Barn favourites

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.There’s just one more of Polly’s photos from the Barn rehearsals that gave you ‘Island Jam 2007’ after this one, so it seems like a good time to ask which picture you liked best. (Obviously next time would be an even better time to ask, but I’ve got some news to go with the final shot, and I’m sure that you’ll all have an opinion, so now will just have to do.)

You can see the full set, starting with David on drums, from 25 September. Just follow that link, then click your way through the entries by using the arrows at the top of each post.

Remember, you can click on any image for a better look.

Do let me know if you have a particular favourite – and don’t forget the captions.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

107 thoughts on “Barn favourites”

  1. Hi FeD,

    Very difficult to say which one I like best. They’re all very nice.

    I really like today’s one, just for the fun, David (playing bass) and Guy (playing guitar).

    Guy seems to be very anxious and wonders what David will do with the bass !

  2. Caption:

    David: “Where the hell is the damn trem bar?!”
    Guy: “You’re kidding me, right?”

  3. Hi Fed,

    I like the October 8th picture, as all 4 in the picture seem to be on the same page and enjoying the sound. In other words music organized in time.

    Richard Wright looks connected with a deep thought, “I really like this compassionate feeling”.

    All photos are great in the musical barn of David Gilmour.

    Enjoy your day.

  4. I’ll go for David playing drums.

    “Perhaps a bit ambience reverb on the snare, slightly more compression on the toms, nice dry bas drum… there you go!”

    Ernest 8~)

  5. I absolutely loved the whole series. Not only the place is beautiful but the pics portraited very well how much fun these bunch were having while playing together.

    I think a favorite has to be the one with the whole band, just cos it makes a great ” band poster” (like those of bands one used to have when a teen ager, hanging from bedroom walls!).

    The pic on the previous entry is also really great… enjoyment… that face lost in the notes. Really nice. Maybe DG was just sighing because Guy had screwed up hahaha but to me it just seems like he is really enjoying himself. And isn’t that great…

    Thanks for the pics to Polly! She should now publish photo books! 🙂

  6. Hi Fed

    Neat photo of David fiddling with Guy’s bass. I think Guy is wondering how David is making the bass make those unbass-like sounds. “Hey that’s not what a bass is supposed to do!!”

    I really liked the photos from Sept 26 & 28 with David and Rick together. It brings back memories of the early days at the polytechnic with Roger, Nick and Syd. I’ve always said that architecture school gives you a pretty broad education and just look at the people who have been through one – incl me.

    I think my favourite shot is where David is playing his strat with this huge look of contentment on his face (Oct 29). It either smells good, felt good or sounds good! So my thought is that David has hit the perfect note, the coffee’s brewing and somebody is playing with his leg – “David Gilmour finds Heaven”.

    Have a good day Fed

  7. Hey,

    For me choosing the best is very difficult…

    As I wrote some day ago, I like Polly’s photos for their heat.

    I quote “genevieve”, probably I will choose the photo where David and Guy exchange the instruments.

    Also I add the first photo, where David plays the drum, my instrument.

  8. Caption..

    “Bass players are ten a penny David, so if you are having problems….”

    I like the Oct. 2nd photo of a smiling, beaming, relaxed looking David with his guitar seemingly a part of him.

  9. Wow, that is a toughie, my fave pic would be the one of October 24th, with the whole gang looking so relaxed, showing the great atmosphere of the dream team working together. But all of the pics are just awesome!

    Happy Halloween to all!

    [The same to you. Thank you for the card, Ulli (click Ulli’s name below to see it). – Features Editor]

  10. I think my favourite is from october 3rd for `a 24 hour contest`.

    I still think my caption was funny, even though it was incredibly childish!

  11. Great photo

    Now I only need David playing piano, and I can photoshop all-David barn band 😉

  12. I like the one from October 24th, which is a photo of the whole band, Richard is holding an autoharp. Everyone is wearing black except Richard.

    It’s a very nice shot of David; and Richard seems to be thinking, “Oh darn, I must have got my days mixed up, I thought that this was to be a blue shirt day. Guy will never let me live this down.”

    Speaking of the band, I guess that poor Jon was touring the world when this great Barn Jam took place.

