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Remember That Night DVD (2007)The Blu-ray version of ‘Remember That Night’ is now out in the US. If you have a copy, do let us know what you think of it.

It will be out in many parts of Europe next week: on Monday 26 November.

As it’s only being released in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, the UK and the Ukraine, we’d like to remind you that there are only three regions on Planet Blu-ray (click here for a helpfully-coloured map):

Region A covers North, Central and South America; North and South Korea; Japan and South East Asia.
Region B covers Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.
Region C covers China, Russia, India… and pretty much everywhere else.

So, just because there’s no local release in, say, France or Italy, this does not mean that French and Italian fans cannot play a disc from neighbouring Austria or Germany. It’s still Region B.

Likewise, just because there’s no local release in Brazil or Canada, this does not mean that the discs on sale in the US are of no use. They’re still Region A.

With your help, I’d like to compile a list of shops and sites where you can get a copy of ‘Remember That Night’ for your region, albeit through the post. If you can recommend any retailers, please do.

Anthill, providers of David’s official merchandise, say they will be stocking both Region A and Region B Blu-ray discs soon, but consumer choice is never a bad thing.

Here’s more from Phil Taylor, whose book you shall be able to purchase in the larger UK Borders stores from next week. Please contact your local branch to check that they stock it before venturing out.

Don’t forget that the items donated by David for Crisis to auction off on eBay will be sold to the highest bidder on Saturday from 5PM (UK).

Good luck if you’re hopeful of winning and thank you very, very much for all your bids.

Has there ever been a major catastrophe that you have been blamed for when, in actual fact, it was human error? (Ripper)

Are you suggesting that I am not human?

Has David ever gotten/been given, the ‘wrong’ guitar during a gig? (Penny)

Not that I recall, but I have gone on stage to give him the correct guitar for the next song and he has decided to keep using the one he already has.

Thinking along the lines of outdoor concerts such as Knebworth ’90, has the rain ever caused any serious damage to any of David’s guitars? (IMcK)

No, I dry them off immediately before putting them away. The only one I can think of is a Baby Taylor acoustic that David left out in his garden overnight in the damp after a campfire party that rather changed shape.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Caption Time:

    ‘Rick thinks to himself:- Hmm! I wish I had a T-shirt with “Ping I Love my Hammond!” on it!’


  2. Happy Thursday,

    Off topic slightly but these answers of Phil’s really do give great insight from other angles.

    (I suppose then that credit goes to the questions asked !!)

    I wonder if the neighbours ever complain about the campfire parties.

    Pete – Coventry

  3. [Here’s more from Phil Taylor, whose book you shall be able to purchase in the larger UK Borders stores from next week. Please contact your local branch to check that they stock it before venturing out.]


    If people are going to contact their local Borders store before paying them a visit, it may be worth being armed with the ISBN Number, which is 978-0-95566350-5.

    But then, you knew that anyway… Cheers.

  4. Yesterday, November 21st, I visited two retailers looking for my Blu-Ray copy and came up empty handed on both accounts.

    I first went to Best Buy, and then Fry’s Electronics, both near San Jose.

    The young lady at Best Buy who I asked about the disc said she had never heard of it.

    At Fry’s (a very large electronics retailer in the Bay Area) they have a Blu-Ray collection five times the size of Best Buy. I looked at their New Releases sheet for 11/20/2007 and Remember That Night was not on the list.

    I’ll keep looking, but I thought you’d like to know.

    [Indeed. Thanks for that. – Features Editor]

  5. Green tip: instead of using wrapping paper bows and tape for gift giving, use handled designer bags. Use as many bags as you can and save all the ones you get for next year, this is a great way to recycle and cut down on unnecessary waste.

  6. Some of the pics in Phil’s book would be most worthy of another “Caption Competition”.

    Page 93 springs to mind…

    It looks as though David is sneakingly holding up a toilet lid whilst Nick prepares to throw-up!!! (Sorry Nick) :o)

    There’s also a nice pic of David wearing the prototype of Guy’s “Didn’t They Do Well” OAI T-shirt.

