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Remember That Night DVD (2007)David’s new double-DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, is released in Canada and the United States today, meaning that it is now available all over Europe (except for Finland and Sweden, where it is released tomorrow) and North America.

What do you think of it? I want to know your thoughts on everything from the packaging to the concert, the documentaries to the… other things.

It is released in Australia on Saturday and New Zealand and South Africa on Monday.

Fans in Brazil, Mexico and Japan will have to wait a little longer for it, sadly. Please see the calendar for all release dates.

Don’t forget that David will be on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show today. David will be chatting to Steve at about 4.25PM (UK), and you can all listen online. Please see yesterday’s entry for a how-to.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

215 thoughts on “Your DVD views”

  1. Wow, wow, wow. Everything I expected and more.

    The documentaries are wonderful and you get a real sense of the the joy and intimacy shared by the band. Good to see David on form, cracking jokes as well.

    Echoes totally blew me away.

    Big thanks to all the production staff that contributed.


  2. I am 2 hours from buying it, and about 8 hours from viewing it, so I am very excited that today has finally arrived.

    My wife and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary today, so a fine dinner, fine wine, then the DVD is what we have on tap tonight.

    It will be a night to remember, just like our night with David at Radio City Music Hall last year.

    [Congratulations to you both, George. – Features Editor]

  3. hi fed

    just wondering if we will see some of the q&a today from ritzy


    [I’m wondering, too. If we get it today, it will be here. If we don’t, it won’t be. – Features Editor]

  4. Thanks for letting us Yankees know about the special deals at Best Buy and Border’s. I had a feeling something extra might become available. Thanks for making it happen.

  5. Arg….meetings and calls all morning with no time to run out and get the DVD. And all these discussions about special surprises and “other things…” is driving me nuts.

    I’ll find out soon enough.



  6. Fantastic DVD, 5.1 mix sounds wonderful. Always good to see a band enjoying themselves onstage.

    A nice hidden extra track on disc 2!


  7. WOW!

    David: my compliments! “Remember that Night” is absolutely mind-blowing! I have been watching and listening it since I bought it this weekend!

    Also many thanks for the “hidden” track on disc 2! I love it! It really shows how fabulous your band actually is ….

    It is also good to see that ‘Rich-aaaard’ is back on track! I’m looking forward to his new solo project!

    For now: all the best and shine on to everybody at!

    The Netherlands

  8. DVD will be waiting for me when I go home…. I can’t remember the last time I was quiet for 2 hours.

    Oh!! I do, 31st May 2006.

  9. The only thing I don’t like from it is its price. Here in Spain it’s about 31€ which is a lot of money for a DVD, I think.

  10. love it! love it! love it!!!

    lucky that i had the day off work today so i could watch it all the way through in peace. love it!!! best concert dvd ever!!!

    the sound quality is fab and i don’t even have a fancy tv. nice menus, so many colours and the best god damn guitarist ever!!! don’t know what else to say.

    i’m glad i didn’t order from anthill. i feel sorry for those who are still waiting for them to deliver their dvds, but you should have learned from the last time! i’d never order from anthill again after that. they should have delivered yesterday.

    £15.99 from and they delivered on monday. it’s even their top seller (click my name).

  11. Can’t wait to get my DVD, going to Best buy in a little while, I’ll let you know what I think but I already know I will love it.

    Congratulations George to you and your wife, hope you have a great day. Hey, cool anniversary present huh, the dvd coming out just at the right time. Have a great evening!!!!!

    Blessed Be to all

  12. Hey Fed.

    Any new pictures coming from Polly any time soon? Anything from the shows they just had?

    Just wondering.

    [No need to wonder, just visit the Galleries. If we get any, we’ll put them there. – Features Editor]

  13. fed, im not sure how to take you sometimes, maybe its because i havent gotten my sleep since i came home from london (5 hour difference). ive just been keeping my eye on the blog, hoping to see a few clips. thats my job as a dedicated blogger. i think thats why im an irregular, or maybe not.

    sorry to have bothered you. i check back later.

    [Please do check back later. If and when we can add these things, we’ll add them. We can’t add anything, nor even promise that things are to come, unless we have them or a guarantee that we will soon have them. If I relayed all the dates and promises and apologies and excuses that I get all day long, you lot would be as frustrated and irritated as I am by not being able to make things available as quickly as I’d like them to be available. So, please, take this as a polite request for patience and rationality. If we have something to share with you, we’ll share it. – Features Editor]

  14. Loving it. Absolutely excellent.

    I picked it up from Fopp yesterday, and spent most the evening in front of the TV. It’s rare to be impressed by a menu system, but the menus on this DVD are gorgeous. If first impressions last, then this is one hell of a lasting first impression. The menus are as gorgeous as the content.

    I’ve not watched my way through all of Disc 2 yet, but it’s great to see the camaraderie on display within the band. Also great to see my very own Glasgow in the extras — even if I don’t quite seem to have made the cut, and they did skip out the context of Richard’s extravagant introduction… 😉

    Well done to all behind and the blog; well done to all who helped work on the shows, and well done to all who put together On An Island and this DVD. Well done, obviously, to David and the band! We thank you.

    This disc has many plays in front of it. This disc, David Gilmour in Concert, and PULSE makes for a very happy me. It’s difficult to think of anything else anybody could ask for more from this release, aside from being invited to David’s and Polly’s for tea!

  15. I am risking my job but I have to do this.

    My husband just got back from Best Buy with the new release (hooray!!!)

    For those who plan to go to Best Buy for the new release, don’t be alarmed with the price tag on the DVD, it is marked $19.98; it reads $11.99 once it gets through the scanner at the cash register. I do recommend you to bring along the sales paper just in case, you never know.

    The 3rd disc from Best Buy has a 9 mins version of High Hopes, one of our favorites – I can’t wait to get home from work…

    A BIG THANKS and Happy Tuesday all …

  16. i think i have to wait until the end of the week to get my copy since i barely ordered it on saturday.

  17. Well, if Anthill (or the postal service) doesn’t bring my DVD today, I’ll be off to Borders to get my hands on the one with the Poster! Or, depending on the price, maybe off to Best Buy for the one with the added tracks (they advertised it at only $11.99!! Wow!) If this is the case, someone will be getting a GREAT Christmas gift, as I will have an extra copy.

    Happy to say I’ve got a great home-theatre set up. (FAR better than that cinema in Sacramento, that’s for sure!!) LOL

    George, “Happy Anniversary”!! What a wonderful way to spend your special evening with your wife!

    Everyone ENJOY!!!

    Thank you again, David, Polly, Richard, Guy, Stevie, Phil, Jon, Dick, Mark Brickman, everyone!!! Not just for the DVD, but for the great music, tour, and “Remember That Night” events leading to today!!!

    And thank you ‘roadies’. They work so hard, and do they have any idea how much it’s appreciated???

  18. Ciao,

    what else to add to what I said before and other people said? I am pleased with every little thing of it.

    Oh yeah, there is a problem. A big one. It ends. After 5 hours….it ends. And you want more!!!

    Now this is the big problem….to be content with what we got.

  19. Brilliant DVD- far, far better in all respects than the much-delayed ‘Pulse’ turned out to be! Picture, sound, extras content, all are far superior.

    Thank you, everyone concerned!

  20. Just home from work to find my DVD waiting for me. From Amazon, ordered on Monday-quick eh? I have it ordered from Anthill but nothing yet.

    Might not have time to view tonight due to Beaver Scout trip but must comment on fantastic packaging and of course the booklet. I know I am biased but it gave me great pleasure to see my “Glassman”, (OK OK FEd your “Glassman”) on part of the centre page. I feel thrilled and it was a nice surprise. A big thank you to all involved in arranging that.

    Off to listen to David on radio now

    Ian Pearson

  21. The DVD is FANTASTIC.

    The hidden extra is cool. Happy anniversary G G. It’s our 9th anniversary today also.

    Just listening to radio 2 playing PF before the DG interview.

    Tom B

  22. I’m on the train for work this morning and there’s a Borders a block away from my office. My calendar is clear today so my office door will be closed and the volume up. I can’t wait…

  23. Well it’s Tuesday and I picked up my DVD of Remember That Night and it’s great. I can’t believe all the extra stuff on the disc 2. It will take me all day to watch it if my wife doesn’t kick me out of the house for playing it so loud. For the sound is so perfect at 5.1 and the picture is so clear.

    I hope that everyone gets their dvd today. If not you’re welcome to come over and watch it here.:)

    Thanks Fed for all your help and I hope to see you in the chat room one of these days.

    Take Care, Thomas

    PS They have it on sale at circuit city for 13.98.

  24. Well I just got back from Best Buy here with the DVD version for $11.99 with a Best Buy Exclusive 3 song CD included. I also was going to buy the Blu Ray 1080p version for my Playstation 3 and my 1080p 42″ LCD HDTV but the guys at Best Buy told me the Blu Ray version release has been delayed until 10-30-2007.

    DAMN!!! I really wanted the Blu Ray version but I took the DVD to hold me over till the Blu Ray comes out. On my system I’m sure the Blu Ray will look insane since the show was filmed in 1080p HD I just wish I could get it NOW!!!

    The bonus CD includes the following 3 bonus tracks:

    “On an Island”
    “Take a Breath”
    “High Hopes”

    What is going on with the Blu Ray release, any ideas as to why it isn’t available yet and was delayed after we have been waiting all this time for it???

    [You’ll have to ask Sony about that, sorry. And you could be waiting beyond the date that the Best Buy people are claiming, too. That hasn’t been confirmed yet. – Features Editor]

  25. Well, what a great interview with David on Steve Wright’s show. A nice little insight into David’s daily life. Up at 7, kids to school, well, almost!

    That was refreshing. Ready to give it a few more hours in work. Thanks for that reminder FEd.

    PS. Anyone got any info from Anthill? By the time I get mine, I fear my eye sight will have deteriorated through old age…

  26. to fed: thanks for the 4:25 heads up. there’s no way i could have listened to the whole show.

    it was really good to hear david sounding so happy, but i wish they’d drop the pf questions!!!

    [I must admit, I soon started thinking that the BBC should be paying us to listen. – Features Editor]

  27. [Here in Spain it’s about 31€ which is a lot of money for a DVD, I think. – Daniel]

    You paid 31€ for TWO DVDs, 5 hours of pleasure !


  28. Another day – another pile of junk mail and no DVD………….but I’m fine, not crawling up the wall or anything, no, I’m perfectly calm me….

    It’ll be here tomorrow though for sure……….probably.

    [There’s news about Anthill on the way. Please see the Latest News/home page. – Features Editor]

  29. [You’ll have to ask Sony about that. And you could be waiting beyond the date that the Best Buy people are claiming, too. That hasn’t been confirmed yet. – Features Editor]

    Hi Fed,

    Have you got any insight into the HD version at all? Not blaming you or David (from what I’m hearing the DVD sounds like it goes above and over what most DVDs give you! And as a fan I’m grateful for that) but it does seem to have become quite a drawn out affair. I can’t afford to buy the standard version to tide me over so the wait is getting unbearable!

