Blu-ray countries

Remember That Night DVD (2007)EMI’s Blu-ray version of ‘Remember That Night’ is only being released in the following parts of Europe: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, the UK and the Ukraine.

It will be released on Monday 26 November.

It will also be released (by Sony BMG) in the US on Tuesday 20 November.

Please bear this in mind when reading of ‘Europe’ and ‘North America’.

As you will see from the Latest News, it will “probably” be released (by Sony BMG) in Canada, Japan, Korea and South Africa, but at a later date.

More on this as things develop.

In the meantime, please see the new ‘Remember That Night’ mini-site, and do let us know what you think of it.

Keep your competition entries coming, but they won’t count if you leave them here. Please leave them here instead, remembering that it’s strictly one entry per person only and the deadline is tomorrow at 6PM (UK).

Thank you – and good luck.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. *caption*

    Continuing the traumatic experience first experienced as part of the “Laugh-In” audience, the ghost of Gary Owens still haunts Stevie to this day…

  2. Usually (as far as I know), releases in the U.S. are simultaneously released in Canada. So it’s a little disappointing that is not the case with RTN.

  3. My son has a PlayStation3. That’s his Christmas pressie sorted.

    Another convert into the DG fold. YAY.

    Love the Micro-site BTW…

  4. Hi Fed,

    nice site to provide us some interesting data we’d else had to fetch here and there…

    As it seems I’ll have to upgrade my home cinema to blue-ray in near future and if not for me, then for my children so that they can enjoy David and friends on the stage in higher quality. One of the disadvantages of getting an older myopic guy, is that now my hearing, too, is not the best anymore and I’m really not sure if I can see or hear the difference to the DVD version….

    Anyway, I was in (the rainy) Munich at 7/29/2006 and *that* night I’ll remember for sure;-)



  5. FEd,

    Just received my prize in the mail today… DAZZLING!

    It’s going to look great matted and framed and will be THE centerpiece of my music room.

    I will treasure it always!

    Once again, many thanks to David and all of you at One Fifteen.


    [You’re more than welcome, mate. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  6. Fed…

    I do like the mini-site, a lot of care and attention and excellent information…

    Just wondering why? Is this site becoming too crowded/cluttered?

    [Sony wanted one. They didn’t do a very good job of making one for themselves, so our webmaster made one for them. – Features Editor]

  7. I note that Guy Pratt in the photo and the new DVD takes after Paul McCartney. He is using a bass that is almost identical to McCartney’s bass used when he played with Wings.

    Guy, what’s next? A left-handed bass guitar?

  8. I’m sitting here listening to an old All About Eve album that I love and haven’t enjoyed for ages (the first/eponymous one)…so I wiki’d them to find out what they’re up to and it turns out that David played on two tracks from their 1991 album, “Touched by Jesus”.

    A wowser moment in Nicksterland for sure – definitely a good triv question to baffle your DG/PF friends with 🙂


  9. Very strange to see that Norway is kept out again, no blu-ray dvd for Norway.

    Norway is a country that is used to new technology, and many Norwegians own Hd televisions and Hd/blu-ray dvd players.

    I am very disappointed,

    Norway did not get Remember That Night on cinemas, but our neighbours Sweden had it in 15 or more cinemas. Now the Swedish people get Remember That Night on blu-ray dvd.

    I dont understand why we Norwegians are left out all the time, Does Mr David Gilmour not like Norwegians or??????

    [It’s EMI’s decision, not David’s. – Features Editor]

  10. Fed

    At least I won’t have to go out and buy the blu ray contraption yet (not being released in Australia is it?).

    Bit of an odd chat last night or maybe just odd people. You must love that suspend button. Good on you mate, I appreciate your kind words.

    Have a good weekend. It’s raining here at the moment and it’s wonderful.


  11. The bad thing about sending your entry for a contest so fast (and thinking you were so original and hilarious) is that afterwards, somehow, captions keep coming to your head… you start doubting whether you submitted the best of them all…but, doesn’t matter…it was just one per person (rightly so, or you’d be reading silliness for ever), and you’ve used up your chance!

