Leicester Square tickets


Apologies for the disappointment, but it has been decided that any tickets that we are able obtain should be given to those who fell victim to the Odeon’s double-booking error, which has left fans without tickets for Thursday’s UK & Europe premiere.

Sadly, there is an insufficient supply of spares and no returns in circulation, so we cannot help in the way in which we intervened during the Royal Albert Hall shows last year, for example.

Presently, this contest is only raising people’s hopes (especially when some clearly don’t read more than a few words beyond tickets and grabs).

So, regrettably, I have no Leicester Square tickets for you. Please don’t put your name down for non-existent tickets.

If I can help, I will contact you tomorrow, but I make no guarantees.

There are still tickets available for the North American premiere in Brixton on Saturday 15 September, however. This will be much the same as Leicester Square, with a live performance and Q&A, only in a smaller setting.

If you’d like tickets for The Ritzy, please click here.

Following on from last week’s Ritzy give-away, I now have some tickets for Leicester Square up for grabs.

How many, I don’t know.

However, if you were unable to purchase tickets, or if you were one of the unfortunate souls caught up in the Odeon’s double-booking error, do let us know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

As before, all I ask is that you tell me your full name and full address, as well as your guest’s.

Don’t forget that there is a pre-show fan get-together arranged at the Imperial pub on Leicester Street from 5PM (UK) on Thursday. Everyone is welcome, so why not call in for a quick drink?

There are still some tickets left for the Ritzy, too. I’ll let you know who gets them just as soon as our allocation has gone.

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank you all for sending in a question for David. There were so many good ones to choose from, it really wasn’t easy whittling the list down. However, whittled it, I did, and I have now contacted the senders of my favourite 20 questions: ten for each premiere.

I have also sworn them all to secrecy to keep an element of surprise; although, as I keep stressing, there is no guarantee that all 20 will be used, so we’re all in for a surprise.

If you did not receive e-mail notification on Thursday (UK & Europe) or today (North America), then, regrettably, your question was not selected. However, I hope you will enjoy David’s answers to the questions that did make it through, and are sure that you’ll all enjoy the premieres on Thursday 6 September (Europe) and Saturday 15 September (North America).

There are still some tickets available. For a complete list of European venues, click here. And don’t forget Canada and the United States.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

93 thoughts on “Leicester Square tickets”

  1. double booking error???

    alarm bells are ringing.

    can you offer any more info on that? before i storm into the odeon with a confirmation email and demand something be done!

    im not sure what i would like to be done, but something will definaltey have to be done

    [You might want to contact them, but it seems that those affected were e-mailed on Friday. See the previous entry for messages by Michael Donovan and Alex Paterson. – Features Editor]

  2. Hiya.

    As I am in Row Z….any chance of me swopping it for something downstairs nearer the stage. Can’t go upstairs as I don’t like heights in theatres.

    Not a prob, just great if you can.

    Thank you. Lots and lots and lots of love
    Cori xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    [No chance. Some people have been told that their tickets aren’t theirs at all, and now they won’t even get in on Thursday. That bothers me more than someone being closer to the back row than the front. You could try and swap your tickets with someone else. Just not here. – Features Editor]

  3. Dear Fed and all,

    Will this be an exiting week…!

    I checked the calendar to look for next chat-dates, but there aren’t any. Are you too busy, Fed, or is there another reason? I just thought that it would be nice to talk to other fans after the event, maybe the next day.

    I hope we’ll all have a very exciting Thursday!


    [I’m quite sure that we’ll all have a very exciting Thursday. I’m sorry, but I’m taking a few days off from Wednesday, so there will be no chats scheduled until I get back. – Features Editor]

  4. Geeeez, great goodies Fed!! Wish i was in better health…so, how many days until the DVD? Have mine pre ordered so should be here on release day!!

    p.s. what a goal by Babel eh?

    [An absolute beauty. – Features Editor]

  5. Geoff Duffy


    My good lady has decided to attend the Ritzy with me so if I could have another ticket ( 2 in total ) I would be delighted as she would too.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy


  6. Does this mean there are tickets still available!!? I NEED two tickets!

    [No, it means we have a couple of tickets on offer as a prize. – Features Editor]

  7. I’ve just remembered this little gem from Name That Tune: Part Five.

    Made me laugh out loud when it came to mind!

    “run like hell

    [Very good. – Features Editor]”

    Brilliant stuff.