  13. I liked them all, hard to pic favorites

    Caption; Really David, I’m telling you size doesn’t matter.

  14. CAPTION 1:

    “What’s this? Old chewing gum?!”

    CAPTION 2:

    Guy: “Hey! I can really get the hang of th-”
    Guy: “Ooops…”

    CAPTION 3:

    Barn Swallow-1: “I say we do it. It’s been hours and I haven’t caught a wink.”
    Barn Swallow-2: “Alright then, but I’m plopping the one on the right…”
    Barn Swallow-1″ “…and I’ll get the left. On three. One-two….”


    Ex-Pink Floyd guitarist, Guy Pratt, rehearses for his upcoming “2008 Circadian Breakdown World Tour”

  15. Hi F’Ed,

    I particularly like the September 28, 2007 “Competition winners” photo, the one with Rick and David. Looks to me like a couple of old friends just kicking back and having a grand time.

  16. Hello Fed and all.

    My favorite picture is on the Oct. 22 page “Program Winners”. It is the picture of David by himself with that wonderful smile.

    In this picture he seems to be saying, “Ok, let me see what else I can do to make my fans happy.”

    And he does make us happy! Smile on David and thank you!

    Fed, when you talk to Polly, please tell her how much her pictures are appreciated. They bring so much warmth and personality to this site,…. and so do you.

    Have a great day!

  17. Hello Fed,

    Tough choice, but I really like the Oct. 24th photo of all the boys together. I think it would make a great album cover. Caption: “Agronomy Domine”

    I must be over-tired! I’m hitting the hay… no pun intended;)

    Good night Fed,

  18. I choose DVD Thoughts because it shows the band as a unit, good pic Polly. The solo shots of David are great too.

    Caption: Guy looks with a slight smirk and says to David, “One of yours?”

  19. This is tough – to pick just one picture out of more than a dozen? There are so many good ones, in fact, the whole series is good. Each picture depicts genuinely the mood, the action and the spirits of each band member; and of course, the luxury of seeing David’s barn. Thank you Polly.

    I have many favorites and my pick would be the October 29th picture. Just looking at David Gilmour in this picture gives me a sense of serenity, peaceful, happiness and contentment in addition to Guy Pratt in his usual happy spirit. I also think that this picture showed a much better angle of the structure of the barn which I admire very much; and that beautiful wood…Umm – am I smelling cedar?

  20. HI

    i choose “david on drums” pic. i like this pic so much. i put that pic on my wall room.

    that pic is so nice and i love it.

    i take a pic from my wall room to show you my pics from MR Gilmour and “David on drums” pic (click my name below).


  21. Agree with comments that all photos are great.

    I like the group ones best and am strangely attracted to the carpet and the photo displayed on “Oct 18” entry is good although I favour colour. Hence my final choice would be the “Oct 5th” as this really shows the carpet in all its glory. I wonder how many times people have tripped over it? Now that would be a journey to deserve a postcard.

    Ian Pearson

  22. *Caption*

    Guy plays a nice Tango as David and Posh Spice take a twirl around the barn.

    All the barn shots are wonderful. It’s so hard to choose. Waiting till the last before picking the best.

    P.S. Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  23. Favorite Barn Picture: 10/29/07 ‘GHS Strings’

    Favorite Barn Picture Captions:

    10/03 – Andrew, Ciaran, Michael
    10/10 – Martin S
    10/12 – Rob, Jon
    10/15 – IMcK
    10/16 – Andrew, John nff, Jon Green
    10/18 – Michael in New Jersey, Rudders (next room), Peter, Kim Carr
    10/24 – Neil Mconie, Tomi Sue
    10/27 – Rudders, Matt
    10/29 – Graham Knight, Lorraine, Rudders
    10/30 (so far) – Michael Ortiz (no relation…I think)

    My favorite of the favorites? Matt’s on 10/27…I’m still laughing at that one…

  24. As a drummer myself I’m going to have to go for David on drums- hope to hear David on drums in the near future!

    Thank you to Polly for all the photos!

  25. My favourite is the photo of ‘Best Music Blog’ (October 2nd), because I can’t resist David’s smile!

    And I’m sure he is thinking: “Oh! Polly! I love you, but this smile is for my lovely Gilmourettes! ”


  26. Although I love them all, any chance of a book coming out of all the photos taken by Polly?

    My choice if pushed is October 26, 2007: Blu-ray dates.

