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I’ve just heard that David will now be on Radio 2 tomorrow, not today. So, that’s Steve Wright’s show, tomorrow, from 2PM (UK).

I’ve really enjoyed your musings on Saturday’s North American premiere. If you were involved, I want to hear from you.

I’ve two things for you all to enjoy today:

1. David on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show from 2PM (UK).
2. David on ITV’s London Tonight from 6PM (UK).

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, as everyone can enjoy these online.

If you are in the UK, then you can find Radio 2 at 88-91 FM. If that’s too old-fashioned for your liking, then you could listen via DAB digital radio, digital satellite (Sky, channel 0102), digital cable (Virgin, channel 860 or 902, depending on whether you are an ex-NTL or ex-Telewest customer) or even Freeview (channel 702).

If you’re listening online, you can listen live by clicking Listen in the top-right corner or by clicking the more forthright LISTEN in the suitably coloured ‘On An Island’ blue box to the right of the page. That opens up the BBC Radio Player, which gives you the option to listen with Real Player or Windows Media Player, if you prefer.

If you can’t listen live, there is always the handy ‘Listen Again’ feature, which allows you to replay the programme as many times as you like for a period of seven days following the original broadcast. This can be activated by opening the BBC Radio Player, as directed above, and choosing your desired show from a considerably long list.

A quick note to fans in the USA about tomorrow’s DVD release…

DVDs from Best Buy and Borders stores contain extra goodies.

Select DVDs from Best Buy will include a three-track audio CD of the AOL Sessions. The songs are ‘On An Island’, ‘Take A Breath’ and ‘High Hopes’. The CD comes in a cardboard sleeve which is inside the DVD’s shrink-wrapped packaging.

The Borders DVD package includes a mini-poster. This shows David at Abbey Road, with the band onstage behind him and green lasers. The poster’s size is approximately four-times the size of the DVD booklet. This can be found inside the (shrink-wrapped) DVD case.

Look out for stickers announcing the exclusive extras on the front of the DVD cover before you buy.

These are available in the US only.

‘Remember That Night’ is released across Europe today (except for Finland and Sweden, where it is released on Wednesday).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

99 thoughts on “DG on BBC and ITV”

  1. Don’t see Ireland mentioned anywhere…..

    Oh well, gripe, gripe, at least we won at the Rugby 🙂

  2. The posty arrived…and no DVD! Anyone else order through the UK online store (Anthill) and receive their DVD yet? I’m afraid my ‘pre-order’ has turned out to be a mistake!

    That note on the extra goodies has me on edge. I don’t mind not having the goodies, but the DVD and tshirt I ordered would be nice.

    Not your problem I know FEd, but maybe someone else is suffering similarily!

    [I am sorry, Brian. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect these items today. – Features Editor]

  3. [Oh well, gripe, gripe, at least we won at the Rugby :-)]

    Just about Paul, just about! We better pull some miracle out of the box on Friday eh?

  4. Just watching the dvd – Brilliant!

    But was thinking as watching it that it would be nice to know what songs were recorded on which night? I.E I’m sure Echoes was from the night I went 30th May but I could be wrong.

    What’s everyone else think? Is there anyway of finding out ED?

    [No, sorry. – Features Editor]

  5. To Fedley (and the web designer)–

    Loving the site’s splash page with the telly animation/video today! Very hip feature there!

    (Amazing to witness how this site has been developing technically through the year –nearly 2 years, actually! …….Aaaaah, I remember way back when it was all birthed through a paper bag brown schemata –OY!)

    Keep it up and have a nice one,


  6. Brian, I ordered from Anthill. No DVD popped through my letter box this morning so I rang them up.

    I was told that they are being despatched today because the record company don’t like it if they send them out early. I wouldn’t have thought that sending them out to arrive on the day of release would have qualified as ‘early’ but who am I to say. Amazon, HMV and the like seem to get away with it.

    I was just about to tune into Radio 2 for this afternoon’s show and now I see that that has been postponed.

    Oh well, it will all be worth the wait in the end.

  7. Oh, what a wonderful homepage! And thanks again for the transcript. A lot of thanks!

    I bought the dvd and it is in a safe place in my room…but I want to wait the right evening to watch it. The perfect evening! And it’s not arrived yet…it will! Soon!


  8. I’ve seen remember that night for the first time, and it was great. But where are the promised tracks with Nick Mason?

    Never the less, the dvd is absolutley fantastic!!


    [There were no promised tracks with Nick Mason. – Features Editor]

  9. Got my DVD today! And I must admit that I did skip straight to Echoes, but it’s fantastic!

    Brings back all the memories of “that night” at the Albert Hall.

    Also, the DVD menu animations are brilliant, never expected such detail devoted to a menu.

  10. Gilmour night in the Knight household, my wife has just picked up the DVD from ASDA, I will listen to Steve Wright on the way home from work & watch London tonight while preparing dinner.

    Sometimes there are not enough hours in a day are there!

    Oh yeah, Gunners top of the league.

  11. Well, I can safely say the DVD was as awesome as I had suspected. Well done to everybody involved!

    I’ll probably have to buy another DVD soon, because I’ll wear this one out!

    – James.

  12. well, itv is only available to the users in the uk 🙁

    i also pre-ordered the dvd through dg store, and still no sign confirmation mail 🙁

    getting uncomfortably dumb here…

  13. Hello Fed and all!

    I got my DVD on Saturday by post office (amazon-Germany). With a good wine I looked at these two DVD’s. Wonderful!! Great!!

