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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.As one of the most pleasant of many surprises during David’s tour was the fantastic drumming (and not to mention ever-cheerful personality) of Steve DiStanislao, who you have taken to your hearts, I thought you might appreciate an update on what Stevie has been up to since the tour ended.

He is currently touring America’s East Coast with David Crosby and Graham Nash, who were most welcome – and rather special, don’t you think? – guests of David’s during the ‘On an Island’ tour.

As did David last year, they are performing in small, beautiful theatres in an attempt to achieve an intimacy that’s impossible with large venues. The next show is tonight, in Washington, DC. Please see the official Crosby & Nash site for details.

On behalf of everyone here, I’d like to wish Stevie the very best of luck with all that he does.

Your favourite Stevie moments are very welcome today. Do you have a favourite from the DVD, for example?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Well the whole Robin Hood thing has to get mentioned here. That was quite amusing.

    Hmmm…so it is Crosby and Nash with no Stills….interesting.

    Good luck to Stevie with the tour. Hopefully he won’t get confused and start drumming the intro to Time during the set.



  2. Favorite Stevie bits.

    Not from the DVD was when he answered my question on this ‘ere blog

    From the DVD, backstage being “harranged” (is that a word) about his dress sense.

  3. Was it in the documentary on disc 2 where Steve went and changed his top after being ribbed about his clothing ?

    Crikey, and it was only most of Sunday that I was watching it as well.

    Pete – Coventry


    Stevie may look smug after taking the young lads toys, however, little did he know that they had tied his shoe laces together.

  5. Good luck to Stevie. We all wish him the best. I personally hope to see him live again with David Gilmour…

  6. Stevie is a great guy and a great drummer of course.

    My favourite moment is when he takes a photo with Nick Mason…it’s a great moment I think,see the humility in his eyes.First man,then -very good-musician!

    All the best Stevie with the tour!

  7. At Jay Leno…

    Being at the front of the stage I was able to be very close to all the musicians….and I was closer to the side that Stevie was on. We locked eyes during the performance and made jokey faces as I air-drummed a drum fill in unison with his…

    He loves music, man…. and he’s the shiznit…

  8. A thought has just struck me with Stevie touring again, they life of a touring musician sounds very glamorous seeing wonderfull parts of the world meeting new people etc but what happens when you feel like i do today & you just want to get home after work & put your feet up with loved ones & watch the TV or read a book, sometimes it must be like wanting to stop the world, i want to get off, but you cant.

    Idea for a song here….i think its all ready been done though.


    “Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow??”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  10. Without a doubt, my favorite “Stevie” moment from the DVD is Stevie in his Robin Hood shirt.

    You should not have listened to them, Stevie. You looked great!

  11. Stevie is a rad drummer…and that fact that he is from So Cal makes it all the better.

    Funny fact about Stevie…he was in marching band at a high school in Newport Beach…pretty cool. Goes to show band geeks can make it.

    Fave Stevie moment Robin Hood…awesome..

    Renee B
    Fontana, So Cali.

  12. On the CN site it states for Oct 18th

    North Fork Theater at Westbury in NJ ?

    It’s in NY!

    (I’m sure its sold out anywho but this type of thing at this level just drives me crazy)

  13. I particularly like the way he plays the DG and PF tunes so effortlessly on the DVD, but without over-playing them.

    It was nice to see the brief footage of Stevie and Nick Mason together, though it’s unfortunate that there’s no (obvious!) footage of them actually playing together on the DVD (yes, I know it’s not David’s fault).

    Who knows, one day we might get to see them play live on stage together?!?!?

  14. I like the part in the DVD at the soundcheck, where Stevie starts playing that riff and sings to it, and Guy joins in on the bass. It shows how talented he is.

    I also hope to see him again with David.

  15. I liked the scene of stevie playing the water cooler. A true musician can make music with anything!!

    I think that the shot of him with Nick Mason showed great respect and professional admiration, both ways.

    It’s true what Graham Nash said in that you can tell what kind of man [DG] is by the company he keeps. Stevie certainly looked to be great company!

  16. I’m sure its sold out anywho.

    What part of Scotland are you from, Fed ???

