Ritzy meet-up

Remember That Night DVD (2007)Thank you all for your comments about Thursday’s UK & Europe premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall’. Whether you were with David at the Odeon in London’s Leicester Square, or at any of the other cinemas across Europe, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your night.

Particularly for those for whom English is a second language, you might like to read a transcript from the Odeon Q&A session here. Video is to follow shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for Latest News.

I thought you might like a dedicated space to arrange another pre-show get-together in advance of Saturday’s North American premiere – yes, that’s this Saturday: Saturday 15 September – which is to be broadcast live to 166 cinemas across Canada and the US, from the Ritzy in Brixton, London.

Everyone is welcome to join the party, so don’t be shy. There is a bar on the premises. However, if you know of a better place to meet for a drink and a chin-wag before the show starts, do send your suggestions.

There are still tickets available at some cinemas. For full details, please see previous entries concerning Canada and the US.

If you can make it to the Ritzy at short notice and would like to be on my back-up list, please send in your full name and address. However, please understand that there can be no guarantee that you will be contacted with the offer of tickets.

Please also note that this is a private event and you will only get in if your name is on the list. I would strongly discourage anyone from turning up on the night, fancying their chances of blagging their way in.

The film starts at 8PM (UK), but part of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary will be shown from 7.30PM (UK).


  1. Piero

    Fed,I loved your comment about the simple zone,great explanation!

    I would like to say hello to you,the bloggers and especially David because I’m leaving tomorrow to Spain for the erasmus programme on my own and I’m not sure I will be able to post a comment very often during the next six months.

    Maybe if you will come to Salamanca,let me know!You can come with David,you are invited!So,I will fulfil my childhood dream,and my current dream!

    I wish you the best Fed,especially to win the best music blog!I hope Saturday will be a great night,




    [Thanks very much, Piero. All the best to you on your Spanish adventure. – Features Editor]

  2. ash

    My tickets for the Ritzy arrived this morning. Thank you FEd :)

    I was icy cool snatching letters out of the postmans hands, I sorted through the envelopes to find one that looked out of the ordinary… there’s one, hand written… got over all the jumping up and down screaming stuff and set to work extracting DNA samples.

    I will know the identity of FEd by the end of the day ! (cackle cackle)

    ash X

  3. Alex Paterson

    Just home from work and the tickets were on the doormat. Thanks so much!

    Sorry you wont be there, maybe see you some other time?

  4. Cori Burns

    Matt – .rofl. How true!

    Dear FUNKY FED!



    Love Cori xxx

  5. Andrew

    O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S. So far, no mention on the radio, no posters, no adverts of any type. Maybe I’m just not looking at the right places. I hope they didn’t make the wrong buy and place the spots on the easy listening radio stations.

    I wonder if anyone else has seen any promotion.



    [Indeed. I’d love to know if anyone has heard anything. – Features Editor]

  6. Lynne Carter

    Deep joy, the post man has called and my tickets have arrived – thank you FEd.

    Incidentally, are there any other mad astronomers out there? I spend most clear weekend nights looking at the universe through my telescope listening to DG and PF on my MP3 – its very peaceful, may be even better than the simple zone.

    The neighbours think I am mad, but so what? I enjoy myself and it does not harm anyone else.
    Mind you, this Saturday night, I will gladly give the universe a miss!

    Cheers, and thank you again…..

  7. Neil Forrest

    Many thanks for my ticket.

    Wishing we were all here,
    maybe one of these days,
    time will tell,
    see you on the dark side.

  8. Lucia

    [Sure Lucia,but be careful.Rum is sexy. – Emi]

    The man-of-my-dreams is tall 1,91 meters, so probably you are the one who should be careful, boy!

    But don’t worry, I will be kind, because if Saturday night we share the pain, maybe we will feel less sad to don’t be there…mannaggia!


  9. Joe

    Anyone going to the premiere Saturday in the Buffalo, NY area wish to join us afterward?

    We, in the true spirit of slackers, have no organized plan. Make a suggestion and, if there will be beer available, we may be able to make it work.


  10. Brian_Kildare

    [anagram for Aaron Lucarelli “Cranial All Euro”]
    Ah ha! Nice one Matt! You got me thinking now…

    Pity I cannot go = Agony Tonic Pit!!

    …still in the same corner, sobbing away… despairing. Can’t believe I’m not going.

