Did you enjoy, Europe?

Remember That Night DVD (2007)Well, what did you think of that, then?

I’d love to know how you enjoyed Thursday’s premiere of ‘Remember That Night’, shown at cinemas across Europe.

Where did you see it? What was it like? Who did you meet? How did you enjoy the live performance? What did you think of the questions and answers? Favourite song? Favourite moment? Could you bear to go through it all again on Saturday in Brixton?

I want to know each and every juicy detail, so bring it on.

If you’ve already written at length in preparation for the blog’s re-opening – yes, I know who you are – please could you post it in bite-size pieces? There is a character limit in place and, as well as making it easier for everyone to read if it’s not too extensive, I obviously wouldn’t want your message to be truncated.

Thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

182 thoughts on “Did you enjoy, Europe?”

  1. With reference to your comment, incredibly only one question on the lines of when will you be playing my home town.

    I did post a similar question in the hope that it would be chosen.

    In Jan it will be 40 years since Dave joined Floyd. His second gig was at Weston super Mare with Syd. One of only 4. It would be great to see him there in Jan. I do hope he is planning a few special appearances then.

    [That wasn’t my comment. – Features Editor]

  2. Hi Fed

    one of the best nights of my life, what a guy David was, met up with bloggers which was great.

    I missed the blog re the brixton, are there any tickets left?

    5 times

    [I’m not sure. If you send in your details, I’ll see what we can do, but can’t promise anything. – Features Editor]

  3. Just watched the BBC broadcast of “Remember That Night” after recording it last night. Imagine my surprise to see as the camera pans over the audience after “Smile” there I am standing up and clapping away!!! One of the few advantages of having no hair !!

    Can’t wait to get the DVD next week.

  4. Hi Fed.

    i was at Londons Odeon Theatre. And it was fantastic really!! But i must say – the picture quality was not always excellent! dont know why really?

    My Favorite Songs from the Movie: The Blue, This Heaven, Shine On, High Hopes, Wish you were here and Echoes of course!!

    Saw about 5 minutes from documentary as well – fantastic footage from the Gdansk show!!!

    The Q&A Session, hmm, the questions were okay but nothing really special. but it was an excellent idea to take questions from the audience! a bit risky maybe – but nobody then asked david about a reunion or roger …

    The Island Jam was unbelievable!!

    Met a lot of very very interesting people!! Gerald Scarfe, Bob Klose, Phil May, Rick Wright, Guy Pratt, Jon Carin and Steve D – all of them very relaxed and uncomplicated!! A Big suprise was for me when Robert Plant past me! The singer of led zeppelin meets the singer and guitarplayer of pink floyd! I had to look twice when he came out of the odeon no one really took notice of him!!

    what a great idea to make this kind of event!! a kind of party for the fans! and now i cant wait to buy this DVD!! Thanx a lot David!!!


  5. Went to London for the premiere. Fanastic could not ask for much more.

    Favourite song erm let me think Echoes maybe. The in house lasers were an added bonus. The island jam at the end was also another highlight.

    I seriously cant wait for this DVD

  6. Oh Fed. What a wonderful night at the Odeon. The DVD was amazing and the live blues jam at the end totally awesome and unexpected. The Q&A was first class. Really funny.

    I got to the Odeon about 3.45 and about 5 mins later David appeared on the Odeon sign balcony for press photos. Then David came down and had more pix taken with his guitar some of which I took too. It was fab and I couldn’t believe my luck. I was on my little red electric scooter and I think this made him smile a little.


  7. Hi Fed,

    Thursday was an exceptional night! I watched from the Little Theatre in Bath which (as you probably don’t know) is a tiny little thing which really made the atmosphere special as I felt I was part of a select few.

    Having my question played on the big screen, and knowing that David could “see and hear” me was very special too. I really felt I was a part of the event and not just watching. Many many thanks for selecting me, it was worth all the embarrassment of the filming in the end! And a nice touch to be able to take something of the night home, in the shape of the leaflet. I’m sure it will be well kept for years.

    David was, as usual, brilliant on guitar. And the DVD was great (when is that HD version again..? sorry!!). I was blown away even by songs I thought I knew inside out…

    Thanks again to David and Fed, a great night to remember…

    Cheers, Jon

  8. It was bloody marvellous, i saw it in Vienna Austria. I should have come to London though, it would have been worthwhile.

    A bit disappointing was the sound,since the speakers in the cimema could not cope and the picture was grainy most of the time.

    I posted a question for David (i dare call him David, since we’re about the same age -59) but i did not quite understand how to send the recorded mpeg.

    Can you give some advice on that for further events, thanks Fed.

    [If there are further events, I’d be happy to. All that needs saying now is that questions were submitted here and the ‘best’ ones were chosen to be recorded for use on the night. – Features Editor]

  9. Wow, what a thrill that Odeon event had been, as Fed promised, some real value for money, and with many surprises indeed!

    Of course, according to the class of the event, the weather had been awesome too, and the tube strike had been suspended of course, so nothing could spoil our 3 days in London, except a smelly expensive Hotel room, lol.

    It´s been such a fun meeting all the fans, and then the Odeon event, finally watching the long awaited RAH DVD on big screen in dolby around, bringing back the memories of that mesmerizing nite, and after enjoying that, David sat just across from us on the stage, answering the questions with charm and a sense of humor. Never ever have I been so close to him! Taking a deep breath, lol. And then watching him playing live with his OAI gang, awesome!

    I´m still under the influence of that evening. What fun that had been, a thrill of a lifetime, as all events are when David is performing.

    TY David for another spellbinding evening, and TY Fed for helping us fans to obtain the tickets at all for the Odeon event, as the Odeon website screwed up at first.


  10. To be at the Odeon Theater on Thursday was really a unique occasion. The whole day was great:

    It starts with the fantastic good weather. London with a lot of sunshine.

    Then to meet all the nice bloggers like Ulli, Veronica, Lorraine, Charlotte, Heather, Ralph, Nate and all the others. Now I have faces to all these names. Only we missed our FEd !

    And finally the Highlight “the premiere of Remember That Night “. Unbelievable. The live perfomances, the smoke and lights and of course the wonderful music. Favorite song: All

    Thanks to David Gilmour and all involved people to make this evening possible. Wish all the Ritzy visitors on Saturday the same fun that I had.

    Hope Fed you also had a great weekend.

    [I did, thank you. – Features Editor]

  11. Great time at the Odeon, it’s been a great journey, from the moment we all realised David was producing a new CD. To being one of the lucky few to see him play at the Mermaid then the RAH and now to see it on the big screen…brilliant!

    The trouble is what next?

  12. My Odeon Adventure part deux!

    I met some smashing people from the blog. It was great to put faces to the names often seen on these pages, like Geoff, Matt and Val, Lorraine, and a special thanks to Ian for giving me a ticket to row M. It was almost like coming home. Like family yet we’d never met before, David has this magical effect of bringing people together.

    I really will remember that night and look forward to The Ritzy when I can build another wonderful memory.

    Thank you, David!

    Love Cori

  13. I saw the broadcast on saturday night, it was brilliant!!

    The Q&A could have been better, the questions werent great, i felt although David answered them well.

    I couldnt believe that woman asking when he’ll play Cambridge, that was infuriating to say the least!!

    But the dvd is going to be absolutely mind blowing I can tell.

    I got chills watching that video of David opening the footage with Castellorizon at the Odeon!

  14. I attended the Odeon and what an incredible show it was.

    It was great to meet up with a load of fellow bloggers but have decided that we need (optional) name badges for next weekend. There were lots of people there that I perhaps wanted to speak to others but were too nervous to make that initial move.

    A roll of stickers and marker pen has been added to the packing list for next weekend 😉

    Lorraine stood by her word and bought me two pints, the first was for getting her tickets and I forget what the other was for 😉

    Her last known movements in London were that she was off to Leicester Square in search of a long ladder 😉

  15. Hahaha…man, I watched the Q and A on Real player….that was soooooo cool…wireman…lol

    Can’t wait for Saturady now!


  16. Me and the wife arrived with just 5 minutes to spare on Thusday night thanks to yet another signal problem on the central line tube (underground) in our part of essex.

    We just loved the view from our 3rd row centre seats,the sound was stunning,the pictue quality was just a little grainy at times (too close up?),
    the extra dry ice, lights and lasers was a extra treat.

    The Q & A was to just a little short, a lot more people had questions to ask but the icing on the cake was the “On An Island Jam” the best £20.60p spent in a long time!

    Gary and Melissa Hurley.

  17. I think it was a great idea to introduce the show by playing live ‘Castellorizon’, as I think it went very well into ‘On An Island’ on the DVD. A nice way to replace traditional words by guitar, very ‘Gimourish’ ! (hmm…)

    I also think that playing live ‘Island Jam ‘ was a great gift for the fans, as it was the first gift here on December 2005, when we discovered the site/blog, so, very moving…

    All that is great class, of very good taste, as David always does.


  18. Hey all!

    I listened to the premiere on Radio 2 and it was awful!

    All the bits about and including David were fabulous, but the show was full of plugging other artists and playing nonsense songs… there was very little of David on the 2 hour show.

    The BBC1 showing of RTN was brilliant! I loved every second of it, I did think Comfortably Numb would be on it, but it doesn’t matter… brought back memories of the magical night.

  19. Brilliant night at the Odeon!

    Arrived early enough to meet up with a few bloggers – particular pleasure to exchange more than few words with my fellow conspirator of yesteryear, Ian Pearson – happy birthday for Monday fella!…..and Tomasz, who popped over from Poland for the day, like you do! You do feel like you are likely to be thumped when walking up to complete strangers and asking, “Excuse me, are you a blogger?”, but it has to be done eh?

    Missed all the ‘appearances/celebrity guest moments but that didn’t matter one iota. Just great to see David in the flesh again – the DVD also looks stunning, and the supplementary lasers/lights during Echoes just left me with a big smile on my face!

    The finale of the ‘Island Jam’ just put the icing on the cake.

    We are not worthy!

  20. Oh dear, I am feeling the jealousy hit me like a brick wall being torn down on top of my chest. My roommate and I have a countdown on our wall to the dvd release… I can’t wait!

    I feel so moved to thank David right now, for continuing to record and tour and perform — hopefully I will see him live before I die. The music means so much and I hope he has more material that he will record in the future!! 🙂

  21. went to the edinburgh cameo to watch. a bit of a disappointing turn out. it wasn’t full

    the sound was amazing though as was being able to watch a massive screen version of a concert I missed

    always meant to say that the harmonies that DG has gone through his life searching for were perfected on the album but actually they were perfected live

    that line of guys harmonising on an island was awesome – the result is being sick as a dog over not getting to this tour let alone the RAH

    totally awestruck over one of the best concert there’s been – the setting the sound the visuals

    tbc – andy

  22. got to see the gdansk docu while waiting for the actual show to start which was very cool 🙂

    it strikes me that this way of doing things has nothing but good points? I mean where else am I going to get a visual and audio experience like that?

    unless the only reason for a cinema release is because FE’d you have shares in a screen manufacturer and a relative selling sound systems?? hmmm?

    the Q&A was slightly odd, DG seemed on edge, hope the guy’s gift was ok and not something unwanted??? lol

    an amazing film, idea, delivery has to be repeated apart from the bit where the ‘bad/no signal’ box popped up!

    I will remember that night, both of them


  23. What a Fantastic night!

    Everything was perfect, from the irregulars meet up at the imperial to island jam, a great night!

    The only concern I had, was my brummie accent reverberating around the auditorium with my video question. But David gave me a good answer, so that made up for people laughing!

    Echoes, with the extra lights and lasers was stunning, as was how neatly David`s performance of `castellorizon` went into `on an island` on the screen.


