Programme winners

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.The following win a signed copy of the UK-only programme commemorating the cinematic premieres of ‘Remember That Night’ last month: Amedeo, Cevin, Patrick Eaves, Marian, Melanie, Thomas and Wade.

The following runners-up win a non-signed copy: Beppo the Mime, Comfortably Dumb, Genevieve, Ina, Tony K., Ernest Peske and Barbara Phillips.

Congratulations to you all. Please leave a post with your full name and address. Needless to say, it will not be published.

The chatroom will be open between 11AM and 1PM (UK) today.

Lastly, just in case anyone in Brazil is still wondering, ‘Remember That Night’ will be released on Friday.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

148 thoughts on “Programme winners”

  1. Good luck to the winners

    i found out that i am a winner too this morning, having drawn Namibia in our office sweep stake for the rugby world cup i have won the wooden spoon!! yippeee.

    [Well done, Graham… I think. – Features Editor]

  2. [just as long as they go to regular contributors who proved that they could read]

    Must try harder….

    Well done fellow bloggers!

  3. Congrats to the winners. You’re gonna love those programs. (I know I would love one, if I’d won.)

    Also, congrats to David and to the entire team for going platinum wirh “RTN.”

    We’re all winners when David produces such fine material.


    Hi, we try so hard to save the world’s resources, right, so why do we receive so much junk mail? I get catalogue after catalogue for things I don’t want and free newspapers that I never read but Saturday was the final straw when I received the same 4 page communication regarding my Council Tax no less than 6 times – 24 pages of the same crap! What’s more I knew about the changes anyway.

    It makes me so angry as most of my neighbours received the same duplicate mail.


    Love Cori xxx

    [Have you registered with the Mailing Preference Service? Click your name below, if you haven’t. Once registered, if you receive any marketing brochures which were not requested by you, the company that sent them have to answer to the MPS people and can get fined for bothering you. The postman will still shove leaflets about conservatories and pizza through your door, plus anything addressed to The Homeowner or Occupier, though. The council has no excuse. Why not e-mail them and tell them that they’re incompetent and wasteful? That’s always good fun. There’s a Telephone Preference Service as well, by the way. It’s worth signing up for both. – Features Editor]

  5. Thank you sooooo much Fed

    WOW….I cant believe it….I never win anything so I’m a bit shocked!!!

    Thank you once again Fed and THANK YOU Mr Gilmour.

    my address.. […]


    [Well done, Melanie. And thank you for reading the competition terms. – Features Editor]

  6. I am one of the lucky winners, thanks 🙂

    I believe Saturday, 20 October was the birthday of Jon Carin! Am I right? It’s the very same day my son (Nico, 9 years old) celibrated his birthday! It also is the very same day PULSE was recorded (in Earls Court 1994).

    So, Happy birthday Jon !!!


    Here’s my address: […]

    [Congratulations, Ernest. – Features Editor]

  7. Hello one and all

    Birthday greetings to Jon Carin for yesterday- good man and a top class musician.

    Have a good monday everyone and enjoy those programmes !

  8. Sh….t, missed the wonderful competition because of a small holiday, well…I’ll survive (I have to), congratulations to all lucky winners.

    Fed, you sure keep up the pulse on this website! You’re gone for a couple of days, and all kinds of things happen…

    Thanks for your energy, ideas and kind attitude.

    [Bless you, Lene. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. – Features Editor]

  9. Congratulations to all programme winners.

    I also want to share with you all the fact that I had a replica Hendrix / Gilmour guitar strap for my birthday on Saturday and YES it does make my playing sound better! I even put on a black tee shirt for the occasion and delighted my family with my version of the second OAI solo, which still needs alot of work!!!!

    Looking forward to another interesting week FEd.


    [Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Paul. – Features Editor]

  10. I really wanted to say thank you Fed and David for the great Gift for my wife will really enjoy it . This the first time to have won something for my wife.

    Plus to the other winners, Way to go.

    But to all the bloggers who entered the contest, You are all winners in my eyes. So again i really thank you .

    Take Care, Thomas

    [You’re most welcome. – Features Editor]

  11. Congrats everyone! Oh and Happy belated Birthday to Jon Carin on Sunday!

    P.S. Had my first guitar lesson, was awesome, and surprisingly my teacher and I have a lot in common…We both saw Roger what’s – his- face when he came to town…And we both love Pink Floyd…And I told him about my encounter with David, and he was speechless… anyways Hope everyone’s day goes by well…!


  12. Fed

    I’ve finally got my copy of RTN and wow, it’s amazing. There’s none of the artificial glitzy bullshit of a lot of the stuff getting around at the moment, it’s pure magic.

    The one thing I really like is the recognition that Rick right gets, I love it.

    This has got to be the BEST dvd I’ve got now.

    You get asked now and then who is the person you would like to meet most in life and there is no question about it,I have always said it would be David Gilmour. The reason is that his music gives me so much strength and life. This dvd just shows the magic the man can produce, how can anybody be compared against it.

    I actually wanted to win one of the programmes because it would have given me a little connection with somebody I have so much respect for. Congrats to the lucky ones and all the the best to you fed, you deserve all the pats on the back that you get.


