Ritzy meet-up

Remember That Night DVD (2007)Thank you all for your comments about Thursday’s UK & Europe premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall’. Whether you were with David at the Odeon in London’s Leicester Square, or at any of the other cinemas across Europe, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your night.

Particularly for those for whom English is a second language, you might like to read a transcript from the Odeon Q&A session here. Video is to follow shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for Latest News.

I thought you might like a dedicated space to arrange another pre-show get-together in advance of Saturday’s North American premiere – yes, that’s this Saturday: Saturday 15 September – which is to be broadcast live to 166 cinemas across Canada and the US, from the Ritzy in Brixton, London.

Everyone is welcome to join the party, so don’t be shy. There is a bar on the premises. However, if you know of a better place to meet for a drink and a chin-wag before the show starts, do send your suggestions.

There are still tickets available at some cinemas. For full details, please see previous entries concerning Canada and the US.

If you can make it to the Ritzy at short notice and would like to be on my back-up list, please send in your full name and address. However, please understand that there can be no guarantee that you will be contacted with the offer of tickets.

Please also note that this is a private event and you will only get in if your name is on the list. I would strongly discourage anyone from turning up on the night, fancying their chances of blagging their way in.

The film starts at 8PM (UK), but part of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary will be shown from 7.30PM (UK).


  1. victor

    to rudders: i hope things pick up soon.

    to bob: i hope you pick up your ritzy tickets soon!

    to fed: i know that simple zone well.

  2. Will Poole

    Tickets arrived yesterday. Thanks for arranging them Fed. Very excited, looking forward to tomorrow.

    Easy to get there as my train stops at Brixton, taking my stab vest!

  3. Features Editor

    Well, it seems that the place to meet for a pre-show drink and chat is the Ritzy’s very own bar.

    Everyone is welcome, so don’t be shy. There will be name tags, apparently, so you’ve no excuse.

    You can collect your tickets at the door from 6.30PM.

    Doors to the auditorium open at 7.15PM. The first 20 minutes of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary will be shown from 7.35PM, with the film starting at around 8PM.

    The event will be over by approximately 10.30PM.

    On behalf of everyone here, we hope you all have a lovely time.