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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.As I explained last week, the David Gilmour Stratocaster is likely to be launched the same week as the Blu-ray version of ‘Remember That Night’. That is to say, around Thanksgiving in the US.

This is still not carved in stone, however.

Although we had all hoped that its availability would coincide with the European and North American release of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD last month, this has not been possible due to reasons of quality and suitability: basically, and quite rightly, David wouldn’t give Fender his approval until he was completely happy with their prototype, so it took several attempts to get it just so.

However, there is some good news to come from the delay (as if the guitar being as close to the original as possible isn’t good enough).

David’s long-time guitar technician, Phil Taylor, has written a history of David’s famed black Strat, and a copy of this book will be included with each guitar purchased.

I’ve seen some sample pages and can confidently say that it should be of interest to guitarists and non-guitarists alike, owing to the magazine-style mix of photos and facts.

And I’m really pleased that Phil has agreed to take part in an exclusive Q&A session for us.

If you haven’t noticed it before, Phil has a section on the FAQ page, called Ask Phil. Maybe your question has already been answered there, so please check before writing.

All suitable questions will be published below, so please read what’s already been asked before submitting your own.

As always, so that everyone gets an equal chance of having a question answered, Ionly want a maximum of three questions per person, please. Lists will be deleted immediately.

You have until 6PM (UK) on Wednesday 10 October to get your questions to us, so please don’t rush. Far better to put time and thought into your question so that it stands out than to send in something unimaginative.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time, Phil!!!

    Which of David’s guitars gives you the most trouble???

    What guitar and amp would you suggest for someone starting out???

  2. Pretty cool that you are including Phil Taylor in this ongoing “Blog Q&A” series.

    I am not interested in guitars, but there are plenty of people here who really are. It is thoughtful of you to arrange something like this, just for them.

  3. Hi FEd. Did Guy’s award acceptance get shown on tv? I went to bed expecting my PC to record the programme and you can imagine my dismay when I looked Sat AM and it hadn’t. Damn thing!

    I’m off now to consider all the questions I’d like to ask Phil (limiting them to three!)

    [I’m afraid it wasn’t shown, Paul. – Features Editor]

  4. Good morning,first of all my congratulations to Mr Taylor for all the work he has done for David’s music.

    My questions:

    1)What was the most scary moment in all these years as backline chief?
    2)I’ve seen the soundcheck in Florence last year.Do you adjust all David’s sound and settings or is it him that changes settings each show?
    3)A personal one if I can.Which strings do you use on lap steel guitars?

    Thank you and all the best for all your projects and for the book.

    Ciao a tutti,ciao FEd!

  5. The Maestro Rover has been an important (and often overlooked) piece to Gilmour’s sound for many years. Since using them myself for quite a while now, I cannot see going without them…and I fear the day they will eventually die. Years ago, you and Pete Cornish developed 100 watt variations of this unique, aging and difficult to replace unit. Any hope of that design being released to the public or an amp builder for limited production some day?

  6. Phil,

    1-Any regrets on selling #1 to David?
    2-What is your opinion on modern guitars such as PRS, Tyler, Godin etc?
    3-Do you use any type of lubricant on David’s guitars to help them stay in tune?

    Many thanks

  7. Hi Phil,

    I was wondering, was David’s black Strat used on Live at Pompeii, or could it possibly be the Strat that El Magnifico used on last year’s tour?

    Thanks for taking the time to be involved in the Q and A.

  8. Dearest Fed, David and Bloggers.

    First of all, thank you so much for all the kind wishes and thoughts you sent to me re the “knob”. Well, addendum is it was not, in the end, cancerous, and I live to breathe another day. Which is good to know, cos PF haven’t reformed yet!!!! (As if, only kidding|)!!!!! and lihP (Phil -= I must stop doing that!!!!), is here.

    Seriously, a big KISS and a even bigger THANK YOU!!!!

    xxxxxxxxxxLove Cori xxxxx

  9. Phil,

    1. You have one of the best jobs in the world. What do you enjoy the most about working with David?

    2. David bends his strings further than any other guitarist I have seen. Do you do anything special to them to keep them from snapping?

    3. There’s a pedal that David uses which seems to change the note played up or down by a complete octave. What is the pedal called and how does it work?


  10. My Questions for Phil.

    1 Having seen David play so many times and in such close proximity, what in your opinion, is it about his playing that enables him to stay in such high regard as a guitarist?

    2 David used a many different types of guitar on his last tour – more than previously, I think, and more songs with guitar changes. Is this a headache or a pleasure?

    3 After all this time, you must be pretty good at copying his style, do you ever get asked to join tribute bands or get pumped for information from them on how he gets his sound?


  11. Hi Phil! (Hey it didn’t come out backwards)!!!!! Welcome to The Blog!

    Q1: What is David’s fave guitar he owns, and is it the same as your fave guitar of David’s, and if not, do you and David disagree about what guitar should be used for a particular track/gig/sound, but still gently advise!

    Q2: How many guitars does David actually own and do you catalog them on a database, so that you and David can go to the one for “Monday”, so to speak?

    Q3: What is your opinion of the Fender Vintage USA ’57 Reissue Strat. The shared lead-guitarist in my band wants a Sunburst one. I think he should hang on for David’s! What do you think?

    (Personally, re my last question, I think that if I can’t get the man himself to jam with us, at least we can have his guitar!!!! LOL! Perhaps I ought to build a barn!)

    Thank you, Phil.


    Love Cori Burns xxxxx

  12. Well, first of all let me tell you FED that I went to bed yesterday at 2.30AM and the post wasn’t out yet, hehe but trust me I was looking at it and hoping I’d be able to get a quick preview of what I expected would come… and it did… now… I’d only like to suggest… can you give full coverage on the guitar as you’ve been doing with the DVD? I mean it would really be awesome if we could follow it step by step for the last month :)! Hope you can Fed…

    Also, and this may be something really hard to ask however; it may be really hard for me to get one of the David Gilmour’s Fender Stratocasters here in Mexico and I’ll make everything within my reach to try n’ get it, but can you also give us a little bit of further insight on which retailers we should be looking for and when to actually start ordering the guitars?

