Blu-ray audio formats

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.Some technical mumbo-jumbo now for those of you who are curious about the Blu-ray version of David’s ‘Remember That Night’, which will (hopefully) be out on Monday 19 November in Europe and Tuesday 20 November in North America.

With regards to which audio formats are supported, I’m told that…

48khz LPCM Stereo is mandatory on all Blu-ray players, so, at the very least, anyone can listen in stereo.

However, to get the full benefit of Dolby TrueHD you need to have a particular set-up that will achieve the best results.

First, your Blu-ray player must support Dolby TrueHD.

Second, assuming that your Blu-ray player supports TrueHD, you need to correctly connect the player to your amplifier or receiver.

If you connect your player by the coax or optical TOSLINK connectors to the amp, you will not be getting the benefit of the TrueHD signal. You will get a Dolby Digital version that is included within the TrueHD instead.

As long as the player understands TrueHD, you can get the audio signal out in one of three ways.

First, you can allow the player to decode the audio internally and feed the audio out via six analogue outs (normally phono/RCA connectors are present if the player offers the feature). You would connect this to your amplifier six-channel analogue input with six phono/RCA to phono/RCA cables.

The second and third options both output the audio via an HDMI cable to an amplifier/receiver that can accept HDMI audio.

The audio can be decoded to uncompressed by the player and sent via the HDMI to your ‘amp’. The amp processes this as 5.1 uncompressed PCM.

In the last method, the TrueHD bitstream can be sent directly along the HDMI cable – the decoding happens in the receiver. In order to use this method, you will need to have an amplifier and Blu-ray player that both conform to the HDMI specification version 1.3.

HDMI 1.3 is new, but most higher-end gear is designed to work to this standard. If you are planning on purchasing new equipment, then it is worth looking for this specific feature before you buy.

Hope that helps.

Thanks to Hilary for the detailed clarification.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    A staunch ‘Vinyl LP’ proponent, Richard takes bemused satisfaction in David and Polly’s struggle to connect their ‘TrueHD’ setup…

    [Beautiful. – Features Editor]

  2. Hello,

    I haven’t got a blu-ray player,but you FEd have been so pretty and kindly-perfect in your words..that’s a pity for me I don’t try…

    Have a nice day from Rome

  3. Great explanation FEd, thanks, but Blu-Ray technology is still too heterogenous for my taste.

    You might be interested in reading this from Ars Technica… (click my name).

    [No, I really, really, really don’t want to read it. Thanks anyway, GianLuca. – Features Editor]

  4. Fed!

    You should market that as a cure for insomnia… worked like a dream on m….ZZzzzzzzzzzz

    Just kidding… very useful information although I’ll wait a few years when the prices are 20% of what they are now…

    [Indeed. My chatroom status is not currently set as ‘Tangled Up in Blu(ray)’ for nothing. We’re open for all your dreadful Blu-ray puns, by the way. ‘Sacre Bleu-ray’ is my favourite. – Features Editor]

  5. Hi Fed,

    I may have mentioned that I work in an AV shop before. It will be interesting to see how much TrueHD impacts on the market. I can’t wait for the HD version myself, but more for the picture side of things. We tend to find that 99% of people are happy with Dolby Digital 5.1 for sound and don’t bother going for 6.1 or 7.1. I know that Dolby Digital is very hard to better.

    In fact in general we seem to be going backwards in sound quality. People are happy to use compressed mp3 sources.

    Its a real shame that when David (and the Floyd before) put so much effort into getting the sound perfect (the SACD of ‘Dark Side’ is remarkable) that “we” strip so much of it away to stick it in a little white box to carry around with us.

    While people want better picture quality its strange that we are going backwards with sound.

    Just my little rant!

    Cheers, Jon

  6. Oh ! what is that baraguoin/gloubiboulga/charabia ?

    And I thought I could read English language! I have to be more humble !!!


  7. *Caption*

    Providing proof to the old adage that when you’ve been married long enough you tend to start looking alike Richard casts David’s reflection!

