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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.I’ve happily given away some programmes commemorating the two cinema events at the Odeon and Ritzy. Now I’d like to give away some more, and David has very kindly signed some of them.

If you’d like one, all you have to do is tell me why you want one, using no more than five short sentences.

Only trusted regular contributors will be considered eligible recipients of such a rare, signed item.

Runners-up will receive an identical, non-signed programme.

These were only available in the UK, don’t forget: at the two London premieres, as well as the 14 participating cinemas.

If you attended either Odeon or Ritzy premiere, we know that, chances are, you already have a programme (or two, three, four, five…). And I know who attended, of course. The same goes for anyone who attended any participating UK cinema on Thursday 6 September.

Therefore, I’ll only send the non-signed ones to addresses outside the UK, due to the fact that these are still being auctioned at ridiculous prices by UK fans. I have no desire whatsoever to assist anyone with their shameless profiteering.

Furthermore, David has given some signed items to Crisis, the homelessness charity, to auction on eBay. Unlike the people trying to make a quick buck, any money raised from these auctions will assist Crisis with their work. I’ll let you know when they’re up and running, should you wish to place a bid.

So, tell me why you think you should have one, include the name of your country, and please do so by 12 midday (UK) tomorrow.

You have exactly 24-hours, so please put some thought into it. Don’t be boring. Sincerity is good, honesty is always a delight (believe me, I know) and it’s also good to laugh. Your entry has to stand out to stand a chance of winning.

Only one entry per person, please. Good luck to all of you.

The chatroom has just opened, should you wish to call in. Closing time today is at 2PM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

188 thoughts on “Programme give-away”

  1. I would appreciate a programme as a thank-you gift to a friend who recorded my question which was chosen for the Odeon premiere. Thank you.

    Ian Pearson

  2. How do I join the chatroom?

    When I click the link it asks for a username. I was guessing I just make one up there and then but then it says it isn’t recognised and that I need to register. How do I do this?

    [Please click your name below, Mark. – Features Editor]

  3. I want one because I’m a fan. Because I want to look at the pictures. Because I want to read the texts.


  4. I would like a programme for my sister who I went to the Odeon with and who has been ill recently. If it wasn’t for her, Amanda, I wouldn’t have got so close to David to ask for an autograph, to which he declined, but he did speak to me. So this would be for Amanda.


  5. I’m in the U.S. Saw the Division Bell tour in New Orleans back in the early 90s and was in awe of the band then. But Mr. Gilmour has taken his music to another level and it is very moving, emotional, and inspiring music.

    The dvd has just opened up more venues for Mr. Gilmour’s music to be seen and heard. I feel that his music will remain long after he and the rest of us are gone from this world. He is truly one of a kind and I will probably never meet him so the program would be the next best thing.

    Thank You.

  6. Hi Fed,


    “Guy and Rick look unimpressed with David’s balloons”.

    Cheers, Jon

  7. I would love a programme to give to my dad as we was all set to come down to London to go to the Leicester Square premiere, but then at the last minute, he couldn’t go due to being too busy with work. Both myself and him were gutted about this, as it would have been the perfect end to just over a year including 5 gilmour performances if he could have been there, this would be a great thank you to him.

    lewis (uk)

  8. I was skint after going to see Guy Pratt at The Underbelly in Edinburgh a couple of weeks previous.

    I live In N.Ireland and it would go nicely with my RAH Litho thingy I have framed.

  9. Hi FEd,

    I would like a signed programme because I could not attend the Odeon or Ritzy :-(. And, because I am still kicking myself for not asking for an autograph from David when I was at Abbey Road. And, I hereby give my undertaking that I would not ever sell it on EBay. Ha, ha.

    Best regards,


  10. (US) I would love to procure a copy of the program to commemorate two events: (1) the good fortune of finally witnessing a concert by David Gilmour after missing out in 1984; (2) as a Christmas gift to my brother in law with whom I shared his first Gilmour/Floyd concert experience with.


  11. I want one ’cause I missed the premiere! or ’cause I’m just collecting David’s signature…:)


  12. Hey FED,

    I brought my vinyl copy of Obscured by Clouds to the Odeon in the hopes of getting it signed. It didn’t but instead got to meet loads of great people at the Imperial and had lots of marvellous adventures (including a free plane trip!!). In the end though, OBC was sad it didn’t fufill its purpose. It is now content in knowing that there is a possibility of me getting an autograph.

    Cheers, Howard from Canada

  13. I want a poster because I am….a passionate fan, a constant contributor, never won anything, don’t write only when there are prizes involved (sometimes when there are prizes I don’t apply). I am trying to induce pity in you Fed…. :-(((


  14. I would love a programme because i am a great fan and i couldn’t go in a cinema nearby because of my work so it would be a nice compromise!

    thank you… Sylvie de Montréal

  15. Hi FEd,

    I’d like to have one… Saturday is my 41. birthday and it would be a real good present for me 😀



    PS: If i’d get one it would be great to have it autographed, although Mr. Gilmour seem not to like that according to the FAQ…

    [David prefers not to be asked for an autograph these days because he knows that many end up being sold, along with forgeries, and fans end up paying a lot of money for both, without knowing what they’re getting. It’s a shame, but that’s the way it is. – Features Editor]

  16. Happy Thursday,

    Having had so much from this site in the 2 years I have been visiting it.

    I cannot actually think of a good reason why I should have a signed programme.

    I am only human though. And, of course I would be delighted with one.

    Pete – Coventry

  17. [And we know who attended, of course.]

    Huh, that’s a bit scary.

    What else do you know about us, oh Big Brother. Wait, I have to look under my desk, there’s something I didn’t notice before …

    [Shoe size, blood type, known allergies… But we only know if you told us. – Features Editor]

  18. Another contest I can´t participate. So sad.

    To own a signed program would be fantastic but I attended the Odeon premiere and I live outside the UK.

    I´ll see maybe I can do something good for Crisis.

    [You can put your name forward for a signed one, Stephanie. Each and every regular contributor is welcome to state his, or her, case for one of those, no matter which event he/she may, or may not, have attended. We just wouldn’t give you a non-signed one as a runner-up prize, because we know that you probably already have one – from The Odeon – and don’t want any spares ending up on eBay. As much as we trust (some of) you, we will do whatever we can to ensure that we do not support the kind of fan profiteering which occurs whenever David puts out something new. The fact that people picked up extra copies of these free programmes, so that they could make some money by selling a few on eBay, is disappointing. That’s why, if we know that you have one, you won’t get another. Of course, we realise that some people may not have one because someone sitting in the row behind helped themselves to yours, but that’s not our fault. – Features Editor]

  19. I’ve already commented on the program, but I would like to know if Mr. Gilmour would ever consider playing a show stateside. Preferably in Louisiana,as we have some very nice venues for his music. Especially in Shreveport, we have the Strand Theater, the Municipal Auditorium where Elvis Presley got his start, and Centurytel Auditorium.

    James Burton, who has played guitar with almost everyone, lives here and has a benefit concert every year or two to benefit his charity and has guitarists from all over the world.

    [David performed several shows in the US last year. – Features Editor]

  20. Hello FED,

    I would like to win a signed programme for my old friend Rolf from Dortmund Germany.

    Rolf went to all 3 Royal Albert Hall shows last year in London.

    He also went along to 2 shows in Germany and another 2 in Italy.

    But he missed the Leicester Square event due to his work back home.

    Gary Hurley
    London England.

  21. Here it goes:

    Where We Start is by first entering our thoughts as to why we would like a signed program from Remember That Night. Personally, I was waiting for the trip to Castellorizon competition and then out of The Blue this one comes up. This is certainly much better than sitting On An Island and watching the Red Sky At Night, even though that would be like This Heaven versus that heaven. I would never trade this item for A Pocketful Of Stones. Instead, I would hold it my hands, Take A Breath, Then I Close My Eyes and Smile.


    Andrew (from the United States)

  22. I realise that I haven’t been on much recently, but I would love a signed programme so that I can pass it on to my new born son.

    The Ritzy and Odeon functions were on at the time that Archie was due to be born and so I couldn’t really ask for a pass for either of those nights (though my girlfriend, lovely as she is, would probably have said go if I had asked).

