Brazilian DVD release

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: ANOTHER DELAY (19/10/07)

‘Remember That Night’ will finally (yes, really) be released in Brazil on Friday 26 October.

I’d like to sincerely apologise – on behalf of Sony BMG – to David’s many passionate Brazilian fans for this late date. I know how irritating these delays are, and can only say that I’m truly sorry for the frequent disappointment caused.

The DVD is worth waiting for, I can promise you that much.

The winners of Friday’s 12-hour raffle are as follows:

– Signed David Gilmour lithograph print: Emilio (#99)
– Best Buy exclusive ‘Remember That Night’ DVD: Pete (#8)
– Promo CD, as issued to radio stations: Piero (#84)
– ‘Remember That Night’ programme/pass: Chris (#38)

Well done, all. Please let us know where we should send your prizes.

‘Remember That Night’ is finally released in Brazil today. I hope you enjoy it and, as always, look forward to hearing your views.

The chatroom is closed today, but will be open tomorrow from 9AM (UK time).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

104 thoughts on “Brazilian DVD release”

  1. wow! it’s a wonderful start of week!

    thank you from heart.


    Thank you Fed


    [Congratulations to you. Hope you like your prize. – Features Editor]

  2. Congratulations to the winners.

    The new tickertape on the DG frontpage is cool.

    Good weekend FEd?

    [Not a bad weekend, thanks. You? – Features Editor]

  3. Congratulations to all winners. I note that the number “8” seems popular. I’ll remember that next time.

    Ian Pearson

  4. I’m a winner, yee haa. Number 8 will be my favourite number from now on!

    My address is […]

    Thank you, keep up the excellent work!

    [Congratulations, Pete. – Features Editor]

  5. congrats to all the winners, and great prizes!! they keep getting better!!

    p.s. Babel didnt start in the starting 11 because he had overslept on practice!!! He came into the team in the second half, but we lost anyway….

    [Hard luck, Emiel. We didn’t just lose, we were humiliated. (Funny old game?) – Features Editor]

  6. Congratulations everyone! Well done…anyways, haven’t been on the internet too much this weekend, I’ve been…JAMMING…with my dad’s band…COOOL!

    He has some friends that started a band and played this concert for charity, and i remember watching them last year, and they’re doing it again this year.

    So my parents and I went last night to watch them practise (call it a backstage pass ;-)) and because the drummer was (once again fashionably late) i got put on them (which by the way are electonic drums) and everyone was starting to show up, and people were doing sound checks…me? I was playing Smoke on the Water…and many other “complex” songs…;-P

    So then everyone one was saying ” so is this our replacement drummer, because we know Charlie (the late drummer) isn’t gonna be here until later?” “yeppers”! It was sooo much fun, lots of compliments, and good improv for just replacing the drummer, and apparently the female vocalist says i have a “GIFT”…noooo not that gift :D…too bad there were no Floyd songs on the set list…

    Anyways, just wanted to say congrats to everyone who won something, and I hope everyone’s weekend was cheerful! CHEERS!


  7. Dear Fed.

    Hope you had a great weekend with a NUMBER of things to do.

    I’m gonna start your week by asking you to verify some cool stuff I’ve been hearing on the old grapevine, please.

    Is it true that David is going to be on Jonathan Ross’ and/or Jools Holland’s TV progs and is there any truth in the rumour that David has been asked to perform at the Royal Variety Show in November as well? My sister told me that one!

    I’ve a tendency to go ‘Hmmm’ but you never know, do you!

    Love Cori xxx

    [That’s right, you never know. – Features Editor]

  8. Wow ! Emilio, Pete, Piero and Chris, such great news for you ! Well done !

    Emilio, please, will you invite us for a big rum-party to celebrate ?


  9. Congratulations to the winners. And another good day for the Pete’s who blog here.

    Pete – Coventry

  10. That 12-hour contest was great fun, short and sweet ! Bravo et merci !

    Saperlipopette ! Such a pleasant and subtle way to make us realise how much our Features Editor and all bloggers love math !!!


    [Oh yes, we crave more numbers. – Features Editor]

  11. Well done to the winners. Lucky man Emilio as 99 was the first number I was going to take until he beat me to it. My original trivia thought was going to be….

