Best Music Blog

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.Well, thanks to your votes, we won the BT Digital Music Awards’, er, award for Best Music Blog.

Guy Pratt and Richard Wright collected the award for us at tonight’s ceremony at the Roundhouse in Camden, highlights of which are televised on Channel 4 on Friday night/Saturday morning. Please see the calendar for details, although it’s not yet known whether this part of the event was covered by the TV cameras.

Thanks to Guy for doing the honours and, no doubt, for giving a typically-witty acceptance speech. Thanks to Richard for accompanying him. Thanks to the BT DMA folk, of course.

But, above all, thank you all very much for voting. We wouldn’t have won without your votes.

In the unlikely event of any Brazilian fans needing reminding, David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD is released in Brazil tomorrow. Please tell us what you think of it.

‘Remember That Night’ has just reached the top of the Music DVD charts in New Zealand, meaning that it has now reached the top spot in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK and the US.


  1. KenF

    [Happy Birthday Mr. Jon Carin – Tomasz]

    [Yes, Happy Birthday to Jon. – Features Editor]

    Being a bit previous with Jon’s birthday, aren’t we – not until 21st October, I believe.

    Or are you planning a protracted birthday party from tomorrow, FEd. :0)

    [Just trying to squeeze everything into this week. Happy Halowe’en, Ken. – Features Editor]

  2. LynnR

    Congratulations to all at but especially to you FEd. Your tireless devotion to the blog has made it the great community that it is.

  3. Howard

    The award is well deserved.

    Even though I may be biased I would say this web site is better than any other band sites I have seen.

  4. diana

    Hi FEd and all,

    Happy days! Congrats and a lot of kisses.

    FEd : it’s YOUR victory. You are wonderful like DG.


    [High praise, indeed. Steady on! – Features Editor]

  5. Simon J

    Two words, Happy Days!

    Well done FEd, on his conduitating, you bloggers on yor conduitiation, and Mr. Gilmour on well…..Bloody Marvellous!

    Simon J

  6. MartinS.

    Many congratulations to you FEd and everyone involved.

    Well deserved !


  7. Julie Davies

    Congratulations, FEd. Well done.

    Watched the DVD on Friday and it was excellent. I could have watched the documentaries all day long. Thanks to David, Polly and crew who shared some of their life of tne road with us.

    I liked the eggs too.

    I always judge on how good music is by my own built-in “goosebump o’ meter” and the music on this DVD caused some very high scores indeed on my meter. In fact, my goosebump o’ meter went into the “hairs standing on end” and “tear escapage” mode too. So you know the DVD is good.

    Back to the matter in hand, well done with the award and many happy returns, FEd.

    Best regards.


    [Many thanks, Julie. – Features Editor]

  8. James Ward

    Happy birthday for tomorrow FEd incase I’m not online!

    – James.

    [Thanks, James. – Features Editor]

  9. BrianC


    Of course we all know in our heart that this THE BLOG, with or without this award. Still can’t complain when everybody else knows how good this blog is.

    And thanks Guy and Rick for being there to collect the award.

  10. Andrew S in Toronto


    Ah yes, it figures that you are a Libra, well-balanced and all that (or is that passive-aggressive? I forget.)

    Happy Birthday in advance, in case you take the day off tomorrow. Hope you get an early birthday present tonight, preferably high scoring.

    By the way, I thought that Jon’s birthday was Oct 21st (same as mine). Does anybody know?

    [Thanks, Andrew. Three goals for the Reds tonight, I think. – Features Editor]

  11. Jon Green

    Congratulations Fed!

    It must take alot of effort each day to put up with… “blu-ray” (ahem…sorry), “DG strats”, easter eggs, “when’s he playing here” … etc etc etc… And still this blog is a great fun read!

    Well done!

    Cheers, Jon

    PS. Prediction for tonight? 2-1 maybe? I can see Cisse getting his revenge with a least a goal…

    [I can also see him scoring tonight. He’s an injury doubt, though. – Features Editor]

  12. Cori Burns

    23,00 Tuesday. Still in studio with Mark and hip-hop band. On a break so check DG.Com and we’ve won…………….






    –(cheering so much, puzzled hip-hop band ask “wassup” and I explain and they say “cool” then I indoctrinate the 17 year old bass man in Floydian ways. Mark calls an end to the break!)…….

  13. Jeremy King

    Congratulations to our very own top FEd, well deserved and cool speech from Guy.