    Archie has already watched the Albert Hall DVD with me and a signed programme for him would be wonderful.


  23. Hi Fed,sadly this time my heart is telling me that I should try to place a bid on ebay and try to win a bid,I’m not reach but I will try to cope with it.And I was so lucky to win a prize at the last raffle and I was also at the premier at Leicester Square,I love David Gilmour and I know that he will surely appreciate if I give a try on ebay…let me know when the bid is going to start Fed,have a great day.


  24. I’d like one because I was born too damn late to ever see David or Pink Floyd live. And I’ll never get to watch him perform or meet him. It would also be a very cool thing to brag about to friends.

    I’m from Malta by the way.

    Thanks (loving the competitions)

  25. Fed – can’t I go back in. Love Cori xxxxx

    [Not after closing time. If you leave the chatroom then, you find yourself locked out. – Features Editor]

  26. Hello Fed!

    My husband and I were on 6 September in Dresden (Germany) in the cinema.

    It was a wonderful evening, wonderful music, super 5.1 sound and a gig in FullHD.

    It was my birthday evening and the topic of our short holiday week.

    This programme would be a beautiful memory for us of this fantastic evening.

    Thank you!

  27. I don’t really need one, thanks FEd anyway…

    However, if you really really want to send me one, I’ll be thankful and joyful like a little kid, I’ll enjoy keeping it for a few days, then I’ll donate it to Crisis as well, just give me the instructions on how and whom to send it.

    Possession is nothing, being part of something is important.

  28. Hey Fed

    I would like a programme as I lost the one I got from Ritzy either on the train or in the hotel.

    Guy Pratt signed it for me too and I am devasted but I do remember you saying you would “see what you could do” so a signed or unsigned replacement would be great.

    Thanks Fed

    Melanie (UK)

  29. We went to the screening at the Ritzy
    To get tickets we had to be somewhat nifty
    It was such a thrill
    To see David and Phil
    And fellow bloggers two hundred and fifty!!!

    Not having a computer I have no access or desire to ever access Ebay but there are a lot more worthwhile requests than mine so I’m just making up the numbers!! Thanks for keeping up with these competitions Fed its all great fun.

    CAPTION: Richard and Guy feel a bit miffed that David insists they carry on practising rather than watch the England versus Russia football match…little did they know how right David was!

  30. Hey Fed, I know Mr. Gilmour was in the states last year, but I don’t believe he’s been in Texas or Louisiana in quite a few years. Would love to be able to see him sometime before I leave this world.

    Thanks, as always. Love the music and the dvd.

  31. I’d like to have one as I couldn’t get to see David’s performance in the US theater because they misprinted the start time on the ticket. And I’m still very sad about this.

  32. I saw The Wall four out of five times in NY and saw six out of the seven NY solo shows, plus the Guitar Greats concert in the Capital Theater in Pasaic NJ.

    When my son and I went to the North American DVD release I really wasn’t in the best mood and really didn’t have that great of a time. I was fired without much notice from a job I had for 13 years, which may have an advantage when I made my three trips to Best Buy to get a DVD which played the entire first disc.

    I do give you my word I am not sending this to put on e Bay or make any profit. It would be a prized possession which I expect would be passed down to my son (though it might be a problem since my younger one was singing “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” in the car the other day.

    Howard (north of the border) in the USA
    No relation to Howard from Canada

    P.S. An idea to reduce the incentive is to have David personalize the signed programs. I don’t know if this is possible but I am told that it decreases the value if sold. I really am unsure of how much.

  33. I would love a signed programme, so that I can frame it and when I am an old man in the bloggers retirement home on Castellorizo, I can show my grandchildren and bore them silly with tales of ‘You know, I can remember when I went to the Ritzy…’



  34. Caption:

    Lamenting his thinning locks, Guy Pratt has a bun grafted to his scalp.

  35. I would really love to win a programme signed by David, as I would frame it and put in on the wall of my music room and make my mates really jealous.

    Seeing David “live” at both The Odeon and Ritzy is a memory I will always cherish, and to have a signed programme would really be the icing on the cake.

    I hope David decides to come out and play more often!

    Cori xxxxx

  36. Having missed the live premieres, I missed my chance for a complementary copy. If I were fortunate enough to receive one, it would surely be framed and given a place of honour in my studio. David has always been a great influence for me, and this would undoubtedly spark some inspirations!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    PS: What is ebay??

  37. Dear Fed,

    I would like a programme because it looks beautiful.

    I am a genuine fan, I attended 3 shows in 2006 and one in January 2002.

    I was not able to go to London and no cinema in my country broadcasted the DVD premiere.
    This would be for me a “lot de consolation”.

    Best regards,
    JYB from France

  38. I would like a signed program from Remember That Night. I saw the concert by theater. I was so impressed by Mr. Gilmour since then. I didn’t know how he was so busy on stage for vocal, playing lead guitar or another instruments. What a real surprise to me the sound and everything.

    Before their music was just one of my favorite bands for listening.

    So Remember That Night is my special.

    This is my first attend and became their fan.

    Thank you.(USA)

  39. P hotographs of everyone
    O n an Island tour
    L aughing and loving
    L iving on in this programme
    Y ou could not ask for more…

    Unites States

  40. I love David Gilmour and I know that he will surely appreciate if I give a try on ebay..

    I love him too, Piero, and just for David’s charity, Crisis, I am going to bid on ebay too.

    Have a great Thursday.

    Cori xxxxxx

  41. I would like a signed programme because David rarely gives his autograph. It would be something to remind me of two magical evenings spent listening to my favourite music. It would also remind me of how lucky I am and why I should share some of my good fortune with others.

    I would like to confess that I did pick up half a dozen discarded programmes at the Ritzy (not the ones on e-bay), if I could think of a good cause I would willingly donate them, any ideas?

  42. George Gipe

    FEd, here is why I would love to have one of the programmes…

    2 Christmas’ ago, I gave my wife tickets to see David in NYC at RCMH. Then she got me OAI for my birthday. Just recently, for our anniversary, I gave her RTN DVD.

    I am at a loss this year for Christmas, and unless David wants to record another album just for her…I think the programme would be something truly special. Besides, that means it’ll be her turn, and the only thing left to get is the Strat!!!

  43. I would really appreciate a signed copy of the programme, as it would more than make up for my disappointment of not managing to catch Guy Pratt after his performance at Glastonbury Festival.

    I waited around for four hours in the pouring rain after my early shift working (voluntary) at the festival, so that I could see Guy’s performance and then ask him if he would sign my Delicate Sound of Thunder CD booklet. I’m still puzzled as to how he managed to escape from the tent so quickly after his performance and then completely disappear!!

    Also, if I do manage to get a programme signed by David, I promise to give my two unsigned programmes to any regular Bloggers who would like them….and I’ll even pay the postage!

  44. I would love to have a programme, for I collect everything related to David Gilmour. I do this in honor of my Mother who Died of Cancer on Christmas Eve, 1989.

    The last song her and I listened to a day before she died was “Mother” by Pink Floyd, and David’s Vocals will forever be in my heart. Since her death, David Gilmour has always been an inspiration to me.

    Please consider this worthy of a signed programme.

  45. Getting the right programme is always important.Especially when you set your video to record David on T.V. only to find some banal rubbish on your prized tape.I was working, so could not participate in the competition for Odeon and Ritzy shows.

    I have since managed to get the recording from a fellow David Gilmour fan.But it would be so nice to have a programme to go with the DVD and Remember That Night.


  46. I would like a signed programme because I have been stupid in Paris last year when I saw M.Gilmour getting out of a Mercedes, entering the theater at about 16h, accepting to give some autographs; stupid, because I stayed petrified on the pavement, with my ‘OAI’ copy in my bag, and didn’t even dare to try to get it signed…

    Hmm… la stupidité peut-elle être récompensée ?


  47. To cherish a memory is one thing, to have a momento is another . I would frame said item and have it pride of place in my living room.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  48. I’m not going to enter because I have already won something recently.

    I’m not sure that I get this whole signature thing anyway. I bought a novel from a sci-fi store years ago that had the author’s signature on it, it was the only copy left. I felt kind of weird having someone’s signature and never having even met them.

    To pay extra for it on ebay would seem even more weird.

