Ritzy meet-up

Remember That Night DVD (2007)Thank you all for your comments about Thursday’s UK & Europe premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live At The Royal Albert Hall’. Whether you were with David at the Odeon in London’s Leicester Square, or at any of the other cinemas across Europe, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your night.

Particularly for those for whom English is a second language, you might like to read a transcript from the Odeon Q&A session here. Video is to follow shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for Latest News.

I thought you might like a dedicated space to arrange another pre-show get-together in advance of Saturday’s North American premiere – yes, that’s this Saturday: Saturday 15 September – which is to be broadcast live to 166 cinemas across Canada and the US, from the Ritzy in Brixton, London.

Everyone is welcome to join the party, so don’t be shy. There is a bar on the premises. However, if you know of a better place to meet for a drink and a chin-wag before the show starts, do send your suggestions.

There are still tickets available at some cinemas. For full details, please see previous entries concerning Canada and the US.

If you can make it to the Ritzy at short notice and would like to be on my back-up list, please send in your full name and address. However, please understand that there can be no guarantee that you will be contacted with the offer of tickets.

Please also note that this is a private event and you will only get in if your name is on the list. I would strongly discourage anyone from turning up on the night, fancying their chances of blagging their way in.

The film starts at 8PM (UK), but part of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary will be shown from 7.30PM (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

153 thoughts on “Ritzy meet-up”

  1. Thanks for this, I would love to attend, and I think the others would too…

    See you on Saturday

    Thanks again,

    [It’s our pleasure, Bob. Enjoy it. – Features Editor]

  2. As my directional skills are now legendary I shall be taken by the hand to any local establishment willing to have my company. Can’t wait…………………………

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    p.s Anybody wants post show drinks I’m in the same hotel on the Strand. ” A mere stones throw from Brixton, if you have a pocketfull of them mind you!”

  3. Dear Fed…. if possible can we be considered for 2 tickets for the Ritzy if they become available.. […]

    We had such a great time last week and it would be lovely to meet up again

    thank you

    [Certainly, Heather. I shall be in touch the moment two spares become available. – Features Editor]

  4. Great irony of ironies….American Airlines just announced a special to London: $330 round trip….


  5. Hi Fed,

    I am one of the “RITZY winners”…, GREAT NEWS!

    THANKS SO MUCH that I was invited to the event on Saturday, 15th. A dream come true for me!

    Hopefully meet you and some other fans there…, plane and hotel are already booked.

    Thanks again, all the best

    [Have a great time, Pete. Be sure to tell us all about it. – Features Editor]

  6. Hey Fed,

    If there is a program for the NA show at the Ritzy, will we be able to get a hold of one as well. Not that I am too greedy LOL!!

    Cheers, Howard

    [I should think that the same booklet will be available to all on Saturday, but will certainly check. Please let me know what’s on offer in North American cinemas. – Features Editor]

  7. I’ve just done a quick Google Maps look to see what’s near the Ritzy. There appear to be plenty of pubs nearby, but according to the reviews don’t seem to be the nicest of places.

    There is a bar around the corner called “Living Bar and Club” at 433 Coldharbour Lane, London, SW9 8LN that might be suitable. They have private rooms there so perhaps if there’s enough of us going we could book a room? I don’t mind organising it if we have the numbers (I’ll even get busy with some funky name stickers!) – what do you guys think?

    Otherwise any old pub will do…it’s about the company, not the place 🙂


  8. Is that a DVD or a CD sticking out of Davids head?

    Hope you all have a good time Saturday night down in Brixton,and all over North America.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  9. I’d like to say to you all that it’s so sad to not be with you at Ritzy.I wish you all to have a great time,and drink a drop of rum somewhere for me!

    Hi everyone,ciao Fed,

  10. Okie Dokie, Fed – Let’s all meet in the Ritzy Bar….don’t know that part of London all that well but it seems as good a place as any.

    Does anyone know what time the bar opens?

    Because of the timing of the buses between Nottingham and London, we get to Victoria Coach Station about 2-ish and will catch a cab up to Brixton from there. Not bringing the buggy this time!

    Are the tickets being sent out, Fed, or do we ask for the “guest list”?

    Love ya!
    Cori xxxxx

    [They’ll be sent out to UK addresses. Everyone else will collect at the door. – Features Editor]

  11. Hey Fed,

    Me again.. I saw the info that you will be taking extra questions for the NA show. Can I resubmit mine?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Sure. – Features Editor]

  12. I was floating on air when I read your e-mail, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Ritzy.

    Just a quick query re: no cameras, does that include mobile phones with cameras?

    [Please. – Features Editor]

  13. Hello Fed!

    Thank you for the transcript from the Odeon Q&A session.

    Anders Misfeldt wrote:

    [BTW: They didn’t hand out programs in Denmark (at least I didn’t see anybody with programs and I wasn’t offered one). Could I get a program sent to me as well?]

    [Only if you give me an address first. – Features Editor]

    Could I get also such a program?

    Here are my address data: […]

    Many greetings

    [We’ll see what we can do. – Features Editor]

  14. Hi Fed

    hope all of you enjoy the ritzy, wish i could be there.

    went to the york picture house. small and nice place. sound was good

    Fed any chance of a programme […]

    hope everyone has been voting for the award thing. im sure you all have.

    shout out to all irregulars out there and to all stateside, enjoy the show

    [Well, they were available in all the UK cinemas, that’s for sure. – Features Editor]

  15. A generous idea, the transcript here from the Odeon Q&A session, especially for us, non native English speakers.

    Everything here is always done for the maxi comfort of every fan, I know we are very lucky. Many thanks!

    I truly enjoyed reading part 1 and I’m looking forward to reading part 2, 3, …10, …?