    I believe the kids from Another Brick are on BBC1 tonight at 10.40; could be worth taping.

  14. Cori Burns


    There…I’ve finally said it!

    Love Cori xxxx

    PS: So emotional, so very…very emotional….waaaah!

  15. Brian_Kildare


    [He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime]

    A bit of respect isn’t asking too much is it? A pathetic attempt at humour by Mr. Zane, if it can be called humour. He showed more respect towards Natasha Beddingfield for christ sake! Well, hardly surprising, he is a flippin’ drip of a man after all!

  16. Cori Burns

    Can I have a signed pic of you, Fed! I’ll give you one of me if you give me one of yours!

    Cori xxxx

    Oh yes, when are you playing in Timbucockatoo!

    Cori xxxxx

    I love your blog xxxxx

  17. Brian_Kildare

    Apologies to Mr. Zane, misread the blog. Redirect rant to whoever was updating the live DMA blog!


  18. Brian_Kildare

    “For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.”

    Millard Fuller

  19. Andrew

    There once was a bloke named FEd
    Whose blog was regularly read
    One day he did win
    An award with a grin
    Now we can all have wine and break bread



  20. Cori Burns

    Well, Hiya. It’s me again.

    I’ve not long been up but just wanna say CONGRATS again, as I will be “out of action” for the next little while. I don’t want to mention it again, but those that know, know, and Fed, you will be on my mind…..the part of it that’s left. HO HO…

    Got my Walkman ready for the show, so I guess its time to go.

    See ya.

    Lots of love
    Cori xxxxxxx

    [All the best, Cori. We’re rooting for you. Come back to us soon. – Features Editor]

  21. Cori Burns

    GOSH! It’s Fed’s Bday. Thursday.

    Happy B Day for Thursday. Save me a glass of your dark brew! xxxxx

  22. dognamedblue

    congrats FE’d the Director General & CO
    it is a fun place to read

    happy birthday too FE’d!
    so blancmange & trifle all round?
    pass the parcel?
    postman’s knock? 😉

    hope you have a good day

    [They’re all very good party games (you forgot Pin The Tail On The Donkey). – Features Editor]

  23. eva

    did i spoil a surprise, as my comment was censored? :-)

    [You would have done if I hadn’t edited your comment. – Features Editor]

  24. Jon Green

    Hello again Fed..

    Conduit eh?

    How about “flange”?

    Cheers, Jon

    [That’s not one of my favourites, I have to say. – Features Editor]

  25. Cori Burns

    A charming young fellow called FED
    Was once sitting up in his bed
    Thinking : “I’ll start a blog,
    After having a jog
    In fact I will type it in Red”

    So he called DG up on the phone
    Saying “I’m gonna blog you, you know”
    “Fed, it’s 3.30 am,
    please don’t call me again”
    But all that Fed could say was “So?”

    Soon David really loved the idea
    And had a quick word in Fed’s ear
    “I’ll play my Fender
    For only a tenner
    And the bloggers will give us free beer!”

    So that’s where the idea came from
    Voila! David Gilmour (dot) com
    An award has been won
    Just to add to the fun
    And there’s s no more to say ‘cept Bom Bom!

    Love from Cori Knob xxxxx

  26. George Gipe

    Happy Birthday FEd!

    Stay away from those pesky bowling alleys!

    [I intend to, don’t you worry. Thanks, George. – Features Editor]

  27. Andrew

    C’mon, you can admit it.

    Part of you wishes that you left your bunker to collect that award in person. You would have enjoyed the fresh air and cheering crowd. You could have done your Sally Fields impersonation:

    “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

    Then you could have went out for a few pints with Guy and Richard.



    [And miss Liverpool Reserves losing 1-0 at home to Sunderland? Are you mad? – Features Editor]

  28. rob

    apologies if i am reposting – just saw this bbc news article about the kids from another brick in the wall, thought it might worth sharing – possibly connected with the other post about them appearing on the telly? (click my name below.)

  29. Michèle

    Tchin-tchin for tomorrow, Fed !

    Oh ! you can replace champagne with beer if you want…


    [Merci, ma belle. Le champagne ou la bière – c’est tout bon. – Features Editor]

  30. RabidSoul / Raymond McAteer

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another Victory for Team Gilmour !!!!

    Hullo FED and All !!! Careful With That Award, Eugene…!

