Name That Tune (Part Five)

Remember That Night DVD (2007).Any idea which song is being performed in the picture above? If nobody gets it, we’ll have another from the same song next time.

Click on the image for a closer look.

It’s a screenshot from David’s forthcoming DVD, ‘Remember That Night’, which is released next month.

Speaking of which, I’m glad that you like the new EPK. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here.

Please keep your questions for David coming – here, not here – but only if you’re in North America, any other Sony region, or if you will be attending one of the 166 cinemas across Canada and the US on Saturday 15 September.

There are some very good ones so far. Thank you for making it difficult to select the best.

However, if you’ve already sent one in, that’s your lot. It’s strictly one-question-per-person. Submitting a second will mean that both of your questions will be ignored (yes, I’m spiteful like that), so please don’t bother.

You have until 5PM (UK) tomorrow to submit your question, so don’t leave it too late. No further questions for the North American premiere will be accepted after this time.

There will, however, be a separate entry for anyone in Europe/those who shall be seeing the cinematic premiere of ‘Remember That Night’ on Thursday 6 September in Europe. That will be here on Monday.

Below are some more of Phil Manzanera’s answers to your questions.

I heard on an interview that if David was not a musician, he might be flying planes?! How about you, if you were not a musician, what would you be doing? (Veronica from Miami)

A Cuban revolutionary, like my mate Che!

What was your inspiration to pick up the guitar? (AxPxM88)

Spanish guitar was inspired by my mother’s playing, and electric to get girls!

When did you first start playing guitar? (Chris Hampton)

Age seven in Havana, Cuba on my mum’s Spanish guitar, learning Cuban folk songs.

Did you know how to read music when you took up guitar? (Jan)

I didn’t want to learn how to read music. I sent off from Venezuela to London for a book that I thought would show me pictures of where to put my fingers on the fretboard, but instead they sent me a course on blue carbon paper about music theory, so any port in a storm, I inadvertently learnt something about it. Of course, reading the dots is a complete hindrance to Rock and Roll.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

51 thoughts on “Name That Tune (Part Five)”

  1. is it ‘arnold layne’?

    i missed the epk, so thanks for reminding me. this dvd is going to be the best ever!

    thanks again to phil for answering so many questions. i’ve really enjoyed his answers.

  2. Fed…

    It’s not Arnold Layne as there isn’t any lead guitar in that song and DG is playing individual notes in the picture…

    I would plump for Fat Old Sun and this is a shot from where the band step up a gear during the second half

    And, Fed, as I have my crystal ball out and exposed are you prepared for the “Will there be a DVD available of the Q&A as my question is on there”… arf arf!!! Bet you a beer it will get asked… 🙂

    [Only a matter of time, my friend. Just as long as nobody is foolish enough to ask if it will be included as a ‘Remember That Night’ extra, as that really would be insanely optimistic. (Some of these questions are as inevitable as the seasons, aren’t they?) – Features Editor]

  3. Ooh, that’s difficult… it’s either Fat Old Sun or Arnold Layne because he’s using a Telecaster.

    I have a blonde Tele too 😉

    So I’ll guess Fat Old Sun.

  4. Don’t know whether it was performed on the tour, but Mr G plays that Telecaster on “Astronomy Domine.”

  5. Gotta go with Fat Old Sun!

    ::Caption:: Oblious to Rick falling asleep, David soldiered on…

  6. [Very good. – Features Editor]

    Would that be sarcasm FEd? Maybe I’m a bit slow today – but Run Like Hell didn’t feature in any setlist did it?

    [No sign of it whatsoever. – Features Editor]

  7. It’s the screaming solo from Fat Old Sun.

    Have a good weekend all, especially those going up to Gabrielle’s. I’m really sorry I won’t be able to make it.

  8. I’ll say David is playing High Hopes.

    I hope that everyone will have a nice weekend and I hope that with all the things that are going on Fed, that this weekend will be a relaxing one for you.

    Take Care,

    [Thank you, Thomas. I wish you the same. – Features Editor]

  9. I would say that is Arnold Layne. He’s using the Telecaster, and that’s the only song I know he used it for…

    And I believe there was some lead during the solo, Rudders… you know…the twangy one?

  10. Oh my god. Have seen just now the EPK.

    I know ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ will be my favourite one.


  11. Fat Old Sun, by way of Telecaster with guitar lead (just like you said Ruds!)

  12. My god that new epk was phenomenal.

    This is going to be the greatest music dvd release since pompeii, it will even beat pulse i feel.

    The sound and picture is fantastic.

    Hats off to David and his team!

  13. I concur with Fat Old Sun – seem to recall that sort of lighting during that particular tune.

    Puzzling over the objects in the bottom right hand corner though (when you look at the larger frame capture). Are those beer taps?