    FEd, I would have thought you could have done Stuart Maconie’s job just as well eh? You wouldn’t have needed any cue cards as I’m sure you know the questions off by heart at this stage. Plus, you could have flung a programme ninja style at the person who asked ‘when are you playing in my home town’!

    Also, even mentioning the fact that such a question was asked on the home page glorifies the fact that it was asked. I’d re-edit that bit!

    Oh and welcome back FEd. Forgot to say so the other day!

    [A programme? A chair, more like. – Features Editor]

  11. Matt

    I shall not anagram “Brian Kildare”…well I wont post the result, let’s put it that way ; )

  12. Emilio

    [The man-of-my-dreams is tall 1,91 meters, so probably you are the one who should be careful, boy!]

    Dear Lucia,please tell your man he’s out of the game from…now.

    I’m glad all of you are talking about postmen and tickets! hope you’ll enjoy it at furious levels…I’m goin’ now,I have the postman here …..let’s look…ok,it’s another bill.


  13. Brian_Kildare

    [I shall not anagram “Brian Kildare”…well I wont post the result, let’s put it that way ; )]

    Matt – you have me in stitches!! I just checked that myself, I see what you mean. What’s wrong with ‘Drinkable Air’?? ; )

  14. Brian_Kildare

    What’s all this smoochy smoochy between Emilio and Lucia eh?

    I told you your Cilla Black impression would come in handy one day FEd! Get out your little black number and your lippy…


    [I have to say that I did prefer ‘Surprise, Surprise’ Cilla over ‘Blind Date’ Cilla… – Features Editor]

  15. Howard Bayliss

    OK…it’s too late in the afternoon to think straight..what does the anagram mean?? I am dying to know.

    Cheers, Howard

  16. wendy

    [O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S – Andrew]

    [Indeed. I’d love to know if anyone has heard anything. – Features Editor]

    Not a damn thing, radio or otherwise. What a shame people don’t know what they are going to be missing.

  17. Melissa

    [I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S]

    One of my patients told me that he saw a promo for the show at the cinema during previews.

    I went to the cinema on Sunday, there were no posters or advertisements anywhere. I was very disappointed.

    I have not seen or heard any type of advertisements from any media source in my area :(


  18. George Gipe

    The classic rock station I used to work for is giving away movie passes and posters for the premiere outside of Baltimore.

    As a matter of fact, I was at the studios today and picked up some extra posters! They are cool, because the back of them are a mirror reflection of the front.

  19. Mike in a sweat

    Hi Fed

    Postman been and gone but no tickets – excitement put on hold until tomorrow.

    Will a copy of the “congratulations” email suffice on the night in the absence of an ecstatic postal experience?

    [You’ll have them tomorrow, you’ll see. Have faith. – Features Editor]

  20. Joe Ferrerio

    Badges? Badges? We don’t need no steenkin’ badges!

    We will be at the Buffalo Brew Pub after the show consuming mass quantities microbrews and fatty foods.

    The secret question will be: “What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow”?

  21. Jeremy King

    Good Evening FEd,

    Spent nearly 3 hours stuck in traffic tonight, to be told my son had missed his guitar lesson for the same reason, but we still had to pay for it. Oh woe!

    However, there on the book case was a envelope with my name on it and a hand written (makes it more personal) address. Contained within, was one very special ticket. A ticket so precious that even £125 can not buy it and there are a lot less than 20,000 of them.

    Thank you very much, I am truly grateful.

  22. Peter Tattersall

    Hi Fed

    Got my Ritzy tickets this morning, thanks ever so much. I promised you a drink for sorting out the Odeon tickets so I hope I get to meet you sometime, and sorry not to see you this time.

    Have a good time, where ever you’re going, and if you’re passing through Brixton another time, give me a shout . . .


    [Thanks very much, Peter. Have a good night. – Features Editor]

  23. Melissa

    [No rounds of drinks for those refusing to wear their name badges! – Becky in Atlanta]

    Name badges????? I thought you and Nate were being silly!

    btw Becky, Tracy and I, will be on our way to London tomorrow evening. Anyone who will be available and would like to meet up on Friday should let us know.


  24. Tim C (now ready to rest in peace)

    The Norfolk post has got it’s act together for once and I have my ticket !


  25. Richard Brown

    I’ve got my ticket. Really looking forward to Saturday. Thanks a million Fed.

    I guess the film will be the same as the Leicester Square show?

