12-hour raffle

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.You seem to have enjoyed my 24-hour contests, so here’s a 12-hour equivalent.

All you have to do, making use of just one number (between one and 100), is share a piece of trivia about ‘Remember That Night’. For example, the DVD was released in Germany on 17 September, or ‘Remember That Night’ has topped the Music DVD charts in 12 countries so far.

Your number is your raffle ticket substitute. You can only have one, and nobody else can have the same one as you (so, the first person to pick a specific number gets to use it).

Please get your entry in by 9PM (UK) today. Just one entry per person, please. If you choose a number that’s already been used, you will be asked to choose another, so please take note of any numbers already in play, or include a second choice with your post.

If your chosen number isn’t obvious, please make it so.

If, as the deadline draws near, you’re left stuck for entertaining trivia, you can take the easy way out and write something like, “My favourite live song is ‘Take A Breath’, which is track 12 on the DVD” (even if it isn’t your favourite track – I won’t hold you to anything).

Winners to be announced on Monday.

The prizes include a signed lithograph print, a Best Buy copy of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD, a radio promo CD and a programme/pass from the European cinematic premiere.

Good luck, and have a good weekend.


  1. Piero

    Hi Fed!how are you?

    My number is 84,I would listen 84 times a day to every David song.


    [I’m good, Piero, thank you. How are you? – Features Editor]

  2. renae


    26, if not already taken, cos i turned 26 a couple of days after i first saw the email about the DVD.

    [I’m sorry to say that #26 has already been taken. – Features Editor]

  3. eva

    there are 82 characters on the front of the DVD incl spaces.

    though it’s early, i might have counted them wrong :-)

  4. renae

    No, okay then 25, cos that’s how old i was when i got the email about the DVD. Deal?

    [Deal. – Features Editor]

  5. Lynn

    This is some serious number-crunching, FEd!

    I will take 62 if it isn’t already taken, since 1962 was the year both Polly and I were born.

    I haven’t had this much fun since Blotto! Good luck everyone, and a very happy weekend to you all!

    [You can take it to the mountaintops, Lynn. May it bring you luck. – Features Editor]

  6. tim taylor

    I saw David at the Gibson on April 20th


    [Sorry, Tim, but someone has already claimed #20.- Features Editor]

  7. Sean McManus

    I’ll take 16 – it’s how old I was when I first heard Gilmour’s guitar playing, and it’s how old I felt listening to some of the oldies at the Albert Hall.

  8. Wade Lengele

    My choice is 57, if it’s not taken.

    David’s Black Strat was fitted with a ’57 reissue maple neck during the RTN tour.


  9. Randall

    Hello Fed,

    I would like to take number 24; as the last contest was a 24 hour contest and also because I could listen to David’s music or watch the RTN DVD 24 hours a day!

    Thanks – and have a great weekend!

  10. Howard

    Can I have 59? Maybe not the most ingenuous approach but I added the age of my son and I who both attended the theatrical screening of Remember That Night,

    I highly recommend the interview with David on Gold’s radio (click my name).

    David talks about getting Bob Dylan’s first LP from his father and the music his children listen to. Growing up I never thought that that the day would come when I would tell my son to lower the music! And was somewhat amused to hear David has done the same.

  11. Rudders - Toronto

    It must be a Welsh thing…

    [Michèle, really. I’m Welsh. You don’t need to ask me to support France. – Features Editor]

    I always say I support two International Rugby Teams… Wales and whoever plays England…

    Vive la France!

  12. Geoff Duffy

    [Not sure, Geoff. Maybe. But you’ll have to choose a different number, I’m afraid, as 73 has just been taken. (Are you sure that there weren’t 72 pigeons? Or maybe 76?) – Features Editor]

    You are dead right Fed I stand corrected 72 it was one was not a pigeon it was a blu(ray) tit.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    [I knew it. 72 it is, then. – Features Editor]

  13. Erin

    14 & 25, the ages I’ve been when I’ve seen David perform . . .whichever is still available, FEd


    [#14 for Erin.. .- Features Editor]

  14. Angelo Ortiz

    1985 was the year i discovered the power of David Gilmour….

    So 85?

    [It’s all yours. – Features Editor]

  15. Allan Gray

    If I wanted to order this from Amazon right now :

    “Want guaranteed delivery by 1pm Saturday, October 13? Order it in the next 2 hours and 49 minutes, and choose Express delivery at checkout. See Details”

    I have 2 hours and 49 minutes to order it for Saturday. So I choose number 49.

    Thanks :)

  16. George Gipe

    How about…

    84…the year I first saw David on the About Face tour.

