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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.Well, thanks to your votes, we won the BT Digital Music Awards’, er, award for Best Music Blog.

Guy Pratt and Richard Wright collected the award for us at tonight’s ceremony at the Roundhouse in Camden, highlights of which are televised on Channel 4 on Friday night/Saturday morning. Please see the calendar for details, although it’s not yet known whether this part of the event was covered by the TV cameras.

Thanks to Guy for doing the honours and, no doubt, for giving a typically-witty acceptance speech. Thanks to Richard for accompanying him. Thanks to the BT DMA folk, of course.

But, above all, thank you all very much for voting. We wouldn’t have won without your votes.

In the unlikely event of any Brazilian fans needing reminding, David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD is released in Brazil tomorrow. Please tell us what you think of it.

‘Remember That Night’ has just reached the top of the Music DVD charts in New Zealand, meaning that it has now reached the top spot in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

180 thoughts on “Best Music Blog”

  1. YEAHHHH! Woot Woot!!! That pic looks like David is being congratulated….We did it!!!

  2. [You picked these ones, so don’t blame us if you’re not happy! The People’s Choice Award for the Best Blog goes to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Just a shame he couldn’t be here to collect it! He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime. – Posted on the Digital Music Blog]

    Congratulations on the win but lame on the commentary.

    If Guy and Richard picked up the award, does that mean that whoever would have went with the 4 tickets you had would have been sitting with them?



    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  3. Hearty congratulations – you deserved it! In fact, it would have been a travesty had you been ousted by one of the others…

  4. [You picked these ones, so don’t blame us if you’re not happy! The People’s Choice Award for the Best Blog goes to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Just a shame he couldn’t be here to collect it! He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime.]


    We Won 🙂

  5. Wow, I haven’t visited the blog for a while but did vote 2 days before the voting closed. I like to think I helped put you over the top!

    PS, there was a headline on CNN.FN a week or so ago that read: “Wall Street says “Thanks Fed”.
    Had a good chuckle over that…

    [Thanks, Elaine. I tell you, I go back a long way on Wall Street… – Features Editor]

  6. Well well well… Congratulations indeed! A round of applause to everyone!

    How nice of Guy and Richard to pick up the award…

    Fantastic how the RTN keeps winning all the first slots in charts around the world.

    Just a quick question FEd, the release in Brazil tomorrow is it paired with release in other countries in South America? say…like Argentina? Thanks!

    [Not another question that I can’t answer! You’re making me feel useless, guys. I’m sorry, Marian, I can’t answer that. Is it usually the same date as Brazil? – Features Editor]

  7. F*CK YEA, BABY!!! A big ” NYC HOOT” to David, his management, and all of us!!!! Thanks to Guy and Rick! Wish I could see a clip….if there is one…

    I wish I could be on the chat to celebrate with ya’ll as I’m sure there’s plenty of virtual champagne flowing at the moment, but I’m at an appointment with my little one and have to rely on my geeky java-less phone for internet access.


    “Weeeeee are the chaaaampioooons, my frieeeeendzz………”

  8. Congratulations FEd, and all the folks over there….you guys are doing a great job….

    and, yes, I voted….;-)

  9. just checked on the site – here’s what they say

    “You picked these ones, so don’t blame us if you’re not happy! The People’s Choice Award for the Best Blog goes to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Just a shame he couldn’t be here to collect it! He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime”

    is that supposed to be funny?

    [If they were trying to be funny, they failed miserably. – Features Editor]

  10. RESULT!

    Wow, that is fantastic news and well-deserved at that!

    Good work by everyone involved including the bloggers who pressed the pretty pink button (well, that’s how my daughter referred to it).

    Thanks to Guy and Richard for being there. It’s actually incredible that they would take the time to do that. What other blog would have been represented by celebrities?

  11. Congratulations!

    Just home from my punishing trek through the jungle we know as ikea and found out we’ve won best blog.

    Think I’ll join you for some celebratory champagne on the chat right now. Cheers.

  12. WOW!

    That’s great. Congratulations all around. This truly is a great blog/website. Although I’m not quite an irregular (Fed, would Irregular need to be capitalized?), I can’t go without checking in regularly.

    [I think it should be, yes. Thank you for the kind words. – Features Editor]

  13. I’ll have to take some of the credit for RTN reaching the top of the charts here in NZ of course. Everybody I know is getting a copy for Xmas this year.

    But it’s great to see my fellow Kiwis doing their bit for David.

  14. Of course, FEd, we all know the award should have gone to you because you ARE the blog. Make sure you put it on your CV! Well done that man.

    [It’s very kind of you to say so, George, but you lot posting regularly has won this award. You kept the place alive, frankly. Your repeat votes probably helped a bit, too. – Features Editor]

  15. YESSS!!!

    Finaly the DVD will come to stores in Brazil tomorrow!!! And yes, there are a lot of David´s fans around here… I won one copy of this dvd, but I don´t receive it yet, i´m really anxious to see it!!! So I´ll buy my own copy tomorrow!

    David never played here, but we´re still waiting for him!

    Thanks! (sorry for some english errors… )

  16. Wow ! Dans ce ‘panier de crabes’ qu’est l’industrie musicale, enfin une reconnaissance totalement méritée ! Super ! Bravo !

    David a bien de la chance de vous avoir, et nous aussi !


    [Merci. – Features Editor]

  17. Hi FEd & everyone !

    Congratulations Dear FEd & “DG’site team”. The result of this competition couldn’t be different.

    There’s a remarquable work here in progress every day.

