Remember That Night DVD (2007)You all know Wireman, who has been reading beneath a palm tree for quite a while now on the homepage.

Based on an original wire model by David Macilwaine, Wireman has become symbolic of David’s solo career – and we’re very happy to have him on the site.

So happy, in fact, that we’ve got him doing a few other things for our amusement.

Just for fun, I’d like to know what you’d like to see him doing.

Just one suggestion each, please.

I’ll let you know the winning suggestion on Friday.

I shouldn’t have to say, but will: please keep your suggestion clean and decent. There are some things that Wireman cannot do, and other things that he really would not want to, even if he could.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow between 2PM and 4PM (UK). Everyone is welcome to drop in.

Before you start to ponder on future escapades for Wireman, here’s the latest from Phil, who can be heard on Planet Rock tonight, as he begins his 12-part series, ‘A is for Axe: The A-Z of the World’s Greatest Guitarists’.

Everyone can listen through a computer. If you’re in the UK, you can listen through a DAB Digital Radio, or even through your television set: channel 0110 on Sky and channel 924 on Virgin.

The hour-long show is on Sundays at 8PM (UK) and is repeated on Fridays at 6PM (UK).

Which did you prefer producing: ’50 Minutes Later’ or ‘On an Island’? (Simon J)

Two very different, but enjoyable, challenges – one of which was my own album. Go figure.

Your last two studio albums were great, but your performance of ‘6pm’ at the Strat Pack concert in Wembley made the track shine in a way the studio couldn’t. Any chance we’ll get a live CD from you anytime soon? (Ed)

Hopefully next year. On ‘A Million Reasons Why’ is my live playing from Guitar Legends, Seville – album from www.manzanera.com.

As your neighbour, does David offer thoughts about your solo work, as you have done for him? (Gus)


Looking back at Roxy Music and the great music they made, which album of theirs would be a Desert Island Disc for you? (Peter)

‘For Your Pleasure’.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

113 thoughts on “Wireman”

  1. Wireman could be walking into a cinema to watch a movie, the movie being “Remember That Night.”

    Could be a nice bit of advertising.

  2. Probably not too original,but how about playing the sax?

    Any idea of if/when Guy’s book will be available in the US?

    Thank you kindly.

    [I’ve absolutely no idea, Steve. – Features Editor]

  3. I think he should go for a walk in the woods with his Wirewife and his Wiredog, accompanied by the music of “Where We Start”.

    Please decide for yourself, if my suggestion can be taken seriously or is just plain silly, Fed …

  4. I would like to see Wireman dancing…

    I know he would prefer to dance with his Polly Wirelady, but…

    I saw David dancing a few steps on stage last year (true !!!) at the Olympia, and, since he was very, very elegant, I would prefer to see Wireman dancing with his Wireguitar !

    Sorry, Polly !


  5. The music should be ‘Where We Start’, and Wireman with his wirewoman, would be waltzing in the moonlight.


  6. Great idea FEd about suggestions for wireman’s position. I feel I have intimate knowledge of the image if you know what I mean. It’s as if I can see through the icon it’s so transparent!

    My idea would be for him to be standing but leaning backwards at 45 degrees playing a saxophone with notes coming out of the funnel part (sorry not being musician dont know what this part is called). He would be standing next to an oxygen/acetylene cylinder set up with a welding rod attached to his feet.The sparks would be flying high, intermingling with the musical notes.

    Ian Pearson

    PS I did sign up to chat room and can vouch how easy it is. Thanks Fed. Unfortunately due to problems my end with Java (whatever that is) I cant enter. This is my responsibilty I know and I supose it would be easier if I was on broadband. I dont really have a problem with this other than a feeling of being left out of any arrangements of meeting up in London on 6th Sept at Odeon. Hopefuly meeting up points will be posted here so I can read them. I would hate to miss out on this. Thank you.

    [Ian, I guarantee that you will not miss out on any detail. Any relevant information will be posted here. However, please click your name below and then click the bright green button to check that you have the recommended version of Java installed on your computer. – Features Editor]

  7. I want to see the wire man jumping rope, the wire man could use a little exercise. Then I would like to see him poor himself a nice healthy beer after that workout.

