24-hour contest

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.I hear there are some awesome Gilmour-goodies knocking about the DG Management office, looking for a good home, so what better way to dish them out than to run a completely random contest?

I’ve got a copy of the awesome exclusive DVD package that’s currently available in Borders stores (available only in the US, containing a rather nice Abbey Road mini-poster); the US-only DVD exclusive from Best Buy, complete with awesome three-track CD from the AOL Sessions (I’ll ask that someone checks that the DVD actually works first, don’t worry); an awesome programme from the UK & Europe premiere – as seen regularly on eBay (this was available in UK cinemas only, it seems); an awesome (well, that’s a huge exaggeration, it’s pretty dull) ‘backstage’ pass from said premiere; and a rare (and truly awesome) promo CD, issued only to radio stations in the run-up to the DVD’s release.

Five prizes, five winners, so all we need now are five adjectives, as used by you, to describe the awesome ‘Remember That Night’ DVD.

As you are likely to come up with the same ones, especially if you cheat and look back over recent posts, names will be pulled out of an imaginary hat. Whoever matches the most adjectives to my list of five will go into this awesome ‘hat’.

They can be the most over-used, the most annoying, or the most unusual. You have to guess.

Please get your entries in by 3PM (UK) tomorrow, no excuses. Only one entry per person, as always (that’s one list of five adjectives, please). I’ll let you know who has won what tomorrow.

Good luck, all.

Quick update on the position of ‘Remember That Night’ in the Music DVD charts… It’s now Number One in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the United States.

Awesome, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

221 thoughts on “24-hour contest”

  1. Just wanted to add that “Remember That Night” went straight into the no 1 spot in the Swedish DVD-charts!

    Well done to you all!


    [Thanks for sharing, Nicholas. Thank you, Sweden. – Features Editor]

  2. 1, Let’s not rent a movie tonight, Darling…
    2, I was at it!!!!!
    3, Stunning
    4, Worth the wait
    5, I’ve never won anything, Fed!!

    I wont ask about the Strat ever again…..

  3. My five


    And I could go on and on……


  4. RTN 5 Adjectives:

    1) Perfection
    2) Colourful
    3) Interesting
    4) Mysterious (Easter Eggs)
    5) Entertaining

  5. Amazing
    Awesome (Stolen from you, F’ed)

    I’m not good with words. But I played the intro to Money for good luck.


  6. Ok, to the best of my knowledge I really HAVE used these five in recent days:


  7. Congrats on the chart’s positions! And I think this DVD has run to the top of the charts because it’s:


    Bonus:Vigorous or envigorating…boy that’s difficult. Well, the music just makes me feel energetic and…strong… alive one could say.

    (Sorry if the spelling is all wrong. English is not my first language and apparently today not the second or third either. Must be the rain, but I can stare at the screen for hours and I still won’t know if vigorous and pristine are actually written that way!).

  8. I’ve been critical of the overuse of this word in the past especially in the Americas but it truly does describe the DVD so my first adjective is:

    1. Awesome
    2. Incredible
    3. Friendly
    4. Brilliant
    5. Fantastic

    I would have included Wow but technically it’s not an adjective.

    Fed… congratulations on combining an amazing competition with grammar lessons as well… Not only do you give us up to date accurate information we can learn something as well… 🙂

    [I try, I try. – Features Editor]

  9. Hi Fed,

    Here’s my guesses for the adjectives:

    Fingers crossed!

    Cheers, Jon

    PS. After last night surely Benitez can see he was wrong not to play Torres against Birmingham?!

    [I hope so, as I thought Torres was absolutely awesome against Reading, but I’m sure Rafa knows what he’s doing. We didn’t complain at the start of the season when all his strikers were scoring, after all. – Features Editor]

  10. [They can be the most over-used, the most annoying, or the most unusual. You have to guess.]

    But, please, they must be English adjectives ?


    [Mais oui. – Features Editor]

  11. Caption: Due to the severe rain and flooding, David and Guy take time out to play a few tunes in the Ark. (Arkstoria?).

  12. My list is:-


    I can think of loads more, do we get a second go?

