Strat is released?? I need one!!!

  9. Great post.The auction for Crisis and great answers…can’t wait for the book,Mr Taylor.

    The third one is really good!


  10. [It doesn’t sound like much of a deal, Kristopher, I have to say.]

    Yip, keep the guitar!!

  11. Hi from Germany, couldn’t resist to try to visit the blog…

    I already miss you all and the chatroom of course ! It would be nice to meet you there, Julie…

    Many thanks to Phil for taking his time to answer our questions.

    Congratulations to the winners (last contest)!

    Bisous à tous. How are you, Fed ?


    [Not bad, thanks. – Features Editor]

  12. Congrats to all the winners!

    I’m a little late to the blog (the Net connection was acting up), and this question may be too late for this post.

    We know Alan Parsons, the engineer for Dark Side, went on to perform in his The Alan Parsons Project. I’m sure Phil is also a good guitar player.

    What’s his playing experience like? Any famous gigs? Have these questions been asked and answered before (probably)?

    Other than that:


    Kristopher, why the left one?!!

  13. As I’m studying I’m having a rest now and I’ve just read this great news.I hope I’ll be able on monday to place a good bid…Will the auctions be only on Monday Fed or do they work like a classic auction on ebay?

    I’ll be glad to give money for it,it’s a great cause.Two things with one click:first,help people.Second:have something like one of those prints that I can keep jealously for my whole existence.

    Good night Fed


    [I would imagine that they’ll run for a few days, but don’t know for sure. – Features Editor]

  14. Hello Fed, hope you are well.

    Such great items for the auction. I know they will raise a lot of money for a good cause.

    Good luck to all that bid for their favorites.

  15. [It doesn’t sound like much of a deal, Kristopher, I have to say. – Features Editor]

    LOL! Are you sure FEd?

    In the end, I have to agree with you though. The lefties are far overrated….

  16. Thanks to Phil for his entertaining answers to the questions so far. I hope there are many more answers to come.

    Fed, do you think Phil is a regular blog reader?

    Have a good day everyone!

    [Oh yes, of course. Isn’t everyone? – Features Editor]

  17. [Charlie now owns the blonde telecaster? Damn, lucky guy. I’d give my left ball for one of David’s guitars. You reading this David?]

    [It doesn’t sound like much of a deal, Kristopher, I have to say. – Features Editor]

    I don’t remember having such a good laugh at 4 in the morning since….well, never…

    I’d settle for another album, and I offer…well, being a girl….my admiration for the man’s musical talent… What did you expect? 😉

    You reading this David? 😉

    p.s. love those pictures

  18. What a fabulous auction this will be for such a great cause! Great idea, whoever thought of it.

    I hope I can afford to bid on something 🙂

  19. Great pics of the signature series. My fave is without a doubt are the RAH shots on top of the world.

    Can’t bid on them though. It’ll cost me an arm and a leg plus my right nut. LOL.

  20. Thank you for the sneak preview of the artworks and designs available for the auctions.

    Best of luck for such a worthy cause and I hope it will raise good money for Crisis.

  21. What a great reply to Henning’s question. A wonderful vignette, thanks Phil.

    The RTN auction items have a good descriptive of authenticity for each offering.

    It will be interesting to see how much they all fetch, with Crisis being the ultimate winner, of course.

  22. Well because of the way in which my anatomy is set out, it would be impossible to offer the same swap as Kris, but I think the blond Strat is a brilliant instrument and Charlie is a very lucky guy, who has a great name too.

    The more cash we can raise the better.


  23. I wonder if Kris’ left ball would raise good money on Ebay. If he’d part with it for a tele, maybe he’d do so for Crisis.

    Speaking of which, it is so generous of David to contribute these items for his cause. It says a lot about the kind of man that David is.

  24. Great answers from Phil to some good questions.

    I really hope his book will be out before christmas, its on my list along with another book by some bass player who sometimes posts here.

    [It’s out on Thursday. – Features Editor]

  25. [i’d give my left ball for one of David’s guitars.]

    hhmmm, cant help but wonder what David may want with it Kristopher? & why the left one?