    [The Welsh part. – Features Editor]

  17. [It was nice to see the brief footage of Stevie and Nick Mason together, though it’s unfortunate that there’s no (obvious!) footage of them actually playing together on the DVD (yes, I know it’s not David’s fault).]

    If I remember what FEd told me way back when I asked about Mason playing at RAH with David, Stevie stepped aside and let Mason play. So I don’t believe they ever played together on stage (Stevie & Nick that is).



  18. The Bongo drum water container drumming was cool, typical of a pecussionist. They will bang on anything!!

    Stevie was very, very impressive, and he knows when NOT to play, and that is a true gift for a Drummer. (Me being a Professional guitarist, I sure know that.)

    I remember at the Rosemont Theatre, watching Stevie play through my binoculars. He is one monster Drummer!


  19. Caption:

    Having stolen the children’s blocks, Stevie D sets the ransom for David at 20 pounds…

  20. I remember the look on Steve’s face during Fat Old Sun, precious. Good Luck Steve on the tour.

  21. *caption*

    First it was the Robin Hood shirt, now it is the hat. Say one more thing about what I am wearing and I’ll make you eat these…



  22. Steve came up to us Bloggers at Abbey Road, and I had opportunity to talk a bit to him. I said that I had been very much impressed with Gdansk concert, and Steve had said that all band members had a great time playing there, and all liked the crowd.

    From Abbey Road I also remember “Come Together”, which Steve had actually started and then others joined him, what’s more surprising Steve took vocal duties on that one. Well done Steve.

    From DVD:

    Steve sings on Wearing The Inside Out a line or so, but it made it so special that nearly all band members, except Mr. Parry sing on that one, truly team effort

    Steve all the best to you and your family,

    Good luck on tour,


  23. Caption:

    Steve says; “So what am I suppose to do with these?”

    Reading through the posts I noticed that most people play instruments of some kind, so I had an idea – how about “David Gilmour’s Bloggers Band!”

    Hey Fed, I am of Scottish descent. I call myself double Scot because my maternal grandparent’s were both of Scottish descent.

    [I went to Scotland once, but that’s my only connection to Scotland. – Features Editor]

  24. I was lucky to talk with stevie last september at the Odeon premiere and he is one of the nicest people I know. He had all the time in the world for you. He is an ex++ drummer and I was lucky to see him preform 8 times with DG and loved every beat of it.

    A favourite moment? His drums on Echoes.

    He must be the drummer for DG next tour!! I hope that’s going to be very soon!!


  25. I was impressed when I saw Steve at Radio City Music Hall.

    In the documentry on the DVD it is really evident the love he has for playing and the love for David/Pink Floyd’s music.

  26. Favorite Stevie D. moments —

    Stevie’s not-so-secret wish to be Robin Hood:-} I love that part of the dvd! The ‘boys’ in the band goofin’ with his not-so-secret fantasy, everyone relaxed, laughing, and having fun just hangin’ out together.

    Soundcheck for the Leno show, Stevie drumming and singing along just for the fun of it.

    Best Stevie moments would be during the actual performances — the look on his face as he’s playing. He’s got the perfect mix of excitement, cool concentration, and zenned-out relaxed beach boyishness (you won’t find that in your Funk and Wagnall’s!), so totally in the groove and having the time of his life! Perfect.

    Peace friends!

  27. Well Fed, someday I hope to visit Scotland and England. Sounds like you are having lots of fun overthere.

    [You want to visit Wales. A few days in the Wye Valley and you’ll feel better. – Features Editor]

  28. *Caption*

    Thinking to himself…

    “Perhaps a new line of Steve DiStanislao “Robin-Hoodies” would sell?”

  29. My favorite funny moment is robin hood.

    My fav drumming moment(s) are watching him as the pace picks up in Echoes just before the lasers… the sound he makes is pretty cool (that sounds lame, but I don’t know how else to describe it).

    I love watching him because he smiles a lot while he plays… you can tell he is enjoying himself… like he just won the lottery!


  30. Another one leaves us. Everyone is off.

    Should you need any Robin Hood gear, as I live in Nottingham I always have quite a few arrows and at least a dozen pairs of green tights ready for those that need them, so drum up Fed when you need a few.

    Good luck and I hope you come back to these shores soon.

