Enjoy, North America?

September 6, 2007: Rehearsing at the Odeon Leicester Square, London. Photo: Polly Samson.How did yesterday’s North American premiere of ‘Remember That Night’ go? Do tell.

I’d love to know where you saw it and what you thought of it – and everything in between, of course.

I’d also be very interested to hear from the fans that were invited to the Ritzy. I hope you had a good time.

Again, please post lengthy comments in bite-size pieces. There is a character limit in place and I would hate for your messages to be missing a proper ending.

The ‘Remember That Night’ DVD will be in shops across Europe (except for Finland and Sweden) tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

182 thoughts on “Enjoy, North America?”

  1. I’m just wondering if it’s a mistake that I’ve got the DVD already, or did those who pre-ordered it get it sooner?

    By the way, it’s amazing and Echoes is unbelievable!

    [That’s great, Stephen. That happens sometimes and, when it does, just be glad. It’s no mistake. That’s the way it should be. (Did you order from Anthill/via David’s site?) – Features Editor]

  2. Continued…

    Other than I was crying in all the requisite spots. The guitar solo from The Blue just touches some raw nerve. Castellorizon just haunts me. And On An Island with Msrs. Crosby and Nash well…and their contributions throughout along with David made for great vocals. Take A Breath just took my breath away and of course Echoes !!!!!! My only other criticism would be the bloody naffers with their cell phones. Hell, in one shot I could see this one cell phone kind of floating around like a duck in one of those video games. Can you shoot the cell phone ? I could’ve sworn I could almost make out the phone’s screensaver !!

    Other than that it was like being transported to Heaven and seeing this earth bound angel earn his wings by making people feel connected through his expressive music,and Roger’s, Richard’s and Nick’s and of course Syd’s.

    Nice to hear some familiar names when the Q & A came up. To all of you I know, great questions !
    Gabby, it’s nice to put your face with your name now ! And who else, Ayako ? Mike from Ct. George Gipe ! and some other familiar names I heard. Great job everybody !!!

    The set after the Q & A, just had me speechless ! And have I finally laid ears on Island Jam ?? If that was, God, that had me reeling ! Somewhere in that movie theater should be my head !! Blown away ! I am buying RTN first thing Tuesday morning !! I hope everyone else enjoyed today as much as I have as I’m sure about David must feel tonight !

    With friends surrounding,
    Dreamers may leave, but they’re here ever after…

    To be continued…

  3. Continued…

    David, thank you again for your gift of true heart felt musicianship.

    Polly, thank you so much… you’ve even managed to have touched a chord in me with the vocals on Smile, makes me cry sometimes, so sweet…

    Ah, I am in BLISS………. Just wish I was with Lisa tonight, instead I’m home here with my ma, we’re heading up to my grandmother’s place tomorrow.

    At least I have David Gilmour to sing me one of his lullabies. Think I’ll listen to OAI and drift off to the coast of Dreamland with OAI as my soundtrack for the night…and think of my Lisa…..(content sigh). God, what a day !

    Well, FED, I do have to tell you that, NO. There were no programs at all. FSPD !!!!!!!! Rather bothered me. I felt gutted to learn there was not any knowledge of programs. God, I would do anything for a program, FED ! Anything ! You could have my mortal soul if I could…please, if you could procure one and keep it off to the side I would be indebted to you immensely. […]

    Thank you for everything lately, FED and everybody here for making this a most excellent place to convene and enjoy each others company and camaraderie.

    God Bless you, Sir David and Lady Polly !

    Peace and Love To All !! Cazart !

  4. [That’s great, Stephen. That happens sometimes and, when it does, just be glad. It’s no mistake. That’s the way it should be. (Did you order from Anthill/via David’s site?) – Features Editor]

    Actually I ordered from Play.com and got it yesterday morning. So I guess I got to see it before the American premiere. 😛

    I use them a lot, plus I ordered U2’s new POPMart DVD – also directed by David Mallett funnily enough – from there at the same time as David’s.

    I have to say David Mallett – he’s directed most of my favourite concert DVDs – and the editors have done a great job on this. It really brought it all back. Richard’s keyboard work during Echoes was very impressive and FTCOF was excellent!

    RIP Colin McRae

  5. I was there in row D at The Ritzy, a night I shall always remember. I will probably never have that chance again to see David that close up and watch him play – awesome !!

    I play guitar myself and David has been my biggest influence on guitar since 1982 when I started.

    Please Please, if there are anymore events like this in the UK, where ever or when ever, put my name on the list.

    Fed, I can not thank you enough.


  6. We saw it in Buffalo ny and had a great afternoon.

    There was a pretty good crowd at our theater. I think it’s safe to say everybody enjoyed.

    It was incredible, that’s all there is to say!

  7. Hey All,

    Well this week’s showing in Burlington Ontario was quite a bit different than the previous week for obvious reasons…but no less enjoyable. I went with Rudders and a friend of his and R was so enthusiastic that he wanted to be there 3(?) hours ahead of time.

    I had to calm him down in order to get the requisite # of pints in before the show ;-)))

    The theatre, disappointingly, was less than half full so there was plenty of choice in where to sit. R and I were shocked to see the turnout. A shame cause folks missed a fab show.

    I really enjoyed the Q&A more this time as David seemed far more relaxed than the Odeon do. Perhaps because he was surrounded by friends…Geoff D, I saw you on the front row..you lucky so and so.

    I think I must be the only one to have sat beside a big screen Q&A celebrity for both events LOL!!

    On the way out R and I managed to score a really nice poster which will have pride of place on the wall.

    Fed, I take it there were no programs for the NA leg of the premiere? Just what was at the Odeon?

    Cheers, Howard

    [I’m pretty sure that they were produced by EMI for Europe only. It isn’t clear whether or not they were available anywhere outside the UK (it appears that they were not). David’s record label in North America and around the world is, of course, Sony. Presumably, they could have produced a similar brochure to commemorate last night’s event if they’d wanted to. – Features Editor]

  8. My wife and I attended the show in Orlando, Florida. The crowd was smallish, but very appreciative.

    We thought the playing by David was extraordinary, both on the video and during the “jam”. The Q&A was a bit uncomfortable even for us in Florida when the one gentleman wouldn’t give up the mic and kept rambling on, ahh the joys of live broadcasts.

    Well done in all and hope to see David and the band playing in the States soon.

    Tuesday shall be spent buying and watching the complete dvd set with an obligatory half day off from work.

  9. First off I would like to say thank you to all involved who have worked to make the whole experience so enjoyable. David, the band. FEd, the bloggers and the list goes on and on.

    I was lucky enough to be one of those selected to ask a question of David (the first) and found this quite exciting, seeing myself on the big screen and having David answer my query.

    I was also in Buffalo but was disappointed at the turn out. Very poorly promoted in our area. Everybody’s loss who didn’t go.

    FEd, will this Q&A be put up as a video like the European premiere?

    I hope that DVD arrives soon.

    Thanks again FEd.

    [I hope so, Joe. I was told on Thursday that we would be filiming at The Ritzy. – Features Editor]

  10. Yesterday was really cool. I saw it in Burbank, California.

    David coming up to jam out Castellorizon was neat and going straight into the concert film was cool. The Q&A session was funny also. It’s nice to know that David’s a big Beatles fan like the most of us are. The Breaking Bread documentary was entertaining also.

    Anyway, I had a good time and I ordered the dvd yesterday also.

    Thanks to everyone involved who made the screenings possible. It was great!

  11. Hello David,

    I attended in a small theater in Brunswick, Maine and thought the whole thing was amazing! I had also attended the first one you did last year at this same venue. What a marvelous band and Echoes was fantastic! as was everything else.

    Unfortunately, they did no advertising for the event at all and I shared the theater with around 20 others – but we were all very enthusiastic, with clapping and comments to the screen.

    It was a thrill for me. I always buy everything Gilmour/Floyd – you’ve been an inspiration to me as a guitarist and musician for most of my life. I’ve seen you 23 times over the years… cont.

  12. Hi there

    I enjoyed the ritzy last night, didn’t quite live up to the one last week, but was still good fun!

    was almost spoiled by a couple of guys behind me in row D 19 and 20 I believe, who talked at the top of their voices for the duration of the whole thing. which just really cheesed off everyone around us, at one point during the RAH stuff, one of them actually answered their phone. they were asked about 10 times by people around them to be quiet and just enjoy the show, but they just refused to be quiet. shame that sometimes the minority spoil it for the rest of us.

    anyway. Q and A was fun and i enjoyed castellorizon as always.

    thanks for my ticket FED, was really fun, and nice to see some of our friends from here again.

    did you get along FED?

    [I didn’t, sadly. Glad that you enjoyed it, though. Sorry to hear about the clowns in row D. What is it with these people, eh? It’s a shame that we can’t gag people on their way in. – Features Editor]

  13. And it was a great pleasure to see Richard with you again and the two of you so enjoying it. I can’t wait to pick up the DVD at 12:01am Monday night.

    Keep up the great work, we need more great music in the world!

    Ralph Jessie – Topsham, Maine, USA

  14. Many tears rolled down my cheeks watching the band. My normally unmoved husband was very impressed w/ Rick on keyboards. Me, I’m a guitar girl, hehe.

    David you have not lost it and never will. Alot of musicians are like fine wine, improving with age. You, sir are the finest.

    Waiting for my DVD and am going to show it to all my friends!!!

    ~LI, NY

  15. My wife and I watched the screening in Arlington, Virginia. It was fantastic!

    The thing that I liked most was seeing the love that David and his bandmates had for each other and the pure joy they felt about the tour. Everyone just looked really happy and relaxed, and this showed up on stage. The DVD really captures the magic of the tour.

    Well done to everyone. And, of course, great thanks to Mr. Gilmour for sharing his music with us.

    All the best,

  16. I had the luxury of being at both premieres. I certainly enjoyed the event at the Odeon far more than the theatre show here in the US since I was able to see David Gilmour live and the live jam at the end with the band.

    For the show tonight, there was a 5 sec feed lost during the DVD at the theatre I went to and then the speaker started having static on and off for approx. 20 mins.

    All in all, the show was spectacular. The reception of the DVD was great and it captured everyone’s attention – a lot of chuckles and many applauded during the shows, including the PF songs.

    Q&A was entertaining and David Gilmour had his usual charm in addition to adding a little humor to his answers. It’s definitely unique seeing both David Gilmour and Phil Manzanera on stage chatting rather than jamming. I thought Phil using “cue” cards at the intro was a humble gesture for the event.

    “REMEMBER THAT NIGHT”…for me and my husband, it would be TWO special nights. Thank you again David Gilmour and Company to continue the ‘HIGH HOPES’ journey for all of us and FEd for all your efforts and time.


  17. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was…that was…(I’m speechless) I absolutely loved the DVD, and oh my gosh, I definitly enjoyed David’s blue socks!!! 😀

    I laughed so hard, especially when Guy cracked a joke, so anyways, I can put some faces to some names now in the chatroom!

    The guitarist from one of my local tribute bands (sorry FEd, I have to say this) even congratulated me!

    Wow! I still can’t believe that just happened, and I’m sure I will definitely remember that night.

    So I’d like to thank a few people…FEd! For having this wonderful site, and keeping us updated, and for David! For actually letting us ask questions, (and maybe enjoy his dress code a lttle too much);-)…and for Polly, who caught alot of the “behind the scenes” footage, and photos for this wonderful movie, and for everyone else that made this movie a spectacular event …so cheers!

    Kim Carr

  18. Another fabulous evening with David and the boys. The venue itself was lovely and cosy, retaining all the warmth of a yesteryear theatre, in sharp juxtaposition with the locale. I must admit that putting the words “Brixton” and “Ritzy” together seems like the oxymoron du jour 😉

    We got there about 5-10 minutes into the documentary and had to apologise to ten or so people as I tiptoed past them to get to our amazing seats…B10 and B11…(thank you SO much FEd and One Fifteen). Whilst crushing others toes and apologising profusely the friendly familiar west midlands accent of Adrian Kav pops up!

    And then there’s others…Becky from Atlanta, Neil Pudney, Nate…and more! Becky thought Neil was me and I had to get Adrian to verify my identity. I mean, there is only one nickster (thankfully eh?!) 🙂 Having all the bloggers together was brill and really felt like our little ‘club’, with loads of excited familiar faces. Totally fab!

    Again, I learned loads from David’s Q&A…as well as more faces to names… Ayako, KC Drummer, Rudders, George Gipe and probably more that my ailing memory forgets. Such great questions too and some really insightful answers from David (e.g. the question about picking a track from each decade…I loved that one in particular). I think we were all squirming a little during one question from the floor but it passed quickly enough without incident.

    To be continued…

  19. The show was amazing! I don’t have words to describe it. People clapped and cheered throughout the show, but Echoes definitely brought the house down.

    Having my question showed was the icing on the cake. I love David’s response. Many people will agree that he is perhaps the best guitarist of all times, yet he said he is still learning to play the guitar.. He’s so wonderful.

    Thank you very much to everyone who made this possible.

  20. I know i have already posted last night about my trip to the Theater but i cant help it i have to say it again it was AWESOME.

    To see our bloggers there in person, and the ones i knew in video asking their questions, it was so cool. I have to admit i cried some, it was so emotional, just like being at NYC watching him live again.

    I talked to some of our bloggers last night and some of them got to meet some bloggers at their theater, that was cool, There were not any of our bloggers at my theater or i would have known or at least they would have known me. i was loud to let them know i was a blogger when the guy stood up and said what he did about our blog and everytime i saw someone i knew i let the place know, so im sure there were none there but thats ok. i will get to meet you all soon i hope.

    I hope everyone had a good time at Ritzy, you all sure looked like you were having a good time, you lucky bloggers. I was even talking to Tracy on Phone while she was there in London at Ritzy and i was at the theater. it was so cool. it was like she gave me the opportunity to be there with her, it was great. Arent cell phones great at times? i think so.

    Thanks again Fed and One Fifteen for giving us this opportunity, it was totally awesome.

    David was so relaxed while answering questions, he is so down to earth, would love to join him on one of his campfires while he plays. David, Polly, and the Band make such beautiful music together, so pure and relaxing, there’s nothing any better in the world to see or hear. They are all so talented.

    Bless you all and hope there’s more to come. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Love you Guys and take care and keep writing and singing.

  21. Hi Fed, my wife & I attended the show in Ancaster, Ontario were we both thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings. We had a good crowd, but it was not sold out.

    The concept of this whole event was amazing – thanks to all who helped put this event together!

    For me, Arnold Layne & Echoes were the highlights of the show. The Q & A was also special. The suprise was to see the Island jam feature from the European premiere.

    I too was the lucky one to get the theatre poster from the show. As soon as i walked out of the film room, it seemed the girl was waiting for me, with the poster in a tube, & handed it to me before the film room door closed behind me. That was just the icing on the cake from an Awesome event!

    They also gave away a nice postcard, which had a $3 off coupon for the DVD, which i will use on Tuesday!

