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February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn.Now that the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD is out in most parts of the world (apologies to fans in Australia for the delay), I thought you might like to see some of Polly’s photographs, taken during a few days of random jamming, back in February of this year.

If you’ve seen ‘Island Jam 2007’ amongst the DVD extras, you’ll be familiar with the setting for many a band jam. This is where the new ‘Island Jam’ recording stems from: messing about with musical instruments in the Gilmour family home (or barn, to be more precise).

Starting today, there will be a series of shots from these sessions showing David, Richard, Phil, Stevie and Guy.

Simply click on the image to see a larger version.

Please note that these photos are not even the slightest bit suggestive of a new album or tour. They were taken in February, the result was the version of ‘Island Jam’ that’s found on the DVD, and that’s about it.

Hope you like them, anyway.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Thanks for the info Fed, you remembered.

    Hope you had a great weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the Barn Jam.

    [Oh yes, I remember everything. How was your weekend, Frank? – Features Editor]

  2. A definite surprise to see David on drums. Is this something we can expect more of in the future? Maybe even an all David Gilmour album-like Steve Winwood.

  3. Hi FEd,

    Once again a fine touch to the DG site! Is there an end to your ideas FEd?

    Polly has such a great eye and talent for capturing these moments. It would be nice to think that someday these images may be released as a coffee table book. Just like Storm Thorgerson’s artwork and Pink Floyd, Polly’s imagery has become synonymous with David.

  4. In this pic, David looks a bit awkward behind the drums…..careful with those sticks David.

    It is also a shame that you have to post such a disclaimer and people don’t take it for what it is. But then many don’t read everything anyway.

    Any bets on how many times someone asks on this entry if there is new material coming out?



  5. The scenery and the film photography outside the barn in the “Island Jam 2007” clip have something Storm Thorgerson-like about it. Certainly the opening sequence is one of the many goose bump moments on the DVD.

    Looking forward to see the pictures!

  6. Another wonderful Job FED! Seriously, you do such a fine job running this site and keeping us fans up-to-date.

    Gilmour is simply a wonderful musician and a fine gentleman. Seems like he has a nice barn. Does Gilmour have any cows around the barn? Maybe one of them is a related to the cow that was on the cover of “Atom Heart Mother”? Wouldn’t that be nice?!

  7. I loved the Barn Jam bit.

    I see Polly has the same trouble with dirty dishes that I do – she clears away that floral mug and the damn thing reappears again!

  8. Great picture! The DVD set is really out of this world too! I love the Island Jam session!

    Unfortunately my DVD, like many others, has glitches during the end of Fat Old Sun that send it back to SOYCD…darn Sony!!

    But of course I’m still enjoying the content, and the constant web site updates, nice job FEd!


  9. Hi FEd,

    Hope you’ve got over your cold.

    Like the pic of the new drummer, will be looking forward to the ones that follow.

  10. My copy of the DVD arrived on Monday, and I watched all the content last night. I liked it very much and I would like to thank David and all people involved for such a great effort.

    What is very important, it is not only excellent concert footage on disc 1, but disc 2 is also wonderful. I found Mermaid Theatre footage very interesting, as I watched it on the internet back in March 2006, but from DVD it was quite different experience for me, and picture quality is perfect. BTW where did Steve break the hammer?

    I really liked all the documentaries, extended EPK was great, I especially liked A Pocketful of Stones.

    Island Jam 2007 was very good, slightly different, but I liked it. (I was wondering where it had been filmed and to tell you the truth my first guess was this French studio, where David Gilmour LP was recorded, but then I thought to myself, rather not).

    And of course… I was really glad to find out something from my not too distant past, which I did not expect to see again. What a surprise! Thank You David you are far too kind.

    Concert footage is very good, and I really enjoyed it. It is very difficult task to point to particular tracks, but for sure I loved Time, Then I Closed My Eyes (Robert you were great) and Where We Start (Gretsch Duo sounds beautiful on that one) from the first part and what was great in the second, the answer is obvious all, but I truly loved Fat Old Sun, of course Echoes and Arnold Layne.

    It was an excellent idea to include additional tracks from Albert Hall, as for sure the DVD without them wouldn’t be the same and all of them are brilliant, (special thanks for Dominoes, one of my favorites from In Concert DVD, I think David originally played drums on that one, didn’t he?).

    Remember That Night is top seller in Poland not only in DVD section, but also in music category as well. Congratulations.


  11. Nice Pic Polly.


    On a freezing frosty February morning David drums up some heat in the Barn. Polly clearing coffee cups away asks would you like another scone to which David replies could I land jam on it?


    Hey Fed in a previous post I described the dvd as being Tantastic, but it got changed to Fantastic. I think RTN is much more than Fantastic, at least ten thousand times more in fact hence TANTASTIC.