    Anyway, I’ll save up my luck for some other time, although its not doing me much good right now – England’s loss was very disappointing. And someone should tell the Russian groundskeepers that they don’t need to water artificial turf. I mean, what’s that all about?

  49. I was at the Ritzy premiere with my brother. It’s a shame but we, “the wonderful Dutch Peske brothers” took only ONE programme book. I would like to give one copy to my brother for Xmas! A signed version would be even more lovely… We will hang it in the “David Gilmour Xmas-tree” 😉

  50. Forgot to comment on the photo.

    Great black and white shot; for some reason, whenever I see a B&W photo, I get curious about the colour of something in it, such as the rug in this shot.

    I also notice that Guy really does seem to have an aversion to laces. Perhaps he never learned to do them up? If you don’t learn at an early age, you never will, you know. 😉

  51. Hi FEd,

    KenF from Yorkshire (God’s country).

    As a trusted irregular contributor, I would like to be considered as being an eligible recipient for the aforementioned rare, SIGNED item.

    I attended the premiere at the City Screen Picturehouse in York on 6th September and inadvertantly received an UNSIGNED commemorative programme, at that time. What a way to Remember That Night.

    I went crackers when I couldn’t get to the Ritzy show. I missed a great chance to meet all the other Irregulars.

    I am willing to sign my current copy of this item and to pass it on to David, in exchange for him sending me a signed copy. In order to be Carbon Neutral I am willing to cycle down to David’s barn to deliver/pick-up in person.

    Would David also be so kind as to get the rest of the band to sign it, I know this might mean going over to the U.S. to get StevieD’s signature, but he could also get GN & DC to sign at the same time, as well as doing a quick West Coast Jam.

    (Hmmm, perhaps not, it blows the whole Carbon Neutral thing out of the water somewhat, doesn’t it!!!)

    Yours in anticipation….

  52. Why would I want a signed DG programme?

    I must admit this is a really hard question to answer!

    In these days of on-line auctions it is almost possible to get anything given the money and enough time so something this personal with a history attached is very, very special.

    It would have pride of place in my DG/PF non eBay memorabilia collection. It is something that is almost unique and therefore would be cherished. As a long time fan it would just mean a great deal to me to have what is already a rare programme signed by the guy I listen to and try to reproduce on the guitar almost daily!

    And finally I would never ever part with it and give it away to someone!

  53. I would love to get a programme for my wife. She wanted to surprise me with tickets to David’s concert last year for our 25th wedding aniver., But she was repeat off. So as a surprise to her I would love to give her an autographed programme by David for all the great things she has done for me.

    Take Care, Thomas
    Oregon, USA

  54. I would like a program because I could not attend any of the U.S. shows last year (closest one was a 15 hour drive) and I also could not attend a theather presentation (closest one was a 3 hour drive). I was enrolled in classes and could not adjust my schedule. I don’t need no education, right?

  55. Great! great cover of course,I’d imagine was Storm doin’ it!

    could be a bday present for me;)


  56. Caption Competition…

    Guy and Richard couldn’t work out where DG’s voice was coming from even though he was only in the next room…

  57. I’d like one because I’d love to have David’s autograph. I know it’s not the greatest reason in the world but it would be a special thing for me. The opportunities I have had to ask for an autograph have been eclipsed by my own “rabbit in the headlights” moments in awe and passed me by (plus it’s way cooler to express how grateful you are than it is to ask for an autograph!!)



  58. I would like a signed Programme even though i attended Leicester Square. It would be framed & go on the wall in the room where i practice my guitar as a constant reminder why i took up guitar in the first place. Not the best reason i have read so far to win but as Pete said I am only human .

    Of course I too would be delighted to win. I will “remember that night” with out a signed programme but it would be the icing on the cake, dont you agree.

    Thanks for the chance anyway Fed.

  59. I’d like one because I’ve been a fan of David’s since i was 10… i’m 27 now. Since then i’ve wanted to play guitar and be a guitar player like him. I even got a red Strat for my 18th birthday.

    It was funny when he said that the best way to learn guitar is to copy someone you like because that’s what i’ve been trying to do since i’ve started playing.

    David is my number one guitar hero and i don’t think anyone can top that… not even Clapton.

  60. For the lucky ones out there who are about to win a programme, here is a short users review:

    • Product: Programme booklet from the cinema event at The Ritzy.
    • Price Paid: Received it as a gift as I went there.
    • Ease of Use: 100% foolproof, 8 pages, English text. Very practical too, I use mine as a guide while watching the DVD. The back cover lists the DVD content just like the DVD booklet, only the programme books are at least twice as large which is very convenient for reading in subdued light.
    • Print Quality: Top class.
    • Reliability: Excellent, and solid too, since now it has passed the “Leave it for a month in Ronny’s living room-test”. A nasty experiment for any object really, but I could afford the risk since my wife has hidden here programme in a safer place.
    • Customer Support: Very friendly and helpful people at DG’s.
    • Overall Rating: This is a must-have for every David Gilmour fan. If mine got stolen I definitely will ask my wife where she has hidden her’s anyway.

  61. I would love a signed programme, and I swear it will not be sold. I saw the RTN opening in Canada and did request one as did others in a previous blog, besides, I’ve never won anything for Halloween! LOL.

  62. Caption:

    David says to Guy as Richard looks on and says, “Guy, your clown nose is on backwards.”

  63. CAPTION:

    After his playing was criticised by Rick and Guy, David refused to play in the same room as them and, just to prove the buggers wrong, he insisted on playing his next guitar solo left-handed.

  64. I would like to be considered for a signed one, because i havent attended one of the premieres, but do own a non signed one.

    David and most of all his music and DVD always give me strength when im faced with my disability.

  65. I would love a copy of the programme because it would be a wonderful memento of the last (almost) two years. A period when I’ve done things I never imagined I would, from contributing to a blog and entering numerous ingenious contests to attending an amazing concert I will never forget.

    LynnR (UK)

  66. I would love to have a signed program
    I have seen David a dozen times but never had the chance to ask for him for an autograph.
    It will be my gem in my collection
    I would never sell or buy one, not for any price.

    Can I say that this site is awesome with all the updating competitions etc. The dvd is everything and more a fan could ask for. It’s fantastic how David cares about fans doing all this.

    His music makes me feel good every day. I can’t go without it not for a day.


  67. Ok, no more than 5 sentences… Let’s try that…

    I don’t want your programme. Because in fact, I’ll wait for the Crisis auction. I don’t really feel to need to have a hand-signed programme… But if it can help, I’ll be glad…

    There you go, 4 sentences. Hope I’ll only win the bid 😉

  68. Well I think it would be wonderful to have something signed by David. I will keep it safe and close to my heart. His music moves my soul. Chances are slim that I will never see him live. Echoes of distance places, shall remind, when I gaze upon the signed.

  69. I would like one simply because I love him.

    I would like one because when my ignorant friends ask who he is I can preach to them of the genius that is.

    I would like to use the prize for good, not evil and show the world that good things happen to niceish people.

    I would like to concede that I have won a wonderful thing in the past but entering the spirit of things, I thought I’d try anyway.



  70. We would love to have one as a commemorative of David’s latest work. We were at the U.S. premiere in Orlando, Florida, which did not offer programs.

    Sadly scheduling wouldn’t allow us to attend the “true” premiere with the live gig in the UK. It seems we won’t have the pleasure of seeing David in person anytime soon here, so it would be a wonderful piece of memorabilia and an excellent keepsake.

    The program would never, ever be sold.

    Thanks, Marty

  71. [You can put your name forward for a signed one, Stephanie…]

    That´s fine Fed so I do it with this because such a program would be the first item with a original signature of Mr. Gilmour I would own, hold in honor and of course never sell.

    BTW: Thank you very much for your nice explanation and your patience with my wrong-understanding 🙂

  72. [Howard (north of the border) in the USA. No relation to Howard from Canada]

    I have a double in a parallel universe…how very kool…

    Cheers, Howard

  73. OK, let me see…

    Reason No. 1 : My birthday is on October 21st (that’s soon), and I would really like to get a very special present… (aside from the yoga mat – you won’t be giving away any of these, would you fed?)

