Ritzy round-up


For fans making their way to Brixton tomorrow, please note that there are engineering works on the Victoria line this weekend, so there are no trains south-bound between Victoria and Brixton.

North-bound services will be in operation.

There is a replacement bus service. However, please add at least half an hour to your journey time.

Alternatively, the nearest tube station is Stockwell on the Northern line. There are buses from Stockwell to Brixton. If you’d prefer to walk, it takes about 20 minutes.

For further information, please visit www.tfl.gov.uk or telephone 020 7222 1234 (24 hours).

It’s the North American premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall’ next.

Whether you’ll be at Brixton’s Ritzy on Saturday, or watching from one of 166 cinemas across Canada and the United States, I look forward to hearing all about it.

The event will be filmed and will be available, here at DavidGilmour.com, next week.

The event will be hosted by Phil Manzanera.

There are still some tickets available for both Canada and the US, so, if you’d like to attend, details of participating cinemas and online bookings can be found at Cineplex (Canada) and Fathom Events (US).

I hope you all enjoy the event and have a good weekend.

I leave you with a round-up of goodies that are coming up this weekend, as well as others which you may not have seen, heard, or read yet. More to come on Monday.

– Discover ‘Remember That Night’ with (French language) Belgian radio station Classic 21 all day today. You can even win a copy here.

MOJO Radio are having a Pink Floyd & David Gilmour weekend, starting today. Don’t miss an interview with David on Sunday. As well as being able to listen online, you can also listen through your TV in the UK: Sky channel 0182, Freeview channel 721.

– VH1 Classic in the US will be showcasing 60-minutes of ‘Remember That Night’ on Saturday. That starts at 7PM (EST).

– Guy Pratt interviewed David for Planet Rock in the build-up to Thursday’s Leicester Square premiere. You’ll find the option to listen to old shows by clicking LISTEN LIVE at the top (then you want the third link beneath Nicky Horne’s show). Don’t forget to watch the videos, too.

– There’s an interview with David in the latest edition of Word magazine, which you can find in the Press section. Alternatively, you can order a copy through this link and have it delivered to any part of the world.

– There are brief interviews with David regarding the North American event in the Press section. More are being added just as soon as we get them in (more later today), so please keep an eye on it.

– If you had trouble with the AOL videos, we’ll have ‘The Blue’, ‘Coming Back To Life’, ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Take A Breath’ in the DVD section later today. Don’t miss those.

‘Remember That Night’ is released today in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland and Switzerland. If you’ve got your copy, we hope you like it. Let us know.

If your country is not covered above, please see the calendar for worldwide release dates (apologies now to Brazil, Mexico and Japan).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

95 thoughts on “Ritzy round-up”

  1. Thanks for the article in Word, it is shocking amazing and so enjoyable!

    And the pictures… man… here is the cover boy again…

  2. Have fun at the Ritzy folks. I KNOW you will.

    Man I wish I could be there. Damn bosses and the protestant work ethic.

    Cheers, Howard

  3. Looking forward to meeting everyone (some of them for the second time in as many weeks!) on Saturday.

    I’ll be the guy in the custom, one off, special limited edition ‘New Castellorizon’ T-Shirt 🙂

    I hope no one from the Newcastle Brown legal department is in attendance 😉

    Thanks for ‘The Word’ article and reminding me about the as yet unexplored (by me at least) ‘Press’ section.

  4. [We will be filming the event and it will be available, here at davidgilmour.com, next week.]

    I’ll look forward to seeing this. You really are very good to us. I don’t suppose you could manage to slip a few extra days into next week so that we’ve got time to watch all these goodies and the DVD could you?

    Seriously, I’m very grateful for all the work that goes on to keep us so involved.

    I hope everyone at the Ritzy and in the cinemas has a great time.

    [Extra days! You’re having a laugh, aren’t you? – Features Editor]

  5. to fed: thanks for keeping us updated. have just ordered me a copy of word magazine.

    i feel sorry for brazil, mexico and japan. hope they don’t blame fed for the delay.

    [You and me both, mate. – Features Editor]

  6. Is there anything else to announce??? lol

    Seriously though, that is a load of interesting stuff. Looking forward to catching up on all of it but first need to get to the showing tomorrow night.