    Hey, woke up this morning to the news of more floodings in England. Big storm last night here in NL, apparently crossed the channel. Hope you all have your heads above water… how ridiculous how much water falls down around here, and how little in other parts of the world. The huge difference it makes, uh? We seem to take the liquid a bit for granted.

    Sorry, have nothing to say about Blu-Ray technology… I’m (blue) light years behind! 🙂

  12. Now, RTN being available on Blu-Ray has to be *the* plea to convince my girlfriend why I really need a Playstation 3!

    Hmmmm, let’s see if Santa Claus (or maybe better “Sinterklaas”, here in The Netherlands) is sensitive as well when I put my plea on my wish-list this year…


  13. Not so much of a caption FEd but more of an interest in Guy’s “Didn’t they do well” T-Shirt.

    I saw an old pic of David recently with those words on. Is it a long standing joke? Are they from the words of Bruce Forsyth even?

    Watched an old filmed performance last night where David has his Gilmour Academy shirt on, wonder if there is such a place?

    Missing M already!!


    [A fine tribute to Brucie it would make, too, but it’s actually a reference to Arsenal’s League and Cup ‘Double’ of 1971. And there certainly is a Gilmour Academy: it’s a private school in Cleveland, Ohio. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi, this is probably not the right place to ask but I can’t find anywhere else to ask….What type of tenor sax does Dick Parry play?????

    Thank you in advance…

    [You’re right, it isn’t. I have no idea whatsoever, sorry. Anyone? I do know that both Dick and David were presented with Henri Selmer saxophones during the ‘On An Island’ tour last year. Please click your name below and scroll down to the story dated 22 March for more on that. – Features Editor]

  15. Dear Fed or is it Mr Fed! Hello, anyway. I love this site. I love the mini-site too. All those brilliant graphics and that funny Wireman is terrific.

    I must say its the first time I have heard of Blu-Ray, but think that I shall buy the DVD in that format (I already have the regular CD), then save up for the blu-ray player, unless I meet a rich fella before Christmas who will buy me one, but this being out-of-season Margate I very much doubt it. Even in season there is a definite lack of millionaires!

    Does anybody know if Blu-ray players are expensive and if you can record with them too, as I have a recordable DVD machine?

    Does anyone know how that little boy, Aaron is? The girls yesterday in the room were saying that he fell down then stairs and cracked his skull. Poor little thing. I do hope everyone is OK.

    Finally, I wonder what David is thinking of doing in the New Year. I wonder if there is a new album or songs he’s playing around with. Does he feel “weird” now that On An Island is more or less done with or does he think “Thank God, that’s over”? I wonder if he has melodies going through his head over his Cornflakes.

    If anyone has met David, I personally, would love to hear about it as the man himself is quite a mystery, isn’t he?

    Has he ever been interviewed by the people on the blog. I loved the Q & A at the Odeon and wish we could do a live one on this site. That would be fun.

    Miserable as I have to go back to work on Monday after a week off, commuting back and forth to London. Still with DG on my iPod life is sweet, even in rush hour!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please tell Loraine and Michele that I shall practice wholeheartedly my role as a honourary Gilmourette!

    Enjoy the weekend.
    Lyn (maroonedonanisland)in Margate, Kent!

    [As it happens, the people seen on video asking David assorted questions, at both Odeon and Ritzy premieres, did so thanks to this very blog. (I accept no responsibility whatsoever for those chosen at random to ask a question from the audience, however.) – Features Editor]

  16. Nice sight to c mini-site and not miniscule at all.

    Loved the word “arcane” when referring to copyright issues of “Arnold Layne”.

    Ian Pearson

  17. Did anybody see Guy last night on, “100 Most Annoying Songs,” (I think it was called) on BBC Three? (I think that was the channel…)

    Anyway you get the gist, he was on it.

    – James.

