North American Q&A

Remember That Night DVD (2007).You shouldn’t need reminding, but, just in case…

David’s forthcoming live DVD, ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert Hall’, will be premiered in cinemas across Europe and North America next month.

85-minutes from the concert – introduced by David – will be broadcast, in High Definition, live via satellite from London.

David will also be performing one song and taking part in a Q&A.

This is where I start with the Q&A. I want your questions.

But first, please note that today’s entry is for the North American premiere only.

I’ll do the same for the European premiere soon, so please do not submit a question below if you are in Europe, or if you will be attending a cinema in Europe. I will ask for your questions next week.

I only want questions for North America for now.

It’s strictly one question per person and the only submissions considered eligible will be presented exactly as follows, so please get ready to copy and paste.

Do be aware that the following information will be published for all to see. You do not need to reveal your full name or address.

Real name:
Town/city, state (if applicable) and country:

I will/will not (please specify) be attending a participating North American cinema. (Tell us which one, if you want to.)


Please do not send in a question unless you are prepared, should your question be chosen, to record yourself asking it. Remember that this recording will be played at 166 cinemas across Canada and the US. Every person sitting inside these cinemas will see, and hear, you – including David, who will then answer your question.

If you are not able, or prepared, to do this, please do not waste your time submitting a question.

For full Q&A terms and conditions, including details of your audio and/or video recordings, please click here.

Tickets are still available for this event, which takes place on Saturday 15 September. For full details, see previous entries concerning Canada and the US.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

100 thoughts on “North American Q&A”

  1. Mornin’,

    Is the DG Strat still due for release along with the DVD? Not looking for details Fed, just want to make sure the date hasn’t changed!

    [We don’t know yet. You’ll have all the details just as soon as we have them. – Features Editor]

  2. Real name: Howard Bayliss
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    I will be attending at the Burlington Ontario cinema.

    Question: If you had never become a member of Pink Floyd, what direction do you think your musical career would have gone?

  3. Buenos días FEd and Irregulars!

    Just back from ‘frying in Spain’ – 39°C! Finally after 6 trips to Spain and thousands of euro, I am now an official married man!!

    My advice to anyone wishing to get married in Spain, be prepared for a lot of paper work! I went down the ‘civil’ wedding route and it’s a nightmare. No offence to any of our Spanish bloggers, but the Spanish authorities do not make it easy! But on saying that, you cannot put a price on the beautiful, rural, Spanish countryside. It was definitely worth the hastle and I am now husband to my beautiful wife Lisa.

    On a different note, I think I may have created a limerick monster! Nice one Geoff and Matt!! You guys had me in stitches!! 🙂

    Best of luck with the Q&A everyone! Any answer to name that tune 4 from last week? Maybe I missed it amongst all the other stuff when I was trying to catch up on all I’d missed.

    Would I be right in saying that there is no chat until Thursday? 🙁

    [Congratulations on your marriage, Brian. There’s a chat tomorrow from 10AM (UK time). Last week’s Name That Tune (Part Four, 8 August) was ‘This Heaven’. – Features Editor]

  4. Real Name: Kimberly Carr

    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    I will be attending at the Coliseum Ottawa cinema.

    Question: I am a 13 year old girl, and an aspiring musician also (a.k.a drummer, guitarist and floutist), and was wondering which comes first, the lyrics, or the musical composition, when you are inspired?

  5. Becky Baldwin
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    I will be attending the show at the Regal Cinema in Chamblee, Georgia.

    My question is similar to Howard’s but not exactly the same:

    David, if you hadn’t been able to pursue a career in music, what sort of work would you have done?

  6. Happy Monday,

    [You shouldn’t need reminding, but, just in case…]

    Oh yes I do. My head is always dizzy. Moreso by the fact that we are top of the league !!

    Pete – Coventry

  7. Good afternoon all

    and the best of luck for the Q and A’s for North America

    AND congratulations to Brian Kildare – he of the sunny disposition 😉


  8. Real name: Joe Ferrerio

    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country:
    Niagara Falls, New York, US.

