Another 24-hour contest

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.Following the tremendous reaction to last week’s 24-hour contest, here’s another.

‘Remember That Night’ prizes are as follows:

– Exclusive Borders DVD (available only in the US, comes with an Abbey Road mini-poster)
– Exclusive Best Buy DVD (again, US-only, includes three-track CD from the AOL Sessions)
– Rare promo CD, issued only to radio stations in the run-up to the DVD’s release

Everyone is welcome to enter.

To be considered eligible, leave a caption for the above photo by 5PM (UK time) tomorrow, please. Only one caption is allowed per person.

You can click the image to see a larger version.

Three names will be drawn at random. Winners to be announced, and all captions published, on Friday.

Good luck, all.

If you are one of our latest winners and await delivery of your prize, please be prepared to wait a little longer. DG Management have moved to a new office, and many things are still in boxes.

‘Remember That Night’ is now Number One in Portugal. It has also topped the Music DVD charts in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK and the US.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

210 thoughts on “Another 24-hour contest”

  1. caption:

    National Museum for Holographic Rock Legends, London, 2032: “And here, in the right corner, the figures of David Gilmour and his band as they were during rehearsal for the legendary On An Island tour, back in 2006”.

  2. *Caption Contest*

    Boy! That lincoln log set I got last christmas sure came in handy! Thanks Santa:-)

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  3. Hey FED,


    David: Maybe I should start thinking about insulating the barn roof…

    Congrats on the well deserved award and have a great Birthday tomorrow from one Libra to another.

    Cheers, Howard

  4. Caption competition:

    Richard and Guy are still unaware as David and Steve see a pig floating by……

  5. Caption:

    The band is doing a run through of This Heaven, totally oblivious to the fact that a pack of rare British Anacondas, attracted by the music, has slithered into the barn.

  6. *Concerned about the impending winter and bare ceiling, David channels the great Carol King and rehearses his new hit single, “In-su-late”

    “Insulate baby, now insulate…though we really did try to make it…”*

  7. David suddenly realizes that auditioning the band for Disney World’s Country Bear Jamboree may not have been such a good idea.

  8. Caption:

    “Super-imposed band plays at world famous club – Noahs Arc”

    The lighting makes it look as if the band is super imposed. Just in case I’m too strange for anyone to understand it.


    Everyone had to keep really still, as the giant barn worm sought out its prey.


  10. Caption:

    The spare Madame Tussauds models of himself and the band that David had got hold of were very useful when they wanted to slip off to the pub without anyone noticing.

  11. Just realised (after having sent off my caption) are the DVDs region 1? If so should people in the UK not send off a caption or will they get the CD instead? Or will the extra goody from the DVDs be sent with a Region 2 DVD if the winner is not in America?

    Thanks. Sorry about all the questions.

    [Everyone was welcome to send in a caption, but they will get a Region 1 disc if they win. If they can’t play it on their DVD player, I think it’s still nice to have a copy in the collection, because these disc sets are exclusive to Borders, Best Buy and, ultimately, the US. There’s also the small matter of the extra poster and CD… – Features Editor]

  12. Hi all… another competition! Here’s my entry:

    Though Ree-chard continued to fume long after the “Happy Birthday Copyright Debaucle”, David secrectly wished they could all just put it behind them.

    Good luck everyone!

  13. …..Shock anouncement and to our surprise for loyalty from the fans the band decide to do a show at the irregulars barnfest….. more pictures to follow.

    at last im back on broadband. do you know a certain supplier made me wait 5 weeks to swap over from sloooooooooooooooow dial up to broadband, im only the paying customer

    anyway im back. how are you Fed, is it you or are you on a Rafa rotation as well as your team. can you believe he is still rotating the squad. this could be your best year yet mate, your thoughts Fed on the Rafa rotation, for or against. surely Torres must play, or maybe us at Leeds united could loan him out for £100 a week but it would have to be a post dated cheque

    well done on your award. speak soon.

