Name That Tune (Part Three)

Remember That Night DVD (2007)The original Name That Tune was a television quiz show where contestants had to name the song title after hearing just a few bars of music.

That would be too easy for you lot. That’s why we’re doing it with pictures instead.

Any idea which song Richard is playing above? If nobody guesses correctly, we’ll have another screenshot from the same song tomorrow.

Please click on the image for a closer look.

Congratulations to all those who guessed ‘The Blue’ yesterday.

I’ll be announcing the 54 Canadian cinemas involved in the fantastic forthcoming (interactive and High Definition, don’t forget) event, ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert Hall’, tomorrow night.

Thank you all for your patience. I hope that the list will please you.

The chatroom will also be open tomorrow, between the hours of 11AM and 1PM (UK time). I hope to see lots of you there.

Here are some of Phil Manzanera’s answers to your questions.

Why do you think there are so few ’emerging’ guitarists – unlike your good self and David, to name two personal favourites – who capture the public’s attention? (You may disagree, of course!) (Martin D)

There are lots of very good guitarists around, but because the way the media industry is now, it’s difficult for them to get noticed. Also, the guitar solo became unfashionable, so restricting the guitarist’s creative development. However, if you listen to my new radio series on Planet Rock, ‘A is for Axe: The A-Z of Great Guitarists’, starting on 5 August for 12 weeks, you will hear some great young ones, as well as the vintage players… two of which are your ‘personal favourites’.

How much of an album is experimentation and how much is instinct? (Lucia)

Instinct combines with experimentation in the creative process, but inspiration is the key factor.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

97 thoughts on “Name That Tune (Part Three)”

  1. Chopsticks! 😉

    Great photo. I’m guessing it’s an older Floyd song due to the whamming that Richard is giving the keyboard. I’m sure I have seen him do this manoeuvre but can’t think what song it was on.

    Arnold Layne perhaps?

  2. Happy Wednesday,

    I am looking for clues in todays picture and have narrowed it down to 2.

    However, this naming of a tune from a single picture really is sorting out the men/women from the boys/girls.

    I dont know about anyone else but I am most impressed by the way, for example, ‘The Blue’ was deduced by some from a single picture.

    I am not worthy !!

    Pete – Coventry

  3. Hmmm, name that tune part 3. I’ll take a stab at Echoes.

    Best regards.


  4. I’m hazarding a guess at Echoes…again! Well it has to be Wright One of These Days!!

  5. hmmm, well he seems to be playing those keys with some ‘ooopmh’ and he has the mic at hand if he needs it, so I’ll say Echoes.

  6. Name that tune:

    If Tom O Connor or Lionel Blair had a gun to my head I would say Arnold Layne

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  7. I think this time the photo is a PF tune instead of one off of OAI. Maybe Shine On?

    Also, today I noticed a new link on the home page next to The Blog called DVD. Was that one just added or have I just ignored it for awhile? I think it is the first as I am typically pretty observant. For now it looks like it is just info that has been moved from other areas of the site. I imagine as we get closer to the release there will be more interesting information to check out there.



    [It’s been there for a few days now. There’s nothing new there… yet, other than the trailers at the very bottom. – Features Editor]

  8. My completely uneducated, non-scientific guess would be “Take A Breath.”

    I base this on the color of the lights which, after all, could be used for nearly any of the songs.

  9. I know it sounds like I am hedging my bets but Arnold Layne or Echoes were my choices.

    Pete – Coventry

  10. Hmmmm…..I’ll guess “Echoes,” since it was my first impression.

    Although, I have to say, my first impressions weren’t very good at Blotto, so now you’ve got me second guessing myself!

  11. name that tune….Echoes.

    I’ve just noticed what a comfy chair Richard has on stage.

  12. i would say “red sky at night”. maybe it’s just the colour of the spot.


  13. Hello everyone, hope all is good with you all.

    My guess would be Any Color You Like. I love that song and it was written by Richard.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  14. I’m about as good at this as I was in blotto – that’s why I didn’t submit an offcial card 🙂

    So, I’ll just hanker a guess with Echoes and leave it at that…

    Have a great day!

