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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: DMA TICKETS

I have two pairs of tickets to attend the BT Digital Music Awards tomorrow night, where we stand a chance of winning the award for Best Music Blog (and DG Management of winning Best Official Music Site).

If you can make it to the Roundhouse in Camden by 8PM (UK time) tomorrow – and “dress smart,” as it says on the tickets – let me know.

However, you must be able to collect the tickets from the management office’s new location in London (N8) by 6PM (UK) tomorrow. There isn’t time to send them out to you, unfortunately.

If you can definitely meet the above criteria, let me know.

Just in case you’re still blinded by optimism, the Blu-ray (or blu-ray, Bluray, Blu-Ray, or whatever it’s called) version of David’s ‘Remember That Night’ set will not be released this month, as some reports have suggested.

It will definitely not be available before late-November.

I’ll have a precise date just as soon as one can be confirmed, so please continue to be patient. For now, it’s scheduled for Tuesday 20 November in North America, but this is subject to change.

The same applies for Fender’s David Gilmour Stratocaster, which will hopefully (that’s the best I can do right now, sorry) be launched the same week as the Blu-ray version of ‘Remember That Night’.

More, as ever, when it’s carved in stone.

Another update on how ‘Remember That Night’ is doing in the Music DVD charts… It’s now hit the Number One spot in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

95 thoughts on “Blu-ray version”

  1. Hey Fed,how are you??

    I may be asking a really stupid here but was is Blu-Ray??

    Is there a big difference in the Blu-Ray version than to the ordinary DVD version?

    I keep hearing all this stuff about Blu-Ray and I just dont understand any of it so if you could help me understand it I would be gratefull??


    [It’s the high-definition disc that is pushed by Sony, who were one of the companies involved in the format’s development. It’s called Blu-ray because it relies on blue-laser technology to achieve a higher storage capacity (25GB per layer, apparently, which is more than five times the storage capacity of a traditional DVD). This means more extras, of course. However, if you’ve seen high-definition video on a HDTV, you’ll also know that it boasts a sharper picture and sound. – Features Editor]

  2. Has there been any response from Best Buy and/or Sony/Columbia about the defective discs sold by Best Buy?

    I sent an e mail from Columbia’s web site last Wednesday and didn’t get a response.

    I also exchanged the disc last week at Best Buy but didn’t have a chance to play it. Hopefully this one works. The SKU number is different and the store wanted me to pay an addtional $8.99. A manager knew of the problems and I wasn’t charged any addtional money.

    This disc didn’t have the sticker for the 3 song DVD.

    [No response whatsoever, Howard. – Features Editor]

  3. Great picture – is that Stevie playing drums next to a guitar on a stand, or is he playing it? The way he’s sitting looks like he could have his right hand on the neck of the guitar, bass style.

    Caption: Steve’s tea cosy came in handy on cold Barn evenings 🙂


    [Click it and see. – Features Editor]

  4. Thank You for that Fed,much appreciated.

    There was one more thing,if you dont mind?

    I had a question for David Gilmour that I was going to ask at the Ritzy event but I changed my mind,as I thought it was a bit of a silly question,but now I guess I’d like to know what his answer would be?

    Anyway here goes – Does David ever find himself playing the old ‘air guitar’ like some us? if so how well does he think he would do in an ‘Air Guitar Competition’?

    Stupid question I know but there you go,I’m having a stupid day so I thought “why not”

    Thanks Fed,have a great day


    [Can’t answer that one, I’m afraid. – Features Editor]

  5. Stevie on upright looks quite the kool kat, doesn’t he?

    A David Gilmour RTN dvd in bluray is the only thing that would get me to invest in a new machine. I wonder if anyone with a bluray in the NY area would be willing to host “The Blu RTN” screening party?


    “Hello bloggers, welcome to our Barn. All I can say is I’m really sorry the tea is cold but hey we cant find the cosy anywhere??????”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  7. cool prize!!!

    i can’t put my name forward for tix, but hope whoever wins has a fab time. hope we win!!!

  8. Hey Fed, Hello all.

    Steve looks mad playing upright bass. If he is only half as good as he is on the kit he would blow sting right off.

    My little band has just been offered a gig at the cavern on the anniversary of john lennon’s death – 8th of december. ask david if he fancies sitting in with us and we will buy him a pint for turning up, HA ha.