  8. Hi FEd,

    That would be most distressing if I bought tickets and they were double booked!!!

    I will try to call the hotline although am sure I will be talking to an automated tape!!!

    Would you know if the stalls seats are affected or the location?

    Thank you and will also read the messages to M Donovan and A Paterson now



    [I don’t know which seats are affected, sorry, but you would have received an e-mail from the Odeon. – Features Editor]

  9. Melanie (and fellow Irregulars),

    You may be interested to know that the October issue of MOJO contains a Four Star review of RTN.

    Albert Hall ‘06.
    May contain lengthy guitar solos.

    “David Gilmour doesn’t do half measures: his band once moored an oil rig in front of the Piazza San Marco to stage a show as Venice didn’t have a stadium big enough for Pink Floyd.

    So it’s no surprise that this show was filmed with 23 high definition cameras to bring every note in full string-bending close-up detail.

    Getting through the On An Island segment is a chore,(How dare he!!!) but in part two Echoes sends the portly (what is the reviewer trying to say!!) audience into rapture, FTCOF with Graham Nash and David Crosby is spine-tingling, and David Bowie makes Arnold Layne his own.”

    MOJO also has an in-depth article (12 pages) about the 40th Anniversary of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, with Pink Floyd on the cover, and new interviews with Floyd‘s four surviving members.

    There is also a 6-page feature about Syd, entitled A Year Of Living Dangerously.

    MOJO Radio (via SKY: Channel 0182 or FREEVIEW Channel 721 or via http://www.mojo4music.com) are coincidentally having a Pink Floyd Weekend – Sept 14-16 Starting @ 21:00 on Friday 14th …and includes DAVID GILMOUR LIVE on Sunday 16th @ 23:00.

    [You don’t work for Mojo, Ken, do you? We have had to keep some surprises. – Features Editor]

  10. Hello FEd and bloggers,

    Here again in Italy,but next week since 9th to 12th of sept I will be (job reasons) in Canada – Ottawa.

    What days for Ottawa cinemas? And what about the ticket?

    This evening, for me, it’s “The piper’s day”…I’m going to buy it for the third time in my life.

    Kisses from Rome

    [15 September for Canada, sorry. Please click your name below for details. – Features Editor]

  11. Hi FEd

    Hope you had a better weekend than me, damn head cold.

    To put my mind at rest can you tell me what the procedure is for ticket collection on Thursday, do we just queue with credit card and email comp in hand as we go in, or do/can we pick them before hand?

    Hope this isn’t too dump a question for you to deal with.


    [Not at all. (I’ve got a cold, too. A complete drag, colds, aren’t they?) You can collect your tickets at any time. You do need to present whichever card you used when you placed your order, and it’s always worth printing out and taking any confirmation e-mail received, or jotting down any reference number that you may have been given at the time of booking. – Features Editor]

  12. hi features editor

    me again, see i was telling the truth when they sent me an email saying:


    i booked my train and hotel, took time off work and i’m going to london, so can i please apply for 1 ticket


    many regards

    mike donovan

  13. [You don’t work for Mojo, Ken, do you? We have had to keep some surprises. – Features Editor]

    No FEd, I don’t.

    Just thought it would be cool to bring this info to people’s attention.

    I know the Beeb are doing quite a bit of stuff on David and PF in the near future too.

    You can never get enough of all things DG & PF though…. (True?)

    [Well… – Features Editor]

  14. ‘ello Governa’!!!

    I’ve been working like crazy and went away with the family to upstate NY. Now am catching up here. Tickets for the 15th?! Wow! I’m drooling at the chance, but have to respectfully decline as the pocketbook has been a little thin recently…

    This is a great place, man…. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Maybe I can sell an organ? You know I would….hmmmm….

  15. another blog contest? too cool!

    i’m going to be watching in bath that night. can’t wait!!!

    i hope someone who got let down by the odeon gets these tix. i really feel for michael and alex.

  16. Hi Fed et al,

    just back from an extended hol, and boy have I missed so much here.

    I’d love the chance to attend with my wife Liz & friends;


    I’m raging I didn’t get a chance to submit a q for Mr Gilmour. Good luck to those that have their questions in,

    hope to hear from you later…..

    Tom B

    [You mean The Ritzy, Tom? – Features Editor]

  17. Dear Fed.

    Oooo! Well I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers.

    I even put in the blog ‘no probs’, and like I’ve blogged several times before the fact, that I am so happy just to be going to the Odeon and seeing David that I don’t mind where I sit!