    [Sorry, George. You’ll have to choose another. – Features Editor]

  17. Angelo Ortiz

    Backups just in case as I’m sure you want to start your weekend already: (this is starting to feel like connecting a bluray machine)

    May 30 at RAH was a night to remember (30).
    There are 43 shots of Polly in the RTN DVD (43).
    David Gilmour laughs 97 times on RTN (98).
    48 are the number of cigarettes Guy smokes before and after a gig (48)
    Number of entries before i get a number that hasn’t been chosen: (96)

    [Bless you.- Features Editor]

  18. Allan Gray

    Sorry for causing extra mail for you but just wanted to check you got my post for number 49 ?


    [Sure did. Thanks for playing, Allan. – Features Editor]

  19. John Hortatsos

    12. April 12th 2006 was the first time I saw Gilmour Live on stage since 1994!

    Best Concert I have EVER seen!

    [Sorry, John. Please try again. – Features Editor]

  20. peter

    [This is also the date of the last ever live performance from Jimi Hendrix in 1970]

    Isle of Wight. My elder brother was there and still has the weekend ticket to prove it.

    Pete – Coventry

  21. Features Editor

    Five-and-a-half hours to go, folks. The only numbers left for you to choose from are now:

    22, 33, 34, 35, 37, 43, 47, 48, 55, 58, 63, 64, 65, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 86, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, 93, 96 and 97.

    Come on, there must be some trivia attached to each of these fine numbers…

  22. Angelo Ortiz


    David absently watches the posts come flying in for the raffle and wonders, ‘Where the hell did I put my cinematic premiere pass?’….

  23. Matt

    [22, 33, 34, 35, 37, 43, 47, 48, 55, 58, 63, 64, 65, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 86, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92, 93, 96 and 97. Come on, there must be some trivia attached to each of these fine numbers… – F*ED]

    The amount of times each day, that David was asked about a Pink Floyd reunion while touring “On An Island”?

    [Yes, it gradually got worse. – Features Editor]


    …couldn`t go to the RITZY on September 15. why? I missed my plane cause of too late check-in, so I hope FIFTEEN is my lucky number!?

    Thanks FEd for another great game! Hope to get one of these great prizes!


    P.S. THANKS also for yesterday I received DVD and the attached unused TICKETS – you are a great man to make this possible! THANK YOU!

    [Glad that you received them, Pete. 15 is not lucky for you this time, sadly. Howard has already taken it, so please choose a different number. – Features Editor]

  25. Becky in Atlanta

    Naw, you’ll win, Howard, and I’ll live out the rest of my life plotting some lame revenge. Cheers!



  26. NewYorkDan

    Here’s my entry…

    “22” is the number of tracks on both discs of RTN that were origninally done by Floyd or Gilmour.

    (That counts for the 23 tracks on the discs, minus “Find the Cost of Freedom” that was originated by Crosby and Nash.)

  27. EchoesBob

    I’ll take

    22 – How old I was when I first saw David perform
    48 – How old I was when I saw David last year
    64 – How old I’ll be when David performs for the last time in public

    Is that enough options?

    [As you were pipped – just – to your first choice, you get #48, Bob. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  28. Michael in New Jersey


    David suddenly wonders, “oh my, did I leave the coffee pot on?”

  29. Thomas R

    Comfortably Numb, my favourite song ever and the best song on RTN, is from the Wall album, which was released in ’79.

  30. Emilio De Virgilio

    David Gilmour was born in 1946, so he is 61 years old, which is the same age of my father. My age is 22, and 61 + 22 = 83. In the year 1983 was born my girlfriend so my number is 83!

    Can I use it Fed??

    [You can, Emilio. I hope it’s lucky for you. – Features Editor]

  31. Andrew

    Since I have my number secured, can I help out a blogger who may be stumped for ideas??

    How about: I cried 96 tears because David did not tour in South America (or pick whatever other country, city or place you fancy).

    There may be 76 trombones in the big parade but David has nary a one, just Robert Wyatt on coronet and Dick Parry on saxophone.



  32. veronica_from_Miami

    I pick 94. It was on September 4 that my husband and I departed for London to attend the premiere of Remember That Night – and we sure won’t forget about that night.

    I hope no one has chosen this # as yet – I couldn’t read through all the posts from work.

    [If I were playing, I’d have chosen that one, so let’s see if it’s lucky. – Features Editor]

  33. Andrew

    O, one more suggestion….

    There are no plans to release OAI as a 78 RPM record.



  34. Carl

    My wife’s birthday is on Aug. 22 and all she wanted was RTN – she had to wait so I gave a guitar in the interim. Does that count?