    Hope all is well, I love the DVD.

    see ya soon
    5 Times.

    P.s David was god, now torres is.

  9. – Don’t really care about the BT Digital Music Awards, but would be very, very pleased if you/(we) won, of course !


  10. “My fall vacation” (Better late then never).

    A pretty good weekend in Virginia USA despite the perfect weather.

    RTN arrived in Saturday’s post and what a same-day birthday present it turned out to be (unplanned).

    Spent all day on the couch, Sunday – without exaggeration.

    For the stat stew:
    – A perfect disc (Amazon – delivery ahead of schedule).
    – Flawless performances, to my eyes.
    – Amazingly clever and well thought out DVD package; the user friendliness of the design allowed one to focus on the music; or maybe on the wireguy: I got most of the Wiredude nested goodies OK.

    David & his friends left you in a pretty feel-good mood, that there is hope for humankind. I am very impressed by: everybody involved; Muse Polly Samson; Mr. Richard Wright – who I would thoroughly enjoy going fishing with, if in fact I fished. Wot’s uh The Deal, Wearing the Inside Out – very touching performances.

    My thanks to David for inviting me just a bit through the door, to inside.

    Good Monday to you all.

  11. *Caption*

    Stevie to Guy:

    Keep abusing that drum set and I’ll squeeze the life out of this bass.



  12. Oh I would Love to go but I can’t. So nice of all concerned to think of the fans. I really don’t know of any other star or their management to be as great as you guys are to us lot.

    Keeping X’s X-ed. Good luck and lotsa muzzal!

    Love Cori xxx

  13. CAPTION:

    Stevie D wants it to be known that he’s a big Enrique Fan. ‘I pinched the hat from his dressing room, and even tho his head is bigger than mine, he will always be my hero!’, said Stevie with a sigh!

    [Have you noticed how they always play that song on X Factor when someone is looking to gain the sympathy vote? So predictable, that. It’s what makes it all seem so funny. – Features Editor]

  14. Hello Fed!

    I noticed am error on the cover of David’s new DVD. Why are there so many black dots on his guitar? Whoever did the quality check for the cover design obviously doesn’t know how many dots are on the guitar neck. Otherwise, it is a great cover. I just thought someone would have noticed….Still love the DVD though!

  15. Hello FED and All…

    I am one of those people who have not bought into the Blu-Ray technology…yet. I can definitely see the advantages but on the other hand I believe that it’s just another way for people to throw away their “old and obsolete” machines just adding to the problem of “more garbage”. What happens to the waste ?

    And also, it’s just another way for Sony to capitalize and corner the market on Blu-Ray technology which has been around for over five years now, but just has not been made commercially viable until recently.

    Sorry, it just kills me that we are still becoming more and more of a “disposable” society.

    But then there are the advantages of larger storage capacity and enhanced quality audio and video too !! Still…

    Well, today marks the second anniversary of my Grandfather’s death, so I am somewhat in a somber mood. The weather here today in Florida totally suits my mood. Breezy, gloomy and a little rain.

    Congratulations to those who won last weeks competition !

    Yet another win for Arsenal I saw. It must keep you in good spirits, FED to see them stay on top, so to speak. Whaddya think, FED, think they have this season to take it all the way ?

    I live in the wrong country ! Trust me, I’m one of those types of people that would love to go these kind of shows. Here’s me keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed. Let’s go Team Gilmour !!!

    Well, I am off and running. BTW, for the record, the wankers at [ ] let me go with my last paycheck this past Friday, so that hasn’t helped my mood either. I am so frustrated with Corporate America right now.

    Bottom line …bottom line… I’ll tell you the bottom line. It does make me happy that RTN is doing well in sales. Another victory for Team Gilmour !

    I’m out… Cazart !

    [Chin up, Raymond. (They can finish in second place. I’d be happy with that.) – Features Editor]

  16. Does anyone have any more information about “The Black Strat: A History Of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster”?

    Thanks. Will there be any info released in the news section about these anytime soon?

    Hope you had a good weekend Fed, just had my first taste of driving at a road runners event for sixth formers held by the local council – managed to avoid stalling so i think i did quite well!

    [There will be news – and more. The launch date (1 November) is provisional, but we will have more to say about the book next week, once certain details are ironed out. – Features Editor]

  17. [Steve looks like an oldman in that picture…a Gary Oldman (click my name). Posted by: Matt at October 1, 2007 02:31 PM]

    Hmmmmm…..pretty nasty message when you click that link.



