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Remember That Night DVD (2007)David’s new live DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, is rocketing up the European DVD charts. It’s already at Number One in Italy and the UK, Number Two in Belgium, and Number Three in Holland and Ireland.

Well done, David!

I hope fans in Australia have had a chance to see at least some of the DVD, which was released on Saturday. We look forward to hearing your thoughts. The same goes for fans in New Zealand and South Africa, where ‘Remember That Night’ was released today.

The chatroom will be open on Thursday and Friday this week. Please see the calendar for details.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Mornin’ F*Ed,

    Hope your weekend was a good one.

    The DVD is just marvellous and has been literally consuming my every waking moment. I just love the interaction between everyone on disc two is just priceless, the warmth and the laughter…

    [It wasn’t too shabby, thank you very much. How was yours? – Features Editor]

  2. Wow, I saw some of part 2 of the DVD last night on VH1 classic here in the US. It was cool.

    Hope everyone enjoys their DVDs. It is Truly Great.

    Have A Great Day

  3. Congratulations Mr. David Gilmour! Well deserved.

    I am absolutely overwhelmed by the outstanding production of the new DVD. I thought of adding my 2 cents about the new DVD; however, there is literally nothing else for me to say that didn’t get mentioned.

    FEd, bless you for your patience, your time and efforts to read through all the posts; and there are so many of them (over 400 since the release of the new DVD)… I just couldn’t read them all – sorry everyone, I know I’ll be missing many good posts, good info, good insight… a lot of good things.

    Taking a short break here at work and I’ve been anxious and ready to post.


  4. Thanks to FEd and others, found OK button on remote, worked a treat if you know what I mean.

    Just love secrets!!!

    Ian Pearson

  5. Oh mates! Oh mates! Oh mates! I couldn’t wait to comment on the dvd!

    It is…it is! Wow! Remember that night? Oh no, more than remember! Fantastic to see the faces’ expressions, the smiles and the jokes.

    The first part is great! Take a breath is a flash! Fantastic! Congratulations to the staff who took the videos and assembled the images. And, of course, congratulations to the men of the lights and lasers. Great work, mates! (and what a wonderful place the Royal Albert Hall!)

    Echoes…wow! It is better than in Live at Pompeii!!!

    I could mention any single track…but it would be long! So, it’s better if I calm myself and simply say thank you and congratulations to David for the charts. All deserved!

    This dvd is fantastic! Amusing, interesting, beautiful. And that’s all…before I become boring!


  6. Finally got my dvd delivered on Saturday. Saw most of the first disc and all of the second disc. The documentaries are really awesome.

    Good job everyone involved and thanks!

  7. Congrats on the DVD and wow what an honour to be in the same film footage as David . Cheers for that .

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  8. Hi everyone! That’s excellent news about the chart positions. Number 3 in Ireland – go on ya good thing!!

    The DVD really has lived up to all my expectations. Like a lot of people I looked at disk 2 first. I was stunned by the menus to start with – a lot of work evidently went into them and was definitely worth waiting for!

    The stand out feature for me was the 3 Richard Wright sung songs in the bonus list. He is so under rated and it was nice to see David bringing him center stage, a real showing of his generosity and love for Rick. This bond was further evident in the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ doc, where David tells Richard on his birthday that he loves him. Now, I’m no wussy girly man, but that moment made me well up a bit. Very sincere and touching!

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all involved in creating this DVD.

    A big ‘go raibh mile maith agat’ to FEd for making the lead up to the release exciting and fun, teasing us with all the little excerpts and mini competitions. For giving us all the space to ask nerdy, clever, not so clever and pretty stupid questions without banning us. And for creating and maintaining this great little community.

    Oh and last but not least. I’d like to thank the great man above, the creator and inspiration behind all my endeavors. The one who always helps me in my darkest hour and helps spread the peace and happiness. Thats right, our true saviour… Steve Jobs.

  9. Good afternoon Fed,

    What could there be worth buying more in Belgium, Holland and Ireland, I wonder…?

    Looking forward to getting my copy.

    Was lucky enough to go to final night at RHA last May. Highlights? – well everything was great. Was lucky enough to be within touching distance of Dick when he came on stage – his playing really made the hairs on your neck stand up!

    But for me, the pinnacle was High Hopes.

    Knowing how important that song is to David, how he locked himself away on Astoria away from distractions and composed – and then how the band and he performed it live. Alone on stage, solo ad lib semi acoustically under the single spotlight.

    Beautiful. Quite beautiful.

  10. Any word on where it is placing in the U.S. or Canada?



    [Not yet. – Features Editor]

  11. My weekend was a very rare relaxing one. No soccer game for my daughter and my neighbor cut my lawn for me leaving lots of free time with a certain DVD…if only they could all be this way.

  12. To thank David and co. goes without saying so I’ll save myself the embarrassment of geting mushy and leave it at a simple but sincere ‘thanks’.

  13. I came back home today from school in a bad mood, but I have just received from Anthill my DVD-T-shirt-tote bag, all wonderful ! So, now, I’m in a very, very good mood ! Thank you so much !

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to school wearing my new t-shirt, with my laptop, DVD, maths book in my new tote bag and let my gremlins/pupils choose between watching David’s DVD or learning Pythagoras’ theorem !!!!


  14. Congratulations on the popularity of the RTN DVD…certainly well deserved.

    So are you going to finally reveal how you access the hidden tracks? I did manage to find one of these and it is excellent. However, I can’t for the life of me find any other hidden stuff and I’m driving my family up the wall hogging the DVD player and computer trying to find it!!!

    Many thanks.

    [No. As has been said several times previously, all mention is being deleted until our friends in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have had time to play with the DVD. – Features Editor]

  15. [Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase ! ;-)- Patoch’]

    Sorry, Patoch, I don’t think my post would be published if I ever broke David’s secret…

    But, maybe, clues will soon officially appear here on the blog…Just have faith and …patience!



  16. I have now purchased a total of three sets of the new DG “RtN” 2 disc set DVD from Best Buy, Inc. All have had a defective disc #2.

    I am going to try yet another retail source.

    Even though significant defects exists, my overall view of the release is excellent. I hope I can locate a flawless disc #2.

    Flaws begin in “Astronomy Domine” and last for a few tunes.

  17. I’m tickled pink with the dvd and all the hidden gems (no pun intended).

    Blog suggestion box: How about entries for specific dvd tracks and or features? There’s too much to say at once….

    Off the top of my head? This version of Echoes beats Pompeii hands down….

    [If I believed that everyone would put their comment in the right place, and not ask where their posts are once they’ve been moved to the right place (so time-consuming, that), and be patient enough to wait for their preferred topic to roll around without jumping the gun, it would be wonderful. Alas, let’s not kid ourselves. – Features Editor]

  18. A couple of things I chanced across over the weekend:

    There was a brief interview with David on Radio 2 on Friday night on ‘The Weekender’ show. As well as talking about the DVD he also gives his views on the Led Zeppelin reunion and nostagia tours. It is available on ‘Listen Again’ (fast forward to around 01:27).

    There was also a reference to the part of the documentary where the band sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Richard in ‘The Independent’ on Saturday (see link below).

    Now that I’ve had more time to explore the DVD I’ve got to say that I think it is absolutely fantastic. It is so beautifully done with incredible attention to detail. It really is a work of art. A big, big thank you to everyone involved in putting it together.

