Competition winners

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.The winners of yesterday’s 24-hour contest are as follows:

– Borders exclusive ‘Remember That Night’ DVD (with Abbey Road mini-poster): Lorraine (for Tantastic).

– Best Buy exclusive ‘Remember That Night’ DVD (with three-track AOL Sessions CD): Pete from Germany (for Powerful).

– ‘Remember That Night’ programme from the UK & Europe premiere, plus a choice of any other listed prize: Tom (for being the only person to opt for Sincere, hence the extra prize).

– ‘Backstage’ pass from UK & Europe premiere: Andrew McHarg (for Magical… and I’ll throw in a programme, too, as the pass alone looks a bit rubbish).

– Promo CD, as issued to radio stations: Jessica (for Personal).

A bonus prize also goes to Tom B, for introducing us all to the word Tantastic. Thanks for that, Tom.

Congratulations to all six of you. Please let me know where you want your prizes sent, and they will be winging their way to you next week.

By the way, voting for the BT Digital Music People’s Choice Awards ends on Sunday. If you wish to cast a vote for us in the Best Music Blog and/or Best Official Music Site categories, please do.

I know that some of you have been voting religiously since I first told you about these awards. Thank you, all, for your time and support.

That’s all for another week. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Yes, that annoying pink button will be gone by Monday…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

99 thoughts on “Competition winners”

  1. Caption:

    DG: “You’re not going to start playing chopsticks again are you?”

    (this continues from a previous caption)

  2. Congrats to all the winners!!

    …lucky sods. One word I failed to include was ‘aqualicious’! Meaning a water deliciousness…

  3. Congrats to the winners!!!!

    Happy Birthday ULLI! Hope it’s a good one!!!!

    ~Susan xoxo

    [Happy Birthday, Ulli. Enjoy your day. – Features Editor]

  4. So happy for you all, winners ! Enjoy your prize !

    At least I was right by thinking that ‘awesome’ was a trap ! On se console comme on peut !

    Have all a nice weekend !


  5. Bravo and many congratulations to the winners!

    Polly’s barn shots are very interesting and lovely and all of them let us really share the great atmosphere of intimacy during these sessions between the performers.

    Have a nice week end to all
    Bye / Ciao Elisabetta

  6. Congrats to all the winners.

    Have a great weekend everyone. See you at the chat on Tuesday.

    Love Cori xxx

  7. Well done to everyone who won. I think I misunderstood the rules a bit. How thick am I?! Duh… I won’t bore you with what I thought you had to list. That would be extremely embarrassing for me…

    I was just feeling sorry for myself… No Bluray yet… didn’t win the competition for the standard DVD… Torres left on the bench again tomorrow (Oh no… thats yet to come…)

    And then I thought hang on, I got selected to ask David a question at the premiere on the big screen. Things ain’t so bad.

  8. Once again, well done to the winners and to FEd for being so fair and generous.

    Congrats to all and don’t forget:

    17:00 on Saturday NASN – Anaheim vs. Los Angeles NHL Game. Repeated again at the same time/channel on Sunday. (I got this info from the Live Sports on TV UK site for you.)

    Thanks and enjoy the weekend.


    [Thanks, Andrew. Have a good one. – Features Editor]

  9. I just wrote a long post about how Lorraine should be banned from entering competitions 😉

    how cool it was that earlier today she gave my Dad & I a lift to the start of the West Highland Way (92 mile walk over the next 7 days), what a great site this was, the fab people you meet with a big thank you to FEd and then my mobile lost it all 🙁

  10. Congrats to all the winners! Enjoy your prizes.

    Jessica, you’ll have to let us know what tracks are on the promo cd… thats the most interesting prize offered I think.

    Have a great weekend all!

  11. Well done winners,

    personally I’m happy to have at least one on my list,

    Have a wonderful weekend FED and all,


    PS. keep voting

  12. I’d like to introduce the next adjective destined to be overused in the next few weeks…I give you,


    [Nah, that’ll never catch on. – Features Editor]

  13. ….and now Nate actually believes me that the West Highland Way starts at T*sco’s (well, nearly).