  8. Blu Ray
    Now I’m no longer alone
    Without a DVD in my player
    Without a sound of my own

    Blu Ray
    You know just what I was there for
    You heard me saying a prayer for
    Someone I really could care for

    And then there suddenly appeared before me
    The only one my arms will hold
    I heard somebody whisper please adore me
    And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

    Blu Ray
    Now I’m no longer alone
    Without a DVD in my player
    Without a sound of my own

    And then there suddenly appeared before me
    The only one my arms will never hold
    I heard somebody whisper please adore me
    And when I looked the Moon had turned to gold

    Blu Ray
    Now I’m no longer alone
    Without a DVD in my player
    Without a sound of my own

    Blu Ray
    Now I’m no longer alone
    Without a DVD in my player
    Without a sound of my own

  9. [Richard takes bemused satisfaction in David and Polly’s struggle to connect their ‘TrueHD’ setup…] – Angelo

    Angelo, you know it’s Phil setting up David’s home theatre anyway. . .

  10. Wow. Very technical and helpful information for those who are Blu-Ray equipped. However, for now I will be content with my 5.1 surround sound mix on my regular DVD.


  11. Hey FEd,

    Since you are procuring all this fantastic technical mumbo-jumbo for us, could you check with Hilary to see if the recording was originally captured at 24bit, 96kHz? Thank you.

    [No, because then we’d be taking requests and some of you wouldn’t know when to stop. When we can bear another Blu-ray update, we’ll be sure to let you know. – Features Editor]

  12. Thank you for the Borders DVD which arrived today (Why does my postman always look so nervous?).

    Thanks also to Tom B without who’s tantastic word I wouldn’t have won!

    [You’re very welcome, Lorraine. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  13. I smell another competition coming. Win an RTN Blu-Ray release along with a complete DG Home Theatre System including a Sony flat-panel plasma TV and Blu-Ray player with Dolby TrueHD. Finally, FEd and Hillary will come over to help set-up the system and ensure all is in working order.

    I guess we can file all that under wishful thinking.



    [Yep. We’ll even bring Elvis and Shergar along to help. – Features Editor]

  14. I didn’t understand a word… but I don’t think I care that much since I don’t have Blu-ray thingy either…

    Hope you all are doing ok!

  15. blu-ray eh? it would be easier if it just blu-aray! (second bit’s meant to be pronounced like away, eg blew away) it’s bad i know but i thought it might help if i get it out of my system.

    still prefer vinyl to listen to even though i’m part of the ipod generation.

  16. CAPTION:

    Richard waited for everyone’s reaction as he launched into ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ by… Blu Ray Cyrus.

    Sorry !

    [Keep ’em coming. – Features Editor]

  17. That bluray stuff scares me. 😉

    [Is anyone else thinking of the theme music to ‘Stingray’ right about now? – Features Editor]

  18. Ciao,

    I do think that when something in consumer-electronicS is not understandable by the last of the idiots…it is not time to market that.

    Take a tv. you turn it on, you look at it. Simple. Now I go in a bar and see this huge 16/9 50 inches video but….image is stretched! because the barman doesn’t set the format of the image. In nearly every public place I see that. And old people saying “but it doesn’t look so good”!!!

    Same story with Blu-Ray, HD DVD. People want ONE reader for all 12 cm discs (dvd, cd whatever). But they want us to spend so much money on something we do not even know if it is supported or not, difficult to use or set up for people who studied literature instead of physics….

    When the industry will stop making me pay for their hazardous marketing moves I will buy the NEW STANDARD. Which we do not have now. This is my way to boycott this. Remember the DIGITAL cassette read by a laser beam by Philips? People changed all their old vinyl to cd and immediately this company wants us to spend more money for ….for what?


  19. Hi Fed,

    It’s been a while. Just wanted to congratulate everyone involved with David’s website for helping to achieve your recent accolades and award (I knew it all along!).

    My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago (97 yrs old – God bless her). And then my pedigree boxer and trusty companion of 13 years, Jewel, also passed on about a week later. Been a rough stretch.

    BTW, my wife Cathy and I did attend the premiere of “Remember That Night”…truly amazing! Haven’t had a chance to pick up the DVD yet though. Looking forward to it.

    Cheers, Cevin

    [Cevin, I’m so sorry to hear of your double loss. All the best to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  20. Of course FEd’s favorite Madonna release was:

    Blu-Ray of Light



    [Maradona, I like… – Features Editor]

  21. Caption:

    Richard : “Don’t you think that Blue Ray Ban glasses would look wonderful with my sweater?”