    [I think we’ve all pondered on this for too long. – Features Editor]

  26. I once asked my Dad for a telecaster for christmas, he bought me Angela Rippon.

    Ah well, it was a looker in its day.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  27. [Kristopher, why the left one?!! – Posted by: Raipod at November 13, 2007 01:04 AM]

    Poor guy! Perhaps he doesn’t have a right one! Will that mean he has given his “all….”.

    Oh this is bad! Matt above did make me laugh!

    Lyn 🙂

  28. [I’d settle for another album, and I offer…well, being a girl….my admiration for the man’s musical talent… What did you expect? – Posted by: Comfortably Dumb at November 13, 2007 03:59 AM]

    I know what I’d offer in return for that blonde strat or any other of his guitars: Indentured servitude and eternal loyalty to Zod….

    I’m looking forward to the auction. I’ll do my part to drive that price up. This is one signature worth paying for.

    Can anyone guess what the final price range will be?

  29. [I’m assuming these item will be listed on the UK eBay site. Only ask because sometimes a search of another eBay site will not bring up items domiciled in another country. – Posted by: Andrew at November 12, 2007 08:31 PM]

    Hi Andrew

    You have an option to search ebay worldwide though, don’t you? Isn’t there a drop down box on the left-hand side of the screen somewhere which says “worldwide”? I collect Greek pottery and clicking worldwide enables me to look at pottery items in Greece.

    [Hi from Germany, couldn’t resist to try to visit the blog… It would be nice to meet you there, Julie… – Posted by: Michèle at November 12, 2007 11:07 PM]

    Hi Michèle,

    I did try and chat yesterday but I lost patience with my dial up server. I tried to download Java and it took an hour and it was only halfway through the downloading process when I decided enough was enough.

    This has prompted me to finally go broadband. So when I am on holiday again I should be up and running and if the chatroom is open I will look for you and say, “Hi”.

    Anyway, whereabouts in Germany are you? I lived in Germany for 3 years. Wurzburg was the name of the town were my family were based at the time. I loved Germany. My family and I used to visit Bavaria (absolutely beautiful) in our summer holidays. Garmisch Partenkirchen and Bertchesgaden are absolutely gorgeous. I will endeavour to visit those Bavarian Alps again someday.

    Best regards.


  30. Puuuhhh what great auction items !

    Michèle nice to hear from you.

    Hope you have a good time here in Germany despite the bad weather at the moment.

  31. Is it me (probably) or does the picture of Phil T in the previous blog entry look like Phil M?

  32. *caption*

    David intently trying to play his lead while feathers from the Guy and Stevie pillow fight swirl around him.



  33. Speaking of books if I may add Fed, I’ve just read Eric Clapton’s autobiography. It is highly recommended reading of his illustrious life and career.


  34. Back in the Division Bell tour days, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Taylor, and doing a little tech work for him. He was very generous with his time and knowledge, no “Don’t bother me” attitude that could easily come with his position.

    Thank you, Sir – then and now! I could use a guitar tech like him – how about it, Phil? Another offer you can’t understand!

  35. [… I will endeavour to visit those Bavarian Alps again someday… Posted by: Julie Davies at November 13]

    Ain’t it nice to live where others take their vacations? 😉


  36. hello dave

    i’m in a youth production of the wall which is happening in warwick this week and next week. it’s for oxjam/oxfam and my mum set up a justgiving page for me to help to make more money. i’m really pleased because my one has raised the most money. it’s made more than £250 now and i think it’s because so many people really like the wall.

    i didn’t know it before this but i love all of it now.

    [Well done, James. Good luck with the performances. – Features Editor]

  37. Thanks for the exclusive iPhone/iPod Touch video on the Latest News page 🙂

  38. The auction pieces are terrific and it’s all a good idea. People from more remote parts of the world rarely get access to vip’s to gather their own memorabilia.


  39. Hi FEd,

    While we’re on the subject of… guitars…

    Although this is probably a question for Phil, thought I’d throw it out there.

    Does anyone know if David has ever owned/used a 60’s Gretsch Corvette. Gretsch only made them for a short time back then, but are re-issuing the model.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    I had considered installing a Bigsby vibrato on my Les Paul, but decided to sell it instead.
    Wish I could hold out for Fender’s DG Black Strat, but doubt I could afford it right now.