  24. I would love to know all the details, but I promised myself that I would wait and see for myself.

    I don’t think that the theater in my hometown of Knoxville, will do so well selling tickets to the premiere next weekend. I’ve just heard that Tennessee plays Florida on that Saturday 🙁 so nobody will be anywhere in the city except at Neyland Stadium. Wot a shame.

    Don’t care, I’ll be in London watching with my favorite irregular people :))))


  25. Went to the Odeon for the premiere, was fantastic to see David in the flesh for the first time.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD to see the whole concert and the extras! The BBC1 feature on Saturday night was good too, a slightly different selection of tunes.

    One thing I wanna know, on the way home I was looking at the cover of the little programme, and noticed, that someone’s done a strange job with editing the picture, because David’s guitar neck has 5 consecutive dots on each fret, when there should always be a gap between each dot on the neck. A little quirky Photoshop error I imagine :p.

  26. I was there at the Odeon Leicester Square with my wife Deb and two friends Andy and Stewie.

    Met up with a few bloggers, albeit briefly at the Imperial beforehand… Ian, Mat, Adrian Kav (who recognised me from our time at the Pulse DVD release and came up and said ‘hi’ – thanks for helping break the ice Ade!!).

    Where to start? It was a fantastic evening from start to finish. Naturally everyone was expecting one song so to get the finale we had…well, it was an amazing surprise and mindblowing (if anything to see Guy in a suit!). But I’m getting ahead of myself a little…

    David’s live opening with “Castellorizon” (3 rows in front of me I hasten to add :)) was just so apt…the start of OAI, the start of RTN and all the shows and the beginning of the journey. It sent shivers down my spine listening to it and David played it perfectly. I loved the segue from David’s live performance into the RTN video. It really did bring reality and recorded memories together in a really unique way, bringing back all those memories from the RAH nights into an experience that recreated the feeling of being there at the RAH… being ‘in’ the music and actually not noticing for seconds that you’re in a cinema and not at the RAH. Weird and amazingly wonderful feelings.

    The setlist was lovely – a nice selection of OAI and PF history for the old school fan and the more recent listener. Obviously I would have loved to have seen the full length unedited “Echoes” on the big screen but it’s a monster for time so I can understand the need to edit it down. The edit itself was done really well and it didn’t seem to affect the piece at all (apart from the fact I wanted more!).

    To be continued…

  27. Continued…

    Q&A was great, although there was one point when I found myself tensing up in anticipation of a Roger/Reunion question…but thankfully it never came and I think I could almost feel a number of others in the audience also breathing a sigh of relief. Some excellent questions in there and I really enjoyed David’s answers (e.g. the Elvis and Beatles influences, the history of the mods to his fave Black strat etc). I just couldn’t come up with a decent question to ask at the time…

    And then of course the surprise finale, which had everyone positively melting with joy as the boys appeared on stage with full instruments and proceeded to jam for us. As many of you know I harp on about instrumentals all the time – AND MY WISH WAS GRANTED!! Someone with a better ear needs to help me out, but to mine it sounded like a jam on SOYCD and Where We Start – but I was too overloaded with input and emotion to get any kind of a real fix on it. Just amazing. I could listen to them jam on anything. Brilliant. Thanks oodles everyone – that was such a treat.

    There’s probably loads more I’ve missed out but I just want to end by saying a huge thank you to David and everyone associated. You ALL *rock* 🙂


    p.s. Ah yes, there was one more thing and I hate to highlight a negative (and I think Werner has already mentioned it) – but the quality of the picture at some points was really noticeably degraded. I put it down to digital recording in low light conditions, because it’s something I deal with daily in a digital SLR – digital noise, which is so much harder to deal with than old film noise. We were also sitting very close to the screen (3rd row) and I’m sure this exaggerated the effect.

  28. This is such a blast–like back in the days of the tour. Thanks to everybody for posting.

    Can’t wait until next Saturday here in America.

  29. How lucky you people are that got to witness Thursday night live! I have tried to watch everything I could on line to try and get a glimpse of what it was like and it seems to me it was pretty magical. As a fellow David Gilmour fan I think we are pretty lucky that he is so open and willing to give us part of us time and talent!

    Saturday will be our time here in the States, but the “live aspects ” will not be as exciting as what you experienced, but we will make the best of it.

    What about you Fed, were you there and did you enjoy?

    [I wasn’t at Leicester Square, but did enjoy the evening very much. – Features Editor]

  30. I’ve only been able to see the streaming video available on the web, which of course is never the greatest quality under the sun, but it looks like fun was had at the event. Not too many silly questions from the audience, and David was on form with his answers, although one or two seemed to leave him a little lost for words.

    Once all the current excitement has died down I do truly hope that the fantastic response to and huge success of the whole OAI album/tour/DVD package will encourage David to head back into work and delight us all some more soon.

    None of us wish to write him off just yet.

  31. Then I Close My Eyes (name that tune)

    Well it was great chatting with all the bloggers who got to go to the show and greatly enjoyed the BBC broadcast (once I got it figured out) thanks guys:-)

    Can’t wait for the 15th to finally get here. Ooooh pins and needles.


  32. How long was “On An Island” song? With the longer second solo?

    [Not long enough? – Features Editor]

  33. To the tune of Echoes…

    Overhead the town pigeon sits motionless on Nelsons head, we’ve just got in from Leicester Square who cares if we don’t get to bed, the Echoes of that brilliant night will stay with us fro all our lives, Thank you David you were great and thanks for bringing all your maaaaaaates….

    A truly wonderful evening lovely to meet fellow Bloggers as well and thank you Fed for making it all possible

  34. ODEON;

    What a fantastic day, night and early morning (the latter I’m paying for now).

    Arrived at L Square @ 14:00 and hovered the area. Met Cori and Tomasz who recognised my son’s oai t shirt from the Blog. Got a photo with Polly and Phil (thank you so much guys) . Then I met Mat and his lovely wife and not forgetting the Classman (no spelling error I assure you) Mr Pearson and we headed to the Imperial where I met some lovely people Lorraine, Ralph, Nate, Martin, Howard, Louis, Neil and all the rest I never got to talk to.

    What a show, 2nd row seats “Fantastic”. Post show drinks (ouch my head) and back to Dublin . Cant wait for Saturday.

    A big thank you to all I met from the blog. I must say a nicer bunch you could never meet.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  35. hmmmmm, i cant get the clips of the premiere to open? It keeps making a connection and then fails…Mermaid clip works fine, but Odeon and the Q and a clip fail.

    Anyone having the same problems?

  36. Happy Monday,

    Events like these are surely pinch yourself moments. Me in Leicester Square for a premiere event. This is the type of thing I have only ever heard about on the TV. It was certainly an afternoon/evening that I will never forget.

    Serious, I am not saying this for the sake of saying it but I actually woke up on Friday morning thinking that it all been a dream.

    Having bought my ticket late I was up in the top tier but it hardly mattered. The viewing was excellent.

    The sound quality of the film was, to be honest, absolutely outstanding. The fact that audience members were applauding each song throughout the 90 minute excerpt bore testament to the fact that you could have been mistaken for being at a full blown concert.

    The flashes of cameras got a bit tiresome though. OK, when David was on stage you kind of expected it, but taking photos of a screen……………..it got a bit much.

    The effects during Echoes were jaw dropping. The Q&A session was fun with some great questions asked.

    Then Island Jam. For me personally this was the highlight of the night. It was simply incredible. It had been rumoured on this site but I never really paid to much attention, in fact dismissed it,…….how wrong I was.

    The meeting of the fans also needs to be mentioned. What a wonderful turnout. That memory will also stay with me. I did feel in awe of these people. There were people from Canada (Howard), Poland (Tomasz), Inverness (Ian), Birmingham (Martin) and lots of others. I was humbled, particularly at some of the stories on how they had journeyed there.

    Pete – Coventry

    Fed – tell us a little about Edinburgh.

    [Capital of Scotland, its second largest city… – Features Editor]

  37. It was a great experience, we attended the show in Ede (The Netherlands). The ambience was immediately set when entering the cinema, we were welcomed by PF music ranging from High Hopes to Set The Controls… which was very nice.

    Fortunately we were early enough to watch the documentary, but many people only came in right before David’s live performance. Some great moments there, the venues in France, Venice and Gdansk, the glass player, etc.

    Great segue from Castellorizon into the DVD footage. Good idea, and very well executed.

    The concert – stunning. Great sound in the cinema obviously, and seeing the concert on a big screen is impressive. I loved the way it was filmed, I saw many great shots. I even learned new things about the music, for example the ‘metronome’ sound at the beginning of ‘Time’, I didn’t know that was played live by Guy on muted bass strings.

    Some fav moments: Time (it rocks!), Wish You Were Here (always lump in throat), Echoes, and my girlfriend saying after High Hopes “hey that’s a great song” 😀

    Q&A: hadn’t expected much of this and indeed David seemed a bit reluctant to go into detail. But that’s just David, I don’t mind. Wireman was very cool.

    Island Jam was a very nice surprise, very nice to see the band together again. A great evening. FEd, I’m sure you enjoyed it too.

  38. I was unable to go to the show in Amsterdam unfortunately, but I watched the BBC Q&A video and it was so cool, I really enjoyed it, seeing David having a chat with the audience, I should have been there.

    I have to say I don’t think there were any chosen questions from outside UK in the video, or am I wrong?

    [The questions were chosen purely on the basis of which were considered to be the ‘best’ ones, rather than where the sender came from, but I believe that there were questions from outside the UK. – Features Editor]

  39. [There were lots of people there that I perhaps wanted to speak to others but were too nervous to make that initial move.]

    My wife & i were guilty of not being outgoing enough, we went to the Pub & saw a huge crowd, most wearing something with either Floyd or Gilmour so there was no excuse on our parts, just a bit shy & i now regret not making contact with some of the people i would have loved to have chatted to.

    What a fantastic night, we were sat just behind Peter who asked David a question & gave David & Polly gifts. A nice touch Peter, but for one moment I did wonder what you were reaching for!!

    Echoes & the extra lights were fantastic. I dont think that Lasers etc detract from the Music as David thinks, to me it enhances the great Music he produces.

    I have to agree that some of the DVD was a bit grainy, however i still look forward to the 17th to get my copy.

    I guessed correctly about Island jam that sort of made sense to me. I did not think the whole band would turn up on stage though, wow, but I would never have guessed that David would perform Castellorizon. ONLY one song on electric guitar! (you little liar Fed) we got two & a question from Brian May(ER) to boot!

    fantastic night, thank you.

  40. Dear Fed,

    I see the first few programs of the premiere surfacing on eBay already for quite steep prices. I would love to have one of those, do you know if there are any spare ones or if someone is willing to sell me one against a reasonable price??

    [You can have one, Emiel. Send me your address and we’ll gladly get one in the post. Don’t buy one, for God’s sake. They were free, given out at all cinemas, not just Leicester Square. The people selling them are very sad indeed. – Features Editor]

  41. A night to remember…

    My husband and I went to Cogenhagen, Denmark, and saw the show in a sold out theatre. The crowd was cheering, and it felt like “being there”…it was a blast, no problems at all with sound/picture, except for a loss of signal – but only for a split second.

    I think the whole concept worked well – the film surrounded by the jam, the Q & A etc – the extra treat. Fed, I think the Q & A’s were well mixed, not too “tecnical” – not too “girly”! The answers were good, I like the man’s sense of humour.

    A very fine way to introduce a music film, I think. And thanks for that.

    Lene, 🙂

  42. I would like to see the premiere of david’s dvd but unfortunately in Italy there wasn’t a cinema premiere. I have to wait some days to buy the dvd!!

    I would like to remember Luciano Pavarotti. The Maestro died last week, the 6th of September. His voice was unique in the history of music.


