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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.Sadly, this is the last of Polly’s shots from the band’s farmhouse rehearsals.

Seeing them all lined up like that is perhaps a jolly good excuse to get you talking about your favourite individual contributions to the DVD.

We’ve discussed Stevie’s stand-out moments already. If any others spring to mind, don’t keep them to yourself (but do keep them to a reasonable length, maybe half a dozen at most for each band member?).

‘Remember That Night’ is finally released in Brazil on Friday.

The chatroom is open between 3PM and 5PM (UK) today. Everyone is welcome. Doors will close at 5PM sharp and there is no ‘lock-in’, so please arrive early to avoid missing out.

If you failed to spot it, see the Latest News for details of when and where ‘Remember That Night’ compilations are due to be broadcast on television. Tell your friends, foes, family, work colleagues and random (sane-looking) people in public places about it.

If you’re in France, Japan or Norway, you might wish to think up imaginative ways to nag local broadcasters about it. They’re presently considering showing it, but a bit of friendly arm-twisting never hurt anyone… much

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’d like to point one out about Mr. Richard Wright if I may, which I love watching.

    On Echoes, as they are building up to the solo with all the lasers, just milliseconds before the lasers come on, Rick raises his arms and slams them down on the two chords.

    I dont know why, but I absolutely love that moment. Such power, and such an image I love.

  2. Hi to all our friends in Southern California that have been displaced by the terrible wild fires. I understand about half a million people have now been evacuated from their homes. Good luck and may God watch over you all.

    On a brighter note, many thanks to Polly for sharing the Barn photos, what a great insight into life behind the scenes, coffee mugs and all!!

    Most memorable moments for me (from the DVD) are:- The acoustic version of Echoes, singing wineglasses, Richard’s birthday party, The view of David’s new all-tube pedalboard complete with TREX Replica delay and Keeley Fuzz head (Sorry but I am a bit geekish in this area!!).

    The meeting with Roger was very moving and couldn’t have been easy. Although I loved PF from the very early days it’s great to see David has moved on and developed his music way beyond anything that PF could have achieved. He has tremendous musical talent and I’m sure he will enthrall us all again in the not too distant future.


  3. If there’s anyone – apart from David – who, to me, makes this DVD as wonderful as it is, it has to be Richard. He’s this lovely, sensitive, always slightly nervous and melancholy person who adds so much feeling to the music and complements David’s sound like no one else does. And I think their voices just belong together. I love seeing him; I love hearing him.

  4. [What is he holding by the way?]

    It looks, Graham, like he’s holding a part of the new DG signature strat! Notice Guy only has part of a bass and Phil hasn’t got anything at all! Perhaps they’re are downsizing their gear so that they can go busking?

    Just a thought.


  5. Just a few off the top of my head..

    David’s intro to Shine on…the guitar tone is soooo amazing.

    David’s solo in The Blue..Ooh la la

    Towards the end of Echoes..I love the interplay with Rick and David feeding off of one another. Truly a moment where the years just peel away..

    Guy’s bass playing thoughout…amazing versatility

    Phil’s understated guitar work thoughout filling the gaps. If he was not there..there would be a black hole LOL.

    I think Jon Carin is wonderful and I can see why Roger uses him on his tours as well. Mr play-it-all what instrument can’t he play… and a good voice to boot.

    Lastly Mr Nash and Mr Crosby with their wonderful harmony vocals. They sound like they have been part of David’s band for years…

    Cheers, Howard

  6. Hello FED!

    At first I would like to thank Polly for these wonderful snapshots of David’s band. Thank you very much!!!

    The DVD “Remember…” I saw already several times, each time I discover new details. Our speaker system brings the walls of our house to swinging.

    From the first disc I like at most: The Blue, Echoes, Wish You Were Here and the a capella version Find The Cost Of Freedom (featuring 2D and Graham Nash). The 3 voices complement each other fantastic.

    At the second disc we got so many extras. Particularly the short concert with Richard Wight pleased me and the tour documentaries.

    Concerning the documentary on the making of the On An Island album I have a question: from the recording sessions we can clearly hear the orchestra at each song. That sounds very fine. But on the CD OAI is to be heard the orchestra only at the title Castellorizon. Why?

    “Remember That Night” displaces my old of favourite DVD (“David in Concert”) from the first place. Thank you so much David, his wonderful band and his whole team for this fantastic DVD.
    (sorry for my bad English)

    With best regards

  7. I loved the whole discussion on the boat with David, Guy and Polly talking about the origins of words.

    I also liked when David approached the wine-glass player (sorry his name escapes me and I’m too lazy to go back in the blog to look it up right now) in the street and asks him if he wants to do it tomorrow night on stage.

    I guess at this point you are still not ready to discuss Easter Eggs but as in that famous Bugs Bunny cartoon Easter Yeggs with the Bratty Kid and I quote: “I want an Easter Egg! I want an Easter Egg! I want an Easter Egg!…”

    I found one and it is great and certainly one of my faves but would love to find more.



    [Still not in the least bit interested in discussing any Easter Eggs, but the glass harmonica player’s name is Igor Sklyarov. – Features Editor]

  8. Thats the weirdest shot I’ve seen in quite sometime.

    Richard does indeed resemble “The Ghost of Christmas (cut and) Paste”…

  9. *caption*

    Richard thinks to himself, “Someday I’ll get that neck for this project guitar.”

    PS – I know he’s not holding a guitar body, it just looks like one.



  10. I’m very upset about California which I consider to be my spiritual home having lived there for a long time.

    I wish everyone out there the strength to survive another season of fires caused by the Santa Ana winds. Can you imagine an area much the size of Leeds being told to evacuate. Its a terrible situation but if it’s any consolation the wind is due to change on Thursday and it should take temperatures down a bit.

    Much Love to you. Love CORI xxx

  11. John Carin, if he has learned everything he knows from David Gilmour, than I would like to add that he is an outstanding pupil too. His concentration and accuracy, the way he blends in with David’s guitar and voice strikes me every time again.

    Personally I could appreciate the hunch of scepticism he displayed during the wine glass session in the restaurant, very stylish.

    Thank you for the barn photograph series, they were a treat. (I hope Phil did not fall over these cables after this last shot was taken.)

  12. Caption Competition

    “John Carin gets into band photo by using Richard Wright paper mask.”

  13. [It looks, Graham, like he’s holding a part of the new DG signature strat! ]

    oh yeah! it does a bit Paul i must admit.

    The DG Strat reminds me of “triggers” broom from only fools & horses, its the original broom except for 3 new handles & 5 replacement heads. bit of a sweeping statement there Graham.

  14. The DVD held many wonderful moments for me.

    1)All the backstage tomfoolery and comradery
    3)David and Roger
    4)Rick’s “Arnold Laaaaaaayne”
    5)David description of Richard’s return as “creating a monster, I’m afraid”
    6)Guy’s apologetic race to get on the tour bus after over sleeping

  15. My favourite moment of the Dvd…let’s think…there are two or three! but the best for me is when David talks about Venice ’89 show…I like that ‘bad’ light in his eyes:)


  16. Caption.

    I know you said we were going to play more intermate venues on this tour but this is ridiculous.

  17. I like when Richard comes in lightly with the Farfisa organ, on the second part of Echoes. Then David joins in, that whole part leading up to the lasers is great.