    And of course a heartfelt Happy Birthday to you, FED ! Hoping your day tomorrow is a blessed one, good Sir ! I believe, for your birthday, you deserve to knighted for your tireless efforts at keeping this community together through all the times of the past two and change years.

    I have voted every chance I could.

    It is very telling that David’s album, subsequent tour and DVD have accomplished what I believe David set out to do in the first place, to entertain, so to me it is no surprise that we here @ The Blog have taken the cake. We will eat it too !!! Sorry that I wasn’t available for yesterday’s chat. Thank you, David, again for giving so much of yourself the past couple of years.

    Guy and Richard, thank you both for accepting the award. Loved the post from you, Guy. Richard, thank you for being the inspiration for me. Polly, I want to thank you personally for sharing your wonderful pictures with us all. And, FED…well, what can I say ? It brings tears of joy to my eyes that you have let us grow in so many ways.

    David, I really want to thank you for being the great human being that you are. You, that shines the light into the dark corners of Life to show us the beauty of Life and the sweet sounds that have provided us so many fans the soundtrack to our lives. You have touched mine, very deeply and your ‘On An Island’ has brought me through many difficult times. You make me cry, laugh and sing and enjoy Life a little more, each time I listen to your album and every time I watch this meticulously well crafted DVD. Shine On, Sir David and Lady Polly !!

    To the rest of you all, thank you for being the great people you truly are. Gee, you’d think I’d gotten the award personally with the way I am gushing here… : )

    We all have a vested interest in that award !!!

    Well, I’ve said my piece.

    Much Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart !

  31. Andrew

    [They’re all very good party games (you forgot Pin The Tail On The Donkey). – Features Editor]

    And as the festivities wind down you could always resort to spin the bottle. Oui?

    Also, have the preparations been made for the virtual birthday party tomorrow?? Or will it be a well-deserved day off??



    [The latter, please. – Features Editor]

  32. Brian_Kildare

    Many happy wishes for your birthday FEd!

    Brian & Lisa xxx (those kisses are from Lisa by the way!)

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  33. ash

    [By the way, I thought that Jon’s birthday was Oct 21st (same as mine). Does anybody know?]

    Jon’s birthday is indeed 21st October Andrew. (remember that card that sent your eyes funny that came with the PULSE CD)

    ash X

  34. Thomas Robinson (hoping for a live CD)

    “You picked these ones, so don’t blame us if you’re not happy! The People’s Choice Award for the Best Blog goes to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Just a shame he couldn’t be here to collect it! He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime”

    If only David had been standing with a heavy bass in his hands behind the person who said that…

    That gave me an idea for a caption:

    Caption: David thought the horses head idea was a bit old now so he’d come up with something much better to avenge the comment about his age at the blog awards.

  35. ash

    Three chairs Geoff Duffy. . .

    Geoff is surely blessed. How do you do that?

    Great to meet you and your good lady at Brixton Geoff (where were my manners ? I never asked after the baby ). Sorry we didn’t get to talk for longer.

    ash X

  36. Nate (14 miles to go!)

    Congratulations to FEd (as the blog is really your baby!) and everyone else involved especially David.

    A special thanks must go to your acceptance and posting of the little glimpses of reader’s lives that we see on a daily basis. It is a ‘real’ community that you have built here.

  37. ash

    Undersea bunker ?

    I vote we all don wet suits and flippers and take a party to FEd.

    ash X

  38. Ryan G

    [They were talking about the original recording of Arnold Layne, and the fact that Rick used to sing the high notes and David the low on the chorus.]

    I believe they were talking about Echoes. If you watch the Live at Pompeii DVD you can see a clip from the Meddle recording sessions. David and Rick are singing together and Rick is doing a very high harmony.

  39. Emiel Schuurman

    What wonderful and fully deserved news!!

    Congrats to Fed and all the people at!!!

    Happy Birthday FEd for tomorrow :)

    And many, many happy returns!!

    Also good luck on the Reds playing the french tonight!!! Gooooooo Reds!!!!!

    [Thanks very much, Emiel. – Features Editor]

  40. Adriano

    Congratulations! You deserved it!

    I, of course, voted a few times – as many of us did. But the responsibility is all for yourselves, for being so good at what you do.

    Way to go!

    All the best,

    [Thank you, Adriano. That’s very kind of you. – Features Editor]

  41. pete

    Happy birthday for tomorrow Fed.

    Thats strange cos last week, whilst thinking that the blog is almost 2 years old it passed my mind that it must be roundabout soon.