    And finally, may be or may not be a good idea why don’t you put a limited amount of these guitars on the David Gilmour shop on the website? I mean, I know David cannot cover personal requests, however; some of us (which may have a more personal value for David’s guitar…) may end up without a chance to own such an iconic item. It’s just a thought…

    And that should be it, hope you can answer my requests Fed, hehe! at least to know whether I’m just dreaming away in here :P!

    Shine on we happy guitarist bloggers!


  13. Here are my question to Mr Phil Taylor :

    1 : Apart from being Mr Gilmour’s guitar tech, what was exactly your role as a “Tour director” ?
    2 : When not touring, what are you supposed to do ? Maintaining all Mr Gilmour’s rigs in working condition ? Looking at new gear ?
    3 : Have you already considered being a musician (guitarist ?) in a band ?

    Thank you for this opportunity, Fed.

    To Mat (third question) : the pedal was a Digitech Whammy…

  14. Only one question to Phil, because I don’t know anything about guitars:

    As the musical technical ‘supervisor’ of David’s musical instruments, were/are you involved in running the Astoria equipment, and if you did, was it a nightmare or fun to convert a houseboat into a recording studio ?

    Thank you, and, please, excuse my English.


  15. Now my questions to Phil 😀

    1) What do David and you do to find the “sweet spot” for his sound on-stage?

    2) What’s David’s most valued piece of gear?

    3) If I can’t get a hold of a HiWatt amp, what would you recommend to get in order to achieve enough headroom for that amazing Gilmourish sound?

    Shine on!

  16. Dear FEd

    You know David’s barn, well I think it’s fantastic. What a gorgeous place! From Polly’s pix, it seems really ginormous and was wondering just how big it is. David’s band seem to jam upstairs; from the view out of the window, they seem high (up)! So what’s downstairs. Is it a studio?

    Did David enlist Harrison Ford and the Amish folk from the movie “Witness” to help build it! Whoever designed/built the barn it did a splendid and excellent job.

    Gotta go for check up now, C ya L8R!

    Cori xxxxx

    [No idea, Cori. – Features Editor]

  17. [This is still not carved in stone, however. – F*ED]

    I think I see the delay problem here…

  18. Hi Phil

    1) Which pickups are in the “Black” Strato?? the original ones and what year??
    2) I’m thrilled with guitar sound of “Brain Damage”
    (Dark side..)what guitar-efx-amp did DG use for that tune?
    3) what effects are used for the fast tremolo sound in “money”? (a commercial one or studio effects or what??)

    Thank you in advance and thank you again to have signed me an autograph in Florence 2006

  19. Wow! Are we starting a series now for Q and A’s? Hmmm…I can’t think of a really good question…so hopefully I’ll get back to you.

    [Gnip – Cori]

    Hmmm, I might try writing backwards…that’s a good idea…ebyam…:P

    Hope everyone’s long weekend is…long.


  20. 3 quick questions:

    1. Is it true that during the late 60s and early 70s David used a pedal called Orange Treble and Bass Booster? If not what effect was used live and in the studio to create his overdrive tone (e.g. from Embryo, Cymbaline or Shine On) Or maybe it was good old Fuzz Face?

    2. Could you tell us more about the gear used by David for WYWH, Animals and The Final Cut recording sessions?

    3. Which pedal is David’s favourite and why is it Big Muff? 🙂

  21. Off topic, but for info:

    David Gilmour on French radio station ‘Nostalgie’ site from 8 October until 20 October (biography, videos, photos, possibility to win 20 RTN DVDs).

    Please, click my name.


    [Sounds good. Thanks for letting us know. – Features Editor]

  22. Hi Phil

    1) is the black Strat body made of 2 pieces of alder?
    2) was SOYCD originally recorded thru a Phaser, a true Leslie, or a Dynacord emulator?

    Many thanks for your precious time with us!!

  23. I know you weren’t there at the time but “Any Colour You Like” has always fascinated me as a swirling and intertwining instrumental. Can you tell me what guitar and what effects were used for this extraordinary piece of music?


  24. My questions for Phil are

    1. The little button on the Black Strat, that combines the Neck & bridge pickup (so i read some where, is it true?) on which songs does David use this feature & is it going to be on the David Gilmour Strat.

    2. After years with David & Pink Floyd can you tell us your most amusing experience.

    3.Have you ever seen a live David Gilmour concert! (I recommend highly by the way.)

  25. [No. That would be great news for all of you. – Features Editor]

    Well I supppose the boxset would only affect those people who have got quite a bit of money stashed away – a 16 CD boxset won’t be cheap. It’ll be worth it, but it won’t be cheap!

    Any idea how much the guitar will be and how/when the book will be released for those who can’t get the guitar?

    Thanks Fed.

    [Not yet, sorry. Phil has a special website through which the book can be ordered. We’ll let you know the launch date within the next couple of weeks. – Features Editor]

  26. my questions are not so much about guitars but more about phil’s experiences as a guitar technician for david .

    1: what is the best and worst david gilmour/pink floyd gig you ever worked on ?

    2: what is the easiest and most difficult of david’s guitars to maintain ?

    3: what guitar of davids do you like the best ?

    o dear me fet ed . united won by 4 clear goals . liverpool couldn’t win at all ( 2-2 draw to those who might not know ) . what happnened ? you should have knocked spurs into next week . even manchester city are above you in the league and thats something i never thought i would ever be typing ! sorry i couldn’t resist a little gloat . you will be gloating over me after the next match i bet !


    [Nobody likes a gloater, Linda. Next time you’re in the chatroom, look out for the little smiley holding up five fingers. – Features Editor]

  27. Phil,

    Have you ever come up with a sound or technique so interesting that David or The Floyd “copped it” as their own?