    Thank you to David and his team!!

    I wish you a beautiful day

  14. If this is any help to my fellow Canadian residents…

    When BestBuy added an extra to the release of the OAI CD it was also available in BestBuy in Canada…

  15. Why oh Why FEd, did you have to mention different packaging with special goodies in them, when there are people out there like me who HAVE to buy all the different ones. I need someone to tell me no!!

    Of course I could give them as gifts, couldn’t I?

  16. Oh good, I can turn off Steve Wright now then! 😉

    I won’t be able to listen live tomorrow but I’ll catch it on the ‘listen again’ where I’ll be able to scrub through his ‘zany’ antics.

  17. Oh well, Radio 2 on the way home tomorrow then.

    I should read what the Fed types at the top of the page, durghhh. (Fed, stop nodding your head in agreement, it may fall off.)

  18. Hi Fed…

    I know this is the wrong blog, but…

    Thanks so much for sorting out the tickets on the door at the Ritzy to replace the missing postal tickets..

    Thanks also to the nice man for re-assuring me as I had a major stress out…

    Thanks for giving me night to remember…

    Yours a de-stressed fan..

    [I’m glad that you enjoyed, Bob. Apologies for the needless stress caused. – Features Editor]

  19. WOW!!! Extra goodies. That’s awesome. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I will be at best buy when they open.

    Hey, great new home page Fed.

  20. Hey Fed, how’s you??

    Dont suppose there are any spare programs going are there?? I wouldnt ask but I bloody left mine either in the hotel or it fell out my bag on the train. GUTTED I am, Guy Pratt signed it for me too!!

    Hope you can help me out Fed-master?


    [We’ll see what we can do. – Features Editor]

  21. Hope everyone is voting for our blog! I have been voting, hope we get it this year, I have faith in our bloggers, I think we have a great chance to win.

    Hey Fed, any chance of ever seeing the Q&A again? You might have mentioned it before but my brain doesnt work sometimes as you know with the question thing, haha. I was just wondering. I read the ones on the site but just wanted to see it again on video or something, ok.

    Thank You.

    [You want our News Archive. Click your name below, then scroll down until you find Tuesday 11 September. The links for the Q&A are beneath the links to watch ‘Castellorizon’. – Features Editor]

  22. [Brian, I ordered from Anthill. No DVD popped through my letter box this morning so I rang them up]

    Thanks for that LynnR. I thought it was just something else to add to my string of bad luck from last week! (The sobbing has stopped by the way FEd. It’s been replaced by serious grey hair growth as I await my DVD!)

    If Anthill can’t deliever on time, surely nobody can? But others have…?? str-tr-tr-trange days!

  23. I took the day off work today to buy and watch the DVD. It all got a bit frantic this morning when none of the shops in my area seemed to have it in stock. Anyway, my local Sainsbury’s eventually decided that they did have it…..and it was a very reasonable price too.

    I’ve watched almost all of both of the discs and I think they’re excellent. The picture quality is significantly better than what I witnessed in the cinema and, even in good old boring stereo, the sound is fantastic.

    All in all, a very nice package and well worth the money.

    Thank you to all of those who made this DVD possible.

  24. FEd… I’m sorry you had to split up my long posting of yesterday… (I never wrote a posting that long before). It won’t happen again; I’ll split it up myself next time 🙂

    I imagine you are getting ‘fed up’ with us, eh??
    Job burn-out?? Still with strat questions to come, I imagine. But you are so good at what you do!!

    I can’t believe how fast September got here!! Tomorrow is DVD Day in America!! Whoo-hooooo!!! (But I’m hoping I’ll get mine a day early from Anthill… they ship fast!).

    You Bloggers have voted today, right?? We’re going to win this thing!!!

    Enjoy your DVDs, Everyone!! Us North Americans will be joining you tomorrow in the watching 😀

  25. Hello F.ed

    Seven or Eight months since my last visit but maybe I must be the first french fan to tell you that I got my DVD.

    First of all, congratulations for the production. Really better than Pulse.

    And What a pleasure to rediscover those songs 18 months later.

    The band was really in great form, not under pressure like for a massive tour, just enjoying the pleasure of playing music which is the most important and we feel that Mr Gilmour has appreciated touring with his this special band.

    And in the introduction of the concert, what a pleasure to see Richard Wright’s name coming just in second. And to see him everywhere.

    The brief meeting with Roger Waters was really unexpected. Good to see that for the fans. David Gilmour said it was purely coïncidence in the documentary. The world is so small in fact…!

    Let my give you my personal feelings.

    During this little chat, Mr Gilmour and Mr Waters talked about their respective work, but it is evident there is still something between these two Supermen of rock music, even if they have now differents projects.

    But I have a question to both : Why are you waiting to go back?

    Mr F.ed, I hope everything’s alright for you.

  26. Toronto’s Radio Station Q107 Tonight (Monday 17, September)…

    “DAVID GILMOUR Remember That Night – Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD World Premiere will air on Monday, September 17th at 9pm EST to hear the full radio special.”