    Enjoy the day
    Pete – Coventry

  42. Julie Davies

    [Posted by: Comfortably Dumb at October 2, 2007 09:50 PM]

    Is that you, Ric? Nice to see you here.


    aka The School Master

  43. Nate

    Ah… it looks like you want to have a well deserved break tomorrow so I’ll say this now…

    Happy Birthday to you FEd…

    …wherever, whoever and whatever you are! 😉

  44. Lynne Carter

    Congratulations, the award is well deserved.

    This is the best music blog by far, nice people contribute, the news is always up to date, and the competions offer unique prizes.

    Give yourself a pat on the back Fed (I would buy you a drink but I do not know how to get it to you!)

    Sour grapes from sore losers do not take away from your achievement.

    Cheers anyway, Lynne.

  45. Cori Burns

    Dear Funky Fed!

    I taped The Sopranos cos i was working last night and they play ‘Comfortably Numb’ over a dialogue at the start.

    That is so cool.

    Nite nite Fed.

    Love Cori xxx

  46. RabidSoul / Raymond McAteer

    BTW, FED, I need to say thank you [ you know what for ! LOL ] I hope you do get the day off tomorrow. You deserve it !!

    Caption: David defers the podium to FED. How convenient that we don’t see FED, Polly conveniently left FED out of the shot, furthering the mystery of our Esteemed FED.

    You have a great day birthday tomorrow, big guy !!!

  47. Cori Burns

    My parrot is a Gilmour fan,
    He even shares his name,
    He eats peanuts with his foot,
    Does David do the same!

    {Some tabs I have to take have made me feel woo ee.}

  48. Gabrielle Childers

    My dear FEd aka Leader of the Pack!

    Very merry birthday wishes for your special day tomorrow! Pretty damn good birthday present that award, don’t you think? It will look very good on your mantle next to Glassman!

    Tomorrow also marks Rowan’s seven-month birthday, kind of the same, just different increments of time.

    So much has been shared in these last couple of years — Lennon Duffy, Aaron Emery and my grandson Rowan (as well as others I can’t remember at the moment), from conception to birth. Lots of other milestones, some happy, others sad, but all shared with one another. What other blog can make such claims I wonder? I’d guess not many.

    Anyway, have a relaxing, fun birthday FEd, you deserve it. And, while you’re at it, I think you should make an attempt to wrest Wireman’s ‘party hat’ from him so you can wear it at your celebration!! It’ll make you feel ever so special!:D

    Peace, love and good wishes!

  49. sylvie

    Few words; i am happy for you fed, you deserve it because you put a lot of time and love in it, so, congratulations!!!

    sylvie de montréal

  50. John nff

    [What’s the point if an individual can vote more than once? LoL..Hysteron Proteron]

    Statiscally speaking, if everybody voted let’s say 3 times, it still amounts to the same thing as just voting once after you factor in a divisor of 3.

  51. Ulli

    Dear Fed, congrats, wtg, what for wonderful news, and well deserved, ty so much for keeping us fans in touch with David and other fans!

    Happy Birthday to you too, and all the best!

    [Thank you very much, Ulli. – Features Editor]

  52. adrian kavanagh

    Happy Birthday, Fed! Have a good one!

    [Thank you. – Features Editor]

  53. Barbara Phillips

    I hope you have a Blessed Birthday today Fed! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for this wonderful blog site. Keep up the good work! Is the trophy heavy?

    [I haven’t seen it yet, Barbara, and probably won’t for a few more days. (Thanks a lot, Royal Mail.) – Features Editor]

  54. Veronica_from_Miami

    This blog warrants the award and recognition and I am so happy for you, FEd. I believe David Gilmour must be very proud to appoint someone as capable as you are to manage and maintain the blog.

    FEd, thanks for your endless efforts. Sometimes I wonder where do you have all these energies, patience and tolerance, not to mention the extended hours you’ve devoted to us in the chat room and many other things…

    It’s truly an honor to be in this community…


    [God, you’ll have me in tears at this rate… Bless you, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  55. Lucia

    Good morning!

    Which is the right page to tell HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!?

    Have a nice day and all my best wishes


  56. diana

    To day is 4TH OCT
    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY “our” FEd
    Thank you day by day


  57. Movado in India

    Congrats on the Blog win…well deserved.

    Happy Birthday..F.Ed, knock back a few and enjoy your day.