    I’m really pleased to see it’s at the top of the DVD charts in the UK and Italy. It deserves to reach the top everywhere.

    [It’s a shame about ‘Happy Birthday’, isn’t it? – Features Editor]

  19. Any word on replacements for the many, many defective disc 1s from the US version of the DVD? I can’t watch this thing past part way through “Fat Old Sun,” which freezes through most of what I could see, then it jumps back to mid way through “Shine On.”

    It’s a complete mess – splotches of green randomly pop up as the show goes on, starting much earlier in the disc. Very, very disappointing – what I saw was fantastic.

    I am not alone – just take a look at Amazon and you’ll see a growing number of complaints about disc errors just like mine. (Disc 2, however, appears to be fine.)

    [No need, I’ve seen lots of them already. Feel free to send a complaint to Sony. – Features Editor]



  21. Congratulations to David and the Staff for all.

    I’m happy Italy’s always keen to support David…we want to see the next Dvd premiere ok? 🙂

    Then I close my eyes is still my favourite track, it can makes you cry everytime.

    Love to all,hope you’re good Fed.


  22. Maybe it was already talked about, but the moment where Roger and David were chatting and then shook hands and half-hugged was real something to see. I thought maybe I had fallen asleep while watching the dvd and dreamt that moment up. Surely it was done with mirrors or computer wizardry?

    I doubt the reunion tour is on just yet. However, they seemingly are at least putting the past behind them and are showing kindness to one another. I don’t believe that was an empty gesture.

    What does anyone else think?

    [Nothing more than a typically polite, respectful, dignified gesture? (I don’t think they’ve ever been filmed scrapping and brawling, have they?) – Features Editor]

  23. A masterpiece. Great job all.

    I love the last photo in the credits with David and Polly. Captured beautifully.

  24. C’mon guys, you’re killing me slowly with all the DVD praise. I’m having to wait until I get paid at the end of the month!

  25. CAPTION:

    The lights went out and everyone was tossed about as a very large thump rocked the Orca…

    Quint: Hooooper!
    Hooper: I don’t have any spit.
    Chief Brody: We’re gonna to need a bigger boat….
    Gilmour: Dee-doo-dee-doooo, dee-dee-doo-deeee, daadaadaaaa-dummm, da-doo-doo-deeeeee…

  26. Yippeee….DVD finally on it’s way to me. Can’t wait to experience the magic for myself.

    Great excitement here in India tonite with the winning of the ICC Twenty/20. I do like this format much better than traditional cricket.

    Have a great week everyone.


  27. Well, FEd…just wanted to wish blogger Thomas and his wife a very happy dual-birthday today, September 24th! Hope you guys have a really great day today.

    I would sing a certain popular song for the occasion, but after viewing the DVD….I’m now aware that that would infringe on certain copyright issues. Not to mention, the sound of my singing probably creates other legal issues, like disturbing the peace.

    [Hope you both enjoyed, Thomas. You’ve no excuse for forgetting, at least. – Features Editor]

  28. Hi all!

    Took the DVD to a friends house Friday to watch on her big screen. We were up until 3am watching it (she even watched all the documentaries, much to my surprise)!

    But Fed… I’m having the same trouble Ian had… during the intermission… nothing happens… is it true if you hit the same buttons on your remote repeatedly with increasing force you will eventually get what you want? I’ve nearly crushed mine. Should I keep trying?

    By the way… I really feel for those who have defective disks… mine from Best Buy is just great!


  29. [Nothing more than a typically polite, respectful, dignified gesture – Features Editor]

    Exactly, this was my favorite “easter egg” on this remarkable DVD only the hidden message of two of rock’s greatest infantrymen acknowleging each others contributions was clear for all to see.

  30. My two cents:

    I don’t really see how anyone can read a PF reunion into the scene where Roger and David “shook hands and half-hugged”. If anything it was the opposite. David’s body language was the same as my kid’s when some adult tries to make her hug someone she doesn’t really know or hasn’t seen in a long time. Essentially, he was making strange.

    I agree with another blogger who said the scene was included to show the exact opposite: Roger going his way, David and Polly going their way.

  31. [Nothing more than a typically polite, respectful, dignified gesture? (I don’t think they’ve ever been filmed scrapping and brawling, have they?) – Features Editor]

    Personally, I don’t read anything more into that scene than that. It was kind of like running into your ex (spouse, girlfriend, etc.) and just saying, “Hi, How are you? Kids are OK? See ya.”

    It was pretty ironic that both of them were booked at the same studio. And that chalk board is probably as close as we’ll get to a reunion.

    I also wonder if that made it easier for Jon Carin to rehearse with each of them.



  32. I have to be honest and say when I attended the RAH on the 31st I was disappointed with the concert. I then attended the premiere in the Odeon.

    I bought the DVD last week and I have to say it is magnificent. I really didn’t appreciate the show on the night but I most certainly do now.

    I attended Roger’s concert in Dublin a few months back and it was brilliant. Like most people I would love to see the two of them getting together and creating something new especially after seeing the making of OAI on disc 2.

  33. At last, a decent number one in the uk.

    Still not found all the extras, is not that easy, could someone mail me how to find them??

    Thanks to the whole team.

    [Hold on for a few more days and maybe we’ll give you some clues. – Features Editor]

  34. David’s performances just keep getting better and better. You really see that by comparing the then-and-now in performances of tracks like “Echoes” and “Fat Old Sun.”

    As for the differences between Echoes at Pompeii and on the new DVD, there’s no comparison in my mind. David’s performances just keep getting better and better.

  35. dear fed and bloggers

    i had to read everyones entries before i dared to write to share in the experience with the release of the anticipated dvd “Remember that Night”. I also watched eagerly along with 20 of my friends and family at my dvd release “party” and all of us were utterly speechless. There were 10 big guys, I mean construction and athletes etc. When Mr. Gilmour said “I love you” to Rick at his birthday there was not one dry eye. Can’t blame it on alcohol because we all opted to watch video #2 first.

    David & Polly and all the artists, I mean everyone including this website, thank you so much for this experience and the laughter. Mr Gilmour and Polly, thank you for sharing those intimate moments on the DVD. i actually came away as if i was a personal friend of yours and then sadly i realized i was only dreaming.

    I have watched the video a total so far of 10 times since the first campfire party i had and i catch something new everytime. It is not hard to see why david and polly are so happy. I had respect for Polly since she started to write her 2 novels but after actually seeing her with her family it is clear that she is not only talented and beautiful but warm and seems to have an infectious laugh and wonderfully warm “smile”. Polly is truly beautiful inside and stunningly so on the outside.

    To me it feels like David Gilmour’s personal artistic and personal expression at its peak. The DVD and CD touches me immensely. Great Job and much much appreciated and thank you so very much, it has really touched my and I appreciate your openness and artistic and personal expressions through the media (CD & DVD) beyond my words.

    Linda P

  36. Geoff Duffy ( Dublin ) reporting for DGTV….

    You’re a star mate. If I had tried that, can you imagine the subtitles?

    What a weekend you had, front row seats and a slot on the Ritzy News. If this is the luck of the Irish will you please pick my lotto numbers for me this week?

  37. Howdy there my dear FEdly,

    I hope you had a lovely and peaceful weekend.

    I received my goodies, from Anthill, on Friday!!! I cannot even describe the feelings that are evoked from the DVD. It really does take my breath away. I am so impressed by the brilliant artistry and the attention to details. It was well worth the wait.