    I will be attending the North American premiere at The Regal cinema on Transit Rd in Williamsville, NY.


    David, with all the wonderful talent that joined you along your North American and European tour and playing at some very unique venues, which particular show was your favorite and why?

  9. No question,just want to wish good luck to everyone and have you all a great day.


  10. George Gipe
    Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    I will not be attending a participating North American cinema (unfortunately)


    Kastelorizo was a big inspiration for “On an Island”. Have you been anywhere recently that may have inspired any new music?

  11. Michael Orzek:
    Linwood, New Jersey, USA

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema, Union Square Stadium, NYC.

    David, for an artist, one of the most gratifying returns is feedback (hopefully, mostly positive!). What is it like knowing that you can pour your soul into any project knowing you will have a dedicated audience immediately waiting to listen to your creations?

  12. Real name: Eva Melson

    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: San Diego, CA, USA

    I will be attending the North American premiere at Edwards in Mira Mesa, San Diego


    David, how would you complete the following sentence: I wish I hadn’t……?

  13. Real name: Mark Rudkin
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema in Burlington, Ontario

    Question: Excluding past and present band-mates. If you could invite one musician to a dinner party who would it be and, briefly, why?

  14. Jason Boes
    Muskegon, Michigan USA

    I will be attending the Livonia 20 in the Detroit Michigan area for the cinema premier.

    My question is this:

    During your 2006 tour, I attended the second show in Chicago at the Rosemont Theatre. When you got into your second solo on Comfortably Numb, you seemed to kick it up a notch. I remember me and my 3 friends in attendance awestruck at the end of the solo. We were just staring at the stage at the end of show and said to each other, “Did he really just do that?” The solo was amazing. Were you feeling the crowd or stuck in the moment particularly in Chicago (on the second night) or was this new rendition of the Comfortably Numb solo planned for the entire tour?

  15. Hi FEd,

    I know this isn’t a caption competition, but is that a shot from Comfortably Numb?

    [I’m not sure, Jonathan. Will have to double-check. – Features Editor]

  16. Off topic, sorry for that,

    but promotional campaign of the Remember That Night DVD at last started in Poland today (I was worried, that there is no DVD in new release section in electronic bookstores (beside USA).

    Was cover changed a bit? Earlier I had impression that David was bigger and more to the front.

    I like the new version (if I’m correct of course) even more than previous one.


    PS my idea of HD recording if your question is selected. Go to an electronic megastore near you and ask for top HD camera. And then you need to talk to sales guys, I hope that they may help and film you. What I’m afraid only about size of the file in HD to be submitted it can be somewhat large.

    [There has been a slight change to the cover, apparently. – Features Editor]

  17. Real name: Michael Ortiz
    Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Cinema: AMC Burbank 16 – Burbank, CA

    Question: Was doing this solo tour different from doing a Pink Floyd tour? Is so, how was it? You seemed a little more relaxed this time around than with the Floyd.

    FEd, it’s one question… trust me!

  18. Todd ‘T.Willie’ Meikle
    Coventry, CT

    I will be attending the North American premiere in Branford, CT


    The story goes, (correct me if I’m wrong) that you were brought in as a member of Pink Floyd when the band realized that Syd was no longer able to hold it together as the guitarist. Were you able to collaborate with Syd constructively, and how did Syd influence you the most as a guitar player?

  19. Real name: Darren Tucci
    Wheatfield, NY, USA

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema in Buffalo, NY

    Question: As a fan of your guitar playing, I’m moved on an emotional (nearing spiritual) level. Can you elaborate on any possible emotional/spiritual inspiration deep within you as you lose yourself in a guitar solo?

  20. Good day everyone. Hope all is well with all of you.

    I just got to see the Abbey Road show with David, it was so cool, i really enjoyed it.

    Im going to the Raliegh NC show. I know it will be good i just cant think of a question to ask David. ill keep trying and maybe i can come up with one and i will post it latter today, but if not good luck to all who are trying to get your questions in, I will still enjoy the show.