    Tom B

    [My apologies, Tom. These hip new words and phrases… I can’t keep up. – Features Editor]

  12. I just finished watching the dvd. I got a late start on it. Ive been sick since ive been back from london. But after watching it i feel much better.

    Awesome job to everyone involved.

  13. Hi Fed,

    I enjoyed the photo. By the way what’s that in the background? Looks like a washboard…

  14. David is an exceptional drummer. Did you know that he is learning to play guitar and bass? Quite versatile, this man.

  15. WARNING !!!! WARNING !!!!

    This DVD may induce intoxicating effects of euphoria and frozen large grins for extended periods. DO NOT CALL A DOCTOR or seek emergency help. This product is conducive to a healthy life. By all means, to treat depression, just take Two (2) DVD’s and consume with [fill in your own blank]. ( It doesn’t have to be alcoholic or drugs necessarily. ) Popcorn and a gallon of soda also works. Insert DVD, you know where…, sit back and consume for Five + hours. Enjoy !!!

    Great picture of David. So good I had to add it to my picture library. God knows I need to put them on diskettes !! My Pictures is brimming with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd goodies, oh, and someone else named Roger’s stuff can be viewed. My computer is a warehouse of great music and pics and stuff. But lately, I have been glutting myself with all things David.

    I am seriously checking my books to make a pledge to Emergency.

    Oh, I forgot to say, CONGRATULATIONS !!!! On secruring the top spot on so many charts.

    I believe David knew he was going to have a masterpiece on his hands. Now he has to live with it. 🙂

    FED, you have a good evening. Stay cool.

    Everyone else… Peace and Much Love To All !!! (you know who you are…) Cazart !

  16. And BTW, the Barn version of Island Jam ought to be required viewing for anyone who has any interest in learning to play the guitar (or for that matter, any wannabe guitar slinger who thinks they’ve got it sorted. Looking at you John Mayer et al).

    David’s masterful playing during this session is a clinic on how to say it all without having to play it all: every single note counts and nothing is wasted. I was blown away by Island Jam 2007.

  17. Thank you, FEd!! Always something new in the works for your bloggers! I’m sure we’ll enjoy every photo, as we always do.

    By the way, we missed you last week. Hope you enjoyed your time away from this cyber-space, fun group of people! (we are fun, aren’t we???)

    [I was away last week? – Features Editor]

  18. A hahaha…I absolutely LOVE that picture…reminds me of a certain blogger…wink wink…makes me want to jump on my drums and drum so loud that everyone can hear me.

    Oh thanks for the response for the last post, FEd…I guessed that it was pure coincidence, but my mum kept nagging ” ask FEd what’s going on here”…sigh…she doesn’t quite understand how this site works still….

    By the way, excellent pics Polly! 🙂


  19. I have a question about Dave.

    Do you know which pickups does he use? (sorry for my english, i’m from argentina :P)


    God save Gilmour! (?)

    [I’ll let the guitarists answer that one, if you don’t mind. – Features Editor]

  20. FED:

    Torres sure is scoring his way into the hearts of Liverpool fans!

    Everyone on the BBC website seems to be making fun of the Carling Cup. Is it not desirable?

    [It’s not held in such high regard as the FA Cup, that’s for sure, but I want to see Steven Gerrard holding it aloft in February. (It’s the season’s first piece of silverware, so a good chance to practice those victory poses in preparation for the three other trophies that I hope to see in his hands before summer rolls back ’round). – Features Editor]

  21. Hi!

    Fed, I was just looking at the Gallery and noticed that you add more Pic’s from Polly and they are great. I can’t wait to see what will happen next?

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Lots more to come. – Features Editor]

  22. I wasn’t going to post then I noticed isn’t David holding the drum sticks backward? I do it that way on my homemade drum sometimes.

  23. Did anyone notice […]? 🙂


    [Glad you like it. It’ll be interesting to see who has found the extra DVD goodies. – Features Editor]

  24. [This is where the new ‘Island Jam’ recording stems from: messing about with musical instruments in the Gilmour family home (or barn, to be more precise).]

    Oh ! Sure of that ? I thought it had been recorded in that famous barn that we were all looking for last summer for our barn party, in The Middle Of Nowhere, somewhere in Wales…


  25. Hey Fed,how are you??

    I know this isnt the page for what I’m about to say but I just want to say it!

    I want to thank you for everything you do to keep this brilliant site a constant source of information and update’s!

    I know everyone thank’s you all the time but I just wanted to thank you again as,after reading through some of the old blog’s,I only got a small realisation of the amount of work you actualy put into keeping everyone up to date with everything that’s going on.I think I heard once that you had a job away from this aswell and if that’s true you dont want thank you’s, want a medal!!

    I know a BIG thank you from just me doesnt really make up for what you do for everyone here but hopefully it put’s a little smile on your face and goes a little way into making what you do for us here worth while?

