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August 11 & 12, 2006: Venice, Italy.David’s live DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, released this week (on Saturday in Australia; New Zealand and South Africa on Monday), is carbon neutral. That is to say, carbon neutral from the production process, right down to how it is distributed.

This means that attempts will have been made to restore the natural carbon dioxide balance in the atmosphere by using environmentally-friendly manufacturing, minimising carbon emissions and offsetting any ‘unavoidable’ residue.

As many of you will have seen by now, the DVD is packaged in card, with only one plastic tray used to carry the discs.

In David’s attempts to cut back on the use of plastics, he has broken with industry tradition with both the Blu-ray and the HD-DVD packaging, by being the first not to use the standard, all-plastic Amaray box. Card and paper versions have been used instead.

In conjunction with Future Forests, the founding agency behind CarbonNeutral, and now The Carbon Neutral Company, this is an ecological initiative designed to combat global warming.

They measure and reduce excessive carbon dioxide in the environment, compensating for the amount of CO2 produced through ‘unavoidable emissions’, such as driving, flying, manufacture and electrical production. They are also involved through forestry sponsorship and ‘technology switch’ projects.

In short, the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the manufacture of the DVD is neutralised through re-forestation and the implementation of energy saving technologies.

All the carbon dioxide created from producing, and distributing, the DVD will be replaced by oxygen from newly-planted trees.

‘On an Island’ was also carbon neutral – the first CD released by Columbia Records to be manufactured under environmentally-responsible CarbonNeutral guidelines, in fact.

David was also insistent that ‘Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd’ be carbon neutral, helping to create new forests in India, Mexico, Scotland and the USA.

Just as it’s very easy – if not somewhat fashionable right now – to be blasé about the issue of global warming, it would be just as easy to overlook how crucial it is that musicians, such as David, consider more sensible, ecologically-sound ways of presenting and distributing their art.

A standard CD’s jewel case contains an awful lot of plastic, hence the album’s cardboard case and lack of the traditional spindle hub to engage the disc. Environmentally-friendly inks were also used throughout, and the package was finished with a water-based lacquer.

Cardboard also weighs a lot less than plastic: a typical plastic case, with insert, weighs about 80g without the CD, whereas a typical cardboard wallet weighs just 25g (minus disc).

Cynics may scoff that this will not change the world overnight and, indeed, it is very difficult to offset the plastic used in the manufacturing of CDs and DVDs, hence the additional financial donations made by David and his record companies to help offset their emissions.

However, with current levels of greenhouse gases higher than at any time in the past 650,000 years, and eminent scientists agreeing that something clearly has to be done to try and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we are all putting into the atmosphere, this is certainly something.

Just thought you might like to know, as I certainly consider it amongst The Important Stuff.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. We really appreciate David’s effort with this.

    All artists should publish using cardboard and minimal plastic. Most CD duplication companies offer the carboard+plastic-tray option at the same price of the jewel case, so why not doing it?

    Who likes jewel cases here???

  2. Truly commendable that there are folks around who care enough about the world to want to help to take care of it and do something constructive about it.

    As to global warming, well, seems to me the world could just as easily be coming out of an unnaturally cold spell and be warming up to where it should be.

    As to being fashionable, I was still wearing bell bottoms 10 years after they went out of fashion.

    Hmmm, I wonder if I still have a pair of Y Fronts kicking around anywhere?

  3. A few years ago my attitude was “so what, nothing i do will change anything.” slowly my views and actions have changed making me more aware that even small actions like turning the TV off & not leaving it on standby over night. my stepson announced we should be doing this, so now we do (although sometimes it does not seem to apply to his playstation when he goes out…teenagers!!).

    As a family we recycle as much as we can, to begin with it was a pain having to sort out “rubbish” for refuse collection but now it’s second nature & my first compost heap has now become lovely rich compost & not smelly vegetable peelings & grass cuttings, i do have a petrol mower though 🙁

    Yes, it may be fasionable now to become “green” but isn’t that the whole idea? Good for anyone who brings ecology issues to the fore

    By the way did anyone see the channel4 series “dumped” where half a dozen people had to fend for themselves for by scavenging on a local tip.

    Now that was a fly on the wall documentary.

  4. Morning all,

    That’s a great insight into the efforts made by David and Co. in doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions.

    I would say that if you are instore buying David’s DVD or any of his back catalogue, you should also pick up Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I’m sure a lot of you have seen it already. But it’s an invaluable insight into this global problem and quite shocking also – Bush fans may want to avoid.

    Also, the pic at the top brings back some memories. Me, soaked under the Venitian sky, wearing about 5 multi coloured rain macs at once. Very dashing indeed!

    Keep voting people. Only a few days left to get them in!!

  5. We are all trying to follow our Carbon footprints. Maybe one day I will catch up with mine.

    Shine on.

    Cori xxxxx

  6. Wow, thanks for explaining carbon footprint bit FEd. Explains a lot and we must all do our little bit.

    Sometimes just switching off helps, if you know what I mean.

    Ian Pearson

  7. That’s pretty cool how David cares so much!

    A quick question about the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray versions. Are they both going to be 1080p? and what will the sound be, Dolby Digital plus? Maybe even DTS HD?

    If you don’t know nevermind I’m just really looking forward to seeing it in HD! Awesome!

    [Sorry, but I can’t say anything about them until the details are definitive. – Features Editor]

  8. Oh sorry FEd,

    Forgot to say. Posty arrived, no DVD or T-shirt yet.

    But my sanity has been saved by a set of Tim Burton Corpse Bride movie replica dolls I got from my wife for my birthday!! I know, I’m a big kid but hey, it keeps me off the streets!

    Happy Thursday everyone!

    [Still waiting? I hope the T-shirt is worth it. – Features Editor]

  9. Happy Thursday,

    As a matter of interest, would you know if ‘On An Island’ is still the only carbon neutral CD released by Columbia.

    I was wondering if Davids lead on this (no pun intended) has been followed by others.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Pass. I hope not. – Features Editor]

  10. DAMN! Now that’s going the extra mile. I’m curious to know what some of you think about the thought I’m entertaining…

    Some of us have paid a really cheap price for this DVD ($12 U.S.). Maybe the falling value of the dollar or something? I don’t know. Considering what normally goes into the production of something like this then considering that it’s carbon neutral, I can’t imagine the profit margin is very big at all.

    Whatever the case is, how about making a donation of say $10-$15 (the difference for what we could have paid) to an organization dealing with global climate change?

    Flame me if you will, but why not take advantage of our new dvd euphoria and, if you paid the cheap price, pay a little more….

    DISCLAIMER: the preceding has not been paid for by a global climate change group or is meant as a suck-up to the powers that be.

  11. Hello FEd,

    Belgian newspaper “De Standaard” is running a competition until today at midnight to win a copy of the DVD (click my name).

    The questions are

    – Which band does not have one of its members playing on Remember That Night ?

    Choose between Roxy Music, Floyd and Queen

    – How many people will enter the competition ?

    Best regards,

  12. I sat down with Andy last night to watch RTN on DVD for the first time on his large plasma and within minutes of “Breathe/Time/Breathe” I said to him, “this is going to be one of those concerts that people will be saying ‘I wish I was there’ in X years time”.

    Of course I’m hugely biased but what an incredible showcase of David’s ability. For me he is the greatest guitarist on the planet today (although it is a close run thing with Mr Page) and there aren’t many (sane) people who would argue it with me – but for me David’s voice just stood out further than it has done before. Not just the range or the accuracy in pitch but the range from high and soft to low and raw… it just really grabbed me, and it isn’t often that vocals eclipse guitar work for me – especially David’s.

    I’m also happy to report that I didn’t see a single digital pixel…not that I’m a serious quality snob or anything, but any pixellation/noise effects that I saw on the big screens were entirely gone from the DVD. The quality of sound and picture was fantastic and now I really want to see it on a decent BluRay and 5.1 setup. The pixellation on the big screen must have been down to the projection rather than display on a plasma/LCD.

    I’ve still got all of Disc 2 to watch later on and am really looking forward to the documentaries (as well as “Wots” of course!).

    Also, well done to David and management for the bold carbon neutral statement. Personally I’d be happy to buy/download a digital non-packaged version altogether in the future. I think I’ve said this before, but the packaging is nice but it’s the content that is important imho. If it means getting music without unnecessary global impact I’m totally fine with that.


    p.s. I love the sound of gutted Chelsea fans. Does that make me a bad person? 😉

    [There’s nothing wrong with a bit of Schadenfreude… I hope. – Features Editor]

  13. Hey FED,

    Fully agree with David’s efforts to reduce emissions. I do however have one small quibble with the CD packaging for OAI.

    The centre spindle which holds the CD in place wore out very quickly so now I have to store it in a plastic CD case. I don’t have the DVD yet. Does it have the same spongy centre spindle?