    hello to all who remember me out there

    [I’m actually one of the few fans in favour of Rafa’s policy of rotation, having seen how he used it to such effect at Valencia. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. I would like to see more of Torres, though. My feeling is that the players ought to be proud to pull on that red shirt, they get paid a lot of money to do so, and so they should give their all whenever called upon. They’re also professional athletes and need to be rested from time to time. I just don’t have much sympathy for them when they start whining in the papers about not playing as often as they’d like to, especially considering that, when selected, they often play like headless chickens (wearing flippers). – Features Editor]


    Stevie says: “Hey! David. What on earth is Jon doing up there?”



  15. For the Caption contest:

    “David and Steve have a look at the luckiest barn-swallows ever…”

  16. Caption:

    Right on! We can jam til the cows come home to reclaim their barn.

    Very hearty congratulations for recognition that this is, in fact, the Best Music Blog!!

    Happy Birthday to you dear Fed!

  17. David thinking; I was once in a band called Pink.., ah well this one’s much better than that!

    Sorry Rog.

  18. Hi Fed!

    It’s me again. A little bit off-topic, but you might be interested in another “contest” which ended on Oct.,2nd 2007 on german radiostation wdr2

    Three Pink Floyd albums in the top ten of 200 !!!

    More to read here: (click my name).


    [Thanks, Herbert. – Features Editor]

  19. Guys, we’re gonna have to sack the new lighting director. His effort at being carbon neutral is gonna kill the next tour!!

  20. Caption:

    David : ” A barn party ? … cool … but, where are all those bloggers ? … celebrating Fed’s birthday, maybe … cool … ”


  21. Caption:

    “David Gilmour and pals practice for the upcoming reunion tour of Jokers Wild 2007…”

  22. The only word that comes to mind when I look at the above photo of Dave, Guy, Steve and Rick is “HEAVEN”

    I hope this was the correct way to enter the contest. I have never posted any blogs before, but I check this web site daily and went to both On An Island tour shows in Chicago at the Rosemont Theatre on 4-12-06 and 4-13-06, and that was also “HEAVEN”

    Later, Kelly K. USA

    [Absolutely correct, Kelly. Thanks for having a go. – Features Editor]

  23. Caption :

    “As they did in the RAH gigs, David and his fellow musicians have another go at playing the roof off.”

  24. And now for something completely different:

    “Where’s Jon, has anyone seen Jon Carin, please?”

    Cheers, Ernest

  25. Here’s a caption for you:

    “Remember That NOTE?” We can’t seem to agree on which key to play in.

  26. David told the boys in the band, “We will playing some top venues later this year.”

    What he meant to say was, “We will be playing at the top of my barn, bring your own beer.”

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  27. my caption:

    Four men,idyllic and inspirational at David’s barn.


    PS:Fed,I won’t be able to tell you this tomorrow,Happy Birthday,have an awesome day,maybe different and with a great surprise.We all love you.

    [Thank you, Piero. – Features Editor]

  28. The band celebrate their continued success with another ‘barnstorming’ effort..!

    Congratulations on the blog award, well deserved.

  29. *Caption*

    Stevie: *thinking* That cymbal right there is next!
    Guy: *thinking* Don’t I do well?
    Richard: *thinking* Roll over, Beethoven, you got nothin’ on me!
    David: *thinking* Do I reeeeaaally want mayo on my sandwich later?

    Oh and congrats for winning the music blog award. Huzzah for the democratic process. 🙂

  30. Caption…

    Love is in the air…

    David and Stevie appear distracted as they observe cute little bats mating up above in the rafters while serenading them with Echoes…(get it?..bats..echoes..)