    Nevertheless, I am very cross at the Odeon for messing up big time and its they who should be taken to task….not little old me!

    Love Cori xxx

    [It’s not ideal, is it? I’m very disappointed that fans have been dicked about. I’m sorry to say that, at this point in time, it doesn’t look as though much can be done to help. There are simply not enough tickets for everyone. – Features Editor]

  18. [I’m taking a few days off from Wednesday]

    I’m very, very happy for you, enjoy !!! and take more if you can !!! We will wait for you tout le temps qu’il faudra !!!


    [Thank you. I’m sure you can all live without the blog for a few weeks… – Features Editor]

  19. [i hope someone who got let down by the odeon gets these tix. i really feel for michael and alex.]

    so do i, please, let them have tickets first!!

  20. Hi David, how do I enter the competition for the leicester square tickets?

    [See above. You only need to read the first four sentences. – Features Editor]

  21. Hi Fed,

    thought it was Leicester Sq tickets today must have got it wrong. If the Ritzy is in London I’ll go but only need 2 tickets now Fed if available – sorry for messing you around

    Tom B

    [It’s two tickets only for Leicester Square/the UK & Europe premiere, I’m afraid. Please see the previous entry for details of the event in London (Brixton) on Saturday 15 September. You can have up to four tickets to attend that one (the North American premiere). – Features Editor]

  22. CHICAGO bloggers: Jessica, Steve Lafayette – others?

    I’m wondering if you have plans to get together after the cinema showing on 9/15? You may have heard me lament that I’ll be unable to attend as I’m working with a client all day that day in your town. I’ve never been to Chicago and it would be nice to meet up with you later that evening and hear about the show.

    It may be a moot point as I may be unable to break away, but it sure sounds like fun to me…


  23. [See above. You only need to read the first four sentences. – Features Editor]

    Again, a genius one liner. 🙂

    – James.

    [You mustn’t encourage me, James. – Features Editor]

  24. Hello!

    I am very disappointed that On an island is not playing at any Norwegian cinemas. It was supposed to do that.

    Does anybody have an answer why it is not going to play on any Norwegian cinemas?

    In Sweden it is going to be on 15 cinemas.

    Myself and many David Gilmour fans in Norway are very disappointed.

    First it says on the blog and Davids page that its going to be on Norwegian cinemas, but no.

    [I can only apologise and assure you that I genuinely am very, very sorry. It was going to be shown in Norway – and in other countries, too. The deals with the cinemas, for one reason or another, simply could not be made on time. That’s all there is to it. – Features Editor]

  25. [Maybe I can sell an organ? You know I would….hmmmm….]

    Please make that be an internal one Angelo !

  26. Fed,I hope you’ll be at The Imperial on thursday,you deserve a cold beer.

    See you soon,

    [Thanks, mate. Enjoy yourself, won’t you? – Features Editor]

  27. [Thank you. I’m sure you can all live without the blog for a few weeks… – Features Editor]

    A few WEEKS !!!

    A few days maybe F’ed – who would begrudge you that ? – but A FEW WEEKS …. this is not just a hobby you know …

    Can you leave the chatroom keys under the doormat and we’ll just let ourselves in …??

    Or perhaps that marvellous chatty stand-in could make a return ???

  28. The lengths you go to here at DG.com to keep fans happy is heart warming. Nice to see you offering the spare tickets to those who would be so bitterly disappointed at being double booked.

    Fabulous photo heading this blog too.

    Sorry I can’t join you in London.


  29. I think that’s absolutely the right thing to do with those tickets. Hard to believe all the tickets for The Ritzy haven’t been gobbled up by now, though.

    Have a great few days off, Fed. Just don’t forget to come back!

    [Thanks very much, Steve. I’ll try not to forget. – Features Editor]

  30. Hallo FED, hallo bloggers

    I am really working too much….

    However, FED, I have ordered a lot of things (not only the DVD) I hope no problems this time…..

    Last Saturday I was in Venice and seeing St. Marco square I have to say that without David, Polly and the band (and the collapsed stage too!!!) Venice is not the same…

    Ciao a tutti!!!

  31. Fed, is there an age limit as to who can go see the Ritzy Premiere?

    The reason I’m asking is that my 13 year old brother has asked if I could try and get him a ticket?

    I dont know if I can though as I’ve already asked for myself so if you could give me some advice I would be very grateful.