    Cheers, Howard

    [No, there is one plastic tray on the right and the two discs overlap. – Features Editor]

  14. [I’m a big kid but hey, it keeps me off the streets!]

    Streets?????? In Kildare????? ha ha

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  15. I haven’t watched the entire DVD yet (for shame!) but the first disc freezes up repeatedly during SOYCD. So far it hasn’t happened on any other track.


    PS–I’ve been remiss in not posting more about “that night” at the Ritzy. If I haven’t mentioned it, it was so marvellous to meet Nate, Lorraine, Nickster, Simon, Ash, Tim, Neil, Melanie, Adrian…who else? Crikey! My apologies if I’ve missed someone.

  16. Great to see DG leading the charge on environmental issues of music medium production.

    Especially in a week where I read an article in the Telegraph about Sting’s environment-saving hypocrisy. Apparently, his carbon footprint is the size of a small country, or something like that – with all the private jets, butlers and housemaids he employs and energy use for this 800 acre estate and mansion.

    I don’t doubt that prior to these days of environmental awareness, David and others enjoyed the extravagant lifestyle with all the environment-damaging consequences that brings. But it’s great to see that it’s firmly on his agenda now. Hats off to him.

    I suppose all we need to do is make sure we don’t buy any Chinese imports (yes, I know we’d end up paying more for everything), and hop on our bikes instead of the car, etc.

  17. Hi FEd,

    I think it is fabulous that David, Polly and all who are associated with David Gilmour are “doing their bit” to help the environment. I think it is an honourable deed. Perhaps if many people follow David’s example “the ending will NOT come from out of the blue”.

    It is so good to see people putting their money where the mouth is for a change as so many people who hark on about saving the planet seem rather hypocritical. I’m no saint myself, but I do try.


    Best regards.


  18. could really do with someone of Mr Gilmour’s clout
    getting behind a policy of self generated electricty

    solar panels, small wind turbines
    no carbon footprint
    the electricity network is still needed, so the companies that foot the bill for this project can sell the excess back to the grid, nice profit

    it can be used for businesses that are in no position to generate their own
    no need for nuclear power then also

    also that all public transport vehicles that uses diesel have to convert to bio diesel
    if they dont they dont get the public service licences- money is money, they’ll change

    have a good weekend peeps!

  19. ……Oh that picture: Yes!!!That was “my night” under the rain in Venice-St.Marco Square

    I really remember that night every day with deep feelings.Thank you once again,Mr.Gilmour and the Band.

    I can’t wait for my DVD – copy.

    Ciao a tutti/bye Elisabetta

  20. nickster:

    “but any pixellation/noise effects that I saw on the big screens were entirely gone from the DVD”

    Are you joking? I have a 50″ plasma with a very expensive quality DVD player hooked up via HDMI and the DVD has a LOT of noise and pixelation, especially in the darker color tones, like when there is low lighting on the stage. And yes my TV is properly calibrated, done by a specialist with expansive hardware 🙂

    I can’t wait for the HD DVD release to see real quality on my HDTV, the shots and direction of this concert DVD is great.

  21. Well I finally made it to my local Best Buy yesterday and picked up the last copy that they had (good thing I went at lunch time)!

    So far between helping with the kids homework, etc I haven’t watched more than the first few tracks…but all I can say is “Wow” it looks and sounds amazing on the the HD TV with surround sound 🙂

    I can’t wait to be able to sit down and watch all of it…although, I must say I don’t mind watching it little by little because each day I have something to look forward to.

    I love the idea of the carbon neutral packaging – everything adds up in the end. A fine example of what can be done – Three cheers to David!!!

    Going on a weekend trip to take the family (well the kids) to see that little blue British tank engine named Thomas 🙂 …we’ll be spending the next 3 nights sleeping in a renovated caboose…and I’ll be watching the DVD on the little portable DVD – LOL

    Cheers – keep up the fantastic work Fed!

  22. Thanks Ralph and FEd for the link!!!! Fingers crossed…

    [Here’s another one, if anyone wants to enter a competition to win a North American version, courtesy of… and lives in Montréal. Click GianLuca’s name below. You will need to go along to the office to collect your prize, so probably not a good idea to enter if you live hundreds of miles away. – Features Editor]

  23. It’s a great work,well done David and all the staff.

    Sorry I can’t say more.Little standby.Shocked by lasers one more time.

    When I was at Florence I returned alive after a month.Hope it goes better.I’ll have my personal review and share with you all,with guitarists too;)


  24. This DVD, sigh.

    Would you believe that I have been watching this empty comment field for the last couple of days, without being able to write anything that makes sense.

    It’s simply too much and too good. I can barely handle it and experience absence of mind and empty staring and love every minute of it. And seem to have missed the chance to post this at the appropriate place.

  25. Thanks very much, Fedley and DG & Co., for sharing this educational and (very) inspiring article. This really moves me to share my response (hope you don’t mind; please forebear the length)….

    SA (a fellow blogger) and I have been educating ourselves over the years to take one step at a time to live an increasingly ‘green’ lifestyle: from diet habits to household cleansers to cosmetics/hygiene products to smarter habits regarding transportation, home energy, and landscaping/gardening. This summer, especially, has proven a dynamic benchmark for us.

    It can take time and money to re-adjust a lifestyle. SA and I live in a rather modest income bracket, but this kind of education has been a powerful tool to motivate us to actually change a thing for healthier living, no matter how simple or complex the thing to be changed. Do what you can right where you’re at in your life as a self-interested resident of this planet, granting that what you do as one individual automatically DOES effect the environment on local and global levels.

    Where some areas of our daily living take that extra bit of funding, others save us considerably. All in all, the information we learn (‘how does this particular thing effect/help my environment?’) makes self-educating worth it all around and certainly uplifts our conscience to strive onward and upward, especially once we see ourselves actually caring-in-action.

    To be continued…

  26. Aside from the action that DG took in making this decision, it is nice to see a thorough explanation of what all this means. Many hear the words Carbon Neutral and Carbon Footprint, etc., but really don’t know the definitions. Great job.

    And now my peeve for a minute….I live in the NY Metropolitan area, I work in NYC. Every day I walk these streets in NY and I just get bothered by all the garbage in streets.

    In the daily evening walks I see piles and piles of garbage at the curbs including everything from stacks and stacks of cardboard, newspapers, cans, bottles, paper, etc. It is clear there are no recycling laws in the city or at least they are not being enforced. Sure there are homeless people digging through the bags to find those 5 cent bottles/cans they can turn in.

    I realize it would be a huge undertaking but it just sometimes feels that all the efforts I take at home are negated by what I see in the city. Trust me, doesn’t mean I’ll stop, it is just frustrating to see.



  27. [In scale from 1 to 10, I would say 9.9, the missing digit is for Nick Mason. What is the reason for not including Mason’s performance?]

    I would venture that Nick did not want his performance to be included because it could be construed as a PF semi reunion. Nick realized that this was David’s time to shine as his own man and thus wanted the performance cut.

    Just my 2 cents(pence) worth

    Cheers, Howard

  28. Hello FED and fellow bloggers:

    The whole concept of the on an island cd from the very beginning and to the packaging has been a much well thought out plan that is impeccable. From the environmentally safe cd and materials to the music, presentation and endless time and creative energies put forth by everyone from of course David & Polly to all the wonderful artists to the photos and this website.

    Don’t think for one minute that fans like me of both David & Polly have not stopped to notice. It shows all the more that the wonderful people involoved in this whole process are talented beyond my word base but also environmental friendly and doing something about it.

    By the way I missed the posting, but i did get my dvd and the “party” is on this Friday, on an island in Grand Island NY and i must say the dvd is a ‘knock out’. I literally had to take a few “deep breaths” because even thoough i thought i knew what would be coming it came ‘out of the blue’ but i have a ‘smile’ from ear to ear. As I walk along the shoreline getting ready for my Remember that Night party of mine, i picked a ‘pocketful full of stones’ and dreamt that night as i was “Lying in bed” (Polly novel) which i read over and over.

    Dear FED thank you for all the time and endless amount of energies that you have put into this site. It is not only classy but fun and when you say something it is true and honest. Thank you and Polly for the photos.

    Thank everyone again for making this site available to MR. GILMOUR’S FANS AND A MEANS TO SPEAK WITH OTHERS AND THEIR OPINIONS ON ANY TOPIC THAT THE FED HAD TO OFFER. I look forward to more….this is the AMERICAN WAY….(GREEDY) —-A BIG “SMILE”.

    Linda Penner

  29. Dear Fed, sorry for the delay in posting this but have spent the last 3 evenings glued to the DVD…simply awesome, a visual and audio extravaganza, David has really spoilt us this time.

    The best bits, there are no best bits, its all best. The documentaries on Disc 2 are a fantastic insight into all the work that goes on and delightfully shows how much friendship and closeness there is within the band you can feel the warmth between them. David always seems so relaxed and laid back but remains in control and in this as at the 2 Q and A sessions a man who is at ease and content with life. Polly on Smile looks and sounds so sweet.