  16. Is Wireman’s glass full of Beaujolais ?


    [No, it’s rum. For Emilio. – Features Editor]

  17. i hope you all have a great time at the ritzy on saturday. i have to work. it’s rum for me, too. 🙁

    i hope everyone’s voting for the blog each day. we have to win this award!!!

  18. F*Ed,

    In an attempt to do something completely different here…

    Is there something that I can do for you?

    Just asking…


    [Hmm. I’m sure there are lots of things, Matt. – Features Editor]

  19. [Me again.. I saw the info that you will be taking extra questions for the NA show. Can I resubmit mine?]

    [Sure. – Features Editor]

    Hey FED,

    Will there be a formal submission for this as time is obviously getting short for any recording? Or will it be like at the Odeon where some questions were just read out?

    Cheers, Howard

    [We would require the usual: photo, video and audio. – Features Editor]

  20. [… directional skills … – Geoff]

    LOL Geoff 😉

    Wishing everyone who will be attending as good a time as I had last Thursday. You will undoubtedly be in for a treat.

    Mich, I propose we get together and silently drown our grief for not attending in a lot of Beaujolais…

    Have a ball,

  21. [Hmm. I’m sure there are lots of things, Matt. – Features Editor]

    Animal, vegetable, friggin’ sharks with friggin’ lasers, bigger than a breadbox?

    Need the info…

    [I can’t think right now. I’m in the simple zone. – Features Editor]

  22. RE: Question

    Will you notify the winners and when?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Well, the winners have been notified, of course. I’ve got what I wanted out of you all, thanks very much. We’re just keeping the opportunity for someone to submit a too-good-to-ignore question open, now that US radio has decided that they’d like a way for their listeners to belatedly get in on the act. If we get a really, really, really good one, presumably, someone, somewhere, will let out an excited squeal and muggins here will send that person an e-mail requesting video and audio recordings, plus a photograph. – Features Editor]

  23. Not being a self-pretentious idiot here, but does wherever we meet up, could someone check if it has a decent TV there.

    Only reason I ask is that Wales are playing Austrailia that day.

    If the place doesnt have a tv there, no worries.

    [Get your priorities right, Simon. (I couldn’t agree more, mate. You need a telly.) – Features Editor]

  24. [I can’t think right now. I’m in the simple zone. – Features Editor]

    Either we have all been insulted or you are in a ball pit at Chucky Cheese…

    I do hope you took your shoes off!

    [Chucky Cheese? I wish! – Features Editor]

  25. [Mich, I propose we get together and silently drown our grief for not attending in a lot of Beaujolais…]

    Oh ! yes, ok, Ralph! and rum with Emilio would be good too !


  26. I apologize, FEd, if this question has (or will be) asked a million times before I post this, but….do you know if the US cinemas will also be showing the “Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine” documentary prior to the actual show, on Saturday?

    The ticket documentation I have suggests the show begins at 8:00 p.m. UK time, but I couldn’t tell if the documentary was something only for the audience in Brixton or not.

    Thanks very much for all your work & efforts, FEd!

    [Someone hasn’t read what I’ve written, way up there. It’s like a dagger through my heart, Lynn. It’s a good thing that I’m in the simple zone. (See the last paragraph, just above the pink ‘Vote for me!’ button. Which you don’t have to click on a daily basis, of course.) – Features Editor]

  27. NYC Meet-UP: Heartland Brewery Part Deux?

    Last year a group of us met at Heartland Brewery around the corner from Radio City Music Hall. As it turns out, there is a Heartland Brewery on Union Square about a couple blocks away from the DVD Screening Theater…

    So how about a meet up before and/or after? I can get there around 2pm before, and then hang out after for a couple hours…

    Heartland Brewery
    35 Union Square West at 17th Street

  28. RE: Question again

    So would I have to resubmit a new question since the first one was not chosen?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Go on, then. Hit me with a new one. The same goes for whoever fancies their chances and wasn’t e-mailed last week to be informed that their question has been chosen. (Of course, you’re all here as slightly nervous radio listeners now, so please act the part.) – Features Editor]

  29. That is one incredible picture heading this blog entry. No wonder this DVD is so good – everyone put their entire hearts into it.

    Have a good time at the Ritzy everyone.

  30. […]

    I still have the dreams of the echoes of high hopes obscured by clouds..or is it a wall..

  31. Angelo,

    Works for me! My wife and I will be there. Before or after, not sure which yet! Look forward to it!


  32. fed, what is the simple zone?!?!

    [It’s that place you go to, mentally, when you don’t want to think too much for fear of getting a really bad tension headache (not least because you’ve been banging your head against a brick wall for God know’s how long, you know it’s time for a break). It’s the next step, for when you’ve found that visualising gentle waves isn’t enough and you’ve bit your tongue so much that it’s bleeding. You know what I mean, right? The Simple Zone. Where all is simple. – Features Editor]

  33. OK. Here goes…and this is just off the top of my head.


    Greece seems to have had a long and close association with you and other members of Pink Floyd. This is obviously reflected in the On an Island album and the fact that you have lived there. What is it about the country that attracts you so and in so doing, influences the music you write?

    Cheers, Howard

  34. No1 re Nicksters suggestion to meet in a private room

    I personally don’t fancy that as I think we’ll have more fun in the Ritzy Bar and you never know whom we might see….Also it might be better to meet there as Brixton is a well dodgy area and as some of us are lone travellers, to my mind the Ritzy Bar seems safest, especially on a Saturday night, if you get my drift.

    No2 re Geoff from Dublin

    Brixton is miles from Strand. Get a taxi. It’ll be about £8. I hate the thought of you getting lost.

    Love Cori

  35. Hi Fed,

    Here is my “new and improved” question :-):

    David, at this stage of your career how do you handle a “moment of inspiration” and has that changed for you over the years? Do you drop everything and grab a guitar, make a note, hope you remember later…

    Thanks for the opportunity Fed…and of course David!!!