    99 copies of RTN on the wall, 99 copies of RTN….Take one down, pass it around….and so on.



  12. Fed,you can’t imagine my happiness.It’s a great day for me,what wonderful news.THANK YOU VERY MUCH,for the first time in my life I’ve been lucky!Thank you very much you all

    Hi Mr Gilmour,hope everything is perfect for you too.Congratulations to the other winners!

    Fed you are my second idol!


    My address is: […]

    [Well done, Piero. Enjoy your prize. – Features Editor]

  13. [Signed David Gilmour lithograph print: Emilio (#99)]


    “Someday my prints will come…”

    (I keed, I keed, Emilio…congrats! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap!)

  14. [We didn’t just lose, we were humiliated.]

    I hadnt looked for the result yet, but you were overrun eh? Ahead by 0/1 and lose 3/1?? What happened? I saw qualy is out of the question now….Will you cheer for Holland if we make it??

    [I’ll cheer for anyone, me. Rubbish defending in the last 30 minutes. It was embarrassing to watch. Thank God we have San Marino in our group. Although, having said that… – Features Editor]

  15. [Emilio, please, will you invite us for a big rum-party to celebrate ? -Michele]

    Sure cherie…but not this 2 weeks.I can see only water in these days,my diet is beginning!

    I’m happy for you Kim,let’s play and play:)


  16. Ooooooh, btw, was the signed litho from the album cover?

    [It shows David playing a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, with a shot of the stage behind him (similar to the DVD cover) and red/pink/peach coloured lighting. It’s printed on shiny art paper, designed by Steve Knee (who designed the album cover) and is about 17×11 inches in size. It’s also marked as being a limited edition lithographic premium print. – Features Editor]

  17. Congrats to all the winners.

    Excellent contest, many thanks FEd.

    Hi to all our friends in Brazil and hope you enjoy the DVD as much as we do!!

    Well done especially to Emilio, would have loved the signed picture myself!! Well done mate.

    Looking forward to another great week in Gilmourland!


  18. Ooh, 3 numbers away from me winning a prize. Congrats winners.

    Any one watch the rugby this weekend?

  19. Andrew… The Rugby?

    I didn’t watch France and England although I wish I had to find out how such an average team managed to get to the World Cup Finals? I’m embarrassed for the game of Rugby to be honest.

    I did watch South Africa beat Argentina and do hope they get their game together so they can despatch England with another thrashing…

  20. Glad to hear our friends in the Southern Hemisphere have their copies of RTN.

    How long until we can start discussing certain goodies that can be found on said disks?

    [Don’t know. Maybe we’ll wait for Japan. – Features Editor]

  21. I’m not being biased here, but England cheated their way to that victory, their hands were in the ruck every opportunity. Cheating gits.

    There we are, tantrum over!

    Just thought of something, I wonder who thought of the word ‘tantrum’? Funny old word that. Or is it just me?!

    Glad everyone had a good weekend, and I did the same as usual and got absolutly drunk! Swansea had a week off this weekend FEd, I went to Carmarthen instead, full of English it was too, boys bach! And farmers!

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

    [Well, all I can say – with a very heavy heart, mind you – is that I wish the Welsh team had showed the same determination to win on Saturday, because everyone seemed to have written England off and they battled bloody hard for their place in the final. – Features Editor]

  22. Congratulations to our winners! What a fun way to start the week off.

    And to our Brazilian bloggers — you’re in for a very special treat, but then again….you already knew that! Enjoy that DVD!

  23. Hello to everyone and hoping you’re all well!

    Hearty congrats to the four lucky winners – you deserved to win those prizes.

    I’ve been ultra busy ranging from the visual arts, driving lessons and that old family computer has driven me crazy because I had to wait for such a while about a month to get it fixed up, but at last we’ve got it up and running, back on track after all from the avalanche of bad luck.


    [It’s good luck only from now on, Adam. – Features Editor]

  24. Congrats to the winners…and to Brazil as well…

    They may not have had the chance to see David live on the last tour, but they will get the next best thing with this DVD.

    Oh wait, I just realized you Brazilian folk may clamor even harder next time around after seeing RTN… hmmmm.