    Love Cori xxx

  31. [What part of Scotland are you from, Fed ???]

    [The Welsh part. – Features Editor]

    LOL !


  32. [I went to Scotland once, but that’s my only connection to Scotland. – Features Editor]

    Me too and I was in Wales and England once as well. But never been to Ireland.



  33. FEd,

    I´m sorry to bring this up again, even more having won one already, but, I just came to pick the copy I´ve reserved and guess what? They´ve told me that Sony delayed the release once again, now, for october 31…

    Do you know anything about it? I can´t check Sony´s website now, so, if this is all a confusion, I´m sorry.

    Thank you once more,

    [I genuinely feel for you, Adriano. I’m very sorry about this. I was told – on Friday evening – that it would be released in Brazil on Monday (I was also rather unhelpfully informed that it had already been released in Mexico that Wednesday). Hopefully Management can chase up Sony International today and slap someone’s face a few times. With words, of course. – Features Editor]

  34. I really think Steve would be a great Robin Hood. He should have worn the shirt while playing on stage with David Gilmour. That would have been Great.

    Take Care,

  35. [You want to visit Wales. A few days in the Wye Valley and you’ll feel better. – Features Editor]

    If youre going that far get over to Ireland, Fun………tell you stories would make your hair curl!


    [Then that’s settled. Paul and I will make a list of places to visit. – Features Editor]

  36. *caption*

    Stevie prepares for the new “Square Peg/Round Hole” tour with the members of Omen at Work

  37. My favourite Stevie moment was at the Odeon when two little boys (who looked remarkably like the ones in the picture) went running up to him at high speed and gave him great big hugs.

    Kids are a great judge of character IMHO.

  38. Best of luck Stevie, what a fantastic job you did on David’s tour.

    Like others, I love the fact the guy always has a smile on his face. Best moment on the dvd was “do I care what they think? YES!!”

    Best drumming moment? Too many to choose, but I love the way […] all comes together as soon as Stevie’s drums come in.

    [You’ll have to use your imagination on that one, folks. – Features Editor]

  39. Lots of people are having problems with the DVD, it is defective on one song, and Sony is doing nothing to fix the problem.

  40. My favorite moment is on the 2nd disc of RTN. In the documentary, he is describing what it is like to be playing with all of these great musicians. He says it is like winning the lottery.

    No wonder he has a smile on his face all the time. Must feel like the luckiest man on Earth.

  41. Hi everybody !

    Well done concerning the “W3 silver Award” winning!!

    About Stevie. On the DVD, there’s lots & lots of good moments (particulary the way he sounds on “Echoes”…Wowww).

    But the “Robin Hood” joke sequence is my favorite (and Guy is very good too on that one).

    Sorry, I’m very busy these days…I’ll be more often there on the blog in the next days.



  42. To Fed; Sure, someday I’ll like to get to Wales, as our ancesters are from there. What does Wye Valley look like? Where abouts in Wales is Wye Valley?

    Take care.

    [It’s near the border with England. The Black Mountains are amazing, as is the Vale of Usk. It’s a beautiful area. You could just hire a bike and cycle all day, really. – Features Editor]

  43. One of my favourite Stevie moments is when he kicks in with the drums on Astronomy Domine on the Live and in Session DVD.

    It’s such a powerful moment, complemented by Richard looking over at him appreciatively from the keyboards.

  44. – First, Steve is always smiling, and this is great !

    – Then, I have been impressed by his ability to play drums on a song (On The Turning Away in Venice) he had never performed/rehearsed before.

    In the documentary, David says “Certains, comme Phil et Steve ne l’ont jamais jouée, ils ont été assez surpris mais ils s’en sont très bien sortis” (thanks to/for the subtitles !)

    Total respect, Steve, and keep smiling !


  45. ‘Do you eat it or smoke it?’

    Stevie always seems to be smiling, even in the photo where David is comtemplating the state of his barn roof.


  46. Fed

    Wales is a great place to visit, just don’t do it on a long weekend or you’ll sleep in your car! This I learnt from experience a few years ago. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a few lagers I must admit.


  47. Thanks Fed for the heads up on the CN tour. I will be in Niagara Falls the day that tour rolls through. It would be great to see Stevie play live again.