    Also the band on the road is cool, Venice, Bray, Gdansk, Guy having to get woken up. The part about Judy Garland is rather funny.

    There is so much more. Definitely a great DVD.

  18. CAPTION:

    David: “We’re Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band….
    Rick: We hope you have enjoyed the show!
    Stevie: It’s almost time for us to go….
    Jon: Remember we love you………
    Phil: What was that about 20 years ago today?
    Band: Bye………..

    Thank you to Polly, for letting us into part of your home and showing us you and David’s fantastic barn.

    Cori xxxx

  19. The DVD is wonderful but why the documentary about the european tour show only snippets from unique magic moments such as the SOYCD glass introduction, Venezian rendition of “On The Turning Away” or “A Great Day For Freedom” played in Gdansk?

    And no inclusion at all of “The Great Gig In The Sky” played both in Paris and London. This would have made this DVD “almost perfect”.

    I dream this could make its way as an EP CD called “Remember THESE nights” for


  20. After reading what the blogers posted, I would have to agree with what Liz had to say.

    I believe even David said that Richard has come out of his shell. This man was having so much fun and when he played, He really played with a lot of passion and when he would sing, You could tell that his heart was really into it and sang with a lot of emotion.

    Plus this is the greatest dvd That I have heard and really thank David for this he is the master of perfection and I can’t wait for it to come out in the HD format (not Blu-ray).

    Plus one more thing, I get goose bumps everytime I hear the way Echoes is play for the band really got into it and watching Guy playing the bass was great.

    Thank you Mr. Gilmour for for a great concert and for putting it on Dvd. Its truly like being there.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [You might be waiting until the end of time for a HD-DVD version, Thomas. – Features Editor]

  21. I’ve posted my faves previously, however, Polly’s photos during WICME are great and the flip flop pics in between are classic.

  22. [And no inclusion at all of “The Great Gig In The Sky” played both in Paris and London. – JYB]

    Agreed, but still, most thankful for what was chosen!

  23. By the way, the photo gallery on disc two is quite impressive. A nice way to finish off the disc.



  24. Rick is holding an Autoharp in that photo, not part of a Strat.

    The most unexpected thrill for me on the DVD was to see my mate Simon talking about the stage collapse in Venice during the documentary footage.

  25. I breathed – so I am sorry.

    You were just waiting for me to slip up. I am not perfect. I stick up for David all the time and you treat me like an imbecile. I am very sorry for mentioning a band who I don’t know. I was just reading a flyer.

    I don’t expect you to print this.

    Who exactly do you like?

    Cori – extremely upset and for good reason.

    PS: You may not, but other people do, like me.

    [I don’t care. Keep breaking the rules and you eventually will be shown the door. You’ve had plenty of warnings. The rules are the first thing you see when you enter the chatroom; they aren’t difficult, there aren’t many of them, and they’re even written in red, for goodness sake. What more can I do to make you acknowledge them? Why should I even bother? Each time a rule is broken, I refer you to the rules. What exactly do you want or expect? We don’t provide a forum for you to talk about your band or any tribute band. We all make mistakes, but you keep making them and don’t seem to care. Nobody is perfect, but nobody is above the rules, either. If you’d bothered to look at them, we wouldn’t have a problem, so spare me the whining. – Features Editor]

  26. One of my favourite moments is on the tour bus when David is talking about the smell of guitars and Polly’s eyes just glaze over!

    I also agree completely with what Liz said about Richard. It’s great to see him being given such prominence on the DVD.

  27. I´d love to have comments over the dvd
    but, in Brazil, just on friday and, as you know, such a big and slow country may last longer to have the dvd spread at all stores…

    But I keep Paying attention on your comments, guys. It´s a wonderful exercise of immagination for me.. hehe


    [When you finally get it, Carlos, please share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you and other Brazilian fans. – Features Editor]

  28. If I had to choose a moment of the dvd (every single David’s note) I would say when Richard starts to play the first notes of Echoes and when Phil plays Wish You Were Here,it feels to me like he’s so happy to play that song beside David…isn’t he?

    And the photo gallery is touching,it speaks.It’s not only photos and music,it’s life.

    The best musical Dvd I’ve ever seen and I don’t say it only because it’s David’s.What a beauty.

  29. […………about your band or any tribute band. We all make mistakes, but you keep making them and don’t seem to care.]

    I have not mentioned my band at all, I mention that I can play keyboards etc when other bloggers say they play something and it comes up in conversation. THAT IS ALL. I have said not one word about any of my projects that you know about and nor will I. I have told YOU that several times. Why would I do this.

    And yes I do care. If I didn’t care, would I be so upset. I have had enough over the last few months, and if it wasn’t for David emitting power through his music, I doubt I would even be here now.

    Can we try again. Why are you so raged at me? I deserve an explanation as to why you dislike me so much!

    And once again, I will be surprised if this is printed.

    Cori xxxx

    [This will be the last word on this matter, because this isn’t going to turn into The Cori Burns Show (if it hasn’t already, that is). You include a link to your MySpace page with every blog post. I have removed the name of your band from several posts. You’ve mentioned them in the chatroom. Today, you mentioned the name of a tribute band. It’s hardly end-of-the-world stuff, I know, but those are the rules and everyone else manages to respect them (and, if they don’t, they’re also shown the door). In trying to be fair – and at the risk of coming across as being completely patronising – you get three chances here. You’ve been told each time that you ought to re-read the rules and are very close to being given the boot. It’s the same for everyone. This site isn’t here for you, or anyone else, to use as a tool of self-promotion – in any form. As for deserving an explanation as to why you are “disliked,” grow up. I’m not here to like, or dislike, anyone. (I happen to like those that can follow basic guidelines without throwing their toys out of the pram when they’re reprimanded; I don’t like time-wasters, brats or attention-seeking little madams.) You didn’t care enough to read the rules in the first place, which just so happens to upset me. Your whining about it now simply irritates me, so please don’t follow this with another petulant display. End of. – Features Editor]

  30. Cori, been on this blog since the start and in defense of Fed, he is firm but fair and that’s right across the board with every aspect be it comp’s, the blog comments etc

    I really enjoy reading your input into this site and long may it continue but as they say “Rules are Rules”


  31. i think my favorite bits from the dvd are of the footage of them backstage of the kodak theater… only because i was there. and i also think echoes was the best tune the performed besides arnold layne with bowie.

    on a side note: it was nice to finally be involved in the chat session. first time but hopefully not the last. thanks guy. it was fun.

    [Hope to see you again, Michael. Thanks for popping in. – Features Editor]

  32. In a DVD that is outstanding from beginning to end (even the main documentary on disc 2 could stand by itself as an independent release), “Echoes” – which for me has always been the definitive Floyd statement – is just out of this world.

    The peaks and valleys, the whispers and the thunder, the hellish and the transcendental, are all executed in an awe-inspiring manner, culminating in that laser-drenched orgasm.

    The playing by these veteran musicians is so much more ripe now that this version leaves the one on Pompeii in the dust (at any rate, the idea of breaking the piece into two separate parts on Pompeii never really sat well with me).

    For me personally, the performance of the whole “On An Island” CD made me revisit and completely revise my earlier less-than-stellar opinion of the work.