    2 people obviously enjoying themselves, exactly as life should be, full of fun.

  27. I got my prize today, thanks Fed…didn’t have time to open it, will do this afternoon.

    Happy Halloween everybody

    [Thanks for letting us know. Hope you like it. – Features Editor]

  28. They say every picture tells a story and these are certainly no exceptions.

    Photography in artificial light is extremely difficult but Polly has realy mastered this and captured the mood and atmosphere!

    Following your question FEd of which we like best I’ve had another look through and again realised how good they all are.

    I alternate them every day as wallpapers on my PC despite the efforts of our “IT Police” who believe that plain blue represents a more professional, corporate image! I guess it’s like the days when I had Pink Floyd emblazened on my school exercise books. Some things never leave you!!


  29. Hello Fed!

    I can decide only heavily for one photo. All photos are great. Polly has done a very nice job in the musical barn of David.

    My favorite would be the picture from October 24, 2007. It shows the whole band.

    Marian wrote: “Thanks for the pics to Polly! She should now publish photo books”.

    My request to Polly it’s the same. Please select the most beautiful photos, write your thoughts and impressions and publish a nice little photo book!

    With best regards

  30. Happy Wednesday,

    Each of the barn photos give you a feeling of warmth. They are full of ‘autumn’ colours.

    The team photo (DVD thoughts) is a particularly good one.

    Pete – Coventry

  31. Hi FEd & everyone!

    My favourite image is the one for October 10, 2007, ‘Blu-ray audio formats’.

    I think this image really showcases Polly’s talent for composition. The focus is on Richard with David reflected in the mirror. The mirror frames Richard as if it were a traditional portrait, but to me the mirror represents Richard’s introvert personality but also his admiration for David. Guy’s punctuation in the foreground also adds to the framing. He is facing Richard whom we know he greatly admires and loves. Thus giving the ‘chain of admiration’ another layer.

  32. I think the photo from 26th is my favourite although the one from 24th is a very close second.

  33. My Thoughts on the Barn photographs.

    I think all of them as a set are superb they gives off a warm cozy atmosphere, shelter from a cold & snowy winters day outside.

    My favorite is the one used for 02/10/07 blog.

  34. I think DVD thoughts was great. With Best Music Blog taking a very close second.

    A caption for Barn Favorites:

    “Guy thinks to himself, ‘I knew I should have let David use the fretless with the fret markers on it.'”

  35. Oh man! They’re all wonderful that there’s so much to choose, hmmm with my visual artist’s eye I’d say, the picture in October 2nd ‘Best Music Blog’. I thought it looks very nice to be seeing the man looking so relaxed (laughs).

    I hope everyone had a great day,
    Adza a.k.a Adam

  36. FEd.

    David playing the drums is also my favorite picture. followed by the group picture.


  37. Can I have two favorites F*Ed?

    This one (clicky namey) of David and Richard’s portrait in front of the mirror are just wonderful…thanks Polly, for these and everything else!

  38. Hey all,

    I agree with Brian about the photo of Rick…but I am not going to try and compete with him over the reason why LOL

    Cheers, Howard

  39. Hard to choose…hmmm…ok. Blu-ray dates, October 26, 2007.

    Is smiling and I love the window above, the little lights (Christmas is near and they make me feel in a very christman time!), the pink lamp on the right (???) and that old, farm wheel on the left. Cool!

    Have a nice day. A big hug to Melissa for her little Ely.


  40. My choice would be October 2, Best Music Blog. Not only is it a good picture of David but also a nice pic of his Gretsch Duo-Jet.



  41. It´s really hard to decide. All pictures are great.

    If I have to choose a favourite its the October, 24-pic of the band. 5 good-looking men – what do you need more on one pic (I only miss a little, little bit Mr. Carin).

    Happy Halloween to you all !!!!

  42. I was flipping through the photos and noticed in October 2 image that the guitar David is playing is a Gretch, I always assumed it was a Les Paul. I thought that was interesting.

  43. *caption*

    David thinking to himself: “Hmmmmm, I wonder if I could get a set of my GHS Boomers on this thing.”