    Now a question for you FED;

    Are you aware that Best Buy in the US is selling the DVD with a bonus 3 track CD – i was wondering, if you can confirm if the 3 tracks are audio from the DVD?

    P.S. Sadly there was no program given out at my venue. If you ever get extra’s from the European shows, add me to your list for a request for one.

    Thanks again to everyone


    [I’m aware now! Nobody has mentioned any three-track Best Buy exclusive to me, I’m afraid. I hope to get some details on this tomorrow. I’m sorry to be of no help whatsoever. – Features Editor]

  22. Yesterday I treated three of my pals to share in the experience of “Remember That Night!” We are from Detroit, MI and went to the AMC Theater in Livonia, MI which is a suburb of Detroit.

    In all honesty we were surprised that the venue was not sold out. In fact it the four of us thought something was amiss, due to the fact that there were about 30 or so people in attendance.

    Dave and crew, you need to get on the local promoter as very few people knew about the event!

    I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed the presentation top to bottom! The question and answer session made us laugh when the bloke from Brixton went on his mad little diatribe about his poem and gift. But in the end it’s all in good fun!

    My hope is that my music ends up in Dave’s car cd player one day, which would be the best way I can think of to say thank you for having been a great inspiration to muscians for so many years!

    Much love and respect from Detroit, MI!

  23. Saw the show yesterday afternoon. What a spectacular performance! Great selection of songs, very well filmed, can’t wait to buy the DVD on Tuesday.

    Thank you very much!

  24. It’s me again.

    If I had known we could ask a question without using the video I would have submited one, but I dont like me on video so I didn’t. But I had a good question. I tried to get in touch with Tracy to get her to ask, but by the time I got her on Phone, the Q&A was over. Next time I will. I won’t tell you what my question would have been, because I know that’s over now, but it was a good one.

    Well, maybe next time.

    [The situation with the questions was made very clear from the start: if your question was chosen, you had to send us a video or, failing that, a photo and audio recording of you asking your question. We had a back-up list, should it transpire that there was time to fit in a few more of the questions that you’d sent in (it would have been nice to have had these videoed as well, but we didn’t want to disappoint anyone else unnecessarily). The only other people that got to ask a question were those present at the Odeon and Ritzy who, by chance, were selected. – Features Editor]

  25. It’s hard to express the rush of emotion I feel after yesterday. Meeting Jerzy Mike and his wife and sharing the event with someone from this Blog is special in and of itself.

    Watching the concert footage in such high quality, the live Castellorizon, Island Jam, the documentary footage all felt so warm and so right. The experience felt very much like “the next chapter” in this OAI ride I’ve been on…actually, maybe more like “the epilogue”…

    Seeing the Q&A from so many friends I’ve met here and in person and then hearing a relaxed David give such great responses was so personally satisfying. I understand as much as anything that providing so many of us with an opportunity to ask these questions was DG Management’s (and Polly and David’s) way of giving back to us fans yet again.

    That in and of itself is what makes this whole experience so unique: the interaction between the artist, the band, and the fans/audience. I’m so happy to be a part of this experience, so personally satisfied, and strangely melancholic as I muck about reflecting on it all.

    Time to pick up the guitar…

  26. I also wanted to say that the DVD looked really good, good quality. The sharpness and quality was great. Can’t wait to get mine.

  27. I saw the SF Bay Area showing (in Emeryville).

    The good news, for those that went, is that NO ONE WAS THERE! Likely due to the fact that there was absolutely no publicity. No print or radio ads, no mention in our ONE major newspaper’s Coming Events column, etc. A major missed opportunity to promote the event and DVD in one of the larger cities in the US.

    Since only a couple dozen people showed up, they moved us into a smaller theater at the muliplex minutes before it started.

    The sound was good, not great. The projection suffered because the lights were never fully dimmed. What’s up with that? A minimum of attention here could have really enhanced the performance. I felt a bit taken advantage of and certainly would not have gone had I known how the presentation was to turn out.

    Bottom line – David did a great job. Whoever was in charge of this event certainly didn’t.

  28. What a lovely way to be transported into your tour, lost in the brilliant sound of all that classic music.

    We’re sitting here this morning over coffee, reliving the concert and reminiscing about the last, how many years (?) of songs that will last forever.

    What was interesting was the part your wife plays in your music now, and how integral she is to your own creative process. That was lovely.

    All the best.
    Rosemary and Barry
    Delray Beach, Florida

  29. Hi Fed

    Saturday was my most miserable day ever, I couldn’t make the gig but tommorow morning I will be on the doorstep for the dvd.

    I did however play a gig with my own band in a very famous club in Liverpool.

    Come on the mighty reds, back in europe this week so life will look up soon

    ps remember if you wanna go to a game, let me know.

    5 Times

    [Thanks, mate. Walk on. – Features Editor]

  30. By the way, it was exciting to see Ayako and Damian from Florida at the Q&A session; and then Rudders, George Gipe, Melissa, Susan, k.c. drummer, Gabrielle … I am trying to remember all the lucky ones… what a well represented bunch from the Blog. Congrats.

    This is a very nice picture of David Gilmour – excellent capture with him in front of the huge screen of his DVD cover. This image looks like it’s from the Odeon – could that be one of Polly’s snaps?

    [It sure is. From Thursday’s rehearsal, I believe. – Features Editor]

  31. I went to the presentation yesterday in Laval, Québec, Canada (the next city to Montreal) and I think that my stomach is still shaking. David’s guitar sound is so on the edge that you can’t be indifferent to it. All the people I went with (we were 10) except the ones who by the way are my colleagues in a certain tribute band that David was the main singer and guitarist were stunned to see that he really was the heart of that band.

    Personally, one of my colleagues and my self went in Toronto last year so we kind of knew that the product was really good. But these expectations were by far exceed.

    So my point is… David, please don’t wait another 13 years to put out something!!!!!

    Francis Berthiaume- Laval,Québec,Canada

  32. Circuit City (Miami) has the DVD for $13.99 (2 DVD set) advertised on Sunday sales paper.

    I am going to get them right now.

    See you all later.

  33. I saw it in Santa Clarita, CA. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the performance immensely and it flooded back the memories of the Kodak Theater and Gibson shows back in April of last year. I can’t wait to get the DVD and see and hear the rest of the tracks.

    There was one technical thing that was quite annoying, however. Whatever compression algorithm was being used to encode the satellite broadcast simply could not handle the most strobed parts (like the strobed section fo Take A Breath, for instance). In these cases the broadcast went from HD video to what looked like webcam video. The bit rate was simply too low or just plain not optimized for those areas.

    Other than that it was very enjoyable and the sound quality and mixing was impeccable. It was nice to see on the big screen.

    Quick follow up to a question I asked last week, Fed. Do you think we might see an announcement related to the Signature Strat before the end of the year?


    [Yes, I do. There should be an announcement within the next few weeks. – Features Editor]

  34. The premiere was very enjoyable at the Indianapolis theater where my family and I took it in. There was almost the anticipation of an actual concert, and the polite applause in the theater between songs only added to that feeling.

    Having heard audience recordings of all three RAH shows, I was aware of the quality of the musicianship we were set to experience. It was a pleasure to see the show in a theatrical setting, and my only complaint is that the sound could (should!) have been quite a bit louder.

    The highlight was naturally Echoes, though the live performance of Island Jam with David’s touring band was also tremendous.

    One key point that shone through to me was the sheer pleasure David seemed to take from the entire On An Island project, from the making of the record to the live shows. It was great to see him smiling so much.

    Having attended the New York concerts, it was also a joy to hear DG say that the April 4 show was one of his personal highlights of the tour.

    Well done, David! You deserve a break after devoting much of the last two years to the On An Island record and tour. But please don’t keep us waiting 12 years for your next project!


  35. Episode I – ‘The Filmgeek Menace’

    What a great evening at The Ritzy!

    I think it was on the whole just as enjoyable as last week’s event as it was more intimate and the Q&A was so laid back and casual, just like a chat between two friends, which is exactly what it was 😉

    A few geeky comments as you have all come to expect from me 😉

    I was wondering if the screen was either a little out of focus at the Ritzy or if the techies had dialed back the resolution from 1080p to 720p to make the volume of data whizzing round easier to manage, especially given the greater number of receiving cinemas. It may be my imagination but it didn’t seem quite as pin sharp as at the Odeon last week.

    Another thing is that it was very loud, borderline headache inducing in fact. We in the audience are not quite as deaf as these guys who have been on stage for the last 40 years 😉

    I was just looking through the photos I took and all I have is some shots of the trucks, the onboard control rooms and the cables running down the street, up a pole and into the upstairs of the building. I know!… someone just shoot me now 😉


  36. Episode II – ‘Attack of the Bloggers’

    I was very pleased to meet up with some of my relatively close geographical ‘neighbours’ from the Midlands area like Martin, Adrian, Melanie, Vinnie(?), Ash & Shelly. We’ll have to all get together for a meetup at some point 🙂

    It was a great honour to meet some of my distant ‘digital’ neighbours who had made an extraordinary effort to get to the Ritzy like Becky, who should change her name to ‘Becky flew over the Atlantic’ 😉 (Thanks for the Guiness!), ChristineT (What’s your last name again? ;), Melissa (loved your Syd question which got a great long reflective answer!) & who could forget Tracy (David spoke to me! David spoke to me!).

    Seeing some of our other North American blog/chat friends asking their questions on the big screen was fantastic especially David’s unexpected lapse into that well known and as yet untreatable blogger condition of ‘Rudders Recognition’ 😉


  37. Episode III – ‘Revenge of the Gift’

    One thing though… you know how in general one moans about all the repeats that there are on TV? This usually doesn’t apply to when you go to the cinema as you generally only make the effort to see something again that you already love.

    I only say this as I feel that many of us could have done without the rerun of the gift giving episode that I’m sure gave David a real ‘Groundhog Day’ moment.

    I must apologise if I spoiled the video footage of that segment by answering David’s counter question of ‘Haven’t we met before?’ by shouting ‘Yeah… last week!’ Later on I may also be visible in the foreground, banging my head against the back of the seat that Becky was sat in 😉 If you have to cut the whole thing out of the website footage then I’m very sorry 😉

    Finally, the next time David & Co. go out into the wilderness, play Beatles songs and burn some meat over a fire, can they take the HD broadcast gear with them and simulcast it on the web? Oh go on! It’s only a couple of trucks… cable… a few dozen technicians! 😉

  38. I attended the show at Desert Ridge in North Phoenix yesterday.

    The theater was relatively full with a number of people showing up just before the show started. Didn’t see any signs at the theater indicating the event was taking place. The sign above the door to the auditorium and ticket were titled Remember T. Don’t believe anyone was monitoring the show because the lights in the auditorium didn’t brighten at the end.

    Echoes was absolutely amazing! The live performance of Castellorizon was awesome! One of my favorite instrumentals of all time.

    The Q&A session was great with a number of insightful questions and answers.

    Thank you David and everyone who make this show possible!

    Anxiously awaiting the DVD release…

    Wade Lengele, Arizona

  39. This is an interesting format, wishful thinking it would be great to see David and this Band do a concert a year from where ever and beam it around the world to movie houses.

    I attended this showing at the Gallaxy Cinema in Waterloo Ontario with the same crew that attended the Massey Hall show.

    What is great about DG and PF music is a good as it is on record it is even better performed live. Another great show. Phil did an outstanding job, but Polly needs to buy David some black socks, unless of course he was trying to re-create the shade of blue of this website.

    Looking forward to picking up the DVD on Tuesday.


  40. Continued…

    Musically I now realise that I was so overloaded at Leicester Square that I think I made loads of mistakes….to me that looked like a full unedited “Echoes”…and I loved every millisecond of it. Also what really stood out for me again and again was Richard’s keys. Like David had said in the documentary, Richard has really come back to life and is just so on form, and his work throughout the night, but on “Echoes” and “Arnold Layne” in particular just blew my mind. Oh yes, and of course Dick’s sax solos (set against Richard’s keyboards) were just sublime. I was saying to my friend Andy in the car on the way home that I need to see if Dick has any solo work available (does he?).

    I wish I could have stayed longer afterwards to chat but we had parked Andy’s shiny black convertible sports car in a somewhat salubrious corner of town and he feared for its safety…so we had to make a hasty exit after the show. I really enjoyed putting faces to names and getting to know some other bloggers (like the American contingent who travelled over especially for it).

    Another wonderful night of Gilmour goodness. Thank you so much to David, all the boys, FEd and all the lovely people at One Fifteen for helping continue the magic of “that night”. Now I just need to pick up the DVD tomorrow (and a CD if there is one) and the circle is complete 🙂


  41. My son and I were at the theater in Long Island, NY. We very much enjoyed it.

    I didn’t take him to the show at Radio City Music Hall. It was in part the price of the tickets and it was a school night-I guess school has to important to a 13 year old. Anyway (I don’t if this is against the rules) I hope David will play New York again and I will be able to see him live with my son.

    The presentation of DVD was stunning. The Q&A quality was not great. The audio had a buzz. The documentary was very enjoyable. The parts filmed in Venice brought back some found memories. My wife and I went on our Honeymoon in Italy and finihsed the trip in Venice. We stay in a hotel about 100 yards from San Marco Square.

    Looking forward to Tuesday’s US release of the DVD.

    FED, I will let you know what is on the 3 song CD Best Buy is advertising comes with the DVD.

    [Thank you, Howard. It would be nice to know, although I really ought to be able to tell you. Maybe Management will tell me about it tomorrow. I usually have to ask a few times. – Features Editor]

  42. All I can say is ‘wow!’ 😀

    For the price of the ticket it was really worth it, 2 hours and 40 minutes of pure David Gilmour was awesome. I don’t care if my friends thought of me as a dork for seeing this in the movie theater.

    Out of the DVD, one of my favorite moments included the solo at the end of ‘The Blue,’ as well as the masterpiece, “Echoes.” I thought David Mallet did an awesome job editing the film; I know he has a history of music videos already.

    For me though, I was stoked to see the Q&A and get some insight from David and Phil about the album and tour. One of the questions asked was what concert moment stood out from the tour, and David mentioned using the steam curtain at the beginning of the Radio City Music Hall shows in April 2006 as a highlight. I was at that first particular show in the 3rd row!

    I regret not having sent in a question because I felt it was interesting but you snooze, you lose.

    The whole thing was a treat, and I can’t wait for the entire DVD to get here, Finally!


  43. The wife and I went to see the show at the cinema in Victor, NY. It was excellent. I’d say about 60 or 70 people showed up.

    I really enjoyed the Q+A. El Magnifico was cracking me up, and seeing him and David interacting the way they did made that part of the show a bit better than the week before.

    It is nice to be able to put faces with some of the bloggers names now. What a great idea this was.

    Then to my total surprise, my question had been selected and asked which left me speechless. What a great surprise. I think it was almost better not knowing that it had been chosen.