    Incidentally, David and Richard do something on the first two vocal passages of “Echoes” that requires close listening to spot. Anyone know what it is that they do?

    (If everyone already knows what I’m talking about – or if I’m mistaken that it actually happens – then I slink red-faced and discreetly back into the shadows!)

  33. I like the part when the band are playing in the barn and Polly stretches over to grab a mug which she adds to her collection in order to make a cup, or rather, a mug of tea.

    How very British.

    Best regards.


  34. Special thanks to the team who designed the excellent DVD menus, the person who decided to film the Roger meets David in the car park, Robert Wyatt’s performance and Phil’s guitar work on Shine On.

    On the down side though, I do think some witch hunt work should be carried out to establish why much of the DVD footage is very grainy. In my view, and others who I have watched it with, it significantly lets it down.

    Is the director 100% happy with the picture quality? Other recent concert DVDs I watch don’t suffer from this graininess at all. There are some superbly clear shots but far too much of the time it is grainy.

    Will the HD & Blu Ray versions be better?


    [I’d imagine so, but haven’t seen the Blu-ray version to be able to give an honest opinion on how it looks. (That’s not intended as a cop-out, even if it sounds like one. As soon as any valid comments can be made as to the Blu-ray disc’s quality, I’m sure they will be made.) There have been no developments to plans for a HD-DVD release, by the way. Don’t bank on one. – Features Editor]

  35. This latest snafu with the release of RTN in Brazil gave me an idea.

    Have you given any thought to running a competition only for people who live in a country where David did not tour and where RTN did not have a theatre showing? So Brazil, Chile, Australia, Mexico, Egypt, Iceland, etc. etc.

    I believe some people from these countries have won some of the past competitions. Maybe it is more work than it is worth. Just an idea.



    [Yes, that idea has been given some thought. Wales-only winners next time. – Features Editor]

  36. I must give credit to one of the most powerful photographs I’ve seen in a long time.

    I urge everyone to look at the final picture in the gallery (disc 2). It shows David (with guitar of course!)and Polly making eye contact and is simply a magnificent piece of art.

    Can you please find out FEd who took it so that we can give them proper credit for this masterpiece.



    P.S. I’d like a copy please FEd signed by the photographer!!

    [Anything else? – Features Editor]

  37. Autoharp…

    reminds me of a Billy Connolly story… in his earlier days on stage he used to like to sing some serious songs…

    He started playing a serious love song on his autoharp and the house was silent until someone slammed a door… he opened one eye, looked around, stopped playing and just said “Well… that’s f*cked that then!” and moved on to a joke instead…

    Anyway… I must get on collecting all the toys around the pram… 🙂

  38. I have been very happy and moved to see how much Rick and David were close to each other, I feel such a personal and musical complicity between them ! Very moving.

    Liz said perfectly what I am thinking about Rick.

    Maybe he didn’t take part in the barn rehearsals, but I have to say that I feel a deep respect and a sort of tenderness for Robert Wyatt, I don’t know exactly why, but I do.

    Anecdotical, but what made me laugh a lot is Phil’s collection of shirts with dots !

    – a white one with black dots in Manchester
    – a blue one with black dots (don’t exactly remember where…)
    – and even an orange one with black dots in Vienne ! ( had never seen that kind of shirt before in France !)

    Surely I have not seen his whole collection !


  39. Just wanted to say you Rock FeD.

    Eva hope all is well in San Diego. You too Tim.

    Renee B.

    [Why, thank you. – Features Editor]

  40. Hi FEd,

    I slept through the chat today, bummer!

    My favorite moments on the DVD, the whole damn thing!!!

    Although, I really liked the SOYCD with Crosby & Nash. And of course Echoes was absolutely outstanding. I also liked being able to see a bit more of Polly, as she is such a phenomenal talent and an integral part of David and his music. David Bowie was great. The band justs seems to meld together so well.

    This DVD is beautifully done, a masterpiece of artistry…it’s ok. (just kidding)


  41. Every moment that Richard is on the DVD is priceless. His piano playing is sublime throughout and his organ playing send chills up my spine.

    I love the little details on the DVD such as Richard punching in the patch numbers on his keyboard just before starting Echoes. The little smile he gets on his face when he and David are trading licks…

    I could go on and on, but for brevity’s sake I won’t.

    So Huzzah to Richard.

  42. I would have to say Guy and Steve on Echoes and any Guitar solo by David.

    But what I thought was a very nice touch was the Photo Gallery of the Techs and Crew when the credits were rolling.

  43. Hi Fed

    I’m sorry but I’m having trouble getting into the chat room. What is the “room password”? I looked through the emails I received when I registered and I don’t see anything referring to this.


    [It’s what you need to get into the chatroom after closing time, Elaine. To get it, you must visit the chatroom regularly and generally be really friendly and well-behaved. We often have ‘lock-ins’ to allow people to chat beyond the two hours of each scheduled chat. (Scheduled chats are always listed on our calendar. Please click your name below for that.) We hope you can make one of the future chats to see for yourself what this ‘lock-in’ malarkey is all about. – Features Editor]

  44. Fed? What the hell was that?

    The password should have been supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and none of this would have happened….

    Next time, you just listen to me….I have a crystal ball in my house…and I predict we’ll beat them on nov 6th.

    [I’ve taken note. It probably should have been Prozac, but… – Features Editor]

  45. After seeing this dvd for about 10 times now (yes, I don’t have a life) I must say it’s mind-blowing!
    Everything is perfect – playing, singing, mixing, documentaries, photos, everything….but nothing can beat Je Crois Entendre Encore…well it’s just me – I adore that song…

    My favourites are:

    – A pocketful of stones
    – High Hopes
    – Echoes (David and Richard sound almost the same as 35 years ago in Pompeii)
    – Polly inviting the guy with the camera to that hilarious wardrobe (or whatever that was) with words “Welcome to my lovely home” (at least that’s what I think she said)
    – Rick Wright taking the camera

    And I’m sure we are all impressed with David’s knowledge of Latin 🙂

  46. “Sadly, this is the last of Polly’s shots from the band’s farmhouse rehearsals”

    Please, F’Ed, no mention of ‘the last of’ on this site. Scarey thought.

    Richard does indeed resemble “The Ghost of Christmas (cut and) Paste”… Matt: too funny. love it.

    I hate to echo everyone here, but have to agree that this is THE very best dvd! The best David has been involved in (and I loved the ‘Pompeii’ and ‘In Concert’), but this tops them. Because he has gone his own way and On An Island is so lovely.

    I loved the comments by Richard about this being the most enjoyable tour he’s been on, and David saying Rick has gotten ‘ballsy…getting himself back’ and David saying he loves Richard. It just seems so evident when you watch the concert that that they are enjoying themselves so much.

    Loved watching Richard play the keyboards with such a flourish. Love watching David concentrating on the strings, flipping the guitar to sit at the lap steel. And seeing him smile. That’s the best.

    Individual contributions are so hard: Guy dancing. Phil’s helping to get this music put together. David giving us this beautiful music. R. Wyatt’s horn. The guys singing ‘A Great Day for Freedom’ beautiful gift on the dvd for those of us who weren’t at that concert.

    Polly’s beautiful photos and lyrics. Thank you, Polly. (and she’s gorgeous)

    Ok, so there is just isn’t much that I didn’t like and I’d just ramble on an on.