  7. [If you can recommend any retailers, please do.]


    The best price in the UK (that I’ve been able to find, so far) is on PLAY.COM (£32.99)

    Other sites advertising are HMV (£37.99), WH Smith (£39.99) & Virgin (£40).

    No doubt once it has been released on Monday, more sites will hopefully start selling it, so it may be worth checking out supermarket sites, etc. after the 26th…

  8. All I have to say is that the blu ray version of “Remember that night” is simply stunning. I took the day off work to fully enjoy it and I was not disappointed in any way. The picture and audio is simply top-notch!

    Thanks for bringing it out on Blu-ray! Gilmour in High def is AMAZING!!!! Definitely the best Music ever captured in HD!

  9. Don’t know who is responsible for the non realization of the Blu-ray version of RTN here in France, but it’s ridiculous and frustrating !

    So many of these DVDs are coming out for the end of the year here …

    Let’s start a revolution !!! France is good at revolutions and strikes !!! even if it’s not important ! You all know that ! LOL !

    Tout ça n’a aucune importance … ça n’est sûrement pas la fin du monde… juste un coup de gueule… ça fait du bien…


  10. Fed

    Phil’s answers are getting very entertaining. You never get to hear about the things that happen behind the scenes and this is a nice change. It adds a human touch to what would normally seem very untouchable.

    Do you know if any book retailers in Australia will be stocking “The Black Strat”?

    Have a good weekend Fed

    [I don’t think so, Charles. It’s not being made widely available in the UK. – Features Editor]

  11. OK, well here is one site that looks like it will ship internationally from the U.S. (click my name), but you better check how much it will cost you. Looks like $40 to Brazil and $20 to Canada. But then the exchange rate is in your favor right now.

    Also, looking at the features of this Blu-Ray release, there are quite a few nice extras included. Were these ever mentioned in the blog before or will it be discussed later?



    PS – I had a wonderful get together with Erin, Tomi Sue and Marcus in San Jose on my trip out there this week. Some beers, some food, some talk about music – it was very delightful. Thank you.

    [It should all have been covered at – Features Editor]

  12. Caption:

    While Richard is playing the church organ, a Golden Ray appears behind him. Richard says ” David? I thought you were God.”

  13. ‘Remember That Night’ released in Denmark, Iceland and Sweden….

    Why not Norway? Forget us AGAIN?!!!

  14. “after a campfire party that rather changed shape.”

    I’ve never heard it called that before but I have been to parties like that as well.


  15. [The only one I can think of is a Baby Taylor acoustic that David left out in his garden overnight in the damp after a campfire party that rather changed shape.]

    What a lovely romatic thought, a campfire party. It sounds like it was rather a good one too, very strong PG tips around the campfire pehaps?

  16. YAY its almost the weekend!

    Just dropping in to say that at this moment in time, davidgilmourfans123 is STILL the highest bidder on eBay. Still one more day and a long way to go, but you never know.

    Enjoyed the chat yesterday xx

    More later!

  17. Poor baby Taylor!

    I’d like to thank you all for your wishes,I had really a good time in chat yesterday.

    I didn’t see you Fed,hope it’s all ok.


    [Just very busy, but all’s well. I’m glad that you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  18. Great Q&A today. Thanks.

    FYI, RTN Blu-ray is currently $23.95 at

    [And $34.39 at… – Features Editor]

  19. [The only one I can think of is a Baby Taylor acoustic that David left out in his garden overnight in the damp after a campfire party that rather changed shape.]

    Now that would be worth bidding for on eBay!!!

  20. Do also consider $25.98 (US). Region A is available and Region B will be, as of Monday.

    Click the link below for important information for international customers. This includes notes on probable taxes, expected time of delivery, as well as a list of countries to which they do not deliver.