    The text on the radio’s website isn’t very clear but it’s a one hour special with interviews and music…

    And… Q107 has just played CN with Mr David Bowie live from the DVD… oh mama…

  27. Love the newest addition in the Wireman series! That’s the best advertisement for the dvd ever — put that teaser out there to the ‘regular’ folk and give ’em a taste of what they’re missing.

    I learned one thing from the people I chatted with before the show on Saturday — none of them had been to this site!?! How is that possible?? I told everyone there to come here if they want the up-to-date scoop on everything David;-)

    As far as the ‘extra goodies’ dvd option goes, give up a couple of lattes, pack of cigs, or, dare I say it, a few pints … get the bonus dvd! Nothing wrong with having two. Give one to a friend … it’s nice to share:)

    Note to myself: Next time (if there is a next time), ask for the damn poster!!!!! I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that when I got in the door (banging my head against the wall):{ Can you hear the echoes? ping> …..


  28. Great Job on the DVD! I’m not going to spoil it, but Thanks for including the “not-mentioned” bonus tracks! You know what I am talking about!

    The DVD is perfect in every single way! Best music DVD – Period!

  29. Maybe this is the wrong blog, but can you tell me which tracks on the dvd that is from the last royal albert hall show? It would be great.

    [Sorry, no can do. – Features Editor]

  30. It figures Borders would do something like this after I’ve already gone and ordered the DVD from amazon.

    No poster for me.

  31. Wooohahaha!!! Love the home page and wireman!

    Reception was hazy….did wireman put his love on the air?

  32. Pudders!

    Just read your blog entry from Sept 14th, Ritzy Round-Up…

    Did DG really say “We know him” when my question came up!?! If he did then I completely missed it…

    Now there’s something to tell the grand kids! 🙂

  33. Hey FED,

    Sounds like there was a program at the Ritzy. If there was could you spare one for me? Only if it is not too much trouble. My address is


    Cheers, Howard

  34. I attended the premier broadcast in Harrisburg, PA. What an incredible show!

    I wish I had known there’d be documentary footage playing before the actual event, though. I got there about 10 minutes before showtime, and was surprised to see footage already playing. I’m hoping it’s stuff that’ll be on the DVD.

    Speaking of which, I’m off to Borders tomorrow for my copy. Thanks for the heads-up on the bonus goodies!

  35. [The posty arrived…and no DVD! Anyone else order through the UK online store (Anthill) and receive their DVD yet? I’m afraid my ‘pre-order’ has turned out to be a mistake!]

    just to annoy you brian, i got the dvd last saturday. i couldn’t pre order it so i bought it in hmv henry street after a mad rush round looking for it ! ( if there was a prize for the most effort put into buying the dvd i am sure i would win it !)

    the dvd is brilliant . you will get it soon , sadly these things take a few days .

    anyway i am running out to meet my boyfriend . more later .


  36. RTN release day has finally arrived. What can I say… The whole package is EXCELLENT.

    I wouldn’t expect anything less though from David and his team.

    The “Island Loops” on the menu screens are a great touch. The “Wireman” foot-tapping during the intermission is a witty inclusion and nicely links both halves of the show.

    Not had time yet to see ALL the extra goodies on Disc 2, but what I have seen encapsulates the whole OAI experience perfectly.

    I NEED to have the house to myself “after dark” so I can crank the 5.1 up to MAX and relive “That Night” as if I was back in the RAH.

    Has the Island Jam barnfest prompted work in progress on the next album? I wish…

    David, this DVD is testament to your gracious talent and your willingness to share it with us mere mortals. I, for one, am eternally grateful. Thank you so very much.

  37. [If this is any help to my fellow Canadian residents…When BestBuy added an extra to the release of the OAI CD it was also available in BestBuy in Canada – Rudders]

    Thanks for the tip Rudders 🙂 Anyways, one more day, until it comes out! Hope I can go after school, and go buy it…or I might have to wait for it for a b-day present, either way, I WILL GET MY HANDS ON THAT DVD! :-D!

    And by the way it was very nice meeting LG last night, very nice indeed! Hope to see you again!


  38. Not yet received my dvd/T-shirt/bag from Anthill, not even an e-mail, but it doesn’t matter, it was the same problem last year with the ‘Live And In Session’ dvd, I remember, what a mess on the blog, some people got crazy with the delay !

    We have just to wait and be patient.

    Patience not being my main quality though, I couldn’t resist and bought a copy today in Lille.

    I have not yet watched the dvds, but I noticed there was no ‘David Gilmour, the voice and guitar of PF’ sticker. Not any reference to PF. Total respect for that, David !

    The packaging is first class, luxurious, with beautiful colours, the booklet contains numerous photos and references to the tour, some are funny, some are moving, some are symbolic, all that is of very good taste.

    I particularly enjoyed the two last pages, so many symbols : the pic with the friends in Castellorizon (dreamers may leave, but…), ‘God'(?), the stones, the mediators, pins, wireman, ‘On An Island birthday’ cake, “Polly with love and thanks”…

    Not forgetting FEd, credited here too, (so it will be YOUR fault if those booklets appear on ebay ! Can you sign my booklet, please ?)


  39. I’m fed up, no dvd from anthill. usa get extras again.

    I’m english, I follow an english band since I was 7 years old, why can’t the uk get some extra stuff?

    I wish I had ordered the dvd from amazon. I’ve emailed anthill and, if I don’t receive it 2mrw, I’m going to the shops to buy it and they can have it back !