    Oh, I prefer Rick doing Arnold Layne. Thanks, also, for ‘Fat Old Sun’ and ‘Wot’s Uh the Deal’. That guitar!!! It’s everything isn’t it?

    I guess my favorite contributions boil down to David. The voice, the words, the guitar, the music, the smile. He’s a complete musician. (and he’s gorgeous, too)

    love to you all,

  47. All right there FED,

    There are many highlights for me in the DVD but one in particular really stands out and that is the last picture in the photo gallery. I just love the look shared between David and Polly as the frame is pulled back – just superb.

  48. Looking at this photo, have to say that for all their successes there doesn’t seem to be a pretentious person in the lot.


  49. Bit late but well done to the programme winners. Look after them well !!

    And, no Pete won. You must all try harder next time.

    Enjoyed the ‘barn’ pics.

    Pete – Coventry

  50. I could write a list of individual moment’s from the dvd,that I like,but I cant because the whole thing just gel’s together,into one,and make’s it an absolute pleasure to watch.

    The way everyone just ‘feed’s’ off each other’s energy is just amazing,I can honestly say that I have never watched a music dvd like it before!

    On the second dvd there’s a moment when David say’s to Guy “well,we are all family” and that just say’s it all really!!

    They are a family and it’s an honour to be invited into that family through the power of a dvd so,for that,I thank everyone involved in the making of it.

    Thank you


  51. Fed

    One of the things I like most about RTN is the balance given between the performers. Everybody seems to be given recognition of their part of the whole thing.

    I really appreciate David’s sharing of the spotlight with Richard and his acknowledgement of his special guests. Also nothing is really overstated or artificial.

    What about the backing singers?

    Charles (wilko)

  52. Whenever I come home from a really stressful day at work, and over the last year or so since my promotion that’s been at least a couple times a week, I always put on the song “Saucerful of Secrets”. Just the way the song goes from quiet to chaos to beautifully ethereal, it has a way of bringing me back down to earth. So for me Rick’s playing of that song on the RAH organ was extra special, even if we only got to hear a few notes.

    Honorable mention to Steve’s drumming in Fat Old Sun and to Phil for nailing his part in SOYCD. And special accolades go to David’s knuckles in Astronomy Domine, but I guess that would be a group performance, huh?

    And the booby prize goes to Guy for making the bus late.

  53. [Sadly, this is the last of Polly’s shots from the band’s farmhouse rehearsals.]

    And what another fine portfolio it has been.

    Many thanks again go out to Polly for providing further tantalizing glimpses into David’s and her life. It is gratefully appreciated.

    Can we expect them to be added to the “Gallery” FEd?

    As for favourite individual contributions to the DVD, well…. There are too many to mention.

    Everyone listed on the credits gets my seal of approval. They have all played their part, in whatever way, contributing towards the production of The Most Perfect Music DVD, EVER.

    Will it be surpassed? Not until the next tour I suspect… ;0)

    The relaxed atmosphere within the band permeates throughout both discs of the DVD,
    creating a euphoric audio/visual experience.
    Quality just oozes out from every “bit”.

    David – For being so generous with his talent and sharing it with the world again. Introducing each member of the band, with subtle, double entendre’s.

    Richard – For his candour and charm. Don’t give up on the day job to be a cameraman yet. Although I loved his commentary.

    Phil – For his energy and encouragement. Just what is it with spotted shirts, by the way?

    Jon – For having that special sparkle. Endearing quip at Riichaaards birthday party.

    Guy – For his wry wit. Loved the pirouette during the RW C.Numb, “Didn’t He Do Well”.

    Steve – For his humour and humility. A revelation. Brave, brave, brave, brave, Sir Robin.

    Dick – Saxophonist supremo (Sorry David, you’ve still got some catching up to do). The Shine on “Shuffle”, displayed delectable dexterity.

    Marc Brickman – For providing luminous lustre.
    Smoke, must have more Smoke. Surely not to hide the Leeds United shirt, Marc.

    Wireman – For the interval refreshments.

    [They will be added to the Galleries soon. – Features Editor]

  54. When the tour manager said about Guy being late, “He went to bed early as well.” Does that mean Early in the morning, like 3:30 AM, Or does that mean Early as in like, lets say, 11:00 PM? I am to guess it was the the former…..

    I liked it when Richard said it was the first time he really could listen to David “Play”. I don’t know if that has to do with the smaller venue, or those Turbo-Sound Monitors.

    I wonder how much David paid the Venice wine Glass player. He looked as if he didn’t even know who he was talking to!!


  55. What a great group photo (David’s smiling profile shot as well)!

    If I’m not mistaken there’s part of the DVD where everyone’s seated around the dinner table chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

    You know I’ve seen many concerts and “rocumentaries”, and I suppose you could always choose a particular “favorite moment”. But it was so rare, and such a pleasure to have seen them just sitting back relaxing and doing something so ordinary… and yet on the other hand seeing and hearing how extraordinarily talented they are at their craft. IMHO it serves to remind us all of what’s really important in life.

    Love and laughter are truly the heart of inspiration.

    Cheers, Cevin

  56. Hello fed and bloggers,

    Ive just got back in town, been on vacation in mountains for a week. Ive missed a bunch, but im trying to catch up. I hope to see you all in chatroom soon. I hope i didnt miss anything important, and i hope everyone is doing fine.

  57. Thanks, Fed! I was really confused there for awhile but I guess checking the time would’ve helped!

    As for the dvd, I loved all of it but some highlights for me were:

    -David and Polly talking to Roger
    -The way David talked of Robert Wyatt having a certain vulnerablilty and the caring way he interacts with him on stage
    -The whole scene with Rick, Guy, David and Polly that ends with Rick asking where the bar is
    -Rick’s birthday party
    -David Bowie on stage and behind the scenes
    -The photos at the end of disc 1 and esp. the one of David and Polly

    I haven’t even gotten to the music but I’m realizing that it’s so hard to narrow it down – as I’ve said I loved it all!!

    I’m really a newbie when it comes to David’s music and I have to say that being able to watch Pulse and RTN at any given time has taken the sting out of having never seen him in concert!


  58. The best individual contribution to me is David Gilmour.

    He is so generous with the “spot light” and it is obvious that he is enjoying himself so much. Just to see David smiling in parts of it as he plays and sings so beautifully makes it worth watching over and over. And oh, that smile of his, my, my, my. It is like he smiles from his heart.

    Ok Fed, could you have a contest to win David’s “Smile”?

    Your “Nutter”, Barbara

    (And all these years my husband told me a nutter was a term of endearment. Boy is he busted!)

    Have a good one Fed!

  59. Hey FEd,

    Sorry I didn’t answer your request for my name and address in regards to the programme give away contest. Thanks so much for chosing my name!

    My information is thus:


    Thanks again. What a wonderful surprise to see this here tonight. I’ll go to bed with a smile on my face.

    [No problem. Hope you like your prize. – Features Editor]

  60. Caption:

    Pete Townshend inadvertadly drops by the barn and gives Richard a souvenir broken piece of guitar from a very past show.

  61. Moments from DVD, most of my favorites have been said before, including bus driver saying “Welcome to Scotland” and Rick playing RAH organ, but Guy’s dancing/bouncing/jogging-whatever sure has motivated me to get ready for our Office Christmas party.