    Cheers, Lynne.

    [No. Sorry. – Features Editor]

  13. [and a rare (and truly awesome) promo CD…..]

    I NEED GLASSES, I thought it said PORNO CD.

    Anyway my 5 adjectives.

    1. Stunning
    2. Mesmorizing
    3. Memorable
    4. Creative
    5. Puzzling

  14. Hi Fed

    As I missed the ritzy gig I have to place a negative feeling in with the great ones

    1. Inspiring
    2. Devastating
    3. Wonderful
    4. Magical
    5. Awesome

  15. Five!! Just five!!! That is cruel FEd, very cruel indeed…

    1. Beautiful
    2. Breathtaking
    3. Captivating
    3. Stunning
    5. Phenomenal

  16. Caption Competition…

    David and Guy’s re-enactment of a scene from Pulp Fiction where Vincent Vega opened the briefcase was spoilt by Guy refusing to put his bass guitar down…

  17. Not got the DVD yet. It is on my xmas list, despite being urged to by others (well Martin actually)

    However, if I am still allowed to have a go……

    1. Awesome
    2. I was hoping for
    3. Wow (dont get all technical Rudders)
    4. My DVD freezes
    5. Fantastic

    Pete – Coventry (2 – Man Utd 0)

    [Of course you can have a go, Pete. I really like people from Coventry today. – Features Editor]

  18. CAPTION :

    “Told you I was as good as Brickman” says Guy.

    “Stick to the BASSics” says our hero

    Lighting requires the Brickman touch.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  19. Can I just throw this out in tribute F*Ed?


    [Do you have any of those pom-pom thingies? I’m waiting for a “Goooooo, David!” – Features Editor]

  20. FEd,

    You are making me laugh so much today.

    Have an “awesome” day.

    Can’t wait to watch the DVD tomorrow.

    Best regards.


    [You have an awesome day, too. – Features Editor]

  21. Here’s my list:

    1. Amazing
    2. Brilliant
    3. Mind-blowing
    4. Awesome
    5. Fantastic

    CAPTION: DG is such a good guitar player he can levitate himself whilst playing. Guy on the other hand has too stand on a chair whilst poor Polly has to spend a lot of time looking up!

  22. Awesome

    F****** great is 2 words, right?

    [Very creative. – Features Editor]

  23. [Of course you can have a go, Pete. I really like people from Coventry today. – Features Editor]

    LOL – I was wondering when I would get a reaction.

    Pete – Coventry

    [Well, I didn’t want to look too keen, you understand. – Features Editor]

  24. [Do you have any of those pom-pom thingies? I’m waiting for a “Goooooo, David!” – Features Editor]

    Well he did play three nights at the…

    RAH! RAH! RAH!

    “Oh David you’re so fine
    You’re so fine you blow my mind
    Hey David!
    Hey David!”

    [Better. You deserve a prize for that. – Features Editor]

  25. [Better. You deserve a prize for that. – Features Editor]

    I especially liked the RAH! RAH! RAH! (Royal Albert Hall) but the real prize here F*Ed is being able to tangle wits on a semi-daily basis with you and the fellow Gilmourians…


    [That first bit was pure genius. – Features Editor]

  26. Struggled with just 5, had to add a 6th.


  27. [Castelorizonny, Bluey, Smiley, Fat Old Sunny, Echoey – Posted by: Michael Kelly]

    Just fab, Michael…kudos!

  28. Superb


    P.S. Pete – if you get one now, you’ll need another one by Christmas time anyway, as you’ll have worn it out by then !

  29. I’ve got my pom-poms out too:


    Shake em up
    let them flow
    David 4 ever
    Yo yo yo!

    let’s go!


    Bye Cori xxx

  30. “Oh David you’re so fine
    You’re so fine you blow my mind
    Hey David!
    Hey David!”

    You taking the mickey out of that song Matt?????

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  31. Congrats on charts, David…but we knew it would be number one before it hit the streets… That was one helluva tour, man…



    and, of course, the obligatory AWESOME!