  14. Congrats to the winners. Wonderful words.

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Ulli.

    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Tag.


  15. Congrats to all the winners.

    Cant get back into chatroom now, whassup. Is there a lock in or something?

    Still learning how to use it, and was out of breath trying to keep up this afternoon.

    [Sorry. Doors closed at about 4PM (UK). I’ll add you to the list for next time. – Features Editor]

  16. Way to go you winners! 🙂

    That backstage pass would have fitted nicely into my DG Cinema collage… as Unlucky Alf would have said… Aww Bugger…

    And the DVD is awesome…. 🙂

  17. Congratulations winners!Enjoy your prize and keep it jealously!

    Happy birthday Ulli,have a great day…

    Have a nice weekend you all!

    Bye Fed


  18. Caption Competition…

    DG: How many times do I have to tell you! It’s a Galleon not a poxy Caravel…

    RW: Yeah? And I suppose next you’ll be telling me the old Astoria was a houseboat and not a barge!

  19. Fed…for the chatroom…merci beaucoup…

    Sylvie de montréal

    [Avec plaisir. – Features Editor]

  20. I don’t believe it. This is the first time I’ve won anything of significance. Thanks a bunch.

    [You’re welcome, Andrew. Thanks for playing. Keep an eye on that postman… – Features Editor]

  21. Congrads. to all the winners. i had computer problems but i got them solved, looks like a day too late but i guess better late then never.

    Hey Happy Birthday Ulli, hope you have a great one!

    Way to go Lorriane, im happy for your win.

    Have a Great Day

  22. It was a bit of fun. I’ll actually know what everybody has been talking about today (I hope) when the dvd comes out. All good stuff.


  23. Fed

    Would David really use a word like awesome?

    [I like to think not. Unless describing a nation’s military might, perhaps… – Features Editor]

  24. What for nice birthday greetings, thanx bunches Susan, Fed, Angelo, Andrew and all, and I hope you all have a great weekend too!

    Happy Birthday to Charlotte too, as she is having a birthday this day too!

    I cannot believe it, I´m awol for a few days, and then there is such a great competition going on, which I missed of course, but my congrats to the winners, and my envy too, lol.

    And congrats to David for his DVD being Number 1 of the DVD charts everywhere, what for great news, and well deserved!

    [Hope you had a nice day, Ulli. We’ll have another contest soon, with remarkably similar prizes, so keep your eyes peeled. Happy Birthday to Charlotte. – Features Editor]

  25. Congrats to you winners.

    I finally managed to see the entire DVD, and its quite the magnificent production. .

  26. Congratulations to the winners – those adjectives describe the DVD well.

    I also agree with Rudders and lots of others – it is awesome – like totally, dude! 😉

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  27. D.G Strat

    When is that competition, what you gotta do. I would do a lot of things to get one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    [If there is one, we’ll tell you all about it at the earliest opportunity. Honest. – Features Editor]


    Congrats to all the winners and thank you Tom B for coining the new word “TANTASTIC”; it’s definitely applicable to David Gilmour’s new DVD.

    Have a wonderful weekend all!

  29. Oh my!! When I saw the names in bold, I started racking my brains for what other bloggers go by Jessica… If I’m not mistaken, it’s actually me!

    Congratulations to Lorraine, Tom, Pete, Andrew and Tom B, too for guessing some good words… I have to admit that I hadn’t thought of tantastic. 🙂

    My address is […]

    Thanks FEd and David, for the great prize, I am THRILLED! Absotively posolutely THRILLED!

    [‘Tis you, Jessica. Hope you like your prize. – Features Editor]

  30. My very fond congratulations to the lucky winners, may you enjoy your prizes! – sadly I missed this because my computer didn’t work yesterday 🙂 Oh well, there’s another time to come!