    [You’re too kind. We’ve got more competitions coming up, so keep trying. – Features Editor]

  13. Hello Fed!

    Yippee, I won a non-signed copy! Thank you Fed and thank you Mr. Gilmour!

    My address: […]

    Happy birthday Mr. Carin!! He is a fantastic musican.

    Thank you again and best wishes from Berlin,

    [Well done, Ina. – Features Editor]

  14. Yaaaaaay! Can’t believe I won!!! (it is this Marian, right? 🙂 ). Thank you very much…I’m so happy I could scream, only I’m just going to do a silent victory dance because my little one is napping in the next room… wouldn’ t want to wake the beast up! hahaha

    Thank you very much again. And congrats to the other winners!

    [Well done, Marian (yes, it’s you). – Features Editor]

  15. Right, so much for paying attention! Here’s my full name and address:


    Thanks again!

  16. Well done you winners 🙂

    And congratulations to the new Rugby World Cup winners, South Africa! :-)))

  17. Congratulation to the winners.

    Sorry to be late on that, happy birthday to Jon Carin.

    Best regards

  18. Yesterday was … my birthday!!! Yesterday…was Jon Carin’s birthday!!! Yesterday was Comfortably Dumb’s birthday!!! Happy birthday to me, to Jon and to C.D.!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

    Congratulations to the winners!

    [Happy Birthday to all of you. – Features Editor]

  19. Thanks for the link Fed. Done it. Now let’s see what happens.


    Cori xxxxxx

    PS: See you at the chat on Wednesday.

    [It takes about four weeks before you’ll notice a difference, but it’s definitely worth registering. If you sign up for the Telephone Preference Service (click your name below for that), you can make the sales person grovel to you. Pretend that you’re interested in whatever they’re selling, get their name and number, then gleefully tell them that you’ll be reporting them for not checking the TPS list before calling you (they’re legally required to check what is, in effect, an opt-out list and shouldn’t contact anyone who is on it). They shouldn’t bother you again after that. – Features Editor]

  20. Hi Fed,

    hope everybody had a good weekend.

    Congrats to all the lucky prize winners!

    Tom B

  21. I cant wait for the Richard Wright giveaway….I want him…

    Congrats to all the winners old and very new…

  22. Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Happy Birthday to Jon!!!

    To Cori…

    One of my friends fathers used to save up all his “junk snail mail” for anywhere from a week to a month depending on the volume. When he received a large junk mail return envelope he would stuff it with all of his collected junk mail and send it back to them…yes, he had some extra time, but classic nonetheless!!!


    …at work slightly depressed to have missed the chat… 🙁

  23. Congratulations to all the winners!!

    This is my first and little comment, but see you soon..


    [Welcome, Lorenzo. – Features Editor]

  24. My very congrats to all winners, and my late birthday greetings to Jon Carin and I know some of you guys here too have birthdays celebrated, I say the same to you.

    I didn’t get time for the DVD just yet! But it will sure happen!

  25. [And congratulations to the new Rugby World Cup winners, South Africa! :-)))]

    Well done South Africa,and to N.Ireland for a great result against Sweden!

    Sorry, Fed.This is the only thing i have to celebrate…my lip is out.

    Be gentle, please.

    [I’m enjoying it, believe me. Carry on. – Features Editor]

  26. Congratulations to all the winners.

    In the US, there is a National Do Not Call Register but the term for most people will be expiring next year – so many will need to re-register if they want to keep telemarketers at bay.

    As for a mail register, as FEd states a Mailing Preference Service in the UK, I don’t believe we have that service here in the States. You certainly can contact companies and request that your name be taken off a mailing list but I’m not aware of a National Register for this.

    Maybe one of our fellow blog irregulars can confirm.

    But I will add that the amount of “junk mail” (people who work for the USPS hate that term) has substantially decreased from years prior. We don’t get as many catalogs and mailers as we used to. Some of that is due to the high cost of production and mailing as well as the growth of the internet.



  27. I won, I won 🙂

    Thanks Fed, and Mr. Gilmour, of course. What a great birthday present from you….

    And happy birthday to Jon Carin – I didn’t know we shared it….

    And here is this winner’s address… […]

    [Congratulations to you. – Features Editor]

  28. Thank you so much Fed and David! What a pleasant surprise to wake up to! I will treasure it always! Congratulations to everyone that won!

    The only other time I have won something like this was a chance to fly in the Pink Floyd Blimp. A singed programme from David definitely beats floating around in Phoenix class B airspace!


    [Well done, Wade. Please send us your address. – Features Editor]

  29. And, Fed, I see one of the servers is in New York area…I’ll be there in about 2 weeks, so if you don’t fix it, I’ll be glad to kick it for you…:-)

    [Thank you! – Features Editor]

  30. Fed here is my address: […]

    Thank you,


    [Many thanks. Your prize will be with you soon. – Features Editor]

  31. Congrats to all the winners!

    Hey I was watching RTN this weekend when I noticed a new component of the old “rooves/roofs” debate! On the OAI CD on “Where We Start” David pronounces “rooves” in a way that rhymes with “moves”. But on the DVD he sings “rooves” in a way that rhymes with “put” (I PUT the jar of marmalade in the fridge). I know… I’m stirring the pot.