  43. ……well…… I suppose it was worth £20.

    What can I say that has not already been said, a fantastic evening, yet another night to remember.

    Echoes was surely the highlight for me, but wait, whats this, i wonder what that other guitar is there for? maybe to make the stage look less empty, hmm, oh a drum kit being wheeled out, surley not?

    And there they all were, what a magnificant surprise for us all, and great to see the band back together again. I think Richard got a bigger cheer than David, and yes Guy, i did notice you stumble over somthing on stage trying to cover it up with a little jig.. classic.

    I am dying to know what those presents were…

    On a separate note, i believe i completly mis-understood this whole Ritzy thing, i thought the lucky few would be watching the american premiere live via statelite, i dint realise the man himself would be there…

  44. Hello there,

    Sorry to be a pain but is there any chance of one more ticket to Brixton?

    My girlfriend’s 8 year old son […] would like to see David too!

    Perfectly understand if it is too late.


    Ruan Milborrow

    [That’s fine. You never sent in your girlfriend’s name, by the way, so you currently have two tickets. – Features Editor]

  45. I watched from York with a friend who is quite new to Gilmour/Floyd’s music. He really enjoyed SOYCD (as did I – so powerful and wonderful) but didn’t like Echoes as much.

    The whole event was wonderful, from the beginning to the end. I kinda wished I had travelled to London but it would have been another £60 onto my travel plans, which wasn’t possible at this time. A brilliant night and I can’t wait for my DVD.

    Do you know FE’d when the online store will ship them?

    [I don’t, sorry. I have asked, but will ask again. – Features Editor]

  46. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of coverage available to those not able to attend the premiere. As I hadn’t expected to be able to see any of the event, the online video of the Q&A session and David performing live were a welcome bonus.

    I also enjoyed the interview and tracks played on Radio 2. It was a shame there wasn’t more of the Q&A session on the radio show but in the end it didn’t really matter as the video stream was much better anyway.

    [What we’ll have on the site later this week will be even better, you’ll see. – Features Editor]

  47. Well, well well. What a night!! I’ll always ‘remember that night’.

    Firstly, I must clear up my absence from the bloggers meet up. I got slightly delayed in Dublin airport, then slightly more delayed on the tube. Then majorly delayed in our hotel – The Grand on Trafalgar Square. Apparently they had booked the room for 1 person, not 2! Typical.

    Eventually we made our way towards Leicester Square. Coming from Trafalgar Square direction, we had to walk past the Odeon and who do I see? Jon, Steve and Guy! They were kind enough to have their picture taken and then the doors opened and I made a bee line for my seats.

    What a show. I was in the 2nd row, so Nickster must have been behind me! Having my question asked was amazing. Even though they pronounced my name wrong – Brian May-her, it made for a funny moment!

    So everyone, I WILL be seeing you at the Ritzy this Saturday!!

  48. Well, what a night Thursday was.

    I, unfortunately, didn’t get to the Imperial, because I was running late, but getting to the Odeon just a little earlier paid off to see the documentary from the 2nd DVD (I presume). Of course now I want to be able to play the glasses like Igor.

    David’s performance of ‘Castellorizon,’ was brilliant, unbelievable really, nearly touching distance from the second row.

    The DVD excerpt was fantastic too, I can’t wait to see all of the tracks on the 17th.

    As for the Q&A, I thought it was very good, although one question’s climax was extremely cringeworthy. Not to worry.

    I was wondering why David’s Les Paul was sitting next to him in the Q&A, hoping he would play it. And he did! Which turned out to be an outstanding jam with all the great members of his band.

    What a night! Pity I can’t make the Ritzy! 🙂

    – James.

    [You’ll be able to enjoy that documentary all over again when the DVD is released. – Features Editor]

  49. Wow, what a fantastic night!

    They showed the documentary in the build up which was great, got to see David meeting the glass blower on the streets of Venice, and man, how good did that concert look?! I loved the long haired head bangers at the front!

    David’s peformance of Castellorizon was great, I’ve always loved that song, then it was on to the DVD which was mind blowing. Brickman himself was in the cinema working his magic with smoke and lasers during Echoes, on top of his lighting work on the dvd, a double dose!

    The Q&A was brilliant, I love David’s way of answering questions, he’s just….cool!

    Then the surprise, I nearly had a fit when they rolled the drums on and the whole band came on stage. The jam was awesome, they were just having a blast, each taking turns with solos. I was blown away!

    An amazing night, I doubt there has ever been a premiere like it in all of history!

  50. Overall I think the RTN premiere last Thurs was a great night. I watched it at the cinema in Bath and thought the sound was excellent but a bit disappointed by the picture quality on some of the longer and darker shots.

    The cinema in Bath was about two thirds full and most of us decided that it wasn’t too uncool to clap after each of the songs!

    Interesting selection of tracks, as expected there would have been more OAI songs. The jumbled up running order certainly kept everybody guessing what was coming next! I was particularly pleased (and surprised) to see that the one hour of BBC1 RTN footage on Saturday night did not have the same track listing as the cinema.

    From the footage I’ve now seen, the performance of David and the band is excellent, though the over-enthusiastic picture editing sometimes detracts from the performances of the individual musicians. The re-edited footage of Take a Breath is an improvement on the previous version.
    The segue from the live Castellorizon to the filmed OAI titled track was superb and one of the highlights for me was the great Island Jam at the end.

    The Q&A session was entertaining. However, I think some folks who send good questions to the Blog, but didn’t have them chosen due to time constraints etc, must have been a bit miffed that ad hoc questions were taken live from the audience at the Odeon.

    Hope the North American audiences enjoy the premiere as much as the audiences in Europe did and many thanks to David and Co. for making it all possible.

  51. I’m too new to the blog to merit any tickets for Remember that Night, but I was able to enjoy the BBC edited highlights, and now await arrival of the DVD.

    Truly excellent, it looked as though Crosby and Nash were really enjoying it too.

    I’m free on Saturday if there are any Brixton tickets left.

    [You’re not too new for those, then? Send in your details (full name and address, including the full name and address of any guest) and we’ll see what we can do. – Features Editor]

  52. Must have been great.

    I’ve written it before, but these things I read about here, make me wish I was a Brit.

  53. On the Q & A, I wonder if David had thought of the scenario of a deranged woman standing up or some other equally frightening situation. He was very brave, anything could have happened.

    Was there a time delay before broadcast, in case any unsuitable questions were put forward by the live audience?

    [Nope. – Features Editor]

  54. Well Fed, im back, hope im still welcome. sorry ive been away, no internet for ages. just moved and back on line. ive missed you all so much.

    well i only saw the tv edited bit but the sound sounded awesome.

    like i said Fed hope im still welcome back at my fave site. this is the 1st place i came to soon as i got reconnected.

    great reviews from all the lucky people who went, cant wait for next week release

    Fed, Liverpool could actually do it this Season and Leeds are now in the black points wise. life is good.

    to all the irregulars out there, ive missed you all very much, hope to speak to you all at the next chat

  55. Hi Fed,

    After reading the above comments by werner and nickster along with our own views on the grainy picture at the Odeon Leicester Square, are there any technical answers to this question?

    Gary Hurley.

    [No. It wasn’t a technical fault of any sort. Two different types of footage were used for the stage shots and the cut-away shots, as I understand it. Some of the shots of the audience, for example, weren’t as crisp as the footage of the band playing. – Features Editor]

  56. Welcome back Fed!!

    Graham Nash groovin’ to Davids playing, brilliant!

    [Thanks very much. Good to be back… I think. – Features Editor]

  57. I saw the “preview” on BBC 1 and I’m impressed. Very nice edit!

    Can’t wait till Monday.

    However I can’t seem to open the streaming videos from the BBC Radio 2 website. Maybe because I’m not in the UK? Does anyone has the same problem and knows how to resolve it?

    [You could wait until we have all the footage here, Koen. Possibly tomorrow. – Features Editor]

  58. I was at the Leicester Square Odeon, what a fantastic night it was too.

    I was a bit puzzled when we were ushered in at 6:30ish, but then we got to watch Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine, one of the documentaries on disc 2 which was great. Then David’s live performance of Castellorizon merged seamlessly into the big screen and on an island.

    To be honest, I started to feel a bit disappointed towards the end as Wish You Were Here came on, the night I went this was the first song of the encore. I thought ‘wot, no echoes’. Although sublime, Davids live intro had been short and I was beginning to wonder how many questions he would actually answer, 3 or 4 maybe?

    How foolish of me to doubt the man! As WYWH finished the focus was on Richard Wright and you just knew what was coming….’ping’. OH YES – and the crowd went wild! I don’t think anyone was expecting the light show inside the cinema literally echoing what was on the screen. Marc Brickman, you genius.

    Then came the Q&A which was not in the least bit hurried or cut too short. It was great to hear David’s responses and a surprise that he was willing to take so many questions from the audience, not knowing what might be coming. I’d love to know what the gift was that one questioner brought along for David and Polly.

    And to finish it off, he called the band to the stage for Island Jam. At least 10 minutes worth and it didn’t disappoint. It was great to see them all play live again and literally get to the stage plug in and play. Not easy to do I know only too well.

    An encore would have been nice but I don’t think anyone can be disappointed with what we had been given.

    Thank you David, it was yet another night to remember.

  59. CAPTION:

    As Robert would say “Thursday was a great night for friendSHIPBUILDING.”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  60. Checked the BBC radio 2 site and…

    Oh Wow, First question – and it’s mine!!

    Watched the truncated version on BBC1, and have downloaded it for further enjoyment on Iplayer.

    Those who were fortunate to go to the Odeon had a real treat, I couldn’t make it – Wedding anniversary. Can’t make Brixton either, as I shall be in Twickenham for a Wedding [So near & yet so far!!]

    Come on A**zon, deliver that DVD pronto.


  61. Hi FEd, fellow bloggers,

    What a great day that was, last Thursday.

    Arrived at Leicester Square around 14:30 to find the Odeon and shortly thereafter bumped into the first Bloggers. Met Matt, Andy, Lorraine and her daughter, Neil, Ian, Geoff, Ulli and her husband Mario, Stephanie, Cori, Ian, Heather, Mat – who had made a very nice event-dedicated t-shirt which we all got to sign – and Tomasz, Martin, Howard and Veronica.

    It was so nice to meet, either for the first time or since May 31 of last year.

    Had the luck of just standing outside the Odeon around 16:00, when David came out for photographs.

    Really enjoyed David’s Castellorizon, the whole show, Echoes and SOYCD were true highlights for me. The very relaxed Q&A was nice. The guitar that came up with the seats gave away that David was going to play some more, but the surprise and the “WOW” when the other instruments were wheeled onto the stage and David called his band members forward and took the jam away, was simply fabulous.

    Got the opportunity to say “thank you” to Andy, who kindly filled me in on the creation of the wireman Q&A anim in a very informal chat and to Guy, who whizzed past.

    The only minor thing that struck me, was the early closing time of “The Imperial”. They closed around 23:00. Amazing really. There were still quite a few people there and the landlord just came up and said “you have 15 mins to finish that”. Sheesh, do that in Belgium at 23:00 and you are out of business in no time.

    Went back to the Odeon and got my programme signed by Gerald Scarfe and Guy. Closed the day with another drink at Geoff’s hotel – a supposedly 5-minute walk away – with Tomasz.

    Yet another night to remember !

    Michèle, we missed you 🙁

    Best regards,

    PS 1. I’m already kicking myself for not attending the Brixton Ritzy. 2. Do not rely on Geoff’s navigation skills 😉

  62. You can sense pure pleasure in the words posted here. I can’t wait for Saturday! I’m so looking forward to meeting my blogger friends. Oh and seeing that chap, David. I rather like him. 😀


    PS–Wouldn’t mind saying hello to that FEd person either….