    Thanks Fed,and have a great break,you deserve it with all the work you put into this great site.

    [I’d be more than happy to add your brother as one of your guests, Melanie (we have to get these youngsters listening to good music, after all), but I will check the age restrictions for you first. Remember, you can take three guests… – Features Editor]

  32. Man oh man, FEd your patience and stamina never ceases to amaze me with all the trouble you have to put up with. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was your fault (would it?) but when you seem to be the fall guy for others then my heart goes out to you.

    I know I have dropped clangers before but at least when one makes their own mistakes we can remedy that in a quick and controlled manner.

    Have a great break from this site and dont go anywhere near a computer, dont touch a key board and dont dare look at a monitor whilst on holiday. Promise???????

    Ian Pearson

    [Bless you, Ian. I appreciate that. – Features Editor]

  33. reply to KEN – Melanie and other blogger’s about Mojo

    Thanks ken for letting me know.

    My mum was looking on as I was reading through the comments and she commented on how friendly everyone here is, I went on to tell her how I have never met such a kind, friendly bunch of people before.

    I am proud and thankful to be a part of such an amazing network of people who have been brought together by such an amazing musician!!

    Thank you Mr Gilmour (and Thank you Fed for keeping it all going).

    [Aww, shucks. – Features Editor]

  34. To the editor

    is it possible to send a message through here without it being posted if requested but only for someone to read?

    [Absolutely. – Features Editor]

  35. Thank you Editor to the answer to my first question, that was very keen of you to know that (smiles)

  36. (Age restrictions)

    Thanks Fed for your help and I’ll wait to hear from you.

    [I’m waiting for confirmation, but if the venue sells alcohol, aren’t there restrictions on under-16s? Or is that only if they are not accompanied by someone who is over the age of 18? More on this as soon as possible. – Features Editor]

  37. Hi FEd,

    Hey Odeon, leave my seats alone!

    Looks like Odeon have some sympathy after all. I had to call several times and fill their mailbox with complaints but I think I’ve got my 3 tickets back. I even got a telephone call from the Odeon manageress, she was a star!

    I explained about the time off work I had taken, flights, accomodation etc and hoped they could put as much effort into fixing the ticket shambles as I was making to be there for the show in London.

    A message to Michael Donovan and all who have lost out – Don’t ever give it up my friend. I was prepared to stand at the back or sit in the aisles.

    I’d like to thank everyone for the show of support on the DG website for all of us who lost our tickets.

    I was going to apply for 2 tickets for the Brixton show for myself and my 7 year old son who is also a fanatic (It’s not a school night, and he hasnt seen David live yet) but there are far more worthy people deserving of these tickets who have also been put through a nerve racking and disappointing couple of days.

    See you at the Imperial for a quick pint before the show.

    [Excellent news, Alex. Good for you. There are two tickets for Brixton with your name on, if you want them. Just click your name below and send in your details. – Features Editor]

  38. Im a bit curious about where the picture for David’s first album was taken any ideas?

    [That’s one for the FAQs page. – Features Editor]

  39. It’s wonderful hearing all the great things happening in the UK and US, but poor old Australia is missing out again.

    I’m new to this blog site, but certainly not new to the talents of David and his team. I’ve been a fan for over 35 years and can’t wait to see him play again.

    I hope you all enjoy the DVD release.

    ‘Keep the good times rollin’

  40. Hi FEd, could you clear up a rumour for me?

    The rumour is that “Remember That Night” is going to be broadcast on BBC1 on the 8th September.

    [Some of it will be. BBC1, Saturday, 10.55PM. – Features Editor]

  41. Doing my own head in now so,Fed,please forgive me?

    So that there isnt a mix up I thought I should pass on my brother’s detail’s just incase he can go?


    Thanks Fed,I promise not to do your head anymore (at least not for a couple of days anyway,lol)

    [No problem. (For the record, we’re talking Brixton here, not Leicester Square.) – Features Editor]

  42. [The reason I’m asking is that my 13 year old brother has asked if I could try and get him a ticket? – Melanie]

    Hehehehe…you go girl! Get that brother of yours to that theatre!!! Time for the Gilmourettes to take action! Super mascot/sheep (with pearl necklace and pictures of David on them…lol Tim) to the rescue!…

    Anyways, FEd, hope you have a nice little holiday on, what is it Wednesday? Relax…again! Enjoy your mini vacations! 😉


  43. [Thank you. I’m sure you can all live without the blog for a few weeks… – Features Editor]


    However, you deserve a damn good break so forget about us lot for a while.