    Thanks Fed for any soothing info you may be able to offer…

    Cheers, Jon

    [I understand, Jon, and wish it were possible for all versions to come out on the same day all over the world. But it isn’t. A lot of work has gone into the DVD(s) and, because there are different versions, different record companies and, generally, many different people involved (in different time zones), things soon get complicated. It sounds like a cop out, I know, but that’s just the way it is. I can only apologise and promise that, as soon as an official release date is carved in stone, we’ll announce it. – Features Editor]

  30. I saw the North American DVD Premier and the DVD excerpt was absolutely wonderful. The music, the concert photography, and the lighting were all amazing.

    There were many, many highlights but Shine on Crazy Diamond and the full Echoes were two of the best. The documentary was a treat too. I am looking forward to seeing the full DVD because when the show ended, I was ready for more.

    The cinema release event is a cool idea but there were technical problems where I saw it in Sacramento, CA. There was no sound for the first 15 minutes! The live piece was excellent, but I think it would be better to also offer additional replayed showings over a week or two, possibly at more theaters. There was almost no publicity out here for the event either. This was handy for us, easy to find a seat, but the theater would have sold out with some advertising. There are many DG fans in Sacramento.

    Thank you for the gift of this DVD. In some ways a watching a beautifully produced concert DVD is
    better than attending a live concert. No concert goer would ever have the views of the musicians and the stage that are on the DVD. The DVD also makes the concert experience available to people, like my parents, that find it difficult to make it to a live concert, but will love enjoying the experience at home.

    Thank you also for the documentary piece. I hope there is more on the DVD. It was really fun to watch the preparations for each concert. The wine glass music piece and the Venice Concert were priceless.

  31. Wanna hear something funny F*Ed?

    After seeing a few of these songs from the DVD it felt as if I was watching old friends performing.

    It felt completely different from when I initially saw David in concert at Radio City Music Hall…more of a closeness, a sense of “family” if you will.

    That’s credit to you F*Ed….thanks.

    [That’s credit to the power of the music and the musicians that presented it so beautifully, both on the record and on stage, followed by the good people that bought the album, went along to the shows and showed their passionate support and deep appreciation for the ‘art’ in a variety of quite touching ways. But thanks for the compliment. I remarked to David last week that, probably, I personally enjoyed the cinema event more than the live shows (and immediately felt rotten about doing so, David, if you’re reading). However, I think there’s definitely something in the project having gone full circle, if you will, no matter how minimal one’s involvement in that project. I don’t know exactly what that ‘something’ is, but I think I know what you’re saying. – Features Editor]

  32. David, the DVD is brilliant, fantastic and every single positive adjective in the world.

    If you could see my, what I call, “screening room”, you can’t imagine how many DVDs I’ve got, I’m sure you and Polly are the same, but yours is just totally outstandingly and the best ever, and I just adore it. You should be so proud of this fantastic achievement. You’ve earned your CBE at least 100millions times over!

    I will always take with me memories of The Odeon and Ritzy nights wherever I end up in this or other worlds.

    All the best love, to you and your band, and your family.

    CORI BURNS xxxxx

  33. I bought it this morning and then had to go to work. Can’t wait to watch it on the big screen and the surround sound tonight! It will take me back to the show I went to in Chicago!

  34. Hey Guys,

    I was at the Albert Hall gig with Bowie doing Arnold Layne. I was at the Ritzy on Saturday. Now I’m Home watching the DVD.

    I am now waiting to see what’s next while remembering those nights.


    PS where is the footage from the Ritzy?

    [Your guess is as good as mine. When we have it, it will be here. Really. – Features Editor]

  35. [It is also good to see that ‘Rich-aaaard’ is back on track! I’m looking forward to his new solo project! – Peter]

    FEd, am I correct in thinking Rich-aaaard is the only member of the band who hasn’t now done a Q&A session?

    Is this scenario likely to be rectified at all…

    [If it is, I’m pretty sure that we’ll tell you about it. It wouldn’t be much of a Q&A if we didn’t. I’m also pretty sure that, if we told you before we were actually ready for your questions, we’d be swamped with questions. That’s why we use lines like “There are no plans for…” – Features Editor]

  36. This DVD is top notch so far, the menus, presentation and whole front end of the disk made a great first impression. Will take me another few hours to see it all I reckon, and I’m leaving the best until last. I wasnt at the RAH shows and I’m licking my lips in anticipation at what’s to come on Disk 1. I’ll wait until the kids are in bed then I can commandeer the living room. Champions league football comes a poor second place tonight in my house I’m afraid.

    Thanks to all involved in making and producing this DVD and not keeping us in suspense for as long as Pulse took.

    RE: DVD Disk 2 Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine.

    I remember that guy from outside the Armadillo in Glasgow, with the OAI painting asking for a spare ticket. He was still standing there freezing 20 minutes before kick off, and he’s immortalised forever on the RTN DVD now. I hope he got to see that show as that was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. David forgot to present Rick Wright to the audience that night. That part was missing from the DVD as the audience were screaming his name until David realised his error. It was like a kids pantomime that night. Brilliant.

  37. I got mine at Borders, cause I wanted the poster extra. Pretty pricey at Borders, but I am not in the least bit worried about that.

    The DVD is sitting on my desk here at work, shrink wrapped, mocking me…

  38. […the shirts (from the US) landed on the 11th, they were delayed in Customs, arriving only at Anthill late yesterday (17th).]

    I did have to order a flippin T-shirt didn’t I!!! Oh well.

    Thanks for the heads up on that one FEd. Efficient and informative as ever!

    [Well… – Features Editor]

  39. Hi Fed,how are you?Finally I found my flat in Salamanca!

    David’s dvd was out only today,it’s gonna be a great night for me!

    The package is fantastic.I have to see all the other songs that had not been shown at the premiere at Leicester Square,how was the north america premiere at Brixton?I know nothing about’s the first time here in Spain that I’m connected on internet,I missed you all.I hope you’re having a great time and you are not so stressed by your work.

    Hello David,I hope this dvd will give you all the satisfaction you absolutely deserve and remember that in Spain there is young boy who always listens to your music.God bless you.I was in front of you at Leicester Square premiere,but there were too many faces to see that night for you.

    Bye greatest man,bye Fed.

    See you soon

    [Piero, you’re a sweetheart. God bless you, too. – Features Editor]

  40. Good luck to the Reds against Porto tonight FEd.
    It should be a good game…

    [Thanks, Ken. Let’s hope it’s a better game than Saturday’s against Portsmouth. – Features Editor]

  41. [I don’t know exactly what that ‘something’ is, but I think I know what you’re saying. – Features Editor]

    That “something” (in my opinion) is the feeling you get from a warm place that you can go to and hang your heart as well as your hat.

    This place…and you good sir, have yourself a fine little establishment here…again, thanks.

  42. Hey, I have my DVD woo hoo…went to Circuit City (Didn’t read about the Borders thing till now). But the DVD was priced at 13.99 cool. I might get the Borders DVD with the poster for my daughters Principal. He likes David Gilmour…thanks to me!

    Gonna watch it tonight cause I have a math test right now.

    Catch everyone later.

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca usa

  43. The DVD ……………………..

    All I can say is it’s like the lead singer from cameo. “WHAT A PACKAGE” fantastic .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  44. Can we not mention the football? Saturday was a very bittersweet day – losing to the Arsenal at home after being 1-0 up with chances, and then away at the Ritzy for a brilliant evening of David’s music (and even then I couldn’t help but remember both David and Guy are gunners).

    Football and music make for odd bedfellows sometimes…


  45. i bought it today and only had time to see the package..very very nice,and i’m sure the movie will be spectacular…congratulations!

    and thanks for giving the fans a new pleasure..again.

  46. Got It (Best Buy)! Saw It (most of it)! Brilliant!!!!

    F*CK YEA, BABY!!! THE BARN!!!!

    …i’m spent…

    …back to work….

  47. I tried ordering snacks from Wireman during the intermission, but the show started again before he could deliver.

  48. hi

    got the dvd yesterday. just wanted to say its brilliant. im just sad i missed the tour. it looked like fun. on an island is just magical.

    hats off to one of the worlds finest guitarists.


  49. Its without a doubt the best DVD in my collection!!

    I loved Pulse, but this hammers pulse into the ground. Looks great, sounds great.

    I always wanted to see footage of David on the road, and I got just that, its a fantastic insight into what its like to be on tour with them, i must say, im so jealous of everyone who got to travel with them, it looks like absolutely great fun. I loved all the shots from the other gigs, the wine glasses, Ricks birthday and so on and so on.

    I’ll also have to say Polly looks absolutely lovely throughout!

    Another sensational moment was seeing Rick play ‘ A Saucerful of Secrets’ on the Albert Hall organ.

    It brought back great memories from Glasgow and that first night at the Albert Hall, Davids playing was perfection, and the rest of the band complimented him as well as anyone could expect. It was a masterful show.

    Thanks David and to everyone involved for a cracking DVD. I’ll no doubt have worn it out by the end of the month.

  50. Gewedldig! (that’s Dutch for more as great).

    We, my wife and me, saw them in Amsterdam and in London (the night Bowie showed up). So it is wonderful flashback of memories.

    Sound Quality and the images are mores as Top.

    Nice extra hidden gadgets and stories. The 3 docs are a fine look inside this happy family.
    We enjoyed the whole weekend watching and exploring it.

    Thank you all!

    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  51. [However, I think there’s definitely something in the project having gone full circle, if you will, no matter how minimal one’s involvement in that project. I don’t know exactly what that ‘something’ is, but I think I know what you’re saying. – Features Editor]

    Can I attempt to expand on this and Matt’s comment a little bit?

    I think there is an interesting dynamic going on here and I also mentioned in one of my prior posts (i.e. deja vu of seeing the images from Name That Tune on the big screen Saturday).

    Anyone who has been following the site and the blog has technically “been involved” in the whole process from the CD release, to the tour, to the DVD, like you say “full-circle.” The site has done a terrific job in sharing information. Management through FEd has provided us with honest information all along even though sometimes it was stuff we didn’t want to hear (i.e. delays, cancellations, etc.). Plus we’ve had some fun things to do along the way (i.e. Name That Tune, Blotto, Whose Shoes?, Q&A with Guy/Steve/Phil, etc.). And let’s not forget about the chats.

    When you combine all of that, like it or not, you’ve actually built a relationship. For us, the DVD is not just a David Gilmour concert but it is part of our life as well. We’ve been there every step of the way, either by attending a performance, listening to a broadcast or reading up on the latest via the website. It is actually pure marketing genius because what DG has now is more than fans, it’s more like a global family.