    Finally, a word of caution for folk travellling by tube, the Victoria Line is suspended between Victoria & Brixton all weekend. The Northern Line goes to Stockwell; from there catch a bus.

    [It’s the same film, yes. – Features Editor]

  26. adrian kavanagh


    Many thanks, I`ve not long got in, and I`ve received my tickets. Can`t wait until saturday!

    Cheers Fed!

  27. Rudders - Toronto

    [O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S – Andrew]

    [Indeed. I’d love to know if anyone has heard anything. – Features Editor]

    The Toronto radio station Q107 is making a big thing of DG’s DVD release and the cinema show… they are running a competion for tickets to a screening in Toronto so we’re hearing about it regularly on the radio here… And they are regularly playing live tracks from the DVD which all sound wonderful…

    I heard Comfortably Numb from the DVD recently on Q107 and it is an excellent, excellent version… Arguably they are only playing old PF stuff but nevertheless they are giving it it a lot of air-time…

    So anyone thinking of emigrating to Canada should add Q107 as a damn good reason to come here! :-)

  28. Rudders - Toronto


    I’ve had a turd of a week so far… my young cousin died in his sleep at the age of 32 on Tuesday, today my wife was taken into hospital because of an elevated heart rate but she’s now fine and fast asleep at home…

    My workmates have been wonderfully supportive and reading the blog has relaxed me and made me smile… the energy, the friendship…

    Just want to say thanks Xxxxx

    [Sorry to hear that things have been pretty rubbish lately, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  29. frank par

    Yesterday I went to see the theatre. No posters, just David Gilmour Sat. I’ve mentioned to people if they heard. No word or adverts of any sort. Sad really.

  30. Veronica_from_Miami

    I think I am going blind after spending the last few hours reading the posts.

    For those who are going to the Ritzy, be prepared for the TREAT. I wish I can stay behind in London and get over to Brixton/Ritzy and re-live those wonderful moments all over again. Unfortunately, timing was not in my favor with my UK trip schedule.

    ‘REMEMBER THAT NIGHT” is sure an appropriate and suitable title. How can we forget such an enchanting evening? Thank you once again David Gilmour and company for the wonderful experience and FEd, bless you.

    p.s. A much belated Happy birthday to Ian Pearson and Tomi Sue.

  31. peter

    I also got a letter yesterday.

    Some how, for something like this, thanks is not quite enough.

    However, Fed, those tickets are really appreciated.

    Cheers to all involved
    Pete – Coventry

    [You’re all very welcome. Thanks for confirming receipt and I hope you enjoy. – Features Editor]

  32. lorraine

    [The secret question will be: “What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow”? – Joe Ferrerio]

    9.81 ms-2 if you shoot them I believe. (It is that time of year isn’t it?)


    Did you really think I would compromise my non badge wearing principles for a drink – I didn’t realise you knew me so well, Gin and Tonic please!

  33. MartinS.

    My ticket was there when I got back last night. Thanks FEd ! Can’t wait !

    See everyone on Saturday.


  34. Angelo Ortiz

    Rudders, sorry to hear you’re passing through a tough spot…

    Here’s to better days ahead…cheers!

  35. Joe

    Lorraine, the correct reply would be “What do you mean? An African or European swallow?”

    My ill spent youth is rearing its ugly head again.

    Cheers to all.

  36. Matty


    Hope everyone has a great time on Saturday – just sorry I can’t make it this time. It was great to see loads of familiar faces last Thursday at the Odeon. Martin, Coventry Pete, Ralph, Ian and loads more from all over the world!

    Love Matty

  37. Matt

    Rudders…my sincere condolences regarding your young cousin. That’s just not fair.

    Glad to hear the wife is doing fine :)

    Chin up mate…

  38. KenF


    I echo Angelo’s & Matt’s sentiments.

    I’m sure Saturday will be a day to recuperate and provide you with solace from your recent dark days.

    Shine on…

  39. Veronica_from_Miami

    [O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S – Andrew]

    Nothing here in Miami either; although I have only been home since yesterday.

    I just called the theatre at the Falls and asked if there are any more tickets left for the show, they told me they have 29 seats left out of 103 designated seats.

    They told me the show begins at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). That means we won’t be seeing the part of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary which will be shown from 7.30PM (UK).

    When I asked them if there are any promotional materials, they said that they don’t have any at this point but they may be getting some in the next two days.