    [I did. (They weren’t wrong about the programme title, were they?) – Features Editor]

  18. Hilary Ashby [Blu-ray Project Coordinator] comments on the RTN ‘mini site’:

    “……Encoding the feature has proven a challenge as well. The higher resolution picture shows the grain inherent in the master far more clearly than in a Standard Definition DVD encode, and we have worked really hard to keep the look the director wanted to see……”

    Ostensibly this doesn’t sound like a welcome plus point. Does this mean we’ll be able to see the grain even more than on the DVD?

    Pele was in Sheffield yesterday and was asked on Radio Sheffield which team he would wish to play for now if he had to pick one. His reply, “Arsenal.”


  19. Hi guys,

    Its the weekend again, finally!!

    Just wanted to say hi to you all, and to say how much i am enjoying listening to On an Island, STILL!!

    I dont know about you guys, but my current favourite track is red sky at night, just amazing. – quite similar to two of my other favourite songs – which are Warsazawa and Subteranens, from David Bowie’s album LOW. 🙂

    Have a great weekend all.

  20. Great mini site with detailed BR spec.

    I have just a request : a HiDef picture of Remember That Night full art to make a custom wallpaper to my computer.

  21. oh btw, this made me chuckle (click my name) –

    Jose Mourinho has been involved in a playground spat with a 12-year-old boy. The former Chelsea boss was not so special when he was forced to write a formal apology to one of his daughter’s classmates after pulling the child’s hair.

    [Oh dear. – Features Editor]

  22. [Cheers to all the wonderful friends of the chatroom. Hip Hip Hooray ! – Michèle]

    I wish I could visit the chatroom. 🙁

  23. I have to say, that I will never use Blu-ray. I could be sitting in a restaurant, and inevitably someone is talking loudly into their Blu-ray about where they are, what they are doing, the kids, their health problems. Then they have the damn Blu-ray ringer up so loud, it really bothers everyone.

    It’s even worse at concerts. You see the Blu-rays light up and everyone is taking crappy resolution pics with their Blu-rays.

    The only thing worse than the Blu-rays themselves is some of the people who have them that force their ringtones and conversations on all of us!

    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  24. Mini site is interesting. Love the wireman animations and creativity. It is probably good that the mini site has the same look and feel as the main site. Looks like some good info there all around. I’ll have to spend some more time reading up some of the links. Will there also be a specific link to the mini site from the main site aside from the links in the Blog?

    Second, based on a question I asked in a prior entry. The way I understand it, Blu-Ray disks are released in 3 different region codes versus 4 different region codes for standard DVDs. Which effectively means that just because you can’t go to your neighborhood shop in Canada to purchase the Blu-Ray copy, doesn’t mean you can’t order it from a U.S. supplier and have it mailed to you. It will still work in your player because it is within the same region code. And I don’t think I’m saying anything here that is illegal or questionable.

    Just trying to point out some options for those people that may be in a country where the version is not being released locally. Of course, if I’m totally off base, I’m sure you’ll let me know.



    [I would, but you just raised the very point that I made to Management yesterday, which is that certain things need to be made much, much clearer, or else I’ll get the same questions every day. Although, in some cases, people could just to do their homework and find out for themselves (or wait for the promised updates as things develop and Sony make the changes that we’ve come to expect) instead of asking me random questions as they spring to mind. I really do include all I can in these blog entries. I can’t say more, I’m afraid. Believe me, I wish I could. – Features Editor]

  25. Hi Fed. I read in a post where someone was looking for a price for those blu-ray dvd players.

    I actually looked them up yesterday, I found them for $600. Thats usa money. It is really high. I think i will ask santa for one.

    Hope your day is going good fed.

    [It is, thank you. How’s yours? – Features Editor]

  26. Great amount of information on the mini-site. As usual, got to love the wireman.

    Incidently, I got my prize. The VIP pass goes excellently with my concert tickets and guitar gods frame. And the Program is excellent and a surprise, I actually forgot that I would be receiving one.

    Thanks alot.

    Would you happen to know if it’s possible to buy a t shirt similar to Guy’s?

    Thanks again for the prize and everything else.