  25. Hi Fed,

    By the time I got here, you ran out of numbers…well, that’s my luck. I should check more often.

    I have a question (again) – and if you think it’s in any way inappropriate, don’t post it.

    The question is : did David have to approve the cover photo?

    Here’s why I’m asking this – in the original photo (the one Polly took in USA), part of the famous black strat is hidden behind the mic stand, and on the cover, it’s revealed, but with black dots on the 4th and 6th fret. Somehow, I don’t think he would miss that…or would he?

    I know I sound like someone who has too much time on their hands (and I do), but the thing is, whenever I see picture of David playing guitar, I always look at the guitar – and this really caught my attention (and I think I’m not the only one).
    Again, I really like the cover and this is not intended to criticize, rather to find a new little bit of trivia…

    Anyway, here’s the original photo and the cover photo – Mr. Gilmour, count your dots next time 🙂

    Ok, I used up all my English here – have a good week everyone, and congratulations to all winners of the recent competitions….

    [That’s a fair point. I think several people must have over-looked that when working on the DVD. In their defence, they did have an awful lot of things to look for, and I’m sure they are still seeing dots before their eyes now. Besides, maybe it was done to see who’d notice. – Features Editor]

  26. [Rubbish defending in the last 30 minutes. It was embarrassing to watch.]

    Same thing happened to us, and bloody selfish strikers! The nasty weather in Romania didnt help either, but we should have done better than that.

    [It shows David playing a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, with a shot of the stage behind him (similar to the DVD cover) and red/pink/peach coloured lighting. It’s printed on shiny art paper, designed by Steve Knee (who designed the album cover) and is about 17×11 inches in size. It’s also marked as being a limited edition lithographic premium print. – Features Editor]

    Sounds really pretty, will there be a select amount available to buy you think?? Im still trying to convince my wife i need the Strat, but it seems thatll be a no no…..

    [I don’t think so, but there just might be another contest to win one very soon. – Features Editor]

  27. [I didn’t watch France and England although I wish I had to find out how such an average team managed to get to the World Cup Finals]

    If you’d watched it you would have seen that England are no longer an average team. Even the Frenchman in the ITV studio said the better team won.

    Although someone from Toronto is probably just upset that every year England sends the A team (the rugby equivalent of the football B team) to tour North America and they still beat Canada.

  28. Congratulations to ALL the winners!! Very happy for you!! (especially you, Emilio!! What a prize!)

    KC, proud of you getting up there and drumming your heart out for the world!!

    Hope everyone has a great week!!

  29. [The question is : did David have to approve the cover photo?]

    On a Radio 2 interview he said that he didn’t like the photo – he wanted one that made him look handsome but was told that that photo was going to be used. It seems everyone else thought the photo was good so it was used.

    I can’t remember David’s exact wording even though I taped the interview but he said something along those lines.

  30. *caption*

    Richard trying to make up his mind between jamming with David, Guy or who may be behind curtain number 3.



  31. Congrats to all the winnners, I won the limited edition On an Island album with the bonus DVD. Wish I could have the signed Litho though!!

    Congrats to Emilio.


  32. Oh Fed!

    You are such an enigma! You never give anything away – prizes, yes, gossip, no.:@

    Well done Emi and others on 99. My number was your’s upsidedown! Like Matt, one day my prinz will come too … Maybe…perhaps….grrs!

    Well done also to 13 year old KC for having fun at her gig over weekend – you’ll have to get a Floyd song on that list!

    Hope you all have a manic Monday.

    Love Cori xxx

  33. Congrats to all the winners… the litho sounds spectacular. I’m very surprised it is being given as a prize… as David said on the DVD “eBay here we come”.

    Hey we’ll be watching eBay…. don’t even THINK of selling it!!!

    Have a great day all!

  34. Ahah ! that rugby thing !

    How many non English people will now shout “Viva South Africa!”, in the same way as they shouted “Vive la France!” last weekend ?

    Funny or sad ?

    Good luck for the Final, Tim…(honest).


    [A bit of both, isn’t it? That said, I know that a lot of English people were supporting Argentina last night… – Features Editor]

  35. Hi FEd.

    DVD News for you:

    In Estonia it’s now Number 1 as well (click my name).

