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Remember That Night DVD (2007)Thought you might like to know about AOL’s video exclusives. They have ‘The Blue’, ‘Coming Back To Life’, ‘Fat Old Sun’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Take A Breath’ available here for your viewing pleasure.

Also, be sure to check out their video archive for more goodies.

Two other points of interest:

First, David will be on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show on Monday between 2PM and 5PM (UK time).

If you’re in the UK, you can tune in at 88-91 FM, listen via DAB digital radio, digital satellite (Sky, channel 0102), digital cable (Virgin, channel 860 or 902, depending on whether you are an ex-NTL or ex-Telewest customer) and even Freeview (channel 702).

Everyone can listen online.

If you can’t listen live, then there is always the handy ‘Listen Again’ feature, which allows you to play the programme back as many times as you like for a period of seven days following the original broadcast.

David will also being doing an interview on ITV’s London Tonight on Monday, which starts at 6PM (UK).

Of course, I’ll remind you of these programmes on Monday.

There’s also some news about the varying European release dates for David’s ‘Remember That Night’ DVD on the Latest News page. Dates are also noted on the calendar for ease of reference.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

94 thoughts on “David at AOL”

  1. Went to the AOL site to see the clips and I could not 🙁 Said it wasn’t available in my area.

    Oh well. Just thought I would let you know Fed

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  2. Dont know if you’ve recognised FEd, but the delightful Sam Brown is playing in Pontardawe on Saturday night. Hell of a class act

    [I didn’t know. I saw Sam performing with her father last year. It was great. – Features Editor]

  3. Dear Fed Ed,

    Will you be taking questions for the NA viewing on Saturday?

    Martin from Montreal

    [We’ve already taken them, Martin. But, if you’d like to leave one, please do. – Features Editor]

  4. Seems that these AOL clips are not available for streaming in the US. Maybe there is a US AOL site that mirrors the UK site?

  5. Not even a sniff of a DG Strat!…….I bought a PRS CU24 in Edinburgh, Fed. TUT TUT


    [I know, I know. I’m disappointed, too. – Features Editor]

  6. They are not available in this godforsaken area of Europe, either….

    Well, patience is the mother of all virtues…

  7. Busy times for Gilmour music lovers, the good news keeps on flooding in. Keeping us on our toes, as you have previously mensioned?

    [these AOL clips are not available for streaming in the US], you are lucky, I did not even get to that part, here it says: “We’re sorry, content protected by Digital Rights Management is not available on the Macintosh”. I bet DG himself will nod his head when he does some browsing with his G5, and encounters this message.

    Boah, this little faits divers will not spoil my week, month, year…When was the DVD coming out again? Did I overlook something?

  8. It is not available in my area too…or at least in my pc too. Ops!

    Can you tell us if we need a particular program to make it work? Thank you!


    [If it says it’s not available in a specific area, then I don’t expect any program will make a difference. More on this when I get it, but US fans can click the link below for some of the content promised (but not all of it). – Features Editor]

  9. Fed, the link doesn’t seem to work for the archive.

    [It works for me. – Features Editor]

  10. MOJO ON Freeview 721 have a PF AND DG weekend starting this coming Friday, 14th until Sunday, 16th with an interview with DAVID on the Sunday.

    Love Cori xxx

    [There are a few good things coming up. We’ll have more for you soon. – Features Editor]

  11. Heya FEd! How’s the week going?

    Thanks for the videos….Unfortunately I dont think us Americans can watch them…Ohh well, we have something bigger and more exciting to look forward to next week. Thanks for posting that link though, I am sure we will find a way to view them eventually.

    For anyone going to the Premiere this Saturday enjoy it! I was supposed to go, but because of recent achievments at school my parents are treating me to two tickets to a giant guitar festival in the City.

    Just wanted to Pop in and say hello! Have a good rest of the week FEd!

    PS…I love the WireMan animation on the main page!

    [Thank you. Enjoy the guitar festival. – Features Editor]

  12. Wow!! This just keeps getting better & better!!

    Thank you David for all of the interviews!