    This blog is a real space of freedom, friendship, and respect too (don’t you Michèle ? I remember your comment a few days ago ;). A real community has been created after all these months of music & emotions. We all have been able to share our happiness an points of views, enjoying the OAI “journey”, all gathered around David’s work, through the countries & despite of our different languages.

    I’m hoping that the release of “RTN” doesn’t mean the end to all of this…Really!

    Best regards

  18. That’s great news. For once, voting for something paid off.

    I’m very happy for the blog, and everyone involved.


    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  19. Fed…

    Good time to ask for a payrise… 😉

    [It’s a bit too close to the last one, I think. Good idea, though. – Features Editor]

  20. Hi Fed,

    Congrats on the blog award! By reading some of the ‘commentary’, it sounds like someone might be a little bit bitter about it. Some people are sore losers, I guess.

    I have been real busy lately, and missed so much on here. I got a new position at work, which came with a 30% salary increase, but it’s been a blur to make the chats and stuff. I haven’t forgot about you guys, even if I don’t get to visit as much as I used to.

    As far as David’s signature GHS Boomers, I never realized he played GHS strings, which makes me stoked because I live about a mile from the GHS headquarters. Thanks, David, for supporting the local economy in my neck of the woods!

    Anyways, congrats again on the award. All of us here don’t need some award place to tell us this is the best music blog on the Web, though. We knew that a long time ago.

    Have a great day,

    [Thank you, Mike. Congratulations on the promotion. – Features Editor]

  21. Congratulations to one and all.

    Certainly the “irregulars” are a big reason for this win, and certainly David and his gang deserve tons of credit for giving us something interesting to talk about in the first place, but I think it goes without saying that without the FEd’s tireless work and patience that this site would not even have had honorable mention, much less won the whole thing.

    Go throw a party for yourself FEd!

    [Stop it, you’re too kind. – Features Editor]

  22. How can this be a surprise? This IS the best music blog. Congratulations everyone!

    Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the person `blogging` the live feed, as their humour leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, as their taste in music!

    Well done everyone!

  23. Next Competition…

    There will 365 winners of the next competition and the prize is they get to keep the Best Music Blog award for a day…

    Waddya mean? No! 🙂

  24. What a horrible thought…

    Fed slowly turning into Gollum and uttering “my precious” as he strokes the award…


  25. Well done!!! bravi!!!we are the best;)

    All the best to you Fed,you deserved it for sure!


  26. Hi all, give yourselves a big pat on the back!

    Rick very kindly agreed to accompany me as Gala couldn’t due to babysitter issues. He chose not to join me at the podium (can’t say I blame him) and I found myself standing next to some bloke from EMI who got up in case noone else did!

    I gave a very short speech, saying how Fed couldn’t collect as he never leaves his undersea bunker, and how the blog had been a great conduit between us and the audience on tour, being a worldwide community who came with us wherever we went.

    Well done all, and three cheers for Fed..

    [Bless you, Guy. I really appreciate you collecting the award, for obvious (bunker-related, mostly) reasons. And I’ve been waiting for almost two long years for someone to use the word ‘conduit’ here, so thanks for that, too. – Features Editor]

  27. [Stop it, you’re too kind. – Features Editor]

    No way, José…your presence and stewardship has added immesurably to the vibe and substance of this place. As much as we flock back and contribute to this community, you have helped set the parameters, create the tone, and serve as our liaison to the artist, the band, and his management. You are “The FEd”, and that name has meaning to us beyond a title…

    You are our friend…

    Now will you please jab me with your pillock stick and burst this mushiness with a good FEd-ism before we all rot in sugary sweetness!

    (I can neither confirm nor deny that the FEd is a middle-aged emmigré from Colombia named José Contreras…)

  28. [Maybe. – Features Editor]


    Opportunity lost…..dang Concorde had to stop flying.



  29. congrats

    just wanted to say thanks very much to david and you FED as well as everyone else for making this place so cool!!!

  30. [Fed… Good time to ask for a payrise… 😉 – Rudders]

    [It’s a bit too close to the last one, I think. Good idea, though. – Features Editor]

    “But if you ask for a rise it’s no suprise that they’re giving none away.” Sorry Fed, the Rud opened the door.

    Congrats Fed, we all love you and everything about this site – in a botherly kind of way of course. Well done.


  31. well done on your win fet ed , throughly deserved if you asked me . (ok i know you didn’t !)

    if you ever come over to ireland a pint of guiness will be on me !


  32. This site is just Fed*tastic that is really what I think;-)

    Congratulations to everyone at “Team Gilmour” for a job well done. Cheers! and the glasses go clink.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  33. Congratulations, FEd!!! Congratulations David, Polly, well, Congratulations EVERYBODY!!!

    FABULOUS NEWS!!!!!! 😀

  34. Three cheers for FEd, our Fearless Conduit.

    Our Blogmaster has guided us through some very special times, since late 2005. FEd, I hope you know how much we appreciate your work and David’s generousity towards his fans.

    And thanks to everyone here, who has been part of quite an interesting community!

  35. Wow! This is really good news.

    Thank you David for the web site and to you (Fed) for all the long and crazy hours you put in to make this the best place to come to.

    Take Care, Thomas

  36. Fed

    We may have put a lot of votes in, but really the moderator (yes you, whomever you may be in the real world) is the one who keeps the whole thing ticking over as well it does. So ‘good on ya’ fed and of course congrats to the Gilmour bunch.

    It feels good to be part of this community (I hope I’ve found my way into this group now ) and have the ability to enjoy and share some of the wonderful music David Gilmour and Pink Floyd have played over the years.