    [You know you’d love it. – Features Editor]

  63. Me and my brother will be in Brixton! Can’t wait… It will be a beautifull and lovely event. Thank you so much for this FEd!

    Special thanks, of course, to David, Polly, Phil, Richard and the whole team.!

    Cheers, Ernest

    P.S.- Regarding the quality of the picture: I believe, sitting so close to a such a big screen, any live concert registration (filmed under these light/contrast conditions!) will show some grain. Movies or registrations filmed using analog 35mm film tend to show even more “noise”. I actually like this effect in cinema! And we wouldn’t want to see David and his band without all the light effects, lasers and smoke etc.? On DVD and LCD TV-screen the image will look crystal clear.

    Can’t wait to hear the 5.1 surround sound!

  64. Hello FEd,

    Last Thursday at the Odeon was a great evening, ended with the greatest jam I have heard in a long time.

    Hope they reproduce some good tones next Saturday.

    I did try to find you last Thursday, and was told you would not be seen, so I hope next Saturday.

    All the best for a job very well done over the past 2 and maybe more years.

    With my best personal regards


  65. Hi Fed,

    Its been a fab weekend – what with seeing delicious David on Thursday at the Odeon and taking all those wonderful close up pics I took when he came down for the press photos, and then the BBC 1 “Remember That Night” on Saturday.

    On Sunday, I held a barbeque at my house and played On An Island CD continuously through the afternoon, then changed it to the album Wish You Were Here, just as the sun was setting.

    Now I am going to see David again on Saturday at The Ritzy. Yubba Dubba Doo!

    I reckon that The Ritzy gig is gonna be a whole lot more lively since it’s being broadcast to North America. Let me tell you I intend to go wild and want the audience to stop being so British and get on their feet. I was so awestruck by David on Thursday that I just couldn’t talk, let alone ask a question, so this time, I’m gonna practice real hard and think up something groovy.

    I clapped and cheered every scene of the DVD at the Odeon, and “wooed” a bit, when things got really exciting, which was most of the time. Echoes made me cry. The stranger I was sitting next to kept giving me weird looks but do I care….NO I DON’T.

    Roll on Saturday and then a trip to Castellorizon (with a K), perhaps. I would love to see the island that became David’s inspiration for this wonderful memory.

    Once I have loaded my photos to a site, I shall let you have a link.

    Thank you, David, for being so lovely.

    Love and peace.
    CORI BURNS xxxxxxxx

    PS: Happy birthday to Ian (10th Sept) xxx

    [Have a good one, Ian. As for photos, then links to individual photos are fine (as long as they were taken outside the cinema and not during the event), but no links to galleries will be shared. If you include the URL to a single uploaded picture with your next post, I will magically transform your name into a clickable link. You can send a hundred posts/URLs (I’d prefer you not to, obviously, unless you have something to say), but no galleries, please. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  66. Quick Quessie, Fed.

    Where are we meeting up for a tipple on Saturday? Thanks, sweetie. Cori xxxxx

    [Pass. Will the Ritzy bar be open to the public? I don’t know. You’ll have to put forward suitable suggestions for a meeting place. That’s tomorrow’s topic. – Features Editor]

  67. Hey Guys…


    The blend of live and video, most questions were good, event was an intimate gathering of true fans. Very classy. The Odeon decorated in David Gilmour posters, the footage shown before the event. I’m looking forward to seeing the broadcast from a movie theater in Utah this coming Saturday and will be wishing I was at the Ritzy too!


    My fiancee’s not being able to make it up to London for this as well as the fact that we both missed the pub meet-up. People who fetch autographs to sell on eBay: some of us just want to pass something special on to our kids – the experience can be a true disappointment for a life-long fan! Some of us just want to say “thanks, we grew up listening to you”. A lot of the folks in an event like this are true fans at heart, some from very far away and that one minute experience can be the icing on the cake after years of finding so much meaning in the music.

  68. I went to Stratford upon Avon Picturehouse. It’s a smashing cinema, nice bar, we could take our drinks in to the cinema, nice staff.

    The staff came to get us from the bar to say something was on screen already, what a nice surprise, the documentary of the tour.

    The sound system in the cinema was fabulous. I had my reservations about whether or not it would do it justice. It did.

    I didn’t see the tour, but I knew from old that this would be something special. I thought Castllorizon was amazing, didn’t realise straight away that David was playing live.

    As the dvd continued I became more and more aware of just how good the performance had been. I expected nothing less actually. What was really stunning was just how good the recording is and how well it came across on the big screen. It was the next best thing to being at a concert and in some ways probably better. (all those close up shots).

    ‘Wish you were here’ moved me to tears, I have tears in my eyes again remembering.

    Continued. . .

  69. Continued. . .

    There were just a few of us who couldn’t contain ourselves and burst into applause but by the end I think all the audience were clapping.

    Echoes. Unbelievable. Do you know what was especially nice about close up shots? You could see expressions on the faces of the band and you could tell they were really enjoying playing. Echoes rocked. They were all really in to it. The crowd could have all left and the band would have carried on, that’s how much they appeared to be enjoying what they were doing.

    One or two people have mentioned picture quality, It didn’t bother me much, I vaguely recollect it might have been a bit grainy but I just didn’t remember it until it was mentioned. The picture quality on my TV was good for the BBC 1 broadcast, the sound wasn’t as good. (I have to look at what I can do with my TV now 🙂 )

    The sound system in the cinema was great. I’ve never seen or heard a music dvd this well done and presented. I wanna see and hear it again.

    Continued. . .

  70. hi

    loved every minute of it. came down from glasgow and brought my 11 year old daughter with me who was very impressed!!!

    cheers for a great memory

  71. Last Thursday in Leicester Square was flipping great.

    I finished reading Guy Pratt’s entertaining book a few weeks ago and there he was….oh and there’s Phil Manzanera…and there’s Bob Klose…..gee’s…it was quite surreal seeing all these faces that we’d like to see, suddenly you’ve seen them…..a dream come true…..

    I really liked the bare vocal parts to “Shine On” it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up…….and “Echoes” was amazing, parts seemed so fast and fresh, and it was really nice to have a visual feast of just Mr Wright and Mr Gilmour lead together through the beginning of the song……

    When the show finished I stayed inside the auditorium and met Dick Parry…(I play in a band and we’ve dubbed ourselves the 21st Century Bonzo Dog Band-electronic silly twits). I spoke to him about his involvement with their last album and he was really friendly….while Mr Wright walked past my friend who just sat there dumb-struck…..outside we waited a little while and Gerald Scarfe appeared…he was really nice…..

    I thought there was some good questions asked, like the lady who mentioned “playing in Cambridge”…..I’m from Wisbech (which is not to far from there) but moved to london……I hope he has a good time in Brixton!

    Thanks for a memorable evening…..

    I’m sure I’m not alone when I say “We’re all very Proud of you Mr Gilmour”.


  72. Congrats to all who are getting to go to the London show, I wish I could attend with you but I don’t have a passport and didn’t have time to get one. Never had one, I’ve never been out of the US but you can believe I will be getting one soon so I wont be left out next time.

    I will be attending the show at my local theater though I’m sure it will be good too, I just wish I could go to the blog party in London. I know you guys and gals will have a great time. Maybe next time for me I hope.

    Have a great day everyone

  73. Had a brilliant time.

    Would love to go to Brixton (if there is anyway this is possible), but couldn’t contribute to the blog when tickets were offered as I was working away from the Internet for a few days.

    Got as far as the Imperial, then realised I needed money. The cashpoint ate my card due to an ATM fault, so I spent the time I should’ve been in The Imperial on the phone to my bank. What fun!

    [Send in your details (name and address) and we’ll see what we can do. – Features Editor]

  74. Continued. . .

    The Q&A session went well I thought. David seemed very relaxed and happy to talk. There was just once or twice his body language said ‘Oh No’. But he did very well for a very private man. The one good thing that came out of the, ‘will you play in my town?’, question was, David finished his reply by saying not to rule it out because he hasn’t finished yet. Yippppeeeee
    (sorry I didn’t quote exactly, that was the gist it doesn’t mean he will play that lady’s town necessarily).

    Do you know what’s really, really nice to realise, David does what he does because he enjoys it, he obviously delights in surprising us, the fans.

    Looking forward to whatever comes next.

    ash X

  75. I forgot to mention Take a Breath, it was terrific. I was nearly jumping out of my seat and dancing.

    Anyone across the Atlantic who has not got a cinema ticket, get one, you won’t be disappointed.

    ash X

  76. It sounds like it was a fantastic event and enjoyed by many with lots of surprises. Looking forward to the screening this weekend. Will it pretty much be a carbon copy of last Thursday’s event? Or is there something else planned as well?

    In any case, I can’t wait for the week to be over.

    Finally, a shout out of Happy Birthday to Tomi Sue who celebrated over the weekend.



    [Can’t say. Belated birthday wishes to you, Tomi Sue. Hope you enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  77. Can’t wait for the DVD – Thursday was a wonderful evening.

    My favorite number – Echoes. I saw Pink Floyd perform it at Wembley in 1974 (yes, there are still some of us oldies about – I still have my ticket and programme – £1.65p for the ticket, 15p for the programme !) and it has always been my favourite Floyd number. The Albert Hall version may have been a little better but I have no recording of the Wembley concert so I cannot be sure.

    My biggest regret is not knowing how to use my mobile phone camera when I saw David in Leicester Square on Thursday!!!! Oh well, maybe another night.

  78. I was at the Odeon and was lucky enough to have my question broadcast on the big screen…A moment I will never forget and thankfully captured on both my camera and the Radio 2 broadcast.

    The performance was stunning!!! Lazers, lighting, smoke, and two live songs.

    Greetings to the great bunch of folks my wife and I met at the Imperial Pub and thanks to all that signed my T Shirt…it’s a very special momento of a very special night.

    I echo everyone’s thanks to David and friends.

    All the best
    Mat & Val

  79. [Do not rely on Geoff’s navigation skills – Posted by: Ralph at September 10, 2007 12:44 PM]

    Lol Ralph

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin close to Brixton… I think???????)

  80. Dear F.Ed.

    welcome back after a brilliant event and I hope you’ve had a resting weekend.

    I’m very happy to read the above impressions and I can’t hide that I really envy you all.

    Tell me please if we can hope to read forward the questions and the answers given by Mr.Gilmour to the fans.

    So … it’s less 7 days to the DVD release: is it time to book it ?

    Thank you
    take care
    bye and ciao

    [We’ll have questions and answers for you to read very soon, plus video. – Features Editor]

  81. The highlight of highlights for me watching it on t’internet was:

    DG following up an answer to question about future plans and him not having any with “But I’m not done yet”…

  82. I think two words sum up the thoughts and feelings of what people thought of the premiere…

    Happy Days!!

  83. [Geoff Duffy (Dublin), apologies, I missed you off my list of people met. – Pete – Coventry]

    A pleasure to meet you mate, I had a ball.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  84. Ciao a tutti,

    hope that everyone has enjoyed the special occasion. It seems the English at Odeon has also seen many personalities in rock scene, quite exciting! very sweet the idea of a laser show in the cinema. It is of some consolation to those who were not able to see the concert.

    But let’s get to the point.

    Fed, I read that EMI italia will release the DVD in shops on FRIDAY 14 september instead of monday ( also “on an island” was out in Italy before other european countries ). Can you please confirm this news? Because I am getting just “a little” anxious :-)))))

    [A full list of release dates is, hopefully, coming soon. – Features Editor]

  85. * Congratulations to David and all at DG.com *

    A masterful show from a group who I really hope David will continue to work with.