    Note: Add ‘Dude’ to taste…

  32. Did I tell you I support Arsenal?

    Love Cori xxx

    [Great. Another Gooner. Just what we need. (Just kidding.) – Features Editor]

  33. My adjectives:

    Fulfilling (literally)

    Thanks David for the great dvd!

    Danny from Canada!

  34. [Did I tell you I support Arsenal?]

    I support Walsall…good thing that doesn’t confict with anyone here..LOL

    Cheers, Howard

  35. 1. incredible
    2. unbelivable
    3 warm
    4. welcoming
    5. happy

    cheers fed

    the live shows were amazing and the dvd with the documentary was unbelivable

    how these guy lived on the road so peacefully together was one of the best parts to this dvd.

  36. Gooner? Apologise Fed else you’ll be a goner!

    Can’t help it as we lived opposite the old stadium when I was a kid. My mum still lives there!

    Shine on!

    Love Cori xxx

  37. Overwhelming

    Finally a place to use that word! 😉

  38. Angelo, I love your list!

    Here’s mine:


    I listened to the 3 AOL tracks that came with the Best Buy DVD. It sounds better to me then the video, and I have watched that AOL sessions quite a bit. I think watching it, being as it took place in a drab studio, took away from the music somehow. I like it a lot better just taking it in auditorily (sp?). It may sound crazy, but then again, I’ve never claimed otherwise 😉

    See you in chat, my friends. If not, have a great weekend.


  39. Hello F’ed, here are my entries,

    1. amazing
    2. awe-inspiring
    3. stupefying
    4. mystifying
    5. brilliant 🙂 (my favorite)

  40. Fantastic

    As well as everything that everyone else has said.


  41. Yet another fun competition Fed… and the prizes! Very cool!

    Mine are:

    1. spectacular
    2. mesmerizing
    3. captivating
    4. magical
    5. scintilating


  42. not looking at anyone’s lists before posting this:

    1. awesome (lol @ fed)
    2. fab
    3. ace
    4. tops
    5. brill

    [It’s not ‘boss’? – Features Editor]

  43. Dreamy

    What? So David turns me on… and your point?


  44. I’ll give this a shot…

    1) Visceral
    2) Classic
    3) Engrossing
    4) Unprecedented
    5) Cryptic

    To be fair, I must admit that I have the Best Buy version (and the extra CD is great). Perhaps the last adjective will only make sense to those who already have the DVD or who read the blog regularly. Reminiscent of those Publius Enigma days but with more tangible results..!

  45. *Caption*

    Watching David go ice fishing with his guitar was not one of Guy’s favorite moments of the tour…

    [It’s Etch-a-Sketch, I’m sure of it. The guitar neck has been put there to fool us. – Features Editor]

  46. 1. resonant
    2. thrilling
    3. evocative
    4. stunning
    5. fun

    It was smashing–another wonderful adjective–to see you all (some of you anyhow) in the chat room this morning. Let’s do it again tomorrow, shall we?


  47. Congratulations to these chart positions. Really deserved !

    I love contests so my words are

    – marvellous
    – miracolous
    – spectacular
    – relaxing
    – entertaining

    And now lets have a look into the chatroom.

  48. 1. Personal
    2. Mesmerising
    3. Touching
    4. Stunning
    5. ZOMFGWOWSER (not a word yet, but it could well be after this)


  49. My five adjectives, to describe the awesome ‘Remember That Night’ DVD…?

    1) Best
    2) Greatest
    3) Fabulous
    4) Marvelous
    5) Remarkable

    Best wishes,

  50. On another note, I’m loving the pictures of the Jam Sessions.

    Are there any of the Barn from the outside, and of all his guitars etc?


    [Just the inside, and of the band members jamming, Andrew. – Features Editor]

  51. Since English is not my first language, I’ll grab the dictionary, and then say:


  52. Hi FEd!

    How are you?

    My adjectives are:

    1. Brilliant
    2. Amazing
    3. Breathtaking
    4. Mesmerizing
    5. Beautiful

    Thanx for another contest, I love them!