  21. The Black Strat book is wonderful. I can’t help wondering though what is going on in the background of the bottom picture on page 103. Looks fascinating!

    Suggestions anyone?

  22. “The only one I can think of is a Baby Taylor acoustic that David left out in his garden overnight in the damp after a campfire party that rather changed shape”

    That statement is both hilarious AND horrifying! I love some of these answers.

  23. Hello FEd,

    How have you been? Has your week gone well so far?

    Yay…one of my questions got chosen!!

    Well off to work I go.

    Have a blessed weekend FEd, et al.


    [It’s gone very well, thank you. Then again, three-day working weeks do tend to go that way. A Liverpool win tomorrow and I’m all set for the next one (four days this time). – Features Editor]

  24. Well it’s the weekend again. Another blogger (Emi) is a year older and Michele has dished out a few more angry emoticons!!

    Interesting to read in Phil’s book about the third black strat (76 model) that had the larger headstock. Apparently David didn’t like the look of it (me neither) so he took to it with a jigsaw!! Phil says the guitar was never seen again!!! Was this one of David’s early attempts at diy?

    Have a great weekend FEd and all.


  25. FED,

    I have bought an amplifier dolby 7.1 a Blu-ray player conformed to the HDMI specification version 1.3. both conform to The True HD standard format + screen full HD, but I have to say and it is incredible that the most difficult thing now is to have the possibility to find the DVD…..

    Claudio da Ravenna – Italy

  26. Pool Baby Taylor, left out in the rain on its own all night. You would think somebody would have heard it go “Wah! Wah!” and brought it in!!!

    See you later on!


  27. Picked up my Blu-ray at a Best Buy. Had to go to two stores, though. The first said they had it listed, but it was “backed up”? The second store had one copy.

    Wish I was good at writing reviews. I haven’t watched it all, but what I have watched I just sat there amazed.

    The picture is sharper and clearer, but it was the sound I was most impressed by. The standard DVD sounded so good, I couldn’t believe it could make it that much better.

    Thanks to this site for all the Blu-ray info. I just picked up my player this week. Without your help I would have bought one without the TrueHD sound.

    [Glad to hear that we could be of help. (Confusing, this Blu-ray lark, isn’t it?) – Features Editor]

  28. I read this on one old newspaper…


    However much Gilmour may have objected to Waters’ railroading behaviour, he couldn’t ignore the fact that the two of them were still capable of producing some brilliant work together. Renting villas near to each other, Gilmour and Waters would often drive to Super Bear together each morning. “We had some pretty major arguments during The Wall but they were artistic disagreements,” Gilmour insisted later. “The intention behind The Wall was to make the best record we could. I can remember driving with Roger one morning and he said, “God, we must never stop working together, we make such a great team.”

    [He shouldn’t have left the band, then, should he? Regardless, that’s in the past now and doesn’t really belong here. However, Stephen Barnhart, are you reading? There’s a green tip if ever I saw one: share a car with a work colleague. That’s much more relevant, I feel. – Features Editor]

  29. Hi Fed,

    After banging on about getting the Blu-ray my wife now tells me I’m going to have to wait till Christmas to get it now! 🙁

    So near and yet so far…

    Cheers, Jon

  30. Oh ! I may have been too harsh … (‘think much, speak little, …’). I have found the Blu-ray DVD on, coming out on December 17 in France, for only 29,89 € and free delivery ! Is that possible ? Can I trust them ? That seems very cheap … Can you help French fans ? I’m sure you can…

    Merci. Un très bon et paresseux weekend, + une victoire demain, c’est tout ce que je vous souhaite pour l’instant!


    [C’est assez pour moi pour l’instant, merci beaucoup. C’est possible pour France, bien sûr, mais je ne peux pas confirmer maintenant. Plus le lundi… j’espère. – Features Editor]

  31. I have a PS3 so I’ll have to get Mummy to buy me a copy so I can get the full effect! 🙂 WE GILMOURETTES ARE SO COOOOOOOOL! 🙂

    Mummy says that Gilmourette is sexist because it makes words masculine and feminine, but I don’t know. I’m a Gilmourette! I’m proud to be a part of the Girly Geekdom. 🙂 Now I’m going to get that Blu Ray RTN! 🙂

    HAVE the best time this weekend everyone! Hope your team wins, FEd.

