UK & Europe Q&A


Another venue has just been added to the list for Sweden: Torslanda.

That makes a total of 15 Swedish cinemas.

Please click here for full details and to order your tickets.

As you are no doubt aware, David’s new DVD, ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert Hall’, will be premiered in Europe and North America next month.

This means 85 glorious minutes from the concert in the technological sweet shop that is a modern cinema environment.

As if that wasn’t enough, it will be broadcast to all participating cinemas, in High Definition, live via satellite from London.

And is if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, David is also going to be performing one live song (on electric guitar) and taking part in a live Q&A… which you can be involved in.

From today, I want your questions for David.

I’ve already had an absolute bagful of questions from fans for the North American Q&A – thanks very much – and the ‘best’ have now been chosen, so please don’t bother sneaking in another one here.

I only want questions for the UK & Europe premiere now.

So, if you’re in Europe, or if you will be going to see ‘Remember That Night’ at one of the cinemas in Europe, do send in a question.

All I ask is that it has nothing to do with Pink Floyd reunions, tribute bands or your demos, and that you keep it short and sweet.

As before, you may only submit one question each. In the interest of fairness, should you send in a list of questions, all will be considered ineligible. Indeed, the only entries that will be considered eligible will be presented exactly as follows.

Please copy and paste the following into the comment form below. You don’t need to give your full name or address. This information will be published for all to see, so please only add what you feel comfortable with sharing, but I do need a real name and region.

Real name:
Town/city, county and country:

I will/will not (please specify) be attending a participating European cinema. (Tell us which one, if you want to.)


You have until Friday 24 August at 5PM (UK) to submit your question. No questions will be considered after this time, so please don’t leave it until the last minute and miss out on this opportunity.

This next bit is obvious, but very important: Please do not send a question unless you are happy to record yourself asking it. Remember that your videos will be played at cinemas right across Europe. Everybody present at this cinema event will see, and hear, you – including David. He will then answer your question.

BBC Radio 2 will also be broadcasting some of the questions on the night, so everyone will be able to ‘tune in’ online.

If you are not prepared to do this, which is perfectly understandable, please do not submit a question.

Tickets are still available for this exciting event, which takes place on Thursday 6 September in Europe. For full details, see previous entries concerning Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

There are some tickets left for the UK & Europe premiere at London’s Leicester Square, which is where David will be, but I don’t expect them to be there for long.

If you’ll be going to Leicester Square and want to meet fellow fans before the event, please see details of the meet-up that is arranged from 5PM at the Imperial pub on Leicester Street. Everyone is welcome, so do add your name to the list.

And please do keep clicking the button below to vote this the Best Music Blog. I am open to bribery. (I’m not really.)


  1. Rich Robinson

    Real name: Rich Robinson
    Town/city, county and country: Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England

    I will be attending a participating European cinema. In the mighty York Picture House.

    Question: David, I understand that you have a recording studio on a boat. If the boat was unfortunate enough to crash and you were unable to escape, what piece of music would you play as your last stand? Would it be Take a Breath?

  2. Andrew McNichol

    Real name: Andrew McNichol
    Town/city, county and country: Northallerton, NorthYorkshire -England

    I will be attending a participating European cinema.

    Question: To what extent has having the ability to produce and record upon your riverboat influenced the feel of your music?

  3. Abhi Taranath

    Hi FEd,

    I’ve already left a question for David on the North American Q&A.

    Being that there are so many fantastic questions that people have asked on this UK/European Q&A (Brian Kildare’s “Echoes” question, Daniel Henry’s “Waters’ DSOTM Tour” question, and the various inquiries about the incomparable Gilmour/Wright musical interplay seem to stand out the most to me), will the questions that David answers eventually be posted on this website after the event?

    [Yes, we will have transcripts from both premieres, if nothing else. – Features Editor]

  4. Chris

    Chris Parkinson
    Newport South Wales

    I will be attending Leicester Square, London.

    My question for David is ‘What was your parents reaction when you told them that you were joining a band to become a rock and roll star?’

  5. Shri

    Real name: Shri Kulkarni, FRCS
    Town/city, county and country: Shortlands, Bromley, Gr.London, UK

    I will not be attending a participating European cinema. (Tell us which one, if you want to.)

    Question: Following on your superb charitable work in the UK, would you be prepared to stage a concert in India to support worthy causes?

  6. Roger Sampson

    Real name:Roger Sampson
    Town/city, county and country: Northwich, Cheshire, England

    I will be attending a participating European cinema. (Leicester Square)


    Will we ever get to hear an official, joined up and totally complete version of what is perhaps still your greatest ever work, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’?

  7. Darren Bird

    Real name:Darren
    Town/city, county and country:Mustow Green,Worcestershire,England

    Sadly,I will not be attending a participating European cinema.


    Dear David,

    There is nothing better for me than to hear your guitar playing and the live version of Sorrow on Pulse is inspirational.How did you come about writing this song and what is it all about?

  8. Dave Andrews

    Town/city, county and country: Weston-super-Mare. England.

    I will not be attending a participating European cinema.


    In Jan it will be 40 years since you joined Floyd. The first 4 venues were as a 5 piece with Syd. The second gig you played was at the Winter Gardes Weston-super-Mare.

    Could you consider doing a special gig there?

  9. Caroline Coles

    Real name:Caroline Coles
    Town/city, county and country: Carrickfergus
    Co.Antrim, N.Ireland

    I will not be attending a participating European cinema. (Unfortunately!)


    I was totally bowled over when I first saw Pink Floyd – Live in Pompeii. Who came up with the concept of playing to an empty amphitheatre?

    It has such an unusual quality, but at the same time lends itself beautifully to the music.

  10. Olivia Hoener

    Olivia from Hamburg, Germany

    Unfortunately not attending a cinema..

    David Gilmour, suppose you’re invited for dinner at the house of a good friend who happens to be a good cook, famous for his desserts. The feast starts. The first course is very tasty, the next is even better and after the third, you feel quite full already. Now here comes the question:

    WHAT WILL YOU DO? I have three options:

    1. You are disciplined enough to eat less of each following course and, by this means, treat yourself to at least some bites of the dessert without getting sick.
    2. You display even more discipline and ignore the dessert, the best part!
    3. You end up feeling stuffed and sick after the dessert because every course was
    so good you just had to finish everything off.

    I know this seems to be a long question but it actually only consists of 4 words ;o)

    I thought this might be a more entertaining way to tackle the question “Are you a disciplined man when it comes to pleasure and indulgence?”, which is the core of my question…

    Thank you!

  11. Features Editor

    Thank you to everyone who sent in a question.

    If you didn’t, then you’re too late. The deadline has now passed and no further questions will be considered. (Sorry!)

    We’ll let you know which ones we’ve chosen for both premieres soon.

    Have a good weekend, all.