    Ian Pearson

  62. Think I should send condolences to you re a football result FEd but not sure. I know nothing about football but when I heard the news last night about the “Liverpool” score, you were the first person I thought of. I find that re-assuring that there is some group connection. Thanks for that.

    Ian Pearson

    [Thanks. I just saw the following headline: “Turks: 2, Berks: 1.” That says it all. – Features Editor]

  63. renee

    thx for your concern and thanks to everybody that was worried about us in San Diego. i was able to get back to my house again, and fortunately everything is ok at our place. I just feel terrible for all those people that lost their homes in the last couple of days.

    If any SoCal residents on this blog need help, just gimme a shout.

  64. The greatest moment for me, on a first class DVD, has to be Fat Old Sun. If you love guitar playing, especially by the best guitar player in the world, you will have to go a long way to find a more inspirational piece of playing than the last three minutes of Fat Old Sun. I “remember it on the night” couldn’t believe what I had heard and now I can experience it in my home.

    Cheers David and the team for a superb momento of a very special night.

    Enjoy your break and we will be here when you come back.

  65. How I envy all of you! I would like to see soooo desperately this DVD, especially after the enthusiastic comments! But I can’t find it in my country’s stores!

    Fed, would you ask Mr. Gilmour to give a wigging to the Hungarian distributor? 🙂

    (anyway it’s turned out yet what’s that strange item in Rick’s hands? I didn’t have time to browse through the comments)


    [The latest theory involves Pete Townshend… – Features Editor]

  66. The one piece of music I keep watching over and over is a certain ‘hidden’ track. The way the band spontaneously pull it together shows how in tune they were all with each other.

    The end of that track is like a modern version of dueling banjos, with DG and RW playing against each other, truly sublime.

  67. My thoughts on the DVD.

    I can see this DVD still being watched by me for many many years to come, it has captured a moment in time perfectly.

    The band gelled so perfectly (just like a certain football team, from north London) Davids playing which allways seems spot on has added musicians to his band who complement his music perfectly.

    The DVD is the first time that I have noticed and appreciated Ricks input, shame on me after all these years.

    [Nice comparison, Graham. – Features Editor]

  68. A follow up to my yesterday contribution

    What I like in this DVD is the great alchemy between all members.

    Jon Carin still amazes me and El Magnifico’s shirts are so nice.

    I was really moved by David for his kindness and his concern for the others.

    And […] is plenty of fun. David is both a generous man and a generous musician.


  69. non musical moment: guy being late, richards birthday party and guy shirtless on the piano ! actually it was great to see behind the scenes in general .

    musical moment: the whole dvd and extra songs especially my first chance to see echoes and wots uh the deal being played !

    i think you can say i liked the dvd a lot !

    Linda island lady

  70. Hi Fed! How are you?

    A newspaper online reminds that yesterday, 24th October 1970, Pink Floyd reached the top of the Uk poll with Atom Heart Mother. And it says that it was the first time (the first of a lot of times) they were first in a poll.

    There is a little review of the album that I have not time to translate now, but I thought to send you the link (click my name). And if you think a translation will be useful, let me know and I will translate it just when I have 10 minutes.

    Have a very nice day!

    [Thanks very much. (Let everyone translate it for themselves, it’ll be fun.) – Features Editor]

  71. The DVDs are excellent and have lots of standout moments. I suspect that my favourites will continue to change and evolve but at the moment the piece I keep going back to is ‘Then I Close My Eyes’. The coronet solo from the rather wonderful Robert Wyatt is heart breakingly beautiful and the very warm interaction between the performers is obvious.

    Anyone new to Mr Wyatt should check out his 1974 masterpiece ‘Rock Bottom’.


  72. Love the DVD, obviously. One issue: I’m not in it. I was there, the cameras were on… I simply don’t understand it.

    So no knowledge about the PG Tips advert?

    [None whatsoever. – Features Editor]

  73. I agree with Charles (wilko). One of the things that impressed me in the DVD, was DG beeing so pleasant and including, creating a great, comfortable atmosphere for everyone, it seemed.


  74. Caption:

    “I’ve got a bike you can ride it if you like”

    “Not without a saddle”, chuckles Rick

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  75. My favorite moment on ‘RTN?’ The wonderful new guitar solo at the end of ‘Fat Old Sun.’ It sets the place on fire! A great new end to the song that, in my opinion, is far and away the best part of ‘Atom Heart Mother.”

  76. I suppose when it comes down to it what I love about the DVD is just seeing a fabulously talented group of people making great music, having a great time and having the generosity of spirit to share it with us.

    One highlight for me was, as always, Wot’s..Uh The Deal. That song just encapsulates, for me, everything I loved about Pink Floyd ie. David’s voice and guitar and Richards voice and keyboards, together they are just sublime.

    Some of the shorter pieces on disc two are hilarious.

    The photographs section at the end is stunning, very moving, you can see the love there.

    It’s just a brilliant DVD (as one would expect)!

  77. Regarding RTN: the concert is effin’ brilliant and I can watch it over and over. But, oddly enough, my absolute favorite part of the DVD is the behind-the-scenes stuff. Funny, candid glimpses into what it’s like to be on the road…the problems and the happy occurrences and, best of all, the silliness. What an interesting group of people…. (I just love Marc Brickman’s Mel Gibson reference.)


  78. Thanks Lucia,AHM is one of my favourite of all the times.And,for one time,I can read in italian;)

    hope everyone have a great day


  79. Turks: 2, Berks: 1

    I really didn’t think they played that bad!! unlucky

    just like a certain football team, from north London

    Enjoy it while it lasts!!!


  80. I haven’t really had the time to comment on the DVD before. It’s great, of course.

    Not much more to say. I guess my favorite moment is when David plays the guitar.

  81. Well,this is a little thing,but in a little local radio here in calabria there will be a ‘special’ radio show about PF and mostly about David Gilmour and Syd Barrett.It will be an hour long,and I am invited to talk for it! It will be fun,I want it to be like Richard Wright’s experience as a dj!..almost drunk;)


  82. [I wonder how much David paid the Venice wine Glass player. He looked as if he didn’t even know who he was talking to!![

    In Guy Pratt’s book theres a story where David goes up to two American tourists/buskers whilst Pink Floyd are on tour in europe and asks them if they would like to play a gig that night and they say, “we can’t we’re going to see Pink Floyd tonight.” David simply replied, “Don’t worry so are we.” It seems most buskers don’t know who david is even if they are going to go to a concert of his!

    Regarding the blu-ray do you think Sony realise how much of a help to PS3 and blu-ray players RTN will be? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a rise in sales of the players when the DVD is released. I certainly want a PS3, not so much for the games but just so that i can watch RTN with even better picture quality.

    Maybe the next guitar hero will be a David Gilmour special to show their gratitude?

  83. The entire DVD was worth the wait.

    I can remember when the band was 1st posted on the web site and my excitement that I was fortunate to have tickets. The concert in NY was great! With the internet one no longer has the surprise of the set list so I knew Echoes was coming but I was blown away by how well it was played. Being a long time CSN&Y fan it was great to have Crosby & Nash at the concert.