  15. Hmm, not green enough for ‘Echoes’ (I think), so I’ll go with Mr Nate on this one, ‘Arnold Layne’.

  16. I’m obviously driven by colors, so I’ll say Red Sky at Night. One of the best ones on the album, personally.

    I got my tickets for the theater out here in California. I certainly hope there’s a larger turn-out than last time. Probably, since he’ll be peforming a song LIVE and answering ?’s.

    [Hope you enjoy yourself, Robyn. – Features Editor]

  17. I believe the song Richard is playing is Echoes.

    Plus Fed you were right, my wife loved the Tattoo. You really do know how to help people with their problems and I Thank You for your help.

    Take Care,

    [Glad to hear it, Thomas. You should know by now that I’m usually right. – Features Editor]

  18. Take A Breath!!! No doubt! I could recognize those red lights everywhere!

    Thanks Phil for his answer! It has great sense…and sounds also soooooooo poetic! Thanks a lot!


    [You’re going to like some of Phil’s other answers, too. Keep reading. – Features Editor]

  19. [You’re going to like some of Phil’s other answers, too. Keep reading. – Features Editor]

    I AM WAITING SO LONG!!!! If tomorrow I am crushed by a big, flying pig who falls from the sky or I am overwhelmed by a flock of crazy sheep which – unexplainably – are free to run around Rome as the bulls in Pamplona, I hope you will feel a little guilt to have left me without an answer! BAD BOY!


  20. What would a cannibal say after he was finished with Mr. Manzanera?

    “I’ve had my Phil”

  21. Echoes I guess at.

    Nate: I think the hand-slapping you’re referring to is on the Pulse DVD during Sorrow.

  22. Hmmmm….(thinks)…I’m gonna go with…ooo Echoes, or Arnold Layne…oh yay Canada’s coming up! Thank you FEd and David! lol Anyone that remembers chatting….LOLA…L-O-L-A Lola…:P

  23. I’m torn between two tunes to name for Richard

    1. Take a Breath ( but not convinced )


    2. ”Take the ‘A’ Train” the Duke Ellington number that Richard sneaked on stage to play during the interval at RAH 2006 ?

    Yes it definitely had ‘Echoes’ of the Duke SO thats the one

    Happy Wednesday to all

  24. Happy Birthday Matt.

    The tune is probably Echoes because Richard’s right hand is a blur.

    He dances in his chair also on that too.

  25. Echoes i would say !

    Lots of black and white bits to hit though ! How does he hit the right one all the time ?

  26. A genuine thank you to El Magnifico (the young Mr Manzanera) for answering my question.

    And I will most definately be checking out the ‘A is for Axe ‘ radio series (sounds very interesting)

    Looking forward to more Q and A’s …and ‘Name that Tune’ photos – keep ’em coming Fed



  27. I don’t remember red lights on Echoes, but the ‘keyboard hand drag’, for lack of a better term, screams Echoes to me.

    I’ll run with Echoes as well.

  28. Its gotta be Echoes….

    Rick is absolutely animated, stabbing and jabbing the keys with a vengeance!


  29. This must the “DUEL” between DAVID & RICHARD and if I am right this is between my favourite Floyd song “ECHOES” !!! 😉


  30. Hullo FED and All !!!

    My first impression was ‘Wearing The Inside Out’ which, funnily enough is how I feel after last weekend’s turn of events. But then Lucia got me thinking, thanks Lucia ! I am more inclined to think it’s ‘Take A Breath’, but then again it’s a toughie cos it very well could be ‘Arnold Layne’.

    Then of course there’s also ‘Echoes’, but even money and Lucia’s intuition, and my intuition siding with Lucia, cos I do remember Venice very well, I’m going with ‘Take A Breath’.

    So do Lucia and I win a cookie ? LOL.

    Anyway, Happy Wednesday, everyone ! It’s a gray day here. I’m waiting for that Fat Old Sun to break out. Thought I’d sneak a peak in here, so now I’ve done so, well now I’ll just see myself out.