  31. caption;

    **Hey, Steve, isn’t it too early for Santa claus in the chimney???**

    sylvie de montréal

    P.S. Hey Rudders, you can win this one,go my dear friend…

  32. Hi Fed,

    My caption entry…

    “Whilst searching the barn for something to spread on her toast, Polly comes across a ripe old jam…”

    Cheers, Jon

  33. CAPTION:

    After the Blog-award ceremony, Madame Tussaud’s justly enlarged their exposition with a scene depicting the David Gilmour-“On an Island”-band.


  34. Caption,

    `Has Guy, farted again?`

    I apologise in advance for my childish sense of humour!


  35. Caption

    David comments to Steve. “Yep, that’s those bloody death-watch beetles at it again!!”

  36. “When David stated he wanted this tour to be played in smaller intimate venues, little did we know that a full scale barn tour was about to entail…”

  37. David and Steve can’t help but watch as El Magnifico prepares yet again to jump out of the loft onto a pile of mattresses wearing his signature cape.

  38. “…with my FRIENDS AROUND ME…”,

    …halfway to the stars…, ebb and flow – let it go…

    This is what I think & feel when I saw this great photo!

    Thanks again to another great contest, FED! Hope all is well.

    GOOD LUCK to you all, best wishes
    PETE from Germany

  39. Stevie D (singing) “and again guy’s, *Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen….*”

    David (to himself) ‘why wont that bloody beam fall,that’s all I ask’

    Sorry Stevie:)

  40. Hello FEd,

    Congrats on winning the BT Digital Music Award for Best Music Blog, 2007! It is all due to your tireless efforts – thank you so much for maintaining order and a modicum of sanity in this wonderful blog!

    Here is my (lame) attempt at a caption…

    Rehearsals for the song “The Barn” before it morphed into “The Blue”.

  41. my caption reads:

    now, what was I supposed to pick up at the store on my way home???

  42. David thinking to himself:

    Will Guy’s Bass and Ego be strong enough to hold the roof if that dodgy beam gives out?


  43. la briethe shona dhuit a fet ed .

    i hope you have a good day . don’t forget, how ever old you are, you can’t have a birthday without a huge cake and hopefully lots of presents !


    [Thank you, Linda. – Features Editor]


    Have a blessed day.


    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  45. Hi FEd, congratulations on the Best Music Blog Award – you truly deserve this!

    My caption for the photo: Barn yard Attic Jam


  46. How’s this Fed:

    ‘I should have put a colorbond roof on this shed’

    Everything else I thought of was just plain too corny.

    I thought I’d add a bit of an Aussie touch to DG, in fact he should live over here part of the year, he’d make a great Aussie.

    All the best

  47. Caption: David thinks to himself “maybe Stevie shouldn’t have had that extra pint”.

    Good luck all.

    P.s. Happy birthday Fed, enjoy.

  48. CAPTION:

    “I told you not to send Phil out for grub, he always screws the order up!”

  49. Hello Fed,

    I think in this picture David is saying ” Hey Polly, could you bring us another pot of tea?”

    Thanks for another contest!

  50. “Does noen erindre det kveld?”

    (Norwegian for “Does anyone remember that night?”)

  51. Reading the minds of the band…

    Rick: How the hell does Jon make heads or tails out of this techie crap.

    David: What’s that up there? We’re not supposed to raccoons in in England!

    Guy: Now this is our best selling model, and can get the toughest dirt and debris out of the longest shag carpets using only 100 watts of power! See how quiet that is?

    Steve: I wonder who will be the first to find the raccoon I planted up there? This is going to be SO good.

    (I know, it’s lame.)

  52. caption compo:

    David: It Sounds like its raining.(Breaks into song) ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head………..

    Richard: You guys will have to carry on without me while I Mop me Kurzweil.

    FED……Without your happy conduits we could never have won the Best Music Blog Award. Good on Ya!!