    I’m surprised at you Rudders… I would have thought YOU of all people would have caught this!

    Tim from smoke choked San Diego… surrounded by fire.

  32. Excellent! Many Thanks.

    Can you post the programme to


    Again many thanks F’Ed

    [Can do. Congratulations, Tony. – Features Editor]

  33. A big congratulations to all the lucky winners! Well done! And what a fun contest to have. Thank you, FEd and David, for doing this.

    Very happy belated birthday wishes to Sylvie, Comfortably Dumb, and Mr. Carin! I hope you all had a wonderful birthday weekend.

  34. Tim

    I’ll check it out… and it’s roofs… please! 🙂

    Did I mention South Africa won the Rugby World Cup? And before you Sassenach’s all start crying that it was a try that was disallowed… I agree it was a try. His foot was in the air when it went over…

    Shame… fnarr…fnarr… 🙂

  35. spacedog (click my name).

    this picture made me chuckle – just the thing you need on a cold monday afternoon.

  36. Toronto’s Radio Station Q107 ran a top 50 greatest classic albums of all time poll recently and DSotM won it… no surprises there then 🙂

    1. Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

    11. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

    14. The Wall – Pink Floyd

  37. Hi FED,

    How gutted am i? I go away for the weekend and come back and find out that i missed the chance of winning a signed programme.

    Congratulations to the winners. I think its Brilliant David is doing this sort of thing for his fans on the Blog.

    I will keep an eye on the items on EBAY for crisis but expect they will be beyond my reach, but if David ever put some signed items available to the blog regulars at a fixed price with the proceeds going to crisis i for one would be interested.

  38. Congratulations to the lucky winners! These are great gifts.

    [One of my friends fathers used to save up all his “junk snail mail” for anywhere from a week to a month depending on the volume. When he received a large junk mail return envelope he would stuff it with all of his collected junk mail and send it back to them…yes, he had some extra time, but classic nonetheless!!! – Posted by: Rob P from CT at October 22, 2007 01:58 PM]

    Good tip, Rob. My boss suggested that I do this, and I must say, It makes me feel a bit evil, but it sure is fun to see how much junk I can stuff in those postage paid return envelopes:))


  39. What a nice surprise it was to see what I won. I’m absolutely thrilled. I don’t have anything signed by any of the band members, and being that it’s David’s, makes extra special. I will cherish it forever.

    Thank you very much Fed, and David. You give so much to the fans. You’ve really made my day.

    Congrats to all the other winners.


    [Well done, Amedeo. – Features Editor]

  40. congrats to the winners!!

    but now i have to go and pack for an evacuation because of wildfires in San Diego. wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me that the winds die down and the fires won’t get my house.

    [Fingers crossed, Eva. – Features Editor]

  41. A belated happy birthday to Jon Carin, who is also one of my heroes.

    Also happy b-day to the bloggers who shared the day.

  42. Mel…I’ll have to let “Ed” know that others are carring on his crusade against junk mail 🙂

    Now he’ll be known as more than just the dad who only had crappy beer in the fridge that you wouldn’t drink…even in High School…

    Hope everyone has a GREAT week…you too Fed 🙂

    Too bad for Becks and the Galaxy…maybe next year he’ll be able to earn his money…

    [Come on, Rob. If he worked in the club shop, cooked the pies (hot dogs?) ready for half-time, cleaned everyone’s boots, checked the fans’ tickets and did regular shifts as both groundsman and mascot, he still wouldn’t earn half of it. My heart just bleeds for him. – Features Editor]

  43. Sorry I don’t remember Jon Carin’s birthday.

    Happy Birthday, also if it’s past from a day.

    Bye Bye.

  44. I am very happy for all the winners, particularly for those who won a signed programme, because I think it’s a great proof of faith from both David and Fed ! and this is priceless !


  45. – Joyeux anniversaire pour hier, Sylvie ! Tu me paies quand le champagne ?

    – David is invading French radio stations these days ! (click my name). RTL2 a succombé à son charme ! who wouldn’t ?

    Such a gorgeous photo today on the blog !


  46. Congrats to all the winners! Lucky feckers! And a belated birthday to Mr. Carin.

    Sorry I haven’t been contributing as much as I have done or taken part in the last few chats. Some fool decided to make me Creative Director and I have been up to my proverbials with new responsibilities! I’ll do my best in the future but can’t promise anything!

    I had a fancy dress party on Saturday night! Lisa and I invited 30 people to our home for a knees up! You should have seen it – Andy from Little Britain, Smurfett, Dastardly, Penelope Pitstop, withches, monks, Jango Fett (me!) – all dancing to Money!! Hilarious!!

    Happy Monday people!!

  47. Eva,

    I’m with you… we are shutting work down and going home. We are just south of the fire. Good luck!


  48. Congrats to the winners.

    I also “won” a prize. I pre-ordered the Pink Floyd Mini-LP studio box set. There seems to be little publicity of it, and apparently only 10,000 are being made.

    Can’t wait for that, plus my King Crimson cd should arrive tomorrow *whistles*.