    Stevie on the bell during High Hopes, get a rush everytime I watch it. The man has played with some legends from the greatest era of rock music.

    Thanks again Fed and congrats on the Silver Award.

  48. Fed,

    This web site keeps getting better and you deserve to win awards for all the work that you and David Gilmour have done to keep this a great place to find out information about Tours, Dvd’s, and Lastest News for up commming releases. Plus Pictures from Polly, The Blog and The Chat room.

    So Congratulations on winning the Silver award and I really like the way you added the ticker tape for the lastest new, Its great!

    Take Care,

    [A great idea, the ticker, wasn’t it? – Features Editor]

  49. Speaking of Crosby and Nash, they played a few nights ago near Albany NY (just a few miles from my home). Below is a link to the newspaper review, if anyone wants to read it. Sadly, the review fails to mention Stevie D (an incredible oversight, in my humble opinion).

    Click on my name for the link.

  50. Stevie!!! Good luck man!!! Hope your show goes well! Peace!

    And maybe an arrow or two…

    K.C. (The other drummer) Teehee

  51. Caption…

    Rare photo of Stevie’s Dad jammin with John and Paul (circa 1964)

    (The resemblance between Steve and his father is amazing isn’t it?)

    Steve was so incredible throughout the whole show that I was at in Toronto, but his impeccable timing in High Hopes is what I brag the most about to my friends regarding his performance.

  52. I liked the moment when David and Steve share a hug when meeting for rehearsal at the beginning of Disc 2, I think it was.

    There is also a moment when Crosby and Nash are on stage and they look back at him while he is playing and they all share a smile, very heart warming.

    Good luck Steve and take care!

    Have a good day Fed and all!

  53. Congratulations FEd et al on the W3 Silver Award!

    I’m beginning to feel like a proud papa watching this site rake in the accolades…

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  54. Important Stuff:

    Those of you “keeping score” may want to check out CNN’s “Planet in Peril” hosted by Anderson Cooper next week. I don’t trust media as a rule of thumb, but Anderson Cooper is a great journalist. The snippets I’ve seen/read are worth the time.

    While you’re at it, look up “Body Burden” in the webiverse (disconcerting)…and Drug-resistant Staphylococcus (more cheery news).

    Not trying to bring down “the heavy” here, but I do want to throw it out there while the spirit moves…

  55. Yesterday I have finally! purchased RTN after all the patience I endured. AT LAST! =)

    I mention in my last blog right? It was just supposed to be an ignored discarded message and FEd; it’s funny that you picked it up. (If you get my little joke!)

    I’ve never meet Stevie before, but I do like to wish him much success for in his career and also I thought he looked great in that tea cosy cap, but alas more problems continued to plague me.

    My dentists tell me that I may need an operation on my back wisdom teeth, possibly all four of them and waiting after six months to see if anything happens.

    But I’ve had more good days than bad ones. Always.


    [That’s the spirit. – Features Editor]

  56. *Caption*

    “I’m a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle and here is my spout”.

    p.s. I liked the Robin Hood bit too.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  57. Best of luck and wish you much success with your tour, Stevie.

    There are so many great Stevie moments from the DVD but my favorite one is his picture taken with Nick Mason which I believe is a treasure to many of us.

    Thanks for putting that special moment on the DVD.

  58. Definitely Stevie as Robin Hood… Kevin Costner eat your heart out……but would be great to see Stevie let loose on ‘One of these Days’ hopefully another time perhaps…

  59. Congratulations Fed! This is the blog of the Awards!

    We have two birthdays to celebrate today,Adriano and Kim,I wish to you all the best and have a great day;)

    have a wonderful day everyone

    [Happy Birthday to Adriano and Kim. – Features Editor]

  60. I´m 35 today.

    Which means that I listen to you, Mr. Gilmour, at least, for 32 years now.