    [Thank you, Nigel. – Features Editor]

  53. My caption: “May I come in? I promise I will be very quiet!”

    Renato MS – São Paulo, Brazil

  54. CAPTION: Hmmm? How can I insulate the ceiling and still keep the ‘open beam’ look?

    Thank you, Polly, for sharing the lovely photos. Seeing them makes me feel like family! Any chance of getting a few made up as wall murals? I think that would be awesome!

  55. Caption: David is wondering “If only Neil Young could be here Jamming with us”

    Take Care, Thomas

    [I think this may have something to do with his ‘Harvest’ album, am I right? – Features Editor]

  56. Happy Happy Birthday Dear Fed. Have a pint on me! I hope your day is a great one.

    If one doesn’t do it then you better make it three. Wait….phone ringing….maybe it’s Hallmark;-)

    Seriously, Hope your day is great.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  57. Happy Birthday Fed, enjoy.

    Caption: After a full day of practice in Arkstoria, David ponders and says, “How about playing Puff The Magic Dragon?”


    “Then I wish upon a star,
    And Island Jam begins to flow
    This Barn is better than the RAH by far
    So much behind us, so far to go.”


  59. Happy Birthday FEd. Whats it feel like to be 21 (again????)

    Entry for caption contest as follows:-

    “As the band play inside the upside down viking ship, (wicker version), David hopes that this isnt the time of the great viking ship burning ceremony!!”

    Ian Pearson

  60. Happy Birthday, FEd.

    Wishing you all the joys of living on your birthday and always.

  61. I always enjoy reading the captions from Rudders, Angelo, Andrew to name a few; this contest is a real challenge to me, but here it goes:

    Caption: David was wondering if the band should move to the undersea bunker to practice instead of staying in the barn. Sadly, no comments were made from Richard, Guy and Steve, not to mention about Phil and Jon, both went hiding.

    p.s Congratulations David Gilmour and company for the continuous success on the Music DVD charts.

  62. I just bought the DVD yesterday after finally getting a copy here (Australia). I was annoyed at the delays, but hell if I knew it was this good I would of been willing to wait an extra week. Amazing. Good to see someone putting some worthwhile extras on a music DVD for once!

    Performances are amazing but the thing that stuck out to me was the shot selections and camera movement (being a filmmaker I guess it’s hard not to notice these things). Props to the director on that one, did an awesome job.

  63. CAPTION :

    Stevie D : “Isn’t it about time you got rid of those pigeons out of the loft, David?”

    Guy : “I’ll shoot ’em down “Robin”… pass me a couple of them Nano arrows.”

    David : “Hmmm… you’re right “Robin”!!! And I do need to de-clutter. I know… lose the pigeons, install some CONDUIT. Tantastic.”

    Richard : “It’s OK David. I’ve already been barnstorming. I’m drawing up the plans right now.”


    The boys nearly blew the rafters off the roof with this one.

  65. Happy,sweet,fantastic,birthday “our” FEd!

    Thank you (everyday) for this space that’s a window on the music and on a “new family”…

    How many moons dear FEd?Not too many to have got a very very young heart.

    Have a nice life dawn by dawn

  66. Sorry the Reds failed to deliver an early birthday present, FEd.

    Good luck and best wishes for Cori with her op, today…

  67. My caption about this photo

    DG: “Come on boys, let’s come to an end. 5 o’clock-tea is ready”



  68. Steve stares at the flock approaching his kick drum when David decided to reharse Sheep in the barn to have a more realistic sound.

  69. Hm, let me see… jamming in February, new album out before Christmas, tour in 2008. You see it too, Steve, right?

  70. As David and his friends were making so much noise, Polly sent them into the loft to play.

  71. Caption: David thinking to himself, I really should get this loft insulated!!!

    Take care all.


  72. Nice award!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FED!!!!all the best and enjoy your day.

    Excuse me for my absence on chat last night..I was in the studio.

    a hug

    p.s.still thinkin’ of my caption:)

    [Thanks, Emilio. – Features Editor]

  73. The best I can do is:

    “Those builders we got in to do the loft conversion have a bloody loud radio, I said to them sort out the roof void not play Pink Floyd! But they ignored me and played Animals to the animals.”