    Gold Award in New Zealand (go to Music dvds)


    [Thanks for that, Werner. It’s doing well, isn’t it? – Features Editor]


    David: Hey, our Steve looks like he’s gonna be late too. What do you say we ask KC to jam with us!

    Rick: Cool! We can play Smoke on the Water!

  37. [I don’t think so, but there just might be another contest to win one very soon. – Features Editor]

    Are bribes out of the question, Fed????

  38. DOTS DOTS DOTS DOTS DOTS DOTS and more flipping dots. Gawd!

    Quick give me a rum, Michele!

    Love Cori xxx

  39. I just don’t ever win these things. Still, it was a lot of fun to read how creative it got, especially at the end, when numbers got scarce.

  40. Congrads to the winners!

    Hey Kim, it’s fun to play isn’t it. I also got to sing over the weekend. I shocked everyone with a duet rendition of emylou’s blue bayou. Than by the end of the night I was hamorizing to P.F.’s Mother. It was so much fun.

    I watched echoes again last night, it just blows me away. I am so glad that David decided to play it again. I think it is one of their best pieces.

  41. *caption*

    Richard looks up bemused at Guy’s ill fated attempts to hit David and himself with rather large spit balls…

  42. Grats to the winners! You lucky people!

    I’ve just got back from a self imposed exile in Brighton for the week to lock myself away from all distractions in order to make some serious progress on my thesis, which I did (to the sounds of Mr G’s guitar). It’s amazing how productive one can be without the myriad of distractions served up by the Internet ( is of course without doubt the best distraction of them all).

    I tend to listen to a lot of instrumental music when I’m working (jazz in particular..Monk, Coltrane and Guaraldi are faves) because there’s no lyrics to get in the way of my own thinking. If I could have one wish for David’s next project it would be to make an album of instrumental work. Think of elements from Mihalis, Signs of Life, Cluster One, Castellorizon, Island Jam and indeed the front page loops…all put down as soundscapes with David’s feel leading the way.

    It’s clear from David’s sax playing that whatever instrument he plays that his trademark sound/feel comes through it, so to have multiple layers and loops of that feel would be just delicious. Heck, ask Mr Parsons if he’s around – David’s work on “Return to Tunguska” was amazing and it’s that sort of thing that I’m thinking of, although obviously much more Gilmour style than Parson’s own.

    I know I’m boring about this stuff but I figured if I plant a few seeds one might just take root somewhere 🙂

    Hope you’re all doing well..


  43. Emilio grande! you won the greatest prize!

    thanks to everybody who is happy for me and the other guys!it’s very kind of you…


  44. Tim’s comment really bugged me. Sour grapes, or what!

    Hola, Brazil! The DVD will drive you nuts! (Get it…Brazil… Nuts …. Oh please yourself!)

    Love Cori xxx

  45. *Caption*

    After the flying saucers were done with their crop circles outside… they went to the barn and found that there is intelligent life here after all.

    p.s. congrats to the latest winners!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  46. So I succumbed and, despite it being on my xmas list, bought the DVD.

    Cant really add to the positive comments other than it really is a wonderful release.

    Amongst all the many many good bits was one bit that really got to me and that was where David and Roger meet up on the Breaking Bread documentary.

    Who knows what they were really thinking and how the full conversation went, but adding my own thoughts, it had me welling up in a happy sort of way.

    I wouldnt mind betting if we are all totally honest, that for those who Pink Floyd have been a part of our lives for so long, had similar feelings.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Martin S, you win the bet. I buckled and bought it.

  47. Did anyone else see the ‘most annoying pop songs we hate to love’ on BBC 3 just now? Guy Pratt was on it after a Jimmy Nail song got to 45. As well as a clip with Guy there was a shot of him on top of the pops!

  48. WooHoo… Love it…

    Thomas… if you read more often you’d know I’m very much Welsh and know that England have been less than average (played 46 lost 25) over the past four years and just because they luckily win a few games recently they end up in a World Cup final…

    The “World Champions” have lost every one of the last four games against South Africa…so here’s to making it five 🙂

    If you’re an England fan you know you’re lucky to be where you are…

    I’ll shut up now and get back to DG stuff…

  49. Congratulations to the winners! Well done!

    And Huzzah for Brazil! If I still knew how to speak Portuguese, I would say something in it that would appropriate to the situation. But I don’t anymore.