    The dvd came out yesterday here, thank goodness!!


    [You are well and truly in, Charles. In fact, we’ll be branding you ‘Irregular’ when you least expect it, so watch your back(side). – Features Editor]

  37. Things are really going well aren’t they, so good that even Wireman has gone berserk.

    The feather is for your hat Fed, more than deserved. Thank You for being here.

  38. Great news on the award. Well deserved, Fed!

    Nice to see the best music DVD ever released doing so well also. Especially since I didn’t see or hear any promotion for it whatsoever (outside this site, of course).

  39. Hi Fed,

    Congrats on the much deserved award for the blog!

    Quick question. I’m in the process of building a new home theatre. I apologize if this has already been covered but could you please find out what audio formats the Blu-Ray version will offer? I would hate to spend the money only to find out my system does not support the best possible reproduction of David’s music.

    Thank you kindly,

    [Will try to find out all the relevant details for you, Robert. – Features Editor]

  40. Hi:

    Absolutely love RTN. Haven’t stopped watching it since the 18th. Concert is fantastic, especially Echoes and High Hopes with that gorgeous acoustic ending. It brought tears to my eyes. As great as he is on electric guitar, I can’t believe how wonderful his acoustic pieces are.

    The 2nd disc was fascinating, with all that great backstage stuff and the interviews and little wireman and surprise.

    I’ve been a fan of PF and DG since the early 70’s and he’s better than ever. The voice, the guitar, everything.

    Terrific website and blog. Congrats to all.


  41. [And I’ve been waiting for almost two long years for someone to use the word ‘conduit’ here]


    [You Fedmeister! Without you as our conduit it wouldn’t have worked. Bet you’ve not been called one of those for a while 🙂 – Posted by: Rudders – Toronto at September 1, 2006 01:05 PM]

    [I can’t recall the last time I was called one of those, funnily enough. – Features Editor]

    Ahem… ahem…

    [OK, so now you think I waited a year to see that word again, right? Wrong. Well, I just had to check and, to my eternal shame, I can confirm that the word has been used by nine of you in total: Carlos Arias (‘Guitarists Galore’, 01/02/06), Reiner (‘The boring stuff’, 17/02/06), Mark Reed (‘Guy Pratt’, 21/07/06), Gabrielle (‘Custom DG Strat’, 11/11/06), Colin (‘An apology’, 28/11/06), Dr Phang (‘Remember That Night’, 03/02/07) and Jo (‘UK & Europe Q&A’, 20/08/07). I hereby humbly apologise to you all. It must just sound better coming from Guy… – Features Editor]


    Tomorrow I will buy the RTN DVD.. Great news.. but please, David, came to Brasil just ONE TIME… There are a lot of fans here.. a full soccer stadium waits to see you here….


  43. Hello,

    I like that phrase; “Team Gilmour” – I guess that means ‘us’ on the blog and ‘them’ meaning Gilmour’s band/helpers.

    Thanks to everyone posting on here and of course “FED”. I’m enjoyed and learning to play the guitar and eventually tunes from Gilmour/Floyd. And yes, I’m thankfull for my instuctor.


  44. Conduitastic F.E…This little piece of the world in the grand scheme of things has been a good and faithful friend to me through good and bad times since I’ve started participating.Enjoy the accolades coming your way and don’t be humble about it.Let it go to your head.You derserve all of it..but also keep in mind that there is much work to be done.Don’t ever leave.

  45. Congrats to all who devote themselves to making this a grand and importantly, fresh site. Special kudos to you Fed for keeping this group together for the past 2 years. This board is very much a reflection of David’s continued creative vitality. Well done one and all!

    Now, I have a question regarding a conversation David and Rick are seen having with someone off camera on disc 2. They were talking about the original recording of Arnold Layne, and the fact that Rick used to sing the high notes and David the low on the chorus.

    My question is, did David really sing on the recorded version of that track? I thought Layne was released a full year before Syd left the band – first single and all.

    Just curious. Thanks and congrats once again.

  46. Three cheers to the “Irregulars” and especially to you Fed. Three Cheers? I have been reading this blog too much, I’m from the South, I should be saying “Way to go Ya’ll!”

    Voting has become a habit every night. I too will miss the pink button.

    Also it is very exciting to read the post from Guy. Very nice of you to take the time old Fellow. Old Fellow? Here I go again with the English talk. (Oh yeah, Guy, Marmite, love it or hate it?)

    Anyway, I just know this win will get you a well deserved bonus for all your hard work Fed! Enjoy and thanks for being here for all of us. Happy Early Birthday Mate! Mate?? Oh, I mean “Happy Early Birthday Big un!

    Thanks to Mr. Gilmour for allowing this site!

    “Three Cheers and Way to go Ya’ll!”

  47. Grats!! Well deserved too. It’s a brilliant interactive experience bringing fans closer to the musician and his music than ever before.

    From the opening sounds of the day to the news, to the blog and chatroom, to the music and video players and photo gallery, all cushioned against the sound of David’s guitar – a really great place to be.

    Congratulations again and thanks for brilliant experience.


  48. Congratulations Fed, you certainly deserve a slap on the back for your hard work.

    Conduitionally Yours, Frank.

  49. You may as well believe in the tooth Fairy with polls like this one.

    What’s the point if an individual can vote more than once? LoL.

  50. [Just home from my punishing trek through the jungle we know as ikea and found out we’ve won best blog.]

    “Top of the TABLE, 3 CHAIRS for”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  51. Dear Fed….

