Igor Sklyarov

August 11 & 12, 2006: Venice, Italy.There were some good suggestions as to Wireman’s next animated escapade, and some of them may be considered in the future, but the winning suggestion – which matched my own – was Ben’s.

Therefore, Wireman will be playing the glass harmonica next; as did the band at Munich, and as did Igor Sklyarov (shown above, photographed by Polly during rehearsals) at Venice.

Igor regularly performs with his own trio and was spotted busking by David on the streets of Venice. David asked him if he would perform and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’d like to have Wireman honour Igor’s contribution to the ‘On an Island’ tour.

I leave you with a few more of Phil Manzanera’s answers to the questions you sent in.

Don’t forget, if you missed the first instalment of Phil’s 12-part series, ‘A is for Axe: The A-Z of the World’s Greatest Guitarists’, it is repeated tonight at 6PM (UK).

You want Planet Rock, which can be found online, on your DAB Digital Radio (if you’re in the UK), or on your television (again, if you’re in the UK). That’s channel 0110 on Sky, channel 924 on Virgin.

The hour-long show is on every Sunday at 8PM (UK), with a repeat on Fridays at 6PM (UK).

What is your proudest professional moment? (Tim C)

Rehearsing and playing with Bob Dylan at the Guitar Legends Festival in Seville, of which I was the musical director.

Have you achieved everything you wanted to achieve with music? Any regrets? (Hysteron Proteron)

The wonderful thing about music is that it’s an enjoyable journey of discovery that lasts a lifetime, with no particular destination.

I particularly appreciated your solo works reissued on CD. Will you be touring again soon? (GianLuca)

Am working on an instrumental album called ‘Firebird VII’. See www.manzanera.com for more details.

How did your hands make it into an episode of Red Dwarf? (So cool!) Are you a fan? (Nickster)

Always a fan of Red Dwarf, and a friend of mine’s company used to make the programme.  They needed a pair of guitarist’s hands, so I went down to the set and literally stood off camera behind Craig, stuck my arms through and played the guitar, much to the amusement of the studio audience. Another career high!

Do you have any unusual requirements/rituals? (Dr Phang)

Bollinger and egg sandwiches… All shared with the band, of course.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    Excellent Qs and replies by El Magnifico…But Phil’s reply here was a real revelation

    Do you have any unusual requirements/rituals? (Dr Phang)
    – Bollinger and egg sandwiches… all shared with the band, of course…


    happy weekend to all


  2. I’ve officially gone mad.

    I actually had a dream last night that I was at a complex where David was performing his one song and followed by the 80-minute DVD show.

    Later on, Me and David had a few pints and we had a game of pool, needless to say, he beat me on the black (fluke)!

    What’s that Queen song….’I’m going slightly mad’!

  3. CAPTION :



  4. Nice one Ben, Wireman with glass harmonica. I never thought of glass, silly really. A case on not seeing the wood for the trees. Cant wait to see the final outcome.

    Happy weekend everyone

    Ian Pearson

  5. ‘Firebird VII’…mmmh…sounds very intriguing…

    Lucia, here’s another guitar to study, you might want to browse the inlet photos of the first Roxy Music albums to see El Magnifico embracing his Firebird.

    Cheers Phil


    “Your prism hand signal is really a great idea for the 35th anniversary issue of Darkside, but please ask Storm not me!”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  7. Happy Friday,

    Martin D, did you hear my groan when I read your post?

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Pete – Coventry

  8. Well done to Ben!

    Fed, I’m just trying to sort some transport out for the Leicester Square show, I’ve found a train going home at 10 o clock, from Kings Cross, but I don’t know if this will be late enough, do you have any idea what time the show will end?

    Cheers, James.

    [I think 10 would probably be cutting it fine (but only just). Is there a later one? – Features Editor]

  9. Dear Phil,

    Thanks for the answers. Firebird VII sounds great – heard a snippet on Planet Rock when Guy was at the helm. Looking forward to hearing it in its entirety.