    We have people who go out of the way for each other, even for people we actually have never met. Birthday greetings, well wishes, sorrow, death, you name it, it is mentioned here. A lot of good stuff happens here.

    To me the reason why someone could enjoy the cinema event more than the live show is mainly because this DVD release actually feels like it is part of you as much as David and the band. It’s kind of a sense of accomplishment for all of us.

    I don’t know if this helps to define that “something” but…..



  52. Hi FEd etc,

    My husband said that I am not to buy this DVD as he is going to buy it for my Christmas present. Wwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaatttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!????????

    “I can’t wait any longer. I’ve just got to see it” I protest to him. He just laughed and said: “Okay, maybe I will buy it early, but you can only watch it once until Christmas.”

    I would love to buy it just to get back at him but I really must buy Imogen some shoes this payday and start getting her Christmas presents too.

    I have never been so exicted about watching and listening to a DVD before.

    I will let you have my thoughts when I have finally managed to watch it.

    Best regards.


  53. Fed…

    1. The sound and picture quality as I’ve said many times before will become a benchmark for HD DVDs as did the Pink Floyd 30th Anniversary album for SACDs.

    2. Wonderful to Ian/Fed’s Glassman in the pictures.

    3. Packaging is excellent although I wonder why the OAI theme wasn’t carried through but no big deal.

    4. I’ve not watched the DVDs themselves but I have seen the menu graphics which are exceptional…

    All in all I would say the DVD exceeds expectations which is all you can ask for really…

  54. Well, it’s finally here. DVD day!

    The packaging is beautiful. The booklet is very well done. Gives you a feel for the tour before even watching.

    Can’t wait to have at it tonight.

    Thanks for informing and entertaining us through the long build up, Fed. Congrats on the credit, as well.


    Oh bloody hell, pick one or all to describe the new golden standard on how concert DVDs should be.

    The whole thing is just…..sublime in every way.

    In danger of sounding repetitive I know, but I can only say what I said about the theatre show: THANK YOU David and CO. for putting so much time and energy into your work, believe me when I say it is most appreciated.

    Here is to hoping for more wonderful things to come from Mr. Gilmour in the future.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  56. hey there,

    I picked up the dvd on friday, went home and dived right into it. it’s been a long wait on this one. I have to say it was all well worth it. one can really feel the care and soul that has been put into both the concert part and the documentaries. it’s beautiful, quite simply the best dvd release of the year for me.

    all the best from vienna,

  57. Congrats George “Gipeee”!!! 😛 Hope you 2 have a great night.

    Anyways, back to the DVD, can’t wait…I hope they aren’t all sold out already…nah, they can’t be, I mean not to many people knew about this anyhow, so that’s a relief for the “irregulars”, and I’m definitely using my coupon for 3$ off! 😀

    I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!


  58. Just watching Breathe and Time !! Wow!!!!!! I’ll be in the zone for the next couple of hours.

    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back later….

    Cazart !

  59. Day 2 of waiting for the DVD. I didn’t order a t-shirt either…. And to make it worse – I got an email from the anthill mob on FRIDAY saying it had been shipped to my address…

    Maybe tomorrow…

  60. Hello All,

    I just received my DVD/T-Shirt that I ordered from Anthill and I can’t wait till tonight when I can take it all in.

    I know that this is supposed to be a “How did you like it” spot but, I’m so excited that I couldn’t wait. Ya just know that I’m gonna love it.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  61. I’m off to the shop in a few minutes to pick up a couple of copies of the DVD, which I hope to enjoy through the night tonight. I’ve been calling around checking pricing and whether there any bonuses included with the Canadian release. Best price I can find is $30Cdn and no bonus.

    Slightly off topic but I’ve noticed a few football / soccer comments flying about.

    An older friend of mine, John, hails from the north of England and was telling me that when he was young there was a very unpopular ref in the leagues with the same surname as me – Mowat. John was unable to recall said refs given name as he was generally referred to as ‘that b*stard’ Mowat.

    I was amused – hope you are, too.

    Very much looking forward to veiwing the DVD. I’m off!!

    [A strange coincidence, but I think many referees share those first names. – Features Editor]

  62. I cleared a night to myself tonight,I turned out all the lights and pressed PLAY on the player!!

    Even though I knew what was coming,the minuite that first note echoed around my ears the hairs on my neck stood on end!!!

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING is the only way I can describe the experience I have just gone through.
    The band are amazing,the way everyone just gels together is beyond words,but I have to say that Mr Gilmour gives a performance that puts all of these up and coming artist to shame!!

    The way he draws every last drop of emotion and sound out of one single note is just….UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    I’m not saying there aren’t other great guitarist out there,what I’m saying is (in my opinion anyway) it’s like the guitar is a part of him??

    My interpretation of the way David plays the guitar is that the plectrum is his pen,the guitar is his paper and the sounds are his words!!

    Deep I know but what more can you say when you’ve just listened to & watched something that has totally blown you away!!

    My thanks go out to David,Polly and everyone else involved in bringing us all this truly amazing piece of what I can only descirbe as ‘A Musical Master-class’!!

    Happy watching guys.

  63. Hi Dear FEd & bloggers !

    I bought my DG’s “Remember that night” DVD copy yesterday morning in Bordeaux where I was having holidays for a few days just before taking road for my house near Paris.

    I have just been watching the 2 & a half hours from the RAH show this evening…It was fantastic & very emotional to remember that crazy & amazing night in Vienne last year on July 31th 2006 and experiencing again and again and again songs like “On an island”, “Take a breath”, ” A pocketful of stones”, “Fat Old Sun”, “Echoes” & “Comfortably Numb ‘Bowied’ ” ;-)…

    The wait for more than a year was justified. This DVD is perfect ! (even if I’m still missing “A great day for freedom” live in Gdansk).

    Tomorrow, it will be the Extra DVD’s turn…

    Now, can we imagine (and I wish it would be possible, sincerely !!!!) being available soon…or one day…an “audio kit” of this concert for example on CD or why not, for a short period, available in a loading form on iTunes, (in France), or any legal loading site ?

    Thanks again for this fantastic DVD MR.GILMOUR

    Best wishes & see ya !

  64. Simply Fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful, in all the extensions of the word!!!!!!

    The sound, the music, the lights the attitude and the mood of everybody, the guests. This material is an absolutely treasure.

    In my point of view the best moment of all the DVD; “The cherry on the cake” was when David and Polly took their way and Roger took his own way. That moment means to many things and it was captured by a camera. I personally waited many years to see this moment.

    From the deep of my heart thank you David,

    I Love You


  65. The DVD is beautifully done–my favorite songs seemed to quite happily make their way to the second disc, which is just fine.

    The version of Comfortably Numb that Richard sings is breathtaking.

    The whole thing is incredible, so well worth the wait.

  66. [I understand, Jon, and wish it were possible for all versions to come out on the same day all over the world. But it isn’t. A lot of work has gone into the DVD(s) and, because there are different versions, different record companies and, generally, many different people involved (in different time zones), things soon get complicated. It sounds like a cop out, I know, but that’s just the way it is. I can only apologise and promise that, as soon as an official release date is carved in stone, we’ll announce it. – Features Editor]

    Hello again Fed,

    Its certainly not a cop out! I’m not in the industry… (nearly… I sell AV gear and flat panels… Its gonna make a great demo disc! Hehe!) so just to hear that explanation means alot. “We” tend to forget that there are different companies involved all round the world, and “we” are all quick to moan when things don’t happen as they should. Its me who should apologise because I keep banging on about it! I know it will be great when it comes finally out.

    Cheers, Jon

    PS. You’re not planning on running any competitions to win the standard DVD are you?! At least that way I could have a chance of relief… (as it were…)

    PPS. I see you are a Red too! Not a bad result tonight. That should be the hardest game out of the way…

    [It will be great, believe me (and we do have some competitions coming up over the next few weeks, funnily enough, so keep your eyes peeled). As for the Mighty Reds, they weren’t so mighty last night, but Porto did look very sharp indeed. – Features Editor]

  67. i was not so lucky with my dvd.

    i bought it monday 17, i went home to watch, then i discover to my big disappointment that the dvd had 2 of disc one! instead of the extra disc 2 it was 2 concert dvds.

    and where i live, in a city with 20000 people, they only ordered one dvd for sale, so i did not get any new only my money back. i am very sad 🙁

    [I’m sorry to hear that. – Features Editor]

  68. Have just finished watching disc one… beautiful, just beautiful.

    David, thank you for this wonderful gift.. words can’t describe how your music and emotion move me. All I can say is thank you, one more time.


  69. Everything about the DVD is wonderful! Thank you David and Crew for all of the hard work that you put forth for this awesome package!

    Also, thank you FEd for all the wonderful treats and goodies that have appeared on the blog to while we patiently waited for the DVD.

    This DVD Gets 5 Stars from me!

    Have a good week everyone!

  70. I’m just watching the DVD and I’m about half way through…

    DG should and probably is very, very proud of not only the DVD but everything related to the album, the tour, his website and being surrounded by friends and family and I’m proud to have been a small part in the whole tour having seen one concert and participated on this website and the cinema show…

    The DVD is truly an incredible achievement. I actually began filling up at the end of Comfortably Numb… pass the tissues 🙂

    Be proud! Very, very proud 🙂

  71. so far i love it and we are only on song number 9, this heaven.

    my husband introduced me to david gilmour and he also likes to sing the music and play it. the first couple songs made us cry and it reminded me of my husband when he played out live.

    let you know more later. thanks for playing.

    michelle detty

  72. love it!!!! made me cry at times and loved the way you started your concert!!! david gilmour rules!! and so does my husband Joe Detty. he sings and also plays guitar.

    wish to meet david gilmour and get him to sing with my husband. u both rule!!!

    michelle detty

  73. OH NO!!!!!!! I just bought Remember That Night and low and behold I have TWO, count them, TWO disc twos. I have NO disc ONE.

    I bought it at Best Buy. I got the 3 song CD but TWO, yes TWO, disc twos and NO disc ONE.

    You can bet I will be back at Best Buy in the morning!!!!

    [I’m very sorry about that, Brian. (K.V. Simonsen has an extra disc one…) – Features Editor]

  74. Oh my GOODNESS, I am still waiting for my roommate to come home with it! I am salivating all over my Inquiry Frame homework at the thought. The air burns and I’m trying to think straight, but I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

    I’ve just started a job as a radio host with my roommate at the affiliated campus, IIT, and I’ve been plugging as much as I can! Woot for free publicity! 🙂

  75. What I saw of it so far is Awesome! I don’t want to watch the whole thing all at once though, I want to watch a little at a time!

    It reminds me so much of April 13, 2006 at the Rosemont Theatre. A few tingles down my spine today, but nothing like the tingling I felt at the real gig!!!!