    And, as I have said before, since you provided (not intentionally, of course ) the soundtrack of my life, I want to thank you. It has been a wonderful journey.

    all the best to you all


    [All the best to you. Enjoy your birthday. – Features Editor]

  61. hah (gets a hug from Dad for b-day)

    Anyways….Happy Birthday to myself…naw…that just makes me sound selfish…meh..Who wants cake!!!?!? (I’m not quite sure of the point of my post this morning, but anyways …oh Fed I saved some of your spinach cake, you want any more ;-P)

    Cheers everyone! (Clinks glasses)


    [I hope there’s plenty of lemonade in that glass of yours… – Features Editor]

  62. Time is really fantastic with Steve, he plays it very well !

    Have a nice tour with David and Graham, Steve


  63. Dear F.Ed.,

    Please say Good luck to Steve for his tour and his career too. He has a great energy and he seems to be always a happy guy.

    My favourite moment is when he plays the drum in the atmosphere of the briliant HighHopes.

    Many congratulations for this further ‘W³ Award-Silver winners’ : ‘The honors creative excellence on the web’ fits perfectly to this site.

    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

  64. I don’t know about a favourite moment but I just like Stevie’s smile as he plays. He looks so happy to be there. It was one of the things that stood out when I first saw film of the band performing.

    [A few days in the Wye Valley and you’ll feel better.]

    Funnily enough my daughter is doing a school project on the River Wye at the moment. We’re hoping to visit a few spots along it at the weekend. I’ll look forward to returning refreshed!

    Congratulations on the W3 award. It’s always a pleasure to read the blog entries (and the news too). I’m glad the skills of those behind are being recognised by the wider world.

  65. Stevie is a longtime great Friend, a very nice person and a brilliant Musician!

    I like to see him on DVD with his amazing soulful playing and the Robin Hood Outfit!

    But the most important thing for me was to meet Stevie Backstage several Times on the David Gilmour Tour last Year in Germany!

    Hope that he plays with David in the Future more and more!


  66. [A few days in the Wye Valley and you’ll feel better.]

    Fed, that brings back memories of a school trip to Tintern Abbey & Symmonds Yat.




  68. Ciao,

    I supported Steve from the beginning (asking also for a photo here, his first photo here).

    Do not remember one moment in particular on the DVD but he seems very professional as a drummer and very very humble and friendly as a person. I think it was a beautiful choice for David Gilmour “family” of musicians.

    By the way, “Di Stanislao” is an Italian surname. Quite rare, coming mainly from the italian region “abbruzzo”, in the middle of the country. Stevie , you know where your ancestors came from? 🙂

  69. Well done on the big W3 award. Nice award to have and one that I would like.

    Good grammar and dialogue pays off in the end.

    Look at this (click my name). Has Stevie on the cover, perhaps!

    The delectible Miss Burns xxxxx

  70. [Hopefully Management can chase up Sony International today and slap someone’s face a few times. With words, of course. – Features Editor]

    I’ve never forgiven the buggers for ditching Betamax for the inferior VHS…the picture quality of my Beta copy of Live at Pompeii was so much better than the ropey VHS copy that I had to replace it with. Can’t argue with the DVD version of Pompeii though.

  71. What i liked about stevie is he smiled and laughed during the whole tour. He surely had a great time.

    Congrats on the award, well deserved.I havent posted in a while because i just had twin grand children born. BOYS!! So ive been a little busy. They are so awesome!

    Happy birthday to Kim and Adriano.

  72. [The Welsh part. – Features Editor]

    LOL brilliant.

    His playing, making it look so easy, like all great players do.

  73. [Hopefully Management can chase up Sony International today and slap someone’s face a few times. With words, of course. – Features Editor]

    Hands will do just fine…

  74. [It’s near the border with England. The Black Mountains are amazing, as is the Vale of Usk. It’s a beautiful area.]

    Dear Fed – yes, even with you there, it’s a beautiful place. LOL! I’m so mean to you.

    Take this link to the Wye Valley (or in Fed’s case Wry Valley), so that MEDDLE can take a peak (mountains….peaks…)-:

    Seriously, Fed, do you sing? Coming from Wales and all that. I’m a little bit Welsh as I used to be in a band where the bass player was from Wales and related to a cousin of mine who was from Cardiff. So there you go!

    I’m having a Ms Burns Day xxxx

    [Do I sing? Only very badly. Like all bad singers, I prefer to lip-synch. – Features Editor]

  75. CAPTION:

    David: “Kids, that’s NOT funny! Plug Stevie back in RIGHT this minute!”