  74. “Steve, Guy, David and Rick jamming at the barn.”

    That’s honestly the best I could think of.

    – James.

  75. David looking reflective – “Maybe the Dog and Duck’ll give us our breakthrough gig!”

  76. *David with Stevie looking on*

    Look FEd, I know the blog winning that award had a lot to do with you but please, will you come down from those rafters?

  77. “…all together as a team under the roof!”

    again Happy Birthday, dear F.Ed.

    ciao Elisabetta

  78. While rehearsing “Candy and a Currant Bun” for their next tour, the band slighty changed the lyrics:

    “Oh my FEd, sitting in the blog
    go buy new laptop and a currant mouse
    I like, to see you reply
    Like that……

    Oooh, don’t talk to me
    Please just chat!!! with me…”

    Here the band bursted out into laughter and sung “Happy birthday to you, FEd”

    Have a nice day!!!



    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Dear Fed!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    [I thank you. – Features Editor]

  80. Hello FED!

    Yesterday we had an official holiday, now I am back online.

    Congratulations to win the BT Digital Music Awards’ for Best Music Blog (I voted for you many times)!!!

    My spontaneous caption for this nice photo is: “David´s Musikantenscheune”

    All the best from Berlin

  81. Aloha FED AND ALL


    good luck


  82. Hi FEd,

    I was looking for the DVD Chart positions i Denmark, and found this: (click my name).

    I believe this is the official list in Denmark, but am not 100 % sure. But if the information is valid, I’m glad to see that Remember that Night tops the list in Denmark as well as many other countries!

    (And happy birthday – hope you’ll enjoy mocking your bowling friends…:-)


    [Oh, I did. Thanks for the link, Lene. – Features Editor]

  83. Caption:

    As the Three Musketeers look on with disbelief as Robin Hood cries……”I get to play with sticks!’

  84. Happy Birthday again Fed ! Health, luck and that all your wishes come true.

    Today the caption for the picture can only be:

    “Lets play: For he´s a jolly good fellow, for he´s a jolly good fellow …….”

  85. Awwww Stevie-d’s drum…

    It looks like our chatroom emoticon. You know, we never gave the little fella a name. :))))) We don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl. Let’s name it Lola. L-O-L-A, Lola…la la la la


    David: See that spider’s web up in the corner there? If I could find a way to tune it, I think we could use it.

    Happy Birthday, Fed.

    [Thank you. – Features Editor]

  86. so many possibilities with this one but ill go with:

    “Keep pumping Phil, the inflatable Gilmour is almost at operational size”

    just for fun here’s another 2:

    “Aw nuts the roof’s leakin’ again”

    “Phil stop showing off with that levitation thing”

  87. “Due to constant complaints from old Mrs. Busybody, Davey and The Buckeroos were forced to practice in the attic.”

  88. CAPTION:

    Though Hagrid and the Frog Choir were tough to follow, David and company figured out the melody to ‘Grawp’s Lullaby’…

  89. Great photo, here’s my caption…..

    “I wish Rick would put that comic down and concentrate!”

  90. CAPTION:

    “A band this good you better believe I’d buy them by the crate load. ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  91. Caption Competition…

    Stevie lost the game of statues because the inflatable doll that Guy had filled with helium became untethered and floated over the mixing desk…..

  92. Fedmeister…

    Penblwydd Hapus i Chi…

    Enjoy your day…

    [Diolch yn fawr. – Features Editor]

  93. ::Caption Competition::

    ‘Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way’ thought David, ‘…but not the American way!’, thought Steve, as he broke wind…

  94. Caption: Fortunately for the band, the Irregulars had opted for a barn rather than a bunker when chosing the venue for the Blogfest.