    Congratulations to one and all, you deserve it for all the hard work you put in keeping us all up to date, informed and amused plus also to all the other Bloggers for all their contributions and also of course to David himself for making the whole thing possible.

    Well done I never thought a blog site could be so addictive!!!

  52. This is a very nasty shock to me hearing this wonderful news! I seriously thought of voting for the blog and later on, I’m so very, very suprised by it and I’m very, very happy it turned out in their favour.

    Congratulations to everyone who made all this contribution and in the blog and to Fed –

    I’ve overcome my shyness and it was really everyone’s kind sense of rapport that melted it all away.

    P.S. Great picture from Polly, she really does has a great eye for everything she captures. 🙂

    I’m so stoked 😉

  53. Just read the good news of the win. Well done EVERYONE. Sure FEd would agree that its a team effort, although it is an advantage to have a good leader/moderator or whatever the term it.

    So what does the trophy look like? Will we see pictures here? How can we better this?

    Ian Pearson

    [If it’s anything like Keane’s, then it’s made of glass, for starters… – Features Editor]

  54. Hi FEd and Irregular Bloggers!

    Hip-hip-hooray:-) Congratulations FEd on the honor. You certainly deserve it Fearless (sometimes Feared) FEd. You are the multi-tasking mover and shaker (ice, ice baby;-)), peace- and/or mischief-maker, and moderator of this close community we’ve become, Irregular though it may be! Long may it rave:-}

    Thanks to David and company for all the great fun. This has been such a special time for so many of us. “If not for you …” ala George Harrison.

    Thanks to Guy for being such a funny, ah, well, guy! And for acting as FEd’s proxy at the ceremonies — I’d love to get a blow-by-blow narrative on the event as seen through the eyes of Our Man Pratt.

    As Guy might say, “didn’t we do well?”

    Peace and love to all!

    [‘Stop, collaborate and listen’ appears to be our motto here, doesn’t it? – Features Editor]

  55. Fed,

    I echo what everyone has said…It’s actually you that keeps this place interesting and free from muppets. That’s certainly why I keep coming back.

    Keep up the good work and congratulations.


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  56. Off topic but look out for…

    ONE Life: The Brick in The Wall Kids is broadcast on Wednesday, 3 October at 2240 BST on BBC One

  57. Congratulations FEd on winning the Best Conduit Award, despite being permanently trapped in your undersea bunker.

    Thoroughly deserved, of course, for the colossal effort you put in here at

    Many thanks to Guy and Richard for accepting the award on your behalf.

    Keep the channel open, keep conveying the fluid.

    Cheers FEd and well done.

  58. As for the derisory put down, by the DMA Blogger… well.

    A legion of Pointy Sticks can be rallied at a moments notice… once we’ve drank our Ovaltine.

    [I’m very sensitive to such talk in the first week of October, for some reason. – Features Editor]

  59. Just checked on the Calendar.

    There’s an entry missing for tomorrow (Thursday 04/10/07).


    [I thank you. – Features Editor]

  60. Congratulations FED,

    The Award is truly deserved,

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jon Carin


    [Yes, Happy Birthday to Jon. – Features Editor]

  61. [Not another question that I can’t answer! You’re making me feel useless, guys. I’m sorry, Marian, I can’t answer that. Is it usually the same date as Brazil? – Features Editor]

    Well, it usually is…but I’m an ocean away from there now. Friends from there were asking about it and getting anxious…not useless FEd…don’t worry.

    Am I the only one that feels a bit…mmmmmmhhh not offended but more like WTF? about those comments made by the Digital Music Blog people regarding the prize and the bedtime… is there no respect anymore! LOL BOW TO THE MASTER you…muppets! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks Guy for going and standing up there! FEd, you remain a mystery that glues us all together!

  62. Congratulations on the win! I was nominated too and am so happy I can now tell my future children I was beaten in an award by David Gilmour – how cool is that?

    [Bless you for that, Victoria. I hope the build-up was as much fun for you and yours as it was for us here. Please click the link below to pay Victoria’s Jukebox a visit. – Features Editor]

  63. Excellent news everyone!!

    Congrats to you FEd, a well deserved and overdue accolade!!

    PS. I made a post yesterday which didn’t make onto the blog. I assume you were busy maybe and it slipped through, or maybe it contained something awry??

    [Your last post was sent to the ‘Competition winners’ entry, timed at 5:15PM. If that’s not the one, then anything else was not received. Thanks for the kind words. – Features Editor]

  64. Thanks FEd and Guy as well.

    So, we can now say, another great hit of the misterious inhabitant of the underwater bunker… I hope at least you have good food and good music down there.

  65. Dear Dave, yesterday after 15 days it’s arrived by mail from England, the fantastic Dvd.

    It’s the greatest, absolute. Excellent audio, excellent video, excellent musicians and excellent David and excellent extras.

    I see Pink Floyd in tour on 1994 in Rome, but remember that night live is very very excellent!

    Great Dave! You’re simply the best!

    Best regards
    Elia Salis

  66. Congratulations, Fed!

    You really, really deserved the award for this fabulous blog you are running. Since I’ve followed the blog (almost) from the beginning, I have to say there is nothing like this on the web!

    Advice: When was the last time you did take a leave for more than a weekend? I think you have really deserved it to take off for a forthnight or so…

  67. Congrats, F’Ed. This is YOUR award. This blog would be a very different place with any other features ed.

    And a second set of congrats is in order, too. Here in the USA, the retail music business has become so fractured that some bands have resorted to selling their own music and videos online so they don’t have to deal with record companies. To get to #1 in this vast, complex market is a true achievement! And it proves yet again that David can top the charts on his own terms, as a solo act.