    By the way, I love Graham Knight’s caption for this image. That is very funny.



  44. *Caption*

    “And I am you and what I see is me…”

    Q) Why couldn’t the Warlock have children?
    A) He had a hollow weenie and crystal balls…

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  45. There are some great captions and comments today. Thanks for making me smile….

    Happy Halloween!

    Kive (that’s Love with your hands on the wrong keys),
    Becky Boo

  46. Hi FEd and all,

    My favourite barn photograph of Polly’s is the GHS Strings photo shown on the blog on 29 October 2007.

    CAPTION: “…new mown grass smells, so sweet.”

    Best regards.


  47. The picture I liked best was September 27, 2007: “24-hour contest”

    The caption being:

    “Tarantino found it quite cramped taking the picture of “Fingers” Gilmour and his sidekick Guy “The Suit” Pratt from the trunk/boot of his 1954 XK 140 Jaguar Coupe…

    But the story continues…

    September 28, 2007: “Competition winners”

    “Fingers” Gilmour explains to “Bugsy” Wright that he needs an alibi for the box-office hold up they did at the Roger “Murky” Waters concert..

    October 01, 2007: “Blu-ray version”

    Stevie “Sticks” Smith the undercover FBI agent suddenly realises that something is horribly wrong

    October 24, 2007: “DVD thoughts”

    The family celebrate the return of Phil “The Captain” Manzanera after his stretch in Joliet for his part in the great programme give-away scam

    October 26, 2007: “Blu-ray dates”

    Phil “The Captain” Manzanera shows “Fingers” how he had to stand in the showers at Joliet…

    October 30, 2007: “Barn favourites”

    In an attempt to confuse the FBI agents “Fingers” Gilmour and Guy “The Suit” Pratt swap identities but their playing gives them away…

  48. My favorite is definitively dvd thoughts! The band look so in a good mood.

    Happy Halloween everybody!!!

    Sylvie de Montréal

  49. CAPTION: “Trick or treat?, Our heroes dress up as each other for the halloween barn dance.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    CAPTION: Guy Faulks out and buys a Gilmour replica fender, boom boom.

    Rgds Grusome Geoff Duffy ( Elm Street )

  50. I like October 10th best, Richard looks relaxed and happy ,just for once he is in the foreground while David is in the background. It looks as thought he is just about to ping a note.

    David is the king, but now and again it is nice to see a prince at work!

    All the pictures are look great, but that one is my favourite.

  51. Well I like all of them, cracking photography.

    By the way, ello everybody!

    Melissa, very sorry to hear about your pet, If I was there I’d take you on a nice booze-up, on the house of course! Talking of booze, only 3 hours till a few drinks, yum yum!

    Happy Days!

  52. Hello Fed and everybody,

    I choose the picture of the 12 hours raffle (12th october).I love the picture and I even won a prize in that contest,it looks like David is finding out some new notes to add to Island Jam,he’s very focused on his guitar’s sound.

    Have a nice day you all,have fun!How is David?

    See you soon mate


  53. My favourite: October 26, Blu-ray dates. DG and Phil during a break as it seems. Seen in the context of OAI’s history, it’s a photograph that is uplifting for the spirit, the composition adds to this off course, the barn from this angle and point of view has somthing of a church about it.

    Question before we leave the barn please: Is the riff we hear on “The barn 2007” on the DVD based on “somebody loan me a dime” by Fenton Robinson. By coincidence I heard the version of Boz Scaggs on the radio last Sunday, and I must say it sounded quite familiar to me although it was the first time I heard about it’s existence.

  54. I’ll side with the majority and go for the group photo on ‘DVD Thoughts’ (Oct 24th) although I do like the ‘GMS Strings’ (Oct 29th) photo as well.

    I haven’t got time to look through and choose a favourite caption at the moment but I know that there were some good ones for both of these pictures.

  55. Happy Halloween to all the spooks here! That card is wonderful, Ulli!

    I’ll take the easy way out and say my favorite is from October 3rd. The photo is interesting, but I truly enjoyed reading all the caption entries for that day. I would not have wanted to judge that contest at all, as they were all good and were great fun to read.