    My nan used to say “a THANK YOU once in a while doesnt hurt anyone but ignorance does” so,from a small member of a big network,I send a BIG THANK YOU for everything you do.


    [Thank you very much, Melanie. It’s very kind of you to say so. I was really pissed off by, what I consider, greed and ungratefulness last week, so you’ve just made up for it. – Features Editor]

  26. I wanted to add to the last post from the week before about CarbonNeutral and its involvement in On An Island.

    Of course, I am a huge fan of David. I consider him a musical hero and strong personality that I wish I could be around in hopes that he might rub off on myself. But to know of the great lengths he’s gone through to make this entire process, the album, the dvd, the packaging, everything, a footprint on music culture and not the environment strikes a very deep chord with me.

    Taking care of the only earth that we’ve got is very important issue to me, one close to my heart, and it’s one that I feel isn’t getting the attention that it so desperatly needs. If I, for instance, ask where the recycling is, I usually find that there is none. If I ask why not, it’s generally an eye roll and, “You’re such a hippie, Jessi,” for my trouble. This is pretty consistant with any attempt I might make.

    This is SO HUGE, for an artist, an established artist, to make such a statement with his music. Now, when I receive an exasperated eyeroll, I think, “Well David Freaking Gilmour — look it up! Nya nya nya!”

    Of course, I wouldn’t say it like that, but I think it that way with vehemence! 🙂

    Thank you David! Once again, you are the most.

    FEd, sorry for the long post but I have to add this here for you. I was listening to The Times, They Are A-Changin’ and that first verse struck me as being really appropriate to this topic, global warming and whatnot.

    “Come gather ’round, people, wherever you roam
    and admit that the waters around you have grown
    And accept it that soon You’ll be drenched to the bone.
    If your time to you is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone for the times they are a-changin’.”

    Made me smile. 🙂 )

    [Thanks for that, Jessica. A bit of Dylan a day keeps the doctor away. Another thing that bugs me is how people working in shops are so damn quick to put whatever you buy into a plastic bag for you. If you stop them and say that you already have a bag, thank you very much – and I’m almost apologetic about it, for heaven’s sake – they look at you as though you’ve just told them that you hate their hairstyle/lipstick/perfume/mother/children/car. What’s that all about? – Features Editor]

  27. Looking forward to seeing more “Barn photos” from Polly’s piccy portfolio. Will these end up in the Gallery too?

    Or more hopefully, as Brian suggests [“It would be nice to think that someday these images may be released as a coffee table book. Just like Storm Thorgerson’s artwork and Pink Floyd, Polly’s imagery has become synonymous with David.”]

    Or how about a DG calendar (you’d better get a move on for 2008 though).

    [No calendar, but they will be in the Galleries section within a week or two. – Features Editor]

  28. It’s good to see the Calendar is filling up with Chat sessions again.

    There’s soooo much to drool over since the release of RTN…

  29. CAPTION:

    Stark silence followed at the Madame Tussauds unveiling as everyone gazed upon the striking resemblance of one David Gilmour…..behind a drum set….

  30. Well, I am a little late in my comments to the new DVD….I have been slowly savoring it.

    I picked mine up at Best Buy Thursday afternoon, they were not even on the shelf yet…they were kind enough to give me one off the cart.

    ~*FIVE STARS*~ Flauless perfection, I don’t even know where to start….most everyone has covered it allready….just wanted to say WOW!!! 2 thumbs up!

    I am just sitting here watching the Diamonbacks make thier way into the playoffs…life is great!

    I am also reflecting on the whole experience over the last year and a half….Bravo Mr. Gilmour, Bravo! I am looking at my CD,DVD,2 singles, 3 extra insert giveaways, and thinking about the invite to the Leno show, the concert, and 2 theatre experiences. What a fantastic ride, the documentaion in the DVD is so good, what a great ride for the crew!

    Fantastic!… absolutely fantastic!!

  31. I know David plays percussion, but never knew what type of percussion, I guess drums are considered as one and we finally get to see the image of it. Thanks Polly for that.

    Hope this image will be made available on the Gallery.

  32. [Please note that these photos are not even the slightest bit suggestive of a new album or tour…]

    Understood but, FEd are we allow to have High Hopes though?

    [If you don’t ask every day whether or not David’s working on a new album, sure. – Features Editor]

  33. Fed… haven’t been lucky, yesterday I went for my copy of “Remember that Night” and Best Buy was out of them :S! I guess I’ll have to go tomorrow and check if they already have it… can you believe it? Travel thousands of miles just to see it’s not available.

    On some other interesting topics… I’ve been talking to a lot guitar shops in Austin, TX and none of them is aware of the David Gilmour Custom Fender Strat. Even Guitar Center has not information at all. I felt weird explaining the salesman about it ¬¬! Can you give us further details about the launch of the guitar? I clearly remember you said it will be available by the time the DVD was to be released… Hopefully you can give us some information :0)!