  50. [CUTE CAPTION – Cori]

    Hahahaha…I love it….thanks to everyone else who congratulated me….sorry to attract attention to myself, oh and in my art class today, we started building WIREMEN! I wonder if there’s any way i could show my version of him…hint hint FEd…anyways!

    Congrats again to those lucky raffle winners!

  51. What a fun competition, sorry I missed it & congrats to all the lucky winners.

    Hope everybody had a good weekend.

    The DVD got a good review in the Irish Times last Friday Fed, short but positive – I’m not too well up with all this technology so I wouldn’t know where to start attaching it or whatever has to be done??

    England should consider themselves lucky to be in the final, it appears that many teams turned up in France but forgot how to play, Ireland being one of them. Ah but sure we can only hope we do better next time.

    Tom B

    [Thanks for the tip-off. – Features Editor]

  52. Just thought I would add my sports grief from the other side of the Atlantic.

    I was at the New York Jets (American football) yesterday and watched an awful showing. They lost their 5th game out of 6.

  53. Cori… you mean tim as in ME???

    No sour grapes here at all… eBay has been a bone of contention for many on this site since the early days when tickets to see David were appearing on eBay for huge lumps of cash by people who bought tickets with only the intent of turning a profit. It has been said several times that one reason David doesn’t do a lot of autographs is because they often end up on eBay. That’s why I was surprised to see a signed litho as a prize.

    I’m very happy for those who won prizes. This site has had many competitions and many prizes. I personally already won when I was given tickets to see Daid perform on the Jay Leno Show… so no sour grapes here. Sure I’d love one of the prizes… but we have quite a community here and most of us are very happy when someone wins a prize (or has a birthday, or has a baby or whatever). We laugh with the happy and cry with the down-trodden. So smile!


    [Well said, Tim. – Features Editor]

  54. Rudders,

    Spoken like a true Welshman, mate.

    Face facts, the best team wins, that’s just the way it is.

  55. Pete in Coventry – you are so right. I am not ashamed to admit that seeing Roger and David at Bray had me welling up too.

    I wonder if Roger and David, ‘Mr Ping’ and even a certain Mr Mason know exactly what they meant to us!

    Love Cori xxx

  56. Nickster – boring? Not at all. It would be lovely listening to a chill out album made up of David’s solos and instrumentals. Absolutely. But I love David’s voice, it’s so beautiful and so versatile; how it rocks on Take A Breath, shows bittersweet irony on SOYCD and Comfortably Numb, then plays at being cheeky and showering us with warmth in Smile.

    Love Cori xxx

  57. Finally we have the DVD in Brazil!

    Now we are waiting for the live performance……..

  58. Congratulations to the winners!!

    Next time can we have a game where all of us can play? I log on about 4:30 (Arizona time) every day, by the time I got on, the game had already started and ended.

    I have tried to bid on these items on ebay, I just dont have the kind of money they want for these items! I actually bid on the premier hand out, someone was selling 5 of them and you could bid on one….but even those with shipping ended up at over $10.00 a piece…so that person ended up with over $50.00 dollars for something they picked up off the floor at the end of the show. The sad thing is, i was at the premier in Arizona and just wanted one because I was there…..I know, stop the whinning ….it’s a little frustrating thats all.

    Green tip: If you like hard boiled eggs and you like soup, the next time you make soup throw a few eggs into the boiling soup. Will save you energy making the eggs, just wash the eggs first, if you have kids let them try it, they will get a kick out of it.

  59. Congratulations to the boys with the winning numbers!! Emi, I know you’re going to treasure that litho forever:>} Very nice, my friend!

    k.c. drummer girl — ROCK ON!! I bet you had a blast! I’m just listening to the song ‘The End’ on Abbey Road by the Beatles and it has some good kickin’ drum riffs that you should try out … actually the entire album would be fun to play along with if I played an instrument other than air guitar, drums, etc:D (heh-heh)

    [In Estonia it’s now Number 1 as well – Werner]

    That’s fantastic, and I noticed PULSE was #8! Not too shabby. Thanks for that news Werner.