    A few highlights for me from the DVD:
    • the documentaries
    • David Bowie doing a rocking version of Arnold Layne
    • Wearing the Inside Out-one of my favorite from the post Waters era and I was disappointed it was not played on ’94 Pink Floyd tour so I was glad to see it has part of this tour
    • the respect given to Syd
    • a great rock n roll band at the height of their game

    I have a VHS tape from the ’84 tour. With the success of Remember That Night are there any plans to put that out on DVD?

    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  84. After watching the DVD over and over again, it turns out to be the best piece of music i ever heard live.

    Although the contents of the whole DVD is worth mentioning, for me there are a couple of things standing out.

    My absolute favorites are, from the new stuff “take a breath” and “then i close my eyes”, from the old one “fat old sun” and “echoes”, absolutely brilliant, now i know what Richard meant by saying: “on this tour, i heard every note David played”!

    i like the calmness of a David Crosby, having his hands in his pockets most of the time onstage, DG is better than ever, as well as Richard Wright, Guy, Steve, Jon and Phil fit in perfectly, all beeing brilliant musicians and human beeings.

    One question though i have FEd, with the slight hope to get an answer. On “then i close my eyes” when Robert Wyatt set in, Phil seemed to be taken a little by surprise, see also the reaction of Guy, what exactly happened there, was Robert too early or was Phil just preparing to back up, in case Robert misses his entry? Just before that, you see DG talking to Robert, who screwed it up?

    [I’ve no idea, sorry. – Features Editor]

  85. FEd, sorry i have to post again, as i forgot to ask another question.

    Clam was the first gig after Syd Barretts death, as David’s comment on the DVD is: “I’ll do it, if i’m brave enough, as a tribute”!

    He was performing dark globe the first and only time in Austria on this tour. Why is it, on the DVD is written: “recorded in Europe” does it have legal reasons?

    [It was also performed in Munich. – Features Editor]

  86. [Thanks. I just saw the following headline: “Turks: 2, Berks: 1.” That says it all. – Features Editor]

    Istanbullsh*t more like.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  87. Some Favorite DVD Moments for Me:

    Jon Carin: Any time with a slide guitar. His high harmonies on Echoes. The look of thrill at the ‘something not to be named yet’.

    Richard Wright: Spanking the keys during Echoes. Watching his enjoyment during This Heaven. Watching any lead vocal with his renewed confidence.

    Stevie DiSanislao: His concentration and lap tapping on High Hopes (I could almost feel him saying to himself “On the ‘4’ Stevie…”). His skillful use of a water cooler. His defense of being a man in tights.

    Guy Pratt: Waking up late. Watching him use a stratocaster during ‘Then I Close My Eyes’. Watching him prance around like he won “Best in Show”.

    Phil Manzanera: His expert 2nd guitar to Gilmour’s (e.g. Shine on you Crazy Diamond). His classic space-out solo on ‘Then I Close My Eyes’. His defense of polka-dots.

    David Gilmour: His classic trade-off solo’s and guitar sound to Wright’s spanking. His performance on the live cumbus at RAH…which has new meaning to me on ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ (OAI has new meaning for me as it has been personalized at deeper level). And finally, Judy Garland…. LMAO!

    Favorite moment that never made it on: A close-up of his “whale sounds” during Echoes. I had binoculars during the live shows, but wish I could have seen one on the DVD. I just have an idle curiosity as to the mechanics of it…wold have loved to see his approach.

  88. Thank you Polly for these pictures. Also I knew you are so nice with lyrics too.

    I didn’t know who she is and her name when I saw the concert in theater. Because I visited just a few times David Gilmour site and this blog.

    I am still watching the DVD. Their smiles make me smile too.

    Thank you very much David and your every stuff. I am your fan since this concert. What an incredible talent you are!

    I feel such regret because I didn’t attend Florence Live even if I was visiting there that time. We left there before a couple days. Seeing the documentary I am so regretting. I remembered last Summer Italy was so hot.

    Next live tour I never miss it if your band comes to my area.

    Thank you again. (Sorry my English is not good.)

  89. Good morning all –

    Off topic – my co-worker justed forwarded me the following info, thought you might like to know.

    Hope you are able to access this link (click my name).

    Work has been hectic – got to run.

    Have a wonderful day.

  90. CAPTION:

    Whilst everyone poses for the last Polly barn picture, Richard Wright turns to the bloggers with his ‘Ban-erizer 3000’, and with a smug sardonic smile taunts, “Go ahead, punks. Make my day….”

  91. I don’t play the “favourite” game. . . BUT, I do like the bit where Guy demonstrates the virtues of owning a good backpack. . . I would have bought one from him if he were selling them. . . ;-))

  92. Favourite moments from the DVD….all of it!

    Stevie saying he felt like he had won the lottery by playing with this band (sorry I forgot that before).

    Robert Wyatts comments and wish him every success with the new album.

    Anything featuring Richard Wright….his comment ‘I don’t know why they didn’t get a nice bus’ was classic!! Plus his birthday party, Echoes etc etc.

    Guy’s wandering round the stage always amuses us plus the oversleeping incident.

    David for his wonderful commentary both in Breaking Bread and the Making of On an Island already these documentaries seem far too short.

    Polly, Phil, Crosby and Nash Jon (with rucksack!) and everyone else involved for going to a lot of trouble and effort in creating a fantastic DVD. May the camaraderie and friendship between them all long continueand sharing so much of it with us.

    Last but not least a special thank you to you F’Ed for enduring all the ‘when will it be available’ and other such questions. It was well worth waiting for.

  93. DVD Thoughts…

    Brickman and Mallet need a special mention as this will be a benchmark for sound and video recordings on DVD…

    Special moments for me:

    1. The heartbeat intro…
    2. Fat Old Sun stepping up a gear
    3. The awe that Crosby and Nash have when DG plays
    4. Dark Globe
    5. Breaking Bread doco is just excellent stuff

    There is also a bit between CN and AL that has slipped through the net… David Bowie thanks DG for inviting him and DG says “no, thank you” but that’s not what you see… check it out.

  94. Hey, about Brazilian fans, we’re here still waiting a little for the dvd. I am a great fan of all Mr. Gilmour’s career and work. His music is the sweetest thing ever, a touch of understanding in the middle of the grey. Thank you for all the good things you have done.


    [I hope you’ll be able to see it soon, Daniel. We look forward to your thoughts. – Features Editor]

  95. It’s always been difficult for me to pick out favorite songs or performances from David’s or Pink Floyd albums. Typically when I buy another bands album it contains a few great songs and the rest I’ll probably never listen to again. This has never been the case for me with Pink Floyd’s or David’s albums. You definitely get your money’s worth.

    What stands out the most for me is the personal feel of the entire DVD and the fact that we get to hear and see songs that haven’t been performed live for some time.

    One of my favorite tracks is Wot’s Uh the Deal on disk 2. Can’t really explain why I enjoyed it so much, it just comes together and flows so well. This is kind of surprising to me because most of my favorites are songs with distinctive guitar solos.

    I would still be happy if David’s entire album was strictly instrumental.


  96. This is actually a very hard question to answer, when you get down to it. There are so many wonderful moments, but I wholeheartedly “echo” what wrightee mentioned above at Oct. 25, 8:48 a.m. — “Fat Old Sun.” It’s just perfect and I, too, was so blown away hearing it performed live.