    Reason No 2 : I didn’t attend the premiere in London (being some 2.000 miles away) and if I get the program I can lie to my friends that I did (and if the program is signed, I can lie that I actually met Mr. Heavenly Sound himself)

    Reason No 3 : Being in Serbia, there’s no way I could open up the account on ebay – no paypal in Serbia

    Reason No 4 : Was too late for the raffle the other day

    Reason No 5 : I just WANT IT DESPERATELY (that’s me screaming) 🙂

    [Happy Birthday for Sunday, mate. – Features Editor]

  74. Oops, forgot to say I was in the UK !


    P.S. Pete from Cov – Glad you gave in to temptation ! You did well holding out this long !

  75. Apologies. Just like Rudders, I forgot to include my country. Currently, it’s England but, just like Rudders, from next summer it might well be Canada.

  76. Eeek, Fed! Forgot to say that I’m from the UK.

    Love Cori XXX

    I’m actually a big fat alien from the planet Zong on the DSOTM ….but don’t tell anyone! Whoops!

  77. This is a great opportunity for those that don’t have a program; I attended the Odeon premiere and have mine – but I also grabbed the one in the empty seat next to me because my fiancee, Marie, was supposed to be there with me (we had purchased the ticket for the seat so we paid for the program!). It was great being there but sad to feel her absence. We did attend the US premiere together at a local cinema the next weekend.

    Good luck to everyone – I hope some US fans are able to access an autographed program! (That would be my voice of support for fans like Stephanie and other US fans!).

    Camil – I was at the New Orleans Pulse tour show myself. From what I understand it was one of David Gilmour’s favorite performances of Comfortably Numb but I cannot remember where I read this.

    Again good luck to everyone – these are definitely items to cherish and pass on to our kids, not auction.

  78. Hi Fed

    I would love to receive a signed copy of the programme because that would be the icing on the cake after what David has given to us, the fans already, the past 2 years (new album, tour, new dvd, the blog, etc.)


    Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

  79. [Therefore, we’ll only send the non-signed ones to addresses outside the UK, due to the fact that these are still being auctioned at ridiculous prices by UK fans.]

    F*Ed I dont mean to be a pain but isnt this contradictory?

    [No. Neither is it open to discussion. The programmes were given away free at all UK cinemas. Naturally, the majority of fans in attendance at the UK cinemas – including the two London premieres – were from the UK. Any spare programmes were picked up by fans (not necessarily UK fans, it’s true, but more than likely to be). Some of these spares are still being flogged on eBay. Indeed, the auctions that I’ve seen were almost all run by sellers based in the UK. Therefore, when it comes to doling out non-signed programmes as runner-up prizes, we’d prefer them to go to non-UK fans, simply because they are less likely to already possess a copy (and, perhaps, try to cash-in). These programmes were only ever intended for Europe, don’t forget, and a glance at the long list of people that came forward and said that they wanted one further justifies the decision to send them further afield. As for the signed programmes, then I don’t care where they go, just as long as they go to regular contributors who proved that they could read. – Features Editor]

  80. Dear Fed,

    I would like a signed programme because it would be the final personal touch capping what has been an amazingly personal year of releasing the album, touring, cinematic presentations and releasing of the DVD, as well as the very tangible personal touch of the Blog and the interaction of other “Ir-Regulars”.

    I’m not a collector of autographs, but an autographed programme would be so representative of this period of my life.

    Also, I’ve never used eBay and am not likely to start!


  81. I would love a programme, as they were not offered at the theater I attended in the US. I would proudly display it in the Gilmour/Floyd room of my home.

    Someday when I’m gone, my children will inherit my cherished collection, and if they try to sell any of it, then I’ll be forced to haunt them. (I’m just kidding, I know they wouldn’t sell it, they also love David and Floyd.)

    Amedeo from USA

  82. I would love one because ive never won anything.

    I would like one because i need Davids autograph.

    I would like one because David is more of a role model to me than anyone else.

    I would like one because i missed out on a programme at both davids Glasgow and RAH shows.

    I would like one so i can laugh in the faces of those who dont have one (hope that doesnt kill my chances) 🙂

  83. In June 2005 I visited a fortue-teller who predicted 3 memorable things that would happen to me:

    She stated within a month I would see Pink Floyd reform & perform live on worldwide TV !

    Secondly, within a year I would see David Gilmour perform a complete version of Echoes live !!

    Lastly, to top it all, I would receive a signed Odeon Programme from the DVD premier [she was a very thorough fortune-teller] !!!

    I nearly died laughing but she was insistent all 3 would come true 🙂

    Dave Carlin
    Sheffield, England

  84. Hi FEd,

    Hope all is well with you.

    I would love an autographed program because…

    1. I have been a fan since the late sixties.
    2. I have for some unknown reason, NEVER been able to attend one of David’s or PF concerts.
    3. I would treasure the program always. (no selling of it on “That Website”)
    4. My heart was broken, even further, when I discovered there were no programs for theatres in the USA.
    5. I have been gifting all of my friends with the OAI cd, and I am now even poorer than before. (lol)


  85. IMck…

    Glad to hear of the possible move! Where are you thinking of moving too?

    Caption Competition…

    Phil Taylor shouting from the other end of the room “Look chaps if you want that new mixing desk in here you really need to shift these bloody programmes! Someone over ordered big time… didn’t they GUY!”

  86. [As for the signed programmes, then I don’t care where they go, just as long as they go to regular contributors who proved that they could read. – Features Editor]

    Thats brilltastic…

    Thanks for the explanation F*Ed…

  87. I’d like one because it was a very memorable experience for my wife and I in the U.S. not to mention that it was the first HD live satellite transmission across the pond. Unfortunately, there were no programs offered in the cinema.

    Best regards,

    James & Amanda Tampa, FL USA.

  88. I would like one to give to my daugher, who, along with myself is a huge David Gilmour fan, she paid for the tickets and all the expenses to travel 1000 miles to see him in Chicago.

    Thanks, PK, Virginia USA

  89. ahhh fed, i didnt include my country, please edit my last post and note that im from Scotland 🙂

  90. If I got one of the signed programmes, it would immediately become one of my most prized posessions. Floyd and Gilmour have been a big part of my life, ever since I was a young child. The music is the soundtrack of my life.

    I do not have a programme, being unable to attend the shows. So, for me, the signed programme would be a very meaningful item.

  91. I really enjoyed the 2 pages of the book.Thanks for the preview,it’s sure a great piece of David’s history and sure it’s not only for guitarists!

    [I’m sure it will be of interest to all Pink Floyd fans, because it includes a history of what was going on within the band at the time of a certain modification, etc. – Features Editor]

  92. Hello

    I wanna have a signed one, because David is the only musician in the world who make me weep.
    I´ve wept in Franfurt in the 80s.
    I´ve wept in Hockenheim in the 90s.
    And in Hamburg 06, nearly the hole concert.
    It would be a tearful gift…

    Andreas from germany

  93. Hola,

    I´d like to get one, because I couldn´t see the DVD premiere in Spain, and I couldn´t attend any show from 2006 tour.

    Manel (Barcelona, Spain)

  94. *Five Lines*
    (as sung to Bowie’s “Five Years”)

    Pushing thru the bloggers there, so many posters sighin’
    F*Ed’s news had just come over, we had five lines left to try in
    The new guy’s wept and told us, they were really trying
    They cried so much their face was wet, then I knew they weren’t lying…
    I watched DVD’s, Odeon’s, attended The Ritzy
    I saw Phil, Guy, Richard and our drummer Stevie
    Our brains hurt like a warehouse, they had no room to spare
    We had to cram so many thoughts to store everything in there…

    And all those wonderful people, and all Gilmourian people
    And all the fantastic people, and all the tantastic people!
    I never thought I’d meet so many nice people…

    We’ve got five lines, stuck on my eyes
    Five lines, to win something signed!
    We’ve got five lines, our brains hurt a lot
    Five lines, thats all we’ve got…

  95. I don’t know what to write, the admiration for David is so big that words will never express what’s in my heart. To have one of these programs will be one of my dreams coming true…


  96. Living overseas,far from Albert Hall, even farther from David’s live concerts…

    I guess it would help a lot a Brazilian big fan to “Remember that Night”, at the very moment of playing the DVD. Getting closer to its atmosphere, will be of such big value as having the Last Supper’s menu…

    But with no betrayal or auctions involved,ok?!