    I brought the DVD with me to game night, at my friend’s, and “allowed” everyone to enjoy it, while giving myself another opportunity to indulge in all of its overwhelming delight.

    Thank you David & Polly.

    Thank you FEd.

    And a big thanks to all else who contributed to this monumental achievement.

    Have a glorious week,

  38. Hi Fed,

    Yeah I’am one of the new bloggers. My dvd that I bought at Borders messes up on “Coming back to Life” one of my favorites, David sings it with so much passion.

    Love Island Jam, it is great to dance to. Also I love doing Yoga to the Photo Gallery Verison of “Than I close My Eyes”, wonderful just before I go to bed.

    Hope we here more from the new David Gilmour Band.

    Hi to all the bloggers on this site.

  39. FEd,

    My good lady reckons she spotted a DG lookalike winking at her outside the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh at 3.30pm on Saturday. Can you confirm or deny as she reads the blog too?

    P.S. I am 9 foot tall, weigh 20 stone, a rufty tufty trained killer, built like a brick shithouse and don’t like great guitarists winking at my wife. (;)

    [I don’t blame you, Alex. But are you sure it wasn’t a nervous tic? – Features Editor]

  40. RTN is a great package, with superb menus and the absorbing, scrapbook-style DVD booklet is wonderfully put together. [Reminiscent of the PF Earls Court 1973 Program]. All excellent but I was especially touched with Robert Wyatt’s beautiful delivery on Then I Close My Eyes and the sublime finale keyboard outro of Echoes.

    I listen a lot on headphones and have noticed slight drops in playback volume levels within songs [eg. Fat Old Sun at 1:24:25].

    With the DVD being made up from the 3 RAH performances, I wonder [rhetorically] if this is as a result of using footage/audio from more than one night to compile one complete song [and the volume drops are the cross-fades], especially as it doesn’t happen on Wot’s…Uh The Deal or Wearing The Inside Out, which were only performed once over the 3 nights.

    On speakers it’s not at all perceptible but is slightly noticeable on headphones.

    The Disc 2 extras are just as exciting to explore as Disc 1: often DVD extras mean a hastily thrown together collection of mediocre odds & sods but this is anything but that.

    Excellent and much better than Pulse.


  41. Dear FED

    That Brixton Ritzy show was the bestest one I have seen. It was my second concert I have been to.

    Can I come and see you again David Gilmour?

    Thank you for sending my Dad two tickets.

    from Alex
    age 7

    [Maybe one of these days, Alex. I hope so. – Features Editor]

  42. Three of the easter eggs have already been put on the iinternet, but i’m not going to say where.

    How will we know when all of the have been found? I reckon some people will press one button, wait half a minute, press another button, wait half a minute again for every sub-menu in the hope of another special feature. Does the five hours running time include all these hidden gems?

    There are nearly as many easter eggs as there are in Metal Gear Solid games – is there a way of seeing DG wearing a bandana or a stealth suit?! (Only people who have played Metal Gear Solid games will understand what i’m on about.)

    If people can’t find the the hidden videos and other people keep talking about them, they may get a bit annoyed – I guess we’ll just have to stand back and watch the fireworks fly!

  43. [What does anyone else think?]

    I guess closure is a wonderful thing whatever the circumstances.

    Great to see the DVD doing so well. LOL – I hadnt actually realised that there was a DVD chart.

    Pete – Coventry

  44. This DVD is simply perfect.I’m really happy and completely satisfied with it.

    I’m waiting for http://www.davidgilmour.com‘s blog to be elected the best music blog now,I vote everyday for you Fed.

    Hope everything is ok,here in Spain I’m having a great time.It will last ten months.

    I always think of you and David Gilmour’s “world”,as a part of my life and of my heart.How are you?How is David?

    Hasta luego


    [All’s well here, thank you. We’re enjoying your comments. – Features Editor]

  45. Number 1; rightly so, long may it reign there. As is said the cream always rises to the top.

    This is a rather late reply in respect of the Carbon neutral DVD post of last week and I am sorry but I need to get this off my chest.

    To Paraphrase Mr. Asher & Mr. Wilson, “wouldn’t it be nice” if the measures taken by David and his team to make Remember That Night DVD carbon neutral could become the norm. In this celeb obsessed age, the music (and movie) industry has a significant voice that can make a change for the good, think Live Aid/8.

    Whilst I do believe we could and should all do our bit, numbers count and this is what is needed to create a collective force resulting in real change for common sense, the common good and the future. Perhaps Mr. Gilmour’s measures could be a catalyst for change.

    Now that my soap box has arrived, the thing that really pxxxxx me off is the amount of unnecessary waste generated by the over packaging of everything/anything. Plastic, cling film, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, flo- pak, voidfill, polystyrene, ty-wraps, laminated boxes, window envelopes, etc, etc; but Why?

    Just one example, as mentioned in previous posts, I am a subscriber to Mojo magazine. As a result, every month I receive in the post along with my shrink wrapped magazine a free CD, which almost with out fail is enclosed in a shrink wrapped damaged jewel case.

    I did write to Mojo to request they consider supplying the CD’s in cardboard sleeves which I actually think look better. In addition a cardboard sleeve wont get damaged, are lighter and less bulky, which means the magazine is less likely to get stuck in an automated letter sorting machine, it is therefore less likely to get delayed and perhaps an added bonus packaging and delivery costs could be less. I would also have thought that a cardboard sleeve is cheaper to manufacture than a plastic case.

    But who really prefers a jewel case to a cardboard sleeve? I am very proud of my fairly large vinyl collection of 45’s, EP’s, LP’s and Box Sets (which I believe is likely to be increased as a result of a new PF collection), but I don’t believe it would be enhanced if the records had been released in plastic cases. I wonder what Storm thinks? So why the industry norm is for CD’s to be trapped in a clear box? The “Free CD from Plastic” campaign starts here.

    Apologies for the rambling rant, but I couldn’t help myself.

    [I couldn’t agree more. Glossy magazines with unwanted CDs stuck on the front (can anyone get them off without tearing the cover?) are one of my pet hates. Not to mention the bloody leaflets inside that invite you to subscribe even though, clearly, you already did. – Features Editor]

  46. I was doing some searching on my own to see if RTN was referenced on any U.S. chart (I know you said not yet). Anyway, I stumbled on a recent article in Rolling Stone about the Top 25 Music DVDs of All Time.

    Now, being that RTN wasn’t even released when this article was written, I can understand why it may not be included. But I can’t believe that not one PF DVD is included. No Pompeii, no P.U.L.S.E and not even The Wall.

    What is this crap??? Who writes and reviews this stuff??



  47. The DVD is truly amazing. Found some hidden stuff, hope to find more. It really was worth the wait.

    I’m glad to see #1 in parts of Europe, especially Italy, as it is my parents motherland. Nice to know that they still appreciate good music.

    I’m glad you had a nice weekend Fed, for all the work you’ve been doing, you deserve it.


    [Thanks very much. I hope you also had a good one. – Features Editor]

  48. Australia have delayed release of the DVD – we have to wait until next week (damn it).

    [I’m sorry to hear that, Brett. (No one told me…) – Features Editor]

  49. Heya FEd! Long time no see!

    Anyways, I was wondering about something, you know the extra documentary on Disc 2 with the “Making of OAI”…there was a part that David was talking about, you know about how he said that he usually started with the music, then Polly jumped in with the lyrics….I suddenly realized something! That was my answer to my question!