  8. Hi,

    About Wireman: I think he should dance with his wife, under the palm tree. 🙂


  9. Wireman could be sitting down watching the new dvd for the first time…That would be fun!


  10. I would like to see David birdwatching (going twitching with a pair of binoculars of course!) so he can identify those mystery rare birds flying by!!

  11. If at all possible to add a wirewoman (polly) since she is a very important part of this album and very important to David as well. Playing cards.

    If not…Wireman playing sax. More than just holding it, but looking like he’s actually playing.

    I know it’s 2. The second one seems more likely. And they are clean. 🙂

    Funnily enough I’d been thinking about what else the wireman could do lately.

  12. How about the Wireman flying in an old biplane to a theatre near you.

    Or, how about him playing a different instrument from his impressive collection.

    I’ll keep working on it.
    -Tomi Sue

  13. GAH…so…many good ideas…I’d like to see wireman waltzing in the moonlight along with wirewoman…I totally agree with you Melissa…playing Where We Start..that’s Mel’s idea…I was thinking that originally, but I see that my idea has been written already..so…anyways…Cheers!

    🙂 K.C. in Ottawa…(going 2 RTN in Ottawa also, if I haven’t told you)

  14. I am thinking and thinking and thinking…but I really can’t find something better than Howard’s limbo! LOL!

    Maybe after a good sleep, I will have a good idea. Sweet dreams!


  15. I would like to see the Wireman post me a copy of the “Remember That Night” Dvd signed by David & band (and Polly too). 😉 ……… well i can dream can’t I.

    Dreams – they cost nought.

  16. How about Wireman David deftly maneuvering a football around by himself. And while lost in imagination, he is playing for Arsenal and nets the season’s championship game winning goal with 0.1 seconds left to go in added time.. against…Liverpool

    [Jammy last-minute goal? That would be right. – Features Editor]

  17. I picture David’s usual chair there; only with a Saxaphone leaning nearby. He walks over to a window, looks out, and watches some birds fly by. He then turns around, goes back near the chair, picks up the Sax and starts playing, one leg bent with his foot up on the chair.

    The music is “Red Sky At Night”

  18. I’d like to see Wireman playing the sax.

    On another note: FEd, are you Welsh?/Living in Wales?

    [Both. And yes, I’m hurting after that embarrassing mauling. How about you? – Features Editor]

  19. David appears all “WIRE”..(‘d up here)..”MAN”!.

    I’m really feeling the intro to “Coming Back To Life” with this photo…Have to play it real loud right now.Talk later…

  20. Ok, I’ve got it.

    He should be sitting next to Wirewoman, near a fire, roasting marshmallows.

  21. I would like to see Mr. and Mrs. Wireman walking in the moonlight hand in hand with a campfire burning in the background.

  22. Actually I’d love to see variations on wireman to represent the OAI tour band. A polka dot wirephil would be a great place to start.

  23. I think Wireman should be feeding bread to the Swans and building a fire away from the path as the song “Where We Start” plays. (Such a beautiful song!)


  24. I wanna see Wireman make the cool faces David makes (e.g. “The Pout”, “The Super Pout” otherwise known as “The Kiss” to the Gilmourettes, “The Twang Response”, “The Eye-Brow Raise”, “The Screech Release”, etc…)

  25. Why not make him play on his lap-steel?

    Or sit down on the ground and play with a lighter on his guitar?

  26. wireman:

    the second solo from comfortably numb, where he rocks back and forth while whamming. 🙂


  27. I don’t think my idea is an original one, but here it is …

    How about having Mr. Wireman stroll down a parade of different instruments; instruments that David used when recording “On An Island”.

    As Mr. Wireman strolls down each instrument, he will pick it up and play a second or two with it. Instruments such as guitar (of course), slide guitar, cumbus, saxophone, organ, etc. It would be similar to the original script on the homepage a while back where Mr. Wireman walked down the stage and picked up the guitar and played.

  28. it would be cool if we call Wireman break dancing or doing the robot or maybe surfing while The Blue is playing.

    I know it’s three but hey!

  29. …driving a sportscar
    …i know…err…imagine a guitar strings suddenly breaking out of a guitar neck to form a Wireman.

  30. Wireman pushing (gently) a child on a swing is my suggestion.

    although i did like those soppy sods that thought of wire wife with wireman walking.

  31. Driving an XK, then getting out and picking up a guitar.

    Hopefully see you all at the next chat.