    If you could have seen the look on my face when I realized…PRICELESS!!!

    I spent the rest of the day glowing. I will cherish that for the rest of my life.

    I want to send a heartfelt thank you to David, and his lovely family, Fed, the band, and everyone else involved. You guys are truly the best!

    Still glowing,

  44. I was at the Theater in Harisburg, PA.

    Lucky for me I go to college near a city where it was playing. I went with a girl that new nothing about On an Island but is a major Pink Floyd fan. She was absolutly stunned to say the least.

    Highlights for me were the documentaries, Echoes, and of couse the brilliantly re-worked Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Though I will say, as a major David Bowie fan and yes I am one those too, Arnold Layne looked so much better on the big screen!

    Can’t wait to pick up my DVD Tuesday!

  45. Ciao a tutti,

    finally I got my DVD!!

    Folks, I could use so many words to describe the dvd but few are enough: fantastic, simply stunning, perfect.

    On some previous post I criticized the cover. Well, now that I enjoyd the content of the dvd I can say that fits it a hundred percent. Now I get it. You see, that shot of the cover is actually what you will see: David Gilmour gets lighted by multicolour beams. the whole direction of Mallet is based on the use of colour as a way to enhance the experience and the emotions of the listener. Yellow, green, red…ANY COLOUR YOU LIKE.

    The quality of the picture, in digital HD, is astonishing. When you’ll see the motion of the smoke on the stage you’ll get what I say. I have seen “Remember that night” in total dark and the beams and flashes coming out of the TV were making the experience so real. If you have a big screen you’ll feel like being there.

    Sound, performance and guests where all perfect. And this is just the first DVD! Of the second DVD I want just to mention, among all the fantastic stuff, the beautiful Island Jam. Really pleased with that gift.

    The quality of the content is reflected in the beautiful package, a luxury digipack completed by a very nice booklet full of those Polly Samson photos we have enjoyed through more than a year on this site.

    My very compliment for this product. All my expectations have certainly been met.

    One of the best music dvds ever made. A must, not a “nice to have”.

    Thanks again!!

  46. The wife and I caught the premiere yesterday in Austin, Texas.

    It’s a great show — we thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to the full DVD. (Can’t wait to see the two Davids teaming up on Comfortably Numb!)

    The last time I saw Floyd was on the Momentary Lapse tour, and this brought back a lot of lovely memories. I’m also terribly fond of “The Blue”…so well done all around!

  47. Quite a fabulous show David. Thank you. Merci. Gracias. etc.

    I attended the show at Horton (hears a hoo) Plaza in San Diego, CA. Not packed but comfortable.

    Seemed like we were waiting forever for the people to open up. Finally getting in the theater finding the extra footage already being played without sound!! There are worse things in life.

    When the interview came David seemed a little preoccupied kinda, sorta, possibly, maybe or bothered or other. Maybe just nervous it being a smaller venue than the RAH show. I completely agreed with (as I’m sure several other fans do as well) David’s choices for the 4, 5 and oops 6 decades of music. Fat Old Sun is my absolute favorite.

    I absolutely enjoyed the whole experience. I am sure there were other places that had technical difficulties, right???? Just a couple.

    Loved the concert footage! Loved seeing Echoes again and can’t wait to see it again and again….Wish You Were Here touched my heart very deeply this time around. Different atmosphere, time.

    David and Polly thank you for your genuine good hearts in giving your fans this wonderful experience.

    Thank you many times over!

    Robyn – California

  48. I saw the simulcast in Lexington, KY.

    Phil’s introduction and David’s Castellorizon was not audible, but just as soon as the DVD started the sound came on. Then it was just fantastic!

    Echoes is outstanding. The interview was outstanding. The half-hour of documentary at the end was outstanding.

    Thank you David. Thank you for being a prince among men, for providing us fans with this opportunity.

    Hope to see you again soon somewhere!

  49. Sorry, I was too excited seeing the sales promotion on the paper for the DVD, it is not available as yet until Tuesday at the advertised price of $13.99.

    Good luck shopping.

  50. Saw the concert in Scottsdale, Arizona and it was brilliant! Appreciate you staying up late in London, I enjoyed this more than I can say, my DVD is on order, and my wife is growing in appreciation for you everyday – you just eclipsed her old fave, Eric Clapton with your inspired performances.

    One question that no one raised, but I’d love to know the answer – there are emotions that occur when you fall in love for the first time, when see your child born, when you lose someone close to you, but there are also very special emotions that are drawn out by music, whether it’s because they elicit an old memory, or just the tune itself, but I felt very moved by a number of your songs yesterday and there’s no way to thank you for that. How do you feel when you play them, and is there a tune, an opera, a performance, an aria, that does that for you Dave, Rick, et. al?

    All the best, my thanks for a wonderful and emotional performance!

    P.S. In Arizona we’re getting greener through solar. Our house is a net energy producer, let’s spread the word!

  51. It seems the Ritzy was excellent, I can’t wait to see if there is any footage from this event too!

    DVD tomorrow! 😀

    – James.

  52. Fed, will there be a review page for the dvd?

    I know I’m dying to talk about it.

    Especially that little surprise that’s hidden in there on the 2nd disc!! That blew my mind. Not to mention Gilmour meeting up with a person who I thought he hadn’t spoken to since 2005!

    I just can’t wait to talk about it, I’ve watched it a few times since I got it yesterday, it’s the best dvd in my collection and I feel so lucky to have been able to see the band in Glasgow and at the first night of the Royal Albert Hall shows.

    [We’ll have one on Tuesday, Kristopher. Think you can wait that long? – Features Editor]

  53. The show was beyond words! It was truly “electric” and I am the first to say I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for my pre-ordered DVD and I will be having a Remember that Night party here in Buffalo, NY!!!!

    Thank you DAVID & POLLY (it just doesn’t seem strong enough).

    LINDA P.

  54. I went to the Ritzy and was, once again, treated. David performed, David answered, and many people asked.

    Unfortunately I had been drinking most of the day elsewhere in London so arrived with barely a moment to spare and missed the meet with the bloggers in the Ritzy bar, and had to duck out during “Take A Breath” to get some food. Very naughty of me, but my stomach and my bladder got the better of me.

    I would strongly dissuade anyone from going to McDonalds in Brixton (aside from the obvious health implications of eating there), as the clientele aren’t particularly friendly – in the few moments I was there I saw one person try to start a fight with the store manager as he needed to take his “insulin” in the toilets (I suspect it was something else), and three fifteen years olds abusing customers whilst drinking from whiskey bottles. Charming!

    My question, which I never got to ask, was regarding the possibility of expanded versions of old records with unheard demos and live material. A more interesting question, I thought, than some that were chosen. Oh well.

    David seemed a little shy compared to Leicester Square, but there were some good questions and a touching answer about Syd.

    Finally, they screened the L Square version of “Island Jam” and brought the night to a close. Fantastic, yet again! Now to get the DVD!

  55. Well Fed. You should feel sorry for me. It was my bday present to go see the show and I didn’t get to see it because of the idiots at fandango, that can’t send out an info that the show is 3 hours (!!) earlier.

    [So, get them to make it up to you, not David. – Features Editor]

  56. It was rather enjoyable at the theater in Burbank, CA. The satellite feed was a little jumpy during the laser shows for some of the songs.

    I enjoyed the bit with Roger and Dave together.

    During the Q&A, some of the questions were out of the ordinary. I did rather like that question about the Zeppelin reunion.

  57. As above, we thoroughly enjoyed our night at the Ritzy and Leicester Square. Can’t beat it.

    Lovely to meet with fellow bloggers. Lovely to meet Tash, Geoffs better half!!! The loud guys in row D were actually next to us in seats 19 & 18, I was in 20 and very quiet I was!! They were over the top at times but just very excited we think to see their idol, sitting a few feet away with the best blue socks we have ever seen.

    We have loved this two week excursion to London and look forward to any future gigs.

    Caroline and Chris, Wales

  58. Hi FEd,

    Well, there were 10 of us (6 adults & 4 teens), the 11th didn’t make it. We saw it in Houston, Texas at the Edward’s Marq*E.

    Everyone loved the show. (of course) I could have watched it all afternoon…and into the night.

    I was lucky enough to meet Sylver after the show, in the ladies room. So a huge hello to her!!!

    I loved being able to see fellow bloggers and irregulars. Some I actually recognized by sight.

    David, you are glorious!!! Thank you for all the time and effort you and your team have put into this. By the way, David…your family is lovely.

    I was disappointed with not receiving a program, as none were available. And, I do wish the event would have been promoted more thoroughly.

    I have pre-ordered the DVD, T-shirt & tote bag, from Ant Hill, and am dying to received them. I guess I know what I’m going to be getting my friends & family for Yule/Winter solstice, this year!!!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, FEd! Thank you for all the work you put into this website (above and beyond the call of duty!!!)


  59. Oh, if you are angry, sad or simply in a bad mood, for whatever reason, just come here and all is soon forgotten !

    All those positive, enthusiastic and friendly comments really cheer you up !

    Thanks to everyone here, David, Fed and bloggers. Can’t wait for my dvd !


  60. Glad to hear everyone had a great time Sat….I wish I was there. So great to hear that a lot of the bloggers got to meet up. It just shows how wonderful davidgilmour.com is.

    I spent my Sat refereeing two soccer games and coaching one in 95 degree heat. I now have a very burned face. It hurts when I scrunch my eyes.

    So can’t wait for Tuesday. Trying to figure out the best place to go buy the DVD…any suggestions?

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  61. The Sacramento, California Cinema…..

    It was a beautiful drive over the Sierra Nevada mountains to Sacramento. 147 miles to be exact.

    I had no problem meeting up with TomiSue, 🙂 and her 2 sweet kids, Regina & Joseph. (We each had made signs to hold up, but didn’t need them!)

    The show was scheduled to start at 12:00noon in our time zone, so we expected that it would start at 11:30 with the documentary portion.

    About 11:15 I went into the theatre to check things out, and there was David Gilmour on the screen, with the soundtrack from “The Ring Trilogy” movie playing in the background!! (You know; that little creature that wants “precious”??) I obviously didn’t know what was going on, but I went to get TomiSue and the kids, since there was action on the screen and we needed to choose our seats.

    When we went back into the theatre, the screen was blank. The soundtrack from “The Ring” or whatever came off & on at times….

    Finally around 12:10 we see Phil on the screen! But no sound; not even “The Ring”.

    At this point I was starting to panic, and I owe Joseph $1. for saying a bad word in front of him! (Sorry I didn’t pay you Joseph; I forgot!)

    Phil then went “off” the screen; blank again. No sound, either.

    Many patrons starting going out to ask what was happening; the answer was that they were “working on it”. (Still heard “The Ring” off and on…)

    Eventually, probably around 12:20, the DVD was showing… still no sound. About 5 minutes later the sound came on, and everybody in the theatre cheered! (Including me!)

    To be continued…

  62. David (et al),

    Beautifully done! I enjoyed Remember That Night yesterday in a cinema near Chicago – – and was very moved and satisfied with what you have put together here.

    This has to be the finest live document you have appeared in since Pompeii. The playing on the band’s part – is simply amazing. Such a perfect assemblage of musical sensibility. I can watch and listen to no end. That is some magnificent music and I think I now can fully appreciate why the thought of working with “anyone else” could seem second best.

    Please don’t stop. This is exciting and vital – – and loved.

    All the best,
    from the good old Midwest, USA

  63. Oh my, what a fantastic show! I’m still a little bleary-eyed from the late arrival back home so I’ll keep it Short and Sweet for now …

    I absolutely loved every minute of the show! It was much more than I expected and I appreciate all the effort that has been put into keeping us informed, entertained, and made to feel part of the whole On An Island experience:)

    So fun to see the other side of touring — the laughter and joy ‘with friends surrounding’, kids zooming around having fun, the beautiful scenery, Guy being late AGAIN! And, most of all, the music … David, what a fantastic bunch of people you have in your sphere! This Heaven, indeed:)

    David, thank you so much for your detailed answer(s);) Perfect choices of songs, too! And you actually had me asking my friend about my math (heh-heh):-)) Good questions from everyone I think. I loved hearing from Susan:), k.c.drummer, and, omg, Melissa … you actually did it and seemed so very calm! I think we’ve proven that Gilmourettes can have brass balls even if we’re the only ones who know it!!

    Great job, FEd — you’ve been working overtime on all this and it’s much appreciated!!

    More later, business to take care of as the doorbell rings yet again ….

    Peace and love to all!

  64. Well, here I am posting for the first time in over a year, mainly because I haven’t had anything to say since then! But I was able to buy my copy of the DVD here in Belgium yesterday, and passed a wonderful afternoon today remembering my experiences at the Albert Hall and Vienne last year.

    The first disc is a faithful reproduction of the RAH concert, Echoes is especially powerful – what an amazing song played live. But it was the bonus disc that meant the most to me.

    The additional tracks are worth a DVD on their own, Wearing the Inside Out is one of my favorite PF songs ever and the version of Arnold Layne with Rick on vocals is also superb. Astronomy Domine was spectacular and David’s version of Dark Globe is a worthy tribute to Syd.

    The documentaries are great as well, it’s nice to see the human side of the guys, you can clearly see how much they enjoyed the tour.

    It was so great that David was able to include bits of his meeting with Roger Waters at Bray Studios in one of the documentaries – clearly an awkward moment, and yet also quite touching in a way. It’s great to see that although they are obviously still not comfortable with each other, the worst of the fires of the 80’s have died out. Thumbs up to David for including this.

  65. Some comments on the cinema event from Utah in a bit, but first: were we supposed to get brochures here in the US? I attended the Odeon event in London in person and got a brochure. I read a comment above alluding to this as well.

    So what’s the verdict on this? Did they not distribute brochures in the US the way they were supposed to or did these never exist?


    [They didn’t exist in North America. They were produced by EMI for Europe. – Features Editor]

  66. Hi FEd

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Ritzy premiere and thank you again for the ticket, which was in great location. I was surprised at the amount of empty seats; were there people allocated tickets who didn’t attend?

    The cinema was of course completely different to the Odeon but it offered a level of intimacy akin to the atmosphere of the whole On An Island tour.

    The Q & A session was fun, not least with the pronunciation of some of the submitters surnames; if Mr Manzanera had trouble then I would have had no chance.

    Most of the questions were very good and/or amusing but opening them up to the floor does have its dangers; I did feel a tad bit uncomfortable at one point. It is also nice to know of one gentleman who is confident that a Led Zeppelin ticket is coming his way.

    I met a few of the bloggers before and afterwards, from as far a field as North America (quite a contingent), Belgium (Ronny; thanks for the beer), Norfolk and London. You won’t be surprised to learn that they were all very friendly and possessed that old fashioned quality (typified by Heather and her husband), they were very nice.

    I did think anybody who travels all the way from mainland Europe and especially the USA should be congratulated for their loyalty. I do hope the reality of work on Monday, is not too much of a shock to the system.