    Happy birthday to Jon, best wishes.

  49. Hello fed

    Re your answer to Corris post.

    You are,of course quite correct about the mailing preference service stopping addressed junk mail. However you can also stop the unaddressed leaflets and “to the homeowner”rubbish.

    To do this you contact your local post office and tell them you dont want it and they will instruct their postman not to deliver to you.

    The downside to this is that your postman is paid one pence each time to deliver this rubbish so if you like your postie a lot you may not want to reduce his pay! Its agaist PO rules for postmen to tell you this on pain of dismissal but mine did and it works just fine.

    This is of course for UK readers only, but you have one or two of them I think.


    [Thanks for the tip, Peter. – Features Editor]

  50. Can’t believe it, I win something, or maybe there is an other Geneviève !

    Congratulations to all the winners
    and thanks Mister Gilmour, and thanks FED

    Anyway, FED, here is my adress


    [Congratulations, Geneviève. – Features Editor]

  51. I can’t beleive my eyes! Thanks you so much to David and all involved. This is truly an honor. I’m very sentimental and will cherish this and treat it as an heirloom.

    Again, thank you so much David and friends. WOW!


    [Well done to you, too. – Features Editor]

  52. Congratulations to the winners, well done 🙂

    Have a great week everyone!

    Hi Fed, is there an extended chat today?

    Thanks. CT

    [There would be a lock-in today… if the server wasn’t behaving like a clown. – Features Editor]

  53. Congratulations to you all,enjoy your prizes!!Such a beautiful day for you,the same I lived the past monday…

    How are you Fed?I hope everything is ok,have a nice night

    See you soon


    [I’d be happier if I could kick our stuttering server, Piero. Or maybe someone. – Features Editor]

  54. the new dvd is amazing. i’ve watched it more times then i can think of. transformers and david’s dvd is the only thing that i watch and can’t get enough of it.

    love when he asked the guy on the streets to come play with him. that guy did’nt know what he was getting into. he was going to play with a god.

  55. Congradulations to the winners! It feels great to win!

    Happy belated birthday Mr. Carin. . .as well as to all the others!

    If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. . .(clap, clap)

  56. Congrats to all the winners – including the Reds!

    Caption: “Mmmm … platinum … mmmm … bling-bling!”

  57. Congrats to all of the winners. Shame I didn’t enter 🙁

    Happy Belated Birthday Jon Carin!

    Anyways, Fed, When can we expect the Phil Taylor Q&A to be up? I am quite interested in reading his answers to those weird questions from the Guitar Geeks ( a group, Im also a part of! ).


    [Maybe next week, Pavan. – Features Editor]

  58. Hello FEd,

    I hope your weekend went well.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Belated birthday wishes to Jon Carin, and anyone else I missed.

    I hope to ‘see’ you in the chat on Wednesday.


  59. I may be a little jealous and very envious but I am pleased that the programmes are destined for safe keeping.

    Well done to all you lucky winners.

    I would also like to endorse the comments of Neil Mconie regarding offering other signed items for sale to irregulars for the benefit of selected charites. If there is the worry that they could be sold on, then how about David personalising them. That would stop the ebayers and give the real fans a big treat.

    Missed the rugby on Saturday night because I was watching the Leonard Cohen/Philip Glass event at the Barbican; I think I made the right choice.

  60. Hullo FED and ALL !!!!

    First off I want to extend a belated Happy Birthday to one, Mr. Jon Carin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jon !!!!!!!!! Hoping yours was an excellent day, Jon.

    Secondly, congratulations to all of those fortunate enough to win the programme competition.

    Sadly, I haven’t been around to participate.

    These past few weeks have found me recuperating from a serious bout of depression. And facing some hard truths. I can’t and won’t go into detail here and now as I am still coming to terms with what I have gone through. However, there has been one thing that has been totally therapeutical for me during this time and it has been David’s “Remember That Night”.

    As a a matter of fact, I think it’s fantastic that this DVD has done immensely well across the board. And going Gold here in the States ? Well, I believe by Christmas, nah, Thanksgiving, it will have gone Platinum by then. Maybe double Plat by Christmas. Again, well done Team Gilmour !!!

    Well, I am going to keep this brief. Can you believe that, FED ?!?!?

    Nice to see Arsenal is still kicking a**.

    To everyone here…I have missed you guys very much !!! Peace and Much Love To All !!!! Cazart !

    ( Oh, BTW, I had an old acquaintance/friend of mine over last Thursday. I put in RTN and he just went apesh** throughout. He really got a kick out of it. He wished he could’ve been with me for last years’s Venice shows. )

  61. I just read on the mainsite that “RTN” has gone gold in the US.

    That’s simply amazing. Rock on, David!!

  62. Fed

    It was great to join the chat last night. A bit of fun.

    Hi to Cd, the Scottish and French ladies and of course CB (she knows who she is).

    Have a good day Fed, talk to you soon.

    [Glad you could make it, Charles. Hope to see you again. – Features Editor]

  63. Hey Fed…

    I’ve been sat here thinking about what I’m going to do with my signed copy of the programme and I realised that…

    1) Mr Gilmour didnt have to sign any programme’s due to the fact that he is correct (not about my copy though) when he say’s “ebay here we come”!!