    I’m hoping that RTN actually was released today in Brazil. Just in time for a certain Irregular Brazilian’s birthday coming up in a couple of days’ time;-)) That just doesn’t sound right somehow (… stifling a chortle!).

    Peace and love everyone!

  60. Congrats to all the raffle winners!

    What a cute game! An instinct urged me to view the blog that morning while I was at work. I peeked and sure enough I spotted the 12 hour contest. Risky for me to post but I did it.

    I finished reading all the posts for the raffle #s over the weekend, I can feel the excitement during the 12 hours contest even after the fact, love those trivia about “Remember That Night” – clever.

    Should we be on the look out for more surprises these days, FEd?

    [Please do. – Features Editor]

  61. *Caption*

    “Not only did the hole in the roof cause a draft but the gaping hole in the side wall and, that light fabric, was horrific. . .”

  62. I hope everyone enjoys their Brazilian DVD’s. Your long wait has finally paid off.

    It looks like all David’s hard work is being well rewarded with all the #1’s on the charts!

    I like the addition of the ticker tape on the News Page.

    Nice job everyone on the last contest.

    What do you have in store for everyone next Fed?

    [That would be telling. – Features Editor]

  63. I missed this game which is a pain, but I know for sure that the critical number would have to be 100. It’s the last one and that’s how it feels sometimes.

    All the best to everyone.

  64. Congrats people, job well done.

    On RTN, there’s a moment where David plays a black Strat with the DSOTM prism symbol. That is the release issue if I’m not mistaken.

  65. Here’s something for Frank Par.

    I’m sure the question of the DSOTM Strat has been addressed before but it was a one off painted by Martin Sims of Sims Custom Guitar Shop and auctioned for the Nordoff-Robbins charity.

    Here’s a link to the original Fender article (click my name):



  66. Tim – my apologies to you for getting it wrong but I guess I would never of thought of selling something as lovely as that on bloody eBay. I hate the bugger! I love you too! XxxxxxXXX

  67. Cori,

    In support of Tim, I dont know the bloke, but having read his posts over the last couple of years I am sure his comment was ‘tongue in cheek’.

    And I am sure, even if they dont fully comprehend, David, Roger et all know what they mean to us. I think what I was trying to say was that if PF are finished then it was great that it did on a good note.

    Pete – Coventry

  68. Ouch, you had to bring up the Jets, Howard…I’m still licking my NY Yankee and NY Mets wounds…

  69. Missing PF is rather like all those fans who missed Take That (fortunately that’s where the similarity ends)!

    Cori xxxxx

  70. Dear Fed

    Wow! As I am into recording, I loved the Resolution article concerning Andy Jackson and Astoria. If I went to that studio, I swear I would never come out. Fabulous.

    Love Cori xxxxx

  71. Hi Fed,

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Just like to say that ‘Smile’ and ‘The Blue’ on the DVD (well I say DVD.. I mean the BBC One edit as Im still waiting for the Blu-ray…. dang! I said it again…) are very good for sending 6 month old babies to sleep. Especially when you sing along too. Worked a treat last night!

    And a caption for you:

    “Guy and Rick look on in amazement at Davids huge microphone”

    Cheers, Jon

  72. CAPTION : Ok, ok guy so wot’s uh the deal went down a storm lets try another off that lovely album…. 1, 2, 3 this is Absolutely Curtains.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  73. Congratulations Fed…

    You managed to get away with out one haircut reference for this entry… bravo 🙂

  74. Hi there,

    Well done to the winners. These comps are fun.

    I didn’t actually finish my post regarding a raffle numer due to a hectic office at lunchtime that day and inadvertently pressing the post button. Nor did I read properly, shame on me!

    I meant to make mention of the lovely song “Then I Close My Eyes” on the DVD. Now that song really moves me. It is so beautiful, it is now up there with “The Blue”.

    Have a lovely day.

    Best regards.


  75. A big congrats to the winners!!!

    Great job on the contest Fed…I would have had numbers flashing in my head…to go along with the dots…

    Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!