    Ahah ! Don’t even know if that makes sense in English !!! But that makes me laugh !


  22. Of course how can we not modify this one:

    Shameless Sea
    Aimlessly so blu-ray
    Midnight moon
    shines for you

    Still marooned
    Silence drifting through
    Nowhere to choose
    Just blu-ray

    Star-crossed you and me
    Save our souls
    We’ll be forever blu-ray

    Waves roll
    Lift us in blu-ray
    Drift us
    Seep right through
    Color us blu-ray

    Wait for me
    Shameless you, the Sea
    Soon the blu-ray
    So soon
    Soon the Blu-ray
    So soon

    Kinda works well, no? Especially the last part, so soon Blu-ray. Afterall, November 19/20 is just over a month away.



    [Just as long as there’s no need to sing it when we’ve reached those dates. – Features Editor]

  23. Don’t know if this is a question for Phil or faq.

    The guitar strap David is wearing on cover of Remember That Night looks quite similar to one Jimi Hendrix wore on July 4, 1970 concert.

    Can anyone enlighten me, please?

    [It’s the same one. It now belongs to David. – Features Editor]

  24. yeah fed, anything could happen in the next half hour….

    although having successfully setup your bluray system is unlikely 😛

    imagine the mess of cables and wires there would be, if troy and marina wanted to hook up a home cinema.

    [Nasty. I still think they’d fare better than Shergar, though. – Features Editor]

  25. here is my boss (click my name).

    obviously NOT coping with the pressure of day to day life, having chosen to dress up a brick, as yet unnamed, and give it to his friends daughter as a birthday present. meant as some kind of elaborate joke – about this persons inability to look after real pets, or plants.

    this is the man who pays my wages.

    [Interesting… – Features Editor]

  26. Thats quite a handsome picture of Richard and I mean that in the most hetero way possible…

    The top right hand corner would be perfect for an autograph…Did I type that outloud?

  27. rob- I for one think the brick gift is hysterical.

    (If in fact the recipient has no ability to care for “breathing” things)

    Does that make me as thick as one?

  28. If NewYorkDan is reading this, thank you for posting!

    I’m in school to be a teacher right now, and I think that it’s fantastic that you’re putting positive music into learning environments.

    I love hearing about Pink Floyd magic with kids! (I’ve sang Breathe to my baby nephew to put him to sleep – works like a charm!) I can just imagine the kids’ faces as they discover a new sound and the pleasure of listening to it, and I’m thrilled that they love it. 🙂

    Thanks a bunch for sharing your story!

  29. How many bluray technicians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only one, but they’re all in a dark room tangled up in a/v cables…


    I went to the doctor and told him my ears hurt. He asked me how long have I had HDMI cables sticking out of the sides of my head…


    I came home the other night with a present for my wife: a bluray dvd player. She hit me over the head with it complaining it’s going to clash with her new curtains…

    Take my Bluray! Please!…


  30. Caption:

    Richard was anxiously awaiting the end of rehearsal so he could go home and watch his brand new Dolby TrueHD DVD from the newest Las Vegas hot ticket item: The Surreally-Modern, Dada infused, Epidermis paint inspired Blu-Man-Ray Group.

  31. [Blu-ray audio formats – F*Ed]

    For a moment there I thought I was one of a few that had won something… : )

  32. Blu-ray
    Baby’s got blu-ray …

    David’s figure in the background is significantly blu-rayed on todays blog-photo …

  33. Hallo FED,

    I would like to know if it is normal that I have not yet received the items that I have ordered on line, I am a bit afraid….could you give me some information about it? I have sent a couple of email but… answer!

    What I have to do?

    Thanks so much
    Claudio from Ravenna

    [This is being investigated, Claudio. As soon as I have any news about your order, I’ll let you know. I’m very sorry that you are still waiting. Please let me know your address. – Features Editor]

  34. Truth be told, the truth be told,
    I worry what the future holds, the future holds,
    I’m seriously worried about Blu-Ray!

    Sorry Hoosiers!

