Leicester Square meet-up

Remember That Night DVD (2007).With so many of you attending the UK & Europe premiere of ‘Remember That Night: David Gilmour Live at The Royal Albert Hall’ on Thursday 6 September at London’s Leicester Square, I thought you might welcome a dedicated space to arrange a pre-show get-together.

Everyone is very welcome, so don’t be shy. If you know of a good place to meet for a drink before the event, send us your suggestions. Or, when a venue is agreed upon, just drop in on the evening and join in. A warm welcome is guaranteed to all.

Two suggestions so far, courtesy of Howard, are:

The Imperial, 5 Leicester Street, WC2H 7BL and
The Moon Under Water, 28 Leicester Square, WC2H 7LE.

5PM seems like a good time to start, perhaps to get a few pints in before making your way across to the Odeon? Thoughts, please.

More thorough plans can be drawn up (directions for those that need them, a fixed meeting point for all, etc.).

Please note that e-mail addresses will not be published. I will only publish a recognised venue and an approximate time.

Please keep your questions for David rolling in. There have been some very good ones. Just please be sure to leave yours at the right place… Say, here? If it ends up anywhere else, it won’t count.

I only want questions for the North American premiere this week. I’ll take questions for the European event all next week, so bear with me. You’ll have a full week to submit your question and as much consideration as the current batch of questions are receiving, so your patience could pay off.

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With that out of the way (God, I feel so dirty), here’s the latest from Phil Manzanera.

I’d read in an interview last year that you met David through your older brother. David agreed to meet to lend advice on getting started in the music business. What are your memories of that meeting and your initial impressions of him? (Buffalo Phil)

It was 1968 and I’d just turned 17. I distinctly remember the Italian restaurant and this person that looked identical to the David sitting on the stool on the cover of ‘Ummagumma’. Neither of us can remember what we spoke about, but David says it must have been good because I ended up in Roxy Music four years later.

Were you a fan of the Floyd 25 years ago? (Sylvie)

Damn right… and well before.

When did you work with David for the first time? (Ina)

1987. We worked together writing on a couple of tracks for Pink Floyd’s ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’ album. One track, called ‘One Slip’, ended up on the album.

I was wondering if there was any particular reason why you didn’t dig out ‘One Slip’ for the tour, as you co-wrote it with David? (Jonathan)

No room on the list.

Could you compare the making of ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ with the making of ‘On an Island’? I mean, how is it different to work with Floyd’s Gilmour and solo Gilmour? (Adriano Capeto)

No different, it’s the same person.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

81 thoughts on “Leicester Square meet-up”

  1. Hi Fed.

    Dont know if someone already posted – but in the latest Q Magazine Title: The 20 Greatest Guitar Solos … some guy called David Gilmour is on the Top of the List!!!!!!

    Does Remember that Night still come out in Europe on the 17. September? Because theres no sign of it at amazon.de?


    [Thank you for letting us know, Werner. That’s great news. 17 September is still the official release date for Europe – and it’s still 18 September everywhere else, in spite of some reports of a 2 October release (that’s actually our hopeful date for the BluRay release, which is not confirmed yet, so could well change). As soon as we can confirm the release date for HD-DVD and BluRay, we’ll let you know, but the standard DVD will be out on 17/18 September. – Features Editor]

  2. I’ll be in London at 9am that morning and im staying at the strand palace around the corner from L Square so anywhere is fine by me.

    If anybody fancies doing the sights during the day let me know.

    Cheers and excited.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  3. Cool, Phil answered my question!

    Hey FEd, that “vote for me” link takes me to a page for voting for the blog, not the site as a whole (which I thought it was for), I voted for the blog using the link in the previous blog entry.

    [That’s right. To vote davidgilmour.com ‘Best Official Music Site’, click the text link above the button, click your name below or visit the homepage, where you’ll see a larger button. – Features Editor]

  4. Great idea for meet up. I’ll be there. Either venue as long as there is space.

    “Perhaps to get a few pints in” says FEd. You buying?????? Like your style but pints of Glenmorangie!!!! Dont think so. Or maybe?? Less comfort breaks with drams.

    Ian Pearson

    [Of course, I was thinking water… – Features Editor]

  5. The Imperial is (or was the last few times I went) a very good pub. IIRC the stairs down to the toilets are a bit steep and tricky if you’ve had too many cups of falling down juice, but who’d want to do that before going to the Odeon extravaganza?

    If only they sold that yummy strawberry beer (I kid you not!) that was sold in the pub just around the corner from the Royal Albert Hall, when we met up before the DG shows there… I think it was the second night that we managed to empty their barrels of the stuff!

  6. fab answer from magnifico phil to buffalo phil’s question.

    i’ve really enjoyed phil’s q&a. please pass on our thanks, fed.

    fyi, you can vote in the dmas every day. i just voted again.

    if we got to 3rd in just 2 weeks last year, we can come 1st this time if we all vote daily.

  7. Nice question Buffalo Phil, and nice to read Phil’s reply.

    The Ummagumma cover is one of my best favourites, bucolic scenary with long haired dreaming musicians… that’s how we are.

  8. That’s really a great idea. I’ll be there from Italy so I need to meet some friends for a beer before the great show!

    I’m sorry Fed but I can’t give any advice for the place to meet up!

    However,congratulations for your nomination for the best music blog,I hope you will win in the end,you absolutely deserve it!

    See you soon

    [Thank you very much, Piero. I hope you’ll have a great time in London. – Features Editor]

  9. Hi Fed.

    Here is the link to the Q GUITAR HEROES Story (click my name)


    [Much appreciated. Thank you. – Features Editor]

  10. [To vote davidgilmour.com ‘Best Official Music Site’, click the text link above the button, click your name below or visit the homepage, where you’ll see a larger button. – Features Editor]

    darn it fet e d. marillion.com are looking for my vote for this people choice awards too . o hell . really you guys got more fans then marillion do . whats a lady to do .

    ok that settles it . i am running out to deliver some home brew and your link is handier . one vote for http://davidgilmour.musicblog.co.uk/ coming up 🙂


    [Bless you. – Features Editor]

  11. Hey FED,

    Since I don’t have a preference either, I think the deciding factor for which pub will be the turn out.

    If it is less than 10 then the Moon under Water would probably be ok. More than 10 then the Imperial would be the choice.

    Let’s see what the interest is.

    Cheers, Howard

  12. Oh wow! Good for David! He made it to the top of the best 20! Ah hah! A new pink snazzy button! Definitly gonna vote! Yeah everyone vote daily!



  13. Hello FEd, friends.

    I´d like to thank Mr. Manzanera for answering my question.

    And of course, you got my vote already.

    All the best,

  14. [If it is less than 10 then the Moon under Water would probably be ok. More than 10 then the Imperial would be the choice. Let’s see what the interest is. – Howard Bayliss]

    Well me & minime plan on joining the pub meet up and Nate’s going wherever I’m going because I owe him a pint (that’s it official now Nate!). So that’s 3.

  15. Hello FED and All !!!

    Well done !! Again we get to cast our vote for our beloved site here and yes, The Blog gets my vote as well. Quite frankly, this is one of the few I check out on a regular basis.

    I apologise for my absence. I have been under the radar lately. Spending quiet time, reflecting on a great deal of issues and also pondering the question I intend to put forth to Mr. Gilmour.

    I have been re-thinking alot of things and one of them is to how better to organize a “new” get together for September 6th. I was seriously despondent over my botching the books on the proposed meet up with the others. For a little bit, I had felt that I somehow overextended myself and also felt that I had “worn out my welcome” with Veronica and Ulli.