    Glad to hear you also had a good time Fed


  86. Well, what a great evening.

    I was at the Odeon and enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish (even my own question was on screen!)

    David didn’t seem to enjoy the Q&A much, I can’t say I am surprised, but clearly loved playing. That is really all we should ask of him in future!

    The surprise at the end was just fantastic, it was so nice t see a bunch of mates on stage having a good time and (David aside) the best bit was seeing Richard playing.

    Thanks to all of you who provided the best possible evening.


  87. I must add, I think David’s use of the whammy/octave on, “The Blue,” is phenomenal.

    – James.

  88. Hello Fed!

    We saw David’s release of the DVD at the Cinemagnum Dresden. For us it was a great evening (there were approx. 500 fans).

    At the beginning we saw still the Gdansk documentation and then the Odeon theatre and “sat actually in the middle in it”. The live show began with David, who plays “Castellorison”, exactly how our concert in the last year in Hamburg. It was great!!

    The change to the DVD was artistically super made. My favorite songs were “On an Island”, “High Hopes”,”WYWH” and “Echoes”. The picture and sound quality were at any time very good, only during the very dark moments we have seen pixels.

    During the Q&A many people unfortunately went out of the cinema (no translation, no subtitles). But the Q&A was so amazing, because David’s answers were humorous and interesting.

    The Island Jam for me and my husband was the highlight of the evening.

    The end of the transmission came suddenly, the standing ovations of fans at the Odeon we did not see.

    Our first Full HD concert was spectacular. Thank you to David and his team. You are the pioneers of the presentation of a DVD in this form.

    Our final result: at the end of the year buy a Full HD TV and a Blu Ray Player to see this wonderful DVD in highest quality.

    I wish a wonderful week to all (to our American friends wish a fantastic evening with David next Saturday)


  89. Awwwww:-)

    Thank You Andrew and Fed!

    You just know I’m getting that DVD for self as present.


  90. [You can have one, Emiel. Send me your address and we’ll gladly get one in the post. Don’t buy one, for God’s sake. They were free, given out at all cinemas, not just Leicester Square. The people selling them are very sad indeed. – Features Editor]

    You’re a true gem, dear Fed!!! I will be grateful forever!!!


    [No problem, mate. Our pleasure. – Features Editor]

  91. Hello again FEd,

    Belgian french-speaking radio station “Classic 21” announced the “Discover the David Gilmour Remember That Night DVD” day on September 14.

    Moreover, their search engine seems to be malfunctioning. Anyhow, for those who understand French, it will probably be well-worth a listen.

    Best regards,

    [Thanks for letting us know, Ralph. Will investigate further. – Features Editor]

  92. What a wonderful and enchanted evening this must have been. I am very happy to hear that all our favorite irregulars as well as some new friends had a fan~tastic time.

    Kudos to David and the band, Scooter Pies for everyone else…

  93. [I see the first few programs of the premiere …]

    There were programs? Didn’t see that in Ede… What does the program show?

    [Send in your address, JP, and we’ll send one out to you. – Features Editor]

  94. The highlight of the evening was Echoes; truly awesome with the lasers, smoke and lighting. Well worth giving up my seat at for the mixing desk and controls to be moved to the front!

    A really memorable night, apart from the batteries on my camera expiring……grrrrr. Would love a couple of tickets for the Ritzy to do a retake?

    [We need a full name and address, Gordon. Can’t promise that there are any left-overs now, but send in the relevant details and you can be back-up, should someone pull out. – Features Editor]

  95. Thursday’s events sound like they were fantastic. I’m envious.

    I’m kicking myself for not having a passport. They are a little hard to come by right now, here in the US. The waiting list is like 6mo. to a year. I think I’m going to put in for one though, because I can’t bare anymore of these losses.

    I’ve seen the available footage, and once again, it reinforces the fact that these people are my favorite musicians.

    I’m really looking forward to Sat. at the cinema.

    Ciao a tutti.

  96. Fantastic, Myself and my not so enthusiastic missus came over from Dublin to the premiere. We loved every minute of it and I can live happily now I’ve seen Waters/Mason in Earls court and David/Rick live (albeit not together).

    Dvd highlight was echoes and the jam at the end was supreme.


  97. Hi,

    Went to the event in cinemec Holland. They were running it in TWO cinemas as demand was too high to only use one.

    It was great. DVD will be for sale on Friday in Holland too. Can’t wait and the whole family will enjoy the first full show.


    [It will be out on Friday in several countries. Full details shortly. – Features Editor]

  98. Welcome back, FEd!! We missed you dearly…

    We also enjoyed Chat! Thank you for leaving Chat open for so many fun days!! It was exciting to hear first-hand about everyone’s experience at the Odeon. It sounds like I missed an absolutely
    positively FABULOUS time…. Too bad London is so far from Nevada!! LOL

    Now looking forward to Saturday along with everyone else!


  99. Dear Fed.

    I’ve had Arnold Layne on my mind all day. And my sister wants to know if she can get Island Jam in Morrisons.

    Oh happy days.

    Shine on!

    Love and plumbs. Cori xxx

  100. I was at the Odeon Leicester Square with my sister, and it turned out to be the best night of my entire life.

    We arrived at 6.30 and hung around in the bar area where the media people were waiting. I was informed David was making his way up so I stood just to the right of the media at the front. David walked past right in front of me with his wife Polly behind him with their two children racing about being kids.

    Whilst David was being interviewed I kindly asked Polly to sign my OAI album and she obliged. After about 10 minutes David walked back and I asked him to sign also but his reply was, ‘Sorry, no’. But it didn’t matter, I spoke to him and he replied, I can now die a very happy man.

    The other highlights for me were his playing Castellorizon – absoltely brilliant, and Echoes – what an amazing spectacle- lights, lasers and smoke, it was just like watching at the RAH on 29th.

    The film itself was awesome and the Q & A was very interesting. David really knows how to please his fans, and then the band came on – what a night, I shall definitely always remember it.

    Thank you David and everyone involved for such a memorable night.


  101. I went to see it at Henley on Thames’s Regal Cinema. It was amazing!!

    Particularly the performance of Echoes at the end… and everything was magnificent. The amazing solos in On an Island, Time, etc… incredible.

    I love the fact that we have David and his music. He may be long gone in MANY years from now… but his music will stay with us forever.. could you say that of P Diddy?? lol…

    I loved the interview…the questions… David seems like a very down to earth guy…who’s seen and lived it all.. and one must follow his advice.

    I just wanted to say thanx to whoever came up with this idea of broadcasting it in cinemas… thumbs up guys! excellent! and thanx to everyone involved in the filming and post production of the DVD… Masterpiece indeed.

    cheers dave.. see you tomorrow lunch time… bring the black one please 🙂

  102. Germany – NRW – Hattingen

    I can not find the right words about that day.
    I have been there really early – have seen how the big poster was mounted at the front of the cinema.

    After a cool pint in “the moon under water pub” I was still waiting for what will happen next and my time of waiting found an special final – the first person I met was guy…I made some nice pictures ..and than the whole band was following…. special thanks to steve ….very nice guy….

    I really had a nice small talk … david came out for the english photographs…..and i made a lot of very nice photos…… finally there was Polly….. her bodyguard shoots a very very nice photo of both of us…..

    hope there will be chance to see them again…thanks a lot for this unforgettable day…..

    Frank ;o)

  103. Hi All,

    I saw the DVD presentation in the Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam.

    The Tuschinski is a nice cosy theatre in 1920’s style (Jugendstil I guess) and that really added to the experience. I was amazed at how flawlessly Castellorizon segued in the the DVD part of the show 🙂

    I absolutely liked the exerpt of the DVD and it was all I had expected and then a little bit more. Can’t wait for september 17 to arrive 😉

    The Q&A was just what I expected and I had hoped for a news flash or two, but hey, you can’t win them all.

    I thought this was going to be all for the evening, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the great version of Island Jam.

    I think a warm and big thank you David is in place here!

  104. Dear FEd

    Thank you very much for allocating me a Ritzy ticket, I am extremely grateful and promise to look suitably enthusiastic and look dead keen this Saturday evening; how could one be anything but?

    The Odeon premiere was another one of those nights, where you felt it was an absolute privilege to be there. We did visit the Imperial, but wanted to spend as much time as possible at the Odeon, so we left after one drink.

    David’s Castellorizon intro to On An Island was indeed seamless and as such peerless. Seeing the big screen version of the DVD with its 5.1 sound quality, in a cinema of the quality of Leicester Square Odeon was as close as it gets to being at the RAH.

    I do agree that the quality of the picture was not always perfect but I suspect it is time to upgrade my 15 year old TV to enjoy the full benefit of the DVD at home.

    Watching recordings of the show(s) you really get a sense of the intimacy of the event and just how at ease and happy the band and guests were, I do however hope that Graham Nash didn’t pick up any splinters in his feet. Seeing and hearing the reception Mr Bowie deservedly got almost brought a lump to my throat.

    In my opinion, the dry-ice/laser aided Echoes was the highlight of the tracks shown on Thursday.

    The Q&A session was enjoyable and I have already told my seven year old son who is learning to play the guitar, that he should try to copy anything he likes, in keeping with the advice from the master.

    And of course the Island Jam was a wonderful bonus and a worthy ending to a perfect night.

    We went to Leicester Square with much anticipation and left with smiles on our faces with the knowledge that it surpassed our expectations. Thank you to everyone involved.

    One disappointment though; there were some empty seats in front of us. I couldn’t help thinking that there would be a lot of people who would have to loved to have been there, if only they had had the opportunity.

  105. [We’d love to know how you enjoyed Thursday’s premiere of ‘Remember That Night’, shown at cinemas across Europe. We want to know each and every juicy detail, so bring it on. – Features Editor]

    I’d love to know how you (Fed) enjoyed Thursday’s premiere of ‘Remember That Night’, shown at cinemas across Europe.

    I would like to know each and every juicy detail, so bring it on, Fed.



    [Easy, tiger! I’m lost for words now. Maybe later. – Features Editor]

  106. DG doing and giving more than expected, again. And from what I read here it really shines off of you all: great stories.

    And for those who were not there, we really cannot complain either can we? the coverage on the net, the radio and television was plenty. Marc Brickman getting a fair bit of attention was a plesant surprise for me.

    [The trouble is what next? – Posted by: Nick Page at September]

    Was exactly what I was asking myself. Brixton that will be, and gosh unless one of my kids start suddenly growing a tail this week, it will be the only thing on my mind.

    And because I respect the artist and the audience, I promice to keep the monkey inside me on a leach during the show. One cold shower from today to saturday on should do the trick to help me keep my cool.

    And did I tell you, not that anyone cares, but with a bit of help from Ian, I can bend a lovely wireman out of an electric scooter.

  107. I cannot believe people are selling the free programme from the premiere on Thursday on e-bay!!!

    It is a sad reflection on their attitude to life that they are trying to profit from what was for me (and most others) a great night.

    I hope David realises that he brought a great deal of pleasure to a large number of people. For me it was well worth the ticket price and my free programme will be a treasured reminder of a great evening in the company of some very talented musicians and thoroughly nice people.

  108. Hi FEd ~

    First off, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your holiday — short but, hopefully, sweet. And please tell me you’re going to be able to enjoy some of the upcoming Remember That Night activities! After all the hand work and coordinating that you’ve done it’d be a shame for you to miss out!

    All work and no play makes FEd _____ (fill in the blank space).

    I was thrilled to catch up with nickster in the chatroom just as he arrived home from the Remember That Night extravaganza! Man, was he flyin’ high. What a great experience for everyone lucky enough to have attended and now preparing to do it again! Woo-hoo indeed my friends!!!!!!!