    Also had helpful email from fender regarding the signature strat – they have no idea about it.

    Well, I’m just waiting for my david gilmour set from seymour duncan then I’ll have my own one built.

    p.s. david still has my pen from hammersmith ’84!

    yours truly
    fed up, fed.

  40. Hello!

    I had a wonderful adventure to London and am grateful for the opportunity to go – many thanks to Fed for the Ritzy ticket. Huge thanks also to David Gilmour and all his crew, it takes quite a lot to put on such an incredible event.

    It was fun playing tourist for several days in London and the weather was beautiful. I had a blast meeting Becky, Melissa, Tracy and Martin the day of the show – thanks Martin for being an excellent Gilmourette tour guide (Tracy made great t-shirts that said “The Blog” on the front and “Gilmourette” across the back )

    The irregular get together at the Ritzy was a real treat – to meet in person Nate, Tomasz (whom I got to sit next to) Lorraine, Neil, Tim C., Jeremy, Adrian, Peter, and the wonderful Peske brothers from NL, Ernest and Ruud – we all seemed to have the same perma-grin all night 

    David’s intro was awesome and it was great to see the DVD excerpts on the big screen – hope to get the DVD in the mail tomorrow.

    Phil hosted a fun Q&A and I was excited to be able to ask a question – nothing deep, but I was interested to hear that DG is keeping up with the sax, but would have to practice to tour again (definitely hope that happens). Conversely, he’d mentioned that he plays guitar all the time – everywhere. It seems no matter who you are, you can jack around with whatever you like (as in “Jack of all trades” read instruments), but — master what you love. It’s great to hear he loves to play the guitar (as much as we love to hear him play it), which leaves little doubt that he is, in fact, the Master!

    After the show we loitered a little longer and I fortunately got to meet Guy – and even shake his hand (I managed to get the last copy of his book at Waterstones in South Kensington – looking forward to reading it).

    I’m very happy to have wonderful memories and a nice attitude adjustment from an excellent trip.

  41. Oh just wanted to post a short comment, I went back to school today in a fw fashion trend…I call it…” The DG”…Yeah, went back to school in a black t-shirt, black pants, BLUE socks, and black shoes. Surprisingly enough, I actually got some comments about that…positive comments!

    Anyways, just thought I’d share that with everyone…:D

    Pointless, but fun to say


  42. I noticed a few comments where people ordered the DVD via Anthill. However it appears like you can only order the DVD there if you are not in North America. Correct? Or am I just blind and don’t see it?



  43. Thank you really so so soooooooo much for all these years…I’m 28 years old and I’ve loved only a band…your band!

    Thank U Mr. Gilmour, thank U so much!

  44. Huzzah for Borders! Thanks for the tip FEd; I’ve been so excited – I stole a page out of the SunTimes because David and Remember That Night was splashed all over it. 🙂

    “I’m just as happy as you, bloggers, I just can’t say it so well.”

  45. That’s a very refreshing act from Mr. Wireman on the Home Page. Nice little commercial here on the Blog – cool stuff.

    FEd, is it true that this site is handled by just two people, you and the Webmaster? I am really impressed by it.

    Keep up the good work and thank you.

    [Two people, with Latest News mostly written by someone at Management. – Features Editor]

  46. I thought David looked very relaxed on TV last night even with the inevitable question about reforming PF.

    The DVD was a case of me thinking I will only watch half an hour tonight but I ended up saying “O.K. just one more”, several times & the fuzziness I thought I saw at Leicester Square was just not there at home, the picture was perfect.

  47. My (very) first impression of the Remember That Night DVD:

    – Absolutely great camera work, captures the RAH very good.
    – Amazing 5.1 sound quality, including the right amount of “acoustic conditions” (reverb)of the RAH.
    – Good picture quality, although it’s not the Blue Ray / HD version. Looks crispy and clear!

    Once again but not least(!), I believe, this really is a 99.9% perfect concert performance of the band! You can feel the “magic” within this band. I love it!

    Cheers, Ernest

    P.S. FEd, did I met you in the Ritzy? If I did, I am sorry I didn’t thank you in person for being so kind… like, providing such an amazing evening last Saturday in Brixton! How about organizing a campfire for us bloggers, I’ll bring along my guitar(s) and play some Beatles tunes (and …)

    [You didn’t, Ernest. I wasn’t there. Campfires are always good, though. – Features Editor]

  48. It’s Tuesday, postman’s been and no DVD. What a surprise. Off to tesco’s to get it now.

    Well done anthill for a superb service. NOT.

  49. Am I the only one that experienced some volume loss during David Gilmour’s solos ? It is the case during Time, On An Island and some other solos. Just like every ten seconds, someone put the volume down from 2-3 dbd…

    I watch it on my MacBookPro, as I am not at home, with my headphones, and I chose the stereo on the audio setting… It’s really weird.

    Otherwise, fantastic DVD. Thank you so much for all these gifts in the second DVD. They all seem to enjoy this tour, as much as us, it’s great to see such an ambiance !

    [That is strange, Frédéric. This is the first that we’ve heard of it. – Features Editor]

  50. Ciao,

    so I found one extra on the second disc (which I am not spoiling here) that was sooo delightful. I will search for more, who knows…..

    Already saw the concert itself two times, I am getting addicted. I like so much all the colours used by Brickman, and the direction of Mallet using or enhancing those colours. It is very psychedelic!! Marvellous. And sound quality is perfect.