    Have a nice weekend to you all 🙂

    [There’ll be a similar contest next week, Adam, so do feel free to give it a go. – Features Editor]

  31. caption-

    David- “Reee-chard,stop waving your arm like a child”

    Reee-chard- “but I only want to play with the button’s”

  32. congrats to the winners… i was hoping to win the pass… figured i would sit it beside my 2 dvd #2s of remember that night…

  33. Congratulations to the winners.

    Barn Girl, any chance of seeing that poster up in the barn ?

    Ulli’s birthday ? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ULLI !

    Have a nice weekend,

  34. I don’t know if this has been brought up before, but……what’s the deal with david’s strat on the dvd cover? dots, dots, dots…..even where they’re not supposed to be….fretboard looks strange….dots all over it…..

  35. Oh Fed. I’m sad. One of my cockateils died today.

    His name was Yellowhead cos he had one and was 10 years old. He got attacked by the ring-neck, Chico, and lost the fight! Poor old bugger!

    Love Cori xxx

    [Sorry to hear that, Cori. – Features Editor]

  36. congrats

    hey all and fed, I havent been here for awhile but what happened to that group who won the arnold layne competion? I think their name was rockfour or something?

    have a nice weekend

    [Beats me, but the link to the contest page is still active and might tell you more. – Features Editor]

  37. I hope everyone will have a great weekend and Ulli I hope you had a wonderful Birthday.

    Plus Fed I really have a good feeling that your team will win this time, So please enjoy.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Thank you, Thomas, I intend to. It was 4-0 to the Mighty Reds last season, so let’s hope for more of the same. Today is actually the 26th anniversary of the death of Bill Shankly, the man who made Liverpool great. What better tribute than to get back into second place and give the Arsenal a run for their money? You have a lovely weekend, too. – Features Editor]

  38. Hello Fed, Hello everyone,

    I’ve just returned from holiday and discovered there’s loads to catch up on. (I had a few quick looks at the site and loyally cast my vote whilst away).

    I haven’t seen the DVD yet. I can tell you’re all thinking, “how can you not have seen it yet????!!!”

    The Ritzy. Thank you Fed. We thoroughly enjoyed it. All you Bloggers I met, it was lovely to meet you 🙂

    Got to go unpack and put the washing machine on again.

    ash X

  39. FEDtastic – that`s the right word! 😉

    THANKS SO MUCH for choosing me to win this great DVD+CD-Set! LOVE IT!

    Please send this set to: […]

    FED, if my tickets for the RITZY not used that day and they are still in your hands, it will be great to get them for my collection. Maybe you can sent them with my package? I collect all that stuff…! 🙂

    Thanks again, have a nice weekend

    P.S. HAPPY BIRHTDAY to ULLI – have a nice day!

    [Congratulations, Pete. If those tickets are still around, we’ll include them. – Features Editor]

  40. Jaysus!!

    I was only joking about the DG Strat contest

    Sorry, Fed!

    [We did say, God knows how many months back, that we hoped to have one… – Features Editor]

  41. [Sorry. Doors closed at about 4PM (UK). I’ll add you to the list for next time. – Features Editor]

    Hmmmm, I see. Season ticket holders only.

    It said something about a room password. Sorry, but I did try bruteforce to get in. Wont happen again.

    Thanks FEd.

    [No problem, Alex. My apologies. Please check your e-mail for an explanation of our ‘lock-ins’. The next time we have one, you won’t have to do any huffing and puffing to get in. – Features Editor]

  42. Working on a Saturday, you must be worth a fortune, Fed.

    We just need a goal at the minute…..

    [Worth more dead than alive, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  43. Hey Fed

    I guess I must have missed the deadline, cause I didn’t see my post. With the time difference and all! Could be this new set up. We just got DSL, or high speed over the phone line.

    The dvd is great to watch over and over again. Love it.

    A strat contest that would be great!!!!!!!!!