  32. Another idea ! (I can easily imagine that not cute but angry Fed’s face emoticon …frightening !)

    Wireman on his wirehouseboat ‘Astoria’ !!!


  33. i would like to see wireman swinging from the palm tree, perhaps peeling a wire banana, generally acting like a wire tarzan, beating his chest etc…

  34. I would like to see him playing the pedal steel (no pun intended)

    Any chance we could buy a “little wireman”? I think it would be kind of cute on the shelf at home.

  35. I for one would like to see wireman do the robocrouch!!

    [But you’d prefer to see Crouchie doing it 20 times during the season, I’m sure. – Features Editor]

  36. does anyone know what is the chat room code? please answer

    [Please let me explain something to you. The ‘room password’ allows fans to return to the chatroom when it is officially closed to everyone else. This is the thinking behind our chatroom ‘lock-ins’, where a special password – which changes each time – is put in place after a scheduled chat session ends. This gives people more time to chat, as the two-hour/open-to-all slots are obviously not suitable for everyone. To get the day’s completely random ‘room password’, you need to visit the chatroom during scheduled opening hours. It will not be revealed here… for obvious reasons. Regrettably, the chatroom cannot be left open to everyone at all times. Details of all chat sessions, including opening and closing times, are shown on our calendar (please click your name below). The chatroom will be open to everyone today, between 2PM and 4PM (UK time). – Features Editor]

  37. Hi all

    I would like to see Wireman on a TV Reality Show AND he would win BECAUSE :

    he is interesting and unique and whatsmore ‘highly talented’ in comparism to many.

    hope to chat to some of the ‘gang’ later


  38. Maybe you could make the wireman more “realtime / human”: like breakfast in the morning, lunch, dinner, sleeping.

    And perhaps some (girl)friends?

    Cheers, Ernest

  39. Hello FEd,

    We just returned from Kenya where we stayed on 2 different islands.

    The first Kiwayu we stayed at a camp “Munira”, there we mapped the stars every evening as we enjoyed a clear sky with no pollution at all.

    Then we went to an other island, about 1hr sailing and desert island for a robinson crusoe experience and more mapping stars and mostly between sleeps monitoring the beach for a Sea Turtle coming to nest (finally landed at 5am)

    So my proposition for the Wireman would be to draw a line of a magical line linking stars to show the path that Sea Turtle would have followed for her every 3 to 4 years trip to nest on the same day in the late hours of the night her 70 to 100 eggs and that 3 to 4 times at 12 days interval…..

    But maybe just one line to celebrate one single nesting.

    Looking forward to being at the Odeon Leicester Cinema.

    Emmanuel and Magda

  40. Hi FEd and gang,

    First of all, thanks for asking the question to Phil (My Second Question!!) I love both albums and was deliberating with a pal once about what he preferred producing. Nice answer, Phil.

    Regarding Wireman, I would love to see him do a solo run with a football around a few other players, and then scoring a screamer of a goal. That could be a candidate for ‘Goal of the Season!’ Maybe he could be in a Welsh shirt whilst doing it……(Ok, now I’m dreaming!)

    Well done England for destroying Wales in rugby. I didnt sleep Saturday because I was so furious. but its only a game….not!

    Speak to you all soon,
    Simon J

    [Perhaps not quite the best time to put out a second-string team, eh? – Features Editor]

  41. Hi FEd,

    Wireman and wirewoman sitting on an island in a tender embrace would be nice.


    — Bonnes vacances, Michele.


    Ok. Here are the first suggestions of a “where” to meet. I went to a number of websites and took a look at what is close to the Odeon. The area seems a bit bleak for good pubs but here are 2 very close to the venue that might suit.

    The Imperial
    5 Leicester Street, WC2H 7BL

    Moon Under Water
    28 Leicester Square, WC2H 7LE

    My bet is for the Imperial as it seems a bit larger but the MUW is very very close to where we want to be.

    Has anyone been to either pub? If there is someone on the blog who lives in London, could you perhaps take a peek at both or make some other suggestions. I did see some nice pubs in Soho but that is a bit of a walk away.

    Anyway this is a start. What do you think?

    Cheers, Howard

  43. [How about him doing the limbo? – Cheers, Howard]

    Ha, ha,ha! Great stuff, Howard.