    Another superb Richard Wright Comfortably Numb with Davids playing and vocals stunning and as for the Island Jam simply brilliant.

    Disc 1 is visually superb with Marc Brickmans laser show. In fact during Echoes we were half expecting the dry ice and lasers to come leaping out of the TV set as we were treated to at Leicester Square and at one point, when the camera stayed on Richard Wright, the clock suddenly rolled back 35 years and he was once again playing in Pompeii with looks of total admiration from David and Guy (thank you so much David for getting Richard to play with you).

    Robert Wyatts playing was sublime and Crosby and Nash’ perfect harmony on all they did especially Find the Cost of Freedom.

    The photo clips at the end are really great with everybody shown and appreciated who played a part in the tour, a lovely gesture and all through Davids wonderful playing (including Sax.), singing and narrative, pure joy.

    We were lucky enough to be at the RAH and will always Remember That Night as being so special and this DVD will be played lots, loved and treasured for the masterpiece it is.

    Thank you so much David for being such a creative genius and generously sharing it all with us.

    Thank you and Polly, the rest of the band and all involved for providing us with many more hours pleasure and enjoyment as we Remember That Night with those Knights!

  30. All,

    Well I have had the DVD for 3 days now and due to my 1 year old little girl I have had very limited uninterupted viewing time. Oh well, she was in the womb at Radio City in NY and I swear when I put David’s music on she loves it and sometimes it makes her dance! My wife is now pregnant again so maybe he will tour again so as to influence my next child as well? (one can dream!)

    Anyway, needles to say I LOVE the DVD and thought the sound is incredible. However, I have a question for you guys, did any of you notice the bluring of the screen from the lights? Maybe I need to adjust my system settings (lord knows theres a million different ones- PCN, Bitstream who the heck knows?). Maybe it’s just hard to tape the lighting but just seemed awfully distorted.

    Again just nitpicking here as I’m totally stoked on the DVD. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  31. Hey Fed,how are you today?? Hey fellow blogger’s how are we all today??

    I think it’s great that David is doing all he can to help the environment!! It’s just a shame that other artist’s and film company’s arent following his lead!

    After reading your message I sat and thought about all the music/dvd store’s in my town centre,there’s about ten in total,and what hit me was just how many case’s (whether it be DVD or CD) they actually have in store?? If you say they have 10 thousand in ONE store,that’s 100 THOUSAND in total??? MAKE’S YOU THINK DOESNT IT!!!

    I do all I can to recycle and reduce my energy usage and when I hear people say “I’m not going to make a difference” I tell them “YOU ARE.”

  32. I completly believe in saving our earth, I made a pledge to live earth to help our planet and i try to do all i can to help.

    Thanks David for your help with Global Warming and saving our trees, they are all important to us or should be anyway. If we all do just a little we can make a difference.

    Help Keep our Planet Safe for our children and grandchildren, they need it to.

    Blessed Be

  33. FED, what up with no chats for the rest of the month? You might have said already and i missed it but just wondering, BooHoo 🙁

    [Please keep checking the calendar. There will be a chat session scheduled soon. – Features Editor]

  34. Bravo to the David Gilmour team for being so Green! A little work will eventually show a big result in my opinion, so thank you David and everyone for being so eco-friendly.

    By The way, I just wanted to say two things about the Bonus Disc:

    1. Breaking Bread and Drinking Wine is amazing! The musicians in that group seemed so friendly and truly devoted to the tour and the music. I absolutely loved watching that feature.

    2. In My opinion, the version of “Then I Close My Eyes” that is featured in the Photo Gallery feature on Disc 2 is probably my favorite version of that song. David did a fantastic job with it, and it is so relaxing and enjoyable to watch/listen to.

    Just thought I would share that. Cheers everyone!

  35. For Nigel..previous blog

    [I should have made a blog of all this as it all unfolded — It now turns out my order for RTN DVD has been delayed…there is no real reason for an excuse – but on closer inspection it now seems the price has gone up from $37 when I ordered Aug 31st to CDN$ 42.39 seems to me they are screwing me]

    I am in Canada and never order from The price difference between the ca (Canada) and the com (USA) sites is ridiculous and with the dollars now at par, it makes no sense to order via

    Another useful piece of info is that for anything ordered under $20, Canada customs does not charge duty. So for RTN at the price was $16.95 verses the huge price paid here was a no brainer for me.

    Cheers, Howard

  36. [So, Erin, you have stolen our Barn barman ? Who will make us those wonderful Irish coffees and Pina Coladas, then? – Michele]

    Yes, Michele . . . I went home with the barman =)

    Can’t go wrong there, huh? Don’t worry though, he can still make your Irish coffees and Pina Coladas. You know the old saying: Can’t keep a good man down. And he’s the best. Thanks for your well wishes.

    Compensating for emissions produced by the tour has got to be quite a bit of work. You think about all the trucks, (I think they said 4 trucks on the DVD) the planes and everything else. If David can cover up such a large footprint, it seems silly to think that we can’t cover up our own (individually).

    Thanks for being such an inspiration, David.


  37. Being Carbon-neutral is a great idea, as jewel cases are pretty useless in general. Guitarist Magazine still comes with one even though its sister mag in the U.S. does not.

    As for the hidden track on the DVD – why you sly old dogs. Sure, give the people what they want (or practically demanded, in some cases), and then don’t tell them about it. What a hoot!

    As for football, I see that the Special One is not so special anymore. Are the stars aligning for Liverpool this year? The new guys on the team are looking very good.

    [They sure are, Andrew. I just hope the hype doesn’t go to their heads. – Features Editor]

  38. Obviously everybody has to play their part to make a difference. However it only takes one to get the trend started.

    One has to wonder why others don’t go in this direction, because it seems to me if the eco-friendly alternative is lighter than the industry standard plastic, the savings in the shipping costs alone would make it worthwhile. I know there are those who aren’t interested in preserving our planet, but most of those people are indeed interested in cost savings.

    But now for the other really important question which I know the Features Editor knows the answer to because he is all-knowing: Who’s going to win the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD wars?

    [Well, if I had to put money on it… – Features Editor]

  39. Another thing about jewel cases: they always seem to break on me. I’ve never had the cardboard ones break, not even the ones that get high usage.

  40. Hi Fed,

    All quite right of course. When people like me are shouting about the lack of a Bluray dvd release, its a sharp reminder that there are more important things to worry about.

    It does make you think towards the future though. How are big rock tours going to be looked at now? Huge planes transporting tons of equipment around, and live venues sucking power.

    Would it be possible to plant enough trees to make a tour carbon neutral? If not will it be PC for musicians to do big tours anymore?

    Cheers, Jon

  41. [Whatever the case is, how about making a donation of say $10-$15 (the difference for what we could have paid) to an organization dealing with global climate change?]

    Angelo – I think that’s a great idea.

    Last year when OAI came out, I was given a copy free by a friend of mine, who works for the company that does David’s promotions.

    Not feeling happy that I’d been given it free, I made an equivalent donation to CRISIS (charity of which I understand David is patron/vice president).

    You might think that was conscience calling, maybe. But I think there’s something also about supporting worthy causes – in proportion to reflection of enjoyment we get from our favourite artists’ talents.


    [Thank you for that, Richard. Much appreciated. – Features Editor]

  42. I stayed up until 1:30 this morning watching this incredibly thorough DVD and documentary. I have fallen in love with everyone involved with this historic release…

    Am I being too mush?

    [Just a bit. – Features Editor]

  43. Much due respect and appreciation to David Gilmour and his people for the extra time and money spent to help offset the bad habits of an unfortunate blissfully ignor-ant people.

    I dream of a world beyond capitalism and this kind of business practice is what my dream is all about.

    Thank you,

  44. Global warming is a very important issue! Thank you for supporting…

    Also, I believe, global warming a political issue as well: we all should vote for politicians supporting this!

    We simply must do something.


  45. As I mentioned in the last blog entry, DG called into the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning show on Q104.3 in New York today.

    Click on my name for a link to the interview pages for the station where you’ll find the conversation.



  46. Ok, on this I must cast in my few bits.

    While I strive to hurry past the incessant polemics surrounding the periodic Roger-vs-David noise (mostly elsewhere), for me the issue is simply the music and how it becomes embedded into my personal experience. Mr. Gilmour’s testimony on behalf of this enrichment of life lies in his talents and the richness of the feeling conveyed; along with the sincere camaraderie shared with his peers.

    The parts of this DVD that I have sampled here gives up proof of this sentiment, should you concur (my disc will arrive soon).

    But there is this other component, that which enlarges the music and is becoming more and more important: the gravitas of the person and those surrounding him/her, in the zone, so to speak. Mr. Gilmour’s interest in, and obvious concern for, the real issues of our global life together serve to enhance the the intrinsic “value” of the music (not that good music and fine musicianship demand further validation).