    [Glad that you received it, Andrew. Guy had his shirt(s) specially made. Click your name to find out where, as someone asked him when he did a Q&A session for us last year. – Features Editor]

  27. Yes Fed, I am the one who has promoted the release of Remember that night on Blu-ray since day one! Glad to see this is going to be the high-def format.

    Blu-Ray is going to win the battle vs. HD-DVD. You can now get Blu-ray players as low as $399.99 (US Dollars).

    The grainy picture I believe, is due to the fact that there really wasn’t much bright lighting within the Royal Albert Hall on these nights. You will probably notice the best high-def picture when the ‘house lights” come on during the show, as well as during Echoes – the colors will literally come to life! Dark mood lighting seems to be grainy on almost all video formats these days – don’t know why…

    Anyway, I can not wait until the blu-ray version gets released! Thanks Fed, and Gilmour and co. for bringing the blu ray version out to the public – I am very grateful! IT is going to be awesome – that’s the truth! I’m definitely taking that day off from work!

    [Blu-ray is certainly going to win this battle, as there’s no competition. – Features Editor]

  28. I think summer is finally over here in Tennessee. It’s been colder than a well digger’s arse for the past week or two and the trees are turning comforting shades of red and gold. The shadows are longer and the days are shorter. It’s getting dark so much earlier; it sometimes feels like Mother Nature is forcing us indoors for a much needed rest.

    I’m certain that Autumn is my favorite time of year, as I don’t feel like I’m being driven to go outdoors, yet I enjoy being with nature more during this time. It’s fascinating to watch the little squirrels, busy storing nuts away for the winter months ahead. Of course, it would be way more fascinating for me if they would collect them directly from the trees, before they fell on my car and left dents all over the hood!

    I don’t know if anyone cares to know about this, but I have purchased a very interesting album called ‘Raising Sand’. It’s a duet with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. You may know who Mr. Plant is, but Alison probably isn’t familiar to you friends across the big pond. She’s an American bluegrass singer and fiddle player, with a voice like a siren. It’s quite possible that you have heard her voice on the soundtrack for the movie ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?’ I know it sounds like an odd combination, but I found the beautiful harmonies created by the two, very chilling.

    I thought to mention it here because of one song in particular, ‘Polly Come Home’. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the cd. I could easily imagine David singing it. In fact, I almost posted the lyrics to it for my entry on the caption contest.

    Polly Come Home (Gene Clark)

    If the wild bird could speak
    She’d tell of places you had been
    She’s been in my dreams
    And she knows all the ways of the wind

    Polly, come home again
    Spread your wings to the wind
    I felt much of the pain
    As it begins

    Dreams cover much time
    Still they leave blind
    The will to begin
    I searched for you there
    And now look for you from within

    Have a nice weekend everyone. I’ll be here ‘Killing the Blues’ with Robert and Alison.


  29. [only thing worse than the Blu-rays themselves is some of the people who have them that force their ringtones and conversations on all of us!]

    George, i agree but do you mean blue tooth?

  30. [I really do include all I can in these blog entries. I can’t say more, I’m afraid. Believe me, I wish I could. – Features Editor]


    I never doubt for a minute that you hold back information and I truly belive you when you state that you include all you can in these entries. Your tireless efforts to keep us informed are very much appreciated by many.

    Wasn’t it Spock who said in Star Trek II: “The needs to the many outweigh the needs of the one.” And in business, it is always a numbers game.

    Live long and prosper.



    [I usually anticipate your questions, because I’d be wondering the same thing myself, so it’s incredibly frustrating not being able to answer them for you. – Features Editor]

  31. Well, I guess I’m going to have to buckle down and get a PS3 for the kids for Christmas. And if Santa brings me RTN BluRay, what’s the harm in that?

  32. Caption:

    Stevie just notices the fake vomit that practical joker, Guy Pratt, has placed on his tom.

  33. just to update on my son, he goes down for a op tomorrow to drain the blood on the brain then we will see if more damage has been done. time goes so slow when youre waiting for these doctors

    thanks to all out there for their comments. it really helps and thanks fed for allowing these people to do this as its not DG related

    thanks again to you all, you are a real help

  34. Hi FEd

    Pele would have played for Arsenal? Seems like the man glanced at the Premier League table before answering the question!