    Watching the clips (which required technical advice from Thomas) gave me chills! Opening with Castellorizon was fantastic! David seemed to me to be pretty much at ease with the Q & A for the most part although I’m sure he’d rather be playing that black Strat than talking about it! I’m just stuck by how relaxed and amazingly pleasant/personable he is — truly a man enjoying his life, both professionally and personally as well he should!

    And what’s this about Guy in a suit and no Converse tennies??? Will wonders never cease? 🙂

    A Happy Belated Birthday to Tomi Sue and Happy Birthday today to Ian (Glassman) Pearson!! All the best to you good people:-)

    Peace and love to you all!

    [All work and no play makes FEd… Grumpy? Irritable? So many possibilities. – Features Editor]

  109. Hi Fed,have a good holiday?

    I know this comment is supposed to be about the show at Odeon but I have to say something.

    I, like many others, often go on a certain auction site just to see what’s on offer! Tonight I went on and had a look around and to my disgust,there in multicolour,people are selling their programmes that they recieved (FOR FREE) from the show on the 6th????

    You’d think these people would be thankfull they got the chance to be involved in such an amazing occasion? but no, they feel they have to make money from it.

    How these people can call themselves fans is beyond me!!

    If such things are given away FREE on the 15th I can honestly say, hand on heart, I will be keeping mine so as to remind me of the amazing opportunity I got.

    [Muppets, clearly. – Features Editor]

  110. Glad to hear everyone had a great time at Leicester Square. I got to watch it from the BBC website. It was totally cool.

    Unfortunatly I will be missing the North American version because my kids both start their soccer games that day and since I am coaching I need to be there. Oh well. Everyone needs to give me an update on how it went.

    Hope you had a great time off Fed. So my son’s team name this season is the Green Arsenal….lol I laughed when I saw it.

    Well have a wonderful day.

    Renee B
    Fontana, Ca

    [Good name. – Features Editor]

  111. My thoughts about the picture quality that I happened to be studying throughout the presentation from the second row.

    There are a whole host of reasons why the quality of the image appeared variable at times and I imagine that the filming of these concerts must have had the cameramen and technicians pulling their hair out. There were obviously no alterations made to the lighting setup in order to satisfy the need of the HD cameras being used so therefore when the light level is low the image appears grainy. This is a limitation of the camera technology that was used. This will mostly be eradicated if you are watching your standard DVD as the majority of the grain will be lost at the lower resolution.

    It will only really be an issue if you are watching an HD DVD on a 1080P Display and then you can be assured that any grain you can see will be, as an old friend of mine used to say, ‘so sharp that it’ll cut your eyes’ 😉

    Personally, I was content to be able to see the numerals on Richard’s watch, the imperfections in the metal of the frets, the ‘grooves’ on David’s strings, the fine decoration on Mr Parry’s saxophones and right through the microphone mesh.

  112. For those of you having problems viewing on-line, I also had problems viewing the concert clips.

    Once I downloaded Real Player it worked fine ….

  113. Last Thursday was just amazing, highlight of the day for me was watching my daughter turn from being a quiet 14 year old into a David Gilmour seeking missile – a proud moment in any mother’s life!

    The show was brilliant and as usual it was so much more than I expected, there was such a happy, friendly atmosphere.

    It was great fun putting faces to names with the Bloggers too – what a fine bunch we are!

    And the really, really good bit – we get to do it all again this Saturday. It’s going to be a loooooooooong week.

  114. Well if any of you are still with us, a word from your Cambridge correspondent …

    Having left plenty of time to navigate the notoriously car unfriendly streets of the Floyd spiritual home, I found the Picturehouse in the upstairs of a converted old Odeon and still had time to do a quick walk around Downing College with its charming Pathology centre, find a memorably bad chicken kebab and watch a few overs of cricket in the late summer sunshine on Parker’s Piece.

    My spirits suitably lifted I got to the Cinema [Floyd playing in the lobby (nice)] in time to take my seat at 7:05 pm and was pleasantly surprised to catch the best part the DVD tour diary playing and got a glimpse of most of those spectacular summer venues.

    The cinema was disappointingly not more than 2/3rds full and mostly with people old enough to remember what Ummagumma meant the first time around.

    As to the show …. to be continued …

  115. Hi F’Ed,

    Just a quickie….

    I sent my entry off for the Brixton tickets just before scooting off on hols. We’ve been away on a boat (and stayed on a few islands!) for a week and to come back and find we’ve got tickets to Brixton was just the icing on the cake! (I must point out at this point, however exotic it sounds this was the Thames we are talking about here, not the Med! – Still it rocked my boat…)

    Thank you so much. It has made going back to work this week seem so much more pleasurable! (as the weekend draws ever closer!)

    I can’t wait!

    (P.S. I recorded the BBC footage over the weekend, but have been in emotional turmoil over the past fews days about whether to watch it or not – in case it spoils any of my excitement for the weekend…such a tease!!)



    [Hope you enjoy, Emma. (I’d save the BBC footage for Sunday.) – Features Editor]

  116. Cambridge part two …

    The show … I confess a little disappointment when it appeared that the “one song with electric guitar” would be Castellorison because it is after all on the short side but it sequenced in beautifully to On an Island viw the satellite link.

    Our picture was not perfect but, frankly, my ears didn’t give a hoot about that.

    Highlights – well we already knew that the guitar solo of Take a Breath is an absolute barnstormer, that Bowie did an excellent job on Arnold Layne and that Mr Gilmour is the greatest thing since King Alfred burnt those mythological cakes, but boy oh boy was that a fantastic show.

    My fellow irregulars never tire of me whining about never having caught a show this time around (oh my God, I regret that) so this was MY TIME.

    I sat in that theatre knowing that we will quite simply never see the guitar played more beautifully again. I have watched Pulse, In concert, live at Pompei, the delicate sound … etc etc but I have never seen a performance so delicate and relaxed, and yet so powerful when required. The purity and fluidity of the sound was stunning.

    Favourite bits – the Blue was just beautiful, Shine-on deconstructed (again) in the most perfect way (the Arpeggio chorus with Crosby and Nash and those beautiful slow-strummed chords)and finally Echoes – so lauded in all the concert reviews – and perfectly rendered (with a big mention to Rick also) are the bits I can’t wait to see again at The Ritzy.

    Next the Q&A … after a nice cup of PG Tips 😉

  117. Cambridge Part 3

    The Q&A saw David in a relaxed, if typically diffident, mood. I thought Stuart Maconie did a good job anchoring and asking the follow up question, even if the experiment of using the filmed bloggers didn’t quite pay – apart from the “Brian May” comment which was a hoot.

    Generally I was left wanting a bit more although that cannot be said of all of the questioners from the floor, one or two of whom left me wanting considerably less ! But hey, I defy anyone to keep it together in the presence of greatness.

    Oh and with apologies to some opinion above, but managing to subvert even the Brazilians and get a live “pleeeeeeeeease David come and play in Cambridge” got the loudest cheer of the night amongst the swamp-dwellers of this fair city. After all we feel a burning desire to see a stage erected on those manicured lawns of Kings College and the lunatics given their day in the sun.

    And the final treat – the closing jam, the WHOLE band – just fantastic and left me eating my words re Castellorison – oh me of little faith !

    That made me look forward to Brixton all the more … although it has since occurred to me that the Ritzy may not be able to accomodate a repeat performance … but surely we cannot deny our American friends .. can we ?

    Met nobody … but looking forward to seeing a few faces at Brixton … Lorraine remember that shirt ….

  118. DG following up an answer to question about future plans and him not having any with “But I’m not done yet”…

    Rudders – I echo that emotion …

  119. After the Q&A’s, I thought it was all over but then David slung his guitar strap over his head and began to play … and then each member of the band followed on … wow, was this really happening … and then I nearly fell out of my leopard print chair when Rick walked on stage.

    This is a fantastic DVD … Echoes was … well, just wait and see!

    What I can tell you is, there were loads of fascinating Rick handy, plinky bits on keyboards, Dave bendy strings close up bits, guitar face and pursing ruby lip bits as well as some exceptionally harmonious Dave, Rick, Jon, Crosby and Nash singy bits (I’m actually glad they did away with the female backing singers for once).

    Anyway, it was fantastic and I reckon the whole thing is going to be better than Pulse!

  120. Welcome back FEd. We’ve missed you and your elegant retorts.

    “Fed – tell us a little about Edinburgh.”

    [Capital of Scotland, its second largest city… – Features Editor]

    What a GEM… the break has obviously done you no harm. Is that where you saw the premiere?

    I watched the RTN premiere in awe and with envy from York, where there were approx. 100 other viewers in attendance, about half full at a guess.

    David’s “live” segue into the DVD performance was seamlessly spectacular.

    The 85-minute “edit” seemed to pass in an instant with a varied track-list which culminated with a fine rendition of Echoes.

    The Q&A turned out to be more than I had anticipated, with David taking questions from the floor, as well as the pre-recorded ones. Stuart McConie did a good job of extemporising the proceedings, which seemed to help matters. The Q&A session lasted for about 25 minutes.

    Personally, the most pleasing comment was to hear David say that he isn’t finished yet!!!

    PG Tips and Marmite will undoubtedly keep his grey matter active (keep taking the Folic acid, David).

    The Marmite was swapped at the end of the night for some (Island) Jam, it was spread liberally with the assistance of the rest of the band. A really tasteful way to end another impeccable performance that we have come to expect.

    What will be on the menu at the Brixton Ritzy? I feel sure that Canada & USA will be served something different to the UK & Euro recipe, but no doubt it will be equally as palatable.

    [Thank you, Ken. Nice to be missed. I did see the film in Edinburgh. – Features Editor]

  121. Off topic a bit & apologies if this has been asked before.

    Are there any plans to release the 2 songs from the RTN DVD available on UK iTunes on US iTunes?

    No big deal if not. I’d certainly scarf them up if they were on offer.

    Sounds like the Euro premiere was a resounding success. Can’t wait to see this DVD!


    [Good question. I’ll see if I can find out. – Features Editor]

  122. After reading all these comments, I’m about to explode with excitement!!

    I’m driving 200 miles to see the NA premier live in Phoenix, AZ with my father (long time Pink Floyd fan) and my brother.

    As this may be my only chance to see David live-ish, I will cherish every second of it.

    [I hope you all enjoy, David. Do come back to us and let us know, won’t you? – Features Editor]

  123. Any chance for the rest of us [who couldn’t make it to a cinema] of seeing the live Island Jam on line some time in the future?

    [I hope so. – Features Editor]

  124. I love the Q&A Wireman!!

    He looks wonderful with his lovely glass of wine.

    I reckon the wine should make it easier to answer all those questions.


  125. Just flew back in literally half an hour ago and I am still on a high after Thursday night.

    The Imperial was a very special meeting with so many that were just names but now are true friends. Ian P thanks so much for the glass guitar. What a wonderful memento of a tremendous night. I think I got the better bargain that’s for sure.. Pete, Mike, Geoff, Tomasz..the names go on..was a real thrill getting to talk to you all.

    The show was fantastic. David coming on at the beginning was just electic and the jam at the end superb. Especially dead centre row D. Loved the live light show during Echoes..that really drew you into the performance.

    Oh boy I am tired and heading to bed soon…I have to work tomorrow??!! LOL

    Take care all and am looking forward to this weekend’s show in Burlington Ontario with Rudders

    Cheers, Howard

    PS All you lot at the Ritzy are in for a real treat.

  126. Here in Canada, we weren’t so lucky as to have Remember That Night in the theaters. I wonder if we even have the technology for that in America — Canada and USA are so many years behind on so many things!