    Just got my copy of the DVD and am completely and absolutely BLOWN AWAY. Many many thanks for such an aural and visual treat.


    [Thank you, Nisha. – Features Editor]

  58. Cori Burns

    Happy Birthday Fed. I hope you have a better day than me, lol. Save us a lemon puff.

    I’m down in 20 mins. Been drugged so bye. Have fun. Wheee!

    Shine on. CORI xxX

  59. martin_d

    Aloha again

    Thought for the day ‘children’ ?

    Best Musician : David G
    Best FED : Our very own Fed
    Best Blog : Hmmmm thinking

    Well Done ….and richly deserved in these days of ‘money grabbing’ corporate reform bands (whatever THAT means ! )


  60. Geoff Duffy

    [Great to meet you and your good lady at Brixton Geoff (where were my manners ? I never asked after the baby ). Sorry we didn’t get to talk for longer.]

    Thank you Ash. Likewise, it was great to meet you and put a face to the name.

    Mind you, after the Ikea pun, I deserve a good DECKING me thinks.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )


    GREAT NEWS – we did it, thanks to all!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FED! Hope you have a nice day.

    Best wishes

    [Thanks very much, Pete. – Features Editor]

  62. Aldo

    Congratulations!!!!!! To all, especially David, Fed, Polly (for her beautiful pics) and all the fans that write everyday.

    I’m sorry that I cannot write often but I watch everyday the site and (obviously) The Blog! :)


  63. Erin

    [Undersea bunker? I vote we all don wet suits and flippers and take a party to FEd.-ash X]

    Since the Beatles were such a hit last night in chat . . .

    (To the tune of Yellow Submarine)

    In a town, in the UK
    Lived a FEd, who sailed the net
    And he told us of this guy
    In the land of guitars

    So we all sign on to chat
    Wrote some notes on the blog
    Now we’re the best, on all the net
    Thanks to our leader, Fearless FEd

    ah ha

    We all live in a special community
    A special community
    A special community
    We all live in a special community
    A special community
    A special community

    yeah yeah . . .I’ll get my coat . . .That’s what happens when you post before coffee . . .

    Happy Birthday FEd!


    [Thanks for that, Erin. Very nice. – Features Editor]

  64. wendy


    Well done job to everyone at this site. Go away for one day and look what happens.

    Keep up the great work. Your work here at this site is stupendous. I would be lost without it.

    PS: Fed, Happy Birthday

    [Thanks, Wendy. – Features Editor]

  65. Chris

    Congratulations on the Blog win, well deserved.

    Happy Birthday FEd, enjoy your day.

  66. Thomas Robinson (hoping for a live CD)

    Happy Birthday Fed. How big is/was your birthday cake?

    I would sing happy birthday to you but firstly you wouldn’t hear me so there isn’t much point and secondly i don’t own the copyright. That and if anyone hears me singing happy birthday to a computer they may think i’ve gone nuts…

    On the competition entry above i sent a caption, but about half an hour later i sent another message asking if the DVDs are region 1 and what will happen if some of the winners are not in America. a) can you answer this and b) i won’t get disqualified for sending two posts will i?

    Thanks Fed, hope you have a fun day. Hopefully the caption competition made your day even more fun.

    [You’re alright, Thomas. I’ve answered your question (please click your name below for your previous post, timed at 6:03PM on 3 October). It’s Region 1 for all, but still a nice addition to any collection due to their exclusivity (they were only released in the US). – Features Editor]

  67. Alex Paterson Jnr

    hi FED

    I have heard it was your birthday. I hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Eckypatersonjnr age:7

  68. Louise Davies

    David, may I wish you many congratulations on your award.

    My site won the other peoples choice award, for Best Unofficial Website.

    Great blog :)

    [Congratulations on the win, Louise. – Features Editor]

  69. Emiel Schuurman

    Oi Fed!!! Stop working and continue your birthday party!!! Take a break already!!!!!

    ………aaaaaaaaaaah, i see…… miss us even if its for one day eh??? LOL!!!

    [You know it’s hard to keep away… – Features Editor]

  70. kingzorghh

    Happy birthday F’Ed!

    And many congratulations on the award….boy, do you have reason to celebrate today.

    Hope you have a great day, cheers.

  71. MEDDLE

    Happy birthday from Canada FED. With the time difference, I think I’m still in Thursday.

    [Thanks a lot. Thank you all for the birthday greetings. You’re very kind. – Features Editor]