    Maybe it should be Fat Ale Sun… 😉

  14. Hi everyone !

    My guess is “Fat Old sun”: fantastic guitar solo with the “telecaster”…Don’t you ? 😉


    P.S: the new EPK is very good !

  15. I know absolutely nothing about guitars, so, I can’t name that tune, but I read the bloggers’ answers, and, when I clicked on the pic to enlarge it, I noticed that expression on David’s face, so, yes, I really think it could be ‘Fat Old Sun’, because it’s that expression that I imagine he had when playing the ‘wild’ solo at the end of that song.


  16. Fat Old Sun (solo)… gonna have to wait and see… from the fingers it looks like a phrase from the intro to Shine On… maybe even The Wall pt. 2’s solo…..

  17. I’ve just finished watching the EPK for the first time and I’m left with two impressions.

    First, thank God for David’s perfectionism.

    Second, I think one of the significant measures of a man is how he speaks about other people. What a sweet and good man is this David Gilmour.

  18. I also think it must be FAT OLD SUN!

    PLEASE make sure that there will be MORE CINEMAS to play the broadcast here in GERMANY! 5 theaters are too few and also there is no one which performed the DVD in the North!?

    I have to ride approx. 400-500 KM to see this?

    PLEASE come on and manage something in HAMBURG or HANNOVER!

    THANKS, Pete

  19. I couldn’t tell what this still is from. Seems like the people are saying Fat Old Sun…

    Hello everyone! FEd, bloggers, I’ve missed you. I make the big move on Monday down to Chicago, so preparations for the apartment and for school and work and all that have been keeping me so wrapped up in stress that I imagine my mind resembles a rummber band ball.

    “I haven’t known peace and quiet for so long I can’t remember what it’s like.”

    I have quite a few blogs to read, I’m sure, so I’m off to catch up. Peace to all.

    [Good luck, Jessica. You’ll be fine. Don’t think twice, it’s all right. – Features Editor]

  20. “Of course, reading the dots is a complete hindrance to Rock and Roll”

    El Magnifico for President!!


  21. It’s either Fat Old Sun, or Arnold Layne… hmmmm… I’m going with …Fat Old Sun.

    You have a very relaxing weekend FEd, it’s been a very busy week for you! Go on a quiet, calm beach and have a martini! 😛 Rest Well!

    P.S. Wow! Only 15 questions, you’re going to pick? That’s going to be very difficult! Good Luck!

    Everyone have a good weekend!

  22. Thanks for answering my question, Mr. Manzanera. Now I can quit wondering …

    My guess – Astronomy Domine.

    Happy Friday and please don’t forget to vote!

  23. Jesus, is that Astronomy Domine?????

    [Even Jesus is baffled by this one, it seems. – Features Editor]

  24. Really no words for describe the “EPK”…amazing, the sound and the lights of shows are perfect.

    I can only suggestion: this EPK for download too, for me is the best choice for the peoples with dial-up connection or connection with speed very slowy. My connection for example is dial-up and very slow (hehehe), i wait for aprox. 1 hour for view EPK and in small parts. The download is much better.

    Well Name Of That Tune is Fat Old Sun…one question: the last Name that tune (Number Four) is This Heaven or Where We Start?

    [It was ‘This Heaven’. By the way, I’m still waiting for confirmation from Sony on when the DVD will be released in Brazil. As soon as I get an answer, I’ll let you know. – Features Editor]

  25. I thought originally that the song is Astronomy, then Fat Old Sun. So I took out my guitar and matched his chord/lead as D maj. The second chord of Fat Old Sun.

    Astronomy is in the chord of EMaj.

    Great photo of David’s intensity. Ripper indeed. Fat Old Sun yes.

  26. Obviously Fat Old Sun as I can see a sun in background. I dont know anything about guitars. I wouldn’t know the difference between a G string and a shoe string!

    Although it might be something else from Atom Heart Mother!! as mentioned in a post by Stockman:

    [Hmmm, could be something from Atom Heart Mother, called Fat Old Sun. :)]

    Off to library tonight to log on and find out what the excitement is all about on EPK or whatever and of course to vote. Have a good weekend.

    Ian Pearson

  27. To those who are heading to the Barnfest –

    Hope you have a good time; make sure you all behave (chuckle)!

    Have a nice weekend you all!

  28. CAPTION: Rick wonders how on earth he can play the huge mouth organ David gave him.


    Fed waves the blunt end of a pointy stick to get Davids attention during the “Fat Old Layne” solo.

  29. C’mon chaps! Was it that subtle…

    “Plump” for Fat Old Sun… ba dum tish!

    Or maybe…

    – He insensitively suggested Comfortably Numb
    – Quickly he listened to Time
    – He was remote whilst listening to “On An Island”
    – Questioningly he listened to Wot’s…Uh, The Deal
    – He constructively asked for The Wall

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