    Now, Mr Manzanera, if you could only convince David to try his hand at an instrumental album I’d be over the moon (ooo..that’s the title right there ;)). Not that he doesn’t have a wonderful voice – but that an album focussing on his expression via guitar would be a really exciting project.


    p.s. Simon J – apparently eating cheese too closely to bedtime can cause wacky dreams…

  10. The latest train that will get me back in 4 hours is that 10 o clock one, the next few are at 11:30pm and after but, they take until 8am to arrive back at Newcastle, which means I’ll have to stay somewhere you see.

    So, 10 o clock does work out being the latest from King’s Cross.

    I thought it may be cutting it fine though 🙁 I hope I don’t miss anything.

    Unless more trains are announced/unlikely.

    – James.

    [Bloody trains. I have the same problem. You go in to town for a night out and the last train home is at 10.30PM. What kind of moron made that ridiculous decision? Anyway, you should be fine for the ten o’clock train, James. I don’t know the plan for the night yet, so can’t say what you’ll miss (if it’s not all over by 10, there won’t be much left). It’s a Thursday night, so the roads won’t be quite so busy. Have a taxi booked to whizz you to King’s Cross, though. – Features Editor]

  11. [Martin D, did you hear my groan when I read your post?]

    Sure did Pete…But the custard pies were quite a surprise !

    best wishes

    martin_ d

  12. What a nice pic…just here for a while to say you:
    have a great and resting week end

    Ciao a tutti

  13. [Lucia, here’s another guitar to study, you might want to browse the inlet photos of the first Roxy Music albums to see El Magnifico embracing his Firebird. – GianLuca]

    Oh boy, I start being scared! Must I pass an exam about guitars, then? I hope not! And if I fail, must I leave this blog and be forced to join to Christina Aguillera’s blog? I hope not!

    And it’s nice being an ignorant when you know to be surrounded by so kind people ready to show me the light with their kind explanations. As yesterday’s Name the tune was a nice occasion to talk with you, GianLuca (if I practise a little more, I can become a good Mrs Smoothy!).

    Anyway, I followed your advice and I saw the pics with Phil and Gibson Firebird. It’s great! I have only some concerns about Bob Dylan as Phil’s proudest professional moment…ok, maybe it is ok, if he didn’t work with Radiohead yet! (FEd, you know I love you!)


  14. [Simon J – apparently eating cheese too closely to bedtime can cause wacky dreams… – nickster]

    Cheese boys bach! I think I had too many cans of coke yesterday!

    It was funny mind, David kept calling me ‘Happy Days’ for some reason. Mind you, I do say it a lot.

    All the best, Happy Days!

  15. Hey hope everyone has a great weekend…congrats Ben that will be cool to see the wireman doing that..

    On a side note…I was searching for music and found a Hip Hop Tribute to Pink Floyd. All I can say is that it brought out the gangster in me HAHA. It was actually pretty cool. I mean if we can get kids to listen to Floyd why not this way? My son really liked it. He said it was REALLY different from the originals.

    Renee B
    So cali

  16. some cool answers from phil. looking forward to hearing him on the radio.

    i like the idea of wireman playing the wine glasses, but not the idea of hip hop floyd!

  17. Just listening to the A is for Axe repeat…

    PM is a bit nifty on the old guitar… I sense now that maybe my question to PM could have been inappropriate and may not get answered… 😮

  18. Friday ramblings…

    Does anyone remember seeing the Malcolm in the Middle episode where Malcolm and Rees played a game that involved one making an “O” sign with thumb and fore-finger and holding it out beneath their waist.

    If the other one looked at it then the first one was allowed to punch the other…

    No? Ah well bang goes my caption…

    “DG thinking: I’m not falling for that one Glass Boy!”

  19. [“DG thinking: I’m not falling for that one Glass Boy!” – Rudders]

    Oh Rudders how great you are! “Glass boy” just love it!!!!!!!!

    To James Ward, I have a feeling you’ll miss out if you try for the 10pm train. I travel from Inverness to Kings Cross at least 6 times a year and know you will regret leaving London early. Try and find somewhere to stay.

    My advice follows from experience with seeing David at the Mermaid last year which meant I had to stay overnight in Inverness and an extra train journey resulting in additional expenses of over £100 and I dont regret one penny of it. So glad I did it as it was the best.

    Have you tried buses?

    Maybe one night in Doncaster isnt too high a price to pay to see the DVD at the Odeon plus David.