    CAPTION: Rick turns his back and starts groooooooooving!

    Deb XXXXXXXX 🙂

  32. Went to work today only to hand in my notice so David if you need a PA – and that means Personal Assistant, not the amp you plug your Strat into – you know where to come! LOL.

    I’ve decided to work in our B&B. We’re refurbishing whilst closed till March 2008. I have some great ideas for a ‘blues bar’ where we’ll serve up On An Island cocktails like The Blue Gilmourette’s Delight, and have ‘Island Jams’ Where musicians can drop in and play.

    Have a super weekend & don’t forget to look in at the auctions.


    [The best of luck with that, Lyn. Hope it all works out for you. – Features Editor]

  33. Caption:

    Now that the RTN tour is over, Richard goes back to his first love….Playing organ for silent pictures at his local theatre. 🙂

  34. With the Holidays right around the corner, we hope the prices will come down a bit on HD sound systems and HD players; that Blu-ray version of RTN is just too tempting…

    I have a day off today (to recuperate from the Thanksgiving cooking, etc), I am sure enjoying my time here on the Blog.

    Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend all!

  35. Greetings, All! Hi, FEd! Missed you at chat…

    Blu-Ray is available at, and they usually ship pretty fast, and have good prices.
    (US). Click my name for the link.

    Hope that helps! Have a great weekend everybody!!


  36. [The only one I can think of is a Baby Taylor acoustic that David left out in his garden overnight in the damp after a campfire party that rather changed shape.]

    Well, David can always hang it on the wall and call it art, or go one step further and call it a piece by Salvador Dahli.

  37. *Caption*

    For Rick’s own personal amusement he decided to don a Phantom Of The Opera mask, much to the surprise of the rest of the band.

  38. Hi all,

    good to hear about the Blu-ray release, given its quality it will be a must buy and a thrill to watch it, but sadly I don´t have any gadget to play it, so I am jealous of all who will have the chance to buy and watch it.

    As I have been out of town and offline for most of the week, I can only send my belated Happy Thanksgiving Greetings, hopefully all of you in the USA had a great Holiday, and maybe you will enjoy the late greeting card anyway.

    To all Bloggies, have a Happy Weekend! Let´s hope for a Liverpool win, I still have to cope with the fact that the European football (soccer) championship will be taking place with no UK team, neither Wales, Scotland, North Ireland or England, so quite a thrill will be missed in the championships.

  39. Whoa Chaps!!!

    It’s all very well getting a Blu-Ray Player but does your television support the increased resolution!

    Best check… You know it makes sense…

  40. PBS for Dec. 7th on WNED is tbc. Crossing my fingers Fed for that date. Can you plug it for us fans in Ontario? We know you are busy, however.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  41. Good caption Paul Sexton, excellent.

    To Lyn, the Baby Taylor should have played Da Da Da Daaaaaaaa!

  42. HI FED, had a closer look at Richard Wright on his keyboard and noticed the open book writings on Comfortably Numb. Beautiful work.

    Have a great weekend.

  43. [Now I just need a DG sig strat, Mr Taylor to set it up for me, and the lord almighty to bestow me with some much needed talent and an ear for music 😉 – Nickster]

    Barman, I’ll have what he’s having, please. 😉

    Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving, had a good one. Sorry you missed football, Nisha. Can’t have Thanksgiving without football! My Packers are now 10-1!

    I had a wonderful time meeting TomiSue and Andrew last week with Marcus. Looking forward to seeing the blu-ray version soon.

    Glad to hear jamming is going good, KC. I’m going to start doing that myself here, this week. It will be my first time, so it’s a little nerve-racking,but exciting!