    Hope to be watching from Union Square, New York City

    Thanks, Rob_P

  36. FEd,

    I’m afraid today has turned out to be a very very dark day. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m afraid my wife and I will not be able to travel to Brixton this weekend. I am extremely disappointed as I’m sure you can imagine, as I have been looking forward to this gig for quite some time. Plus I have to cancel our flights and accomodation.

    I’m sure Geoff will continue to fly the Dublin flag high! But maybe somebody else can benefit from my loss and enjoy the tickets in our absence. I know it was stated only to apply for tickets if you were definitely going to go, but these circumstances were unforeseen. So I hope I haven’t p***ed you off too much. At least I got to see one of the shows…

    Anyhoo, I’m going to curl up in a corner and cry like a baby for the next 4 days. Enjoy the show everyone!!

    [Sorry to hear it, Brian. – Features Editor]

  37. Fed

    Hope you got my e-mail and phone message, GUTTED GUTTED GUTTED GUTTED oh and GUTTED.

    Like I say my hopitality will be yours for any of the reds games and I am very grateful for you efforts

    Cheers Mate
    5 times

    [I did get your message and I’m sorry that you can’t make it. Hard luck. – Features Editor]

  38. Matt – Is your shark a Great White? Or that rarer variety called a Pink Floyd!

    (Music from Jaws)

    Love Cori xxx

  39. [Brixton is miles from Strand. Get a taxi. It’ll be about £8. I hate the thought of you getting lost. – Cori Burns]

    Victoria Line last stop its etched on my hand ha ha

    Rgds Tom Tom Duffy ( Dublin ” I think???? ” )

  40. Hi Fed!

    Thank you for the answer of my question!

    Thank you that you give us this forum directly, questions to place and to get direct answers!!

    I wish you a beautiful evening

    (In the Cinemagnum Dresden (Germany) we could not buy this programme.)


    [You’re very welcome, Ina. You have a beautiful evening, too. – Features Editor]

  41. Fed… Ooo Yippee…. WooHoo…..

    Regarding the additional questions…

    Does this mean that the “Have you had your WEM Speakers re-coned question” can get asked”?

    I was going to apologise for taking the p*ss but I’d be telling porkies if I did…

    (Porkies = Pork Pies = Lies)

    [Sure. – Features Editor]

  42. [Matt – Is your shark a Great White? Or that rarer variety called a Pink Floyd – Cori]

    That is the “Quint”-essential shark joke Cori, bravo!

  43. Fed, just a couple of thanks if i may…

    thanks to you for the mail and all you do here, thanks to David & and all at davidgilmour.com for making this happen, thanks to our babysitters Theresa & Laura without whom we would not be able to attend on Saturday. We are really looking forward to the night and maybe meeting a few other members of this community.

    Thanks again – that’s probably a bit of over kill… been watching too many award ceremonies

    Tom B

    [You forgot God and I don’t feel that any tears were shed… – Features Editor]

  44. Raymond Lord
    Pointe-Claire, Québec, Canada

    I will be attending a Cineplex in Brossard Québec, Canada.


    I saw a shooting star, Saturday night. You probably know what my wish is.

    Question: Can you define the difference between the power of a gig in front of 60 000 fans and the intimacy of a concert of 500, like the Mermaid, which I attended. (Lucky me).

  45. I vote for the Ritzy bar as these Picturehouse cinemas are great places to hang out. I had a part time residence in the one in Southampton 😉

  46. Excellent news FEd!

    See everyone there. Thanks again. It’s very good of the site to go to such efforts to ensure fans are looked after.

  47. Home page stated opportunity for more questions for North America stay tuned to The Blog.

    That was over the weekend. Now the banner is gone.

    Being that it is Tuesday already and the show is Saturday, guess that isn’t happening. Would probably be a logistical nightmare too. Which is fine, just letting you know that some of us do read.



    [Look again. It says that “we are also taking additional questions for the North American premiere on The Blog this week”. (Do you think there’s just too much text? Serious question.) – Features Editor]

  48. O sure, update information after I sent out the last post.

    Yes, I did see the mention on the latest news page in small print about additional questions as well. And now I see several other responses above (thank you Howard) that defines what is going on. I guess I was expecting another Blog entry for additional questions with new rules.

    But please fess up, when you were informed about the additional questions was your reaction….

    “Those bloody American radio stations….#@*!%”

    O, and the transcript of the Q&A, that is slightly edited, isn’t it?



    [My reaction was something like that, yes. Don’t know about the transcript. – Features Editor]

  49. Can not wait until Saturday. I am a very happy man. Are the Tickets still been sent via Royal Mail?


    [Yes, they went out yesterday. UK only. – Features Editor]

  50. Very nice to see the video in a higher resolution! A great performance!

    I wonder if there are any shops around opening at midnight for the release this Sunday/Monday?

    – James.

  51. Hiya Fed. Me again!

    I wasn’t sure if you meant us Brits could submit a question for David, but just in case we could, here’s mine:

    Hello, David. Are you any good at keeping secrets and if so how hard was it to keep and who was involved.

    Dead nosy me! hee hee.

    Love Cori xxx

    [Do you listen to American radio? I’m sure we could all pretend to. – Features Editor]

  52. A friend of mine has had their question shortlisted to be part of the Q&A in the US/Canada and has received the first email notice but as of Friday has not received the second email with instructions for upload.

    The first email said an e-mailed link would be sent on Friday, explaining where/how to upload all media. That was not true….

    What does that mean Features Editor?

    [It means that your friend has a problem with his e-mail, because details have been sent out and everyone else managed to receive them. Another e-mail has just been sent. As you seem to share the same e-mail address as your friend, maybe you can help him find it. – Features Editor]

  53. Chad G.
    Washington, DC
    attending the DVD premiere at a theater near me


    When was the last time a neighbor complained about you playing your guitar too loud?