    Take care everyone!

    Shine on… we patient bloggers!


    [There will absolutely, definitely, unquestionably be a custom David Gilmour Strat, and we hope to be able to tell you more about it next week (please read those last few words again, because I can’t put them in flashing text and, Lord knows, I want to). Unfortunately, it could not be ready in time for the DVD release, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to continue being patient for a little longer. It’s good to know that Fender aren’t blabbing about it until we’re ready to make a proper announcement, though. It’s refreshing to see that some people regard the end product as being more important than being the first to start a rumour. – Features Editor]

  34. Happy Wednesday,

    Rolling Stone have issued an interesting interview with David.

    In it he suggests that a new album/tour may come out when the time is right. And that there may not be a 12 year gap between releases.

    Watch this space !

    Pete – Coventry

    [You can read it in our Press section. Click Pete’s name below for that. – Features Editor]

  35. i think, i once heard that David played drums on one of Syd Barrets albums? is this true anyone?

    Arsenal V Liverpool final Fed? (if our boys are allowed out that late, that is)

    [That’s absolutely true, Graham. For some odd reason, I can’t think about Liverpool facing Arsenal in cup competitions for too long. I must see my doctor about that. The thought of it makes me twitch uncontrollably. – Features Editor]

  36. To FEd.

    Thank you for your long and informative reply which generally ses the pix idea is cool in principle but as you quite rightly say, moronic pains-in-the-bum will always abound and yes I now see how it would add to the ‘cliqueness’ that’s out there too!

    Hmmm! Something to ponder on, perhaps!

    Love Cori xxx

    [I’ve been pondering for almost two years now. Just when I start thinking that we should go for it, some muppet comes forward and proves that I was right to doubt the idea. Pity. – Features Editor]

  37. [Richard – let you and I run away together and live in High Hopes land, where the grass is greener, the light is brighter…..and David’s DVD is No.1 forever. I cry too. So it’s OK if you cry too too!]

    Now there’s an offer I don’t get every day! Thanks Cori.

    Seriously, I didn’t cry. But the rendition of High Hopes I thought was quite special. You’re at the concert, you know when it’s played it’s going to be good, and David + band still exceed expectations. Really hit the spot. That’s all.


  38. Wow – been checking out the DVD during the weekend and it’s so great… I’ll just keep it that way. GREAT.

    By the way – who’s the dog’s owner? The dog running outside the barn that is… I don’t think its one of the “Dogs of War” is it?


    [That’s one of Polly’s, I think. – Features Editor]

  39. Dominic; i just came from Charlevoix last week to see the whales (Baie Ste-Catherine), Quebec area. Just beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!!

    In the breaking bread documentary, David looks a lot like Jack Nicholson when he is practicing his sax, with his black glasses!!! Funny…I love my dvd.

    Sylvie de Montréal

  40. Dear Fed

    You know when the guys are jamming in the barn, Polly collects Rick’s cup. Immediately the shot changes and the coffee cup has mysteriously returned. Spooky or an exceptional drop-in? If the latter, you don’t notice at all and the editing is brilliant.

    My band think David is great and Mark, Lee, Sosos, Paul A, Paul M and Granty have asked me to send congrats to David for reaching No.1. Jamming usually takes place in my conservatory and David is welcome to join in any time! 🙂

    Love C

  41. Dear Fed.

    Test driving a brand new Mac tomorrow so for the first time ever, I am going to try and join in the chat.

    See you there.

    Love Cori xxx

    [You’ll enter the Lobby and, once there, you’ll notice that we have two other rooms. They are called the ‘Barn’ and ‘Conservatory’… There’s no end to the spookiness, is there? – Features Editor]

  42. Dear Fed.


    Now THAT is spooky. I’ve got to tell you that I have had many weird experiences where DG is concerned (!) and maybe I will tell you one day.

    Love Cori xxx

  43. [Another thing that bugs me is how people working in shops are so damn quick to put whatever you buy into a plastic bag for you….. – Features Editor]

    yup i know exactly that feeling, it happened to me this lunch time as i grabbed a sandwich from a supermarket across the road, the lady at the checkout put my sandwich into the bag, i emptied it walked out of the shop with sandwich & receipt in hand.

    Our house is full of plastic bags that we’re saving from weekly shopping trips but have yet to make a return visit with them, would we be thrown out if one’s plastic bag does not correspond to the supermarket that we happened to be shopping in on our return? would our T*sco bag be valid in H*rrods (for example).

    [Well, I do know that you can take all plastic bags to T*sco to be recycled… – Features Editor]

  44. Comments on Fender is very true, Fed.

    I’m sure it will be worth the wait, say’s me who has bought something else….Oh well, need to sell some of my other guitars to fund it.