    Say, I noticed that the DVD release coincides with the death of Jimi Hendrix, September 18. The X Guitar strap? Any correlation with the release date and the passing of Jimi?


    [Complete coincidence, I’m sure. But, you never know… – Features Editor]

  76. I read as often as I can but admit it isn’t as often as I should and am hoping that it isn’t the second time the blog has seen this question.

    I was wondering if there is a chance of finding out which songs on the dvd were filmed on which night at Royal Albert Hall. I was at the second show and was hoping you could tell me which shows I saw in person. Lets face it, it was a while ago and it’s hard to decifer!

    [I’m afraid not, Sally. We won’t be revealing that. – Features Editor]

  77. Well I watched both DVDs today and it was great.

    David Gilmour went all out doing this dvd for its done to perfection.

    I really loved watching the concert and seeing the friendship between David and the band. Plus seeing Richard and David together. Its great for they are true friends and great musicians.

    Plus watching them play Echoes took me back to the early 70’s when I saw them play echoes together and how great it was back then.

    I just wanted to finish by saying thank you Mr. Gilmour for all the great music and memories that I have from growing up to your music and now this great DvD.

    Take Care, Thomas

  78. Awesome DVD!!

    Bought mine at Best Buy, actually had a friend pick it up for me. I have not gotten to watch it from beginning to end but have clicked through many portions. The production is top notch and I think better than P.U.L.S.E DVD.

    It’s wonderful to have this item in my collection. I can see I will be enjoying it for years to come.



  79. Fantastic looking disc so far. Tragic that I don’t have enough time tonight to watch the whole thing like I want, but that will just spread the joy and fun throughout the week.

    Amongst all the other wonderful goodies, I’m so happy to see a photo gallery with so many of Polly’s fantastic pictures!! And set to music no less, just like I had asked for and hoped for. (I’m quite sure it was well in the works before I posted in the DVD wish list.)

    Absolutely brilliant!!

    Thanks to David, Polly, the band, the crew and all others involved. I couldn’t make the show, but I’ll get a taste of being there anyway.

  80. saw David and band in chicago the last night and posted a blog “best ever.” heard of the dvd and couldnt wait. just got it today.

    started out with the extras…….nice packaging like pulse. WOW!!! nice lots of footage. kind of hurt with the brief USA extras though. you were #1 on the charts here with me. like it alot.. too touched up though.

    kind of didnt buy the dvd to look at skyboxes or the building either. oh its beautiful and all but a little too much. should have pointed the camera at the stage and didnt move it.

    though thank you very much indeed and good night to you.


  81. [I don’t know exactly what that ‘something’ is, but I think I know what you’re saying. – Features Editor]

    For me personally, the music has moved me deeply (as his music has done in the past). The live performances have moved me deeply. The communion with the artist, band, and fans have moved me deeply via this site and in person at the get-togethers and other fortunate encounters…

    I can’t help but think how wonderful it is to be immersed in such good feelings. In such dark and unsure times around the globe as well as in some of our personal lives (as we have been witness to here), it’s comforting to have this artist and community to turn to…

    I’ve seen more of the DVD and am touched to have been an active witness of this experience. It’s all in there if you look…from Glassman to a Barn…and we have all been a part of it.

    Bravo, Mr. Gilmour! You’ve made a difference…both immeasurable and inspiring.

  82. Fantastic.

    I just watched most of it – but have to get to bed so I can get up for work tomorrow… What an amazing value with all of that footage.

    Despite the fact that I worked for over a decade at EMI and now work for SonyBMG in New York, I still went down to Best Buys and bought two copies this afternoon. $11.99 is an insanely low price.

    Loved the documentaries. Great job all around.

  83. So, like, where can I get those club re-mixes of OAI? They’re quite catchy. Does David fancy a 2008 MTV Video Music Award or something? I recommend a collaboration with Alicia Keys on the Where We Start remix…

    …I’ll get me coat…

  84. [The DVD is sitting on my desk here at work, shrink wrapped, mocking me… – Posted by: George Gipe]

    George! How could you possibly not at least open it and check out the poster??? Yikes, George Gipes! (or maybe it’s a girl-thing… seeing the poster) lol

    My dilemma: Anthill hasn’t delivered… and I want it yesterday! So do I go for the poster or the 3 added tracks??? What a decision!! I’m leaning towards the extra tracks… but then the poster… If George could report to me on the poster, that could help make my decision! 🙂

  85. Got RTN and am going to take my sweet old time and savour every moment.

    First off, the packaging is very impressive. Ian’s (Fed’s) Glassman is a hi-lite for sure. Something for all of us to remember. The guitar picks, remember when we suggested that a pick be placed in the DVD? There are many now, nice touch. David’s autograph included also. Never have seen it til now, love it. And Polly’s photos from the recent past add more memorabilia.

    Thanks to Everyone, you know who you are. Now I have to watch the shows.

  86. I pre-ordered my DVD weeks ago from Amazon. The status of it says “shipped on the 15th”. I am still waiting on it. I wish I had waited and just gone to Best Buy like some of you are talking about. Oh well, time will pass.

    I still have good memories of last Saturday and I have really enjoyed everyone’s comments of their special viewing.

    Thanks to all and ya’ll enjoy your DVDs!

  87. The best little gem of the DVD:

    Rick playing Saucerful of Secrets on the RAH organ in the BBDW documentary. Only a few notes, but I’ve been playing that on repeat for the last half hour.

    If David and Rick ever decide to do this again we MUST lobby for them to play that song.

  88. I don’t post that often but have been a quiet observer of the blog since the blog started in December of 2005…

    Just a few thoughts from the midwest…

    -Thanks for including the short Roger clip at the beginning of disc two. It shows we can all have closure. Quite classy.

    -The last five hours have been by far the best dvd-concert viewing I have ever seen. Great sound, Great Picture, and it was so nice to see the personal side of David Gilmour!

    -Loved the breaking bread and wine movie, fantastic!

    -Love the west coast movie. Finally, i have seen the “bear!” He has been filling my inbox daily for the the last 10 years!

    -Nice to see the FEd got some props on the DVD printed credits.

    -Lastly, thank you for pricing this reasonably. Best Buy could have easily priced this DVD 29.99 and probably sold nearly the same amount, but I have to say, it almost seemed like a gift from Mr. Gilmour himself. What a quality piece of work.

    Now, if I can only save up enough for that upcoming Gilmour custom black strat for my budding 11-year-old son!

    Thanks to everyone at for keeping us posted. Great work!


  89. Hi fed,

    Bought my DVD Remember That Night, the latest from David Gilmour, and the price was $35.99 in Canada, not a bad price as I was expecting a little more.

    Going to wait for a given night, when I don’t know. Likely wait for the mood I suppose for this given night.

  90. Oo! Oo! Next Monday in NZ? I’m going to have to stop reading the Blog in the interim – the jealous rages aren’t becoming.

  91. Well I am very sorry to say that there is nothing on the DVD that I have seen so far that I can complain about. I mean I have tried looking carefully and admit to only viewing certain bits but found the whole experience very enjoyable. I promise to look harder over the next couple of days and see if there are any nanoseconds of visuals that cause pain.

    I thought the photo gallery very very relaxing and love the way the soft musice accompanies the slide show. Its so great not to have to position the cursor over an image and click to enlarge.

    The documentary “Breaking Wine,” etc… captures in my view a good sample of the emotions experienced on the tour.

    I liked the long shots from the back of the RAH. So nice to see the concert with minimal audience interference.

    Surprise on disc 2 was whimsical and deserves repeatedly playing.

    Ian Pearson

  92. First of all: Proly one of the best DVD sets EVER. really, not just because of the fact that I love these guys, but it really is one of the most valuable DVDs ever.

    I got it to day in canada and I just started watching it, since ive seen the live concert twice, I first started watching behind the scene material, AWESOME work. actually I am watching it right now and I paused it to come here and say something…

    you guys SHOCKED ME ! i guess you shocked all of us. ROGER + DAVID ? and if it wasnt huge, it would never be on the dvd, like lots of other things. man this is HUGE… some one said, I believe roger, he said at the end: SEE YA ! i hope they MEAN it and I believe that they DO MEAN IT.

    man there are no words to describe all the feelings in here right now. im SHOCKED and u have no idea how happy i am. not just because of the hope that im having right now, because of the amazing, happy at the same time sad scene that I just saw. it’ll take a few minutes for me to absorb it all.

    this is an amazing piece of DVD and im trying hard to locate myself in the room cause I was there that night. too bad that Nick doesnt seem to be on any of the performances.

    great job guys… GREAT … all the menus, navigation bars, ordering, master piece. lovely . . .

    ( i think everyone likes to hear some comment about roger . . . I know there is nothing to hear but u know how exciting it could be )

    im off to the TV now to watch more . . .



  93. I’m still waiting for my copy to turn up. What a bummer!!! I’ve been avoiding looking at the snippets on here & the bbc’s coverage as I don’t want to spoil the moment!!

    All the best to everyone.

  94. DVD is superb. Great sound, picture, packging etc.

    The people dancing in Comfortably Numb looked great. I wish I could enjoy David’s music like that, alas as a Guitar player and sound freak type (Anorak) I didn’t move an inch all night.



  95. [and immediately felt rotten about doing so, David, if you’re reading – Features Editor]

    Fed, i have lost count the number of times i have posted & suddenly realised that what i have typed looked all wrong & could be misconstrued, even with the benefit of a preview. You would never have said anything hurtful (not to the boss any way!! hehehe).

    i think i understood what you were saying, the cinema viewing was special to me too. It was not only reliving a very special evening in May 2006 for me but also adding another memory to go with it of September 2007.

  96. My DVD freezes on disc 1 part 2. It starts to freeze late in Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Sometimes it plays Fat Old Sun, can’t get Coming Back To Life at all and I get about half of High Hopes.

    Bought it has Best Buy in Arizona. Bought 7 of them, opened 2 and both freeze up at the same point. Anybody else have this problem?

    Love the DVD just disappointed about the freeze.

    [Please do let us know if you are experiencing similar, or any, problems. – Features Editor]

  97. Hi, irregulars. Hi, FEd

    I have almost no time to write in the blog (crazy life), but I do keep on reading daily. And today I can’t help but writing.

    I bought yesterday the DVD (hard to find it in stores in Spain, no promotion at all here!!!) and I played it as soon as I got back home yesterday at 1 am.

    I began by the songs I liked more from May 29th, the show I attended. I went straight away and saw FTCOF, AL and CN… and I was immediately trasported back to the concert.

    The sound is perfect, image is brilliant and, what is more, you can feel the magic atmosphere that was there then. I then jumped to Echoes and WOW, during the show I was so impressed by the music that I did not realise how good the lightning was. Lost for words with this song.