    [Somebody has beaten you to #22, Carl. Please choose another number instead. – Features Editor]

  35. Rob P from CT

    33 – how many tracks are listed on Remember That Night…okay maybe I added one – is that okay?

    If not – 1987 is when I saw Pink Floyd 4 times…so 87 is my back up…I hope

    Thanks Rob

    [It’s #33 for you, Rob. – Features Editor]

  36. tim taylor

    ok Fed, how about Animals came out in 77.

    If 77 is gone 86 was the year MLoR came out.

    Hows that?

    [77 now has your name on it, Tim. – Features Editor]

  37. Nick_G

    I’ll go for 97, because… erm… 1997 was three years after the Division Bell Tour which makes it 13 years ago… Well I guess that was trivial, even if not exactly trivia.

    Although not even Pulse has managed to remove Remember That Night from my DVD drive.

    Hope you’re well FEd,

    [Likewise, Nick. How are things? – Features Editor]

  38. tim taylor

    oh fed, just realized mine have NOTHING to do with RTN… how about “I spent 77 minutes trying to find an available number, then more time to correct my mistake totalling 89 minutes if 77 was gone”….

    I’m too stressed for this game… I was writing all the taken numbers when I got to the bottom and saw you had put the available ones for me… thanks!


    [You’re not the only one, Tim. Don’t worry about it. – Features Editor]

  39. Andreas

    I´ve seen him first ´88.

    So that´s my number?

    Thank you

    [It’s yours, Andreas. Be lucky. – Features Editor]

  40. Rob P from CT

    Thanks Fed – when I read the blog and it said only numbers 1 – 100 and then saw there were already 125 posts I thought I was too late…Then I read every post and wrote down the numbers – you made it easier by listing what was available – thanks!

    I should have known there’d be a lot of doubles put down.

    Have a GREAT weekend…I’ll be enjoying a Birthday Oktoberfest on Sunday – Cheers!

    [Have a great day, Rob. – Features Editor]

  41. Nick_G

    Busy here- I’m doing the lighting design for my school’s annual fireworks, there’s just so much health and safety rubbish to think about. I just emailed the hire company that supplied the lights for David’s tour to see if they can help us- we’re probably too small, but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    Oh and by the way this raffle thing is a great idea- I’ve got a better random chance than if I left it to my caption writing skills!

  42. Elisabetta Corsi-Italy N.E.

    Dear F.Ed,

    thank you for the reply, so now i’d like to have the 86 (year of my marriage) or, if it’s busy, otherwise number 92 (year when is born my son Tommy).

    Never mind if they are busy: it’s a game!

    Now i’m going home
    Bye and thanks
    ciao Elisabetta

    [You have #86, Elisabetta. Good luck. – Features Editor]

  43. Alex Paterson

    Can I have 80 or 81 please as Pink Floyd toured those years with The Wall.

    Hope I made it in time, I noticed we’re running out of numbers.

    [You can have either one, Alex. 80? – Features Editor]

  44. Ferry

    I’ll take 55, the number of the house in which I discovered DG’s music and still live in

    greats ferry

  45. Andrew McHarg

    The first time I heard the song “Time” in 1996.

    I used to make my father play it because I liked the bells. Also my favourite track off RTN.

    #96 for me.

  46. Michael in New Jersey

    97, the number of times David closed his eyes on RTN while playing the guitar.

    [It’s good, but it’s already been taken. – Features Editor]

  47. rob

    a silly caption for a silly friday afternoon..

    David listens intently as Guy reveals his plans to perform ‘a jazz odyssey’ on the next tour…


    Did i leave the gas on?

  48. kamil

    I’ll take 35.

    We had to wait 35 years after ‘Live at Pompeii’ release to watch ‘Echoes’ live on ‘Remember that Night’…

  49. Michael in New Jersey

    o rats! Make that 96, I didn’t see it was taken…

    [Sorry, but you’ve been beaten to that one, too. Third time lucky? – Features Editor]

  50. adrian kavanagh

    Can I have 33 please Fed? As it was how old I was when I watched David at the royal albert hall.

    [Only if you’re prepared to arm-wrestle Rob for it. Alternatively, choose another. – Features Editor]

  51. tim taylor

    OK… now that I have secured a number and can relax… I can take a moment to say Hi everyone and Fed!

    Boy this competition looks like a real headache for you Fed… I’m sure all the numbers will be taken soon and you can start your weekend.

    I’m really glad it’s Friday… what a long week. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend… I have to drag myself away from watching RTN (doesn’t even come out of my DVD player!) to go to the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow to see Genesis perform. Should be a very cool show.