  21. Raheel Aidrus
    Frisco, TX

    I will be attending the broadcast at Cinemark Tinseltown Plano.


    When you selected Rick Wright to be in your touring band, was it because he is an old friend or because his unique style of playing compliments your incredible guitar playing better than other keyboard players you have worked with?


  22. Susan Neighbors
    Carson City, Nevada, USA

    I will be attending the Emereyville, California cinema.

    Question: David, I would like to know what music do you listen to; for instance, what CD is in your car’s player right now??

  23. Renee Barrera
    Fontana, California USA

    I will be attending the Edwards Theatre in Alhambra, Ca

    My question is….Who was the most influential person in your life musically or non-musically?

    Thank you.

  24. Wendy Butcher
    Claridge, Pennsylvania USA

    I will be attending the Cinemark 17 Pittsburgh Mills, Tarentum PA

    Question: With the three great solo albums you have produced, have you ever had any intentions of producing just an instrumental album? I think that would just rock.


  25. Real name: Claudio Roberto Cussuol
    Location: Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brazil
    Cinema: I’d love to. Sorry.


    Of course, you know you have a lot of fans in South America, but you never played here. Do you have any plans to include any South American country to a future tour?

  26. Real name: Penny Miller
    Town/city, state, country: Port Neches, Texas, United States (Neches is pronounced nay-chezz)

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema which is the Edwards Houston Marq’e 23 in Houston, Texas

    Question: Hello David. With achieving worldwide success at such an early age, and all the benefits that went along with it. What coping mechanisms did you use to survive your own ego?

    Thank you very much.

  27. Hi all!

    Not asking a question myself, but having read the ones posted so far, I must say I like best Howards question about Davids’ possible musical direction had he not been in Floyd.

    It would be interesting to see if David feels his solo albums would have been what they are without the time spent collaborating in Floyd (goodness, it almost sounds like I am asking a question… maybe so, but not officially… just typing out loud while thinking of Howards question).

    Anyway- Fed, I hope you seriously consider his question- it is an excellent one!

    Have a great week everyone… I’m off to the California Redwoods with my kids tomorrow! Be back in a week.


    [Have a nice time, Tim. – Features Editor]

  28. Vaughan Burton
    Robbinsville, N.J., U.S.A.

    Yes, I am planning to attend a showing at the cinema.

    Dear Mr. Gilmour: Before stardom, did you ever perform as a street musician?

  29. Hi Fed, sorry to clog this Question part up but..

    I got a later train for Leicester Square! It’s now at 11:30pm, so that’s very good news!

    – James.

    [Pleased to hear it, James. That does sound better. – Features Editor]

  30. “If you are not able, or prepared, to do this, please do not waste our time by submitting a question”

    Sometimes you sound agressive

    i really don’t think that you will need to use that kind of words to show us that gilmour is very far from us.the site is great and you are doing a good job,you don’t have to be so hard.Thank you!

    [Unfortunately, some people repeatedly prove that they do need such hard words. If someone rushes to send a question – which is selected – and then, at the last minute, decides that they don’t want to record a video for us, that is not only a big waste of my time. More importantly, it is also a disappointment to everyone whose question did not make it… and there will be enough disappointed people when we choose the questions that we like best, because we will obviously have to leave out many good ones. – Features Editor]

  31. Presley Miller
    Grapevine, TX USA

    I will be attending at Tinseltown in Grapevine.

    Question: When you are playing live, do you ever become anxious, nervous, or unsure of anything you’re playing?

  32. Name: Evan
    city, state and country: Athens, GA U.S.A.

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema. (Regal Perimeter Point Stadium 10, Atlanta)

    Question: David, could you tell us about how you first started to learn to play guitar?

  33. Ayako Hasegawa
    West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

    I will be attending the show at the UA Movies @ The Falls in Miami, Florida.

    My question is:

    On ‘On An Island’ you play many different instruments, from the sax to the cumbus. In your opinion, and of course aside from the guitar, which instrument is the most fun to play, and which one was the hardest to learn?