    I then swapped disks as I wanted to revise Dark Globe. Almost crying when I remembered my second concert in Venice. And then the big, big surprise…

    Then went for the documentary and it’s so intimate and personal… I liked a lot how Venice’s story is told, from the wreckage of the scenario to the big storm on saturday during the first part of the concert. It was like living it again.

    This blog may not win the best blog award and that will not matter, because no prize can make justice to the emotions shared by the community that you (David and FEd) have helped to create. Thanks for all you have done during this two years (almost!). Everything has topped up my expectations, please keep up doing this great job!

    All the best,

    P.S.: To Daniel in Spain: The DVD is well worth the 30€ that it costs here, believe me!!!

  98. Well … sorry to burst your bubble but I went to the store today to buy the long awaited DVD and was not impressed. Imagine my disappointment after the build-up and long wait to find that the DVD was not available on Betamax!

    Not good!

    I had the same problem with the “On An Island” CD which was not available in my chosen format of wax cylinder.

    What is it with you people? We don’t all live in the space age you know.

    Get a grip.

  99. Fantastic DVD and amazing sound, congratulations.

    Any words on David’s signature guitar release? I wonder if I could play like him… maybe not 🙂 !

    [I’m still waiting, sorry, but hope to have some news about the DG Strat soon. – Features Editor]

  100. Morning everyone.

    Posty arrived

    – No DVD
    – No T-shirt
    – No happy Brian
    – No more preorders

    …and a little limerick:

    There was a fan called Brian
    Who ordered his DVD online
    When the disk never came
    His bad luck he did blame
    And insists on having a whine

    Well, I had to didn’t I!

    [I’m very sorry and, frankly, embarrassed, to learn that you’re still waiting, Brian. – Features Editor]

  101. Yippee, it’s arrived!

    I’ve only had time for a quick look at the booklet but I’m touched by how personal it feels.

  102. I picked it up this morning as soon as my local Best Buy opened and watched it all in one sitting. Some very good performances, and the video and audio quality is great.

    I actually had tickets to the May 30th show, but unfortunately life intervened and I wasn’t able to make it. That’ll probably be one of the bigger regrets in my life. At least now I have a record of what I missed.

    Thank you for putting out a great dvd, and letting me dream I was there with you all.


  103. [I don’t know exactly what that ‘something’ is, but I think I know what you’re saying. – Features Editor]

    Dear Fed.

    That ‘something’ you don’t know what it is, re your blog back to Matt, is simply love. Sweet and unconditional.

    There are magic ingredients in David’s music that touch your soul so deeply, so privately, and so intimately, that can be only be interpretated by you and you alone.

    There are millions of fans out there, each with their own intimate version of what DG and PF’s music is all about, but what you are hearing is only for you, alone, and David sure is persistent in sending a message to your heart, wherever and whomever you may be.


    Told you I was an ageing hippy, FEd!

    Love and peace!

  104. [I actually began filling up at the end of Comfortably Numb… pass the tissues 🙂 – Rudders]

    *virtual hug sent your way*

  105. [The band are amazing,the way everyone just gels together is beyond words,but I have to say that Mr Gilmour gives a performance that puts all of these up and coming artists to shame!!]

    Melanie – Too right! I mean take the Kaiser Chiefs for example (please!). One of them has a beautiful cherry red Gibson and does he know how to play it? No, he does not.

    Cori xxxx

  106. Hi everybody,

    What can I add to your comments? It’s very difficult indeed, because the DVD is so brilliant!!!

    The music is amazing and the feeling is something you can’t find elsewhere these days. It’s like you are sharing something which is *so* important for everybody involved: musicians, listeners, everybody.

    The documentary is GREAT!!! What a feeling seeing that rainy night in Venice again!!!

    And the “3 Ds” are unbelievable: what a piece of music history in those three gentlemen together!


  107. Hi, all —

    I received Anthill DVD order Tuesday morning; viewed entire disc 2 (yet to view and comment upon disc 1; and have read the week’s blog reviews in entirety to the hour and running….

    Having done so and still am, I’ll just keep my comment in simple shorthand while continuing to keep FEdley in prayers! (Keep sane and steady on, dear brother!)

    RTN Disc 2: A most vulnerably intimate and cohesive painting of a very, very large and very, very passionate family traveling round the globe and straight into our families’ homes, right where the heart of it all is found in the end, just as where it was birthed in the beginning.

    Thank you and God bless all your families, David and Polly & Company, for birthing and sharing this extremely heartwarming OAI project, from beginning to end.


  108. How to bring tears to a grown man’s eyes… This is a fabulous release and will keep me smiling for years to come.

    Just one thing… Didn’t I see Nick Mason in the tour documentary? And why didn’t he get more attention? Roger Waters got 20 seconds, Nick should’ve had a few as well.

    Anyway; I love it!

    [It was Nick’s choice not to feature more prominently, nobody else’s. – Features Editor]

  109. [Angelo Ortiz at September 19, 2007 04:54 AM]

    [Cesar at September 19, 2007 09:17 AM]

    Well said.

  110. Just bought the DVD the day it was released in Austria on Monday, 17th of September. I was on an exibition that day, but in the evening in the hotel I took a “fleeting glimpse” (until 2:30 in the morning).

    As i said before, i attended the gig in Clam Castle, i saw the “remember that night” in the cinema in Vienna, now i have the DVD, it becomes full circle and i’m grateful, i was part of it.

    special thanks to the wonderful footage “from Dürnstein to Clam and to Linz”, since it was the same route i took to Clam, wondering if anybody recognised you in shorts and hat at the railwaystation Linz.

    I have the impression, generally, it must have been a very enjoyable and relaxing tour at least for the musicians, nice intimate locations, the families in company, quite close to the fans (did you really mingle)? and good weather with few exceptions.

    One question though i’d like to have answered concerning the gig at Clam Castle. Was that hang glider, or whatever it was, that appeared at the beginning of the concert, when it was still bright, part of the show, (since “learning to fly” was not on the setlist) or just pure coincidence?

    It was also nice to see David and Roger hug when meeting at the same studio location.
    So, i’m really looking forward to what’s next, since David stated at the Q&A at Leicester Square, “i’m not done yet”.

    Altogether a very perfect piece of music for the fans, thank you very much.


  111. Ref: Bluray

    [It will be great, believe me – Features Editor]

    Hi Fed,

    I’m going to choose to delude myself here and believe, by that statement, you are keeping something about the HD version from us! 😉

    Walk on!

    Cheers, Jon

    [Not intentionally, you understand. I just have faith. – Features Editor]

  112. I have to wait for next weeks birthday on the 26th.

    I have asked for the DVD plus 3 hours on my own in the front room with my 5.1 headphones, curtains drawn and a bottle of red wine.

    Hopefully my 3 week old son won’t intervene too much! 🙂

    Can’t wait.

  113. Picked it up yesterday after work at Bestbuy.

    Naturally they knew nothing about it and claimed it was not there. I wouldn’t leave until they found them. (they had plenty $11.99)

    I laughed all the way home! ($11.99 !!) I feel like I owe someone a couple dollars!

    Watched all of disc 1 and was great. Just like Buffalo preview Saturday.

  114. I have so far watched all of Part One and Echoes. I am trying not to use it all up in one go !

    The Menus are excellent ! I am quite enjoying just watching those!

    Red Sky at Night and Then I Close My Eyes are truly superb.

    Echoes is just perfect. As it reaches its crescendo, it sends a tingle down my spine everytime. I also think it is the best lit song ever. Marc Brickman should get an award for that. Utter genius.

    I also saw the suprise on disc 2. If we needed any more evidence of the incredible talent of this band then this is it. Astounding.

    Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.


  115. [Brian_K, get a taxi to my house!!!!!!]

    Thanks for the offer Paul. I’m at my wits end! I know it’s not a big deal, but reading peoples reactions to the DVD on the blog doesn’t help. Maybe I should divert my eyes from this site until I get my copy. But then again, that would have it’s own consequences. This place is therapy for me!

    Also, can you imagine my boss’s face when I tell him I’m off to Paul’s house to watch a DVD!

  116. one more remark, i heard someone complaining about the price of € 31.-for the dvd, so what, i paid € 110.- for the gig at Clam, i paid € 29,99 for the dvd and it was all worth it to me.


  117. Can I just say a big Thank You to David for this wonderful DVD set? It brings back all of those happy memories of Bank Holiday Monday at the Royal Albert Hall concert.

    The sound, video and packaging quality are all superb. This is one DVD set that’s going to get played a great deal over the years.

    I just love the tour footage from the UK through to Gdansk. We must all wonder what goes on behind the scenes, now we know. It was delightful of David to open up his domain in this way and let us share the smiles, laughter, and banter of family and crew alike.

    ‘Thanks’ is hardly adequate really, but in my estimation, it’s certainly the best DVD, from the best artiste, with the best band, and second to none!


  118. This is a real torture! Work, kids, homework…No time to listen to my lovely, cherished, desired dvd before the week-end…but in a way i will probably appreciate it more and more and more because so long waiting for (it is like a love affair, you can taste it but you have to wait…)

    I am so excited when i read your comments, my dear irregulars, it looks like something that we have the privilege to share all together. Isn’t it special?…

    Sylvie de Montréal

  119. Here’s my top 5 moments from disc 1 (haven’t seen disc 2 yet…that’s tonight)

    1. Then I Close My Eyes arrangement – little jam session with the solos – nice!

    2. SOYCD arrangement – the accapella verses w/DG’s little guitar riffs was sublime and beautiful – tears on that one.

    3. Echoes – no more needs to be said on that one

    4. Wireman Intermission graphic

    5. “Smile”-ing Crew Credits – you can tell David appreciates the people who work with him.

    Everything else was superb! Great job.

  120. OMG, i watched it last night until 2.00am this morning, but i’ll be back to post later. i’m watching it again. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. The dvd is brilliant, I’ve watched most of disc 1 and I’ve just started on disc two!!

    Something fantastic I did notice though (don’t read on in case I spoil the surprise for those of you not that far on yet) was… […] It is absolutely brilliant and it was truly great to see all the guys enjoying themselves so much whilst playing it!!

    Sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere above (it’s possible, there’s a lot of…words) and good luck to everyone on discovering it!

    Seriously, this is *the* best music DVD ever! Thanks to all involved in making it! 😀

    [We want people to find that for themselves, but glad that you like it. – Features Editor]

  122. Yes…who were those dancing to CN??!!! (besides Guy)

    That was another example of the great editing on this DVD…I got a great kick out of that!

  123. I’ve not got my DVD yet either (my own fault, didn’t order it until last Friday and they assure me it is in the post). I don’t know how much longer I can hold out……

  124. Melanie said: “I’m not saying there aren’t other great guitarist out there,what I’m saying is (in my opinion anyway) it’s like the guitar is a part of him??”