    Kids: “AwwwwWW….”

  76. Adriano – wherever you are in the world, I wish you a great big fat old sun birthday!

    Cori xxxxx

  77. [Jubilation from lovers of good English (The Blog) and bad puns (Latest News)]

    Hmm…I am (or would like to be) a lover of good English and bad puns, but that is the only sentence I understood on the latest news page ‘Careful with that Syntax, W3’ (oh I understood that pun, too !)

    What about that ‘W3’? Chinese for me !

    Whatever it is, congratulations to the site for being a Silver Award Winner !


    [Merci. (Oh, and by the way, it turns out that ‘Niet’ is a Dutch word.) – Features Editor]

  78. Hello,

    a great “Good Luck for all” to Steve and a lot of hopes to see him touring again with “our” magic band as soon as possible!

    Bye dear FEd and all you mates

  79. Another award. Congrats!!!!!

    See, chasing down all those apostrophes and commas has paid off. Just imagine if you installed a spell checker too, maybe you’d get gold…lol.

    Ummmm….niet is a dutch word? Maybe, but change the i to y and it becomes a Russian word.



    [You learn something new every day at this place, don’t you? – Features Editor]

  80. […it turns out that ‘Niet’ is a Dutch word. – Features Editor]

    Ah ? Thanks for the info.

    You thought it was a French one, I thought it was a Russian one, maybe we could be both right… LOL ! (click my name).


    [Where’s that laughing emoticon when you need it? – Features Editor]

  81. Kim, happy birthday for you too!

    FEd, congratulations on the award! Very well done, mate!

    Everyone, thank you for the best wishes!

  82. […it turns out that ‘Niet’ is a Dutch word. – Features Editor]

    Used by Dutch fishermen I’ll bet…

    I can’t belive “Omen at Work” got nothing….Apparently, like Nancy Kerrigan, I must be slipping…

  83. Hi FEd,

    Normally, I would cringe at the idea of promoting anything having to do with the Back Street Boys. But I have to make an exception with this one…

    Click my name.

    [I’m glad that you did. That’s too cute. – Features Editor]

  84. Happy Birthday Kim and Adriano (I’m lip-synching Happy Birthday as I type this) 🙂

    …and congratulations on the award FEd.

  85. On the subject of entertainment. I know we have a few CSI New York fans. Tonight, my cousin will make a guest acting appearance on the show! This is a huge break for her and we are all very excited about it!

    Details: Episode 75, Times Up.

    Her name is Britt Morgan and she will play a murder victim (Robin Graham).



  86. […it turns out that ‘Niet’ is a Dutch word. – Features Editor]

    It is indeed!! Do you know what it means as well? I’ll be starting a Dutch quiz soon if you want me to…..

    [I thought I knew what it meant in French… – Features Editor]

  87. Without a doubt, Stevie added talent to the band which I didn’t think was possible (to replace Nick). He’s AWESOME!! He also seems like a very nice person, with a great sense of humour.

    ~As for me, “Aloha” everybody!! I’m off to Hawaii; a 15 day cruise from L.A. Needless to say I am very excited, and will miss you all dearly. Hope I don’t miss anything too exciting while I’m gone. See you next month!!~


  88. I thought Niet was yiddish for having no money as in ‘I got Niet’. Sounds German to me!

    Love Cori xxx

  89. 1)My favorite Stevie moment:) Stevie drumming on the water cooler. I suppose that’s a drummer’s version of an air guitar.

    2)Happy birthday to Kim and Adriano.

    3)Congratulations!!! Two awards inside of a month!

    It’s high time this website is getting the recognition it deserves.


  90. Wow! Lots of blog “goings-ons!” It’s always a treat to catch up on the blog over my morning coffee…a great way to start the day.

    Congratulations, FEd, on the W3 award — you definitely deserve that, along with NEd (news editor?) and SNEd, and any other Ed’s out there.

    Not only is this site the best ever, but you constantly go above and beyond the call of duty to work out ticket issues, resolve conflicting reports, and keep things running smoothly. There are a lot of artists’ websites out there, but none of them match the heart & soul that is put into this site every day.