    [I’m very well, thank you. How are you? – Features Editor]

  53. sjoen

    That’s how we talk about the dvd in the lovely South of the Netherlands,


  54. Fantastic

    That’s my five.

    By the way FEd, are you going to catch any of the NHL hockey game this weekend in London? Check out some aggressive action not involving that black and white ball for a change?



    [I will try to. Thanks for the reminder. – Features Editor]

  55. Hello Fed,

    Here are my 5 words…


    I guess I’m going for the most unusual – except for the first one – which is a must!!!

  56. Awesome
    Humbling (they all play soooo well!)

    Erin said (regarding the AOL Sessions):

    “…as it took place in a drab studio, took away from the music somehow.”

    I dunno. I kind of liked it as being very personal somehow, like they are playing in someone’s basement.

    On another note:

    So, Man U got defeated yesterday. What happened? Couldn’t the ref find someone on Coventry to red card?

  57. David must really like DSOTM. Look at the lights in the picture. They are in the shape of a triangle. Spoooooky….

    Or am I reaching here??



  58. Hullo FED and All !!!

    I had to fast scroll down to avoid reading other peoples entries ! So here goes:

    1. Spectacular
    2. Mind blowing
    3. Emotionally provacative
    4. Beautiful
    5. Hair raising

    Harmonious, yes. Tantalizing…I could go on and on, but since I have many things to do today I am going to have to go. If there was one thing I’d love to win would be the programme, aside from having dinner with Polly and David and Richard and if Nick could make it… : )

    Well, I am off and running !

    Peace and Much Love To All !!! Cazart !

  59. Anticipated

    and of course…


    I’ve just found my first Easter Egg on the second DVD…

  60. – Brillant
    – Mind-blowing
    – Top-notch (not sure of that one, but read it in someone’s review and it’s sounds so funny !)
    – Full of secrets
    – Emotional

    I think that ‘awesome’ could be a trap…


  61. I’ve just seen it.

    Here are the adjectives (are there any?! Let’s see if you can guess, I’m sure you can):

    – Interstellar
    – Great (gig in the sky)
    – Fearless
    – Atomic
    – (Let’s get) Metaphysical

  62. Awesome (I know it’s been used a lot but,best word)

    Thanks again for the wonderful music! It works for me for any mood I’m in;-)

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  63. Tantastic (can’t believe someone else used this)
    Jammed (thanks Matt)
    & ……….. AWESOME

    Not sure if that was a clue or RAH herring Fed

    Tom B

  64. Dear Fed!

    I wonder what Robert Plant said to David at the Odeon?

    I would loved to have been a fly on the wall, and wonder what went thro David’s mind when Robert told him that Led Zep were reforming.

    Do you think it made David nostalgic or did he think ‘oh my God!’ or just remain somewhat bemused and thoughtful?

    I wonder….

  65. Bought the DVD last weekend and it’s


  66. -wistful

    considered but omitted was “Neato”….


  67. Hi Fed,

    hope all is well!?

    Again a great contest – THANK YOU! Maybe I have more luck this time at as last time with my Ritzy tickets which I missed the check-in for my plane to London for 10 minutes and can`t use them to see the Ritzy event! 🙁

    What can I say…?

    2. REMEMBERING (I was there for all 3 RAH shows)
    4. MAGICAL
    5. AMAZING

    Thanks David for this GREAT DVD and all the cool BONUS tracks and films indeed,

    PETE from Germany

  68. My five are:


    Fed, do you know if they plan on showing the clip of the Q and A from the Ritzy, with El Magnifico?

    [We are expecting its arrival any time now. – Features Editor]

    Beautiful(that’ll be David)
    Cheeky (that’ll be Guy)
    Teary (that’ll be me)
    Groovy (Echoes woohoo!!)

    I had an amazing night at the RAH, spent most of it crying like a loon. The DVD is wonderful and bought back very warm and fuzzy feelings. Thanks guys.

    Zoe, Hertfordshire xxx

  70. Caption:

    David, having the guitar, sax, and drums under his belt, thought ‘who needs Brickman?’, and hung the Christmas lights himself. . .