    I think that you take a lot into account what we fans asked. This is my feeling. And since for the same price I could have got a “not so good product” and it would have been fair enough, I am very thankful to the people of DavidGilmour.com.

  51. Dear F.Ed. and bloggers : Hi there!

    Doesn’t time fly! Finally it’s the sept.18th.

    Many congratulations to the Artist, the band and the organization for the great work for this fantastic “Remember that night” and all the astonishing events connected to the DVD’s release itself.

    Mr.Gilmour shows really a thoughtful attention to all the fans.

    I wish you a fantastic success with the the prestigious BT Digital Music Awards.

    All the best to all of you.
    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

  52. For those who’ll be able to watch it (I’m guessing that this will be UK only, but those elsewhere might as well give it a try!) the direct link to the London Tonight programme is (click my name).

    The interview with David starts 21 minutes and 42 seconds into the programme (you can spool directly to this point). Hope this helps…

    [Thank you, Matt. – Features Editor]

  53. [‘Arnold Layne’ was released as a single. As well as David Bowie’s lead vocal, Richard Wright’s was included, plus a live version of ‘Dark Globe’. – Features Editor]

    Dear Fed

    Of course, I knew Arnold Layne was a single for the PF lads, but never knew that David Bowie’s version was released as one too. Maybe it was when I was in California, but I never even heard a whisper. Could you tell me when the David Bowie version was released and can you still get it etc. Thank you.

    Why wasn’t it promoted? Why do record companies do this. Release a whole bunch of singles then only promote one or two of them. As a member of the PRS-MCPS, I have spoken out about this many times, so I won’t go on about it now, suffice to say that it is just so damn annoying when your heart and your soul has gone into a project at ground zero.

    Out of curiosity, why wasn’t there a lot of publicity/promotion directed at the release and premieres’ of Remember That Night? Perhaps a new publicist is required. I’ll do it! (I wish, yet again)!

    I took yesterday afternoon off and listened to Steve Wright wondering where David was and didn’t find out that he wasn’t on until about 4pm. I could have been watching my DVD, as I am not really a Steve Wright fan and only listened to hear Mr Gilmour.

    I forgot to tell you that as David was quickly passing through the lobby of the Ritzy, we did exchanged a fleeting glimpse and, as I was drinking a very large red wine, I said “Cheers”, and he acknowledged with a funny smile…..!

    I hope you have a brilliant day. Very cold in Nottingham. But, hey, I have my DVD to keep me warm!

    Blog you tomorrow.

    Cori xxxxx

    [It was released in December (available for download from Christmas Day, if memory serves me well) and made the Top 20 in the UK single’s chart. There was a CD single and limited 7″ vinyl released in Europe and, in North America, there was also a 10″ vinyl, so this was actually one of the things that was promoted to a fairly high standard. I couldn’t tell you why the ‘Remember That Night’ premieres weren’t better advertised to reach a wider audience. I’d have gladly gone around the streets in one of those cars with a loudspeaker on its roof, as used at election time or whenever the water supply is being switched off at short notice, but… Please try the link below. – Features Editor]

  54. Hi FEd, and all.

    Well what a night Saturday was. – apologies if I repeated, or echo, (lol) anyone’s comments, I havent had the time to wade through all 172 responses quite yet.

    Front row. Oh yes, What a view of David performing Castellorizon. Aart from the bloody cameraman standing in front of me, it was great 😉

    I can’t complain, he was very polite about it and explained he would move as soon as he could, which he did – I didnt mind too much as the assistant camera girl was gorgeous.

    Really enjoyed the documentary footage, but couldnt stay for the final 30 minutes as I had a train to catch.

    Groundhog day indeed during the Q&A. I imagine Mr Manzanera might have lost his invitation to the next bbq for that one 😉

    And once again during the Q&A the camera man returned, so David, the guy sitting front row on your far right, peering round the camera – that was me.

    I’m glad I decided to stay seated as you left the stage as several burly security men would’ve surely flattended me had I decided to get up – perhaps a little over the top, but with no guitar handy to fend off any over excited fans – who could blame you?

    OH, and what a giggle we had to see none other than Roger Waters rehersing at the same studios (that DIDN’T look awkward at all), and what happend to Jon Carin at this stage, I wonder….

    I realise this hasn’t really been a comprehensive review of sorts – but I’ll leave that to everyone else.

    All in all I would just like to say a huge thankyou to everyone involved, the record, the tour, the dvd, the premieres, and of course the website and blog. It’s been a great two years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute.


  55. Don’t want to start a rush but, a prog from the show would go nicely with my RAH prog……….
    please!!! […]

    No worries if you can’t.


  56. The previous blog entry being closed, I write here.

    Wonderful news, Lucia !

    Molta felicità a tutti due !!! (sorry, I couldn’t do better…)


    PS: I like weddings, I paricularly loved mine ! Fed is a bit grumpy these days !

    [You all know me too well now (or think you do), that’s the problem. – Features Editor]

  57. [Having all the bloggers together was brill and really felt like our little ‘club’–]

    Maybe that’s why some totally ignored me and my friends! Wouldn’t speak to me when I approached them.

    I just want to say, and not to court controversy, that the “little club” is not very friendly. Indeed you are very “cliquey”.

    Anyway, came to see David not you, alright!!!!!!