    I was majorly disappointed that not one of my “friends” had my back. And there was no way I ought to have imposed upon Veronica, Randy, Ulli and Mario’s goodwill. And as I understand it Veronica and Randy ought to be making a trip to the other side of the pond around that time. (Hope you guys have great vacation !!)

    Fantastic news about the nominations once again. Just goes to show that this site seemingly sets the bar and adheres to great qualiy control.

    BTW, FED, this is not my official question, however I am curious. Not that Gun Control is a major issue in the U.K., but how does David feel on the issue of guns and the “right to bear arms” ? We, here in Fort Lauderdale, FL., USA, have lost two Sherriff’s deputies to violent, abhorrently violent, crimes within a ten day period. Just wondering how David feels on the matter.

    Well, I am off and running. Much to do and accomplish today !! Hoping that you have doing well, FED and to everyone else…the same.

    Peace and Love To All !!!! Cazart !

  16. I really hope that this will be the year that David’s Blog will win. For David and you (Fed) really deserve it for all the work you have done to make this Blog a great place to come to . For I have never been to a blog where we are treated like a great big family.

    Plus I really have to thank David’s Wife Polly for all the great Pictures that she has displayed for the Blog. So I hope that we as regulars and all the new people who are joining this site will take just a few minutes and vote for David Gilmour’s Blog for they really deserve it.

    Plus I really wanted to thank Marcus, Erin and Renee for willing to come and pick me up for the Barnfest. You guys are great. So Mel, Becky, Lynn and Gabrielle thank you for your help and I will be there and this is why I say this is a great web site, for we are a big Family.

    Take Care,

  17. Happy Happy Wednesday,

    Booked a ticket for Leicester Square today. A close shave. Just about the last one.

    Pete – Coventry

  18. Add two more to the list…me and the missus will be at the Odeon and would love to meet up with fellow fans…Just name the pub and time and we’ll be there.

    Does anyone else have tickets with D???? G?????? printed on them? Makes me nervous!


  19. [To vote davidgilmour.com ‘Best Official Music Site’, click the text link above the button, click your name below or visit the homepage, where you’ll see a larger button. – Features Editor]

    Thanks FEd, voted – hope you guys win.

  20. I’d have to say The Imperial, because last time I was at London, it looked the bigger place, and it would be less crowded.

    A good idea to meet up! 🙂

    – James.

  21. [Of course, I was thinking water… – Features Editor]

    Does this mean you will be there FED? ;-)))

    Cheers, Howard

    [I still haven’t decided. – Features Editor]

  22. sounds like a lot of fun, but i’m going to the bath picturehouse.

    hope you guys all have a fab time! x

  23. Looks like it is going to be the Imperial. Shall we make it 5 as the official meet time?

    Cheers, Howard

  24. I just checked in for the last time before heading off for a few days (to Wales) and found the EPK. What a great surprise. It’s lovely to hear David talking about how much he enjoyed the tour and see some of what goes on behind the scenes, and as for the snippet of Echoes…

    I’ll have a smile on my face now as I finish my packing.

  25. OH MY GAWD – the EPK is Phenomenal!!

    Thanks so very much for providing an interview from David. It’s so awesome to hear, from him, his thoughts about the OAI music, tour, DVD, etc. Such sweet anticipation 🙂

  26. Wow ! What a fantastic gift today : ‘Remember That night EPK’ on the site ! Wonderful, David is looking so happy, relaxed and hansome in his blue shirt !

    But, what does he say ? hmm… I understood that he was laughing about the 3D (the three David ?) though, and also that something forced him to be a perfectionist…I think…

    Many thanks ! Still (or only) one month and the DVD comes out !


  27. Oh my god! The new EPK is a blast! The DVD will be truly be awesome! 😀

    Now I`m just waiting for FEd to announce the Norwegian cinemas so I can order a ticket 😉

  28. [I still haven’t decided. – Features Editor]

    Fed, you need an alter ego on the blog. Then you can show up and meet everyone and no one will be the wiser.

    You really should come. You can just say you follow the blog but don’t really post.