    That’s the way I think about him. I have lots of favourite guitarists, but none of them have the combination of HOW David plays and WHAT he plays; no one consistently creates solos as melodic as he does. And his constant use of seemingly effortless big bends is astounding.

    Other guitarists also play great, but David’s music somehow takes it to the next level.

  125. I went to Best Buy in downtown Toronto at lunch yesterday and could not find the DVD. I asked one of the employees and he had a blank look about him. He stated “I think we have a DVD of David Gray…”, like that would be some kind of substitute. As I had already bought the DVD that morning from Her Majesty’s Video, I just got the heck out of there.

    I was only able to watch the first DVD last night as my kid had homework to do. Very nice, indeed.

    Did someone write that they wanted to see more artistic stuff and that watching musicians play get boring after a while? Yikes, I didn’t think that there was enough focus on David’s hands. There was too much smoke to see David using the reversed wah during Echoes (luckily, I had a perfect view of him at Massey Hall). In fact, the video makes it seem that Guy is somehow making the sounds that people refer to as whales or seagulls or whatever.

  126. i sure hope all my neighbors are awake, well theyre up now anyway. i have 52 inch tv going with surround sound on, i had to watch it last night on computer with headphones, so i had to get up first thing this morning to see it on big tv with better sound. its great!!!

    be back later for a longer post. ill try not to make it too long but there is so much i want to say about the band and music so ill be back.

  127. The Jam in the barn, wonderful footage, especially Polly clearing up the mugs as the “lads” played on. You should have made them clear up after themselves Polly, they’re big boys now!

  128. I just offered the DVD to my husband for his 50 years… Yesterday night ! We enjoyed it so much !!! What a pleasure to see David and David !

    Thank you for all thoses exceptional moments ! I hope we could see you in a future tour ! In France maybe ?

    In two words : perfect music !

  129. I dont know where to start. David has the best band ever. They all seem to be having a good time and really enjoying themselves. They are more like a big family then just a Band. They all really seem to enjoy playing the music and play so well together like its been them the whole time.

    I have to say that they are the Perfect Band. The instrumental capabilities of the members are extraordinary. Dick Parry is the best sax. player ever, and Richard… my, what to say about him? He is awesome, still as good as ever. Phil, Guy, Jon, Steve you guys are great to be able to play the PF music and never miss a beat, like you have been doing it forever. Looks like pure fun, although i know its got to be draining and hot up there on stage with all the lights, you guys still make it look fun.

    Keep making great music together, you all are the best ever!!!!!!

    Second half of post coming later!!!!!!

  130. [Is this the first irregulars couple – Lucia and Emilio?? – Andrew]

    I don’t know who came first, but Marcus and I have been seeing each other for awhile now too. I feel much of the same way Lucia does. I never knew I could be so close to one person, to have someone come in and touch my life in a way I never thought possible. I never knew you could feel this good living on this planet. (Thought I knew what love was . .what did I know?)

    This earthly heaven is enough for me!

    I’d also like to thank David and you, FEd, without this site I would have never met Marcus. Now that he is in my life, I can’t picture him out of it. David, you have given me so much musically, and now this!!

    I’d like to add, that I’ve had a special connection with everyone I’ve met from the blog. It wouldn’t surprise me if more romances pop up. We seem like very like minded people.

    Ok, enough of this soap opera bullshit . . .how about a review? =)


  131. This dvd is one incredible piece of work. The whole package, content, performance, sound, etc. is all just more than anyone could ask for.

    Too many highlights to mention, but wasn’t that solo on OAI just wicked? Different than any of the other versions I’d heard. Hard to pick out just one thing though.

    It’s hard to take it all in on just one viewing. Echoes and many of the other songs were even more spectacular than I remember live. A very warm and emotional vibe throughout.

    Thank you, David. Keep doing what YOU want to do.

  132. Fantastic dvd, the best i’ve got. But what is the reason for not including Mason’s performance?

    [You will have to ask Nick about that, because it was his choice. – Features Editor]

  133. It’s been a long time since I posted.

    Just wanted to say I got my DVD this morning from A brilliant production.

    I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. I remember 6 months ago when it was announced the DVD wouldn’t be out until mid September. Seems like it was just yesterday.

    I’ve been quite busy with my now 3 month old son, Max.

    My appreciation and thanks for a DVD that’s quality and workmanship matches the quality of David and the band’s outstanding performances.

  134. The DVD

    Man, I don’t even know where to start. I watched the 2nd disc first. I’ll mention a few things that popped out at me most.

    *Phil’s work on Dominoes. Amazing track

    *CN w/ Rick. Sorry Bowie fans, but I prefer Rick

    *West Coast Documentary. Thank God, David didn’t show all of our senseless rambling at Luka’s. Rick, keep your day job and leave it to the camera men. =) (I’m a little jumpy with the video camera too)

    *Island Jam. What’s up there FEd? Who’s barn? Do they jam in the barn a lot, or was this a little special bit for us?

    *All the songs are great on disc one, but a few favs are: OAI, The Blue, TICME, SOYCD, HH, and of course Echoes. I loved seeing David and Rick sing together. Awesome Video!

    I also loved all the close ups. It seemed like we could see David’s hands even better then in previous DVDs.

    It’s great to see Irregulars back on the blog that we haven’t seen in awhile. Nice to see you guys again, ash and LG. Now all we need is a crazy little dutchy and we’ll have the whole crew back. (I know you’re watching Bianca! =)

    Congrats to Lucia and Emilio! I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

    FEd, any chats soon? We’re bursting here!!


    [I can tell. When more are scheduled, you’ll find them on the calendar. – Features Editor]

  135. [My DVD freezes on disc 1 part 2. It starts to freeze late in Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Sometimes it plays Fat Old Sun, can’t get Coming Back To Life at all and I get about half of High Hopes.]

    I’m having the exact same problem. Bought at a Best Buy in Arkansas. It does this on an upscaling Sony DVD player and on my PC as well, although it is much worse on the Sony. Any ideas?

    [I’d take it back and ask for another one. – Features Editor]

  136. Aaaaaaaaaaaawesome!! Really there`s no word for this DVD! It`s just perfect, like David said it`s some of the best he`s done for a long time!

  137. It has dawned upon me that if I had a dvd drive on my computer at work I can listen to RTN until I’m “The Blue” in the face…

    Time to order a dvd drive…

  138. I think Andrew hit the nail on the head. Being a part of the whole “blog community” has woven this music so integrally into the fabric of my life that it is much more meanigful to me than if I had just picked up the Cd and listened to it. And watching the Breaking Bread Drinking Wine documentary made me feel as if I were somehow a part of the whole thing. Many of the things that I saw were discussed on the blog so they were at once familiar.

    As to the DVD I’m blown away! It is all I expected and more! And was that footage of the soundcheck at the Jay Leno show during the west coast documentary? It sure looked like the stage on the show! I watched some of the DVD on a neighbors big screen… got her 14 year old son and his friend excited about the music of Daid… lots of WOW’s and exclamations from them

    The cinema presentation was fantastic as well. The theater knew nothing of the documentary, but with convincing let us in to see it. A great time and a fantastic way to kick the DVD off.

    And finally David- if you are reading- the instrumental jams throughout the DVD (particularly you on guitar and Dick on sax- amazing!) make me hope you will think about the possibility of someday making an instrumental album. The interplay between you and other instruments is incredible!

    Great job all!

    Oh, and Ian- seeing the Glassman make it to the booklet was heart warming! What an awesome tribute!


  139. Hi Fed and bloggers,

    just back from Canada and yesterday I’ve got “my” DVD. That’s wonderful,really!

    I love songs,music,guitar,keyboard,the band and David (his smile is always the same) but I think that’s the first DVD with a delicious atmosphere…my heart was there.

    Kisses from Rome

  140. Hi Guys,

    I am posting this from an iPod touch at the apple store in Regent Street, London. I may get that DVD as I am somewhere with good shops 😉


    amazing concert, really enjoyed it, absolutely flawless performance.

    only bad points are the slightly grainy pictures at some moments and would have liked more long range shots showing us more of the lights.

    best song – echoes!!!

  142. I finally got to see Disk 1 undisturbed. It was well worth the wait and I’ll be doing it again at my earliest opportunity.

    I’m absolutely ashamed I never made it to one of the 3 shows.

    I cant believe I was washing my hair that night, I’m truly gutted. (:(

    Noticed everyone from One Fifteen inc yourself were included in the credits, well done and thanks again for giving us this website.

    P.S. FEd, were you at Brixton Ritzy incognito last Saturday and did my kid take your picture?

    [No, I wasn’t there, sadly. I was washing my hair. – Features Editor]

  143. K.V. Simonsen, we should get together. I got 2 disc 2’s and no disc one 🙁

    I only hope best buy can hook me up. I seen the theater release and was blown away. I am looking forward to seeing the DVD.


  144. Fed,

    now that the DVD is out, what WILL you do with your time? We could resurrect some old controversies? You said you were washing your hair… see? I KNEW you were a woman! LOL!

    Just kidding Fed… but seriously… any plans for where the blog goes from here? I know… just have to wait and see!


    [‘Fraid so, Tim. – Features Editor]

  145. Hi

    I love the DVD, I got it friday as one of the first! Especially the extras! Definitely worth the waiting!


  146. RTN Comments from Utah!

    Having attended to first two Royal Albert Hall shows, the European premiere at the Odeon, and the North American premiere in a cinema, I must say that the DVD captures that time at the Albert Hall best.

    The DVD, as a few have stated before, is a vast improvement over Pink Floyd’s Pulse, which was already quite an impressive package. The sound is great and the footage is very impressive too – the vibe of the Albert Hall is most definitely captured in this release which I am sure can be a challenge for any director.

    The documentaries don’t suffer from the affliction they normally do in other DVD packages: they tend to be filler material; however in RTN they really add a dimension to the musical experience. Polly Samson’s pictures add an intimate touch to the package that brings the band’s effort to a visceral level for the viewer (not to mention how the pictures and footage remind us Yanks of how beautiful Europe is).

    It’s regretful that Nick Mason chose not to be featured more prominently considering how personal this entire tour and album were for David Gilmour and those around him.

    To be continued…

  147. very awesome disc 2!!!! my dvd set came with 2 disc 2s however, so until i can make it back to best buy, i wont be seeing disc 1.

    anyone else get 2 of the same dvd? i know someone had to get 2 disc 1s, becouse they have mine!!!

    my message to the quality control people who let this happen…

    “you, yes you… stand still laddy!”