    If I had seen that before I wouldn’t have asked that question anyways, but I just wondered if that was why my question was picked because of that! Thanks…

    Anyways, hope everyone relaxed on the weekend…Congratulations to David and his magnificent DVD! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip Hooray! Hip hip Hooray! Oh yeah…my mum enjoyed the extras part …Reeshard taking the camera…and Guy sitting on a piano with no shirt on…classic…so…I don’t want to spoil for anyone else, have fun! (Wow, I actually said a lot there).

    Cheers! K.C. 🙂

    [Complete coincidence, that. There were questions submitted which had already been answered by David recently, but they weren’t considered as a result. – Features Editor]

  50. All I can say, is that Mr. Gilmour and his colleagues have achieved PERFECTION!

    I can’t believe how you were able to capture the lighting, the talent, the sound…. EVERYTHING!
    Not to mention those hidden tid-bits of joy!

    Seeing the overall effects of Mr. Brickman’s work is WONDERFUL! (I was fortunate and sat up-close at the show, so I’m seeing things in a “new light” on the DVD). ~no pun intended!

    The direction is fabulous, in my opinion (I’m not usually happy with concert DVD’s). I’m certainly no critic; it’s just my humble opinion.

    I bought some extra copies for Christmas gifts, but I bought them at Best Buy, so now I think I’ll
    return them in case they’re defective. That’s a sad thing to hear; all the problems people are having. I’ll just re-purchase them somewhere else! I’m happy to say that my DVD was purchased through Anthill, and it’s absolutely perfect in every way! Like Mary Poppins!! “Positively Perfect!”

    Have a good week everybody, and see you in chat!


  51. Hello FEd, Bonsoir Michèle !

    [Sorry, Patoch, I don’t think my post would be published if I ever broke David’s secret…
    But, maybe, clues will soon officially appear here on the blog…Just have faith and …patience!]

    Thank you for keeping David’s secret safe, I understand your choice that is more “fun” in fact. It gives me one more reason (just like if having another good reason was requiered !!! lol) to watch again & again this amazing DVD set…& to have an eye on the DG’s blog! ;P

    Amitiés également !

  52. The reunion tour is beyond our wildest dreams. With Led Zeppelin doing a show, I wouldn’t rule out a Pink Floyd future tour.

    None the less a trip to England in the future to catch a glimpse of David Gilmour and his band is on my agenda. Take a breath is a classic, and Polly Samson deserves high credits as well.

  53. Fed, lol @ filming scrapping and brawling David and Roger, too funny!

    And thanx for a chat finally this week, we all have been kinda craving for it!

    And wow, David´s DVD being at the top of the international DVD Charts, great job indeed, and well deserved! Congrats! In the German Amazon DVD List he is also Nr. 1. The other DVD charts are not published yet.

    Finally I got the DVD too, one week late, and I should have ordered it via Amazon,then I would not only have it in time, but it would have been even less expensive than the price at a local record store.

    Anyway, hindsight is 20/20, and David´s DVDs are priceless anyway, but then guess what, filled with anticipation to finally watch it, I couldn´t! The DVD isn´t playing on my puter DVD player, and so far that had been the only DVD player I had, so in order to watch the DVD eventually, I had to buy a DVD player/recorder for the TV, thanx to David I´m no longer outdated DVDwise.

    After all these stumbling stones I finally had the chance to watch it, and it´s awesome of course, bringing back the memories of that RAH nite, the best gig I ever attended.

  54. don’t gush about all the marvels at once, guys. pity the unlucky.

    no store, real or online, says a single word about when (or if) the DVD might be coming to turkey.

    i thought we are very close to europe. definitely mistaken:((

  55. [The moment where Roger and David were chatting and then shook hands and half-hugged was real something to see. – Erik]

    What I found curious was how well Roger and Polly seemed to get on from the few seconds shown. I also remember some nice pictures from the Live 8 days where they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

    I guess in the heat of this feud I would have imagined Roger would have taken a ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards David’s new lyricist and collaborator, especially considering Roger’s reviews of the Division Bell, but there really seemed be a mutual admiration and respect for each other, and they seemed more comfortable with one another than Roger and David. I think that speaks volumes for both individuals.

  56. I wasn’t at the Albert Hall but was a Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. I loved that night and the recording of the that performance is bringing it all back to me.

    The bonus no.2 disc is very good and well put together unlike most bonus discs. The whole package is awesome!!

    Well done to David and the whole production team.

  57. DVD is awesome that is all I have to say…

    Great great great. Beautiful angles and lighting and and wow.

    Finally got some rain here in So Cal. Still had to referee soccer and my daughter played in a down pour but it was great…they won.Then it was home with a hot cup of cocoa and David. Loved it.

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca USA

  58. Hey FEd!

    So, I just thought I would share this:

    I was browsing the internet and I was on a site non David Gilmour/Pink Floyd Related and they just happened to have a giant advertisement for “Remember That Night”!

    It made me smile :0)

    Have a good week FEd, everyone enjoy your DVD’s, and hopefully see you in the Chats!

  59. Hello from down here in Australia. Remember us?!?!?! We’re the ones who are still waiting for the DVD to start appearing in music stores. As of Tuesday 25th September, still no sign of it being available in stores…

    I know we’re a long way away, but c’mon, the rest of the world has got it????

    [I’m waiting for news on this delay. I hope you won’t have to wait much longer. – Features Editor]

  60. [(I don’t think they’ve ever been filmed scrapping and brawling, have they?) – Features Editor]


  61. [No. As has been said several times previously, all mention is being deleted until our friends in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have had time to play with the DVD. – Features Editor]

    Agreed – I think it would help if I read the posts of the past few days much more thoroughly. Wouldn’t it? Sorry, FEd.

    [And now that the Australian release has been delayed… – Features Editor]

  62. I’m gonna have to kill you a little more, Ken. The DVD is AMAZING! Seriously one of the best I have ever seen.

    I had been waiting a long time for this release, and on Teusday I ran out and bought myself a copy and watched the whole thing. Simply awesome.

  63. Dudes! Totally excellent DVD! I’m sorry some of my U.S. buddies are having a rough time, I got my copy at Best Buy on the 18th and have watched it SEVERAL times (like every day!)

    Although the previous CDs and DVDs that Mr. Gilmour has participated in are awesome there is a different warmth with this one.

    It’s great to see the WHOLE band having such a wonderful time, the love and respect for each other shows!

    Cheers to all…

  64. Hi, i think its my first post on this blog (ive been reading this from the first post 🙂 ), im from argentina and i bought the dvd last saturday (i thought that i was going to wait much longer), i saw the 2 dvds all past sunday…

    INCREDIBLE, the power of pulse, the ambience of In Concert, i laughed, cry and jump from my seat (yeah, literally :P) all the 2 and a half hours long.

    Thanks to Dave, Richard and the band for filling my soul with happiness. And thank to all of the blog people for letting me be close with Dave’s world.

    I hope Dave comes here anytime, it would be very very very veeeery important to a lot of people here… and if he cant, well… I hope he keeps making music, and let our souls grow 🙂

    Thanks a lot.

  65. Stunning DVD, in terms of performance and even the cool “green” packaging.

    However, my Disc 1 skips sporadically from “Fat Old Sun” onward – Blasphemy!