    I’m very excited for Saturday; and can’t wait for the DVD on Tuesday!

    Thanks, FEd, for keeping us updated; it’s very much appreciated!!

    And don’t forget to vote DAILY everybody!! We’ve got to win this, as we ARE The best web-site!!
    (I guess I should say “DAVID’S” is the best web-site… but us Irregulars sure consider it to be
    “ours”!! 😀 )


  13. Hey FEd,

    Just a follow up. I checked the American AOL site, and “Shine On” works. I thought I should provide the link for those who are from the States and would like to view the video. Click my name below.

    [Thank you. (Don’t be alarmed if you get a pop-up saying that you can’t view this one in your area, either. It will not work for many of you.) – Features Editor]

  14. Finally saw the Q&A (without family interruptions).

    Nice to see/hear we were nicely represented with the questions!

  15. I had the same problem with AOL cannot be displayed in your area. My area is Canada. Oh well, perhaps help will arrive.

  16. As stated above, not available in my area. What a let down. Hope this can get rectified soon.

    Can’t wait until Saturday’s show.

    Regards, Marty

  17. Couldn’t recieve the stream as well. Must be a different electrical connection from U.K. to N.A. LOL.

  18. I couldn’t get the video either. AOL not available in your area, mine being Canada.

    [Maybe we should just forget about AOL, eh? – Features Editor]

  19. Wow so much info going around that its hard to remember what it was like to be ignorant (although there is a certain pleasure of not knowing everything). I shall be listening to Steve Wright on Monday though.

    Welcome back Simon E. Hope you’ll keep the communications lines open.

    Good luck Howard with your question. I’ll never forget you jumping with your hands going up and down on Thursday at Odeon.

    Re programmes on EBay. I am afraid I was too much of a coward to stop one person I saw collect 8 programmes. They even told me what they were doing and I didnt have the guts to say anything. I recognise my weakness but he was bigger than me and I needed my good health rather than principles. Sorry.

    The Imperial get together made the night for me and I feel we should do this every year regardless of David’s appearance. He should be the cataylst for well being which of course he is.

    Who mentioned “Plowden and Thompson” by the way? I forget and would like to know, it being an important glass link.

    Just counted autographs from you all and 30 mixed bag (loved the art Geoff!). If its true the more intelligent one is the poorer the writing then I know of one very clever bass player.

    This time last week was on train at Inverness for Kings Cross after driving 140 miles and seeing just 3 cars. Great journey. As someone said music can be very moving but public transport has its part to play.

    Ian Pearson

  20. Forgot to say that as I didnt want to turn up at Odeon last week with suitcases full of clothing, me being in area for a few days, I posted clothes 1st class to my Mum’s address in Croydon, South of London.

    Parcel arrived on 5th OK but as my Mum works at Charity shop she thought clothes from me were a donation to her shop.

    Not sure if this is an insult or a compliment to my fashion choices.

    Imagine if she had sold them, then what I was wearing on Thursday would have had to last me an extra 5 days. Phew!!!!

    Ian Pearson

  21. Morning FEd,

    Excellent news about the early release dates of RTN in Ireland. But, assuming because I ordered it online, I probably won’t get mine until next week. Eek!

    Oh well, at least I’ve the Ireland v Georgia match on Saturday to keep me entertained whilst the rest of the fortunate irregulars enjoy the Ritzy.

    Still sobbing by the way…it’s not going to stop.

    terah chuck

    [I feel for you, Brian. You’ve shed a lorra, lorra tears this week. – Features Editor]

  22. Thanks for the videos link!

    Still can’t get over how good “The Blue,” is.

    – James.

    [Thank God, someone has been able to see it. Bless you, James. – Features Editor]

  23. Hi Fed.

    David’s Remember That Night DVD leads the Amazon.de Music DVD Charts since yesterday!! I’m sure he will enter the german & austrian Charts on a high position!!