    [I only said ‘weeks’ to wind you up, by the way. I’ll be back on Monday. – Features Editor]

  44. I asked my boss if i could leave work early on thursday to get into town, when i told him why, he smiled & told me to have a wonderful time. He bought himself a copy of On an Island on my recommendation.

    I cant help but worry that the Odeon will have a few more nasty surprises come thursday evening but thats just me, a natural worrier, my first priority on thursday is picking up the tickets then once i have them in my grubby little hands we will find our way to the pub.

  45. Don’t suppose there’s any chance you could sort out the Tube strike before Thursday too, is there?

    Sorry – couldn’t resist, enjoy your break (I think you may just need one).

    [Pointy sticks would sort that out. – Features Editor]

  46. Hey FEd, glad to hear you’re taking a well deserved break. Makes me want to break out with a limerick but I already did one along the subject a while back:

    There is a ‘dude’ called FEd
    Who never seems to go to bed
    He works twenty four – seven
    Creating our little heaven
    He needs a break in the Med!

    I hope you enjoy the break and maybe, just maybe we’ll meet this Thursday or possibly next Saturday!


    [Thanks, Brian. – Features Editor]

  47. Hey Fed,

    You may want to post a warning over the Tube strike in London which will cover the Thursday evening. This will make a lot of our arriving and leaving a real misery unless you are staying next to the venue.

    In other words, allow for plenty of time getting there.

    Cheers, Howard

    [You and Jeremy have done so, but it will be made clear in the next entry. – Features Editor]

  48. Hi All

    As I’m just as interested in lyrics as music, and as Polly Samson co-writes the lyrics with David, I’ve ordered Polly’s book ‘Out of the picture’.

    So I was just wondering if anyone has read it, or her short stories?


    [It’s a good read, Peter, and we discussed it here a while back. Have a look at some old entries: ‘Gibson Amphitheatre’ (14 April 2006), ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ (16 April 2006), ‘RAH ticket update’ (4 May 2006), ‘World Café’ (8 May 2006), ‘XM Radio’ (10 May 2006). Click your name below to get started. (Tell me, the picture in the ‘Gibson Amphitheatre’ entry: do you see faces in the seats?) – Features Editor]

  49. Great Limmerick Brian and look forward to hearing more of same in Imperial.

    Yes Lorraine tube strike real pain. I plan to walk from Kings Cross.

    Great news Alex and look forward to seeing you there

    Ian Pearson

    [What would be really good is if you all meet somewhere, like Kings Cross, and walk the rest of the way together, singing. – Features Editor]

  50. [I only said ‘weeks’ to wind you up, by the way. I’ll be back on Monday. – Features Editor]

    OH! We were all going to talk about you behind your back as well. (good things of course)

    [There are bad things? I can’t believe it. – Features Editor]

  51. [For the record – Brixton not leicester square]

    Yes Fed,we are talking Brixton Ritzy.

    My brother,like me,was brought up listening to PF and then we went onto David’s solo material and he loved that too.

    For a 13 year old he suprises a lot of people when he talks about his musical interest but my mum loves it because it means she doesn’t have to listen to Techno pop or rap bursting from his speakers in his room.

  52. name that tune? time.

    btw, i believe both myself and rob now have 4 tickets each to the brixton gig (not my fault i swear!!) so if you run out, let me know and ill kick robs ass, and work out returning those we dont need or meeting people before hand etc etc.

    [No, you don’t. You’re down on my list as having four tickets between you. – Features Editor]

  53. Just to give you guys the heads-up. Our party is no longer able to make Thursday nights premiere so I’ve just returned 4 (good) tickets for a refund…. they should be available now… be quick.

    Have a good time all.

    [Sorry that you can’t make it, Gary. – Features Editor]

  54. Hey F’Ed;

    I sure hope that your head cold gets better soon. I get those a couple times per year and I know how annoying they can be.

    For the Irregulars attending the big event on Thursday, I hope that the transport strike doesn’t make a head cold seem desirable by comparison!!

    Every time the New York subways have a strike, it effectively closes the city down. Subways and busses go on strike at the same time, meaning that the only ways to get around are on foot, bike, or the extremely expensive and often hard-to-find taxis.

    I hope it is not like that in London on Thursday; still, those of you who are not accustomed to big-city living should be ready for it if the strike does happen.