  54. Thanks for the Q&A page! No english people appreciated a lot. I appreciated!

    I heard it was a great evening and David was in perfect form. And the 15th will be also more wonderful.

    Ok, I start being envious. It could be an unforgettable night…

    All the best


  55. Dear Mr FEd!

    There is a mistake on the main page. The first photo of David playing guitar is labeled as “Castellorizon”, but the shot was made during the “Island Jam” performance.

    David performed “Castellorizon” with his famous black Stratocaster, but on the photo he’s playing Gibson Les Paul.

    Shine On!
    Greetings from Russia!


    [I’ll pass your message on. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  56. It looks a done deal already but I would endorse the Ritzy bar as a meet – the website suggests it’s open all day and as we all have to be there at the start-time why go anywhere else ? – I’m told they do jolly nice cake also 😉

  57. I’m hoping there are a few out there who read the Blog and are going to the Lloyd Cinema in Portland, Oregon to see the David Gilmour Concert and have an idea of where to meet before or after the showing.

    If you know of a place, please post it so we all can meet up.

    Take Care,

  58. Seems like the Ritzy Bar is going to be the place to be.

    Just remember, too much liquid will cause you no end of grief during the performace 😉


  59. Hi Everyone

    The bar at the Ritzy is really good, but it does pack out around film times.

    If you want a less crowded place could try The Prince of Wales across the road is which OK ish.

    Better still is the Satay Bar located on the outside of the Ritzy building – just walk down the street immediately left of the entrance.

    Best of all is the Trinity Arms in Trinity Gardens. 5 mins walk with beer garden in lovely quiet sqare away from the hustle and bustle of busy Brixton High Street. Post code is SW9 8DR.

    Be prepared for a very busy and crowded street between the tube and the Ritzy. Take your time and be patient and you’ll be fine – and its a very short walk to the Ritzy which is much less busy and has a nice open space in front of it.

    Hope this helps.


  60. Hello Raymond Lord…

    I wish someone would ask me your question…”Can you define the difference between the power of a gig in front of 60,000 fans and the intimacy of a concert of 500, like the Mermaid”

    My answer would be “At the smaller gigs there are less tw*ts shouting “WooHoo”, “Dave you rock” and “Bring it on home Dave”

    [And wouldn’t we all love to hear David saying that? – Features Editor]

  61. “Is that a DVD or a CD sticking out of Davids head?”

    It’s a Blu-ray, Gary, so it must be a HD-DVD…

  62. I know it’s very close, but if one spare ticket does become available for the Ritzy I’d appreciate being considered 😉

    Thank You.


  63. Hello FEd.

    Apart from Castellorizon and Q&A will we be able to see the fantastic Jam? what I saw on fan footage is absolutely mind blowing.

    [I don’t know yet, sorry. I wouldn’t have thought so. – Features Editor]

  64. I know this is a little off topic but I’m so chuffed I just have to share it with you all.

    Tonight I played the final league pool game of the season. We played a team from a nearby town, which was full of Welsh International Pool Players.

    I only went and won both singles and doubles. I was congratulated by both teams as the player of the year.

    Its very rare I’m extremely happy about something, but beating two Welsh Internationals in one night, signals the positivity of a great week ahead!

    Happy Days!

    [Well done, Simon. – Features Editor]

  65. why were tickets for the tour sooooo much more expensive than a 12.50 ticket to a local cinema to see a show?

    [Hmm, where do I start? (That’s not a real question, is it?) – Features Editor]

  66. Does David ever play any old stuff from his first two solo albums? And when writing new material where does he like to go to write?

  67. My impressions of the first clip of Castellorizon:

    Brilliant…but do we ever expect less! I love the idea of playing the track live as a lead-in to the dvd…. Well thought out too with the lighting and stuff (even the editing of it). I never thought the screening would get such a detailed production?….

    I won’t add to the thanks and appreciation because it seems so cliché by now.

  68. I have a ticket to Atlanta’s Regal Hollywood 24 Cinema showing of ‘Remember That Night’ this Saturday. I don’t need it since I’ll be at the Ritzy (!) but can’t figure out how to give it away. Looks like whoever picks up the ticket has to have my credit card to get it. I don’t THINK so! I’ll need to have the card with me so that I can buy rounds of drinks, won’t I?

    Anyhow, if you’re near Atlanta and want a free ticket and can figure out how to make it work, maybe you could post a message here and we can sort it out? A long shot, I think….

    Cheers, y’all,

  69. Hi FEd and all,

    This is all so exciting. Watching the videos and hearing all of your experiences has really made me excited for this weekend.

    I really loved the Q&A. So glad to hear David has just begun his solo career. That means more music, more friends, and more memories, to come.

    Just wondering if we will get a chance to see see the video of Island Jam. That was nice at the end of the Q&A to tease us all, seeing the guys get up stage. Or is this going to remain something special only for the people that were there?

    Hope you are staying busy FEd 😉


    [Wonder away. – Features Editor]

  70. Well Fed if you are taking more Questions I would like to try again, Maybe I still have some luck left in me.

    David, You have been playing concerts for almost forty years and I was wondering what is the most embarrasing thing that has happened to you while playing on stage.

    Thank you Fed for another chance.


  71. For Ulli and her friends in London Ontario. I can meet you at Turtle Jack’s in Guelph prior to the show. It’s in the same mall on Woodland Ave. as the Galaxy theatre.

    Fed, I won’t submit my question because of time restraints. I was personally devestated it was not chosen. But there was a reason, I think I know why. But it’s okay. Time will tell.

    As for programs, will there be any for Sat. My address is […]

    [I have no idea what will be available on Saturday. I was told that there wouldn’t be anything for Thursday and it turned out that there were these rather nifty booklets. In any sense, they were for fans attending cinemas in Europe and, for those who didn’t get one for whatever reason, we are happy to provide one. Please see what’s available for North America first. – Features Editor]

  72. Dear Fed

    Thank you so much. I’m honestly siiting at my desk shaking!!!