  71. My five are:

    1. Awesome
    2. Brilliant
    3. Inspiring
    4. Incredible
    5. Enthralling

    regards dave keyte

  72. Second take:


    No, cannot do it, Polly’s voice is just a bit to high for me to copy.

    (I hope the apostrophe is OK)

  73. Here are my words:

    1. Off the hizzie
    2. Holy Crap!
    3. Stupendous
    4. Muy Bueno
    5. It’s the Shiznet..I think I spelled that right.

    Great contest Fedizzle.

    Renee B.

  74. Woot, another competition!

    1. Sensational
    2. Phenomenal
    3. Breathtaking
    4. Stunning
    5. Awesome

  75. 1. Superlative
    2. Resurgent
    3. Distinct
    4. Melodic
    5. Delightful

    Bloody brilliant to put it simple!


    …music worth feeling…
    ….lifestyle worth living…

    thank you.. really thank you.

    dustin (one soul who was saved by pink hope)

  77. My thought’s after watching…

    Groovily Gilmourish
    Wondrously Wrightish
    Playfully Prattish
    Dumbfoundingly Distanlislaoish
    Creatively Carinish

    and or..

    F***ING “A” man!!!

  78. 1. Superlative
    2. Excellent
    3. Intimate
    4. Marvelous
    5. Personal

    At least those are the adjectives I used to describe it, along with “ground-breaking”.


  79. 1. Tantastic
    2. Fantastic
    3. Brilliant
    4. Awesome
    5. Outstanding

    I think this sums the DVD in five!

  80. [David must really like DSOTM. Look at the lights in the picture. They are in the shape of a triangle. Spoooooky….Or am I reaching here??]

    Ya Andrew..I see it too! And you can also see The Wall there in behind at the back. And the look on Guy’s face suggests he’s having a Momentary Lapse Of Reason..

    Just kidding Andrew ..good observation.

  81. Hi Fed, you have an amazing job.

    I may as well take a wild stab at it;

    1) Exstatic
    2) Inspireing
    3) Comfortable
    4) Electrifying
    5) Emotional

    Thanks David: Canada loves you.

  82. Hi Fed

    I’m too old to use terms like awesome- really everytime David plays it’s absolutely awesome, so please Fed we should use maybe one of the following descriptions;

    Simply bloody marvellous, or
    Beyond Belief, or
    Out of this world (I know his guitar solos take my head to another place), or
    A piece of magic, but to me it is just
    The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wish I was there to “remember that night” – the UK is a long way away.

    Hi and best wishes to everybody out there.


  83. I wanted to add that its a very impressive list of things to give away. But I guess you are still holding on to the giant David is #1 foam finger.



    [That’s mine. And nobody is going to get it. – Features Editor]

  84. F’Ed and all:

    Thank you Gilmour and company for more and more fun.

    5 words? That’s hard.

    1) Exciting 2) Perfect 3) Breathtaking 4) Emotional 5) Sublime

    I am off to Oregon for vacation til Oct 9. I will miss this site. Hope to find out about the Easter Eggs hints when I get back.

    By the way, I received some encouragement from two bloggers quite a long time ago regarding my interest in learning guitar. I have now started lessons on an acoustic. I must say I won’t be giving up my day job any time soon (as the saying goes). It has been fun so far. And believe it or not my teacher’s name is David!!!! Thank you for that encouragement. Means alot.

    Keep well and happy all.


  85. Glimour-riffic

    Thanks Fed. What fun!

    Oh yes, what is a “Gooner”?

    Hope you have a good day!

    [A nickname for an Arsenal fan. – Features Editor]

  86. checked with my daughter to ensure the adjectiveness of the following:

    1. awesome
    2. random
    3. random
    4. awesome
    5. random

    others were deleted as being silly old verbs, adverbs and other grammatical species.

    does anyone’s else child say random about a million times a day?

  87. Inspiring

    And finally: Marvelous!

    Have a good weekend FEd!

    [Thanks very much. The same to you. – Features Editor]

  88. Dear Dave.

    The new dvd is amazing. I enyoyed both discs!!