    Somebody should call him on his Blu-ray and tell him to get real.

  35. When is the DG signature strat coming? I want it.

    [Not as quickly as any of us would like, sadly. – Features Editor]

  36. *caption*

    Upset that Guy turned down the offer to play the Spice Girls reunion show, Posh takes out Guy’s eye in revenge.



  37. caption

    at the same time Guy wacks his eye on the mic, Steve slams his head into the bell. Steve thinks damn props, glad there are no flying pigs this time!

  38. Hallo FED, I don’t know if it is a new question: The Blu-ray edition will be avalaible in Italy too?

    I have bought the new Blu-ray system only to see this dvd…..


    Claudio from Ravenna

    [Don’t panic, Claudio. You will be able to get one, just not from a local store. – Features Editor]

  39. [George, i agree but do you mean blue tooth?]

    No, it was a parody on the ringtone/mobile phone debate. Apparently it went over people heads.

    Substitute “mobile phone” for “Blu-ray” in my last post and you’ll get the idea…

    I guess I should use more smileys or something.

    [I loved it, George. That ringtone debate didn’t just do my head in, I see. – Features Editor]

  40. Simon, I’m glad things are now moving along with your son. Good luck to you mate.

    There’s such a nice buzz on the blog today, I’m really enjoying it.

    Thanks fed.

  41. Caption from me

    Stevie – I busted my stick on that bell last week.

    Guy – Really! Well you got high hopes of using my bass then!

    lyn 😉

  42. [I guess I should use more smileys or something.]

    George, i was probably the only one whose head it went over, doh!

  43. yes blu-ray is ok, but a concert may be great. roger waters was in Guadalajara with a great entrance, what do you need to be here? a lot of people sing.

    p.d. GREAT VERSION OF ECHOES in the Remember That Night concert!!!!!!!

    best regards, keep working

    yours truly a fan

  44. That was great, George! Didn’t go over this head.

    Are you lining up to buy the Apple iBlu-ray in the UK or Europe?

  45. Blu Ray players are too expensive right now!

    So I will make a caption for that above pic (b/c its fun):

    Guy: “Will someone PLEASE help me get this BLOODY mike out of my eye????”

  46. [p.d. GREAT VERSION OF ECHOES in the Remember That Night concert!!!!!!! – Arturo]

    I couldn’t agreee more – just listened to it while I jogged and it really got me going.

    I think this is David’s best band yet, (sorry Floyd) and the one with Tim Renwick (Floyd w/o Rog) is a close second.

    Just my opionion.


  47. Hi Fed

    It’s been a while for me. I have flicked through the site trying to catch up on and reading what i have missed.

    It’s just after 1am here and i’m sat listening to Delicate Sound of Thunder. i’m just reading about this blu ray! i cant keep up. i think i’ll stick to pink.

    See ya all

  48. Hi FEd? Off topic again, but its for a good cause.

    Can I tell you all about a site that does its wee bit for world hunger and makes you clever at the same time? All paid for by advertisers and good for young and old alike.

    My better half let me know about it last night. The site is only in its infancy and it looks like a step in the right direction. It’s worth a look as it will cost you only a minute of your time (click my name).

    [Addictive, isn’t it? I was delighted to see the word ‘lummox’ included. – Features Editor]

  49. This Blog Community is a special place…

    Just 14 hours (and three time zones ago) I was sitting in Renee’s livingroom in Fontana, California, eating a home-cooked meal prepared by her mom, and looking at pictures from Barnfest 2007. I think I got more out of that visit than my work-related conference this week…

    Thanks, Renee! I’ll “Remember That Afternoon”….

  50. [Sony wanted one. They didn’t do a very good job of making one for themselves, so our webmaster made one for them. – Features Editor]

    One would think Sony would have unlimited resources.

    Just shows how much talent David has brought in for his web site. David and that band he used to be in have always produced a product of value.