    See you all later!

    [Hope you enjoy, Tim. – Features Editor]

  52. Alex Paterson

    Yep FEd, 80’s good. Thanks.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    [The same to you. – Features Editor]

  53. Features Editor

    Not long to go now (four hours) and there are only 13 numbers left.

    The remaining numbers, should you wish to have a go, are:

    34, 37, 43, 47, 63, 65, 76, 78, 81, 87, 90, 92 and 93.

  54. James Ward

    Oh, things are getting tense, it’s right hard to remember which numbers have been, and which haven’t.

    I don’t envy your job in the slightest FEd! Haha, but you’re doing a spectacular job as always!

    – James.

    [Who needs bloody Sudoku, or whatever it’s called, eh? – Features Editor]

  55. Michael in New Jersey

    43, that’s how old I’ll be by the time I pick an available number!

    [You can have that one… – Features Editor]

  56. Anthony James

    There are 87 notes in the 1st solo of the on an island title track.

    I lost count on my favourite second solo !

  57. Raipod

    Hey Fed

    I first heard David play (on “Echoes”) in 72. So is 72 OK for my number?

    And Harry Kewell is on the way back. Wouldn’t it be great if he turns out to be the difference-maker this year? I feel for him. Hopefully, he finally gets an extended run injury-free.

    [I’m afraid #72 has already been claimed, Raipod. Like you, I would like to see Harry Kewell back. He has had such rotten luck with injuries and owes the club a lot. – Features Editor]

  58. George Gipe

    I’ll try…


    That’s the number of dance steps from Guy during the Take A Breath slide guitar solo.

    [Sorry, that one’s been taken. – Features Editor]


    Hi again FED,

    just saw that the chosen 15 was gone already, so my NEW entry will be this:

    In 1967 I was born and PF gives out their 1st LP, this year is the 40th Anniversary of both – PINK FLOYD and ME! 😉

    So I will try to take the 67 !! OK?

    Thanks again, best wishes

    [Sorry, but you can’t have that one, either. Please choose from: 34, 37, 47, 63, 65, 76, 78, 81, 90, 92 and 93. These are the only numbers left. – Features Editor]

  60. Jon Green


    “David suddenly becomes aware of several large snails crawling up the wall behind him…”

    Cheers, Jon

    [Great caption, Jon. – Features Editor]

  61. Raipod

    Hmphh … I asked for 72, but realized it’s gone after posting. Maybe I should have got on the blog 34 or 37 minutes earlier!

    Can I have one of the two – 34 or 37?

    [34 is yours, Raipod. I hope it’s lucky. – Features Editor]

  62. Fersion

    Remember that Night will be out in Stores in Brazil on 15th October. But of course I already have it.

  63. AxPxM88

    Hey FEd! Fun little contest you got going here. Im not going to pick a number…I’ve won before and its not fair to those who haven’t won before if I steal one of their numbers.

    Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say Hello

    PS. Do you know when I can expect to be checking the Mail Box for my DVD??

    Have a good weekend FEd and Bloggers!

    [Late next week, I’d imagine. – Features Editor]

  64. George Gipe

    Alright, this is my final answer…


    [You don’t want to ‘phone a friend? #78 is yours, George. – Features Editor]

  65. carmil

    63, which i believe is richard’s birthday. everyone was celebrating on the documentary. 63 it is.

  66. Buffalo Phil

    FEd is 87 still available? That was the first time I saw Pink Floyd live.

    I’ll take 93 as a backup if you don’t mind.

    [Both taken, sorry. – Features Editor]

  67. Alex Paterson Jnr

    Can i have 81 for the same reason as my dad. i would have taken 7, but its gone.

    Alex, age 7

  68. Wild Featha in New Hampshire


    Hi Fed, it been raining all week here in New England.

    [Please choose another from 37, 47, 65, 76, 90 and 92. – Features Editor]

  69. Melissa

    Closing the blog to start the weekend early? It was going so well.

    No matter, I start a second job on Saturday so I might as well start being depressed now.

    Have a good weekend and good luck to you all!


  70. Tomi Sue

    O.K. here I go…..

    I will pick 63 seeing that David was born on the 6th day of March and, He will be 63 when next Solo Album comes out (oh, I can dream can’t I)?

    So 63 it is.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [Sorry, but you’ll have to pick another one. 37, 47, 65, 76, 90 or 92. – Features Editor]

  71. Andrew

    Hey FEd,

    I’m just in such a piss poor mood today at work and this contest is really the only thing that is making the day bearable. It’s just one of those days as I’m sure you can relate. Good thing it is Friday.