    I feel really bad for the fellow David Gilmour fans who don’t know anything about the premiere that is made available for them to enjoy here in Miami. This happened to us last year with the OAI tour. Some people are just not inclined to get on line and browse through the website; we were one of those folks until we found DG.com. We thank you for that.

  40. A-leon

    Thanks for that emailed link, worked like a charm and now we have finally uploaded the surprise video/photo/audio question…

    I have visited the Sacramento California theatre and they had informed me that they are previewing the Saturday performance before/after other movies. The box office as of Monday the 10th is at over 60% tickets sold of a theatre with seating of 170 persons.

    If it is OK I would like to contact the local radio stations to insure that the DVD premiere and DVD release get plenty of big shout-outs before the events?

    Thanks again and best wishes for a smooth operation Saturday….

    [Thanks very much. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. American radio is supposed to be telling Americans about this event, but, from what you’re all saying, it seems that they’re doing it in a very strange way. (In a new language? When the microphone’s switched off?) Feel free to contact your local station, if you wish. I’m sure that there are many people out there who are going to miss out on this because we can’t reach them all, and I find that very disappointing. – Features Editor]

  41. Simon J

    Rudders, it’s your old mate Simon here.

    I been through some tough time before me before, but I am extremely sorry for what has happened to you these past few weeks.

    One day, I’ll meet you in Ammanford, and we’ll have a few jars.

    I’m thinking about you tonight mate. You’re special in all our hearts.

    Remember, HAPPY DAYS!

  42. Ulli

    Hi Fed and all,

    regarding promotion, I never heard anything about the DVD and its premiere on German radio or tv, and like Andrew said, maybe we are just listening to the wrong media.

    However, as I posted earlier, FL´s great rockstations not only played a lot of PF and DG music, they also announce the release of David´s DVD, and its premiere in various US cinemas on September 16th. I have it even taped, just by coincidence.

    To Frank P, thank you for your notice for a meeting place with my Canadian friend, I´ll pass that on to her, but I´ve not heard of her yet if she will come, but I really hope so.

    I wish all the American Blogies a fantastic nite in the US cinemas, and to all Blogies who are so luck going to Ritzy, I wish I could have joined you, but sadly like Veronica said, timing had not been favorable due to various circumstances. But I´m so glad that I had the chance to attend the European Premiere exactly one week ago, and I can tell you all, you have quite something unforgettable to be looking forward to.

    Have ya all fun, our thoughts will be with you all at the Ritzy and the US cinemas. And I will buy my DVD already tomorrow. Yikes.


  43. Piotr Trumpiel

    Hello F*Ed,

    Thank you very much for the ticket – I really appreciate it.

    Here’s a question for David: Do you plan to share with us your memories in an other way than music? A book perhaps?

    A question for organisers: Don’t you have any leftover memorabilia items (t-shirts, caps etc.) from the tour to put on a stand and sell them before or after the event?

    Thanks again for the ticket – that’s why I moved to London :)


    [Have a great night, Piotr. – Features Editor]

  44. Bob Hamilton

    Hi Fed,

    Sorry to bother you, but my tickets have not arrived yet and I am getting a bit concerned. Please could you advise me, what you would like me to do.

    Thanks and sorry to bother you…


    [Don’t panic. If they don’t arrive today, they’ll be with you tomorrow, and we’ll sort something out on the night in the unlikely event of them not reaching you by tomorrow. (Remember when Royal Mail First Class meant that mail sent on a Monday would be with you on the Tuesday? Those were the days…) – Features Editor]

  45. Veronica_from_Miami

    Rudders –

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I hope your wife is doing much better.


  46. victor

    to rudders: i hope things pick up soon.

    to bob: i hope you pick up your ritzy tickets soon!

    to fed: i know that simple zone well.

  47. Will Poole

    Tickets arrived yesterday. Thanks for arranging them Fed. Very excited, looking forward to tomorrow.

    Easy to get there as my train stops at Brixton, taking my stab vest!

  48. Features Editor

    Well, it seems that the place to meet for a pre-show drink and chat is the Ritzy’s very own bar.

    Everyone is welcome, so don’t be shy. There will be name tags, apparently, so you’ve no excuse.

    You can collect your tickets at the door from 6.30PM.

    Doors to the auditorium open at 7.15PM. The first 20 minutes of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary will be shown from 7.35PM, with the film starting at around 8PM.

    The event will be over by approximately 10.30PM.

    On behalf of everyone here, we hope you all have a lovely time.