    [Your post is there, timed at 2:19AM (UK) on Friday 28th. Your words: lustrous, lyrical, luscious, eloquent, substantial. Better luck next time. – Features Editor]

  44. I can’t stop watching disc 2. What a treat! Seems there was more wine pouring than bread breaking:)

    Thank you for including it, it’s very entertaining.

    Congratulations to the 6 winners.

    Happy Birthday to Ulli and Sweet Charlotte.

    Thank you for opening the chatroom, Fed. It was nice to have it full of great friends once again.

    Happy weekend.

  45. FINALLY!!! I take my DVD Remember that Night! 27 of september i was waiting the entire day in my house for the post office to finish with my agony only 17:35Hs with my DVD (import of course because in Brazil only 03/10!). One large smile on my face and of course the postman must have imagined that I am crazy but ok!

    Well really amazing…it was delayed but it was valid to wait, much valid!

    The package is suberb…the “menu” of DVD is extreme beautiful, i’ve not see anything same with this in other musical DVD’s, excellent work and idea!

    Musically…no words…fantastic, amazing…

    Is very good see Breathe and Time…On An Island and The Blue are incredible, great contribuitions of Crosby and Nash. Then I close my eyes too very beautiful, Robert Wyatt is genius too. Shine On, Fat old Sun, Coming Back To Life (good song for a concert), Wot’s…Uh The Deal. David Bowie and your participation very good. Is good to see Wright singing and playing too. And of course Echoes is fantastic…the smoke in the middle is very climatic!

    The documentaries are very, very good, thanks for legends! I love to see Waters and Gilmour speaking in the documentaries, in phone or in Bray studios…very nice. Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine is the better documentary, fantastic, I see 3x in 2 days…very good…Gdansk, Venice…various funny moments!

    And David is really genius with your voice and playing with your guitars the most incredibles musics in this planet.

    Thank you very much…I am very happy!!

  46. Congratulations to all winners! 🙂

    Oh and Happy Birthday to Ulli!

    And let’s see, what else…It was good to see everyone in the chatroom yesterday, and Michele: sad puppy eyes, and doing something bad with a chicken…;-)

    Hope Lorraine finally got to have a slice of toast, along with her new DVD! 🙂

    Hope everyone’s weekend goes well!


  47. A happy six-pack, what a great way to start the week-end.

    And being week-end and all, Damon & Devin have updated the Island loops with Take a Breath loops… Bingo!

  48. Just got Remember that Night. I think it is great- a very cool menu and settings.

    I saw David in Oakland and it brings back a lot of memories.

    2 questions- my dvd picture is slightly distorted at the top of the screen through out the whole show. Also, there is a great amount of limiting in the sound- it sounds super squashed when it goes from a quieter section to a loud part.

    I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

  49. I thought I’d drop in to say Happy Birthday to Ulli and Charlotte:-)

    Also, thanks to Emilio for popping out of the birthday cake for Ulli! I will be chuckling for days at the thought of you rolling around in frosting:-)

    I hope all you Aussies finally got your hands on the coveted Remember That Night dvd and are now enjoying every wonderful moment!!

    Now I am going to hit the hay and listen to the sweet sounds of David’s voice and guitar playing The Blue …

    Peace my friends!

  50. We have just survived a night in a Youth Hostel. There were youth… but they weren’t hostile 😉

    We have walked 25 miles so far and have 13 to do today, mostly up the eastern edge of Loch Lomand.

    The people of Burma are very much in my thoughts at the moment. Anyone wanting a background to their situation should seek out the film ‘Beyond Rangoon’.

    I hope that their ‘Great Day for Freedom’ comes soon.

    [Absolutely. – Features Editor]

  51. Just to tell everyone that David Gilmour features, along with others, in this weeks Sunday Observer in a typically admirable and worthwhile way; answering questions on Global Warming etc

    Sorry if anyone has already mentioned this but I thought it might be of interest as it portrays the equally important but modestly played down side of David. 🙂

    [Thank you, Nick. It’ll be in the Press section soon, hopefully. – Features Editor]

  52. Re this Sunday’s Observer

    As already mentioned David’s comments on demoracy, especially loved his answer to “What would make you start a revolution?” Answer: “I am currently involved in a breeding programme for revolutionaries – it’s a job for the young.”