    What a good way of keeping us occupied while you take a well deserved break for your birthday FEd. I hope you had a good one.

  95. Caption: David chose to play even smaller venues this time.

    Happy Birthaday FED. Enjoy your day


  96. “So, guys, think we’ve got a shot at this rock’n’roll thing?”

    With love,

    PS–Hoppy Boitday, FEd!!!

  97. My first ever caption attempt…now I know why that is 🙂

    “This should keep those pesky bats out for good…now let’s just keep jamming – see, its working!”

    Have a great day everyone!

    PS: A big Happy Birthday to Fed!!! I’d sing but…

  98. CAPTION:- “Okay one more time… “We are the champions my friends…”

    Dear Fed, I wonder if you can help, we’ve been away walking in the Cotswolds so have only had a chance to speed read the postings so if you have already covered this I apologise. […]

    Hope everyone out there in blogland is fit and well and can I join the party as well as my birthdays’ Sunday….. After 2 wonderful evenings last month and a superb DVD I think I’ve been very lucky.

    [Happy Birthday for Sunday, Heather. It’s still too early to discuss the hidden extras, sorry. Glad that you’re finding them, though. Keep looking. – Features Editor]

  99. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FED. Hope you have a great day!!!!!

    Wow, we won the music blog award, thats cool, good job fed. I told you last year we would win this year, we’re cool like that and we have some very cool and dedicated bloggers also. so yeah we’re cool!

  100. Caption: Having told Dick Parry to “vamp” the solo, the band looks on in wonder as he dons a cape and hangs upside down from the rafters….

  101. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, FEd! Hope you get to kick back and celebrate in style! All good wishes to you in the year ahead….enjoy your day!

    [Thank you very much, Lynn. – Features Editor]


    David: “I believe you’re right, Stevie. That IS a rather large cobweb, isn’t it?”

  103. While Cookie monster is sneaking up on Steve’s biscuit tins, the other band members are trying hard to pretend they haven’t seen him.

    (No need to put me in the hat, I have had my share for this year.)


  104. Caption: If the barn’s a rockin’…

    Congrats for FED and Irregulars on the prize. Well deserved!

    If I’m allowed to drift off topic for awhile: I’ve yet to see the DVD unfortunately as I’m currently doing some volunteer work in Nepal. The only way to get it here seems to be to wait for Chinese hideously and hilariously pirated copies to get here (though I’m heading to China pretty soon myself!). I couldn’t find a single legit music shop around!

    Hope everyone are enjoying it though. I was obsessing a bit over missing the DVD before I got here (managed to catch the amazing Fat Old Sun clip) but once I did, I suppose there’s a different perspective on these things. Seeing children really starving is very hard, but I have some mixed feelings.

    Volunteering a bit, I get the chance to see many donations from many countries going to waste over politics and negligence. There’s a sense that some interest groups are benefiting greatly from the poverty of their fellow citizens. It seems to me a pretty complicated matter. I’m especially thinking, of course, of Mr. Gilmour’s great generosity and involvement in many helpful organizations.

    Oh heck, I just want to watch me some High Hopes! 🙂

    [Keep up the good work, mate. It’s good to know that some people still care. – Features Editor]

  105. Despite assurances that Pink Floyd were a huge band, the rest of the guys seemed a little confused having to practice in David’s attic.

  106. Hi FEd,

    Congratulations again on your birthday ! Have a splendid one.

    Best regards,

  107. CAPTION:

    Finally we get a glimpse under Steve’s tea cosy hat.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [One entry per person, Geoff. Sorry, but this one doesn’t count. – Features Editor]

  108. Once they hit the island they made Skipper and Gilligan move in with the Howells on the promise of taking them with them when they head back to the main land.

  109. Hi Fed. How are you, mate?

    Do you have any news about a delay on the brazilian release of Remember That Night?

    I have ordered it 20 days ago, in one of the major DVD stores here and they say it still haven´t been released. And asked more 15 days to bring the imported version, for more than US$ 50.00!!!