    I thought it might be my older DVD player, but I’ve played other discs since with no problems. I guess I’ll have to exchange it. It’s the Borders edition, in case you guys are keeping track.

    Fingers crossed for uninterrupted sonic bliss with the next copy…

    [We most certainly are keeping track, Mike. Sincere apologies for the disappointment and inconvenience caused. I do hope that your next copy works perfectly. – Features Editor]

  66. Hello Fed and all.

    This DVD should be Number One every where. Please do let us know how it is doing in the States. I really enjoyed all of it and I purchased mine from Amazon with not tech problems.

    Thanks to you all I knew what to do to see the “extras”. I was able to enter and see them all. So much fun. Thanks David for making this a very special DVD.

    Special thanks to you Fed for making this a special place for everyone. Will your true name ever be told or will we always just refer to you as Fed? This seems so cold for someone that acts tough at times but is really so caring. (Hope I have not hurt your image with that statement!) You do an excellent job.

    Hope you have a good week!

    [Bless you. I have been called much worse, so I really don’t mind the label. – Features Editor]

  67. If cell phone cameras and the internet were around in the 70’s then we might have caught a bout featuring, “Pretty Boy Floyd” in that corner and “Roger Troubled Waters” in this corner. Not that I would want to see that. But, imagine the charity money that could be raised…

    Of course, I’m only joking. All alien prophets can now sigh.

  68. [Nothing more than a typically polite, respectful, dignified gesture? (I don’t think they’ve ever been filmed scrapping and brawling, have they?) – Features Editor]

    They have . . . all in good “fun”. . . It’s a rather funny scene in a “promo” made for “Corporal Clegg!!!”. . . It’s about a Dinner Party (That’s actually a metaphor for the stupidity of the Cold War) that devolves into a combined food-fight, room-trashing, punch-up. . . Very convincing acting . . . great stuff… ;^’))

    David plays “America”, Nick ” West Germany”, Rick “East Germany” (or is it the other way around???) and Roger “Russia”… I hope the dove of peace made it out safely…

    Might be the first recorded incidence of a band trashing a room… Even the poor camera-man gets a taste of the “performance”… I’ll never look at them the same way after viewing it… Hooligans, hooligans I tell you!!! ;^’))X

    The “feeling” for “today” is The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn!!! Mono if you got it!!! Enjoy!!!

  69. Well, I can tell you from the U.S., this DVD is unmatched in any that I have seen in quite some time.

    As an attendee of the shows in Chicago, this was long-awaited. The audio and HD are superb. A fantastic effort went into the production of this and it certainly shows. I have watched it several times now, and shake my head with the realization that I am watching greatness.

    From the bottom of me heart, I thank you for this. Those of you in countries awaiting the release, belive me, its worth it.

    Very sincerely,
    Bill Hayden-Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

  70. Due to snail mail, I didn’t get mine until today. But it is well worth the wait.

    Again, I thank David, Richard, Guy and Jon (the future torch-bearers for Floyd/Gilmour music), Phil, Steve, and whomever else i missed for a wondrous and moving experience.

    This band is composed of true musicians. Possibly one of the best ever assembled.

    Thank you for everything.

  71. The DVD is amazing!

    The David Gilmour in concert DVD was wonderful and now this just brings it up a notch.

    David Bowie singing Arnold Layne was awesome. Shine on and Echoes were the best performances I’ve seen to date. So many songs I’ve never been able to see performed live before.

    Thank you so much David, Richard, Polly, and everyone involved! I couldn’t ask for a better DVD!

    On a separate note, I also highly recommend picking up the Strat Pack DVD. This has David playing marooned, Coming back to life and sorrow. This version of Marooned is one of the most moving performances I’ve seen.


  72. Congratulations David and everyone involved, that DVD is well worthy of going to the top and staying there!!

  73. Hello Fed and all,

    This DVD is amazing to say the least.

    I have been enjoying all the hidden treats. There was one I found by accident that I haven’t been able to find since. Can’t figure out what I did to get there. Wasn’t like the others.

    Must continue search. Must get Leonard Nimoy (yeah that’s it)….In Search Of…….

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  74. Nothing more than a typically polite, respectful, dignified gesture?

    To me they all looked a bit uncomfortable.

    [But isn’t ‘polite’ usually a wee bit uncomfortable? – Features Editor]

  75. I’m not surprised the dvd is doing well!

    I love all the loops in between selected menus & I thought it was a really nice touch to include all the tour staff in the credits.

    Echoes is still jaw dropping; as it was on the night.

    Love to all, Ciarán

  76. Goodmorning FEd,

    Hope everything is OK with you? Things are quite busy on the site now…

    Two little questions,

    First, about the Ritzy evening: will there be a video-clip of this Q&A session?

    Second, about the new Gilmour signature stratocaster: is there perhaps any news about a release date? (my wife actually asked David about this guitar during the first Q&A for Europe).

    Cheers, Ernest

    [I’m waiting for news along with the rest of you, Ernest. Sorry to disappoint. – Features Editor]

  77. I’ve read loads of comments about the new DVD,and it’s been driving me crazy because I just want to see and listen to it. Living in Australia seems like being on another planet sometimes.

    The only concerts I’ve ever really wanted to go to are that by David Gilmour, Floyd or any related band members stuff. I think I would have given my wife away to see the Royal Albert Hall concert. It sounds unbelievable.

    Sometimes it would sure be wonderful to be born in the UK.

    Anyway the DVD comes out on Saturday here and I can’t wait.

    Fed, I really do appreciate your massive effort in keeping this site moving along.

    And just a brief note to David – please keep making your (and I feel our) music alive as it keeps a lot of us going along this little track called life.

    Best wishes to all

  78. Charts? Yuk.

    Having kicked that open door in, let me add that it is pleasing but unexpected news to hear that RTN is doing well here.

    Now I just wonder whom and where these Belgians are that have bought it.

  79. Morning Fed

    ……actually, I’m lost for words.

    I’ve now watched the Concert DVD 4 times, the second disc a couple, and I just have to add my own praises to all that has gone before. As a package this is a superb release, it’s as near perfect as you could hope for! I’m really not into all that gushing fanboyism but you cannot help but be enthused by the whole thing.

    On An Island – the album – translates brilliantly into a live piece and surely, in the title track, David has produced a masterpiece, even by his own high standards – that second guitar break just gets me every time! C & N’s harmony’s (not forgetting the rest of the band!) are beautiful throughout.

    I’d risk severe ‘excess word’ sanctions if said all I wanted here but suffice to say I find my self sitting and watching with a huge smile on my face – damn it’s good!

    I think my mate Mark – who joined us at the first RAH gig and was with me at Leicester Square – summed up the quality perfectly when he said that “Echoes (on the DVD) blew me away just like it did on the night”

    David and ALL concerned with producing this DVD, you have got it so, so right. No wonder you have said you are proud of it, so you should be. As Graham Nash says on Disc 2 you surround yourself with quality: the musicians, the technical staff, the management, and here, at the pointy stick end of the organisation, at DG.com.

    Well done, and thank you, every one of you.

    ……ok, maybe I wasn’t lost for words, sorry Fed!

  80. Dear F.Ed.

    No doubts that David Gilmour is of course number one: many many congratulations and the best wishes for great success all over the world!

    I check anxiously my mail-box every day…

    bye/cieo Elisabetta

  81. Hello FED and bloggers.

    I know that the DVD is difficult to find in Italy, for me is simply a masterpiece and I can’t wait to see the High Definition Edition.