    [I did think about doing that, actually. – Features Editor]

  29. Love that EPK on the home page. Just that little taste of Echoes has got my juices flowing again, can’t wait for that dvd.

    Have a great night everyone.

  30. Oh how lovely! Thank you for that new EPK! Absolutely lovely.

    You could tell Rick was a tad bit drunk by the way he was holding the camera. LOL.

    Can’t wait to see the rest!

  31. Hello Fed and all,

    The Imperial sounds fine, me and Caroline would love to meet up with fellow fans…..

    Thanks very much to the bloggers for a humorous welcome to the chat room!!

    Speak and see you all soon,
    C & C

    ps tim, someone has to support Leeds.

  32. I`m up for that, Howard, sounds good to me!

    Oh and I visited the chat room for the first time last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    A re visit is recommended!

  33. Just finished watching the new EPK–twice. I absolutely can’t wipe the smile off my face.

    You know what,I think this DVD is going to be pretty good.

  34. I’m easy as to the time and place… Imperial sounds good, 5pm fine by me.

    I think we should all wear silly hats or DG t-shirts or something so that we’re not eyeing up random strangers like they were blind dates. Or I can laminate another card (a la RAH meetup) and wander around with it.

    I still haven’t thought of a good enough question for next week’s Q&A entry and I’m starting to feel the pressure. It’ll come to me… it just needs to hurry up….

    Oh, and I never ever ever expected to hear “Ummagumma” mentioned in any of Phil’s answers!

    Back to the statistics for me (somewhere I’m now calling Correlation Street!)


  35. Oh mine! Where do I begin…? I missed so much of what’s going on over the last few days. I think I need to start off reading from a few days back.

    I just finished watching the 10 minutes breathtaking excerpt from the new DVD along with Mr. David Gilmour enlightening interview; all made available on the Home Page. It’s truly “an illuminating 10 mins”, thank you for sharing.

    Is September here yet?

  36. Fed, i am sure you will be at the *get together party* but *incognito*, so nobody will know you, but you will spy everybody with a hidden smile…What fun it will be for you,dear friend!!!

    Sylvie de montréal

  37. The Phil questions are very good throughout, thanks.

    The EPK was well done and I must say that David is always a Perfectionist. Who else can take a song and refurnish with time and add more flavour. Only one that I know of.

    And finally Fed, you really want to go to the show. You deserve to be there to add some spice to the venue.

    [There will be more spice at the Odeon than at the spiciest of Spice Girls reunions, trust me. If it got any spicier, the council would have to shut it down. – Features Editor]

  38. My husband and I would like to join in at the Imperial (if that’s been decided).

    Thank you for another good list of Q&A from Mr. Phil Manzanera.

    Happy Thursday everyone!

  39. Inperial wins I think. 5pm ish seems logically. Look forward to seeing you FEd!

    [Does anyone else have tickets with D???? G?????? printed on them? Makes me nervous!]

    Oh yes, you bet Mat, I most certainly do and I have photocopied mine on enlargement setting and posted it on wall in my office (oops mispelt this word first and it came out as “orifice”!) so all my customers can see it.

    Ian Pearson

  40. I am going to have to start to whittle my huge list of questions for David down to one for monday.

    Its a dilemma, some are questions i would really like to know the answers of but may not be of interest to many people apart from me so not likely to get chosen, or do i choose another more obvious question in the hope that David may choose to answer it.

    There again why try to read some one else’s mind? i think i will ask David something that I really want to know, if he chooses to answer it great, if not so be it, there are going to be some great questions asked anyway.

  41. People have recieved tickets? :S

    I was told to take my Credit/Debit card to the door of the Leicester Square place to redeem them.

    Am I right?

    – James.

  42. Excellent EPK feature FEd!

    And Steve, you’re right. I just got goosebumps watching the vid – it’s gonna be flippin’ great!!