    BTW, any NY area bloggers, I’ll be at the Union Square theatre but doubt I’ll get to the pre-showing meet up – tight time schedule tomorrow. But if you see a guy in a black DG shirt from this tour along with 3 lovely ladies (careful, 1 is my wife and the other 2 my daughters) say hey to me.

    It is shaping up to be a great weekend.



  7. Hi FEd.

    So the DVD is now at Home!! And all I can say it it’s fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It all starts with a beautiful Booklet with wonderful Pictures!! The Menus! The INTERMISSION!!
    The Credits with all the Faces of everyone!! I love everything about it!

    And there is something …. no – you have to find out yourselves!!!

    More than a diehard fan like me ever thought of!!!

    Thanx David – this is a real Beauty!!!!!!!


    [Enjoy it, Werner. – Features Editor]

  8. I bought the DVD this morning. It’s absolutely brilliant and I think I know what bit Werner means: it made me cry a bit. Silly…

  9. Hey Andrew, I’ll be with my wife and Jerzy Mike will be around.

    Can you meet us afterward? I plan to go to Heartland then too….

  10. [And there is something …. no – you have to find out yourselves!!!]

    Thats cruel Werner LOL, you haven’t been taking lessons from anyone, have you?!

  11. By the way, two questions:

    1. So were there any additional questions that were just so good you had to included them in the Q&A??

    2. Why do I get this feeling that FEd may finally unveil himself at the Ritzy?



    [1. No. 2. Bump to the head? – Features Editor]

  12. Wow ! I just (1:50 PM) listened to ‘Comfortably Numb’ from RTN dvd on Classic 21, with David Bowie! Such an amazing version ! The two Davids (no, the three…)! but ours will for ever remain our favourite, no ?

    Un solo de guitare époustouflant !

    I ordered my dvd on the site a long time ago, I wish it will be soon at home ! Can’t wait !


  13. Hi Fed

    I know where I’ll be spending my “spare time” for the next days/week – LOL.

    That is a lot of great information for us all.

    Thank you Fed…and most importantly, THANK YOU DAVID.

  14. I notice in the Word article, even the interviewer speculates about David’s career if Syd had managed to pull through and continue on in PF. This so mirrored by own first question for NA and I read on with bated breath thinking he was going to ask it….then nothing..arrrggh.

    Oh well maybe one day…

    Cheers, Howard

  15. FEd et all,

    You guys have me salivating at the moment. I feel like a kid looking through a candy store window, with a pocket full of cash, but the door’s locked!! Damn it!! Maybe if I take a sleeping pill and wake up on Monday it won’t be so bad? Plus I wouldn’t have to think about the wonderful time everyone is having in Brixton…hmm then I’d miss the rugby tomorrow. Flippin’ ek!

    Can’t wait to see Polly’s pics (hopefully), and the footage next week.

    Enjoy the show everyone and please please be careful. I’ve heard some stories about parts of Brixton and would hate to hear any horror stories on Monday. So be safe and no heroics! (especially with a few jars inside yiz!)

  16. Hey Angelo,

    Maybe that will work as long as crankyness doesn’t set in for some reason – if you know what I mean. I don’t see why it should but you never know.

    Looking forward to it….



  17. Oh sorry. I noticed something when going through the Momentary Lapse Of Reason booklet yesterday.

    David’s credit under the tracks is written as ‘David J. Gilmour’- ‘J’ for ‘Jon’. I hadn’t noticed this on any other albums. It’s normally just ‘David Gilmour’.

    Probably would have made a good question for the Q&A.

    Does anyone know why he did this on this album?

    [That is a good question… – Features Editor]

  18. to werner: you tease!

    to fed: are you going to be at the ritzy?

    [No, I’m not. I’ll be on the rum with Emilio and Brian. – Features Editor]

  19. Can’t wait to have my DVD. My brother in law, who was with us in Toronto, celebrates his 50th birthday next week. I don’t have to search too far to find a gift; the DVD will be an excellent present!!!

    I think i misunderstood the process for the Q and A contest. We probably had to send the question and the video at the same time…??? I just sent a question… Well, with you I learn English more and more everyday!!!

    Bless you all! Sylvie de Montréal

  20. Dear Fed,

    I know I’m late posting this but I had to let you know what I thought of the Thursday night premiere of the DVD in Leicester Square.

    Amazing !!!!