    And then I wanted to ask you: David gave Guy Pratt an Interview for Planet Rock and they aired it last Friday. Do you know if the Planet Rock Website has something like a LISTEN AGAIN feature?


    [They do, but you need to click LISTEN LIVE to find it. – Features Editor]

  24. I’m startin’ to drink now…I’ll finish on 16th.

    Have a great time everyone!

    By the way,clips don’t work here too,but tomorrow I’ll try to go buy my dvd;)


  25. Dear Fed Ed, it seems that AOL is providing this service for UK residents only.

    Does ROW s!cks?

    [I’m very sorry that it’s not available to all. – Features Editor]

  26. Well this really takes the cake.

    I called the cinema that was supposed to play the Gilmour concert and the lady who answered the phone said because of the problems with the sound system they will not be playing the concert there.

    That just wrecks everything for now. That makes me 0/4 when it comes to seeing Gilmour play. Now it makes me wonder what will be next.

    I just hope the BB King isn’t canceled.

    Take Care,

    [Thomas, the cinema is showing the film, as planned. There is no cancellation at the Lloyd cinema in Portland, Oregon. Is someone winding you up? – Features Editor]

  27. Just checked out ebay. Whoever was in seat 34 row E should be ashamed of themselves! Plus they had a hospitality pass.

    Probably some corporate n*b-end who didn’t pay for his ticket and thought he was going to see an audience with Sting.

  28. hi Fed,hi all

    Someone asked about the Planet Rock -listen again for the David Gilmour interview with Guy Pratt?

    They do have it if you click on LISTEN NOW,then on LISTEN AGAIN and click on Last 7 Days- Nicky Horne and David’s interview is the bottom option.

    Just thought I’d let you know,save you the trouble of digging around for it as we know you have enough to do.

    See you later Fed and take care.

    [Thanks, Melanie. If I don’t dig around for these things, and if you don’t tell me about their existence in the first place, then I sure as hell won’t know about them. – Features Editor]

  29. [David will be on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show on Monday between 2PM and 5PM (UK time).]

    I notice that Mark Radcliffe and Liza Tarbuck are hosting Steve’s Wright’s show this week. Do you happen to know if they’re hosting next Monday’s show too?

    Whilst Steve Wright is a good presenter, in the 25 years that I’ve heard him on the radio, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play a David Gilmour or Pink Floyd tune (with the possible exception of ABITWPt2).

    Mark Radcliffe is very knowledgeable about David’s music and, therefore, he would probably make it a more interesting interview than one conducted by Steve Wright.

    [No idea. – Features Editor]

  30. Videos play fine for me but then I am in the UK.
    I am using a Mac ronny! They are Quicktime but the AOL bods embed it in their own player interface.

    I don’t like AOL but they have done some great David Gilmour stuff over the years and their Live 8 video coverage was great.

    Don’t get me started on Steve Wright…

  31. CAPTION:

    To everyone’s bewildered satisfaction, David proved he was “not done with quite yet” with the release of his “Bird Calls” CD and 2009 World Tour….

  32. FEd,

    If it makes you feel any better, this is not the only music site that has issues. I heard yesterday that the site for the Led Zeppelin reunion charity concert came crashing down yesterday from the millions of fans trying to access it.



  33. Hi Fed,

    Thanks to Martinb I was able to watch the videos. Wow…Shine On was in(insert explicative)credible!

    I just wanted to wish my fellow US bloggers that are making the journey over the pond for this Saturday’s shin-dig in London a safe and fun trip. It goes without saying…I’m jealous 🙂


  34. [There are a few good things coming up. We’ll have more for you soon. – Features Editor]

    Dear Fed

    But when? What? I want it all. I want it now!

    You tease, Fed! LOL!

    PS: I can’t believe its a week already since we were at The Odeon. Can’t wait for Ritzy on Saturday.

    I printed out my pix in the end, couldn’t get URL to work on my stupid computer. So I’ll put them in an album and show everyone who’s at the Ritzy on Saturday.