    Love Cori XXX

  35. Sounds simple enough to me…from what I understand all you have to do is:

    Connect A to A
    B to B
    C to C
    etc thru to…
    X to X
    Y to Y
    Z to Z

    Can’t wait for my Blu Ray(Charles)DVD to come in!

  36. [Pete, you win the award for Questions That Will Not Make It To Phil’s Desk… – Features Editor]

    FED, I am so SORRY…, I too late recognize that this is Phil TAYLOR, David`s guitar technican and NOT Phil MANZANERA which my questions were written for.

    SORRY again, hope you will not be too angry with me…,

    [No problem, Pete. – Features Editor]

  37. Can’t seem to shake this lyric away from banging around in my head right now…

    “…I’ll have a blu blu blu ray Christmas without you…” (Elvis of course)

  38. Why no news of the Hd-Dvd version ? Any release date or site that it can be ordered from ?? It was announced but no follow-up information since ….


    [There has been no news since about HD-DVD. The focus is very much on Blu-ray. – Features Editor]

  39. Respect for the pioneers: DG(-Music), Sony Music, not forgetting the buyers, the early Blu-Ray-adepts.

    Me, i’ll just stick to the stuff that works.

  40. Caption…

    “Not to worry..My friend E.T. will be here soon and will explain it all very simply to us.”

    (Only you might get this one F.E… if by chance you might remember one of my past captions.)

    [I had to check (I forget my own name sometimes, never mind captions), but click John’s name below for a reminder. His caption was timed at 6.49AM on 3 March. – Features Editor]

  41. That guitar strap can be seen on the Hendrix All along the Watchtower video…I fooled around a bit in Photoshop, and here’s the pic of both David Gilmour and Jimmy Hendrix with it (click my name).

  42. *Caption*

    As Guy looks on pondering……

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall?

    I’m still working on the Blu-Ray thingy.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  43. *caption #2*

    After hearing what they thought was Brew-Day the other boys in the band snuck off for a pint.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  44. [I teach kids from the inner city who have been suspended from their regular classroom. – Posted by: NewYorkDan]

    [Hey Dan, what school do you teach in? – Posted by Angelo]

    Angelo, I live and teach in the Albany, NY area. My classroom is not located on school property, so I don’t actually teach in a school. My students come from across this large city district. The intent of the program is to provide instruction during a child’s suspension period so that the child doesn’t fall behind his/her peers who were not suspended.

    This is a new program, now entering its second year. Still, our statistics are impressive. This program has been successful in reducing the dropout rate in the district, and has also helped raise the standardized testing scores of our students. We have not had any violent or criminal episodes at all.

    We take these children out of their large classes and place them offsite in our small classrooms. There are two teachers per classroom. Not only does that mean these children are no longer in the larger classroom to start trouble, but it also means they are getting a more personalized kind of instruction, something close to one-on-one.

    We have had a lot of students ask to stay with us beyond their suspension period. They say they are afraid to return to their regular classroom. That said, we have never actually had a student come back to us for a second suspension period.

    Now, on to another issue. Why do I call myself “NewYorkDan” when I live near Albany, NY? Simple: I grew up in New York, NY. It seemed to fit me, especially when my Blog name “Dan” was rejected when I registered for the chatroom.

  45. Abbey Road News is not necessarily all that sad. I’m assuming the statement as sad is being made because it is not scheduled for Region 1 release which is the North America format. But many computers can play all types of regions and some all region players are very inexpensive. So I’m sure some will still import the item from the U.K.

    But it sounds like a great release forthcoming.



  46. Wow… thanks for clarifying that, FEd. I can’t wait to buy a Blu-Ray player & DVD!!!

    p.s. Good one, Michele!!

  47. Don’t step on my Blu Ray Shoes is hilarious. How about the company gives you a case of Labbatt’s Blu Ray Beer to drown your sorrows?

    Caption: Richard says” Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? ” Not him again? ”

  48. This written material about blu-ray is far too complicated for me to understand. I read it over and over again, I tried to understand it but it was a hopeless case for me. I did have a fun time reading the posts though, especially those creative and humorous captions; oh, and how about those poems.

    Seriously, the blog means a lot to me and I believe it does too to many of you out there.

    Thank you.