    I love how the DVD features “Fat Old Sun,” “Coming Back To Life,” and “High Hopes” in that order. It’s impossible to take in that trifecta without reaching for the Kleenex at least once!

  97. [I have a VHS tape from the ’84 tour. With the success of Remember That Night are there any plans to put that out on DVD?]

    Why won’t that and delicate sound of thunder (and maybe even the wall live if there is enough footage) be released on DVD? You can never have enough Pink Floyd and David Gilmour DVDs.

    I finally managed to get my hands on a Delicate Sound of Thunder VHS. But i can’t even find a Live at Hammersmith VHS on the internet.

    PLEASE David/EMI release the DVD.

  98. *Caption*

    As David and the rest of the band explain their recent “island” influences being attributed to the late Bob Marley, Richard stares into the camera and thinks to himself, “Bob?…..I thought it was Jacob!”

  99. Caption:

    Guy was shocked when he saw what Dick Parry could do with his saxophone…

  100. [It was also performed in Munich. – Features Editor]

    Thank you FEd, but the recorded version on the DVD is definitely Clam, you can tell by the tents in the background.

    [Maybe there was some tinkering with the audio, so parts were taken from Munich? – Features Editor]

  101. It seems pretty obvious from the meeting between David and Roger on RTN that there is an unbridgeable distance between them. It’s really interesting to compare this interaction with their easy camaraderie displayed on Pompeii.

    Kind of reminds most of us, I’m sure, of how relationships that once appeared unshakeable can, over time and circumstances, shatter and become irreparable.

    At any rate, for me that is Pink Floyd on display on RTN. With David, Richard – the whole lead section of the group – Guy, Jon and Dick on stage, it’s almost Floyd.

    In other news, I left the blog yesterday to follow the game in Turkey. Maybe I should have just stayed on the blog!

    Sunday is crunch time, in my opinion. Does this bunch really have regard for what LFC is, the traditions, the history and the commitment required? Losing to or drawing with Arsenal will not be the end of the world, but it will definitely call for some raised eyebrows in the Anfield boardroom and maybe a “So what’s up, Rafa?” tap on the shoulder from someone higher-up.

  102. Did anyone watch a programme on the New York Dolls comeback concert on BBC4 the other night.

    Very sad story but I am sure I noticed Marc Brickmans name in the credits but not sure why.

    Pete – Coventry

  103. hey guys,

    just saw the brixton stuff on the main page – dont look on there much – what a great reminder, and that backstage footage too, brilliant.

    plus i can even make myself out in the picture 🙂

    changing the subject slightly, what happend to looneypool last night?

    and did you read the absolutle iron clad proof in the sun today that martin jol is to be shown the door – he isnt on the new spurs monopoly board. LOL

  104. I just love the whole DVD. The backstage and behind the scenes stuff is interesting and humourous; the concert is fabulous.

    My highlights include Venice – “why do we put ourselves through such hell?”, the band members faces when they are playing the wine glasses, catching David adjusting a light, everything Guy does on and off the stage, and Rick too; those four notes on SOYCD, drenched with delay; Fat Old Sun, CN, the list goes on and on.

    Like Angelo, the only thing I was disappointed about was all the smoke during a certain section of Echoes, we missed the knob twiddling (or is it twirling?). But not worth complaining about.


    Hard Luck for Liverpool this week. By all accounts an ugly win on the weekend and an unfortunate mistake yesterday.

    I can just see it, Rafa: “All right Sami, you made your point. You can be a striker. I’ll put Crouch on defense, he’s taller anyway.”

  105. Hi FEd,

    How is your week going?

    One of my girls, Beth, is 18 today!!! (Now that she’s legal it’s time for her to get her own place, …lol!)

    Have a great day FEd, you deserve it.


    [Happy Birthday to Beth. – Features Editor]

  106. Hi Fed,

    I’ve already posted my comment about my dvd thoughts.I would like to tell to Mr Richard Wright something if possible.

    My father met him in the summer of 1978 in Lindos,a special place for me because I’ve been there 19 times in my life,nearly every summer as I’m 23 now and I love it.So,my father introduced me to Pink Floyd music when I was a child and thanks to him I have a music culture,he’s a photographer and met Richard on a cruiseship called Espresso Corinto,his name is Umberto.

    Now I don’t want to know if Richard remembers of him but I just want to let him know that my father has always told me that remembers him as a great man and a real artist and that he spent with him one of the greatest times of his life.

    Naturally even if I’ve never met you Mr Wright I think the same of you and your music has always been so important to create what Pink Floyd music is.You’re one of the greatest piano players ever,thank you very much for your music.

    I’ve always written about David because he’s my idol but this time I had to tell you this,

    God bless YOU ALL,always.

    Thank you very much Fed for letting me say it.


  107. I’ve seen a number of people complaining of grainy video quality on the DVD. This is an inherent issue with all video cameras in low light situations.

    Some concert videos are shot with additional bright lighting to make every shot as crisp as possible. RTN was shot to capture the lighting as it was presented to the audience. I prefer having a true representation of the audience experience over something faked to improve the lighting exclusively for the video cameras.

    The HD version will still have grain, as the cameras can only do so much with low light. But the grain will be much smaller and should be less noticeable than on the DVD.

  108. [Anyone new to Mr Wyatt should check out his 1974 masterpiece ‘Rock Bottom’.]

    And his cover of Elvis Costello’s beautiful “Shipbuilding” is just perfect ….

    With due respect for all things holy, the lines …

    “With all the will in the world
    Diving for dear life
    When we could be diving for pearls”

    … sung in Robert’s wistful voice gets the old goosebumps going every time

  109. [Yes, that idea has been given some thought. Wales-only winners next time. – Features Editor]

    I see a mad dash to try and secure mail box addresses in Wales. Would knowing where Wales is on the map count?? LOL



  110. Can I add a final thank you to Polly for these marvelously candid “Barn” shots?

    They come across with such a sense of warmth and brotherhood.

    I’m sure a reflection of the sessions themselves…

    Thank you Polly 🙂

    [As you liked them so much, you can have another one tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  111. Hi FEd.

    Just wanted to let you know: Remember That Night was also Number 1 in the Czech Republic Music DVD Charts. Its already 5 weeks in the Top 3.


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  112. Hi all! Still here in San Diego! We never got evacuated not smoked out (I live in sorta the big unburned center of it all). I’m glad you are ok Renee and Eva (sorry you got evacuated… that had to be rough). It’s a mess down here… a lot of displaced people. This too shall pass.

    Favorite DVD moments…

    1) I love how the DVD is separated into part 1 and 2 at the end of OAI… the music of OAI fits together as a stand alone section, so that division made sense.
    2) The ending of FOS is amazing!
    3) The best version of Echoes I’ve heard!
    4) The interplay between David and Dick on WTIO!
    5) And best of all… everyone in the band looks to be having a wonderful time together… not just “a gig”. They WANT to be there!


  113. Caption:

    Ostracized for an unusually off-color remark, Jon Carin was relegated to Photographer while Polly was off shopping.

    I know… weak!