  45. Hi FEd and bloggers,

    best compliments to David and the band:the DVD is perfect,really!

    Sound,locations,atmosphere,songs,scenes,every thing has its place as in a perfect puzzle.

    Best compliments to Polly,pretty photographer,she created a happy,quiet man by a lot of love:The tour and the DVD are a tribute to this woman.

    Thank you David for your soul and the emotions…please don’t be too late with your new music and songs…

    Kisses from Rome

  46. For Jaime:

    On the Black strat they’re Di Marzio,it seems (by now,he fitted that guitar with all pickups and bridges through years!).

    For the red and creme strats, they’re EMG-SA pickups (you can find ’em everywhere,personally I think they’re good as Fender Lace Sensor Gold too,I love that bluesy sound you ear on Shine On,for example).

    On the blonde lap steel they seem original Fender,and the red Jedson is fitted with a EMG-H humbucker.

    For the acoustics it’s all I know,hope it can help you.


  47. Just a quick one today. Voting for the DMAs finishes this coming Sunday (Sept 30) and the results will be revealed on Tuesday.

    So everyone show your appreciation and click that button!! If you have the time,you can also go to this address and vote for the site as well as the blog (click my name).

    [Thank you, Brian. – Features Editor]

  48. I have to say what Melanie posted is so true and I hope that everyone should take time to read it.

    Because of all the time that you have put into this site and all the crap you have to read or put up with and you still hang in there for all of us. Indeed David has a great Editor and I just wanted to say Thank you for all the great work to keep this blog site #1.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [Bless you, Thomas. Many thanks. – Features Editor]

  49. Hi Fed.

    I love the new dvd, but on ECHOES is the wrong bass line. Intro no exist and in the end of part 1 Guy confirmed that he never saw LIVE AT POMPEII.

  50. [Because of all the time that you have put into this site and all the crap you have to read or put up with and you still hang in there for all of us. Indeed David has a great Editor and I just wanted to say Thank you for all the great work to keep this blog site #1.]

    Seconded. Credit where it is due.

    I know my limitations and they dont come near yours.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Come on, now you’re being too kind. – Features Editor]

  51. it’s cool to see the DG expressing his musical abilities without thinking its a new album tour

    be cool if there were pictures of DG through the decades playing different instruments – the syd stuff on drums, other sessions for the people he’s worked with?

    you be the man to sort that kinda thing out FE’d!

    hope everyone is keeping ok?

  52. i haven’t been able to read t’ blog for a few days now owing to pc problems. i need to book a half day off work just to catch up!

    as i missed the carbon neutral blog, i wanted to add that i think it’s fab of david and co to care enough to do something. plenty of people say they care but they do nothing when it comes to proving it.

    “rivers run dry but there’s no line on his brow, says he doesn’t care who’s saved…”

  53. I listened to A Momentary Lapse on the way to work, and the Division Bell on the way home and it got me thinking about comments from the blog regarding the David and Roger meeting on the DVD. I thought I’d add my 10 pence worth while we’re still on the subject but this statement I’m about to make could have me crucified.

    I’d like to make a point on the comments on a Floyd reunion. I know Bob Geldof’s magical powers of persuasion got them together for a ‘one off’ charity Live8 show, (I didn’t go as I couldn’t have stood to watch all the crap which was on in the afternoon before Floyd and the Who played.) They have earned their place in rock history, in all 3 stages of the Pink Floyd from the sixties to nineties. Maybe it doesn’t get any bigger than that, but where do you go from there?

    I’ve put the airmiles in to see all things floydian and hope fellow bloggers don’t think I’ve overstepped the mark with this outrageous comment as I’m about to do. Maybe I can afford to be laid back about this as I was old and privileged enough to have seen them play several times (I spent every penny I had on the European tour in 1994) and those are the shows I benchmark every other concert I go to with.

    I saw Waters at Earls Court in May and he is still the showman he always was. I saw Gilmour last year and the 2 of them were brilliant, both played the Floyd numbers we all know and love.

    To be continued…

  54. Continued…

    We should be grateful both of them are still alive, creating beautiful music and touring rather than watching some old grainy VHS video from days gone by reminiscing how they had died young or were now ‘washed up’ and never lived up to their true potential. Grab the moment and appreciate what we have still got the chance to experience in our lifetime, you lucky people. The band name is irrelevant; both shows are just as good.

    Here goes…… (Take a breath, take a deep breath now) Pink Floyd is dead.

    I really would love to be proved wrong, but I don’t think a reunion is going to happen. They have it all to lose and nothing to prove to anyone; both are brilliant in their own right.

    BTW, Loads of respect to Rick, Nick and Syd RIP. The Pink Floyd show couldn’t have blossomed into what it was without them.

    Please write any hate mail on a £20 note and send it to ……

    What do you reckon Fed?