  43. Oh and another thing which slipped my mind…
    The EPK is excellent!

    It all just adds to the excitement.

    – James.

  44. I would also vote for the Imperial, as I seem to remember that the Moon Under Water is rubbish….

    Pete – Glad you will be able to make it ! In fact, I’ll buy you a pint to celebrate !


  45. Can’t believe it, there’s going to be a knees-up and I wont be there…..Gutted.

    However, the EPK is amazing, especially Bowie singing C Numb. I cannot wait for that.

  46. I have a small query relating to the personal details required for next week’s UK/Europe questions.

    Will it be acceptable to submit your county and country, instead of your town/city and country?

    This may seem fairly trivial, but there is a good reason for this query and I’d hate to think my question might be be discarded on a technicality!

    [That will be fine. – Features Editor]

  47. For the EPK – a big thank you

    David answered or alluded to a lot of questions that intrigued me about the live shows

    The RAH shows are now commonly referred to as ‘The Near Perfect Gigs’ and I feel that to be
    a richly deserved tag .

    WHY not ‘the perfect gigs’ ?

    WELL thats easy : To encourage the gifted ‘perfectionist’ to do some more intimate shows – of course

    happy Thursday to all


  48. WOW!

    Looks like we will have a great turn out. We now need to think about how we are going to recognize each other. I will probably be at the bar initially till we can get a group together. Then if there is room we can sit or just mill around. I wear glasses and have a ponytail and will probably be wearing my David Gilmour black thermal shirt. Don’t be shy in talking to me. It will be an awesome time.

    Cheers, Howard

  49. [Could you compare the making of ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ with the making of ‘On An Island’? I mean, how is it different to work with Floyd’s Gilmour and solo Gilmour? (Adriano Capeto)]

    [No different, it’s the same person. – Phil Manzanera]

    What an excellent answer.

  50. [People have recieved tickets? :S I was told to take my Credit/Debit card to the door of the Leicester Square place to redeem them. Am I right?]

    James, our tickets were purchased at the door on the day of release by a friend.


  51. Have fun in London all of you going to Leicester Square, and to my North American friends going to the Barnfest…I wish I were there….

  52. Hubby and I hope to make it to the Imperial or wherever you decide and really look forward to meeting fellow fans as a prelude to a fantastic evening.

    Will be wearing my DG T shirt with pride.

  53. Happy Thursday,

    [Pete – Glad you will be able to make it ! In fact, I’ll buy you a pint to celebrate !]

    Martin, the fact I am going means that life is now getting back to ‘normal’ in my household. With that in mind I think I might be getting the beer in !!

    Look forward to seeing you.

    Pete – Coventry

    [That’s really good to hear, Pete. Have a lovely time. – Features Editor]

  54. I just saw the new EPK! Brilliant! I think the whole DVD will be a “Rippa'”!!!

  55. I am sure i missed it, but how many questions David will select in total?

    [15 will be chosen, but that doesn’t mean that 15 will be used on the night. – Features Editor]

  56. Pete – it’s nice to read that you are coming to London, hope to meet you on the 6th of September, as well others of course.

    I expect to get to Leicester Square at about 3 p.m.

    Looks like the majority prefer Imperial, let it be.


  57. I have to say it’s a bit surreal having El Magnifico answer your questions. Phenomenal. Thanks Phil!

    Thanks for the nice comment, GianLuca

    Thanks for the heads up on Q Magazine, Werner.

    (My “Thanks” quota for this week has been met!)

  58. Don’t worry about having to officially offer me that drink Lorraine…

    I was going to ask FEd for the Chat transcripts to use as proof anyway 😉

  59. One Slip is one of my all time favorite tunes.

    I remember it was one of the encore songs on the last Floyd tour. The bells in the intro just made my hair stand on end. And sometimes still does when I listen to the CD.