    My guest is my husband Phil of the same address.

    Monday is our 30th wedding anniversary so in anticipation of a wonderful DVD on the same day this will be a wonderful celebratory extra and to see David and all the other bloggers. Again it will be fantastic.

    A toast to you Fed and thank you so much.

    [You’re very welcome, Heather. I hope you and Phil have a great time. – Features Editor]

  73. Happy Wednesday,

    [the simple zone]

    I am a permanent resident.

    Pete – Coventry

    [It’s the only way to get by, I fear. – Features Editor]

  74. Hi Fed

    I thought I’d send you this to be polite and to thank you as my tickets arrived today.


    P.S dont suppose you could send me a sedative so as to calm my brother down? He nearly tore the ticket as he got that excited.

    Cheers Fed and hopefully we’ll see you there so I can buy a drink??

    Melanie and Vinny

    [You’re more than welcome. I hope you both enjoy yourselves. – Features Editor]

  75. Hiya Fed!!!!

    Can I thank you for the vids of the Q&A and Castellorizon. Really smashing. I wish there was some how I could get them on my cell, cos of the problems I have with my computer.

    Re the Ritzy Bar – well we’ll see you there on Saturday.

    I’m worried about Geoff getting lost so will you please pass my cell number to him which is […] and if he can’t find his way, and ends up in Timbuctoo, he can always ring for directions. See how benevolent I am!!!

    Have a smashing day, Fed. I really hope you can pop and say Hi to us all.

    Haven’t got tickets yet, BTW!!!!!!

    Cori xxxxxxx

    [Geoff, please check your e-mail. I won’t be there on Saturday, but hope you all enjoy. It certainly promises to be another night to remember. – Features Editor]

  76. [I’ll need to have the card with me so that I can buy rounds of drinks……Becky from Atlanta]

    Can I just state now that I was looking forward to meeting you on Saturday anyway 😀

  77. Dear Fed and All.

    I gotta tell you that I just found out there is an Arnold Lane, in Nottingham. There’s a pub down there called The Grey Goose and this is a link to a map of the area (click my name).

    Fancy me living near Arnold Lane. What will the neighbours say!

    HA HA HA!

    Love from………..you guessed it……..CORI xxxxxxxx

  78. Could somebody call me by telephone when David will play at the cinema?

    It’s a f***** sad thing I can’t be there.



  79. Dear FEd,

    Thank you so very much. We had two very excited young boys here this morning when our tickets arrived for Saturday’s Premiere (and also one very excited much older boy). We can not thank you enough for the tickets. Thank you.

    Something worth passing on to other attendees that I just found out is according to the London Underground website on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September the Victoria line is suspended between Victoria and Brixton replaced by a bus service. So if anyone is coming along that route, as we are, you are going to need to allow extra time.

    Thank you once again FEd, thank you, thank you, thank you. Just can’t wait until Saturday.

    [You’re welcome, David – have a great time. Thanks for the travel update. – Features Editor]

  80. Nice new wire man on front page Fed.

    Hope everyone has a great time this weekend, wish I could be there with you guys but I’ll be there in mind and heart. Plus Tracy will be there representing for us in NC. Sure hate to miss meeting all you guys but one day I will, I’m going to get a passport so I will be ready next time!!!

    Have a Blessed Day

  81. F’Ed just to let you know that our Ritzy tickets have just landed on the door mat. Thank you once again!

    As far as the tube problems that day, an alternative is to travel Northern Line to Stockwell and walk down – not too far – to the cinema.

    We are contemplating driving but are a little concerned about availability of secure parking near the cinema – if anybody has any suggestions on that front we’d really appreciate it.

    Are you sneaking in the back Saturday F’Ed?

    [No, I won’t be there, but I hope you all have a fantastic time. – Features Editor]

  82. [It’s a f***** sad thing I can’t be there. – Emi]

    We should find a way to comfort us…rum together? 😉

    Thanks a lot for the videos in the homepage. In a way or another, we have seen David…better than nothing!

    Good luck to David for the show and have fun you all, lucky irregulars!

    xx Love xx (I already started drinking…!)


  83. [Why were tickets for the tour sooooo much more expensive than a 12.50 ticket to a local cinema to see a show – Aaron Lucarelli]

    anagram for Aaron Lucarelli

    “Cranial All Euro”

  84. Tickets to the Ritzy arrived in this morning’s post – just thought you’d want to know.

    Thanks again…really looking forward to it.


    [Glad to hear it. Thanks for letting us know. Have a good night. – Features Editor]

  85. Cori

    The first house I ever bought was on Knowles Walk just off Bestwood Lodge Drive… 3.7 miles away from Arnold Lane…

    And I never knew! 🙂

  86. When will the Bluray version of “Remember That Night” ship?


    [When we have these details, and are sure that they’re correct, we’ll share them. – Features Editor]

  87. Got my ticket this morning!

    Thanks again to FEd and all at One Fifteen.

    Did Becky say ’rounds’? 😉

  88. [Look again. It says that “we are also taking additional questions for the North American premiere on The Blog this week”. (Do you think there’s just too much text? Serious question.) – Features Editor]

    I just think it is not as structured as I would expect. Dedicated Blog entry with instructions such as “No questions on PF reunion or personal nature, more than one question will be deleted, Send name, location, I am attending blah, blah, blah….” What we have come to expect from our fearless FEd. It is kinda of burried. It is mentioned in passing and even if you read everything you can still miss it. Trust me, I perfectly understand why as the “official” window has passed and this is just an accommodation or like we say in business “an exception.”