    And by “copped it” I naturally mean in the “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” sense 🙂

    Thanks for your time, Sir.

  28. Hey FEd, thanks for this awesome opportunity, and thank you Mr. Taylor for taking time out to answer these questions.

    Okay…Here are my questions:

    1. I know David uses Two HiWatt Heads and two speaker Cabinets. Are they all used simultaneously or are different head and cabinet combinations used for different songs?

    2.Were there any modifications made to the Pete Cornish effects board between the US and European legs of the tour?

    3. What did David use for acoustic guitars for this tour?

  29. [united won by 4 clear goals . liverpool couldn’t win at all]

    The European Cup Man Utd won in 1999 is on view at Anfield for all to see, win it 5 times and you get to keep it!. Gloat, gloat, gloat……

    [Get in there, my son. – Features Editor]

  30. KC – did you know that David becomes ‘diva D’ sdrawkcab hcihw m’I erus s’eh ton, even so, let’s guard our washing lines! Lol!

    No wonder I have a headache!

    Love Cori xxx

  31. Great Q&A!!!

    3 questions.

    1. In the first shows on the Delicate Sound Of Thunder tour Pink Floyd played Echoes. David played on his blonde Strat (I believe), which was fitted with the EMG pick ups (and SPC and EXG’s???). How did he manage to make the “seagull” sounds then? Prerecorded and played back or did he do it with his guitar like in Pompeii and the recent tour etc. where he used passive pick ups?

    2. Is your book going to be available for other people than the ones buying the signature Strat?

    3. Did any of David Gilmour’s gear break down (get damaged) during the very rainy show at Rice University Stadium, Houston, TX on the 5th of April, 1994?

  32. I don’t have any questions of my own, because I am fully intrigued by all these asked already. It’s a lot of information that I hadn’t even fathomed to think about, so I am just excited to hear the answers and grateful that Phil is participating in a Q & A! Thanks a bunch!

    Oh mylanta! The Gilmour Strat! I am all a-quiver! All three of my guitars were stolen last night out of the church, two acoustic and one electric, so if I don’t get those back I will have to find a way to get one of these (I couldn’t justify it otherwise). Maybe I can find someone who likes me enough to buy it for me for Christmas. 🙂 Where’s that rich uncle I have I have?

    I’ve got a doctor appointment tomorrow to make sure my face doesn’t need anymore surgery to keep it together – wish me luck!


    [What rotten luck, Jessica. Let’s hope that you recover those guitars. – Features Editor]

  33. [united won by 4 clear goals . liverpool couldn’t win at all]

    But Liverpool didn’t lose to West Ham twice last season did they? And if Tevez was West Hams “saviour” how come he ain’t been that good at Man U?

    AND liverpool, even with their stupid rotation system, don’t think its a good idea to play Mr potato head up front.

    I’d just like to point out i support West Ham not Liverpool, so if anything i should be biased against liverpool, but if its against Man U then the tables are turned. (Unfortunatly not enough to put West Ham at the top of it but never mind…)

  34. hi everyone. hi F’ed

    as a non guitar tech I have but one question for Mr Taylor:

    Has there ever been a major catastrophe that you have been blamed for when in actual fact it was ‘human error’? Surely not on both counts ;p

    i’m just glad torres hit one in the 90th myself 🙂

  35. My questions for Phil Taylor:

    1. Because David once installed a humbucker in his Black Strat, what pickup routing features his Strat now? (H S S or S S S)
    2. Are the red strats modified, besides the EMG and electronics? (perhaps a “Pre-CBS” or Callaham bridge block)…
    3. David’s trem arm can only move down. Is this done for tuning stability, sound wise and/or increasing sustain?


  36. Thanks Phil for your time.

    1) What gauge does David use on his electric guitars?
    2) Do you and David jam when there’s time?
    3)What favourite music besides David really turns your crank?

  37. Dear Phil,

    As a gear head I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

    First question is Can you tell us exactly how his signal runs. From his guitar to the board, rack, and anything else there is, and the difference if there is any for acoustic guitar.

    Second Question is Does David only use Evidence audio cables or does he use both, why did you change over to EA?

    Third question is I heard you removed the Alembic Pre from this rig this tour, I work at Guitar Center and one morning I see that we ALL are looking for a vintage one because YOU called….or somthing along those lines. Why was it removed and is it going back now?

    Thanks a lot Phil! Thanks for helping Mr. Gilmour shape the best tone ever!


  38. Hi Phil

    When there’s a chance to ask things to DG’s guitar tech, it’s an opportunity I have to take:P

    what I was wondering is:

    1) IfDavid would ask you to give him 1 Guitar 1 effect and 1 amp, which setup would you give him?
    2) What gear do you own?
    3) What’s you’re opinion on the new Fender amps like the blues deluxe or hot rods?

    greats ferry

  39. questions for Phil Taylor??!! absolutely brilliant

    1). If you could be technician to any other guitarist in the world, living or dead, who would it be?
    2).What is your favourite Floyd track?
    3). You know the part of Comfortably numb David plays when the mirror ball starts to open on the 94 tour, what exactly does he add to achieve this sound, is it simply more delay?

    Its not really one of my three questions, but in addition to this, i would really appreciate it if you could give me your job when you decide to retire.

  40. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, or partially possibly bad news, or even partially possible, less than perfect news, but, to be frank, nothing seems to be perfect in technology anymore (click my name).

    I wonder if they had the same problems going from 78’s to 45’s?

  41. Dear Mr. Taylor,

    – In one of the photos from last years rehearsals, David can be seen playing the red/sunburst Telecaster with rosewood neck he played “Dogs” on during the 1977 Animals-Tour. Is there a reason why he didn’t use this guitar in in 2006?

    – Can you tell us a bit about Davids “new” blonde Telecaster (The one he started playing during the US-Leg of the On an Island Tour)?

    Thank you very much for your great work and taking part in this Q&A.