    However, I can’t wait to get the DVD in a few days. 😉

    I have discovered Pink Floyd very late, in 1993, was lucky to see them live the next year for Division Bell tour, and I also saw R.W. a few months ago — hopefully Mr. Gilmour will come on tour here as well, it would be a pleasure for me to be in the first row! 😀

    On An Island is a very smooth album, listening to it while driving was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had… although driving should be stressful! 😉

    Thank you, Mr. Gilmour! 🙂

    [You get it on Saturday, Pierre: broadcast live from The Ritzy in Brixton to 54 cinemas across Canada, and another 112 across the US. Please click your name below for a full list of venues and get yourself a ticket. It’s really not to be missed. – Features Editor]

  127. [You could wait until we have all the footage here, Koen. Possibly tomorrow. – Features Editor]

    Great, ’cause I haven’t been able to see it at BBC2 either.

    It seems like this was a wonderful event…thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Saw the articles in the press section. Gnarls Barkely’s ‘Crazy’, huh? I happen to dig that track too…

  128. Hi again FEd!

    It’s 6:24 p.m. Monday evening ~ lo and behold, a new Wireman has appeared since I last checked in!! David Gilmour: Answer Man, walking in, hanging his shingle, and then kicking back with a glass of fine wine whilst sorting through a multitude of questions from the masses. Very nice!

    Thank you to whomever is the creative genius behind our new Wireman. You’ve just put a smile on my face:-)

    And FEd, I have a quick question just for you — just what’s the deal with Marmite anyway??? 😉

    I’ll just have to wait to see what tomorrow might bring. There are surprises at every turn here on davidgilmour.com aren’t there? heh-heh …

    Peace! (hmmm, there’s a thought)

    [It’s seriously nasty stuff. As they readily confess in their marketing (click your name for their website), you either love it, or you hate it. I’m afraid I’m a hater. – Features Editor]

  129. From one who anxiously waited until the evening to see what I could stream over the ‘net, I was very impressed.

    BBC coverage by Radio 2, if you skipped at 5 min. intervals, could be focussed on the DG parts, and then they put the whole Q&A out, that was a treat to see.

    David came across as a very nice fellow but I too was a little worried about him taking the pressie from the unknown person, nice but not always the safest decision in this day and age.

    I was not surprised to hear about the extras and surprises for the audience, David has always seemed more then generous in making sure that an audience got more then they could ever expect. Not many would bring along light effects and a full band to a film night, not many, perhaps only one.

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed the show, can’t wait until Saturday when it is our turn to listen, watch and enjoy.

  130. Would you happen to have one more of the programs that were given out Thursday night? (not to sell, how tacky of some people, but to keep). I would love to have one if not too much trouble Fed.

    I have really enjoyed reading everyones take on the special night. Thanks to all for sharing!

    Here is my address just in case you have a program to send on a little trip to Alabama! I would consider it a true treasure.


    [We’ll see what we can do, Barbara. – Features Editor]

  131. All the talk of the Europe presentation is making me look forward to the weekend.

    Last week I purchased tickets for my son and I for the showing in NY.

    [Hope you both enjoy, Howard. – Features Editor]

  132. Saw the Q and A on Real Player. Very nice to see David up close and personal, Ian’s question, and Happy Birthday to you and Tomi Sue as well.

    Looking forward to Saturday in Canada.

    Fed, glad you had time for yourself.

    [Thank you, Frank. Three days of peace and quiet is not too much to ask for, is it? – Features Editor]

  133. Just back home. Great Thursday night at Imperial. Everyone I met seemed so “normal”!!!! and friendly. You really are the best.

    Thanks to all who signed my birthday “notebook”. I shall treasure that for ever.

    It was great sitting next to Howard when my face appeared on screen to ask question and to “feel” Howards surprise. Well you told us FEd to keep it a secret and I did.

    Loved the jam obviously and great close ups from the DVD but agree with “grainy” comments. Thankfully my TV is smaller than Odeon.

    I shall remember that night and although not with you all on 15th will drink your health. I think the Imperial must have sold a lot of Laphroiag Thursday night.

    Hope you enjoyed Edinburgh FEd and did you see Andy Warhol?

    Ian Pearson

    [I thoroughly enjoyed, Ian, but didn’t find time to visit the National Gallery. You could hardly miss his soup tins outside, though. I did see the Hard Rain exhibition at the Botanic Gardens (a series of photographs illustrating the lyrics of Dylan’s fine song). Very powerful, that. Did more for my soul than soup ever could. – Features Editor]

  134. A New Wireman!!!!! Yipee!!!!! Did you just sneak that in Fed?


    [Not me, but I’m glad that you like it. – Features Editor]

  135. It was amazing!

    Saw the show in the sold out Copenhagen theater here in Denmark.

    When that first note from Castellorizon hit me I went comfortably numb! I just sat there and watched the amazing performance while the music surrounded me. Davids playing was 100% tight and the band was amazing.

    When that 1st note from Echoes was played I got goosebumps. This really was the single best version of Echoes every performed!

    The whole evening had a nice atmosphere surrounding it. Being there was the only thing that could have made this evening better!

    I also got a chance to meet up with a Norwegian Gilmour fan. Very nice guy.

    The signal from London was perfect except for that one split second during the solo for The Blue where the signal was lost. However, this was, as stated, only for a maximum of ½ second. Pretty cool technology, if you ask me 🙂

    BTW: They didn’t hand out programs in Denmark (at least I didn’t see anybody with programs and I wasn’t offered one). Could I get a program sent to me as well?

    [Only if you give me an address first. – Features Editor]

  136. Hello Fed,

    Just back from London.I attended the Leicester Square premier,I cannot state exatly how I feel,I went there just for this event from Italy,and believe me,it was more than I had expected.

    I was in the middle of the first row and David played in front of me,you may imagine my joy,a joy of a boy who has been growing up with his music;if David was my idol before going to London,now I can only say that he’s the man,he is really kind.

    However,the band is unique,reflects the happiness of every single member of it.

    Congratulations to the management and to Fed.I spent one of the greatest nights of the 23 years of my life and I was proud to be there.

    Thank you very much is all I can say.


  137. I did not enjoy the UK premiere because here in France no theatre broadcast the event.

    So frustrating.

  138. hi

    great night on thursday, it was like being at a real gig, great light show too. the best part of the night for me was thanking David in person for the album, the albert hall gig and the premiere.

    finally got to shake your hand. also met Guy Pratt.

    many thanks again


  139. [I cannot believe people are selling the free programme from the premiere on Thursday on e-bay!!!]

    Me neither, none of the people in there looked like they were short of a bob (cent) or 2. Maybe they are being sold on behalf of a charity.

    Ian Pearson – firstly, happy birthday. You have only given us half the story. You need to finish your tale about how you got up at 3 in the morning to begin your journey to London. It was a pleasure chatting to you.

    Just read about someone meeting Guy. So did I. I was looking for the Imperial at the time and all of a sudden I just happened to pass Guy and Jon. No hello or how are you from me. Oh no. All I managed to say was ‘do you happen to know where the meet up pub is ?’. Very rude of me.

    So Guy, if you happen to read this – apologies.

    Pete – Coventry

  140. Hi all,

    The premiere was wonderful, my girlfriend and I enjoyed a splendid evening in the Tuchinski Theater in Amsterdam.

    Our plan was to collect the tickets at the counter and go for a quick bite, but the lady at the counter was kind enough to tell us that the show already started.

    A bit puzzled we entered the “picturehouse” to find out that the tourfilm was projected. It comprised a lot of beautiful, funny and sometimes sad (with LOTS of rain) moments of the tour. I loved the remix of On an Island that was used during the tourfilm!

    The concertfilm was a great appetizer for the DVD. Extremely sharp picturequality and sound. A superb job.

    Great Q&A part, with a very chatty and relaxed Mr. Gilmour. And “Island Jam” was the icing on the cake!!!

    Fed, if you happen to have a programbooklet left, you would do me a great favour with it. I would love to frame it next to my RAH-poster.

    If so, my address is: […]


  141. i’m still on a high after thursday. i will always remember that night!!!

    i can’t add anything to what’s already been said, but i agree with sue that this dvd is going to top ‘pulse’. i can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!

    i can’t thank david and polly enough for all that’s happened since ‘on an island’. you are a great team and have been so good to us fans. thank you!!!

  142. [Thanks to all who signed my birthday “notebook”. I shall treasure that for ever.]

    That was a brilliant idea Ian and a very unique momento.

    How many people signed it in total and how many countries do you think are represented in it.

    It would be interesting to hear.

    Pete – Coventry

  143. Well, what to say. Thursday was simply, unbelievably superb ! Astoundingly good on many levels.

    It was great to meet up with everyone beforehand, seeing old and new faces, although I agree with Nate, we should have had name badges ! What a suprise to sit down in the Odeon and find I was sitting by Veronica from Miami !

    Castellorizon was superb, as always and the way it seemlessly flowed into the Dvd was perfect.

    The picture was excellent, apart from the grainier parts that others have mentioned. But they didn’t detract from the experience.

    The sound was phenomenal, especially during the harmonies on ‘Shine On’.

    Then there is Echoes. The inclusion of live lighting was inspired ! Incredibly effective. It really did help you ‘Remember that Night’.

    The Q and A was good, I thought all the questions were good. Adrian, your out of sync audio was unfortunate, but amusing !

    The suprise jam at the end was a fantastic treat.

    A superb evening. Thanks to all involved.


  144. Hello FEd

    Thanks for seeing what you can do about Brixton.


    Hope it’s good news – if not, thanks for giving it a shot.


    [I hope to be in touch soon, Mark. – Features Editor]

  145. […. you either love it, or you hate it. I’m afraid I’m a hater. – Features Editor]

    On toast, mmmm lovely, it’s good for you too.

    Talking to some collegues here at work about Pink Floyd, some did not know who they were, while another one suggested they were a “Marmite” band, he then went on to say, you either love ’em or hate them, i’m not sure if thats true but to me Marmite & Floyd are like peas in a pod, eh?

    Glad to have you back Fed.

    [Thanks very much. – Features Editor]

  146. Warm batch toast, melted butter, some lovely marmite on top. beautiful. defo a lover.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

    “He just smiled and gave me a vegamite sandwich”

  147. Hi FEd,

    In case you’re able to pick a rabbit, or 2 tickets, out of the hat!


    Best Regards

    [We’ll do our best, Gordon. – Features Editor]

  148. Hi again FED!

    Sorry, forgot my address: […]

    Thank you!

    [Thanks for that, Anders. – Features Editor]

  149. I hope i havent triggered a lot of extra work your way by asking about the programs….if i do, please accept my apologies!!!!!

    [You’re alright, mate. It’s no problem at all. I don’t want anyone to buy one from some shameless sponge on eBay, that’s for sure. – Features Editor]

  150. What a wounderful evening, the dvd was excellent, the sound was amazing, could not wish for a better evening

    I was one of the double booked and was very lucky to receive 2 tickets from fed and the gang!!!!!!!!!

    As i was looking for the imperial pub where everyone was meeting, i found myself at the back of the cinima and guess who pulled up? no other than polly samson. what a surprise.

    so i ended up eventually finding the meeting place. nice bunch of bloggers there, had a chat then had to pop off to meet a mate.

    then we went into the cinema and the evening was full of suprises. nice one David you did a good job

    hope to see you soon at brixton


    [Glad that we could help, Michael. – Features Editor]

  151. Thursday afternoon and evening at Leicester Square, far above expectations

    Everything worked out perfectly so I have not any problems to get to the Leicester Square. When I got there I noticed David at the balcony of the cinema during photo session for press. In just a few minutes David come down and the session was continued at the front of the cinema, this time with the famous black Strat.