    FED, when do you think it will be possible to receive the items ordered?

    kisses from Ravenna (Italy)

    [Items ordered through this website? You still haven’t heard from Anthill?! – Features Editor]

  82. Dear FeD

    I am sorry but someone has given you a bum steer on the release date in Australia. So far Sony have listed it as 17 Sept, 22 Sept, 8 Oct and it now seems it will be out this Saturday the 29th.

    I paid the big bucks and paid for super fast Amazon UK delivery and scored my copy last Friday. Hate to tell you how much I paid for it but it was worth every cent.

    I am proud to be part of the “Gilmour Family”

    [Not Sony again? I won’t believe it. – Features Editor]

  83. Great DVD!!!

    A pity though that there was no footage of the concerts in Amsterdam (HMH) in the ‘Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine’ documentary. But the ‘meet & greet’ of David and Roger was of course very interesting to watch!

  84. For me it’s one of the very best concert-dvds!

    Now I know what I missed not to see the gig in Dortmund. 🙁


  85. Beautiful. Quite beautiful.

    Richard – let you and I run away together and live in High Hopes land, where the grass is greener, the light is brighter…..and David’s DVD is No.1 forever. I cry too. So it’s OK if you cry too too!

    Does David realise his blogworld is full of emotion and happiness and that it’s all his fault. He’s breeding a bunch of old wuzzers, but we don’t care! The world is such a hard place to survive in, which is why we need Mr Gilmour to allow us to dream.

    I couldn’t blog yesterday as I had to be somewhere, and was so excited when I heard David was No.1.

    I got a lot to say, so I’ll end this blog and start another.

    Cori (a REALLY old Wuzz!!!!!!) xxx

  86. [It says, “Remind David to save some plectrums for Cori” – Michael in New Jersey]

    Oh yes please!!!!!!

    Thank you!

    Cori xxxxx

  87. It’s great to hear about the chart positions!

    However I still can’t buy it in Australia.

    I went to the shop on Saturday and they couldn’t even it order from the distributor, so if sales in Australia seem a little low (i.e. none) that could be the reason 🙂

    So do we have any news on when we can purchase? It really didn’t make for a good weekend after holding out since last year to see any footage from the concerts (bootlegs and all, it has been tough).


    [As soon as I get a response about Australia’s delayed release, and the possibility of releases in China and Turkey, the calendar will be updated. Click your name below for that. – Features Editor]





  89. [I doubt the reunion tour is on just yet. However, they seemingly are at least putting the past behind them and are showing kindness to one another. I don’t believe that was an empty gesture.]

    Memo to David and Roger – Life is just too damn short, guys.

    Take it from someone who knows!

    Cori Burns xxxxx

    PS: Hey, if you need a back-up singer call……..

  90. Dear Fed


    If I went down to the Astoria and stood in the pouring rain, and took pictures of the studio from the outside, would David come out and throw me in the Thames?

    Love Cori xxxxx

    PS: Oh well! At least he knows that I can swim to shore!

    hee heee heee heee……….

  91. Dear Feducious Fed of Fedland, by the river in the forest near the copse where the Feds grow very high!

    Would it be possible for a page to be organised on the blog where us lot can upload our personal pix that we took at the premieres and other places or maybe we could add them to The Gallery.

    I don’t think it would take a lot of maintenance as you could make the link purely for photos and so we don’t get any “spam” etc, we could have a “secret codeword” given to us (like a PIN) so that it’s only davidgilmour.com people who genuinely upload pics.

    What do’ya think?

    Cori xxxx

    [It would certainly be possible, and some related tweaks are (slowly) being made to the site at present. However, it would require a lot of maintenance because, as with both blog and chatroom, people do like to self-promote and, with all due respect, the only way to stop fans from swamping a site such as this one with a predictable assortment of paraphernalia is to be strict when it comes to what they can share with others. “Personal” pictures, you say? That’s a minefield in itself. Any pictures taken inside the Odeon and Ritzy should not have been taken in the first place. The same has always applied for pictures taken during the concerts. (Even the band asked fans to refrain from using flash photography during the tour, which still didn’t stop everyone; nor did it stop those people from wanting us to use our webspace to showcase their talents, then getting pissy about it when told that we wouldn’t.) You also have people, perhaps weeks later, once the novelty has worn off, complaining because they are being harassed by some weirdo who seemed perfectly sane at first. Suddenly, it’s our fault because this person willingly put his, or her, personal details online for the whole world to see. Who would be given this PIN? If it’s anything like the chatroom ‘lock-in’ password, this is a weekly headache for me. Only those that post most often, perhaps? You may have seen the reaction to such a policy whenever we run a competition (or maybe you just heard the gnashing of teeth). Besides, I seem to recall you making a perfectly valid comment about some fans being “cliquey” recently… So, really, it is a lot of maintenance. The most annoying thing is that it wouldn’t be so if only people had a bit more common sense. – Features Editor]

  92. Hi Fed,

    Firstly i would like to say how fantastic the DVD is, quite amazing it’s all so enjoyable but i just can’t stop watching Echoes.

    Also this has been my first chance to thank you for the Ritzy tickets as i’ve had great trouble with my broadband connection. It was great to see David playing and talking within 10 feet, a real treat – thank you.

    The album, concerts, premieres and now the DVD, its been a magical ride, What next i wonder? for now though we have wonderful memories and a DVD to continually keep them flooding back. Thank you so much David.

  93. Morning from the US Fed and gang. It’s been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve been too busy enjoying the DVD!

    It’s superb but I’m a bit worried as my kids (all under 10) now want to form a band and perform echoes so I’ll buy them lasers for the basement!


  94. I just couldn’t get over how splendid and impressive the new DVD is. Congratulations again Mr. David Gilmour for the tremendous success on the charts.

    The DVD has been the attention of the evening in our house, we just couldn’t stop playing it …

    Let’s not forgetting to vote for the People’s Choice Awards for BEST MUSIC BLOG and BEST OFFICIAL MUSIC SITE – I think we have approximately one more week to cast our votes.

    Off to work… have a good day everyone!

  95. [once the novelty has worn off, complaining because they are being harassed by some weirdo who seemed perfectly sane at first]

    Not sure if I was sane to begin with but I will gladly be a weirdo to the person who sat in front of me at the Odeon clicking away.

    Yep, I am the person who asked you to sit still.

    Just wait and see what happens if I see your pics on this site.

    Pete – Coventry

  96. [It gives me one more reason (just like if having another good reason was requiered !!! lol) to watch again & again this amazing DVD set – Patoch’]

    C’est vrai, ce DVD est exceptionnel !

    Avez-vous/as-tu apprécié en particulier, à sa juste valeur, l’hommage de David à Syd, sur le disque 2, Patoch’ ?

    Cheers et à +.


  97. [I’m having the same trouble Ian had – Posted by: tim taylor at September 24, 2007 06:10 PM]

    Oh I sincerely hope not Tim. Surely not the same problem as me. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone!! Definitely the OK button does it for me and discovered a lot, but appreciate the confidentiality. In fact FEd if I was you I wouldnt give any clues out for a while yet.

    Ian Pearson

  98. [But isn’t ‘polite’ usually a wee bit uncomfortable? – Features Editor]

    Sometimes yes, I therefore rest my case. I just do not see it as a reunion in the offing.