    My wife came with me and we spent the day in London at various sites prior to the event. Once we got to Leicester Square we decided to have some thing to eat. Running late we decided on a quick fix. Pizza Hut just along from the venue. We sat down outside on one of the three tables that face out onto Leicester Square. I could see from my seat that there were plenty of people out side the venue and as along time Pink Floyd and David Gilmour fan my anticipation for the evenings events was high.

    As my wife and i tucked into our pizza imagine our total suprise when David, Polly and the kids walked past us at our table to get to the venue !!!

    Thanks for a great night David. We sat 10 rows from the front and it was a joy to watch the film footage and you answering question on stage and of course the band playing live at the end was a thrill.

    Steven Green

  21. Dear FEd

    Headache gone.

    Can’t wait for the Ritzy. Give David a big kiss from me.

    See ya.

    Cori xxxxxx

  22. ‘Remember That Night’ is released today in ITALY…

    Emilio, rum and dvd together this weekend? A shared pain is a half the pain, after all…

    FEd, thank you for the stuff! And you (not really you, of course!) will be filming the event and it will be available? Great! Thank you! And good work to those who will film! Make a good work, pretty please!


  23. [‘Remember That Night’ is released today in ITALY…]

    See Lucia, you may not get the theatre experience but you get the DVD before we do. I know it’s not the same but consider yourself lucky anyway.



  24. I’m going to Tibet,Lucia.See you there for a rum?

    Be back on Monday,sorry.I could go mad if I see the DVD in these days.I’ll wait I think.


  25. Update on DG media promotion:

    I had an e-mail exchange earlier with the Program Director for one of the major New York City rock radio stations.

    He tells me they have been promoting the event and DVD and even had a 10 minute segment on it yesterday (9/13) afternoon. He ends his e-mail to me with the phrase, “I agree….it’s important.”

    Guess I’m just listening to the station it at the wrong time. And I still wonder why I haven’t heard a mention during the very busy morning drive time.



  26. Lucia, my Roman friend, we have a proverb in France : “All roads lead to Rome “, but we are mistaken, because for you it must be ” all roads lead to rum ” !


  27. Hi David !

    I’ve just won your new DVD on Classic 21 radio (Belgium), just after I heard ‘Comfortably numb’ extract with David Bowie (I was scotched on my desk chair) and I’m sooooo happy !

    I hope I could come and see you live in London one day (maybe in 2008 ?) Awaiting this beautiful moment, I will play my DVD copy endlessly with my man !

    Bisous ! I love you !

    [Congratulations, Djess. – Features Editor]

  28. Not to rum, Michèle, but neither Tibet, Emilio. Even if walk on the road of rum could be a good idea, for this weekend!

    For the lucky people who will be there, enjoy mates! For the unlucky others…I hope you will find the way to have some peace. I will!



  29. Just saw all the clips…. Sh*t that was a f*ckin’ great experience, that tour.. Great music, great band, fantastic people… I’m gettin’ all misty-eyed…

    I’ll get me DVD…

  30. Just in case anyone’s wondering about the Ritzy’s plan of action…

    You can collect your tickets at the door from 6.30PM.

    Doors to the auditorium open at 7.15PM. The first 20 minutes of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary will be shown from 7.35PM, with the event itself starting at around 8PM.

    You’ll all be kicked out at about 10.30PM.

    Fans are meeting at the premises for a pre-show drink and mingle.


  31. Yowser! I just watched the Fat Old Sun video.

    David gets an amazing tone out of his telecaster, I could listen to that one over and over (and will)!

    Just a few more days to the DVD.

    I’m another one of those people who got misty-eyed when David said in Thursday’s Q&A that he’s not done yet.

  32. Gosh, FEd, you’ve been BUSY!!!

    Thank you for all of the updates! I hope you will be attending (in cognito, of course).

    I registed to win a DVD; *I think* (I don’t speak French!) But thanks for the link! (Doesn’t matter; I’ve pre-ordered mine, but if I win one, it will make a great Christmas gift for somebody!)

    TomiSue! I’ll be wearing jeans & and DG T-shirt (black wireman shirt). Hope we find each other!
    Needless to say, I’m excited & looking forward to the show.

    Well, I’m off to vote for the BEST WEB-SITE!! Hope you’re all doing that daily!!!

    Have a great time tomorrow, everybody!! (You, too, David!!)


  33. i’ll join fed, emilio, lucia and brian on the rum. i have to work tomorrow and i’m really down about it. not only do i miss out on the chance to be at the ritzy, but i miss wales-australia at rugby. :'(

    does anyone else want to drown their sorrows with us?