    Then I told them about the release date, october 3rd, and they said Sony hasn´t comfirmed anything…

    Well, I have checked brazilian SonyBMG website today – october 4th – and…there´s absolutely nothing. Not even on october releases or the back catalogue.

    I just want a confirmation if it has been or will be released this month yet, or should I (sigh) buy the imported one.

    Can you help me? (yes, I have sent Sony an e-mail, since it´s seems impossible to catch a free phone line avaliable there…)

    [If it has been delayed, nobody thought to tell me. Will try and find out what’s going on, Adriano. Sincere apologies for the disappointment. – Features Editor]

  110. Caption competition

    “How does that one go again?……Happy Birthday to yooooooooooou, Happy Birthday to yoooooooooou, Happy Birthday dear Fe – ed, Happy Birthday to yoooooooooooooooooooou!”

    PM. Don’t enter me in the competition – ta xx

  111. The Four Wise Musical Monkeys: ‘Bang-No-Evil’, ‘Slap-No-Evil’, ‘Bend-No-Evil’ & ‘Ping-No-Evil’.

  112. thanks for the opportunity…

    caption: “this earthly heaven is enough for me”.

    wonderful DVD by the way, and congratulations for the blog award 🙂

  113. “Look, I just don’t see it.”

    “Err, no, don’t look ’cause then you won’t see it either.”

    ash X

    [Please know that this is the last eligible entry. Note the following timestamps. – Features Editor]

  114. Here is my caption submission. Some of those timbers in David’s barn look a little scary. Do you know how old that barn is?

    Start Caption:

    David Gilmour and his band jamming under the ancient timbers of his barn on a brisk day in February 2007 in preparation for his upcoming DVD release Remember that Night. Photo: Polly Samson.

    End Caption:


  115. I know I am late, but I will take a shot at my first caption.

    “David Gilmour stares in wonder as he entertains the seagulls with Echoes in the crows nests”

    I know, don’t quit my day job.

  116. “David and Stevie gaze in hypnotic wonder at the bright ambassadors of morning streaming into the barn, while Richard and Guy seem transfixed by the sound of a distant echo …”

    I think I may be late with this, not to mention that these captions are best left to the Caption Masters amongst us, but, what the hell! Gotta try it once!


  117. Caption–

    Stevie: “Quick, Smile Polly has a camera!”

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Renee B

  118. Any chance of an audio version of the dvd coming out?

    [No, sorry. – Features Editor]

  119. (David-spacing out, thinks..): “I feel like soup tonight..yes, soup tonight for sure..maybe a hearty vegetable..or barley…yummmm, soup!)

    (Drummer Steve chuckling to himself, thinks..): “I think we were supposed to change two measures ago..hee hee)

  120. *caption*

    David thinking to himself: “I really should get someone to fix that hole in the roof.”

    While Stevie is thinking to himself: “Why doesn’t David get someone to fix that hole in the roof?”



  121. Hi FEd – Can you please help sort out some confusion over Phil Taylor’s upcoming book on David’s black strat.

    Although I’ve pre-ordered through Amazon, I’ve read elsewhere that the book will only be sold through Phil’s website. Some say only to buyers of the new DG signature strat.

    It is said to be a limited print run so I’d hate to be waiting for Amazon if it’s not going to arrive and miss the chance of buying elsewhere. Can you please help?

    [I can, but not without first saying that there wouldn’t be any confusion if certain websites waited until Phil’s book, and site, are even ready before talking about how you can buy one. You’ll get a copy of Phil’s book if you purchase the David Gilmour Strat. You can also get a copy by ordering one from Phil’s website. When it’s up and running, we’ll let you know. The last I heard, the book would not be available through Amazon, or any other retailer. As many details are still being finalised, we’ll let you know as soon as possible if this, or anything else, changes. – Features Editor]

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