    2) You didnt have to go to the trouble of bringing this amazing give-away to our attention!!

    and finally…

    3) You didnt have to go to the trouble of getting them signed,running a competition and then taking the time to get them shipped out to all us lucky winner’s!!

    It is because of this that I am taking the time out to THANK Mr Gilmour and YOU Fed,once again,for the amazing chance to own something that is rare and special(to me)!!

    I have decided that my programme will take pride and place on my wall in a mounted frame along with the second dvd I bought and my ticket’s from the Ritzy event.

    Thanks again Fed and THANK YOU Mr Gilmour.


    P.S- Congrat’s on the DVD and this amazing site.

    [You’re very welcome, Melanie. – Features Editor]

  64. Congratulations to the winners!!!

    Green tip:

    Try to buy grass fed beef instead of grain fed. There is far more emissions produced to deliver grains to cattle as there is for grasses!

  65. Congratulations to those who won the signed and un-signed program – enjoy and I know you will take good care of your prize.

    Happy belated birthday wishes to Jon Carin and to those who celebrated their birthdays this past weekend.

  66. A very nice side profile shot of David Gilmour. This image reminds me of Live at Pompeii where a close up shot of a statue “morphing” into a close up shot of David Gilmour.

    Missed the chats, hope all is well, FEd!

  67. I am so excited about winning! It was such a great weekend and now a great Monday.

    I am sorry it took me so long to post a “Thank You”, but with work and the time difference it is always late before I can send a post.

    After looking at the Blog this morning from work, I couldn’t wait until I could get home to send you this message of thanks.

    Congratulations to all the other winners.

    Fed, I would love it if you would sign mine before mailing. This would really make it even more special!

    Thanks again to you and David for the contest and for including me. I will be looking forward to the mail.

    I hope you have as good a day tomorrow as you have made mine today. Thanks once again.


    [Well done, nutter… I mean, Barbara. Hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  68. Sorry for getting to the party a bit late. I found out I had won just minutes before heading off to work this afternoon.

    Thank you so much to David and friends. This is really unbelievable. Not only did you save a marriage, but my sanity as well.

    Had a horrific day today. As I’m sure you know, here in the states baseball is huge and our hometown team, the Boston Red Sox, just clinched the A.L. Title and are going to the World Series. When I got to work today I was greeted by an angry mob waiting for official locker room baseball caps that hadn’t yet been delivered. I was then sent out on my dinner break to buy balloons for the display tables.

    Picture if you will, twenty, fully inflated helium balloons inside a Ford Mustang. I can’t believe I didn’t get stopped by the police. The only thing that kept me going today was thinking of David’s wonderful gift.

    Thanks again to all!


    [Beautiful image, Cevin. – Features Editor]

  69. Congratulations you lucky winners:-)))))

    Great things happen to good people.

    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday JC!!!!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  70. David, we really need and expect you to come down to south america. We love you down here!!! please we are waiting for you!!!!

    Ariel, from Argentina

  71. Excellent advice given about the TPS and MPS FEd. I have used them for a number of years and it does work. You can even register a previous occupant of your address.

    I do like your approach to any sales calls that you may still get though… genius! I have had telesales people laugh in my face when mentioning the TPS at which point the phone gets slammed down. Your approach is much much better…

    [It doesn’t always result in grovelling apologies, sadly. I swear I had Catherine Tate on the ‘phone the other day, insisting that “I’m not bovverin’ you, dough. I’m not being a new-sunce.” The sooner someone invents a telephone that can transmit, then squirt, vinegar through the handset, the better. Advocaat could also prove quite interesting. – Features Editor]

  72. That’s not a green tip, Stephen… A real “green tip” would be not to buy commercially farmed meat of any kind. . . In all it’s forms. . . Commercial farming is a very environmentally (and cruel) destructive practice. . .

    Congratulations to the lucky (rule abiding) competition winners!!!

    The “feeling” for “today” is “Atom Heart Mother!!!” Enjoy!!!

  73. [Advocaat could also prove quite interesting.]

    I only ever saw that at xmas!…along with Babycham and a Snowball, if you were good you got a Snowball.

    [Just imagine pulling the receiver away and feeling that wonderful yellow goo slowly running down your cheek… Must be murder to wash out of your hair… That’d teach ’em. – Features Editor]

  74. i dont ever want to fall out with you!

    [Alas, it’s only a dream. – Features Editor]

  75. [Just imagine pulling the receiver away and feeling that wonderful yellow goo slowly running down your cheek… Must be murder to wash out of your hair… That’d teach ’em. – Features Editor] it would make it nice and shiny though:)

  76. Hey FED,

    Just found another easter egg on the DVD last night. Another was found courtesy of Rudders and the massive DG/PF marathon we had Saturday night at his place till 1:30am. I think we were a tad slow off the mark on Sunday ;-)))

    I must say he was insufferable earlier at the Rugby cup final gloating about South Africa. I was an England supporter in the Lion’s den with him and a crowd of South African’s and I actually survived LOL.