    It does make me feel good to know that by purchasing a recording of the music I enjoy, I am also contributing, in an incremental way, at this higher level.

    I appreciate that Mr. Gilmour gives us this opportunity.

    (for nickster, I also might suggest the works and performances of Mr. S. Hackett for your pantheon; if you haven’t already dealt with that. His approach to music has many rewards for me.)

    Best wishes to all of you music fans here.

  47. Watched DVD again late last night. Was every bit as good second time around, that’s only ever happened once before.

    Found one egg. This was tremendous fun to watch.

    Aye, and I’m still as gutted as ever that I never made it to the RAH. (:(

    Nice one Ian Pearson, the glassman’s a beauty.

  48. Watched some of the DVD last night and it looked great.

    I was one of the lucky few at Leicester Square and i didn’t think it would nearly as good on a normal TV as it was on a big screen, but i was very pleasantly surprised. I thought the extras were great as well – especially the breaking bread, drinking wine film.

    I was just wondering if there are any plans for a Remember That Night CD? And if so any chance of a Vinyl release as well?

    Oh, nickster i would argue with you. David is the best guitarist ever by far. Jimmy Page is very good, as are many others, but none come close to David.

    I’d also just like to say how great Leicester Square was. It was the first time i’ve seen David, (i was only 3 when the Division Bell tour ended!) but it was a great night, and i certainly will remember it. All i hope is that it won’t be the last time i get to see David play live again.


    P.S. In answer to the competition question above, it is definitely Pink Floyd… 🙂

    [A live CD would be great, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

  49. Continued…

    Another powerful motivation is when I read a ‘green’ testimony from a public figure I highly admire (in this case, David Gilmour), and that really re-charges me on my path for my next step forward. I suspect SA’s and mine will be researching more about the clothing industry, gradually converting our closets to more Earth/third world-friendly fabrics (?).

    But for now, as of this week, we researched and simply began to utilize a couple of water filter pitchers which rate as the top two brands in the industry, having just rid ourselves of our plastic bottled water habits entirely. We are also experimentally consolidating all our household cleansers down to the best ‘green’ all-purpose cleanser we can find, which includes cleansing our laundry; it’s green and safe enough for all uses.

    And, lastly, a few new selections of dental and body care and cosmetic make-up products have just taken yet another notch up on the scale of what I like to term ‘botanical purity’ quality; it’s part of an ongoing study I started over 20 years ago.

    Again, it takes time and money, most often in baby steps, to become ever-‘greener’. I believe every little bit can help, especially when we choose to educate ourselves about the scenarios/statistics of the extensive damages we do to our planet; every little action all adds up to a conglomerate result. Even if such educated revelations have to “scare” us into changing our perception and lifestyle…. well, I say, “What can that possibly hurt?”

    Just begin….

    Thanks very much, DG & Co. and Fedley,

  50. Good Evening FEd and All !

    Hey FED, what were ya sayin’ there ?

    [I see you’re back to your old, long post writing self, Raymond.]

    Short, Long, I hope I’m eloquent enough to pass the bar.

    Sure, you say…I’m getting to be a long winded gasbag, eh ?

    What can I say ? David and Co. have hit this ****er out of the park. To the next county !

    Scale of 1 to 10 ? 10 squared, at least !


    Much Love and Peace To All Today !!!

    Mermaid Theater. Beautiful.

    Venice and Gilmour. Fantastico ! Bueno !

    To David and Polly, Much Love.

    FED, you take good care of yourself today. Love ya big guy !

    Everyone else…

    Shine on…….

    [Extremely eloquent, sir. It’s always a pleasure. – Features Editor]

  51. Yes, some might laugh at the idea, but its definitely great to see so many people doing as little or as much as they can to help with a situation that affects us all. Plus, considering Davids pull with so many people I think its even better that once hes done it, you FEd take the time to tell everyone about it. This might make some more people aware of this movement, and they may in the future join the cause.

    On another note, thanks for publishing the DVD release date for Mexico FEd, (although I still insist its wrong to talk about North American relrease dates, as Mexico IS part of North America). Funny enough Id already pre-ordered my copy from Amazon, so hopefully it will get here before oct 8. Im really looking forward to watching, and have avoided reading anyones comments as I want it all to be a surprise!

    Been very busy lately but hopefully Ill manage to join a chat one of these days!

    all the best,

    [Fair point, Paul. It’s always “UK and Europe,” too. Very odd, that. – Features Editor]

  52. Since moving to Canada I’ve re-cycled with gusto. My backyard is awash with blue re-cycling bins which are collected every two weeks and are always overflowing when they are collected…

    I contacted the local government office asking if I could use bigger bins and they told me that I would be getting into the “commercial” arena with big bins and I would be charged!

    Also, the majority of the re-cycling is purely from packaging of the products we buy so if the producers and packaging companies were taxed without allowing them to pass the cost on maybe they would re-think what they use…

  53. [Who’s going to win the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD wars?]

    I couldn’t care less because after buying all my favourite movies in VHS..then buying most of them again in DVD..I will be damned if I will buy them again in another new format. I am tired of lining the pockets of multinationals.

    Cheers, Howard

  54. On topic though:

    I have really appreciated how David and crew have kept with all of his causes. Particularly his enviromental causes which I endorse some myself.

    I have always felt that I have had a very close relationship with The Earth and Mother Nature. Growing up as boy in New England, I always loved the outdoors. Taking long hikes in the woods, fishing some creek, bicycling across Newport, Rhode Island, USA and most importantly learning how to sail.

    One does not have a true appreciation of Mother Nature until you are really out in the middle of the Ocean and looking up into the Milky Way or some other densely populated star field. And not on a full motor vessel either. It has to be a sailboat, just you and the wind.

    I have been “Green” well before it was even fashionable as such. Shame on so many for finding out to too late in the scheme of things. Like back in the nineteenth century !

    Damage is done. Time to fix it…!

    I am something of an advocate for many causes myself.

    Good works never end !

    Peace and Much Love To All !!!! Cazart

  55. Love the DVD! Great production and sound and lots of great extras…but I must point out one particular clip that had my wife and I laughing out loud!

    In the tour documentary, there is a clip where David begins to talk with the boys on the tour bus about vintage guitars and the smell of them, in particular. As he begins to reference his “1947 Martin D-18 acoustic guitar”, Polly’s eyes begin to gloss over and she gets the blank stare of what my wife calls a “guitar widow”. She’s lost him to the serendipity of the guitar!!

    As a guitarist myself, I have inadvertently subjected my wife to such behavior more than once, and it was hilarious to see that David can have the same effect on his lovely wife.

    Keep up the good work, all!


  56. So glad to read you again here, Linda (Penner), welcome back !

    Ikkar, where are you ?…


  57. LOL ! After the ” Will there be a DVD ? ” you will be invaded by ” Will there be a CD ? ”

    You just can’t win, Fed !


  58. I always felt that David was concerned with the environment, I could hear it in his songs. It nice to know that people are doing the right things.

    I took a trip threw up state New York last month. Outside of Lowville, there is a large wind farm. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I have seen. I don’t understand why people are against them?

    Loved the DVD “Remeber that Night”, I watched it all last night. Echo’s is unbelievable. The whole thing was such an emotional ride, and that’s what I love about David Gilmours music. It takes you places.

    I rediscover Pink Floyd/David Gilmour this year after growing up with it. David Gilmour’s music has inspired me to get back to my childhood dream of being in a band. At 45 why not? I got to play the conga’s in a jam last week it was great! A friend is fixing up my old quitar so I can slide it. We found my Grandfather’s 1938 era quitar, that is being fix as well hope to play that as well!

    So thanks David Gilmour for reawaking the music muse in this Goddess. Don’t ever stop you have a wonder gift to share with the world.

  59. I was wondering to myself whether the DVD would follow in the tradition of “On An Island” and itself be carbon neutral. Good on you David and co. for leading the pack. Good leaders are needed in every industry and every home.

    As with Nigel, I too ordered my DVD at $37 from and am experiencing the same delay. (They are now saying it will be delivered sometime between Sept. 26 and October 4th.) I had a get together planned at a friends place (Surround and Projection System ready) tomorrow. Oh well, don’t meals taste better the longer you wait???

    I’d have to agree with Howard Bayliss that with the Canadian dollar pretty much at par with the U.S. I will take his advice and pay much less. I am hopeful however that the extra $20 goes back to the performers, if that’s the case I don’t mind dishing out extra for extraordinary people.

    Patiently waiting,

  60. [A live CD would be great, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

    Is there any chance of an official answer to this if David is not too busy?


    [No, sorry. – Features Editor]

  61. Good evening !

    I’m obliged to speak shortly here, because my English is quite poor, but I would like to say that ecology is a very good cause indeed, so thank you Fed for saying it again.