    Many thanks.

  34. Bob Cleveland
    Palo Alto, California, USA

    I will be attending the broadcast in Emeryville, CA.

    This is the first time you have toured with your entire family and many of the songs on OAI reflect your family life. Has knowing your family will be in attendance affected your performance of these personal songs?

  35. Christine Terbijhe
    Shingle Springs, California, USA

    I will be attending at the Emeryville, California cinema

    Question: Hello David. With hopeful optimism that you’ll create another album, will we get to hear more of your excellent saxophone playing or are there other instruments you are learning to play, that you might premiere?

    Thank you.

  36. Chad Gorski
    Washington, DC

    I will be attending the show on September 15th.

    David, which guitar solo is the most fun for you to play, and which one is the most difficult? And, by the way, I did not vote for that a**hole. (Points to the White House compound in the background.)

  37. Tracy Hickman
    shallotte n.c./usa
    Regal North Hills/ Raleigh, n.c.

    David, which song was your favorite to perform during the On The Island tour?

  38. Mike Sancrant
    Seattle, Washington

    I will hopefully be attending the show at Auburn, Washington.

    What was the inspiration and impetus that lead to the Live at Pompeii event?

    I second Chad by the way… :o)

  39. Hey FEd? How many comments and/or questions do you think you’ll get by the end of the week? 😛

    I’m guessing over 100…maybe even over 200…you never know!

    Sorry if I had to interrupt this little competition…meh I’m competing anyways too!

    Good luck to everyone in North America!

    [I wouldn’t like to guess, Kim. I hope there’ll be 80-100 questions. – Features Editor]

  40. Raymond Lord
    Pointe-Claire, Québec, Canada

    I will attend the presentation at the Cineplex, Brossard, Québec, Canada.

    You have worked with a lot of musicians; M. Waters, M. Manzanera, M. Mc Cartney, M. B. B. King, … Who is the artist you would like to compose with, in the future?


  41. Can someone please ask about his Guitar Strap!!..How did he feel wearing it for the first time and all, etc…

    Paul (Ireland)

  42. Amedeo Cristillo
    Rochester, NY USA

    I will be attending a participating cinema in Victor, NY.

    David, In your entire musical career, what’s the longest you’ve gone without picking up a Guitar?

  43. Hello David. I’m happy to say that my wife and I will be attending your performance at a cinema in Swansea, MA.

    My question is: Early on in your solo career, was it difficult for you to transition yourself (musically or otherwise) from being part of Pink Floyd to purely David Gilmour?

    Thanks. See you on the big screen!

  44. Real name: Grant
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I will be attending with my family at the Cineplex Coliseum in Mississauga.

    Question: On your next new recording, would you consider making it a band effort with Phil, Guy, Steve, Richard and Jon participating, rather than building it up more solo in the studio?

  45. Real name: Mike Schmidt
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Gardena, CA.

    I will be attending the Burbank, CA show.

    Out of all the collaborations you have done outside of Pink Floyd (McCartney, Townshend, Winwood to name a few) which one did you enjoy collaborating the most with?

  46. James Mickelson
    Folsom, CA

    I will be attending the Natoma Marketplace Theatres in Sacramento California.


    A bloggers poll had nominated you to become the next United States president as the “Most Novel Way for you to Save the World (Again)”…..

    If you were nominated president, what’s the first thing you would do for the people?

  47. Patrick Renaud

    Sturbridge Mass USA

    Attending Solomon Pond Mall Marlboro Mass

    What has been your most memorable moment in your music career and why?

  48. Hi, my wife & I will be attending the screening @ Silver City in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

    1 question for FED – will there be any type of merchandise for sale of David’s prior to the screening?

    Question for David – First of all, thanks for all the great music that you have provided & thanks for believing in Kate Bush – Do you have unreleased songs that might make a new album or maybe a rarities CD for the future?

    thanks for your time

    [There will be no new merchandise on sale. – Features Editor]

  49. Real name:Stephen Barnhart
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country:Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    I will be attending the AMC Desert Ridge, in Phoenix

    My question is hypothetical;

    You have become stranded on an island, it is deserted but hospitable, and there are plenty of things to eat and drink. If you could have any three things you wanted with you on that island, what would they be?