    Event couldn’t start better for me and just in few minutes I met the man who took care of me and other bloggers at Abbey Road last year. It was nice to see him again, chat a bit and thank him once again for the “favor”. Then more and more bloggers appeared on the horizon, Cori, Geoff, Ian, Mat, Ralph and so on…

    At about 5 we moved to the Imperial, where more and more people come. It was real pressure for me to meet (I do not remember all the names, I’m sorry) Howard, Piotr, a man from Switzerland, who used to work in Poland and was in Gdańsk concert as well, Lorraine and her daughter, Martin, Nate, Howard from Canada, Neil, another Mat and of course Pete from Coventry. Great people, great memories. Great pleasure to meet you all there.

    Just around 7 all decided to come back to Odeon were celebrities entered the venue with camera flashes.

    When I found my seat the tour documentary was on the screen and it was a particularly great pleasure to relive Gdańsk gig from other perspective. What can I say Comfortably Numb was real fantastic. Of course not only Gdańsk was shown there, but for obvious reason I enjoyed that the most.


  152. After documentary intro to Castelorizon sounded and David appeared on stage and performed that one “on electric” guitar and then it smoothly went into On An Island from the DVD. During that one David returned to his seat.

    I enjoyed all the songs, they were perfect, (it was very clever to change the order, even David had enough Blotto game, me thinks) but the real treat was Echoes, and what I found very interesting was Rick’s preparations for that one. Pushing many buttons to get this Ping sound, and then of course extras in Odeon, smoke, lights and lasers.

    During that one David left his seat and of course received extra cheer from the people from the Circle.

    I found Q&A interesting and liked it, but it was by far more entertaining when David picked up his golden Les Paul, and shortly after the other tour band members joined him on stage. Sound was great, and the band seemed to be still on tour. It was 3 guitar version with saxophone solo and Jon Carin without keyboards as a highlight.

    I’m very happy that I was there, and what is more important for me I can’t wait for Saturday.

    Thank you David for such brilliant event, FED thanks for your assistance for Leicester Square tickets back in July,


    [You’re very welcome, Tomasz. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. – Features Editor]

  153. [Send in your address, JP, and we’ll send one out to you. – Features Editor]

    FEd, that’s… simply amazing. Thank you.

    My address details are: […]

    Also amazing was the moment David Bowie appeared on stage. Gotta love the crowd’s reaction. “Arnold Layne…”

  154. It sounds like it was a wondrous night. Can you hear me heave a long envious sigh?

    I have watched what I could of the evening on the net and yes, I do remember that night. 29 May, RAH.

    It was magical then, and watching the DVD in the darkness of my home will no doubt bring it all back.

    Posting as I have post concert – too irregularly to even be an irregular – is as much a function of the melancholy of it all being over as anything else. I think we would all wish for things to anticipate (loved that little ‘perhaps’ hint David gave in the Q&A) rather than things to reflect on, but that doesn’t mean the memory is anything less than treasured.

    Thanks again David!

  155. [I cannot believe people are selling the free programme from the premiere on Thursday on e-bay!!!]

    It gets even more crazier!! Someone is willing to pay the starting price of 10 pounds!! a.k.a. 15 euro!!!! According to the seller it costs another 10 pounds to have it sent!!! Madness……..

  156. [He just smiled and gave me a vegamite sandwich – Posted by: Geoff Duffy]

    I wonder what happened to Men at Work?

    Cheers, Howard

  157. Hi all, we had a fab time on Thursday along with all the other bloggers at Leicester Square.

    Echoes was our song of the night. The laser show was spectacular.

    Can’t wait for Sat at the Ritzy. See you all there.

    Chris and Caroline

  158. I just read the Q&A section from Thursday evening. Very entertaining and looking forward to the North American Q&A this Saturday.

    In fact, just really looking forward to the entire event on Saturday.



  159. Hullo FED and All !!!

    First off, I just want to convey my belated birthday wishes to Ian Pearson and Tomi Sue.
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!! And many more to come !

    Okay, now I can continue in good conscience : )

    Just got done watching the new goodies. I really enjoyed them. David looked positively relaxed and at ease, even if I found some answers either cryptic or, if I dare say, insufficient at some junctions in the Q & A. Oh well, I love the man all the same.

    I am so looking forward to seeing this wondrous event on Saturday ! I called the movie theatre that I’ll be going to and to my surprise I was told that there were still seats available. Let’s fill up that theratre folks !

    To be continued…

  160. I was one of the few caught up in the great double booking swindle and was so grateful to receive my tickets. I noticed a few empty seats in the row J and K area of the front stalls which made a charade of the shortage in the first place. I feel really sorry for anyone who missed out.

    What a cracking show. I didn’t meet any rock stars, wasnt brave enough to stand and ask a question, got no autographs, or photos etc and it still took none of the sparkle away from what was a great night.

    I’ve seen Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and RW a few times and didnt know what to expect as this wasnt a live concert like we all know and love but I really enjoyed it for the quality interactive entertainment it was.

    David seems to be a very humble man considering all the things he has achieved and given to the world. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of a great man. I’m glad he’s not finished yet.

    Do you think theres enough interest to start a blog guessing the contents of the mystery gifts to David and Polly ????

    Was at the Imperial before and after the show but was very surprised at getting kicked out around 11 ish. Forgot to take my RTN booklet on the way, went back a couple of minutes later and it was still there on the table directly opposite the bar. Cheers to the honest clientelle that drink there. Maybe regret not socialising a bit more than I did but will have the chance to make up for that in Brixton next weekend. I will be on my best behaviour as it’s my sons first time at a David Gilmour show. He should be a veteran by the age of 10 😉

    (Thank you very much for the tickets FEd.)

    Thanks to David and the band. I can’t wait to do it all over again this weekend.

  161. I’ve never posted on here before, but I thought I’d drop by to say everything was amazing (apart from losing my railcard and thus having to empty my bank account for a week to get a train ticket home).

    Chris and Caroline, whom I met in the Imperial, and have just posted above me, are very friendly Welsh people, cheers for the company!

    I got a spectacular picture of Dave playing, and thoroughly enjoyed Echoes. No Comfortably Numb though?!?!

    Thanks for everything, Jonny

  162. Tomasz,

    It really was a pleasure meeting up with you. Even though it was only for just over 1 hour.

    Thanks very much for emailing me the photo of the 2 of us. It is a great picture with the Odeon behind us.

    It is a souvenir from a great evening and will make me smile each and every time I look at it.

    Thanks for the memory. Priceless !!

    Pete – Coventry

  163. [We’ll see what we can do, Barbara. – Features Editor]

    Thanks Fed, you are a treasure yourself!

    Will you be attending the live show Saturday for North America? Do you have any news to share about what may take place live?

    Saturday will be hard to beat from what I have seen and read on this site about last Thursday…. I am very much looking forward to Saturday !

    Hope you get to enjoy Saturday also Fed.

    [Thank you. I’m sure I will. I hope we all do. – Features Editor]

  164. Many thanks to all involved for posting the videos in the multiple formats on the ‘Latest News’ page. This should reduce the amount of tech support that has been required for everyone to be able to view the same content on the BBC site 😉

  165. Oh, and thanks for including the transition to the concert footage. That whole introduction was so well done!

    …and I have just realised that you could change the ‘Remember Me? on the blog comment form to ‘Remember That Name’? 😉

  166. Continued…

    I guess if there would be one question for me to ask David would be : Mr. Gilmour, I was in Venice last year for an extended holiday, what possessed you to spring ‘On The Turning Away’ on everybody, and I do mean everybody, you took the band by surprise even. What inspired you to break out with (OTTA) ?

    And also, FED, I am not sure, but I know you cannot say with any real certainty probably at the moment, but…will there be programmes available for us as well ? I certainly hope so.

    And only provided they do not would I be able to receive one ?

    BTW, I bought my copy of PATGoD. Absolutely lovely ! Been wearing it out already ! As if !!

    Anyhoo, I hope that you had a restful respite away from it all on your abbreviated holiday. I wanted to thank you personally for extending the chance for me to attend the Brixton Ritzy, but the bank is a little bare. Pity ! I would’ve loved it ! I am so glad for all of you that were able to take in the show last week.

    Well, I must be off now…..

    Peace and Love to All !!! Cazart !

    [I cannot say anything with anything that even remotely resembles certainty, so please wait and see what may, or may not, be available in North American cinemas first. – Features Editor]

  167. We just arrived a few hours ago and what a show that was! I am still living in every minute of it. It was nothing my husband and I expected. I was totally hypnotized from the minute when the first glimpse of smoke arose up on the stage; and for my husband, he was definitely focused and tuned in to his world of OAI.

    The smoke and the lighting effects at the opening with Mr. David Gilmour playing “Castellorizon” were captivating. It blended in flawlessly with the start of the “Remember That Night”. The song selections, the sound, the laser lights…I thought I was in the concert and was absolutely connected; I just can’t resist but applauding at the end of each song.

    The experience throughout the concert was astounding, overwhelming and breath-taking.

    This was the first time I’ve seen Mr. David Gilmour live on stage, not to mention Mr. Gilmour’s Q&A, which was interesting and attention grabbing; and seeing the band playing together at the conclusion was absolutely an icing on the cake and we were thrilled.

    Shamefully, we were late meeting up at the Imperial (got lost on our way to the Imperial – to be honest). The place was jammed with people. I really couldn’t tell who’s who with the bloggers; frankly, I was too shy to go around and introduced myself. Thanks to Ulli and Stephanie who introduced me to Ralph, Peter and Nate who then introduced me to Charlotte and her beautiful daughter.

    At the end of the show, I had the luxury of meeting Lorraine who’d also brought along her beautiful daughter. And of course, we had Martin who sat right next to us throughout the concert. I wish I get to say “hi” personally to those who were there and whom I had not met

    Thank you Mr. David Gilmour, you are a kind and generous man, the show was a thrill and no doubt it exceeded our expectation. It’s been an eventful experience for me and my husband.

    Special thanks to FEd for all of your hard work for getting all of us together at “REMEMBER THAT NIGHT”.

    By the way, FEd, hope your time off was as wonderful and exciting as ours was!

    [It was very nice, thanks. So happy to hear that you and your husband enjoyed. – Features Editor]

  168. Hi FEd,

    Brilliant news on the tickets.

    I will be attending with: […]

    Best Wishes

    [The same to you, Gordon. Have a wonderful night. – Features Editor]

  169. Cheers for the lovely compliment Jonny, was a pleasure to meet you and hope we can meet up again sometime in the future.

    Lovely to receive the post this morning as the tickets for the Ritzy were there. Thank you Fed.

    Chris & Caroline

  170. There was an ad that played for two weeks on radio Arrow Classic Rock for the cinema event in The Netherlands. It was well done, in terms of catching ones attention. It started with a second of silence, and then the intro of SOYCD went off. Every time in a split second, German Shepperd wise, my ears went stiff and my head turned quickly towards the radio.

    Quite dangerous that was, using powertools and stuff.

  171. Pete,

    I’m happy you like it, but I think we need to say thank you to Martin, at least he was the man who pressed the button.


  172. The Marmite link was really entertaining! We really got a laugh watching it. Does it taste like chocolate? I don’t think it will be found at our local “Piggly Wiggly” food store here in Alabama!

    I noticed on the Latest News Page it states you are taking additional questions for the North American Premiere. Did you have an area to post more questions for Saturday? I’m sorry I missed it.

    [It’s as far from chocolate as you can get. Nutella, it ain’t. There’s no designated area for questions. If you want to leave one, please do. You can leave it anywhere. – Features Editor]

  173. Yes, very much!! I wasn’t able to leave earlier, because I was ill.

    I can’t wait till next Saturday!!

    See you all soon.


  174. Just had the chance to watch the Q&A Session.

    It was fantastic! David was so courteous, nice and patient.

    Wish I could’ve been there.

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