  34. Wow! They are just playing ‘The Blue’ now from RTN dvd on Classic 21! my favourite one !

    Bravo, Djess, very happy for you ! Classic 21 is a great radio station !


  35. FEd, Emilio, Victor, and Lucia. Just when I thought I was alone tomorrow I am joined by fellow rum jugglers.

    With all the rum, we’ll be having, instead of Remember That Night being celebrated tomorrow, on Sunday we can celebrate ‘Can’t Remember Last Night’!

    All are welcome to join in our cerebral mash up, telepathic get together tomorrow btw.

    …It’ll just cost your soul… or the price of a bottle of rum!

  36. It is probably worth mentioning that the French (or any of the other European country) release of the DVD would probably not be in a format that will play in the U.S. or Canada unless FEd tells us that the DVD release will be coded Region All.




    [Absolutely correct. – Features Editor]

  37. Yes Susan, I will be there.

    Unless I have a major wardrobe malfunction, I will be wearing my black and blue David Gilmour (playing strat.0001) shirt and jeans:-)

    ~Tomi Sue

  38. Just watched parts of the DVD and I have to say:

    This is f…… great!!!

    The beautiful menu, the booklet, the RAH-concert itself amd the treasure trove of extras, right up to the barn-music (you will see what that means!).

    And there is, as Werner already said, even a hidden surprise …

    Buy it!! Buy it!! Buy it!!

  39. [David’s credit under the tracks is written as ‘David J. Gilmour’- ‘J’ for ‘Jon’. I hadn’t noticed this on any other albums. It’s normally just ‘David Gilmour’.]

    This might have something to do with the legal side of things? Being the first album they released without Roger.

    Just a thought.

    – James.

  40. What is the hidden surprise? Please let me know, for I have to wait until Tuesday to find out, and that would make me not sleep to well this weekend for I’d be dying to know what the surprise is!!!!

  41. [David’s credit under the tracks is written as ‘David J. Gilmour’- ‘J’ for ‘Jon’. I hadn’t noticed this on any other albums. It’s normally just ‘David Gilmour’.]

    Hmmmmm….part of me asks why anyone would really care?? That is unless you are the one that is missing a royalty check….



  42. My goodness, I am still on Sept 12 and already a new post for Sept 14 is out.

    There are so much good news… so many updates… so many resources to go through… all about the talented “YOUNG” man, Mr. David Gilmour and who doesn’t look at all in his 60’s.

    FEd, thanks for being the “control and information center” for all of us. You’ve done an amazing job for getting all the irregulars/bloggers involved in this special event ‘REMEMBER THAT NIGHT”, and yet still remain calm and cool.

    Mr. David Gilmour remarked and said at the Q&A “I am not done with quite yet, though…” FEd, I hope you are ready for that, you know we’ll be asking…

    Have a relaxing and marvelous weekend FEd and all!

  43. I am so happy to read that the North American premier was filmed and will be available here.

    Davidgilmour.com is the best!! You’re always so good to us. Thanks for it all.

  44. Angelo/Andrew/Rob

    Hope to see you all at the Heartland Brewery. And the theater, of course!

    Wish I was at the Ritzy with the rest of you lucky Bloggers! Give David a hug for us! (and one for FEd while you’re at it ;>))

    Beth and I will be celebrating our anniversary this weekend in NYC. Sixteen years today!!

    Jerzy Mike

    [Congratulations to you both. – Features Editor]

  45. This week didn´t start very well: being under pressure at work, no chance for going to the Ritzy and not living in an area to see the AOL videos 🙁

    But now I just received my Remember That Night DVD and the weekend is saved 🙂

  46. i’m counting the hours down till i get to see the screening in burbank. too bad i won’t be in london to see it all go down live but still awesome none the less.

    also i have the vh1 classic showing programmed on my dvr since i’ll be coming home from the theater at the time they’re showing it and i think i’m gonna order the dvd this weekend.

    dammit, i’m already excited.


  47. Hi FEd, hi all

    so happy to come to london again. i’m already missing english beer (that i tasted last week in the imperial). i hope to find the ritzy. travelling in london is a bit more complex and bigger than my small country 🙂

    cheers from switzerland

  48. Lucia, I’m really sorry that you will not be able to go to the show, but I know you’ll love the DVD.

    I hope that everyone who is going to see the show will have a great time and be safe.