    [I know all about them, mate. Keep your chin up. – Features Editor]

  72. Jessica

    I don’t have the energy to think – MidTerms giving me grief.

    Now what’s all this about Dylan?? What’s going on??!

    For FEd:

    Not sure what’s going on with this award thing with Dylan, but I’ve just landed floor seats at the Chicago Theatre for his show with Costello. *Nearly dropped my toast!*

    And just to let you know what’s going on, no need to talk about it too much, the doctors I had to go to (expert witnesses for the accident’s case) told me that I am going to need future surgeries, one to take out the rod in my leg and a few to fix my face up some more. So it goes, yes? Many times I’ve bended, but I ain’t never yet bowed. Hey, hey, so I guess I’m doin’ fine.

    [“This ol’ river keeps on rollin’, though. No matter what gets in the way and which way the wind does blow…” Enjoy the concert, Jessica (and watch that river flow). – Features Editor]

  73. carmil

    Does anyone know when and how David acquired Jimi Hendrix’s old guitar strap?

    [At an auction. A birthday present from Polly, I believe. – Features Editor]

  74. JT

    I’ll go for 47… 4 for the number of times I have seen Floyd live and 7 for the number of times I saw Gilmour live last year….



  75. Henk Deen

    I choose 20

    It’s the date I saw David in HMH Amsterdam: 20 March 2006


    [Sadly, that one’s already taken. Only 37, 65, 76, 90 and 92 are left now. – Features Editor]

  76. Herbert /Germany, Ruhrgebiet

    Hi Fed!

    I will take 92… if it’s not gone already

    In ’92 my favorite Pink Floyd Album “The dark side of the moon” was digitally remastered for the 20th anniversary edition and from this album David Gilmour plays two songs on the RTN DVD

    have a nice weekend everybody


    [Good choice, Herbert. #92 is yours. – Features Editor]

  77. Paul_C

    Hi FEd

    Can I have 90 please as DG has P90 pickups in his Les Paul!

    Many thanks


  78. Gabrielle Childers

    My number choice would be 76.

    I had other choices with RTN-related stuff to go along but, alas, they’ve all been chosen!

    Seventy-six would be the number if I combined the age of myself and my son when we had the time of our lives seeing David Gilmour play at the Kodak Theatre!!!


  79. Ben

    I’ll have a go. Wasn’t David 34 when he recorded Comfy Numb?

    [Sounds close enough at this hour. The Wall shows… However, 34’s long gone. – Features Editor]

  80. ayako

    When I was able to find tickets for David’s show last year, I jumped up in the air 90 times.

    Hope it’s not too late!

    [Plenty of time, but not so many numbers. All that’s left now are 37 and 65. Are you sure you didn’t jump 65 times? Hops and skips shouldn’t be counted. 65 is a great number… – Features Editor]

  81. Ernest Peske

    What an amazing job FEd!

    You’ll sleep well tonight, counting numbers in your dream?

    Ernest {^_*}

  82. rob

    is that really jimi hendrix’s strap?

    i thought you were being sarcastic the other day…

    did he get a headband as well?

  83. Ulli

    Happy Friday to all,

    my number would be 1984, as it had been the first time I´ve seen David solo live in Düsseldorf on his About Face tour, after Roger Waters tried to destroy Pink Floyd, thankfully without any success.

    But given the fact, that it took until 2006 for the next album and solo tour of David, I´m choosing 1984 with the hope that David won´t dare to let us fans wait so long again for his next tour and album.

    [Piero has beaten you to it, Ulli. It’s either 37 or 65… and you’ll need to be quick. – Features Editor]

  84. John Hortatsos

    65. My Dad is 65 and he enjoys Gilmour’s Music!

    [Sold. So, who wants #37? It’s the only number left… – Features Editor]

  85. carmil

    Please tell David that the RTN version of Coming Back To Life is simply masterful, in fact, everytime my wife and i watch this, she gets something in her eye. She says this is her favorite song.

    Could you ask David what the inspiration was for this song, because it really is quite inspirational.

    [That would be Polly. – Features Editor]

  86. Henk Deen

    ok 65 then

    David in four years with a new dvd, remember those years

    [Sorry, Henk. You’ve been pipped at the post. Someone has to claim #37… – Features Editor]

  87. James Ward

    Amazing that, 100 people snatched the numbers up in what must be record time!

    – James.

  88. Paul_C

    Numbers nearly all gone now FEd.

    Does that mean you get an early finish and don’t have to wait until 9:00??


    [It sure does. I might even have to claim #37 for myself in the next six minutes. – Features Editor]