  18. CONGRATULATIONS, MR. GILMOUR & STAFF ON BEING #1 ! (as if we didn’t know that already!)

    But it’s nice to be in the charts 🙂

    FABULOUS news!!!

    Still, in all honesty, the best”live concert” DVD I’ve ever seen, so being #1 does not surprise me one bit.

  19. [Do you know the DVD ‘David Gilmour In Concert’?, il retrace les concerts de cette époque, 2001 et 2002 à Londres, une pure merveille ! Un plaisir de te lire, Patoch!]

    Hello FEd, Michèle & bloggers.

    We”re all supporting “” this evening ! Good luck !!!

    C’est un plaisir partagé Michèle. Yes, I know this DVD. I bought it very late, after the release of “on an island” in fact. I was very sceptical about an entire concert in an electro acoustic way, although David’s melodies are so beautiful and powerful, that they can be orchestrated in a very simplified way. But I’m so pleased by the way David sounds in the electric way, that I couldn’t imagine songs like “Shine On crazy diamond” or “Comfortably Numb” (this song particulary made me wanting to learn & play guitar) sounding differently.

    I must admit I was wrong. Let’s watch “Shine on” to be convinced ! Wow… It was a great performance, no question about it ! That’s where I discovered the fantastic song “Fat Old Sun”!!!

    You were lucky to see him like this in Paris.

    PF in Chantilly was probably a moment as great as it was in Bordeaux. Did they played the whole “Dark side of the moon” this night ? (I remember there were 2 nights in Chantilly).

    Have a good evening !


  20. Hiya! Its me!

    Just been listening to the On An Island video on disk 2 and just love that mix. Its gorgeous and so different from the album version. The more you listen to this version the more sounds and beats you find and David’s vox has really got a lot of treble and is very sexy, as is his guitar sounds.

    Was this version going to be released as a single? It sounds very American. Its fantastic, tantastic and bombastic! Love it and want to have its babies!


    Love Cori xxx

  21. I always thought a Blueray was a fish. In fact they have a load of them down the local pet shop. They are tiny, turquoisy tropical fish with a red stripe running right along them, and
    know all the words to Take A Breath.

    Love Cori xxx

  22. I would love to attend the event at the Round House tomorrow evening, but can’t figure out how to partake in the competition.

    I would hate to miss out on this wonderful opportunity because of my dumbfoundness with macs. Could you please tell me how to go about it?

    Best regards, Inga

    [You just let us know that you’d like to be there, Inga. And you just have. – Features Editor]

  23. What about an HD-DVD format release date?

    If I remember well it was announced that it will be available in both formats.

    [That was the plan. Sadly, plans don’t always come to fruition, so whether there will be a HD-DVD version or not is still uncertain at this time. – Features Editor]

  24. Dear Fed. re X Factor.

    That show gets worse and worse. I can’t believe they let that guy Gavin the wedding singer go. He was not at all bad. It makes me so mad.

    You should go on there next year Fed and blow them all away with your rip-roaring version of Astronomy Domain. HAH!

    Love Cori xxx

    [Their choices have truly baffled me this year. Auditions still funny, though. – Features Editor]

  25. Great news about the charts… nothing else expected anyways, right?

    Good luck to those who get the tickets. Are you going FEd? And of course fingers crossed for the blog and site!

    [No, I won’t be there, but thank you for your support. – Features Editor]

  26. To Howard, and anyone else with defective Best Buy DVD’s;

    I returned my original a couple of days ago. As Howard said, the price has gone up, and there was no “bonus” cd inside!

    The reps at Best Buy said they’d heard of no problems, and didn’t want to let me keep the bonus CD from the first DVD set when making the exchange…

    After assuring them that the DVD problem wasn’t my fault, that many people had this problem, they finally exchanged the DVD, AND let me keep the bonus CD! They seemed perplexed over the price difference on the exchange, but (reluctanly) did not charge me the difference.

    When I got home, I quickly checked the sections where problems were occuring, and the new DVD’s seemed to work great! It was WELL worth the exchange, now I can enjoy the complete ending of Fat Old Sun, one of my favorite tracks!!