    Thank you.
    Cori Burns xxxx

  58. Christine, great to see you had a good trip back home, I did post my first Ritzy feelings yesterday on the blog of September 16, 2007 “Enjoy, North America?”.

    …I should have stayed a bit longer. These bloggers are such nice people!

    Liked your question, you did it 😉

    Cheers, Ernest

  59. Dear Fed (up with Cori who has blogged 3 times today).

    To Kim – YO! xxx

    I am taking Comfortably Numb into the OR, in October cos I wanna be, as I will be awake the whole time it’s happening so I am going to play it over and over and over ………………. David I may close my eyes, but I will still see you!

    Cori xxx

    PS: I wonder if anyone could recommend an autobiography on Syd? It’s for a project that I am thinking of messing around with. xxx

  60. Bought my copy at Morrisons for £15 and to say it is good value would be a gross understatement. I never thought there would be that much in it!

    The production is top flight, the attention to detail is superb (noting the fireworks on one of the menues). My wife and I are happy that we managed spotted the backs of our heads at the end of (Rick’s) Comfy Numb – kind adds to the specialness.

    The team responsible deserve to be proud of this. Indeed if I could distill the whole experience of the album, tour & DVD over the last 18 months or so (including the website and the blog) into 2 words it is – quality and warmth.

    Not that I mean to make you sound like an expensive duvet FEd, you understand.

    [You know, the nights are getting colder… – Features Editor]

  61. i was in a cinema in montreal on saturday the 15 sept 2007. i really enjoy everything you had to offer us. hope it will happen again.

    it’s nice to see that we are in your heart in america.

    thanks a thousand times, david, we love you.

  62. Memo to David and Polly!

    If you want a real bargain where blue sox are concerned, come to Bulwell Market, Nottingham, on a Tuesday or Friday where one stall has a special deal on blue socks – 12 pairs for a quid. They only ever have blue sox!


    Cori Burns xxxxx

  63. Rudders, David said “we’ve heard about him” or something like that…

    Lucia and Emilio!!! WOW!

    Today is the great day for us; I am going to buy it but wait for the right moment to listen it. Probably Sunday evening…it seems so far……

    Sylvie de Montréal

  64. Stop the presses!!!

    [Emilio, are you reading? This is the coming out! I love you, boy! Shine, Emi, shine. In the sky, with me! God bless you. God bless David and Polly. God bless you all! – Posted by: Lucia]

    I realize this is from the prior blog BUT do we have a love connection here?? Or is Lucia just being funny again?? Is this the first irregulars couple – Lucia and Emilio??

    If so….congratulations on finding each other.



    [I think someone’s pulling your leg, mate. – Features Editor]

  65. I’ve got it now.

    Tonight will be my night, I hope to live reminiscences of Florence. I’m sure I’ll have.

    Be good everyone!


  66. Just read the latest transcript…

    “We’ve heard of him”… That’s made my year!

    1 hour and 11 minutes to go before BestBuy opens BUT I’ve been told the Canada BestBuy doesn’t have the “extra” CD… 🙁

    I’ll confirm either way later on…

  67. just about to tune in. not listened to wrighty for years, lol.

    oh and london tonight can be found on sky channel 993.

    really enjoying the stereo version of patgod. lucifer sam, take up thy stethescope, chapter 24.

    hope folks are all ok?

  68. [That is strange, Frédéric. This is the first that we’ve heard of it. – Features Editor]

    Ok, I have dealt with it : Playing the DVD on my regular home player is ok, I don’t have these problems anymore. It must come from my Mac software…

    Now I can enjoy it in better conditions !

    [I’m very happy to hear it. – Features Editor]

  69. What’s the definition of torture?

    Buying the DVD at 8 AM, knowing that you can’t watch it until 8 PM.

    I’m going to be a clock-watcher today. 😉

    (It took a while for the cashiers to figure out how to enter the coupon that we got from the theatre. The people in line behind me weren’t too happy.)

  70. T- Minus Forty minutes ! 39 !

    Heading out the door in twenty minutes to pick up my copy of RTN. Looking forward to spending my last day off with Lisa and watching David and Co. before going back to the grind tomorrow.

    Also, I bumped into an old acquaintance in my neighborhood Sunday afternoon. Found out he is an artist now and I am actually buying one of his works, very Gerald Scarfe-ish if you ask me.
    Picking it up after I get THE MUSIC DVD OF THE DECADE !

    Gee, think I am fired up about this ?

    Cazart !

    [Definitely. This has been your shortest post yet, I believe. Something can’t be right. – Features Editor]

  71. Dear all,

    What a treat to see David interviewed on yesterday’s London Tonight!

    Slightly disappointed that the lady interviewing interrupted David when he was answering the question about how he puts together the set of songs for each concert. I assumed he was going to conclude “[we played the whole OAI album, some old favourites, some new favourites, some Syd Barrett solo, and we also..]… do a few covers of my favourite artists…?”

    Well, was that it or will we ever know?

    I was thinking about the Richard Thompson track that David has played live before (Dimming of the Day).

    What other music/radio stations does David like listening to?

    Anyway, am currently listening to Steve Wright rambling on the radio…

    BTW – very much looking forward to getting my copy of Remember That Night. I was there on the last night. Truly a wonderful evening/concert.