  68. Of course this is the best Blog. Well done Fed et al.

    [Thank you all for your messages of support, and thanks again for your votes. – Features Editor]


    [Thank you, Paul. It’s actually tomorrow, but I’ll happily take your greeting a day early. It seems that this is the time and space for sharing the love, don’t you think? – Features Editor]

  70. i noticed the wireman needs some new clothes, fancy letting him go out with holes in vest.


    This Blog is the only one!!!No, this blog is “The Blog”


    I’m very happy!Mr.Gilmour must be very proud of you!!

    Ciao Elisabetta

  72. Well done Fed – a good effort.

    It never ceases to amaze me the momentum this blog has achieved – a great symbiosis of bloggers and Fed.

    I may not post a lot these days but I am still keeping my eye on you all.


  73. Happy Wednesday,

    Nice one Fed. Congratulations on the award.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Thank you very much, Pete. – Features Editor]

  74. Well done FEd for running this quality blog!

    [Thank you for taking the time to contribute to it. – Features Editor]

  75. Way to go! Hearty congratulations to FEd and everyone here.

    Now, to the really important stuff: who’s winning in football? 😉


  76. It’s your birthday FEd?

    Happy birthday to you! Have a fantastic day!


    [It’s tomorrow, but thanks all the same. – Features Editor]

  77. Congratulations FEd!

    The best blog won the first prize. So everything is OK for me. 🙂

  78. Didn’t they do well? Yes they did!

    A big hurray for everyone involved in this “Best Music Blog”!


  79. [It seems that this is the time and space for sharing the love, don’t you think? – Features Editor]

    I’ve contributed to this blog for sometime now and you deserve every award going.

    Again Well Done. DG will be very proud, I’m sure.

  80. [It must just sound better coming from Guy… – Features Editor]

    Ahhh, now that’s what I was looking for…


  81. [What’s the point if an individual can vote more than once? LoL.]

    i see your point, but it also shows what a large community & dedicated lot we all are.

  82. [What’s the point if an individual can vote more than once? LoL. – Posted by: Hysteron Proteron]

    Real democracy at work.

    “Vote early and vote often.” Al Capone, The Other Cosa Nostra

  83. Brilliant news everyone! And thoroughly deserved of course – there are times, when perhaps things are not quite as they should be in my manic little world, that I can pick up some fantastic, positive vibes from the blog, and from the chats.

    It will always be a special place for me so thanks to all who contribute and to the FEdmeister.

    Fedmeister! That reminds me….should I keep Torres in my Fantasy footie team? Can’t you use your immense power and influence to have a word with Rafa about this FEd? In, out, in, half a game – for heaven’s sake. 🙂

    [I’d stick with him. – Features Editor]

  84. [Happy Birthday Mr. Jon Carin – Tomasz]

    [Yes, Happy Birthday to Jon. – Features Editor]

    Being a bit previous with Jon’s birthday, aren’t we – not until 21st October, I believe.

    Or are you planning a protracted birthday party from tomorrow, FEd. :0)

    [Just trying to squeeze everything into this week. Happy Halowe’en, Ken. – Features Editor]

  85. Congratulations to all at but especially to you FEd. Your tireless devotion to the blog has made it the great community that it is.

  86. The award is well deserved.

    Even though I may be biased I would say this web site is better than any other band sites I have seen.

  87. Hi FEd and all,

    Happy days! Congrats and a lot of kisses.

    FEd : it’s YOUR victory. You are wonderful like DG.


    [High praise, indeed. Steady on! – Features Editor]

  88. Two words, Happy Days!

    Well done FEd, on his conduitating, you bloggers on yor conduitiation, and Mr. Gilmour on well…..Bloody Marvellous!

    Simon J

  89. Congratulations, FEd. Well done.

    Watched the DVD on Friday and it was excellent. I could have watched the documentaries all day long. Thanks to David, Polly and crew who shared some of their life of tne road with us.

    I liked the eggs too.

    I always judge on how good music is by my own built-in “goosebump o’ meter” and the music on this DVD caused some very high scores indeed on my meter. In fact, my goosebump o’ meter went into the “hairs standing on end” and “tear escapage” mode too. So you know the DVD is good.

    Back to the matter in hand, well done with the award and many happy returns, FEd.

    Best regards.


    [Many thanks, Julie. – Features Editor]

  90. Happy birthday for tomorrow FEd incase I’m not online!

    – James.

    [Thanks, James. – Features Editor]

  91. Congradulations!!!

    Of course we all know in our heart that this THE BLOG, with or without this award. Still can’t complain when everybody else knows how good this blog is.

    And thanks Guy and Rick for being there to collect the award.

  92. Fed:

    Ah yes, it figures that you are a Libra, well-balanced and all that (or is that passive-aggressive? I forget.)

    Happy Birthday in advance, in case you take the day off tomorrow. Hope you get an early birthday present tonight, preferably high scoring.

    By the way, I thought that Jon’s birthday was Oct 21st (same as mine). Does anybody know?

    [Thanks, Andrew. Three goals for the Reds tonight, I think. – Features Editor]

  93. Congratulations Fed!

    It must take alot of effort each day to put up with… “blu-ray” (ahem…sorry), “DG strats”, easter eggs, “when’s he playing here” … etc etc etc… And still this blog is a great fun read!

    Well done!

    Cheers, Jon

    PS. Prediction for tonight? 2-1 maybe? I can see Cisse getting his revenge with a least a goal…

    [I can also see him scoring tonight. He’s an injury doubt, though. – Features Editor]

  94. 23,00 Tuesday. Still in studio with Mark and hip-hop band. On a break so check DG.Com and we’ve won…………….