    Cheers, Howard

    [I’m impressed. (About the rugby, that is, not the Easter Eggs.) – Features Editor]

  77. ….and then there’s the ones that say “I’m not trying to sell you anything”…

    Then there are those automated calls…

    [Very, very annoying. If your telephone can play cheesy music whilst someone’s on hold, it’s always good to leave them holding for a while until they get bored. – Features Editor]

  78. A belated birthday to Mr Carin, although I thought it was a couple of weeks ago. Ah well. Any excuse for a glass of champagne.


    Cori xxxxx

  79. Meddle – glad you like the link and aren’t in a muddle, meddle (sorry, been dying to say that for ages!!!)!

    Cori xxxxx

  80. Hiya Tim Taylor in San Diego –

    I do hope you aren’t too fazed by the smoke and the fires. It happens every year. I used to live in Santa Monica where the hills came alive to the sound of fire engines every September/October but my cousin, Harry and his family live in San Diego and tell me there’s a drought as well. We had a cousin who lived in Glendale, and he’s lost his house 3 times so we say “why don’t you move away from the hills” and his reply is that he “likes it there”!

    Take care.

    Cori xxx

  81. Fed, be warned. Paul has given me a thought – should I bring a bottle of Advocaat to the chat tomorrow – that way we could really throw snow balls at one another!

    Oh how I love you, Fed!

    Cori xxxxx

    [Bring it. (I’ve got the button to kick people out of the chatroom, don’t forget.) – Features Editor]

  82. Congratulations to the winners!!

    FEd, I received my prize in the mail yesterday!

    Thanks again,

    [You’re very welcome. Thanks for letting us know that it reached you safely. – Features Editor]

  83. Dear Fed

    I just remembered something.

    You know that the box set of mini-discs (actual mini discs of vynal) of all the Pink Floyd albums, it’s currently retailing at £144.00 on Amazon but I don’t think its for sale yet. I love the idea of little discs to put next to the early vynal big discs I have. So cute.

    I think that is gonna be a xmas pressy to me, along with the book, the DG strat etc etc etc.

    Thank the Lord for Mastercard!

    Then its my birthday exactly one month after Xmas day, so I will get more pressies for me then, plus its a milestone birthday, but I ain’t gonna tell you which one! That’s a hint to everyone to buy me lots of PF/DG stuff, by the way! Start saving now!

    I start back with Mark in our studio on Monday. I’ve been away for almost 5 weeks and he’s done no business stuff at all and there’s a lotta people who need to get paid and a lot of people who have paid us, but not been receipted. The goon hasn’t even put cheques in the bank. Love him really, but he is a goon where business is concerned!!

    Don’t forget to watch Arsenal on ITV4 tonight!

    Love Cori xxxxxx

    [I’ve a nasty feeling that I’ll see more of them than I’d like on Saturday. – Features Editor]

  84. Best of luck to those caught in the fire’s path out west…

    And to those in the deep south experiencing an exceptional drought…

    The bicycle is increasing speed and ahead to the right is the ledge…

  85. …You know, you really hate me don’t you…… (slouches off to a cave with a complex and a bottle of Bacardi and a beaker) !!!!!…grumble….hic…burp…*expletive* …”singing”….”….the grass is greener…. etc….burp…hic !


  86. Right. I am off (sniff! sniff!) See you on Wednesday, Sugar Pie, Fed!

    Cori xxxxxx

  87. When telemarketers call, act as if you have attention deficit disorder and keep changing the subject. You could pretend that you are hard of hearing and have them to keep repeating themselves, or simply ask the person if they know a foolproof method to clean blood stains out of carpeting. That’ll shut em up.


  88. Last night I had a young lady call me with a telemarketing survey, just wanted to ask me a few questions about my radio listening habits.

    One of the questions for statistical purposes went as follows: “I can’t ask your age but I need to ask you the following, what month and year were you born?”

    I told her duh, what is the difference?? I answer that question and you still have my age. She laughed.

    Where do they come up with these???



  89. [Bring it. (I’ve got the button to kick people out of the chatroom, don’t forget.) – Features Editor]

    Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic button…

    [Right. – Features Editor]

  90. When telemarketers call….

    I have found the best way to get them off the line (apart from being rude) is to say “mmm yes i’m glad you called it must be to do with the impending court case i have with your company.”

    It always seems to be a short discussion following that.

  91. Hey everyone…

    Fontana, Ca is not the place to be right now…I have extensive wind damage to my house and about 4 fires are burning nearby. It is smoky, dusty and miserable. But glad to say my family is ok.

    Hope everything is okay for the people living in San Diego County. They are getting hit the worst.

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  92. Excellent article on Climate Disaster specialist James Lovelock, F*Ed…

    The quote : “Our moral progress has not kept up with our technological progress” about says it all…

    [Thanks for that, Matt. Very interesting. We are “an irritating species.” – Features Editor]

  93. Still haven’t got my prize…please tell me it’s safe!!

    [I’m sure of it, Emilio. Please continue to be patient. – Features Editor]

  94. Did Cori have an “I’ll get me coat” moment? (Yes, but only for a few seconds….)

    Becky Bagel

    PS–Bah, telemarketers. I hates them.