  50. Real name: Angelo Ortiz
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Bronx, New York, United States

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema. (The Union Square screening in NYC.)

    Question: The OAI tour seemed like one huge Fan-Band-Gilmour Honeymoon. Describe how this experience has influenced your music playing and creative perspective.

  51. So sorry Chad, Rudders and Mike and anyone else who finds humor in Chad’s suggestion. I don’t find it funny at all but sad. Sad because it points to what is really wrong with this country and the world. It just points to a lack of respect.

    I’m not saying that you have to agree with the politicians who are in office. And I’m not saying that you are not entitled to your opinion. But if your question was selected and that is what was displayed it is a totally disrespectful to this country and to the Office of the President. And I think that David is much more of a gentleman than a cheap shot like Chad describes.

    There was a time when this country had some respect. Afterall, Kennedy was sleeping with Marilyn Monroe and yet that was not plastered all over the news.

    So sorry that my view probably differs from many others on this site. I was going to stay mum when I first read it however others chimed in with their approval so I had to speak up.

    But of course the irony is that Bush was elected the first time around due to a hanging Chad.



  52. Frank Par
    Elora, Ontario, Canada.

    I will be attending the Guelph, Ontario, Galaxy Cinema.

    My question is: Since Nick and Guy have written their memoirs, and Polly, as a successful writer. Are there any plans to write your own as well in the near future?

  53. Real name:James Martinez
    Brownsville, Texas, United States

    I will not be attending a participating North American cinema.

    Question: Have you ever thought about passing your knowledge and talent to a total stranger?

  54. [‘will be attending your performance at a cinema in Swansea, MA.’ – Posted by: Cevin]

    You mean theres another Swansea out there!!! I wonder if it has a similiar mumbles mile, or a lava lounge!

    Funnily enough, I went to Swansea on Saturday gang. Entered Lava Lounge and good’ol Colin Charvis walked past me. Christ, he’s big!

  55. Randy Ekstrom, Worcester MA, United States


    David, some of my favorite material from you is with other well known artists such as Pete Townshend, and Crosby and Nash. Would you consider working with these artists again at any point in the future? Crosby, Nash, and Gilmour has a nice ring to it!

  56. Joe
    Lancaster, PA USA

    I will be attending in Harrisburg, PA.

    Would any of your children have interest in playing with you/your band and would you let them/want them to if capable?

  57. Jennifer, Denton, Texas

    I have purchased tickets for the Tinseltown in Plano, Texas for myself and husband.

    Question: David, I believe you said the song “Smile” was written about your wife. Could you please tell us more about her influence on you musically and personally, and which “part” of your musical career/contributions/songs are her favorites?

  58. Real name: Chris Brock
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

    I will be attending the showing at the Cineplex Odeon here in Kamloops.


    Do you have any thoughts on the mostly generic guitar sounds that are being developed by the artists of today? The art of finding your own guitar sound seems to have been lost in favor of a more impressionistic sound. Do you feel that people being themselves as musicians has taken a back-seat to sound that sells?

  59. [I know this isn’t a caption competition, but is that a shot from Comfortably Numb?]


    Please excuse the time it’s taken me to check, but that one’s actually from ‘A Pocketful Of Stones’.

  60. Real Name: Marty Sutherlin
    Town/city, state and country: Merritt Island, Florida, U.S.A.

    Attending the September 15 show/viewing @ The Regal Waterford Lakes Stadium 20, Orlando, Florida.

    I would like to know why you don’t have Nick and Rick in the band full time along with Guy.

    I hope that’s not too Floydish F’Ed.

  61. ‘A Pocketful of Stones’. That’s the one I was thinking. What a great picture. This song was one of the standouts for me in the first half of the concert. Can’t wait to see it on the DVD.