    A very happy birthday to Kim and Adriano! I’ll be lip-synching that copyrighted little song for you guys — you know the one! Enjoy your day!

    Thank you, Jerzey Mike, for that link to Snowball! That is priceless, and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. All good wishes to your cousin.

    Have a good rest of the week, everybody. It’s almost Friday, right?

  91. Her name is Britt Morgan and she will play a murder victim (Robin Graham).

    I’ll bet she’s drop-dead gorgeous as well.

  92. Favourite Stevie moment…

    I don’t disagree with anything said previously, the Robin Hood thang, the water cooler, but for me I love that few seconds before Fat Old Sun steps up a gear and Stevie kicks it in with the drums…

    It’s one of those “I love this bit coming up” moments…

    Congrats on the award Fed…

    What next? Career in politics? US Governorship? Golf Club Membership? Master Mason? Invite to the Bilderberg Conference? Illuminati Meetings?… the doors that must be opening eh!

    Just teasing 🙂

  93. 1) Congrats, Fed, on another award! Hopefully, that doesn’t mean you’ll be moving on soon to greener pastures (e.g. setting up a website for Britney or Paris!)

    2) Talking about Stevie, it is remarkable that he mastered every nook and cranny of both Floyd’s and David’s music. That’s outstanding talent, humility and respect (no such thing as “Let me update all this stuff for today’s generation” blah). And I agree with Josh – Stevie (and everybody else in the band) absolutely rock on “Echoes”! And just like everybody else in the band, Stevie carries himself like a normal, good-natured bloke rather than strutting around as rock stars are often wont to do.

    3) Another Stevie (the Gerrard) needs to get back to putting the ball in the net at his usual pace. Apparently, he missed a sitter against Russia. Maybe a blast or two at Goodison this weekend might be just what the doctor ordered to get him out of his comfortable numbness.

    4) Hey Fed, what’s up with Toshack and the turmoil among the Welsh?

    [People have been out to get him since Day One. The sad reality is that he can’t do an awful lot with second division players and inexperienced teenagers. I wish some of the retired internationals – who never achieved much within a far stronger team, don’t forget – would stop their unhelpful sniping and remember that. It would also be nice if schools in Wales encouraged children to play football, and if some serious money was put into developing the sport. – Features Editor]

  94. […it turns out that ‘Niet’ is a Dutch word. – Features Editor]

    ‘Niet’ is indeed a Dutch word.

    1. negation, “not”
    2. noun, “staple”, a ‘nieter’ or ‘nietjesmachine’ is a stapler.


    Best regards,

  95. Fed

    Wouldn’t it be really neat to have a dad like DG and get to meet all his far out friends!! Also cheap guitar lessons, and drums, and keyboards, etc, etc. You know what I mean.

    Someone earlier in the blog mentioned listening to Floyd music for the last 32 years. This would be a good blog topic – Your best memories of the last 40 years of listening to PF and David Gilmour’s music.

    All the best Fed

  96. Howdy everyone! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! So far I have Guy’s book for a present…more to come…and I’ve read maybe the first 10 pages….I’m rolling on floor laughing…Oh Happy Birthday to you as well Adriano! Don’t worry Fed, I have plenty of Lemonade… Cheers (again) everyone!

  97. Fed,

    I wanted to let you and all of the irregulars know that our friend Gabrielle’s son in law has been in a terrible automobile accident.

    Mark has been transported to a hospital in Spokane, Washington,and is in a very serious condition.

    From what I understand, he has some degree of brain damage, as well as several broken bones. That’s all of the ‘information’ I have at the moment.

    I thought I would let everyone know so that we could send some positive and loving thoughts their way. If any of you believe in a higher power, now would be a good time to pray for our sister and friend Gabrielle, and her family.

    Everyone please hug your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you, and do it often.

    “Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all”. We just never know what the next day holds for us.

    Love to you all,

    [I’m very sorry to hear this upsetting news. – Features Editor]

  98. Thanks Fed for the link to Wales (Wye Valley). And thanks to Cori Burns for the post/reply.

    Things just keep getting better all the time on the blog.

  99. Another award Fed, wow, very impressive! Did you ever receive the Best Blog award in the mail? I hope so.

    I know you will continue to have success here with this blog. Like Crosby and Nash said on the DVD, David surrounds himself with good people and there is one called “Fed”!