    All in all, a great show and a privilege to be part of it.

  67. OK, I’m at the airport going home. All I can say now is OH MY GOD, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, FED.

    I’ll post more later, I’m still in shock and words can never say what I feel now.

  68. Hi all,

    We were very fortunate to get tickets to the Ritzy event on Saturday. I’d been really looking forward to it and thought I had it all planned, although when it came to leaving (due to the tube closures) we ended up driving in at the last minute rather than taking the train as originally planned (& nearly missed the documentary as the traffic was terrible!)

    The intro was perfect and David’s playing was totally mind blowing as per usual (helped by the fact we were in the 3rd row and could see every fantastic fruit-pastille-sucking moment ‘realtime’.

    Is it me or does he never play a bum note??

    I took great encouragement from the fact he’s still learning (I’ve been still learning for 15 years and I throught I was about ready to throw the towel in after last night’s performance). Had to bite my tongue when the chap next to me asked a question about all the guitars collected over the years and David said he’d have to start selling some off soon (I wanted to grab the mic and ask if I could have first dibs!)

    Anyway, I’m waffling….It was a fantastic show and the DVD preview was great, can’t wait to pick it up now (tomorrow I hope).

    I feel very privileged to have been a part of the evening and thank you to everyone that made it happen. To have the chance to ask your ultimate guitar hero questions in person is a pretty rare treat (even though when it came to it I couldn’t think of anything sensible to ask).

    Thank you again for a brilliant show. I’ll remember that night for a long time!


  69. Saw the premier at Regal Theatre in Crystal Lake, IL.

    My brother and I arrived an hour early to get a good seat dead center! My brother has a 60″ DLP HD TV at home, so I can’t wait to see it again there!

    We were the only ones in the theatre until about 15 minutes before the show, but we would have been happy to have remained all alone. Dave — I agree with you, there is something about theatre sound systems. In this case, though, the subs were definitely missing… Too bad!

    We got there early enough to watch the DVD play through almost all the way before 1.30pm central time. A two-fer!

    Glad to hear everyone was blown away by “Echoes”. I’ve been telling everyone that Dave did the best live version of that since I first heard it live here in Chicago in 1972 at the Auditorium Theatre! Remember the days when the music could get quiet and no one would scream “We love you Dave!”?!!?

    Can’t wait to hear Comfortably Numb!

    Hey, WE LOVE YOU DAVE! 🙂

  70. Went to the Ritzy and can’t say anything more than AMAZING!!!

    Meeting everyone and finally putting some faces to names was great, it was like a group of friends meeting up for a regular night on the town!!

    I’d like to thank everyone for making me and my brother feel welcomed into the network of friends that has built up on the chat room, THANK YOU.

    Mr Gilmour you were AMAZING (no suprise there)! I could tell you what Vinnie said when David finished playing ‘Castellorizon’ but I dont think it’s printable, lol, let’s just say it blew him away!!

    I’d like to say “THANK YOU” to Guy Pratt for signing my T-shirt. He was been harrassed outside by a drunk and I kind of stuck my boobs infront of him and asked if he could sign my top, his reply was “goodness, I thought you were going to ask me to sign something else then”, then on his way out after the show he topped it up so THANK YOU.

    Anyway, THANK YOU Fed for the tickets, you’re the best.

    Can’t wait for the next show? Hopefully wont have to wait too long.

    Amazing night, amazing people and another AMAZING performance by the ‘Guitar God’ Mr David Gilmour!!!!!

    Melanie & Vinnie

  71. Brazil: 3rd October! It could well be worse, I could be Japanese (7 October!). hehe.

    But I’m not waiting for this date, really. I buy my DVD in an importer of U.S.A. and will have mine soon!!!

  72. We saw it in Miami Fl. and had a great evening.

    I was surprised to see many many people in the audience. There’s no doubt that the DVD will be something amazing. Echoes was the best!

    We had some technical troubles with the sound at the theater but nothing serious.

    The question session disappointed me. It wasn’t what I expected or I should say what many people expected. There are 1000 better questions to do, I know this is not David’s fault but we hope to hear more news in the future.

    The only good question was from a lady who asked about relevant songs through decades 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s.

    Finally, If I have had the chance to ask something, I would like to ask with all respect to David:

    You promoted your cd “On an Island” showing yourself or describing that you are the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd OK. What about Pink Floyd, is it dead? As a fan can we expect anything else?

    Thank you,

    [1,000 better questions? Is your question included in that figure? – Features Editor]

  73. Part 2:

    There were 30+ of us in Guelph. No ads or posters did lack in interest, I think. We were there to the sweet end and enjoyed every minute. The true fans showed up and that’s what counts the most.

    Thanks Again and the photos at the end were superb Polly.

  74. Brixton highlights …

    – Meeting a few very nice fellow bloggers – you know who you are !
    – Sitting between Mel and Ronny !!
    – I shall never get closer to David playing (Row B) – I could here the strings twang !
    – Great to see the DVD show a second time – it was all just as good second time around
    – Q&A edged the UK show – good questions from over the pond

    The only gripe – the crew block-booked the cafe and I didn’t get any cake !!

  75. Raleigh NC saw it at North Hills Regal Cinemas.

    My son and I went to the showing. Me being a life time Floyd/Gilmour follower and admirer.And my son pulled into my fascination with Gilmour.Not to sound sappy but there has not been a time when I was not anamoured by what he was speaking of. whether it be in an interview or in his music.

    I saw the show night 2 in NYC with my wife (of course). The performances was as enlightening as he is.

    David,if I may,I have always been a true fan to you and your musical talents.You have always been in the airwaves surounding my life .I would like to say that through the years I have found my self at ease and calm.You have made a strong impact on me and my family.Keep a guitar close by and play us a tune every once in a while

    yours truly Bill Adams

  76. It was a very good show, for the concert was great and the Q’s & A’s was done really well and to see Rudders, Gabrielle, Susan, Ayako and George with their Video Q’s really made my day.

    Plus I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing Mel in the second row asking a question, that was really cool.

    I just wanted to thank Fed for letting me know that the concert was still playing here in Portland and Lynn who called and went to the showing with me. It was really fun.

    Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD when it comes out on Tuesday.

    Take Care,

    PS. Fed, I hope that your weekend was an enjoyable one.

    [Thank you. It was. – Features Editor]

  77. Hi, Fedley, David, Polly & Co., bloggers —

    Firstly, just a big “THANK YOU” for this entire DG/OAI experience! Indeed, truly a most inspiring two years and running!

    Enjoying reading all of the blog reviews this weekend…..I’ve not much to add that hasn’t already been shared here by all of you, as I, too, feel this is the most generous, intimate invitation of its kind I personally, for one, have ever heard about in the music industry.

    […..Sorry to hear about the clowns in row D. What is it with these people, eh? It’s a shame that we can’t gag people on their way in. – Features Editor]

    As for reading the more unfortunate testimonies, I, too, did have a rather odd cinematic experience that certainly took me by surprise….and then suddenly it didn’t. So as to keep my entries “bite-sized”, the testimony is posted in a second entry to come….


  78. All of these reviews and reports are just too exciting.

    I’ll be picking up my copy of the dvd Tuesday already knowing it will be my favorite.

    Did someone mention taking a half day off work? Not a bad idea. In fact, it should be mandatory.

  79. Close you eyes and Imagine:

    You are at a local cinema,
    seating about 300 people,
    You enter through a swing door, under the arm of an impressive but smiling person,
    say the DG crew’s body guard in person, you feel safe and warm,
    In the sudden dark you are guided to your seat by charming cinema staff,
    There is a present for everybody on all chairs,
    You are surrounded by friends, new and old ones,
    Phil Manzanera comes up in front of the screen to introduce you to a movie,
    David Gilmour says thank you Phil, and plays his black Stratt for a while, 10 meters away from you,
    A movie covering a concert starts, featuring probably the best band ever,
    Both gents appear after the movie, again in front of the screen,
    They listen and answer to any question asked,
    After that you are kindly asked to stay if you wish to view some more.
    You return home and close your eyes…(start over)

  80. Hi, again, Fedley and Bloggers–

    […..Sorry to hear about the clowns in row D. What is it with these people, eh? It’s a shame that we can’t gag people on their way in. – Features Editor]

    Nor do I know what it is, but instead of getting gagged at the door, the two middle-agers the row behind us were not only holding their own little muppets’ tea party with their incessant yammering but were actually gagging everyone ELSE around them with their particularly nasty grade of toke fumes…

    …that is, until theater management and police officer finally made their appearance halfway into the presentation to passively round the room.

    At that same moment did another nearby bothered viewer decide to chime up to these clowns, and so a mild row had erupted and then quickly snuffed out as the passive officer only stared at the two parties and soon walked on toward the exit.

    From then on, it was relatively quiet with the exception of individuals somehow feeling quite at liberty to make frequent exits and entrances throughout the entire event (I’ve never witnessed this much traffic during a cinematic showing), but then during the Leicester Q&A jam many more with seemingly short attention spans were permanently shuffling out (????). Our audience then dwindled from a sparse 40 down to about half….(I personally felt baffled, sorry, and somehow awkward by this)…..

    ….unfortunately, those two middle-agers behind us were not part of that prematurely-exiting crowd. And the one clown made quite sure of that by loudly announcing his presence to everyone at the very end with a shout-out invitation –he was serious– to come party and “get wild” at his house.


  81. Well, that is so true, I hope David puts together another album in the next two or three years. I haven’t even seen the DVD yet that’s coming out on the 18th of Sept. and already I’m waiting for the next album.

    Amazingly, when you’re a David Gilmour/Floyd fan, his guitar playing cannot be compared to anyone.

    David says he’s still learning to play the guitar, great answer for one of the world’s best/greatest guitar players.


  82. I’ll be going to Sainsbury’s (where I work) tomorrow morning to get my discounted copy of the DVD – and I cant wait!

  83. Oh Shit, who put the wrong DVD in then? Come on, own up!!

    I have just got back from the Cineplex and I am hugely disappointed with the HD concert footage. It spoilt the whole event for me. Me and my son were excited to go and see and hear the concert in HD and 5.1 and had looked forward to it as soon as it was announced.

    My Day:

    An hour’s walk, a 20 minute ferry ride and 20 min car trip, we arrive at the Cineplex – walk in – there seems to be a total of ten people in there – it wasn’t advertised well over here in western Canada. I never saw any ads except the cinema’s own posters.

    The beginning didn’t bode well………….

    We had got there at 11:40 – early enough I thought (it said 12am on the ticket) to catch the documentary footage. We entered and the documentary was already on so we sat down and saw 5mins of the documentary and it suddenly stopped – a lady informed us that they had been told to switch the previews off till it started (Duh What…..) . Oh well maybe that’s now all being shown at the end.

    So we twiddled are thumbs for 20 minutes………. no worry, after all we had waited over a year…… Then yippee… we can hear the cinema audience in London twittering away with the poster on screen and finally the camera pans around inside Brixton’s with Castellorizon starting……… and their he is live wow!!!

    With a nice segue the concert footage starts well with nice stage close-up shots which are nice and crisp then %)^&(*YP that long shot looked grainy…. oh shit now its all gone blurry…. Oh super clear close-up of David now a long shot……Grainy, then Blurry going pixellating mad, now its super clear. This continues along till I think ‘The Blue’ that was the first occurrence when everything went into a freeze frame – the visuals stopped for 3-4 seconds with the sound strangely continuing… This freeze framing happened randomly a further 3 or 4 times.

    To be continued…

  84. Hi Fed, I’m sorry that I should have mentioned the 3 Best Buy tracks in my earlier email

    Best Buy 3 Tracks (I’m assuming & hoping they are audio tracks from the DVD!)

    1 On An Island
    2 Take A Breath
    3 High Hopes

    Also, for your info, Sony BMG in the USA put out a sampler called

    David Gilmour Remember That Night 5 Live Tracks:

    Wish You Were Here
    On An Island
    Confortably Numb
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    The Blue

    Luckily enough I was able to obtain one!

    Thanks again,

    [Ah, that’s good to know. Thanks for filling me in, Joe. – Features Editor]

  85. Right then, nothing is perfect in this world and as ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!! as this was there was about 2% worth of annoyance.

    First on the technical side, there was an audio lag at my theatre (Auburn, Washington) which, on occasion disrupted the mood of what was playing on screen but other than that it was fantastic (espicially Echoes).

    Now, the human side. This could just be me but I’m not so sure that alcohol being allowed at a live Q and A session is such a good idea, although David handled that bit of uncomfortable interaction rather deftly in my opinion (and all other bits of potential embarassment). Other than that the questions were rather good (good job guys!)

    All in all it was very enjoyable experience that was well worth the price of admission and leave it to David and CO. to once again provide such ground-breaking entertainment.

    BRAVO!!! crew take a bow.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  86. I saw the event from Silver City in Edmonton, Alberta.

    I need to say, it was amazing to see. I’m a fan of your guitar work, and when I saw you play on that big screen, it just seemed like every note had so much soul and emotion behind it, which really is one of the reasons I love your guitar work.

    Here’s hoping you release a new CD soon (I love On An Island).

  87. Awesome showing!

    It was really cool thinking of all the people in the different places seeing the same show!

    I tried to get tickets to the Irvine, Ca showing but they were sold out, and I had to trek all the way up to Alhambra!

    We love you here in the O.C., David, please come see us soon. I saw PF at the Anaheim Stadium when I was 16 and it was love at first listen.

    Thank you for sharing your life and talent with us.

    Any chance of doing a few more simulcasts of the European shows for those of us in the States? And a little something for the children…. GO TO MORE CONCERTS!

  88. My son and I saw it at the Regal Cinemas in Irvine CA.

    The show was excellent for the price and I loved what I saw of the DVD. Is the Mermaid Theatre show going to be on the DVD as an extra?

    We saw David at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City and, at age 57, it was the best show I have taken in. The DVD seemed to capture what we saw that April evening.

    Thanks to all and hats off for the unique way this is being marketed. The advertised price in the LA region is $11.99 at Best Buy on Tuesday.

    [There are a few tracks from the Mermaid. Please click your name below. – Features Editor]

  89. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    I went to see the show at Silvercity in Brampton, Ontario and sure enough THEIR satellitte system dies and we didn’t even get to see one lousy minute of the broadcast.

    I hope those who were lucky enough to see it enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the DVD.

  90. I’d also like to point out the low turnout at the threatre and complete lack of promotion of the event (I tried my best though) in the Greater Toronto Area.

  91. HELLO!

    Had a great time at the show in a Philadelphia suburb (Warrington, pa) with my father and brother. It was nice taking time out of our busy schedules to enjoy some time together – THANK YOU David for making a it great experience that I will never forget!

    I didn’t want the show to end! Echoes and Shine On You Crazy Diamond were two of my personal favorites! COME BACK TO THE STATES!!!!