    Best wishes to all,

    [Depending on how many interviews David gives over the next week or so, I expect that several similarly unimaginative interviewers will ask exactly the same question, so we probably all will know – and be able to recite the answer almost verbatim – before the month is out. – Features Editor]

  72. [I think someone’s pulling your leg, mate. – Features Editor]

    Hmmmm…based on a few other responses above it seems that my leg is not the only one getting pulled.

    Hope you’re having a splendid day FEd.



    [You’re right about that. (They can keep having their legs pulled, too.) – Features Editor]

  73. Thanks FE – agree with you about the interviews this week.

    Following yesterday’s interview, I’ve taken the liberty of emailing Steve Wright – encouraging him to quiz David on topics which he no doubt finds more interesting:

    namely, his solo career, OAI, recent music collaborations, putting the ensemble together, plans for new material, playing other instruments (e.g. sax), David’s influences

    – even though I suspected that the lure of asking about PF days, live 8 ‘reunion’ etc would be too great.

    We’ll see. Still listening to Wright’s ramblings…

    [Good luck with that, Richard. We can all live in hope, can’t we? – Features Editor]

  74. Just sent a message to Steve Wright about His (David’s) guitar strap & by the way it’s the anniversary of Hendrix’s death today.

    Any more good news, Graham?

  75. Richard Sheridan – YES, DIDN’T HE GO ON!

    David was brilliant as usual.

    Watched London Today on the computer and my sister taped it for me yesterday.

    To Fed – Thank you so much for all the information you have given me about Arnold Layne. Much appreciated.

    Love to you all.

    Cori xxxxx

    [You’re welcome, Cori. You can see how we brought news of this release in our News Archive, if you’re interested. Please click your name below for that. – Features Editor]

  76. Nice to see some of Polly’s piccies from the Odeon premiere have now turned up in the Gallery…

    Thanks Polly.

  77. Ahoy Canucks…

    9:57 BestBuy opens early…
    9:58 Grasp DVD for first time
    9:59 No additional audio CD…

    But who gives a flying! I have it 🙂

    And not just because I have a brother who lives in Florida…

  78. Hi FEd,

    I’m looking forward to checking my mail today in hopes that Anthill comes through! If not, I’ll certainly enjoy it whenever it shows up — an-ti-ci-pa-tion, anticipa-a-tion … 😉

    Why so many cranky and demanding people in the last few days? I’d expect to be hearing more joyful sounds what with all the extras provided here at davidgilmour.com alone! No programs at US/Canada cinemas, but enough on the screen to fill my heart with happiness:-)

    I’m gleefully ignorant to ‘pixilation’ and ‘HD’ quality, therefore took grainy segments and occasional test-pattern colors with a grain of salt. In fact, it added to the real-time feel of the show. It sounds as if we lucked out at the Redmond, Washington show as we had no significant disruption in the sound or picture transmission.

    [Two people, with Latest News mostly written by someone at Management. – Features Editor]

    Pretty impressive! You do a fantastic job, you two (plus ‘Management’)!


  79. Picked up my copy at Best Buy. Now I have to wait ’til this evening to watch it 🙁

    We are lucky to get the bonus CD! But the real icing was the promo price was a scant $12 USD!! (I’m sure our European friends will cringe to hear that.)

    Now back to waiting…..ticking away the moments that make up a dull day….

  80. Andrew, my leg gets pulled quite often too, so I found a new brand of superglue which I can recommend if you don’t want it coming off altogether!

    Love Cori B! Xxx

    Ps: Make sure you got a clean blue sock on just in case it does!

  81. Absolutely love the DVD! Not too fond of the black paper for the booklet, though, as it is prone to fingerprints!

    Is there any chance On An Island will be released on SACD in 5.1, as David mentioned to Sound on Sound last year?

    [Hopefully. – Features Editor]

  82. Let me start by saying, that opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. And im glad that i was one of the lucky people to have been chosen to go to this wonderful event. Never in my life would i ever expect to be in the same room as my idol. And to actually bump into him (almost stepped on his toes) sorry about that david.

    And he spoke to me, i spoke back. As i was walking to my seat, he was walking down with me, just like normal people, but what can i say, david is a normal human being. I feel like my dreams have come true. As i sat in front row (thanks to simon) i was just mesmerized by his music and he spoke to me. I was still in shock about that! And when i heard my question asked, it was all more better.

    What more can anyone ask for.

    Thank you david for making my day, or should i say my dreams come true. You and polly are a great inspiration to us all.

    Someone asked me why didnt i get an autograph, my answer was, Why would i want his signature when he spoke to me, isnt that enough. Im not trying to make money off him so why would i need it. Ill have these wonderful memories till i die, thats enough for me.

    Thank you fed for this great oppurtunity, you are AMAZING. Next to david and polly that is.

    I’ll have part two later. Its been a whirlwind. And it’s hard to find the words for it all.

  83. All those lovely plectrums that David has. Can we have a competition, Fed, to win one?

    Love Cori xxxxx

    [I’m afraid not. I’ve got a long enough list of competitions mounting up as it is. – Features Editor]

  84. I guess this should have been part one, but i had to get my feelings out about david while they were still fresh, it was all so mind blowing.

    Melissa, becky, christine are three nicest girls i ever met. I felt right at home with them. Felt like we knew each other for years, and who could forget martin, he was our guide through that busy city. We wouldnt have made it without him, thank you martin. I was a little overwhelmed with london, but thanks to those girls and martin, i made it through it.