    Just did my voting for obviously the best site and blog out there.

    Best Buy has the DVD release date at October 2. We know better than that,right?

    [I hope we do, Steve. An update on release dates will be here soon. – Features Editor]

  62. Real name: Michael Teige
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Monroe, WA U.S.A.

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema. Bella Bottega 11 Cinema, Redmond, Washington

    Question: How much did you contribute, if at all, to Nick’s book “Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd”? Do you feel it is the definitive history or is there much more that could be told?

  63. Name;Sylvie Laurin Town:Ste-Adèle,Québec, Canada.

    Question:How many people did you need around you to make this On an island tour possible?

    Unfortunatly i won’t be able to go in a cinema near me, this night, but i understood that i could submit a question even i couldn’t be there…Fed???

    Sylvie de Montréal

    [That’s right, Sylvie. You’re very welcome. – Features Editor]

  64. Well Fed. I’m back for a couple of days and hopefully off to the barnfest. But not till I ask David a Question.

    Thomas O’Connell
    Fairview, Oregon, USA

    I am going to see David’s concert on the 15th of Sept. in Portland, Ore. at the Lloyd street Cinema.

    Question: David when you were young who was the one person who inspired you to start playing the guitar and what type of music?

    I really hope everyone had a good weekend and hope that things are going well for you,Fed.

    Take Care,

  65. Gabrielle Childers
    Winthrop, Washington, USA

    I’ll be enjoying the show in Redmond, Washington at the Regal Bella Bottega 11 Cinema.

    My question:

    David, can you choose four of your compositions that might best represent the evolution of ‘David Gilmour — the man and the musician’ — over the four decades 1967 through 2007? Thank you!

  66. Kevin Coe
    Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
    I will be attending the premiere in Livonia, Michigan


    First, thank you for taking the time to indulge all of us.

    Since receiving your birthday present from Polly last year, I assume that you have attached it to “001” to see and hear what would happen. (Come on now, yes you have!). Did anything magical happen, and did you capture it on tape, and when do we get to hear it?

  67. Brian Slater
    Brentwood, California, USA

    I will be attending the screening in Dublin, Ca.

    Question: What is your single most desire driving you to continue creating new music?

  68. Real name: Randy H.
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Ravena, New York, USA

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema. (Regal Cinemas, Crossgates Mall, Guilderland, NY)

    Question: When preparing for the tour, why did you choose not to perform songs from your previous solo albums, and how difficult was that choice?

  69. Fed,

    You mentioned in an earlier blog that the HD version of the DVD will be released as well, but hadn’t given a date yet. Has it been decided?

    [There will be a HD-DVD version and a Blu-Ray version, as well as the standard DVD. No dates have been set yet, but we should have them soon. Apologies for the delay. – Features Editor]

  70. Real name: Damian
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Miami, FL, USA

    I will be attending the Movies at the Falls 12 in Miami, FL


    Hi David, I have heard you say in past interviews that coming up with lyrics has never been an easy process. What was your inspiration lyrically for the song “A Pocketful of Stones”?

  71. Real name: Christopher Hughes
    Town/city, state and country: Westbrook, Queensland, Australia.

    I will not be attending a participating North American cinema.


    Considering your diverse vocal range and continued strong voice, I was wondering what sort of vocal exercises you do before recording or performing and day to day?

  72. […What was your inspiration lyrically for the song “A Pocketful of Stones”? – Damian]

    I’m happy you asked that question, Damian, and will be still happier if it’s selected, because I never understood the meaning (in David’s mind) of the lyrics of that song.

    I had my own idea, but, when I asked English/American fans for some help, they all gave me a different interpretation.

    In fact, maybe it’s David’s will to let us imagine what we want…


  73. Seen David play in Glasgow last year and it was the best show I’ve ever seen! Started playing Guitar soon after and I’m getting better everyday!