    [You’re the third to mention it, unfortunately. – Features Editor]

  148. I played Disc 2 backwards and its footage of F*Ed remodeling a bathroom. I tell ya, That boy can swing a hammer….at least I think that’s a hammer…

  149. The extras, oh what to say,

    First there were a lot of song on DVD that i didnt get to see in NY so that was cool, All the Bonus tracks are great and the Videos at the end were a plus, also loved them all,

    The Island Jam was great too, very nice music. they all seemed to be having fun. Hearing Richard playing that organ was nice. wish we could have heard more. I really enjoyed watching them go from place to place and setting up for the show. that was a nice add too, watching them was like watching a family on vacation although i realize it wasnt like a vacation to them, but they just acted so happy together as a group.

    Yeah cant leave out our little wire man. i seen him at intermission. he was cool and then he showed up every once in a while in the corner of screen. yeah go wireman!!

    By the way i heard David say during the Q&A thing that he wasnt a master of the guitar. well i have to disagree. i think hes got it down pat. In my opinion theres no one better and he can play all kinds of instruments, I love to hear him play the sax too. So Talented and yet so modest.

    Bless you and your family and band for giving us such beautiful music.

    Blessed Be

  150. “Remember that Night” has more bonus features than I expected and can watch in one sitting.
    All shot in glorious hi-def!

    The documentaries are fantastic and funny and are made up of what we fans really like to see.

    The incredible Royal Albert Hall show is full of great memories and some terrific performances, and some of my favorite guitar solo’s of David’s are featured. Some very moving and emotional stuff.

    My favorite part of the show is watching the band perform the entire “On An Island” album live so much more intensely and beautifully than the studio version.

    I only wish that the “Mermaid Theater” show was complete. But you can only cram so much onto disc anyway.

    “Remember that Night” and “Pulse” are two of the best Floyd DVD’s in my collection at the moment.

    Hopefully more shows of this incredible tour will be released on DVD one day, as there were many nights on the tour worth remembering.

    I am not sure if anyone else encountered any technical problems on disc one, but I had to return the first copy of the disc that I bought at my local Best Buy. For some reason the second half of the concert on disc one would not play or allow me to play the songs in the track selection mode.

    My replacement disc works perfect.

  151. Thanks David for this great DVD! This is one of my favorite concerts of all time and the DVDs will remain in heavy rotation until my wife can’t take it anymore ; )

    Thanks especially for being so thoughtful to us fans and including so much extra material. The performances and documentaries are exceptional.

    This DVD is the best souvenir EVER!


  152. Annoyingly, neither my local (Santa Rosa, California) Best Buy nor my local Borders had RTN in stock. They had not yet received it – distribution trouble, they said. Both said to try back Thursday.

    I’m going to find it somewhere today, bonus goodies or no. This is frustrating.


  153. aghh… can’t wait to get my hands on it… the bad thing… we’ll have to wait (yet again :S) to get it here in Mexico… the good thing… I’m traveling to the US on Sunday on a business trip… hehe ;)!

    I’ll give my impressions after I watch it… carefully, all Sunday long :D!

    Shine on…


  154. So now that the dvd’s out and all the screenings have been screened, what’s next? News about the David Gilmour strat? I guess the question concerning that is when?

    [Indeed. When we have news on that, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  155. Hi there FEd,

    I am still waiting for my goodies to arrive!

    I spoke with a couple of my guests for RTN. They still blown away at the quality of the show and David’s extraordinary talent. (They are also recipients of OAI, courtesy of me, as I am buying as many cds as I can afford and gifting them out).

    I just have to share the music…it is too wonderful not to!


  156. I should have made a blog of all this as it all unfolded — It now turns out my order for RTN DVD has been delayed…there is no real reason for an excuse – but on closer inspection it now seems the price has gone up from $37 when I ordered Aug 31st to CDN$ 42.39 seems to me they are screwing me.

    I mean all I want is to receive a wonderful concert but it seems profiteering B****** like Amazon get in the way. They have changed the availability to usually ships in 5 to 10 days when I ordered it was shipping from from Sept 18th …..bug***rs the date they have now for delivery is a laughable.

    I mean I am a reasonable person if they had emailed a week ago and told me the price has gone up – at least I could then make a decision. Moral of the story don’t trust buyer beware the crazy thing is In the same order I had the PATGOD 40th and its available straight away and the price has been reduced from CDN$ 36.99 to CDN$ 28.96 so they wouldn’t have lost any money on it.

    It must all be automated I guess. Now they’ve pissed off a good customer and lost an order. Oh well I will cancel it and the ferry over and try and get it next week…..

    PS:- My new name nickname for this cinema and DVD experience is now ‘Trying to Remember That Night’

    I am now going to read the blog but I will be jealous of all you lucky ones with the dvd already I can just picture your happy faces .

    Ah well as the they ‘All good things come to those that wait’. And I know the DVD will be Brill and worth its weight in gold.

  157. [No, I wasn’t there, sadly. I was washing my hair. – Features Editor]

    Witty and priceless reply.



  158. All I have to say is that by far this is the best Concert Video-DVD that I have ever seen. The audio quality in this DVD-set is absolutely mind blowing!

    After waiting many years to see David in person, which I did at the second show in April of 06 in Chicago, I was very eager to see how good the DVD would be compared to the live show. When he and the band played Echoes, the hair on the back of my neck and arms stood up – all I have to say is, this DVD recreated the feeling that I had when seeing them live; this concert DVD provides the best near concert experience I have ever felt when watching one! I have been to many concerts where DVD’s followed and none of them have ever come close to this!

    Many thanks, and congratulations to David and his entire band for an outstanding tour, and for creating a video which will make sure that we “remember that night” forever…

  159. FEd,

    To follow up on last years news report of a New Jersey house cat chasing a bear up a tree. The following may explain the lousy work ethic of black bears in New Jersey… Click my name.

    [Cute. – Features Editor]

  160. I watched all of disc 2 and then watched all of disc 1, Twice!! I got to bed about 3-something AM. It was more than worth it. If you do not have this DVD set, go out and get it NOW. If you can’t tell from everyone’s comments. . .it is absolutely amazing.

    Rudders? Awesome?

    I don’t know how it could be better. I really don’t.

    I think this will set a new standard in music DVD’s. Get ready for the awards to start piling up! And thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved, you have made at least one person undeniably happier for the rest of his life!

  161. …………………………, what can I say, I AM SPEECHLESS !!!!!!!!

    Still need to assimilate this new input. Superb !! El Magnifico ! Guy, Jon, Robert, Steve, Richard, Nick, David Bowie, Crosby & Nash,Dick, Igor (I must have been two minutes after David and Polly recruiting him to join up on the stage in Venice, I recall he had the biggest grin on his face!), David and Polly !!!!!!

    To all of the studious crew that kept the machine humming ! The esteemed Mr. Mallet, without your direction this could’ve been a glorious mess, instead it is without peer, a beautifully engineered DVD ! Perhaps, the BEST music DVD.

    Seeing Roger and David together was fantastic !

    All the goodies….!!!!

    I was supposed to go back to work today except I have contracted symptoms of Gilmouritis

    FED, I have to say it was great to see you getting your due mention as well.

    Well, I’m still looking for Easter eggs…

    Cazart !

  162. The DVD is just how I predicted – Perfect in every single way.

    My disk froze as well – it wouldn’t play coming back to life or High Hopes. I returned it to best buy (but I kept the 3 track single, since I figured the teen clerk wouldn’t notice or care – which he didn’t). I got another copy, and everything worked fine – now I have 2 copies of the limited ed. 3 track!

    Now I will wait for the Blu-ray version on 10/30/07!

    Perfect DVD in all regards!

    [Don’t bank on that date. When we can confirm one, we’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  163. Love the DVD! but I can’t wait to get the concert in HD DVD. The DVD format really shows its age whenever the stage is dark or in low lighting, a LOT of noise creeps in 🙁

    Looking forward to more info about the HD versions and when they will be out?

    Will the HD DVD version only be released in Europe?

    [We’ll tell you all there is to know about the HD versions as soon as we know. – Features Editor]

  164. The dvd is one of the best of its type since the Concert for George was released.

    I am also having trouble with my copy “freezing” during Fat Old Sun and on parts of disc two. I will be taking it back and getting another ASAP after reading other posts (Best Buy purchase).

    Great job David and crew the production is like nothing else out there and it was worth the wait!!!!

  165. So, Erin, you have stolen our Barn barman ? Who will make us those wonderful Irish coffees and Pina Coladas, then ?

    No, seriously, Erin and Marcus, I’m very happy for you both, congratulations !


  166. Rather than repeat everyone else’s superlatives (with which I heartily agree), I’d like to add another observation.

    One thing truly sets apart this release over other similar concert films: the camera work. There are great closeups of each band member, but very rarely can you see a cameraman on stage. It gives the illusion that there isn’t any filming going on at all. Very top notch. I’ve never seen a concert film this well blocked before. There was obvious much planning in the camera placement and angles. Kudos to David Mallet.

    Nice little easter egg surprise there, Fed. You had us going on that one. I for one never thought we’d see it. Thanks David for letting this see the light of day.

  167. On my way home last night I stopped in the local Best Buy to see if they had the Remember that Night DVD. They sure did and it was on sale for $11.99, such a deal.

    My wife and I watched it in awe. It was incredibly well produced and filmed. I must say, it was absolutely fantastic! Great fun to watch.

    I really enjoyed all of it however the “On An Island” songs gave me the chills. You see, I bought the CD the day after we returned from Greece, (Athens & Rhodes) and played it while enjoying our Greek holiday memories. As I read the liner notes I learned David and Polly had taken a holiday to Greece, Castellorizon, near Rhodes. Small world isn’t it. I could see why David and Polly were so utterly inspired, (into the Blue-Grecian waters).

    That said, the harmonies with Crosby and Nash are beautiful and it was comforting to see David Crosby and Graham Nash out there rockin’ with the band. Wow, what a show those lucky souls enjoyed at the Royal Albert Hall. Truly a night to remember.

    It was such a treat to hear them sing “Find the Cost of Freedom” near the end of the show. I hope that message is not lost upon todays generation. It made me feel like I was back in the late sixties.

    Also, David Bowie did a great job on Arnold Layne and Comfortably Numb. He added that Bowie magic to an already killer set of songs. Thank you to all who participated in this well done project. I was sad that I could not see and hear David and company in concert during his recent tour, however this was the next best thing. I hope David and Polly visit Greece again for some rest and relaxation, and begins writing songs for his next beautiful CD. On an island and the DVD were truly a special achievement.

    Best Wishes,
    Kevin & Stephanie Devine. Opa! Opa! Yassou!!!

  168. The content is fabulous and audio is superb. However, the video is not what I was expecting.

    I watched it on my brand new Sony HD TV and Sony DVD player and the picture was very grainy and there was a lot of pixelation.

    I’m not necessarily complaining; just want to know if it’s my equipment or is it the DVD?


  169. In scale from 1 to 10, I would say 9.9, the missing digit is for Nick Mason.

    What is the reason for not including Mason’s performance?