    Have a great weekend


  44. caption:

    As Rick warms up for that PING intro he asks for some pompeii inspired curios to be left table side.

    “Jesus guys, is Volvic mineral water the best you can do?”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  45. Dear Fed & all.

    Our little consortium battled fiercely in the last 30 minutes for Crisis Item No.9 but unfortunately got pipped at the post.

    To the bid of £295 we bid £300 in the last minute then in the last 30 secs our rival bid £310.50 and we ran out of time to make a further bid, boo hoo!

    So disappointed but hope item goes to a good home and not into the hands of some old tout!

    The main thing is that Crisis have made some great money for the homeless which is all that really counts.

    LYN, grrrrr!

  46. Congratulations to everyone involved in the eBay auctions for Crisis – a nice sum raised for a very worthy charity.

  47. I wish Lyn the best of luck in finding work. And to everyone who frequents this blog, a very happy Thanksgiving (hey, better late than never).

    I had my Thahnksgiving with family out on Cape Cod, some 250 miles from my own home. There, I caught a cold. My throat feels as though someone dropped a bucket of hot embers down it, and the rest of my body feels as if I just ran a marathon. Came home today to get some rest before getting back to work on Monday.

    So my Thanksgiving was a mixed blessing: precious time with family, while simultaneously feeling like hell (slightly warmed over).

    [Get well soon, Dan. – Features Editor]

  48. Here’s something that caught my eye … thought some of you might be interested in reading a brief write up about this place that Pink Floyd had once stepped foot on 36 years ago.

    Click my name below.

  49. Hi all,

    I never would have thought that the Crisis items would get so expensive to get, but at least it’s for a good purpose…



  50. Hey Dave!

    I’m a big fan of Pink Floyd and I think you’re the best guitar player in this world!

    My cousin’s boyfriend has painted this (click my name).

    How do you find it??

    You’re the best!

    [Nice work, Raphael. Thank you for sharing it with us. – Features Editor]

  51. Hey Fed!

    Just hoping your weekend is going well.

    Hope all our U.S. friends are having a good Thanksgiving as well.


    [It’s going very well, thank you. How’s yours? – Features Editor]

  52. [It’s going very well, thank you. How’s yours? – Features Editor]

    Well, mine’s alright. Frustrated with an art project though. I have to pick a song that I love (hmmm I wonder what that’ll be) and draw what we think of when we hear this song, on a piece of paper. Then we have to use “materials” to make a 3d scene of our thoughts (lol 3D). So far, nothing’s come to mind.

    Forgot to tell you, song I picked was The Blue (it was a hard choice, I wanted to use them all). I’ve figured to use watery kind of objects, but can’t get any farther. If anyone has any ideas, I could use some help. Thanks!


    [I was thinking of that one… – Features Editor]

  53. Belgian radio station Classic 21 (French speaking) will be broadcasting the Making Of ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘The Piper At The Gate Of Dawn’ on November 26,27,28,29,30, each day from 3PM (CET).

    Please, click my name.


  54. hey FE’d

    you kept quiet about Guy doing his own version of “Rock School” !

    anybody else we might know going to guest for a jam with him?


    [Not that I know of. – Features Editor]

  55. A hearty 3 cheers and standing ovation for everyone involved in bidding your hard earned cash towards a worthy cause. Thanks to DG for donating his artwork.

    I never managed to keep track of how much was made, (due to the liquid sunshine I suppose) but I imagine it was several thousand pounds. It was good Saturday afternoons entertainment here and a friend of mine reckoned “it was as exciting as the 3.30 race at Kempton”.

    I enjoyed my first trip into ebay, (with a friendly seasoned pro pushing the buttons) and I dont know if it was beginners luck, but I won on my second or third attempt.

    Yabba dabba doo! and Yeeeeeee haaaaa!!! dont quite express my emotions highly enough but I think you get the drift that I’m still delighted a day after the auction has ended.