  27. Caption Competition…

    Guy Pratt off camera shouts: Go on! say “But I love you Miss Diane” in that accent I taught you!

    Most of you will have no idea what that means… 🙂

  28. Re: 5 Times!

    Good luck with your gig at The Cavern. That’s really cool. What sort of music do you play? I’m in a band too.

    All the best.
    Love Cori xxx

  29. can’t wait for the guitar to come out. really looking forward to it.

    by the way, did anyone get a chance to check the hockey games this weekend? i know a lot of you guys are from the uk and wanted to know what you guys thought of them.

    [I had planned to, Michael, but something cropped up. However, I am going to start going to watch the Cardiff Devils, if that makes up for it. – Features Editor]

  30. David’s DVD is doing amazingly in the charts Worldwide! And rightly so! Well done!

    Looking forward to reading the information on the David Gilmour stratocaster too.

    – James.

  31. Rudders – I remember old Benny!

    Bloody Hell, Rudds, you’re showing your age! (Cori slips off to the original Crossroads Motel).

    Bong /bong bong bong bong bong bong…. bong bong bong bong bong bong bong etc!


  32. Hi Cori

    Beatles, the Who, The Kinks, and guess who else????????? He who must not be named.

    What type of stuff do you play?

    We should talk in the chat room, see ya soon.
    5 Times

  33. OK! Time for the cheering mascot to do her work!

    Gimme an “F”! Gimme an “E”! Gimme a “d”! We all support you FEd, and for all your hard work! Let’s go Gilmourettes let’s go…Woot woot…Let’s go Gilmourians…Let’s go! Woot Woot! (etc)
    YEAHHHHHH! (runs around room screaming, like a crazed football player)

    Hope we get the awards! Fingers crossed everyone! (I like to be dramatic, obviously)


  34. Good news on the charts today. Hope it stays at #1.

    Years ago I switched to Ernie Ball strings because David used them. They are the best ever, now I’ll try the new ones advertised and check those out and compare later.


    Steve says to Guy: “If you make fun of my hat one more time, I’m going to saw your bass in half”.

  35. FEd and All

    Nice to see the DVD doing so well (well deserved too)

    Rudders, unfortunately my mother also tortured me as a child to watch crossroad!! any one else ??

  36. Caption

    Stevie does a double take as Guy says ‘don’t get too cosy with my bass’

    I’m supposed to be catching up on work.. better get back

  37. [PF in Chantilly was probably a moment as great as it was in Bordeaux. Did they played the whole “Dark side of the moon” this night ? -Patoch]

    Just to let you know, Patoch (because, here, it’s not a PF blog), that PF didn’t play the whole DSOTM when I saw them in Chantilly (31/07).

    However, I remember very well that they played a rare song, ‘Poles Apart’, with a great guitar solo!
    I’m still wondering if this song was directed to Syd Barrett or R.Waters, I think it might be to both…

    I have just read again the ‘Poles Apart’ lyrics; David sings “The rain fell slow, down on all the roofs of uncertainty” , he doesn’t say “… all the rooves of…” ! Does that remind you something, Fed ? Some old discussion with Rudders ? Could you sometimes be wrong ? LOL !


    [Only rarely, and I’m still not convinced. The English language is a stupid one. – Features Editor]

  38. Any news on a Hd-Dvd release of ‘Remember that night ‘ ?


    [Please see above: 05:13PM. – Features Editor]

  39. Hi everybody out there

    You know, I thought Australia was a pretty good place to live, but I’m starting to wonder. We rarely get artists (ones I want to see) playing out here and now when I go in to buy the dvd on Saturday I get told, “ah no, it won’t be out till Tuesday”.

    “CRIKEY” I said (what else could you say), and the one in nappies behind the counter said “who is David Gilmour anyway?”

    What a cheek!!!

    Have a good day to everybody

    [Still waiting for it, Charles? – Features Editor]

  40. Rudders,

    Would I be showing my age, if i said that I understood your caption?

    I remember from my days working for UB40, that Paul Henry, who played `Benny` in crossroads, was running a back steet pub in Digbeth, Birmingham, which was a short walk from the recording studio`s, so the UB`s used to frequent the place!

    I drove past the pub a few weeks ago, and it looks like the pub has closed. Bloody smoking ban!

    I do miss those days!

  41. Caption..

    Will somebody please tell Stevie that the gift from his Gram is a doily!