    –(cheering so much, puzzled hip-hop band ask “wassup” and I explain and they say “cool” then I indoctrinate the 17 year old bass man in Floydian ways. Mark calls an end to the break!)…….

  95. Congratulations to our very own top FEd, well deserved and cool speech from Guy.

    I believe the kids from Another Brick are on BBC1 tonight at 10.40; could be worth taping.


    There…I’ve finally said it!

    Love Cori xxxx

    PS: So emotional, so very…very emotional….waaaah!


    [He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime]

    A bit of respect isn’t asking too much is it? A pathetic attempt at humour by Mr. Zane, if it can be called humour. He showed more respect towards Natasha Beddingfield for christ sake! Well, hardly surprising, he is a flippin’ drip of a man after all!

  98. Can I have a signed pic of you, Fed! I’ll give you one of me if you give me one of yours!

    Cori xxxx

    Oh yes, when are you playing in Timbucockatoo!

    Cori xxxxx

    I love your blog xxxxx

  99. Apologies to Mr. Zane, misread the blog. Redirect rant to whoever was updating the live DMA blog!


  100. “For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.”

    Millard Fuller

  101. There once was a bloke named FEd
    Whose blog was regularly read
    One day he did win
    An award with a grin
    Now we can all have wine and break bread



  102. Well, Hiya. It’s me again.

    I’ve not long been up but just wanna say CONGRATS again, as I will be “out of action” for the next little while. I don’t want to mention it again, but those that know, know, and Fed, you will be on my mind…..the part of it that’s left. HO HO…

    Got my Walkman ready for the show, so I guess its time to go.

    See ya.

    Lots of love
    Cori xxxxxxx

    [All the best, Cori. We’re rooting for you. Come back to us soon. – Features Editor]

  103. GOSH! It’s Fed’s Bday. Thursday.

    Happy B Day for Thursday. Save me a glass of your dark brew! xxxxx

  104. congrats FE’d the Director General & CO
    it is a fun place to read

    happy birthday too FE’d!
    so blancmange & trifle all round?
    pass the parcel?
    postman’s knock? 😉

    hope you have a good day

    [They’re all very good party games (you forgot Pin The Tail On The Donkey). – Features Editor]

  105. did i spoil a surprise, as my comment was censored? 🙂

    [You would have done if I hadn’t edited your comment. – Features Editor]

  106. Hello again Fed..

    Conduit eh?

    How about “flange”?

    Cheers, Jon

    [That’s not one of my favourites, I have to say. – Features Editor]

  107. A charming young fellow called FED
    Was once sitting up in his bed
    Thinking : “I’ll start a blog,
    After having a jog
    In fact I will type it in Red”

    So he called DG up on the phone
    Saying “I’m gonna blog you, you know”
    “Fed, it’s 3.30 am,
    please don’t call me again”
    But all that Fed could say was “So?”

    Soon David really loved the idea
    And had a quick word in Fed’s ear
    “I’ll play my Fender
    For only a tenner
    And the bloggers will give us free beer!”

    So that’s where the idea came from
    Voila! David Gilmour (dot) com
    An award has been won
    Just to add to the fun
    And there’s s no more to say ‘cept Bom Bom!

    Love from Cori Knob xxxxx

  108. Happy Birthday FEd!

    Stay away from those pesky bowling alleys!

    [I intend to, don’t you worry. Thanks, George. – Features Editor]

  109. C’mon, you can admit it.

    Part of you wishes that you left your bunker to collect that award in person. You would have enjoyed the fresh air and cheering crowd. You could have done your Sally Fields impersonation:

    “I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

    Then you could have went out for a few pints with Guy and Richard.



    [And miss Liverpool Reserves losing 1-0 at home to Sunderland? Are you mad? – Features Editor]

  110. apologies if i am reposting – just saw this bbc news article about the kids from another brick in the wall, thought it might worth sharing – possibly connected with the other post about them appearing on the telly? (click my name below.)

  111. Tchin-tchin for tomorrow, Fed !

    Oh ! you can replace champagne with beer if you want…


    [Merci, ma belle. Le champagne ou la bière – c’est tout bon. – Features Editor]

  112. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another Victory for Team Gilmour !!!!

    Hullo FED and All !!! Careful With That Award, Eugene…!

    And of course a heartfelt Happy Birthday to you, FED ! Hoping your day tomorrow is a blessed one, good Sir ! I believe, for your birthday, you deserve to knighted for your tireless efforts at keeping this community together through all the times of the past two and change years.

    I have voted every chance I could.

    It is very telling that David’s album, subsequent tour and DVD have accomplished what I believe David set out to do in the first place, to entertain, so to me it is no surprise that we here @ The Blog have taken the cake. We will eat it too !!! Sorry that I wasn’t available for yesterday’s chat. Thank you, David, again for giving so much of yourself the past couple of years.

    Guy and Richard, thank you both for accepting the award. Loved the post from you, Guy. Richard, thank you for being the inspiration for me. Polly, I want to thank you personally for sharing your wonderful pictures with us all. And, FED…well, what can I say ? It brings tears of joy to my eyes that you have let us grow in so many ways.

    David, I really want to thank you for being the great human being that you are. You, that shines the light into the dark corners of Life to show us the beauty of Life and the sweet sounds that have provided us so many fans the soundtrack to our lives. You have touched mine, very deeply and your ‘On An Island’ has brought me through many difficult times. You make me cry, laugh and sing and enjoy Life a little more, each time I listen to your album and every time I watch this meticulously well crafted DVD. Shine On, Sir David and Lady Polly !!