    Also, faithful followers of the Blog knew weeks ago what was going on. And reading between the lines let me say you have approached this in rather polite English way. The window is opened to ask a question but you’re just not going to make it simple. Which is fine because even though this does create the potential for more disappointed people (because I sense that the odds of someone submitting a question that is just “too good to ignore” is slim at best), it also creates a possible logistical nightmare to implement so late in the game.

    I asked my question already and I can certainly come up with 20 or 30 more but I’m not going to.



    [If American radio listeners hear that they can leave a question for David at David’s official site, they’ll find a way, and a place, to leave that question. The rest of you had your chance. If we make a big song and dance out of it (again), there will suddenly be lots of questions… and quality is always better than quantity, particularly at this late stage. – Features Editor]

  89. [Posted by: Cori Burns at September 12, 2007 12:17 PM]

    Thanks Cori. I know Brixton, it’s fine. I should be ok, so I should.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  90. [We should find a way to comfort us…rum together? ;)]

    Sure Lucia,but be careful.Rum is sexy.


  91. Thanks F’Ed

    Can’t make the cinema show this weekend due to grouse hunting season opener. David being the hunter/fisherman himself, knows where I’m coming from.

    Anywho, got the DVD on preorder to hold me over for the Bluray.

    Have a great weekend all!

  92. I seem to remember you mentioned in a recent post that there would be a (updated?) list of the RTN release dates coming soon. Is there any news on this and is the UK release still scheduled for 17th Sept? I’m taking the 17th off work so that I can have several hours of uninterrupted access to my DVD and TV whilst my kids are at school!!

    Many thanks

    [There should be news about the different European release dates later today. It’s still Monday for the UK, though. (And yes, before anyone asks, it’s still Tuesday for the US.) – Features Editor]

  93. Hiya Rudders.

    I live in Bulwell, Nottingham and know Bestwood quite well.

    Going up that way in search of Arnold Lane so that I can have my pic taken with the street sign.

    Another bit of Nottingham Nonsense is at the bottom of my road is a disused pit that used to make those flat topped nails called Brads. So now I tell people I live near Brad Pit and its the truth. Lol.

    love Cori xxx

  94. Fed,I loved your comment about the simple zone,great explanation!

    I would like to say hello to you,the bloggers and especially David because I’m leaving tomorrow to Spain for the erasmus programme on my own and I’m not sure I will be able to post a comment very often during the next six months.

    Maybe if you will come to Salamanca,let me know!You can come with David,you are invited!So,I will fulfil my childhood dream,and my current dream!

    I wish you the best Fed,especially to win the best music blog!I hope Saturday will be a great night,




    [Thanks very much, Piero. All the best to you on your Spanish adventure. – Features Editor]

  95. My tickets for the Ritzy arrived this morning. Thank you FEd 🙂

    I was icy cool snatching letters out of the postmans hands, I sorted through the envelopes to find one that looked out of the ordinary… there’s one, hand written… got over all the jumping up and down screaming stuff and set to work extracting DNA samples.

    I will know the identity of FEd by the end of the day ! (cackle cackle)

    ash X

  96. Just home from work and the tickets were on the doormat. Thanks so much!

    Sorry you wont be there, maybe see you some other time?

  97. Matt – .rofl. How true!

    Dear FUNKY FED!



    Love Cori xxx

  98. O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S. So far, no mention on the radio, no posters, no adverts of any type. Maybe I’m just not looking at the right places. I hope they didn’t make the wrong buy and place the spots on the easy listening radio stations.

    I wonder if anyone else has seen any promotion.



    [Indeed. I’d love to know if anyone has heard anything. – Features Editor]

  99. Deep joy, the post man has called and my tickets have arrived – thank you FEd.

    Incidentally, are there any other mad astronomers out there? I spend most clear weekend nights looking at the universe through my telescope listening to DG and PF on my MP3 – its very peaceful, may be even better than the simple zone.

    The neighbours think I am mad, but so what? I enjoy myself and it does not harm anyone else.
    Mind you, this Saturday night, I will gladly give the universe a miss!

    Cheers, and thank you again…..

  100. Many thanks for my ticket.

    Wishing we were all here,
    maybe one of these days,
    time will tell,
    see you on the dark side.

  101. [Sure Lucia,but be careful.Rum is sexy. – Emi]

    The man-of-my-dreams is tall 1,91 meters, so probably you are the one who should be careful, boy!

    But don’t worry, I will be kind, because if Saturday night we share the pain, maybe we will feel less sad to don’t be there…mannaggia!


  102. Anyone going to the premiere Saturday in the Buffalo, NY area wish to join us afterward?

    We, in the true spirit of slackers, have no organized plan. Make a suggestion and, if there will be beer available, we may be able to make it work.


  103. [anagram for Aaron Lucarelli “Cranial All Euro”]
    Ah ha! Nice one Matt! You got me thinking now…

    Pity I cannot go = Agony Tonic Pit!!

    …still in the same corner, sobbing away… despairing. Can’t believe I’m not going.

    FEd, I would have thought you could have done Stuart Maconie’s job just as well eh? You wouldn’t have needed any cue cards as I’m sure you know the questions off by heart at this stage. Plus, you could have flung a programme ninja style at the person who asked ‘when are you playing in my home town’!

    Also, even mentioning the fact that such a question was asked on the home page glorifies the fact that it was asked. I’d re-edit that bit!

    Oh and welcome back FEd. Forgot to say so the other day!

    [A programme? A chair, more like. – Features Editor]

  104. [The man-of-my-dreams is tall 1,91 meters, so probably you are the one who should be careful, boy!]

    Dear Lucia,please tell your man he’s out of the game from…now.

    I’m glad all of you are talking about postmen and tickets! hope you’ll enjoy it at furious levels…I’m goin’ now,I have the postman here …..let’s look…ok,it’s another bill.