    And I would like to congratulate David and Polly for what they consider like “the important stuff”. It’s so sad there are not more persons like them… ecology is important of course, like Solidarnosc or other associations in which David and Polly take part.

    God Bless you David, Polly and Fed, and thank you.

    Best wishes,

    [The same to you, Aurelien. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. (And if your English is poor, then I’m a Chinaman…) I seem to spend half the day adding missing apostrophes to, and removing misplaced apostrophes from, the posts of English-only speakers/writers – so much so, that I am considering joining The Apostrophe Protection Society. (I’m on strike today.) So believe me when I say that your English is far from poor. It is, actually, a pleasure to read. – Features Editor]

  62. Fantastic DVD package. Well done to David and team for following through on a great project. From the album, to the shows, to the DVD… and of course the website….it has just been such unbelievable quality all the way..

    The DVD exceeds expectations by far!

    Thank you

  63. I applaud David’s commitment to the environment. However the under-ocean tectonic plate boundries span over 80,000 miles on this earth, and are constantly venting CO2. Seems like carbon neutral products don’t stand a chance against these geo-pysical forces.

    Great DVD! Wish I could go back to the Rosemont!!!


  64. hi folks

    the dvd was brill. hats off to david gilmour, one of the worlds finest guitar players.

    all the best
    tom purdie, coventry

  65. Wow! I learned something today! Is FEd a teacher perhaps?….”we don’t need no FEducation”…lol, just kidding. Anyways, I’m glad to see that some people are trying to help the Earth.

    Well, I finished the concert part, now hoping to finish the rest…most likely on the weeked….oh by the way, I love the new Wireman… I might be a bit slow in saying this, but I never gave any credit for that! SO Well DONE!


  66. I came into my favourite shop in Italy on Monday and i noticed that the same day was the launch of Ken follet’s new book “world without end”. I know that Ken was in the Royal Festival hall during 2002 David’s concerts (i think he was there because David taught Ken to fly with an old airplane called “tiger moth” in order to write the book “Hornet flight”). It would be nice to know David’s point of view and feelings about this strage and interesting flights.

    Thank you.

    Dvd is simply amazing…the extras backstage features are great…i am also happy to see me as one of the screaming ones on the front row of the Venetian’s wet one !!!

    PS.To Rick…nice car !!!! 🙂

  67. Hi Fed

    Extremely pleased to hear that David’s DVD is carbon neutral, that really is great. Many years ago Mahatma Ghandi said the west was eating up the world’s resources like a plague of locusts, goodnesss knows what he’d think now.

    David’s right to take a lead and raise awareness and his message is clear to me – we can’t wait for Governments. All of us have got to do what we can. And because there’s millions of us, together we make the difference that makes a difference.

    [Well said, Peter (and Mahatma). – Features Editor]

  68. Watched my other DVD last night that came with the album “On An Island” as I thought that would be the proper thing to do. David was fantastic and clearly is guitarest of all time. I do agree with Howard Bayliss however, on Where is Nick Mason? Didn’t see him on drums on the DVD that came with the album “On An Island”. This is David’s time to Shine I must add.

    Thanks, Kirk Williams.

  69. I cannot speak for those of you in Europe and the UK, but here in America there are a lot of people who take their SUV to the drive-thru.

    Invariably, these people will call David (and all eco-friendly people) hypocrites. They’ll say that the eco-friendly people are only dreaming about helping to improve the environment.

    These naysayers claim that the actions of one person don’t drastically change the situation overnight, so therefore nobody can do anything worthwhile to bring these changes about, and that anyone who tries is a “tree hugger.”

    Meanwhile, they make matters worse by driving alone to work in their Hummers.

    It is great to see that people like David are going above and beyond the call to do their part. My hope for the future is that people like Al Gore and David Gilmour will begin to outnumber and counteract the naysayers.

    What am I doing to help counteract the naysayers? I’m starting a new job which is only a few miles from home, so now I can bike to work. I’m eating less meat, reducing the energy and the farmland needed to produce it. And I’m readying to upgrade from an already fuel-efficient car to one that is even better.

    Small steps, true, but a lot better than nothing. If we all made such simple changes, what a better environmental legacy we could leave for our great-grandchildren.

  70. hi everybody, how are you?

    i bought the dvd at the day released, and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

    im so happy to have this dvd, unfortunately i couldnt go to the show

  71. Hey everyone….

    Glad to hear the DVD is helping in a way with the environment.

    I must say I have enjoyed watching the DVD. I haven’t watched all of it , but what I have watched I love it.

    Will try to watch the rest this weekend.

    Renee B.
    Fontana, Ca USA

  72. Got the DVD today. Glad to know its Carbon neutral too, cause it looks great! Still have to see all of it when I get home from work, but from what Ive seen so far, really classy.

    And it really makes my week that Im on it too :/ I made it to a shot on the west coast documentary…Im the one yelling echoes 😀

  73. Nice DVD, but why no songs from the 31st May gig? Not even the bit with Nick Mason?

    Just wondering?

    [That was Nick’s decision entirely. – Features Editor]

  74. Thanks to Andrew for the Q104.3 radio interview link. Ripple? lol.

    And to Brian_Kildare, the shirt is definitely worth the wait.

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

    [But is it really worth making the man wait so long for his DVD? – Features Editor]

  75. i’m far too tired to put together anything coherent, but what a fantastic DVD!

    truly a benchmark for the format.


    Tonight I got home and I saw a certain package in the mail. THE DVD!! This was sent to me via expedited mail and it took only 3 days to get to me from the USA. The fastest ever! Did David pay the extra cash to send it faster LOL?

    I took it out of the package and made sure I got disc 1 and 2..LOL..I did. Next..right to disc 2 and played the hidden “Easter egg”. Wonderful!!

    Guess what was the next tune I played…wait for it….wait…err yes it was Wot’s and most of you knew it would be.. I loved it. Then it was Dominoes and what a wonderful version it was.

    I am currently as I type, listening to Richard and Wearing the Inside Out.

    Ok that’s it..have to back and immerse..getting a cider out of the fridge and….

    Cheers, Howard

  77. Gone midnight and I have just finished watching the whole thing – yep, both DVD’s so there’s no chance of a lucid overview from at this time!

    So much to say, but too tired to say it right now F’Ed but………..disc 2 just reminded me what a fantastic ride I have had the last year or so: this wonderful blog, the Mermaid, the RAH shows, the Premieres – gradually putting faces to some of the names on here – and finally the DVD in my sweaty palms.

    Simply marvellous, marvellous stuff!

  78. I am one of these people who watched “The Great Global Warming Swindle” on UK’s Channel 4 some months back, and am one who believes it as opposed to Al Gore’s scare mongering.

    Just like the 1970’s when the world was told we’re heading for an ice-age…

    Anyway, that’s my opinion.

  79. Thanks David for doing what is right for our environment. There are not many who would do this, But I hope that now other musicians will follow your led and make their cd’s or DvD’s the same way and help keep our environment clean.

    Plus today, high on a mountain fishing, I heard David Gilmour on the Mark & Briant show and it was pretty good. I hope others were able to hear the show, He was talking with them on the phone from his house boat at 7:30 this morning.

    I hope you will have a good weekend Fed and I hope that you and all the Bloggers were able to get David’s new DvD.

    Take Care, Thomas

  80. Such an appropriate title…I don’t recall how many times I interrupted my son’s viewing and listening pleasure with.. remember that Joel..(We were at a Massey Hall show)

    Also was tickled to be able to forewarn invited guests to our premiere viewing to pay special attention to upcoming highlites such as Dick Parry’s sax flip (and so on) as they were approaching. (Possibly annoying but couldn’t help it. Just so proud to have been there.)

    Definitely for me sets a new standard for a concert DVD!…Thank you David!

  81. Third time was a charm! Got the third copy today and it plays.

    What a wonderful performance. Coming Back to Life a very personal favorite. But Echoes blew me away.

    Kudos for a wonderful show in an environmentally friendly package. Hopefully others will follow suit.

    David and Richard made the years fall away. Thank you.

    JohnO ecstatic in Florida

  82. [I’ve been remiss in not posting more about “that night” at the Ritzy. If I haven’t mentioned it, it was so marvellous to meet Nate, Lorraine, Nickster, Simon, Ash, Tim, Neil, Melanie, Adrian. – Becky in Atlanta]

    Becks, it was a pleasure to meet you, Happy Days! Sorry if I was a bit drunk, like I am now!

    My review, ladies and gents will be coming soon (Gosh, my review. It’s like waiting for the dvd, aint it!)

    As for the carbon neutrality of the dvd, i actually partner ‘Green Dragon’ here in the business plans I write, to ensure environmental issues are put to the forefront.

    For the DVD…..Everything is as green as submarine!!

    Happy Days,
    Another drunk Simon J

  83. Many thanks to David and all concerned for caring enough to try to DO something in this world rather than sit back and either deny that climatic changes are taking place due to our wasteful, wanton ways or willfully ignore the situation.