    And meeting the bloggers before the show was awsome, putting faces with names. Nate i thought would be taller (ha ha just kidding nate), you were so nice, as was everyone there. I even met davids back up singer in bathroom, what a treat indeed!

    I want to thank everyone for being so nice to me. I felt like i was among old friends, except the drunk man that kept following mel around until security took him away, i was her bodyguard. I was watching her back for her.

    Thank you fed for making my dreams come true. YOU ARE AMAZING, HEY WILL YOU RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

    [You wouldn’t want that, believe me. – Features Editor]

  85. Dear Fed

    You may like to know that my DVD is German, came in a plastic bag (!), with a cardboard cover, a booklet inside and a smile on its face as it knew it was gonna be played when Cori got back from London in the early hours of Saturday morning.

    And you know something……….it was right!

    The one and only Cori Burns xxxxxxx

  86. to richard sheridan:

    i agree about the lady interviewer interrupting david. really peed me off!

    and what about steve wright’s stupid questions about floyd? poor david.

  87. Hi Victor and Cori – thanks for your responses to my post.

    Steve Wright turned out better than I expected (perhaps he took some of my recommended topics, he he!).

    I knew he wouldn’t resist talking about Floyd and kept bringin up the arguments with Roger (he was truly hilarious… not!).

    Shame David got dragged to London for a 15 minute slot to talk about irrelevance…

    Perhaps he’s aware it comes with the job. He’s most famous as PF guitarist (demonstrated by the musical backdrop behind the interviews).

    Bit about ‘a day in the life of a rock star’… – aka taking my daughter to school and getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way’ tickled me.

    I’ll be remembering that when I’m changing my twin 8 week old daughters’ nappies.

    David seems a very down-to-earth chap.

  88. [All those lovely plectrums that David has.]

    I’ll have to look over the DVD again, but I remember that during the screening this past Saturday, seeing very plain picks on the mic stand. They just said Gibson, Fender. Looked like exactly the same ones you could pick up at any music shop.



  89. I listened to that show using the Listen Again feature. Man, it was painful.

    Who wants to listen to a classic rock/info-tainment show? I had to use the ‘fast-forward five minutes’ button a zillion times.

    The interview was ok; the questions were not up to the high standards set by the bloggers, though.

    I never did pose David a question here, I kept coming up with good ones and then forgetting them by the time I got in front of a computer. Doh!

  90. Good morning Fed,

    Do you know whether David, in a similar vein to other legendary rockers, might be persuaded into a performace/concert at London’s new premier music venue – The o2?

    Following sell out concerts by Prince, Bon Jovi, Streisand, Timberlake and the Stones (amongst others), it just strikes me that the venue deserves some real quality.

    Oh, and they tell me that the acoustics are 4x as good as the Albert Hall…

    [Are they? That’s good to know (even better to see that the Millennium Dome wasn’t a complete waste of money). There are no plans for any shows anywhere, but I’m sure that David could add it to his very long list of potential venues. (Cambridge, anyone?) – Features Editor]

  91. ANDREW – Those plectrums lose their ordinariness once David has used them!

    That’s why I would love to have one, see!

    Don’t worry, Andrew. It’s a girl thing!


    Cori xxxx

  92. Cori – (on the subject of Plectrums, or should it be plectra? Anyway, whatever…)

    I remember reading an article a while back in which the lead singer of a tribute band had played in front of David and others. Afterwards, David asked to ‘have a go’ – and borrowed the guy’s plectrum.

    Anyway in playing, David shredded the plectum in question. (Such was the force of the strumming, picking, etc.).

    So, it might be that the plectums are useless after his use!

  93. Wanting a plectrum that David has used is not exclusively a girl thing. Its a David Gilmour fan thing, but not a girl thing …

    Oh and the O2 arena acoustics are very poor for music, so Justin Timberlake won’t mind but proper musicians probably would.

    Earls Court and Albert Hall are a lot better because they were designed to have good acoustics, the O2 arena wasn’t.

    [David, please cross it off your list. – Features Editor]

  94. FEd,

    I’m particularly fond of David’s finger picking at the end of High Hopes.

    Do you suppose there is any chance you could get some of David’s nail clippings? I would cherish them always! (And perhaps hope that some of his precious DNA might combine with mine;>))

    Forever grateful,
    Jerzy Mike

  95. Am I the only one that experienced some volume loss during David Gilmour’s solos ? It is the case during Time, On An Island and some other solos. Just like every ten seconds, someone put the volume down from 2-3 dbd…

    I watch it on my MacBookPro, as I am not at home, with my headphones, and I chose the stereo on the audio setting… It’s really weird.

    [Ok, I have dealt with it : Playing the DVD on my regular home player is ok, I don’t have these problems anymore. It must come from my Mac software… – Posted by: Frédéric]


    If you are using the DVD Player.app that comes standard with OSX, then you are experiencing the auto Dolby compression algorithm that is employed when any DVD is viewed.

    To turn this off, go to the DVD Player drop down menu, select Preferences, then select the Disc Setup icon in the window that pops up.

    Under the audio section (towards the bottom of the window) click on the box that says ‘Disable Dolby dynamic range compression’. You cannot be playing the DVD while selecting this option.

    This should take care of your Mac audio issue, Frédéric!

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