  56. *caption*

    This year for Halloween, Guy dressed up as David and David dressed up as Guy.



  57. Sorry to hear about your pooch, Melissa.


    David: Guy, being each other for Halloween has got to be the dumbest idea you’ve ever had.

    Have a great day folks and be safe.


  58. I will have to pick the photo from the 29th. If that isn’t a happy man I don’t know what is.

    A close second would be the shot of the band from Oct. 24th.

    Thank You Polly for all the wonderful Photos.

  59. Not to sound like a COMPLETE guitar geek, but my favorite would have to be October 29th: David lost in soloing bliss.

    My second favorite is the shot from the 26th: Phil and David sharing a giggle.

    EVERY picture is great, though. They all tell the story of a group of good friends getting together and having a phenominal time. Does it get any better than that?

  60. [I guess it’s like the days when I had Pink Floyd emblazened on my school exercise books.]

    i do that too and sometimes even write the lyrics of Another Brick in the Wall part 2 to see if i get a response.

    As for the photos its impossible to decide, each one is as excellent as the next.


    David: “THIS is how you play bass properly.”
    Guy: I wonder when he’ll find the sharp pin in the neck that i left there? …

  61. I’d have to say 9/27 (followed, in a close second, by 10/15).

    Polly captures the mood perfectly with the way she positions the camera and immortalizes the feel when snapping the photo.

    Polly, you have a great eye and timing for those fleeting moments when I’m more than likely going to miss what you seem to capture so effortlessly and flawlessly!


  62. What I would love to see are some of the outtakes from Polly. For example, the photo where one of the subjects has their eyes half-closed or looking like they are in a drunken stupor. The picture where part of her thumb is in the frame. Stuff like that. Surely there must be a few of those.



  63. Hi all.

    I like the barn pix but don’t really have a fav. I am quite fond of the Island Jam 2007 video from the DVD though. By the way… was there ever any thoughts on the cup Polly picks up that mysteriously re-appears a moment later? Was the Island Jam 2007 shot in different takes and then spliced together or was it all one take?


  64. I think this is a great selection of shots by Polly, and it’s really difficult to pick one over the others.

    But I’ve been struck by the pic on September 26 (“Australian DVD release”) of David and Rick. Both are silently playing their instruments, but you just sense the almost telepathic decades-old personal and musical bond between them.

    Caption: “Pipers at the gates of dusk”

    The Reds take on Fowler and Cardiff in an hour. Hopefully, Rafa gives Kewell and Crouch a start, and hopefully, they do enough to displace one or two ineffective guys on the “first team.”

  65. *Caption*

    “Guy’s “Count Chocula” costume goes to waste along with his ill-fated Halloween concept to dress as “Cereal Killers” when David refuses to dress as “Boo Berry”

  66. I have to go with the October 2nd. It’s that “Smile.” What else can you say, he has one of the loveliest smiles in the world.

    Second would be David on the drums, and of course the group photo.

  67. I love the barn; I love seeing the gang together in there. I have 3 favorite photos from the barn collection: Oct.2, 24th and 26th.

    It looks like they have as much fun in that old barn as we have in ours here in the chatroom. I hope their bartender is as good as Marcus.

    Fed, do you know if they filmed “Island Jam 2007” in the barn, to remind us of our barn? I would like to think that it’s true, so maybe you don’t need to answer that. I’ll just keep thinking that it was meant for us.

    I’d like to thank you all so much for your thoughts about the loss of my friend Ely. Bless you.


  68. What i like the most is that David and Rick are always smiling, but i have to say that, the one who has Dave and el Magnifico (Phil most be proud that some one like DG calls him MAGNIFICO) is the best.

    We are still waiting for the DVD here in México.

    [Manuel, I don’t know what to say. I’m not really supposed to use a sentence including the words ‘Sony’, ‘Incompetent’ and ‘Fools’. I’m very sorry about this. Management should be looking into it shortly and I hope we can get to the bottom of it once and for all. – Features Editor]

  69. My favorite is the one from 10/24. It’s an excellent group shot to commemorate the history made in that huge and beautiful barn.

    Happy Halloween!!

    (Mel, very sorry to hear about Ely)

  70. They are all very nice and hard to choose from, so I’ll have to go with the Oct. 24th group photo also.

    What a great shot.

