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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.As you liked Polly’s photos from band rehearsals so much, here’s one more. Click it for a better look.

Before the rumour mill starts winding everyone up, we thought you should know when the Blu-ray version of ‘Remember That Night’ will – hopefully – be in the shops.

These dates are subject to change, naturally, but we’re presently looking at Tuesday 20 November for North America (Sony) and Monday 26 November for Europe (EMI).

As is always the case, these two dates act as a guideline for the rest of the world to work around. Parts of Europe may have it on Friday 23 November, for example. Please see the calendar for how the DVD release was staggered, and expect something similar as 2007 draws to a close.

There is no update on a proposed HD-DVD release.

After more than one regrettable delay, we are happy – and more than just a little relieved – to finally be able to say that the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD is released in parts of Brazil today.

We’d love to hear from Brazilian fans. Was the DVD worth waiting for, do you think?

That’s all for yet another week. Enjoy the weekend.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. *Caption*

    Yes sir Mr. Stiltskin, with this magic spindle I can turn the straw in this barn to gold. CD’s that is.

    Love this photo!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  2. The DVD is awesome!!!! The show and the extras… i really loved the wine glasses on ‘Shine On’…

    But we (Brazil) still hope for one live show here!

    There are a lot of David´s fans here, he could make a stadium show for two weeks and the tickets won´t last one hour!!!

    David, look at us!

    Renato – São Paulo – Brasil

  3. “Remember That Night” is a very beautifull thing.

    It’s very good.

    I like so much the extra-songs from Albert Hall, the Jam Session and the “The Back of the Tour”.

    The audio and video are very good, and the new Blu-Ray edition will be unbelievable.

    I like Polly’s photo, this photo in band’s farmhouse are very hot.

    Bye bye.

  4. Brazil,ENJOY.

    Does that mean we can talk easter egg clues soon? I have found two, i have heard there are three & im b*ggered if i can find the third, if it exists.

    Fed, can we have a truce on monday, i wont mention the score…if you dont. You can trust me, i never once mentioned the Littlewoods cup result last year did i?

    [I think I’ll come out of that better than you, Graham. I’m expecting a battering on Sunday, to be honest. Attempts at discussing the DVD’s Easter Eggs are still viewed through narrowing eyes (rather like the real ones, what with all that unnecessary plastic packaging), but thank you to everyone for not wishing to spoil the surprise for those fans that have had to wait until quite recently for the DVD to be released in their countries. Perhaps we’ll talk Easter Eggs in the not-too-distant future. – Features Editor]

  5. Ah, an encore barn picture, and a very nice one too. It looks like you have kept the best bits for the end.

    You could use the barn series for a second time, I would not mind at all, on the contrary.

    Have a fun weekend everybody.

  6. Hi FEd

    Have a good weekend and thanks again for another interesting week.

    I see David and Phil (Photo) are checking Ebay for your competition giveaways. So winners beware!

    Good to hear our Brazillian friends are finally getting their hands on RTN.

    I watched both discs again last night looking for people’s favourite bits and it’s amazing how much stuff is in there that you don’t always see first time around.

    Another point that struck me is because of the high quality sound and visuals, everthing has to be perfect on the part of the performers. A challenge they certainly rose to!

    Have a good weekend everyone.


  7. [Perhaps we’ll talk Easter Eggs in the not-too-distant future. – Features Editor]

    Ooooo! BTW, I think I found one Easter Egg on mine…still looking though. That’s all I’ll say about my discovery.

    You’d think you’d get really warm in the barn wearing all black, eh? Meh, it was in February wasn’t it? Yeah…I can see it snowing…I think that’s snow. Love the pic, Polly!

    I remember last year here, it was Christmas and we didn’t even have snow…I don’t know why I told you that, just my opinion. 😛

    Off to Jazz band now! Catch ya later!

  8. Very nice pic,thanks Polly!

    Hope everyone have a great weekend,hope you can relax dear Fed.


    [Not this weekend, mate. I’m feeling jittery already (note the time of this blog entry and ask yourself: who’s blogging at such a crazy hour?). Feel free to curse Rupert Murdoch for prolonging my agony until Sunday for the sake of his TV schedules, by the way. – Features Editor]

  9. Hey F’Ed:

    Did we ever find out what Rick Wright is holding in the photo from the “DVD Thoughts” page of this blog? It really does look like part of a guitar, but I’m nearly certain that it’s not.

    [Will try and find out. – Features Editor]

  10. Hi FEd, since it’s a pic of Dave and Phil, could you briefly (in five sentences or less!) talk about how Phil and Dave started working together and when? David talks about it on RTN, but I’m still not clear.

    Phil’s highlight on RTN for me is the note-for-note acoustic he plays together with David on Wish You Were Here.

    Meanwhile, Kewell scored a sensational goal on his Reserves return. Timely, wouldn’t you say?

    [If he can repeat that on Sunday, I’ll take back all the things I’ve said about him being a waste of money and a liability. As for your question, have you seen the Q&A session that Phil very kindly did for us a few months back? Please click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  11. A comp with the prize being a week in David’s barn would be nice!

    Bring on the Gooners!

    Have a nice weekend!

  12. Great picture to close it out. I fantasize that David and Phil are checking out the product of their jamming on Pro-tools while the others hang around shooting the breeze…

    Man, when David jams he brings our all the stops! Looks like a mini-gig/ recording studio in there…

  13. Other links I fell in. They are about the Dvd.


    Stop me when I become boring!

    Have a nice weekend

    [Thank you very much for those, Lucia. They should be in our Press section shortly. Press submissions are always welcome. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi Fed…


    “Rick, Guy and Steve are blissfully unaware as David and Phil divide up the royalties for the DVD…”

    Cheers, Jon

    PS Roll on Sunday… I can see a Euro backlash on the cards… Gerrard will play like a demon!

  15. Caption Competition…

    While Phil practiced his shoulder shimmy with DG on the piano Stevie D and Richard untangle the wiring for the new High Definition telelvision…

  16. * To our French-speaking friends (Comment ça va, Patoch ?), this is a very, very nice and complete review of ‘Remember That Night’ DVD (from Musical Jam) – Please, click my name.


    [Merci. – Features Editor]

  17. Bonne chance à vos boys pour le Choc Des Titans de ce Dimanche, Fed, I’m sure they can do it !

    Anyway, enjoy your weekend !


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  18. It’s raining hard here in Miami, how I wish the rain was in Southern California. Traffic is extremely light since there is no school and of course, I arrived to work earlier than usual.

    I peeked in here and what a pleasant surprise to find another barn image from Polly’s. I can see that both David and Phil must be having one of those fun moments in the barn – as usual with a charming smile on them. Interesting enough, we have a very similar “pink” lamp as shown on this image and from many other barn images.

    I was hoping Polly will eventually come out with a book loaded with the good collection of selective images of David Gilmour and the band, wouldn’t that be nice!

    We probably will not be getting the blu-ray DVD since we are not equipped to that; however, it could be an excellent Xmas gift for a friend of ours. Thanks for the update.

    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend all.

  19. A slightly technical question about Blu-Ray and then just a curious question.

    Are Blu-Ray releases also done in regions like DVDs or are they universal?

    With the American National Football League staging a game in London this week. And with Europe calling the game of soccer as it is called in the U.S. called football over the pond. Is there confusion when the NFL decides to play a game in Europe? Or do they refer to the NFL game as rugby even though it is not rugby? Do people go to the football game expecting to see soccer? And FEd, on Sunday are you going to watch football or football??

    These are just some of the things that people need to know.



    [I was just waiting for that, Andrew. I hoped it would take a bit longer to come, seeing as it’s Friday, and if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to give me a headache on a Friday afternoon, it’s trying to fathom why different parts of the world differ in the way they distinguish the continents, sub-continents, etc. However… Blu-ray discs are mostly region-coded, so they’re playable only in certain geographic areas. And there are three regions: A, B and C. And this is going to give us all headaches, I’m sure, but let’s plough on… Region A covers both North, and South, America (Latin America, Central America, The Americas – the works). Region A also covers Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia… Region B is Europe and Africa, plus the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Region C is another awkward one, covering Central and South Asia (so, China, India, Pakistan, Russia and pretty much everywhere else in that part of the world). That’s all very general and not specific to ‘Remember That Night’, of course. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: not quite as jolly as making fans in Europe and North America wait an extra week or eight, but it’s darn good for Brazilians, who have had to wait so long for the DVD. No? Well, this is where the rug gets pulled away (and I’m so sorry, Brazil). We’re sticking with plain old ‘North America’ for now, as it’s down to Sony to distribute and we daren’t tempt fate by naming countries, because there’s no guarantee that it will be released anywhere other than North America AT FIRST. Please read those two capitalised words again, as they’re very important and hopefully enough to stop a flurry of questions over the weekend. As for your other question, if anyone called American football ‘rugby’ in the UK, then I like to think that they’d get a stern lecture. It’s ‘American football’ here, known for too much protective clothing and shouting. No self-respecting Brit would go to the footie expecting anything other than real football, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

  20. [Before the rumour mill starts winding everyone up – F*Ed]

    You mean the Blu-mour mill? 🙂

  21. Hi

    sorry why can’t we see this picture in higher quality and in a group at the gallery of the site?

    [They’ll be in the Galleries soon. – Features Editor]

  22. Have a good weekend FEd – and don’t fret – I have a sneaky feeling you’ll be fine come Sunday…….or maybe that’s just a sneaky hope. Good luck anyway!

  23. Knowing it’s been a long time since I last posted but I have never forgotten everyone!

    I wanted to say in deep sincerity, that ‘Remember That Night’ is the best DVD I have ever enjoyed. It is very well-crafted: the menu introduction, the concert, and the documentaries.

    The concert in particular, has so many moments unfolding from the musicians where they have great chemistry between the audiences where at the same time they put out a great cornucopian show of cinematic, emotional, powerful honesty performances I have never felt before are so very moving and very strong in a palatable magical way, with David Bowie singing ‘Arnold Layne’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ are so flawlessly phrased.

    My best moments from the DVD I’d say are:

    1. Roger meeting up with David and wishing him well
    2. Rick’s birthday party
    3. Guy – a great barrel of laughs (The part where he was late for the bus!)
    4. David’s tribute to Syd ‘Dark Globe’ (a very touching one)
    5. After the closure of the concert and after the credit endings, is a tender picture of Polly and David looking at each other, has brought tears to this man.

    All in all, this is a testament to an overrated man of humanity and an incredibly gifted Renaissance man of music. ‘On An Island’ is indeed his best work and I salute to him for all of this.

    I really do look forward to see what more surprises he has in store for us in the near future.

    My thank you again to David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Phil Manzanera, Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, Dick Parry, David Crosby and Bowie, Graham Nash, Robert Wyatt and Polly Samson and everyone else I missed out. You guys are the living legends of the stage.

    To Rudders: thanks again, you are so spot on. I too hope to talk more with you sometime.

    A big love to everyone and the wonderful witty FEd, you enjoy your time off and I hope to chat again soon,

  24. Hi FEd

    In response to NewYork Dan’s question, if you haven’t already found out, Richard is holding a QChord digital electronic autoharp (click my name).



    [Thanks for that, Paul. Not some hi-tech version of Magna Doodle, then. – Features Editor]

  25. Caption

    David & Phil share a giggle as David updates his naughty & nice list. It would appear most of the band were confined to the naughty corner on this day.

    Have a great weekend all – bank holilday for us Irish – Tantastic!!!

    Tom B

  26. *caption*

    Phil: “Very funny. No I am not going to audition for the part of Posh Spice in their reunion.”



  27. [There is no update on a proposed HD-DVD release.]

    I doubt that there will be a HD-DVD release for quite some time if there is one at all because Sony have had quite a lot to do with RTN and Blu-ray is their invention, so they won’t want it being released on a rival format.

    I think RTN will be a huge boost to Blu-ray if there is a battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

  28. FEd,

    Thanks for the response on the region question (and the football one as well). Sorry I gave you headache as that was not my intention.

    It is intriguing but I believe I understand why they have so many different types of regions and definitions. Although it is hard to understand why the region issue is different for Blu-Ray versus go old DVD. Why not one standard definition?

    I believe the region issue all goes back to copyright and royalties.

    I also understand what you mean when you say that you know what I was “thinking.” Yeah, logic would dictate that if Region A covers North & South America that it would be stores in both countries on that day. But as you say, the reality is that even though it may be released as Region A on a certain date, it doesn’t mean that it will be distributed throughout those regions on that day.

    In fact, I wonder if stating plain old “North America” is sufficient as I can see it happening now. The item is readily available on that date in the U.S. but not stocked on shelves in Mexico or Canada.

    However though, being that Region A covers both North and South America, I imagine that means you can pre-order or order from a variety of sources outside your own country and know that the item will work when it is delivered to your door. In other words, someone from Brazil can order the Blu-Ray edition from a U.S. entity.

    Well thanks for the explanation and I hope you have a great weekend. Hopefully you won’t get a headache over the weekend from hitting your head in amazement that your team did not shoot on goal when they should have.



    [No problem, Andrew. These questions always crop up. I just hate trying to make it sound as though I don’t consider my answer to be a load of crap. (I think greed and lust for money has something to do with there being three regions, although piracy plays its part.) – Features Editor]

  29. Howdy FEd,

    I hope you have a terrific weekend.

    I am supposed to start work on Monday. (fingers crossed. If I pass the whizz quiz…)

    I really think it’s an invasion of privacy, but I need the job desperately and in my field of work its pretty much unavoidable.


    [The best of luck to you – Features Editor]

  30. FEd, thanx for the link to the Manzanera interview. Very revealing and informative. And Phil’s sense of humour shines through!

    I wonder if Claire gave Phil a look or two on reading that he took up the electric guitar for the girls! (“Where are you going with that Strat, Phil?!” (:-))

    It’s interesting how both David and Phil freely acknowledge that they look up to The Beatles. It’s something I’ve heard many musicians – huge rock stars in their own right – say in different ways, and really puts the Fab Four’s exalted status into perspective.

    David’s (and Floyd’s) own status was put into perspective for me when I watched the final bows on RTN. There on stage was a “supergroup” if ever you saw one – the bulk of Floyd itself, the bulk of CSNY, David Bowie, and one of the fundamental cogs of Roxy Music.

    I also love the shots of Crosby intently watching the band play Echoes from the side of the stage. I’m sure all legendary rockers spent hours listening to the piece back in the day, and were hugely influenced by it.

    Talking about Echoes, and in response to a posting by Bob Mitchell on “DVD thoughts,” I believe David and Richard switch “harmony positions” on the first two vocal passages on RTN – Richard singing lead (low) on the first passage, with David going high, and vice versa on the second passage.

    As for the soccer-football thing, I agree with you, FEd. Although I live in North America, I find American football just a “non-fake” variation of WWE wrestling.

    It’s the spectacle that counts – lots of posturing, stop-starts, non-game-related stuff (cheerleaders, shots of weight-challenged fans making fools of themselves), deification of individuals for throwing and catching balls, niggly fouls (“penalties”) that keep stopping the game (“The play is called back because the linebacker scratched himself one second too early!”) etc.

    It’s a uniquely American passion that I don’t believe can transfer successfully elsewhere.

    Have a good weekend everybody. I hope the Reds make it so on Sunday.

  31. Hey again FEd!

    I got the job…(I passed the whizz quiz)!

    I will be working at a state sponsored halfway house for recently released prisoners, as a case manager. The pay sucks but, I’m not licensed yet. I’m a drug and alcohol abuse counselor intern.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Slurps again,

    [Good for you. Enjoy it.- Features Editor]

  32. WFUV which is a New York public radio station will be airing a Robert Wyatt interview this Sunday at 5:00PM (US Eastern Time Zone). They do stream on line and many times the interview is archived (click my name).

    Hope everyone in the UK enjoys American Football. Personally I think it is an attempt to sell National Football League products over seas.

    Whatever you do enjoy the weekend.

    [I think it worked: 90,000 tickets sold, apparently. – Features Editor]

  33. Matt, your caption made my spit my dinner out! Ha!!!

    Nice way to start the weekend…best wishes for a good weekend to you and all within sight of these words…

    Everyone else? Well, they’ll just have to make do until they come to this site….

  34. [It’s ‘American football’ here, known for too much protective clothing and shouting. No self-respecting Brit would go to the footie expecting anything other than real football]

    OK fed…. a while back I hear baseball sucks… and now that crack. I think the problem is, we haven’t expanded our teams to include a few from your neck of the woods. Maybe we should work on that…. and just a little advise, you might want some of that protective clothing when that seven foot three hundred pound madman comes charging you.

    Green tip: try to buy pet food made from bison. Bison is grass fed and has not been pumped full of chemicals.

    [I’ve got nothing against it, Stephen, but both football and rugby have been played for centuries in the UK. Nobody would mistake American football for either sport. – Features Editor]

  35. Captions

    ” Yeah we are putting together another album, but don’t tell anybody” David says to Polly

    Just have to say that I still love Echoes the best on the DVD RTN. Each time I watch it it seems better and better. I think it one of the best musical opuses I have ever heard.

  36. [As for your other question, if anyone called American football ‘rugby’ in the UK, then I like to think that they’d get a stern lecture. It’s ‘American football’ here, known for too much protective clothing and shouting. No self-respecting Brit would go to the footie expecting anything other than real football, don’t worry about that. – Features Editor]

    Have to agree with you on that F.E…Also can be very frustrating to watch..short huddle..short play..short huddle.. short play.There’s just no gameplay continuity.

    But what peeves me the most is the running out the clock at the end of a game whereby the team in control of the ball (usually the quarterback) can simply fall down on the ball upon receiving it to end play (while the clock keeps on running) thus wasting precious time, and keep this up until the end,,,UuhGGG..hate it!

    And to boot..their ever so tight knickers make it very uncomfortable for me to watch.If I do,I use my peripheral vision feature as to not get the whole picture.(if you know what I mean)

    I’m from N.A. but I’ve got to say rugby rules over our football anyday hands down!

    [It’s funny watching ‘old’ soccer matches, John. To kill some time at the end of a game, players used to be able to pass the ball back to their goalkeeper, who could pick it up, pass it to a defender, receive it again and again… It seems very irritating now. – Features Editor]

  37. Again David leads the way for new technology Blu-Ray style none the least. Good for him.

    I’d like to add, at the end of Echoes, the final shot from Royal Albert Hall finishes the moment in blue.

  38. Caption:

    David and Phil have a laugh when they get an email from David Bowie asking for directions to the Barn Party.

  39. Hope you didn’t have too bad a weekend Fed.

    I’m presently enjoying listening to a new copy of Bowie’s Diamond Dogs – the sound quality is a bit ordinary even on cd. It’s funny that after you listen to RTN a few times you get a bit nostalgic about the older stuff so you pull out David’s other 2 albums, listen to them again, then you pull out Syd’s stuff and PF stuff. This is the music I enjoy and have for years. I hope there are other people out there that have had the same experience.

    The one person who hasn’t got a mention in our blog discussions is Sam Brown. I first heard her voice while driving through Richmond (UK) and I thought wow. Now listening to her backing vocals behind David is superb. Great work Sam.

    Fed, I’ll start using my chat room name here so that there won’t be any confusion.

    Bye for now
    Wilko (used to be Charles)

  40. soy de chile y te felicito david por este ultimo disco, lo encontre muy bueno, tiene una buena eleccion de temas y un exelente sonido

    te felicito nuevamente y es de esperar que sigas haciendo tan buena musica como lo has hecho siempre

    lo ultimo esque vengas a chile a hacer un recital ya que no te arrepentiras porque en mi pais tienes una cantidad de fanaticos enorme seria todo un exito

    no te arrepentiras

    chao david

  41. hi mr gilmour. i dont know if you read my comments or not, but i hope you do.

    this is my third comment in your blog. you have a great place for training and create music and songs. this place are in my visions. i wish i have a place for training music like you.

    i have nothing to say in this comment just a request. please show me your trace? i wanna put my feet on that and continue your way. im lost…

  42. Fed, I’m absolutely amazed at the architectural design of that “barn” as it’s being called on the blog. How old is it roughly? The vaulted ceiling must allow for great sound during rehearsals.

    BTW, I love that standing bass in the background. I’ve seen it in several of the other pics, but have never seen anything like it before. Very exotic!

    Have a great weekend one and all. Especially you Fed. Everything has a way of working itself out, don’t you think… “oh, by the way, which one’s Pink”?


    [Fifteenth-century, I believe. – Features Editor]

  43. Fed..The prize from the competition arrived.

    Much thanks!


    [You’re very welcome. Thanks for letting us know that it reached you safely. – Features Editor]

  44. Question about the barn: Is this the same barn that’s on the cover of David’s first album? I can’t imagine it is, but I thought I’d ask just the same.


    [No, it’s a different one. – Features Editor]

  45. Off topic –

    Thanks for providing the sneak peek of Phil Taylor’s book: The Black Strat; I must say the cover design is absolutely stunning and spectacular and the unique choice of using a “gorge” or “canyon” (or whatever you may call it)as the background is just fascinating!!

    Hopefully, the price is affordable as it will be another ideal Christmas gift for a few good friends combined with the DVD of Remember that Night.

  46. Hi

    I just received my dvd from amazon, and like everyone i found it great.

    For me the most incredible moment is the end of the solo of David on Comfortably Numb, Bowie version. The light burns the pictues, and the guitar looks like a plastic surealistic thing… Sure that David Mallet worked hard on this part of the concert.

    About the documentary, we can see nice and clear pictures from the Gdansk concert, it means that it was filmed by many cameras, like the RAH concert.

    In the future, would we have the pleasure to see this concert edited on dvd ?

    [It would be nice, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  47. Will this be a regular BD or a new BD+ release on BluRay?

    [Good question. There’ll be more about the Blu-ray release shortly, so stay tuned. – Features Editor]

  48. [Have a great weekend all – bank holilday for us Irish – Tantastic!!!]

    wow another dubliner . that’s 3 of us in total . myself and geoff duffy being the others . there is of course brian from kildare too , i’d hate to forget him , but he is from kildare not dublin as his name would let you know !

    there might even be a few more irish people here that i don’t know of too . i’m impressed .

    i hope all irish people here have a good bank holiday on monday .

    o well i hope you are having a good weekend thus far fet ed . take care


    [Thanks very much, Linda. Enjoy your extended weekend. I’m not jealous. – Features Editor]

  49. Enjoy the DVD Brazil!

    I just watched it again last night. I love the way this was shot. You really get to watch David play the guitar on the key solos. I also love the way it was compiled. I’m glad all the songs were included between Disk 1 and the “extras” on Disk 2.

    The tour documentary is fantastic too. Having followed the tour through the blog all summer, I felt like I was there with them. I knew what to expect at each venue. It was exciting to see it from David and Polly’s point of view.


  50. [Green tip: try to buy pet food made from bison. Bison is grass fed and has not been pumped full of chemicals. – Stephen Barnhart]

    That’s one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read. . . You are quite obviously “taking the piss”. . . Keep your “Green Tips” to yourself, please. . . People. . .

  51. Saturday evening I went to see David Crosby and Graham Nash in Niagara Falls with Steve Distanislao on drums. Great show and the last one of the tour. Does that leave Stevie D. free to tour again with David and the rest of the fantastic band? Maybe wishing will help.

    The RTN DVD has been played many times in my house. The 1000 watt surround sound and the large flat screen TV have pretty much driven the rest of the family to other parts of the house.

    Rock on everyone!

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