    Are any other animals as idiotic as humans are? I don’t think so. It’s pretty ridiculous when a creature destroys its own habitat or pretends not to notice as it is destroyed. It’s a wonder that humans have made it this far. We should all try to live deliberately, with eyes open and do what we can to preserve the only place we have to live. Anything else is illogical.

    Oh! Ritzy Night Erratum: apologies to Nickster for trying to convince him that he is not Nickster and that, in fact, Neil Pudney is Nickster. I was a wee bit confused.

    Also, I enjoyed reading Melissa’s post about the Ritzy show over on the September 16 page. Better late than never, girlfriend. I haven’t yet been able to condense my feelings about the whole brilliant event. Maybe I’ll just say that it was one of the most exciting times in my whole life. Yes, I said my WHOLE life. And I’ve been alive for quite a while. 😀


  84. There is no end to saying “Thank You!”, to David for his contributions to our current global problem.

    I noticed a canvas tote bag for sale the fan fare section, Marilyn and I always take our pile of tote bags to the store, we never accept plastic or paper bags anymore.

    As for those who think it does not matter, or that it is a hype, or a part of the natural cycle, let me share some facts with you, that you may not be aware of.

    In 1957 Roger Revelle begain a global survey of carbon emissions in our atmosphere, it was extensive and very detailed. After many years into it, he saw the link between the temperatures and the carbon levels, you could lay the charts on top of each other and they lined up evenly.

    For 50 years it has been the same story, and to support those findings even more, you have ice core samples from the arctic regions. Ice traps air, which has carbon in it, and the carbon traces trapped in the ice match the readings for the last 50 years. You don’t have to drill very far in the ice to see the last fifty years, and there is miles of ice…. you should know where this is going.

    Thanks to arctic core samples, we now have records going back over a thousand years. Those records match tree ring records, and geological records as well.

    I live in Phoenix Arizona. In 1923 we had a record set for the most days of over 100 degree temperatures….this year we shattered that record…and we are still counting.

    The fact of the matter is, we are contributing to global warming, and I could go on and on, but we do have a “minimal rambling rule”. Hope I didn’t cross that line Fed… you know me, I have posted things about this topic before, and most of us are on the same page….

    Well anyway…everyone please do think about going green in someway.

  85. I have to say the package is one the best I have seen on not only a concert DVD but of any DVD period.

    Add to that the is that is environmentaly friendly and one would hope it become industry standard.

    I starting watching the DVD last night and the screen froze at Fat Old Son. The Best Buy I purchased it at on Tuesday was sold out so I made the exchange at another Best Buy. Hopefully this one works.

  86. Hello to all.

    I am so excited, Amazon finally came through with my DVD.

    The package is beautiful and all other artist should take a lesson from the Gilmours and think about the enviorment with their products.

    I will not be viewing and enjoying the contents until the weekend due to work, but it is exciting to think I have it to look forward to. It’s like having Christmas in the Fall of the year.

    Hope ya’ll have a blessed weekend. I have been on a search for anything Gilmour so I also purchased the DVD that David plays on with Paul McCartney in 1999. Think I will enjoy it Fed?

    [I do hope so. – Features Editor]

  87. If there is a first, David has always been there to do it. He raised the bar on this one, no question.

    I loved the Island Jam. Where was it filmed if I may ask?

    Took a peak at Echoes and Fat Old Sun. Smooth.

    Still a bit to go. The Polly photos with TICME is so beautiful and serene. Thanks Polly and David.

    [I’ll try and find out where it was filmed, Frank. – Features Editor]

  88. Just want to start by saying that I consider David’s efforts to be less damaging to the earth very admirable — putting your money where your mouth is etc. Absit iniuria verbis. I would buy all the land, and plant all the trees in the world, if I could. More importantly; stop the old growth being cut down.

    Calling a plantation of trees a forest is laughable. — forests are an immeasurably rich habitat/environment for countless reactions other than the growing of trees — much of this is well beyond our current understanding; much already lost forever.

    Carbon neutrality is a term often used to form the impression > imply < that it (the product) is somehow completely harmless to life/environment.

    Toxic is toxic. Carbon neutrality is a modern ‘catch phrase’ used to help alleviate the growing concerns of the masses as we venture down the road to self initiated extinction. At the end of the day, all this global warming business should be bad for business, but has consumption decreased? No, it’s increasing at a geometric rate.

    Most carbon bound up in neutralisation/sequestration operations will inevitably be released. Locking up carbon in a plantation only contains that amount of carbon so long as that plantation is alive and not in decay, fire etc. Plantation timbre is usually harvested within 10-20 years. DIY furniture comes from old growth and plantation trees; most of that raw timber is purchased illegally from the black-market – aided by government corruption. The world still has an insatiable appetite for wood.

    The oceans are the largest carbon sink on Earth, not the forests.

    How carbon emissions can be considered to be offset/neutralised when there is no uniform consensus as to how much carbon is actually being emitted worldwide is beyond me. There simply aren’t any accurate/reliable figures to base meaningful calculations on. Most data is provided by the system that created/creates the problems we have — it’s corrupt at best.

    To be continued…

  89. We all must care about the earth. It does not matter if we like (or not) the music of Floyd or David G.

    If we all continue like we do now, it won’t be possible to watch our ‘heroes’ live again.

    The DVD is great!!!! The most funny of all is that after Echoes I am in full close-up. It is bit strange to see myself on the dvd.

    There is so much to see that I still have not seen it all, not even disc 1.

  90. Continued…

    With our current manufacturing/industrial processes; offsetting carbon emissions is nothing more than trying to put the genie back into the bottle. To absorb carbon using trees/vegetation is pointless when the amount of carbon produced far exceeds the amount that can be usefully absorbed naturally.

    Pollution is pollution. Carbon is ONE of all the toxic emissions generated in the manufacture of a CD/DVD and it’s packaging etc. Dioxins generated from the plastics, packaging/ink, negate any meaningful reductions and associated benefits to the environment made with the carbon neutrality claim. I doubt that there is a way to physically release a commercial quantity of any item without contributing to the destruction of the earths inhabitancy.

    At best, neutralising some of the assembly ‘cost’ of the album would make the product half as toxic as the standard product, but I would argue that any real benefit associated with the production would be long neutralised by the company that built and maintains the printing/assembly equipment, the company that produces the solvents and inks etc. Transport from warehouses, shipping etc. The big chain of dependence.

    At the end of the day carbon neutrality of the product would be the least of my concerns, toxicity wise. The dioxins and thousands of other persistent chemicals generated are far more destructive to our environment.

    Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is only one of the problems we are facing. It’s really a testament to the tenacity of the human biology that we made it this far along the chemical evolution/revolution. However, we are paying for it; cancers of every conceivable nature, a progressive array of genetic abnormality — DNA mutation.

    We are trying to reverse/neutralise a problem that has no real solution — the chemistry mandates a series of reactions that are well beyond our control. And when we willingly continue on discharging chemicals with irrational impunity (the very practices that are leading to the disintegration of our life support system) — what real hope is there? Our priorities are all wrong, they are leading us to a bland, bleak future, death.

    To be continued…

  91. Just finished watching parts of Disc 2 with music videos and tracks. Very relaxing, far more so than disc 1 and more enjoyable in a different way. Loved the documentary on making of OAI and great to see the pedal operated glass harmonica as I know who made it.

    Few points: we are told to press “enter” when “Wireman” logo appears but my remote doesnt have “enter” so what button do I press? Tried a few but no luck. Advice welcome.

    Are “Blue Ray” or whatever versions more or less eco friendly? If less then surely they should not be promoted.

    If cardboard is the way forward will we see cardboard computers and mobiles? I would support a sabbatical on technological advancements which clearly we have a problem with sustaining.

    Have a good weekend everyone
    Ian Pearson

    [Do you have an ‘OK’ button, Ian? – Features Editor]

  92. Longtime lurker, only posted a couple of times.

    The DVD is awesome, just incredible. Dark Globe, Wot’s…Uh The Deal, Astronomy Domine….awesome.

    Some had mentioned this in the prior blog post, but I have to ask again, out of sheer curiosty: Are there any plans for a RTN live album? That would be great!

    And David, PLEASE, Please, please come to Boston if you swing through North America again. I wanted to see you so badly, and I couldn’t get to NYC. Thanks again for a great DVD and a great studio album

    And thanks to FED for maintaining this cool blog.

    Oh, and the carbon neutral thing is pretty neat, too. It adds a nice touch to the whole package to know it was manufactured with the enviornment in mind (though I don’t care for the style of the DVD tray. Makes me nervous about the discs!)

    *goes back to watching Robert Wyatt add a special touch to “This Heaven”*

  93. Continued…

    At any rate, the human race can’t even reach consensus on the most basic of issues as a whole; we are bound, deluded, divided by politics and religion — ego, invisible forces that rule us — people consumed only with their own greed/power. Our capabilities have exceeded our intellectual/emotional ability to utilise that knowledge wisely. We are clouded by our own sense of self importance, our own luxury, comfort; deluded by the convenience and power of the nuclear age.