    PS. Jon Carin is going to have a big problem if they tour at the same time.

    [What do I think? I’d ask for £50 notes for starters. Secondly, how dare you suggest that Madonna was crap at Live8. Is that what you’re getting at? If so, that’s it. Get the wood and nails out, pronto. As for Pink Floyd being dead, then I personally agree with you. Nothing wrong with saying so, mate. Some people could do with the reality check. Living in the past is a great waste when there’s a future ahead of you, and I’m far more excited at the prospect of (maybe, just maybe) David giving us something new than I am amused by the idea of a nostalgia tour. – Features Editor]

  55. [Another thing that bugs me is how people working in shops are so damn quick to put whatever you buy into a plastic bag for you. If you stop them and say that you already have a bag, thank you very much – and I’m almost apologetic about it, for heaven’s sake – they look at you as though you’ve just told them that you hate their hairstyle/lipstick/perfume/mother/children/car. What’s that all about? – Features Editor]

    I know! I don’t understand! At first, I wondered if maybe they’re offended at me doing their job, so my roommate and I would offer THEM the bags so that they might bag the groceries themselves (or whatever the product may be) but they don’t seem to like that very much either. Many places don’t even carry paper bags anymore.

    I was talking about plastic bags with my friend who’s a chem major at Luther College and he told me about this new plastic bag that made from a form of cornstarch. It’s recyclable and a touch stronger than regular plastic and guess who’s the first to convert their bags? Wal.Mart. ARGH! It’s so hard to think, “Yay, Wal.Mart!”!!

    Also, on the note of Pink Floyd being dead — In my heart of hearts, I know that it’s true. You make a good point, Alex, that it might be harder to admit if you haven’t gotten the opportunity to see them all together live, but I love what you said, what was it…

    [We should be grateful both of them are still alive, creating beautiful music and touring rather than watching some old grainy VHS video from days gone by reminiscing how they had died young or were now ‘washed up’ and never lived up to their true potential.]

    Well said, and very true. Thanks a bunch for your insight! 🙂

    Anyway, at this point, I’m just desperate to see David live. THEN my life will be complete. (Though, I’m not going to lie, I would probably sell my left ovary to see a Pink Floyd reunion.) 😀

  56. I have to say that I agree completely with Alex and FEd about Pink Floyd (even if I think Roger doesn’t sound ‘like Pink Floyd’ at all,to be honest I felt embarrassed to listen to things like ‘In the flesh’…with all my respect for Mr Waters..but I love more the ‘musical’ part of Pink Floyd,David and Rick of course.

    The Live 8 stuff was,in my opinion,the best and fair way to bury any bad word,any fight and a good way for finding that,after all,there’s no winner,there’s no ‘Pink war’…

    there’s just music in my opinion,and we have to say thanks to this 5 men who made Pink Floyd.

    That’s all:)


  57. [Living in the past is a great waste when there’s a future ahead of you, and I’m far more excited at the prospect of (maybe, just maybe) David giving us something new than I am amused by the idea of a nostalgia tour. – Features Editor]

    David is like a fine wine, he tastes better with age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. DJ Rodrigo,

    Purists will find anything wrong with something that isn’t exactly what they expect. I had a weird reaction to hearing David Bowie sing C.Numb, for instance. Then upon hearing it again a few times with an open mind I found it to be quite refreshing. It was David Bowie doing classic ‘David Bowie’ (refreshing in and of itself) during a performance of a classic PF tune.

    Echoes on RTN, in my humble opinion, shatters Pompeii in terms of performance, energy, and tightness of the band. As a purist, you can find things not up to snuff with most renditions of classic tunes. Echoes on RTN was as I remembered it live in 2006: as close to the 70’s Floyd experience in power and performance as I’d ever hoped to get.

    Guy Pratt has matured considerably on the Bass. On Delicate Sound and Pulse he seemed like a young player trying to put his stamp on the music. On RTN he seemed like a player who found his place “in the slot” of the band and still kept that element that makes his playing unique.

    That said, I disagree with you…

  59. Dear Fed and fellow bloggers,

    At the risk of fanning the flames on the discussion of the Pink Floyd reunion topic, I would like to add my take Mr. Gilmour’s Remember the Night DVD.

    I think the RTN DVD is absolutely fantastic! However, after watching RTN several times now, I have come away with the following “feeling” regarding Pink Floyd and David’s solo career – again these are just my thoughts

    It seems to me that David has viewed Pink Floyd as his “job” – and now he has come to the time in his life to retire from that job. However, he still has a passion for music and On an Island and Remember that Night are a glimpse into his personal life and the reality that has a desire to still create music now that he is retired from his job of being in Pink Floyd.