  60. [People have recieved tickets? :S I was told to take my Credit/Debit card to the door of the Leicester Square place to redeem them. Am I right? – James]

    Right James. I was in London anyway a few weeks ago and it was quiet in Odeon so took opportunity to pop in, show credit card details and collect ticket.

    I have a feeling it will be busier on 6th and didnt want to waste time queuing.

    Just me being a fusspot.

    Ian Pearson

  61. [And Steve, you’re right. I just got goosebumps watching the vid – it’s gonna be flippin’ great!! – Posted by: Brian_Kildare at August 16, 2007 10:53 AM]

    SO DID I!

  62. Hi, this is actually a question about the deadline for the North American Q/A. I was under the impression that the deadline was today, Friday the 17th.

    My father and I spent all week thinking of our questions and we woke up today and went to submit and it was closed. Just curious… Thanks a lot!

    [I’m sorry, Max, but 5PM (UK) was the deadline (as the conditions state). – Features Editor]

  63. Ahh.. my mistake. I didn’t realize it was 5PM (UK) I thought it said 5PM (US). Thanks for the prompt response!

    [Sorry, mate. – Features Editor]

  64. The blog is now closed for the weekend, but this entry will re-open on Monday.

    Please come back then and add your name to the list. Everyone is welcome.

  65. Hi there everyone.

    My train doesn’t get me to London until about 5:40-ish, so my friend and I will be popping in but not on time!

    We can still have one or two! 🙂

    – James.

  66. Dear All and FEd!

    I will be there at The Imperial on Thursday, 6th September. I don’t know if this is the list where one adds her name, but if it is, add mine!

    How will we recognise each other? Will FEd be wearing a purple carnation up his nose?

    You’ll recognise me alright, cos I ride a bright red ECV!

    Yep, we’ll certainly remember that night! LOL.


    [There will be no carnations of any colour, I assure you. – Features Editor]

  67. Sorry, FEd. In my excitement at us all getting together, I forgot to ask where The Imperial is.

    Is it in that street round off the corner where The Moon U-W is?


    Love and peace.

    [It’s on Leicester Street. See my blurb at the top of the page for the full address. – Features Editor]

  68. Real name:Alex Barclay
    Town/city, county and country:Anstruther, FIFE, Scotland

    I will be attending a participating European cinema. (Tell us which one, if you want to.)


    David made a comment in an interview saying “The music should stand alone” which I believe was one of his main dissagreements with Roger Waters’ use of sound effects etc. Can he confirm this and express his views on the use of a light show, annimation and sound effects, that in my view, add to the overall effect of the music which indeed ‘stands alone’. Is this use of light, sounds etc. not just a further expression of the artists “art” in producing a piece of work that entertains?

  69. When we meet up at The Imperial on 6th September, remind me to tell you about my weird Venice Beach experience a couple of months ago and show you a pic……..

    Cori xxxxx

  70. Is there a specific place to sign up for the meet-up in Leicester Square or do we just show up? I’m traveling from the US, so it’d be nice to know! My fiancee (Marie) and I will be there… can someone help me find the spot on the blog where a list of people going is being kept? Ed

    [You and your fiancee would be more than welcome to join in any pre-show get-together, Ed. The more, the merrier. There is no list of names as such, simply the above discussion as to where everyone should meet. Please keep checking this page for any developments, but it seems to have been agreed that anyone can just show up at the Imperial pub on Leicester Street (full address above) and join the group. I hope you and your fiancee enjoy your trip. – Features Editor]

  71. Howdy,

    Thanks for the feedback from the Features Editor. We look forward to hanging out with fellow fans at the Imperial pub on Leicester Square!

    Ed Lopez & Marie

  72. Hi FEd,

    Sheesh, so much post-holiday reading up to do…

    Hope to see many bloggers in London next week.

    Best regards,

  73. So, it’s settled.

    The place to meet for a pre-show drink is the Imperial pub on Leicester Street from 5PM (UK).

    Everyone is welcome, so do drop by.

    Hope you all have a wonderful time.

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