  42. hi,

    Just one question for Phil Taylor:

    What do you think of the front picture on the DVD ? It seems to me that the black stat looks strange !

  43. My three questions to Mr Phil Taylor are

    What’s in your opinion the weirdest sound effect produced by one of David’s guitars in the history of Pink Floyd?

    How important would you consider the cables (in terms of quality) in the signal path?

    Which technique would you recommend in order to pick up the sound of an acoustic guitar?


  44. Hi Phil,

    thanks for taking the time to be part of this.

    Here is the intro:

    For many people, David’s guitar tone is a kind of a “gold standard”. Gearwise, David and you, have made your decisions on what is best to use live and in the studio. These decisions, have been meticulously studied, analysed and followed by many-many (guitar playing) fans*.

    And here is the question:

    Who is more obsessive with David’s gear? David himself or his fans*?

    * myself included 😉

  45. A quick question for Phil Taylor:

    Thinking along the lines of outdoor concerts such as Knebworth 90, has the rain ever caused any serious damage to any of David’s guitars?

  46. 1. How are the pickups on David’s black strat wired to the pickup selector?

    2. What would be your favourite guitar belonging to David? And why?

    3. What is David’s favourite guitar? And why?

    Thanks to Phil Taylor and F’ed for this opportunity.

  47. Hi FEd,

    How was your weekend?

    My questions are:

    1. How many back-up guitars are used on tour?

    2. Has David ever gotten/been given, the ‘wrong’ guitar during a gig?

    3. I noticed that during certain songs Phil M. uses David’s guitar, does anyone else, say like Guy ever use David’s guitars?

    Thank you very much for this opportunity.


    [It wasn’t the best of weekends for me. How about you? – Features Editor]

  48. Hi Fed, I have just one/two Questions.

    On the album Meddle for the song “Have A Cigar”; Which guitar did David use? And why didn’t one of the band members sing any of the lyrics?

    Enjoy your day.

  49. Hey Phil,

    Some of the questions i would have asked have been so already, there are some good ones. Please excuse any duplicates. Here goes…

    What type of string tuning methods are used on the steel lap guitars?

    Are there any guitars/instruments that nobody gets to take on tour as they are just too precious or valuable?

    What do you do to keep busy when you’re not touring with the band ? My kid reckons you’re a great darts player… (;)


    Welcome back Cori.

  50. Hi Phil

    I’m wondering how you made the black strat so incredibly quiet on stage! What has changed since the last PF tour when David was still using EMG pickups?

    cheers, Ben.

  51. Thanks for the Q/A Phil. Here are my questions.

    1. David’s ’55 Fender Esquire looks pretty beat up. What is the history behind this guitar?

    2. What kind of effects does David use when playing slide guitar?

    3. In light of your new book on the “Black Strat”, are planning any other media about David’s full catalog of touring guitars and effects?

    Thank You.

  52. Q: The Ventures had this really cool underwater sound, that came from “Mosrite” guitars. Does David own one of them, and have you heard him play it?

    Green tip: Keep your tires fully inflated, it will save you on gas.

    [Keep the tips coming, Stephen. – Features Editor]

  53. Hi Phil!

    1.This question has been killing me for years. What is that oscillator-like thing (the one with the scope or small round screen and knobs) that is usually close to Davids rig. And what is it used for?

    2. What is the preferred recording platform at Astoria? Is it all straight to tape or a digital/analog dump?

    3. When recording Davids guitars do you take as many effects out of the signal path for later processing or does David insist on recording through his full rig?

    Thanks for taking the time out to answer


  54. I like the DG20 system Phil. I have a GNL S-500, 1998 NAMM show Show-piece. (Which they switched out the black pick guard) I took Leo’s pickups out of it and put in the DG20’s. I play through a Marshall DSL-2000 50 Watt head, with a 2 -12 Ampeg enclosure.

    Why were Leo’s pickups so Toppy?


  55. I know nothing about guitars but, the remarkable guitar playing of David Gilmour has enticed me greatly of appreciating such instrument.

    It was an interesting read just by going through some of these questions from everyone for Phil Taylor. I hope I can come up with the questions before the deadline.

    I recall how much I’ve learned from the Q&A sessions with Steve DiStanislao. and Phil Manzanera, particular with the technical side of their respective instruments. Thanks for such a unique feature, FEd.

    I have yet to locate Guy’s Q&A as I understand his took place quite some time ago. Could you kindly help, FEd?

    [I certainly could, Veronica. Click your name below to visit our Band page, where you’ll find brief biographies of all involved and that clicking on Guy’s name brings up his Q&A. Alternatively, go back to 27 October 2006 and read through a few of the entries where Guy’s Q&A was serialised. You’ll notice that a few more questions were answered here. – Features Editor]

  56. Hi Phil,

    1. Will the Gilmour Strat become a staple of Fender’s i.e. like the Clapton and S.R.V models have? By the way, I’m still waiting on a Syd signature Tele, so put in a word if you could please.

    2. In your opinion, which delivers the ‘true’ Floyd tone, the Pete Cornish P-2 or the newer G-2?

    3. What brand and gauge of strings does David prefer?

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  57. Hi Phil

    1. I know david uses a big rack of effects but when I went to the Ritzy he only used one amp and got his distinctive sound what amp was it and were other effects used from the desk ?

    2. what delay setting is used for shine on intro?

    3. how much will the new DG Fender cost in UK and is it limited Edition ?


  58. Hi Phil and many thanks for taking time out to do this. Thanks also to our FEd who has to wade through all these excellent questions and sort them in some kind of logical order!

    Anyhow, only one question, and that surrounds your recommendation for a small 50 watt combo amp to use at home. Obviously I’m looking for THAT tone. A previous question comments on the sound David (and yourself of course!) obtained at the Ritzy event with a small combo. I’ve looked at genuine 1970’s Hiwatt SA212’s but fear I may not be able to maintain them adequately? I see Hiwatt do a reissue David Gilmour SA212, another option. More importantly I’d like your view on what I should buy, maybe even Fender?