  95. When they phone say i’ll just put you on hold and then place the phone near a speaker and walk off – if you don’t hang up they can’t make another phone call! It is also very unlikely that they will phone back again.

  96. [we try so hard to save the world’s resources, right, so why do we receive so much junk mail?]

    You should be grateful you get mail. What with the Royal Mail striking and not being bothered about the backlog everything gets held up.

    Even though the strike has finished for the last two weeks i’ve had no saturday post and yesterday the post didn’t turn up till 3 ‘o’ clock! I ordered a record two weeks ago, it was put in the post on friday and it still hasn’t turned up a week and a half later.

  97. Is the 0001 Stratocaster that David owns the first made/oldest stratocaster? In Guy Pratts book David says that they don’t come older than it, but i’ve read in other places that it isn’t actually the first strat, just the first numbered strat.

    [It’s not possible to identify the first one made, but 0001 is pretty close to it. – Features Editor]

  98. [Well done, nutter … – Features Editor]

    What is a ‘nutter’ ? I want to learn ! … and Babel Fish is totally inefficient …


    [A crazy person. – Features Editor]

  99. Tim,

    hope you are doing ok with the fire. We have been evacuated and stay with friends in O’side. It’s going to be another long day.

    Good luck to you and anybody in SD county.

  100. Hey gang,

    Just thought I’d drop a note.

    I hear there’s something going down in California at the minute, so hope everyone from there is ok.

    I didnt go to the pub yesterday, I know, I must be ill!

    Hope everyone is Happy Days,
    Simon J

  101. Dear FEd,

    I really like that photo next to the Ritzy item on the DVD page. Is this a one-off or do you know of more being taken? I hope more will appear on the site some day…

    [I know of one other. That will be here towards the end of the week, possibly next week, as it’s crying out for a caption. – Features Editor]

  102. [Excellent article on Climate Disaster specialist James Lovelock, F*Ed… – Matt]

    Thanks for that, Matt. While it is a rather bleak prospectus, I’ve always felt that this is the only natural fate that awaits us as a species.

    As we are keen to observe in biological studies, exponentially proliferating species ultimately implode upon themselves. A common example is algae blooms in an isolated pond. They eventually consume all of the oxygen and kill off every living thing, including themselves.

    Human vanity and arrogance (mostly a biproduct of religion) leaves the masses believing they are somehow “better” than other living organisms. As such, we will continue to plow headlong into oblivion.

    Sad, but true. Perhaps we should be planning our retirement in the Arctic?


  103. Radio fun at work….

    I can listen to Yahoo music while I do my worker bee thing on the PC, guess what they have added to the playlist–Remember that Night 🙂 🙂

    I am listening to Shine on You Crzay Diamond as I write.

    I also just got the DVD. I ‘heart’ David, Polly and this band !!!

    A Happy Camper

  104. [we try so hard to save the world’s resources, right, so why do we receive so much junk mail?]

    We no longer need hard copy mail. It is a waste of both time and precious energy. Just ask Kramer..

  105. From what I have read, the 0001 Strat that David has is an early model Strat from the mid-50s. It was not the first one made particularly since Fender did not start out making white Strats. It was probably one of the first custom made Strats as it does have some non-standard options. But it is from 1954 within months of the first ones produced. So we can split hairs here all day if you want.

    I also read that there is another Strat out there with the serial number 0001. That one too was not the first one made.



  106. Hi FED,

    I’m wondering what other Saucerful Of Secrets that Cori has to share with us. I’m sure there is something inside The Wall. LOL.

  107. [And before you Sassenach’s all start crying that it was a try that was disallowed… I agree it was a try. His foot was in the air when it went over…]

    Nope – his foot was in touch before that – no whining here, England did well to get to the final … only one other team did, don’t you know.

  108. Finally, decent numbers in the U.S. for RTN sales. I hope it goes platinum soon. I understand that in the U.S. platinum means something like a million sold? Varies in each country? We all want David to be able to cover a wall with gold and platinum for probably the best dvd and album made.

    Renee, Tim and Eva…praying the fires go out soon.

    Congratulations to the birthday people and the programme winners. And thank you to David Gilmour and Co and FE’d for all the possibilities given here.

    Take care all.

  109. Hey!

    Congrats to all the winners

    FEd, just wanted to let you know that the DVD came in today. Thanks very much.


    [You’re welcome. – Features Editor]

  110. I went as fast as I could to get home and check the site, I can’t believe I won:)

    Thank you so much, what an honor to recieve something so special…


    Thanks again FEd, I couldn’t be more excited!!!

    [Congratulations. – Features Editor]

  111. Hi FED!

    This is my first comment, and I’m glad to see this great site for fans. I especially love the recognition that Rick gets in this page and in Remember That Night video 🙂

    (can’t wait the Hungarian release of the DVD!)

    Congratulations to all winners! There will be other contests in the future?

    I hope that stuttering server will work fine today!


    [Hello and welcome, Liz. There certainly will be more contests in the future. – Features Editor]

  112. What ho, F Ed!

    The guitarist on the new PG Tips advert sounds awfully like David Gilmour. Might as well ask… is it?

    Typhoo’s nicer. Typhoolala.