  97. “I’m off to see Gilmour,” I had told my wife
    She’d said: “He’s in the UK! Get a life!”
    She cancelled plans as I fled with the car
    I’ve never convinced her I really “went” that far
    A signed programme may help end the strife

    (NOTE TO PATRONS: The abovementioned events bear no resemblance to real life and have been put together solely to try to win something.)

    I live in Canada.

  98. Fed,

    I would very much like to have the opportunity of winning a signed programme because thanks to you Fed, this competition has given me the perfect excuse to avoid visiting my dear mother in law!!

  99. Oops

    Got so excited I didn’t read to the end of your message

    I am from Canada, just south of Rudders

  100. Fed,I’ve changed my mind,I don’t know if now I can take part of the contest but I would love it.I will place a bid anyway because it’s a great thing help people.

    So…I would like a signed programme because David has always been my idol.I attended to all David’s concerts last year in Italy only for love and passion.I went to the premier.I passed four hours in front of my pc to get a ticket in front of him the 13th july.And naturally,I love him as a person and musician.

    I’m from Italy Fed.


  101. I like to have one exemplar. I have been there for the premiere at Leicester Square and enjoyed an unforgettable night. Special greets to Steve ;o)

    Best regards

  102. I have been a fan of David’s and Pink Floyd since the early 70s.

    My teenage son discovered Pink Floyd when he heard Another Brick In The Wall and was then drawn to the haunting guitar playing of the rest of their music.

    That was three years ago and he has developed into an amazing guitarist and a bigger David Gilmour fan than even his father.

    We were unable to attend any of the shows during the OAI tour and the programme would take center stage in his room if we were lucky enough to win.


  103. I am impressed that Lynne Carter fessed up – IMHO she should put them on eBay all proceeds to a local homeless charity or similar that will really make a difference locally.

    Its sad reading about the greedy people who took copies off the seats at the ritzy and Odeon. At the RAH lots of the Smile cd covers were left on seats and the floor later to appear on EBay.

    Anyways I wont enter the compo – I would rather David kept all his energy to play the guitar than sign autographs – which most of us know that he dislikes anyway.

    One suggestion could be that prog be put on the website in PDF format…saving lots of greenhouse gases…Then I can enjoy looking as well, guilt free.

    PS: Fed the 12hour compos are mean to us people 8hrs behind!!!

  104. Good evening,

    I would love one of these programs because :

    – Everything about On An Island and this tour makes me happy.
    – I never won a prize of my life and I hope I’ll be a little more lucky this time.
    – I love David Gilmour’s solo career.
    – I’ll complete my collection.
    – Each time I’ll read it, memories of the last time I saw David in concert come back.


    From Paris, France.

  105. aaahhh! always late for the chat!

    I’d like to have a programm because:

    -When DG came to my neigbourhood, The Netherlands, I was soooo incredibly pregnant that I couldn’t go see the show.
    -And motherhood prevented me from any other shows. Priorities…whatever…:)
    -However, my little one is being brought up to the sound of MrG’s guitars.
    -..and of course, I’ve been a fan (intercontinental one…in South America and Europe) for a loooong time
    -Most importantly….please?? pretty please…

    Marian, The Netherlands.

  106. Hi Ho FEd,

    I can’t think of a reason why, but the nagging mental voice in the back of my head keeps saying “bugger it, just ask for one”. So, can I have one? “No numbnut, ask nicely!”. Sorry, mental voice. Can I have one please?

    Rock On
    Christopher (in Australia)

  107. Cori you’re a great person.Even if I take part in the contest I will bid to give some money to poorer people than me,and I’m not rich,but I can eat everyday and I can do lots of things,these people cannot do that.


  108. Fed, This could go a long way to winning my wife’s approval of “our” new music room (she hates it). Not the music, just the room.

    She actually attended the premier of “Remember That Night” with me and loved it. Imagine what a difference a framed, autographed programme from David would make. It would turn a drab little room with a computer, an amp, a guitar, and a lonely wing-back chair into a virtual Rock’n’Roll shrine!

    Help keep a loyal fan out of divorce court…please.

    BTW, any TRUE fan of David’s knows there could be no monetary value placed on an item such as this… shameless is right!

    Cheers, Cevin from Fairhaven, MA. U.S.A.

  109. Hi FED, interesting contest on why would I like one. Well, here goes it;

    It’s been some time since I last seen David Gilmour with Floyd and the year was 1975 or 76 in Vancouver. I was in Ahh with the set up of the sound system as the show began with “One Of These Days” to the best concert in all my years.

    Since then, along the way I got lost in a lot of pain and misery (as a result of alcohol) and with GOD’S grace have found a spiritual recovery.

    Having had a spiritual expierience watching/listening to David’s “On An Island” and Remember That Night dvd’s has brought the echoes back in my life.

    In closing Mother do ya think they’ll drop the bomb and let me have a program?

    Enjoy the moments in a dull day with love.

  110. I would like to have a David Gilmour signed program because I have a small special collection of signed stuff from meeting Pink Floyd regulars which include:

    Pulse CD- Signed by Steve O’Rourke at the old Portland office in 1998.
    Dark Side of the Moon Program- Signed by Roger Waters and Nick Mason after a recent Hollywood Bowl show in 2006.
    David Gilmour OAI Program- Signed by Guy Pratt in Oakland after one of many cigarette breaks 2006.
    Pink Floyd 30th Anniversary Tree of Half Life- Signed by Storm Thorgerson while at his studio finishing logos for a new coffee lounge dubbed UFO for a Unique Futuristic Oasis. This print is one X of two XX artists proof… I also have many other prints which are to say the least, priceless!!!

    Nothing from David Gilmour though and a signed program would complete my collection nicely.

    I “almost” would pass on the opportunity because to acquire an autographed anything from anyone without meeting the artist when he signs it, and it’s not personalized to me makes it “almost” not worth having.

  111. Hi Fed, nice idea this.

    I would like a signed copy of the programme because…

    It is my one wish a signed programme I win
    You’d see on my face a massive grin
    If you gave it to me I’d go on a bender
    I’d rejoice all night and get out of my head
    And sure If I don’t win that I’d settle for a strat from Fender


    Tom B – Ireland

  112. Having been privileged to have attended both of the London premieres, I can not think of any greater memento of those wonderful nights than a signed programme.

    Should I be a successful, after getting over the shock, I will if required, make a humbling but sincere speech, declaring that I am of course eternally grateful and promise to give it a loving home where it will be loved and cherished forever and ever.

    In addition I will state that it would never be abused or misused and solemnly declare that it will not be offered for sale via an auction site, at a warehouse sale, by Dutch auction or through some shabby backstreet enterprise. Honest Guv. Should my declaration be deemed dubious then my recent acquaintances, Shifty, Dodgy and Weasel have promised to vouch (at a small price) for my good reputation.

    However, on a more realistic note (once I have got over the disappointment of not winning), it will be interesting to see what David has signed on behalf of Crisis. A good cause and a top man.

  113. I would like a program because I couldn’t came to the Odeon for family reasons. I live in France, bought tickets for Odeon and plane…and couldn’t go at the last minute…

    I dont worry if I can’t get one, sure that it will go to someone who’ll deserve it.

  114. I want one because My Best Friend Tracy got to go to the premier and i saw hers and it was awesome and i would like one to have to keep also.

  115. Hola, pasè por aquì (tal vez no fuè casualidad) ……

    Mi deseo es dejar un respetuoso saludo y agradecimiento a Mr Gilmour por su mùsica ….. por sus letras.

    Muy, muy inspirador.

    Saludos desde Uruguay Sud America.

  116. I would like a program because:

    1. I have been with the blog since the beginning
    2.I have never caused trouble 🙂
    3.The program will never leave my fact I will be buried with it.
    4.I didn’t get to go to the Theatre event because I was coaching and being a referee for my kids soccer(football game)
    5.I love Fed with all my heart and I think he is the best in the world 🙂

    Hey doesn’t hurt to brown nose does it?

    I really would be happy with whatever.

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  117. Because it will give me something to read while I wait for David’s superb On an Island concert to be perfomed live on an Island – Australia!!