    Have a gig tonight so I am off now to glorious downtown Daventry! I have a splitting headache which is so painful, it feels like someone is screwing a bolt in my head, so I don’t fancy tonight much. I can’t keep my flipping eye balls open.

    Have a good day, Fed. Hi to all da bloggers.

    I’m going to have a cup of tea and go to bed for a while.

    Cori xxxxx

  35. This might be a silly question but I’ll ask it anyway – is “London Tonight” a regional or national programme?

    [It’s a news programme for the London area. More details on Monday. – Features Editor]

  36. Dear Fed,

    Just to let you know our tickets arrived safely this morning. Thank you again for all your hard work.

    Really looking forward to the show and seeing everybody again in the Ritzy bar. Heartrate just going back to normal and shaking stopped!!!!

    Commiserations to Brian, Ralph and others who are unable to attend but we’ll do our best to describe the evening to you and will hopefully meet up again one day.

  37. Fed, do you think that we might get an announcement about the David Gilmour Signature Strat between now and the end of the day on the 18th? Originally it was going to coincide with the release of the DVD right? I’m just really anxious 🙂

    [I can tell you with complete confidence that there will be no announcement between now and the end of the day on the 18th… and no custom Strat for a while yet, sorry. More news on this when we can announce it. Apologies for the delay and obvious disappointment. – Features Editor]

  38. Yesterday 80,000 people a minute tried to log onto the Zeppelin website to register for the concert ticket lottery and there are only 20,000 seats available…

    Fed… wouldn’t you have fun with that if you were involved!

    It doesn’t bear thinking about :-O

    [Sounds like fun. – Features Editor]

  39. Caption Competition…

    During rehearsals DG’s attempts to gargle the intro to Shine On didn’t work out too well…

  40. Hi fed, well i’m off on my journey. My first time flying, i figured why not go all the way on my first one, so here i come london, all the way from down here in little north carolina.

    And did i say i was traveling alone part of the way! Yes a little scared but it’s all worth it. Seeing David and my blogger friends will be awesome.

    So thank you fed for all you have done to make this possible.

    Oh yeah, pray for me!

    [Have a good time and a safe trip. – Features Editor]

  41. Everyone going to UK for the show, have a Great time and be careful and get back home safe. Can’t wait to hear about your trips.

    Have a safe trip to all. Wish i could be there with you all!!!

  42. Dear Fed

    My head pain is still BAAAAAAAD even after my power nap. But Ian made me smile.

    Ian – your poor clothes. Well we can’t have you running around naked can we. Mind you…..

    See you in the Ritzy Bar on Saturday where I shall buy you a belated birthday Whiskey.

    Oh my head … Groan!

    Cori xxx

  43. WOW!! Led Zeppelin are reuniting!! Hummm.. LOL

    Am I treading on thin ice FED?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Only if you think I’m interested in hearing each and every development and will be reporting with regular updates. – Features Editor]

  44. [The Postman’s just been – you should have seen the look on his face when I kissed him! – lorraine]

    Now Lorraine’s milkman will be jealous….lol.



  45. [The Postman’s just been – you should have seen the look on his face when I kissed him! – Lorraine]

    I bet that was a sight to be seen, Lorraine. I’m glad you got your tickets. Hope you and your daughter have a wonderful time. Shame I won’t meet you this time around. I’m still green with envy though 😀

  46. Thanks Fed for the links…all I got to see was “Shine On” It was great….can’t wait till Tuesday to get the DVD. After School I am running to get it.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. First soccer match for me on Sat.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  47. BTW

    I did sign up for tickets for LZ. If I can’t see my 2nd fav band, might as well see the 3rd.

    Cheers, Howard

  48. So, El Magnifico will be firing the questions at Los Gilmoures at the Ritzy on Saturday… It could turn into an inquisition!!!

    Can we also expect duelling Banjos…

  49. Hi Fed

    It’s probably too late, but my 9 year old daughter would like to ask David “Is it exciting to play the guitar to lots of people?’. Her name is Hanna Tattersall and she often hears me fumbling the chords to Brain Damage and Wish You Were Here, and has seen David play these song on the Pulse DVD.