    Take Care All,

    PS Thank you Fed and I hope that you will have a good weekend.

  49. According to the tfl website, there is no service in either direction as replacement buses are operating in each direction.

  50. Heeeeeellllppp!!!! Fed

    My tickets have not arrived. Is the name check against your list at the door going to be ok?

    Getting twitchy.

    [Yeah, don’t worry. Just kick up a fuss about your tickets not arriving. – Features Editor]

  51. Fantastic doesn’t even get near to describing it.

    Got the dvd today and can’t believe the amount of quality material on it. There’s nearly another concert full of extra songs and the documentary makes the viewer feel like they’re actually in the room enjoying the experience with the band.

    Flabbergasted with the extra suprise.

    Enjoy everyone!

  52. I’m not going to watch any clips but will wait patiently to see the show unravel tomorrow. Anticipation indeed. And get my hot hand on the real deal Tuesday.


  53. good news the dvd is out here in ireland ! as i didn’t pre order it ( i have put 200 euro already on to dads credit card for an upcoming trip to england i couldn’t ask him for something else , before anyone asks i don’t have a credit card of my own i have the spending control of a gnats ass !) i hope to get it into my hot little hands tomorrow or failing that i will pop into hmv henry street on sunday . ooh i am looking forward to this .

    i think geoff duffy told me at todays chat he has it . brian of kildare do you have it yet ? looks like i might be the only irish gilmourite without it ( as you can imagine i mean the dvd !) lets hope my work tommorrow takes me near a record shop ( i think i am delivering near the square in tallaght and/or liffey valley shopping centres both of which have virgin megastores. cross your fingers i can get it there! )


    p.s fet ed you are right about american dvds not playing in europe and vice versa . however that can be got round perfectly legally . i bought a mitusbishi dvd player that is region free from a normal electrical shop ( and it was as cheap as chips ) . my computer dvd player is also region free ( this came with the computer so don’t ask me what one it is !)

  54. The wonders of working in retail.

    Just got my hands on the dvd. Not seen the easter eggs yet but from what I have seen diehard fans will not worry or moan.

    This is so far an outstanding dvd…. More to come

  55. Oh my….. For all those people that complained about the wait and if the right extras would be on the disc it is time to eat humble pie.

    This is without doubt the best DVD ever.

  56. Oh no!! Why will it take so long before the mexican release FEd??

    [I’m sorry, Pepe. That’s down to the record company. – Features Editor]

  57. Just saw VH1-Classic will have Pink Floyd Day tomorrow with something called “David Gilmour: The Road to Royal Albert Hall” later in the day.

    Apologies if I’m like the last to know or its posted somewhere else here…I’m accessing internet from a non-traditional device….

  58. Oh dear.

    I have a confession to make – it was me who encouraged Lucia to try some “Lamb’s Old Navy Rum” – just look what I’ve started … she is a ruin !

    My thoughts are with our poor excluded European friends tonight ….

  59. Hi all,

    It’s been a long (too long) time since I last contributed.

    Anyway, I was one of the lucky ones because I live in The Netherlands, so I got hold of my copy yesterday already.

    Fantastic DVD. Beautiful packaging (tons of photos and memorabilia). Really makes you want to put the DVD in the player …

    Great menus with nice animation, changing colours for each one. A real improvement over ca. 99.9% of all currently available DVD’s.

    “Only” had time to view the first half and it was great. Beautiful venue, very relaxed band, lots of smiles and most of all: fantastic music.

    Anticipation for the second set are great. Hopefully some time tonight I’ll be able to see it (when the kids are off to bed again 😉

    I was almost rolling on the floor when I saw chapter 15. Great way to go from the first to the second set.

    Everybody enjoy the DVDs when you get your hands on them !!!

  60. Hello FEd, hello David,

    finally I got it – the DVD from a concert/tour which I unfortunately missed last year ’cause it was already sold out here in Dortmund/Germany. The guy at the record store’s check-out told me that this DVD was sold like hot cakes.

    This is a good reason for posting a few lines again. It’s already some time ago since I did it.

    I spent the last evening by watching the first part of the concert (which I really enjoyed very much) and taking a (not too short) glimpse at the bonus DVD.

    In the Breaking Bread, Dinking Wine documentary the whole band (incl. Polly) was absolutely likeable with an infectious sense of humour. Specially Guy’s joke about shooting an Apple G5 made me laugh. (It’s by chance the tool I’m using right at this moment.)