  118. CAPTION:

    Don’t worry, guys. When the barn lands in Oz, we turn into glorious technicolor!

    Love Cori XXX

  119. Can i have another go?

    1-It would mean a lot to me
    2-I would like it beside my RAH Litho…
    3-It might help me read.
    4-Emilio’s got one and i haven’t
    5-Like the DG Strat,i need it not want it, or so i told “her indoors”.

  120. Hi FEd

    Time to plead my case for the signed programme!!

    Having been a fan of PF and DG since the first time I heard DSOTM in 1976 I’ve decided to set up a sanctuary for those “over-hunted” DG goodies that end their days (along with the fakes) on Ebay. Here in my sanctuary they will never endure the perils of unscrupulous traders.

    I have the perfect spot for a signed programme where he can stand proud and everytime a visitor says “Who’s David Gilmour?”, I can show them!

    I also have a spot for a signed Litho if Emilio wants somewhere safe to keep his:-)

    It’s also my birthday on Saturday and my partner, Renee, has bought me a replica Gilmour (nee Hendrix) guitar strap, how cool is that!!

    It would also be a great way to top off a great year for us fans.

    BTW I’ve also got room for a black strat next time David wants to loan it out, and I guarantee to look after it far better than the HRC in Dallas! I’ll also get rid of those pesky extra dots!!! (Whoops bet that’s blown it!)

    Paul (UK)

    [Happy Birthday for Saturday, Paul. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  121. [tell us why you want one – FEd]

    Why shouldn’t I want it?!

    More seriously: who wouldn’t like to have it?!

    Still more serious: I would have liked to attend the events but I missed it. But if I have the programme, I will be able to lie to my grandchildren and boast myself telling them I was there!

    No, seriously, it would be a great memory of great missed event…so, the next time, I will be less stupid to miss it.

    I wish you all a nice day and my best thoughts to Gabrielle


  122. Well, I’dd like a signed program in order to analyze David’s handwriting of course!


  123. FE’d and Gilmour and co.

    I am among the many who would love to have one of the programs. I will only state that I would cherish it as I do David’s music. It would be framed most ‘Deafinitely’.

    Thank you for the possibility.

    (United States)


  124. I probably shouldn’t try to win this one because I’ve already won the CD and that’s such a wonderful gift that I couldn’t ask for more. As long as David keeps making music, that’s all I need. 🙂

    But for kicks, for the sheer purpose of letting someone know why what they do is meaningful:

    I would like a program signed by David because it would be a souvenir of my life and who I am to show my kids one day. I could pull it out and tell them how much I love his music (which they’ll already know because they will love it, too, there’s not going to be any other wayin my house!) and tell them what a wonderful role-model he was musically and as a humanitarian and even as a person (even though I probably will not have met him). At this point right here in my life, I have not seen David live in concert, and this could be the closet thing to him that I could get, his own signature in his own hand.

    He is awesome and his music is very important to me and thousands and thousands of other people and so this prize will be treasured by whoever wins it, and everyone else will treasure the thought from David of extending himself to us in this way.

    Good Luck to everyone. There are lots of good ones already!

  125. Caption:

    Guy: Well I don’t care about what you say (or laugh about), I love my bowling, velcro shoes”

    LOL! Hope there’s no old ladies around with minds thinking of asking you to help them across the street. Hi-YAAAAAA! (Karate- chops old lady’s cane) I know you wouldn’t be that mean…or would you…;-) Just kidding!

    Oh and Gabrielle, I hope that your son-in-law is doing alright, after that accident. Hope he feels better in the next few days.


  126. “F” eatures “ED” itor,

    – Floyd/Gilmour fan since age 12 (43 now).
    – I was first to buy tickets for the theatre premier in my area.
    – I accidentally found only one Easter egg.
    – My Wife is going to leave me for watching the dvd non stop.
    – I bet you never sent anything to North Tonawanda NY USA.


  127. [Your entry has to stand out to stand a chance of winning.]

    Here goes:

    Well, when Guy came and visited us at Luka’s in Oakland, we all signed a “David Gilmour Bloggers” poster. As can be seen on RTN. Now, I dunno if Guy still has it, or if it’s made its way to David, but . . .fair’s fair. Autograph for an Autograph =)

    Second, and from the heart . . I obviously don’t need to go on about how much I love David’s music, and how much I admire him as a human being. We all do that, that’s why we’re here. The impact this man has had upon my life is unreal.

    A few years ago, when I first started reading and doing research (if you will) about David, I heard him say in an interview how he has a mini-recorder with him and as he thinks of things, he sings or hums or whatever . .into this recorder. That is something I have done for years.

    At that point, I didn’t play or sing. When I heard him say that, I thought ‘I do what this guy does, and he’s pretty good 😉 maybe I’ll give this a go. So I got a guitar and took some lessons and classes, and now singing classes. I’m by no means good, but playing in itself gives me so much.

    It truly enhanced my life in every way imaginable. I’m happier then I’ve ever been in my life. I have a wonderful circle of friends here and I’ve met the man I love here. It would be wonderful to have something so special (the programme) from someone who means so much to me.

    Either way, he’s given me more then I could ask for. Yet, here I am asking . . .see the irony there . .ok I’ll get my coat.


  128. I want a program because, I went to the Desert Ridge in Phoenix with my wife Marilyn.

    The “On an Island” album has become a very special and personal album for both of us. My wife has been getting everybody she works with to listen to it, and didn’t know much about David two years ago.

    I have program’s and ticket stubs saved from Davids shows from four decades. I want a copy to frame with the theatre stub I saved, and hang on the wall next to a Muddy Water’s ticket stub I have framed in my project room.

  129. Hi Fed. I’ve missed several great competitions, blogs and chats traveling for vacation and work lately, but thanks to the clarification you gave to Stephanie, it seems okay to submit for a chance at the signed programme, so here goes:

    I would travel from the US to UK to see David in person, but I would never have the nerve nor inclination to approach him and bother him for his autograph – even tho I would be very grateful to get his autograph. Several of us stood outside the Ritzy to catch a glimpse of him as he left with Polly and I was happy to see no one tried to stop him for an autograph.

    I got one of the great programmes (the extra next to me was too sticky with beer to take (sacrilege!), but to receive an actual signed version would be an exciting way to commemorate that wonderful night.

    Thanks much, CT in the US

  130. I would like a program to keep forever because my birthday is coming up and my wife never gets me anything.

  131. It’d be amazing to win a program because I hear it looks stunning! Moreover, it would make me extremely happy; and happy people are a lot more pleasant to be around!

    What’s more, I’d like a program because it would be awesome (haha, did I just blow my chances of winning one?) to have one!

    Many thanks!
    -ayako (US)

    PS. Do I get extra points for the use of transitions?

  132. Hey FEd. You once said that “Maybe” we would be able to see, or at least hear, in a proper manner the Jam that Gilmour and his band gave to the Lucky ones that attended his DVD Launch. ehehh, my message is to remind you about it. will we see it (or hear it) one day?

    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  133. …FEd, what a great contest again!

    I loved to get a SIGNED programme, cause…

    1. (as you know) – I missed my plane to get to the Ritzy event – and maybe this was MY CHANCE to meet David an ask him for an autograph in person!? Maybe…, could be…, I know.

    2. I am a REAL FAN since 1980, not a person like to sell those great things through eBay etc.! I will of course FRAME THIS an keep it FOREVER! It will be a pleasure for me to sent a photo to you when it was framed on the wall…! 😉

    3. 9.11. will be my 40th BIRTHDAY and this will be the GREATEST GIFT for me of course!

    4. There is no chance to get any of these programmes here in Germany, only when I buy one from eBay-people, which I not prefer. You know I am a REAL COLLECTOR.

    5. I collect Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and other solo items now for over 15 years I think. There were concert posters, tickets, programmes etc. from early 70`s to present in my collection. My dream is to present all that stuff someday in a museum or exhibition – NOT JOKING!

    OK, you see hopefully that this will be going to a REAL FAN and I really will love it!

    Thanks again FEd, hope all is well and THANKS AGAIN for all the great things you arrange…,

    best wishes from Germany

  134. I am from the United States.

    I wish I could say I had a sick friend or relative that I would give the signed program to, but I don’t.