  49. CAPTION: While rehearsing the magnum opus that is Comfortably numb the strangest thing happened. David’s hands did indeed feel like 2 balloons (2 black ones in fact, floating skyward) as he kicks into solo number one.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin)

  50. Just thinking that some of the greatest art is hard copy in black and white. Technology has its place and that is to co-exisit with us under our control. I still miss the feel of human touch and no wires,chips or LCDs can replace that. The best electricity comes from the heart.

    Good fun to read the “train-spotter” stuff though and now I am off to read my parchments.

    Ian Pearson

  51. The ‘Live at Abbey Road’ seems beautiful.Hope we will see it in Italy.

    Best wishes for this project.

    By the way if we’ll have it in Italy,could I have one without Iron Maiden’s performance?

  52. Dear Fed

    I have undertsood your explanation.

    Just that :

    I have no BR reader
    I have no AV amp
    I have no HD screen

    Still I had fun time to read you, I will cope with the standard DVD format. As long as they include a 2.0 PCM audio track on it, it is fine for my Hi-Fi equipment.

  53. Who could forget the Bony M classic

    Bluray, Bluray it’s a holly holi…… day.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  54. Just a thought…

    Doesn’t blu-ray sound very much like blurry?.. 🙂

    Let’s hope not for the sake of those who are paying a fortune for a few more pixels…

  55. Bluray????? Blu ray? Surely not, surely Mr Kennedy was a Red Ray.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  56. Happy Thursday,

    Comfy Dumb: I like that picture. That would be great as a poster above my bed.

    Mrs Pete would not allow it though. I remember well the rumpus when I put up the poster with all those ladies who had the album covers on their backs. Know the one ?

    I still have it hidden away though.

    Pete – Coventry

  57. Thanks for sharing, Dan. Sounds like an ideal setting for suspended kids. Now I can visualize how The Division Bell works so well with your class.

    I won’t get on a soap box, but it’s refreshing to see an opportunity for smaller class sizes which can make such a critical difference with these kids. Being from NYC, you know what I mean…

  58. I’m happy about the Abbey Road DVD coming out, as I missed it the first time and the second time, although I saw it, my dvd recorder corrupted the disk I taped David on, so it’s good news.

    Cori xxxxx

  59. Waiting for my Blu Ray disk
    Is a bit of hit and miss
    Will it work or will it won’t
    Will it fly or just plain float
    I think about you everyday
    There just ain’t nothing like blu ray

    So when it arrives, it’s finally here
    I’ll jump for joy and raise a cheer
    We’ll have a Blu-Ray Day each year
    Do anything to hold it near
    I think about you everyday
    There just ain’t nothing like blu-ray

    To some people you’re just a little fish
    Swimming round a sat’llite dish
    Will I finally get my wish
    Or another toy for me to diss
    I think about you everyday
    There just ain’t nothing like blu-ray

    Love Cori xxx

  60. Cripes!

    I go away for a bit and come back to find FEd’s blog entries written in some strange new script, totally indecipherable to normal, English-speaking human beings.

    Julie Andrews comes to mind. Altogether now; ‘Blue-ray, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do’!


  61. The Sessions at Abbey Road with David will be rebroadcast tonight in the US.

    Also on the show is a very good new singer/songwriter Amos Lee.

  62. Caption: David chuckles and writes to the Blog, She’s a Blu-Ray Light, and Goodbye Blu-Ray Sky, Goodbye. Van Morrison’s Blu-Ray Money.

  63. [I like that picture. That would be great as a poster above my bed.]


    Try putting up the poster from the Queen Jazz album. See if the Mrs. has anything to say about that one.

    But the safest one to put up is the pyramids from DSOTM.



  64. F*Ed ~

    Forgive me if this was (and I’m sure it was) asked before…How ever did David obtain Jimi’s strap?

    [Polly got it for him, at auction, as a birthday present, I believe. – Features Editor]

  65. Thanks, Susan, I felt a bit ridiculous to laugh alone in front of my screen !

    ( Is there not a proverb that says: ” Laugh alone and the world thinks you ‘re an idiot ” ? )

    And that one is for Fed :

    “Every smile makes you a day younger.” (Chinese Proverb), to allow you to forget that 4th October made you a year older !