    I know it is not my intention to keep working at my job forever – no matter how much passion I have for it, how much I like my co-workers, or how much they are willing to pay me. I plan on being able to retire – some day – and look forward to not having to deal with all the day-to-day hassles and headaches of work. So, why can’t we let Mr. Gilmour have the same ability or opportunity to say that he has had enough, done enough or accomplished all that he had hoped to accomplish with Pink Floyd and let him walk away from it?

    We should all be grateful that Mr. Gilmour continues to share with us the music he is still creating – rather than keep wishing/whining/complaining for something that does not even exist anymore.

    [Well said, Randall. – Features Editor]

  60. [ … how dare you suggest that Madonna was crap at Live8. Is that what you’re getting at? If so, that’s it. Get the wood and nails out, pronto. As for Pink Floyd being dead, then I personally agree with you. Nothing wrong with saying so, mate. – Features Editor]

    Hi FEd,

    As to your first statement, I had no idea you were a such a fan of Madonna … you’d actually climb up alongside her on a cross? WOW!! 😀

    Rather than Pink Floyd being ‘dead’, I’d prefer to think of that entity as being one of those distant stars in the galaxy that, long after it has been consumed by a supernova, still shines on for the delight of the earthbound misfits, us. “Preserve your memories, that’s all that’s left you.”

    As to the exciting prospect (maybe, just maybe) of David giving us something new, I’m right there with you. Deliver us from the ‘nostalgia tour’ questions that continue ad nauseum. Live 8 was it folks and you should have enjoyed it … I certainly did!!

    [I was away last week? – Features Editor]

    Maybe we’re all still just a little out of sync lately what with all the various happenings in the Land of Gilmour! It’s been a little like visiting Oz lately — ‘people come and go so quickly’, or maybe it’s just that freaking cold that we all seem to catch more or less at the same time each year! What’s up with that??

    Well, I’ve used up enough space blathering on … back later to talk Remember That Night. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to view the dvd in it’s entirety just about the time as the Aussies!

    Keep up the good work, FEd! You know we all love ya, right??


    [Yeah, yeah… – Features Editor]

  61. Dear Fed & Alex P.

    Whilst I agree that the PF of old has gone forever, when you hear stuff like Led Zep reforming you just wish it were PInk Floyd cos it would be like the ‘second coming’, the pinnical gig of the 21st century, the ultimate nostalgia trip.

    I find that whoever you speak to has some kind of memory about PF. Therefore its hard to accept ‘the end of the affair’ and PF are just no more.

    We need closure, so until then PF are not dead but simply simmering on a back burner.

    And this brings us back to square one, re a reunion, does it not…..!

    Love Cori xxx

  62. Living in the past ? 70% of this new dvd is pink floyd tracks!

    David is better with age like wine. guy is a great bassist. but echoes …..(pompeii)

    Why, David, not play your greatest hits? MURDER, THERES NO WAY .. and other songs…

    Leave Floyd songs for pink floyd band.

    [Then Pink Floyd really would be dead, because nobody, not even Roger Waters, would be allowed to play these songs live. You can’t have it both ways, sorry. – Features Editor]

  63. Hah, I’ve just changed my mind on that last comment regarding a PF reunion. It would be good, wouldn’t it?

    Why don’t David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason support Jon Carin on his 2008 World Tour. Just a thought. (:)

    [Turncoat. – Features Editor]

  64. Good evening FEd,

    I like my blogs to have a bit more crack than a brickies arse but see what happens when I try to be serious for once. Good to see it’s got people talking and I haven’t received any death threats yet. It’s a fact, Floyd is dead and there’s been no heartbeat for years, nothing.

    Besides, who am I to complain as I like the music they’re creating now, I like the intimate venues, the invitations we got from your good self, and the camaraderie with fellow fans I never got to experience at any Floyd gigs. They were in massive stadiums or big indoor venues and I never got up close to the stage as we’re being treated to or involved in now, (however my retinas will be scorched forever by those blinding lightshows). This has all been a step in the right direction as it wouldn’t have been possible in 1994. Evolution in progress my friend, and I’m just a passenger going with the flow.

    Well done and thanks again to everyone involved in making this happen.

    I stand by my original quote, turncoat, nae chance FEd.

    PS. Madonna, is she the one that used to sing in Guy Pratt’s band?


    [Well, she was the one that ate into Pink Floyd’s rehearsal time at Live8… – Features Editor]

  65. The Led Zep reunion is really no different than the Live 8 PF reunion. As I have read it, they are doing it for one show for charity. OK, Live 8 was not for charity but for a cause but you get my drift.

    Zep is also doing the show as a way to thank the person who helped bring them to success. Plant has said many times that he really has no interest in reforming the band even though Page and John Paul Jones would like to and go on a worldwide tour.

    And remember, Plant is now 59. The success of that reunion show squarely lies with him. It is his voice that will make a difference. Do you really think that at 59 he will be able to hit those notes he did when he was 25??