    I did not miss a plane or a train trying to get to the UK premier making me miss out on a program.

    I do not want to put it up for auction for profit or charity.

    I can’t say I would like one for my birthday because it is not until May.

    I can say I would like one just simply because it would be from David Gilmour, wow, what else needs to be said about that!

    Thanks for another contest Fed and have a good weekend!

  135. I carried around my OAI album last year just in case I had the chance to get it signed at the concert.

    I DID have the chance, but when David walked by, a nod and a smile seemed more appropriate than “Autograph Please!!”.

    I wouldn’t take back that moment, as I received a nod and smile in return.

    The signed programme would make a great addition to my already framed concert tickets and album cover…I certainly wouldn’t sell it on ebay.

    If I won the autographed programme, and took a picture of myself holding it, how much do you think I could sell the picture for on ebay 🙂 ?

    Patrick (US)

  136. Hi Fed,

    ty so much for offering us another goodie to be won.

    I´d like to win a signed programme as I remember that night at the Odeon as one of the best this year, and as it would be a wonderful honor to have a signed copy of David, and as I sadly couldn´t attend the Ritzy event.

    Have you all a great WE


  137. Hi Fed…and David, here it goes in five short sentences – from Rob P in CT (USA):

    At one time had two tickets for the Odeon, but sadly could not go so I mailed my credit card to a friend in the UK to return them to the Odeon box office.

    It was also my birthday last Sunday and what a fine present it would be if an autographed copy were to find it’s way to me.

    I assure you that the program would find itself in a clean, comfortable, yet prominent spot in the house for all to see.

    It would also be kept safe from the evils of ebay or other auction sites by the future guarding of it by my 4 young children and generations to come.

    Lastly, I can’t think of a better home for an autographed program to be (except on any of the other ir-regular’s walls that is).

  138. Whew! Fed you might have to split this post up.

    I would like a signed programme not because I feel I deserve it but because It would have signicant amount of meaning for me.

    Okay this may be too long to post and I understand so no one might read it but you Fed but it is story time and it is all 100% true. Here we go;

    It was my father who turned me on to classic rock. A local radio station was his favorite and on it was the usual suspects, Zeppelin, Who, Skynryd, AC/DC, and of course a certain band David happend to be in. Well, my father was a stoic man who didn’t converse a whole lot with me (this is partially my fault as well, since I am for the most part a shy person). However this one song never failed to elicit conversation, that song was “Have A Cigar”, particulary the last bit with the harsh fade out. Since we did not own “Wish You Were Here” all we could do is speculate as to why the song ended like that and we had quite lenghty back and forths about this.

    This is signifcant, because from the time I was 7 to the time I was 18 my father was battling a whole host of ailments including Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphnoma cancer and later on, diabetes. He was in and out of the hospital for my childhood and during that whole time his health was centre of focus, ALWAYS!!!!! It was very difficult, we didn’t have much money, his health mentally and physically was never very high and his spirits were quite naturally drained most of the time….BUT that song would always lift both of our spirits.

    To be continued…

  139. Fed

    I would really treasure an autographed programme because;

    1.I have been an unbelievably good fan since 1972
    2.The music of DG and PF have been a huge part of my life and I’ve not a lot of memorabelia to show for it
    3.It was a big ask to get to the opening when you live in Australia
    4.It would give me something to hassle my 4 sons with as I drive them crazy with PF music now
    5.I’m really, at heart, a half decent person who really digs David’s music and how else could I possibly get a copy of the programme.


  140. Well maybe this is a little shameless, but here goes:

    Before I explain why I deserve an autographed programme, let me get some facts on the table.

    The number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled in the last 30 years.

    The flow of ice from glaciers in Greenland has more than doubled over the past decade.

    Global sea levels could rise by more than 20 feet with the loss of shelf ice in Greenland and Antarctica, devastating coastal areas worldwide.

    The Arctic Ocean could be ice free in summer by 2050.

    Given these facts from peer reviewed scientific research, here’s what I’ve been doing:

    I commute over 80 miles a day using only a combination of walking, trains and buses. Combined, my family puts less than 5000 miles on our cars a year. That puts us in the bottom 10% of the US population.

    I pay extra (more than double) to my public utility to source my electricity from clean, renewable energy sources such as wind, water and solar.

    Here’s the ultimate sacrifice. I skipped flying to the UK from California for both the Odeon and Ritzy premieres. Those two trips would have added needless carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

    Now doesn’t someone who is making such sacrifices for the environment deserve an autographed premiere programme?

    Besides, I have the coolest nickname on the Blog.

  141. Scratch my entry for blatant forgetting of the rules. I even read them before I posted but promptly forgot as I got going. I’m too tired these days.

    Take care, Fed.

  142. I couldn’t afford the trip to london to see the premier.

    I have an autographed banner that I bought at a charity rock aution that was from a concert I attended back in ’88. I have never sold it nor do I plan to.

    As for Ebay…something from there is not personal and only in it for the money. I would appreciate anything from this site as I consider it part of the family.

    Thank You,
    (-:Tomi Sue:-)
    from the States

  143. Good luck to those who enter the contest.

    My husband and I are all set, we each received our own copy at the Odeon; though without the autograph; it still means a lot to us. Thankfully, we didn’t give one away as two guys did approach us by telling us that they are collecting the extra programs back. Aren’t we lucky! Now I have a copy at home for us to enjoy and a copy is kept at work. I am a happy camper.

    Needless to say, David Gilmour is not just one fine musician, he is also a generous soul.

  144. I would love a signed programme because:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to meet David yet, so this would be the next best thing.

    David’s music has touched me more than any other artist.

    Buying someone’s autograph doesn’t appeal to me.

    I could make up all kinds of stories to tell my friends and family about how David’s signature was obtained.


  145. Hi Everyone…

    Why would I participate to this give-away ?

    I live in France, and I was not able to come to London at Odeon due to my work. Because when I watch the DVD it makes me remember that night in Paris at the Grand Rex in 2006, when I saw my grilfriend crying during High Hopes. It was so emotional.

    Thanks David and all the band


  146. Sorry forgot to say Fed, (like several others it appears), in my entry-(Oct 18. 12.37pm) that I am in UK. Actually confused with what to say cos really I am in Scotland but at certain times it feels Scotland isnt in UK. Hmmmmm.

    Understand and appreciate that this makes entry invalid. So be it, there are lots of worthy entries and its great fun to read them all.

    Enjoy weekend and hope all is well with everyone.

    Ian Pearson

  147. I would like to state that the photo of the Phil Taylor book is phenomenal, where was that taken? It’s mind bloggling.

    For the record Fed, I am from CANADA.

    [More on Phil’s book next week. – Features Editor]

  148. I would Gladly offer my dog for one of these!

    His name is Lucky, he only has 3 legs, is deaf in one ear, blind in one eye, and wont fetch for anything, but is a great dog…

    i traveled halfway across the USA to see both nights at the Rosemont Theater and would love to have something “from the man himself”

  149. I would really love this particular programme signed.

    I was both in the Odeon and the Ritzy, but the Ritzy event in particular I found very, very special. I had never, ever seen or heard him play from that close by and it still makes me happy to think about it. I would like something special to remember that night by (no pun intented).

    I’m from The Netherlands…

  150. Fed,

    I already have two “un-signed” programmes as my wife and I attended The Odeon so I would feel a bit greedy having a third, even if it was signed by my hero…

    Have a good weekend all.

    Mat (UK)

  151. Hi FEd,

    The two tempter pages from Phil Taylor’s forthcoming book “The Black Strat” are tantalizing, even to me, a non-techie. Looks like it will provide an intriguing read.

    It’s now on my Christmas list.

    Thanks for the preview.

  152. I’d really like a autographed programme, because David is one of my heroes, and his signature would be treasured! It would be a great piece of memorabilia to have, and with David being reluctant to autograph things, this is a amazing opportunity.

    – James.

  153. The cover is typically appropriate too.

    The landscape contours merging with the sounscape contortions that David effortlessly extracts from his “Black Strat”.

  154. Hey Fed

    Out there on your own always doing what you’re told can you help me ?

    1/I don’t want I need one of these signed Programs.