    [Thanks, Dan. – Features Editor]

  55. Hi Fed,

    Have been a regular reader of the blog and have always enjoyed the comments, just wanted to ask a question, was there or is there any chance the RTN concert will be released on CD?

    Hope the cold clears up for the hols


    [Thank you, Chris. There’s always a chance, but not just yet. – Features Editor]

  56. weeks?!?!?! glad you were only winding us up, fed.

    to alex paterson: i’m really happy for you. 🙂

  57. Hi Ya Super Fed! (as opposed to Super Ted).

    Yeah, my mum told me all about the tube strike. Then my dad on the other side of London rang and told me, and then my sister. Half an hour after that, my neice Sarah rang to say…..you guess it “there’s a tube strike on Thursday!”.

    I KNOW!!! Bless em! I actually found out in the morning, alright! Shame!

    I’m travelling down from Nottingham on my little red electric scooter via a National Express coach along with myself….. (I mean I’m hardly likely to leave me behind, am I, but you know what I mean!)…..then driving it around the capital cos of the tube strike.

    I rang the Odeon to see if it’s OK to bring it and put it in the foyer, and they said “yeah”. Dunno whether to believe them or not in the light of things, so we shall see. Hmmmmm!

    If the worst comes to the worst, David will just have to look after it backstage for me, as long as he doesn’t ride it! No, I’m not being mean, David. It’s just you aren’t insured!

    LOL! Beep Beep.

    I bet David is looking forward to Thursday.

    I wonder if he is going to sing Comfortably Numb. (Probably, after sneakily trying out my scooter!!!)

    I don’t know why but I just got a feeling that might be the song he sings, but any of the songs would be absolutely wonderful and a real treat and I can’t wait.

    Looking forward to meeting everybody at The Imperial.

    Shine on!

    Love and kisses
    Cori xxxxxx

  58. [The rumour is that “Remember That Night” is going to be broadcast on BBC1 on the 8th September.]

    [Some of it will be. BBC1, Saturday, 10.55PM. – Features Editor]

    KOOL. Got a gig. But will tape it. What programme is it on, please Fed!

    [That’s all I know, sorry. – Features Editor]

  59. [I only said ‘weeks’ to wind you up, by the way. I’ll be back on Monday. – Features Editor]

    But it certainly does appear like weeks. A quick look at the Calendar and you see that there are no chats scheduled for the entire month. There is a risk of many irregulars having to visit local infirmaries for treatment of that rare affliction called DG chat withdrawal.

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes.


  60. BTW, Fed….I sincerely hope you have an utterly fabulous holiday, come back nice, and relaxed and in an exceptionally good mood.

    Enjoy yourself and/or whoever you are with!

    Love and kisses.
    Cori xxxxxx

    [Thank you. – Features Editor]

  61. “Audaces fortuna iuvat”
    The fortune helps the audacious ones

    Dear F.Ed. and Bloggers

    just to tell you that the work-plans and the troubles go ahead together in any job, i hope you and the organization will be able to arrange everything in the best way :

    my heart is beating for you all, good luck!


  62. [Yes Lorraine tube strike real pain. I plan to walk from Kings Cross…..Ian Pearson]

    We’ll be walking down from Euston Ian and no one knows me in London so…….

    [What would be really good is if you all meet somewhere, like Kings Cross, and walk the rest of the way together, singing. – Features Editor]

    …and we could take torches and some of those laser pointer thingys…….but what to sing………

    [‘We’re On Our Way To Wembley’ (“We’re on our way to Wembley! We’re on our way to Wembley! Na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na!”) is a good one. ‘We’re On Our Way To The Odeon’ doesn’t have quite the same effect, though. – Features Editor]

  63. Just thought I would let you know that you can’t even find any promotion of the RTN showing on the Odeon website. I understand the event is sold out at Leicester Square but you figure that at least some kind of promotion would still be there. The only thing there is if you select the theatre and click on Thursday there is one line in small text saying the event is sold out.

    Just mention this as I see several posts for people who said they returned tickets and then say to go online to purchase them.

    So, for kicks, I took a look at the websites for some of the other UK cinemas. The info is there but you have to search for it. If you click on silver screen and look at the date of the 6th, RTN is not there. But when you click on show all events, it shows up. Some sites have a teaser box with a link.

    I know you have little control as to how the sites promote, just thought you should know.