    Much respect-


  92. I drove 250 miles to get to the Eagan 16 theatre in central Minnesota from Des Moines IA, and it was worth it!

    The show was brilliant, enjoyable, had great sound, and brought tears to my eyes on many occasions. Awesome music. I apologize to all other attendees in the theatre who had to put up with my incessant sing-along. 🙂

    This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to being surrounded by David’s and Pink Floyd’s music since I have missed all the previous concerts.

    I learned something too: beware of scary fans with signs.

  93. MR. GILMOUR:

    My english is not well, but I want to tell you something: in March 06, my father died… I have tickets for the show in the Gibson theater of LA. Of course, before the sucess of my father, I wasn´t there, because I was very sad…

    I want to invite you to come to play the show in Mexico, If you want, you can.

    Please. All the “Mexican PinkFloydian`s” are waiting for you.


  94. Truly I cannot wait for the release on Tuesday in North America!

    Fed, I do have a question. On VH1 Classic a documentary was on called “The Road to the Royal Albert Hall”. In the documentary David and Company were singing a song I could not place. The Chorus was ” Hear me shout, c’mon in, what’s the news, were you been, cause there’s no wind left in my soul and I’m growing old.”

    What is this song and is it on the DVD?

    [That’s ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ from Pink Floyd’s ‘Obscured By Clouds’ album (1972). It is on the DVD: on disc two, as a bonus track from the Royal Albert Hall. – Features Editor]

  95. I started to comment on my experience in the last blog entry. But here’s a bit more.

    First what was cool was that while watching the film I noticed several of the images that were used on the blog for Name That Tune. It was really like deja vu. You’re looking at the screen and then your mind says, “hey, I saw that before.” That was fun…anyone else notice that?

    Second, as I mentioned before I went with my wife and two of my daughters. My wife is more familiar with the PF material from DSOTM to The Wall. At the end of the show, I asked what did she really enjoy. To my total surprise she said she really liked the song David Bowie did. Wow, Arnold Layne? That took me by a pleasant surprise.

    My older daughter was really into the whole thing. In fact, when I went to Radio City last year, I was sitting in the hall thinking, “geez, I wish she was here with me.” So this cinema showing gave me an opportunity to let her experience the show. She was amazed that Echoes was one song. Afterwards she said thanks and said she really enjoyed the afternoon. Makes dad really proud, especially when several years ago it was Spears and Avril that she was listening to. Now it is classic rock and bands like The Academy Is…

    My 13 year old daughter is not a classic rocker. She likes her Fergie and Soulja Boy….argh. But she managed to not plug into her ipod and sat through the whole thing. She said it was OK. I’ll take that especially when I look at where my other daughter was years ago.

    We all really enjoyed the Q&A. It was very well done and funny at times.

    Afterwards we went out for dinner and talked a lot about the screening, PF, DG and the overall event. It was a wonderful family day and all that was missing was my 3 year old….but she’ll get her exposure a bit later when I bring the DVD home. I can deal with interupting the DVD so she can watch Cinderella. It would have been much harder to leave the cinema mid-way through the show yesterday.



  96. I was in Montreal and the place was three quarter full, even with nearly no publicity. It was really a fantastic show. A show of sensibility, a show of friendship. A show of generosity.

    It happens that David Gilmour and David Crosby are the musicians-singers I prefer among all artists. What a gift to see and hear both of them on the CD and on this show.

    I can’t find words to express my gratitude to Mr Gilmour for all he brings to me by his music.

    Thank you and long life to you.

  97. I agree with several of you about the lack of advertising in the US. What a pity for so many people to miss out due to no communication.

    I live in a small town in Alabama, had to drive 60 miles to be able to see this awesome concert and it was worth every mile. There were only around 20 people there. No programs, no posters up, no mention on the radio or TV. I am so glad I found this site so I did not miss this opportunity.

    It was very exciting to see all of you at the Theater in London live and it made my husband and I feel we were a part of the live event also.

    Thank you to the Gilmours for sharing a part of your life with us on the big screen! It was all very entertaining and the quality of the film in our theater was excellent.

    I think everyone did a great job with their questions, but the little fellow with the “gift” at both live events was a little strange. I hope there was extra security there for David and all.

    What a wonderful Saturday afternoon! Thanks to David and all involved and thanks to you Fed for keeping everyone informed so well with all the details!

    I was very proud of my fellow Americans that asked questions and attended the event live !

    Ya’ll have a great day. (Oh wow, did not mean to say so much, just still excited from the great event I guess.)

  98. The show was absolutely great! Echoes bordered on a religous experience for me, and I was mesmerized by the performance.

    I thought the documentary that followed the show as great as well, especially the introduction of the new wine glass instrumentation.

    Thanks, David, for all the years of great music. At 55 I’m finally taking up the guitar myself, and I really enjoy the free lessons I recieve watching you play.


  99. Hi David,

    Wrtting from Malaysia and I did catch a glimpse of your recording in AbbeyRoad yesterday on our local telly….great sounds man and when will you be coming to Malaysia ??? Do you know you have a great fan base here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ?

    In the meantime….I think you da man !

    Cheers !

  100. Thank you, thank you and forever thank you for a day I will never forget. I lost all track of time and sense of self and the world around me, and was lost in pure emotion and joy in the music. It was beautiful. It was absolutely breathtaking.

    The one and ONLY thing that was not perfect for me was the editing of David Mallet — I have seen his other work, and while he is an experienced music event tv director, I must say that the cutting was too fast and chaotic for the type of music this is. It lacked the feeling and fluidity of the music, and it was intrusive and jarring at times. Beautiful shots, cut together too quickly. I guess this is how all music is cut these days… MTV style. I am only saying this because I feel very strongly about it, even though the music more than made up for it for me.

    Overall, thank you forever for all the music, and this latest bit of beauty.

    Be well…

  101. I watched yesterday’s performance in a theater in Birmingham, AL. It brought back great memories…

    I was at the final North American show in Universal City, CA back in April of 2006.

    The entire DVD is great, but the performance of “Shine on you crazy diamond” at the Royal Albert Hall was exceptional. I can’t wait for my disc to arrive this week.

    Thanks again for all the great information you provide us.

  102. As with everything else David lends his hand to, the end product is sheer excellence in every respect. The entire production was a marvel. I like the attitude of ‘we have the technology; how can we push the limit and knock peoples ears off?’. He’s built himself an incredible team to bring this off.

    My wife Lynda and our friends Janis and Eric took in the show in Oshawa, ON, Can and thoroughly enjoyed it. As noted previously by others none of us had heard any media ads in regard to the showing. (Damn, I’m glad I checked the website – I’d have cried if I missed this.)

    There was one small glitch at our show – the local power went out for a few seconds and the satellite feed took a few minutes to reboot. We lost a few minutes from the middle of ‘Echoes’.

    The theatre is a brand new one with a great sound system (and very cushy seats!). We were all clapping and cheering at all we heard and saw. I might have been doing a little air guitar and drumming……

    All in all, it brought back great memories of the Massey Hall show we saw in April 06. Lynda and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about all the bands we’ve seen – we agreed that was the best, the OAI show. Very much looking forward to buying and watching my copy of the DVD.

    FEd, I’ve never posted a comment before but check in often. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do in keeping us all informed (and entertained). Good job!!!!!!!!

    [Many thanks, Norm. It’s wonderful to hear from new people and I’m so glad that you, your wife and friends enjoyed the event. – Features Editor]

  103. Special thanks to David for sharing precious time with us, his fans.

    It was an unforgettable experience personally to relive that special night of April 04, 06 in New York. In the Q&A session, David had mentioned that particular night to be one of his most memorable nights on his tour and I am so glad that I was there that night.

    Thank you and God Bless you

    Alpha Martha Arroyo
    Las Vegas, NV USA

  104. I saw the show in Woodridge, Il. The town is just outside of Chicago.

    We got there at the last second b/c we got stuck in the middle of the mexican pride parade. (Hello Mexico, no offense, the parade was beautiful.) I thought of the race in Mexico that David and Nick took part in and I could have used their race car to get us there in plenty of time for the opening live # by David.

    Well, again we made it anyways, but not with out fear and stress of missing how David would pull off the transition of live to ‘memorex.’

    The transition was as smooth as David’s performance. Also, it was great to see Phil introduce David and ask questions later. He was funny and unpretensious.

    Seeing the show in a cinema made it feel close to being at the actual show in Chicago. Echoes was outstanding and so was Richard’s performance on that song. He seemed to be into it more than anyone. His playing was like he was twenty something again in Pompei.

    The Q & A was just what you thought it would be, like life itself: interesting, amusing, confusing, moving and weird. I give David a lot of credit for doing it in the first place. Who really wants to go through that? It really is brave and generous of him to do this.

    He was as kind, humorus and as honest as he usually is. I have to say though, that Q & A does not work out so much with a guy like David. His kindness, honesty and reticence does not lend itself well to this format. Someone like Roger would ‘go’ for all the questioning.

    While David was gracious, I could sense that he doesn’t ‘go’ for all questioning. It is no wonder we never saw him on the tv show, ‘Storytellers.’ The tv show would then be renamed, ‘softly spoken anecdotes of a charming guitar god.’ David is too wise and polite for this format to really come to fruition.

    It was fun to hear him talk about his times with Syd. Maybe hearing about amusing moments from the pink floyd days to the present would make things more interesting. Too many questions just came off pretty lamely for this to be worthwhile. None the less, I like all things David Gilmour and I appreciated every second of the show. It was the highlight of my week and I would race across Mexico on a burrito with cross-cut jalepenos for wheels with my hair on fire to witness and remember that night with David Gilmour.

    Thanks for all things David.

  105. Fed,

    Wireman is absolutely brilliant today!

    Our theater could have used him, lol.

    I want to say thank you everyone at team Gilmour for making this event happen. Fantastic job all.


  106. David, Polly and Phil M.

    We had a wonderful evening at the Ritzy (and Odeon). Thank you all so much (and the rest of the band the previous week).

    Thank you Fed for sorting it out for us and thank you felloow Bloggers for your company.

    Now to enjoy the DVD and let David and all have a good well deserved rest.

    Thank you so much again.

    Heather and Phil

  107. In every persons life you dream of things, some come true some fade to mere pie in the sky hopes.

    On Saturday something magical happened.

    I arrived at the Ritzy at around 18:00 and made my way to the bar to meet all you lovely lovely people. I truly mean that folks, you should be proud of yourselves.

    I then went out to collect my tickets only to be told by the nice gentlemen that I was the “Famous Geoff Duffy Dublin” how I laughed. This is the best bet … FRONT ROW SEATS … FRONT ROW SEATS … FRONT ROW SEATS …

    Fed, all I can say is from the bottom of my heart thank you for fullfilling a young(ish) Irish man’s dreams. Apart from the birth of my son, easily the best night of my life. The relaxed atmosphere of the occasion was fantastic.

    Once again Fed, if you have not already guessed, this Dubliner is one happy camper. Thank you again Sir or, as I was corrected over the weekend, thank you m’lady (I still have my doubts).

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  108. Dear FEd,

    I really don’t know how to thank you enough for those Ritzy tickets. On Saturday I was still amazed I even had tickets, but when I saw what seats we had I just couldn’t believe it. It was an absolutely wonderful evening; I loved it and you have no idea how happy you made me.

    Thank you!

    [You’re all very welcome. Glad that you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  109. CAPTION:

    “………………………………” (yep, still speechless)

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  110. [Geoff D, I saw you on the front row..you lucky so and so.]

    Times in life when you are glad to be alive, Howard.

    The camera adds ten pounds by the way, ha ha ha.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  111. Hey,

    I’ve been to the show on the 29th of may. I came all the way from Isra-hell 🙂

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the dvd, now that I bought a new LCD + DVD…

    I don’t know when it will be realesed in Israel but I’ll hold my breath.

    That was the best show I’ve seen. I saw live shows before (Clapton, few days before that night..) but this… emotionally special.

    Great. Hope to hear a new release soon, but not too soon if you catch my drift…

    Be well,
    Asi (Israel)

    [It’s released in Israel today, Asi. – Features Editor]

  112. Hi Fed

    Just a quick note to thank you for arranging the tickets for the Ritzy event.

    Couldn’t believe that my tickets were for the FRONT row. Thought the event itself was much better than Leicester Square, mainly as the sound was cranked to 11 with brilliant clarity. Obviously would have been nice if the whole band had come on stage at the end, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    The documentary, Breaking Break, was a great look-back at the European leg of the tour.

    All in all, a fantastic night, off to buy the DVD today…

  113. Continued…

    The DVD portion had parts that were sort of ‘grainy’ in appearance, compared to the “live” portion, of which we saw after the DVD. (Thank God! I was worried that it may not work again after the DVD portion finished). Also, during the DVD there were times of flashes of colored squares across the bottom of the screen. Like those screen-test things…

    Sadly, many people left during the DVD credits; I don’t think they knew there was more to come. I didn’t stop them, as I didn’t know if that theatre was going to show anything more, either!
    We waited a few minutes, and voila! There was “Live Satellite!” I believe there was more cheering from the audience at that point.

    We truly enjoyed the Q & A (Thank you for answering my question, David! Joan Jett??? Didn’t see that one coming!)

    Happy to say the rest of the show went off without a hitch, and we thoroughly enjoyed every
    second of it. Of course, we feel terrible about missing the entire beginning of the “Live” portion. Oh! By the way; they did play the documentary at the end of the show, so we got to see that after all. It was very enjoyable!!

    Can’t wait to see the entire DVD! Marc Brickman does such a fabulous job, doesn’t he??

    We asked, and the theatre said they had sold about 106 tickets for the show. They said they never received any posters or programs.

    Sad we didn’t get to see it all. Sorry for the long posting…. (don’t you hate these long ones?)


    [When I have to split them into separate posts, yes. – Features Editor]

  114. Continued…

    And On and On it went it was a visual rollercoaster seemingly filmed with 6-10 cameras 4 grainy 2 blurry and 2 pixilated and 2 super high quality (keep your noses clean) randomly switching between them the worst seemed to be the distant shots and cameras from the audience they would often graduate from grainy to blurry and rub salt in the wounds and then pixelate. All throughout the superb music and 5.1 sound continued which was the only blessing.

    I know there was a warning about strobe lights at the beginning, it’s a shame there wasn’t one for ‘this may screw up your eyesight’. If this was High Definition you can keep it…. 50% of what I saw wasn’t even close to VHS quality!!!! The picture just wasn’t stable.

    HD = Huge Disappointment

    I think if I didn’t have to watch it and could have just listened instead would have been preferable.

    The Q and A was brill – David and Phil make a good team we had lots of fun except the reappearance of scary song lyric guy (He was at Leicester SQ Wasn’t he?) I think David will avoid these Q and A’s for a while. No visual probs here.

    The Jam and Documentary – well the Leicester SQ jam was ace (This band is far too good not to be playing live!!!) again visuals and sound and music excellent.

    The concert footage HD mix whatever was awful. Was that a North American transmission problem (seems unlikely as the rest of the footage was superb even Rudders vid was better quality than 50% of the concert footage.)

    I should have complained at the cinema but was so surprised and dumbstruck at the end we just left – anyways we had to leave pronto to catch my ferry home.

    Did anyone else have a bad experience? I really can’t believe this footage was from the amazing High Definition masters mentioned. If Marc Brickman had seen it he would have been gutted.

    So Fed, any ideas what happened?

    [Without seeing it for myself, I really couldn’t comment. Scant consolation, no doubt, but I am sorry to read this and will forward it to those responsible for organising the event. – Features Editor]

  115. [Glad that you enjoyed it, though. Sorry to hear about the clowns in row D. What is it with these people, eh? It’s a shame that we can’t gag people on their way in. – Features Editor]

    We too were afflicted by the two muppets sitting in D18 and D19. I don’t know about gagging, breathalising would have been more appropriate as the root of the problem was consuming more beer than their bladders and brains could cope with.

    On a positive note the show was just fantastic and I thought having Phil Manzanera host the Q&A was a master stroke.

    Thanks once again for the tickets.

  116. i just wanted to thank everyone for their reviews. i’m so down about missing this. 🙁

    a million thanks to david. you have been so good to us. thank you!!!

  117. Good morning all.

    I’m so glad the US premiere went so well. Nice to hear you all enjoyed it so much. I was doing my usual Monday morning catch up on the DG weekend blog when I was knocked slightly off kilter.

    [Hmmmmm….part of me asks why anyone would really care??]

    This was a response to my question regarding the different way in which David credited his songs on AMLOR. I was a bit disappointed to see such a response from Andrew? OBVIOUSLY I WAS INTERESTED AND A COUPLE OF OTHER PEOPLE TOO, INCLUDING FED! I thought that this was the area where such ‘trivial’ questions may get answered. If the type of pickup or wammy bar David uses manages to get colume space, I don’t see why my question is any less relevant.

    Anyway, I just didn’t want to let that one comment slip without notice.

    Can’t wait for the posty today! Should have my DVD!!

  118. I was one of the lucky few being invited to The Ritzy in London. It was actually quite emotional being in such a small venue / cinema, surrounded by David, Phil and some lovely bloggers!

    Thank you so much for the invitation.

    I hope you all had a good journey back home, specially Christine from California!

    It was a lovely evening, I will remember this night!

    Lots of love from the Netherlands,

  119. Hello!

    I see you are all thanking David and Polly for the last night. I am happy you enjoyed! I was not there, and this is driving me crazy…but I have a good reason too, to tell David and Polly my personal thanks:

    David and Polly, thank you for having made me meet the man I want close to me forever! Emilio, are you reading? This is the coming out! I love you, boy! Shine, Emi, shine. In the sky, with me! God bless you. God bless David and Polly. God bless you all!

    Have a nice day and toast with rum! Navy rum, of course!


    P.S. David, Polly, be free for our wedding day, we would like to have you as best man and woman! Fed, do you agree to be the bridesmaid? 😉

    [No. I hate weddings. – Features Editor]

  120. good to listen from all these nice people!

    I’ll see my dvd this night,thanks a lot for the unique opportunity at the ritzy…hope we can see some day!


  121. Fed et al…

    Howard and gang have said it all… an absolutely fantastic show! I found the documentary enthralling, the concert footage just makes waiting for tomorrow so much harder…

    As Howard said earlier the Q&A was so much more relaxed. Notwithstanding the buzz I got seeing my question up there I was disappointed that I didn’t get a straight answer to my question but that only goes to show DG didn’t see the questions in advance which is a good thing I think…

    Overall it gets an A++ and roll on tomorrow when I can get my stickies on the DVD itself… 🙂

  122. Samantha and I had a wonderful time at The Ritzy. It was great fun meeting up with everyone again and meeting some new (symetrical) faces too.

    Phil doing the Q&A with David worked really well – a great double act with or without guitars.

  123. We went to the Newmarket Ontario (Canada) performance on Saturday.

    Apart from two dipsticks right behind us who talked through the entire magnificent broadcast I thought it was brilliant.

    Our theatre was poorly attended. As many other posters noted, it was very poorly publicised. And that’s sad because I don’t think it gets any better than this.

    With respect to the DVD, I’d very much like to have seen some of the concerts in the other locations as well (greedy I guess). Perhaps Venice, Gdansk?

    All in all, we agreed this was a wonderful event and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

  124. Financial News:

    In the last week, PG Tips posted impressive (if inexplicable) gains in sales, Marmite slightly less. 😀

    More later,

  125. Dear All

    Wasn’t the Ritzy great? Wasn’t David fantastic? And it was so awesome seeing the OBJ (Odeon Blues Jam), as when it happened “live”, I was so awestruck and in an unbelieveable haze, that I just couldn’t absorb it all in and now realise that the jam was based on SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND (at least I think it was), and truly, truly brilliant.

    Phil did a marvellous job of MC-ing the event. Didn’t he sound “posh” though. Did he put on his telephone voice that night? LOL!

    The Q&A saw the reappearance of scary song lyric bloke. What a twit (putting it mildly). There’s Polly and David doing all these wonderful lyrics of a lifetime, then we have this goon who thinks he can do better. Do me a favour mate, don’t bother!

    I loved the question about Pete Townshend’s bits. That was hilarious. David said he had been to Pete’s house to look through his big box of guitar bits, and I can just imagaine David rummaging through this big box, more than likely a skip, chucking Pete’s bits out left, right and centre, and then falling in head first with his feet in the air, cos the bit he wants is right at the bottom, LOL!

    I also liked David’s answer to the question about Led Zep, when someone asked him if he was going to join the queue for tickets and David said he would find another way!

    Do you remember, one of the bloggers said that he saw Robert Plant at the Odeon. Do you think Robert sneaked in without paying! Perhaps he said to David. “Hey man, we’re reforming. Are you?”. You see Mr Plant couldn’t blog the question as he was probably scared that Fed would scream at him for asking if Pink Floyd were going to get back together. LOL!

    To be continued…

  126. Hello MR. Gilmour!!! It’s an honour to write You this message!!! I’m writing You from Lithuania (VILNIUS). I am a huge fan of PINK FLOYD and Your music makes my life fullfilled!!!

    I am a proffesional jazz and rock piano player. I am 22.

    I want to say that I was really waiting for Your DVD ”REMEMBER THAT NIGHT” actually. I have never been in Your concerts, but I still have a hope that once You and Your amazing crew will come to Lithuania!!! It would be amazing. People have never seen such gigs as Yours!

    I have one big dream- to meet You and play some PINK FLOYD masterpieces! 🙂

    Yours Sincerely
    Tadas Mekionis

  127. Thanks Fed.

    We really enjoyed the Ritzy, the show was Great and front row seats too!!! I was a bit too shy to go up to folk in the bar and ask ‘are you a blogger?’ but we did meet some nice people there.

    I had a dream that I got to ask DG a question, my wife insists it wasn’t a dream……..

    Thank you all once again.

    Tom B

  128. Awesome, Brilliant….

    I was at the Ritzy in Brixton and it was fantastic.

    David’s opener was fabulous and to see him so close up…wow.

    The Q & A session was really good, interesting and funny. The Island Jam video from the Leicester Square premier was fabulous as well.

    I won my tickets through Planet Rock and didn’t know till 10.15 Friday night I had won! Thank you Planet Rock for drawing out my name.

    DVD is absolutely awesome and have bought my copy today.

  129. Dear Fed,

    It was a fantastic evening at the Ritzy and really a welcome break for me!

    Too bad I didn’t see you there! I really would have liked to thank you for this great night and the opportunity to see David once again.

    One thing that amazed me when Polly and David arrived is that they just stepped out of the car and came in. Nobody even noticed them!

    Thank you again for this incredible experience in such a beautiful and intimate theatre.


  130. We watched in Norfolk, VA in the USA. The crowd was small but enthusiastic.

    I really enjoyed the video as well as the behind-the-scenes feature run before and after. Everyone in the tour gang seemed really enthusiastic.

    Audio and video quality at our location were good. I really enjoyed the more “intimate” feel of the DVD mix, including the closer, warmer “view” of David’s guitar sounds. Can’t wait to see the DVD.

    It was especially fun to watch David squirm during the Q&A! A little humanizing is fun, no?


  131. Ritzy event:

    It was quite different from Odeon, as the venue was more intimate (more fitting to the On An Island Tour), there were no celebrities, no official afterparty, and no full band live performance.
    But still I was happy to be there.

    I already in Poland decided to avoid the tube, and as I used to live in Brixton for a week back in 1995 I remembered that there were some good bus services from the downtown, and it was easy for me to get there.

    I met several Bloggers at the bar, but most of them I already met in the Imperial, so the difference was US Gilmourettes contingent with my dear friend Melissa (met her more than year ago in Gdansk), as well Becky, Tracy and Christine. It was nice to meet you Ladies.

    The show started with the first part of the tour documentary, which I liked a lot, particularly David meeting with Roger at Bray Studios. Nick was also captured, I don’t know if it was from Bray or Albert Hall, so all Pink Floyd members are included on the DVD.

    Then Phil Manzanera greeted everyone at Ritzy and all across the pond in USA and Canada and introduced David to start the show.

    Castellorizon live was great and after that the show started. Echoes was the best again, even without additional smoke and lights treatment, and this time I would like to add Arnold Layne. I can completely agree with Rick, who said in documentary that David Bowie created his own new version of that one. (Btw Rick’s version from the 30th of May was also great, as far as I remember)


  132. Q&A were very interesting again, (David: “I will pull my strings to get a ticket for Led Zeppelin gig”). This section was ended when tour manager appeared and cut his throat as probably satellite time expired.

    As a bonus was Island Jam performance from Odeon and I had possibility to relive this show, and it confirmed that band is still in top form.

    The evening ended with the second part of the Breaking Bread,… documentary, and it was great to see Gdansk footage again.

    I would like to thank David’s Management for the invitation, I had a great seat (row B) 3 yards from David chair on Q&A section, and really enjoyed the event.

    Afterparty, courtesy of Geoff, was also fine, I had a great time, and I would like to say thank you to all who were there,


  133. The live broadcast of “Castellorizon” gave me chills. The excellent directing really gave you a sense of being there at the Ritzy.

    Thanks, David, for the GREAT music. Keep it coming!

    The concert film performance was just as good as I remembered it at Radio City.

    And Phil is a great host – he should get his own show.

  134. Continued…

    I felt like shouting “mine”, when a question was put to David about what CD he had in his car stereo right now. “I wish!” LOL!

    To all these people above who are moaning that the film was grainy etc. I loved all that cos it made it seem real. The coloured dottiness on some of the footage is definitely an Arnold Layne experience. Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!

    Sad to leave London to go back to Nottingham but had a nice surprise when I got home for there on the mat as I opened my front door at 3.45 in the morning, was my Remember that Night DVD from Amazon. So I set up my 5.1 surround system and played it on my 50″ screen way up loud and that was well yum! I just wanna cuddle David Crosby as he is so cute! Comfortably Numb made me cry.

    I have understanding neighbours!

    I think David Bowie should release Arnold Layne as a single. It’s one of the best covers of any PF or DG song. I’m sure it would be an absolute massive hit. Mr Bowie take note!

    It sounds so “now”, doesn’t need any sort of remix of arrangement, and I don’t even mind singing back-up! Again, “I Wish!”. LOL!

    Now, when we will see you again, David. After see you “live” two weeks running, I’ve got used to seeing you, so don’t leave it too long before you get back on stage again.

    Love you forever.


    [‘Arnold Layne’ was released as a single. As well as David Bowie’s lead vocal, Richard Wright’s was included, plus a live version of ‘Dark Globe’. – Features Editor]

  135. Wow.Wow.Wow.

    I was at the showing in Branford CT on Saturday, and have been DYING to get to this computer today to tell about it.

    First let me say that I have fallen in love with David Gilmour and his guitar playing, all over again. He has been my guitar idol since I was 12 years old, and with all the fuss and conflicts regarding Pink Floyd, and feeling like a child of divorced parents, loving Roger, Loving David, seeing Floyd, seeing Roger…I had become…well..comfortably numb, I guess you could say.

    This DVD has captured the unbelievable Genius of David Gilmour on guitar. His new songs from OAI are pure, they soar, they provoke a powerful emotional response, and David has never sounder better, I think. His voice is as good as it’s ever been.

    David Crosby and Graham Nash are the perfect pair, the addition of their voices to the beautiful music that night, was magic!!! The look in Crosby’s eye said it all. Literally brought tears to my eyes.

    And Bowie doing Arnold Layne?!?!?!? Somebody pinch me!!! Did I just see that?!?!?!? Wow.Wow.Wow.

    Thanks David. Thanks F’Ed for having this forum for us, which by the way, was the only way of knowing about this screening, it seems. I expected a much better turn out, but was happy to be one of the lucky ones to be there.


  136. My experience started with a beautiful afternoon in New York City! Not a bad way to start.

    My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Angelo and his wife for a pint before and after the show. Another positive blogger rendezvous for the record! Angelo, mi casa su casa! We’ll get together in the future I’m sure!

    The show was great! The DVD performances were fabulous (I can agree with some lousy video others have mentioned, my guess is the satellite feed was lacking).

    The Q&A was a lot of fun (perhaps more exciting than needed at times ;>)). My favorite answer was Davids recollection of Syd (way to go Melissa on that one!!). David and Phil seemed to have fun on this Q&A session.

    Someone tell the Spaniard that Gipe rhymes with pipe! (Sorry George, your pronunciation of Castellorizon was flawless!)

    FEd, any chance we’ll see the video for this Q&A??


    [I hope so. We’re expecting something from the event late tomorrow, I believe. – Features Editor]

  137. [….unfortunately, those two middle-agers behind us were not part of that prematurely-exiting crowd. And the one clown made quite sure of that by loudly announcing his presence to everyone at the very end with a shout-out invitation –he was serious– to come party and “get wild” at his house. “Pass.” – LG]

    Ha! Are you sure you weren’t tempted, LG? BTW, just how do you define middle age? ;>)

    I had to sit next to a guy who was intent on proving he knew all the words to every song 🙁 Like David said, covers are fun to do, but often painful for those listening! Ugh….


    PS: Welcome back LG! We missed you.

  138. Mr Gilmour & co. that was magic.

    Thanks for the invites FEd!

    Can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to see both shows in London recently. It was a privilege to see him play in such a small and intimate venue. We could see him sucking his cheeks in while playing from Row F easily.

    My 7 year old son, Alex Jnr, made the pilgrimage to Brixton with me for this one. He really enjoyed it but wants to send in his own blog later.

    The only thing that spoiled it was the plonker the row in front of me …. ( grrrr…… not going to say it, but we all know who he was! )

    Anyhoo, it was a good night with good cheer and good beer (apparently) I stayed off the bevvy, as I was on my best behaviour trying to be all big and clever.

    Met some good people, including Geoff and Tash from Dublin. Sorry, anyone else I forgot.

    I didn’t hang around long enough to get a picture of David at the end of the night but would like to thank Guy for the picture he allowed me to take of him and my son. Haste ye back to the Edinburgh Festival next year, my friend.

    Hope everyone made it home OK.

  139. I have to say that I am just so completely thrilled that my question was included in the Q & A.

    Thank you so much to FEd and management for coming up with yet another brilliant way to bridge the gap between artist and fan.

    Sorry you all had to see my big head on the big screen, but it had to be done 🙂

    Thanks again!

  140. Still too wiped out and muddled to post much but I’m loving reading everyone’s comments!

    Love from Atlanta,

  141. My wife and I attended the showing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    As a long-time Floyd and Dave fan, I was totally blown away by “Echoes.” Rick and Dave played like it was 35 years ago. I also loved the opening to “Shine On,” sad and mournful, all the more striking now that Syd is gone.

    All the songs were great, and Bowie was awesome.

    I definitely plan to buy the DVD this week (can’t wait to hear “Fat Old Sun” and “Wot’s uh the Deal”).

    Rock on!

  142. I saw the presentation at the Regal Perimeter Point theater in Atlanta, GA.

    Besides the fact that I couldn’t get the projectionist to adjust the picture for severe keystoning it was a marvelous show. Although I was expecting HD, the image was good and the sound amazing.

    The highlight for me was Echoes.

    I can’t wait to head to the DVD store tomorrow to pick mine up and watch it on my home theater.

    Wish I could have been in Brixton.

  143. Well I am glad to see nothing changes with the pronunciation of my last name…

    How could something spelled so simply cause problems with interviewers and tele-marketers across the globe?

    My response to the people who say “Gripe” (where they get the “r” is anyone’s guess), “Gippee”, “Geeppay” and so forth is…Spell “pipe”, now spell “ripe”, now how is my name spelled…

    No big deal, though, I am happy I had the opportunity!

  144. David, thank you so much for your music, your inspiration. You’re the best one.

    Thank you for Echoes, wow, that was so great!

    I saw you Saturday in Canada, and I can’t believe how you’re talented…

  145. Enjoy? Did we ever!

    We were let in at about 20 minutes to the hour as there was still a movie playing in the room. It was largish room for a multiplex and it looked like it was less than half full by 3PM. We connected by about 2:45.

    There were only a few satellite glitches which lasted for a few seconds each (you know, video stops, audio continues). I dunno, I thought the sound and visuals were great.

    When I read about the event in Europe, I hoped that David would do Castellorizon, because then people would see the concert start the way it started in Toronto, which was fab. I understand why David moved Breathe/Time/Breathe forward in the later concerts, but those audiences missed the perfect start to a concert.

    Anyhow, the footage looked great and I loved the documentary stuff, quite humourous at times.
    Everyone in the theatre seemed to be a happy camper, especially when we received the coupons at the end.

    Looking forward to Tuesday.

  146. [Ha! Are you sure you weren’t tempted, LG? – Jerzy Mike]

    Sure…. tempted to arrive on site with gifts in hand: a pocketful of stones to chuck through his windows, for starters. (To roughly quote you, “HIS casa NOT mi casa”.)

    [BTW, just how do you define middle age?]

    Well, those two mentally dwarfed individuals certainly placed a new spin on the term, “middle-age crisis”. By the way, they looked older than you, o baby bro…..AND me! {wink}

    [I had to sit next to a guy who was intent on proving he knew all the words to every song 🙁 Like David said, covers are fun to do, but often painful for those listening! Ugh….]

    Glory! Yes, thank you….I forgot to mention that I was unwittingly in for yet another added cinematic surprise bonus performance during this one-off 5.1 sound-around gala event by “The Doped-up Dueling Dwarves’ Serenade of ‘Shine On/Wish You Were Here’ Medley”. So, yes, I feel for you — immensely.

    [PS: Welcome back LG! We missed you.]

    Very kind. (Speaking of temptations, you’re not tempting back into the Blog Addiction Ring, are you?) ;^>


  147. Forgot to mention the socks!

    I heard more than a few females commenting on David’s socks, including my wife. I finally said, “Look, I didn’t dress him”. Personally, I thought it was a bold choice, and who cares, anyway?

    David, watch out or you’ll end up on “What not to wear”. Of course, it would be funny to see them open your closet and see two dozen black t-shirts hanging there. 😉

    I also didn’t mention that there was a collective groan through the audience a couple of times during the Q&A.

    I thought that this wouldn’t happen this time because it was invitation only.

    Fed – you ban people from the chatroom, can people be banned from live events?

    [Yes. – Features Editor]

  148. absolutely fantastic!!

    thanks for the extra-special showing. it sounds great and looks great.

    counting down the hours till it’s here. i’ll get it at midnite tonite.


  149. What a TREMENDOUS event. I brought my 8 year old son, who’s listened to countless Floyd tunes on the radio and watched the Live 8 set with me last year.

    It was a fabulous experience to share such incredible musicianship and guitar virtuosity with my son who will soon be wanting his own guitar to play around with.

    I can’t wait for the DVD. REALLY enjoyed the Q&A and it was SUCH a treat for me to get to see my hero play LIVE. David is truly the most gifted guitarist on the globe.

    And leave it to David to orchestrate the world’s first intercontinental cinema event. He and his many bandmates through the years have a long history of pioneering and innovation and this event is further testimony to his genius as a musician and showman.

    Well done–all.

  150. I need to start my story on Friday night, when I was watching the HD version of Live at Abbey Road in anticipation of Saturday’s event. My twelve year old son John walked in at the beginning of On An Island and sat down much to my surprise. At the end of the song he turns to me and says “Dad, that’s the best music I’ve ever heard.” I planned to go to the theatre alone, now I had a companion for the day.

    We met up with Marcus Buick and Erin at the theatre in Emeryville California but missed most of the preview documentary due to technical issues at the theatre.

    Overall the theatre’s handling of the event was substandard, but the sound quality was exceptional.

    We all sat in rapture during the DVD preview. I loved the shots of David and Rick singing Echoes together and was particularly impressed with Rick and David’s exchanges during the “Funky Jam.”

    It was fantastic seeing all the Blog Irregulars during the Q&A, especially our pal George Gee-eye-pay. I think Mel asked the best question of the night and really got a great answer from David. Many thanks to Phil for putting David in a relaxed mood. Island Jam was great and I really enjoyed seeing Jon Carin standing up and playing rhythm guitar.

    My son really enjoyed the entire show. He sings in a high caliber boy’s chorus and was very impressed by the quality of the vocals and harmony. He also loved all the shots of the Gilmour boys wizzing around the various tour venues on their wheelie skates.

    Afterwards we had lunch and reminisced with Marcus and Erin.

    Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this together.

  151. Well, another week, another David Gilmour premiere !

    This time I had the honour of escorting Melissa, Becky, Tracy and Christine, the lovely Gilmourettes. A great pleasure in itself !

    The cinema was excellent, nice comfy seats too, with lots of legroom. I swapped my front row seat with Tracy, in case there was any extra lighting again, much to her elation ! (Sorry Becky!)

    Another excellent Castellorizon. Superb.

    The Blue, Shine On, Echoes were the highlights, although I had to tell the guy in front of me to shut up during Echoes.

    I too thought the Q&A was more relaxed, more jovial and informal. Perhaps Phil can take Parkinson’s job when he leaves….

    Excellent to see everyone. Especially the ever growing Midlands contingent !

    Thanks to all involved.

    What are we doing next week ??


  152. I saw the show in Philadelphia. As several others had noted I was a bit disappointed that the theater was only about 3/4 full.

    At first I felt kinda wierd clapping and cheering for a movie but once I saw everyone else was doing it I was OK. My wife thought I was strange.

    I saw the live show at Radio City so I had a good idea of what to expect but the film met and exceeded my expectations. I almost felt like I was really there. The Q&A with Wireman, David’s candid response to the taped and live questions, the clips from the various tour venues, were all exceptional bonuses to the actual DVD/Concert.

    It would be hard to say which songs I liked most but On An Island (especially the brutally crisp guitar ending) and The Blue (once again, especially the screaming guitar ending) had to be highlights of both the Radio City show when I saw it live as well as Saturday in the theater. As others had also mentioned I had tears in my eyes for both of them songs.

    I was wearing my light blue David Gilmour OAI t-shirt that I got in NYC and when the show was over, I was standing in the lobby I saw 2 other guys that had the same shirt as mine so were chatting about the show and agreed that it was absolutely excellent!!

    My birthday is Wednesday so I’m hoping that my wife got the hint how perfect a gift the DVD would be!

    [A hearty “Happy Birthday!” for Wednesday, Mike. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  153. i loved saturday 9/15 at burbank california. it was pure joy. didn’t see anywhere to ask a question, though.

    i want to get a copy of the documentary that was shown before and after the royal albert performance. the one that showed them touring all over europe and etc. is it for sale, or does it come with the new dvd? where can i get the documentary to buy?

    [On the DVD: ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’. Questions were submitted here. – Features Editor]

  154. [I went to see the show at Silvercity in Brampton, Ontario and sure enough THEIR satellitte system dies and we didn’t even get to see one lousy minute of the broadcast.]

    Sorry to hear about that Joe. I don’t know all the details, but I think that there were a couple of cinemas within a half hour’s drive of Brampton. I know it would be a bummer to miss the first half hour or so, but it was worth seeing, regardless. I probably would have driven to Mississauga to see it. It was so poorly promoted in the Greater Toronto Area that I doubt that any of them were anywhere near full.

    Again, sorry to hear about it. I guess that there are bound to be glitches in this kind of thing.

  155. Can anyone tell me what stores will have the DVD in Stock? I would really like to go stand in line for it!

    [Please click your name below and see the bottom of the ‘DG on BBC and ITV’ entry (17 September). You might wish to get your copy from Best Buy or Borders, due to the free CD or poster. – Features Editor]

  156. I just wanted to say “Thank You” for giving us the wonderful gift that was Saturday…My dream is to see David perform live, but if this is as close as I’ll ever get, then I will still be grateful.

    I saw the show in Fort Worth, TX…small turnout (very poorly promoted) but it was wonderful to be in a theatre with other super-fans!

    The DVD is perfect and ECHOES blew me away. How lucky for the ones who actually were there that night!

    The most memorable part for me was the footage from Gdansk. I think I felt the entire emotional experience during that piece, especially at the end watching all the concert goers feeling David’s solo in “Comfortably Numb”. It was just beautiful.

    Again, Thank You so much!
    The Lightbearer

  157. Saturday’s show was absolutely fantastic. My girlfriend and I caught this wonderful three hour event at a Theater here in the Buffalo area (and what perfect weather we had for it! Buffalo was dark and heavily overcast with a chilly air). We arrived about an hour early and managed to select two perfect seats halfway up and dead center.

    I thought it was done perfectly. We were let in at 2:30 and within perhaps 60 seconds, the documentary “Breaking Bread” started up. What a pleasure that was. Sort of a touring scrapbook with a lot of odd funny bits. By the way, it was nice to see that brief clip with David and Roger. VERY nice actually.

    At 3:00 the documentary faded off (somewhere in the middle) and the live broadcast from Brixton kicked in. Phil Manzanera as host? Brilliant choice. The more I see/hear from him the more I love that guy. He seems to be such a genuinely nice person.

    Phil then introduced David who took the stage with his black Strat and peeled off a spine tingling rendition of “Castellorizon”. His playing gave me goosebumps! Amazing. By the way, great job segueing the live cut into the DVD version of “On An Island”.

    To be continued…

  158. Review from Sudbury, Ontario Canada:

    Thank goodness I frequent this site a lot because Saturdays showing at the Silver City Cinema was unmissable. I was at Massey Hall in Toronto and now had the amazing opportunity to share some of that experience with my mother and 4 friends.

    When my friends question my obsession with all things Floydian, I say experience it and then come back to me. Well, I now have 5 others who finally “get it”. In fact one of them was still soaking it in the next day.

    A sold out show up here. The video quality for us was amazing. We must of had a big fan controlling the sound system, because beginning the second half when the oldies came on, they simply cranked it! So much so that the Cinema Screen looked like it might fall off during “Time”, but not so loud that any distortion was created in the audio. That in itself added an extra dimension to the day, rumbling seats definitely brought me back to seeing this live.

    My personal favorites where “The Blue” and “Echoes” and “Arnold Layne”. Surprising to me, my mother and her best friend, both in their late 60’s chose Echoes as their favorite.

    Many thanks to all who were involved in making this happen. Now I wait for my DVD to arrive on Friday.

    There was mention by Phil that this was the first time an event like this was transmitted from the U.K. to North America, is this indeed fact FEd?

    Thanks so much!


    [I’d have to check that one. – Features Editor]

  159. Hello All!

    We attended the David Gilmour Live at the Cinemark Tinseltown Plano, (outside Dallas, Texas).

    We had a great time, as did others around us. There was a great turnout – almost every seat was filled. We only wish the theater had turned the volume up so it felt more like a concert. =)

  160. I thought the Brixton Ritzy was excellent. I thought you were going to play island jam real again on your guitar.

    I got my photo done with Guy Pratt.

    My dad showed me where you played in Leicester Square Odeon and I saw the balcony you stood on.

    My favourite song was The Blue.

    I didn’t get to ask my question. It was going to be if I could get my photo taken with you but I wasn’t brave enough.

    Great to hear another concert from you soon.

    From Alex, age 7

  161. Well, well, where do I start? How amazing was this last weekend?

    It happened to be my first gig in retrospect, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was very nervous on Friday night. Couldn’t sleep, but it was expected I suppose.

    I left my hotel about half 1ish on Saturday, in hope to see the Wales V Australia game. Pity though, I travelled around Brixton for a while, the game wasn’t on anywhere. But, maybe that was a blessing in disguise, as we got hammered anyway.

    I ended up going to the pub opposite the Ritzy. It was called ‘The Prince of Wales’, so I had a nice welcome once all the barmen knew I was welsh. Fair play to them. And £3 a pint wasn’t bad.

    I had about 8 or 9 pints and then travelled into the Ritzy to begin my expedition of meeting the ‘Bloggers’……

    (To Be Continued)

    [Hammered, Simon? Come on, that’s a bit harsh. It was a decent comeback against one of the best teams in the world. And 32-20 is better than 36-0… – Features Editor]

  162. So I entered, and went straight to the bar. Got myself a nice Magners with Blackcurrant! Overheard a few Bloggers mention their names to themselves;

    “Hi I’m Lorraine” “And I’m Nick” Etc. Couldn’t bring myself to introduce myself. I’m a moron like that.

    Melanie soon got there, and we both decided to introduce ourselves to the gang which was quite big now. Met a lot of people and for the rest of the night I had a nice smile on my face.

    It was nice to meet everyone here on the blog that went. It was truly…..Happy Days!