  105. [I shall not anagram “Brian Kildare”…well I wont post the result, let’s put it that way ; )]

    Matt – you have me in stitches!! I just checked that myself, I see what you mean. What’s wrong with ‘Drinkable Air’?? ; )

  106. What’s all this smoochy smoochy between Emilio and Lucia eh?

    I told you your Cilla Black impression would come in handy one day FEd! Get out your little black number and your lippy…


    [I have to say that I did prefer ‘Surprise, Surprise’ Cilla over ‘Blind Date’ Cilla… – Features Editor]

  107. OK…it’s too late in the afternoon to think straight..what does the anagram mean?? I am dying to know.

    Cheers, Howard

  108. [O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S – Andrew]

    [Indeed. I’d love to know if anyone has heard anything. – Features Editor]

    Not a damn thing, radio or otherwise. What a shame people don’t know what they are going to be missing.

  109. [I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S]

    One of my patients told me that he saw a promo for the show at the cinema during previews.

    I went to the cinema on Sunday, there were no posters or advertisements anywhere. I was very disappointed.

    I have not seen or heard any type of advertisements from any media source in my area 🙁


  110. The classic rock station I used to work for is giving away movie passes and posters for the premiere outside of Baltimore.

    As a matter of fact, I was at the studios today and picked up some extra posters! They are cool, because the back of them are a mirror reflection of the front.

  111. Hi Fed

    Postman been and gone but no tickets – excitement put on hold until tomorrow.

    Will a copy of the “congratulations” email suffice on the night in the absence of an ecstatic postal experience?

    [You’ll have them tomorrow, you’ll see. Have faith. – Features Editor]

  112. Badges? Badges? We don’t need no steenkin’ badges!

    We will be at the Buffalo Brew Pub after the show consuming mass quantities microbrews and fatty foods.

    The secret question will be: “What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow”?

  113. Good Evening FEd,

    Spent nearly 3 hours stuck in traffic tonight, to be told my son had missed his guitar lesson for the same reason, but we still had to pay for it. Oh woe!

    However, there on the book case was a envelope with my name on it and a hand written (makes it more personal) address. Contained within, was one very special ticket. A ticket so precious that even £125 can not buy it and there are a lot less than 20,000 of them.

    Thank you very much, I am truly grateful.

  114. Hi Fed

    Got my Ritzy tickets this morning, thanks ever so much. I promised you a drink for sorting out the Odeon tickets so I hope I get to meet you sometime, and sorry not to see you this time.

    Have a good time, where ever you’re going, and if you’re passing through Brixton another time, give me a shout . . .


    [Thanks very much, Peter. Have a good night. – Features Editor]

  115. [No rounds of drinks for those refusing to wear their name badges! – Becky in Atlanta]

    Name badges????? I thought you and Nate were being silly!

    btw Becky, Tracy and I, will be on our way to London tomorrow evening. Anyone who will be available and would like to meet up on Friday should let us know.


  116. The Norfolk post has got it’s act together for once and I have my ticket !


  117. I’ve got my ticket. Really looking forward to Saturday. Thanks a million Fed.

    I guess the film will be the same as the Leicester Square show?

    Finally, a word of caution for folk travellling by tube, the Victoria Line is suspended between Victoria & Brixton all weekend. The Northern Line goes to Stockwell; from there catch a bus.

    [It’s the same film, yes. – Features Editor]

  118. Fed,

    Many thanks, I`ve not long got in, and I`ve received my tickets. Can`t wait until saturday!

    Cheers Fed!

  119. [O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S – Andrew]

    [Indeed. I’d love to know if anyone has heard anything. – Features Editor]

    The Toronto radio station Q107 is making a big thing of DG’s DVD release and the cinema show… they are running a competion for tickets to a screening in Toronto so we’re hearing about it regularly on the radio here… And they are regularly playing live tracks from the DVD which all sound wonderful…

    I heard Comfortably Numb from the DVD recently on Q107 and it is an excellent, excellent version… Arguably they are only playing old PF stuff but nevertheless they are giving it it a lot of air-time…

    So anyone thinking of emigrating to Canada should add Q107 as a damn good reason to come here! 🙂

  120. Guys…

    I’ve had a turd of a week so far… my young cousin died in his sleep at the age of 32 on Tuesday, today my wife was taken into hospital because of an elevated heart rate but she’s now fine and fast asleep at home…

    My workmates have been wonderfully supportive and reading the blog has relaxed me and made me smile… the energy, the friendship…

    Just want to say thanks Xxxxx

    [Sorry to hear that things have been pretty rubbish lately, Rudders. – Features Editor]

  121. Yesterday I went to see the theatre. No posters, just David Gilmour Sat. I’ve mentioned to people if they heard. No word or adverts of any sort. Sad really.

  122. I think I am going blind after spending the last few hours reading the posts.

    For those who are going to the Ritzy, be prepared for the TREAT. I wish I can stay behind in London and get over to Brixton/Ritzy and re-live those wonderful moments all over again. Unfortunately, timing was not in my favor with my UK trip schedule.

    ‘REMEMBER THAT NIGHT” is sure an appropriate and suitable title. How can we forget such an enchanting evening? Thank you once again David Gilmour and company for the wonderful experience and FEd, bless you.

    p.s. A much belated Happy birthday to Ian Pearson and Tomi Sue.

  123. I also got a letter yesterday.

    Some how, for something like this, thanks is not quite enough.

    However, Fed, those tickets are really appreciated.

    Cheers to all involved
    Pete – Coventry

    [You’re all very welcome. Thanks for confirming receipt and I hope you enjoy. – Features Editor]

  124. [The secret question will be: “What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow”? – Joe Ferrerio]

    9.81 ms-2 if you shoot them I believe. (It is that time of year isn’t it?)


    Did you really think I would compromise my non badge wearing principles for a drink – I didn’t realise you knew me so well, Gin and Tonic please!