    Hmmm, how about the Wireman scuba diving amongst those coral caves?

    Best regards.


  44. What wonderful ideas you all have! I’d like to see Wireman juggling.

    However, one suspects that the general idea is that Wireman’s antics should be more closely related to David and the symbolism of the ‘On An Island’ tour.

    Maybe he could be on an island, surrounded by water… in Venice?

    [That’s the idea, Luis. – Features Editor]

  45. Happy Monday,

    I would like to see Wireman sunbathing. Hands behind his head, laying on a towel, nice bit of sun in the sky.

    Pete – Coventry

    PS: Was that my question that Phil answered or another Peter ?. My memory is terrible. Regardless, it was a great answer. ‘For Your Pleasure’ was, for me, Roxy Music at their best.

  46. Can we get the Wireman to present us with pic’s of the Fender DG Strat???….

    Worth a try Fed, poor i know, but worth a try.

  47. I’d like to see Wireman and Wirewoman going to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.

  48. Merci, Ralph, à toi aussi !

    Peut-être, dans nos Cyclades, nous rencontrerons Wireman et il interprétera pour nous le merveilleux music snippet de ce jour !

    Just a dream…


  49. Yes FEd, I am disappointed at the result, but at least it was only a friendly – we’ll get ’em in February!

    I was asking because of your response to my post about no Welsh cinemas showing the Remember That Night DVD, but then I thought that this place was run by jabeye.com.

    [I share your disappointment about the cinemas and love your optimism. The site, as a whole, was designed by Jabeye and is run by them (with David’s management). – Features Editor]

  50. Hi all,

    My suggestion for Wireman would be to have him laying on a hammock tied between 2 palm trees with a radio playing On An Island.

    That would be my idea of pure relaxation.

  51. I’m going to cop out and say wireman should do “all of the above.” Those are all great ideas, gang!

    I especially liked Barbara Phillips’ idea above (August 6, 04:20 a.m.)….which means we’d need a Mrs. Wireman, some wire swans, wire bluebells, and of course, some wire wine to have the perfect setting!

    Gosh, now I’m feeling all wired up on a Monday! Have a great week, everyone!

  52. Or…..inviting the Wireman up to the balcony of room 305 at a certain beach hotel we stay at on Naxos in the Cyclades. To the left is a view of the interior mountains with Mt. Zas the highest peak in the Cyclades. In front is Plaka beach, with the smooth blue azure Mediterranean as a backdrop. And to the right, the island of Paros on the horizon, glistening and shimmering with its 3 prerequisite fluffy clouds floating overhead.

    We would crack open cold Amstels and sit watching the view with George Dalaras playing softly in the background. Perhaps at some point, the Wireman would pick up a bouzouki and play along with the music. While the rest of us sit entranced, listening to the notes floating upon the air.

    Cheers, Howard

  53. I remember when at the beginning of the summer the wireman image changed on the home page and FEd mentioned that we’ll see wireman doing different things from time to time. I guess the time has now come for the change.

    Anyway, it is extremely tempting to provide several suggestions but I will refrain from posting more than one. And I imagine that in tomorrow’s chat there will be a string of many silly suggestions for wireman.

    I would like to see wireman fishing from an island or a boat with the island in the background while time-to-time him taking a break from fishing to play either his guitar (your choice of guitar lap or acoustic or strat). Yes you can have an electric as you can also show a portable amp.

    I provide details and options in this suggestion as I do not know how much is possible in the creation of the image. But overall it is one idea. Kinda goes well with the overall Summer holiday hiatus.



  54. I would like to see wireman standing by a river fishing with a fish on the end of his line that he has hooked jumping out of the water trying to get away.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend.

    Take Care,

  55. For the PeopLe in the States.XM radio is pLaying David GiLmour’s Artist ConfidentiaL on channeL XMX 2 aLL day…

  56. how about getting some wireman action of him creating a new solo album, hey perhaps if David wasn’t busy…i’ll leave through the door thanks!

  57. Hi Fed,

    How about Wireman creating some wonderful dish in the kitchen, as David is keen on culinary arts as well?

    Have a great day,

  58. [For the PeopLe in the States.XM radio is pLaying David GiLmour’s Artist ConfidentiaL on channeL XMX 2 aLL day…Tim Jenkins]

    What the L exactly are you trying to say?