    Have a good day everyone ! Peace and Love To All !!! Cazart !

  31. [Is it the Six Wives of Henry VIII? Oh, wait. Wrong Rick. Must be Echoes. – Posted by: EchoesBob]

    I knew there was a reason I liked you… 🙂

  32. Brian, Paul and Frank,

    I meant Richard was singing “Happy Birthday” to himself, not to me you crazy over-zealous but extremely gracious irregulars…

    (I’ll hold onto your good thoughts for a few weeks when I actually do celebrate yet another trip around that Fat Old Sun…)

  33. Well I know Echoes seems to be the popular opinion but I think I’ll go with Shine On.

  34. “Red Sky At Night”… following the color instinct-thing this time!! I changed my answer yesterday from “The Blue”, as I thought it was too obvious….

    FEd… they are opening new movie theatres near me this weekend. If I find out about their sound system, and it’s a proper sound system, can we see about adding just 1 Cinema show to the US line-up?? Just a thought… a HOPEFUL thought!! (I haven’t given up just yet! I never give up hope!) But supposedly this place is going to have “state of the art” sound…. shall I look into it???

    *fingers crossed*


    [I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Susan. I’m sorry. – Features Editor]

  35. I reckon it was Echoes too. There was a lot of red lighting throughout Echoes as well as during Red Sky At Night.

    Ooooh, I’m looking forward to seeing all of that lighting again! I liked the rainbow downlighters during Take A Breath!

    FEd, when can we submit our questions for the premier please?

    [When we ask for them, which won’t be until all participating cinemas have been announced. – Features Editor]

  36. Got my tickets a few days ago for Sept. 15, and am looking forward to it.

    The picture above could be a number of songs. I’m going with Comfortably numb.

  37. An awkward name that tune. I would say `echoes` to go with everyone else, but Richard sings the harmony on this track and his microphone is away from him. I don`t know.

    Happy Birthday Matt!

  38. I’m thinking Arnold Layne

    But regardless of my guess I’m loving the idea of ‘Name that tune’ and another fabulous picture.

  39. Personally, I am utterly amazed at how much detail is picked up regarding the shows. People remember hand motions, feet positions, where a certain someone stood on a stage, etc., etc. It just astounds me that people focused in on so much detail regarding the performances.

    Granted, I sat at the back of the first mezz at Radio City (last row at that, but center), and I didn’t have my binocs but my focus was more on the music and the overall presentation.

    Don’t get me wrong, this Name That Tune thing is fun…I just can’t believe the detail that is being debated.



  40. I know, I know….

    Some will say my last post may be a bit hypocritical based on all the assorted music trivia knowledge that I possess….but my knowledge is based on general trivia.



  41. Echoes 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Susan, fingers and toes are crossed just in case anyway;-)

    ping …..
    peace …..

  42. Happy Birthday Matt, I hope you have a great time going around the Fat Old Sun.

    Plus there are only 47 days to go for the release of David’s new DVD (Remember that Night).

    Take Care,


    “Let’s see now…a few movements just like so…and those bloggers will never guess which tune I’m really playing….”

  44. Did anybody mention “Breathe” yet? That would be my guess. There’s a lot of B-3 work in that song.

  45. I think today’s snippet has to be my favourite. David really does have the most beautiful voice.

  46. For the guy who fooled us all! (Well 3 of us anyway…)

    There once was a man called Matt
    On the Gilmour blog he would chat
    Then one day with glee
    He said ‘happy birthday to me’
    When it wasn’t at all, the brat! 🙂

    Happy Thursday Matt & everyone!!

  47. This picture is from the first half of the concert (in the background there’s this accoustic guitar for slide-playing which David only used for “Smile” and “Then i close my eyes”).

    I think the song this picture is taken from is “This heaven” – there’s a lot of hammond-work from Richard in this song…

  48. [Don’t get me wrong, this Name That Tune thing is fun…I just can’t believe the detail that is being debated. – Posted by: Andrew at August 1, 2007 11:57 PM]

    C’mon Andrew..didn’t you spot the hand crossover with the left hand kind of doing the Vulcan salute. Surely you must know that this only occurs during Echoes

  49. CAPTION 2:

    “It’s just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, with your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight, but it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane…

    Let’s do the Time Warp again!!!”