    I look forward to reading this blog every night. Thank you.

    [You’re too kind. – Features Editor]

  100. Mike, my daughter just told me what your cousin’s character died of and all I can say is what a way to go!

    Fed – congrats on the award! You’re all probably asleep – it’s only 9:40 pm here in Chicago…

  101. Caption:

    Only a good drummer can make a square object go into a round hole. so leave the shirt alone or I will insert a quare peg in your round hole:)

    ps: We want DG to come downunder and play to us !!!!!!!

  102. The “Robin Hood”!! is very funny…I like to see Steve playing the Bells in High Hopes, in Fat Old Sun and in Echoes and Comfortably Numb.

  103. Happy Birthday KC and Adriano, congrats Fed on the award and Happy Birthday to you too sooner or later I think?

    [Thank you, Frank, but I don’t want another birthday until next year. – Features Editor]

  104. Congratulations for winning the silver awards in the 2007 W3 Awards.

    I am running out of words of sending my best wishes to this site. It was just a week or two ago that this site won the 2007 best music blog. I hope you have a display cabinet of some sort to place all these well deserved awards of yours, FEd.

    Love that neat “ticker” tool on the Latest News page with all the updates and what a wonderful news about David Gilmour’s DVD is now a certified Gold in New Zealand. Congratulations!

    Happy birthday to Adriano and k.c. and happiness always!

  105. Oh my God…just read the news about Gabrielle’s son-in-law…

    Christine’s, Noella’s and My love is all sent your way, Gabrielle…

  106. This won’t come as any surprise but my favorite image of Steve is seeing him just smiling and drumming away at Radio City Music Hall. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a musician who seems to be having so much fun. It’s wonderful to witness Smilin’ Steve!

    Happy belated birthday to Kim and Adriano.


    PS–I’m so sorry to hear about Gabrielle’s son-in-law.

  107. [Do I sing? Only very badly. Like all bad singers, I prefer to lip-synch. – Features Editor]

    I find that hard to believe, FEd. I thought all Welshmen/women were gifted in the singing category.

    My prayers to Gabrielle’s son in law.

    Best regards,


  108. [Mike, my daughter just told me what your cousin’s character died of and all I can say is what a way to go! – eniko]

    LOL! Yes! Along with anything Shakespeare, she can now add the obligatory orgasmic dying virgin role on her resume!

    I was hoping to have an opportunity over the holidays to rib her on that one. But, lucky for her, she will be busy filming a pilot for a sitcom in Toronto.

  109. [F*Ed, Google Britt Morgan… It can’t be can it? – Matt]

    An unfortunate coincidence I’m afraid Matt! That Britt Morgan was at the “pinnacle” of her career when my cousin was in kindergarten! ;>)

  110. Dear Gabrielle,

    Prayers for Mark, and thoughts for you and your family in your time of need.


  111. [I’ll bet she’s drop-dead gorgeous as well. – Tim C]

    Well of course! Most people say she looks just like me! (Nyuk nyuk nyuk….hey, I resemble that remark!)

  112. My Favourite Stevie moment is also is watching him on the bell during High Hopes. Great timing!

    I hope that Kim and Adriano had happy birthdays.

    All the best to Gabrielle’s son-in-law, we all hope that he has a speedy recovery.

  113. Gabrielle…our prayers for you and your family at this time. Hope that everything will come out all right for you.

    Bless you,


  114. Aw, I’m laggin behind again…

    Well, first of all, congratulations to everyone at on winning the W3 Award. Very much deserved!

    Now about Stevie, one of my favorite moments was the Robin Hood t-shirt =) Well, Stevie always looks like he’s having so much fun and enjoying himself, it’s a joy to watch him play.

    Happy belated birthday to Adriano and KC!

    And finally, I have to say I’m very saddened by the news about Gabrielle’s son-in-law. My thoughts are with you and your family, Gabrielle.

  115. The wish you were here part, with Stevie’s beautiful smile when he looks at David…so cute!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  116. Gabrielle, I am so sorry to hear about your son-in-law, Mark. Hang in there!

    Our prayers to Mark and the family and our sincere wishes for his speedy recovery.

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