  59. I would like to see wire man playing in a red shirt and being able to punch like Stevie G, or other wise give a guitar lession on a wire guitar for the 1st solo in OAI.

  60. Great Idea Victor …the robot or the running wireman……

    Hope everyone had a great weekend….especially you Fed

    Renee B.

    [I did, thank you. They’re never long enough, though. Weekends should last three days at the very least, don’t you think? – Features Editor]

  61. It would be nice to see Wireman enjoying himself with wire friends, on a boat ride, possibly some, or all, with drinks in hand, and Wireman occasionally playing the guitar.

    By the way, that is a nice island loop on today’s page.

  62. i think wireman should take advantage of this beautiful weather and play some street hockey with his other fellow wire sculpture friends.

  63. My original idea was to have the Wireman climb up the palm tree and try and catch the bird or possibly use a telescope to view the great wide blue, but I have decided this is much too dangerous; just ask dear old Keith (Keef).

    So, how about him having a snooze and then waking up with the sea lapping at his feet but just in time to save his beloved guitar.


  64. …ok, ok.

    Wireman gets struck by a lightening (he is a man made of wire and thus he attracts a lot of lightening), but quicky grounds himself holding that steel geetar from “smile”. I know thats not very scientifically based, but i’m looking at it from a different angle. lol

    What I would not suggest is something lovey-dovey for the wireman-man.

    Do something funny and utterly amusing.

  65. Maybe wireman could continue with a seasonal theme to keep the image current.

    In autumn he could be raking leaves under a big tree. Once a spot is cleared, he could pick up his guitar, sit against the tree and begin to play. Leaves could fall and ravens could fly overhead instead of seagulls.

    Have a good week everyone!

  66. [However, one suspects that the general idea is that Wireman’s antics should be more closely related to David and the symbolism of the ‘On An Island’ tour. Posted by: Luis G]

    You are absolutely right Luis!..so I’ll just add an addendum to my idea about Wireman David scoring Arsenal’s game winner..

    After the home crowd’s frenzied chants of DAVID..DAVID..DAVID have come to an end,he steps up a mike in the center of the field,(how it got there I don’t know), grabs his Strat, and with the band at the ready, he belts out..

    “Take A Breath”

    Wouldn’t that be a great idea for a song David?.Imagining we are the hero for our favourite team while just messing about..We’ve all done it and can relate.

  67. Thanks for advice FEd re computer. So close yet so far. Seems like I have an early version of Java that was around in jousting days. I suppose Applet is a form of shining armour!

    Super ideas for wireman. Just think if he was a policeman and not a musician he’d be made from copper-ha ha ha.

    Great ideas Howard for location of meet up, thanks.

    George I will contact you once I have found your address.

    Ian Pearson

  68. Some really fun ideas for wireman. I esp. like Ian’s sax idea and Michele’s dancing with wirewoman (I believe George mentioned dancing as well). The walk in the woods was cool too.

    Don’t have an idea of my own as yet.

    Just been missing the blog as too busy these days and needed to check in to see what was up.

    Have fun at the meet up in the UK.

    My best to all,

  69. Though I do feel unrealistic, it would be funny to have wireman shipped from irregular to irregular [gnome style] throughout the world to take experience and get on film each irregular blogger’s hometown.

    Friends and I throughout the world actually did this once with a stuffed bear, and he’s been to Australia, Germany, New York City, Hawaii, you name it. The parties he has attended and monuments he’s seen has been amazing. The bear’s quite cultured.

    I do realize that wireman is very fragile and important to many, so this was just a silly suggestion I don’t believe would ever be executed.

    Fed: did I miss the NY bloggers meeting? I was away most of June and July due to surgery and recovery and never caught info of any such meeting. Would love to join, if it hasn’t been arranged yet.

    Catskills, NY

    [I’m not sure, Tara. I think you have missed it. However, there will be assorted get-togethers for the ‘Remember That Night’ cinema event. – Features Editor]

  70. Good ideas, everyone. I especially like Wireman playing out some of the scenes in “Where We Start.”

    Or this might be funny: a slightly harried Wireman signing autographs and beating a hasty retreat from semi-pushy fans!


    PS–Maybe we have Wireman say, “You can trust us” or “You’re the director!” ??? Nice…..