  50. I thought “Tulpen uit Amsterdam” first, but it’s not on the playlist so I’ll go for “This heaven”.

  51. Reading a music information website earlier this week (not a fansite), I found a mention of a performance where Gilmour, Mason and Wright joined with Mike Rutherford and other members of Mike and the Mechanics back in 1993 to benefit a hospital in Britain. It did not mention anything more than that.

    Apologies if this was asked before, but what was that concert named and any other details about it? Was this ever broadcast? If you mention the name it might jog my memory of the event.



    [That would be the Cowdray Ruins concert at Cowdray castle, East Sussex. It was in aid of Midhurst’s King Edward VII hospital and took place in September 1993. – Features Editor]

  52. Got to take the plunge sometime, my guess is Take a Breath because of the lighting as is on the DVD and Ricks playing is very animated.

  53. Come on guys!

    Richard isn’t playing, he’s doing a hand jive! 🙂

    Everyone on the Blog under 40 is now wondering “what the h*ll is a hand jive!”

  54. Guy’s book arrived finally…

    I picked it up and read 50 pages straight off! It’s a very good read…

  55. A lot of people guessed “Echoes”. I don’t think so, perhaps “Us And Them”?

    “Fat Old Sun” is a well suited guess too.

  56. [That would be the Cowdray Ruins concert at Cowdray castle, East Sussex. It was in aid of Midhurst’s King Edward VII hospital and took place in September 1993. – Features Editor]

    Incredible ! That almost frightens me !

    I sugggest a contest : who could ask a question about David that the Features Editor couldn’t reply to ?


    [No, I don’t like the sound of that. – Features Editor]

  57. So it is This Heaven….

    So much for all the detailed analysis on most of the guesses as it looks like only two people got it right.

    I just sense the sinister laugh FEd puts out each time someone posts a song guess for a picture.



    [I twirl the ends of my moustache sometimes, too. – Features Editor]

  58. Lorraine

    “I think today’s snippet has to be my favourite. David really does have the most beautiful voice”

    Check out Sonnet 18 on the extras of the DVD: DG In Concert (The Meltdown Concert)

    Spine tingling!… and I dare you to only play it once… 🙂

  59. [There once was a man called Matt
    On the Gilmour blog he would chat
    Then one day with glee
    He said ‘happy birthday to me’
    When it wasn’t at all, the brat!] – Brian Kildare

    Very nice and funny limerick, Brian!

    So, Matt – it wasn’t your birthday after all – regardless, I wish you and everyone a Happy Friday and that everyday is a happy day to you all!

  60. [I twirl the ends of my moustache sometimes, too. – Features Editor]

    I recall some time ago someone asked if FEd is a man or a woman; the above response can certainly clarify that.

  61. Ahah ! moustache, beard…

    Here, in some circus/fairs, ‘la femme à barbe’ (bearded woman ?) can still have a great success !

    So, Fed can remain a total mystery ! good !


  62. Michele, I agree with you.


    Surely you must have met a woman with a moustache at some point in your life?

    I can also safely say that I have never dated one like that.



  63. I’m nearly sure this is a classical Pink Floyd song and as Mr.Wright seems to be singing while he is playing, i guess it’s “Echoes”, one among my favourite ones.

    I started up my countdown to the DVD’s release!

    Have you all a great week end
    Bye/ Ciao Elisabetta

  64. [I twirl the ends of my moustache sometimes, too. – Features Editor]

    Andrew – I think the key word here is “twirl”, not moustache.

    Out of respect for FEd, I apologize for bringing up the subject, we shouldn’t go there; sorry FEd.

    Happy weekend to you all!

    [I even changed ‘twist’ to ‘twirl’, to try and get the whole ‘sinister’ vibe across… – Features Editor]

  65. I would say that’s…


    For two nights running, last year, I was in heaven watching that song performed live. Did I say “song”? I meant “Epic Slice Of Pure Perfection”.


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