    [I couldn’t agree more, but I’m not supposed to say that. – Features Editor]

  64. Excuse my ignorance but have we decided on a meet up for Brixton should we be lucky enough to get tickets ??????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin Airport)

  65. Just wanted to say…enjoy your time off, FEd! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a nice, long vacation than you! Hope you get to do something fun and relaxing.

    And…to all the bloggers going to the Odeon…I know you’ll have a great time! I’m thinking of you guys! And, when the blog returns, we’ll all want to read your reports. Have fun, everyone!

    [Thank you, Lynn, but it’s not long…. – Features Editor]

  66. […and we could take torches and some of those laser pointer thingys…….but what to sing………]

    WHERE WE START? TAKE A BREATH? Or in my case Waterloo Sunset.

  67. [‘We’re On Our Way To Wembley’ (“We’re on our way to Wembley! We’re on our way to Wembley! Na-na-na-na! Na-na-na-na!”) is a good one. ‘We’re On Our Way To The Odeon’ doesn’t have quite the same effect, though. – Features Editor]

    Why not the following:

    David Gilmour was a merry old soul
    and a merry old soul was he.
    He called for his Guy
    and he called for his Phil and
    he called for his other mates three.



  68. [Hi FEd, could you clear up a rumour for me? The rumour is that “Remember That Night” is going to be broadcast on BBC1 on the 8th September.]

    [Some of it will be. BBC1, Saturday, 10.55PM. – Features Editor]

    Many thanks to Jonathan for starting the rumour mill.

    Very appropriate timing by the Beeb, FEd. RTN following the Last Night Of The Proms from RAH…

    Here’s the link for anyone interested (click my name).

  69. RE: Tube

    Management and the Union are talking as we speak. Keep your fingers and toes crossed…

    Cheers, Howard

  70. Last week you mentioned that notifications for the Q&A winners would go out Monday (yesterday). Did they?

    I hope you enjoy your vacation. It is well deserved.

    [The senders of our favourite 20 questions have now all been notified, yes. – Features Editor]

  71. I was driving home from Lake Tahoe last night and my 12 yr old son was using my laptop in the back seat. After a while I heard a distinct *ping*. I asked him why he picked that song and he replied, “Well it’s your favorite, so I thought I’d give it a listen.”

  72. Enjoy the holiday FEd…

    “Breaking a stick with a brick on the sand
    Riding a wave in the wake of an old Sedan”

    When are you going/back?


    [Honest answer? Going tomorrow, back Saturday. Answer with too much honesty? Going right now, back in the New Year. It’s just a few days away. Not much of a holiday, really. – Features Editor]

  73. Ooohhh I’m happy!

    I have managed to put off my planned events for Thursday so I can now attend in Bath after all!

    When I called for tickets they said they still had a few left too so get in there quick!

    Cheers, Jon

    [Enjoy it, Jon. – Features Editor]

  74. News Just in (Dreamland)

    David Gilmour will be singing the Welsh National Anthem at both events!!!

    That would be top of the charts, instantly!!!

    [Simon, that’s the best (well, only) laugh I’ve had all day. Diolch. – Features Editor]

  75. I know I said I wouldnt do your head in for a couple of days but I just wanted to ask if you’d heard anything about whether my brother (final decision down to you of course) can get into the Ritzy?

    If not then no problem, he’ll have to wait till I get the dvd.

    Anyway, have a great holiday Fed and see you soon

    [We’re confident that, as long as any under-16s are accompanied by an adult (and don’t try to buy booze), there’s no problem. Your brother will be very welcome. Hope he enjoys it. – Features Editor]

  76. I can’t believe there’s still tickets available for the Sept. 15th show @ the Ritzy. I wish my family and I could pond hop over for that one.

  77. Hello FED and ALL !!!!

    Well, I am certainly wishing I was on a certain island right about now, pending Tube strike and all. Looks like the weather should cooperate for you folks for the most part. That is a shame about the double booking issue and cancellation of the contest. Well, what can you do ?

    I gather from reading here that you are getting on the north side of getting over that nasty summer cold, eh, FED ? They do suck. Hope you are better by Thursday, FED, I really do.

    To all of you who are frequenters here, I am wishing that you are all well. Veronica and Randy, I hope you both have a grand time and all the rest of you going to the show, ENJOY !!!!

    Well, I shan’t be long here. I admit that I have missed getting my daily fix here. Getting new tile floors put in to my kitchen today and tomorrow which is why I am taking an extended vacation, so to speak.