    So now we know what he’s up to.

    Ian Pearson

  53. I was at the Odeon on Leicester Square in London on September 6, three weeks ago, where I got a chance to meet Mr. Gilmour in person. I told him thank you for the music.

    It was an honor to meet you, Mr. Gilmour, I wish you the best of luck and I admire you for what you do for charity.

    I have seen the dvd and I absolutely love it. Would love to have this music on cd, too.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  54. ‘Something bad with a chicken’, Kim ? Oh! shhhhhh … Do you want me to be banned from the chatroom ?

    Hmm… Lovely Mascot surely misunderstood my French !


  55. Cant wait to hear David’s thoughts on global warming.

    *Green Tip*; Try to reduce or even eleminate your “bottled” soda and juice consumption. Use your own reusable container instead, that will help reduce the plastic production and plastic waste. Make yourself some ice tea instead, here in Arizona it is easy to make a batch of sun tea everyday…C02 free. To add to that use honey instead of sugar, there are medicinal properties to honey, the ancient Egyptians used honey to fight off infections, and it tastes great.

  56. Hi Fed,

    how was your weekend?

    Isn’t really there a poster of David available for my room here in Spain?I can’t find one out!That would be really great…

    Let me know if you win the prize of best music blog!

    See you soon

    [I had a so-so weekend, Piero. How about you? – Features Editor]

  57. There is a sunbed/tanning salon near where I live called ‘Tan-fast-ique’ which I have always admired (the name that is, not the shop).


  58. Listening to PF tracks evokes many deep rooted memories in me; I get really emotional, especially since I have some massively important events going on in my life right now, one being my hospitalization on Thursday for the removal of the lump on my head. The op has come around too fast.

    And that’s why we should never procrastinate and put things off till tomorrow cos we’ll never know where we find ourselves once tomorrow has arrived.

    Love Cori xxx

    [All the best for Thursday, Cori. – Features Editor]

  59. hi fet ed . sorry for not being here over the last 10 days or so . i was in england for a week then when i came home my e-mails were fruitful and mutiplied both for work and personal ones . i am playing a game of catch up !

    i was in cambridge to see fish . no not the aquatic animal . he is a singer i really like .

    when i mentioned pink floyd to a taxi driver taking me from the station to my hotel he told me syd barrett lived on the road we were driving on . now whether thats true or not i can’t say, as i never knew the name of the road, but it was good to hear someone knew what i was on about .

    i saw the following written on this blog a few posts ago :

    “The people of Burma are very much in my thoughts at the moment. Anyone wanting a background to their situation should seek out the film ‘Beyond Rangoon’. I hope that their ‘Great Day for Freedom’ comes soon.”

    let me tell you so do i . i saw the reports as my hotel had sky news on in the bar where you would eat breakfast . it is so sad . no unarmed person should ever be shot dead . lets hope no more blood will be spilt .


  60. [So now we know what he’s up to. – Ian Pearson]

    Well, someone’s gotta do it! Can we expect the next Les Mis!

    Cori xxxxx

  61. to charlotte: happy birthday for friday.

    to cori: best wishes for thursday.

    to fed: i had a so-so weekend, too. did yours have anything to do with the rugby world cup?

    [Maybe. – Features Editor]

  62. Take care of yourself, Cori, all my thoughts will come with you on Thursday.


  63. Wow I am so happy to get picked for this!!!

    My family had a birthday party for me this past weekend where we all sat down and watched the dvd with everyone spellbound, it was a great moment!!!!

    My address is […]. Could I have a copy of the promo cd as my other prize?

    What a great way to start my work week!!!!