  71. I will go for DVD Thoughts, which I think captures much of the spirit of the band, but it really is impossible.

    It was my son’s eight birthday last week, so his Grandma took him to Woollies to spend some of his money.

    He bought, DSOTM; I was told later that evening, cue one extremely proud father. When I said “we already have a number of copies”, he replied “I want my own”. Enough said.

    [Who said that youngsters today have no taste in music? – Features Editor]

  72. OOh I think my favourite is the best blog one …

    Very nice barn though … it occurs to me (after watching the DVD also) that “Where we start” actually describes a walk around David’s garden !!

    Not that I’m jealous of course.

  73. I really like the pic that was on Oct.24. Just seeing the whole band together with the great smiles on their faces and enjoying playing together.

    Take Care.

  74. David is loved by many as one of the most genuine guitar players alive. Sure, we grew up listening to Floyd and of course, even at age 51, all the cd’s in my cd player are Floyd, but who’s counting?

    What David did with Floyd was timeless and it will continue well into the 22nd century. Music as he plays it does not come along every day and I am glad that I was able to enjoy his music for what it was then, what it is today and the fact that he can be David Gilmour now.

    Let him be who he wants to be, that’s all he ever wanted anyhow. I pray he plays for another 30 years. I will be there listening.

  75. I think the pic with David playing drums is by far the best in the lot. For me, it epitomizes the way David can take risks, can go outside his comfort zone and play an instrument that he is not normally associated with. I appreciate his saxophone work on ‘OAI’ for exactly the same reason (sounds like he’s been playing the sax all his life, by the way).

    It was a big thrill to see David play piano during his 1984 tour in support of “About Face.” I mean, it is astounding how many instruments he can play. We think of him as a guitarist and occasional bassist. But he’s really rock’s renaissance man.

  76. I hope everyone has had a safe Halloween night.

    Thanks Ulli for sharing the cute card!

    I see several people here liked the picture with David sharing a smile with us. Oh, what a smile!

    Melissa, I was so sorry to read about your little friend Ely. I know you will miss him.

    Fed, I hope you have a good Thursday. One day closer to the weekend!

  77. Caption: Whilst in the middle of playing Guy says ” I got to let one rip, too much beer last night”!

  78. All the Barn pics are superb. Many thanks once again to Polly.

    One of my favourites is October 8th (Phil Taylor Q&A). It has that surreal warm winter’s evening glow about it, I can almost smell the chestnuts roasting.

    Are all the shots taken in the same Barn FEd? It seems to me there are at least TWO due to the difference in decor. One looks as though it has been refurbished, whilst the other looks more traditional.

    I’m intrigued by your comments about the FINAL Barn picture, with the associated, forthcoming news guaranteed to stir opinions, hmmmm… what will it be?

    Don’t keep us guessing for too long FEd.

    [That line may well come back to haunt me, Ken. This news should be on the site today; if not here, you’ll find it on the homepage. I wouldn’t get too carried away by it, as it’s relevant only to a portion of Americans, but everyone should have an opinion on the story. – Features Editor]

  79. [was there ever any thoughts on the cup Polly picks up that mysteriously re-appears a moment later?]

    Yeah! Rick Wright was just very thirsty, “Polly, put the kettle on” i bet she would have given him “the look” if he had really said that.

    [I should hope so, too. – Features Editor]

  80. Hey Everyone!

    Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! (P.S. Susan, was your doormat scary enough?) 😀

    Went out with my friends, lots of candy…I don’t exactly know what I was but some weird mummy/vampire/person wearing black…ANYWAYS

    My Favourite pic…DAVID DRUMMING…I can easily relate to that, as I can also see that many drummers can…And I love the group photo! Thumbs up Polly!

    Oh Fed…Love the new emoticons…especially Mr.Ninja! LOL


    [I don’t know its gender, but it’s definitely a ninja. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

  81. Hi Fed,

    my favorite of a bunch of real good pictures is this one (10/30). It shows that there aren’t borders for musicians…


    David: Finally having one finger for each string…
    Guy (thinkng): “Man, am I glad that this guy has only 2 hands. I’d loose my job else…”

    Regards from Bavaria,

    [Beautiful Bavaria… I’m thinking of going there next month, actually. – Features Editor]

  82. [it occurs to me (after watching the DVD also) that “Where we start” actually describes a walk around David’s garden !! – Tim C]

    He and Polly must enjoy LONG walks then Tim. As I understand it, David’s “garden” consists of 300 acres!!!