  76. CAPTION:

    David: C’mon, Guys. You must know at least ONE Take That song!!!

    Rick (sings): We’ve split up, we’ve split up, we’ve split up for good…..

    (sad 🙁 )

    Love Cori xxxxx

  77. Well done gentlemen.

    I am confident that all prizes are going to good homes.

    Emi would never part with that litho. He’s the sort of person that will tuck it away safely and cherish it forever.


  78. Caption:

    The fact that Roger Waters was rehearsing on the other side of the drape would soon become apparent as his inflatable pig tried to defect arse-first into the Gilmour Camp.

    [Brilliant, just brilliant. – Features Editor]

  79. Thanks Paul on the Strat story, I completely forgot about that one.

    To Howard and Angelo, the jets have one more win than the dolphins who are in the abyss-ment right now.

  80. Pete, Tim – is it me? Is it? Sorry if it is. I’m a pussycat really. I’m too emotional in recent times. Mention PF and I am transported back in time. Oh welling again. Damn it!

    Miss Burns is unwell!

    Love Cori xxx

  81. Congratulations to the winners!!

    Julie..nice to see your name on the blog again.

    I have been trying to catch up on the blog. Tough going, with work and a vacation that left me far behind in reading. Enjoyed so very much the crazy captions and comments about ‘the blu-ray’ monster headed our way. To say I am confused about the technical side of all this is an understatement.

    Listening to On An Island today and decided that my new favorites are A Pocketful Of Stones and Where We Start. The music is beautiful and the meaning is both lovely and in the case of APOS, haunting.

    How wonderful that NewYork Dan is helping to expose Mr. Gilmour’s lovely music, guitar and voice to new ears. And it sounds like the program you are involved in is having success. Very good.

    FE’d..had a dream that I actually met you at the one and only David Gilmour concert I have been to. We were with a bunch of the bloggers and adjourned to the nearest pub for pints after the concert. I was so excited because I was getting to meet many of you in person (well, in my dream ).

    Oddest part is that my concert was in Chicago, and the pub was in London! But in dreams anything happens. Silly, I’m sure, but it was a fun dream.

    Anyway you were as witty in person as you are on the blog, so I wasn’t disappointed. Who knows, maybe some day some of this will come true. But, I think I’ll have to move to the UK first.

    good evening to you all,

    [Bless you, Jan. Dreaming about this place and this lot… That’s worrying. – Features Editor]

  82. Many congratulations to all the very lucky winners!

    Ciao Elisabetta

    (I can understand very well the sense of IMck’s caption: it’s very funny!)

  83. Fed…wanna hear about my dream. Now that was weird.

    I dreamt that we were all at a book signing in a massive high ceilinged white room that was like a gym, and you were there (hence why I asked if you had red hair)….and David was behind a huge desk and in my dream I was flying above the desk and filming – I had massive white wings – and David kept looking up and smiling at me and there were 2 men in black suits standing behind him and there was a very long queue (line to our American friends), all waiting to get this book signed by David. Roger was in line too and when it came to his turn, David said he wasn’t going to sign Roger’s copy cos he’ll sell it on eBay.

    I woke up in a cold sweat.

    [Very strange. – Features Editor]

  84. Cori,

    No it was not you.

    All I was trying to do was expand on my previous note where I thought I had not explained my thoughts sufficiently.

    Pete – Coventry

  85. As you know, Brazil is a very large country… the dvd will arrive here in my city only in november (or the last october week). This wait is killing me =P

    (I live far far away from big cities like Sao Paulo or Rio, where things comes first, so I don’t have any choice instead of waiting.)


  86. What a beautiful concert….I have to say it is some of the most touching music (and Im not prone to cry), but found myself fighting tears…Blue is very pretty, smile is just heartwarming…very nice short sweet tune….

    On An Island is a very well done and shows why Gilmour is one of the greats…cheers Mr.Gilmour!

  87. ‘Remember That Night’ will be released in Brazil a week today: on Friday 26 October.

    We’d like to apologise – on behalf of Sony – to David’s many passionate Brazilian fans for this delay.

    The DVD is worth waiting for, we can promise that much.

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