    Even Sting had to modify some of The Police songs so that he wasn’t out of tune. In fact, the Police still put on a fabulous show but it is nothing like their shows from the early 1980s. But I digress.

    If you listen to recent Plant recordings, you’ll see that he is doing stuff that is far, far away from Zep. He’s moved on, just like David has. The Zeppelin legacy is really no different than PF. Both were power house musical acts that sold millions of records and have huge followings.

    So Plant decided this was the time for them to do this (again). David did the same thing a few years ago. Let’s leave it at that.

    In the meantime, thanks for all the great music David is providing us and for keeping the legacy alive in his own way.



    PS – During the Q&A David did admit he would like to see the Zep show. Wouldn’t it be great if he was a special guest just like Bowie appeared at David’s show??? Imagine David and Jimmy on stage doing something like The Rover or Black Dog together?? And, so I open another can of worms…

  66. I would have thought that the release of P.U.L.S.E. and the subsequent release of RTN demonstrate perfectly the fact that not only is PF reunion simply not on the agenda, it would be musically, artistically and aesthetically a backward step.

    Just face it kids, this tour was as good as it gets.

  67. Wow!

    I look away for a few minutes and here is all this PF reunion talk.

    OK my take on this is this… First you need to know that I am a fan of just the four of them up on stage. Get rid of the 20 backup singers, the extra guitar players, percussionists etc. Get rid of Mr Screen and the videos and the pigs and crashing airplanes. This was just horrible bloat of the 70’s and later.

    Pink Floyd is dead because for me the PF that I love is at Pompeii and the time that this represented. Back when their music was uncluttered and pure. The brilliance of the movie at Pompeii was the simplicity of it all. Four men sounding like 10 where as later it was 10 or more trying to sound like 4.

    You can debate whether the version of Echoes on Pompeii is better the version on RTN but really really listen to them both. They are from 2 different times. Pompeii raw and fresh, RTN polished and honed. They really can’t be compared.

    If they ever got back together, the only real reason would be to get back to their roots, to the exciting way it was at the beginning and this can never be.

    I know they will never tour again just the four of them and if they do tour with the behemoth that is the latter day PF, I am not interested.

    Nuff said.

    Cheers, Howard

  68. [Keep up the good work, FEd! You know we all love ya, right?? – Gabrielle]

    [Yeah, yeah… – Features Editor]

    You don’t sound like you’re thoroughly convinced FEd.:{) Maybe you’re feeling a wee bit weary at the moment what with your ‘Annual Aging Ceremony’ coming up in the very near future!!

    Soooo, take a deep breath, imagine yourself on an island watching the deepening shades of a gorgeous red sky at night, gaze into the blue depths of this heaven, and smile. :-)) You’ve been our tour guide/confidant/referee and Irregular friend from the beginning and we’ve all come a long way from where we start(ed).

    If I’ve pissed you off with my ramblings, please give me a moment to close my eyes, then feel free to throw a pocketful of stones my way, but only if they were collected on Castellorizon!!

    It certainly has been one hell of a magical, musical journey these last few days, weeks, months — holey sheets FEd, not long before we can actually count the ‘yearS’ (please note the added emphasis on the ‘s’)!!!

    As with any family, we’ve certainly had our ups and downs, highs and lows, crappy days and goofy days, bitchy squabbles and make-ups, Irregulars finding certain family members to be more on their wavelength than others (sometimes referred to as ‘cliques’). In other words, we’re just like any other normal, functioning dysfunctional family! I think if you took one of those pesky polls (and I don’t mean you, Tomasz!) you’d find that, all-in-all, we’ve all had quite a fabulous time for the most part, don’t you?

    Dammit, I sat down with the intent of discussing Remember That Night. I do believe I meandered down another path … Oh well, with so much work to catch up on tomorrow, I’ll need a break and discussing RTN will provide a perfect distraction!

    Thanks for the forum FEd! Peace and love to you all!

  69. Off topic – in regards to carbon neutral DVD (as you can see I am catching up very well). It is impressive and encouraging to see that David Gilmour and Company continuously for being environmentally responsible and showing the way for other artists that actions speak louder than words.

    Hats off to you all for such an admirable act!

  70. Caption:

    David was deep in thought of how to get his revenge after the rest of the band decided to demote him to the drums.

  71. so i’ve finally had time to catch up. fed, i don’t know how you read it all!

    i agree with alex. the floyd is finished.

    i’d be upset about that if david wasn’t working such magic and giving us fab new songs.

    i don’t care what roger does but i know that some people do and that’s fine. it just shows that everyone should be happy because you have david making great new music, his singing is great, his guitar playing is better than anyone alive, his dvd is a real beauty. and roger is doing his thing too.

    [A very diplomatic ending to your comment, I feel, Victor. Nice. – Features Editor]

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