  99. [They have . . . all in good “fun”. . . It’s a rather funny scene in a “promo” made for “Corporal Clegg!!!”. . . It’s about a Dinner Party (That’s actually a metaphor for the stupidity of the Cold War) that devolves into a combined food-fight, room-trashing, punch-up. . . Very convincing acting . . . great stuff…]

    I like the bit when David pours wine all over Roger. After seeing that and reading about DG riding a bike through a restaurant in America in Inside Out it sounds as though Davids table manners weren’t what you’d call conventional! Now he just nicks all the wine glasses. Lol.

    I wish they’d have filmed the restaurant owner when he discovered a lot of his wine glasses had disappeared.

  100. I purchased the DVD on the US release date last Tuesday. The 1st disc froze in the middle.

    When I went back to Best Buy they were sold out so I went to another location and got another copy. I had the same problem. Coming Back to Life doesn’t play at all as well as most of High Hopes.

    I was planning to go back to Best Buy again to exchange the DVD but after reading other posts it appears to be a defect in all the US discs. Best Buy policy is not to give refunds on opened DVD’s and I really don’t want to return it-I guess some David Gilmour is better than no David Gilmour. Also with so much material on the discs and a sale price of $11.99 there is still value. It is just extremely disappointing not to be able to watch it as intended by the artists.

    I know this must be really disappointing to all those who put so work into the package which is stunning. I haven’t gotten to disc 2 yet but what I saw in the US cinema presentation was really great.

    I will try to contact Sony/Columbia and let you know what the results are.

  101. Dickheads

    I can’t be arse’d to register and comment to correct them (click my name).

    …although they were quoting the great man himself 😉

  102. [September 25, 2007 12:56 PM – Features Editor] (reply to Cori)

    I think I would have been very interested by your reply if I had understood all that long English prose – foutue barrière de la langue.

    I perhaps understood the main meaning of it, and I would like to say that I personally like the blog as it is, without any personal pictures of anyone, without feeling the need of constantly sharing e-mail adresses or photos, without any gossip. I think it’s the strength of this blog to have been able to respect the privacy of anyone.

    I, for example, far more prefer reading the blog than looking at David’s MySpace page.

    Respect is a rare and precious thing, thanks to Fed for having always respected anyone’s privacy (I mean = vie privée).

    Sorry for that poor English, it’s easier to joke in a foreign language than express complicated things.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone, not in my intention at all.


    [Poor English, you say? – Features Editor]

  103. [Hold on for a few more days and maybe we’ll give you some clues. – Features Editor]

    That would be immensely appreciated.

    We’re still finding Easter Eggs from last Easter in the back yard. Can’t always remember everywhere you hid them, so a map would be very helpful.

    But of course, will patiently wait till after the release worldwide is completed.



  104. Would a full-time forum also be too much maintenance? The irregulars could help you moderate it, and people could put photos on if they want but they wouldn’t be harassed. There are quite a few forums for bands etc. that seem to work quite well with just a couple of moderators.

    [Indeed. But, because of the way that the official Pink Floyd forum quickly went downhill, a forum was never very likely here. – Features Editor]

  105. Hey All,

    My only comment about the David Roger meeting concerns what was not said in the DVD. Obviously we are looking at an abridged version of the conversation. At the end Roger says to Polly, I will try to be there or words to that effect.

    That speaks volumes to me…

    Cheers, Howard

  106. Bonjour je suis de la region de charlevoix au Québec et je voulais tout simplement dire que le dvd remember était aussi en premiere position québécois. Vraiment un spectacle génial.

    Félicitation en esparant vous voir a québec bientot.

    Doum (MOUDE)

  107. [Indeed. But, because of the way that the official Pink Floyd forum quickly went downhill, a forum was never very likely here. – Features Editor]

    Sorry, i wasn’t aware of there even being a forum, i can only assume it was removed before i saw the website.

    I doubt there will be a reunion because in a Radio 2 interview DG said that Roger had said that they were “philosophically, politically and musically different” or words to that effect. I think that makes another reunion unlikely.

    Maybe if the press stopped going on about a reunion in every interview they may all feel a bit more relaxed about doing something together again…

    [The official Floyd forum didn’t last very long. Must have been… six years ago? – Features Editor]

  108. Hello Fed

    I thought the DVD would be very good but its much better than very good!

    Unfortunately on disc 2 all the “link” sections have a sticking fault so will have to take it back to HMV. I am in the UK and was wondering if this is a general problem here.

    I read here of the U.S problems. A great shame after all the D.G. and staff work.

    Best Wishes

    [I don’t think there have been any such comments about EMI’s discs, only Sony’s… and lots of them. Our apologies for that, Peter. Please do take it back to HMV at your earliest convenience. I hope there are no problems with your replacement copy. Do let us know. – Features Editor]

  109. There was no reading into the David and Roger summit other than it showed kindness. Sure, there is going to be some stiffness, some hard feelings, especially of the somatic variety, they get trapped in the body. Thus, the uncomfortable body language. If anything, too much was read into it from elsewhere.

    When I said, ‘I doubt the tour is on just yet’ was a joke in itself. I know the apparent history of the 2 men. But, no one knows for sure if they will or won’t do something together again. I won’t put my tuition money on it. They don’t even know. Who would have thought we would’ve seen them all together in ’05? Clearly, any thing can happen. Even if it’s just one off performances.

    The point is that either party did not have to go and say hello. Or is politeness and empty gesture? They are trying to be friendly. You may have the harshest words for your brother, but you don’t hate him. Only when you care for someone do you let the things they say and do bother you for so long. And then, you forgive, let it go and you may care again.

    You move on to the dvd and enjoy, ‘wots…uh the deal.’ We can work it out.

  110. Hullo FED and All !!!

    Lunchtime !!!!! With my leftover spaghetti and DVD….

    It is a wet Tuesday a.m. here in Fort Lauderdale,FL, USA. We have had a trough settle over us for the past couple of days and we’ll wind up with some much needed rain. This has had to have been one of the driest summers in years actually for being in the Tropics.

    Watching /Listening to WTIO and just have to say that I have noticed a very scant few give mention to WTIO on the DVD here. What strikes me is how Richard really warms to the song after a tremulous intro. Dick is in awesome form throughout this DVD. Such richness !!!!

    And David’s guitar playing, Phil’s layering and Guy’s smooth bass, Steve’s perfect chops and Jon’s contributing with Richard is great on the boards, what a talent that Carin ! And the way the boys do well even with what was originally sung by the Floyd back up Girls. David’s guitar on WTIO epitomized that transcendental sound that is prevalent on The DB.

    Richard singing Arnold Layne. You can see Rick is in great form here ! It’s funny I think Richard is stronger than anyone in the band on Arnold Layne. And the keyboards and fingerwork and the mash ups he does throughout RTN are fantastico ! Richard is stronger than David on vocals here ! But combined …a thing of beauty !

    Comfortably Numb ? Richard shines in the part that was Roger’s. Pitch wise he is good. David ? Come on ! He’s dead on !! And that strap ! God gives me shivers thinking of the significance of that strap !! Guy is solid. Brickman, well, what can you say… : ) Phil is tight in on the acoustic. And Steve is fine drummer IMHO, he’s practically dead on. [sighs] I missed seeing Nick at the RAH. Then the way David just shreds his way into that second solo and the outro. Yikes !!!!!!!