  71. Some ideas:

    – Wireman flying a kite,
    – Wireman skipping stones in a nearby pond, or,
    – Wireman writing a love note, folding it into a paper plane, and tossing it towards the birds to which it becomes a flying thing not unlike a bird, but unlike a paper airplane, perhaps it turns into a star… upon which to wish…

  72. Would be kind of cool to see wireman with wirecomp on wireboat….blogging of course !


  73. Hey there FEd,

    How are you doing? I do hope fabulous. I had the sutures removed yesterday, and now physical therapy.

    I would like to see the Astoria with David and Polly dancing on it. That would make a lovely wire sculpture wouldn’t it?


  74. I would like to see Wireman building a Stratocaster, assembling body and neck, soldering pickups, screwing, etc.

  75. – Wireman on a surfboard
    – Wireman with a glass of wine in front of a fireplace
    – Wireman with wine at fireplace, snuggling beneath a blanket with a special person
    – Wireman laying beneath the stars
    – Wireman sailing a boat
    – Wireman playing sax
    – Wireman on a hammock

  76. Morning all!

    Just back from a nice long bank holiday weekend all refreshed. Hope you all had a good one.

    Some pretty cool suggestions for the wireman home page animation. But, being a Macromedia Flash designer (now Adobe owned), I know that the key to such things is simplicity. It’s quite a tricky thing to do and have it still look good.

    So my suggestions as already mentioned by a few, would be either a saxophone or maybe wireman fishing? Or how about skipping stones along the water?

  77. How about wireman and a wirewoman laying side by side between the moon and the tide mapping the stars for a while:-)

    p.s. had fun with the chatroom. Thanks all.

    ~Tomi Sue~

    [Good of you to join us. Hope to see you in there again. – Features Editor]

  78. [Just one suggestion each, please.]

    Guess people just can’t read. But lots of interesting thoughts being thrown around.



    [If it were David’s Q&A, there wouldn’t be many names put forward, that’s for sure. If anyone sends in more than one question for David, they won’t be considered at all. – Features Editor]

  79. what do i think wireman should be dong now let me think ………… for inspiration i am listening to on an island and one line stood out . let me explain :

    i think wireman should have a wirewoman . they should be all lined up as if they were going to be in a photograph with their wire kids . the song playing in the background would be this heaven and the line i mentioned above is life is much more then money buys . when i see the faith in my childrens eyes .

    sorry thats crap but it is the best i could come up with !


  80. [If it were David’s Q&A, there wouldn’t be many names put forward, that’s for sure. If anyone sends in more than one question for David, they won’t be considered at all. – Features Editor]

    I understand why as an opportunity like this could result in an overload of entries to be considered. Plus I imagine that there will not be too much time from the point of submitting the questions to the time of production.

    But that will make it really tough to narrow down to that one question. Ever since it was announced that there will be a Q&A session I’ve been kicking around various questions in my mind. Thinking through the topics and how to word it correctly.

    So with the other Q&As we had a 1 in 3 chance, here it will be a 1 shot deal. If at least we could present two potential questions with the understanding that just one may be selected that would be great.

    Trust me, I’m not complaining, just kind of laying it out there and discussing if you will. I know you have your reasons and I respect that. An opportunity to even have one question considered and put forth is just awesome in itself.

    So whatever it will be, it will be. I just hope that I won’t miss the window to pose the question for consideration as my travel schedule is getting a bit hectic with a week holiday scheduled as well between now and the end of August.

    Looking forward to the additional details and…

    Thanks for listening.


    [I understand, but it remains one-question-per-person only. You’ve already had more time to think of a question than I’ll have to sift through them all and pick out the best ones (which can only be done after deleting all the predictably unsuitable ones, and spotting individuals that try to be clever by posting under different names). Then the best ones will need recording, of course, which means lots of questions about how/where/who to record, people changing their mind and deciding that, actually, now that they’ve really thought about it, they don’t like the idea of recording themselves at all (so there will have to be some questions in reserve). Then there will be problems with the equipment used for recording, problems with sending them in on time, people wanting to re-record in a different location/shirt/accent after they’ve already sent in their original… Believe me, less is more. There will be a simple format which everyone must follow and, if people get it wrong, it’s tough. It has to be this way, otherwise the whole thing turns into a farce. – Features Editor]

  81. How about having Wireman do that popular dance craze that swept the nation and the world a few years back, the “Macilwaine-a”

    “Heeeeeeeey Macilwaine-a!”