  125. My ticket was there when I got back last night. Thanks FEd ! Can’t wait !

    See everyone on Saturday.


  126. Rudders, sorry to hear you’re passing through a tough spot…

    Here’s to better days ahead…cheers!

  127. Lorraine, the correct reply would be “What do you mean? An African or European swallow?”

    My ill spent youth is rearing its ugly head again.

    Cheers to all.

  128. HI

    Hope everyone has a great time on Saturday – just sorry I can’t make it this time. It was great to see loads of familiar faces last Thursday at the Odeon. Martin, Coventry Pete, Ralph, Ian and loads more from all over the world!

    Love Matty

  129. Rudders…my sincere condolences regarding your young cousin. That’s just not fair.

    Glad to hear the wife is doing fine 🙂

    Chin up mate…

  130. Rudders,

    I echo Angelo’s & Matt’s sentiments.

    I’m sure Saturday will be a day to recuperate and provide you with solace from your recent dark days.

    Shine on…

  131. [O, for what it is worth, I have to say that I actually have not heard or seen any promotion of the event in the U.S – Andrew]

    Nothing here in Miami either; although I have only been home since yesterday.

    I just called the theatre at the Falls and asked if there are any more tickets left for the show, they told me they have 29 seats left out of 103 designated seats.

    They told me the show begins at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). That means we won’t be seeing the part of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary which will be shown from 7.30PM (UK).

    When I asked them if there are any promotional materials, they said that they don’t have any at this point but they may be getting some in the next two days.

    I feel really bad for the fellow David Gilmour fans who don’t know anything about the premiere that is made available for them to enjoy here in Miami. This happened to us last year with the OAI tour. Some people are just not inclined to get on line and browse through the website; we were one of those folks until we found DG.com. We thank you for that.

  132. Thanks for that emailed link, worked like a charm and now we have finally uploaded the surprise video/photo/audio question…

    I have visited the Sacramento California theatre and they had informed me that they are previewing the Saturday performance before/after other movies. The box office as of Monday the 10th is at over 60% tickets sold of a theatre with seating of 170 persons.

    If it is OK I would like to contact the local radio stations to insure that the DVD premiere and DVD release get plenty of big shout-outs before the events?

    Thanks again and best wishes for a smooth operation Saturday….

    [Thanks very much. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. American radio is supposed to be telling Americans about this event, but, from what you’re all saying, it seems that they’re doing it in a very strange way. (In a new language? When the microphone’s switched off?) Feel free to contact your local station, if you wish. I’m sure that there are many people out there who are going to miss out on this because we can’t reach them all, and I find that very disappointing. – Features Editor]

  133. Rudders, it’s your old mate Simon here.

    I been through some tough time before me before, but I am extremely sorry for what has happened to you these past few weeks.

    One day, I’ll meet you in Ammanford, and we’ll have a few jars.

    I’m thinking about you tonight mate. You’re special in all our hearts.

    Remember, HAPPY DAYS!

  134. Hi Fed and all,

    regarding promotion, I never heard anything about the DVD and its premiere on German radio or tv, and like Andrew said, maybe we are just listening to the wrong media.

    However, as I posted earlier, FL´s great rockstations not only played a lot of PF and DG music, they also announce the release of David´s DVD, and its premiere in various US cinemas on September 16th. I have it even taped, just by coincidence.

    To Frank P, thank you for your notice for a meeting place with my Canadian friend, I´ll pass that on to her, but I´ve not heard of her yet if she will come, but I really hope so.

    I wish all the American Blogies a fantastic nite in the US cinemas, and to all Blogies who are so luck going to Ritzy, I wish I could have joined you, but sadly like Veronica said, timing had not been favorable due to various circumstances. But I´m so glad that I had the chance to attend the European Premiere exactly one week ago, and I can tell you all, you have quite something unforgettable to be looking forward to.

    Have ya all fun, our thoughts will be with you all at the Ritzy and the US cinemas. And I will buy my DVD already tomorrow. Yikes.


  135. Hello F*Ed,

    Thank you very much for the ticket – I really appreciate it.

    Here’s a question for David: Do you plan to share with us your memories in an other way than music? A book perhaps?

    A question for organisers: Don’t you have any leftover memorabilia items (t-shirts, caps etc.) from the tour to put on a stand and sell them before or after the event?

    Thanks again for the ticket – that’s why I moved to London 🙂


    [Have a great night, Piotr. – Features Editor]

  136. Hi Fed,

    Sorry to bother you, but my tickets have not arrived yet and I am getting a bit concerned. Please could you advise me, what you would like me to do.

    Thanks and sorry to bother you…


    [Don’t panic. If they don’t arrive today, they’ll be with you tomorrow, and we’ll sort something out on the night in the unlikely event of them not reaching you by tomorrow. (Remember when Royal Mail First Class meant that mail sent on a Monday would be with you on the Tuesday? Those were the days…) – Features Editor]

  137. Rudders –

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I hope your wife is doing much better.


  138. to rudders: i hope things pick up soon.

    to bob: i hope you pick up your ritzy tickets soon!

    to fed: i know that simple zone well.

  139. Tickets arrived yesterday. Thanks for arranging them Fed. Very excited, looking forward to tomorrow.

    Easy to get there as my train stops at Brixton, taking my stab vest!

  140. Well, it seems that the place to meet for a pre-show drink and chat is the Ritzy’s very own bar.

    Everyone is welcome, so don’t be shy. There will be name tags, apparently, so you’ve no excuse.

    You can collect your tickets at the door from 6.30PM.

    Doors to the auditorium open at 7.15PM. The first 20 minutes of the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary will be shown from 7.35PM, with the film starting at around 8PM.

    The event will be over by approximately 10.30PM.

    On behalf of everyone here, we hope you all have a lovely time.

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