    You must come to Argentina some day. Please!!

    Thanks a lot for your music.

  89. It is hard to put into words just how wonderful this dvd is. One blogger said tears came to his eyes.

    I would have to say that after watching David say he loved Richard: seeing David smile at the other band memebers: Polly laughing; the beautiful children, just the comraderie of all of the band and then the stunning performances; that pretty well sums up the feeling. I got the lump in the throat feeling. So lovely.

    And Davids acoustic ending on High Hopes was so beautiful and poignant.

    Also, I loved the version of Comfortably Numb with Rick W. the best. Davids closing on this was my favorite.

    Will miss reading all you while I am on vacation. Hope I don’t miss the Easter Egg fun.

    Love to all, Jan

  90. Hiya Fed!

    Its 4am-ish and I am in the conservatory watching the stars and the moon. Can’t sleep.

    Saw a shooting star and made a wish.

    Orchestra in my head so I’m gonna go and work it out.

    Nite Nite Fed!

    Love Cori xxx

  91. [It’s Etch-a-Sketch, I’m sure of it. The guitar neck has been put there to fool us. – Features Editor]

    Brilliant Fed and Matt lol guys!

    (-:Tomi Sue:-)

  92. My 5 are Awesome, Stunning, Laughing, Subtle and Friendly.

    If you get a chance Fed, the NHL has brought our Stanley Cup to London for all to see. It’s the most elegant trophy in sports and was purchased from London in the late 1800’s by a guy named Lord Stanley.

  93. Addictive

    Haven’t a clue if these words are adjectives, all I know is that they aren’t elephants.

    Have a good weekend one and all.

    Ian Pearson

  94. You taking the mickey out of that song Matt????? – Geoff]

    [Don’t Basilly…. – Posted by: Matt at September 27, 2007 05:51 PM]

    You deserve a Tony award for that one sir.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  95. Fed

    As a favour to the many aussie fans out there would it be possible to organise a chat a bit earlier in the day. 2pm over there is midnight here (I think anyway) and as you know most of have been around longer than we care to admit.

    But I can say the 70’s were the best and I was part of it, and where would I have been without ‘Meddle’, ‘Obsured by Clouds’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’.

    Anybody out there remember those dark nights, when you just chilled right out and listened to Pink Floyd? How could you forget unless you had some help if you know what I mean.

    Thanks Fed

    [Can do, Charles. Please click your name below and have a look at our calendar. – Features Editor]

  96. awesome compo

    heres my 5:


    have a good weekend everyone!

    i hear torres is taking it easy this weekend so don’t expect any more than 2 goals if he plays… ;p

  97. Here you are in no particular order…I’m sure it’s all of these and more….



  98. N ostalgic
    I nnovative
    G ilmour-ish
    H eavenly
    T ingly

    Ruan Milborrow

    [Bonus points for the acrostic. – Features Editor]

  99. Dear Fed, Alex and all!

    WE are not alone – the Press Association, posted the following approximately 18 hours ago (click my name).

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Pink Floyd is the band most people want to see reunite – and the Spice Girls the group they want to split, according to a new poll. A survey of music fans across Europe also called for Westlife and Girls Aloud to call it a day. […] After Pink Floyd, music fans said they wanted Swedish stars Abba and US rockers Guns N’ Roses to reform.”


    Love Cori xxxx

    [Interesting. – Features Editor]

  100. 1. Warm
    2. Quality
    3. Emotional
    4. Crafted
    5. er Awesome

    Have a good weekend everyone.


  101. FEd,

    Based on the discussion in the chat yesterday, I think some people are a little confused.

    I understood that you were looking for adjectives that were used on the blog since the release of RTN.

    Others thought these were 5 words that YOU think describe RTN.

    Personally I think your writing above is pretty clear but I can see how some might get confused because of prior contests held on the site.



    [Let ’em be, I say. Short of getting out some puppets and doing a Punch and Judy routine, with Big Bird from Sesame Street providing running commentary, I’m afraid I can’t make it any clearer. There will be a few hundred entries. I need to find some amusement among them. – Features Editor]

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