    Trains are run for the benefit of the train companies and not passengers, dont forget that.

    Ian Pearson

  20. Useless piece of information relating to Ian’s comment:

    “Maybe one night in Doncaster isnt too high a price to pay to see the DVD at the Odeon plus David”

    I once played full-back for the Doncaster Rugby League team… Fed.. if I’m banished from the forum for playing such a heathen sport I fully understand… Union is the only game! And on that subject do you know why The Milleniuum Stadium’s roof opens?

    Because God can watch his favourite team play… 🙂

  21. At the risk of being called a pedant, ‘Munich’ is spelt with a normal ‘u’ – it only takes the umlaut in the German (‘München’). A trivial error in an otherwise highly commendable blog.

    And I’m still slightly upset that the queue at the toilets at the Munich gig caused me to miss the wine glass intro to SOYCD.

  22. “Trains are run for the benefit of the train companies and not passengers, dont forget that.”

    Its like that here in Toronto, too. I guess its universal 😉

    I like David’s t-shirt in this pic. I guess he saves his black t-shirts for more formal occasions, like his performances.

    Fed, you mentioned Crouch getting 20 goals this year. I like the sound of that! But he said that he is not going to do the robo-dance thing anymore. I guess that someone had a quiet word with him.

  23. Way to go Ben! I’d like to see Wireman do that…

    By the way, what’s a “Bollinger”?

    And hi to folks in North Carolina. I’m in Raleigh surprising an old friend for his 40th b-day. It’s freakin’ HOT here!

    [Click your name below to find out. – Features Editor]

  24. To Ian Pearson

    My daughter and me are going to the Odeon Premiere (travelling from Glasgow).

    I’m not quite sure how we’re getting down but we plan on travelling back home on the overnight sleeper which leaves Euston at 11.45pm and gets in to Glasgow at around 7.20am (bed for the night and gets you home).

    If you wanted to do the same thing I’m sure we could find room in the taxi for you:)

  25. F’ed,

    You’ve blown it mate. Clearly Phil didn’t turn up for the latest Q&A session and you had to improvise his answers … Bob Dylan indeed!

    I’m surprised “Phil” didn’t also confess a love for Bob Paisley and Welsh rarebit.

    Seriously, it’s nice to get all these answers even if I would recommend a nice chicken and avacodo sandwich with the Bolly myself.

  26. I am now intrigued about Phil’s new instrumental album, as I’ve only heard “6pm” (track) before on the Strat Pack DVD. I wonder if Mr G is on it?…

  27. Caption:

    Igor says “I can play the bass behind me or the glass in front of me.”
    David smiles and says “You cheeky devil you”.

  28. Congrats Ben.


    will the wireman have a snippet of SOYCD music to accompany it also? HHMMMM? Glasses and all?

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  32. (-:Caption:-)

    O.K. Igor, my dime landed in the glass. Where’s my goldfish?

    Good Weekend To All,
    Tomi Sue

  33. One year ago there was the most wonderful concert ever in Venice.David really played in a fantastic way and I remember Igor performing the “Shine on you crazy diamond”intro…

    I can’t wait the 6th September,I’m wondering about the song David will play that special night.


  34. caption:

    Igor: “soooo David, these western groupies???”

    the A to Z of Guitarists was a really enjoyable show. definitely look out for FVII when it surfaces

    hope folks are all ok? FE’d DG & Co? those who were no so well last time?

    can’t wait for that night

  35. [Click your name below to find out. – Features Editor]

    Damn! Champagne and egg sandwiches? Now that’s something…..

  36. Well, if the FEd knows David, which I don’t know, then can he tell him this.

    I think he might sound good in a lineup that I thought of.

    David Gilmour- Guitar, backup vocal
    Phil Collins- Drums, lead vocal
    Ray Manzerek- Keyboard, backup vocal.

    I want to know what Gilmour thinks of this lineup.

    [I can only tell you what I think of it. And I probably shouldn’t. – Features Editor]

  37. Ahah, I think that David Gilmour + Phil Collins would be = Bollinger + egg sandwiches! No need to tell you who is ‘Bollinger’ in my mind ! …

    No pointy stick, please, just fun…


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