  66. [If NewYorkDan is reading this, thank you for posting! I’m in school to be a teacher right now, and I think that it’s fantastic that you’re putting positive music into learning environments.]

    Jessica, thanks for that. I just graduated from a teacher’s ed program myself. They did not teach me anything about using music in the classroom — I learnt it from other teachers. Mellow music played softly makes a biiiig difference in the kinds of behaviors that you see in the classroom.

    I was afraid to play Pink Floyd for the inner-city middle-school children who inhabit my classroom. Didn’t think they’d like it, as they grew up listening to Rap. But, it turns out, they loved it. And it kept them focused on their work, which is the reason they are there in the first place.

  67. FED , first of all thank you for your help; today I have received some mails from Anthill Trading and for a mistake my order has been sent in the US and not in Europe.

    Anyway FED my address is the following:


    Thanks again FED.

    [Glad to be able to help, Claudio. I hope you receive your order very soon. – Features Editor]

  68. I think its brilliant that David owns Jimi’s strap as its something I didn’t know about and would never have guessed; it’s like we’ve been told a lovely big secret. Cool. David must have been thrilled. Well done, Polly.

    Love Cori xxx

  69. Hello Comfy Dumb. i loved your pic and have saved it to my phone, so well done, Love Cori xxx

  70. [Polly got it for him, at auction, as a birthday present, I believe. – Features Editor]

    Wow…talk about being in tune with your significant other, that is just tantastic…

    Thanks for the F*Ed’s up!

  71. Hi, everybody, I’m new.

    Floyd embedded itself in my synapses in late 1972 when I – long hair and all – first heard “Echoes” in a darkened, smoky university dorm room in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and it stayed there (my synapses, not the dorm room) for decades. But over the last six or seven years (as the synapses decayed, I suppose), Floyd faded into some kind of memory storage space.

    I kept an eye on things (bought the “Pulse” DVD, enjoyed it tremendously, got excited about and watched Live 8, bought “On An Island,” had a few perfunctory — pardon me if the spelling is wrong — listens on bad audio equipment and put it away) but the passion had definitely cooled, even if the loyalty hadn’t.

    Then on Sept. 15, my 28-year-old son and I – hairless and all – went to see David’s live launch of “Remember That Night” at a theatre in Vancouver, Canada, where I now live – and my synapses have been buzzing again ever since! I picked up the DVD on the day it came out here (as did my son, who has been a fan since I took him to the last Floyd concert here in 1994), and I just cannot get enough of it.

    It is, quite simply, the best Pink Floyd concert I’ve ever seen, and arguably the best rock concert I’ve had the privilege of seeing.

    The icing (during the live launch) was “Echoes.” To be able to see it performed live – unexpectedly – 35 years after it first put me into the Floyd orbit was enough to send tears down my cheeks (grown man crying in a theatre – how embarrassing).

    I hope my first and last self-introduction did not bore you.

    Now onto some questions:

    1) Why is Nick not playing drums on the “Remember That Night” tour?
    2) Does David still race cars?


    [1) Because Stevie played them (and, for the record, it was Nick’s decision not to feature more prominently on the DVD), and 2) I don’t think David does that anymore. – Features Editor]

  72. Fist of all: I missed the live presentation in the Nuremberg IMAX Cinema (Germany) – it was sold out in a few minutes. So I’m pleased to hear from the Blu-ray release.

    But why did you choose the Dolby TrueHD format and not DTS-HD which is downward-compatible to most of the nowadays AV receivers?

    Sorry for my English, I hope you understand my intention.


  73. [But the safest one to put up is the pyramids from DSOTM.]

    That one, along with the other one from DSOTM plus one I bought that was a still from Pompeii plus one of Rory Gallagher adorned my bedroom at my parents house long before I got married.

    Pete – Coventry

  74. “ODE TO BLU-RAY”
    (Words to the melody of “The Blue”):

    “Anxious-ly… Installing Blu-Ray DVD
    Wondering if we’ll ever make it through…

    Endlessly… wires for you and me
    Sorting through and through, from A to Z…

    The DVD~ Enjoyed by all but you and me
    If ever we install, this DVD…

    Tangled wires everywhere like holiday
    “tangled Christmas lights” to undoooo

    A to Z…. is this too much for you & me?
    Hope the TV is the proper H-D
    Blu-Ray-Blu real soon…….