  83. Caption;

    Guy, “Yes David it is a stand up bass, and this is a sit down guitar”.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England

  84. [Manuel, I don’t know what to say. I’m not really supposed to use a sentence including the words ‘Sony’, ‘Incompetent’ and ‘Fools’… – Features Editor]

    Ooops! That may count as one…

    [Oh, I don’t know. You really think so? The full sentence was intended to come out as follows: “Some fans, unhappy at having to wait so long for what is a truly wonderful DVD, might feel that Sony are big meanies for keeping them waiting. However, we are a forgiving bunch here, so we’ll excuse them (again) with an exaggerated shrug of the shoulders and a great big smile. Contrary to what some may well assume, they’re far from incompetent. Shame on whoever could think such a thing. Fools! I’m sure they have their reasons for this unfortunate oversight, and I’m sure that they won’t come out sounding like lame excuses, either.” See? No harm done. – Features Editor]

  85. Ina… I wonder if the fact that two of us think Polly should publish photo books now (though I did apreciate very much her already published books), qualifies as the start of a petition…hahahaha. Don’t worry FEd, I won’t start with it. Just a joke. Would be another irritating petition like the ones of “Come play in my living room David” 🙂

    By the way, my prize arrived yesteray. Thank you soooo very much. I’m looking for a nice cover where to put it and then into the safe! Inheritance for the children…hahahaha 🙂 No really, thanks.

    [You’re very welcome, Marian. – Features Editor]

  86. [Manuel, I don’t know what to say. I’m not really supposed to use a sentence including the words ‘Sony’, ‘Incompetent’ and ‘Fools’… – Features Editor]

    FEd you would certainly know better than we would but is it possible that part of the hold up also has to do with customs or other political issues? Particularly if the product is not manufactured within the country.

    Personally, I’ve had first hand experience in getting materials imported that were forever hung up in the customs political mire.

    Certainly not defending Sony here just raising another item in the overall process.



    [Delays are always possible (and usually expected), but they shouldn’t tell us that it’s been released in Mexico if it hasn’t been. And, when they did tell us that it had been released in Mexico, they shouldn’t have told us that, er, actually, it was released there last week. – Features Editor]

  87. Hi FeD,

    [Beautiful Bavaria… I’m thinking of going there next month, actually. – Features Editor]

    Yes, indeed, it’s beautiful, and since the local majority are catholics, it’s a day-off today, too 😉

    The sun is shining, as I can see looking through the windows, but it’s rather cold (7°C), so I chose to work…

    Anyway, I’d wait for December since you could visit some Christmasfairs (Weihnachtsmarkt), for example in Nürnberg, then.


    [You’re reading my mind, Taki. That’s exactly what I want to do. – Features Editor]

  88. [My favourite barn photograph of Polly’s is the GHS Strings photo shown on the blog on 29 October 2007. CAPTION: “…new mown grass smells, so sweet.”]

    Oops. My caption was for the above mentioned photo not the phote for this blog topic.

    Best regards.


  89. [Delays are always possible (and usually expected), but they shouldn’t tell us that it’s been released in Mexico if it hasn’t been. And, when they did tell us that it had been released in Mexico, they shouldn’t have told us that, er, actually, it was released there last week. – Features Editor]

    Point very well taken.

    Maybe it was a limited release, just at the gift shop at the Mexico City airport?

    In any case and excuse my frankness, but for Mexico this just sucks.



    [Indeed – and that’s the main thing. I can only keep apologising to any waiting fans until half a dozen people in different parts of the world have negotiated, then provided me with an answer/explanation/excuse to give to you. Sorry about that. – Features Editor]

  90. Hi Fed,

    Any news on what we want to attach the DG Strings to?