    I’m incredibly grateful and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

    [Well done… and thank you for helping an extremely worthwhile cause. – Features Editor]

  56. Hope all our American bloggers had a nice long weekend bargain shopping, I mean, spending quality time with the family. 😉

    Nice win by a certain red-shirted team. At least they made a gain on one of the teams ahead of them. It will happen slowly but surely.

    Our national newspaper listed some DVDs to get this holiday season. One of them was, of course, RTN. This is their blurb about it:

    “Which one’s Pink? Singer and epic guitar soloist Gilmour, with guests David Bowie and Crosby & Nash, run through Floyd favourites and material from his solo album On an Island. A second disc offers three documentaries and other treats. Not only will the whopping, clear sound work out that schmantzy home-theatre system of yours, there are enough dry-ice fumes on screen to test your smoke detector.”

    Looks like they actually watched it. Go figure.

  57. Can you please tell why the Blu Ray version has been region locked? The only reason I can see is for PROFIT. Most if not Current Blu Ray Titles are NOT region locked.

    In the USA the Blu Ray retails for around £18.00 UK Pounds Delivered. The cheapest I have found in the UK is Amazon which is around £33.00 plus delivery. Most retailers are selling the Blu Ray version for £40.00.

    What a Blatant RIP OFF.

    I hope you sleep well Night Mr Gilmour.

    [You ought to ask the retailers and record companies about that, not David. – Features Editor]

  58. Well at least I got one of Davids charity items. YAAAAAAY!!!!!!! AND it was the one I reeeeeeally wanted. 🙂 AND I pushed those prices up higher.

    There were many bidder with NO feedback so I hope the cough up the money and honor their bids. They better or all the Gilmourettes will track them down and give them a good poke with our pointy sticks. Our pointy sticks, no less! 🙂

    Anyhoo, it’s time for cup of PG tips and a nice lie-down. I have one hell of a hangover after celebrating my big win. 🙁 but :).

    Lyn, a 100% Gilmourette did win so I hope that brightens things up for you a bit.

    Now for that replica black strat! 🙂

    Laaaaaaaaater! XXXXXXXXX Deb 🙂

    [Well done, Deb. Thank you very much for supporting Crisis. – Features Editor]

  59. Hey Deb. Well done. Jealous as Hell but well done. Anytime you feel like sharing. Like I loan the item from you for 11 months and you can have back for the remaining one! Lol!


    LYN x:-)x

  60. hmmmmm, i know its not the place to ask, but just maybe anyone here can help. i saw a certain band will release a boxset commemorating their 40th anniversary. It says all over its a limited edition, but does anyone know how limited? how many will there be made?

    [Sorry, I have no idea. – Features Editor]

  61. Congratulations to Crisis and all the people that bid and won!!! Well done!!! :^)

    Good Show!!! Tally Ho!!!

  62. Re; ‘bidders with no feedback’.

    I managed to ‘win’ one of the items on e-bay and it was the first time I have ever used the site!
    I have paid up and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my artwork.

    I think it is a good way to raise money for charity, I got something I really wanted, and they got a bit more money out of me than I would have donated normally. I do send Crisis something most years but not as much as I paid up this time.

    I would like to know how much was raised but I cannot seem to find the information on their website.

    Thank you David for donating the items.

    [Congratulations. An update from Crisis will be here, should I ever get one. – Features Editor]

  63. We sent a cheque to Crisis and put a poster of David in the front window.

    Happy that some fans managed to get some great items.

    LYN still miffed!

  64. Well done to all bloggers, over £4000 for the homeless!

    Thank you Fed, we could not have done it without the information the site provides, and, of course, without DG’s donation of signed artwork.

  65. At last Remember That Night Blu-Ray DVD version appeared in the biggest, electronic bookstore It will be available from 3rd of December (it is probably release date in Poland) and it is priced @ 205 PLN (2 x more that SD DVD).

    What is sad is there is no description, no photo, no set list only artist, title and record company.


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