  114. Hey Everyone!

    Ok, my favourite moments on the DVD

    -Poor Stevie getting made fun of for being a Robin Hood fan
    -The secret meeting between David and Roger…not so secret now eh?
    -Dark Globe-Very moving
    -Discovering Igor in the alley way…”Would you play those for us, in our concert”?
    ” Huh”?…LOL
    -Echoes…awesome song…oh and I love *Fat Old Sun*
    -Guy sleeping in

    (hmmm well that was 6, and you said keep it to five, oh well it’s only one more :-P)

    And much , much more 🙂

    Hope everyone’s week hasn’t been too stressful, or complicated. I hope you’re relaxing as well FEd, you seemed stressed out…but what do I know.


  115. I don’t think this has been mentioned before here, so, this is the link to BT Digital Music Awards 2007. (Click my name).

    – Best Music Blog Top 100 : #1 David Gilmour/The Blog (yes, of course, everybody knows ! Excellent!).

    – Best Official Music Site Top 200 : #6 David Gimour Site.

    Bravo !


  116. [Thanks. I just saw the following headline: “Turks: 2, Berks: 1.” That says it all. – Features Editor]

    thats cruel . i didn’t think they played that badly . if it wasn’t for a fluke own goal it would have been 1-1 and dad ( who is the font of all footie knowledge in my house , belive me he would make a better comentator then most of them !) agreed with the guy who was typing the yahoo live text commentary . crouch should have been played a lot earlier .

    by the way they got a right pasting from the RTE (irish telvision) pundits 2 of whom were ex liverpool players !

    believe it or not even though i don’t like liverpool fc ( more for their irish fans than because of the team ) it gave me no joy to see them lose in europe . i always suport the english team even if i wouldn’t suport them in a premiership match .

  117. Hope I am not wearing out my welcome with too many posts lately, but here I am again.

    I think I have finally discovered the identity of F’Ed! I am playing AMLOR at work, and I see that the credits list a Tony Levin on Bass Guitar and STICK! So this must be the pointy stick we hear so much about. Do I win?

    On the ‘get serious’ side, I repeat my favs on AMLOR: the guitar solo at the end of On The Turning Away; the solo just befor the last two paragraphs of lyrics on Yet Another Movie, then Terminal Frost with the wonderful sax section and backup singers (beautiful), then on to Sorrow. Which to my mind never gets enough play or discussion. The lyrics here are so moving and I get more out of them everytime. But, that guitar is so incredible. Blows my mind.

    Hoping to not embarass myself too much, I want to admit that I finally signed myself up for guitar lessons. I was encouraged by a couple of the bloggers to try. I can see it will be a long journey, but one that I am enjoying and yet frustrated with. I am starting with acoustic and my teachers name is David! Honest.

    On the California fire scene, I know that San Diego has one of the worlds finest zoos. I wonder if the animals are being affected by this as well. Any news? Good to hear some people have been able to move back into their homes. Hope this ends without much more damage.

    Have a great evening all,
    my best to you,

  118. i love the awkward silences, awkward silences are the BEST time to take a picture.

    -cemet nosce

  119. – Storm’s films were terribly missed for most of the songs…
    – Know first hand that Solidarity Works! ! ! Like it! ! !
    – It’s a very moving Emergency performance of ‘On the Turning Away.’
    – Video footage of the Ferris Wheel is fantastic.
    – Rick Wight’s personal tour comments were very sweet and moving.
    – Robert Wyatt’s horn playing brought back dear memories.
    – The Wireman link for extra footage is very clever.
    – A single take ‘Dark Globe’ is mind-boggling.
    – It was an interesting blessing by the special rain water in San Marco.
    – DJ Rick Wright and drunk Judy Garland, LOL 8^) Great fun! ! !
    – It’s a very clever Intermission sequence.
    – Both ‘Arnold Layne’ versions are great! ! !
    – Astoria is very beautiful…
    – The ways the music track link unfolds is mesmerizing. Like an OAI tour DNA strand of images unfolding in 3D…
    – David Gilmour’s version of Dominoes was Paramount! ! ! Made my night! ! !
    – ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ with David Gilmour late for the This Heaven performance as though he’d been busy snacking back stage?
    – ‘Astronomy Domine’ was excellent…

    That is what stood out the most during my first viewing of the DVD this afternoon.

    Thank you,

  120. I really loved when everyone was in the restaurant screwing around with the wine glasses….and then all of a sudden there they were on the stage getting ready to do it live……that was a magical moment captured perfectly! If that wasn’t enough, here is this guy on the streets doing it…that was great, loved it.

    Bowie delivered very well…very surprised at his performance…… not to take away from anyone else…because there were no sour notes for me, from anyone.

    The structure of the DVD was very well done, whoever put it together did a very good job… went beyond the standard.

    Hearing Crosby and Nash talk about the crew was really cool…. thats the stuff you want to know. It is a whole story within a story, it was refreshing to be brought to where they were at.

    Wots the Deal! (yes)

    Great to see Polly

    And last but not least… this journey that David was on and let us be a part of was……was…….
    I don’t even have a good enough word for it…. but it might be something like gigantic???…great….fantastic… it was just plain good!!! really good.

    Green tip: carpool to work.

  121. I’m glad somone mentioned Guy’s have a bass, it made me think of a caption that none would have found funny had you not pointed it out

    “Bang and the bass is gone”!

  122. There are so many wonderful and stand-out moments on the DVD, and here’s what I think…

    1. I am truly moved seeing David Gilmour initiated the gesture by putting his hand on Roger Waters’ arm when he first saw Roger;and then concluded with a hug with each other when they met in the parking lot.

    2. Those special moments when Polly was being filmed snapping away for the precious pictures collections.

    3. David Gilmour imitating Judy Garland and Richard Wright – I didn’t know David Gilmour is also a fine actor.

    4. Echoes – The overall collaboration and stunning performance of each band member, in addition to the magnificent light effects – overwhelming.

    5. Wearing the Inside out – I finally get to see this song performed live – extraordinary.

    6. The glimpse of Nick Mason; special appearances and performances of Crosby and Nash, Robert Wyatt, David Bowie or Booie (as Graham Nash pronounces); and many interesting and funny moments captured in Breaking Bread, drinking wine documentary.

    Whew! This could be my longest post so far. If I understand it correctly, FEd, you did say “…maybe half a dozen at most for each band member?” didn’t you? I’ve tried very hard to make it shorter; but it’s difficult.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend all.

  123. Maybe somebody answered this already. But I think David and Richard reversed their high low harmony parts from the original cut of Echoes. (Am I right?)

    As for the DVD. It is without doubt the best I have ever seen from anyone….it’s a grand slam home run. It’s right out of the park. Stunning.

    I always liked Richard Wright…..seeing him so content and enjoying himself so much was very cathartic for all of his long time fans who have followed him for years. He is a talented and understated musician, and those of us who have known of him since the 60’s, have always known this.

    As for the rest of the band. There are just too many high points to mention them all. It’s so much fun when you see people working together, getting along, and having fun doing it.

    The whole has become more than the sum of the parts ………and that’s just plain magic.

    A standing ovation to all of you.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

  124. So many good things to say of RTN.

    WTIO with Richard was so amazing to see live for the first time. Phil stepped up on OAI and Dominoes in fine fashion. David’s guitar was not too bad either!

    Fed, do we have to wait until Easter for the egg hunt?? Kidding of course.

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