    Thank you once more

    [You sure can, Tom. Congratulations (and Happy Birthday for the weekend). – Features Editor]

  64. Dear Fed and Michele.

    Thank you for your words. I’m gonna pop in the chat 2moro so c u then. LOVE CORI XXX

  65. Fed, here in Spain everything’s ok,I had a great weekend,lots of students from all around the world here in Salamanca,it’s a fantastic thing.You have the chance to meet lots of people with other cultures and I think in the end of this experience the horizons of my mind will be widely opened.

    Thank you very much mate and good luck for tomorrow night,all my friends here and I hope you win,absolutely deserved.


  66. Unfortunately Stephen, the methods used to produce commercial quantities of tea are greatly damaging to the environment/ecology. And that’s not mentioning the fact that the producers of tea are grossly exploited; getting a mere fraction of the teas commercial value. Most of the producers are living on a dollar a day — if that — for all their back breaking toil. There is a little bit of slave in every cup. Same applies to coffee, sugar etc.

    Honey has some external antibacterial qualities and is/was used as a topical treatment. Not sure about the greater internal value — other than the energy the sugar provides. These days many apiculturists – beekeepers – are experiencing a phenomena known as CCD (Colony Collapsing Disorder). Entire colony’s of bees are dying because of internal organ abnormalities, higher ratios of male to female, pathogenic organisms etc. It is believed that environmental factors – chemical contaminants – are the root of the cause, but of course this is disputed by the chemical industry — no surprises there. Enjoy the honey while you can.

    I agree that people should halt their consumption of any bottled product. But, it will all remain just a dream as long as we are ruled by the ruling/power/corporation class. Advertising budgets neutralise rational thought.

    The balance that natural has reached has been shifted by man and there is nothing that man can do to restore that balance; it’s arrogant and foolish – at best – to think we can, but that’s the human race for you. No meaningful reduction thus far…the cycle continues.

    Best Wishes,
    Hysteron proteron

  67. Hi FEd,

    I had some bad news over the weekend, my thoughts have been else where.

    But this certainly is a great treat indeed. Tantastic in fact!


    Can’t wait to see the mystery prize…

    Thanks for everything,

    Tom B

    [We hope it can cheer you up a bit, Tom. – Features Editor]

  68. [Enjoy the honey while you can. – Posted by: Hysteron Proteron]

    Not to mention a slew of pollinated food products. I forget what percentage these products make up in the typical human diet but it’s a lot. I read recently that a virus was identified as one of several culprits in CCD (in addition to the chemicals). I also read about a link between plastics (in beverage bottles) and cancer.

    I’m considering getting a colon exam before 40. Better to be safe than sorry… Well, less sorry than I already feel anyway….

  69. Way to go “Winners” . Dog gone it, I am so jealous! Such great prizes.

    I had a special find at a yard sale this weekend, a like new Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Record album for $1.00. This is the first time I have found one at a yard sale. $1.00, what a find!

    If I remember right you have a Birthday coming up soon also, don’t you Fed? I hope you have the gift of winning the Best Music Blog and that you are going to make some special plans for yourself!
    Without Birthdays where would we be? Have a blessed one Fed!

    Good Luck Cori on Thursday, I’ll remember you on this day.

    [Thanks very much, Barbara. – Features Editor]

  70. TY all so much for your nice birthday wishes, how kind of you, I appreciate that a lot!

    Fed, one question regarding the Ritzy event, won´t there be any video online from the Q & A like there had been from the Odeon? I would love to watch it so much!

    Congrats again to David for being No 1, and I´m crossing my fingers for the winning the awards for Best Music Blog and Best Official Music Site.

    [Yes, there will be video from The Ritzy. When, I don’t know. – Features Editor]

  71. Dear F.Ed.

    I hope you win the Awards for both the Blog and Site: you deserve, Mr.Gilmour deserves, all the team deserve.

    I’ve finally received my DVD copy last friday and in my leisure in the weekend i’ve enjoyed the disc nr.1 : I confess you that as usually I’ve cried a little.It’s really a masterpiece!