    I like the idea of preserving vintage gear as it keeps them off the mountain of electrical waste we are all generating. And they can hold their value of course! (Green AND thrifty!) I’m playing Strats (active and passive PUs) through an array of vintage/new pedals (all types used at some time by DG) with EA cables.

    Sorry about the length of the posting FEd!

    Hope you’re keeping that trophy polished!


  59. Hello Phil ! Thanks for sharing your time !

    – Do you remember when David started using Yamaha RA-200 cabs ? was it your idea ?

    – Do you remember witch guitars David used on Another Brick In The Wall part II rythm parts, and how they were recorded ?

    – I’ve seen a picture from 70’s with David playing on a black Stratocaster Double neck. have you got information about this guitar ?

    Thanks for your answers !

  60. Jessica – Someone actually stole from a church – shame on them!!!!! I hope you get them back xxxx

  61. My questions for Phil are as follows:

    1. How did you happen upon 0001? Did the subject of the guitar come up during a casual conversation with Seymour Duncan?

    2. I read somewhere that David nearly broke your arm for the above guitar. Is that true? Ha, ha.

    3. What is the most disastrous technical experience you have encountered during a sound check/concert?

  62. I like a lot of the questions I see and can’t think of any now…maybe later…

    Thanks for the green tip, Stephen. Taking your time when you drive and keeping it at or under the speed limit helps a lot too. I find I get tons of miles per gallon when I go for a lazy ride to the Catskills as I did this past weekend with the family.

    Anyone know how to get the pharmaceuticals out of our water supply besides blowing up the industry as a whole? Not much to do on that one… Time to brush up on homeopathy…

  63. Hi Phil. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions.

    Here’s my questions;

    1) My E, A, D and G strings always have a more grungy sound to the B and E strings. Is there a reason for this, and is there a way to get rid of this?

    2) Whats the most unique guitar you’ve seen?

    3) I have a USB Guitar which I use through my computer. What do you make of USB Guitars?

    Simon J

  64. [I’d be really impressed if there was ever a PF question on University Challenge… – Posted by: Thomas Robinson (hoping for a live CD) at October 2, 2007 02:22 PM]

    They must have heard you Thomas ! Last night they played a clip from ‘Shine On’ and they had to say who it was dedicated to.


  65. [On the album Meddle for the song “Have A Cigar” – Posted by: MEDDLE]

    You should be buried alive for that…

  66. [My E, A, D and G strings always have a more grungy sound to the B and E strings. Is there a reason for this – Simon J]

    Put down the peanut butter sandwich when playing…

  67. Peanut Butter!!! Not in Wales Matt, Wales never really bought into Peanut Butter. Only Jam!

  68. Qui connaît Baudelaire, ici, génial poète, qui a toujours tenté de décrire les liens entre mal, beauté, violence et volupté (qui fut forcément dénigré à son époque, accusé d’outrage à la morale publique et religieuse) ?

    Je viens de lire, dans une revue chez nous, une très courte mais sublime critique du DVD de M. David Gilmour, qui n’est rien d’autre qu’une citation de Baudelaire ( extraite des ‘Fleurs Du Mal’ ):

    ‘Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté’

    Wow !


  69. Knew I’d get sensored (blitzed and zonked and zabbed and censored, even! and other words beginning with Z!). I didn’t even self-promote! Oh zits! I could swear here but you would never get to see it. so I will………………. (CENSORED)!

    Yes, it is a well known fact that pharmacologically I am a product of inhibitor serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine inhibitor awakenings!

    All in all I’m just another blog in Fed’s wall. (That will be censored too).

    Love ya, really!

    Cori xxxxx

    I’m off……..

    [With all due respect, certain comments will always be deleted. – Features Editor]

  70. Hi FEd,

    I myself am not a guitar player, although i do wish i had learned, and every year my resolution is to start……. guess how far ive got…

    I dont pretend to understand some of the techy questions that have come forward, but as i didnt enter any questions for the Q&A at the dvd launch i thought i might have a stab at this one instead.

    So er, thanks Fed for organising it, and Phil, even if you dont answer mine, it’s great to see people still getting involved in the site after the tour has ended, not like some fan sites i could mention.

    1. Have you, or do you, work for any other famous guitarists?

    2. What is David like to work for? Honestly?

    3. Do you have an amusing anecdote you could share with us, be it about David, or anyone else?


  71. [Wales never really bought into Peanut Butter. Only Jam! – Posted by: Simon]

    Great post Simon…reminds me of an ‘ol Gilmour tune…”Let’s Get Metaphorical” or something like that

  72. Hi FEd.

    I once was so lucky to look after Phil Taylor´s car for about 10 minutes. He asked me if i had spare time because he had to carry Davids guitars from the Festival Hall and the car trunk was open all the time. Naturally i had plenty of time. That was in 2001 when David played with Robyn Hitchcock and The Pretty Things.

    My Questions for Mr. Taylor are:

    1. Which Pink Floyd-Period would you say was the best in terms of what they played, the show, the audience and camaraderie between them?

    2. How was your feelings when David activated Pink Floyd 1987 and the Band played their first concert in Ottawa?

    3. What can we expect from your Book: The Black Strat?



  73. Hi Phil, I was wondering if you have your own Guitar Tech, such as David has Phil Taylor, Or do you set up and maintain your guitars yourself?

    Thanks, Cory

  74. hi fed, quick one for you…

    im not sure if this was before my time on the blog, and if you mentioned it at the time then i apologise for bringing it up again..

    Pink Floyd Guitar Fetches £33,000 For Charity (click my name)

    was this ever covered on the blog – this is the guitar from the dvd documentary as well i guess?

    never made it to ebay…

    [We did mention it at some stage. – Features Editor]

  75. Phil ! And all of the fantastic blog staff !

    Here is my question

    1 – It is rare to see David play more modern equipment such as Parker Guitars, PRS’s or even pedals ( I believe that aside from Cornish reissues and his classic Muffs ) I’ve seen him use a Digiteh whammy pedal for Marooned and others on occasion.