    [See above. – Features Editor]

  91. [Manuel, I don’t know what to say. I’m not really supposed to use a sentence including the words ‘Sony’, ‘Incompetent’ and ‘Fools’… – Features Editor]

    I’m not defending Sony and i feel for all those who wait patiently for a release only to find it hasn’t been released but it wouldn’t be a proper Sony release if there weren’t lots of admin mistakes and delays and releases being pushed back for at least a few countries if not everyone. Look at the Playstations or many of the other items they release, none of them ever are released globally without a hitch.

    Most of Sony’s employees would probably die of shock if the release was problem free.

  92. [I don’t know its gender, but it’s definitely a ninja. Glad you like it. – Features Editor]

    hmmm … i’m not so sure, i still think it could be a bank robber rather than a ninja. Actually it could be both at the same time!

  93. […I’m thinking of going there next month, actually. – Features Editor]

    And the calendar is totally blank in December, January, February…

    You frighten me.


    [And that’s without the aid of the ninja/bank robber emoticon-thingy. – Features Editor]

  94. Everything released globally, including barnyard flatulence, is bound to have some problems…

  95. RE: Graham Knight
    OFF TOPIC comment at October 30, 2007 09:43 AM on GHS Strings Blog

    The same thing happened to me in Spring this year. It wasnt aggresive like your experience as he had a woman and 2 children in the car behind me in the lay-by. This guy preyed on my charity.

    A similar story to yours, he said he was from Greece and needed money to pay for petrol to continue his journey. He took a large (yellow coloured) ring from his finger and gave it to me while on his knees crying beside the car. Being the big softy I am, it cost me £40 to be on my way again. This guy deserved an oscar as he nearly had me in tears. (Wish I’d taken his watch as well now.)

    If he’d tried it on like your conman did I’d now be £40 better off and this guy would be real easy to spot as he wouldnt have any teeth left.

    Anyhoo, the moral of my story is;

    If you ever see me driving an ice cream van, (which is highly unlikely) you’re very welcome to flag me down, otherwise stay the hell off the road or I’ll run you over.

    ‘What a sad state’ you quoted, I agree Graham.

    PS. Still have that ring in the glovebox.

  96. So when’s this new news coming out? I thought it was supposed to come out yesterday.

    [No, today. – Features Editor]

  97. Alex, did you contact the police? They were very interested in what i had to tell them.

    i feel better for not being alone now, at least i did not part with any money unlike you. What a skinflint i am!!

    [Wish I’d taken his watch as well now.]

    why not go the whole hog & take his car too? i would help you. oooh er, im sinking to a new low.

  98. Bavaria. Fed, I didn’t know you could ski. You’ll be in the right place and time for that.

  99. To Graham regarding Dick Turpin:

    At least he wore a mask.

    I was well warned when I was a kid “Don’t speak to strangers”. I got my fingers burned, didnt I. With hindsight I would have probably given him the money for nothing as he was that good an actor that he left skidmarks all over my heart.

    I still feel bad for taking the ring, as I do take pity on those less fortunate than me. I haven’t had the ring valued, but its stamped 18ct, and I know its probably a fake.

    As for telling the police, I was probably too embarassed, but we’re all friends here aren’t we?

    Life’s too short to dwell on things like this, fair play to the guy for his truly wonderful begging skills in swindling me, but then again….

    I’d love that guy to try the same road again, as it’s on my journey to work. To see the expression on his face when I sell him a yellow coloured ring for £80, used, with only 2 careful owners whether he likes it or not. That would be priceless.

    Gets you thinking doesn’t it?

  100. Alex and Graham,

    I’m sorry that your kindness was betrayed; it’s a shameful thing.

    With so many dishonest and uncaring people in the world, it’s difficult to make a decision to help someone or not. Graham’s frightening ordeal is a prime example of why so many are reluctant to risk to helping someone. Apathy is the predominating attitude these days and it’s very sad for the good hearted people who wish to lend a hand to those in need.

    I’m thankful that no one was hurt in either situation, and I am proud of you both for trying to help your fellow man .You were trying to do a good deed and I think that is a beautiful thing.


    [And Alex, if today’s planned news story ever materialises, I hope you’ll see the funny side of the slightly unimaginative, but definitely unambiguous, heading. It’s completely coincidental. The blog will be back soon. In the meantime, please see the homepage for any updates. – Features Editor]

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