    Bye Elisabetta

    [Thank you, Elisabetta. It seems that we can only win the award for Best Music Blog now (not sure why that is), but let’s see. – Features Editor]

  72. I really love the guitar work David Gilmour did on Arthur C Clarke’s Fractals, The Colour Of Infinity film….

    Good stuff, just watched it!

  73. Guys, guys, guys!!

    I see we are shortlisted for the blog but not the site itself!! I personaly am disappointed with this as I tried to keep reminding people that there were 2 categories we could vote for. Maybe people did vote for both but we just got out-voted, not too sure.

    But I’ve a sneaky suspicion that this opportunity may have been missed. Not to worry though, getting shortlisted in the blog category is a feat in itself and one which merits praise without even winning the category (but hopefully we will!) I’ve won a few of these myself and they are displayed with great pride.

    But I think I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate FEd AND his team, as these sites are team efforts. We often get to tell FEd how much we appreciate his dedication but we rarely pass these compliments to the rest of his amigos!

    So dudes, well flippin done from all the illregulars! I think you guys have supplied us with many life lasting memories this past 18 months or so. Much appreciated.

  74. FEd,

    I have to express my dissatisfaction, or perhaps dissapointment, with what appears to me to be a lack of editing with regard to the rules around here.

    It has been quite clear in the past that self promotion of any kind would not be tolerated here, either on the blog or in the chat room. Without bearing examples, I could find a number of such postings on the blog of late.

    I can say that there are some of us in the long time blogging community who have been very sensitive to this policy and take care in respecting the integrity of the artist whom this site is dedicated. While I am perfectly aware that you are cognizant that there is sharing of such information on other electronic forums and formats it has been strictly taboo on

    Why does it appear to me that this former intolerance has ebbed somewhat? Is this to be considered a reduction in standards, or perhaps the introduction of double standards?

    Quite perplexed,

    [Sorry? What was that? I’ll take your point, if it’s about people saying that they’re in a band and have a gig coming up, (although these posts are always edited so that names and dates are not revealed), but not without noting that some of you “in the long time blogging community” have done very well out of this blog and have been prone to demonstrate numerous examples of hypocrisy. I’d advise you to remember that the next time you wish to tell me how to do my job. – Features Editor]

  75. Angelo, you’re a diligent student; you, in fact, are top of the class. PET – polyethylene terephthalate – is made using a catalyst of antimony, so toxicity is inevitable. Temperature – heat -seems to be the main factor in the levels of antimony found in PET bottled products; heat accelerates the amount of antimony being released into you beverage etc. No long term studies into the bio toxicity of antimony, but it’s Definitely not good for your health. Stay away from those PET bottled products that have been exposed to heat from the sun etc. I personally stay away from anything contained in PET.

    Did you know that 90+% of all the pharmaceutical we consume are excreted and end up in our water – in all it’s forms. Many of these “new” compounds are undetectable in all but the most sophisticated laboratories – and even then…

    Best Wishes,
    Hysteron Proteron

  76. I remember a time back in the early 1970s when everything liquid was packaged in either glass bottles or cans (except for milk and OJ which was in cartons). Then the plastic revolution came and we were introduced to the 2 liter bottle. The benefits of plastic bottling was not just that the bottles didn’t break when dropped, it was also lighter to transport. So in theory you can argue that you used less gasoline or that you transported more for the same as before.

    In fact today I understand that there are certain restaurants in New York City that have decided to stop selling bottled mineral water that is imported from Europe. This is their way of trying to do their part in limited the transport of these heavy glass cases.

    I guess it just seems like you can’t win. Plastic bottles bad for the environment. Glass bottles bad for the environment.

    Doesn’t mean that we all shouldn’t try to do our part. Maybe we should bring back log cabin communities and barter for a living. Life seemed so much simpler then but how much would we be willing to give up?



  77. 24-hour contest quote: 10/03/07

    DG: “Love, love me do….you know, I love you….”

    [Sorry, John. Wrong place and too late, but you got a chuckle out of me. – Features Editor]

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