    I’m going to the showing of the DVD in Aberdeen, Scotland so the question I would like to ask David is […]

    Thanks again! Chris

    [No questions for Europe until Monday, sorry. – Features Editor]

  74. I’ve been out for a few days, I truly missed the site and the blog. I felt that I was in a desert during the last few days, totally helpless and lost. This community really means a lot to me.

    This image is amazing and magnificent. It must have been a captivating performance for those who were there for the “LIVE” concert.

    I just finished reading all the questions. I am really touched and impressed by the wonderful and intelligent questions submitted for Mr. Gilmour.

    FEd, I am afraid you are dealing with a competitive bunch here. There are so many good questions!

    [It won’t be easy selecting 15, that’s for sure. – Features Editor]

  75. Barbara Phillips
    Gadsden, Alabama USA

    I will be attending a cinema in Trussville Alabama

    Question: It is very refreshing to hear you talk so lovingly about your wife and family. Did Polly fancy appearing on your recording of Smile or did you have to do some coaxing?

    (Thanks to you Fed for running such a clean blog)

  76. Real name: Bill
    Arcadia, California, USA:

    I will be attending the cinema in Alhambra, California.


    Do you make music privately that differs significantly from the music you make publicly?

  77. Hi David!

    First I must tell you that I love you! What you have done with your allotted time here certainly enlightens the possibility of the ideas in all ones bible becoming? You are a very special person in my heart!

    If I could ever ask.. what type of speakers are in those custom made Wem cabs? and have they ever been re-coned?

    St. Tacoma, WA, USA

  78. Real name: Naphon
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    I will not be attending a participating North American cinema.


    Your legendary black strat is still sounds great. You started using that one from 1974 Pink Floyd Tour, right? Could you tell us more about that black strat? When did you get it? Is it the same one that you used on Live at Pompeii? And now it has Alder ’70 body and ’57 neck, right?

    [That’s one question? – Features Editor]

  79. Abhi Taranath
    Bryn Mawr, PA, United States

    I will be attending the screening at the United Artists theatre in King of Prussia, PA.


    When you and Dick Parry re-recorded “Money” in 1981, what made you decide to transpose it up to C from the original key of B?

  80. Yeah, that’s one question.

    I mean that I’m trying to ask him about that black strat. A lot of us would love to hear its story.

    Maybe I have to change the question to “Please could you tell the story about your legendary black strat?”

    [There’s no need to change it – I’ll remember. Thank you for your question. – Features Editor]

  81. Mike Petersell
    Shelton Connecticut, USA

    I will be attending at the Branford 12 Cinema in Branford, CT


    You’ve played a lot of Syd’s material in recent years. Has this been a conscious effort to keep his legacy alive, or is just that you like playing the music?

  82. Real name:Eric J. Pfisterer
    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: mahopac NY. USA

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema in Mohegan Lake NY.


    As a musician and band member known for experimenting with and embracing new technology, I would like to hear your thoughts on the current impact of technology on the music itself (sampling etc.) and the general trend toward a licensed (Digital) rather than product (CD, Tape, vinyl) based distribution system. Does it bring the live performance back to prominence?

  83. Real name: Drew MacKenzie
    Location: Halifax, NS, Canada

    I will not be attending.

    Question: Which song can you feel the most?

  84. Joseph Christ
    Sandy, Oregon USA

    I will be participating at the Lloyd Center theater in Portland, Oregon USA.


    I, and I’m sure a lot of other people were wondering, why you didnt play any of your other solo material during this tour. Your other two solo albums kick ass! 🙂

  85. Jonathan Stutes
    Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

    I will be attending a participating North American screening.


    If one was to sing a lullaby, and seek to close old eyes, would you in the very least acknowledge that some have listened, and know of leaves and swallow, and wall and windows?

  86. Hello, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask the great man a question – I’ve been fantasing ’bout this for years, and now am having trouble effeciately put one into words.

    Here goes:

    David, I remember during the Pompeii film, Nick saying something to the effect, that working together only falls apart when one member of the band believes he can do sometbing better on his own… A few years later, 1978, while the band was still together, though strained, you released you first solo effort. How did you go about it; did you discuss it with other members of the band, and how did they respond?