  75. Caption….

    ‘Suspicions that a member of David’s band is a vampire increased earlier when Richard sat in front of the mirror…’

    My prize arrived the other day -thanks very much indeed Fed & co! I haven’t been able to get on line at work. The security has been increased to prohibit access to these sites – my productivity has increased somewhat.

    [Thanks also to Tom B without who’s tantastic word I wouldn’t have won!]

    You’re too kind Lorraine, and an early adaptor – guess you’ll be getting one of those Blu ray thingamajigs soon..

    Tom B

    [You’re most welcome, Tom. – Features Editor]

  76. [Polly got it for him, at auction, as a birthday present, I believe. – Features Editor]

    Wow! Once again, the amazing Fed has taught me something new…Sheesh, stop it all of you, I’m learning too much! ;P Just kiddin’, you can never learn too much.

    Anyways, you know that Stingray song you posted for Emi? That’s a great song…i love the drumming…reminds me of my drumline…hmmm…(looks around room for some sort of inspiration to make a pun about blu-ray)…yeah i got nothing…I don’t get it…I don’t know why I’m thinking of Jaws right now… blu ray=Jaws…???

    Anyways, hope everyone enjoys their weekend…after Friday of course…Cheers


  77. Well since Crosby and Nash were guests on the OAI release, tour and are on RTN, you have to include that great classic of theirs:

    Suite Judy Blu-Ray Eyes



  78. Some of us were hoping for the HD DVD version since we have HD DVD players. What a shame that we have been let down. Very disappointing!

  79. I think I will wait till they go down in price before purchasing. Besides I can’t imagine the DVD possibly being better.

  80. [I had to check (I forget my own name sometimes, never mind captions), but click John’s name below for a reminder. His caption was timed at 6.49AM on 3 March. – Features Editor]

    This gesture clearly explains why this site is #1…let alone David’s music.

    Your Features Editor made someone’s day a little brighter today David! (me)

    [Shucks. – Features Editor]

  81. I just wanted to wish Adriano a Happy Birthday .

    Plus I hope everyone has a good weekend and Fed its time to start working in the garden again and I hope that your weekend is a good one. (1 2 3 4)?

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Happy Birthday to Adriano. – Features Editor]

  82. I enjoyed very much reading all these posts from everyone pertaining to the Blu-Ray – they are hilarious, original and clever. Thank you all for the entertainment.

    Kudos to you, NewYorkDan – I wish you much success with your teaching endeavor. I can imagine how challenging it can be teaching kids from the inner city who have been suspended from their regular classroom. I am curious to know what their reactions were when they realized they were listening to the PF music.

    The Division Bell is a beautiful production. “Cluster One” and “Marooned” are absolutely wonderful. But “Lost for Words” was the first song that captured my attention, not to mention the forever magical “High Hopes” and many more…

    Have you thought of playing “LOVE ON THE AIR” and ‘OUT OF THE BLUE” to this special group of your students, two amazing pieces both musically and in lyrics!

    Keep up the good work, NewYorkDan and to Jessica, I wish you the very best.

  83. [Hello Comfy Dumb. i loved your pic and have saved it to my phone]

    LOL – I still dont have a phone so I saved it to memory.

    Pete – Coventry

  84. Pete – I got a phone you can have. You cannot be phoneless on Gilmour Island!

    Cori xxxxx

  85. Good news, but I’m afraid I will wait with HD or Blu Ray DVD investment, technologically HD standard seems to be better, but two HD formats is no good, it recalls Beta/Vdeo2000/VHS affair where the weakest standard won the battle.

    Thanks Fed and Hilary,


  86. [Pete – I got a phone you can have]

    Appreciate the offer but will pass on it.

    Pete – Coventry

  87. Has David ever done Desert Island discs? “And the next track I’d take to my island would be ‘on an island’!”

    [He has. Please click your name below to see which songs he picked. – Features Editor]

  88. OK. Who remembers Marvin the Martian from Bugs Bunny?? I hear he just exchanged his Space Ray Gun for the new and improved Space Blu-Ray Gun with HDMI 1.3.



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