    I then met up with Geoff and his entourage! And subsequently met Melissa and Tracy, who we both shared a laugh about a tape! And I met countless others, they all greeted me very charmingly (is that a word!).

    I grabbed my two pints of Magners and headed on into the theatre.

    (To Be Continued)

  163. To my absolute amazement, I had myself a front row centre seat, which I have to thank Fed and One Fifteen for that. I literally sat on the edge of my seat throughout. I noticed it a few times and sat back, but found myself in front of the chair again, playing drums with my hands or something. (To the woman sitting next to me, very sorry. I looked over at Lorraine once and she was chuckling!)

    I must admit that when David played, I had a tear in my eye. I’ve never heard anyone play something so moving and I was personally touched. I was about 5 feet away from David and he was quite simply, breathtaking. Thank you so much David.

    The DVD performance was great; I couldn’t care less about the graphics. I had had about 15 pints by then so I thought it was me!

    I’ll be honest; I really wanted to see Comfortably Numb. But I’ve seen it now about 20 times. (By the way, I’ll do a review of the DVD once everyone has seen it first).

    (To Be Continued)

  164. The Q and A session was great. One particular moment was when I was looking at Mr. Gilmour and he was looking at my two pints in front of me and he chuckled. I was so in awe of everything I forgot about my pints!

    Everything was great. I went for a wazz during Arnold Layne and Guy was in the room between the lobby and the theatre. I shook his hand and he didn’t have a clue who I was! I walked past him and said “Well, Guy mon! Shumai! (Welsh for hello)!!!! He looked confused!!

    To sum up, thank you thank you and thank you again. Everyone. The Bloggers, the management, Fed, The Band, Phil for presenting, Guy for being confused, and most of all to David, for making an impact on my life that two years ago I thought could never happen.

    Two words to finish…… Happy Days!!!!!

  165. A Utah perspective:

    Having been to the Odeon in London for the premiere, it was great to get a chance to feel the full effect of the broadcast from a movie theater – this is not to say that it’s better to see David Gilmour live via satellite than it is in person… what we mean to say is that it was great, in the absence of that option, to see the desired result.

    The broadcast was near perfect. The intended result was delivered on our end here in Utah, with everything transitioning smoothly.

    The only two things that were a bit off were that the volume was initially too low and evidently turned up after the first couple of tracks. Also, the lights in the cinema could have been turned off during Phil Manzanera’s introduction. The dimming of lights between David Gilmour’s live performance and the beginning of the DVD footage had a certain momentum to it but not something that would have been sacrificed by dimming the lights during the introduction before the video footage began – it was hard to see Phil Manzanera’s introduction and David Gilmour’s live performance with lights reflected on the screen.

    Other than that, it would be great if David Gilmour could include Utah and a number of smaller cities on a future tour. The cinema was packed – impressive for an event that lacked a certain advertising punch.

    Also, having been at the Odeon in London, I have to say that it would be great if David Gilmour (and Rick Wright) would stop and chat with fans for a bit. We realize there are some who want autographs in order to sell them on eBay, however some of us (as well as our parents before us) have grown up listening to David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. We know David Gilmour appreciates his fans as much as we appreciate him and it would be great to nurture the strength of the effect and influence he has been for many by allowing himself to chat a bit more with us during events like these.

    Ed & Marie

  166. My wife and I watched the premiere in Tampa Florida and I must say that there was quite a crowd.

    Highlights were of course the live bits that Dave and the band played and the Documentary and DVD were absolutely stunning. The satellite signal seemed to have been lost a few times, the most notable was right before the solo in Time but I can certainly forgive that for the feast to the eyes and ears that this concert video was. I’ll be first in line for the DVD in my city to be sure.

    Also, the Q&A session was brilliant and gave a small insight as to who the person is behing the name.

    Thanks for the opportunity to view this and I hope that there may be future events from Dave. God Bless.

    James & Amanda in Tampa

  167. Fed – I should have mentioned the Cineplex I went to was the Galaxy Nanaimo BC, Canada.

    Anyways seems most people had a great experience which is good especially all you lucky sods in London at Brixton.

    Then later I heard Everton got beaten 1:0 by Man.U after playing well – Now that’s really taking the mick. (I won’t get any sympathy from you about that will I Fed 🙂 now that I have revealed i’m a secret Toffee fan!!!! )

    I’m just glad it’s Monday.

    [To my great shame, I become a bit of a closet Blue Nose when it’s Everton-Manchester United. Thankfully, it only lasts 90 minutes or so (unless United are at home, of course, in which case, it could be as long as 97 minutes). Your cinema comments have been passed on. – Features Editor]

  168. [I was a bit disappointed to see such a response from Andrew? – Posted by: Brian_Kildare]


    Brian good point. We certainly do debate some trivial items on this site and my comment was not made to offend anyone. It just seemed soooo trivial that I couldn’t understand why anyone would really wonder about that. But then my mind is polluted with so much music trivial information that I’m sure I make some people scratch their heads as well and ask….”How does he know this stuff?? And why does he know this stuff??” So your point is well taken.

    I’m certainly not going to stand in your way for a search in your answer to the question. If it completes your musical sphere of knowledge, then more power to you.




  169. My husband and I watched ‘Remember That Night’ Sat. in Minneapolis, Mn. Like others, I was so surprised it wasn’t sold out.

    I think it is the best dvd going. It was wonderful to see it on the big screen. The sound was fantastic and I can’t think of a thing they could have done differently to improve it.

    It has everything you could ask for. Close ups of David’s hands as he played guitar. All that wonderful music. I loved the easy and wonderful way the band gets along with each other.

    Great to see some bits with Polly and the other families. Also, fun to see the other venues.

    Just a wonderful dvd. As I said, you can’t ask for more. It’s perfect. Can’t wait to get my copy tomorrow. Just WOW!!

    Thank you so very much,

  170. Thank you Fed for the Brixton tickets, my dad Gordon, Steve and myself had a fantastic night!

    The Ritzy was a great intimate venue, and was a great opportunity to meet fellow `irregulars`.

    I was amazed by those who had travelled so far, such as, Tracy, Melissa and Becky, a pleasure to meet you! And always a pleasure to see Martin, Nickster, Nate, Ash and Neil!

    David was on top form, as was Phil, and the Brixton one!

    A GREAT evening, thank you all.

  171. I’ve never written a comment here before. This is my first time comment. Because I wanted to say thank you very much for such a wonderful film concert. What a magical world moment!!

    I’ve never attended your live concert before. But next time I will be there. So please come back to NYC.

    Sorry, my English is really bad. I am Japanese. I want to write more long sentences.

    Thank you very much again!!

  172. My wife and I attended the show at Branford Cinemas in Connecticut. I was the same theater that I saw the Mermaid Theater show in when that was out.

    The sound in the theater was fantastic! The DVD looks great. I really like the way they focus on David’s guitar playing.

    It was also a thrill to have my question read by Phil and addressed to David. And it seemed like a question he enjoyed answering. I noticed he dodged a few of the others.

    I was happy getting my name and question broadcast all over North America for my 15 seconds of fame. And the fact that it occured at a David Gilmour event just makes it the best!

    Thanks for putting my question through F*ed. I’ll be picking up my DVD tomorrow.


  173. I was present at the Regal Cinema in Swansea, Massachusetts along with my cousin for the simulcast.

    I’ve been looking forward to this since I bought the tickets over a month ago and I was certainly not disappointed. There were about 20-25 people in the theater. No advertising in the lobby whatsoever, but I’m not sure whose responsibility that would have been.

    The performances were outstanding, even if the picture quality rivaled internet video at times – especially during the laserlight show numbers.

    Whatever was missing in picture was made up for in sound, however. The 5.1 mix was spot on and thrilling – very close to being there, I must say.

    Highlights for us included Echoes and Arnold Layne, for sure. We’ll both be picking up our DVDs tomorrow.

    Thanks to David and all who made this event possible. It was truly memorable and something I’ll think of each time I view it. Now come around to Boston so we can see you in person! I promise not to ask uncomfortable questions, recite poetry or give you presents!

    Best, Jason

  174. So many great descriptions of everyone’s feelings on the live venue.

    I wanted to publicly thank you, FEd, for putting aside a ticket for me at the Ritzy. I got my travel arranged and put in for my passport only to be told 3 days before departure that there was misplaced information and that my passport would not be arriving in time. I hope you received my e-mail on forfeiting my seat in time to brighten another bloggers day. I am truly blue about missing this golden moment.

    I did get to see the concert at the local cinema with an almost packed house. The emotions of these great songs swept over me and I couldn’t help wishing I had more friends around to share it with. I especially liked the documentary footage after the DVD. We really get a good look inside the lives of these musicians and the magnitude of the tour.

    Thank you again, FEd for thinking of us bloggers and giving us all the rare opportunities to be a part of David’s world.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow to buy the DVD.

    [Sorry that you couldn’t make it to The Ritzy, Slater, but glad to hear that you enjoyed the event. Enjoy the DVD. – Features Editor]

  175. Remember That Night– I’m trying to forget, don’t remind me…?

    First, there were technical difficulties from the start!!! There were no programs offered on entry, no big deal…but then the show began without audio and about 15 minutes later the sound finally came on with some audio blips from a horror movie before we heard any music. The audience seemed irritated and offended by the whole situation, as was I.

    Once the sound came on, the music was awesome as usual…Dick Parry’s solo was incredible and Rick Wright “WOW” on Echoes, amazing to watch him tearing across his piano keys like that… David Gilmour’s acoustic sets were fantastic!! The lighting and camera work was excellent!!!

    There was low attendance and the show did not seem to move along well. The documentary could have been first, to introduce the crew before the performance, then the DVD footage and then the Q&A in the end. Some audience members left after the DVD credits began to roll, not knowing there was much more to come.

    Storm’s visuals were terribly missed during the music. If you don’t play an instrument and you’re viewing a concert film showing only musicians ripping on their instruments things can become dull after awhile.

    Then everyone received complimentary movie passes while exiting the theatre…and I’m looking forward to a pleasant and private DVD experience…


  176. Continued…

    The DVD itself…judging by what was shown…is going to be absolutely spectacular. There were so many highlights it’s hard to pick one. If I tried, I would end up mentioning every single song! I will say this though, David’s solo in the middle of Echoes (just prior to the funky guitar/keyboard solo exchanges) just scorched the hide off my face (lovely visual there). Unreal.

    The question and answer period that followed the DVD was a pure joy. There were a few great questions, but one woman in the audience had a great one regarding David’s favorite memory of Syd. This elicited a lovely little story and you could see the genuine affection there. Very heart warming.

    Finally the jam from the previous week’s event was fantastic. I loved the way David just kicked things off, casually playing his Goldtop while the crew set up the drums etc around him…the rest of the band joining in one by one. Great playing by all. As you can imagine, this little musical surprise was VERY well received by the audience (by the way, one touching moment I loved: when the guys were taking their bows, Richard gave David a huge bear hug). What a great way to wrap the proceedings up.

    Sadly we had to leave during the remainder of the documentary as we were running late for a birthday dinner for my mother. Don’t worry….mom understood. This IS David after all!

    Thank you to everyone for AGAIN putting forth such a grand effort. No fans are treated better.

  177. Where do I start?

    I had a great time in London! Becky and Tracy were wonderful travel partners and every moment I spent with them was a pleasure.

    Our first day in London, we met Martin S. He is such a gentleman. I can’t tell you how funny and sweet he is. He stayed right by our side the entire time. He helped us get around town so that we could see as much as possible in a short amount of time.

    I hope he enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed his. I’m pretty confident that he did because we had him laughing so hard he was snorting. (Sorry Martin, the secret is out)

    Saturday morning we met Christine, from California. She was a fine compliment to our group and she really added to the enjoyment of the day. We spent the day zooming around London on the tubes, which was great. I really like London, and I think I would loose a lot of weight if I lived there, as I only ate two meals the entire time. The prices are outrageous and I was too excited to notice any hunger pains, so it was not a big issue.

    When we arrived at the Ritzy and saw all of our irregular friends, I was like a puppy that couldn’t stop wagging its tail. I was so happy to finally meet everyone face to face. Everyone I met was very friendly, just as I had imagined. I will always remember the feeling I had during that brief time. I’m pretty sure that I hugged everybody that I met, and I would like to apologize for that in case I offended anyone. The thought never crossed my mind that some people aren’t the hugging type. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t get to meet David or I may have gotten myself escorted out like the street bum that kept coming in.

    To be continued…

  178. Continued…

    I have to say that I was disappointed that the irregulars didn’t have a better/safer location to have our gathering. Everyone was too afraid to hang around in Brixton and there was also an issue with transportation. I had hoped we would have been able to visit for a greater length of time, in a more intimate setting. A few of us did find a place to hang out for a while back in London.

    As for the premiere itself, I was lucky enough to sit in the second row. David’s live performance was simply beautiful. The DVD was fabulous as well. It’s evident how much work went into mastering it.

    I thought the Q&A was much better than the last one. Not because I didn’t like the questions that were asked, but I thought that David seemed much more comfortable and open. Up until that point I was unable to think of a proper question to ask because I was afraid I would ask something that was too personal.

    But when he sang those few words from ‘Dark Globe’, I became very emotional I wanted to hear more about his feelings about Syd.

    I wanted to cry as I listened to David’s precious memories of the time he spent with his dear friend. It was especially moving for me, that he gave such a heartfelt answer to a question that came from my heart. Thank you for that, David, it meant a great deal to me. I will admit that I was very sad that I didn’t get to meet you, but this moment was better than a quick hello and a handshake.

    I really hope this is not the end. Like all great moments, they come and go like a thief in the night.

    I will keep ‘High Hopes’ that David will continue to make music and share it with us, if it makes him happy.


  179. I have been at the Ritzy last saturday, and we enjoyed very much. I went there with my lovely wife and daughter. The organisation of the event was perfect.

    At 6.30 PM we could collect our tickets. Our seats were on the third row, facing the screen, the first 3 seats on the right. During the event mister Gilmour walked 6 times by our seats. To see him that close was incredible.

    Like I wrote before the organisation was perfect. They knew that I would be there with my daughter, so for my daughter was there an extra cushion so that she could sit a bit higher to see everything better. She was very excited to see David Gilmour in person (I was too …).

    But I have one point of criticism.

    How many people were there at the Ritzy? 200? I think that there were less. I have spoken to people from Holland, Belgium, and I have heard that there were also people from Germany. Was it not possible for David to take some time to talk and meet the his fans? And I am not referring to the fans outside of England; I am refering to all the fans who were at the Ritzy.

    For me an autograph of David in the tourbook (I specially brought it to Ritzy) and a picture would make it complete. It is a pity.

    We really had a wonderful evening. And after that we talked much about it.

    FEd, thank you for the possibility; we had a lovely weekend in London. The weather was ok. Regardless my point of criticism we had an unforgettable weekend.

    Thank you, and thank to everyone who made this possible.


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