    To the rest of you all, thank you for being the great people you truly are. Gee, you’d think I’d gotten the award personally with the way I am gushing here… : )

    We all have a vested interest in that award !!!

    Well, I’ve said my piece.

    Much Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart !

  113. [They’re all very good party games (you forgot Pin The Tail On The Donkey). – Features Editor]

    And as the festivities wind down you could always resort to spin the bottle. Oui?

    Also, have the preparations been made for the virtual birthday party tomorrow?? Or will it be a well-deserved day off??



    [The latter, please. – Features Editor]

  114. Many happy wishes for your birthday FEd!

    Brian & Lisa xxx (those kisses are from Lisa by the way!)

    [Thank you very much. – Features Editor]

  115. [By the way, I thought that Jon’s birthday was Oct 21st (same as mine). Does anybody know?]

    Jon’s birthday is indeed 21st October Andrew. (remember that card that sent your eyes funny that came with the PULSE CD)

    ash X

  116. “You picked these ones, so don’t blame us if you’re not happy! The People’s Choice Award for the Best Blog goes to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Just a shame he couldn’t be here to collect it! He is getting on a bit though, so it could be past his bedtime”

    If only David had been standing with a heavy bass in his hands behind the person who said that…

    That gave me an idea for a caption:

    Caption: David thought the horses head idea was a bit old now so he’d come up with something much better to avenge the comment about his age at the blog awards.

  117. Three chairs Geoff Duffy. . .

    Geoff is surely blessed. How do you do that?

    Great to meet you and your good lady at Brixton Geoff (where were my manners ? I never asked after the baby ). Sorry we didn’t get to talk for longer.

    ash X

  118. Congratulations to FEd (as the blog is really your baby!) and everyone else involved especially David.

    A special thanks must go to your acceptance and posting of the little glimpses of reader’s lives that we see on a daily basis. It is a ‘real’ community that you have built here.

  119. Undersea bunker ?

    I vote we all don wet suits and flippers and take a party to FEd.

    ash X

  120. [They were talking about the original recording of Arnold Layne, and the fact that Rick used to sing the high notes and David the low on the chorus.]

    I believe they were talking about Echoes. If you watch the Live at Pompeii DVD you can see a clip from the Meddle recording sessions. David and Rick are singing together and Rick is doing a very high harmony.

  121. What wonderful and fully deserved news!!

    Congrats to Fed and all the people at!!!

    Happy Birthday FEd for tomorrow 🙂

    And many, many happy returns!!

    Also good luck on the Reds playing the french tonight!!! Gooooooo Reds!!!!!

    [Thanks very much, Emiel. – Features Editor]

  122. Congratulations! You deserved it!

    I, of course, voted a few times – as many of us did. But the responsibility is all for yourselves, for being so good at what you do.

    Way to go!

    All the best,

    [Thank you, Adriano. That’s very kind of you. – Features Editor]

  123. Happy birthday for tomorrow Fed.

    Thats strange cos last week, whilst thinking that the blog is almost 2 years old it passed my mind that it must be roundabout soon.

    Enjoy the day
    Pete – Coventry

  124. [Posted by: Comfortably Dumb at October 2, 2007 09:50 PM]

    Is that you, Ric? Nice to see you here.


    aka The School Master

  125. Ah… it looks like you want to have a well deserved break tomorrow so I’ll say this now…

    Happy Birthday to you FEd…

    …wherever, whoever and whatever you are! 😉

  126. Congratulations, the award is well deserved.

    This is the best music blog by far, nice people contribute, the news is always up to date, and the competions offer unique prizes.

    Give yourself a pat on the back Fed (I would buy you a drink but I do not know how to get it to you!)

    Sour grapes from sore losers do not take away from your achievement.

    Cheers anyway, Lynne.

  127. Dear Funky Fed!

    I taped The Sopranos cos i was working last night and they play ‘Comfortably Numb’ over a dialogue at the start.

    That is so cool.

    Nite nite Fed.

    Love Cori xxx

  128. BTW, FED, I need to say thank you [ you know what for ! LOL ] I hope you do get the day off tomorrow. You deserve it !!

    Caption: David defers the podium to FED. How convenient that we don’t see FED, Polly conveniently left FED out of the shot, furthering the mystery of our Esteemed FED.

    You have a great day birthday tomorrow, big guy !!!

  129. My parrot is a Gilmour fan,
    He even shares his name,
    He eats peanuts with his foot,
    Does David do the same!

    {Some tabs I have to take have made me feel woo ee.}

  130. My dear FEd aka Leader of the Pack!

    Very merry birthday wishes for your special day tomorrow! Pretty damn good birthday present that award, don’t you think? It will look very good on your mantle next to Glassman!

    Tomorrow also marks Rowan’s seven-month birthday, kind of the same, just different increments of time.

    So much has been shared in these last couple of years — Lennon Duffy, Aaron Emery and my grandson Rowan (as well as others I can’t remember at the moment), from conception to birth. Lots of other milestones, some happy, others sad, but all shared with one another. What other blog can make such claims I wonder? I’d guess not many.

    Anyway, have a relaxing, fun birthday FEd, you deserve it. And, while you’re at it, I think you should make an attempt to wrest Wireman’s ‘party hat’ from him so you can wear it at your celebration!! It’ll make you feel ever so special!:D

    Peace, love and good wishes!