    I will be participating in Sept, from somewhere in the Los Angeles, CA area.


  87. Matt Parish
    Long Island, NY

    I will be attending a participating North American cinema in Westbury, NY.

    Question, and this is a two parter…

    Knock, Knock?

    *admit it F*Ed, for comedy relief it would kill* 🙂

  88. I will attend the premiere in AMC La Jolla CA

    Question: Please pick your guitar solo you like the most between the years 1968 to 1979.


  89. Andrew A
    North Haledon, NJ USA

    I will be attending at a North American participating cinema (Union Square, NYC)

    It has been an exciting few years with the On An Island release, tour and now DVD, thank you. But Fender is also developing the David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster. What does that mean to you to have a guitar built in your name?



  90. I wholeheartedly await the screening in NYC on 09/15, and I have the utmost respect for Mr. Gilmour, as well as idolize him as one of my true heroes.

    Your music has given me much insight and pleasure for many years, with and without the Floyd.

    Please forgive me, but I cannot pass up this opportunity: […]

    [Sorry, John. I can forgive, but that question goes no further. Enjoy the event. – Features Editor]

  91. David,

    I will be attending your broadcast at Regal Cinemas in York, Pennsylvania, United States.

    We love you in the U.S. too! Although you may have your grudges against the American Government, will you ever tour again in the U.S.?

  92. FEd, just curious and pardon me for asking, how do we forward the video, audio and the photo to you, via the blog with a link? Or via a designated e-mail address or by mail to a physical address?

    I did a little trial run just to make sure I am able to provide what’s needed, unfortunately, I am having some challenges. Sadly, I have to pass this wonderful opportunity.

    If I manage to resolve the problem, may I submit the question next week since I’ll be attending the cinema at Leicester Square?

    [We will tell you what to do, don’t worry. We want them uploaded to a designated area. No links, no mail. We have to pick the best questions first and take another batch of questions for Europe, which is why we won’t be announcing the winners until the end of next week/beginning of the week after next. If you’re attending a cinema in Europe, then your question should be submitted next week, anyway, so please feel free to see what you can do to resolve your doubts. You’ll have from Monday until Friday 24 August to send in your question. – Features Editor]

  93. Real name: Marcus Buick

    Town/city, state (if applicable) and country: Oakland, California, U.S.

    I will be attending the Emeryville, California cinema event.


    When recording ambient sound, do you prefer tracking to open reel tape, or to a hardisk system such as ProTools?

  94. [you mean theres another swansea out there!!! – simon j]

    and a ‘bryn mawr’ and a ‘victor’!!!

    some of these questions are out of the top drawer.

  95. Larry Roberts
    Poughkeepsie, NY

    If able, I will attend in Connecticut

    I might have to take my first trip to London that weekend. If I do FEd, do you know of any shows going on that would be worth seeing? subtle hint 🙂

    My question:

    Who was it that put that ‘I’m on top of the mountain’ smile inside you when you found out they wanted to perform with you and how old were you when it first happened?

  96. Real name: Rob P
    Danbury, CT, USA

    I hope to be at the Union Square theater.

    My question:

    Out of everything that you have accomplished in your career, what are you the most proud of either professionally or personally?

    Many thanks in advance!

  97. Will Roberson
    Chapel Hill NC.

    I won’t be able to make the premiere in Raleigh, but I did see last years theater promo.

    From the North American tour last year, which venue was the most intimate and why??

  98. Melissa Cullison
    Knoxville, TN

    I will be attending the premier of ‘Remember that Night’, here in Knoxville.

    My question for David:

    If you had to go back and choose only two pieces of music from your 40 year career to share with the world, which pieces would you choose? Could you elaborate on your choices?


  99. Thank you all for your questions.

    The deadline has now passed and no further questions will be considered.

    We’ll let you know which ones were chosen when we also have the final list of questions for the UK & Europe premiere.

    Questions for the UK & Europe premiere are invited from Monday until Friday 24 August.

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