    If the reason is because Nick’s choice, I should say in Mexican Spanish. NOMAMEYSON

    Arriba La Banda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    [It was Nick’s choice, so you’d have to ask him. – Features Editor]

  170. As a guitarist/musician and having listened to DG’s playing for thirty some odd years I have never heard DG play bad. But I’d have to say I’ve never heard him play btter than on this DVD.

    Seeing RW back in form after a lengthy stay in the shadows was a bonus.

    And to see Robert Wyatt come back from the nether world, well why wouldn’t one buy this DVD? Great band and Bowie singing PF songs was just the icing on the already fantastic cake.

    C&N need nothing more to be said. Overwhelming would possibly work.

    My only regret is I missed out on the US tour and seeing this live.

    Here’s hoping for another US tour in the future.

  171. Que dire de plus de ‘Remember That Night’ qui n’ait déjà été dit ici? Je pense à trois adjectifs rarement utilisés, mais qui conviennent parfaitement: excellentissime, rarissime, sublimissime …

    Côté anecdotique, I really enjoyed:

    – the susbtitles (the first music DVD I ever watched with not a single syntax/spelling mistake – Travail de pro).
    – the menus (vivants, originaux et amusants).
    – the music snippets on disc two, that I had already heard here (très délicate attention pour le site/blog).
    – intermission/wireman on disc one (très drôle et symbolique, là aussi).
    – Rick and Robert Wyatt always calling David ‘Dave’ (hmm…).
    – … que je découvrirai sûrement plus tard.

    But the main thing for me (along with the music, of course) is that I felt so much that happiness and love in David’s family, beaucoup de tendresse, une famille unie, simple, heureuse, qui ne semble absolument pas ‘pourrie’ par l’argent. Si rare, je pense, dans le milieu du ‘showbiz’.

    And, in the hidden track, I really loved how David first looked relax, amused, laughed with the others, and , then, peu à peu, il est entré dans ‘sa’ musique, dans sa guitare, dans ‘son’ monde, plus rien d’autre ne comptait, fantastic version of […]. I thought I wouldn’t care to see it, but, I was mistaken, I enjoyed very much that fabulous moment!

    Sorry for the mix English/French, but, hard to write all in English.


  172. Wow! Just watched the movie last night, then I chose to stay up with my mum, and watch the documentaries…stayed up til 12:45 a.m….I payed for that this morning!

    So…many…extras…:D If you look at the back of the little book that you get with the DVD, (it has a bunch of collaged pics in it) I can see on the last page, the credits and thanking everyone…which i happened to see a familiar name…”FEd”…

    Anyways…I was thrilled to watch this! Hope everyone else enjoys it! Cheers!


  173. I have not had time to read the blog, so I am certain that I am ‘echo’ing many of the same comments.

    I have viewed the first dvd so far. I can not believe that Gilmour and company put so much together in this one package! There just can not be any complaints. It is just beautiful.

    The only way he could have topped this would have been to send himself along with it! But seriously, this has an unbelieveable amount of music, pictures etc. I love the booklet and all the photos inside the package that holds the dvd’s. How wonderful to have included a little something by a certain Ian Pearson. (who cares now if your mom threw out your clothes? special is that picture of glassman?) That is really an unbelieveable touch for a band to do.

    Every thing included in the package blows me away. This is so far and away better than anything I have seen. I have nearly been jumping up and down. I loved Fat Old Sun, the lovely acapella. Read about this on the blog, but now can see why those who heard it raved. The soft and beautiful ending to High Hopes has been in my head all day. And, to think we, also get What’s Uh..the Deal and Wearing the Inside out!! I’m nearly at a loss for words.

    To be continued…

  174. Wow… I bought the DVD today… as a rebel that I am… I’ve already watched it twice!! My mum feels a bit off by now haha… but then again I am driving her nuts and have been for 6 or 7 years.

    The concert film is fantastic… I agree with some of the other bloggers… and I’ve said it b4.. Echoes… is truly a magnificent testament to the potential of …well the Pink Floyd… but… demonstrated here that David and Richard brought a certain “soul” to the band…and certainly to the music. Bravo Marc Brickman…!!

    Once again I felt inspired and cracked on my version of On an Island… I try to improvise a bit here and there.. and this DVD helped me to reach for “highest hights”…

    Cheers David… you are the BEST… I dont care I’m a fossil (as my sister would say) I’m 22 and… your biggest fan! Your music will be with me forever…

    Keep it up fellas! Seb

  175. today is wednesday and for most of our day we watched the dvds. just when you think the second dvd is over there is another song.

    still have not seen all of the first dvd. had two that would not play after song 17. we can’t wait for echoes!!!!

    david gilmour rules.

    michelle detty, brookville ohio

  176. It has already been said, but… Fanatstic! Just like the Paramount show last April, only without the cell phones flashing or people talking in the row ahead of me.

    Do my eyes deceive me, or did Richard dust off the old Farfisa Organ and Binson Echorec? Once again… Fantastic? Great job to all invoved!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch it for the third time!

    Bill C.

  177. I feel horrible….

    I would like to personally apologize to Wireman. I was in cue at the urinal and never got the chance to check out his wares…

    Next time, buddy.

  178. [My DVD freezes on disc 1 part 2. It starts to freeze late in Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Sometimes it plays Fat Old Sun, can’t get Coming Back To Life at all and I get about half of High Hopes.]

    [I’m having the exact same problem. Bought at a Best Buy in Arkansas. It does this on an upscaling Sony DVD player and on my PC as well, although it is much worse on the Sony. Any ideas?]

    Yeah, mine is worse on the standard DVD player but still won’t play those tracks on my PC or my DVD player. I bought 7 DVDs. I opened 2 DVDs and both wouldn’t play those tracks. I’m just going to take all 7 I bought back to Best Buy and get my money back.

    I’m still waiting for the DVD I bought from this site. I’m sure that DVD will be fine.

    Maybe that’s why the DVDs are only 11.99 at Best Buy?????

  179. I can’t really add more to what has already been written here. It’s a great dvd, and has obviously been put together with great care and love. I couldn’t be happier with it.

    A couple of amusements: it was funny to see Chris Slade and Scott Page again. How can Scott still be sporting that ‘do?

    Really quite astonishing that Roger managed to surface into David’s world again while he was filming, once at Bryer and once by phone on the Astoria.

    And, I’m reading a biography about Benjamin Franklin, and to my wonderment, within 2 hrs of watching the dvd’s read that it was he who invented the foot pedal driven glass harmonica that was featured in the making of OAI documentary: a Cliff Clavin factoid for you.

  180. Sound is a 10 And Visual Quality is a 5. Most of the show had too many blue lights. And the smoke for 1 or 2 songs would have been fine but was used too much for most of the show. Too many blue lights make the visual grainy and too much smoke loses the performance on stage.

    The song Take A Breath was overwhelming with too much red lights. Watching the show in person these visual effects would have been fine but filming with cameras have a hard time adjusting to these lights.

    More white lights and less blue lights would have produced a better visual.

    Watch Pink Floyd’s Pulse which is a 10 for sound and visual quality. I feel this is the reason it took so long for it to come out after filming because they tried to adjust and correct the visual part of this concert.

  181. Bravo David, best DVD I own. David with Pulse you started out with the double CD, and then the DVD (a few years later). RTN starts with the DVD, I hope….we all hope that you will consider releasing a CD version of this concert also. Thank you.


  182. Comfortably Numb, disc 2, with Richard Wright — is it just me or does David absolutely go to another freakin’ level with that second solo?!?!?! OMG, he kicks into a higher place about mid-way through and just takes it soaring!!

    It looks and sounds as though each musician on that stage is picked up and carried along with him in that rush … it’s truly something to behold!

    Maya Angelou has said “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” So many magical, moving, musical moments (sorry for the alliteration) ~ I’ll NEVER forget how David’s music has made me feel!

    There is much more to be said about the fabulous dvd, but that’s all I can say for now:-) Really …

    Peace and love to you all!

  183. Dear Friends and Fans,

    My wife and I were very lucky to have seen David and the band perform at Kodak, Jay Leno, and at the Gibson Arena. I enjoyed meeting and speaking with Phil Taylor and Colin Northfield at the Kodak Theatre show especially.

    These live performances were absolutely incredible and I have followed the website religously for over a year to get to this day. I was able to pick-up several copies for my friends so they are especially excited to begin their viewing adventure this evening.

    When I got home from work I watched every single episode of the double DVD set for the standard DVD release and it was flawlessly setup, artistically creative, and the sound and video presentation was awesome. I started my enjoyable evening viewing at about 7 pm and wrapped up the final episodes around 2 am in the morning.

    For those of you who have not seen this DVD yet I suggest you hurry and get yourself a copy because I believe that once everyone finds out about this DVD (i.e. those who have not followed the website or are not in touch with this release) may find it difficult to get a copy due to the sales volume that will probably occur.

    I am truly grateful for the music of which David Gilmour and the band has put together, and for the talented and hard working chaps who put out such a quality DVD to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Thank you so much!!!!!!

    #1 Phoenix Fan,
    Gregg and Karen Hooker

  184. DVD is excellent. David takes such good care of us. There is so much to view. I feel spoiled.

    Thank you.

  185. I’m heartbroken!

    Bought the DVD yesterday morning when it came out in the States. First half of concert was great. Second half kept sticking, on DVD player and computer. Returned it today for another copy and the same thing. First half plays, second half sticks on every song so far (currently bumping into High Hopes).

    I’ve waited so long for this. Couldn’t make the live show or the theater show. I’d rather have teeth pulled without novocaine than to have this wonderful concert continue to be interupted.

    What now, try for a third copy?

    JohnO depressed in Florida

  186. Thank you for your job!!

    [You’re not taking it from me, are you? (Just kidding, Helen. Glad you enjoy.) – Features Editor]

  187. My DVD arrived today and I can only say….I’m speechless!! And all I’ve done so far is unwrap the package and look at the booklet. I probably spent half an hour looking at the booklet alone — it’s indeed a work of art — I’ve never seen anything like it, anywhere.

    Note to myself: put that booklet aside and play the darn thing!

  188. Andrew said:

    [Anyone who has been following the site and the blog has technically “been involved” in the whole process from the CD release, to the tour, to the DVD, like you say “full-circle.” The site has done a terrific job in sharing information. Management through FEd has provided us with honest information all along even though sometimes it was stuff we didn’t want to hear (i.e. delays, cancellations, etc.). Plus we’ve had some fun things to do along the way (i.e. Name That Tune, Blotto, Whose Shoes?, Q&A with Guy/Steve/Phil, etc.). And let’s not forget about the chats.]

    Couldn’t agree more.

  189. what I saw at the premiere was pretty spectacular

    unfortunately skint. couldn’t even get to watch david sylvian 🙁

    hope everyone’s ok? things are well with folks at astoria?


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