    [I keep hearing all this stuff about Blu-Ray and I just dont understand any of it so if you could help me understand it I would be gratefull?? – melanie]

    Please note melanie that Fed’s answer is spot on,but you also need a Blu-Ray DVD player to play them.They will not work on standard DVD players.

  42. Also remember we’re still waiting on precise release dates for the David Gilmour Signature cumbus, David Gilmour Signature saxophone, David Gilmour Signature bass harmonica, and especially the David Gilmour Signature kazoo (in orange, red, and blue).

  43. FEd,

    I am not surprised at the #1 rankings on the charts. Obviously the word has gotten out!

    Not much time to blog, we’ve got a horse with colic, which can be fatal. We’re taking turns walking him around the pasteur. And we’re waiting on the vet to arrive.

    Take Care,

    [All the best with that. Hope he’s better soon. – Features Editor]

  44. Pardon my ignorance regarding the DVD chart positions noted on the Home page, what are those numbers in the parenthesis? Do they represent the number of weeks the DVD has been released or number of weeks the DVD has held in that position?

    I’ve been slacking off these days for not writing too much. I just can’t resist but watching the DVD over and over again. There is so much in the DVD that we can watch, to listen, to enjoy and to appreciate – all for the wonderful music of David Gilmour and the band.

    Thank you again.

    [Those would be the previous week’s position, presumably. – Features Editor]

  45. I hope the HD DVD version will come up eventually as well as that I am going to upgrade my home system to HD DVD.

  46. Hello Fed, just wondering what the bonus DVD is all about?

    Mine, that I bought in Canada has disc 1 and disc 2 in it. The package doesn’t say anything about a bonus disc.

    Other than that the DVD’s are great.


    [If you mean the Best Buy package (US only), it includes a CD with three tracks from the AOL Sessions: ‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘High Hopes’. – Features Editor]

  47. To Patrick and the other Best Buy customers:

    I exchanged the disc for the one without the CD and the entire disc one was fine. I was told by a Best Buy manager that the stores were notified of the problems on disc one.

    Concerning the old electronic equipment:

    I live in New York City and did get a mailing about a program set up to dispose of old equipment. I don’t know if it done in other cities but it would seem like a good idea to inquire or speak with your elected officals.

  48. Good morning to all,nice news about Ghs strings…to set my guitar right like David’s I had to buy 2 different sets before…great,thanks to you and the Ghs for this news.


  49. Hi Fed.

    Blue Ray Version – with more extras …

    You mean there is more of Davids last year adventures to watch on this DVD?


    [I didn’t say that. Are you trying to catch me out, Werner? – Features Editor]

  50. Great news on the DVD.

    Have you seen the chart? this could be turned into a monster, if we all pull together as a team!

    Also great news regarding the strings, i wont be able to get the guitar (black Strat) but the strings will certainly be on my guitar.

  51. Dear F.Ed.:

    October the 4th is the day
    in which our Features Editor will celebrate
    a happy, funny and resting birthday!
    “No one knows the wheres and the whys”
    Both the identity and age are a secret of this guy
    but the Bloggers know very well that
    “the light is brighter, with friends surrounded”
    and a true friend you surely are.

    It is up to you if and when to fit this entry in the right place, as i don’t know if you will be there tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Besides last year if i correctly remember you were on holiday a couple of days!

    Happy birthday again! Have a great time.

    Auguri, ciao

    [Elisabetta, you’re a sweetheart – thank you. It was just the one day off for my birthday last year. My three days in Scotland recently turned into a “week off” and I was apparently off for another week after that, too (but nobody told me). For the record, it’s not true! – Features Editor]

  52. more material to watch on the Blu-ray …

    [I didn’t say that. Are you trying to catch me out, Werner? – Features Editor]

    hmm. since 2005 david gilmour presented as so much suprises. so you never know – maybe the Blu-ray has even more footage from …

    and FEd what i wanted to ask you: The Planet Rock listeners could listen to a 10minute Echoes-Version from Gdansk!!!!!! What about the Gilmour-Bloggers?? I´m sure they also would like to hear it!?


    [I have a list of things that I’d love us to have on the site. I’m usually told that it’s not possible, for various reasons. But that one is definitely on the list. Maybe one day? – Features Editor]

  53. One thing , out of the many, that I really like about this DVD, is that when you put the disc in the player, it actually goes straight to the menu ! You don’t have to put it in ten minutes before you want to watch it, as it goes through a million logos, copyright notices in 40 languages and condescending anti-piracy trailers that you can’t fast forward through.