    [They haven’t ditched those annoying monkeys, have they? – Features Editor]

  113. Fed are you worried about sunday yet? be afraid, be very afraid…. actually pride comes before a fall & I can see Liverpool derailing Arsenals season on sunday (i hope not but its probably due)

    [I’m trying to take comfort from the fact that Arsenal haven’t really been tested this season, but I feel that your lot could give my boys a good hiding this weekend. We’ve been poor, especially in front of goal, whereas Arsenal are always a joy to watch. Let’s see. – Features Editor]

  114. Bollocks! Been on holiday for a week and I cant believe I missed this competition.

    My two pence worth while we’re on the subject of ebay.

    I’m still a winner as I got 2 unsigned progs from the London shows in September. These will never be up for sale and will only leave my possession if you can steal them from my cold dead hands.

    Years ago I bought several signed items, gold discs and memorabilia from an online site which cost a small fortune. These came with a certificate, but there is always a nagging doubt that these items could be fakes and not the real McCoy like the winners here have won. True fans always get shafted by greedy people and ticket touts alike. That really pisses me off.

    Well done FEd and everyone at one fifteen for being a “conduit” between true fans and the band. Thanks to David for doing this as I know he doesnt like signing items in case they’re used for these profit making purposes.

    Congratulations to the winners.

    See you on the chat this afternoon.

  115. Hello FEd,

    Congratulations to the winners of the programme contest.

    For your information, Belgian magazine ‘Humo’, issue 3501 of Oct 9 has an article/interview with Robert Wyatt, in its series “Hoe zou het eigenlijk zijn met …” (in English ‘How would … be doing ?’).

    It covers his period at Soft Machine and then his new album ‘Comicopera’.

    At the end Robert refers to David in a question about whether he will be seen on stage again.

    Here’s the translation of that part :

    Humo : Obligatory question : Is there a chance we will ever see you at work on stage again ?

    Wyatt : Last year, during David Gilmour’s three concerts in the RAH, I played my cornet for a few minutes. Dave had played guitar on my previous cd, but how do you pay a millionaire for such a contribution ? So I decided to do it that way. But I got so anxious – the worst form of stage fright – that I immediately remember what I dislike so much about performing. So no, no concerts.

    Hope to make it to the chat later today.

    Best regards,

    [Thanks for that, Ralph. – Features Editor]

  116. Dear Fed

    7 – Nil…7 – Nil didn’t Arsenal do well. Fabregas was fantastic. Do I feel sorry for Prague…er..NO!

    …And whilst Arsenal were making mincemeat of Prague, MU cooked a delicious chicken Kiev with a 4-2 win. What a good old lively night!

    Love CORI xxx

  117. [The guitarist on the new PG Tips advert sounds awfully like David Gilmour. Might as well ask… is it?]

    I thought that PG tips used Albatross like M&S did.

    The only time i’ve heard Pink Floyd in a tv advert was a couple of months ago ITV advertised Wire in the Blood using bits from DSOTM.

  118. Gem – I thought that about the guitarist too! Maybe they have a spy who heard David is a freak for PG Tips. A whole lot better than flipping monkeys, tho. Hey I have nothing against monkeys, but lets face it, they hardly need the cash!

    I have discovered some smashing tea, tho and recommend that everyone tries Tetley’s Organic Tea Bags. £1.50 for 80 in Tesco. Smooth, strong and very comfortably yum!

    See you at the chat, hunnies!

    Love Cori xxx

  119. Cori, I think that you have proved once and for all that having holes drilled in your head doesn’t release the “bad demons”. . . ;^)) You do know that alcohol and pain medication don’t mix, don’t you??? ;^)) Shine on, Cori!!! ;^’)

    Matt, thanks for bringing James Lovelock’s article to everyone’s “attention”, it’s very interesting. . . It’s what many “real” scientists have thought for years and years and years. . . Nothing beats the truth. . .

    Michael in New Jersey, you seem to have changed your tune. . . Good for you!!! Do I detect tones of Hysteron Proteron in your writing, huh???

    I’ll pass the article on. . . Tally Ho!!!

  120. Fed,you have to read so many comments,I would become mad if I had your work,you must be a patient man,absolutely.The least I can do for you is to wish you a good day.



    [I wish you the same, mate. – Features Editor]

  121. [Is it true that John Wayne didn’t actually do any Army service? – Paul]

    Click my name Paul and scroll down to military service…

  122. Dear F.Ed.,

    it’s lovely to read all the messages of congratulations to the very lucky winners and i absolutely must join with them as i’m happy for the winners too!

    I cheer up myself ,also because i’ve missed this opportunity:

    1. by watching this beautiful picture of a smiling Mr.Gilmour (sigh)
    2. by testing the D.Gilmour’s music therapy on myself (watching RTN dvd many times !) as in this last month i’m a little depressed (due to the fact that i have again some trouble with a knee , already operated 10 years ago, and i’m walking on crutches …waiting patiently for the visit by the surgeon in 15 days…and then we will see!)

    At least when i listen to his music i can range far and wide and i can feel always deep emotions.

    Thanks again for all

    Take care
    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

    [I hope your knee is better soon, Elisabetta. – Features Editor]

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