    To be continued…

  111. BTW, I bought my DVD at Best Buy with bonus CD and have to say I have bought a perfect copy. I guess I haven’t gotten all the eggs yet. And the cell phone guy, he had a great line of sight. The image is a little fuzzy when paused, but you can tell he had great shot there. Bloody naffers nonetheless. People were told not to bring in their cell phones and cameras. Cell phones are not concert lighters ! and they are distracting as sh** throughout the concert footage. Other than, no complaints about my DVD package.

    Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine has just been such fun. And I am pleased that Nick does make an appearance. The way David says, “Hey Nick, Hey Nick are you ready ? Shall we do C note ?” It’s just the way he speaks. God, just the way he comes across as someone I’d be happy to have a pint or two with ! Oh hell, the whole gang !

    Everyone, and I mean everyone at DavidGilmour.com and to Mr. Gilmour and your Band of Merry Men, I want to say from the bottom of my heart that this whole experience since March of last year has been absolutely an amazing catharsis for me. Throughout all that has transpired over the past couple of years and coupled with David Gilmour’s and Pink Floyd’s and Roger Waters’ and Richard and Nick’s and most undoubtedly Syd’s music as being a soundtrack to my Life. It has been comforting. Along with getting to know quite few of you people here! Thank you guys, FED and David and Polly ! And everyone else involved with the tour and DVD.

    As Gaff in Blade Runner says to Harrison’s Ford’s Rick Deckard, “You have done a man’s job.”

    Kudos and Saluatations abound and around ! Peace and Much Love To All !

    By the way, FED, it was good to see Arsenal slay Derby 5 – 0, wasn’t it ? They sure had Derby’s ticket punched, didn’t they ? : )

    Can you tell I’m really itching for Thursday’s chat ? Cazart !

    As Stevie asks, ” Do I care what they think ?”

    “YES !!!!!”

    BTW, Nick shows up in RAH clip, so that’s twice now…Saucerful makes me wanna cry seeing that ! Almost…close…to the edge of a full circle.

    [Oh yes, I was delighted to see the Arsenal looking sharp again, at the top of the table, whilst Liverpool produced another goalless draw and dropped back to fourth. – Features Editor]

  112. great dvd except comfortably numb with david bowie. he has not the voice for this song. terrible.

    comfortably numb is the best song of pink floyd but this performance is very bad.

  113. Quite honestly the best music DVD I have seen. Ever. No really. EVER.

    I didn’t think a DVD could catch the atmosphere so perfectly!!

    Heres to you all!!!


  114. [C’est vrai, ce DVD est exceptionnel ! Avez-vous/as-tu apprécié en particulier, à sa juste valeur, l’hommage de David à Syd, sur le disque 2, Patoch’ ?]

    Hi dear FEd, Michèle & all bloggers.

    Late at night, after a busy day of working I watched a great part of the second disc. Wow… it’s as great as the the first disc was !!! It’s good to see the extras song from the RAH, Astronomy Domine (even if I have the Bonus DVD appearing on last december OAI special edition !).

    I really enjoyed the “Breaking bread, drinking wine” documentary. Yes Michèle, I enjoyed the way David pays tribute to Syd Barret, in a very simple & sincere way not only on stage, when he sang “Dark Globe”, but in the short interview too. There’s a lot of respect in his few words.

    I must add that seeing a few images from Vienne (“Echoes” this night was PERFECT !!!!, gave me much pleasure & emotion…

    …And I found, by accident, a very little hidden track on it…I’m still searching for the others..Grrrrr…lol

    Tonight, I’ll be watching the other “important stuff” on this second disc !

    It’s a great DVD once again. Many thanks to David Gilmour and all the team involved in its making.

    Have a good evening all !

    P.S. My english is very basic, & like Michèle said, it’s easier to joke in a foreign language than express complicated things, but I try to be the more closer to my thoughts it can be. I hope I’m understood…

    French P.S. to Michèle: Aucun problème quant au tutoiement ;). J’ai effectivement énormément apprécié l’hommage de David à Syd. Il est plein d’humilité et de simplicité dans les quelques propos présents à son sujet dans le reportage. Je pense que mieux que quiconque dans Pink Floyd, David a su saisir le langage artistique de Syd et le transmettre par la suite dans l’évolution du groupe. Je pense que là où il est maintenant, Syd peut être fier de son successeur au sein de Pink Floyd… Par ailleurs, j’aurais bien aimé qu’il y en ai un peu plus sur le concert de Vienne, tant ce fut un moment magique pour moi…On est chauvin nous les français !! lol

    A bientôt !

  115. ‘Smile’ made me cry ! Thank God for the egg break. And ‘Where We Start’ ? Absolutely lovely ! That’s all I am saying, FED !!!

    I’m a firm believer of not giving away the details. Just saying how it made me feel.

    You can obviously tell I am Egg Hunting… : )

    Cazart !

  116. I really want to thank Emilio, Mel, Susan, Ulli and all the other Bloggers out there who sent my wife and I all those beautiful Birthday cards. My wife really had tears in her eyes after reading the cards and realizing that I do have a bunch of great friends and to remember her in on this special day.

    So again thank you all for Birthday cards and to be part of this great family of friends who love David Gilmour’s music.

    Take Care, Thomas

  117. [The official Floyd forum didn’t last very long. Must have been… six years ago? – Features Editor]

    Sh*t… was it that long ago! I guess it must have been…

    [I could be wrong, but it sounds about right to me. Where do the years go, eh? – Features Editor]

  118. […Then the way David just shreds his way into that second solo and the outro. Yikes !!!!!!! – RabidSoul / Raymond McAteer]

    Yikes….for a minute I thought I was reading a review for Kirk Hammett doing PF.



  119. [Dickheads… I can’t be arse’d to register and comment to correct them (click my name).
    …although they were quoting the great man himself ;)]


    I think I know where you’re coming from, but you seem to have mis-read the article.

    Although the header says:- Robert Wyatt performs live for first time in 25 years.

    He is quoted as saying:- “It’s the first time I’d SUNG live in 25 years! I just felt it,”

    There is a difference between performing (playing the cornet on TICME with David at RAH) and SINGING.

    Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions…

  120. I, too, bought my copy at Best Buy. I have watched it from beginning to end, multiple times, and it works just fine.

    Not all of Best Buy DVD’s are bad.


  121. FANTASTIC DVD… right up until it starts freezing, stuttering and skipping at part 2. Must be something related to switching layers. Echoes and the songs after are fine though. Thank goodness, since Echoes was my most anticipated number.

    I got mine from Best Buy. When I went to return it, they were not only sold out, but 14 were already spoken for in the upcoming shipments.

    I’ll cross my fingers and keep trying.

  122. I am so sorry to hear about the mishaps with some of the bloggers about the DVD from Best Buy. We are very lucky because we bought our DVD from Best Buy also and we haven’t had any problems with it.

    I just hope we don’t wear out the DVD player since we’ve been playing the DVD almost every evening.

  123. Well said, Michele and I second your thoughts regarding the Blog and the individual privacy.

    Additionally, I would much prefer to see that the gallery remains as an exclusive display of Polly’s work than to be mixed with the bloggers’ if that option becomes available. No offense meant or intended.

    Thank you and Happy “hump” day all!

  124. To Michele – bonjour my petite pois!

    I actually meant that bloggers can upload pix of DAVID not themselves. I couldn’t stand that either. It would be like a rogue’s gallery!


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