    The guitars and effects like the man, seem mostly reserved and classic in focus and sense ( Gretsch, Fender, Gibson ). I believe he used to play a Charvel San Dimas at some point !

    Is there a piece of ” new ” equipment out there David like to use ? Or does he stick to his vintage guns mostly ?

    What newer equipment do you like that David doesn’t like to use ?

  76. My deepest thanks to Mr Taylor for the opportunity, but I am a donkey about guitars. Anyway, I know a good expert! So, can I give Emilio my three opportunities to make a question, if he has some other curiosities to ask about? mmm….ok, I am cheating! It was only an innocent idea!

    Have a nice day


  77. [1.This question has been killing me for years. What is that oscillator-like thing (the one with the scope or small round screen and knobs) that is usually close to Davids rig. And what is it used for?]

    Actually, this answer is already posted in the Ask Phil FAQ section on the site. You wasted one of your question chances by not reading that section first.

    I’ll post my questions later.



  78. Happy Tuesday! It’s not really, but I thought I would try to be cheerful.

    I don’t know a thing about guitars except that if you don’t try you can’t play it, and if you don’t play it, it gets dusty.

    For Phil:

    1.)Can you comment on which of David’s guitars collects the most dust?

    On the second dvd, David mentioned that his 1947 Martin smells nice and old. I was glad to hear that someone else had actually done this since I have smelled my guitar as well. Mine isn’t old, but it smells like burnt firewood. Maybe that’s a bad sign?

    2.)Do you ever smell David’s guitars, and if so which one smells the best to you?:)

    3.)Is there a specific guitar of David’s with which you take more care when handling?


  79. My third and last question…

    Have you ever considered your own line of guitars and if so would they be called “Taylor Made”?

  80. Hi all,

    at first: thanks for the opportunity to ask! I hope everyone here will get his answers… Having the chance to ask Mr. Gilmour’s guitar technician, Mr. Phil Taylor, may shed some light here:

    1) I wonder if you write down a recipe for each sound Mr. Gilmour and you create, and if so is there more than one ways to create each of them? I imagine that if there were more ways, that this would make a backup sound on stage easier, wouldn’t it? 😉

    2) Hearing the various tracks Mr. Gilmour recorded over the decades, I’d say he likes to experiment with new technology. Did you both ever tried out Strat VG and if so, with what results?

    Thanks for your time, I appreciate being able to ask world’s second best guitar player’s technician (… no, there isn’t a #1 on my list, but I haven’t heard all, so it wouldn’t be wise to exclude the chance that there is a better one somewhere).

    Best regards,
    Taki (World’s second worst guitar player – as I said I haven’t heard them all 😀 )

  81. Thanks FEd, I am hoping. (It’s not doing much, but I’m hoping nonetheless. 🙂 )

    My purse wasn’t too far away, so I can be very grateful that they didn’t steal my money and bank things as well. There’s a silver lining in everything!

    [Jessica – Someone actually stole from a church – shame on them!!!!! Cori]

    Cori – don’t I know it! No sign of them coming back either. The jerks left a pick for me, though. Grr!

    I leave in 20 minutes for the doctor – exciting! 😀


  82. Thanks for the Q&A Phil.

    1. How did you come by the 0001 Strat in the first place? Is it true you bought a house with the proceeds from David?

    2. David and Phil M. have been playing some interesting Gibson Jumbo acoustics on this tour. Can you tell us more about the models and vintages?

    As an aside, I had the privilege of seeing Al Gore speak last night. We all really must do all that we can to reduce carbon emissions. I’m ashamed that the US has double the carbon emissions per capita of any country on the planet. Did you know that Venus is almost 3 times hotter than Mercury, even though it is further away from the sun? The difference: a large CO2 band in the atmosphere. Everyone must do what they can.

  83. Thanks for taking the time to look through and answer some questions about David’s guitar’s.

    Here is my three question’s,

    1. During the intro solo on “Shine On” David was pressing down on what looked to be a volume pedal every time he would change chords during the solo. He also did this at the Meltdown Concert in 2002. What “effect” was he using?

    2. What effect pedals does David run through his custom made pedal board?

    3. Do you take care of David’s guitar’s and gear all year every year since you started working for him even when he is not on tour or recording?

    Well there is my three, I hope they get answered.

    Thanks for your time, Kelly K. USA

  84. been kind of asked in a similar way, but:

    Q1) Phil during all these years have you never just wanted to just rush on stage and jam?

    and I agree with others, love the new pix

    funny how bands start off in a small place after all these years (& money) people end up back in a small room just jamming it out like at the beginning

    hope everyone’s ok at DG HQ?

  85. I am a teacher, and I like to use music to set the mood while students are working independently. Today I put “Division Bell” on. I hadn’t heard it in years. The first thing I wanted to say is that I really enjoyed it a lot, having forgotten how good an album it is.

    The second thing I wanted to say is that my students really did well with this music. I usually won’t play music that has lyrics because it can be distracting to the student (and there are a lot of music lyrics out there that are inappropriate). But my students reported that they loved Division Bell, they requested to hear it again, and while it was on my students were completely engaged in their work.

    I teach kids from the inner city who have been suspended from their regular classroom. They grew up with rap and typically don’t like rock music at all. It is a rare day when they are all engaged like that in their work.

    The music from The Division Bell helped them to keep calm, relaxed, productive in class.

    I just thought I’d let you all know the very positive effect that David has on the world, through his music. Thanks, David (if you’re reading).


    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  87. My three questions for Phil:

    1. How did you meet David and land this prestigious gig?

    2. Though you’ve given David years and years of exceptional professional service, surely there must have been a few mishaps. What is your most embarrassing, “Crap…I’m fired aren’t I??” moment you’ve ever had with him?