    Now I’m looking forward to the rest of the brilliant DVD material.

    David, thank you for your wonderful music and sharing your tour memories with us. All my best wishes for your future!

    I’d love to see you on stage again.

    Regards from a long-time fan,

  61. Fed please help,

    I am concerned now… The tickets have still not arrived. Am I allowed to still attend. I have the email…

    Please advise…..

    Yours a frenzied fan

    [I’m so sorry about this, Bob. Your name is on the list, so don’t worry. – Features Editor]

  62. Best Buy in New York is advertising a 3 song bonus CD for release on Tuesday. Any idea of what is on it? The price certainly seems great-$11.99.

    Looking forward to the show this afternoon. We will at the Long Island showing.

    [Really? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. – Features Editor]

  63. Today’s the day!!!

    Wow… seems like just yesterday we were grasping our cards, in hopes of yelling “BLOTTO”!!!!

    I can’t wait to see the Cinema show, and Anthill says my DVD & Tote Bag are in the mail already!!

    What a great day!!

    Have fun everybody; and those hasseling the tube in London; be sure to allow lots of extra time.

    FEd sure has done the research for you on how to get there. What a guy, that FEd!!!


    [No, I was given some information which turned out to be wrong… – Features Editor]

  64. Hi FEd, gang,

    Went to Holland today for my copy of the DVD. I’ll put it on and pretend I’m at the Ritzy …

    Have a wonderful evening to everybody involved and attending.


  65. Wow!!

    What an incredible dvd set, now the best I own along with “live at pompeii”

    There are so amazing extras in there.

    I know one of the things i found hidden on disc 2 is something that a hell of alot of people were asking for, and it blew my mind to see it.

    Not to mention david meeting up with someone on the tour, a well known guy!

  66. Fed et al

    Just got back from the cinema… wow! Can’t wait for the DVD

    Fed… if you have one spare as there weren’t any programmes at the cinema… pretty please with sugar on… […]

  67. Just back home from the Ritzy and as it’s half a mile away it didn’t take me long. And I’m feeling very emotional. I feel very touched by the friendship of the bloggers I met tonight, and I’d like to say a very special thank you to the North American bloggers who said hello to me, and came so far to be here.

    I hadn’t realised I’d caused so much interest in the gifts I gave to David and Polly at the Odeon. And as I wasn’t able to read any postings the next day can I To shed some light now? I figured he didn’t need a cd voucher, so I’m afraid “it was just words” of appreciation. The gifts contained a card and a letter – I met David and Polly about ten years ago at the launch of a new charity for young women with cancer. So there were some references to that conversation.

    Tonight I offered David some of my lyrics as a thank you. Not because he asked for them or needs them, but because it was the most valuable thing I could ever offer him. He has Polly to write his lyrics and she is a very talented writer, and I’m really enjoying reading books, especially her short stories “Lying in Bed”.

    Sadly my lyrics were left behind on the stage, but it doesn’t matter. I made my offer from a very deep sense of appreciation for David’s music over many years. My mother listened endlessly to DSOTMoon when she was dying of cancer in 1974 and it gave her a great deal of pleasure. So its important for me to give something back to someone who has given me so much.

    Thank you David, thank you Fed, thank you bloggers, I’ve had three of the best nights of my life – RA Hall, Odeon, and Ritzy. Shine on everyone, I feel privileged to be part of this community.

    Best wishes,

  68. No! really David, what more can you tell us about raising children?

    Just got home from the “Desert Ridge 18” in Phoenix Arizona. There was a much bigger turn out for One Day Only, than there was for One Night Only.

    Marilyn and I really enjoyed ourselves, it was much more than I had expected. It could not have been better, except for maybe replacing some of the questions…..lets say for maybe a hypothetical one about being stranded “On an Island”. There was some pretty good laughing going on every time Phil would finish David’s answers with “right”. We learned a little bit more about David with some of the questions, which is what I hoped for. Nice to know more details about his excursions with Syd and his appreciation for the Beatles and Elvis. I knew a few fanatics would pop up, I just didn’t know they wouldn’t shut up.

    I personally enjoyed the DVD quality, some of the pixilation footage seemed to be strategically placed, and was not as bad as I heard. Actually it added another layer for me, like the shots of David with the beams coming down on him..it looked like particles of light. The angles were great, the editing was great, sound was great, performances were great…. I really don’t know how anyone could complain about it, I felt it captured the show I saw in Universal City.

    I don’t know how to say thank you enough to everyone involed with the entire ride from; the beginning here on the web site, hearing who was being brought in to make the album, being asked which songs we wanted on the set list, getting a tour, chances to win AOL sessions, Jay Leno show, a DVD, the movie theatre experiences….etc.

    Again Thank You David and Crew, for everything

  69. Just got back from the event in Albany, NY.

    Very kool, the sound was Fantastic!

    Loved the rockumentary stuff! Island Jam was greaaaaat! Q & A stalker?

    Cheers from across the pond,


  70. Well, just back in from the Ritzy!

    Louise and I would just like to thank you F’Ed for the fantastic seats which put us in the midst of a few well known names – Nate, Nickster and Becky nowherenearAtlanta to name but three! And what an incredible building!!

    We were able to park quite close to the cinema, after a pig of journey – but it was worth it as we got home in half the time (apologies to everyone for shooting off with out saying proper goodbyes but baby sitters had to be accounted for).

    Really enjoyed the Q&A session tonight – thought David was much more relaxed with Phil asking the questions. Sadly I lost me bottle and by the time I’d worked out how to ask my question in an inoffensive and grammatically correct fashion we were 15 miles down the A24 on the way home!! Oh well, next time!

    Rudders, mate, you are in trouble!! When your question came up David just said, “Hmmm, we know him!”

    All in all a great night out so thanks once again F’Ed.

  71. OMG, I just got home from watching the dvd preview of the dvd and the Q & A in Raleigh NC.

    I had a great time watching, it was so good. It was neat to see our bloggers there representing. My Best friend Tracy was there and I got to see her twice while watching. I saw Gab, George, asking their questions and saw Mel ask her question.

    You guys were so lucky to be there but the via satellite made me feel like I was there with them. It was really awesome. I hope we will get this chance agian soon, but not until i get my passport ok, haha. just kidding. anytime would be great.

    Well just wanted to let you guys know. Fed and One Fifteen, thank you for this opportunity. It was a great show and i cant wait until Tuesday when I can go get my dvd and watch it again.

    Fed it was great!!!! David was awesome!!!!!

  72. O my!!!!!! What an emotional experience this was.

    We got into the city in plenty of time. As we were walking up to the cinema a guy sees my DG shirt and says “sold out dude.” I say to him “pre-purchased tickets dude.”

    Got our tickets, got our popcorn and settled into our seats. We missed several minutes of the documentary at the beginning but it didn’t matter because the local radio station was playing music over it. Kinda weird seeing David and the band with Led Zep playing. Then they did their radio station pre-show announcement and they turned on the sound for the remainder of the documentary.

    The emotional part starts when David plays the first notes in Castellorizon. I was just overcome between the music playing and having my family there to experience the time with me. It was just as David says, “fabulous.”

    Everything was very well done. I didn’t see any of the graininess that others complained about last week. The 5.1 sound was awesome. I was also totally impressed that the satellite feed did not die out at all.

    The Q&A was entertaining and actually after watching the show I came up with several questions that would have been better than the one I asked. Such as:

    In Gdansk you performed your set with a live orchestra. Was there any adjustment you or the band had to make for that performance?

    When you perform a song that was written many years ago, do you end up reliving some of the emotions from the time period it was written or do they take on new meanings based on what is happening in your life today?

    I know I’ll have more to write on this whole experience overall but for now I will leave with a simple and heartfelt….



    PS – Just a note, there were no programs at the Union Square Theatre in New York City.

  73. Saturday afternoon at the movies in Newmarket, Ontario. The movie staff were quite surprised to see middle aged people anxious to get into the theatre a half hour or so before the scheduled time.

    It was really a fun event. The questions and answers were fun, but David seemed a little more nervous then he was on Thursday. I liked the behind the scenes footage as well.

    David and Polly make a very good sight to see- a couple in love and sharing that with those surrounding them. One comment was made about how you can tell the calibre of someone by the people they surround them with. It is clear that David is not only a very smart and talented man, but he has a good heart as well. He has surrounded himself with a lot of down to earth, talented and good humoured people.

    It was a great three hours of entertainment. I thank all involved for the effort and care that goes into these projects.

    Now for the DVD!