    If there is still time I can email you her photo and a sound file recorded on an ipod with a voice recorder.


    [Thank you, Hanna. If it’s chosen, your Dad will be e-mailed this afternoon. – Features Editor]

  50. [I didn’t know. I saw Sam performing with her father last year. It was great. – Features Editor]

    You should be a masseuse F*Ed because you really know how to rub it in…

    [Thank you. – Features Editor]

  51. FEd,

    Did Polly do any “snapping” last Thursday. If not, will she on Saturday?

    I would appreciate some more piccies in the Gallery… pretty please.

    [I don’t know, Ken. – Features Editor]

  52. I’m off! I’ve packed all the wrong clothes and shoes that pinch and itch cream instead of toothpaste but all is well!

    A thousand thanks to you, FEd. Couldn’t have done it without you. It’s a shame we won’t get to see you and shake your hand and give you a big smile.

    On to Londinium!


  53. Hello Fed,

    I have done many minutes of research, and I can honestly tell you it is pretty safe to say that the Blu-Ray version of “Remember That Night” will be released on October 30th 2007.

    So you will get 2 sales out of me for that one – the regular dvd with bonus disk from Best Buy on September 18th , and the Blu Ray version 6 weeks later!

    [Is that right? That’s not what I’ve been told, but it’s better than this silly rumour about the 3rd. You’re right about two sales, though. Sorry about that. – Features Editor]

  54. [So, El Magnifico will be firing the questions at Los Gilmoures at the Ritzy on Saturday… It could turn into an inquisition!!! – Ken F]

    Ahahahahahahaha….that’s a good one Ken…anyways, FEd, my mum was wondering if she could submit a question for “Los Gilmoures”…you still taking those in ??? Thanks!


    [Apparently, yes. – Features Editor]

  55. Howdy! I was able to watch the clip for Shine On (thanks to AxPxM88) and it was nice – but it didn’t include those 4 notes.

    I’ve been away from the blog for about a month now, and look at what I missed! Wow! What other blog would have an event this spectacular for its regulars? None, I say, none! You guys are the best!

    I know that I wouldn’t be able to get away to London, but I still feel a pang of regret that I can’t go(or is it jealousy?)

    Have fun everyone. Maybe I’ll see some of you up on the big screen. Please don’t ask David why he doesn’t play in Brazil, though. 😉

    By the way, I just picked up the 3 CD version of Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Spectacular sound and book-like packaging! I recommend it heartily.

  56. As I enjoyed very much reading Part 1 of the transcript of the Odeon Q&A, I was wondering when Part 2 would be available…

    And, the chatroom, definitely closed ?

    Yes, greedy, today…but your patience is legendary, here, isn’t it ?


    [Is it? – Features Editor]

  57. Hi FED,

    just read that PHIL MANZANERA will take place in the chair for the Q&A session on Saturday. What this means? David himself will not answer or will Phil him help for that?

    Just wondering…, hopefully DAVID IS on STAGE too and also a nice LIVE surprise will be happining on the Ritzy too!?!!

    I am dreaming…

    [Phil will ask the questions, David will answer them. – Features Editor]

  58. Hi FEd,

    A bit off subject…

    Hurricane Umberto ripped through here this morning from about 2am til about 4:30am. I, of course, sat up an watched it make its way through here. The power was out, for us, for 6 hours. There are lots of folks that still do not have power. I just now got internet access, cable and phone service back. We have some trees down in the barn yard and back pasture, and there is a nice size hole in the barn roof. We also lost a barrel of horse feed to the rain. But nothing life threatening.

    All in all we did quite well, didn’t we?


    [Not bad at all. – Features Editor]

  59. Melissa, Becky, Tracy to name a few, enjoy the show, it is guaranteed a night to remember.

    For those who are flying into Gatwick, you need to go to the South Terminal to pick up Gatwick Express to Victoria Station, where you can either pick up the tube or the bus to Brixton or Stockwell.