  51. Hi FEd and friends!

    I haven’t posted in what seems like eons … feel like I’ve been on the moon, the dark side! (:O

    Off-topic, but what the hell …

    I really want to thank all my irregular friends for their thoughts/concern for my family after events on October 16. It was appreciated so very much and helped us all get through what was a very scary experience. (((Hugs to you all)))

    Simon Emery’s family is going through a hellish experience right now and my heart goes out to them. My thoughts are with them and I pray that Aaron Floyd recovers completely soon. (((Hugs to Simon and family)))

    Melissa, nice choice! After not hearing one bit of music for nine days while doing the hospital thing, I stopped at Starbucks for a quad-latte for the 200-mile drive home, and bought the Raising Sand cd by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. What a great pairing of voices! Some people in the UK may also know Alison Krauss’ singing from the movie Cold Mountain — she sang The Scarlett Tide, written by Elvis Costello. So beautiful …

    And I’m with you Mel — the two songs written by Gene Clark (my favorite Byrd songwriter/singer) are beautiful and haunting. I don’t mean to slight David Crosby with this statement, I thought he was fabulous … I just thought he came into his own post-Byrds. I think Gene Clark was way under-appreciated during his life.

    Like I said, off-topic … but, damn, I don’t know anything about blu-ray at all except that it sounds like something that should be swimming in the ocean!! So, as I said before, what the hell! I’m just happy to be back in the fold:)

    Peace and love to everyone!

  52. I like the faq on that mini-site. This in particular peaks my interest: “High storage capacity means there is often room for additional content and special features.”

    I don’t have blu-ray and I don’t have surround sound. I’ll just have to get with the program one of these days…

    I also like the classic sandy-colour background to the mini site which reminds me of the earliest days of this one…. almost two years? Wow….

  53. With all this talk of Blu-ray, I thought I’d mention something I saw on Discovery this afternoon. It’s a new mobile called a Projection Phone and when someone rings you from a video phone you can project them on to a wall with a 3D effect making it seem that the person is in the room with you. You can download artiste vids etc.

    I hope David allows his music to go on one of these. Each one of us could have our own special David concert!

    I hope it isn’t long til we get this phone, i’m really excited!


  54. CAPTION:

    Stevie becomes an emotional wreck as David breaks into an impromptu version of Brian Adam’s “Everything I Do”…

  55. An interesting read for the weekend on the “Blu-Ray”mini-site; it is very informative as usual. Each category on the mini-site is elaborated on and detailed; thanks for that. And of course, for someone like me who is not high-tech oriented, I particularly enjoyed the “Clips” and “Interviews” and I truly enjoyed those wonderful watermark pictures, nice touch!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend FEd and to everyone on the Blog too!

  56. Hi Fed!

    Regarding the Oscar Wilde quote/caption… it bugged me all weekend long.

    “The Pretenders” used a variation of it.

    I can’t believe I couldn’t place it. Did you recognize it?

    And I happened to see them in concert back in the mid 80’s.

    Well, I guess senility is as good an excuse as any.

    Showing my age again!

    Cheers, Cevin

    [It works for me. – Features Editor]

  57. To Simon and Gabs, hope all is well.

    To everyone. Give a Veteran a hug on Sunday. “Lest We Forget”.

  58. I have evidently blown my chances of winning the caption contest. I gave four captions when the rule clearly states “One Per Person.” One of these days, I promise, I’ll learn how to read.

    Oh well. It’s all in good fun, I suppose.

    Nevertheless, this kind of thing may help explain why I’ve never won a contest.

  59. [Can I tell you all about a site that does its wee bit for world hunger and makes you clever at the same time? All paid for by advertisers and good for young and old alike. – Alex Paterson]

    Thank you for the site, Alex. I just donated 220 grains of rice to the needy in a minute; and I myself am hungry to learn more vocabulary, it’s definitely mutually beneficial.

    Thanks again.

  60. ı’ve got Remember That Night . but very upset not to see David Gilmour in Turkey . so, we fans will mutiny together and carry off Gilmour with his plane and bring him to Turkey . we have never seen Gilmour in Turkey, never listened to him live and there is something very imperfect in our hearts .

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