  74. I was at the Cleveland, OH screening today. I was lifted to the Heaven of David-om.

    I was deeply moved by the stunning music, mesmerizing video, production, and the overall package!

    I can not believe how high this movie made me!

    What I DON’T UNDERSTAND is the STUPID QUESTIONS asked to David. I could see he was plenty bored with them.

    I wanted to know more about David and less about some clown reciting a rant musical song with a monkey boy outfit on.

    How did that JACKASS get picked???


  75. So, for a month I was superexcited to see the show in the movie theater. got ourselves a babysitter, drove for 45 min to the theatre, just to find out that they changed the start time of the show from 3pm (as shown on the ticket from fandango) to 12 noon.

    guess what, by the time we arrived the show was done. they told us that the new time was posted on the cinema door for a week. well that doesn’t really help me when I live out of town. thanks fandango. great job!

    another sh**ty birthday for me this year. the free tickets we got offered, well, they can roll them up and shove it up the khyber where the sun doesn’t shine.

    seriously, the only thing that would ease my pain a little would be a nice poster signed by David and the band.

    [And I was feeling sorry for you until I read your last line. – Features Editor]

  76. Wonderful show.

    Congrats Gabs, George, Rudders, little drummer girl KC and others for their Q and A session.

    Thanks for Guy on Time with his bass bit beginning. For Dick’s Sax switch, that was captured beautifully.

    No programs were handed out but I got a poster from the management after the show.

    Thank You David, you did well. Echoes was a highlight for sure.

  77. Hullo FED and All !!!!!!!!

    What a magical day this day had turned out to be !

    I had primed myself on PULSE last night and threw in WYWH to finish my psychedelic supper before bed @ around 4:20 a.m. or so. When I woke up this morning I was stoked for seeing David @ The Brixton Ritzy in Miami Beach.

    Started my day off with a huge breakfast and coasted the rest of the day. I picked up my friend, Rick @ 1:30 this afternoon and we drove down A1A down to Lincoln Road Mall.

    It proved to be typical picture post card perfect weather in sunny Florida. All senses were finely tuned. I was armed to the teeth, mentally speaking. By the time Richard and myself walked into the theater, I cold see there was a very decent turnout. Alas we had missed maybe a total of perhaps two minutes.

    We still managed to find some decent seats and from the moment I sat and adjusted myself in my seat I was rooted to my spot. For the next two hours and what 45 minutes ? It seemed that there was a little added on.

    I remember I was supposed to come over for the RAH shows, but instead I had a near brush with death. I was gutted. My family and friends saw how I was affected by the whole experience and missing my chance to see Gilmour had affected me in such a way as to be life changing.

    From what I had seen of the RAH shows tonight and then comparing the RAH shows to the Venice, August 11th and 12th shows I just have to say that Mr. Gilmour just knows how to put his own stamp on each and every show.

    I missed the RAH shows, but I will always have Venice and my own excursion on Castellorizo. It was magical for me to go tramping around The Mediterranean Region.

    And now I have David @ The Brixton Ritzy embedded in to my brain.

    To be continued (in the following entry: ‘Enjoy, North America?’)…

  78. Well Fed,

    the theatre in Sacramento had technical difficulties with their satelite feed and we missed 15-20 minutes of it. Got the picture finally playing with no sound. Then sound and no picture. Aagh. The theatre gave everyone “Re-Admission” tickets for another time.

    Oh well. On a happier note, I got to meet fellow blogger Susan and we had a great time regardless. enjoyed the rest of the show. I especially liked the Phil led Q&A segment. David seemed to enjoy himself more. You can tell they really get on great. The Questions also came off clearer. Nice to see so many of the bloggers up there on the big screen.

    It was too bad that there really wasn’t any radio advertisment here of the event. I didn’t even know if I was at the right theatre at first.

    Do you know if the programs will be available from the shows there?

    Can’t wait for my DVD to get here. Well this has been your friendly reporter with your weekend update;-)


    [Sorry to hear about the technical difficulties. I believe the programmes were produced by EMI for Europe only, so were never intended for North America. – Features Editor]

  79. I’m impatiently waiting for the DVD to be delivered by post! It will be arriving tomorrow.

    David singing Comfortably Numb with David Bowie that’s great! Can’t wait to watch the DVD on our large screen…..

    I was so disappointed to miss the Ritzy event!!!

    All the best to all 🙂


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