    Thanks to Ulli who provided us this information for our Odeon / UK visit.

    Hope this information is not too late for those who travel from US to the show.

  60. On Sept.18 or perhaps a little later the DVD of David’s recent concert will be available.

    Most sincerely my AOL problem is solved.

    Kirk W. – I use MEDDLE as a site stage name.

  61. Just discovered that the VH1 Classic channel will be airing 60 minutes of ‘Remember That Night’ footage on Saturday 9/15 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. U.S. EST. Should be a nice encore to the cinematic presentation earlier in the day!

    P.S. looks like there are several repeat airings as well…check your local listings, as they say.


  62. Real name: Martin Cloutier
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

    I will be attending at a cinema this Saturday!


    Did you ever find new meaning from songs you have written years ago following some personal events happening into your life, almost as if it had been written in advance of these events?

  63. Well, people, I will be there on Saturday, and tomorrow as a matter of fact. I am soo pumped up!

    But I really don’t know if we have a place to meet up on Saturday yet! Do we?

    FEd, anyone, e-mail me in the morning where the meet up is. I know you don’t wanna miss me!


  64. Ian, what a funny close call with a real clothing malfunction!! But I must commend your mum for her generous spirit.:-)

    El Magnifico as The Inquisitor:) This should be some kinda fun to watch/listen to. Hopefully they’ll each imbibe in a pint beforehand just to get them to the proper point of relaxation and joviality! Considering that most of the audience will have partaken of their share of pints, it seems the proper course of action. 🙂

    Renee, good luck coach … you are THE supermom indeed! I hope you and your kids all have a fantastic time.

    I hope to see a lot of smiling Irregular faces in the crowd Saturday. Nate, how are those name badges working out??

    Melissa and I were talking and I told her to make sure to get photos of everyone at the meet-up before the show. Then we had to wonder how that could be done since there will be no cameras allowed in the cinema. Maybe someone can come up with a workable situation … don’t know what that would take but I hope it can work out.

    A little bitter-sweet today … my sweet old dog Beast who had suffered a serious injury a few days after BarnFest was unable to recover. I’d like to think he’s now painlessly chasing after birds and grasshoppers with Daisy and Scout. And I miss them all terribly, but such is life.

    Peace and love to you all!

  65. *Caption*

    Even kryptonite can’t keep this “Super” Man down!

    two days to go and counting!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  66. Really looking forward to Sat. Phil sitting in should be great.

    Good Luck Irregs. on your journeys across the the pond. Who needs AOL when we’ll get the real deal Tuesday.

  67. As Ralph already said, you can hear and win all day (14th september) David’s DVD ‘Remember That Night’ on Belgian Classic 21 radio station (French speaking).

    Please, see the link by clicking my name.


  68. Ciao a tutti,

    so today is THE day – in Italy. I’ll run to buy MY dvd. And I will have my “psychedelic” experience tonight…..

    I am freakin’ out!!!!! ping, ping, ping….

  69. Good morning Fed,

    just looking forward to tomorrow evening, can you confirm we’ll collect our tics at the door, and do you know what time the Ritzy opens – just getting a little anxious,

    Tom B

    [You will collect your tickets at the door. Collection starts at 6.30PM. – Features Editor]


    Are you kidding, there’s no need, I have been looking forward to the release since you announced it.

    I hope all that go to the Ritzy enjoy the evening. I wish I was going, a second chance to meet the blog family & what promises to be a magical night. My autistic daughter is staying with us this weekend & although she does like Pink Floyd & David’s work & I did think about asking for tickets for all of us to go but on reflection it would be too much for her to cope with & I would not want to upset her or others evening just in case.

    I look forward to Monday evening to play the DVD.

  71. Don’t know if somebody else has already mentioned this:

    Bought the new Mojo yesterday, and they say they have on their Mojo-Radio, in connection with a Pink-Floyd-Weekend commencing today, 9.00 PM, a special “David Gilmour live” (whatever that means: concert? interview?); this will take place on Sunday 16th, 11.00 PM. It apparently can be listened to through their website.