    3. If you could hypnotize David into handing over three of his guitars to you, which would they be and why?

    FEd a separate question for you: In the “Breaking Bread” documentary I saw a clip of David playing a black strat with a Dark Side graphic across the body. Was that the prototype of the Gilmour signature strat, and if so, do you have any inkling if the production model will sport a graphic as well?

    [That was a one-off, auctioned for charity. Please see Rob’s post above. – Features Editor]

  88. Here we go!

    1. How does Gilmour Fatten up the sound of his Black Strat for distortion parts…one of the Three EQ Pedals or Tube Driver ?

    2. Tube types in the HIWATTS … EL34’s or KT-77?

    3. If Gilmour had to choose one pedal ( other than a Delay/echo) to play through his setup, which one would it be ?

  89. Question for Mr. Taylor :

    Did David uses ear protection ? If not, what’s his tip for playing loud, not become deaf and still had a perfect ear !?

    Thank you very much !

  90. Hello all.

    Wow, this Q&A is a dream!!!

    Being a bit of a guitar anorak I reckon I could help Phil out here (hmmm, snigger ;-)) by answering a few q’s myself…like what the oscillator-like thing is (a Peterson strobe tuner??) and how the ocatave soaring effect is created (with a Cornish modified Digitech Whammy pedal?)

    Err, sorry if I’m being a smart arse here, but being a 24/7 guitar bore has limited mileage around our house as my fella doesn’t play…

    My questions are (If I may be so bold):

    1) Do you reckon it’s true that David himself is the secret to the Gilmour sound (i.e. he could pick up a 80 quid strat copy and still sound like gilmour – or is that just a sweeping statement used by people who find that they cannot get ‘the’ sound?)

    2) Are the lap steel guitars tuned differently to normal EADGBE or does David prefer to keep everything the same?

    3) How cool is your job!!!!!? Can I help out? (free of charge of course). Seriously though, do you get nervous on a big night, or do you remain confident, calm and composed?

    Cheers all!


  91. [You should be buried alive for that… – Posted by: Matt at October 9, 2007 01:47 PM]

    Matt, you make me chuckle! I guess that makes me a chucklehead … I certainly feel like one today:D Sorry MEDDLE, but it was pretty funny, ya gotta admit!!

    Thanks in advance to Phil for putting on his ‘Answer Man’ hat for the hungry guitar and sound technicians amongst us! It’s fun reading the questions even if I don’t completely understand most of them.

    Peace and love!

  92. Hi Phil, GREAT to find time for another “Q & A”!

    My questions are:

    1. I read in an interview that David have a lot of unused pieces from “OAI”, which are enough for 2 more albums, so he want to check this stuff and also will work on new material this autumn/winter. Will you help him and produce that again for a hopefully new album?

    2. Will you go on tour again with him, hopefully in 2008/2009 when he wants “to go out again”?

    3. I read and hear about a planned LIVE-CD of the “OAI”-TOUR which be planned for release in 2008 which you working on with David. Is that right and is there already a planned release date for it?

    Thanks again for your time, best wishes from Germany

    [Pete, you win the award for Questions That Will Not Make It To Phil’s Desk… – Features Editor]

  93. Hello Phil,

    1. Is there a vast warehouse somewhere full of decades worth of Pink Floyd backline equipment?

    2. When did you first meet Pete Cornish?

    3. Do you need any apprentice? Please?

  94. [You should be buried alive for that]

    Thanks Matt, One of these days, I must get to England and away from Canada for awhile.

    It’s all good and “Have A Cigar”.

  95. I’m thrilled to hear about the strat coming out. I bought a candy apple red, american strat 10 years ago, exactly this month. It was my first guitar and it is my best guitar.

    David inspired me to learn the guitar as opposed to and despite all of the ‘shredders’ of the 80’s and 90’s that other guys my age were inspired by.

    Even Dave Mustane of Megadeath (a previous Pink Floyd name, with the ‘s’) said something like, “David Gilmour can do more with one note than other guitarists can do with the whole fretboard.” The offical Gilmour strat certainly will become my new favorite, but that red guitar sure is a sharper looking axe.

    1. To go with the guitar, could Fender be persuaded to make an amp or a pedal in the style of David’s? I don’t mean to ask for more, I just think it would go, ‘hand in hand’, we need all the help we can get to achieve a semblance of Captain Timber’s sound. Also, can you saw off David’s hands…

    2. I heard ‘Young Lust’ on the radio yesterday as if it was the first time, what a kick-ass, rocking little number. The riff, the licks and the solo are face meltingly delicious and induce lustihood towards my strat. So, why in the world doesn’t David play it? Oh, and his singing on it is sublime. He really belts this one out in all respects. He has a writing credit on it to boot.

    3. The isong cd-rom series is a fine guitar tutorial incase you haven’t heard about it. Hendrix, SRV and Clapton are in the series (At the least, we know that Eric gave the green light.) Do you think David would grace us with his wizardry in the isong series? By the way, doesn’t it look like he is casting a spell over his instrument when he plays, especially ‘Shine On?’

    Alright, I know, that was 4 or 5 questions. But, 4 fair and reasonable questions, carpals, metacarpals and phalanges aside…

    Thanks for your time and input Phil. When I heard that your book comes with the guitar I decided right then and there to buy it immediately incase they no longer offer it with the guitar later on.

    – With much admiration and respect, Erik

  96. 1) Have you visited any of the fansites and forums on the Web that try to document the gear David has used over the years?

    2) Do you find any pleasure in keeping us tone chasers in the dark on as to what gear David uses?

    3) Did you also manage other gear, like Richard and Carin’s keyboards (particularly Richard’s Farfisa) on tour?

  97. Ahhhh……. Sorry FED, pointed out by Matt on the album Meddle for “Have A Cigar”. Lets get this straight, my question To Phil:

    On the album “Wish You Were Here” for the song “Have A Cigar”. Which guitar does David use/and what was the reason that the song was sung by someone other than the PF members.

    And thanks again to Matt for pointing out my mistake. I clued into it before getting buried alive. LOL.