    We had a choice. The immediate halt to all unnatural emissions made by the human race would buy us more time to revaluate the situation — we could at least put a cap on the cumulative damage. We need an immediate and complete technology switch to environmentally neutral and sustainable practices — if there is such a thing.

    There certainly are better ways of doing things, but by the very nature of private ownership and the “free” economy backed by institutionalised corruption and the false economy — these solutions would be near impossible to achieve. The will simply isn’t there at the power level. Decisions have obviously been made by more important people than you and me. Nothing is free; everything has a price. Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest.

    Thanks again for the soapbox, Features Editor, it’s always appreciated.

    Angelo, give Ginger a pat and a scratch from me.

    Michèle, le bossu ne voit pas sa bosse, mais il voit celle de son confrère.

    Best Wishes,
    Hysteron proteron

  94. Never mind the fact that the DVD is Carbon Neutral, it has healing powers! It has fixed my bad shoulder!

    I had been dosed up on painkillers since the weekend as I had a muscular pain in my shoulder.

    I am not yet claiming that David has God like healing powers, I must have just been sat still long enough while watching the DVD last night 🙂

    My favourite bit (apart from the *bonus song*) is David’s impression of Judy Garland – classic 🙂

  95. Morning all!

    Posty arrived…

    …with my DVD and T-shirt!! Wooooohooooooo!! La la la la la!

    At long last I can relish in what has been driving me mad all week – reading how all the irregs are loving the DVD and packaging. And, I must concur, the package does look fantastic and the T-shirt WAS worth the delay FEd 🙂

    The only pity is, I’ve gotta wait til the Ireland v France match is over until I can watch it! So I’ve had my AV guy out to fix my 120″ high def projector and 7.1 surround cinema room (don’t mean to blow my trumpet but you gotta see the setup!).So I’m in for one heck of a night! …if Ireland win that is!

    Now, this bonus track…

    [Finally delivered on Friday, eh? Better late than never, as they say. – Features Editor]

  96. [A live CD would be great, wouldn’t it? – Features Editor]

    Indeed it would, and hearing Guy play a bit of Echoes from Gdansk on his Planet Rock radio show (either mixed for release or a phenomenal soundboard recording) and hearing something about Phil mixing live tracks suggests a live cd of other (non RAH) performances may be on the cards.

    Ready for Christmas perhaps?

    On another matter, the today’s topic for the blog reminds me of some of the things David has said in interviews about the value of things like walking in the fresh air, connections with other humans etc.

    It’s nice to know that, even if you have more money than God, things that don’t necessarily cost (financially or environmentally) are still the things that really count.

  97. [Oh! Ritzy Night Erratum: apologies to Nickster for trying to convince him that he is not Nickster and that, in fact, Neil Pudney is Nickster. I was a wee bit confused.]

    Hang on, who am I again?

    Whatever, it was great meeting you Becky, and Nickster and of course that Neil Pudney bloke 😉

  98. Thank goodness Brian, your DVD arrived. And T-shirt. I got one as well and picture on it is great but it wont play on my DVD player very well!

    [Ian, is there a cardboard blowing industry?
    Posted by: Graham Knight]

    Funny that, almost. Been re-using old cardboard boxes for packing glass for nearly 20 years. And decided only recently not to use new plastic bags. Customers dont like it.

    Ian Pearson

  99. [Do you have an ‘OK’ button, Ian? – Features Editor]

    Well tonight’s the night then to find out!!!! I’ll report back later.

    Ian Pearson

  100. Well said, Peter (and Mahatma). – Features Editor]

    Totally off topic but I remeber an Irish radio quiz once asked a guy in the quick fire round ” what was Ghandi’s first name? ”

    To which the clown replied ” Goosey???? ”

    Thats true.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  101. Finally had a little time to watch a little bit of the dvd. This is more than i was expected! The photo gallery is so beautiful and relaxing to listen and to watch;very,very nice done.J’adore!!!

    The breaking bread, drinking wine documentary is really what i wanted to see; we didn’t often have the chance to see David in this intimacy and this is so nice, (i am a little groupie) we really feel the atmosphere during the tour, just love it!!!

    I have a lot to listen…and i enjoy it so much so far.

    Just one word;thank you for this outstanding gift you made to us David and all the people involved…Appreciate.

    C’est un cadeau inestimable pour moi puisqu’il me rappelle une certaine soirée ou j’étais présente. Ne suis-je pas une des plus chanceuse au monde?

    Mille merci…………….. Sylvie de Montréal

  102. Hi, becky it was nice meeting you too! I met alot of people that night at the ritzi. To bad no film or any chats about the meeting. I guess we did our job and now its over. I feel like we were pushed to the side. Maybe its just me but thats the feeling i get.

    [Your job? Give me a break. This is exactly the kind of selfish, ungrateful comment that makes me want to tear out my hair. A lot of people have put, and are still putting, a lot of time and effort into this project, yet it never seems to be enough for some people. If I didn’t have to spend so much time editing hastily-written posts that would be better sent via e-mail, for example, there’d be more time to consider doing other things. Spending two hours in the chatroom is not a possibility right now, let alone a priority. Video from The Ritzy is coming as soon as possible. The chatroom will be open next week. If it were open this week, it would only be a matter of minutes before some of you would start competing with one another to be the first to blurt out details of the DVD’s hidden secrets, which, as it happens, David would like you to find for yourselves. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been another very, very busy week, and giving all fans a chance to pass their comment on David’s DVD (and dealing with the numerous cases of faulty, duplicate and delayed discs) is of more importance to me than scheduling a chat for a small group of fans to feel, it would appear from your post, even more self-entitled. Please think before typing in future. – Features Editor]

  103. [I remember reading an article a while back in which the lead singer of a tribute band had played in front of David and others. Afterwards, David asked to ‘have a go’ – and borrowed the guy’s plectrum…………]

    na na na na, na na na na na na, na na na na na na naaaah! (oai)!

    I’d collect the bits off the stage!

    Not sure about David’s nail clippings tho..yeuw!

    Do girls have plectra and guys have plectrums. Whatever! LOL!

    I still want one. Can you buy them, you know the ones in the booklet that had “David Gilmour” on them, not regular old plectra (!)

    Cori xxx

  104. Is it just me or does it seem like over the last week or so we’ve seen an increase in new people posting to the blog??

    It is wonderful if it is true.




  105. On Monday morning I bought a Led Zep and AC/DC DVD at the same time as Remember That Night. Since then I’ve hardly slept and had no time or enthusiasm to view these other disks just yet.

    David Gilmour, this is all your fault. ha ha ha 😉

    Just noticed we’re done with the DVD blog and moved on to a carbon neutral eco friendly one. I’ll just tiptoe quietly out of the way as my carbon footprint’s been huge since September 6th. Every little helps and I’m doing my wee bit even though I hadn’t thought about it too much. I saw an advert of a cows arse somewhere regarding greenhouse / explosive gases, and this would certainly put me on a guilt trip if I wasn’t already a veggie.

    For your amusement I include a link (click my name).

    I guarantee less haste and more IQ for my next post.

  106. [Finally delivered on Friday, eh? Better late than never, as they say. – Features Editor]

    Sure is FEd! I’m gonna celebrate with the Australians and watch it tomorrow!


  107. Dear Fed

    I can’t stop playing Comfortably Numb. I love that song sooooooooo much. It’s wonderful. It has got to be my favourite all time PF/DG track. I love David Bowie’s vocal, but Rick’s vocal is so pure, and then when David comes in, it’s amazing.

    Can I ask you something, please FEd!

    On top of Rick’s keyboards, during the Bowie version of Comfortably Numb on the DVD, there’s a handwritten piece of paper. Does anyone know what it says cos I’m dead nosey!

    Unless it’s from the Royal Albert Hall Security asking Rick to announce that someone needs to move their car and that the bingo is starting in 15 minutes! LOL!

    Love Cori xxxxx

    PS: If I can’t get back today to blog, I hope David, Fed and everyone has a brilliant weekend. xxx

    [Shopping list, isn’t it? PG Tips, Marmite… – Features Editor]

  108. Ralph wrote:

    [The questions are – Which band does not have one of its members playing on Remember That Night ? Choose between Roxy Music, Floyd and Queen]

    Ralph, I Would IF I SPOKE (whatever that language is)! Don’t understand it, and what an easy question!


  109. Geoff, I didn’t notice any blurring? Perhaps the more I watch it…

    [I seem to spend half the day adding missing apostrophes to, and removing misplaced apostrophes from, the posts of English-only speakers/writers – so much so, that I am considering joining The Apostrophe Protection Society.]

    Then we better start calling you F’Ed, no?

    [I dream of a world beyond capitalism and this kind of business practice is what my dream is all about.]