    … and no, I’m not affiliated with this magazine …

    Now I’m rushing off like a rocket to the record store to buy “Remember that Night”, which luckily is already available here in Germany today!

    Surely you will be credited in the DVD booklet too, Fed, as was the case in the premiere-program, Fed, won’t you?

    [Yes, I am (much to my embarrassment). – Feature Editor]

  72. El Magnifico doing the Q&A with David! Damn it!

    And just when the tears started to dry up…

  73. Name: Vicki Carr

    I will be attending the Ottawa Coliseum along with my daughter Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Question: You are an incredibly talented man and a great inspiration for my daughter, as a parent and fan, how do you intend to pass along your legacy for future generations?

  74. [Did Polly do any “snapping” last Thursday. If not, will she on Saturday?]

    She did Ken, I saw the beautiful Polly snapping away pre gig outside the Odeon.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  75. Gabs, I’m so sorry about your loss… here’s a virtual hug from The Big Apple to The Evergreen State….

  76. Gabrielle – I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be without our cats. They are like members of our family.

    Penny – Glad to hear that you and your’s are well after Hurricane Umberto.

    It was nice to see the Q&A session from last week – and to finally put faces to some of the names I’ve seen on here – great questions and a great show.

    We’re being inundated with rain on this side of the pond…along with viral flu, colds and the works. What a mess !

    Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the Ritzy to those that are going.


  77. CAPTION:

    “Yes Guy I agree that paintroller 3000 is a great invention and the green really does stand out but tell me something, were you wearing one of Phil’s Roxy Music era platform shoes when you did it, for it’s listing a bit to the right old chum?”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  78. [I saw the beautiful Polly snapping away pre gig outside the Odeon. Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )]

    Thanks for that Geoff.

    Hopefully some will make it into the Gallery very soon…

  79. Hi Fed, who is Fed? Just wondering as I’m from Canada and don’t know much.

    What I do know is David Gilmour is fabulous from the clips I flicker with. Hope in the future there will be something in the works for a show in Canada?

    Instead of Shine On, I’ll have to Dream On. LOL.

    [That would be me: the person that gets to deal with David’s fans. – Features Editor]

  80. I wanted to say I am so envious of the lucky bloggers who are going to Brixton. I know they will have a lovely time. And I think it is amazing that this David Gilmour organization just keeps giving so much to everyone. He certainly manages to keep this site exciting.

    I see ‘Remember That Night’ this weekend. Can’t wait for my own copy.

    My best to you all. Have a wonderful weekend.


  81. [Yes, I am (much to my embarrassment). – Feature Editor]

    Will that credit be addressing you as “That Mangled Mango Man” or “That Rumbling Rum Rogue”? {wink}

    Whatever the credit will be, you’ve certainly proven yourself for that deserving all these many months…. your individual investment(s) into this blog module and other DG-related services has been way more than we will -unfortunately- ever truly realise.

    Having said that, don’t go growing TOO ‘ripe’ right now, Fedley!

    LG xoxo

    [Thank you. I’ll try not to. – Features Editor]

  82. Hullo FED and All !!!!!!

    12 nours and 48 minutes ’til showtime in Miami. Really psyched for this !

    Penny, I hope you guys do not endure any more hurricaines for the rest of the year.

    Gabby, my heart goes out to you. Sorry for your loss ! Prayers for happy thoughts and reminisces ! I know what it’s like too well.

    Will give details on tomorrow /today’s soiree. Taking a buddy of mine I took to see the Mermaid performance with me down in Miami Beach’s Lincoln Rd. Mall. Hoping there’s going to be decent turnout ! I’ll be checking in here tomorrow night.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing David and Company. I am bringing my friend Rick. It ought to be great. I know it will blow my expectations out of the water. Details pending…………..

    Cazart !

  83. David is perhaps the most fantastic artist to ever grace the planet with his presence.

    We can only hope that either as a solo artist or with Pink Floyd he will continue to produce heartfelt melodies.

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