    I never understand why they do that when you’ve bought the official release, pirates aren’t going to pirate the anti-piracy message are they ??

    Did anyone see Mastermind last night ? There was a question in the general knowledge round that went something like this:

    ‘What was the name of the character in a song, that stole clothes from washing lines and featured in Pink Floyd’s first single….’

    Chap got it right too.


  54. i can’t stop watching it

    i haven’t slept in 48 hours

    shine on. what a beauty of a DVD

    Congratulations everyone on such a wonderful addition to the discography. The whole experience from the concerts,dvd,website everything has been such a blast.

  55. 5 Times – Hiya again.

    I’m going in the chat room later in about 30 mins (Tuesday)…. I got to be careful this time as I sent a link to someone who wanted to know about my music and got booted out. LOL. Ain’t doing that again, it hurt!!!!!

    I write my own stuff which is very much influenced by the people who’s stuff you play, with a touch of discretion!!!!! Then I tell the band to play it!

    Do you do Uni’s too?

    Cori xxxx

  56. Hey Fed

    I just wanted post a comment about what I enjoy most about the DVD.

    After reading through some of the post’s I noticed that everyone is putting song’s down as the reason why they enjoy the DVD so much, but for me it has to be the relaxed, comfortable sense you get from the band!!

    I have seen PULSE many time’s and,nothing against the band mate’s but,on this dvd they just seem to be absolutly enjoying every moment of it?

    It’s like a new lease of life has been handed to each member and they are just soaking every last drop up,I think’s it’s fantastic and such an enjoyment for me and my family to watch and enjoy.

    Thank you so much for giving myself and everyone else such an amazing experience,whether it was at the event or sat in the comfort of our home’s.


  57. hello FE’d

    hope you win, much deserved & yeah I did vote for you! lol 🙂

    hope everyone is ok at chez DG & the site?

    & the blogging types are too?


  58. [I remember old Benny!]

    You sad so and so’s.

    Have to admit though………..I remember him too……and miss diane.

    Pete – Coventry

  59. […so whether there will be a HD-DVD version or not is still uncertain at this time. – Features Editor]

    Wow. Talk about a format killer. If David’s DVD is not available in HD, I would have no choice but to buy Blu-Ray.

    Don’t know when I’m going to get around to buying one though. Yes, the picture is clearer, but in a side-by-side comparison of regular vs HD TV, the most striking thing I noticed was that the lady presenter looked fabulous on the regular TV, but you could actually see patches of bad skin and makeup on the HD TV. Maybe some things are better left as they are.

  60. [Did anyone see Mastermind last night?]

    I saw that but I was expecting a Pink Floyd question in the 1970s Top 20 singles section. That was the only reason why I watched it.

    I’d be really impressed if there was ever a PF question on University Challenge…

  61. [I remember old Benny!]

    me too, did he ever find that spanner he went to fetch!

    i even remember Carlos the chef! now that is giving my age away.

  62. Please pray for me to have patience. Pray for my number one child that I don’t throttle her.

    The Blog has disappeared from the main page, so has the calendar, so have all the pictures, (I’m looking forward to re-reading the captions if I ever get the pictures back !)

    I just tried to get into the chat room only to find the door is missing !

    She has apparently installed new firewall stuff and assures me that everything will re-appear eventually !

    And another thing, after previewing a post it doesn’t return to the comment window and everything I just typed has also disappeared !

    (if you recieve a load of garbled rubbish from me Fed, please also have patience… its because it just disappeared and I couldn’t get it back)

    ash (keeping on trying) X

  63. [Wow. Talk about a format killer. If David’s DVD is not available in HD, I would have no choice but to buy Blu-Ray.]

    Actually I had a nice chat recently in the chat with Marcus Buick on this topic. Apparently there is a resonably priced dual player coming out this year which will play both formats (HD & Blu-Ray). There are some players out there already that are higher priced.

    Many believe the Sony Blu-Ray format will prevail. I guess we’ll see.



  64. There was a PF question on Egghead by default. It was asked what the name of the bell was in Philedelphia, or something like that. And this guy said it was called the Division Bell.