    I hate to confess that when I see a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico I almost route for the oil industry to take a hit so alternative energy businesses can get a fairer shake…not that people dying is a thing to root for but in the long run how may more could die…

    Somehow, I get the impression that the planet will kill us (or at least kill the institutions that harm) before we kill the planet. The planet has eons to heal itself and we have have just a few years…if that much. If humans survive, who will they be? Indigenous populations? The impoverished third world? Perhaps it’s true that the meek shall really inherit the earth…

    Ginger looks spry again in her buzz-cut despite being almost 13. Pat and scratch given. Thanks, and all the best to you, Hysteron proteron…

  110. FEd and folks

    I keep meaning to get this out: thanks to Robert Wyatt for his music and contribution to David Gilmour’s music.

    Your horn playing sometimes gives me the shivers – so, so good. (Your refrain phrasing for CN on the earlier ‘…In Concert’ show are favorite bits, for me.)

    Just thanks.

  111. – Wow ! RTN DVD is full of secrets ! one, two, three ! There are two other hidden tracks in disc 2, the third one being very funny ! David est un farceur !

    – Anti Wow : it’s friday here too, the postman has arrived too, but still no DVD/t-shirt/bag… (Anthill), but no problem, I have a better proverb than ‘Better late than never’, it’s ‘Patience et longueur de temps font plus que force ni que rage’ (Jean De La Fontaine), et aussi ‘L’espoir fait vivre’.


  112. Just wanna say that when David plays those wonderful high notes, my African Grey parrot, Gilly Floyd Syd, copies the sound. Parrot especially likes The Blue and On An Island.

    Oh most definitely shine on!

    Cori xxx

  113. To Ian:

    It’s whatever button you press to select a title when you are in a menu. For instance you arrow up or down to select, oh maybe “Play All”, and hit a button called “something”, on my remote it’s called “Select”. It’s that same button you press when Wireman pops up.

  114. [Is it just me or does it seem like over the last week or so we’ve seen an increase in new people posting to the blog?? – Andrew ]

    Who the heck are you?

  115. [Shopping list, isn’t it? PG Tips, Marmite… – Features Editor]

    Another Gem from FEd.

    Don’t forget the coffee machine for Mr.Crosby.

  116. [On top of Rick’s keyboards, during the Bowie version of Comfortably Numb on the DVD, there’s a handwritten piece of paper. Does anyone know what it says cos I’m dead nosey!]


    If I were to venture a guess, I’d say it’s probably a list of songs for that evening’s show, and also a list of pre-programmed sounds for his Kurzweil keyboard.

    I have an older version of that keyboard (Kurzweil K2000S) and once programmed, you simply punch in a number, hit enter, and it goes right to that sound or program.

    You can see Richard do this right before you here the first ping from Echoes. Hope that helps clear it up for you.

    I’ve seen all of disc 1, and it is fabulous. I haven’t gotten through all of disc 2 yet, but I have a question; […]

    Good day to all.

    [Sorry, no questions about that until our friends in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have their copies. We won’t keep you waiting until fans in Japan have theirs, though. – Features Editor]

  117. [Sorry, no questions about that until our friends in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have their copies. We won’t keep you waiting until fans in Japan have theirs, though. – Features Editor]

    I can live with that. Thanks Fed, and have a good weekend.

    [The same to you, mate. – Features Editor]

  118. Hello,

    Just want you to know that if you’re looking for the dvd in Michigan good luck, they are all bad.

    I purchased 3 of them from Best But and had to return 2 for skipping from Fat Old Sun on and 1 for having two disc 2s. I went to another Best Buy and they had 5 of them, 3 of the 5 were bad.

    I appreciate the earth friendly process but I paid for a good product. Is this a rare situation or a major problem??

    [I’m very sorry about that, Curt. All I can say is that there have been too many similar reports and the matter is being investigated. – Features Editor]

  119. [On top of Rick’s keyboards, during the Bowie version of Comfortably Numb on the DVD, there’s a handwritten piece of paper. Does anyone know what it says cos I’m dead nosey!]

    There once was a guy called Rick
    Whom up his sleeve had a trick
    On my keyboard I’d leave
    A little note for Steve (Di Stanislao)
    That I stole his fav drum stick!

    Well, it is Friday!!

  120. [I seem to spend half the day adding missing apostrophes to, and removing misplaced apostrophes from, the posts of English-only speakers/writers – so much so, that I am considering joining The Apostrophe Protection Society.]

    The Apostrophe Protection Society – is that also a “Capital”ist venture???



  121. [(And if your English is poor, then I’m a Chinaman…) – Features Editor]

    You may be the only Sino-Welsh member of the Apostrophe Protection Society then!

    Sounds to me like you are in dire need of a pint of Brain’s, FEdley! Happy Friday!


    [Soon, Mike, soon… – Features Editor]

  122. [On top of Rick’s keyboards, during the Bowie version of Comfortably Numb on the DVD, there’s a handwritten piece of paper. Does anyone know what it says cos I’m dead nosey! – Cori]

    All the more reason to get one of the hi-def versions when they come out next month. 😉

    [Or the month after. – Features Editor]

  123. [On top of Rick’s keyboards, during the Bowie version of Comfortably Numb on the DVD, there’s a handwritten piece of paper. Does anyone know what it says cos I’m dead nosey! – Cori]

    It says, “Remind David to save some plectrums for Cori”

  124. Just a word of caution to those of you who plan to get the enhanced DVD at Best Buy.

    Make sure you check the for the special stickers for the extra cd before you leave the store. I ordered my copy yesterday over the best buy site on the internet and picked it up last night at the Danbury Ct store, and It DID NOT INCLUDE THE BONUS CD. My copy was wrapped in my order form and I did not open it until I got home. It was then that I found out that I did not get the bonus CD.

    I called the store this morning, read them what was on the site about the bonus cd and was told that none of their copies included the bonus and to check back next week to see if the next order includes one and they would exchange it for me.

    Did anyone else here have the same problem with Best Buy?

    So far I have watched Disc 1 of the CD and really agree with the others here about the quality. I can’t wait to get to the surprises on Disc 2. The show was just as I remembered it from Radio City.

    Good job for your production team.

    Sharon Brown in Ct

  125. [Sounds to me like you are in dire need of a pint of Brain’s, FEdley! Happy Friday!]

    I’d go for a “Case of Ripple”. Have a great weekend everyone!

  126. What a great concert, but I’m another US viewer that’s returned the DVD to Best Buy because several songs on disc 1 either skip or freeze.

    I returned the set for a replacement, only to have the same problems on the new set.

    Based on some comments/reviews at Amazon’s US site, this looks like it may be a wide scale issue in the U.S. Too bad, because the concert is nothing short of incredible . . . and I encountered no problems whatsoever with “Echoes” or most of the tunes, and disc 2 appears to play fine.

    Really nice to get the bonus AOL session tracks, as well.

    [It’s definitely a Sony problem. Our apologies for this disappointment, all. – Features Editor]

  127. [I went to another Best Buy and they had 5 of them, 3 of the 5 were bad. Posted by: Curt]

    There once was a fan will call Curt
    With disaster he sometimes would flirt
    When he bought DVDs
    It would show up in threes
    Causing outbursts on Blogs that he’d blurt!

    (chin up Curt…just trying to make you, “Smile” )

  128. Just got an email promoting the RTN DVD. Looks like I’m in for a great night… according to the Sun

    “A DVD that could be considered better than sex.” – The Sun

  129. REQUEST:

    Could you please post videos in Flash FLV format ?

    It used to be the case that Quicktime had the best video experience, but nowadays with the Flash Player 9 incorporating support for H.264, the convenience of using Flash largely outweighs the pain of installing one of the popular video players of yesterday.

    Thanks !

  130. Hi everybody !

    Michèle !!! help me…how can I find the hidden track on the fantastic “Remember that night” DVD ??? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase ! 😉

    Have a good & shiny week end !


  131. I pre ordered my DVD from Best Buy. I received an Email that it was Backordered. I called customer service today and they said I MAY! get it Oct 4 thru Oct 19th.

    Needless to say, I am going to find it elsewhere, just wanted to let you know in case someone hasnt purchased theirs yet where not to go (I am most likely the only one without it but it gives me something to look forward to).

    thanks, PK

  132. It is important to know that a little bit of action by everyone will add up to a lot. It’s not if you do everything that’s possible, you do as much as you can. The importance lies in general knowledge about what you can do.

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    Bioneers makes an amazing amount of knowledge available to anyone who’s interested, and the knowledge disseminated is among the best I’ve found.

    Want to make a difference? Click my name.

  133. They should package PG Tips and Marmite together with a picture of David on front. Caption on bottom: “Breakfast Of Champions”

    Have a great weekend all!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  134. Thank you all for your comments.

    We’re now closed for the weekend, but will be back on Monday.

    Have a good weekend, all.

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