  131. Few words; i am happy for you fed, you deserve it because you put a lot of time and love in it, so, congratulations!!!

    sylvie de montréal

  132. [What’s the point if an individual can vote more than once? LoL..Hysteron Proteron]

    Statiscally speaking, if everybody voted let’s say 3 times, it still amounts to the same thing as just voting once after you factor in a divisor of 3.

  133. Dear Fed, congrats, wtg, what for wonderful news, and well deserved, ty so much for keeping us fans in touch with David and other fans!

    Happy Birthday to you too, and all the best!

    [Thank you very much, Ulli. – Features Editor]

  134. I hope you have a Blessed Birthday today Fed! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for this wonderful blog site. Keep up the good work! Is the trophy heavy?

    [I haven’t seen it yet, Barbara, and probably won’t for a few more days. (Thanks a lot, Royal Mail.) – Features Editor]

  135. This blog warrants the award and recognition and I am so happy for you, FEd. I believe David Gilmour must be very proud to appoint someone as capable as you are to manage and maintain the blog.

    FEd, thanks for your endless efforts. Sometimes I wonder where do you have all these energies, patience and tolerance, not to mention the extended hours you’ve devoted to us in the chat room and many other things…

    It’s truly an honor to be in this community…


    [God, you’ll have me in tears at this rate… Bless you, Veronica. – Features Editor]

  136. Good morning!

    Which is the right page to tell HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!?

    Have a nice day and all my best wishes


  137. Congrats on the Blog win…well deserved.

    Happy Birthday..F.Ed, knock back a few and enjoy your day.

    Just got my copy of the DVD and am completely and absolutely BLOWN AWAY. Many many thanks for such an aural and visual treat.


    [Thank you, Nisha. – Features Editor]

  138. Happy Birthday Fed. I hope you have a better day than me, lol. Save us a lemon puff.

    I’m down in 20 mins. Been drugged so bye. Have fun. Wheee!

    Shine on. CORI xxX

  139. Aloha again

    Thought for the day ‘children’ ?

    Best Musician : David G
    Best FED : Our very own Fed
    Best Blog : Hmmmm thinking

    Well Done ….and richly deserved in these days of ‘money grabbing’ corporate reform bands (whatever THAT means ! )


  140. [Great to meet you and your good lady at Brixton Geoff (where were my manners ? I never asked after the baby ). Sorry we didn’t get to talk for longer.]

    Thank you Ash. Likewise, it was great to meet you and put a face to the name.

    Mind you, after the Ikea pun, I deserve a good DECKING me thinks.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  141. GREAT NEWS – we did it, thanks to all!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FED! Hope you have a nice day.

    Best wishes

    [Thanks very much, Pete. – Features Editor]

  142. Congratulations!!!!!! To all, especially David, Fed, Polly (for her beautiful pics) and all the fans that write everyday.

    I’m sorry that I cannot write often but I watch everyday the site and (obviously) The Blog! 🙂


  143. [Undersea bunker? I vote we all don wet suits and flippers and take a party to FEd.-ash X]

    Since the Beatles were such a hit last night in chat . . .

    (To the tune of Yellow Submarine)

    In a town, in the UK
    Lived a FEd, who sailed the net
    And he told us of this guy
    In the land of guitars

    So we all sign on to chat
    Wrote some notes on the blog
    Now we’re the best, on all the net
    Thanks to our leader, Fearless FEd

    ah ha

    We all live in a special community
    A special community
    A special community
    We all live in a special community
    A special community
    A special community

    yeah yeah . . .I’ll get my coat . . .That’s what happens when you post before coffee . . .

    Happy Birthday FEd!


    [Thanks for that, Erin. Very nice. – Features Editor]

  144. Congrats!!!!!!!

    Well done job to everyone at this site. Go away for one day and look what happens.

    Keep up the great work. Your work here at this site is stupendous. I would be lost without it.

    PS: Fed, Happy Birthday

    [Thanks, Wendy. – Features Editor]

  145. Happy Birthday Fed. How big is/was your birthday cake?

    I would sing happy birthday to you but firstly you wouldn’t hear me so there isn’t much point and secondly i don’t own the copyright. That and if anyone hears me singing happy birthday to a computer they may think i’ve gone nuts…

    On the competition entry above i sent a caption, but about half an hour later i sent another message asking if the DVDs are region 1 and what will happen if some of the winners are not in America. a) can you answer this and b) i won’t get disqualified for sending two posts will i?

    Thanks Fed, hope you have a fun day. Hopefully the caption competition made your day even more fun.

    [You’re alright, Thomas. I’ve answered your question (please click your name below for your previous post, timed at 6:03PM on 3 October). It’s Region 1 for all, but still a nice addition to any collection due to their exclusivity (they were only released in the US). – Features Editor]

  146. hi FED

    I have heard it was your birthday. I hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Eckypatersonjnr age:7

  147. David, may I wish you many congratulations on your award.

    My site won the other peoples choice award, for Best Unofficial Website.

    Great blog 🙂

    [Congratulations on the win, Louise. – Features Editor]

  148. Oi Fed!!! Stop working and continue your birthday party!!! Take a break already!!!!!

    ………aaaaaaaaaaah, i see…… miss us even if its for one day eh??? LOL!!!

    [You know it’s hard to keep away… – Features Editor]

  149. Happy birthday F’Ed!

    And many congratulations on the award….boy, do you have reason to celebrate today.

    Hope you have a great day, cheers.

  150. Happy birthday from Canada FED. With the time difference, I think I’m still in Thursday.

    [Thanks a lot. Thank you all for the birthday greetings. You’re very kind. – Features Editor]

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