    I’ll just keep telling my wife… “this is definitely the last one”. And then I’ll sell one to buy another (she’s a good sport about it)!

    Thanks, Cevin

  40. Hello Fed!

    Love the bit with Charlie, and the telecaster.

    Love the whole, auction part too. Great way to raise money to aid the less fortunate.

    Anyways, wanted to update everyone, (I bet FEd you’ve already read this somewhere) but for everyone that doesn’t know,I got asked to join a band. YIPEEEEE! About time, lol. But yeah, drummer, and I’m the only girl. But yeah all the other guys picked a bunch of songs to play, and they picked maybe 9 songs, and out of those 9, 5 Pink Floyd!!! And of course they picked Smoke on The Water. Always gets in there somehow, lol!

    Anyways, wanted to update everyone…


    [Good for you. – Features Editor]

  41. Oh My God!

    I just got my ‘PBS Exclusive’ Live from Abbey Road Cd, and it is fantastic! Its so fantastic, that its fan-bloody-tastic!!

    Featuring the songs of the show, and one song which wasnt aired, its a classic. And its possible the best version of ‘Take a Breath’ that I’ve ever heard.

    And not only that, but the packaging is very good too.

    And something special to me, the day he recorded at Abbey Road, was the same day as my birthday. So while this special music was being made, I was probably drunk as a skunk!

    What a great gift, I’m very proud to have one. Thank you FEd, Mr. Gilmour and everyone at One Fifteen!

    How could I end this appropriately…..Ah yes…..

    Happy Days!!!!!!

    [Glad you like it, Simon. – Features Editor]

  42. [Please pass my phone number to Julie. Thanks. – Paul Sexton, ‘Phil answers your questions’]

    I was only joking about the phone number!!!!!!!

    [Good thing that I don’t have it, then. – Features Editor]

  43. On a related matter…

    I have put Boomers on my guitars and what a joy they are to play! So easy to bend…

    And here’s a tip for Phil Taylor… put 8s on the Strat and 9s on the Tele – works well 🙂

  44. [I got asked to join a band. Anyways, wanted to update everyone… – K.C.]

    This is great news K.C. congrats!

    A few pointers…

    1) Date nobody in the band
    2) Peer pressure is a strong thing, Be YOURSELF at all times
    3) Not one idea is gospel. Listen to each member’s suggestion as intensely as you would want to be listened to
    4) Practice, practice, practice
    5) Have FUN! (These could possibly be the best years of your life…)

  45. [And here’s a tip for Phil Taylor… put 8s on the Strat and 9s on the Tele – works well]

    I had to laugh when I read that one, Rudders. . . ;^))

  46. Finishing work at 4.00pm cos I have to go to Dentist….well actually, I’ll let you into a secret. I’m going to get my hair done. If I said that I would have not been allowed to go, so tell no one. That includes you, David! LOL!

    Everyone seems to be having fun on this blog. It is so nice.

    The late sun is shining in St Martin’s Lane and I’m in quite a good mood.

    It”s great that some lovely people have won some nice David prizes and I look forward to the next competition so that I can have another go.

    Have a great Wednesday evening!

    Regards and best wishes – LYN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  47. Q) What did the cannibal say to the police when asked if he “would like anything else” after he was caught exiting Mr. Taylor’s home?

    A) No thank you, I’ve had my Phil…

    I’ll go sit in the corner now….

  48. Boys boys boys…let’s not go down the ‘string gauge machismo’ road eh? 🙂


    p.s. 8s are for cissies, sound weak and break often 😛

  49. Matt & Rudders, you need help.

    How on earth can anybody call this place boring!

    Rest my case

  50. Graham, I too thought Phil T looked like Phil M.

    And congratulations, KC!


    PS–A guy in the metro Atlanta area (where there is a big-time water shortage) has been found to be using about 400,000 gallons of water per month. At his house! Stories like this surely will send me to Anger Management class soon….

  51. I think that it’s safe to say that Phil’s forgotten more that we will ever know. . . ;^))

  52. [8’s on a strat???? Jaysus Rudders….8’s???? – Paul]

    LOL! When you break one half way into the second song you can floss your teeth with it while waiting for the roadie to string it back up.


  53. Black

    [You’re in the wrong place and too late. The contest closed 40 minutes ago. – Features Editor]

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