    Ha ha ha

  65. Nice to hear about the GHS strings. Of course, it is a no-brainer, if you buy the strat (and even if you don’t), you should buy the strings too! Great idea!

    Hmmmm! I wonder what sort of guitar polish he uses?

  66. Hey Fed, thank for the comment on the previous blog.

    Anyway Steve looks like he’s had a little to much of the “Wine” that appears often in the documentary “Breaking Bread and Pour the Wine.” I watched it again last night and I was a laughed so hard. They seem like a funny bunch!

    Again thanks to David and the band for such a luscious peace of work!

  67. I see we’re on the shortlist for the best music blog. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

    What smartly dressed people got the tickets for the awards at the Roundhouse? I didnt get to catch up after 11 last night.

    RE [Steve looks like an oldman in that picture…a Gary Oldman (click my name).]

    I’ve opened that link in a new window, and refreshed it repeatedly. Bad manners if ever I’ve seen it.

    [The demand for those four tickets was just unbelievable, Alex. I was blown away by… Inga’s solitary response. We all hope that you enjoy yourself tonight, Inga. – Features Editor]

  68. Fed…

    In all the excitement over the past week with the DVD etc. I don’t think I had the chance to say thank you for helping along my video question and getting it on the big screen…

    I’m still waiting to be recognised in the street to sign autographs but maybe I need to join a band and release some cracking albums and that would help…

    [No need. Thank you for submitting a question. Hope you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  69. [The demand for those four tickets was just unbelievable, Alex. I was blown away by… Inga’s solitary response. We all hope that you enjoy yourself tonight, Inga. – Features Editor]

    Ever since the Concorde stopped their intercontinental flights, it’s a bit more difficult for U.S. blokes to make commitments to attend such functions. Otherwise Angelo and I certainly would have put our names in the hopper.

    But we are all happy to attend in the virtual environment.



    [It was asking a bit much for anyone outside of London to attend at such short notice, really. If anyone does want to keep up-to-date on what’s happening at the Digital Music Awards tonight, there is a live blog feed. Please click Andrew’s name below for that. – Features Editor]

  70. We have now walked a total of 70 miles including 18 yesterday & 12 today. We have an ‘easy’ 9 miles tomorrow from where we are staying at the East end of Glencoe with a climb up the 259 metre high Devil’s Staircase to see our first sight of Ben Nevis.

    My ankles are complaining like ‘stroppy tossers’ but this is what happens if you don’t do any significant walks for the three months before you set off on a walking holiday. My advice would be to do 2 x 10 mile walks a week for the month before.

    Could the award ceremony be relocated to the brewery at Kilnlochleven by tomorrow evening? 😉

    If ‘smart’ means overpriced garmets bought from specialist shops then my walking gear should suit OK? No? 😉

  71. Great news about the guitar strings. They certainly will be more in my price range then the Strat.


  72. Dear Fed and Bloggeroonies!

    I just want to say how much fun the chat room was this aft. It was, like Thunderbirds,
    F A B!

    So when you’re down is where you’ll find yourself, which I’ve been a lot recently, the ‘David Chat’ is like a (Take A) breathe of fresh air and a good laff!

    So thank you.

    Gotta go and do that session now but I have everything crossed for the awards 2nite. I’ll check in later when I get home to see how we got on.

    Lot of Love.


    Cori XXX

  73. Fed, please let me know when a poster will be available,I need it for my spanish room!

    Good luck for tonight…I’ll be waiting for your moment!

    How are you Mr Gilmour,my idol?Are you enjoying your countryside and the success of your DVD?I hope so.I told too many people here in Spain to buy it,hope next week it will be first here too.Congratulations.


  74. [There was a PF question on Egghead by default. It was asked what the name of the bell was in Philedelphia, or something like that. And this guy said it was called the Division Bell. Ha ha ha]

    here’s some more: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


    Cori Burns, you have cracked me up all the way. (Yes, it’s Philadelphia (PA/USA) all right.)

    That ain’t no Liberty Bell pal.

    Very, very funny. (Thanks for sharing.)

  75. Thanks FEd, for everything you do for us. I think your standards are as high as ever.

  76. Watching that Digital Music Awards live blog feed is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

    But good luck to taking the award.



  77. Great Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You DESERVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE BEST

    I am really very happy for you!!!