    Can hardly wait for the 15th, Saturday to roll around. Woo hoo !!!!!!! Still trying to decide where I’ll be catching it though. I guess it depends on the availability.

    To be continued…

  78. I’m nervous. . . every time I’ve tried to see David in recent years, something/life has conspired against me to prevent it happening.

    I will be at Stratford. Anyone else going, I’ll see you in the queue. I’ll be the hysterical one.

    I think this whole Cinema thing is a great idea. There should be more of this sort of thing.

    Fed, enjoy your few days off, you must be very wicked, you never seem to get a rest 🙂

    ash X

  79. Puuhhhh, I´m really lucky about the decision to arrive in London on Wednesday. So its enough time to find a way to hotel and Leicester Square.

    Wish all others a very good and problem-free journey and maybe I will meet the wanderers from Euston.

  80. I am still recovering from last Thursday the 30th here. Caught OzzFest up in West Palm Beach. My voice is just about back to normal. Excellent show. **** 1/2. Whereas last years Gilmour in Venice was ********** show !!

    Speaking of which I managed to find a couple of pictures that I had printed up. God, what memories !! Mind you, the standard of star ratings is 5 stars being excellent. I know it kind of seems superfluous to rate David’s shows as ten, but it’s rather appropiate since it was two concerts.

    Anyhoo, I hope you get better quickly, FED, you are too precious to be knocked out of commission. And to anybody else that is suffering from a summer cold.

    Well, it’s now noontime and I am hungry as hell. Two cups of coffee on an empty stomach ! Oof ! Time for some fast food !

    Take care of yourself, FED. I guess we have to look forward to October for chat, eh ? BUMMER !!

    But what can you do…when you’re one of the few…when we land on our feet. In fact I’m flat on the floor. Guess what I’m listening to ? : )

    Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart !

    BTW, Gabrielle, I am very pleased to hear that BarnFest was such a success. Wished I could’ve been there ! Ciao !

  81. [Thank you. I’m sure you can all live without the blog for a few weeks… – Features Editor]

    I don’t know FEd, a few weeks without you…Whatever shall we do?

    You deserve a nice long holiday, for all of your work you put into this website!

    At least we will have RTN to keep us occupied.

    Thank you for your hard work you do for David and us irregulars, et al…

    Have a safe and restful holiday FEd, you will be
    missed enormously.



  82. [I only said ‘weeks’ to wind you up, by the way. I’ll be back on Monday. – Features Editor]

    Ooh F’ed you little tinker.

    Oh and Kim, sshhhh, you’ll get me shot!

  83. Thanks Fed (re: Ritzy) you’re a gent.

    I won’t tell my brother yet though, I’ll tell him when it gets nearer the date, can’t wait to see his face.

    Thank you

    [You’re very welcome. – Features Editor]

  84. it’s all go here! dont pop round for a day or two and miss all the shenanigins

    er did anyone ask why the 6th of september in their questions? just curious

    can’t wait myself, if it goes without a hitch maybe it could be a regular occurrence? live from astoria maybe? 🙂

    hope everyone’s fine?

  85. Hi FED,

    wish you a nice HOLIDAY!

    However, wondering when you will post/contact the WINNERS of the BRIXTON contest!? I have to book my plane and hotel for LONDON, so hope it will be not later than end of this week.

    Hopefully I will win these 2 tickets…

    best wishes

    [I’ll have e-mailed all winners by 10PM (UK). Keep an eye on your e-mail. – Features Editor]

  86. It was meant to be a holiday
    Building castles by the sea
    Another way to live for you and me
    Time to pause, consider what we’ve done
    The wind is blowing, so come,
    Let’s take a holiday…

    Well deserved F*Ed ‘ol chum, sail on…

    [Thank you. That’s the perfect note upon which to call it a night… – Features Editor]

  87. I know that everyone must be getting antsy for the show on Thursday. I’m imagining Lorraine, Ian, and other bloggers hoofing it to the show, laser lights in hand and marching in time to Take A Breath — perfect song for striding! Have fun everyone!!

    FEd, enjoy your mini-holiday. I think you deserve a more extensive holiday around, say, October 4! Without all the dvd release events/deadlines to keep you stressed to the max, you should be able to really enjoy your aging celebration;-)

    Raymond, BarnFest was such fun — wish you could have been here, too! Maybe next time?

    Mmmmmmmmm, Pompeii ….

    Peace and love to you all!

    [Thanks very much. See you all on Monday. Be good. – Features Editor]

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