  98. My questions for Mr. Taylor are:

    Do you take care of all the guitar equipment for David’s band or is it only David that you take care of?

    Do you work your “technical magic” for other people when there is down time between projects for David?

    I just read on this site that David is a “Gooner”. Are you a “Gooner” also? (Sorry but I don’t know anything about guitars other than David makes it sing beautifully. The part you play helping him do this is very much appreciated.) Thank you.

    Fed, I tried to read all the questions to keep from duplicating but I may have done so anyway, so please forgive. I hope you have a good Wednesday.

  99. Hello Phil,

    Thank You for taking the time for a Q&A.

    After losing the guy who used to do all my guitar work I got into doing it myself and now I have developed a passion for it (mainly Strats). I have found that I am always learning something new. My question is this,

    Have you ever thought of coming out with a “How To” DVD (if you haven’t already that is) to help those of us that are fumbling along?

    I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Black Strat Book. It sounds exciting.

    Thank You Again,
    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  100. No probs, Fed, but I was only having a laff. Still they’re weird in Wales, aren’t they? Just kidding!

    I have been known to eat Leeks, smell Daffodils and keep up with the Tom Jones’s, but not necessarily in that order. On occasion, I have even mused with the thought why Anne Robinson hates you, but it didn’t move me!

    You should try being an Arsenal supporter in Nottingham! Woh!

    Blog ya l8r.

    Love Cori xxx!

  101. 1: What do you think about the new hiwatt products and about the DG103 signature series?

    2: Do you think in general vintage effects (or amps) is the best way to go or there are some good new pedals/amps out-there?

    3: Does the gilmour “nasally” distortion sound depend on P1 or on the black strat?

    Thanx Phil!

  102. Isn’t anyone going to ask the classic question left over from the Ritzy Q&A??

    Did David ever have his WEM speakers re-coned? :-)))))

    Fed… this is not a serious question….

  103. Thank you for answering of our questions!

    Mister Taylor, I read that you bought new cables from Tony Farinella (2005). (The order was Guitar and speaker leads to build enough for the recording of On an Island and then quite a few for the Live 8 show.)

    My questions:

    – How did you find Tony Farinella?
    – Were you and Mister Gilmour convinced of the new sound quality?
    – Did you use these cables also at the RAH last year?

    With best regards from Berlin

  104. [I teach kids from the inner city who have been suspended from their regular classroom. – Posted by: NewYorkDan]

    Hey Dan, what school do you teach in?

  105. Hi Phil,

    Did it happen, once, that in front of an audience something broke in a David’s guitar, all of a sudden and you had to find a solution in the following second?

    best regards, Sylvie de Montréal

  106. My three questions for Phil:

    1. Which guitar is David most likely to write or compose his songs with?

    2. If on a deserted island, which of the three guitars he’d most likely to take with him.

    3. Where do you see the future of guitars going in today’s times, if possible?

    To FEd – I hope I didn’t sound too rude in my last post; I want to apologize for that. I find it hard sometimes to find the right words in my blog entry.

    Adam G

    [Not at all, Adam. It was a fair point and the reason why we made people register to use the chatroom, as opposed to simply typing a name and hoping that nobody else shares that name. We have thought about making people register for this place, too. It could be time to reconsider, although it does seem to take an age for simple changes to be made. – Features Editor]

  107. I have one question for Phil:

    What do you do to David’s guitars so that they don’t go out of tune easily considering David’s liberal use of the tremolo arm?



  108. [Do you ever smell David’s guitars, and if so which one smells the best to you?]

    Is it just me or does this question just sound so wrong?? Maybe a follow-up to it could be: Is Arnold Layne your alter-ego?



  109. Cori… be careful when talking about the Welsh.

    There is a lesser known martial art from Wales called Llap Goch which is the Secret Welsh art of self defence…

    Take heed before it’s too late…

    “Sospan fach yn berwi ar y tân……”

    [“Sospan fawr yn berwi ar y llawr…” – Features Editor]

  110. Questions for Phil. So many good questions have been posed already but here’s a few more for consideration.

    It’s been said that Eric Clapton retired Blackie (for those that don’t know, his famous black strat) because the guitar became unplayable. With electric guitars and particularly Strats being so interchangable (swapping necks, changing electronics, etc.) can a guitar like a Strat truly become unplayable and if so, how much more life do you estimate is left for David’s black Strat?

    Part of the sound for a guitar player is the amplifier and most swear by tube amps. But the costs of these are typically a bit pricey, even on the used market. Have you ever been impressed with any transistor type amp that is reasonably priced and emulates or comes close to the sound of a tube amp?

    David’s technique of playing and particularly his bends requires frequent changes of the strings but does it also significantly decrease the life of the frets requiring a often refrets?



  111. Question two for Phil…

    I have a 1962 Fender Jaguar which is all original, the pick-ups were recently cleaned and re-wound with the original wire, The guitar was set-up with new strings and intonation corrected…

    But… in a very short space of time (weeks) the sound and feel is dead, muffled, like it has very old strings… is this something that happens to older guitars or do you have any useful hints or tips that could help?

  112. Mr. Taylor:

    1. As a guitar technician for David Gilmour, are you also in charge of the set up for other instruments, such as drums, bass, keyboard, etc for the band?

    2. Does David Gilmour give you his input if you should feel the need to purchase or upgrade the guitar equipment, accessories, sound systems, etc?

    3. How long have you been working for David Gilmour?

    Thanks for your time.

  113. So many good techie questions already! Nothing to add I’m afraid.

    Hi Phil! Nice work, mate.


  114. Oh yeah…by the way, I LOVE the barn photos! It is incredibly uplifting to see that your heroes (regardless of the fact that they have long since moved up to Living Legend status) still enjoy hanging out with friends at home for a good old fashioned jam!

  115. Thank you for leaving your questions for Phil.

    We will not accept any others, but will let you know when Phil has answered some of the above.

    Thanks again.

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