    [Thank you very much, Piero. – Features Editor]

  78. “You picked these ones, so don’t blame us if you’re not happy! The People’s Choice Award for the Best Blog goes to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Just a shame he couldn’t be here to collect it! He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime.”


    We Won!!!! 🙂

  79. Congradulation’s Everyone. We are indeed, the best Blog!!!!! Well done everyone!!

  80. Well done us on winning the best blog award (like we didn’t know anyway). The big well done however, must go to our dear FEd whose tireless efforts have made this blog what it is. I just hope you know how much you are appreciated – FEd you’re the best.

    Now I must go throw up because I’m not good at being this nice.

    [That was beautiful, Lorraine. Being nice suits you. – Features Editor]

  81. To who may concern.

    Dear David Gilmour and/or EMI. I’m living in Portugal and i’ve bought the DVD the first week it was released

    I find the picture quality of disc one much too grainy,during almost all the concert, altough it was filmed in HD, the picture tranfer to DVD is very bad. It looks like an VHS recording from tv.

    One very good example is during Echoes, (for example go to 1h58m38s) and you can see even the old “ghost” effect.

    i took the liberty of taking a snapshot (click my name).

    so my question is: it’s supposed to be like that? if yes, it’s one of the worst picture quality DVD that i’ve got. (even Monty Python Flying Circus series as a similar picure quality,and in most cases even better) Considering it was filmed last year in HD, i was expecting much, much more. If i knew it was like that, i would NOT spend any money on it.

    if it’s not supposed to be like that, what should i do to replace it? Should i wait for new Discs to arrive to the shops? Or i was unfortunate to grab a defective disc out of the shelf?

    and more important… i was thinking of getting my hands on the Blu Ray version, but please, before i do that, can you please confirm the picture does not have grainy and ghostly images.

    best regards

    Pedro Viana, a very disappointed buyer of Remember That Night DVD

    [I am sorry that you’re disappointed, Pedro. There are some grainy parts during the concert, but that was part of the filming process. Not knowing what equipment you’re using to view the DVD, it’s very hard to comment further. However, if you’re not viewing via a true 1080i or 1080p screen, and if you’re using an HDMI-equipped DVD player (not a HD-DVD, but certainly not a standard DVD player), then you’re not going to get the best from ‘Remember That Night’… But what you get is still damn good to most people, as the majority of comments here seem to suggest. If you are still unhappy, take your DVD back to wherever you purchased it and ask for a refund. Lastly, until the Blu-ray version is finished and approved, we can’t comment on how it looks. – Features Editor]

  82. “They can finish in second place. I’d be happy with that.”

    LOL. I almost missed that, FED. I’d bet you’d be happy if a certain team was able to overtake Arsenal.

    Again, congratulations on the win! This really is the best site on the web! I can’t wait for whatever else David has planned for the future.

  83. i posted my review of the DVD talking about the (very bad) picture quality. where is it?

    So, i repeat it…

    i think the picture quality is the worst i’ve seen,considering it was filmed last year in HD. full of grain, and even with ghosts, something that i don’t rememeber when i saw it for the last time on tv. Go to Echoes on timestamp 1h 58 min 38 seconds. I looks like this is a copy from a vhs tape, altough it was filmed in HD.

    So my question is: have i bought a defective DVD? Or is it supposed to be like that?

    I am very disappointed with the picture quality, and if i knew that, i wouldn’t have spent any money on it.

    So if the Blu Ray edition, i recommend every one NOT to buy a HD disc full of grain

    best regards

    Pedro Viana, a very disappointed fan

    ps: approve my message, i’m sure many of us fans have the same opinion

    [Please look again. Your post wasn’t ignored or deleted. Along with more than a hundred other messages, it was posted a day late because I had the day off and wanted to at least get some official response to you question before answering you. – Features Editor]

  84. I love my kids, my wife, and my faithful hound of course – what I don’t like is the boredom of the perfect life I’ve been sold. The marketing people do it so well.

    People are anger-whats below the anger? i don’t know-why don’t we love each other any more?

    I love your music and a lot of people do! Please come back and help people love each other, there’s too much hate and anger now.

    I love your music and lyrics-people need to feel love rather than greed, indifference (they think they found “the secret too soon” – I don’t believe they have) please help to make people feel love in their hearts.

    Lots of love


    [Yes, well said. – Features Editor]

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