  82. How about when that bird flies overhead, at certain scheduled times, the bird can be seen to fly over to Wireman, and drop something, which turns out to be a select verse or line from a song or poem, either one of Dave’s Pink Floyd Favorites, or from a song from a solo album etc. and the lyric can be shown on the ‘paper/mag’ that Wireman is holding?

  83. wow fed, i see what kind of mess you have to deal with now, i hope you are sane by the end of this q/a. You will need a vacation.

    Thanks for your hard work, without you we wouldn’t be here at this site. so i say thank you again!!

    [Thank you, Tracy, for assuming that I was sane before this Q&A. – Features Editor]

  84. How about surfing with wire woman who does a somersault and lands in wiremans arms 🙂

  85. how about making a game of wireman? such as hiding him on different pages ala’ the playboy bunny?

  86. About the wireman;i would like to see him entering his Astoria studio!

    Michèle, je ne pourrai pas y aller, je travaille toujours le samedi a partir de 5 heures…merde!!!

    Sylvie de montréal

  87. Hi Fed,

    My suggestion would be for Wireman to be surfing back to his island…

    Thanks again for all of your tireless efforts!

  88. How about “Wireman” standing by a tree with falling leaves. . . flicks his scarf around his neck, picks up the guitar and starts grooving. . . ??? 😉

  89. [- Wireman writing a love note, folding it into a paper plane, and tossing it towards the birds to which it becomes a flying thing not unlike a bird, but unlike a paper airplane, perhaps it turns into a star… upon which to wish… – Posted by: Marcus Buick at August 7, 2007 05:15 AM]

    Lots of good suggestions but when I read this one from Buick I actually ‘saw’ it in my mind’s eye and it was perfect!

    Sorry for not being original but I thought you might prefer to have a show of hands on some of the wireman activities already presented than to peruse hundreds of one-of-a-kind;-)

    FEd, are you bracing yourself for the upcoming deluge of Qs and wondering what the hell you got yourself into!?! Maybe you should require the questions to be 25 words or less … just a thought.

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  90. I’d like to see Wireman sitting on the ground in Pompeii barefoot and using his mic stand to scratch out some mind blowing music.

    Or maybe he could be playing his wire trombone (which would be easier to do artistically).

  91. Hello mates

    “My” Wireman is mumbling,creating and writing wonderful music and songs for the next CD,DVD and TOUR all over the world in some delicious (not too great) auditoriums or arenas as Verona or Pompeii,in Italy or wherever the Man wishes.

    NOT TOO LATE please …we need the tune of Heaven.

    Have a nice Summer,all of you

  92. Dear F.Ed.,

    In my opinion the silhouette should follow the topics of the month and all the expected events. Now we are in summer therefore this is perfect. But i’d like to see it changing , and i can image it as follows: –

    – At the beginning of September the wireman is playing the guitar and, after a bow to the audience, then is sitting in a cinema, watching the premiere
    – At the half of September, next to the DVD’s release, the wireman is putting the dvd into a dvd player and then sitting to watch it
    – Near to next concerts and tours (!!!?) the line is changing, taking the shape of every artist playing with Mr.Gilmour, very quickly, and then is taking its original DG shape with the guitar
    – The wireman is playing also steel pedal and sax, sometime
    – Just once, (for a special occasion) the silhouette is speaking with the F.Ed., revealing a little about him
    – For every season the background can change (at December should be a Xmas tree…and so on) but absolutely DG ‘s silhouette must have always the guitar in his hands, in every season and situation.

    I’m sure your work will be great!
    Ciao /Bye Elisabetta

  93. Some of these ideas are cool, but they’re so far fetched! It’s not easy making him move, you know!

    How about playing the glass harmonica?

  94. I’d like to see the wireman shoving a rugby ball up Gareth Jenkins’s arse, Fe’d I know that’s cruel.

    How about a Gene Kelly theme rimmed hat, umbrella singing and dancing in the rain (quite apt for the whether we’ve had lately).

    Chris Parkinson

  95. I would like to see him unshaven like that mel gibson Goldie Hawn film ” Beard on a wire ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

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