    2/I was at the Ritzy And David walked passed me and I did not want to hastle him for an autograph.

    3/I play in a cover band and do Floyd material to keep the name alive.

    4/Had to cancel a gig to be at Ritzy.

    5/I swear you will never see this on Ebay or I will never sell this .

    I am in the UK (Come on you know I want it, I am always on here every day I check the blog)


  155. Hi Fed

    Since i saw David half-naked in Pompeii, more than 30 years ago, he´s my man. My sexiest man alive!

    I know i can´t own him 🙂 but it would be phantasic to own a little piece, his signature.

    Thank you and love from germany

  156. Continued…

    In September of 2003 a month after I turned 18 my father lost his battle with all his ailments the final culprit, as it were was heart failure, his body was just done fighting. In the hospital someone decided to put on the radio to this radio station for him to ease his passing and the mood in the room. The song that played while he passed was Steve Miller Band’s “Joker” the song that played immediately after he passed, eeirly was none other than, “Have A Cigar”.

    After about a month and the intense grieving faded I went on a tear looking for the song, I knew little about The Floyd besides a few songs, Dark Side and Wall but so I was on a bit of a mission, we did have a copy of Dark Side and I listened to that over and over the song of course, was not on there but the album proved cathartic.

    Then I purchased “The Wall” it wasn’t on there either but again, the songs proved soothing for my grief, anger and pain, for the passing of my father and for other issues I was going through. Then I finally found “Cigar” on “Wish You Were Here” and it just struck me. However by now I had dipped my toe in the Floyd waters and now I could not stop, eventually I purchased the entire back-catalog.

    During that long process I set about learning who was BEHIND the Floyd. Who had written those words that touched my heart? Who had played those soaring guitar solo’s that warmed my soul? I eventually learned about everybody, including Mr. Gilmour. I found myself identifying with all the members, and the music took THAT MUCH more meaning. Ever since, I have been into just about everything the Floyd and its members have done.

    After I bought the Floyd stuff I bought Roger and of course David’s solo stuff. I found even more appreciation for BOTH artists in thier solo careers. I learned why they are in the state they are in and I have respect for everyone in the band and their talents. So I was there at home watching Live 8 with tears in my eyes, as my new favorite band reunited and played on wishing the whole time my father was there with me watching, (“Wish You Were Here” has since taken on a whole new meaning for me).

    To be continued…

  157. Continued…

    There is a feeling of peace and also discomfort as I watch David’s “In Concert” DVD as I know my father would also appreciate the songs and talents of David. I thought of him as I watched “Pulse” and how much he would have enjoyed that. I thought of him as I listend to “On An Island” and some of the albums themes refering to lost friends, I thought of him as I watched “Remember That Night” in the theater thinking how cool it would be to sit there with him. I likewise think about it everytime I re-watch the DVD and all Floyd-related DVD’s.

    The Floyd’s, David’s and Roger’s music has meant a lot to me after all this time and unfortunately, I was too young to see the Floyd when they were touring and David decided not to visit my part of the country on his visit but I have gone to both shows Roger has put on and during the first one I wished my dad was there (he was too sick to go) and the second one I really wished he was there. And if David ever plays here again, I will still wish he was there with me to enjoy the happening.

    So what does all this have to do with a programme? Well I know David doesn’t sign many autographs but if I got one it would mean so much more than I can explain. To have that kind of validation from a man who has been largely responsible for helping me cope with the loss of my father and other assorted demons.

    WOW!! Told you that was long, sorry about that Fed but thank you for reading it, and I would just like to say even if I don’t get one, I want to AGAIN thank David for playing such beautiful music that has helped me more than I can say in my life.

    Josh Martin
    Washington State, United States of America

    Thank YOU very much indeed, good night to you.

    ….yes indeed, and dad ….”How I wish how I wish you were here.”

  158. Wow ! For a long time I’ve wanted to get David’s autograph but do not trust what I see on the E Bay site etc.

    I met Rick (what a gentleman!) and he was kind enough to sign my Gibson scratch plate – To get David’s autograph would be awesome and something to treasure along with Rick’s which is now back in pride of place on my Gibson Les Paul!

  159. Hi Fed

    I’d like a signed programme for my best friend Malcolm. We both went to the RAH concert but he couldn’t make the Odeon with me, and thought he could make the Ritzy. Sadly he just couldn’t get back from Scotland in time to make it. It was his birthday on 15th and I gave him David’s DVD, so a signed programme would be a fantastic extra birthday present for him.

    Please send to: […]

    Thanks a lot,

    [I’d gladly send it there should you be lucky enough to be chosen. There isn’t one for everybody and there will be mostly disappointed people here by the end of the day. – Features Editor]

  160. Hi Fed

    I made a note to say happy birthday to you on the 4th, and then stupidly sent David a happy birthday message by mistake. Very sorry about that and hope you had a great day.

    Best wishes,

    [I did, thank you. Thanks very much for the thought. – Features Editor]

  161. I would relish the opportunity to have a signed copy because:

    1) Every morning when I get up, I check the site, the blog and the Calendar. Ok, I bet we all do that, but, I do it in the nude. Dedication, people!

    2) I went to the Ritzy performance, and being a man its hard for me to say this, but, during Castellorizon, I had a couple of tears in my eyes (Thanks again Mr. Gilmour)

    3) I went into the performance after about 15 pints of Cider. I could have been a pain in the arse, but, I’m Welsh, so when I arrived, the party started!

    4) A signed copy will make me double-happy this weekend, after South Africa thrash England (Touchy subject, I know, but hey!)


    5) This would honestly make me the happiest man alive. I listen to David every night from coming back from the pub, and it makes the day complete. All in all, Happy Days!

    Thank you, and Happy Days to all,
    Simon (UK – Wales)

    [“Wales, UK” next time, please. – Features Editor]

  162. Thanks Josh for sharing story. Your Dad is here and everywhere, as all so called “departed” ones are. Never forget that bereavement is a priviIege and those that grieve are so very lucky.

    I regard myself as lucky to love someone so much that the grief will always remind me of that, even if it might bore others.

    As someone said to me “chin up”. I think of that phrase a lot and it helps.

    Ian Pearson

  163. Happy Birthday to Jon Carin (Sunday 21st) and thanks for his continued contribution to David’s Music.

    Perhaps he might like a signed programme?


    [Only if he includes his country and keeps his post to five sentences or less. – Features Editor]

  164. Hope you all have a great weekend,and hope we can have some good news from Gabrielle soon.


  165. Hello FEd,

    I would like a signed programme to go in my display cabinet.

    For the reasons stated in your reply to Taki, I do not bother David with asking for an autograph, but when he decides to sit down and sign a few, I would most certainly enjoy being lucky enough to get one.

    I can’t think of a good reason. It’s something very irrational, I guess.

    And Ebay, no way.

    Have a nice weekend,

  166. [More on Phil’s book next week. – Features Editor]

    I read the extract on the news this morning and, I have to say, it did leave you hanging.

    I will add it to my xmas list.

    Pete – Coventry

  167. Alright…Contest still going? Good

    ok…let’s see…I’ve been a devoted fan for at least 2 years…and who knows how long I’ll be one so let’s just say if I were 50 I’d probably still be a fan :), I could use a programme as a birthday present 😛

    I won’t DARE sell this on Ebay (I hate it when people do that), I’d like something signed, you know maybe put it in my musicroom, who knows it might give me some inspiration to a song “that little programme, that sweet little programme..” yeah you don’t want to the hear the rest of that.

    Oh and I’m from Canada. Cheers!


  168. In my contest entry, I forgot to mention that I’m in the US.

    If I got one of the programmes, I would treasure it forever. I still have, somewhere, the programme from “The Wall” show in 1980.

  169. i’d personally love a little momento of the concerts as someone swiped my arnold layne cd thingy from 29th may and then someone swiped my programmes from the premiere in the odeon 🙁

    and i had 2 flippin seats 🙁

    oh and i do NOT have an ebay account 😛

    anyhoo have a good weekend all! thanks for the opportunity!

  170. Thanks to everyone for pleading your case. We’ll let you know who succeeded on Monday.

    To stop the inevitable late entries and desperate country add-ons, we’ll be closed over the weekend.

    Don’t miss this place too much, will you?

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