Remember That Night DVD (2007)You all know Wireman, who has been reading beneath a palm tree for quite a while now on the homepage.

Based on an original wire model by David Macilwaine, Wireman has become symbolic of David’s solo career – and we’re very happy to have him on the site.

So happy, in fact, that we’ve got him doing a few other things for our amusement.

Just for fun, I’d like to know what you’d like to see him doing.

Just one suggestion each, please.

I’ll let you know the winning suggestion on Friday.

I shouldn’t have to say, but will: please keep your suggestion clean and decent. There are some things that Wireman cannot do, and other things that he really would not want to, even if he could.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow between 2PM and 4PM (UK). Everyone is welcome to drop in.

Before you start to ponder on future escapades for Wireman, here’s the latest from Phil, who can be heard on Planet Rock tonight, as he begins his 12-part series, ‘A is for Axe: The A-Z of the World’s Greatest Guitarists’.

Everyone can listen through a computer. If you’re in the UK, you can listen through a DAB Digital Radio, or even through your television set: channel 0110 on Sky and channel 924 on Virgin.

The hour-long show is on Sundays at 8PM (UK) and is repeated on Fridays at 6PM (UK).

Which did you prefer producing: ’50 Minutes Later’ or ‘On an Island’? (Simon J)

Two very different, but enjoyable, challenges – one of which was my own album. Go figure.

Your last two studio albums were great, but your performance of ‘6pm’ at the Strat Pack concert in Wembley made the track shine in a way the studio couldn’t. Any chance we’ll get a live CD from you anytime soon? (Ed)

Hopefully next year. On ‘A Million Reasons Why’ is my live playing from Guitar Legends, Seville – album from www.manzanera.com.

As your neighbour, does David offer thoughts about your solo work, as you have done for him? (Gus)


Looking back at Roxy Music and the great music they made, which album of theirs would be a Desert Island Disc for you? (Peter)

‘For Your Pleasure’.


  1. syncopa

    how about making a game of wireman? such as hiding him on different pages ala’ the playboy bunny?

  2. sylvie

    About the wireman;i would like to see him entering his Astoria studio!

    Michèle, je ne pourrai pas y aller, je travaille toujours le samedi a partir de 5 heures…merde!!!

    Sylvie de montréal

  3. Rob P in CT

    Hi Fed,

    My suggestion would be for Wireman to be surfing back to his island…

    Thanks again for all of your tireless efforts!

  4. Dr Phang

    How about “Wireman” standing by a tree with falling leaves. . . flicks his scarf around his neck, picks up the guitar and starts grooving. . . ??? 😉

  5. Gabrielle Childers

    [- Wireman writing a love note, folding it into a paper plane, and tossing it towards the birds to which it becomes a flying thing not unlike a bird, but unlike a paper airplane, perhaps it turns into a star… upon which to wish… – Posted by: Marcus Buick at August 7, 2007 05:15 AM]

    Lots of good suggestions but when I read this one from Buick I actually ‘saw’ it in my mind’s eye and it was perfect!

    Sorry for not being original but I thought you might prefer to have a show of hands on some of the wireman activities already presented than to peruse hundreds of one-of-a-kind;-)

    FEd, are you bracing yourself for the upcoming deluge of Qs and wondering what the hell you got yourself into!?! Maybe you should require the questions to be 25 words or less … just a thought.

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  6. Billy

    I’d like to see Wireman sitting on the ground in Pompeii barefoot and using his mic stand to scratch out some mind blowing music.

    Or maybe he could be playing his wire trombone (which would be easier to do artistically).

  7. diana

    Hello mates

    “My” Wireman is mumbling,creating and writing wonderful music and songs for the next CD,DVD and TOUR all over the world in some delicious (not too great) auditoriums or arenas as Verona or Pompeii,in Italy or wherever the Man wishes.

    NOT TOO LATE please …we need the tune of Heaven.

    Have a nice Summer,all of you

  8. Elisabetta Corsi-Italy N.E.

    Dear F.Ed.,

    In my opinion the silhouette should follow the topics of the month and all the expected events. Now we are in summer therefore this is perfect. But i’d like to see it changing , and i can image it as follows: –

    – At the beginning of September the wireman is playing the guitar and, after a bow to the audience, then is sitting in a cinema, watching the premiere
    – At the half of September, next to the DVD’s release, the wireman is putting the dvd into a dvd player and then sitting to watch it
    – Near to next concerts and tours (!!!?) the line is changing, taking the shape of every artist playing with Mr.Gilmour, very quickly, and then is taking its original DG shape with the guitar
    – The wireman is playing also steel pedal and sax, sometime
    – Just once, (for a special occasion) the silhouette is speaking with the F.Ed., revealing a little about him
    – For every season the background can change (at December should be a Xmas tree…and so on) but absolutely DG ‘s silhouette must have always the guitar in his hands, in every season and situation.

    I’m sure your work will be great!
    Ciao /Bye Elisabetta

  9. Ben

    Some of these ideas are cool, but they’re so far fetched! It’s not easy making him move, you know!

    How about playing the glass harmonica?

  10. Chris

    I’d like to see the wireman shoving a rugby ball up Gareth Jenkins’s arse, Fe’d I know that’s cruel.

    How about a Gene Kelly theme rimmed hat, umbrella singing and dancing in the rain (quite apt for the whether we’ve had lately).

    Chris Parkinson

  11. Geoff Duffy

    I would like to see him unshaven like that mel gibson Goldie Hawn film ” Beard on a wire ”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )